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Plague Inc. App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Plague Inc. app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Plague Inc.? Can you share your negative thoughts about plague inc.?

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Plague Inc. for Negative User Reviews

Mega Brutal problems and Realism.The DNA when you start is ok, but when you advance to the stage where you infected your whole starting country and other countries then the DNA slows down to 1-2 DNA per 300,000 to 500,000 and for that amount your should at least earn 10+ DNA. Also I killed about 60 million people and only got 2 DNA. Absolutely ridiculous. Also in Mega Brutal your disease when it is discovered and lasts for 50 or 100 days, so many countries invest in research for a disease that literally has no symptoms and is harmless but treated like the Black Plague, Smallpox, HIV, Chicken Pox, harmful tumors, or cancer. It is pretty unrealistic considering there are other disease out there needing that attention. I don’t mind the fact that no humans die or old age or are birthed, but I would love to see that in the game. If you improve this I would give 5 stars no doubt. Great game, but has lots of issues..Version: 1.16.7

New game mode isn’t explained wellSo they recently added a new game mode called “The Cure”. The problem is the tutorial for this new game mode doesn’t actually explain its new features all that well and pretty much PLAYS ITSELF which as both a gamer and somebody who learns better by doing than by being told, it’s more annoying than helpful. It also makes it confusing when going to play the mode because none of it comes off as all that well explained. What do any of these new things do? Why is authority important to cure disease? All it seems like is some arbitrary hp meter to give a game over. I get that this is a game, but in the updates (at least via steam; I also own a copy of the game on PC and this update isn’t on there yet) it sounded like this was going more realistic due to them working with real world organizations, but I guess not. In reality this stuff is handled differently by each country, which is hard to get across by game mechanics I guess 😕 I lost my past progress, anyway, since I deleted this version and it doesn’t seem to keep saves..Version: 1.18.3

Necroa flawWhen playing Necroa (which is a paid upgrade) I cannot move zombie hordes while also popping zombie bubbles! The bug/glitch is that when you click on the “horde” option it opens the “info” screen instead of allowing you to place the horde in a country. SUPER ANNOYING!! I’ve spent the entire day trying to figure out winning combos & strategies only to get most of the way there (even following directions I found online for BRUTAL mode on normal mode) and CANNOT win because of the glitch!! I’m super frustrated like why is that even on the same menu bar as the directive?! Will be deleting the app soon if this stupid “info” option isn’t removed from the move horde menu bar! Other than that... the game is super duper fun and I’ve quite enjoyed destroying humanity through various bio hazards 😉 Love that it takes strategic thinking but I wish the Necroa wasn’t so hard to beat... makes it not very fun!.Version: 1.17.4

Becoming more about money than players having funThis game was awesome. But now it seems like it is just trying to bring in money now. I hadn't played it in a while before today. I saw it had an update available with some new scenarios added and so I updated it and went to check it out. What I saw was all of the scenarios that I used to be able to play for free are now locked and you have to pay for them. I remember playing the vampire one, the planet of the apes one and the one where the plague was frozen and un-froze but now I can't play any of them..Version: 1.15.3

Good but a conA good fun game keeps you occupied but is impossible to win unless you spend money the cure is faster the better you do and ends up 4x faster than you can play and earn points the only way to win is on easy level but then you can not progress unless you go to a higher level which is impossible to win. Guys sort this out, I played this when it was three to get and it was perfect, very challenging but was possible to win, now it’s just a rip off, I refuse to buy anything when you are being ripped off and forced to do so.... Download if you are willing not to spend more money and win only on easy, if not, AVOID like a bad rash.Version: 1.15.3

AitePay to win.Version: 1.17.2

Scam!!!!!!!!The scenarios I bought ended up not working!. What a scam!.Version: 1.18.8

Not entertainingGetting off work to play a game that is supposed to be entertaining. Disappointingly, it starts with a political opinion by starting virus in China and making the virus more contagious by changing its DNA sequence. No. Thank you..Version: 1.19.3

