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THIS IS THE SCREENWRITING APP YOU’RE LOOKING FORI’ve had the app for years, but am only starting to use it these past few months, because I regularly used the app on my laptop, but now making the switch form laptop to iPad - I love to potential, thus far does everything I need to do on a script, keeping my fingers crossed that full features from its computer/laptop app will be available on an iPad OS version, I would gladly purchase that, overall I highly suggest this for any professional writer looking for something for their iOS or iPadOS.Version: 5.3.4

Great appIs a great app, not going to lie. A little annoying after buying Mac version have to spend £9.99 on this. I’m not sure whether this is a function as I haven’t been able locate it. Most likely due to the difference in functionality between Mac and iPad/iPhone. However worth the money if you just buy this. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is it would be much easier to be able to open things seamlessly between mobile/Mac. Not sure if this is a function but upon reading FAQ’s with Final Draft only says you must import the file opposed being able to work on a similar basis to Notes on iPhone where you can open on either device and your previous notes are updated. Maybe one for the future?.Version: 5.4

Great for editingAs a fairly new writer, I waited a while to research the best scriptwriting app. A friend recommended FD and I treated myself to the Mac version which is great. As I work a lot on the move decided to go for broke and get the mobile app as well. Although the mobile app has limited functionality compared to the Mac version, it is great for making quick edits and adding scenes. I find it intuitive and easy to use and the help and training support is excellent - easy short videos to get you through most challenges..Version: 5.3.7

Final Draft on iPadI’m very new to screenwriting, and after researching, I wanted to make sure I used the best screenwriting app. Final Draft has enabled me to commence writing, in industry standard format, with an app that is quick to learn, easy to use, and works perfectly. The mobile version is superb value for money, now all I need is a budget version of the Mac OS X final draft app..Version: 5.0.2

Thanks for the appLet’s me write anywhere, any time, love it. Still a few bugs though. Can’t “find and replace all” for example, can be a little tedious changing a name. Still, really thankful to have it!.Version: 3.0.5

Need more constant updatesIt’s been years, the iPad is the perfect machine for writing but there are a) so many features even a basic ones like coloring text that is still missing b) we need the updates to be in sync with iOS’s updates, right now, I NEED trackpad support on the iPad for this and with no communication how long that’s going to be it’s making me look at other solutions that do support it c) The dictionary in Final Draft is horrible, it should use iOS’s native dictionary. Other than that it’s so great to write on the iPAd but I don’t feel you guys take this app that seriously. Speed up!.Version: 5.3.7

Fine on an IPad as long you only need it thereThe problem I find with otherwise pretty decent App is that the minute you need to send your script somewhere it becomes incredibly unintuitive..Version: 3.1.2

Index cards pleaseWith Index cards, this mobile app would be unbeatable..Version: 6.0.6

Love it, though one thing ...Please add automatic spacing when writing CUT TO like the mac book version ... when using a Smart Keyboard with the iPad, its a bit annoying to have to keep touching the screen to add transitions, when every other script action (character etc) automatically adjusts when typing. I get the UI is there for when you are just writing with the IPAD itself, but fixing that would be so nice for Smart Keyboard users. Apart from that, I love it. Allows me to type and work like a crazy monkey when my MacBook is rendering footage. Thank you..Version: 3.0.7

Almost PerfectThis app is great for writing on the go. As far as scriptwriting tools go, it is comparable to the desktop version. It would be nice if you could get reports without having to email them. A night mode is something it really needs, but at the end of the day it is the best scriptwriting software out there, hands down..Version: 5.1.0

FinallyThe long awaited Final Draft Writer iPad app. Apart from it shutting itself down relatively often and randomly the actual functionality of the program seems very good. So far with these closures i haven't seem to have lost any work.I can write my screenplay now when ever and where ever I like. Very liberating and now I have no excuse not to write. Please fix the shutting down thing though..Version: 1.0

