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Lyft App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Lyft app received 118 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lyft? Can you share your negative thoughts about lyft?

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Lyft for Negative User Reviews

DO NOTTTT get Lyft pinkComplete waste of money. I’ve been riding with Lyft for over 3 years now. Obviously if you already have dealt with Lyft, you know it’s absolutely terrible. I figured since I used Lyft so much, getting Lyft pink would be better since I use it for longer distances. Absolutely not. In fact, it just got worse after getting Lyft pink and I wish I was exaggerating. The service/app just got more and more disappointing. I was being left stranded way more often. My wait times got incredibly longer for rides. It has been too many times that Lyft will double the told wait time then cancel the order which is extremely inconvenient considering i use Lyft to get to and from work. And it’s crazy because on the map, there will be at least 8 cars minimum all surrounding me. But what really confuses me is how after waiting an hour plus sometimes and getting my order cancelled, I’ll replace my order and all of a sudden there’s a car headed my way in less than 5 minutes sometimes. Oh and god forbid youre a woman like me and get a driver at night that picks you up, cancels your ride and tries to take you to THEIR destination. Lyft will not care when you contact them and no you will not get your money back for the ride that never made it to your destination. Lyft takes advantage of the fact that people need convenient transportation and will let you suffer bc of the fact..Version: 7.14.3

Ripped offYour Lyft driver didn’t pick us up although we saw him he just drove off and charged our credit card We will not be getting anymore lifts until we are refunded the amount.Version: 7.40.3

Unexpected Driver ChangesThe Lyft service should be for convenience, speed and safety especially during times of COVID-19 health crises but instead it makes you late, unsafe and annoyed constantly. The drivers don’t drive with urgency to get you where you’re going on time, the app constantly changes your drivers making you even more late n when they do arrive they cough and sneeze without a care in the world. You’re better off taking an UBER or just taking the bus. I don’t recommend you use this app.Version: 6.32.3

Rip offHad it for a month, decent until I had to cancel a ride due to wait time, and they charged me for full trip.. deleted the app. At least Uber waves cancelation fees if the wait is too long, pretty awful.Version: 5.66.3

Why too expensive from LGA to Paramus at 9:20pm?$81 is too expensive and I will have sleepless night tonight. While going to LGA at 6pm it is $52 and now no traffic still charged $81 - I will find another transit from now onwards as there is no reason for charging more.Version: 6.21.3

Never trust a company …That makes it even moderately difficult to delete an account, let alone one that makes it extremely difficult and can’t even manage to get its process to work … deliberate much?.Version: 7.80.3

First driver refused tripThe first driver Ronald refused to take me once I was in car as the trip was to O Hare airport. He accepted the ride and after I had to wait 20 mins for him to arrive, he said he wouldn’t take me so I had to get back out of the car. I then had to request another driver who was excellent and thankfully got me to the airport on time for my international flight. If I had missed the flight, there was not another until the following day! Very disappointing. Why did Ronald accept the ride and then refuse to take me?.Version: 6.20.3

DISORGANIZED AND OVERPRICED!I’ve always raves about Lyft’s customer service and the way they keep a pretty good rep (esp in comparison with Uber’s services) but their customer service has hit an all time low. Lately the Lyfts have been SUPER expensive. It takes me $17 to get to work and lately they’ve been charging $23-40+ for the same ride ?!! There’s been times recently where I order a Lyft and don’t receive one until 30 mins later. I could also have a driver 4 mins away and then receive a notification saying that the “driver canceled” when truly I believe they switched the driver to someone paying a bigger fare. After all, canceling but so many rides effects a driver’s commission and stand with the company. Then they’ll send me someone even further after the previous ride has been canceled! And don’t think about canceling the ride. One time I didn’t get a Lyft for about an hour then they finally assigned a driver that was 12 mins away!! I immediately canceled. Then they CHARGED ME $5 for cancelling!! Claiming that because the driver was already on their way and the $5 will be used as their “gas money”. So pathetic. Lyft has been SO MONEY HUNGRY lately it’s ridiculous. I’m no longer pleased with this service. I’m just using it until I finally get my car. Not pleased with this company anymore at all..Version: 6.80.3

Use Uber, the Lyft developers lack brainsMany of the reviews here are focused on bad experiences with specific drivers. What Lyft won’t tell you is how awful their app actually is. At the time of writing, the Lyft app is riddled with numerous breaking bugs that come up in the worst situations. The code-monkeys tasked with designing this awful application are clearly not being fed enough bananas. You won’t notice it if you follow the exact “happy path” this app was clearly designed for, but once you stray and mis-click a button, it is game over. Having taken hundreds of Uber trips, and dozens of Lyft rides, the quality difference is staggering. As much as Lyft likes to preach their culture, maybe they should focus on building a quality product first..Version: 5.73.3

Worst oneLoads so slow, can’t even change location to aus 🤦🏽‍♀️ deleted after 5mins couldn’t figure it out and so inconvenient.Version: 6.75.3

Useless.Good prices but drivers always cancel and you are left with wasting your time and not getting the ride you need. Would not recommend to anyone as there are not enough drivers and those that are there do not follow through with their drives assigned..Version: 7.78.3

Very unreliable drivers and PlatformDrivers will often not be able to find you. Map will often be inaccurate. It’s an ok service if you don’t have to be anywhere..Version: 5.73.3

Never the time statedI’ve been using Lyft, and Uber more recently as my new place is further away than I used to be, and boy have I been disappointment with the service! They say that you’ll get somewhere in 20minutes, but then they find a drive and add another 15 minutes to it. I then had it that that driver cancelled and another 10 minutes was added. So now It’s going to take just under an hour to go a distance that should take 20 minutes because your systems are awfully organised!!.Version: 5.50.3

Can’t downloadI have the latest iPhone software, have tried deleting the app and reinstalling several times, has restarted my phone and tried on both a strong WiFi connection and 4G and it STILL wont work. I keep getting stuck at the terms and conditions page where it says, ‘Unable to load the Terms of Service. Please ensure that you have a stable connection and try again.’ Please fix!.Version: 6.14.3

Order process more confusingI’ve been using Lyft for about 2 years now and it’s a fantastic service. The latest update has done wonders for the graphic identity of the brand and it looks especially good on my iPhone X, they’ve done a good job of integrating the notch into the design that makes the whole app feel purposeful and user friendly. One thing they changed, however, and have made much worse in my opinion. They changed the order sequence from ~dropoff lovation>pickup location>size select and confirmation~ to ~dropoff location>size select>pickup location and confirmation~ this has made the buying order process much more confusing even for an experienced Lyft rider. The final order screen should always have the approximate dropoff time and the expected cost on it, in my opinion. With the latest update the final order screen simply asks you where you’d like to be picked up and honestly this makes no sense to me. The last purple button before you’re charged doesn’t even say “order Lyft” it just says “confirm pickup” which has led me to accidentally order a Lyft when all I wanted to do was check approximate times and charges for a Lyft I would be taking later in the day. I think if this aspect were changed it would round out the app perfectly and make it deserving of 5 stars..Version: 5.38.3

