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Safeway Deals & Delivery App User Positive Comments 2024

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Love app but wish had few improvementsI absolutely love the Safeway app though I wish that the developers would make a few changes to make it more user-friendly. The fact that you have to go to two sections to get offers is quite confusing to some I know I’ve had to explain it to both my mother and grandmother so I can explain why it is the way it is. It just makes it confusing for those individuals that are Ness text savvy as some of us. My favorite part is at the end of check out in the store when they hit the balance due and all the minuses pop up and start deducting from my total due. That’s win this girl does her happy dance in the middle of the grocery store and get laughed out but I don’t care saving money is what it’s all about. Thank you Safeway after years of shopping elsewhere due to high prices I am back and will be a loyal customer as long as you keep it up..Version: 5.8.3

I am struggling with the changes on the appI liked having the list beside the offers. If it’s available that way I have not been able to find it. Pictures often do not go with the product. I continue to struggle with the app since it was changed. Was that 6 months or more ago? When you add club items they just come in at the top of the list with no helpful descriptions. They used to integrate in with the rest of the list categories, with pictures, prices etc and leave the list when they become dated. Just like the Just4u items. The changes made the app worse not better. I wrote the above a number of months ago. Unfortunately, the same issues still exist. I feel that the app worked better in the past. But, I have used similar apps from other markets and Safeway’s is definitely better than others..Version: 21.1.5

Great but could be betterI love a lot about this app and it’s so helpful and I’m so grateful they’ve made this. I use apps for other grocery stores too. So with that in mind, there are a few features I’d love to add to truly make this app a 5 star app. First off I think I should be able to look up items in the store easily using a search function in the app. I do like like how the app seems to change function a bit when I enter a Safeway or Vons store. Also when you scan a product there should be similar product recommendations that pop up as well, even companion products. Buying hot dogs? Suggest to me that I might need mustard and buns and what aisle in my store I can find those in. That’s extremely helpful. Also include the ability to add to my shopping list from the suggested items. Also club cards are connected to phone numbers. Usually a cell. Ask me permission to send text messages and offer me a dollar off coupon for signing up for texts. When I’m in the app creating my list send me a text message asking if I’d like to have those items delivered for free. That would be amazing. These are functions that would be helpful and also beneficial to both the customer and the store because it will retain better that customers business. Why go somewhere else when I have all my needs met in one place? It would be brilliant..Version: 7.5.5

Major problems with the APP!II would like to be able to add all the offers at once, instead of one at a time. I can’t use the APP within the Safeway stores. the offers, it takes a long time, often cannot bring them up. The Safeway stores that I frequent do not have wifi and I cannot load the coupons or look at the app on my phone. Should I wish to click on the coupons, I can only click on about five in a row before the app says it is backed up and cannot load them. I would like an option to load all at once. Takes too much time! The scan does not work in SAFEWAY if they do not have wifi for their customers! I am sitting here in a laundromat trying to bring up the app, and the offers will not download, so it is not my wifi! It is problems with the app! The checkout lines are long. I have a friend from out of town who says he won’t ever shop at this Safeway again. He expected to run in and out, instead it took 45 minutes..Version: 10.9.0

App isn’t workingI would give the app 5 stars but it hasn’t been working for over a week. When it was working, right before it started crashing every time I’d try and open it, I had multiple experiences where the deals I’d loaded didn’t take affect when I was checking out. It was really embarrassing having to tell the cashier that I didn’t have enough money for the purchase because a handful of the coupons weren’t working. Not only did I have to put things back because of the app malfunction, I was also completely embarrassed. Now, an app that I used to love, has me terrified of using it. How am I supposed to know whether or not it’s going to decide to work this time or crash? My family and I have been shopping at Safeway for over 25 years. I’m really disappointed in the inconsistency of this app, and the awkward situations I’ve been put in because of it. I spend easily $10,000 a year here on groceries, and sadly I’m probably going to take up shopping somewhere else such as Raleys instead..Version: 7.3.2

Good but app is buggyWe love ordering while watching TV and simply driving to the store and having groceries delivered to the car. The app, though, has issues almost every time. Main ex: you get a text saying your purchase is ready for pick-up. It includes a url to tap before you leave the house to let them know you’re on the way. Instead, that url takes you simply to the app with nothing evident regarding letting them know you’re on the way. It never works. Instead you have to drive there, call the number on the sign and wait. So, they come, it’s just unnecessarily a delayed process because they don’t know you’re on the way. A less significant issue with the app is when you’re in the selection process, the app keeps going back up a page or so from what you just ordered. So, you have to constantly have to page down to get to where you left off. Neither of these issues are huge and thus the 4 star rating. Oh, finally, I see no way to provide this feedback directly to Safeway and thus this review vs. direct feedback..Version: 2022.44.0

