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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing app received 174 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing? Can you share your negative thoughts about depop | buy & sell clothing?

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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing for Negative User Reviews

Awful experience. Avoid.UPDATE - things get even worse.... when the jacket finally arrived, it had an obvious blue stain on the arm, despite being described as “excellent condition”. It is also a different size to what was advertised. But apparently this does not count me as eligible for a refund? And this is from a DEPOP APPROVED SELLER. Do yourself a favour and do not spend a penny through this app. I have had an awful experience with an approved seller on Depop. When I first bought it, he said tracking would be available within an hour - it wasn’t. Said the same day after. Again, it wasn’t. I contacted Depop who said they couldn’t do anything until 5 days after purchase, which is a ridiculous policy. He got back the day after (yesterday) saying it had “fallen into a gap into the post office”, but they’d sent it special delivery, so it would “definitely be here Saturday”. After wasting over half of my Saturday waiting, when he FINALLY gave tracking, it wasn’t even on it’s way. It clearly says next *working day*... so I won’t even get it until next week. Avoid this app. It’s just not worth the trouble. Go somewhere else, where buyers are actually valued..Version: 2.162.1

DepopThe app overall is ok I use it all the time as a buyer and seller. However sellers don’t have any protection at all if the posting company was to lose the item the refund would get taken from the seller and given back to the buyer however it’s not either buyers or sellers fault however one of them will have to go without the money which is unfair. If you need help they’ll just keep sending the same email over and over , I’ve sent 3 separate / different emails in the past 20 minutes and had the exactly same email back not helping / answering my questions bit disappointed as I’ve used this app for over a year now. Also the depop fee is a bit of a joke, if I sell something for £30 they’ll take a £3 fee and then postage would also be about £3 leaving me with £24 … the app vinted is better for things like that, they don’t take a fee however the buyer has to pay a buyer protection fee, as a buyer it’s a good app , as a seller it’s shocking, I’ve made them loads of money selling nearly 3000 , however Royal Mail lost the item and they’ve took the refund out of my bank account back into the buyers… update - the app won’t load up on my phone just has the depop logo I have two phones I’ve tried it on both one a 8plus one a 13 pro max , I’m also up to date with all the updates.Version: 2.188

Pretty good but a few bugsI’ve been using depop for around for 3 months now and I’ve already sold a few things. It’s a really easy and great way to de clutter your wardrobe. There are lots of lovely people on the app and generally buying and selling goes pretty easy. However lately, maybe a week or two ago, there’s been soooo many bugs that are making it really hard to use the app. Every time I tap on an item the screen goes white and won’t let me see it, I can’t slide or like or anything, the only options are buy. This keeps happening so I eventually just give up on the item. Another bug is if I’m scrolling through something I’ve searched and I tap on an item, and then get out, it brings me to the very top again and I have to scroll down to find where I left off. This is really annoying as well. Lastly the app just randomly crashes and I have to clear history to get back into it. I’m not doing anything, it’ll just suddenly glitch and kick me out. It’s not my phone either, I just got this iPhone 11 Pro and haven’t been having problems with any other apps..Version: 2.96

New features don’t workI’ve sold quite a lot on depop. Have had more bad experiences trying to deal with customer support than actual customers. The new “offer” feature doesn’t seem to work. I can’t see it on my app at all and I’ve updated it twice since this apparent new feature. I receive emails saying I’ve received offers but can never actually view them. Business has slowed recently for some reason. Depop has become quite big over the past couple of years, so I feel like they could perhaps calm down with the fees. We already cop a PayPal fee on top of it. It’s almost the same as selling on eBay..Version: 2.177

App is good, customer service design is flawedI have been selling on Depop for about a month now, and I have made a couple of sales and not really had any notable issues. Recently, however, something weird happened where the app seemed to remove a 30% off promotion I had applied to many of my listings. When I tried to go back to reapply the promotion, the items that I previously was able to discount were not listed under my listings that I could apply a promotion to. I reached out to Depop customer service to help me figure out what was going on, and became dismayed as I quickly came to the realization that there was no way anybody was capable of helping me resolve this issue. First of all, while trying to resolve my issue, instead of assigning one customer service rep to my case, I found myself emailing back and forth with 8 different reps who all seemed to not be in communication with each other, so I found myself having to re-explain my situation and send over screen recordings several times, only to be responded to with what seemed like automated messages that were repetitive, irrelevant to my situation, and unhelpful. I am very frustrated with the way my case was handled, as it is still no closer to being resolved after 18 back and forth emails. While I am going to keep selling on Depop, I now have no way of reapplying a discount to my items that I was able to before, which will most likely prevent me from making more sales altogether..Version: 2.153.1

SucksThis app is not in my recommendations. I think it is run by a bunch of teenagers..Version: 2.48.1

Victim blaming.Be very careful with depop! A girl was allowed to verbally attack me and threaten my family and then my account got taken away for calling her out on it. They are now using an excuse of me having an account from 6 years ago after I deleted it. And now that’s the problem. I had my new account over a year with 5 star reviews no issues and when someone verbally assaults me im the issue! Then try messaging them through help they will just send you repeating emails with no real help or reason! Don’t bother withh this app honestly. Quick update as depop messaged me to update this,( they don’t like bad feed back ) still not allowed my account back after calling out someone who was verbally harassing me they made their choice! People just stick to Ebay or Vinted they actually care about the person and wanna actually keep you protected. Depop just allows bullies and scammers all the time but won’t let genuine sellers defend themselves Depop keeps messaging me telling me they’ll look into my account for me basically wanting me to delete this one star review. But when I contact them it’s the same automatic reply! People don’t waste your time on them. Depop will have the app banned from your device but will happily allow scammers to take your money..Version: 2.220

MisunderstandingFalsely accused me for something I didn’t do and continue to suspend my account. I emailed them asking for a clarification and an explanation to why my account is closed and they have no proof or explanation whatsoever????? So unfair!! Depop support was super unhelpful, they only reply with the same automated response. Worst support team ever..Version: 2.163

Great findsI used to use depop to both sell and buy but I found it quite hard to sell even trendier items at the most affordable prices. But something is up with Depops featured/explore page. It’s ALWAYS the same sellers and even items that were sold a week ago that are still being featured. That’s frustrating for both sellers looking to be noticed, and buyers looking for good items. I hate when I click on something from the featured page thinking “oh this is cute” only to find that it was sold 6 days ago — why is it still even there?? It’s also frustrating to be scrolling down that page and you see... the same of everything. 90% striped clothing. Two days later, 90% blue things. Few days later the explore page is 90% belts, or some other random accessory. Does that happen to anybody else or am I crazy? I hate it. That being said, I have found some great stuff as a buyer. Some of my favorite items in my wardrobe are from depop and I love the sellers that go the extra mile to create a good transaction. I believe depop recently began giving buyers a tailored page “just for you” and your individual interests. Is this supposed to be based on your personal searches? Because at this moment, my “just for you” page is mainly comprised of dad sneakers... which I have never searched or clicked on once during my entire time on depop. I’ve shown 0 interest in them ... so why are they all I’m seeing?.Version: 2.43.2

Please replace PayPal with another payment option!!I would absolutely LOVE having another payment service other than PayPal and Depop payments. PayPal permanently limited me from their service because apparently the clothes that I sell are “too high risk!” No proper reason as to why but I will never be able to work with their system again along with many many MANY other sellers who have had to deal with the exact same issue. Nothing can be done about this since their customer service claims that there is nothing they can do. PayPal used to generate most if not all of my sales and if there was another payment service such as Venmo or just creating an in app form of payment, I along with many other sellers would be able to thrive as a business again! Personally I have experienced a large decrease in sales following not being able to use their service and it is a major complication trying to explain to customers how to use Depop payments instead of PayPal! I have used Depop for years and have had very positive experiences with the app and really feel like a split between Depop and PayPal is necessary since the Intentions of both companies are very different! Please quit forcing sellers to have a PayPal account in order to run their business!.Version: 2.183

Fees a little high but great clothesDepop charges 10% and then PayPal charge a further 3.4% plus 20p, I sell my item mostly under a tenner, I feel it sorta defeats the purpose of Depop as people want to make a little money on the size as I only make 2/3£ a sale when postage is included so I’m unable to pay for tracked postage which Depop encourage so if they had lower fees I would be able to provide this. As most people on Depop are around university/ high school age people do want to make a little bit of money so please take this in mind 😊!! I really do like Depop I love the range of clothes I have access to I alway message buyers before I buy to make sure I don’t have any issues and when I do have issues PayPal insurance policy has saved me from losing around 40£. I’ve sold around 40-50 item and have all 5 star reviews and have bought about the same. Nearly all my transactions have worked apart from a couple! However a great improvement would be if you could see when the the user was last on Depop as it will stop people buying from people who are no longer active and also for the chats notify people when someone has read their message because I’ve had issues where I’m waiting for days for a reply so I have no idea if they are ignoring me or just not active etc.Version: 2.23.3

Don’t use!!Don’t trust Depop for refunds. I had two parcels that went missing, confirmed with the delivery service that was through Depop. Depop told me to refund the buyer, which cost me more money than I received as I had to refund their postage which Depop got paid for plus I lost the items cost. I followed the process & provided proof of the refund which I was told I would them be refunded & compensated for, which is what we get charged fees for. However it’s been 3 weeks and all they keep doing is ignoring my emails asking for an update!!! I’ve been putting in queries through every department trying to get a response as I’m down money & my items!!! Don’t sell through Depop!! They can’t be trusted. Update it’s now been 6 weeks and after over 30 emails from myself asking & asking for my money after repeatedly being ignored they’ve given me half the money back saying that’s it!!! What are we paying the fees for if you won’t cover the refund cost & lost cost of the sale items! They are breaking the rules of the fees!! Will not be selling through them again!!!! Terrible untrustworthy company! Just read the latest 50 rated comments I’m not alone!.Version: 2.218

Stupid app, currency issue never fixDepop’s algorithm keep changing the currency from £ to AUD even I never set my region to Australia. When I listed out my item they are in £ and the app just automatically change it to AUD for me and there is no way I can change it back. This currency issue making me losing literally 100% of my profit. Reflecting this to the Depop team all they tell me is to relist my item and make me loss of all the like and comments, which means potential buyers. Can you even believe it? They charge 10% of your item selling price and the app performance is horrible, once you reflect the issue instead of helping you solving it all they imply is ‘deal it yourself’. Either decrease the portion of Depop fee and stop stripping us off or DO A BETTER JOB. Following my most recent sale, the item was sell for £18 and somehow the currency sign changed. Asked from buyer that £18 was sent from her bank account and I have received AUD18 instead, which from conversion is less than £9. I have literally lost half of my sale price, plus stupid Depop fee and shipping cost. Contact PayPal and they declare that the rest has went to Depop. So Depop has received £1.8 + £9 pounds from this currency scam. More than £10 pounds in their pocket per single purchase, who the hell know how much they can make per day. Please guys, especially if you want to sell and have an eBay account stick with eBay, don’t even bother to try this app..Version: 2.158

Used To Love Depop but not anymoreI used to love depop but I don’t love it anymore. Before Etsy bought depop and changed the depop algorithm I used to get good engagement on my depop now I get a 1-4 likes on my post a day. 4 likes in a day if the algorithm is feeling generous. Today I only got one like on one item??? When I used to get multiple likes on multiple items in a day!! And my likes used to be up in the 20s and up within a week or 2. Now that Etsy has taken over the most likes I got on a post is 10 …. in 2 weeks?? I used to get messages about items a few times in a week or two after Etsy changed the algorithm I get 1 message for a item in 2 weeks?? I also used to make sales quickly maybe like one or 2 in a week which was great for me. With the new algorithm I haven’t made a sale in 2 weeks!!!!?!? Was planning on making depop my full time job when the app was good but it doesn’t look like I will be doing that anymore because of the new algorithm. I’m even considering ditching depop as a whole and using other resale apps to sale clothes on because depop is dead now. Super disappointed to see a app I used to love totally change into something I don’t want to put any effort into anymore kinda feels like depop switched up on their sellers to me. 😡.Version: 2.174.1

Nice App but has a Lot of BugsI love this app for selling clothes. It’s an easy way to make your items accessible to the public as well as find quality items to purchase. I spend lots of time on this app buying and selling because it makes buying clothes sustainably and second hand more easy! That being said, I have a lot of issues with this app because of the innumerable amount of bugs it has. To name a few, it does not recognize when you have looked at your notifications and therefore the red alert on the iphone will not go away, and if an account is disabled or deleted, you can’t unlike the posts from that account and therefore they will remain in your liked posts forever. There are many other bugs that are a pain to deal with on a daily basis. A few other issues with this app are that there are many sellers on here that are rude, try to scam you, or overcharge for simple items - but that isn’t really Depop’s fault. Depop takes about 10% of your earnings each time you make a sale which definitely adds up over time so if you’re planning on selling a lot of clothes and/or having a larger business, then Depop is not the place to start your shop. But if you have a very small business and sell just your old clothes then Depop is a great place to do that! I prefer Depop to other selling apps such as Poshmark and Ebay immensely! I only hope that Depop can fix a lot of the bugs that currently exist on the app..Version: 2.124

Bugs Please FixThis app is almost unusable because every 2 minutes it crashes and I have to restart the app loosing my place in what I was doing. Everything else is fine but this bug is making me go insane..Version: 2.213.1

Account suspensionMy account got suspended for doing transactions outside the app. I accepted that it was indeed my fault and I got my account back after 21 days. Unfortunately out of nowhere, my account got suspended yet again. Apparently due to the same reason but they can’t even provide me with evidence of me doing this. I learnt from my previous breach of policy so it does not make sense for me to repeat it again a month later. I also offered to show screenshots of my bank details to confirm that this is false but they stated that my case is unappealable now. Would not recommend using this app since they now use bots to track down words such as ‘bank transfers’ etc without manually checking your messages for the context. Additionally, their algorithm is quite inconsistent so it makes it harder to actually find things. Apart from that, it would have been a really nice app to sell/ buys things from..Version: 2.138

Fix “Brand” tag section for postsIm using depop in Canada it seems to be a common bug where only Nike and Pheobe English show up as the two brands I can tag for the stuff im selling, yet even when I tag them, it says “something wrong here, please tag up to 2 brands” PLEAS FIX THIS! I can’t post anything and this app has basically become useless.Version: 2.65.1