Good for taxi, bad for rentingAs a taxi service lyft has been pretty good in my experience. On time, cheap, and safe. Unfortunately, my issues came when renting a vehicle for a long drive out to Yosemite from SF. My first booking was thwarted when I had to return to my hotel to pick up my passport because lyft failed to inform me that if I’m not from the US, I had to provide two items of ID. Luckily, we were able to change our booking to the day after since we wanted as much time on the road as possible. On the next day, however, after waiting for Hertz to give us a car (despite lyft informing me we were renting through Sixt, at which point I had to argue with the receptionist) the end total for the car and deposit were both 2x more than what the app said it would be. If I had known this to be the case, I would have used an alternative service like Turo or Zipcar. If you’re thinking of renting a car I would do it through one of them rather than Lyft - it would have been cheaper and allowed me to pick a specific car and pickup location..Version: 15.12.3

Can’t use Apple Pay, unusable and harvesting my data!Booking a lyft for the first time, the app refused to accept Apple Pay (AFTER I verified the apple confirmation), and asked me to enter credit card info, which Lyft DOES NOT need (Apple Pay should be enough!). I entered my cc info because I had already come this far, then Lyft asked to scan my card, which it was completely unable to do because the number is faded. In the end, the app was unusable and won’t let me delete my “unusable” credit card info..Version: 6.95.3

Great service but long waitNot enough drivers most of the time have to cancel and get charged for it. If the wait is past 8 minutes, you should not get charged to cancel. The point of the app is for convenience, half the time I could hail a cab quicker..Version: 5.34.3

Worst support, extra chargedAvoid the use of this app. They have no support, charge for no reason, drivers have loopholes to fool around and charge extra.Version: 4.52.3

Drivers can get away with anythingI had a scheduled pickup that I had literally booked the day before and I got a driver that was about 15 minutes away and of course I’m fine with it because my scheduled pickup time was about 10 mins from then. So I wait a little bit and then I check the status of my ride and my driver ends up 20 minutes away and so I’m a bit confused how she got further from the location so I text her “Excuse me, where are you going?” No response. Now, my scheduled pickup time is behind and now I’m late for my activity. So, then she finally gets back on route and so I make sure to keep watching her progress over to my location and so she’s finally like 3 minutes away and all of a sudden, she cancels the ride. This is absolutely unacceptable. In total, I waited around for 30 minutes for what was supposed to be a 15 minute ride. And in the end, still never got picked up. Drivers should not be able to WILLINGLY take on rides and arrive near the location and have the option to cancel like that. Especially if it was scheduled the DAY BEFORE. There is also no way to report the drivers who cancel unfairly on the app. No support on incidents such as this whatsoever. Which leaves the driver off the hook and untouched. The drivers name was Briale and she was driving a Tesla. I hope the support team can find her and reprimand her for wasting my time and unfairly canceling when she was literally 3 minutes away from picking me up..Version: 7.43.3

Driver left without meThe driver just started the app and left without me. I was charged and in the end I could not even get a ride with this despicable service. The next driver kept driving around the pickup point for 30 minutes until I cancelled it and used another service..Version: 5.97.31

DriversThere drivers in Canada are really picky on who they pick I’ve even got some people accepting my ride to see where I’m going then just cancel I hate how they don’t get penalized for any of that..Version: 5.64.3

They are selfish, don’t care about their customers or their driversI’ve been using Lyft over Uber and many other rideshare apps for a couple years now, but after today I’m done. I’ve been using the them to get to and from work which is only 2 miles from my home, a few problems I’ve started running into recently is that they say my wait window is up to 15 minutes and on my last 2 rides I’ve had to wait 30 or more minutes (way above their estimations) and today I’m walking after waiting 30 minutes for them to give me a driver 18 minutes away, so I would’ve ended up waiting almost an hour for a ride 2 miles. Now before you say “that could be the only driver close” understand that it shows you were Lyft drivers are nearby on the map and I wish I could post a screenshot because there were plenty near me. I tried contacting customer support twice to reimburse me the money that they “hold” and I still have yet to see the money. As far as the drivers go, my driver the other day asked around how much I spend on rides and I told them “to get to and from work it’s anywhere from $7-$10 a trip, once the trip was over they showed me what you guys paid him and it’s honestly just sad! They only got $2.60 of that $10, I honestly don’t even know how that’s legal. You keep 70% of the money for some of the worst software and terrible customer service reps. I truly can’t stand your company anymore..Version: 6.75.3

Horrible appA million times worse than Uber. The app freezes. It changes the drivers on you unexpectedly. It makes you wait a very long time for a driver. I would not recommend this app to anyone. It’s trash. Everything about it is trash..Version: 6.32.3

Dislike this for two reasons1. Lyft is not available in the UK and I think it ought to say “U.S. only” or similar in the app blurb so that I don’t install this unnecessarily. 2. Once you have given your details to the app you can’t delete the account (i.e. when you realise you can’t use it as it’s U.S. only), only deactivate according to heir website. Except I cannot find how to do that per their seemingly outdated instructions 🙄.Version: 4.49.3

NOT AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIAI also went through the whole startup process just to find out that I actually can’t use it. I wonder why the app can’t notify you when you enter your address? Disappointed :(.Version: 5.73.3

Ride splitCannot split the fare. Don’t use this app unless you want to pay for everything..Version: 5.64.3

Not in NZIt doesn't work here in NZ as of Feb 2017 so why is it on our app store?.Version: 4.15.3

FraudI normally use Uber. I trust Uber more than Lyft. One of my sister is using Lyft since 1 year and she’s fine. Yesterday I had a dentist and took off wisdom teeth after a while I downloaded the Lyft app and I made account then I booked a ride for $7.58 from dentist to my work it was a very important to get to my work before afternoon. I had to submit some important information to HR. I booked the ride and they gave me an stupid driver who was totally over than retirement age even though he’s supposed to drive deaf man. After standing for 15-20 minutes the app shows he’s arrived and they were asking to look for gray ford 2011 David name old man. Tell me one thing how could I get to him when there was a parking lot and there was already all parked cars no one came there with Lyft tag on their front. I called the driver 4-6 times 3 times he picked up and just said HELLO and he hanged up. He did the same for 3 times after that he dropped my calls n didn’t replied my msg I send him that I’m in front of densit hospital where are you. Then he just maked 5 minutes and he left me there without replying without responding to my calls. In few seconds I booked another ride they charged me the fee without ride without getting me to my destination. It was a 100 times hate and regret for me why even I made the Lyft I hate it . Now I’m sending this review and their system isn’t allowing me they’re asking for nickname I tried 7 nickname they’re rejecting.. why? Bcz they’re scammers.Version: 6.1.3

LYFT Damage ScamI was on my anniversary vacation with my fiancé when LYFT got me. We were in Miami and thought it would cheaper if we ubered or took Lyft everywhere. So at 530 pm we wanted to get dinner. Lyft driver shows up we get in and quiet ride all the way to our “destination “ . He drops off two blocks away from where we wanted to go. So I didn’t think much of it had dinner and enjoyed dinner. Attempt to pay for dinner and my car declines. Called my bank and asked what was going on the said you have $150 damage fee from Lyft. I said can’t be I didn’t do anything nor did my fiancé. Over the next week everybody at Lyft I spook to said I damaged the car I had to pay. I looked at the submitted pictures and was confused. One they’re at night he dropped us off in broad daylight and had a whole conversation about the wrong location of the drop off. Then according to the pictures from the backseat I threw in the front seat, outside of the window on the passenger side, under were my fiancé was sitting and everywhere else. Also once again at night. Lyft customer service is nonexistent so they basically said if I don’t have pictures/video of me enter and exiting the car I’m hit. Lyft is a joke and all I asked of them is ask the driver for TIME STAMPS to support his proof because that alone would prove my innocence. In conclusion if you don’t have to use this service don’t and if you do record every minute. Hopefully you would be robbed like I was..Version: 7.5.3