I’m disappointed!I have LOVED the Safeway app. and I used it every week, until recently! Of all the store apps I have used I like the Safeway app best because it was different than most it was simple and easy to navigate, with one touch I could add an item to my list. with this latest version 7.5 now the "Weekly Adds" it displays a newspaper ad so I have to skim through the whole news paper taking even more time making it even more work, and if I'm interested in an item I touch that item then when that window opens up depending on the quality of my service I have to hit another add button to add it to my list. Again adding to the time and energy it takes to make my list. Your making it less easy to use!!! And it now looks like the many other store apps that I don't like. A few versions ago I had 3) three easy options. 1. to "View all offers" I liked best, because in just a short time I'm able to look at all the offers in one pass-through. 2. Choose the "just for U" or 3. the "Weekly ads". All in the same good simple format with one touch add to list. So with the new Version 7.5 I have to look separately through the "Just for U" then again through the "weekly ads" newspaper add making it a lot more work. I'm definitely not in favor of this new version and would prefer to go back to older version if I could..Version: 7.5.0

Love app and the deals but the Deli in our home store is horribleI truly appreciate the Safeway app and savings. The cashiers and self check assistants are all very nice. I would have given 5 stars if it were bit fir the poorly managed Hot Deli in this store, it simply the worst I’ve ever encountered in a Safeway store. Chinese food any time after lunch seams as if it’s been sitting in the hot case all day! Same with baked and fried chicken, very hard and super dry. They can’t seem to keep traditional chicken strips in house to save there lives! Always out during peak hours and busy days, dinner hours and weekends, especially Sundays. Not just none in the case, every time I ask, they do not have any to cook. The large cold French bread sandwiches, in the deli case are just thrown together and sloppy. These used to be my go-to for dinner when they didn’t have strips. None of this would be an issue except we live in a small town with limited options for quick substantial dinner options, so when I have to constantly turn to pizza or fast food to fill this need it’s extremely disappointing..Version: 9.9.0

New grocery storeI am from SoCal so I don’t have a Safeway. But after going to the University in Norcal, Safeway was basically the new Winco. at first I was going to the grocery store naturally, but then I realize that they have an app which helps when it comes to accessing the deals and coupons that Safeway provides. but the app makes it so convenient to pick up groceries. Since again, I live in the dorms, I don’t think it’s wise to have them delivered because groceries have been getting stolen. I also like how there are timeslots for you to pick up your groceries. And depending on which Safeway you go to the pick up spots are right in front, but there have been some Safeway’s where is the pick up spot are behind the Safeway. if you do go to Safeway on a daily basis, I would totally recommend using this app and preparing your groceries the night before so you can pick them up early in the morning..Version: 2023.9.0

Nicest people; unacceptable customer service. No bandwidth to deliver services it charges for.Order placed for a friend while she’s COVID+, quarantining, unable to leave home. Safeway sent messages that Ordered was received, assembled, ready for delivery, then *on the way*. Then simply received a new message that order would not be delivered. I called, they had no explanation, order was rescheduled for next day. The next day there is no mention of the order. It simply does not get delivered. Again. I again call and after holding for 45 minutes, customer service recommends I either cancel the order or pick it up myself. If a store does not have the bandwidth or services to deliver orders then it should not offer that service. It is unacceptable that a customer, quarantining & sick from COVID, has not received food for two days in a row because Safeway promised something they could not deliver. Twice. And their resolution is that I pick up the order myself. Unacceptable and extremely disappointing, especially from a store that I love..Version: 2021.51.0

RecommendationMy Safeway is 888 Kapahulu Avenue, from the management to the team workers, which are the cashiers this is the best. The people here give you a feeling of gratitude. They are happy to see the regular customers and are happy to see the tourists. The lady cashiers are very helpful, I’m not saying that the men aren’t, they are also. Mr Bill is always such a great person, he went to retrieve the products from the shelves when I was not able to reach them. Ms Misty has been a big help to me on several occasions, very nice lady. Ms Timmaree is really nice too. I can’t say that anyone that works at my Safeway does not go beyond their normal job. They all do a great job keeping the store clean and stocked and I have never asked a question or for help and never got it. They’re a great bunch. Thank you, please give them a raise and I don’t mean two feet off the floor!.Version: 2023.34.0

Senior SalvationI am having issues with mobility. Safeway and your amazing drivers make my life so much easier. Thanks Safeway!.Version: 2023.4.0

TerribleYou’ve taken the joy out of grocery shopping!! First and appears that the complaints are all the same....too many steps to get coupon credit....for the past 2 years!! Why can’t we just click on the product and it goes into the shopping basket?? Why make us take extra steps to get it there?? Why can’t you make a separate list for weekly coupons and Just4U instead of making us go through list after list to find them!! And the worst.....being overcharged at checkout!! Every single time I shop here, I am not credited for a sale item. How frustrating to go home, read the receipt and have to return to the store and have to ‘prove’ the error!! I’ve even had your employee go through my phone insisting I must’ve done something wrong. NOT!! Or how about the time you had a clerk go down the aisles with me to find the price I was supposed to get....just to prove I was right!! Such nonsense. Fix your app and train your employees ....the customer is always right!.Version: 9.7.0