Great app!! But has some issuesGreat app! Although the new update I’m not in love with as are many others. The all just seems a little less enjoyable with the new update. I have found myself not using the app the past couple of days since it’s updated. Another issue is the 10% taken from depop, again I understand why this would be put in place i just think sometimes we lose a lot of money. Plus PayPal that a percentage aswell. I completely understand this as it’s how you earn money from the app I just maybe think maybe 5% would be better. I know it’s not just be but I will list my items including the 10% taken off so I’m not losing any money as it usually will take my profit. Doing this many people will not buy my items as they are listed highly than I would normally sell them without the 10%..Version: 2.116

0 Stars. DEPOP HELP ONLY BELIEVES IN THE WRONG PEOPLEI have been a seller quite a while on depop selling clothes and accessories. Had loads of good reviews on my shop and no problem. Till one day a buyer bought something off me. Been 3 weeks of problems with the buyer and having to deal with aggressive rude messages. So i had to block them and the matter wasnt sorted. I decided to message depop help due to the buyer putting a huge hate review on my shop so i reported it as it wasnt my fault and asked nicely if they could take it down and i explained to the buyer and they wasnt having it. Depop help didnt help me atol and made out i was all my fault (The Seller) because the problem wasnt sorted and i had to block her due to rudeness and agressiveness and the buyer was correct to use aggressive, rude attitude and that they wont take it down. I felt quite offened and upset that i didnt do nothing wrong and that i was polite and kind from the start about it and i get accused and told wrong because i didnt sort it out when i couldnt deal the constant rudeness and agressivemess from the buyer anymore and that the buyer would not take anything from me . i have now taken my shop down on depop and they wont be getting any money off me or my buisness anymore and have chosen a different app to sell on..Version: 2.69.1

Bugs in may 2020Hey so, there seems to be a new glitch on depop since recent update. usually when ur scrolling through search page you go down a few pages, find something you like and click it and heart it, then go back and its kept you in the same spot you were before you clicked and you can keep scrolling from there. now when i click something and go back to previous page - it refreshes and takes me aaaaall the way back to the top again. which means i have to scroll down pages and pages just to get back to where i was. please fix this! its been like this a few days now. id also like to note that the sizing is really limited, i cant choose australian or US shoe sizes (god knows what UK shoe sizing is) and the only options are UK sizing for shoes and clothes - please make more global sizing available! people also seem to be spamming “keyword” tags since the actual #tag got taken away, people just type the words into the bio without a hashtag and it still comes up in all the newsfeeds. other than those three things, great app and very easy to use layout. dnt change a thing abt that lol.Version: 2.95

Doesn’t work anymoreThis app used to be great but unfortunately now whenever I click on an item, when I go back to the search page it takes me back to the top of the page, so I have to scroll all the way down again. Also, the quick access buttons to frequent brands no longer work..Version: 2.95

Customer service is Terrible 😡😡I have emailed so many customer service lines and even the Twitter help account. I keep getting the same automated response telling me about the 10% fee and the PayPal fee. I am fully aware of this. I sold an item for £12, once it reached my PayPal it was the correct amount after the fees. I then received a second email (I still don’t know if this was connected to the £12 purchase or not because depop keep giving me the wrong response) telling me that I have just payed depop a total of £4.90, I am aware of their charges and the amount that could of been taken from my sale wouldn’t have come close to that. I am also aware of the depop automatic payments when making a sell. But i didn’t consent to the £4.90 payment and I would really like to know what it’s for, as the product I’ve sold is gonna come to next to nothing. Has this happened to anyone else, because depop can’t seem to give me a straight or even remotely related response to my problem. I’ve seen online about people saying that depop have terrible customer service, I didn’t want to believe it but I think those reviews are accurate. If you are looking to download the app be careful as their policies and fees are constantly changing and they don’t tell you when or why!.Version: 2.122.1

A lot lacking in this appThe quality of the app doesn’t match up to the level of the quality of clothing being sold here. Prefer Grailed and Etsy..Version: 2.97.1

Depop is a freaking MESS. Poshmark or Mercari is way betterI’ve been on depop for 6 years so I’ve seen a ton of things go down. A lot of rude people on this app. It’s caused me so much anxiety since depop doesn’t seem to care about situational issues. Customer service has been nothing but blunt to me and always walk around my questions. my account recently got hacked and it’s been 2 and half weeks and I STILL CANT GET IN. I’ve emailed them countless times and they keep saying they email me a password reset that I never receive... I’m beyond frustrated as someone did not use PayPal to pay and I can’t ship their order, or contact them. Customer service is awful... I’m surprised they don’t have a phone number to call so things can move along quicker... yet I see them posting on all these social media accounts. Yeah after 6 years I’ve had enough this app is just a joke now. When you search anything you get all these scams that pop up or people trying to drop ship from China. They use to have a worldwide button where you could only search worldwide and took it away, which is super inconvenient as some brands aren’t worldwide so I have to scroll for 5 minutes straight just to get to the worldwide section...which imo is going backwards?! I have no idea who runs this app but they are beyond stuck up if they don’t care to better their customer service....Please DO BETTER..Version: 2.97.1

Trading standardsHad a ongoing case where someone never sent the item also refused to pay me the money back... contacted PayPal heard nothing, depops ‘T&Cs mention if you need them to step in regarding a dispute they will do... it’s been roughly 7 months and all I get is automatic messages, telling me how to make a dispute to PayPal... also tried buying AirPods pro on here and ‘ thank god I didn’t ‘ got messaged off many sellers saying don’t buy there account had been hacked... this app / business needs to be shut down... it’s just full of scams, trying to be ‘ ebay ‘ but rigged with scams and hacked accounts... also got blocked for purchasing outside of the app ‘ which I didn’t ‘ just like jack to know don’t you worry about blocking my account for no real reason, this is a ongoing case with trading standards and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them soon.. have many screenshots of PayPal disputes and how you have done nothing In the term of helping.. also the amount of scams / hacked accounts fishing money off people... good look, I’ll be laughing when this shabby little company goes bust, honestly stick to ebay... spend more time chasing your order / money than you do actually using it. Disgusting foul people.Version: 2.76

Constant errorCan’t login to my account through fb, apple or basic login. constant error and always being asked to try again, nothing is happening and im so confused.Version: 2.122.1

It wouldn’t even let me sign inI was trying to reset my password but it said “error” so I tried to sign up with my mobile number and it said “something went wrong” and then the same thing happened when I tried to continue with apple..Version: 2.126.1

Receiving moneyI used to love this app finding new clothes from other people, but when I started trying to sell some or my clothes to make money. This is where it all went wrong. I recently sold some tracksuit bottoms to this young lady, all my bank details were ready and everything was fine for her to purchase it. So she did, and I understood that the money could take 7-10 to come through so I posted the tracksuit bottoms for the girl, she received them and really likes them. So she is happy where as me on the other hand is now left with the money still not in my pay pall after nearly a month, I have tried everything to get the money. But there is no help from your app, I can’t contact anyone to help me find my money. It’s awful. I just want my money for selling my item. I am so disappointed in the app now. So each day I praying something happens with my money and I receive it but no nothing. I have now lost out in money which should have just been able to receive easily. Honestly the app only deserves 1 star now..Version: 2.92

My size filter doesn’t work & hire should be blockedI thought the feature to filter for your sizing was amazing but I don’t see the point in it when it doesn’t work? Everything I have is set to medium yet I’m consistently shown XXS, XS, S which makes the app just annoying to use because I’m scrolling through pages of items I wouldn’t even buy due to sizing. Or you see something you’d pay for assuming it’s the right size given you have a filter on only to open the ad & see the wrong size written all over the ad. Similar to having to scroll through spam posts of items on the other side of the country with ‘HIRE ONLY’ written on them. I don’t understand why those posts are allowed.Version: 2.171

BANNED MY 1000 FOLLOWERS ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON!!I really needed money for my career and then i started depop and i worked really hard on it and got my first 1000 followers after weeks of non stop work and sold many items. Then this elementary schooler followed me and asked me to buy something from her shop. I said no. Then she kept on forcing me and being really rude about it. Then she said “are you black?” (Shes white) And i said “yea why?” Then she said “That’s why your so stubborn” And i was never disgusting in my life as of that moment!! And she kept on spamming with “👩🏿👩🏿👩🏿” and said things like “your people makes america worse” “going around killing people and blaming white innocent cops” and i just ignored her and then she stopped. And this morning i got a email saying MY ACCOUNT was banned for being racist and i was shocked af😔😔 all my hard work just went to waste like that.. i should have blocked her im so stupid. But depop really didn’t care and banned me plus my account was pretty big she had 10 followers and 0 sales and she was the one being racist i dont even know why I WAS THE ONE THAT GOT BANNED. Please bring me back my account you dont know how much i need it..😔😔 and i still have sales, like people paid their money but now since im banned i cant send them their stuff and thats so unfair. Please dont ignore this like you did the last 7 times...Version: 2.103

Great platform, horrible search functionI love Depop as a platform but the search function algorithm is so frustrating that it’s almost unusable. Want to look for the “most relevant” items for your search? Sure, the algorithm will suggest that. Want to search for the “most recent” items for your search? Nope, you still get what the algorithm suggests. Plus, there’s no way to search for an exact term – you can ONLY do a fuzzy search (eg, what the algorithm thinks you might be looking for, not what you actually type in the search bar). This means you get hundreds of irrelevant results, all because the algorithm is trying to be smarter than you. Can you just let us search for what we want? Please. I beg you..Version: 2.188

SuggestionsThe idea of this app is smart and could save people lots of money and help clear out closets; however, I am a little wary of the depop protection after what I recently experienced. I bought an item that never was shipped to me and made sure to wait a decent amount of time after contacting the seller (approximately a month) before contacting depop about it. When I contacted depop they said they would contact the seller and if they did not respond in a few days I should make a claim/start a dispute through PayPal. After a few days and no response, I went to make a dispute; however, I realized that PayPal never sent me a receipt so I did not have a transaction number nor proof through the PayPal app that I made this purchase. Although, looking at my bank account, it was clear that money was taken out of my account through depop. I then called PayPal customer service and was on hold for almost an hour waiting to talk to a real person. The lady on the phone was very nice and helped me get my money back; however, I do think this process could have been a lot easier if depop took it in their hands instead of making their customers figure it out. I also would suggest having a “cancel order” option (like Poshmark) to cancel an order that was never shipped and get money back an easier way..Version: 2.31

Freezes all the time!!This app is so glitchy. I can only be on Depop for 2 minutes before it freezes which is frustrating especially when I’m in the middle of listing items as I have to restart the app for it to work again. It’s useful for its purpose of buying/selling clothes but terribly glitchy which ruins the experience. No other app does this and I have a relatively new phone so not sure why Depop plays up like this..Version: 2.214

Good for buyers terrible for sellersThis is an interesting app in theory but a in reality a pretty terrible one for sellers. Lots of lowballing and lots of lowballing abuse from other resellers. Lots of resellers whom use apps like Depop and Poshmark and eBay to buy their inventory and in effect trying to underbuy and upsell for themselves at the expense of the business they’re trying to buy from. Reselling has gotten gentrified and since the pandemic the problem has exponentially increased. A lot of younger users who don’t understand the labor and expense that goes into running this type of business whom don’t take the shipping’s costs, feds and other labor and expenses into consideration before making offers. At least 80% of offerers don’t pay when an offer has been accepted. A lot of abuse from users in comments and messages and people being mean, and Depop will penalize you for standing up for yourself and calling out toxic behavior. You can’t do “callouts.” It’s against policy but the abuse itself is a-ok apparently. Pretty terrible for better quality high end products. You are literally better off just giving your really cool looking high end stuff to a consignment store like therealreal and getting 80% of the sale price and not having to worry about the profits at tax time. Just overall not a very good app but then again most of these apps are inherently poor anyway..Version: 2.201

LAGSuch a good app but it’s so incredibly laggy!! After a while it will freeze and I can’t do anything or sometimes it will just crash and exit out of the app. This can get really annoying, especially if I’m interested in an item but lose it cause I can’t push any buttons and have to reload the app..Version: 2.214

Okay but still has some issues..This app is okay, but please could you fix the following issues: •if you’ve liked an item and someone deletes their account you can still see the item in your likes but can’t remove it/unlike it •if someone’s account becomes inactive and you’ve liked one of their items, again you can still see that item •please hide the item when their account becomes inactive; nothing more annoying being able to see something you want but can’t buy it. I know it’s hidden from the search but why not hide it in likes too? •please add a way to like things without being bombarded with messages by people asking if you’re interested in the item; nothing more annoying than being messaged by numerous people when you like more than one thing (I know some people do that to get stuff sold or to be polite but when you like multiple thing and get like 5 messages it can be annoying) •please make it so you can edit reviews if you need to. I ordered a skirt off depop before and after I left a review I noticed a stain on the back of the skirt which wasn’t noted in the description by the seller and as id already left a review all I could do was either message the seller or delete the review..Version: 2.105

Good but…It’s a good idea for an app to earn some pocket money on unwanted items however… The app is constantly glitchy and there’s never a day where don’t I experience multiple crashes / bugs. But that’s not nearly as bad as the HORRENDOUS customer service. I recently had my account suspended for “violating the guide lines” but was never told what it was so I reached out via emails, not only did the response take forever but they refused to answer a single one of my questions, they were just beating around the bush and backtracking. Took about a solid week of emailing for them to tell me, the time wasting of the depop team left a bad taste in my mouth and I asked multiple times if there was someone further up I could talk to since they clearly didn’t know/ care. Once again question was not answered and in fact ignored. I thought perhaps I was just unlucky with this experience but I then talked to others who use the app and many have had the same problem with the depop team. I don’t typically complain but this experience was simply infuriating, depop Australia is a joke. I also have reached out for queries via email about certain things ie technical issues / genuine questions and have yet to receive responses after many weeks. I understand it’s a busy time of year and people have holidays but seems like there isn’t anyone reading the depop emails at any time of the year :( and sometimess wouldn’t mind switching to other platforms with half decent customer service.Version: 2.177

The update ruined it.The latest update which has changed how the search results are displayed has completely ruined anyone’s chances of finding the newest posts for things they’re looking for. The old update would allow users to select ‘newly listed’ and show items related posted at that very moment, now the most recent results are from half an hour to an hour ago! How are you supposed to score a good deal? Even when you search for an item very specifically the search decides what ones you’d like and even after using the newly listed feature the newest items aren’t visible. I’ve been using Depop for over a year both as a seller (over 25 sales) and a buyer but this update has made me look elsewhere to sell and buy my clothing as it will for sure effect both my ability to reach buyers and my ability to find the latest posted deals on items. A real shame such a solid, user friendly app has decided to ruin its simplicity..Version: 2.116

