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Intuit Credit Karma App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Intuit Credit Karma app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Intuit Credit Karma? Can you share your negative thoughts about intuit credit karma?

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Intuit Credit Karma for Negative User Reviews

Recommendations are crapGood for keeping track of your credit report, but the recommendations they give you are absolute rubbish. They recommend cards I already have. Other times they tell me I have no chance of getting cards I am constantly preapproved and prequalified for. They also recommend cards I can’t get prequalified for. Not sure why they continue to recommend credit one and first progress despite the fact that I have nearly 700 score. They need to have a way where we can set preferences. I’m tired of getting recommendations that I will absolutely never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use. It wouldn’t matter if my credit score were 430! I would never use credit one or first progress or Merrick bank. I understand that they make recommendations based off of who sponsors their site, but you would think they would have the smallest amount of integrity in their recommendations since they claim to help people rebuild their credit. I would never recommend any of those places. So many fees, no grace periods, the list goes on. Please allow us to set preferences for our recommendations because I’m tired of getting them for cards I will never use..Version: 21.26

IF 0 STARS WAS AN OPTIONSo first of all you guys are promoting $100 promotion if you set up “direct deposit”… I did that a week before my new payroll started to ENSURE that I would get paid up to “2 days early” but WHY DOES IT TAKE UP TO 2 pay cycles to go by to even get enrolled into the “early pay”..???? NOW IT IS FRIDAY DECEMBER 10 and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY. I CAN CLEARLY SEE WHERE MY JOB HAS TRIED TO DEPOSIT THE MONEY ON DECEMBER 7, 2021 in the amount of $0 to make sure they account was “real” said by one of your supervisors named Shine. Then advised me to talk to my job about getting a paper check instead of direct deposit.. I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A PAPER CHECK FROM THIS EMPLOYER BECAUSE THEY DO NOT DO THAT… They want you to email them instead of actually speaking on the phone and they just say what they want and HANG UP ON YOU. This is so unprofessional I could have kept my regular Current account or Chime account set up if I would have known all this TROUBLE WOULD OCCUR!!!! I will NEVER USE THIS APP FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. I JUST WANT MY MONEY AND $100 promo that was promised for setting this DIRECT DEPOSIT up!!!! I do not recommend setting up anything with “CREDIT KARMA” also you have so many other reviews where people are having similar issues with your banking system. You guys do all of this promoting but CANT EVEN HOLD YOUR END OF IT! I WANT MY MONEY TODAY..Version: 21.49

Be CarefulBe very careful when making decisions using Credit Karma and there are much better credit guidance apps out there. I noticed a message from them the last couple of months saying lower your car payment with these loans. When I looked closely at the terms I could get a loan with a slightly lower interest, but it only lowered my payments with another 72 month loan effectively extending my payoff time for two years. When I looked at the loans closer to my 46 months left the monthly payments actually increased or were the same. Also be aware that Credit Karma is good at giving you an instant snapshot but they do not give you your FICO score which is what really matters for things like home loans and auto loans. Your FICO is not necessarily the same as your combined credit scores. I’ve also noticed that they keep pushing high interest credit cards when I qualify and have cards with a much lower interest rate. I like this app as they can give you a decent snapshot of your credit but closely scrutinize all offers they give you. Check other credit building apps and closely look at the details. The details really matter when you are talking car and home loans..Version: 22.44

New app version changes are awful!I have used Credit Karma for many many years and enjoyed knowing where my credit cards and student loans etc were as well as having a general picture of where my credit score is. But this recent update is horrible! They took away all the easy to read, colorful charts and intuitive organization of the credit area of the app. I used to check it daily/weekly to keep track of when my credit accounts would update, where my utilization was etc, but now you can’t see all the info for every account at once nor the overall helpful chart that used to be at the top of the page. Instead you have to click into every account to see anything about them. Plus they still look away the charts and graphs! They have somehow decided that the convenience and intuitiveness of their app is less important with this recent update. I’m disappointed. I hope they bring all that back in future updates because I definitely won’t be using the app as much going forward because it’s no longer as convenient or helpful. :(.Version: 21.44