At last!I've got Final Draft on my desktop and laptop. I've been testing this new FD Writer on my iPad, along with a special bluetooth iPad keyboard (Logitech Ultrathin). One function I particularly like is the "Copy to Dropbox". This means that I can instantly access the same script on any of my "devices" (I much prefer this to emailing the script back and forth). So far, I've found that it's got all the functionality of my desktop Final Draft, plus some nice tactile features for the iPad (such as the scroll bar on the right-hand-side for instant navigation to anywhere in the script). Whenever inspiration hits, I like to get it being scripted immediately. With this app, it means that I can get everything down no matter where I am. That's very important to me and my productivity as a writer..Version: 1.0

Great app with a few drawbacksGreat to finally see this as an iPad app with the most commonly used features for industry writing standard TV and Film scripts. PDF export to email is a great bonus. Note adding is featured too. A few draw backs. It works seamlessly back and forth between PC, Laptop and iPad. Only a few drawbacks. Auto capitalisation is a snag. It's a bit finicky to cut and past text from one place to another and you can't rename a script once it's created, you have to duplicate the script and copy and paste to a new document. But for ease of use and a go-between platform app, it's really good..Version: 1.1

Lifesaver butMy laptop broke when I had the full software. I got this and It was much better to navigate personally. Some things though from the full version are not included like beat board, the voice that reads your script and for some reason I think fade in might be in the wrong side. At the moment I’m having issues with my MORES and CONTINUEDS but over all it’s still good to use to write your scripts in and is great minus some things not on there from the full version..Version: 5.3.9

Fantastic appMakes screenwriting a pleasure!.Version: 5.3.1

The Perfect Scriptwriting ToolOr at least the best one on the market. I was unwilling to shell out the money for the Mac version and decided to try the iPad version for under $15. Worth every penny. Now writing swiftly in standard script format. Exports to PDF for printing, uses iCloud. Couldn't be happier..Version: 2.2.3

PDF OutputPurchased FD writer recently and coupled with my bluetooth keyboard on my Ipad it is very easy to use. The only negative I can pick is that it does not have the ability to output to a PDF file and then send it to email. This feature would enhance it's use tremendously. IT NEEDS TO BE INCORPORATED..Version: 1.0

*Almost* PerfectI started writing on this app recently instead of using Final Draft on my laptop. It’s *almost* perfect. There are minor things that I think could be added to really better the experience. It’s somewhat glitches whenever you move the curser around and makes it difficult to make any changes to something already written. There also aren’t any shortcuts, for examples, to highlight text and change it to ALL CAPS. One great thing is how seamless the experience is on Laptop, and I’m hoping that same ease can translate to this mobile app. But overall, I’m excited to write my next script entirely on Final Draft Mobile..Version: 5.4.1

Best everThe best ever the wait was worth it but the need to convert from fdx to pdf would make it even better also index cards are a must.Version: 1.1

Great App! :)Very user friendly, easy to use!.Version: 5.4

Can no longer open a script.This seems to come and go. Sometimes, it just won't load a script. The circle spins, and then stops. When it's worked I've loved it -- I know people have their issues but how else am I gonna write a screenplay on my phone?! It's bonkers it even exists..Version: 5.3.8

LOVE IT!This app does exactly what I need it to do. If you are familiar with Final draft on the desktop then using the app is intuitive, straightforward and convenient. I was unsure about whether to buy this app because of the bad reviews about the difficulty of getting ones screenplays to and from the iPad, BUT with the file sharing option in the latest version of iTunes its just a matter of plugging in your device and dragging and dropping to and fro. Simple. I've been using final draft writer for a week now and I have no complaints so far... Great app!.Version: 1.0