TheydeletedmyreviewDepop customer service is trash. Most of the agents don't even take the time to make you understand what the issue is with your account. I got my account suspended in a week being with them, I didn't even know why because they didn't explain nothing to me. I assume that they think my items are fakes and they are certainly not!! If it's not that issue, I don't know what it is seriously. So I don't know what to think about this app! They are coming for the wrong people saying they have replicas and they let real scammers get their way. They need to change how they review the items to know if they are real! Seriously bad experience!! I will not recommand this app to no one !!.Version: 2.41.2

Customer service is very weakI lost $70 as I bought something on here and it never arrived. Depop has not replied to any of my emails asking for help and if they do it’s to tell me to get the money back by asking the seller (who will not reply to me)! Super upset as I love the app otherwise, just have to try not get scammed as the app will not help you resolve this if you are..Version: 2.118

Blame all their problems on PaypalDepop would not let me access a shipping label as I hadn’t verified my Paypal account. When I went to check I discovered my paypal account was already verified (I even contacted paypal to check). I tried to contact depop about the issue but they kept sending me an automated response blaming it on Paypal when it was clearly Depops fault. Because the buyer had been waiting a week now as Depop would not let me access the shipping label or answer my messages, I sent the parcel myself and bought my own shipping label. Depop then wouldn’t let me mark the item as delivered. Therefore I cannot get my money. I’ve been contacting Depop for 2 WEEKS and all I get is automated responses!!! Depop then decided to take £4.40 out of my paypal account which I have not given permission for but they have not replied to any of my messages about this money since yesterday. So overall Depop take money out of your account without asking ,blame all their problems on paypal and have no way of contacting someone about your problems. Paypal on the other hand have tried everything they can to try help me but unfortunately they cannot help fully as there is stuff only Depop can handle with..Version: 2.110.1

ScammersSo far I’ve loved Depop, such good items for thrifting. However, I ordered an item from someone and they neglected to give me the shipping information when I’ve already asked for it twice and the responses are days later with non helpful remarks. Very disappointed because I’m pretty sure I got scammed. Beware of the sellers of this app.Version: 2.51

Horrible customer serviceGets you banned for the stupidest reasonings; literally saying ‘no bank transfers’ will get u banned even though thats the policy of the shop? doesn't let you explain yourself and just closes your shop. i also had many purchases i was awaiting shipping and some have been a few weeks and they weren't helping me get a refund. their only response to my enquiries were ‘we wont be allowing you to contact any users’. get a new customer service team wtaf.Version: 2.194

Stop changing the feed layouts.What’s with all the new layout updates. every update gets worse. i really used to love this app and it used to be so simple..Version: 2.203.1

Fine, but needs improvement.It’s a relatively quick and simple app to use, and I have used for over a year now. The premise is fine and the customer support is quite fast (tho I’ve only ever needed to contact once). There are huge issues with drop shippers and low quality items coming up in search though which I wish was being better addressed. I also feel like there should be a way to user-report tag inaccuracies, because it’s really irritating going through a tag for say a certain style or brand and seeing hundreds of totally unrelated items because people are adding whatever fits for their alogrithm - the limit of 5 hashtags doesn’t really help this. The addition of Depop payments was unnecessary and annoying - having to wait for funds when you have to pay out of pocket for shipping is annoying. Depop have claimed in other responses to reviews that you can still use Paypal, but I’ve yet to find that option anywhere in settings, so either you can’t actually choose to do or so, or they’ve hidden it so well that no one could find it... Also — literally begging you to make an actual iPad compatible app. I tried using it on my iPad and it’s just running an iPhone-window sized port of the iPhone app..Version: 2.176

Hate DNA updateThe new update with the DNA section is so pointless and reduces activity. Firstly, we can already check our saved posts already on our profile page and for it to take up majority of the DNA section is so useless. I also hate that whenever I go onto the depop app it’s the first thing to pop up which really takes away from the importance of the explore page for domestic sellers who needed more activity on their posts. Now even if someone gets on the explore page we hardly get any likes and it really is sad because a lot of sellers rely on the explore page to sell their items. I’d much rather support local sellers than purchase items from overseas and I feel a lot of sellers feel this way too. I hope you’d change it back to the previous layout with the suggestion at the top and explore page items at the bottom all under the explore section, as it’s just enough exposure for both domestic and international items and also much simpler to see posts from sellers I’m following..Version: 2.120

MisleadingDepop used to be fine and the selling process was quick and easy. But now they’ve created this depop payments business, it makes things 10x harder. For example, if you haven’t sold an item in a while, they won’t give you the money from your newly sold item to you for 10 working days. But when the person initially bought my item, depop payments said I would be able to receive my payout today- until they suddenly changed their mind on this day. I personally include shipping within the item price so I don’t think it should make a difference whether you charge for shipping separately or include it within the item price- shouldn’t you be receiving the money pretty much straight away so you can ship without using your own money?? Luckily I had money in my own account to pay for shipping but I’m still waiting to receive the payment, even though I shipped the item two days ago. Some people don’t have the capacity to use their own money and need the money that was supposed to go on shipping before posting the item. So you’ll find that some people will probably make their customer wait until they actually receive the payment to ship- worsening seller-customer relations. It’s just such a stupid feature of the app and very inconveniencing. Therefore as said above, I am still awaiting payment as I was mislead by depop payments, despite me posting said items..Version: 2.190.1

SellingSo it won’t let me sell stuff. I fill out my address and my name then I press continue and it just loads and loads and Ye but other than that a good app to buy but I’d like to sell.Version: 2.204

UnreliableUsed to think it was a great app but then it logged me out of my account randomly and says the password is wrong - reset the password and it still says it is incorrect! i had items for sale and didn’t notice when people were buying them because i could not get into the app which caused huge problems. this happened multiple times!! also the fee they take from items you sell is wild!! i sold a jacket for $50 + $13 shipping and they took $7 out of that.Version: 2.170

Sucks nowRich girls are over pricing everything making it impossible to want to use the app. Thrifting is super good for the environment and just fun but the app is ruined because of them..Version: 2.100

EA bunch of scamming and drop shopping. clothes are okay but i can’t buy anything since i’m in canada. it’s not really open to international!!.Version: 2.71

Need to fix update and work on customer serviceI’ve been selling on here for over 2 years now and this is my poor experience. The app keeps crashing every time I try to check my notifications or even if I’m sharing my own listings. App tends to freeze and then close, super frustrating please fix this. I also want to complain about the scammers on your platform you never seem to care about. The customer service is awful I keep getting my listings deleted because they are too much of a great quality and Depop automatically assumes I stole and re-listed stock photos. Also if you have any issue they take MONTHS to solve it let alone solve your issue. I had to wait over a year to get some fees reimbursed after I did a refund for a few customers. I suggest trying another selling platform like vinted, ebay, poshmark, tradesy, Shopify and so on. I’m a top rated plus seller and to be honest Depop needs a lot of improvements. I’ve also had accounts steal my photos and Depop did nothing about it even after bringing up my issue to customer care. They tend to favor big shops even if they are not following guidelines. That is the honest truth as to why I don’t even try to sell anymore on this platform. Scammers are also everywhere be cautious if you sell designer or high priced items they tend to send messages trying to scam sellers but Depop does nothing about it..Version: 2.196

Replica problemI quite enjoy depop and it’s community. The issue I have is the depops team inability to properly authenticate designer items. I’ve seen so many counterfeits on the site (with a seller lying and sayings it’s authentic) and even if I report the listing, it does not get taken down. However, when I listed my *authentic* item with the receipt and tag, depop claimed that my item was a “fake” and was taken out of the site right away. I spoke to their team and I was accused of selling a counterfeit and to send them many many close up photos. I was turned off from this interaction and decided to sell elsewhere. Anyone with a watchful eye and even some product knowledge wouldve known it was authentic. The actual counterfeits on their site that people buy? An actual trained Authenticator can spot them right away and see that they’re counterfeits. It doesn’t make any sense to me why depop is keeping counterfiets on their site but deleting authentic products. I guess if you’re looking for a fake and to get scammed, depop is the best place to shop ❤️ 10/10 recommend 🥰.Version: 2.203

Values money over their usersApp was easy to use but take a huge chunk out of the money that’s made, 5%? okay i get that but 10% is a lot. suspended my account for something that hasn’t happened yet, tried to dispute it and they said they were not going to let me back on the app because i questioned them on why i was being suspended. i was repeatedly spammed and harassed by some of their users who moved to other social media platforms to do the same but when i reported to depop they basically said it wasn’t a deal and they wouldn’t even give out a WARNING to those people, one of the people ended up getting suspended and banned but was still able to make a whole new account. but i’m not allowed because i made a out of app sale that didn’t even go through lol. theyre money hungry and value money over the wellbeing of their loyal users. disgusting..Version: 2.111

UnhelpfulI had my account suspended for doing out of app payments which was fair enough. When I got my account back, I declined an out of app payment and payed through the app using the buy button only to have my account suspended again. When trying to email Depop help desk about the mistake they had made and sending proof of the in app purchase. I was replied to with only automated messages and got no understanding or help with my situation. Very unhelpful. Hopefully someone makes a future app for second hand clothing that has a proper, understanding help desk so we can all reuse and recycle..Version: 2.149

ScamI’m aware this isn’t a problem with developers but a problem with sellers and policies. I was sent a perfectly sealed empty package, and because of the way all their policies work, there was nothing I could do to get my money back or get the product. I had this happen from seller @moonstorm, and no one could help me get my money back. Because of complications with PayPal and people, it’s not worth the time of someone does scam you, and the policies they say would have me completely protected did not..Version: 2.53

Bugs and issuesEverytime I try to edit a item it automatically undoes something like the size or categories then I change them and it undoes it again and it won’t let me save the item until I have done it. Depop also sometimes is very laggy and when it says I have new results on my search bar I click on it and nothing new comes up even though it says it has over 200 new items for something . Depop is a good app overall I use it everyday. It does take a quite a lot of money once selling things and also what’s annoying is that PayPal does the same. PayPal is not letting me transfer my money into my actual bank account. So all of my money I don’t ever use or can get to..Version: 2.210

DisasterBe Verryyyyyy CARFUL! This is one buy and sell platform that you ABSOLUTLY need to read buyers reviews on their face book.go to Depot’s Facebook and read the reviews before you even download this app I would rate them zero star if I could 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 2.72.2

Worst app ever!Do not download! There are so many scammers online!.Version: 2.67.1

Not greatCan’t get it past me how depop favourites some buyers/sellers and doesn’t care about others. I can’t sell electrical items because it goes against their rules, and I still see electrical Items all the time. And then Depop keeps freezing when I’m using it meaning I constantly lose an item I might actually want to save. When I’m done selling my stuff I will not be keeping my account seeing as how many issues this app has. Also, just to add, I had a buyer give me a negative review saying how I left her a review wasn’t necessary and that I didn’t give her a refund even though my shop policy is no refund. I reported it because it definitely violates one of their rules and depops response was “fake reviews don’t get deleted as they don’t actually violate a rule”.Version: 2.162

Im upset!I love this app but think its absolutely awful that you say 12+ and i entered my birthdate and you shut down my account! Because I am 12???? I would like to have my account accessible again! I Dont have my own pay pal its my mums so I am not breaking any terms! Could you email me or any way to have my account turned back on..Version: 2.176

You should really add a delete account buttonIt would help a lot or be able to delete the phone number for your account.Version: 2.110

Needs More Features PleaseWriting my first review ever just so the developers hopefully see this . I love Depop it helped me start up my first small business but I mainly use an iPad and thermal printer for time and convince and there is no actual iPad version of Depop the display looks to be the size of a phone. I hope they create an iPad version too sometime soon I think it would be helpful to many people. For those who don’t have laptops but use their iPad as a laptop. Second and last thing I hope the developers soon add in is to edit the size of shipping labels on the application which is my biggest problem. They only give you the option of basically printing it out through an ink printer. It would be very helpful to add a 4x6 setting for label printers out there. I’ve lost 2 packages because I can’t find a way to clearly print out the tracking number. Which is a severe inconvenience in trying to sell through Depop. I know Etsy EBay Poshmark and Mercari have this option. I have high hopes and expectations for Depop considering the consumer base they have on this application. Otherwise I think Depop is a great app I give it a 3 star just for these 2 inconveniences and so the developers notice this review..Version: 2.166.1

Depop are the scammersI use this app to sell a few items here and there, nothing major. However, I find it ever so strange that my page gets zero traffic even with over 200 followers. A user recently tried to scam me for something very expensive and when I called them out 5/10 minutes later the user deleted their page and I received an email from depop giving me a ‘FINAL WARNING’, threatening to close my account for trying to sell outside of the app and that I shouldn’t do it again OR ELSE. Well who wouldn't with their thieving 10% commission on top of Paypal taking a massive chunk too of 3.4% in total I would’ve lost at least £50!! The option of holding your money in a wallet or using Paypal was there before and was much better hence why I used depop initially but, after they forced us to ONLY use Paypal that is when it went further downhill!! Anyways, there shouldn’t be an issue if I sell outside of the app because, that is my prerogative. The workers of depop obviously set that up because, it was too much of a coincidence that 10 minutes after I told that person I knew they were a scammer depop emailed me shortly after!!! I would strongly urge you to use apps like shpock, ebay, mercari, gumtreee etc. depop is just a bunch of rubbish..Version: 2.12.1

Terrible ExperienceI had a horrible experience of an attempted scam from a seller. Long story short I purchased an item, the seller yelled at me for purchasing it without speaking to her. She said she needed extra money for shipping despite listing her item as free shipping and nowhere in her description did she say shipping was extra/to message her. So I asked for my money back, she refused, she demanded I send her extra money for shipping. Depop did absolutely nothing to help me. On top of that they make it extremely difficult to find a way to speak to a representative, you have to dig around for the live chat. Thankfully I purchased through PayPal, and PayPal backed me up. But overall it wasn’t a good experience and it has completely given me a bad impression of depop. Therefore I will never use depop again..Version: 2.89.1

ScamThis app is such a scam! The App Store should shut it down since they let scammers get away with stealing people’s money and do not protect the buyers at all. Buyer beware and stay far away..Version: 2.59

Love this app but too many bugsEven after I do the “bug fix” updates, I still can’t access the app. I have customers waiting on me to respond and I can’t even open the app without it closing..Version: 2.204.1

