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Paychex Flex App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Paychex Flex app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Paychex Flex? Can you share your negative thoughts about paychex flex?

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Paychex Flex for Negative User Reviews

Recent update broke running payroll.I generally run payroll and get the reports to our owner who then approves payroll and I will then finish the process of submitting it to Paychex. Many times, I get a text on the weekend or in the evening letting me know I can submit payroll. It used to be, I could log into the app and just submit payroll in the last step. Now, I log in and the app behaves as though I am accessing it through a mobile browser. I get notified that not all features are available in the "mobile browser" and for full functionality, I should download the app. I am in the app. Until this feature is once again fixed, the app is worthless for my purposes. I'd give it 5 stars otherwise. Will update my review and stars when it's fixed..Version: 5.1

Seriously broken UIThe last thing you want a broken UI for is the app that you rely on to get paid. As a person who WORKS in tech, I had to sign up multiple times before my selections actually took. My security questions are a garbled mess, because the app reverts back to the default questions after you put in an answer. Don’t have a spouse? Too bad. Their name is now the street you grew up on. I’m horrified by how broken this app is, and my only hope is that it’s automated enough that my organization will pay me on time and that I can trust their entries..Version: 7.33

Terrible AppMy company is making us employees use this terrible app for some reason, we had the original clock in/out system on the wall that worked perfectly fine. I tried logging into this app and it would just stay on the loading screen even with full bars signal and full bars on Wi-Fi. It won’t login me in so I can clock in. I’ve turned my phone off and back on multiple times and the same thing keeps happening, stuck on the loading screen. This has been an ongoing problem for the past 3 consecutive days so my manager recommended that I delete the app off my phone and re download. So I deleted it and now when I try to download it again. It’s stuck on the loading screen and won’t even download back onto my phone. I tried everything, Wi-Fi ,no Wi-Fi, turned phone off and back on, still stuck on the loading screen. Now I’m at the point where I can’t clock in for work or see my paystub or my schedule. Terrible app in my opinion. They need to fix it immediately. 0 out of 5 stars, but I can’t put 0 as a rating..Version: 7.38

I’m a new employee for ValvolineI’m very unsatisfied because I went through this trouble to try to log into my account and now all of a sudden I’m getting a load error and I can’t even get into the account I just started. I was looking to see if there was a way I can contact you guys easy for Support but I can’t seem to do that so I’ll just leave this review. I’ll change my STARZ when you make the app better you should have it directly through the app not connected to some external website..Version: 7.18

Great, when it worksThis app is unbelievably glitchy. It works maybe 60% of the time; the rest of the time, it won’t load past the login screen (either with Face ID or with a manually-input password) or it loads but then is stuck on a half-loaded dashboard. When it does work, the Time and Attendance feature for employees is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, though, as are the other employee features. The UI for admin is not a lot of use; functionality is significantly limited and most functions can only be performed from a PC..Version: 7.40

Was GREAT until I called customer serviceWas happy that our company changed over to Paychex Flex until I needed to call customer service! I have never talked to someone so rude in my life, plus she did not even try to help me with my problem! Went straight to blaming my company for the issue I was having! Ultimately it was PAYCHEX FLEXS problem! Thanks for making this harder then it should have been! I gave two stars because you guys have potential but customer service can ruin a company just as fast as the money can!.Version: 7.9

Lack of UI/ Widget makes its competitors shineBetween their competition QB who has a widget, smoother sign in and simple clock in, Paychex is rather clunky, with it always defaulting to the page of my former company, whom I am not actively employed with, it takes more time to clock in than is really necessary in my opinion, and managing time cards and issues is not intuitive, can’t even leave a note on a time slip for management, instead we are instructed to contact our managers. Which seems to defeat the purpose of an app to manage all this in the first place.Version: 7.31

