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Paychex Flex App User Positive Comments 2023

Paychex Flex app received 24 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about paychex flex?

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Paychex Flex for Positive User Reviews

Love It!I downloaded this app because of my job and let me tell you, this is the most convenient app ever! I work from home and this app makes getting my paystubs done easy! I don’t have to go through HR or anything, the PDF copies of my paystubs are available in the app. Absolutely love it!.Version: 7.13

Like Nike, Just Do It! Get it you won’t Regret it.Best work app when it comes to checking your Hours and it’s good to know how much you’ve made and Compare it with every other Check I get so I can see if Hard work actually pays off or not.. PayChex is the app actually it’s a Must Have for Those who are Employed and compensated legitimately. so if your reading this to see if you should get it, Get it now. Don’t waste anymore time with wondering if you should, you should. I Did and I Did it on my other Phones As well..Version: 7.29

Super fast and easyI love it due to the fact that I don’t have to call all the time to get pdf copy of my paystub it’s very convenient only thing is that I wish you could get assignments on there and possibly a little more detail of how much your getting paid on the paystub it does say but I have to do the math to figure out how much I got paid hourly.Version: 7.29

PaychexThis app makes it so easy to look at your pay stubs, check how many hours of sick time you have, see how much you got paid on pay day, and more! I work for NAPA AUTO PARTS out of Rhode Island, and had to use this app to keep track of my pay stubs and all my work history and what not. I love this app and I’m sure you would too! Download it now!.Version: 6.8

Retail clerk, cashier & stocker.User friendly APP but I think the option that displays the day & time & the hours we had accumulated of the pay period/check in PDF format should be available for employees to see without request from the administrator. Employees need to see if any discrepancies or variances need be addressed from missed clock punches or oversights. This is personal record & having this option allows for review as a bank statement, credit card statement or receipt would for any financial transactions or exchanges where money is involved. This is a business industry standard to see what is being charged, debited or in this case, credited by payroll as a paper-trail of any edits to show good accountability and proper bookkeeping practices that can be in question if a employee has to refer to at later date. This needs not to be just a option or preference but rather a accessible personal record that provides ‘archived information’ not ‘by-request information.’ Thank you for providing the option for review of this APP Sincerely, -David J Baker-.Version: 6.2

Easy To UseMy last job and my current job both utilize this app for payroll purposes. It is the only app I have ever used in my professional life and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I particularly enjoy the ability to still access my actual pay stub via the PDF option!.Version: 7.13

Great checking stud siteThey have the most function and easy to use and understand app one could find. Whenever payday arrives I usually check her first to get a breakdown of all earned grossed income and where every dollar has been facilitated. Including previous years history for the current company. It’s the best.Version: 6.15

Update made this app uselessI used to love this app but... You guys updated your app, it prompted me to get the new one, so I tried, but my phone isn’t compatible with it. The apple store app says I can operate the older version of the paychex app, but when I try to open the older version of Paychex, it just prompts me to upgrade to the new version. So basically I’m in a cycle that I can’t get out of, due to your app “updates”. This is very inconvenient and you have made this app useless. I can’t see my paystubs or tax information. 😑.Version: 7.6

Simple and a Great ValueI can submit payroll in 5 minutes. I have the Paychex app which makes it even more convenient. The great value part is that there is easy to use technology, but when I have a question or need additional help, I have a representative (Jerlisa) who is a phone call away and always has the answers..Version: 7.9

Absolutely FantasticThis is hands down one of the most well designed apps I’ve used. My employer uses Paychex for their payroll management and this app takes Paychex ESS to the next level. Check your retirement plan details and change contribution amount, view your pay rate, hours, pay stubs, view and change your direct deposit account, and a bunch of other whatchamajigs. And what really makes it awesome is just how clean and intuitive the app itself is. I don’t write a lot of reviews but I’m genuinely impressed with the quality of this app and the Paychex platform, so they deserve my humble opinion and they’re gonna get it..Version: 7.0

ReviewGreat.Version: 7.5

Very helpful appI’ve had bad experiences trying to access and modify information through other services regarding payroll, documents, and more. This app has given me the best experience out of all of them. The user interface is fluent, the security features are well implemented, and it’s very easy to use. I highly recommend this app to all employees and all companies..Version: 7.0