Absolutely shocking customer service and all round rubbish app.After having my account removed for no reason what so ever, emails were exchanged with depop customer service or whatever. Got my account back after they agreed it should not have been banned, only for it to be removed again days later!!! Again, emails were exchanged with depop and I was disappointed with the attitude of staff member who emailed, so rude, unapologetic, did not sympathise with me and she was also very patronising trying to tell me I had been selling 'fakes' which lead to my account ban. This is totally false, never sold a fake item in my life, I was never asked to prove the item was fake(if I was asked to I could have proved authenticity to depop) but clearly they were not interested and banned me without getting the facts straight or even without contacting me first regarding the situation. The fact I had over 200 5* reviews surely shows I wasn't an issue. Disgusted in the way they seem to treat paying customers (a ridiculous 10% FEE ON TOP OF PAYPAL FEES). I would advise anyone thinking of putting time and effort into your accounts on depop, just don't bother. 100% recommend the use of the app Mecari! No fees, staff are so helpful and layout doesn't look like it was designed by children!.Version: 2.10

Help the baby shops too!I love selling and buying on this app. It’s so cool to see what everyone is selling and it’s awesome to make some extra cash by cleaning out your closet. However, I agree with some of the other reviews. The explore page is full of the same people. Big shops are automatically featured several times a day on the explore page. My shop has been running for more than a year, and i have sold many items, but I’ve only been featured once. It’s hard to catch up to those guys when Depop is putting the spotlight on the same people. Also, the 10% fee that Depop takes is understandable, but also makes it a bit hard to actually make some money. I liked the week where Depop only took 5% and I wish they’d do that permanently. This app is perfect for buying vintage items, but difficult to sell unless you’re in the 1%. UPDATE: the new update has a “staff picks” section of the explore that picks their favorite shops... all of which are shops that have skinny people modeling small clothes. A friend of mine that is currently on that page even got an email that told her to keep up with modeling her clothes and it had a bunch of “what not to do”’s. Unfortunately, I cannot model most of my clothes because I have outgrown them, so I suppose I’ll never be featured on explore. :/.Version: 2.12

Nice concept but still new and w.i.p!Nice and fun lil app but still new so definitely still a work in progress and generally more trend based. Having sold items on many online platforms depop isn’t bad! I only started mid last year and it is slow and steady. While it does cost $$$ to run the app, it is slightly pricier considering there is no buyer or seller support strictly offered by depop. So in turn, each item you sell will incur a 13% fee (10% depop, %3~ paypal). The Australian version of the app doesn’t allow you to add the brand unlike sellers from the US which I’ve seen. Also not as many offers by depop are available to Australians. Regarding the customers, I’ve found my ‘trendier’ items sell more. A lot of no responses/time wasters which is usual - I just learn to forget and move on. Depop buyers usually prefer to negotiate, not all though! If you are a buyer make sure to ask for details or any imperfections of the item so you are aware before purchasing. As depop doesn’t really provide any description/condition prompts, more sellers should make the habit of listing the accurate condition and imperfections so it is easier for everyone. I try to factor in the selling fees to the item cost but it doesn’t always go well! Generally pretty glitchy. Sometimes red notifications will appear when you have already seen them ages ago. Would be great if Australian users could be charged in AUD eventually. Search and sort function would be good in depop stores..Version: 2.41.2

It’s ok but massively needs to be improvedThe main reason I continue to use depop is because of the no listing fees, it takes all the risk out of selling. My only source of income is from depop and I work incredibly hard building a business for myself, but they take so much money off you, it’s frustrating and unfair. 10% loss in fees is outrageous, plus the 3% Paypal take. You’ll probably get banned if you sell out of the app, which is an absolute joke, this could literally ruin someone’s business. The block button needs to be sorted, if you block someone they can still see your page, so what’s the point? They regularly feature people who don’t follow rules and scam people. The only ‘help’ I got from depop was for me to promote their site, in which it was supposed to help me too: it didn’t. I would love if someone could create a UK app that was like depop just with lower fees, 5% would be fine. It’s also just a place for kids to be idiots, “like for like?”, no. you’re on a selling app not Instagram. Just sort it depop, stop taking so much money from everyone so we can actually earn a living, it’s ridiculous..Version: 2.16.1

THE WORST OF THE WORSTI’ve never bought anything from a peer to peer online service before. But I had heard a lot about depop and I wanted to look for some secondhand designer shoes. After a long search I found some I found a seller who I was able to make a good deal with. I made the purchase through PayPal so I could be covered by the protection policy. After a long and tedious process with the shipment (where I was forced to pay extra because they were being held at customs) I finally received my shoes and they were nothing like what I was paying for. First and foremost they were a COUNTERFIT!!! I was in shock I immediately got in touch with the seller but he denied that they were a counterfeit and pretended like he did not understand what the problem was. He said he was just reselling the shoes and that the came from a store that was legit. Even if I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he did not know they were counterfeit he still did not sell me the shoes as he advertised them. He had assured me that the shoes would come in a size 11 in the original shoebox, and with the receipt. I didn’t get any of those things. He just threw them in a plastic bag and shipped them off. And they weren’t even in my size?! So all around horrible experience! I already reported him on the Depop app but didn’t get a response..Version: 2.45

Checkout errorI love the app Depop and the concept of it. but lately for me and other people I know the app has been having problems while buying and checking out, i am able to go through the whole process of buying the item until I check out. I will press the check out button to finish my payment and finalise it and then a loading screen will come up and won’t go away, and it’s not just the normal ten second loading screen it stays there until you refresh the page and then when you go back onto the main area there is no receipt or proof that you bought the item and it is still in your cart. even after it says I haven’t bought it there is still the money Taken from my account without buying the item..Version: 2.201.1

DepopLove depop but the app is pretty glitchy, especially around the search function.Version: 2.91.1

UnfortunateThis app is riddled with bugs and glitches and seems to get worse and worse every update, keep up the good work dev team!.Version: 2.208.1

Awful application BOYCOTT DEPOPI was doing really well with my account I spent many days finding suppliers and then lots and I mean lots of money hand selecting items of clothing that I was going to sell on the app. However, all of a sudden I was unable to log into my account. After many hours of figuring what has gone wrong my account was suspended. I was not sent any email or notification as to why this happened. I then emailed Depop and tweeted at them. I must say they’re customer service team I completely shocking! It took days sometimes weeks to reply to a simple email, even after they said that they would respond ASAP. I relied heavily on depop as a source of income when I really shouldn’t have. Their app is awful their customer service is awful. Everything about the company is awful. I must add when dealing with this problem I must have spoke to about 10 different members of staff they must make up names as every email sounded the exact same as the last. It’s as though they just copy and paste every email they respond with. It’s a complete and utter joke. They will now respond to this review with yet again another copy and pasted text. Depop sort your app out you’re a joke!.Version: 2.105

Difficult to get exposureI’m one of the verified sellers on Depop however it is still so hard to get exposure. I am put in the explore page at most once every 6 weeks (my photos are high quality as are my clothes priced reasonably) But when I search through the explore page every few days I see the SAME girls get featured, these girls have at least 3 of their items in the explore page every single day, how about giving someone else a chance? Also some of these items you put in are absolutely disgusting, you decide to put in a tshirt that has been badly cut in half which she’s selling for $80 over another sellers high quality item selling at a cheaper price. Stop promoting the same girl and her clothes that belong in the trash, give other shops a chance..Version: 2.116

Not sure how I feel as I got scammedI love this app with users you can trust. However I was looking for some new dance shoes and I found a pair, I talked to the girl and we arranged a price and I payed. After that it was like the seller fell off the face of the earth. She was active on her account but never got back to my messages. over 11 days had passed after i had payed, I left a review saying that she was unreliable and didn’t have the best customer service. Straight after I got a review saying I was “rude and impatient”. I asked if she was going to send the shoes or give me a refund for the last time and she no... :/ after that I read that depop has like an insurance kinda thing. So I emailed them and all I got told was to go into the help section. I haven’t gotten a refund from anyone and I recommend if you want to buy from someone make sure the seller has no bad reviews so you don’t get scammed. :) x.Version: 2.50

SO GLITCHYI love the sellers on this app but it is so glitchy and annoying!.Version: 2.207

They often ban sellers without warning!Many sellers are banned due to minor glitches without any warning! I was banned due to abuse when I’ve only ever had positive interactions! I wouldn’t bother with this app as a seller and as a buyer you can’t even scroll through someone’s feed on their page only in the home screen. Poorly designed and bad support team who never replies if you have issues as a seller or buyer!.Version: 2.108

I was suspendedI used the app for about a month and I loved it - I bought the majority of my clothes from depop. Then, one day I wanted to buy an item and the seller advised me to pay her through PayPal instead of through the Depop app which uses PayPal. I thought it wouldn’t make a difference and i was just doing hat the seller told me to do. I transferred them the money and then suddenly I receive an email from Depop saying my account has been suspended. I was so shocked so I emailed the support team asking why. They said it was because I had breached community guidelines by buying out I side of the app. I tried to explain to them that I didn’t know about this rule and that I was just following what the seller had told me to do. I asked to get my account back and they said that buyers are given second chances if they acknowledge they are wrong and won’t do it again. I apologised numerous times and assured them I wouldn’t make the same mistake again They would review my account history. They then said that I was a threat to the “community” of Depop even though I had received five star reviews from every seller I bought from. They could not give me any other reason as to why my account was suspended and even though I was apologetic and showed I wouldnt buy outside the app again, I wasn’t given a second chance and I feel as though I was treated unfairly as overall it wasn’t just my fault..Version: 2.132

Awful customer serviceMy account was wrongly suspended without any explanation or proof for the reasoning for suspension :( when I reached out to Depop Help via Zendesk I only received blunt, automated replies to my emails which were super unhelpful and they refused to even try to investigate the situation, saying the decision was final from the start. Have been selling on and loved this app for years but won’t be going back.Version: 2.209.1

No Support for International buyersI’m from Canada, and it’s almost impossible to find local sellers. No one really ships internationally and I waste my time looking through so many items just for them to not ship internationally. Depop, please use a filter for different countries so buyers can save time looking!! Thanks!.Version: 2.130

The reviews got me out of using this appI won’t even give this app a chance after reading the negative reviews. Uninstalling now. How unfortunate..Version: 2.87

Deleted my accountI have sold many items on depop and it has made up the majority of my income I am a college student. People ask me to do bank transfer and I did a few and my account got deleted. Not fair as I have sold over 100 items through the app and bought so many things contributing to their ridiculous 10% they take from small businesses!!!! Do not use this app to sell!!!!.Version: 2.87

STAY AWAY FROM THIS APPI had been selling for over a year with an average rating of 4.8 stars and sold over 190 items and had no issue with any of my customers. Depop decided to suddenly permanently close my account due to “out of app” transactions. When I tried to to explain that I did not take any out of app payments and that I cross sell on multiple platforms including Instagram meaning if a seller finds my Instagram and buys from there then who am I to deny the sale?? They would not listen and just gave automated messages. You won’t even get the chance to talk through your case with someone, as it’s all automated and they say they can’t discuss the case due to privacy reasons?? Yet they can close it down without any explanation. The customer service is the worst I have EVER come across. They literally don’t care about their users, they are comfortable taking thousands of pounds in commission from sellers like me then throwing us to the curb when they don’t need us. I worked so hard on my Depop and had an amazing relationship with customers. STAY AWAY from this horrible app. Much better platforms available where the customer service team treat you like humans.Version: 2.183

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICEIf you want to live in fear that they’re going to delete your account for no reason at any moment and you’ll lose all your money and hard work then this app is perfect for you! They monitor key words and if you so dare say the word “PayPal” they delete your account. A customer asked how to buy and I said “you need to have PayPal so that you can buy from Depop. Just add the items to your cart and check out :)” and they deleted my account for saying that and said it was “out of app payments”. I had a huge panic attack at 2am and tried messaging their customer support and they admitted they were wrong but refused to uplift the ban even with all the evidence shown. I have put my entire all into my Depop account and have paid over $3,000 in Depop fees. They don’t care about their users at all..Version: 2.162.1

Super glitchyApp glitches 24/7.Version: 2.208.1

Pretty goodI think this app is a great way to sell old stuff and I’ve been using it for a while. However, the little icon notification on the app (badge app icon I believe it’s called) doesn’t disappear when I go to the app until I go on the app twice. Also the messaging section often won’t allow messages to send. Also it would be easier to navigate if the notification section had its own bar (similar to how Facebook and instagram order their apps). Overall I don’t have any big issues with the app and I love the update from a while ago where you can filter searches however just these little things bug me. Won’t be deleting this app any time soon tho! :).Version: 2.19

NEEDS IMPROVEMENTOk, I NEVER do reviews, but felt the need to do one about Depop. Initially, I fell in love with the app bc of the aesthetic and how much time and effort some people put into taking nice pictures. But I decided to start selling, bc being a college student, I definitely need the extra money. Well, I'll keep it nice and short. THEY TAKE MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT RANDOMLY WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. I got an email saying $8 was taken from my account randomly!! Not even part of the percentage they take from you after a sale, it was just so random! If you email them for help they WILL NOT answer!!!! Also, they need a "retweet" button to get your listings out there again, instead of going to edit and posting your listing again, Whenever i use poshmark they answer their emails in less than 24 hours and always help!! Never a problem on there. Depop is probably the most confusing app I've ever used. They should stop using Paypal, and use bank accounts instead, and focus on the customers rather than the whole aesthetic. There are TOO many fees (depop fee, paypal fee, and just random money they decided to take out) Anyways, I will continue to buy on there, ONLY bc they have good finds! But be very careful!! As for selling...idk they just need to change a lot..Version: 2.16.1

AwfulSuper awesome idea, but terrible if users decide to scam you. I got scammed and they put me through hoops, and ended up not getting refunded..Version: 2.71

Suspended my account without evidenceDear users, I was an active depop user for over 2 years and had incredible sales for the last 6 months. With this growth came the large number of scammer accounts messaging me and poses threat to myself. I tried my hardest to avoid them and was sent a warning from depop. Following this I began ignoring such suspicious accounts and declined all offers to make purchases outside the app. I had not made such purchases in the past neither which is exactly what depop have failed to prove after suspending my account. Despite emailing depop back and forth over 10 times and contacting them through Twitter, depop still decided to target me as the threat to the community and suspend my account permanently. I experienced high levels of stress for a couple of days when trying to regain access to my account and was refused evidence to explain their reasoning. I had 5 star reviews and 171 sales without any disputes or negativity against me. However, depop were insistent in removing my account despite the contributions I was making. I believe maintaining such a trustworthy reputation on depop is not credited whilst many fraudulent accounts remain active and pose further threat to other users. Depop simply have a terrible security understanding and procedures when it comes to safe and unsafe accounts..Version: 2.128

