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Handy App communicationGreat tool for communicating with groups. If it wasn’t limited to 140 characters, I would give this app a higher rating..Version: 11.5

Don’t ask me to review or it’s an automatic 1 star.Stop.Version: 11.5

Functionality differs between app and desktop siteI’m a new user to the app, and I’m sure it’s generally great. However, somehow the app assigned me to a school that’s not even in my district! I see the Remind website provides guidance on how to remove a school, but it seems it only works when on a computer - not through the app on my iPhone and iPad. I realize overall it’s a minor issue, but it’s a major pet peeve for me when the functionality of a website and an app are not the same. I hope this isn’t user error on my end, but I tried everything I could think of to find a way to remove the school to no avail. *sigh* Update - when trying to reset my password on the app it asks for a new password and to confirm the password. When I click save it says the old password is required to change it. Makes sense - except there is no field for the current password! This app is driving me bonkers. I’m truly only using it because my daughters teacher requires it..Version: 9.9

Less then one star at this pointAwful no support.Version: 11.4

Messages too shortThere is a very small character limit on messages that rarely fits what I want to say, so I either have to send more that one message to parents or cut down and give less detail. Not very good for communication and sharing, I don’t think! Plus, when I added a photo, it took away from my word limit, so I couldn’t have a caption! Am I missing something?!.Version: 9.9

AnonymousCould be better.Version: 4.5.0

Bobbins...bobbins, absolutely bobbins for use in the UK! Pity really as it seemed so promising.....Version: 3.4.1

Ok but... I Don't Want NotificationsI like the app, and it really helps me for my teachers to be able to notify me of upcoming assignments and due dates. Although I have a small issue, on the gear icon for the settings, there is always a orange dot when I am using the app, on my tablet. I use my phone for actually getting notifications from this app, but I use my tablet just to check back on past messages from my teachers, and this is why I have notifications completely turned off on my tablet. But, I feel it is a bit unnecessary that, every time I open the app on my tablet, it insists on "warning" me that I have notifications turned off. I know that this issue of mine is, most likely, not even a problem in your eyes, but it would be nice to not have this supposed warning, at the top left of my screen, while in the app. Thank you for making this app, and reading this long rant of mine. Sincerely, A Student User.Version: 10.0.3

Great idea, challenging interfaceThe concept is great: a simple way to share reminders and urgent messages quickly via text with my class parents. The challenges I run in to every year is 1. fixing errors in the spelling of parents names (which is a problem when autocorrect changes Oriana to “Organs” and you don’t notice until after the invitation has been sent and accepted), and 2. Correcting mismatches in a couple’s names/numbers. For instance I accidentally linked a wife’s name to her husband’s phone. He accepted her invite (and his own) so now all announcements go to him. I’ve tried chatting and submitting help requests. I’ve been told the solution requires the parents to download the app, create an account, and fix the problem at their end. I appreciate the need to respect privacy, but that’s putting the onerous on the wrong party. Administrators have to be able to make simple corrections at our end..Version: 11.12

ParentsCan parents send messages to all the other parents and set up events? We are currently using it for our class and only the teacher can seem to send messages to all parents. Thanks.Version: 7.7

OkThis app is good but it lacks customization. It lacks a dark mode and notification noises. I know that this app can’t be incredibly customizable but at least a little would be nice..Version: 11.2

Mostly GreatI mostly like the premise of this app. It does exactly what it says it will do mostly perfectly. Students like it and it’s easy to use. However, a couple things drive me crazy: 1) it’s impossible to clear notifications. I HATE seeing the notification tag on my devices and it’s impossible to get rid of them. I have spent an eternity combing through the thousands of messages I’ve received over the past three years, none of them are unread, yet I still have four notifications that will NOT go away. Grrrr. 2) I know that app designers want us to constantly use their apps, but this one goes too far. It will send me 20 notifications a day, with no options on which to receive and how. They’re either off or on which makes the app either useless or completely obnoxious. There’s no in between and that is annoying. I’ve now uninstalled this app for the second time. That means I only use the web browser version, which is not as convenient, but at least it can’t bombard me with notifications that are impossible to remove. Please fix and I will reinstall!.Version: 10.8.1

