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Thanks Lyft!I appreciate Lyft for reliability, value and safety. Lyft screen their drivers carefully (unlike the competition). I look forward to when they are well established in the U.K. also!.Version: 5.39.3

Love LyftEasy to use, reasonably priced & friendly drivers. Nice to be able to track the taxi on the app to see where they are..Version: 6.1.3

Very Happy CustomerExcellent service, speedy friendly and always offering discounts to customers..Version: 5.35.3

My ridesMy experiences have been great 3 trips all great people with info when asked and happy to share I am very impressed also my wife is very happy.Version: 6.5.3

So far so goodNot used yet awaiting to get to the states on the 27th Oct but looking great so far, will update when used as not available in London England yet. Keep up the excellent work.Version: 5.49.3

TimelinessAlthough it’s sometimes a mad dash to meet our driver it’s always a joy to get in and be driven home..Version: 7.29.3

Do not pass GO! Collect lyft!Above all other ride services, I have to recommend Lyft! Prices are more reasonable, response is immediate and without a doubt, ALWAYS, within a reasonable time frame for pick up. I have rarely had a snore personality driving me from point A to point B. These people are kind, out going and all around cool. This is a service industry job. Please remember that. Whatever your reason for requiring a transport, remember that they are providing a needed service and while tipping isn’t required, I stress that you deliver it. They have NO set income and provide you with a convenience you can’t find through public transportation. Take care of those who take care of you. The universe reciprocates kindness in the least expected moments. Also, Uber is a money hungry monster. Lyft is a competitive career with so many people employing themselves through it. Remember remember remember! These people deserve a couple extra dollars for their hospitality. Be kind to others. Be true to others. Be grateful for your advances. And always share your love! Hope this was helpful and encouraging! If not, here’s a get out of jail free card. USE LYFT!.Version: 5.58.3

Great serviceSimple and easy to use, better quality of driving than the normal mad taxi drivers. It will be Lyft from here on in. Very friendly and efficient service..Version: 5.46.3

Lyft is the bestI really like the new app. It feels much more stylish and works a lot better than the old app, and the whole experience of using Lyft is a million times better than Uber. I wish it was available in London but until it is I will continue to use it whilst in USA..Version: 5.37.3

Good appUse my code DANY02991 to get up to $40 off on rides! might aswell save all the money you can (:.Version: 6.44.3

Don’t trust current location.Several times lately I’ve found that if I didn’t specify where I was by entering an address the Lyft driver could not find me. I asked a Lyft driver, who had grown up in Seattle what the problem was. He suggested I always enter an exact address, even if I had to look it up in advance. I did that this morning and tonight and had a better experience. If we add inexperienced drivers in a location to the problem of the satellite location you can be texting with a driver who is on the other side of the block and doesn’t understand you are waiting at the front door of the hall “Town Hall” Seattle, Wa. Not only that but this morning I entered an address where I was at a diner and the program auto changed it to Coleman Dock 2-3 blocks away. What gives? I am writing on my husbands phone. I’m Dusty Collings. We are traveling together and we take turns calling Lyft. I think, & hope you can make some refinements to the experience. I don’t like having to pay for a driver who is in the wrong location and doesn’t want to drive around the block to pick me up. It wasn’t my fault and I had to pay the fee for standing him up. Not really fair. I have a walking disability and I try limit the number of steps I take. Thanks..Version: 5.85.3

Great experienceLyft’s drivers are great, cars are very clean and new. Rate is good. First time in Canada and also first time using Lyft. Will recommend Lyft to my friends..Version: 5.82.3