Terrible Safety Issues & Customer Service ResponsesMy friend and I had 2 very concerning situations happen to us in the space of a week while using Lyft overseas; both times we received dismal responses from the customer service team. We were travelling in a Lyft where the entire side back window exploded on us whilst driving down the highway—we received a $5 credit as compensation and that was it. The next incident involved us reporting a suspicious car that we travelled in, where the smell of blood was very strong, lots and lots of air fresheners had been strewn across the inside of the car and we could hear the sound of something rolling around in the boot (trunk) of the car. I reported this as my friend and I were both frightened and wanted to make sure there was not a malevolent situation afoot. I received no response or any attempt of a follow up after being told to send screenshots of the driver and the trip route; this incident occurred over a week ago. These incidents are not the fault of the Lyft service itself, but the customer service team’s responses (or lack thereof) have cemented my opinion of Lyft’s quality and safety policies and procedures. I will not being using this service again..Version: 5.86.3

Waste of timeI spent 10 minutes entering all my details including credit card only to find out it is not available in my country. When it starts you should be told this before wasting you time setting up an account. Uber is available in Brisbane Australia. Lyft is just a time thief..Version: 5.38.3

Denying rides/ too many temporary holds at onceI recently have been experiencing so many people denying my rides. It’s infuriating that happens so frequently, the driver might be dropping someone down the block and THEN canceles my ride. I do not know why they take the ride just to cancel it at the last very time when I have waited almost 13 minutes and then the waiting starts again to experience it all over again. I lose time and I get the sensation to be lied. On other negative review. Temporary holds are getting out of hand. Today, I was charged a temporary hold of $20 broken down in two times. I did not have enough founds to go back home tonight and Lyft did not let me book a ride. Their temporary holds was the cause of me having less than the rate a normal ride is. I should be able to still gamble with that money taken from The temporary hold since “ they say , they’re not taking it but putting back in a week” but still is money I cannot use to book a ride of their own app. UBER saved my night, I do not how but the app said I could take a ride “ on them “ for being a loyal customer, I really really felt appreciated. I had to pay later but I cannot believe how Lyft has been so disloyal, unpleasant, and just nasty greedy and not once has truly rewarded me in any way. I will try to avoid as much as I possibly can to never be using Lyft services or to put my trust or depend on them..Version: 7.41.3

Bad ExperienceMy first time ever using this service, I was forced to pay $5 to a driver that screwed me over. The driver was on his way to pick me up and he got lost prior to reaching my location. He called me and told me that he couldn’t get to me from the road he was on. I told him that he went the wrong way and he would have to go back out the way he came and back towards me on a different road. He reiterated that there was no way for him to reach me (I don’t know if he wasn’t listening to me or just didn’t want to go back out and drive around, as it would take too much time). He asked if I could go to him (which would’ve been about a 2 mile walk through a wooded area), which I told him that I wouldn’t be able to. He continued to refuse to listen to my telling him that he would have to drive out and come back in on the different road. So, ultimately he refused to come pick me up. I don’t blame the driver as he was an older man, and I’m sure he would’ve lost money by having to go the long way around to get me. I told the man that we’d try and find someone else, as he’d already wasted a lot of our time (again I’m not necessarily blaming him). After cancelling the ride, I found out that I still paid him $5, which Lyft Support assured me was appropriate, despite the fact they didn’t have any suggestion as to what I should’ve done, as the driver refused to pick me up. Needless to say I don’t use Lyft anymore..Version: 6.38.3

Charge too muchYou guys charged me lot rather than Uber also you guys instead of showing at the front deduct additional when I pay wrongly..Version: 5.63.3

Unable to apply any promocodeThe app doesn’t allow to apply any promocode on signup.Version: 5.64.3

Payment IssuesReader’s Digest Version: I had to travel to from Leominster, MA to the bus station in Boston so I could get to friends in Maine. I went to the Lyft app and attempted to secure a ride, and it said I had a $3.00 and some change left as a balance. I’m had no idea why I still had a balance, but attempted to pay it anyway. Then I got an error message saying “unable to make payment and settle debts.” Now I’m panicking because I think I’m going to miss my bus. I enter in a new card and try to get a ride, and got another messages telling me that the payment couldn’t me processed. Then I try my wife’s Pay Pal card, and it didn’t work either! I attempted to call Lyft, and all that was available was a recording with some basic information that I already knew. At this point, I was ready to make plans to fly back home because I would miss my bus and have to stay another night in a hotel. I tried one more time to use my wife’s pay pal card, and this time it worked; God only knows why. If someone from Lyft could contact me and explain where the extra charge came from, and why my payment wouldn’t go through, and why the other cards had issues, I would greatly appreciate it. As for the driver, there were issue at all. He got to me in five minutes, drove safely, and was very kind..Version: 6.96.3

Unsafe routing and inaccurate wait times, condescending website.I took a Lyft after a 2 week hiatus and now remember why I stopped using them. First off, their touting algorithm has no concept of two way streets and often sends a driver to arrive on the wrong side of the street or drop off on the wrong side of the street. You have 2 options in this case - cross the street unsafely or walk to the nearest crosswalk and then back to your destination. Would dropping someone off a block away be acceptable if it is safe and legal to be closer? Of course not, but this is what wrong side arrivals and drop offs force. Next, conveniently every wait time is less than 5 minutes since this is the cutoff for cancelling without penalty. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Finally, they allow a great deal of driver feedback (negative always) and you are notified when you receive it. However, you are never told what the specific gripe is. Maybe I’m going something that I don’t realize is irritating and unless you tell me what that is, I’m just going to keep doing it. You are directed to their feedback page which basically amounts to “don’t be a jerk.” Vague guidelines which I (think) I follow. Since these complaints can apparently get you banned or slow your pickup times, it would seem to be fair to let people know what the issue is so they can correct it. Calling it “feedback”’is laughable..Version: 7.10.3

Can’t see driver arrival route mapThis is a good app. But it’s so frustrating not to be able to see the route the driver is taking to you - so you can be sure you are waiting in the best place. Or to say if there are roadworks etc. Uber is much better for this..Version: 7.47.3

😡🤬.Version: 5.63.3

Some problems need to be fixedIt says my New Zealand phone number is invalid I think because it starts with a 0 and it won't accept the country code + version either. And won't let me change my profile picture..Version: 2.1.3

Carrier not supportedWe found out about the lyft app whilst in Orlando neither me or my family could get the app to work, we have spoken to many brits over here and found they can’t get the app to work either. We all had the same message that phone line and carrier wasn’t supported Can’t give a review over than this one.Version: 15.21.3