Nearly PerfectThis app is honestly fantastic. It blows me away how connected this is with my Final Draft on my computer. I’ve been very loyal with Final Draft for nearly 10 years. Your team even tweeted out my first movie option. It’s been a journey and I’m so happy to have this tool. I recently have fallen in love with dark mode on the desktop. It’s so much better on the eyes. When FD mobile received dark mode something was wrong. The black levels are way too low and the white levels are way too high. This strains the eyes very quickly. Easing up the black level to the desktop version would make this experience perfect. That little contrast fix goes a long way. Thank you for helping get Final Draft to more people! Looking forward to the next update!.Version: 5.3.8

It’s almost a perfect App!I’ve been a loyal FD user for almost 10 years now. I love this application to death. Ever since different iterations of the mobile apps came out, I’ve been tracking all the developments it’s had. I DO think, writing on the iPad Pro, even on iPhones, have become very easy with the latest app. Like someone already commented, it’s got almost all the essential elements from the desktop version. So, I have no major complaints, but lots of praises for the developers behind the scenes. However, if I may, I’d like to see a couple things added: 1. Page setup can be a bit more comprehensive, would be nice to have Line spacing option included in there, since the desktop version has it, and the mobile app already syncs to it once it’s altered in the desktop. 2. I already write mostly on my iPad, but I won’t send out any script using it, because it’s got no protection features like the desktop. Watermark, PDF password protection, etc would be very nice. 3. This is request for both the IOS app and desktop version. I absolutely LOVE that FD finally allows multiple languages input, including a language I work in a lot, which is Chinese. However, it’d be even better if FD allows one to “set” the language of the script they’re working on, so that the smart features like adding “more’s, and con’td” would be correctly inputted according to the language they set. Thank you so much for everything! Best.Version: 5.0.2

Not quite the final draft...Hard to navigate easily, Apple Pencil integration is flimsy but it’s what I’ve used for years. It kinda works; sometimes General notes work other times you spend and hour creating notes and it doesn’t save at all and that’s lost forever, there’s no prompt for saving notes or an alert to acknowledge my note was saved, the title of the note NEVER SAVES, so I don’t use them....sigh...is it worth the headache? Now, I’ve found some external fixes using drop box and iCloud but, when I draw I just draw on paper or in the tablet no problems, it ask or tells me my item is saved, why can’t writing be as simple and reliable? I need notification that my note is saved and I need a visible aid to show a note exist for a section. And finally, just a non-formatted page to free form write on and save how I’d like would be perfect, I don’t format my writings until the lol Final Draft. I do appreciate the work by the devs....Version: 5.4

Move the Undo button overThis app is pretty great. A little buggy when using a Bluetooth keyboard and scrolling up but that’s just a visual thing. However, I have a big issue with the Undo button placement. It’s not a finger’s width away from the arrow button that takes you to the Recent Items home screen. I lost an entire page of work when I accidentally clicked on Undo and then the arrow. It’s remarkably easy to do, especially when you have uncoordinated hands made for mashing down on a keyboard. I am using an iPad Pro in landscape mode..Version: 6.0.5

Final Draft Writer App better than PC version!!!This app is better than the original version because everything is right there in front of you. Better menu options at the tip of your fingers without having to use drop down menus. Very easy to use. Great for on the move work. I can't fault it!.Version: 1.0

So convenient!The storylines I am sent to work from are all in Final Draft format so now I’m able to read on my iPad rather than sit in front of my PC. Haven’t used the mobile version for any actual writing yet but the app seems nicely made and very intuitive..Version: 5.0.2

FantasticReally intuitive and elegant interface. So useful for those who use Final Draft desktop version. The Dropbox set up and integration is simple, quick and works..Version: 1.0

MarvellousAs a professional writer, with long experience in TV, Final Draft has obviously been part of my life for years. But I have to admit that in many ways I actually prefer working on this mobile FD app than the desk top version. On an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard, it feels more intimate than the MacBook experience ever can. I wouldn’t be without this tool for the world..Version: 6.0

Works great, just like the desk top version.I have tried both versions and find that this version is just as good as the desk top version..Version: 5.3.3