Issues with game responding to my touch, making it hard to play.Multiple times I’ve had to close the app and relaunch it after a while because it doesn’t pick up on my touch. I would often miss DNA bubbles or when I try going through the menu it wouldn’t react to anything I touch. I thought this was my phone but I would exit my app and the phone is working just fine. I’m not sure if this is a glitch, or what, but please try to figure out what is happening to cause this. Thank you!.Version: 1.17.3

Beyond disappointing.The game has become a total money grab. The base gameplay is extremely monotonous, the same strategy is used over and over and over again. The developers are well aware of this and implement new game modes in an attempt to keep the game fresh, a great idea on paper. However, these game modes are locked behind individual paywalls, you’re likely to pay for each one you want to play. These gamemodes do not expand upon the game or introduce new concepts either, instead just taking the base fundamentals of the original gamemode and giving them a fresh cost of paint..Version: 1.19.2

I can not beat fungusI was haveing lots of fun until I got to fungus It is really hard to beat..Version: 1.18.4

FrustratingI’ve had this game for a few years and it’s super fun to play, but multiple times all my progress has been erased and I’ve had to start over. I don’t know why this keeps happening but underneath the locked design it shows that I have completed the levels up to my highest difficulty level..Version: 1.17.4

Needs more Realism!This game is fun and a great way to pass the time while your bored or there’s nothing better to do. I enjoy the use of strategy and thinking you have to put into this game, but I would enjoy A LOT more if it was more realistic. First of all, countries of limited amount money and are somehow able to up the cure in a matter of days? I find that ridiculous. Another thing that annoys me is somehow a little cough or sneeze leads to research. In real life people would assume it’s just allergies and not go straight to the lab and find a cure. Even when it’s severe and is able to withstand almost anything possible that doesn’t slow the cure at all. I mean maybe by a day but their able to bounce back pretty quickly. I don’t enjoy how quick it is for them to cure the entire world so fast. Another flaw is that in real life we only have limited amount of resources. In the game somehow they have all the resources to ever exist. This game is fun but I would enjoy it more if it had a more realistic touch to it than it does in reality..Version: 1.15.3

Normal = 99% impossibleTook me 20 tries but I eventually got it all other diseases are all good though. If you are having trouble with it just always and I mean always keep the disease under the radar until the end and even then you might loose like how I only had to get Madagascar but other wise it is good except that you have micro transactions in a game that costs money but it is a good thing to mess around with it is not at all bad and if you parents go on about how it’s insensitive then you better strengthen up because in the future your kids will be playing shooters like cod or apex but thank you.Version: 1.16.8

Good but could be betterI like the game. It takes strategy, passes time well, fairly in depth. I like the premise, but it’s kind of unrealistic. You can try to progress your disease to be aggressive, but people die off too quickly. Sometimes it’s easy to infect other countries but somehow some of the smaller can go un-affected. Once the disease progresses and more countries get infected, anytime you upgrade the transmission, countries and regions automatically counter it somehow, even the more poor areas of the world. Also it seems like the abilities to increase effectiveness of your disease in wealthy countries and to slow down cure research and make it harder to cure do nothing. I had the drug resistance 1-2, genetic hardening 1-2 and genetic reshuffle1-3, but somehow there was a cure for my disease in 2 1/2-3 years, without even severe symptoms. That’s just on normal difficulty, i cant imagine brutal or mega brutal difficulty. I love the game but maybe tweak it just a little to make it a bit more realistic..Version: 1.14.2

Plague incBrought all the special infections deleted the game and know there gone like what the hell.Version: 1.18.4

IMPOSSIBLEThe casual game mode is easy to beat but can get challenging but as soon as you try to change to normal it turns impossible and you literally can’t beat it. I thought it would be a little more challenging but you can’t beat it at all. i’ve tried all the techniques for hours but nothing is working!! Please make a mode easier than normal but harder than casual!!.Version: 1.16.8