Very trust worthy serviceI just had my 3rd incident were a driver left me at my first stop because I was taking too long which I don’t mind but I asked him and he said it was fine and if a driver can’t wait any longer I’d at least like a heads up that their leaving. Now each time this has happened lyft was swift in refunding my money and generally send me an email of apology. I know not everyone’s perfect but they guys at lyft are always on point with any problems or concerns. I’ve had an incident where a driver tried to kiss me and was refunded the full amount along with an email. I’ve never had the app crash but I have heard there are problems from time to time. Guys I don’t care about that kind of problems because you’ll have that with any app or technology from time to time and as far as I’ve heard they fix it in a timely matter. So I can’t find one bad thing to say about lyft. Uber doesn’t take my debit card so they lost out on my business to lyft and I’m so glad I ended up here instead. There are promos that help from time to time and it’s very easy to contact lyft if I ever need to. Thanks guys for being on point with your customers..Version: 6.20.3

Best and most convenientCheaper than the rest, and easier app to use..Version: 5.32.3

Good appGood app.Version: 5.14.3

DownunderFantastic driver and very friendly!!!!! Mahalo.Version: 5.75.3

ServiceThis is a fantastic service, would really recommend.Version: 6.0.3

App 100%; drivers 75%I’ve had good experiences throughout my time using Lyft. The one time I didn’t was on New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Morning. Now while most passengers agree we don’t want to cause trouble or a mess for our driver, sometimes this is unavoidable. When I brought my coworker onto our Lyft to get us home safely my coworker puked OUTSIDE the car. Very little mess inside to clean. I can respect being upset. But when he took pictures of the mess BEFORE I cleaned his door on the outside and sent it to a Lyft to charge me $150 even AFTER I apologized. That pisses me off. Especially when he says and I quote, “I have to take my kids somewhere tomorrow” now I don’t hold it against the driver for feeling that way, but my response holds. “Why are you driving to take drunk people home then?!” We got into a shoring match (which I admit could have been more mature about-but I was drunk; what was the driver’s excuse?) he drove away after I said “buh-bye”, at least 5 times. I accept my part of the blame for my drunken coworker, even if $150 isn’t fair AFTER I cleaned. BUT, where is the driver’s responsibility for being professional (which he wasn’t) and understanding on a busy drunken night? There was none. Perhaps I should have driven home drunk with my coworker…..Version: 7.14.3

:)Si c’est disponible dans votre ville, profitez-en:).Version: 7.32.3

Bad drivers are ruining your appI’ve had this happen on multiple occasions, but this time is the worst. Drivers are running multiple driving apps at a time to “line up” their next ride. Unfortunately, this takes away from the major advantage of using an app ride service in the first place: the ability to track your driver & see a relatively accurate ETA. This morning I ordered a Lyft & it said my driver was 7 minutes away & did not have any notification that they were finishing another trip. Yet, the driver chose to make a 45 minute detour around me, and then cancel my ride. After the first 30 minutes of waiting & becoming anxious about being late, I opened Uber to see if there was a different driver nearby. Guess who accepted my ride? THE SAME PERSON THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PICKING ME UP! Absolutely frustrating that there’s no way to report a driver if your ride hasn’t yet started. Yet, this driver somehow has a 5.0 rating with over 2000 rides. So meanwhile, they are raking in the benefits of being a “top performing employee” while actually ruining your reputation. I thought Lyft was a good idea because it’s a little cheaper than Uber, but the risk isn’t worth it.Version: 7.13.3

Way Better than UberFriendly safe drivers and clean vehicles.Version: 5.96.3

January 28, 2019Today I order an Lyft and I was transferred to a different driver every 5 mins my time was wasted I am not satisfied I was late to work and I regret using lyft today I’m very disappointed..Version: 5.63.3

Can’t registerWon’t let me sign in through Facebook and won’t accept my number..Version: 5.5.3

QuickArrived within 5 mins of booking. Very nice clean Jeep. Very courteous. Thanks - tourist from Sydney Australia.Version: 5.79.3

Easy to useThis is the first time using a ride sharing app, in the UK this is not the norm. In the USA it works well for me as a tourist. And if other reviews and the drivers who use it are correct this is safer for the users and the drivers get more of the cash you pay.Version: 5.42.3