Okay, but no beat boardsSeems to work fine but when I’m on the move I generally come up with story beats and for some reason, the beat board feature hasn’t been mobilised... shame..Version: 5.1.0

On the GO PerformanceAfter buying the Mac version and being able to work on projects while in the process of a commute is great way to be productive and great way to get that idea out..Version: 3.0.7

Good for mobile working but lacking compared to full appYes, it does work well for on the go working, but with a few reservations. 1. Why is there no redo button to go with the undo button? I typed a good few scenes of script and stood to get a coffee with my thumb accidentally on the undo button. After it had undone all my work I searched in vain for the redo button. It now saves when you close the script automatically so I didn’t dare close it and lose my undo history. A Google search confirmed there is no redo. I lost a morning’s work. It needs to be included. I will close the script now when going for coffee, but that is me working around the app’s shortcomings rather than it working for me. 2. I use index cards in the full version a lot to get down scenes and notes and use them to shuffle the order and add things to and from different parts. The lack of them in the iOS version is frustrating for me. I have to keep alternating between my Macbook and my iPad. I was hoping this would replace my Macbook. Not quite there yet. For the price it is a most welcome writing aid, with a few more features I would give it 5 stars..Version: 2.3.0

Better than I expectedPlease add auto save. It seems like you need to manually exit your draft for it to save rather than simply closing the app. Closing the app without first baking out of your draft does not save your changes but it seems to have a background auto file list that you have to do some digging to find. Otherwise I’m pleasantly surprised.Version: 5.3.6

Just the perfect app for me!I like to write screenplays, and this app is everything I need. It’s a godsend!.Version: 5.1.0

HopefulI am using the app and I am glad to have it on my iPad and I am hopeful that the issues will be cleared up in the future. For instance Opening a FDX file is not alway successful . The formatting is lost. Other times though it does it perfectly. Page numbering is not automatic, though formatting your footer with page number is fine. There is no help with spelling that I know of. The interface for saving is fingers crossed. There is no save as. Inserting a word or editing in general is clunky and frustrating. The magnifying scene navigation takes precedent when trying to insert and the cursor jumps around. All that being said, it’s good to have it, and I look forward to the improvements in the near future. I must add that today I had a great 3 hour session on a script and I took a break to eat lunch. When I got back to it all that work was GONE. Geez. Update Things are better. Usable, stable. Glad to have it! What is the deal?.Version: 3.0.2

It really does help with productivity.I truly believe this app is worth what you pay for. Not only is it far cheaper than the desktop app (which I have) this one is far easier to use and helps with productivity greatly. My only complaints are; it needs to be easier to click on specific lines when trying to edit grammar or other spelling errors in you’re writing. Second, the two final draft apps should be compatible, although they use different programming, and supposable formatting, it would be nice for it to make edits on both apps at the same time. Other than that, it saves time, money, and might even be easier to use with the added features it has. Great app with an easy five star review!.Version: 5.4.2

A true Final Draft on the go.I admit I have been waiting for this app since it was announced back in 2010. I was a little concerned with the few early negative reviews but decided to jump in anyway. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised after launching the app. It really does streamline your work. The innovative typing header makes light work of choosing scene headers, dialogue etc. the smart type is well in place remembering all characters and locations. As you may know Final Draft employs the industry standard script format so editing can be forgotten leaving you to focus on story. And typing on the iPad keyboard has rarely been so enjoyable. To address some of the negative comments, yes there is a slight 'judder' when scrolling through the pages but this is of little concern. The app may seem expensive but I see it as good value for money. The desktop version will usually set you back around £150. This is a mobile version after all but is value for what it delivers. I have not used the email option to import my scripts from the desktop version but instead opted for Dropbox which made the task very simple. I would recommend this app to all budding screen and stage writers and remind all to get it quickly before it raises in price..Version: 1.0