Rigged to maybe create a fake “skill” gapSeriously, How come once you infect 95% of the population with 25% research, then all of a sudden no one gets infected anymore and research speeds up 20x even when you have research stopping maxed? even the ones that have to do with making people not comply? and now there’s forums of how to get better at this game? not to mention that its not really possible for your disease with no symptoms to ever be detected and be seen as a concern. just for a false “difficulty” Even on normal mode it’s like this. Played it on brutal and lost on the population with very close to the exact number i lost on normal? huh? Feels like i’m being forced to pay more just to buy gene mutation pre game just to have a considerably “fair” experience. there’s a fairly similar game out their too; to this one that does NOT have this problem until the very brutal and impossible mode which is meant to be like that. disappointed..Version: 1.19.2

Need to change graphicsHey it's a great game I'm sure you'll agree but the graphics for all the desieses stay the same example the nano virous stays as a bacteria and bio weapon and fungus it would be great if you could improve this and then add what it does to the human body in an x ray and the last thing people expect it to have the zombie/necroa virous you could at least make that one free plz just that one and this would be the best game ever plz plz do these.Version: 1.14.1

DudeFun but all modes should be free for this paid game..Version: 1.17.4

It was a mistake of buying thisThe rules are I quote from Eric Cartman from South Park if you pay there are no apps so no more add-ons but if it's free there's ads I paid what is the cable You can either a give everyone what they deserve read your price up or something at least and put it all in one app you're gonna be 399 for a stupid thing that's so dumb from one fan who waited a few years for this game to come out it's sucked.Version: 1.16.7

Real or notIs this real if it was it would be cool.Version: 1.17.4

:(The game was fine but it made me feel bad :(.Version: 1.17.4

I’m disappointedThis game is very fun when it works right. I started off on the easy difficulty and managed to win after one or two tries and then moved on to normal mode in which I have spent the past 3 and a half hours trying to beat and have not been successful. The jump in difficulty from easy to normal can only be described as braindead. There was one round where I managed to get the entire world infected without my disease being noticed (I did this by devolving every symptom when it came). As soon as I started adding symptoms, within 5 minutes the country was halfway to a cure and I couldn’t produce enough dna to make symptoms that would kill off the population, because once you have a bunch of people infected the game decides that you don’t need to earn dna points anymore for whatever reason. I went online looking up ways to beat it just for my own satisfaction of having the level beat but not one of them worked either. I remember playing this game when it came out and having a lot of fun but now there’s just a bad taste in my mouth and I can’t stand the thought of turning it on again because I know it will only frustrate me to no end as I hopelessly try to beat the normal difficulty knowing that I will not succeed..Version: 1.16.8

ScamI bought the zombie pack but it never gave me it.Version: 1.17.3

Ruined by greedDear gamer who is considering this game, (especially if you used to play this back in the days!) FYI: I used to love this game as it had the right balance of challenge and fun, where the challenge naturally becomes greater as you progress through the game. This updated version is almost impossible already from the first level, which is without doubt in my mind an attempt to make you do in-game purchases already from the start. I understand updates that are made to improve a game, and even in-game purchases to speed it up or avoid ad’s, but this is based on pure greed and ruins the game experience rather than improving it. Shame! And it doesn’t encourage me to spend even more money on their new game if this represent the new direction of this company, as I’m sure you will have to spend even more money in-game just for a decent game experience, even after purchasing the game it self in the first place. Thank you for your attention, I will now rage quit and see myself out ;) Have a wonderful day, god bless, amen..Version: 1.16.8

It’s good but...The game is good. It’s addicting, but one thing is wrong. I play normal mode to unlock the new virus, keep in mind I’m on the first virus 🦠. Normal mode is not normal. It is extremely hard mode. It is impossible to get people to die, but infecting the whole world? Oh it’s a piece of cake! When iCure becomes successful the cure process becomes way faster. I HAD THREE STRAINS AND BOTH DRUG RESISTANT AND THE OTHER ONE TOO (I forgot what it was called) EVEN WHEN THE CURE HITS 50% IT STARTS TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS OF THE CURE! all I’m asking is, making normal actually normal, get rid of iCure, and slow down the process of the cure and let people actually get to the second virus. And also make upgrades less expensive. That’s a flaw too. I be trying to upgrade near the death of man kind as we know it, and when the whole freaking world is infected, I don’t get DNA 🧬, which means I can’t upgrade, which means the cure is made, which means I lose, and when I come so close and lose, so many freakin times, I get mad. I want to move on bro, is that too much to ask?.Version: 1.17.4