Please come to the UK!TFL has just announced they are not renewing Uber's license to operate, when will Lyft be available in the U.K/London? We need a good competitor to Uber here, would be great to understand when this will happen?.Version: 4.49.3

GreatLove it You are amazing.Version: 7.33.3

Steve Colorado 190XYQApp is good and most drivers are too EXCEPT for Steve with the above Colorado license plate. For the second time in a month, the first on Uber and tonight with Lyft, he responds to the pick-up and then cancels at the pick-up when he finds out the ride is more than 5 minutes or outside of Breckenridge, CO. He is gaming the system to the detriment of other drivers and the frustration of customers. Because the vast majority are none the wiser, they don’t know to capture his name or have any way of seeing who just canceled their pickup leaving them standing at the curb. Because I had this experience with the same guy within the last month for an identical pick-up, the prior on Uber, I was suspicious when the a grey Caravan popped up this time so I did a screen capture in case it was the same guy. He is gaming both Lyft and Uber in exactly the same way. We’ve heard from other drivers who have heard similar stories of this guy from other customers. I implore you to take action and ban him from your service. I’m sure if you run the analytics you will find all of his trips are hyper local and he has an extraordinary cancel rate compared to other drivers..Version: 5.84.3

First ride this morningI had breakfast and set up my first ride with Lyft. The system told me who my driver would be and that he was 10 minutes away. I was watching his progress and it kept telling me he was finishing up with a previous ride. I saw that he turned south onto Hefner Parkway and heading south. The arrival time kept getting longer. 13, 15, 17 minutes then I noticed he had gotten onto I-44 and was heading east. I texted the driver and let him know that I had a 9:30 Dr appt and as it was after 9:00 were we going to make it. He told me that the ride he had gave him the wrong address. He kept getting farther and farther away. Needless to say I was growing very unhappy with Lyft and had never encountered any problems with Uber. I canceled the ride and placed another order. It was 9:10. The lady that picked my up helped to ease my frustrations and made the ride to the Dr very enjoyable. I do not understand why the first driver couldn’t have texted me and let me know there was problem so I could ask for another driver. It all ended all right and I wasn’t late to the appt, 9:28. If he had only texted me, it would have saved a lot of frustration. I have used Lyft 3-4 more times today and everything went like clockwork..Version: 5.62.3

I MET AN ANGEL CALLED WENDYTime is outmost thing that is taken seriously at my work place. I got into my car in the morning to leave for work, but unfortunately, my car won’t start. I don’t know what to do but took a Lyft to work. I called another Lyft to come back home and it was Wendy. As we chatted, I told her my morning experience. Wendy brought me home and turned off her App just to help me jumpstart my car. As if that was not enough, Wendy advise me to take the car to the mechanic and she followed me to the mechanic place to drop the car in case my car stopped on the way. We went and dropped the car in the evening. Wendy waited for me and brought me back home. Wendy refused any financial gift to me. She said, others helped me in my trouble time, I helped you for free. I have never met this kind of angel since I have been taking Lyft before I got my car (and still do whenever it is required). I got the message, “go do to others.” I thank God and Lyft for matching me with a good hearted woman this evening. If I would write a book, this story would be included. Thank you Lyft, thank you, Wendy. Many blessings to your life..Version: 7.20.3

Aussie approved!Also an Aussie who traveled to the states for a holiday. Much better than Uber! Thank you for giving them the competition. Glad it’s in the Australian store..Version: 5.16.3

Orlando travelA fantastic service each time we used it. All drivers were excellent and cars were clean. Prices were good and I would definitely use this again!.Version: 5.85.3