STOP USING LYFT ALL TOGETHERI have never experienced anything like this.I was almost about to be late to my job and I can’t be late so, I decided to call a lyft, everything went well I see my driver coming close so I wait outside, but he just kept going straight instead of turning, so I seen that he kept going straight and I called him, and he declined it. I thought he probably got turned around and had the wrong address so I called again, declined again, then I said to myself okay if he doesn’t turn around right here somethings up, he kept going, so I couldn’t cancel or else I would be charged and they didn’t reroute me until he was 8 minutes away from me, they rerouted me and the next driver was 20 minutes away finishing up a current ride, something has to be done because there wasn’t anywhere that I could go to on the lyft app to report that my driver wasn’t going the right way so I could get a new driver, which made me extremely late, I have the drivers number but not his profile picture :( The service is bad I try to report something but there isn’t a place for the report that I’m trying to do, my bank statement came in and it showed this I know charges with the same number as the lyfts item number thing and it won’t let me delete my card and then you have to email which take forever to respond, you don’t even get to talk to an actual person🤦🏾‍♀️NEVER USING LYFT AGAIN.Version: 6.21.3

Extra costs added after journey!Used this app a couple of times in Florida, but never again! The quoted prices looked slightly better than Uber, but after I’d agreed and finished the journey, an extra supplementary cost was added to the total(on 2 separate occasions), making it more expensive than Uber. I view that as an illegal practice, you agree a price, both parties stick to that, end of! Poor experience..Version: 5.22.3

Neat riding sharing experienceHad a great time using Lyft for the first time on a work trip to the states. The prices were often cheaper than Uber and every driver we met was amazing. I even got free credits towards rides upon signing up. As far as the rating goes, there are 2 reasons I’m giving it 3 stars instead of 5. One is because only recently (months after I used Lyft) I discovered that every time I cancelled a ride I was charged $1. I was not aware of a cancellation fee as it was not communicated upon signing up or confirmed before I cancelled a ride - which is very poor disclosure. And the second reason is more than once, after accepting a ride and already being in the car the app kicked us out of that ride because it found a closer one.. which doesn’t make sense seeing as we were already IN the ride we accepted so the individual driving us was forced to let us go because they wouldn’t be recognized for the ride. Other than than the overall experience was great..Version: 5.12.3

DamagesI only used Lyft once and had a pretty awful experience. I took a ride on my own and everything was fine. The next day I was charged $50 for damages I did not cause and it was not possible to speak to someone over the phone, and the person I was in contact with over email was of no help. They sent photos of the damages but I did not cause them, and the conclusion of their “investigation” was that I did. I have deleted Lyft and will not be using it again..Version: 5.69.31

Will never use lyft againI was using lyft since 2 years and it was fine, but after updating lyft app, it automatically overcharged whenever I finish my ride. That’s totally unfair and never use lyft again👎.Version: 5.64.3

Impossible to redeem $15 welcome giftI used Lyft for first time. While using Google Maps to find a public transport to my destination, Lyft offered me a $15 welcome gift to credit towards my first ride. So clicked in the link and it couldn’t open the landing page. So I have to manually download the app from Apple store. When I confirmed my first ride, there was no place to redeem the code GMAPSCA that the offered not did Lyft subtracted that amount from my check. So I was very disappointed with Lyft. Bad customer service and horrible first impression. Better keep using Uber.Version: 6.9.3

Horrible system design - not reliable!!Booked a Lyft in advance, it made me pay on the spot, everything worked well. Then, a minute before the plan ride, Lyft notifies me that “there was something wrong with my payement” and cancels, leaving me completely stranded!!! Why the hell would a system that people need to rely on be designed that way!!?!.Version: 7.19.3

Can’t register in the appFor some reason it won’t accept my mobile to start the registration process. Did you guys test the Australian market?.Version: 4.51.3

Wrong pickup and too many drivers still on rideI’ve add such bad experience lately with Lyft, the app can’t seem to be able to locate me and even when it does, it sends me elsewhere for pickup without giving me a choice. I use the app when traveling so I mostly don’t know where I am, I don’t need to app to make me move also. Another thing and it’s more about the drivers, had to cancel 4 times today in a row because the drives keep accepting while still on another call, ended up wasting almost 30 minutes for drivers that either didn’t arrived or were way too slow..Version: 5.63.3

Bad business practicesLyft is a sketchy company and they lack transparent pricing, using opaque tactics to get you to pay more. As far as I’m concerned, it’s easy enough for me to delete this app and never use it again because I’ve now had a couple cases where the quoted price has been significantly lower than the final price. I don’t want to have my credit card on file for a company with these kinds of unethical business practices..Version: 5.63.3

Customer service is a jokeMy ride broke down on the freeway on the way to the airport to catch an international flight, which as you can imagine, was very stressful, dangerous, and difficult to link up with a second driver to take us the rest of the way. The drivers were amazing but customer service were a joke, and gave me a refund for 50c. Will never use again, Uber is much better and more helpful in times of trouble..Version: 5.22.3

Rip offQuoted $21 for a ride from Disney Caribbean resort to The pirate dinner in international drive. Slight but if traffic on the i4 the driver takes a detour to international drive where there was more traffic. So driver does a U turn and goes back onto the i4. We arrive less than 5 minutes after the quoted time. I then receive an email telling me my ride has now been charged $36 for traffic absolutely disgusting. Deleted app and so has everyone else I know. DONT USE.Version: 5.90.3

Not fully functionalCouldnt cancel a booking. Cancel button not working. Then when driver went to wrong location got charged $8 for the faulty app!.Version: 5.0.3

Terrible service!Just ordered a lyft, chose the wait a few Minutes option and they bounced me around 7 or more different drivers, all of which had wait times before switching to the next, and then cancelled the ride entirely. Not reliable and not safe when a single traveller being left with no transport even though having booked a service!.Version: 7.78.3

Not for AustraliaLiterally is the point of making it so I’m able to download this app when it’s not even available in country/location for use???.Version: 7.39.3

Switch to uberLyft is ridiculous my driver was clearly drunk and was driving so carelessly. I msged them to inform them. There only response was you should’ve gotten out of the car. I was on the highway. They wanted me to get out on the side of the road? Lyft doesn’t care about you. Only your money. Please use uber they actually care about customer service..Version: 5.66.3

Not reliableScheduled a pickup in 7 minutes, 10 minutes passes and it gives me a new driver 10 minutes out? Utter garbage.Version: 7.38.31

Lyft no good for nzDoesn't let you enter your NZ mobile number making it useless here in New Zealand.Version: 2.10.2

No direct customer service communicationI have been a consistent daily customer for years. Lyft has turned their app to be not customer friendly at all. They should have at least more options buttons in the app in case something goes wrong. About 4 weeks ago I cancelled a ride because the driver whom they had literally just linked me with was 20’ minutes away and I was still charged an amount between $10-$12 approximately. About 2 weeks ago another driver literally cancelled the ride outside my house while I was walking out the door to meet them and I still had a couple of minutes waiting time. For that one I was charged $7-$8 approximately. There is literally no customer service to communicate complaints. Not to mention the times it takes the drivers forever to arrive; They may be “10 minutes away” for half an hour, resulting in work latenesses and significant hourly pay loss. It’s sad I still need Lyft on a daily basis because I can’t always catch the bus as most of their routes are still not fully back to normal ever since the covid crisis. The only good thing I can currently say about them is that most of their drivers are friendly. But if they don’t fix the customer service issue they’re eventually bound to have big problems with their customers in the future. Thank you for at least giving me a chance thank review. Sincerely, Zen.Version: 6.94.3