Always a PTO errorWhile most of its functions are nice, on the employee end, when you check your PTO accrual history, it’s almost like it forgets math. For example, I’ll have 8 hours taken each day while I’m on vacation. Everything is all fine and dandy for the first few days. Then all of a sudden I’ll go from have 60 hours to -2 hours. The deduction will math is all wrong down to the minute. Even when I go to the balances, it’s completely wrong! It’ll say I used way less hours than I accrued, but still show a negative balance. Luckily when I’ve spoken to management, this error doesn’t show on their end and if they re-save, it goes back to normal on my end. But then a few days pass, and it’s magically in the negative again on my end. This is something Paychex needs to fix. I shouldn’t have to keep contacting my boss in a panic on whether or not I’ll get my PTO while on vacation..Version: 7.33

Needs workButtons missing, important ones like clock in, on the laptop, it doubles the hours when you have work entered then enter On-site pay. Since they removed the Classic version, the app has not worked. I contacted their help desk, their only response was for me to contact out HR. I complied and now she’s having issues getting through. I can’t clock in or use the app for the phone, I can see what hours I worked 2 weeks ago till Tuesday and can’t enter any more hours in. Lap top version is overly complicated and you spend several screen punches and 30 mins. Just to enter time for one day work times. The developers need to speak to those who actually have to use this app. We will be dropping this service since the Paychex rep told us “ it’s just the way it is now” unprofessional and ridged. Sad state of affairs. Don’t bother calling, using the help button on the app or emailing this company. They won’t return any correspondence..Version: 7.14

Never loads promptlyI have constant issues getting the app to actually open when I need it to. Tried with wifi, without, turned phone off and back on completely, deleted and redownloaded the app. Never loads promptly and it’s an inconvenience to myself and my boss who is always fixing my clockings. I have deleted the app to redownload in hopes that this would help. I now cannot download the app, it gets stuck about 3/4’s of the way when downloading and now I cannot clock out from the first part of my shift and click back in for the second part this evening. Upon reading reviews several people are having the same issue. This is something that needs to be fixed, I have had this issue pretty much the entire year and a half I have worked for the company I currently work for..Version: 7.39

Doesn't load most the time and no notif systemFirst off, this app has a terrible load up rate. 6/10 times opening trying to clock in/out/meal, the app refuses to load. This app has has caused such an issue, my manager has made a sheet for people to write missed time punches so he can fix the time clock. The second lesser issue; This is honestly the first and only clock in app I've experienced that has no sort of notification system, which is really weird and kind of off putting, as the notifications from previous apps were very useful and accommodating for my ADHD and irregular schedules (also how do so many people not know how to make cohesive stable schedules?)..Version: 7.39

Unbelievably badThe app is absolutely useless at times. If there is no cell service or Wi-Fi, the app won’t open to register your time. Not everyone goes to work in a building with internet! How hard would it be to have the app open and record your time, then when you reach an area with cell coverage it could register your time. The app developer should be fired for such a horrible oversight. Shame on Paychex for using such a horrible system. I would recommend going back to paper timesheets over this. Better yet try some other payroll company..Version: 7.35

Typical SLOW OVERBURDENED forced app.I don’t have a choice to use a different app thanks to my employer (who I love working for). But this app is forced and you can see the captured audience failures throughout the app. First, it’s just too big and tries to do to much. Typical IT (and HR) thing of shove it all in there! 15 pounds of potatoes in a 9 pound bag. . Fix the speed problem. Waiting to clock-in/out for minutes at a time creates errors, missed punches, etc. . HIGHLY recommend having time tracking be it’s own app still and that’s all it does. Do NOT REMOVE The other app. . Reduce the content. Not everything needs to be on an app. Something should just be left to computer viewing, not a mobile device. . Better organization of items. Grouping things better. Simpler formatting. Streamline and light weight info. . Downloadable information. To be printed and viewed on larger screens or printed..Version: 7.27

Lax business practicesThey didn’t pay me for a month and put my money into someone else’s account. Because of this i didn’t have the security deposit and i lost the apartment i was signing for on pay day. I will never work with another company that uses this software. It took almost a week for them to correct this issue and they had no consideration for me and my needs during that time. I work hard for my money and all i expect my payroll company to do is pay me on time. I didn’t know that was too much to ask.Version: 7.28