Hacked Into My Passwords Security BreachDo not apply for home refinance using Crdit Karma app. I was checking for rates and clicked submit which was sent to Cardinal Financial. Next thing I received calls from Cardinal Financials wanting me to lock in their rate when I’m rate shopping as everyone does. But the rep from Cardinal Financial was somewhat aggressive. First of all, I would not lock in rate to submit my application as I want the best rate for me. And you would do the same. Credit Karma seems to a sales app selling loan products. Just be aware. Always use other apps to check your credit score. And never apply for a loan product on this app. I received a developer response from Credit Karma via email from Apple today. The email came with a link. It said that Credit Karma developer response would like to hear about my experience with Cardinal Financial. After I clicked on the link, the link took me to Credit Karma web page and then exposed list of passwords list on my phone. On the phone password page, it showed passwords compromised. And my IPhone immediately alerted me of security breach of my passwords. So I immediately deleted my passwords. Cannot and do not use Credit Karma again. I’m going to submit complaint to Apple and Government for Credit Karma’s security hacking email link..Version: 21.1

Was great, now meh.I have used and use several credit reporting sites. I used to love Credit Karma because the layout and detail of the information was beautiful and easy to understand (comparatively speaking). However, they recently updated and changed the layout and it’s horrible. While the information is still there it is now in a sea of black text on a white background that just turns into a blur, not to mention it takes a lot of scrolling through the dribble to find what you want. It used to be all neatly presented with colored bars to indicate where you were at, and neatly visible right when you loaded the page. I don’t know why, but they took a huge step backwards and are now little if any better then the myriad other credit checking sites out there. Worse than some because they use vantage score instead of FICO. That used to not bother me because it still gave you the trajectory of your score and a valid comparison of where you are vs where you were, but presented cleanly and beautifully. They lost that part now. It’s sad and seems an unforced error, but whatever. For raw data there are better sites out there..Version: 21.38

Kent ButlerSeems like there is a too much time fluctuation in balances and also inconsistencies . If a person temporarily puts something on a card, it seems the scores go down immediately whereas if one pays the card down, it has to crawl back up the chart at a snail’s pace. Also, one has long term debts as well as credit card debts that affect one’s score. I’ve noticed one might pay a lot on a long term debt and affect his score very little in comparison as a credit card debt. Granted, more than likely, this debt is spread out over time, but if one pays off quicker, the score should follow quicker. I also, realize the situations I mentioned are more just passed along as the rating companies do as they want, but it still adds to or takes away from the working experience on CK’s site. Adding to the above review, which obviously doesn’t get read anyway, I have a card that I use that has no credit to it whatsoever— I get paid on this card and transfer money from it as I use it to purchase things as one would with cash. Anyway, my card information was compromised and I had to utilize “credit”cards until a new card was issued and the situation was addressed. Of course my score took another hit because that’s the way it works. It immediately goes down but takes forever to go back up even if the card is immediately repaid. Exactly, how can a person use a card and not get punished even if he pays off often?.Version: 22.21

It’s a decent starting pointI’ve used this app for well over a year and a half. It’s a good free starting point to learn what’s effecting your credit. After reading articles outside of this app, I learned steps needed to improve my credit. Credit Karma helped with the basics (account balances, when creditors reported to the bureaus, etc.). When I refinanced last year I saw that Credit Karma was showing 40-50 point less than what the bank pulled. So, I kept this in mind moving forward. A few months ago I worked on boosting my score 40 points or so, continued to use Credit Karma with the understanding their scores are not accurate... recently I subscribed to FICO for my scores, and yes Credit Karma is anywhere from 30-60 points lower than FICO actual (depending on which of the 2 scores CK provides). Bottom line, Credit Karma is a good starting point for people looking to improve their scores. Just keep in mind the scores they provide are not accurate but the other reporting data is pretty much on target (balances, dates bank report info to the credit bureau, etc.). Good luck, getting into the understanding of how FICO scores work and working on improving them really can change your consumer behavior for the best!!!.Version: 5.57

They never honor their promotionsThis is the second time that I’ve done a promotion through Credit Karma that they said they would pay me some money as soon as I had completed it and once again I’ve had to call and talk to customer service they say they don’t even know what the promotion is I take a screenshot of it makes no sense as I did it through the app this promotion was letting them track you and you’re driving habits for a certain amount of time and instantly you get $25 and your spend account still haven’t seen that money and I keep asking for screenshots whoever takes a screenshot of a promotion that an app asked you to take part in? because you need proof later maybe for them but most apps just honor their promotions that one before that was a promotion that if I opened a checking account and savings account and funded a dollar in each I get $25 in my account I had to fight tooth and nail for that they told me the same things we don’t recognize promotion we need screenshots and finally because I hassle them so much they actually did what they said they were going to do and gave me the money to be another negative is there odds for credit approval they’re promoting upgrade for a while which would just turn 1 million people down after being preapproved and all the outstanding yards end up dinging your credit report get it together credit Karma.Version: 22.9