Please read...I love the game, and I would agree with other reviews in that it is the best of its genre. I have played the game many times but cannot get past the first game type! I am usually really good at these sorts of games, so this one was very strange when no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't let me win. My friends all have this game as I recommended it to them, but they can't win it either. I am begging to think that this game is rigged so that it is impossible to win and you have to buy the next modes. Please get back to me with an answer for this.Version: 1.15.0

Cure way to fastGame is great BUT the cure is too fast before I can kill everyone, and I really don’t want to just pay to experience all the types, make the cure slow on the first level and on the rest normal speed, please it would help alot considering this to new players, I’ve been stuck on the first level many many times and I just can’t get passed it. Please make it slow on the first level then normal speed on all the levels, Sincerely, a fan..Version: 1.17.3

NZ doesn’t have a nuclear reactor and is nuclear freeAccording to the game NZ has a nuclear reactor which exploded. Not very realistic as NZ is nuclear free.Version: 1.17.4

A good game ruined by in-app purchases.Plague Inc is one of my favourite mobile games. It is very well designed and addictive. It’s god a good variety of difficulties so you can choose your play experience. However, for a game that already costs money to play in the first place, the amount of content locked behind paywalls is ridiculous. Most recently they have locked the cure mode (although this was already said to be a free trial). I’m disappointed that such an amazing game is ruined by greedy developers trying to extort more money out of players..Version: 1.19.2

Need more content for the defaultThis game is fun but it tries to make you overpay and how when you buy the game it has only one game mode unlocked and it 1 dollar to buy this game I think but it annoying if you want to full content it 22 dollars like I can buy like something that can benefit me but I'm going on buying extra content well done me. Also, I for my old account password so wasted money 22 bucks..Version: 1.16.7

Very good but could be betterSo like a day ago every time i played as something it was always set to the 1st January 1970 and it the time didnt move forward, not event at max speed. Then on the same day it kicked me out (after being pretty laggy and unstable) and set me back like a minute. Now today that happened again and i couldunt infect anyone. I am worried that the game will soon be unplayable. I have been generous you get 3 stars but fix those and 5 stars. Please see this..Version: 1.18.4

Great game but won’t let me get 100% no matter what I do...I love this game but I’ve tried at least 10 times on normal to get to the next level but no matter what I do it won’t let me win... it’s rigged it’s because this part is free... Playing the easy level is good fun you pretty much always win but the next one pfft now I remember why I deleted this game months ago...Version: 1.18.4

Way too difficult.I’ve been playing games exactly like this for like 10 years and I’ve never seen one as difficult as this... Jesus, even the “easy” mode is impossible. And I use a proven effective method. Maximize infected, then hit with the deadly symptoms. However I had like 3 test games doing different methods, all on “casual” mode, and I lost all three. Game 1- Infected the entire world, waited, racked up DNA points, then I went in for the kill... cure was developed in about 30 seconds and I lost immediately because I totally stopped getting DNA points after I started killing off the population. Game 2- Same as game one, but before I started buying deadly symptoms I sold the transmission upgrades so I had some points to spend. Cure developed at a steady pace, stopped getting DNA points, lost the game. Game 3- I maximized the infected, then I started buying drug resistance. Then I just didn’t even have enough DNA points to kill anybody. Ended up buying not even lethal upgrades, then I lost because the cure was being developed and I got like 2 DNA points every 10 seconds. I couldn’t buy anything. At least make the easy mode easy. Give us a more steady income of DNA points instead of just totally cutting it off at 5% lethality. Deleting the game. I’m not gonna play if an experienced strategy gamer can’t even beat easy mode..Version: 1.14.2