Great experience until........I’d like to go and say that I was a huge fan of this app. So much so I barely walked anywhere or took the bus seeing how I’m 18 and a car is in my agenda at the moment. I lyft’d almost everyday to work for the inexpensive price of 11$ to get to and from work. Until one day I ordered a lyft 20 minutes ahead of my expected appearance at work seeing how the ride was about 6 minutes and this was a very very rare occasion because I would order 10 minutes ahead. So I get a driver and he approaches my home. For some reason my driver switches to someone further than the previous. This all happens in a 5 minute span so I don’t worry. I look at my phone and the driver is not moving at all. This happens for 10 minutes. My driver. Not moving an inch. So I decide to cancel the ride and just walk seeing how I’m already running a little behind and a lyft at this point would be wasting money. I soon see that cancelling costs 5$ which is around the price of my normal ride. So I expected a refund and to be short a dollar in this inconvenience. Nope 12 wasted on a lyft I didn’t even take. The app has the gull to have one of the refund options say “driver isn’t moving” while simultaneously saying they have driver their way to me so pay 5$. Morale I’d say is to not rely on lyft for work. Bite the bullet and take reliable routes for work, school, etc. leave the lyft rides for something more lenient..Version: 6.15.3

Awful customer serviceTrying to submit a complaint outside of their predefined flow is impossible. Everything is the drivers fault.Version: 7.38.31

Some really annoying issues with the appI took my first ride today and spotted some major convenient related issues. A. The is no pdf attachment for the trip receipt and the email is formatted in a way that is not printable to pdf from outlook. B. I have a personal and a business profile, using different cards with the same last four digits but there is no way to differentiate them! The app is showing only the 4 digit, no expiration date and it’s not possible to name the cards! C. There is no button to provide feedback or make comments! (or it is annoyingly well hidden) In the modern world convenience is crucial and the above issues just detract me from using the app. I will look forward for the fixes though, because my driver was brilliant and I like the fact that uber has competition!.Version: 5.55.31

Lyft does nothing to help ridersI typically do not write reviews, I have never written a review for an app before but my experience with Lyft has frustrated me so much that I feel the need to warn others. I lost a semi valuable bag in a Lyft rider a couple days ago, it had more sentimental value than anything else. Thankfully, no important documentation was in there, but if there was I doubt I would’ve been treat any differently. The driver, let’s call her Helen, had not responded to any of my calls of texts through the app, even when I contacted her just minutes after she dropped me off. She remained unresponsive for the rest of the evening so I put in a request through Lyft. I told them to give her my information and reach out but I cannot confirm that they did so. Even after that, they refused to give me any of Helen’s information. I understand that it would be a security issue but Lyft has said she remains unresponsive to their messages as well. Clearly there is something suspicious going on since it’s been more than 5 days. Lyft also does not have a customer service number and you can only communicate with them via email. It is a frustrating slow process and they also have stopped answering my emails. In the end, they basically told me there’s nothing they can do, not even check if helen is still actively driving for Lyft, and that is that. I will not be using Lyft anymore, and will be switching to Uber..Version: 7.58.3

Works well sometimes!I’m quite new to this! The system is a good idea, but I ran into an issue- all works fine with specific pickups, but there’s no way to add details. I was in the pits at Laguna Seca, a mile from the entrance where my Lyft arrived: there was no way for me to specify my exact location. Text and phone messages failed to connect, and he gave up before I walked the mile......Version: 5.69.31

The RouteThe routes are really pathetic. Just to 500m you guys give a 10 mine route. Its just waste of time and resources..Version: 5.73.3

Drivers lazyI live in a secured gated apt. Complex out of all the rides I’ve had only one driver actually take the time to do what everyone else does and look my name up in the security box so it will ring my phone. That is the only way I can buzz a car into the complex. I am crippled, on a very fixed income and unfortunately do not have the physical body to walk all the way from back to the front of complex to meet them. Nor do I have extra money to pay for rides I didn’t take ;which is what they do sit at the gate for 3 or 4 min. say “ I didn’t show up “ and I get charged ! I have told Lyft ,given instructions over and over however it constantly happens. Might I say never have they given my money back either. I have had worried strangers go to the front and let them in after seeing me in tremendous pain waiting for the drivers but on many occasions I am alone without a way for help. I was told today they can not read our messages?!! This is terrible , taking advantage of handicapped individuals like this. I am a great patron, enjoy the time out but feel this problem should be handled because no other drivers or delivery service seem to not be able to find a name in the security box or does anybody else charge for their error. If I could change the entire community rules on gate entrance I would but it seems to work for everyone other then Lyft drivers. Thank you for understanding Luana McDonald.Version: 7.56.3

Rip off!Lyft no showed me twice in the same day. Each time I was outside waiting watching the app and how close the drivers were to me. Twice they came within 6 blocks from me and then the app stopped the drivers eta and routed me brand new drivers. Both times they started my arrival times all over while I was waiting outside( somewhat cold out). I’ve used the Lyft app for about a year. In that year I’ve missed my driver outside maybe 2-3 times. All times I was charged a $5.00 cancellation fee which seemed fair being I wasn’t outside when they arrived( they left). Now why on earth can the Lyft drivers then no show me and they don’t hold there drivers to the same standards they hold there customers to. My time is just as valuable as theirs. But apparently Lyft didn’t think so. I wasn’t given the 2 no show cancellation credits when they did it to me. Seems unreasonable that they can charge the customer a $5 dollar cancellation fee but we can’t get that same credit when they no show us. I’ll never use Lyft again. They wouldn’t even make it right either, instead they acknowledged the wrong and basically kept asking me the same thing over and over and over. Basically wanting me to just go away. I could care less about the money but it’s the principle. I’m a business owner and I can’t get away with screwing my customers over the way these guys do. Oh well I guess. I just downloaded the Uber app. Bye Lyft!.Version: 5.71.3

Ruined.Every time I try to request a ride no one is available and it takes up to an hour to get someone!!! This service is ridiculous and you guys shouldn’t be running if your not thinking about your customers. Not only does it take 20+ minutes to find an actual ride but if you decide that’s way too long and you could bus/ walk faster to your destination THEN RIDE you get charged $5 straight from your account. Outrageous..Version: 6.30.3

Worst appWorst app Didn’t got free rides credit even after applying referral code..Version: 5.64.3

DisappointedI have had Lyft for 3 years everything was fine really enjoy it never really had a issue until a couple of days ago I allowed my significant other to log into my account from his phone and it’s was good until the next day they made him do a mask verification which I thought was weird because he always had his mask he only forgot it about 3 times but that was it , I tried to order off my account again to get to work the next day but before It could completely book the ride it said they needed a little more info to verify it was it was me so I sent in my pay stub to see if they will accept it and they did but my account still currently keep asking the same thing after they had already told me I would be able to use it but I couldn’t I tried to go through costumer service couldn’t get any help to they sent over to someone higher and the problem supposed to be fix after talking to them too but no it nots so I just decided to send in my pay stub once again and it’s been approved but still doesn’t work so I’m very disappointed because I have 30$ worth of lyft cash and cant even get it back I very much disagree with that especially if they are going to have problems like this.Version: 7.4.3