Really??I ordered the lyft and was told to be outside within six minutes as per usual. Walked out and walked down a five acre driveway only to find out the lyft was not here but on the way. Got down to the road and mail box only to find out that the lyft wasn’t coming but another was on the way within nine minutes. Thirty minutes later I had to reorder another lyft due to the second one saying they were there at said location but not being there and I suppose they canceled!! This is ridiculous, I watched on the app both the first and second lyfts heading my way but never showing up and was never informed that the second canceled even though I was waiting at the mailbox ready to go! After ordering the Third lyft I was questioning if that one would show up at all!! Luckily it did and the driver David was exceptional but your apps lack of respect for the the customer and customers time has me questioning if I want to even suggest others using this app. I feel let down and slightly abused by this evenings lyft services besides the fact that David came to our rescue. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time tonight sincerely Ian! That was unexceptional and unacceptable!!.Version: 5.85.3

Easy & reliableI always seem to be able to get a ride or schedule a ride with Lyft when other services fall through- thanks Lyft!.Version: 6.71.3

Great serviceWould recommend Lyft anytime all drivers we have had have been polite and well mannered..Version: 5.73.3

GoodAwesome ride with drivers.Version: 5.55.3

ExcellentJust started using Lyft again after a long gap in NY. Drivers arrive quickly and are courteous. Prices are also very competitive. There are lots of choices out there but I will continue to use Lyft..Version: 6.17.3

Love it, please make it available in Montreal.I really enjoyed this app while I was staying in Toronto. I wish it's available in Montreal soon..Version: 5.26.3

Best app in the cityI use Lyft all the time. I love the efficiency and friendly drivers. What I have found recently though is the driver is somewhere different to the location I’ve been told to walk towards. Causing confusion and sometimes no show charges..Version: 5.90.3

Book in advanceWhen I arrive from overseas, the Lyft app always works, effortlessly and efficiently. It is ready to go. Rival app providers are hard to set up particularly if they are a available overseas. If you travel internationally this should be your go-to US provider. Don’t know if my comment from a few years ago is still valid as now they come so fast it didn’t matter in this trip. Unlike the U guys, Lyft has a handy way to book in advance. If you need to get to the airport on time and don’t have the luxury of “living in the moment” and having the moment let you down, Lyft says “your driver will be with you from...” day 3:00-3:15. As the driver nears you can even text or call. And that’s why I went with them..Version: 6.95.3

Great serviceUsed this service twice now. Both times were easy and affordable. Hope that this type of business can be as successful in the United Kingdom..Version: 5.89.3

ThankyouGreat service for getting around a city we are holidaying in.Version: 4.33.3

Great Hope it comes to Australia!I am so glad Lyft was smart and sent me an email which allowed me to change country post codes for my credit card when I had some trouble signing up. It’s a great app. Very easy to use and efficient. The rides are much better priced than Uber in Australia. And also option of shared ride too..Version: 5.53.3

Awesome!Although it's a bit more expensive than uber, drivers are way more onto it and more capable of finding your location.Version: 4.12.31

I love LyftI love Lyft. Whenever I request a ride I never Have to wait more than 5 minutes and they ALWAYS pick me up at the correct spot compared to some other car services that wait in the wrong place. The drivers are excellent and their cars are Great. Thank you.Version: 6.1.3

First timeExcellent service that is so easy to use. Very user friendly and way better than a taxi..Version: 5.50.3

Jeet kAwesome trip in Lyft.Version: 5.55.3

Great AppVery easy to use and pleasant professional driver experience..Version: 5.29.3

Great app, great service.Easy to use, good service..Version: 4.19.31

Ride shares such as Lyft have greatly improved my quality of lifeLyft has absolutely been a vital service for me. I don’t drive, so most of the time I use public transit or I’m walking. Lyft has come in handy on so many occasions when I’ve needed to get some place quickly. Most of the drivers are courteous (too many of them play music that is not to my taste; fortunately I’m usually not in the vehicle long enough for the “music” to make my ears bleed). I hate the fact that quite often when you need it most - such as during inclement weather, or when the T is having major problems - the rideshares jack up the prices. I get it - supply and demand - I understand; still don’t like it. Perhaps it balances out though, because some of the rides are ridiculously cheap. One improvement I would like to see Lyft make is giving riders the option of the type of vehicle they would like to request. As somebody who’s mobility impaired, sometimes the higher larger vehicles are difficult for me to get into. An option that allowed riders to select either a sedan, an SUV, or no preference would be helpful. In closing, Lyft is a great service, it’s a necessary service, and I’m glad it exists..Version: 7.25.3