This app is amazing but could be better!This app works seamlessly with Final Draft 11. I love how I can work directly off my saved fdx files within iCloud so that I can pick it up from where I left off on the desktop. Right now it seems like this is a mobile minimalist app to accompany the full software. I would love to see more of the features on here or just even a full version of Final Draft but for iOS. So, those of us who own or buy the full version could have a special key that allows us to have the iOS “full” version. You could have a minimalist low cost version and then a full fledged version for people who own the the actual software..Version: 5.0.2

Maybe Change Overall FormatSo, I’m a writer, and I’ve recently gotten into screenwriting, and although I’m getting the hang of it, I would love to be able to read samples from other authors on the app, maybe even linking to websites with famous movie manuscripts, but that would just be something to add. I’m actually surprised with how happy I was getting this app. The format when writing is the best I’ve seen, contrasting with cheaper options. However, I do believe that the layout of the app, overall, could be changed. It really feels like an older app that needs an update and it’s kind of “boxy” instead of flowing, if that makes any sense. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t hard to navigate, but it’s a little annoying, seeing as it was $10. For example, when you open the app “Bear”, it seems open and gives you more of a welcoming vibe that you really don’t get from this app. Besides that, I’m completely happy with it, and it is worth the money..Version: 3.0.4

Very good solution for iPad usersEarly reviews had me concerned but I have mostly enjoyed my use of the recent version of Final Draft Writer. Many of the problems discussed most likely come from the awkwardness of the transition of the iPad from a tablet to more of a notebook style computer. I would not want to exclusively use Final Draft on an iOS devise as it can be cumbersome even on an iPad Pro, but it works well for me as a secondary option. Over time, as users forsake pricier/outdated Airbooks and MacBooks, this product will need to improve to incorporate some of the excellent features of the desktop version, such as a scene view, notes, etc. Then, of course, it will most likely cost more as well..Version: 3.0.1

IPad Pro and Splitscreen Multitasking!I got my iPad Pro on Thursday, and I opened FD Writer to see how it would work. Imagine my disappointment when the keyboard that popped up was wrong and the whole UI looked like a blown up iPad Air 2. Well, this update fixes that. It is fully iPad Pro compatible. This means it runs natively at full resolution, can split screen multitask and works just as well as it used to. I cannot express how impressed I am. Even Netflix hasn't got a native iPad Pro app out, and yet FD comes through within a few days with a great update. My only concern is that in split view multitasking, you can't move the content left and right, so you get a full margin on the left, and hidden text on the right (where the scroll tab is). I'd suggest removing that scroll bar, but these guys are on top of it in a way many massive companies aren't. Very impressed, and I only hold hope for future updates to be as timely and effective as this one. Oh, and FD is the standard for screenwriting and this app is fantastic for that purpose..Version: 2.1

Outstanding & SmartThere’s a persistent myth that poor=uneducated; that’s far from true. Many single moms (like me) are highly educated. Add special needs kids (autism, anxiety disorders), and conventional work becomes impossible—therefore, so does paying for full-fledged programs. When an app like this is as rich & fully-featured, wow. It’s like a gift. It allows me to “pay it forward,” scripting pro-quality (free) vids for kids, and one I intend to recommend to teachers. FD Mobile: you’ve created an example of excellence in coding guaranteed to spark creativity in budding filmmakers everywhere..Version: 5.2.1

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible...Final Draft lost 3 important projects I had been working on for months. They’re telling me that when you receive the error message “Not compatible with...” this means your script is corrupt and is unrecoverable, all because I went between iPhone while I was on the bus, and iPad and PC while at home. I thought this was what the software was designed to do. I guess not. This is heartbreaking beyond repair. Months of hard work down the drain. Looking to replace this app, effective immediately, and will transfer the rest of my files elsewhere..Version: 3.0.1