BadDepop will delete your account for no reason. I had a joint account with my friend and without any warning they delete now I can’t ship out the clothes that people bought off of that account. I made a new account so People who bought my clothes on my old account can message me. I DIDNT EVEN SOLD ANYTHING!!! And they deleted it with no warning what’s so ever. I also bought something on my old account of 120$ now I can’t even contact the seller because they won’t even let me make a new account. I’ve also emailed them and they don’t respond.😍😍😍 Edit: you say to respond to the original email thread. But I NEVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL!!! This is because there is no reason to of deleted the account! I would never recommend to download this app!😘 HORRIBLE customer service!! Don’t bother deleted this review depop 🤗 I’ll rewrite it..Version: 2.92

Waste of timeI had my depop account for over a year. i had loads of 5* reviews then my account got shut down one day. this was because they accused my of having two accounts which i didn’t. i emailed them explaining i don’t have two accounts and they got mixed up with a different account which my siblings shared between them. THEN i got accused of selling fakes. i told them the fakes weren’t on my account and didn’t have anything to do with me.. no reply! customer service is absolutely terrible, i’ve had to email them about this but they always shut down the discussion or ignore my email. Another thing. depop are only strict with their rules with some people. my brother used a stock photo for a new phone case he hadn’t used and that got taken down? ebay lets people use stock photos and there’s SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE ON DEPOP USING THEM so you’d think it’d fine. but no. depop emailed him saying your only allowed to use ur own photos so he sent back a screenshot of a search for ‘tops’ and what came up was pictures from shopping retailers and not the sellers own photos. then once he sent that his discussion got shut down?? i could actually name so many users rn who get away with all this. so many fake items on this, people not using their own photos, promoting to pay out of depop and selling used makeup and so much more. disgrace.Version: 2.78.1

PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR SELLERSI think the app is good but there’s obviously some bugs. This isn’t really isn’t about my experience because I was lucky enough to have a good experience with depop so far. I convinced my bf and sister to get depop to let go some of their items & make cash. However both of them experienced not receiving shipping labels EVEN WHEN THEIR PAYPALS ARE VERIFIED. And I’m sorry depop but your support team needs a lot of work. For my bf it took two weeks to get the shipping label for ONE out of TWO items people bought from him. My sister is STILL WAITING for them to get back to her. My bf deleted his old depop account to try and see if it’ll work on his new account and the SAME THING HAPPENED. Plus the support team sent the same advice to verify your account to my bf when he had already made it clear that it was already verified and he couldn’t get the label. He ended up paying out of pocket for shipping for one of the items because he wasn’t able to access the shipping label. Now that the same incident is happening again to my bf it is stressing him out because he might have to go through this process all over again. He’s going to check one more time to see if his account is verified for sure. He told me that if this doesn’t get resolved he’s going to quit depop and sell elsewhere..Version: 2.96

Overall great, but lots of small fixes needed!I think the app has a lot of great sellers ans variety of items, however, there are some downsides: - I can only sell list my items in UK sizing (despite being in Canada - Even after updating the app, I’m still missing the “make an offer” button (even on within country items) - the sales tax is NOT shown in your bag, so it’s always more than you expect on top of the shipping.Version: 2.204

Maybe I’ll come backAt first I used Depop as a buyer and had a really good experience. Most of the sellers are really nice and communicative; the only small issue (that really isn’t in Depop control) is some sellers tend to over price some items but I get the want to make money. So I tried to continue as a seller too bc I was interested in making some money myself. However I have not been able to link my PayPal account to my Depop. Depop’s PayPal pop up kept telling me my credentials were wrong when I knew they weren’t; I reset my password and tried using my email and phone number, nothing. I even went to the PayPal app separately and typed in my credentials and immediately got in, went back to the Depop app and still couldn’t get in. I went to technical support on Depop’s end and didn’t really get my question answered, they just sent me the regular steps on how to link my account when that wasn’t the issue. Then all of a sudden PayPal suspended my account indefinitely for no reason at all. I can’t even get in contact to see what the issue was. If Depop used a different payment method other than PayPal, then I’ll consider coming back but for now I’m gonna stop using it, it’s not worth it..Version: 2.203.1

Good app but bad experienceI sold my first item and waited for the payment to go in. It took quite a while (about 4 weeks) but in this time I had the girl who had brought the item messaging me and also she emailed Depop and so they started emailing me. I informed them the money had not come in but I was told that because i hadn’t sent the item after about 3 weeks they were going to refund her out of my pocket from my understanding and then went on to say if this happened again my account would be “temporarily removed”. This was so absolutely unbelievable to me because it was out of my control and I had done my best to sort it out from another country as at this time i was actually on holiday. Eventually when the money came in (just yesterday) i sent the item almost immediately and am now done with that but I will not be using my account anymore as i do not want to be put in that situation again.Version: 2.32.1

Can’t understandCan never understand why this app insists on making canadians use UK sizing. go into any clothing store in canada and the clothes are US sizing. the shoes are US sizing here too. even poshmark canada uses US sizing because they at least actually know what’s going on here… try being a size 10 shoe using this app no one even can tag the shoes correctly!!! the equivalent size 8UK filter is filled with size 8US because no one here uses UK sizing. very frustrating. get it right depop… can’t believe after all these years this hasn’t been fixed it’s ridiculous!!! think about it. wow!.Version: 2.205

Highly Irrational “Business”I have been a user for four years and with the new “guidelines” their team has only ever made things harder for everyone. I’ve been a loyal user despite the MANY flaws and controversy this app has gained through time. If it weren’t for all the $ they obtain through diligent sellers they’d have everything to lose. Recently my account has been banned due to in applicable “warnings”. Though this news may not be actual news considering other reviews speak on the same issue… At the time I received those warnings and pointed out their errors, no response was given making their customer service just unresponsive and pointless. After cultivating my account on Depop for years you would think their company kept track of the users who have compiled with their regulations for YEARS and instead should focus on the many scammers and absurd customers on there. Overall just INSANE way to do what they call business.. give someone warnings without seeing if something must be a mistake, and just deleting all data a user has ever gained like it’s nothing? If you’re looking to buy or sell valuable items, save yourself and take it elsewhere. Business with Depop is UNPROFESSIONAL and UNRELIABLE from their own “restrictions”, customers, fees and all around development of the app..Version: 2.198

Can't filter by countryUnable to filter search results to items from Canada, the only options are USA or "worldwide" which is pretty inconvenient when you want to shop local. I have to scroll through thousands of items to get to the bottom with local items..Version: 2.126.2

Truly terribleI have been using depop since they first launched. I absolutely loved the first editions of the app. Despite getting scammed and loosing way too much through fees, I persevered and managed to build a very successful account. Alas, once my depop account was reaching thousands (18k following) (1000 reviews) my account was under scrutiny and they immediately shut my account for a tiny error on my part. *sad face* They banned me from ever making another account and a number of my friends with large followings 10k+ were also removed from the app. Seriously do not know what the heck their problem is with large following profiles but watch out if you are looking to become famous through this app. Depop will shut you down very quickly. Recently I updated my friends app for her and the new lay out is absolutely atrocious. Hate the font, hate the colours and the layout is awful it's like a 90's PlayStation game. Whoever created this new design is completely terrible at design! I think they should re-evaluate this as it's majorly buggy and very annoying to look at. The font is unnecessarily HUGE. Would be good if you could choose new or old layout or even better choose your own font, colours and design. Will stick to my old faithful eBay... never lets me down!.Version: 2.4

Horrible App and CompanyMy account was banned for using 'hashtags and keywords', even though none of my posts had either at the time of banning. In an attempt to rectify the situation, I emailed them asking for evidence of what I had done wrong. They completely ignored my request and sent multiple rude, dismissive and frankly nasty emails back. As other users have mentioned, each time someone different emails you so you can't progress the conversation at all. Considering I have made them a fair bit of money over the years (they got 10% of all my sales - a complaint for another time), I feel incredibly disappointed by the shocking customer service. They treat regular users like 'a danger to the community' (something they actually called me after accusing me of using keywords). Meanwhile 90% of users on depop use stock photos, keywords and hashtags for visibility. An all round evil and careless company..Version: 2.205

XowandaWould give 0 stars if I could. It was a great app when I initially downloaded it but it’s just been going downhill every update. They remove items instantly without giving you the exact reason (just send you a list of generic rules). Instead of contacting a seller and letting them know what the issue is and giving them a chance to rectify it, they just remove the item instantly and say “sorry we can’t relist it for you”. I had 92 items removed from my page because I was supposedly using “too many irrelevant tags from protected companies”. I always used tags relevant to my items but if they emailed me to say that they wanted me to remove them, I would’ve altered it instead of having to individually relist 92 different items which is very time consuming. They seem to pick on certain accounts/people judging from the reviews too as I’ve seen some people selling questionable, highly used makeup items which are “forbidden” according to the rules but people have accounts suspended and items removed over “irrelevant tags”. Customer service is also a joke and you can never get to them or get a reply from an email. Their Twitter response time is horrendous too. Used to be such a great app with so much potential but it’s just terrible now and probably one of the main reasons why people are using Vinted instead - it’s much better and no outrageous fees..Version: 2.136.1

Disappointed with the way I have been treated.I used Depop for 3 years and actually recommended it to many of my friends who went on to download and buy items. I had an account with my girlfriend where we gained 3,000 followers with 50 reviews every single one 5 stars. We constantly used Depop, and our account has now been deleted because I discussed how to pay through PayPal instead of through Depop. No payment was made. The person didn’t by the item from me. They were new to Depop and I simply explained to them how Depop works and how their fees workd compared to PayPal. I was then told my account was deleted and I am never allowed to return to the app. I was gutted and so disappointed that Depop have taken this action because it is completely unfair and has ruined a fun part of my day, looking for bargains and selling items for good prices. I will never recommend Depop to anyone every again. The customer service is pathetic. There is no phone number. Just an email that someone responds to with an automatic message every so often refusing to listen or deal with the problem. I hope Depop change their ways or they will have more innocent people like me refusing to every use or recommend the app again..Version: 2.128

Suspended account and don’t nothing wrong 😞So I’ve been a depop user for a while now, had good reviews, always posted, and never had an issue. However I’ve recently listed some products, products I’ve listed before and because of this I’ve been banned because they classed these items as “fake” or as a “scam” when it fact they are real and I’ve never had an issue selling this brand before. I’ve reached out to Instagram for help on their accounts and haven’t received a response. I’m extremely frustrated as I did nothing wrong and just want to be able to sell again. Not sure how it was seen as fake and a scam when they were genuine products. Please contact me and try and fix this as I really miss using the app thanks..Version: 2.174.1

STAY AWAY FROM THE DEPOP STAFF AS THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE CORRECT PROCEDURESMy account was deleted at the end of august and it had only been deleted AFTER an individual messaged me therefore meaning that because of another persons response to me, my account had been deleted. This is as when I sent the message I was sent a warning email which I had saw instantly. But a minute later the depoper had responded and then I was issued an email which said your account has now essentially been deleted. Had it of been sent to me instantly after I messaged the other individual that my account was being deleted I’d have understood, however due to what another person replied to me isn’t something I should be penalised for as I can not control what others say. The ethics and morals of this company in regards to how they delete accounts is wrong because when one individual emails you saying you’ve been given another chance to then have that taken away from you is appalling behaviour from the depop staff and shows they did not follow the correct protocol on their end. Had they of sent the email is regards to deleting first I would not be writing this but they gave me as an individual hope and that is what we all live on. For them to then take it away due to what another individual had replied to me is morally wrong. I hope you all stay aware if using this app..Version: 2.167

Has its problemsOverall an alright app and a good forum, but the shop takes way too much commission from the seller and only supports transactions via PayPal which everyone knows is a garbage company. Furthermore I’ve had my posts deleted and received warnings that depop will delete my account for having the word “bootleg” in the caption, whereas people selling bootleg items without letting their buyers know are able to scam people easily. Which I think is an absolute rort, if I’m honest enough to let people know that what im selling isn’t genuine so they can make an informed decision about their purchase, why am I getting punished for it? Also I don’t know what it is that every time you guys update your app, something else goes wrong, after the most recent update I’m unable to open up my notifications tab..Version: 2.8

Amazing app- but a few suggestions!Used to love depop but it just hasn’t innovated very intuitively over the years considering how much the audience has grown. Some suggestions: 1. Why is rearranging your posts still not a function on the app, and only on the website? People have been requesting this addition to the app for years … or make an option where “sold” items automatically move down in your profile. 2. Have an option to hide your purchase reviews from public view, so you can still review and receive reviews from buyers/sellers but the public can’t see what exact items you’ve purchased!.Version: 2.180

Do not recommend whatsoeverUPDATE: Lol, the developer responded asking again for me to me message them with what happened and the usernames, all of which is detailed below. I can’t stress this enough - DO NOT bother with this app. There is no buyer protection in place and I’m still out money from @allegrashaw. —————— Downloaded this app and made three purchases from three different sellers. Out of those three, two people, Allegra Shaw (@allegrashaw) and Halle Jane S (@hallejanes), both failed to ship the item I purchased and I never received them. Depop’s policy is to defer to PayPal resolution. Allegra said she would refund me and never did, and I had to escalate my case with Halle. PayPal ruled in my favour, then I started received messages from Halle in and outside of the app claiming I needed to return the money I was refunded to her. Halle also proceeded to leave a review claiming I was “scum”. I brought these situations to Depop’s attention and got the complete run around. I sent several detailed messages explaining what happened off the bat, just to be met with a generic answer about “please send us the details and we will look into this for you”. The whole experience on this app was so sour that I’ve deleted it and am leaving this review, which I rarely do for anything. There is no protection in place for buyers and clearly there are sellers on this platform that can go unquestioned. There is no accountability whatsoever. I’ve lost $100 using this app, and wouldn’t recommend it even to my worst enemy..Version: 2.92

Zero customer supportI’ve bought a lot on Depop and only just recently had issues with sellers, and Depop customer support is non-existent. One seller sent me the wrong item and then wouldn’t refund me. I contacted Depop and received a reply asking for photos, and then no reply at all. I had to dispute the purchase with my credit card, and then much later Depop actually emailed me to tell them I should have told them the dispute was settled. Another seller hasn’t sent me my purchase at all, and it’s been well over 10 days since I notified Depop and I haven’t gotten a response from them at all. I can’t resubmit anything because the app automatically says I’ve already done that, and there’s no point in emailing Depop because they don’t reply. I’ve purchased a lot and never had issues, but I guess it’s not worth buying from unless you’re willing to risk dealing with the possibility of no resolution. Editing to add that it’s now almost been a full month and I still haven’t gotten any help from Depop customer service. I did get an email that said my account can be suspended for submitting too many chargebacks and that I should have contacted Depop directly first. I did contact Depop. The only replies I’m getting are Depop yelling at me for filing a dispute. I still haven’t gotten a refund. Absolutely the worst customer service..Version: 2.194