New Stackables Don’t WorkYour new system of stacking the coupons sounds good, but in the end doesn’t work. I just bought Crest toothpaste and it was $4.50 and a one-time offer price of $2.99. Then, like in the past, there was another special offer of $2 off. Therefore in the end, it should have been $.99. Not the case after I found it on my receipt at home. Changing the way to find the coupons is good, but that also needs to be reflected in the application of those coupons. If a coupon can’t be stacked with a one-time offer, then it shouldn’t be put together. A frustrating start to your new system. Plus, I’m finding today, once I add the stackables, the individual offers still appear. If I hit the add button, it should remove the other variations from my options list. Your coupons and offers are listed as options of variants of similar-branded items, but perhaps this cross-over if multiple items is the problem. It’s not pulling all the options, but I’m assuming if I go to use these, that I will only get one option of them. I like the Safeway app and love the special pricing options based on what I buy, but honestly I liked it better to find the additional coupons and choose to implement those as I wanted. I also greatly appreciate the rewards and how easy they are to use. Overall the app is good, but this new stacking option either is not fully implemented yet or just complicating things more..Version: 7.5.1

AlanI only rated the 5 stars due to how I use to be. The Safeway Store at Ray Rd and McQueen is always under stock and short of help. I got up early for the senior shopping hour at 6:00AM and wanted meat on sale and waited 45 minutes and no butchers. I finally found a manager and he did not know when they would come in. He came back and says they come in at 8:00am. I call Albertsons and they had butchers and the Ribs roast I was looking for at Safeway. I been shopping at Safeway from the time they open. The Fry’s store is next door to us but I like shopping at Safeway. I had made many friends at Safeway but I will not waste my time at Safeway anymore. My wife go to Fry’s and they are fully stocked on everything. I guess I will have to make a change. Albertsons appears to be a better store to shop. I would hope you would think about the old customers that been shopping for YEARS..Version: 7.6.0

If only I realized a long time ago that I could shop this way!This was just as good and then many ways better than being in the store. It’s not perfectly easy to use but it is easy since I am a senior citizen who is currently not able to drive this is a godsend and I did a better job shopping because I could take my time doing it less pressure than in the store even though I’ll be driving soon I think I prefer to shop this way it’s worth the small delivery fee not to have to go to the store and be exposed to people who haven’t had their flu shots. It’s nice the website is set up to be friendly like a nice person is talking to me. I know this is a little more expensive than going to a bargain store but it’s so much less stressful and I got everything I wanted no problems..Version: 2023.10.0

Great app to saveThere should be a tutorial or something to help you navigate the app and explain how to actually use the coupons during checkout in store as it’s very simple once you figure out but quiet confusing when you just download the app and are trying to figure it out on your own. For anyone who was like me you must add the coupons to your list prior to shopping this may take a while if you have just created your account for me it wasn’t working for a while when I first made it but a couple hours later I was able to add coupons to my list. If you’re doing self check out there should be an option on the screen to enter your phone number. Enter it and then scan your items and you’ll see the coupons being applied if they are valid. Overall I really like this app I just wished I wouldn’t have had to spent a long time having to figure this out as it’s very simple but wasn’t made very clear on the app..Version: 2022.17.0

Too many ways to make sure you are getting the best priceI wish there were a simpler way to make sure I am getting the best discounts when I shop at Safeway. I use my card, but then I must check and see if the sale is “Just for U” then I have to do that on my phone in the store (IF there is coverage) Also I must be sure to check if I have bought enough items to qualify for the discount. Often I am not even sure how the items are “grouped”. MANY times I have returned home and realized I did not get the price I thought I was getting. Also a few times the “50% Off” sticker was not seen by the checker. I try to group those all at the end, but when navigating everything else occasionally I miss one. I sound like an old hag, complaining about saving money-lol ... but it is frustrating. I long for the “old days” of just clipping coupons and knowing what the bottom line is going to be..Version: 7.1.0

App not working in CanadaLiving in a border town next to the USA border, I do most of my grocery shopping in the USA at Safeway / Albertsons…Could your developers fix this app so we in such border towns in Canada could use your app….please and thank you.Version: 2023.13.0

Must Do!!!This app has been amazing! Saving while using my rewards card/phone number, has always helped and the savings on gas are crucial. DOWNLOAD the app and choose from multiple coupons and even 2-5x rewards points on some products. Not only have I built up my rewards while saving, I’ve realized that you can use your rewards for more than just gas. I can select the offers that best fit my budget… $10-30 off your groceries, free products(valued +/- $30) and many more. I know this probably sounds like a “bot” review but I promise I’m just a regular person. I prefer spend my money having fun in life, not paying an arm and a leg for groceries, just to exist and put gas in my car. Take a few moments to select you coupons before you arrive at the store or even look them up while shopping. Press “clip coupon” and you’re done!😎 Just make sure to enter your phone number at checkout or scan your barcode..Version: 2022.35.0

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