WorthlessAs a manager this is completely useless. If an employee lets you know they missed a punch there is no way to add their punch or adjust time punches using the mobile app. The webpage is worthless also and you cannot adjust the employees time on there either because it takes you to the same worthless manager dashboard. Cannot switch to the desktop version either. The only function this is good for is punching in and out and requesting time off as a manager if completely useless for the functions that are needed..Version: 7.22

No one will help!My flex spending account has money in it but every transaction has been declined! I have talked to three different people in three days and all three have either said a supervisor will call me back, they will fix the situation or they will put a supervisor on the phone and none of the above has happened. What good does having money in my account do when I can’t get my prescriptions! I’m running out of my medications. I even switched pharmacies since they said the original pharmacy was out of Network! I will keep posting negative reviews daily until my problem is fixed!.Version: 6.1

Pay stubs not showingRecently the app has been updated but now this time my pay stubs are not showing at all. All my screen shows me is my birthday and my anniversary date with the company I work with. Before the update I never had any issues. I always got to see my pay stubs now I have no issue what happened. Can someone please fix this? I even contacted my company to see if it was something on their side and it showed I was submitted and nothing changed..Version: 6.6

YikesWhen this app works, it is absolutely wonderful. sadly, that rarely ever happens. it takes at least 10 mins for the app to open to the main screen so that i can clock in for work. then clocking in takes another 2 minutes. and god forbid i ever want to look at who’s scheduled with me.. that takes forever to load as well. ive tried deleting and redownloading and it is ALSO taking absolutely forever to do just that! not to mention the constant maintenance being done on the app. it’ll also tell me that my paycheck is ready to view so i try ti go view it, and it’s nowhere to be found. this app constantly has issues and i hate that i have to use it for work..Version: 7.38

Honestly annoying customer support is really badIt literally won’t let me create an account and there is no customer service or anything listed you have to GOOGLE IT and the number i called didn’t even have a person and didn’t help me at all. how am i supposed to get paid????? at least have ACTUAL customer support, not a robot giving you a list of more links to go to. and it’s really annoying how if anything happens on my phone if i slide down my notifications or check something for a second it kicks me out and clears all my information and i have to restart the app and enter it all over again. it’s been like well over 10 times..Version: 7.38

Wish it wasn’t a make work enterpriseTake something that wasn’t broke and fix it,, now it is a bit totally personnel intensive, hold your hand for every little thing, can’t use a mobile platform, ( we need access to your home computer, and we know you are not at home when we are in our office, so you rarely can bother us) big brother like intrusive enterprise to put more behinds in chairs doing little productive work so someone can sit in a bigger chair doing even less work managing little chairs..Version: 7.24

Not much good to sayThe developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves. This app is the slowest app I have ever used. I don’t know what they are doing to make this so terrible slow, but it is terrible. I try to clock in and it legit takes 45 seconds from the time I open the app until I can actually an able to clock in. I also get the feeling that the company has no interest in actually securing the payroll data. There is absolutely nothing that I like with this app, or this company. If you are looking for a payroll company, I recommend you keep looking..Version: 7.39

Impossible when signing upI had no idea about this app until my company sent me a text saying I need it, but when I tried signing up, the drop box for choosing security questions is unresponsive and no matter how many times I press it won’t let me choose a question that’s actually relevant to me. Half of the questions are about spouses. Every time I try to pick a question above or below one about spouses it forces the question about the spouse to be chosen instead of the actual question I want! What do you have against single people huh? I refuse to sign up I don’t even know if it’s required for work, but if it is I’d rather get fired than conform to this system..Version: 7.34

Was good but now they’ve removed login with Face IDI’ve used the app at my job for almost 2 years now and haven’t had many issues. Since I’ve started you’ve been able to use Face ID. Until now, which makes no sense to me and is a complete step backwards. It also logs me out everytime I leave the app now which it didn’t used to. Which makes having no Face ID that much more frustrating. Going through the reviews it also looks like it’s botted with a ton of 5 star reviews. Tons of reviews just 5 stars with the review making no sense..Version: 7.37