Needs a lot of workBroken search and sizing, used for 2+ years and it still manages to disappoint. Deleting.Version: 2.205

DO NOT USE DEPOPIt has been almost two weeks since I bought an item and the seller has not given any proof of shipment. The app is faulty and I cannot report it on the app. The transaction also isn’t coming up on my PayPal. When I email them I only get a reply a few days later. Terrible app. A scam and a waste of time, money, and energy..Version: 2.54

Not worth itCharges 10% of every sale, which they also take from the postage fee. Only have paypal available. Lack of options and way too expensive to sell on. I’m going to be deleting the app and sticking to apps that don’t try charge you large amounts to sell items. If anyone wants alternatives, try Trade me who only charge 8% and have multiple options to pay with or Carousel which is completely free..Version: 2.51.2

AWFUL PROTECTION DON’T USE IF YOU ARE SELLINGI have used depop to sell items and recently hermes stole my parcel I sent an item I sold in. I filed a lost parcel with hermes as they confirmed they couldn't find it and so i notified Depop asking for help and got no response. Now they are saying I don’t qualify for assistance even though I have a valid tracking number and contacted them 10 days after I posted the item (which was 2 days after posting it). On their seller guide it says if you have postage proof then you won’t lose your money if the buyer doesn’t receive their item which is utter rubbish they won’t help you. No one replies to depop’s support email either. So now I have lost my item and will have to refund the buyer with my own money so much for seller protection depop. THANKS. If u are selling make sure to notify depop of a delay within 10 days of an issue even though you are given 7 days to post an item so thats a stupid time limit to make a complaint. Not to mention the crazy fees, they takes fees from the total and shipping on top so you lose more than 12.5% of what you sold it for. Done with this app going to use vinted now. All their protection is nonsense even if ur buying. Lost £90 because of you depop so thanks 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖..Version: 2.141

Can’t get a refund? Help is ignoring me???This app is perfect for scammers and my luck I got scammed in the first one. I hate that this is app only, the website is barley functioning and it’s impossible to follow all these things on a phone. I made two purchases right away one from Hawaii I received in a week and a half The other from Texas still has not been shipped over three weeks in. I’ve contacted the seller who said Halloween was a lot for her and then ‘shipped it’. She did not. Radio silence since it’s been a week. Now that’s not the apps fault, what is is that I sent an email for help two weeks ago and never heard anything back through the app and this app is impossible to navigate efficiently I would much rather work on my laptop but I can’t. I can’t leave a review for the scammer untill I receive an item so. I used PayPal but did not make an account as Depop talks a big talk about how secure they are when I reality they will leave you in the dust and that’s only if you buy on depop whatever that is. PayPal doesn’t recognize my email so I literally can’t do anything and no one will help me. Most people in this app are just capitalizing off thrift stores and price gauging used clothes. I love vintage and whatever but it’s not worth this risk. Do not use this app.Version: 2.121

Users take advantage of youI started using this app a few months ago and all was good until I bought from a user that deleted their account before shipping their item. Depop does offer customer service however, they provided little to no help in getting my money back. Instead told me that their was a dispute with the user’s account and to wait for my money to possibly and/or item to come, both which never did. I was also sent a link by Depop to handle the dispute with PayPal even though I didn’t pay using PayPal. It seems that accounts like these that take advantage of people don’t get any serious action or consequences. Issues like these can be handled better and Depop can at the very least notify those who purchased items from an account that’s having issues or give those a refund for their product. It makes me wary to use this app to buy anything knowing this could easily happen again. Edit: PayPal did not pull up any transaction history used through the Depop app. Which is why I state I did not use PayPal to pay for my item. This creates an issue when reporting a problem to PayPal due to there being no history. There’s little options for those that have made an in-app purchase due to lack of history. Instead, the only option seems to be go through the same process of filling out a description of your dispute, which was the same process being used by Depop to handle the situation..Version: 2.16.3

AbismolI've used depop for a few years now, built a small following, have always done my best to follow rules, no this isn't another 'my account got suddenly terminated' reviews this is a depop went from 100 to 0 in an update. Why would you update and app that looked sharp, clean & professional to something that looks like it was made by a child? The font is horrific, everything is huge and takes a moment to actually adjust to reading it, stupid layout and icons. Depop used to be extremely good and i was overly impressed with their design, layout & all round aesthetics, but they slaughtered that. The fees. Oh my god the fees. So unnecessary to take 10% of someones money & then additionally having paypal take their cut, ridiculous. But that's not what makes me really despise the app at times, its the whole 'buyer protection'. I've been scammed on depop a few times and eventually have got all my money back successfully but with no help from depop. Their whole 'scam free, buyer protection' service is nothing to do with their company it's all on paypal, buying or selling directly through depop makes you no safer than doing so through paypal, their whole scam prevention thing is on behalf of paypal. They have nothing to do with it and only encourage in-app payment so they can pocket their money. Shameful..Version: 2.6

AccountI have used depop for years and i have been suspended once last year. i thankfully got my account back due to the great customer service in their emails. but recently depop has randomly shut down my account due to an email including these words, “ previously that was closed for infringing our Community Guidelines. As per our terms, once a user has an account closed with Depop, they are unable to create a new one.” I don’t know why they think I created a new account when all I did was change my password. I can no longer log into depop and my account has been closed permanently. I have emailed them and they seem to think i made a new account and that my last account had been closed when it hadn’t? Now i cannot create a new account ever, it’s really silly that they banned my account that i got back after i got suspended, and the staff were so nice giving me the account back last year, but suddenly now they bring up the suspension after a year? it seems really wierd and something has gone wrong. just give me back my account please! i use your app a lot. please just give me back my account lol it’s not that hard 😀.Version: 2.195

Run by brats, biased appUsed for nearly 2 years and started picking up good buys and selling seriously. Got praise from their ‘community leaders’ 2 days ago and featured now and again. Gained 9 reviews a week recently going over 100 and then they closed my account for no reason and with no discussion only saying I was selling off app - yes ebay and all the more professional sites! I sell the same things across multiple apps so mark them sold across all when are and they banned me for this and don’t respond to my emails asking for proof of their claims. They said paypal is unsafe in one response yet this is their only payment system and if you have an issue they only ever refer you straight to Paypal as depop have no protection themselves also they get their commission through Paypal clearly no one is clued up in T&Cs making sense or customer service. You are allowed to do meet ups and receive cash so what exactly is their ground for closure - if you’re depops friend you can’t play with anyone else?! They promote the same few sellers every day and push down people’s items in search results to suit them even though we all pay them the same commission?! If you put in effort and make them lots on commission too it means nothing to these people. I was building a brand and business now nothing..Version: 2.12

One of the worst apps and websites in general.Plagued with scammers, forced to submit personal details such as government ID and banking information to a service that is unsecured. When selling on the app please keep in mind not only do they charge a service fee, Depop also take a fee for god knows what reason it’s claim is that they pay for staff and services when there is no staff to be seen and the services are from the iPod 1 era. Please use Vinted if you are thinking of buying or selling on a second hand market place. Depop service will inflate the value of goods being sold due to the hidden fees, it will not help you ship and it will not provide information on how to conduct sales in an appropriate way. From a personal perspective, I do not see how this app has managed to maintain popularity other than there was no other alternatives. Well now there are. You could have an easier time going to the sellers address and bartering outside their window than you would trying to buy or sell an item on here. Please stop using this app just let it burn. It’s pathetic, it goes against re-usability ethos due to the significant hidden fees and invades privacy like no-other business on this planet. Let it burn. Thanks x.Version: 2.198

Horrible Payment MethodIf it weren’t for a compassionate buyer, I’d have never received my payment. I decided to try Depop instead of eBay, which I usually use, for selling my trendier items. I couldn’t access the shipping label because my PayPal account, that I’ve had for years, “wasn’t verified.” Yet, on my PayPal account, I never received a prompt for my email to be verified. So I had to ship on my own, losing the money for shipping that was automatically deducted from my order. Then I never received my payment because the tracking info wasn’t in Depop, but it was on PayPal. Eventually I received an email from PayPal saying that my payment was refunded to the buyer, and I should reach out for an alternate payment method. So, I reached out to my buyer, who was luckily super nice, and they agreed to pay me through a different app. Then, Depop must have automatic detection against other payment methods, so I received a warning that I cannot use alternate methods, even though PayPal advised this. This would have all been evaded if Depop made you verify PayPal BEFORE ever selling something. If I hadn’t shipped my item on my own rather than the shipping label, my buyer wouldn’t have received it. Had my buyer not been compassionate, I would never have received my money for the item. I will NEVER use Depop again. I’m sticking to eBay, which I’ve had zero problems with..Version: 2.153

FeeI love using this app, it’s a great way to recycle clothes! The only thing I find stressful is the fact that the fee gets taken straight out of your account. As a new user of the app, when an item is sold PayPal usually holds it for upto 4 weeks or longer meaning it is inaccessible and isn’t in my account straight away. I find this stressful as I like to ship items straight away but since the total cost of the item and shipping is ‘pending’ or on hold, I often do not have money to ship items off. I would just like if the fee gets taken out once the money is accessible because it seems depop just takes the fee out of the current money you have even when the money you just made hasn’t gone into the account yet..Version: 2.90

Delete my review again DepopMore than half of the stuff people sell on this website is overcharged Chinese crap. I sent various images of the fakes with proof they were fake. Depop is more than okay with users selling fake replicas from Alixpress. When contacted the support, I was told that because I have “such a good eye” I should be fine and not be scammed and no action will be taken for the seller. What about users that don’t know what to look for? What about your policy for counterfeits? What about PayPal’s policy for counterfeits? Either your support chat doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or you allow this stuff to happen frequently. Not to mention, these sellers are verified and oftentimes promoted on the explore page and this is the second time y’all have deleted my review..Version: 2.47.1

Getting worseThe near constant bugs and technical glitches make the app nearly impossible to use effectively. It has been MONTHS and no one has addressed the numerous reports I’ve sent and many requests for assistance continue to be ignored. Every time there is an update, sale or the developers test (ineffective) new “features” a new glitch appears and I lose usage of a previous, established feature. 1. Notification bar doesn’t work. I have to manually check everything. 2. App crashes anytime you try to navigate away and check tracking or PayPal, or really, anything else. Constantly reopening app. Loses my place when searching so you’re losing sales. 3. When attempting to edit listing, app rearranges all photos and won’t revert back. 4. When you updated to drop down categorizing menus you forgot to add two piece sets and STILL no specific category for vintage. Also forgot so many textiles, materials and styles it’s laughable. Instead of wasting time with useless things like that, you need to add unisex categories. Frankly all that information should be manually included by each seller. I could go on but I’m so exhausted typing the same issues over and over to continually be ignored. Depop, invest in a better infrastructure. This service has been such a great disappointment. And don’t act like you don’t get the same constant reports allll the time. You do. It’s all over your social media but oh! Then those comments are simply deleted!.Version: 2.197

Still needs some improvementI recently discovered Depop after using Ebay for years. Overall app is very basic with functions and options with what it allows you to do comparing to eBay - I made a purchase recently and item arrived not as described, I contacted seller but had no reply for good few days and to open a case you have to go trough PayPal which is great but then PayPal has to request it trough seller, I found it a bit to complicated comparing to eBay one being very straight forward ‘open case’ function. Also, why am I not able to add pictures when communicating with seller or buyer! It is crucial that I should be able to enclose pictures of item that arrived not as described or if I sold and posted item but for some reason it was running late I would need to be able to upload proof of postage. Also I find there are few glitches, like it takes couple of clicks for screen to update if I received a message or I recently sold an item, received the payment but it is till showing item available for sale on my page??? Maybe manual option “item sold” should be made available to seller or even option “make an offer” for item which people quit often do try bargain, which again is grate, but on Depop if I decide to reduce price o then have to go into settings and change the price where’s on eBay you can send offers and accept and decline or make counter-offer instantly..Version: 2.48

Scam sell on Trademe, Grailed or InstagramSell your own clothes on instagram honesty, depop takes 10% AND on top of that almost another 5% in hidden fees when selling! imagine selling something for 20$ incl shipping and only getting 15$ then having to pay for shipping- crazy right. NOW listen to this, trademe is actually rly good for selling and for clothes has only 7.9% fee anddd cheap shipping given to you. even when buying products sometimes there is awesome stuff on depop but.. the sellers overcharge due to these fees so both the seller and buyer are losing. I’m not going back on here unless the fees go down..Version: 2.150

Unresolved IssuesI have never left a review for any apps but when trying to reach someone regarding my app I never get responses back. About two years ago I was flagged for “selling used makeup” when I’ve never listed anything except shoes and clothes and received a rude message pretty much telling me I was lying? I dropped it because when I told them to take the flag down they ghosted me. Now I’m unable to sell anything- the app freezes whenever I try and press the middle button on the bottom of the screen and I thought they restricted me but I contacted support and it’s a bug. They asked for proof even though my explanation was thorough enough since you can’t really show an app freezing because it looks like you’re just sitting on one screen so I sent a screen recording being able to go through the app and then of nothing happening on the app after pressing the icon and not being able to press anything else like they asked “before being able to correctly resolve the issue”. No response. Otherwise, they take too much of a fee when selling- everyone who’s a seller has no choice but to mark up to sell at least market value it’s a lose lose situation for both the seller and buyer..Version: 2.184

Had a bad experienceI recently got Depop and made two sales last Week. However it said I was unable to download the shipping label because my bank account or email wasn’t confirmed. I then went to my PayPal app and it said that my bank and email were confirmed. However it still would not let me download the shipping label because the same message came up saying my email or bank account was not confirmed, while they both were because my account said they were. Today is Thursday(5 days later) and when I click on the shipping label from both my email and the depop app, the same message shows up. This is very frustrating to me because I have 2 packages I need to ship out and feel bad I have had to make them wait so long just because the apps I am using are not functioning. I have contacted PayPal about it and they have said that I need to enter my social security number(which seems unsafe, and nobody else I know has had to) and they have said that it’s Depop’s issue not theirs. And when I contacted Depop they responded saying they would like screenshots, which I sent to them 4 days ago, and they have not responded. It’s just really frustrating because Depop took their cut of the money out of my account but the money I am supposed to receive is pending, also, I am making these people wait a very long time on their packages which is unfair to them..Version: 2.92