LolIt always crashes and never work.Version: 11.2

JoeMama.Version: 10.5.2

ReviewI’ve enjoyed using remind over the past several years however I will not use this platform in the future. I’m limited with character spaces which is a challenge. Also, not everyone has been able to join due to phone carrier services this year and since there are other free apps, I will switch over in September.Version: 11.5

TipsI wish the announcements didn’t have a word count limit. It’s been very frustrating to work around. I do like the messaging part with each person though..Version: 11.2

Great conceptThe concept is great. Being able to touch bases with your child’s school/teacher is an amazing feeling and builds trust between family/ school. Having said this, all this wonderful potential is cut short if the teacher turns off the ability for the parents to send messages to teachers. Also, teachers have the option to sign up and use the app or not at all. Again, no app automizes the human response, but this one would be better if more teachers embraced this technology and used it *for the entire school year* not just in the beginning when everything’s exciting. Too many parents have been left out of emailing their kids teachers because of some weird school site programmers restrictions that kick outside emails to the spam bin. I would like to see in a future update for this app that teachers are not able to turn off parents comments. Really sends the cold shoulder to a lot of families when it really is all about the kids..Version: 9.7

ClunkyCan’t remove old, unneeded message conversations like you can in every single other messaging app ever created; they just keep piling up, even if you’ve left the conversation or your kids are now 3 grades later. Stupidest app ever.Version: 11.12

Impossible to clear the notification badgeImpossible to clear the notification badge even after reading all unread messages..Version: 11.0

BadDon’t lik.Version: 11.2

Not workingThe set up process failed for me... Does this app work in Australia?.Version: 3.2.2

UK UserDoesn't seem to work in the UK?.Version: 3.4.1

Bad appI don’t like this app and only use it because I have to to get info from my child’s teacher. There are years worth of old classrooms I can never figure out how to delete.Version: 11.12

DO NOT GET I can’t delete it off my phoneIt logged me out and says my password is wrong no Matterhorn many times I try it. I was going to make a new account and got half way through and changed my mind. It won’t let me get back to the starting screen so I deleted it and re downloaded it and it was just how I left it, it won’t forget my information! So I tried to delete it again and now it won’t even delete so it’s stuck on my phone!.Version: 11.2

ㅡㅡHow do you go back to the start after you get to the point with the password.Version: 11.1.2

Doesn't work in UKThis looks like it could be an amazing and useful app but it doesn't work in the UK..Version: 3.4.4

Delete nowTerrible Hate this app.Version: 11.2

Lots of positives but one huge negativeI’ve been using the Remind app for the past few years and have found it to be very helpful and easy to use. However there is one big flaw that I wish could be fixed to make this a true 5 star app. The allow reply feature which enables parents and students to directly message teachers should have the option of being on an automatic timer of sorts. So instead of having to manually turn it off every day at 4, I wish I could schedule to have it on from 7-4 and then it goes off for the rest of the day. I know lots of teachers who have told me that they’ve taken Remind off of their phones because of the constant messages at all hours of the day. The away message that Remind has made available is not a deterrent at all. It’s just a sign that everyone ignores. So while the app does what it’s supposed to do, it has taken on a 24/7 life of its own..Version: 11.8

WhyIt says I can’t use it anymore and I haft to buy it but in the App Store it says that I’m fine what is going on.Version: 11.4

Never use the appIt wasn’t working it sent emails to the teacher to the office.Version: 12.4

FreezesEvery time i open the app and try to scroll it isn't possible but if i get a message and click it then the app will open normally and i’ll be able to scroll through the conversation..needs to be updated and fixed.Version: 9.1