Quick fix for large filesIPhones and iPad wind up with mb instead of kB files. I put back on desktop using iTunes. Use cable go to file sharing open fed mobile Drag to documents and fd11. Now open but give lots of time if huge. Change one word then “save”. Close it. Go to documents and click properties and it’s converted back to a smaller kB file. Drag back to fr mobile. Change name before doing..Version: 5.3.7

Returning to Final DraftI haven't used Final Draft in ages so when it showed up in the App Store I had to check it out. I am using it on the original iPad having no problems (using Drop Box). It would be great if Final Draft used iCloud with the desktop version much like Pages. But no problems to report. I did have some crashes but after an iPad restore all seems to work perfectly. I do find a much better experience with the keyboard dock though, with the iPad's portrait mode it makes a great screenwriting experience! I have tried other screenwriting apps on the iPad but this one is the best I have used so far. I am sure it would also look great on a retina display. But if it works great on my two year old iPad I am sure its very good on new iPad! Keep up the good work FD!.Version: 1.0

Best Screenplay APPWhy I didn’t give this app 5 star is because it crashes when you have a large script. I noticed when my script got up past 11 pages it would wig out! Sometimes it just locks up. At 200MB it starts to lock and waits for it to catch up or something. Certainly not as good as the computer app. Never the less I like using it because it is convenient. I’ve moved away from the laptop to an iPad Pro and wish it didn’t have hang ups otherwise it would be an amazing app. I still like the brand and will stick with it..Version: 6.0.5

PricelessI’ve written first draft 3 times using my phone on the go.... if only it had full compliment of fd tools!.Version: 5.4

FIX THE SOFTWARE or CLOSE YOUR DOORS!UPDATE: my support person has apparently gone AWOL like many others have, apparently. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and started retyping my script. Once again, }{ the random character continueds continue. This software won’t get your script anywhere near a serious production company in its current form. It time for a new Industry Standard since this company doesn’t seem to care since the money keeps coming in from novices who don’t know what they’re in for. I repeat, fix your software or close your doors. This is downright unprofessional..Version: 5.0.2

Fantastic service.Had a small issue with the app. Emailed support and expected to get a run around and little help. It’s a ten dollar app and the full desktop program is 200 bucks. I figured wrongly. Eddie is not only patient and helpful but offered to let me attach the script file for him to fix for me. I got it on my own. But I didn’t have to. And that matters so much. I Will eventually get the desktop full version for long weekend revisions of future projects, but this IOS version works really well for 10 dollars and I’m learning a lot! Give Eddie a bonus please!.Version: 6.0.3

Good... but could be betterJUNE 2021 UPDATE - great support this time helping me figure it out - so for anyone with issues exporting to pdf either during or shutting off revision mode - I had the iPad on night mode and when I turned that off, for whatever reason, the pdf exported just fine. On FD Mobile, exporting to PDF while in revision mode causes text to be missing throughout the document. FEB 2021 Revision - support recommends I “don’t use revision mode” - why have it then!? Easy fix I finally figured out by myself is that turning off revision mode fixes the export to PDF issue but that is just a little unfortunate..Version: 6.0.1

Sync problemsWon’t let me sync my file on MacBook to iPhone. Also when I try and pay the $11 for full version it won’t let me..Version: 5.0.0

Amazing!!!I never thought I'd say this but Final Draft Writer was definitely worth the wait. The integration with dropbox makes it so much easier to go outside or to the beach or wherever on a nice day and continue the script that you were working on on Final Draft at home. I just hope to see a graphic novel template soon :).Version: 1.0

[Updated] Constantly Freezes3/6/21: A developer reached out to help troubleshoot. I reinstalled the app and tried writing a fresh document and nothing creamy happened. It only crashed once over the course of a day. I think the issue may be that I can’t work on things I’ve started on the FD full version on my iMac as those files may be too complex. A bit of a bummer but I’m just glad to be able to work on mobile! I had hoped to be able to seamlessly shift between writing on my desktop and my ipad but this app is an endless disappointment. It constantly freezes, which makes using it impossible. I would love to get a refund..Version: 5.4.1