Waste of time and no profit*Your excited you’ve made your first sale!* BUT WAIT you weren’t warned that depop AND paypal both decide to take a percentage! after depop and paypal screw you, you are left with a pittance BUT WAIT you still have to pay postage to some snotty 17 year old who wants it by tomorrow. Not to mention as a new seller paypal will hold your money to ensure you are legitimate (fair) but a hold for 21 days is excessive in my opinion especially as I sent the item that day and the person received it 2 days after happily. Still no money for me! Also even after I sold my second item I’m still untrusted as a seller on paypal. Back to the money ... so for example: I sold a £10 item after being haggled down my a hormonal preteen, once depop and paypal took their cut I ended up with £8 in my account, postage costed £3 for untracked and £8.50 for tracked so I sent it untracked and was still left with £5 from a sale of a brand new jumper that if I had sold on Facebook a person would have come to my door and paid £15-£20. This app is inconvenient and not seller friendly. So to summaries from my first sale I have £130 I can’t touch and my second I got £5 and feel like I got screwed. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME sell on Facebook things go just as fast, people collect from you and you get YOUR MONEY..Version: 2.36.1

IF U DONT HAVE IT, DONT GET IT!!I had depop for a long time, almost 5/6 years and never had an issue, I wasn’t a huge seller, would just sell old clothes to get some extra money, however last year depop put their fees up so I wldnt have bothered selling much on there anyways as you are lucky to see any money after their fees, PayPal’s fees and the cost for postage. I had listed a pair of shoes, that were authentic and I had proof and someone was interested in buying, I had over 20 5 star reviews from buying and selling, and then out of the blue I revived an email from depop saying they had deleted my account, I was shocked and pleaded with their customer support team over email about their decision but to no avail, I revived minimal responses that were rude and felt accusatory of me selling fake things, (which I had never done). They told me I was too much of a threat to be on their app, which as a young female really offended me as it felt like a personal attack. Overall just rude and slow replies, a joke to say I sell fake things, considering the amount of accounts on their that are so obviously selling fake things and scamming people, so if u don’t have the app, DONT GET IT!!!.Version: 2.186

AWEFUL!Absolutely disgusting customer service! Accusing me of asking payment outside the app, only because I have a pickup location in the listing! And then you DELETED my listings?! Don’t ask me to contact you (customer service again), I already emailed, and every single time there’s a different person replying! None of you could explain to me how I get accused of asking payment, only by adding pickup location?! That has NOTHING to do with asking payment! Customers would pay through Depop/PayPal, and then have the opportunity to pick the items up. What’s the problem?! You monitor the chats, but you can’t show me that I have asked for a payment, because I NEVER HAVE! Your loss! Update after Depop’s response: YOU ACCUSED ME FOR ASKING OUTSIDE PAYMENT! Which never happened!.Version: 2.205

Stock images ban - 1000’s of other users doing this and aren’t banned!!!Account was deleted due to using ‘stock images’ when half the ones I used weren’t stock images and were my own images I took myself, or from friends who posed for the pictures.. 1000’s of other users I follow and see use stock images and aren’t deleted which makes no sense at all!! I don’t know how they decide who to ban but it’s very unfair and discriminatory. They deleted my account mid transactions now I cannot ship customers there items or update them with tracking numbers, I also cannot access any of my shipping information for items I have purchased from sellers which is very very poor service from depop - too bad if my items never show up because depop block you from ever making another account! Extremely disappointing app, the ‘customer service’ if that’s what you would even call it is horrible, when glitches happen (this happens monthly, even weekly) they never announce to let sellers know of the issues and we as sellers would have to comment on there Instagram photos/page to tell them. No public announcements to reassure sellers/buyers they are aware of issues and fixing it. I would not recommend depop..Version: 2.172

Received nothingI have purchased 2 items from this app and 1 of the people have left the app so I can’t even contact them to see where my item is. It has been 2 months and I am still waiting for 1 little package of rings, this is outrageous! I don’t know how Depop allows these people to continue scamming others..Version: 2.92

Please fix the appIt’s becoming unbearable. Can’t even post listings without size option disappearing and drafts duplicating multiple times. Also, pictures aren’t loading..Version: 2.203.1

Delete accountNot my vibe to go searching for clothes, I found when you would search a brand etc heaps of random other brands etc would pop up. I only bought 1 item off Depop and sold 1 item, will be sticking to other apps to sell as they take a large % of the sale fee (I sold my item for like $10 and got stung their % on that and the postage fee) My Depop was also linked to my Facebook and that email had been deactivated years ago and redirected to my new email account. I sent multiple emails to Depop to deactivate my account with all relevant information they need to match my account etc and they still continues to tell me to email from the old email address. I ended up just deleting my active listings and deleted the app instead because it was getting so frustrating having someone different reply every time without reading previous emails..Version: 2.115.1

App doesn’t Load anymore.Last night, The app was running just fine & now, it doesn’t load at all and exits itself. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work..Version: 2.94

Having some big issuesI really really love this app, so the rating doesn’t do it justice. However I need to express my disappointment that when you look at an item as you’re browsing search results, when you swipe out of the item to keep browsing, it brings you to the top of the search results again! Making you scroll all the way back down every time you look at an item. Extremely annoying and inconvenient..Version: 2.95

Why PayPal?I love this app, it’s easy to use and there are a lot of great clothes on here. But I hate how I am forced to make a PayPal account to sell. PayPal also takes a lot out of my earnings and I can’t get my money out unless I have a certain amount in it. Very annoying..Version: 2.96

Absolute waste of timeI’ve been using depop for a year and a bit, and as you can imagine I had a large following with over 50 5* reviews. Again depop shut down my account because they said I was “selling outside of the app” which was Paypal? I put a link in my bio to my Paypal me account and claimed that all selling proceeds was being donated to charity, and if anyone wished to donate any extra, to use the link in my bio! And depop were repulsed and very quick to take down my account. I then contacted them by email, it took a very long time to get a response, and was told I could have my account back after 30 days, so I waited, got my account back and then it was closed again! (I had since deleted the Paypal link in my bio!) I then emailed depop again and they did not respond. So I then decided to use my mums account. She had her own depop account which she used for her own bits and pieces, after uploading a few items on there this account was closed as “you can’t make multiple accounts” by this time I was fuming. I contacted customer services again, they supported me and said the account would be back up and running, but as you can imagine it wasn’t. I have since had no response from depop, and this was months ago! they do not care about the sellers at all, they just want their money. Disgrace..Version: 2.28.2

Too easy for people to hackI had my account for over a year with over 50 5 star reviews until today I found out my account was hacked into. They listed an iPhone 11 for over £300 and were trying to buy £200 shoes through my account so I felt no other choice than to delete my account. This is completely depop's fault because they are so not secure enough, people's accounts are getting hacked into everyday scamming people and there is nothing in place to protect them. This would not have happened if depop had two-factor authentication or something to confirm it's you, would send you an email if they noticed something suspicious or a new device signing into your account, if you were able to log out all devices signed into your account or if when you changed your password it would log you out so I only found out the next day because they turned my notifications off in-app and depop has none of these security measures in place but luckily paypal is secure so I didn't lose what could have been loads of money or owed people money. They definitely need to fix this and have a lot of changes to make, I'll never use them again..Version: 2.92

Rediculous New Guidelines. Poor Execution.I had been selling and buying with depop for over 3 and a half years with no problems whatsoever. Recently, they decided to "upgrade" their guidelines to keep the community "safe." They removed several of my dresses and tops and said that they fell under the prohibited and restricted items, without telling me why. I had not even noticed that they were bombarding my email with "Your item has been removed" notifications, because I don't check my email every day, and within two days they suspended my account even though they themselves had already taken down my items. It was rediculous. So then I kindly emailed them asking why this happened and whether or not I'd be getting my account back with the rest of my items which I have poured hours into posting. They responded with "As you have failed to comply with our Terms of Service as well as have failed to respect our Community Guidelinesand List of Prohibited and Restricted Items we feel that allowing you to remain active poses too much threat to the Depop Community. As we had mentioned in our account closure email, phishing/ spamming is not acceptable in our community, and is strictly against our rules." They also said this decision is unappealable. This is completely absurd and I'm so disappointed I ever did business with a company that handles matters this way. I will not be having anything to do with them in the future..Version: 2.181

Pretty goodI’ve sold a few things and bought things really easily, however it’s easy to get scammed and I contacted Depop and weren’t the best help still dealing with the purchase. My messages don’t always send and I’ve updated and deleted and downloaded the app multiple times however doesn’t fix the issue. Super easy to use just has its downsides. I would like to see a few improvements like another way to contact sellers like having the option to email or message via phone number or even with the messages having something were you can tell if the seller has seen it and if your message has been delivered also being able to upload photos or send customers photos I’ve had multiple customers asking for more photos but not being able to send them privately or upload more. Even if there’s a verification thing showing that the seller if 100% not a scam I know you can look through their reviews but I’ve purchased from people before who have sold many things and have no reviews I think there should be a depop approve section..Version: 2.16

Don’t do it unless you’re desperateI had gone into depop, originally, with the highest expectations that I would find a really amazing platform with like minded people and a support team helping me all the way. Not quite. Not only does depop charge 10% of the total (shipping included meaning you are often going into your profit just to ship the item), but they only do it through PayPal meaning that you get another 3-4% deducted from that aswelll. And then one might think to increase the cost of the item or tax, however remember these percentages only increase with the price. For example for a $27 sale I would get $1 off from PayPal and $2.7 off depop, totally $3.7 plus the $12 shipping fee meaning I’m making less than $12!! Not to mention this is all if you do get customers as depop only promotes the same users and often at times features already sold products, you are unlikely to have a lot of traffic. STICK TO EBAY..Version: 2.41.2

I’ve brought a couple of things and everything was fine but now the option to pay with card is gone- paypal is making me make an account to buy anything. I can’t do that because I don’t have any id at the moment. It’s really frustrating that all payments have to be processed through paypal..Version: 2.180

Room for improvementI've been using depop for over 2 years now and have just a few suggestions to make it better (in my opinion) 1. The option to cancel/refund a buyer immediately through the app. It's virtually impossible to refund someone without losing money as a seller, since payments are sent directly to PayPal where a fee is taken out (my next suggestion for improvement) sellers will always be out a few bucks for refunding someone due to PayPal feels. Like depops competitors Mercari and Poshmark they have easy ways to cancel orders and refund buyers. 2. There should be a way to receive payments through PayPal to avoid fees. I don't want to raise my prices to accommodate the fees because I always raise my price 10% to accommodate depop fees. 3. Very often shipping on my items switches from USPS (which I chose) to arranging my own shipping (which I do NOT want). I have had this issue several times and I am then at a loss bc shipping within the app is much cheaper and efficient. When it glitches and people buy my items with this shipping chosen I then have to pay more for shipping and visit my local post office which is difficult due to their specific hours and the fact that I'm a full time student and work a full time job..Version: 2.4

ClunkyDepop is a good idea, and a useful buy/sell platform, (so 2 stars there) however the app’s faux-Instagram layout leaves a lot to be desired for some basic functions, that seem to have been overlooked by devs. Like short of deleting everything, it is insanely difficult to temporarily delist an item or close your seller ‘shop’ if, say, you go on holiday/ move house etc. and can’t fill orders for a while. Why? Apart from being frustrating for sellers, it also obviously leads to non-responsive sellers, who have just not bothered to delete their shop / item. (Good luck getting a refund there!) The website also has this problem, and the only workaround (copy item listing, save as draft, then delete original) is most time consuming. There seems to be no information on app / site that addresses this basic e-commerce function.Version: 2.169

Took a turn for the worstHonestly, when I first downloaded this app in 2018 I loved it. It was so nice and had a great community with affordable clothes. I was able to start selling in 2019 and it was really easy and I got quite a lot of sales in 2019 and overall enjoyed the app. For the past few months in 2020 Depop has literally gone SO DOWNHILL. To start, they barely had any brands from the get go and it’s really hard to try and put brands for items when they don’t even have a category for it on the brand section. And all the updates constantly make me hate the app so much more. The fees are also ridiculous as well, I sold 2 items for $25 and only got $7..?????? They take a huge percentage and even when the money goes to your PayPal, PayPal takes money off too. The newest update is what makes me hate depop the most. They have it so it’s automatically on free shipping and you have to manually change it EVERY time you want to post. It gets annoying and sometimes I forget and end up only getting $4-$5 off of a shirt I sold for $16 because they take fees AND since it’s “free shipping” they pay for the label. The only reason I haven’t deleted this app yet is because my shop has lots of sales and followers that are constantly interested in my items, but if I hadn’t have a shop and sold things, I would’ve deleted this app a long time ago..Version: 2.117.1

Crashes a lotWas a good selling app however I’ve been struggling with it a lot. The depop fee’s take a lot out of your profit, £5 items usually give me £1 or just over to my name and I then have to pay fees to depop, PayPal and then shipping. The more expensive the item the more money gets taken out obviously, I get why they do it but it is quite a lot of money that adds up which defeats the point of the app. I have problems with posting and editing items where it just says failed and oops something went wrong. Usually I ignore it and it lasts a day. Last week it lasted a couple days and I emailed depop to which they replied asking for a screenshot or screen recording. I sent back a recording and got nothing back from them. I tried logging out, deleting and reinstalling, refreshing. Nothing worked. Now the app keeps crashing and doesn’t even load the page, but notifies me that people have sent me messages. How can I reply when the apps not working! Also the new feature to ship with Hermes isn’t all that great as most of the time I don’t get the email saying someone’s bought my item with the shipping label attached until AFTER the parcel has been collected. So I then have to get the shipping label through the app which is just a longer process. Definitely going down hill..Version: 2.94

App won’t openEvery time I try to open the app it immediately closes!.Version: 2.93

Good app to sell, but there’s a downside.I’ve been using depop for a while. I saw someone else use it after I took a long break from an older platform called Carousell. I liked that it set up your address and payment details so you didn’t have to worry about it later. Uploading things was easy. The cons that REALLY bother me: Depop takes 10% of the sale and then ANOTHER 10% of the shipping costs which makes you go even more into a less of a profit margin as you still have to fork out money to cover the missing amount of shipping you have to pay the shipping company. It’s a little bit greedy. I get there are running costs - but imagine selling something for $1000 and then losing $100 off that + shipping costs. Surely with the amount of users that use this can carry the weight of development/running costs easily without having to take a whopping 10% of the item sale AND 10% shipping. I used to use Carousell - which did not charge or take any fees from my sales. Wish it was a little more like that or if depop could lessen their take to a lot less that would be fair..Version: 2.123