Terrible Sign up experienceFirst, I signed up using the text option provided by my daughter’s school. Second, I downloaded the app and chose to sign in using my google account, rather than creating “another” user account on someone else’s servers. I finished the verification process and and found the account I had just created via text message. I was prompted to merge and I accepted. I received an email saying my accounts were merged so I assumed the app was just a stuck. Third, merging was stuck for over 10 minutes so I removed and downloaded the app again. When I got to the main page it had already pre-populated my email address in the email field. Assuming the app was smart enough to use Google SSO, as I had previously indicated, I clicked the next button. Now it’s trying to create me another account on remind servers. So basically no SSO. And, I’m stuck on the page that wants me to choose a password! I don’t want to choose a password! I want to go back and sign in with the Google account like I indicated in the first place. But now the app won’t let me go anywhere until I enter a password. I’ve deleted the app. I’ve deleted the app and app data, but it appears to be keeping track of where I was in the app. Clearly it’s storing something where I cannot delete it. Now I have no idea how to use this app. It’s stuck and I have no recourse..Version: 11.11

BadBad.Version: 11.14.1

App has been acting upPartially though the year my app notifications just stopped. I would suddenly realize I hadn’t heard anything in weeks so I’d check the app and see everything waiting for me. Then promptly forget to look into why. Repeat over and over until finally I turned on mobile notifications and turned push notifications from the app off. Went looking for info about school and realized I never figured out what was going on with the app. At this point I could just delete it. Now it says I have 29 notifications but nothing I do clears the number. I would also love to clear messages sent to the jr high teachers and teachers from previous years. I remove the teacher but those old messages stay there under conversation. I feel like it would free up phone space if I could delete them. The app is wonderful when it works especially when teachers use it but over the last year it’s been hit or miss... mostly miss..Version: 10.0.3

JumbledThis app is...kind of......ok-ish. This app used to be great! I will be honest and say that the app WAS awesome in the past. However, now it’s just a necessary annoyance. I use it now only because I need it to keep in touch with the schools that my children attend. The stream of messages with no division of which school or class is annoying. The inability to leave a school is annoying. Yes. I get that there is a way to delete a school, but it doesn’t work every time. Try it. It won’t always work. I have a teacher who has two different groups. They both go to the same stream because they were both sent out by the same person. That gets confusing because I have to check the header of each and every message to see which group is being referred to instead of them being able to be separate even with them having different codes!!! It’s a different group!! It shouldn’t come in on the same screen as the other group!!! It’s just annoying!!! This is the situation for the most active groups on my app. Good luck trying to keep track of everything with this crazy app!!!! I’m so sad to leave a two star review for what used to be one of my favorite apps. :-( :-( :-(.Version: 10.0.1

Needs to have a “confirmation” featureI wanted to search for a school name “@“ when I was automatically joined to the wrong school / class. There is no confirmation if that is the actual class you want to join when you type a school name. I am able to delete the school and class but the teacher’s name stating they are a “Remind Expert” or that I have joined a class and will automatically appear in “All classes” conversation without any messaging. I cannot delete not archive these names. Even if I have deleted the class that I did not wish to join, I have had a few new teachers’ name that state they are a “Remind Expert” will appear in “All classes” without any messaging to them for two days. Remind can consider a feature to ask to confirm to join a class instead of automatically having a person join a class. This avoid the mess I have of unwanted people in my conversation list that I cannot delete nor archive..Version: 8.13

Don’t likeDon’t like make me work.Version: 8.14.1

Horrible app!!!!This app is apparently too hard for some teachers to set up. I sent a message to my child’s teacher at about 9:45 pm one evening and the message wasn’t received by the teacher until around 3 am when it woke her up because she had her am/pm switched around in her available hours and had it programmed mistakenly to go to her personal cell phone. When I arrived at the school the next morning to drop off my children I was met at the car/curb by two administrators who demanded that I meet them across campus at an admin office where I was accused of hacking into a teachers personal life and obtaining her cell phone number!! Luckily I was able to prove that I sent the message at around 9:45 pm vs the reported 3 am by showing them the app and the message to clear myself. However, this resulted in the teacher getting embarrassed &/or still not trusting me and she didn't think she could continue being my child’s teacher. So, my son was transferred to a different teacher where he went through an entire school year being constantly abused verbally and physically. Now 2 years later, the teacher who was too stupid to understand how to properly set up her app is now my child’s teacher again and even though I refuse to use the remind app to communicate with her she has created a new nightmare for my child this year!!!.Version: 10.10