Beneficial and harmfulI love this idea but they do have “bugs” to work out. The recommendations and dates they provide are often just suggestions. They assume when things will post or change but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. If you use it, just monitor your score and DO NOTHING THROUGH THEM. In my personal experience, the one dispute I wanted to do on their site ended up disputing ALL of my accounts, which led to a HUGE nightmare because I was working with a mortgage lender. Unfortunately I was told a bit too late to avoid 3rd party credit services for anything of this nature. I emailed credit karma and received insults instead of help. I simply wanted them to be aware that their one click dispute led to serious and unnecessary issues and they should look into it but I was immediately blamed and told I must have made a mistake somewhere. I pointed out I’ve used the service approximately 20 days and per their guidelines you can only dispute 1 account, and I only had 1 negative, but now have 11 disputes I’m trying to remove. This now takes 2-3 months to clear up. So thanks credit karma for pro longing my mortgage and disputing all of my good standing accounts in my one click with insults and blame instead of getting to the bottom and helping..Version: 5.39

Credit Karma Save AccountEverything is lovely and intuitive up until the point of having to navigate the save account. Although easy to use it has many hidden features that hinder one who needs to withdrawal quickly. A deposit takes up to a week to fully transfer; however, once transferred you still cannot touch your own money for at least 2 to 3 business days. It is said to be a feature to help mitigate fraudulence; however, it seems like a thinly veiled way to operate much like any other bank where they have promised money to many other people in the pool and don’t have my requested money for an extended amount of time because it is being used elsewhere, thus I have to wait for my own money to come back to me for use. I started the save account in order to budget better but because of Covid and the financial hardships that have fallen on me and many others, I need to access my money instantaneously without the barrier of weeks to wait that many of us are not afforded the luxury of. Living paycheck to paycheck is not glamorous and not something that should be the shared experience of most Americans, I especially do not appreciate Credit Karma hindering our finances by taking these shortcuts. Zero stars..Version: 21.36

Can't login and crashes when trying to reset passwordI love the phone app. Unfortunately the MacOS version does not allow me to login. I originally thought I may have forgotten my password and tried to reset it through the app. The app crashes the moment you click into the text box to enter your email in order to receive a password reset link. I tried twice and it crashed instantly both times. Lastly, it turns out I didn't forget my password. It works fine when logging in on my iPhone. I hope you all can fix this, I was excited when I saw the app was available for downlaod on my MacBook and look forward to these issues being resolved. I gave the app an extra star solely because I appreciate that they inform you that the solutions they recommend are partners of theirs. I really appreciate a company that's honest and upfront about this. They even put it at the top of the page, not hidden in small text somewhere you can't find it. Because of this, I have given the app an extra star even though it's unusable on Macboook at the moment. I know it doesn't make much sense and they have legally inform us, but you'd be surprised how many apps, content creators, etc. choose not to inform their users/audience anyways. Take an extra star for honesty! :) You'll get 3 more when the app is fixed..Version: 22.20

Do not use themI have used them for my scores and finally decided to open an account. Biggest mistake EVER! Do not use them for checking! It takes forever for deposits to show. Debits show instantaneously. I made a mobile deposit and it said it was good. Two days later and after I cut a check on it, it wasn’t accepted. Why?? Because I didn’t specifically write, “mobile deposit credit karma”. What?? I chat. Nope. Won’t accept. Then I find out my first house payment at a brand new home is rejected because they failed to clear my check…. Not because the check was bad but because I made a mobile deposit on my mobile phone to credit karma but didn’t write on the check that I was making a mobile deposit on my mobile phone. WTH??? First I chat. Nice enough but can’t do anything and tells me to call. I call and get Drey who refuses to give me her employee ID and REFUSES repeatedly to get a supervisor! Then I get Sandy who hangs up on me upon requesting a supervisor. Chat said they would transfer and then disconnect. The WORST customer experience ever!!!! Never in my life, and I’m elderly, have I had such an incredibly horrible experience. I’ve just finished writing and submitting a complaint to the FTC. They’ve lost my business. I definitely don’t recommend this company. Save yourself a major headache or worse, just say no..Version: 22.46

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