Buyer BewareI have been using both Poshmark and Depop and have come to conclude that Depop is unsafe for Buyers. One you have experienced an unreliable Seller, it is so difficult to get a refund. The app claims that you should try to work it out with the Seller, but if the issue is that the Seller is unresponsive, have accepted the Buyer’s money through Paypal, then what is the point of making the Buyer contact the Seller to resolve a dispute. Poshmark allows the Buyer to withhold payment for the item until it is delivered and tendered in the specified condition advertised by he Seller on the app. It is safer for a Buyer to go through Poshmark simply because in failed transactions between Seller and Buyer, Poshmark is well invested in ensuring that both parties act and perform as promised. When claiming that an item has not been delivered, Depop send you standard response e-mails telling Buyer to try to contact the Seller through the app as well as Paypal. They provide no help and have no authority in taking appropriate measures to keep their community safe and free from scam. Selling and Buying online is a risky thing to do. Once you have contracted to sell or buy, you subject your identity as well as your address and location to the opposite party. Operating without any authority makes Depop a dangerous way to make simple purchases online. Simple purchases are not simple at all when you run into an issue like the one described above..Version: 2.20

Absolutely GrossMy first experience with Depop was getting scammed by a hacker on a hacked account. I was smart enough to use the “Buy” button, and was therefore connected to the REAL seller behind the account, but the scammers roped in a lot of people into paying on a separate PayPal. Depop has done nothing so far about the issue. I would give 0 stars if I could..Version: 2.87.1

Hard to work withOriginally I rated 4 stars but after having to deal with refunding the buyer, and then having to get back the fee I already paid and not having much way of contacting support it has been very frustrating.Version: 2.133

Updated policy :(Depop was great for me until I started making money and ended up getting my PayPal money on hold. Unfortunately pay pal held up to $780 on hold through Depop purchases made. Made the experience bad as I still have to send the items but don’t even have my money until they (Depop customers) review me in which customers hardly ever review. Now I get a policy update notification saying Dropshipping is going to be Banned. 🤯. Literally unbelievable. Dropshipping is totally fine following certain guidelines! And I think Depop should only allow dropshippers that follow these guidelines to be on the app. E.g having certified suppliers and only listing products in which were tested by the seller with pics by the seller. It’s not only a loss for me and the thousands of dropshippers On here but for DEPOP as they’re going to have a great decrease in money influx coming from us dropshippers who contribute A LOT..Version: 2.82

You need a support team after dealing with the support teamIf you’re in Canada set all your shipping on listings to 50-100 to prevent buyers who buy without reading or messaging . Getting out of those situations otherwise is impossible and there’s no way to get your fees refunded or getting double charged for the refund if someone pays through their bank through PayPal?? (PayPal and bank chargebacks) Support team will deactivate your account after you purchase something so you have no way of checking your tracking. They’ll send you a link the ups site with none of the info you need instead of just giving you the tracking and saying the carrier. They’ll accuse of having mention of out of app payments in your bio even if you don’t !! And use this to threaten suspension . They’ll suspend without warning if they suspect anything. So many buyers have issues purchasing through PayPal and their bank so I can’t complete orders. So many more issues im just so tired. Currently in a 3 week suspension. I just want my listings so I could at least have them for my other platforms in case they terminate my account again.Version: 2.205

Increased Fees, More Ways to Screw SellersMaking a selling app without offers, probably not a smart idea. How does Depop fix this? First, cut out the middleman (ala Depop payments) so they can pocket more money…does Depop extend their savings to the sellers? Of course not, that’s crazy talk! Next course of action for Depop? Increase fees even further (now between 15%-18%) so they can double dip off the backs of sellers and (GET THIS!) include an offer option that lets buyers make offers and then have no repercussions when they decide not to pay. Great! Thank you Depop! And what does the infamous Depop customer service say when you report no payers? Well, it’s NOT AGAINST THIER TERMS, of course! Oh, but if the seller wants to, they can further inconvenience themselves and block the buyer. Great! How seller friendly! I truly enjoy blocking 20 buyers a month since the offer feature has rolled out, it’s so convenient! I LOVE doing Depop’s work for them. I HIGHLY recommend selling elsewhere, even Postmark’s 20% fees is preferable to this nonsense. Grailed is better. Heck, even eBay’s over saturated wasteland makes Depop look like something Bob and Jim eked out on a Monday morning, mid hangover, before lunch. Useless app that gets more useless by the day, any other platform short of Craigslist holds buyers accountable, Depop just pockets more fees. 1 STAR.Version: 2.188

Depop owes me $4003.23 USDDepop is a terrible company with awful support for sellers and buyers alike. Depop is currently withholding $4003.23 USD from me. It is money I earned from sales I made in the app from April to June in 2022. And they refuse to give it to me. I will never use this app again. They have done countless unethical things to me and many other sellers I've spoken to. If you want to sell or buy vintage clothing I recommend IG or TikTok or literally any other marketplace app. Selling on Depop was my full time job for 3 years. I believe they started specifically targeting my shop and forcing me out when I asked them to send me the money I was owed. I feel used and cheated. I don't want anyone else to go through this kind of mistreatment and abuse of power..Version: 2.203.1

Rubbish app!I thought this app was good, untill I got some sellers selling me stuff with scuffs and marks. Where can I start? Firstly you can’t put an honest one star review on someone’s profile why is that if it’s true? Shouldn’t people get warned about dishonest sellers so it doesn’t happen again? Secondly I sent proof of the item was sold to me very dirty full of stains which the seller did NOT provide pictures off before buying because if the seller did I wouldn’t of brought the item. Depop emailed back and said it’s satisfactory and they are not doing a return lable for a refund? Is this company for real after I have sent them lodes of proof that the item has marks and stains that I couldn’t rid off and I had to hunt for the coat again on a different site which I got brand new with tags not one mark or stain on it for the same price I brought the coat on depop. I threw the coat away because it was in terrible condition! It was a waste of my hard earned cash! Depop don’t get back to you about your account either! I have been emailing them for weeks to change my number and they haven’t got back to me! So I have to open another depop account. Im just being very, very, very cautious whom I’m buying of in the future from now on!.Version: 2.180

Stupid appThis app is literally the worst if you type the word email or E transfer it automatically thinks that’s what you’re trying to do even if you’re just mentioning it lightly in conversation. The email support clearly doesn’t have any eyes to read ..Version: 2.208

NOOI’ve tried logging in multiple times multiple different ways and it keeps saying error i even tried to create a different one and it still didn’t work.Version: 2.133

Depop Fees Just RidiculousDepop is a good app and reasonably easy to use. However, the fees that depop takes from each item are just ridiculous and are the reason I’ve stopped using depop and moved to facebook groups to sell my clothes. I understand depop taking a small portion of profits, but if I’m selling something for $300 I see no reason why depop needs to take $30 from that. I just cannot afford to be losing that money, and it’s really just suggesting that I am paying depop $30 to give me a platform to sell clothes on which is just ridiculous. What’s even worse is that when users try to get around these by offering to talk on different platforms or buy the items by bank transfer, they get immediately banned from depop. Basically, if depop were less greedy or made money from advertisements like every other app than the experience using depop would be so much better..Version: 2.198

Don’t use DepopThe absolute worst app ever that don’t care about sellers and creators. I’ve been using the app for 7 years and am a top seller on here with over 7000 followers. However Depop will delete your posts for no reason and will give you no explanation or elaboration. Depop pretend to care about upcycling but sellers are forced to markup items due to the 10% service fee. Depop will target high profile sellers for making the smallest mistakes but let 80% of other users on the app get away with posting stock images, selling counterfeit items or breaking their terms of service. Depop will delete your account for again no reason and will give you no explanation. They’ll also delete your account when you have pending sales to post out or pending purchases and you aren’t able to refund the buyers or even get a refund for the items you’ve purchased. The absolute worst customer service team. I recommend everyone use Instagram, EBay, Poshmark or any other service over this vile app..Version: 2.208

Unable to access account.This app is so frustrating. I am just trying to get into my account which suddenly logged out, when I go to sign in I remember I changed my password because another person knew my password but unfortunately I have forgotten my password. When I typed in my email to reset it told me “Could not reset password for that user”. I tried with my user name also and it said the same, after that I decided I would try all my current passwords and then it locked me out for 24 hours..Version: 2.72.2

It’s alrightI mean Depop is a good app to buy or to sell its very straight forward but man, I advise any seller joining this app to only use Paypal and not their “Depop payment” feature. It honestly has been the worst, I understand it takes time to receive money directly into your bank account but man Depop takes a little too long for this to happen. It’s fine I mean I get to be patient and I wouldn’t be complaining because I’ve accepted the feature and it is okay but it gets annoying when they will send you a notification saying, “you should receive the payment today” and then not receive the payment (As of now, I still haven’t received my payment and it’s been two days since they have sent me that notification). The feature is okay if you’re not in a struggling with money. A lot of college students use Depop to make money and to have enough money for rent/bills and if you are one of those people struggling please do not use the feature, my bank account is now in negative because of bills being charged to my account and I have no money (because of this Depop feature) to help take it out until Depop finally decides to deposit it in my account. Thanks Depop! (not) - From a struggling 18 year old who just graduated and barely has time to work.Version: 2.125

More trouble than its worth imoThink its a great place to buy but honestly it is such a hurdle trying to sell anything. Sold one item and paypal essentially shut it down, then I had to submit all this evidence before I could get the money to book the courier and then to have paypal AND depop take huge fees (and in USD so they ended up taking twice as much as they made out they were going to), may as well have given it to the hospice it was not worth the effort! Will be going back to trademe/instagram for selling for sure - never again -_-.Version: 2.174

Had no problems. Then my product was lost!I have used Depop for the past few years and have sold about 20 items through it. I’ve had no problems whatsoever. A few weeks ago I sold a pair of shoes worth £40 to a buyer and sent them off. Hermes weren’t able to deliver them and, when trying to return them to me, lost the parcel. After back and forth emails with Depop, they said I had to refund the customer the full £40 and they would only be able to give me £20 to cover the cost of the shoes. So, if you’re selling on Depop, there is no point selling anything over the price of £20 as you will lose money. I now do not have the shoes and have essentially lost £20 out of the whole transaction. It’s very frustrating and I had hoped Depop might have been able to help out more and refund me the cost of the shoes. Annoyingly, more recently, someone bought an item without asking and Depop immediately took their transaction fee of £6.50 (on a £30 item). So after everything, I sold a £30 item and got £22. I then had to refund this buyer the full £30 as I had promised it to another buyer- a massive issue with Depop is that people can buy instantaneously without any confirmation from you..Version: 2.203.1

Issue a WARNING before removing items/suspending accountsSo so many issues sellers have with depop’s customer service could be fixed if depop just issued a warning before taking down listings!!! Warnings that specifically highlight “this is what’s wrong with the listing, change it within 24 hours and the post can stay up!” how hard is that??? And don’t perma suspend sellers accounts with an automated message! People RELY on your app for income and when you screw some sellers over like that it tells others that you are not a reliable source of income and they will go elsewhere! I love the interface and idea but your app has become so seller unfriendly that I’m seeing other sellers packing up left and right. That “we do it to keep our community safe” does not work when “keeping the community safe” is taking away peoples’ livelihoods because they mentioned an irrelevant brand name in a tag or using a stock photo. More warnings, less immediate reaction, BETTER customer service. When you take 10% of every sale you can afford real people to do your customer service. Do better and your app will continue to grow, keep screwing over sellers and your app will die..Version: 2.171

Really PoorWas excited to try this app after good reviews but couldn’t log in. I must of made an account ages ago as it says my phone number is associated with an account. But then it asks me to log in with my email and password and I try all of them and it doesn’t work. When clicking forgot password got told it couldn’t be done for my account. There should be more help available for people struggling to get in and wanting to disassociate their number from their old account.Version: 2.95

Please fix this!Like many of us, I love Depop! Unfortunately there are some flaws on this app. The first flaw I encountered was signing up! When I typed my number in so that I could make an account, it stated that there was an error. I also signed into my Facebook and Apple account, only for Depop to say that there was an error that I don’t understand. I honestly was frustrated because I made an account a while ago but did not remember the password so I typed my email into it so I could reset my password but after waiting for days, an email was never sent to my email that I’ve been using for years! I was so upset (and still am). My solution was to sign up a new account on my laptop because that was the only way for me. I used my relatives number instead of mine since it did not work and I created a new account! I was so excited! 🥰 The next flaw that I really hate is when the app freezes. For example, I search ‘crop tops’ and as I’m scrolling, the screen will freeze and it pushes me to the search bar which is clear! Therefore, I have to scroll all the way to find where I left off! I really hope you guys fix these things because they are not good!.Version: 2.133

Very annoyingL love Depop for the aim of the app, but the team behind it have really annoyed me. I was pretty new to the app last year in lockdown and messaged a few people in my area to see if I could pick up the items of clothing. However, as soon as depop registers the word ‘ bank transfer’ they close your account. This has happened to me in cases where it wasn’t my fault and they refuse to allow me to use the app due to other peoples words. I’m highly disappointed. I expected more from Depop then being treated like trash..Version: 2.183

Strong concept, but suffers from support issuesI’m a little bummed out. I’ve had the app downloaded for a while and browse it frequently. I love the idea of being able to recycle clothes and buy less fast fashion. But when it comes to actually buying clothes the app and website both error out. I’ve tried to contact support but only got an automated response and no help. On googling the issue it seems like it’s been a problem for people since 2017, but I haven’t been able to find any clear answers or assistance. I’m hoping for some kind of response from Depop, but it’s been a few days. I really want to like this app, but if I can’t actually purchase anything then what’s the point?.Version: 2.125

SCAMMERS & DELETED LISTINGS WITHOUT WARNINGI find it hilarious that some of these 5 star reviews are actually negative reviews. As a first time seller on this stupid app, i received my first message from a SCAMMER. that should automatically tell you something right there. Save yourself the trouble and don’t use this junk. It’s basically eBay/Craigslist with lipstick. They charge you up the behind for selling your stuff, it feels like you’re getting robbed. They say it’s for “running the app” like okay, I don’t see Poshmark doing this. In fact, just GO TO POSHMARK. or any other honest app other than Depop. It’s basically like the worst of social media, everyone needs to tag other brands for “exposure” and get in their “explore” page. Please. I just wanna sell my clothes, alright? They also deleted my listings WITHOUT ANY WARNING. Their warning was AFTER they deleted my listings. The fix could’ve just been sending me a message first, and then I can take down the one photo you have a problem with. I’m not taking the time to redo my listings bc of your deplorable service. I’m taking the time to write this review to warn others about the disgusting service you have, Depop and whoever Luis is from “customer service.” Zero stars if I could. To the “developer”: Please save the automated response that tries to vilify me. The photo you had a problem with was a product shot from the original store. So if that’s “unsafe,” then maybe you shouldn’t be on the internet..Version: 2.157

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