You have to pay extra to play 90% of the game.Good game but unless you are prepared to spend up to £50 to unlock other features then I do not recommend buying the game. The cure mode has recently been added to the list of features that you must pay extra for. This means that the features remaining that come with the app are 4 or 5 of the 15 scenarios and the original game mode (which is really hard to complete as you are barely ever given DNA points when ever country is infected)..Version: 1.19.2

Greedy gameYou can’t even pass level 1 unless you purchase to unlock some features! Game is extremely difficult. Disappointed.Version: 1.14.2

FungusCheap as hell, fungus almost made me stop playing the game completely. Which is a shame cause the game is fun..Version: 1.17.4

Glitch to screw me over?I have been trying to beat bacteria on mega brutal for a while and I finally had it in the bag, cure research was at 75% and there were no healthy people left and only 300,000 more people to kill, It was killing super fast and for no reason (no pop ups ever happened that said they had a breakthrough) the cure jumped to 99% so I did a genetic reshuffle and a symptom that would make it harder to cure (they didn’t have any understanding of this symptom that would make it easier to cure) and that brought it down to somewhere around 88% I think but literally one second after that it just randomly jumped to 100%. Could someone please explain to me how this works? The ONE time I was about to win on mega brutal it pulls this crap on me..Version: 1.19.2

Liked the game - the payment disappointed meI liked the game but the payment disappointed me. For example when I click play scenario “everyone created equal” i read the description and thought “this is gonna be awesome”, they asked me if i wanted to play on bacteria or virus or spores etc... I chose and entered the game. There is nothing. I thought id see pop up signs like “in this world everyone is created equal and support is being sent to 3rd world nations in case of a pandemic” or pop up signs would appear where people protect a poor country. But its worse than original games. I then tried “pirate plague” where less boats and planes are travelling because of pirate piracy. I expected “pirates are looting this area and as a result traveled is reduced” and other pop up signs that really make the game feel unique. But it feels like it was abandoned and I didnt expect that for a game that was so great for 1$. Im criticizing the scenario pack, i dont think ill buy scenario creator after this PS. The random “covid 19 “message that appears during game causes stress ..Version: 1.17.4

Fun the first couple of timesIt’s fun the first few times but gets boring quite soon after. It’s super easy to win on ‘causual’ mode but impossible on ‘normal’ mode. Even when you look up an exact walkthrough on how to win you never win. If you’ve got a spare dollar then totally get it but it’s a game you’ll play for a week and then get bored of and delete it..Version: 1.16.5

Great game but irritatingThis game is awesome, but I only rated it four starts because of the difficulty. There’s a fine line between challenging and downright frustrating, and most of us don’t play games to be annoyed. You can buy cheats, however, which leads me to believe that the difficulty may have been designed that way. For example, once the world begins developing a cure, you have a limited amount of time to wipe everyone out: because they WILL finish it and it WILL work, and it WILL cure EVERYONE every single time. You use DNA points to evolve your organism to spread and infect the world (multiple times I’ve infected the entire global population) only for my disease to be spotted, and the cure begins... but there’s no one left to infect, hence no more DNA, hence you can’t make your disease lethal and they cure it and you fail. Like I said, it’s a very fun game, but in all honesty had I known it would be as annoying as it can be I wouldn’t have paid for it..Version: 1.16.8

Purchased an add on, played it and now I have to repurchase. Don’t waste money on this game!I come back and forth to this game. I’ll spent allot of time on it then I won’t touch in for a few months. I know I’d purchased the vampire pack before, but thinking I must have imagined it as it’s no longer available or me to play. Know I know I wasn’t loosing my marbles as I purchased the zombie virus add on a couple of weeks ago, played it and then put the game down,I’m back to play it and what do you know? It’s gone and I have to purchase it again! This is BS! I’ve literally given my money away for add ons that seem to be timed. I don’t recommend spending any money on this game you will be out of pocket!.Version: 1.17.4

OkThe people who made this game are very money hungry, an ok game though.Version: 1.14.1

How come it charges without my consent?Lucky it’s my PayPal reminded me. This game suddenly charged me while I was idled for a week already. What happened?.Version: 1.19.2