Drivers that cancelDrivers cancel too many trips. They turn up to the wrong pick up location, I call them to asked where they are and they proceed to cancel the trip. This isn’t acceptable, considering it is their fault for not following the map. I then have to wait to order another Lyft. This policy should be reviewed and drivers shouldn’t be able to do this so easily. If we cancel we are then charged. It should not be one rule for them and another for CUSTOMERS..Version: 5.55.31

Can’t sign up using Australian mobile number.Unable to use app. While it allows for an Australian number to register, it doesn’t accept Australian mobile numbers - both complete and with the first zero dropped..Version: 4.54.3

ScamOn December 15th I was in need of a Lyft which would have cost $62.99 for a 3 seated car. I never confirmed my ride as I know longer needed one but it charged $304.42 to my account and when I email Lyft about my problem they were no help and are no longer replying to my emails..Version: 7.14.3

AwfulUber is so much better at least they arrive within the time stated not 20 min later.Version: 5.12.3

FRUSTRATEDI’m not one to get aggravated. But I downloaded this app, paid for a ride- and it automatically “reloaded” my account $50. It took this money out of an account I was in the process of closing since I was moving states. Well I had to close the account, so I asked them for a refund and they were nice about refunding me but before even asking how I wanted it refunded they quickly added it onto my closed account. They told me “their mistake it’ll go back onto my Lyft account in a week or so” and it did. Flash forward- I try this AGAIN. I updated a card on file and removed the other one so this wouldn’t happen again. They refunded it- I never get it. They finally tell me what card they put it on- it’s the closed account. They money never went back on the app. The customer service reps didn’t care, didn’t listen, said it’s up to my bank. What bank? I don’t bank there anymore my account is closed and now my money has just vanished. I respond patiently in the chat and try to get answers and they close the chat and leave, they tell me to wait 20 minutes go by I message again- and they have left the chat. And when I ask them to close the chat so I can speak to someone else- they keep the chat open. I’m extremely disappointed this is MY money they STOLE. And won’t RETURN. Or even give me answers about!! Never ever do I recommend this you cannot call them. Even chatting with someone takes an hour..Version: 7.59.3

Waste of time.Just downloaded the app from the Australian App Store. Went through all the signup process, gave all my personal details, then try and use the app and it’s not available in a small town like Sydney!!! Waste of my time. Back to Uber I guess..Version: 5.64.3

It’s good value but Lyft needs its own messagerIt’s good value. But when the driver tried to contact us he couldn’t. We only have wifi. There was no way to call or message.Version: 5.91.3

Can't use in Canada with iOS 9?Pretty insane that you can't update to the new version (the version required to use the app in Canada) unless you are on iOS 10 or higher. Looks like Uber will continue getting my business, hopefully their prices will go down with Lyft's arrival..Version: 4.49.31

Rip Off in NYCDrivers manipulate surge in the city just like Uber drivers. Tried using it and couldn’t get a driver to pick me up, they kept playing the surge game. They would accept a job and just wait and not move. WHAT I DID DO WAS GET A CAB AND IT WORKED OUT CHEAPER EVERY SINGLE TIME (10+) sometimes by 30%. Don’t believe me try it. In NYC cabs are a cheaper option..Version: 5.84.3

Estimated time is a lieI’m late to work everyday using Lyft because they always lie about the estimated arrival time. They say my driver will be here in ten minutes or so, the driver will still be in the middle of dropping someone off so that was a lie. They always assign a driver already driving and of course soon as it’s my turn after waiting ten minutes they cancel and now I have to wait another ten minutes. The prices change every thirty freaking seconds! I only ride with Lyft because they’re cheaper than Uber but with the constant price changes and everything I go through that’s probably not even true any more. I’d probably get to work quicker on the bus! The drivers for whatever reason never actually pull up to my location either. Majority of the time they are out on the street outside my house or at the other entrance to my job and for some reason think IM supposed to walk the rest of the way to them! No! I also NEVER get notifications that I even have a driver. I have to constantly check my phone to see if they finally got me someone and how long I supposedly have until they get here. They have 3 different timings which are all a scam because the driver won’t be there in the time said. I sometimes pick the 15 minute wait so I can finish getting myself together. The driver will then get picked and be coming in 5, because there was never any wait they just wanted to see if they can scam you out the extra money..Version: 7.18.31

Terrible cars and dodgy driversI tried this app for a couple of days recently in Miami and would never recommend it to a single female travelling in that area. The main reason I tried it was for a $15 off deal for two rides, which made it cheaper than other rideshare apps in the area. However the cars that I got were really old and in bad condition compared to the other apps I used. They weren’t unsafe, but they were heavily worn and it did feel like the drivers cut more corners. Quite literally. They would weave in and out of traffic more and swing round corners at traffic lights. Overall it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I uninstalled the app after those two trips..Version: 7.33.3

Need a contact center that worksCan’t contact driver in whose car we left bags and have missed flights while waiting to try to contact driver and Lyft.Version: 6.9.3

Why have I been charged 100% tip?This is the very first time to use Lyft. The price shown on the app was $8.35 and did not say that I have to tip $5.00 at all. It is absolutely ridiculous for me to pay a fare of $5.00 and $3.35 for service and $5.00 for tip. I will ask my bank not to pay this tip..Version: 7.20.3

Very bad experience. Driver lied about being thereI ordered a lift from Lewers St to Hawaii domestic airport. I was told that the driver whose his name was Scott I think and drove a Lexus I think was already in the front of the building. There were three of us there but we never saw the driver and his car. I even texted him to ask where he was. It was claimed that because I was a no-show (laughable really because I had to be at the airport asap and was waiting anxiously for my ride since I was running late). LYfT charged my credit card twice for the no-show fee. I had to look for a taxi to the airport. I wished I had ordered Uber instead of LYFT I do not recommend this for use b6 anyone. Their driver lied about being there and I was charged twice..Version: 7.48.3

Awful!! I would 100% never recommend!This is absolutely awful. You pay extra to have the lift there within a guaranteed shorter time period and then it changes, you have drivers telling you to cancel rather than pass it to another driver. We had a guaranteed lift within 11 mins, this soon went up to 33 minutes when we’re already stressed about getting a taxi to catch a flight. Uber are much much better.Version: 7.18.31

Fluctuating tolls as a driver not reimbursedI have had my ez-pass express lane tolls reimbursed in the past by lift, but now the last two times in a row they refused to reimburse me despite the fact that I was able to come up with a receipt of the toll transactions during my rides and that I received confirmation with the customer that it was ok. I am still owed $20 from two tolls and that does not include several tolls overtime totaling more than $50 that I could not get reimbursed because I previously needed to wait 2-3 business days for the toll to post on the account. I spend at least $1000 in tolls for ride-sharing per year and I do not see sufficient effort from ride sharing companies to compensate drivers for their specific business expenses. My maintenance is multiple times higher and gas isn’t cheap. Customer service for drivers has taken long to respond. Many things need to improve. I have less issues with Uber at the moment but Lyft used to be much better up until this year things changed and feel my voice is heard less than before. update customer service has been dismal and virtually nonexistent as a driver I also had a driver that canceled me because I asked if I could roll down the window a little bit he said that was a big problem and he would cancel the ride with an angry tone and made me late to my appointment!.Version: 7.60.3

Crap to start, but ended on a highCrap to start with as we booked a ride it said 12 minutes at $53, then as we was waiting in the cold for it, it came up again after the 12 minutes and said you need to rebook, so rebooked and the price went up to $ 57 and another 15 minutes it arrived we was very cold waiting, but driver very nice, very very good..Version: 15.4.3