Works 20% of the timeI’m so baffled on how this app has 4.8 stars. I’ve had the misfortune of having to use this app for the last two years and it continues to disappoint. The issue with this app is that it rarely opens or logs you in the first time. Meaning almost every day you have to close and open until it works. In a 5 day work week 1-2 days the app will without issue. Also, this is not a Wi-Fi or service issue as I’ve attempted with and without Wi-Fi and in different locations. In short the app usually functions fine IF you can login which you can consistently not do..Version: 7.32

Bad time keepingThis is an inaccurate time keeping website for any company and the developers need to reinvent how it tracks time. If an employee is not watching their time on here then you are getting ripped off from your paycheck and the company you are working for is gaining money while you work for free. If you clock in 7 minutes past the hour then this website charges you 15 minutes past the hour. It does not keep an accurate time of your clock in and clock out time. Time worked is time paid and this website DOES NOT log it correctly. If I could give this app zero stars to reflect the company website I would do it. The developers of this website should be reported to the United States Department of Labor along with the Fair Labor Standards Act. DO NOT GET THIS Website OR USE THE PAYCHEX app..Version: 5.6

Can’t log offAll these apps have super security login screens that mainly function to keep people out of their own accounts. What’s not very secure however is staying connected when you can’t log out of the app. I spent at least 10 minutes looking for the log off button before physically having to turn off my phone to log off. Every app developer needs to realize the most important functionality is logging off. The log off button needs to be available from every screen and menu and NEVER hidden. This app would be good if it had a log off button. It does NOT as far as I can tell..Version: 6.6

App stinks/many features not workingWhen I first started using this app a year ago I loved it, I found it easy to navigate and had zero issues. Unfortunately, with every update or tweak it seems to get worse. Currently I can no longer view messages within the app or send them. I know I currently have a new message but it does not let me click to see it. I also can no longer navigate to previous weeks to see my hours unless I know the right date frame for that week and type it in. I miss the old version of the app it was much more user friendly and was not constantly filled with issues..Version: 6.17

GlitchyWhen I went to set up my account, they asked me to select four security questions. I tried to select the questions that were relevant to me, but neither the website nor the app would let me select different questions. It was literally stuck/glitched on certain questions; and no matter how many times I tried to select a different option, it wouldn’t change to the option I was tapping on. So I had to literally write down every security question and write in a random password answer to it in order to actually be able to use this site. I can’t rely on my memory to easily answer these questions now because these questions have no relevance whatsoever..Version: 7.33

SLOW even on the FASTEST phone in the worldThis is a cool app with lots of features. But it is SLOW. I’m not sure what kind of data processing it uses, but every time our employees launch the app it seems to load all widgets from scratch. It is faster for our employees to just pull up the website, which renders this app useless. Querying the database to see which ‘widgets’ to load shouldn’t take that long- each user’s phone should have all widgets preloaded THEN check with the database. Seriously, feels clunky. The lag is so noticeable that it’s hard to tell when you’ve punched or not and we frequently get double punch errors because users have no way of knowing that their punch is ‘processing.’.Version: 6.15

App is slowWe have geofencing set up where I work so that you can clock in from the app. The problem is that as of late, the app just won’t load for whatever reason. It is something everyone in the company has said. And it is experienced with multiple cell carriers and phone manufacturers. It forces you to go find a computer to clock in. Very inconvenient when you utilize a company because they have a very specific feature that you need but it then doesn’t work..Version: 7.38

Worst App- would rate 0 stars 👎If it wasn’t required by my employer, I would never use this app. You seriously can’t do a single thing on here. I can’t even pick what security question to answer because it just doesn’t pick what you click on, it stays on the same question that I can’t answer. Majority of the security questions is about being married so if you’re single you can’t answer some questions so if it doesn’t change questions good luck. I can’t even report a problem because I can’t even see the text bar so I am typing blindly. This app is the worst thing in the world and if it gets removed forever I would genuinely be happy..Version: 7.20

Worst app for this services, 2 minutes to loadI’ve been using this app since my company moved to it back in October 22’, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been late or had to rush to use desktop because it never loads. Cellular or wifi, it always does it. I update it and open it right away, sometimes it takes 2 whole minutes for the clock in icons to appear. It is easy to use when it decides to work but besides that, it’s not a reliable app at all. Their desktop version is good, I can’t say nothing bad about it..Version: 7.36

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