Consistency would be niceThe games fun and it’s a dollar, as one of the top reviews states. The tutorial tells you how to accrue biopoints or whatever they’re called by infecting and deaths the only problem is the game isn’t consistent. I kept devolving my virus so that it wasn’t detected and infected pretty close to the entire population so according to the tutorial I still should have been accruing those biopoints right? Well the points stopped coming but I was banking the points I was getting, up to the point it stopped and made it lethal the tutorial also says deaths accrue bio points too well again not accurate. Spent all my points the death toll SKYROCKETED no points so I have a pretty susceptible bacteria. I was counting on the points I SHOULD have gotten from the death toll but I didn’t get any except from the yellow bubbles which was not even close to enough to evolve ANYTHING and the cure was made in like a month in game time and the game was over. I would suggest making your game according to your tutorial. And it would be great! Until then it’s okay..Version: 1.17.3

Confused I guessI love playing this game. I could spend a lot of hours playing this game. I am a person who likes to try and beat all the levels. Sooo. When playing bacteria on brutal. I’ve notice it’s difficult spreading the infection which is fine except whenever it starts going pretty fast the cure is already between 25 and 50%. So I figured I should try to kill them a little bit faster. But there’s always 1 country left that has healthy people, even if I fully get all the transmissions. It’s still so slow to spread even if you get cold or warm abilities to help it. I always loose. I even looked up ways to beat it and I still can’t. I’m too a point with it where this gam seems rigged and I no longer want to play. I’ve tried about every country to start the plaque in and I always loose. Also whenever I start the plague in the US it always freeze or crash!! I just feel like how long this game has been put it would be a little easier to play without these problems. I could understand making a level more challenging but no matter what I do there’s just no way of beating it!.Version: 1.18.4

Too much content paywalled, but a great game.I love the strategy of this game a ton, it fulfills a niche which many others games are unable to successfully replicate. Unfortunately, the game paywalls many features which vary the gameplay. Even the Cure mode, which although was always planned to be paid, is upfront and centre for every new and old player, constantly shoving into your face a part of the game which you cannot receive without handing over even more of your money..Version: 1.19.2

CrashesThe app keeps crashing after this new update when I open it it just crashes I have no clue what’s wrong tried restarting phone.Version: 1.18.3

Doesn’t save progressI got this game a few days ago and it’s been really fun to play. However, when I got to the 10th June 2019, it hasn’t save any of my progress since then. Even when I press save and exit, when I come back to play again, it starts from the 10th June 2019 every time. This is very annoying, because it means that I’ll never be able to finish the game, as it doesn’t save even when I press ‘save and exit’. Please fix this! If this problem didn’t exist, I would probably give Plague Inc. 5 stars!.Version: 1.16.7

Pay to advance! Avoid.So a great game turned into a cashgrab, I have read many reviews and of course seen 5 star ratings, the issue is most of those are people who don’t play for long. As most, included me realise trying to win on normal is pointless, but you can’t unlock anything on easy to gain access to perks. I thought maybe different techniques but nothing changed. This game is a strategy players disappointment, a concept so great but forces the player to pay for the other modes due to it being so unbalanced. A huge slap in the face of players and people who actual brought into it. After spending money myself, the least I expect of you, is to update the balance do it’s fairly, can actually advance without paying to do so..Version: 1.15.3

Happened in real life can’t recommendTitle speaks for itself.Version: 1.18.8

Fun Game with a MAJOR issueThis game is extremely fun. You get to play at your own pace and experience a fun time. But there are a few things that people may not like. Paying money to play. Having a ton on in app purchases. And the game being ‘hard.’ In reality, yes it’s hard but working at it will make it better. But now for the one issue that pisses me off the most. This game does not do what it says. I accidentally made a purchase to buy all the variants of diseases bacteria, virus, spore, etc. And I did some digging and found out how to restore the purchase. I followed the directions and found the ‘Restore Purchases’ button only to find that it doesn’t work. This game doesn’t allow you to restore a purchase. I didn’t play after I accidentally bought the pass. So I don’t know why it isn’t working. Please update this because that $2.99 could be spent somewhere better..Version: 1.18.4

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