Why can’t I communicate with an actual person or chat with someone for my issueI’ve already had money taken out yesterday for a ride I requested and it was pending. After work around 5am I noticed I got charged again for the same ride. Then when I tried to find a way to communicate it or find customer service the options available were not helpful at all. I could not speak with anyone to help me solve my issue. I woke up to another notification that the same charge was declined because I locked my card; so they tried to charge me a third time. When I requested a Lyft for work it said I had to choose another method of payment. So I had to forcefully pay for that same ride a third time plus the ride I requested that day. As I get into my office I see that they again tried to charge me a fourth time. I’m really getting frustrated because it just seems like it’s going to keep charging me till I have no money left in my checking account and that is a major problem. On top of that there isn’t a customer service line for me to contact or even an option so I can live chat with someone to help me with my problem. Highly annoyed at the inconvenience because I’m sure I’m going to get charged again for that same ride on top of the ride I’m going to need tomorrow to get to work. Can I get some help please!!!!!!!! Or keep this one star rating and the loss off a customer and a potential civil suit against the company. Already have had multiple issues with said app and I’m over it..Version: 7.69.3

Don't waste your time if you're in NZDownloaded from the NZ app store, took me through all the signup, including entering a NZ phone number, only to be told it doesn't operate in NZ, but I should get ready for my first ride anyway. How long should I wait outside?.Version: 5.26.3

Terrible, won’t accept any payment typeI have been trying to use this for over a month, but there’s no way for me to have any of the payments accepted. I tried PayPal, Apple Pay and a few cards but nothing. I contacted customer support several times but not only they haven’t helped, but they also have been quite rude..Version: 7.57.3

Had to walk 1.7 miles in -4 weather due to app issueMy husband ordered a lyft to drop him off at home he put in the address and everything looked good but after he was in the lyft he realized that the driver had stopped 1.7 miles away from our house so he tried to explain to the driver this wasn’t correct but the driver didn’t understand English so he tried to change the drop off on his phone but he received an error and his phone was dying so he got out at the wrong place and walked 1.7 miles in -4 weather when I tried to get in touch with someone over the phone I had to call 3 times the first time I got hung up on so I called again I reached the accident department told the person what happened he transferred me to the safety department who I told the story to and he said that he was going to transfer me to a different department that could help I heard the hold music and then it hung up the third time I called I spoke with the accident department in hopes to get back to the safety department but I was told that I couldn’t be transferred as it wasn’t the safety departments job to help with my issue then I asked which department I needed to go to which the person told me only the app can help me and that there is no one that I could verbally talk to about this issue I told him that I tried on the app but the options given don’t coincide with the issue we were having my husband couldn’t feel his legs when he finally arrived home..Version: 7.73.3

TrashAbsolutely trash! Drivers cancel at no consequence, they automatically connect you with another driver and wait again for 10 to 20 minutes again! I’ve been late to every appointment I’ve used them for and that’s with a 1 hour cushion window! Trash.Version: 7.37.3

Worst Customer ExperienceAn app driven by hype but extremely Inefficient and with a myriad of problems: wait times of minimum 20 mins, drivers cancel and take jobs as they please and bill the customers regardless of inconvenience or risk, ridiculous fees especially in peak hours, cartel operation with Uber manipulating the price vs time demand, unfriendly Ui and no accountability for the inconvenience imposed upon to customers, DO BETTER!!!!.Version: 7.1.3

Uber is more reliable, quicker and often cheaperLyft has a fantastic idea charging based on wait time, however Lyft cannot put their fantastic idea into action effectively. Ordering with Lyft will leave you disappointed when you don’t retrieve a booking confirmation in the number of minutes promised through the app, expect drivers to cancel at the last minute and expect long waiting time. Use Uber, save time & save the inconvenience. In the meantime, Lyft, improve..Version: 7.48.3

Received An Erroneous Health ViolationI had a driver cancel my ride while still over 10 minutes away from my pickup destination and thought nothing of it at first. The following day I received an email from Lyft stating I had received a Health Violation because I failed to wear a mask. I immediately reached out to let Lyft know that I had never even seen the driver since he cancelled while still 10 minutes away from my pickup location (so unless the driver had super X-ray vision, how could he site me for failing to wear a mask?). To no avail I tried explaining this to two different representatives who just sent me their standard response script stating, that drivers have the right to cancel your ride for failing to wear a mask. Now whenever I try to request a Lyft I am required to take a picture proving that I am wearing a mask as if I am on some sort of internal blacklist. Well I refuse to use the app and spend another dime until this is rectified if you are going to site customers for something as serious as a health violation during a global pandemic then you ought to have the gall to ensure sure customers are NOT experiencing a restrictive user experience because a driver decided to take advantage of a loop-hole. So I will continue to use Uber even when they cost more because that bare minimum, at least they investigate disputes and make sure that their resolution is based on actual fact..Version: 7.14.3

Impossible to cancel monthly membershipEarlier in the year whilst visiting SF I got a monthly bay wheels membership. The actual bay wheels experience was great but cancelling my membership has been a nightmare. I have tried to cancel my monthly membership multiple times but I have been unsuccessful. My email and phone that are verified through Lyft have not been linked to any bay wheels account so I cannot access the account to cancel the monthly membership (which seems to be the only way to cancel based off the online guide). I have attempted to contact Lyft as soon as I realised that my membership was renewing but to no avail. Every time I email it links me to a webpage with information that is not helpful or useful. I have never left a review on the App Store before, but I feel compelled to do that so that I can please get some help to have this sorted. My boyfriend also struggled to cancel his membership and had to contact their twitter!?! Before you get a monthly membership (especially if you are a tourist) think twice!!!.Version: 7.54.3

Very few driversI used to absolutely love Lyft and used the service all the time but over the last year I’ve grown more and more less fond of their services. Not all can be blamed on COVID affecting the service. There are way less drivers working in my area which has wait times sometimes longer than an hour like last night was for me. The bill is just as expensive if I pay to be picked up with the wait and save or if I take expedited services to be waiting an entire hour for pick up. Also lyfts competition Uber offers their drivers some incentive for certain rides so the drivers that work both platforms will drop a Lyft rider like a hit rock to try and snag that Uber rider up so the hour I just wait for my Lyft driver to come is doubled because the Lyft driver dropped me to grab up a more lucrative rider with Uber. That’s a very frustrating situation that happens way too often nowadays. Also it seems there are no Lyft rides here offered after 10pm. Another passenger told me that Lyft unofficially stopped offering rides for my area after 10 so the app will just say longer wait i times but not that they won’t be in service till 6am so I will order the Lyft and wait forever before giving up and taking a cab which has become my new go to for rides now anyway. Lyft is too expensive to wait for nothing just to call a cab in the end anyway..Version: 6.80.3

Corrupt…Lyft gave me a $10 credit towards my first ride. After waiting well over half an hour, no drivers picked up my ride… so I was forced to book a LyftLux which cost me an additional $20 on top of my credit… how funny it was that as soon as I requested this ride, the driver accepted the ride within seconds….. extremely corrupt, use Uber in the future….Version: 7.58.3