Parts departmentI personally have had nothing but good experiences with Paychex from day one, I appreciate being able to check my account and see, what I have, , I would like to see my time as I go, like I used to be able to do with the time clock, although I could never see my history on the time clock and I really appreciate that, Thank You.Version: 7.28

Fix it nowApp has updated my maternal status now I’m single divorce because my wife thinks I have another family at my moneys going elsewhere my kids are mad at me because I can’t show them prove that I can’t afford to go take them out to eat at red lobster Texas roadhouse golden corral they’re mad at me because I could only afford Taco Bell please get this fixed see if I can reinstate my maternal status and my family thank you. 😂.Version: 7.15.1

Works Perfectly fine if your a dedicated WorkerThis app works well. Staff may try to say it doesn’t work but if they log in and out it works great. Human erra is more reasonable then saying the app doesn’t work. So Please tell your Staff to log in and log out it will work fine if your not trying to scam..Version: 7.28

Awesome for employers & employeesThis app offers employers the ability to allow employees 24/7 access to their payroll information. Employees can update their personal information, view their check stubs, and if integrated with Time and Attendance...view & approve their time cards and process time off. One stop shop for employees. One central location for all payroll related items for employers. The fact everything is web based means no more coming into work on your day off to do things you can now do from anywhere. The app does look just a little different on different platforms, but overall works just the same..Version: 6.4

Great appI have no issues with the app! I have to track my hours for my career in order to be licensed. It is so nice to be able to have all my paystubs in one location and not have to deal with paper stubs that can get lost or damaged. All employers should use this app as a means of saving money on paper and postage! 5/5 would recommend!.Version: 7.17

Terrific system and companyI really like the Flex app. It works great, and compliments the web site well. I always submit payroll from the app as I’m on the go. I can send my reports to owner for approval using messaging quickly. I wish Paychex would activate all of my web site functionality into the app, like new employee onboarding, but I’m sure that’s coming..Version: 5.8

So Easy and Convenient!!I am thankful for this app. It makes it so easy to access information, such as paystubs, W2’s from previous years, 401K information including loan balances. Basically, anything I need to know about my payroll information and current or past pay periods to a certain date is right at my fingertips. Thank you for creating an app that is actually user friendly & makes sense. 😌.Version: 6.5

CustomerWent from a competitors payroll service to Paychex. Only been a short time but there is many more options and things I can process on this app than previous payroll service. Was able to update employee direct deposit info right from app. Pretty easy to navigate so far..Version: 7.10

AmazingI couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve needed paycheck stubs and had it become a headache....not to mention, I never wanted to switch to direct deposit (bc I like being able to see exactly how each check is broken down) and as result I had check stubs all over my car and in my house yet could never find the most recent 4 or whatever it was that I needed. (Enter headache) This app has made this small but sometimes important part of life so easy. Not only is it so easy to navigate, it’s easier than I ever would have imagined to view, email, print, etc PDF’s of any or all stubs dating back to the beginning of your employment. It also makes it super easy to see your direct deposit info 1-2 days before “pay day.” I wouldn’t delete this app for anything..Version: 5.6

Incredibly convenientI LOVE that all of my paystubs are stored online, I never have to keep a paper copy, I don’t have to scan and store them, I can refer and compare if needed. This is awesome! The app is easy to use and navigate. I’ve not one thing to complain about so far and I’ve had this for at least 5-6 months. This is an incredible benefit for employees!!.Version: 6.1

Love this app!!I love Paychex Flex and especially the app! I've never seen an app for work that was this easy and user friendly. I work remotely and I use this app alot if I'm not at my desk and it is a dream. I have had to run payroll before while sitting in my car and trying to beat the clock to have it submitted in time for my staff to be paid on time. It was amazing!! I am able to easily submit every single piece of information for payroll and submit it with no issues. I frequently run reports and email to people or load on Dropbox. It's amazing!! Thank you for making my job easier!.Version: 6.12.1

Connection issuesAlways an issue trying to log in with timeout or ‘try again in a few minutes’ which is really inconvenient when you’re trying to get clocked in and working. Other than that it’s simple.Version: 7.12

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