FB mobileIt’s pretty good - occasionally the title page gets buggy and when I export by PDF by email I may have 2 to 10 title pages in the received email. Apart from that it sync perfectly by iCloud to my laptop, iPad and iPhone so I can make notate ideas, edit script or having a writing session any where. Would be good in FB mobile to attach a note in script and then see that attached point in the script and go straight to it without going to tools I use FB mobile every day many times 😎.Version: 5.3.0

AwesomeIntuitive, easy, and worth the buy. Would recommend to anyone wanting to write on the go. Great substitute when a desktop computer is not around..Version: 5.3.9

Really good, but one prob..I’m a gachatuber and have need a script app for my iPad. I used to use my macbook but my sister is taking it to college with her after her winter break is over, so I got this app cause it had the best and most review and looked easy to use. I had copied what I wrote in highland 2 on my macbook and pasted it in my notes then, since my notes are iCloud synced, it would automatically be on my iPad notes. But, when I tried to paste it into FD it wouldn’t paste, then I figured maybe it was too much to paste at once, I do have 12 pages worth of writing so it would be very surprising, I tried a little bit less, then even less, then a single line. It still doesn’t paste its really annoying and I don’t wanna rewrite all 12 pages of the script, I will if I have to though. TL;DR - I can’t paste my 12 page script and I don’t wanna retype it all - I will if I have to tho..Version: 5.4

Review final draft mobile needs fixingTo company, I very much enjoy writing on final draft mobile. I see more improvement on laptop or desktop. The mobile as bugs that are in need major improvements. Some are: the same way auto save from laptop the writing progress also in mobile, email option, a drawing illustration would be terrific as I am multitasking and want to learn how to animate my story, needs fixing on crashes and freeZes when it’s more 19 pages. I’m waiting for new final draft 13. Thank you..Version: 6.0.4

I guess I’m a fanboy of FD 🤷🏽‍♂️I started dabbing into writing in 2010, that’s when I first got FD8. It was very impressive as I had nothing else to compare it to. I’ve used Celtx in film school and it seem that their platform changed for the worst for me. FD in general’s flexibility has been amazing! The feature on desktop version to speak to write would be an amazing feature on the app. Since this review is about the app, lol let me say that I’ve successfully outlined full projects and even started drafts on it. I have experienced some bugs but I have since just learned to go ahead and send myself a copy of the file as soon as I’m done. There have been times where it was buggy and didn’t open. Since I know it has certain issues I just save pdf’s and send them in case. Overall I can’t really complain. I’m taking writing as a profession and it’s my tool for my projects. Period..Version: 5.4

Update issueI've used this app for years and am grateful because it's so much easier to write in a comfortable chair with my iPad than with my laptop. I just updated and am curious about a few things however. First, the general notes option has disappeared from the tools menu. Second, I put script notes in specific places and yet they don't stay where I put them. They migrate to different pages often scenes away from where they belong. Third, cutting scenes to paste in a different file can't be done all at once but rather only a few lines at a time. This is definitely more cumbersome than on my laptop. Perhaps the development team can fix these glitches?.Version: 6.0.6

Good for Script Review and small revisionsI use it for reviewing and revising a little bit, but it’s just too slow to write on a phone app. It’s more than good enough if it’s your only option though, and if so I’d obviously recommend it..Version: 3.1.2

What an amazing add onHaving FD on the iPad mini 4 just allows me to focus so much more..Version: 5.0.1

Recommend this mobile appThis is an intuitive app to use my iPad. It has less frills than the desktop Final Draft version, but this bare bones version fulfills my writing needs when I’m on the go..Version: 6.0.5