Driver not shown upI was standing right at the Walmart entrance and called 3 times and driver said he is coming but never turned up. Sad thing is no show up fee is charged to customer sucks.Version: 6.30.3

You can’t delete your payment info once you’ve entered itWARNING: you can’t remove your credit card information once you’ve inputted it on your account!! Even if you deactivate your account, they still keep your information!.Version: 5.22.3

Poor Customer Service & Fraudulent TransactionsUse at your own risk. I signed up to Lyft back in March while visiting NYC and used their Citibike service. It was an easy and affordable way to get around NYC. However, after our trip, I noticed an unusual transaction for an amount quadruple the cost of a usual bike trip. I contacted customer service to enquire about the charge and it felt like pulling teeth just to get a reply to my emails - nearly a month worth of back and forth emails and I had to chase for a response many times. Today I woke up to three more fraudulent transactions. I am extremely upset and will never recommend Lyft..Version: 7.36.3

DiscriminationVery disappointed. I had experience of discrimination by the driver during COVID-19 by not letting me get in the car just because I am Asian.Version: 6.26.3

AccountabilityI hate when companies never hold their drivers accountable. Left my wallet in the Lyft he never responded and after multiple tries they completely prevented me from calling the driver. And they have no customer service line I will be using Uber permanently.Version: 15.5.3

Not available in my location yet asked for card details beforeI downloaded the app to take a ride. Created an account, put all my details in, my card/apple pay, and after all that I tried take a ride and just then the app let me know that it wasn’t available in my location. I’m in north london, not sure if it works in UK by why the hell can I download it, put all my details, and doesn’t let me know before that I won’t be able to take a ride? Less stars considering I cannot delete my account directly from the app. A google search quickly let me know that I should email them to have my account closed. Hire a new UX designer that really focuses in the user. I’m sticking to uber, at least they function..Version: 5.87.3

SO EXPENSIVE sadly theres no 0starI look at this app and uber, the destination from pick up to drop this app charging me a lot than uber.. so i guess i rather use uber than this app..Version: 5.7.3

HORRIBLE WAIT TIMESI am an essential worker right now I should not have to wait an hour longer at work because your company can’t seem to get their drivers and their drivers geographical location closer. So here I am giving you guys my money and I’ve been sitting here for the past hour waiting for a Lyft I called an hour ago HORRIBLE SERVICE quality over quantity. This is my first time using this app and I wouldn’t recommend it for the life of me..Version: 6.32.3

Wait timeWaiting time is way to long.Version: 5.63.3

Completely ignored by the companyWould give zero if i could!! Was recommended yo use this service to get around florida after registering 2cards credit and debit and paypal account still wouldnt let me order a cab. Why its needs more then 3 payment methods is beyond me! Contacted customer service 4 times not a single person has replied ive had emails to say its with an advisor expect a response soon but 5days later NOTHING poor customer service can you imagine it you lost something valuable in a one of the cabs youd have no chance!! Think ill just stick with 'minnie' vans more expensive but at least theres good service and you dont get ignored as a new customer!!!.Version: 6.18.31

No showGot billed for $5.65 cancellation fee. Two drivers couldn’t find the Marriott City Centre at the Rogers Centre. Almost missed a show. Not impressed!.Version: 5.5.3

The airport functionality is terribleTheres no feedback mechanism to even complain about how bad the take a number thing at airports is. Its not the drivers fault i think so i didnt want to give them a bad review - but its super bad and unclear how long you end up waiting for a ride to get a connecting train elsewhere etc. missed mine despite more than half an hour built in for delays..Version: 6.5.31

Waiting for responseI am still waiting on a return for an incident that happened on my Lyft trip of being dropped off in an unsafe environment! Will not be using app anymore!!!.Version: 6.21.3

Absolutely Over It!If i could give 0 star I would. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS APP! Uber cost more but less hassles. Ive been with Lyft for a few years. It was great at first but they have became carless about improving this app. they never have enough drivers so if you are running late dont call a lyft. they charge you for every little thing even if its the drivers fault. it will tell you be ready by a certain time and than by that time switch and add more time. it doesn’t tell a driver where to drop you off so a driver will get all the way to u and then pull off once he sees how far they gotta go. they charge u for two lyft if they didnt find u a ride in enough time. I AM OVER THIS APP! I HAVE BEEN LATE CONSTANTLY DUE TO COMPLICATIONS WITH THIS APP!!! and currently as Im sitting here it is giving me issues. i called a lyft at 7:20am. it said be ready by 7:45 which is when I start work. i live in Hollywood. there is MORE than enough drivers! as im waiting i look back at the app and my request is completely gone. now it says i wont get picked up until 8:16 and get to work at 8:33. so because this app constantly have issues from no drivers to the app crashing i am now 45 minutes late to work when i was originally on time and it happens to my coworkers as well. i am so over this app! no way i should have had to pay for another ride if i already paid for one snd the app removed my request..Version: 7.10.3

Why driver first except and then cancel the ride I am very disappointed with thisYou should work on this problem or it will reduce your customer.Version: 5.66.3

UnreliableEven though the service is a bit cheaper than others but they let you down when you need them and usually you have to wait extra time for drivers i had to wait 10 minutes for a driver in -30° weather and when the driver got close the ride was canceled so i had to wait another 10 mins in the freezing cold so not only i was late i was stuck in that weather I have been using both uber And Lyft but this made me change my mind about them since they are not RELIABLE.Version: 5.64.3

UnacceptableTerrible service. The most pressing is the fact that there’s a high likelihood that a driver will literally drive the entire way to you and cancel. No exaggeration that this has never happened to me on Uber and it happens at least weekly on this app. So when you see a wait time, double it because that’s the reality. They seemingly have no interest in disincentivizing the drivers from doing this, but don’t worry, if you wait 5 minutes to cancel, you gotta pay a fee. Really shows their true thoughts on how important they find the customer, they take no issue with regularly wasting your time. Also with the wait times, they just straight up lie, the consistency in which they’re far off makes it pretty clear that they lie to try and make it seem better than it is. Additionally, I get it’s supply and demand, but you will find days where you can’t justify the ride as it will be 3 or 4 times higher than the normal rates. So a normally $12, 3 mile ride, you could be looking at a $40 ride. This happens on Uber as well but I have found it to be nowhere near as dramatic. Recently, Lyft can’t even properly locate my pickup spot. I will type in my address then see that they actually placed me a block away. This app is seriously terrible and I need to stop using it as the extra couple dollars to pay for an Uber ride is more than justified when you compare quality..Version: 7.68.3

Needs better features for wheelchair userUsed the app for the first time in New York/ New Jersey. The app is good to a point if you are able bodied, no more than 4 people and don’t need lots of space then it’s great. But when you have 5 people and a foldable wheelchair, LyftXL is supposed to be able to accommodate up to 6 people, so why is it such a surprise to drivers when they arrive. I would specify it in the notes to the driver (which also need to be made more visual easier to drivers) and then they would still turn up in cars that were not able to accommodate 5 people despite supposedly being the choice of service for 6 people. There needs to be a clearer more user friendly approach to those who have limited mobility issues who need to bring a wheelchair that can be folded and put in the back. (Obviously for those bound to a wheelchair or needing specially modified vehicles this is more involved and not the service I mean) but a simple addition of a badge or selection when booking would be good for both driver and passenger to know that the vehicle arriving will be suitable..Version: 7.67.3

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