Please add support for UK Phone numbersHi love this application moved to the UK and cannot add UK phone numbers. Please update so I could include UK contacts..Version: 9.16

Could be a useful app if......They thought a little harder and considered that there is a world outside the US and it's time zones. There was a thought about other uses for the application........Version: 2.2

Can use some workI like the app! But… There are some things that could definitely be improved. The first and biggest issue is the maximum characters restriction. Remind allows you to write a message up to 140 characters. This forces me as a teacher to condense my messages so much that at times I am not able to get my whole message across. Granted, I can always send another message, but As most of you know, most students will not look farther back than the most recent message. That means that they are missing valuable information at times. The app lost 2 stars because of this one. Secondly, I’m not a fan of how a recipient is not able to click on a link directly from the message and be taken to the corresponding website. The user is forced to click on the Files tab to be able to open those links. This causes much consternation for me as my students didn’t bother to click on the file tab and just don’t bother looking into it further as they figured the link was just bad and now have an excuse to ignore the message altogether..Version: 9.14

No UK supportNeeds uk support asap.Version: 3.4.1

TerribleThis app is terrible and disappointing.Version: 11.2

Some inconveniencesIt’s fine to receive basic reminders. We use for school admin to parent or teacher to parent and Vice versa communication. The free version has very low character limit (140) so it’s hard to fit even basic info-so then it’s a reminder and see attachment. Which you can only attach one picture or file. So that means sending several messages which leads to over notifications, which then parents are bothered. (There are plans available for higher character around 500 is the one my school finally switched to. This is very helpful. Idk the cost on the administration side, but I appreciate it both as a teacher and parent.) On the parent side if you have receive notifications turned on then it’s really like two notifications because you get the notification and view it. But then you still have to open the app and view in the app for it to be marked read, otherwise it still looks like you have a new message. Also if several attachments were sent in a row you have to open each one separately. So it’s small inconvenience but adds up. I do like how you can individual message within groups so it’s a way for parents to connect without sharing numbers. And you can individual connect with a teacher. But each teacher had to make their own group. Overall it functions for its basic purpose to send a brief reminder to a group of people who have signed up-but that’s the key-very basic..Version: 12.0

Poor applicationPoor application, a lot of errors..Version: 11.6

NetworksIt isn’t supported by all networks, so doesn’t work for all parents. Also, Be sure to let parents know that they shouldn’t reply via the app as it could cost them. However, because it sends notifications, it is read by most parents regularly and they report a high degree of satisfaction..Version: 12.4

TerribleSame issues as two years ago that users complained about seems to still be there in 2020. Awful App but unfortunately need to use it for my daughters class.Version: 11.12

Great idea but doesn't work in UKRequires users to register to a US text number that doesn't work here. Shame really..Version: 3.2.2

No goodI can't add my phone number.Version: 9.10

Mediocre. Services its purposes.Fine app considering it is free. The help/FAQ doesn’t match the actual app. Not sure if this is iOS specific, but even trying to change the “no replies” option can’t be done based on the archaic directions through Remind. There is a major character limit which is frustrating. It seems that at least a few sentences would be allowed. People (class members) are constantly confused about what they have to do or if they need the actual Remind app. I don’t find the layout to be particularly intuitive. Am definitely doing to be searching for an alternative. This app gives me some light frustration, but to reference the FAQ and it NOT having actual updated information and, in one case, the layout of the FAQ had the iOS instructions to the right and— wait for it— completely cut off the screen and out of view. Fine for a basic group messaging app, but even a minor setting change is an issue..Version: 9.13.1

PainfulAutomatically selects earpiece speaker and you have to manually go into sound options to select speaker mode every single time you play any sound recording..Version: 11.1.2

Has potentialWe need to be able to add states from other countries. It won't let me create an account without it..Version: 7.6