It’s great, could be betterI love the app. Of all the screen writing apps, I personally love this one. What I don’t like about it is the continued feature it’s lacking. For example, if I want to continue a scene onto a second page, you can’t put continued at the bottom or top, you have to manually put it there, which is really inconvenient. Also, I would like to control the line spacing because when you have to manually put in continueds and can’t make the spacing between lines tighter, it takes up more pages and it uses a lot of paper when you want to print it. For example, if you can’t control the spacing and make it tighter, instead of it being 68 pages, it would be 88 pages, which is really inconvenient..Version: 5.3.7

So easy to use and efficientSaves so much time, intuitive for the basic script writing I need on my iPad. Great for the price. No complaints..Version: 5.3.7

Optimised for my iPhone 6s Plus!One of my favourite iPhone apps! Love it! Now we just need iCloud sync between iOS and Mac versions….Version: 2.1

Final Draft AppLove it..can pick up right where left off on all my other Apple devices..Version: 6.0.5

So frustrating!!!!The Auto save feature is driving me crazy. Every time I stop for a second to asses what I’ve written, it freezes and I presume is auto saving? How can I reduce the frequency of this feature it’s ruining the user experience..Version: 5.3.1

Can you please support VietnameseVietnamese uses Latin alphabet and easy to support, but every time I write Vietnamese, it appears in square.Version: 5.0.0

I love itThis app has unchained me from my desk. I can go anywhere and continue writing where I left off at home. It syncs with iCloud realty quickly so my changes are always up to date. My only request would be that I could add scriptnotes to specific scenes..Version: 5.3.6

Great drunken purchaseHad been using Celtx which regularly closed on me for no apparent reason. After a night on the lash I woke up to find I had bought this in my inebriated state. Best purchase in a long time, no faults whatsoever..Version: 5.4

MrRecently, the FD Writer app on my iPad has been acting up. Every time I open it, it shows up for a few seconds before crashing. I recently updated to iOS 8.4, but I don't think that's the problem. It's also not a storage issue because my iPad has plenty of extra space. Normally I would delete the app and download it again but I'm afraid I would lose all of my work. Up until today, FD Writer has been working wonderfully. (My only other criticism is that the app slows down when I write in stage play format.).Version: 2.0.1

Excellent support to Final DraftVery useful tool for being able to work on a script on the go. I still use FD9 for full script writing but this app is great for editing and includes all the features needed to get the work done..Version: 1.5

Love itBest writing app I absolutely love it.Version: 5.2.1

Simply Amazing!!Final Draft Mobile and I had some problems back then. But with the new updates and their focus and determination of making this the best screenwriting app there is for Mobile and PC. This is truly the best screenwriting application for both platforms that has ever came out. Thank you Final Draft and their team for listening and caring for us screenwriters..Version: 5.3.4

Decent app, but there’s one very strange bugI really like this app (the ease of being able to write on the go on my IPad has been a game changer that no longer requires me to take a laptop and tablet with me wherever I go. That alone is worth the price of admission, IMO) However, there are some truly weird glitches that occur for me sometimes with it. The most annoying one being that every time I try to highlight more than half a page of text to copy/paste, the program glitches out and won’t let me do it. On occasion it’s glitched so bad that I had to reboot the whole app (and lost a bit of work as a result). This can make the workflow very cumbersome, if you’re switching back and forth between drafts. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any chance this problem can get fixed in the near future? Truly, it’s the only thing wrong with the app… but it’s a pretty unfortunate flaw!.Version: 6.0.5

Bring over the Beat BoardThe one key feature this app is lacking, besides the handy navigator window as it appears on the desktop version, is the new and improved Beat Board. In fact- if you can add different card types for the beat board for characters, locations, and scenes — kind of how Save the Cat has the index cards for their board. Drop down windows for section headers and q/a for character profiles. Setups and payoff cards too. Your app is the best and will only get better if these options find their way over. There’s no reason to not include it when other apps try but fail at creating something similar. C’mon guys. You got this..Version: 6.0.1

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