Don’t force change my settingsI rely on getting my children’s classroom announcements texted to me. I wondered why my child’s teacher wasn’t online today only to find out she had sent us a message through Remind and the techies at Remind decided I no longer needed to receive the text message version! They turned it off for me. Well, thanks not! I missed an important message. If you decide to make such a change, do it NOT on a Monday morning. And announce it prior to and let your users make the decision themselves! I don’t pay attention to the Remind badges when I’m busy, but I notice text messages. I prefer reading the messages in Remind, but please don’t turn off my settings! Also, I’ve got conversations from 5 years ago from groups that no longer exist, but Remind won’t let me delete them. Seriously?! Again with not letting me make my own choices! I want the conversations GONE! Tired of seeing them every day from groups I am no longer a part of. Am I going to have to see them for another 5, 10, 15?.Version: 11.15

Not designed for international market?Only in process of setting up and already noticed that it only offers US time zones. Would be greatly appreciated if its extended to worldwide time zones (inc Sydney please!) Also the only way to get people to "sign up" to your group is by texting a US number ... again no good for an international market. Shame!.Version: 2.2

Great ideaReally helpful way to keep in contact with teachers or classes. However, there are a few kinks to still work through. I cannot message a teacher without having received a message from them first. I don’t understand why I can message anyone in the class except for the teacher. There has got to be a better way to organize classes. More customization within the app would be very helpful. For example, being able to organize the list of classes or teachers in any order, or in alphabetical order or put them in groups. Another helpful tool would be a way to mark something as important or put it in a to do list. It’s great to have these reminders, but once you read it there is not a way to set it aside to remember where it is later if it isn’t something that can be done right away. Lastly, I hate getting text messages as well. What is the point of the app if I get a text anyway. I disabled this in the app, but made the mistake of accepting a class through a text and began receiving the texts again. I unsubscribed, again mistakenly through text, and that ended my ability to send a message to the teacher even through the remind app..Version: 11.13

Ok but notifications don’t acknowledge all the timeThe app doesn’t acknowledge notifications unless you go back to the main menu then into the notification message.Version: 11.7

Stopped before it startedI’ve heard and read so many great reviews for this app, including from my colleagues so I after two terms of hearing about it, I finally decided to try it. Lucky me! 😒 I’m not sure what I did wrong but within seconds, it has already been a fail. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing and was still a total fail. After setting up my classroom, I went to enter some contacts and it got stuck at asking me what I wanted people to call me, which I had already done in the initial setup. Already strange that it was asking me this again. I typed my name again, and chose “Ms” for the title; then hit next. First it changed what I entered and added an “M.” in front of my name and no title. It then would not advance to the next screen. I repeatedly hit next and it just kept repeating the same screen name question. I even uninstalled and when I installed again; it eerily would reload and show the last screen from before I uninstalled it - still asking me what name. A major glitch to be sure. It just kept blipping “What do you want students to call you?” Call me baffled and disappointed..Version: 9.8

App won't openI updated the app and now it won't open and my sons teacher has sent out messages and I can't even read them!.Version: 7.9

???Why on earth is this not compatible in the UK? This would be a lifesaver to me as a dance teacher. Not happy..Version: 2.2

Great app but I’m with Rogers!Remind needs to be able to text Rogers users!!.Version: 11.14

Hard to useThis app is hard to use, the font is so small And I can’t find a way to make it larger..Version: 11.2

Seems to only work in the USAShame, because I was excited to try the app, and it's available on the AU iTunes Store..Version: 7.4

It gross do not download this appThis app sucks it’s keep crushing yuck.Version: 11.2

DeadDeadest ting going tell u lazy wasteman to do their homework instead of asking how to do it.Version: 8.3

GoodI wish I could change the sound 😕.Version: 11.2

DeleteUnable to delete classes no matter how many times you read the instructions. A simple swipe with a verification after would be so simple..Version: 10.4

Remind AppIt is a good app: some limitations: msgs have limited characters, ‘conversations’ have limited attendees, which makes interactions with your whole class/families difficult. Today it has removed my powers to communicate with my class in a the most crucial of times, claiming that I violated a rule, which I can attest I did not..Version: 11.1.2

Notification NumberNotification number is stuck on 11, even though I have no reminders. Very annoying!.Version: 11.11

Why should I report an issue with Remind: School Communication?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Remind: School Communication to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Remind: School Communication customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Remind: School Communication.

Is Remind: School Communication not working?

Remind: School Communication works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Remind: School Communication.

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