Quick and efficientDriver arrived within 2 minutes and was polite and friendly, less than 15 minutes to hotel and a great price.Version: 5.38.3

We love LyftMy family (5pax) has been visiting the USA from NZ for three weeks. We have used Lyft extensively in LA, SF, and through out CA. We don't have Lyft in NZbut can't wait for it to arrive. The drivers are excellent, cost meets nz Xchange rate challenges and best of all their philosophy of community resonates with our values. Thanks Lyft. Regards Dave.Version: 3.50.0

Lyft appGreat service and good prices, if more expensive, keep checking as they change within seconds & you can schedule a Lyft for future and change if you find it cheaper later. We found it as good and usually cheaper than Uber, so check out both.Version: 6.17.3

Great appEasy to use and transparent. Highly recommend..Version: 5.5.3

First timerMy first time to use this service. Very impressed. Friendly and informative driver.Version: 5.38.3

Very affordable price, highly recommended!Very affordable price, highly recommended!.Version: 4.30.3

The bestYou are all awesome!! Thanks so much.Version: 5.35.3

Tried Lyft for first timeExceeded our expectations. Google maps seem to provide better routes and a faster trip. Cars and drivers friendly and clean..Version: 6.9.3

Easy to use reliable serviceI use it all the time.Version: 7.14.3

Thank youWe are visiting from Australia, there is 5 of us.. Lyft has made getting around so easy we appreciate it thanks so much..Version: 5.93.3

David SmithAs a visitor to USA, this is the first time I’ve used Lyft. The service has been great and a well known competitor of yours wouldn’t even accept my ‘third-world’ UK Visa card!.Version: 5.37.3

Great for holidaysI used this app with Aussie phone and a US sim while on holidays recently. Much cheaper than Uber in the city I was in. Please stay in the Aussie App Store as it is virtually impossible to shift app stores (you need to lose all credits ($) on your account to shift).Version: 5.3.3

Great App (USA Only Though)Downloaded this app when on holiday in USA, (Don’t download in UK Based) there’s some great first time user promo codes so make sure you search for them. Since Uber just lost its license in London, England. Maybe Lyft will take the opportunity to mace across the pond?.Version: 4.49.3

RidesharingWould be cool if you could split rides between friends.Version: 5.58.3

Fast efficient transport at reasonable pricing.Everything you could want and very easy to use..Version: 5.82.3

In app messagesThe only thing I found missing is an in-app messaging facility. Other than that its a great service with reasonable prices..Version: 5.93.3

First time usersFirst time using lyft , was easy , and our driver was wonderful, and explained more about service etc would recommend.Version: 5.92.3

David is the bestCouldn't have asked for a better driver, we became good mates along the way 😊.Version: 5.97.31

Mostly better than UberGenerally cheaper than Uber, but check both as sometimes Uber might just edge it. Unfortunately, like Uber, there are many drivers that don't care about the customer's comfort and keep their air con switched off in 30 degree heat!.Version: 5.97.31

LeahFirst Lyft ride ever & first time in LA. Driver was so friendly and provided some great info on Dodgers and on the stadium. Really safe, fast and enjoyable trip.Version: 5.90.3

BelindaExtremely friendly and courteous driver. Giving us useful information.Version: 6.1.3

Lyft Satisfaction SurveyWhen in need of a ride, Lyft is normally very reliable and I have gotten wonderful drivers most of the time. However, when leaving home from Decatur, GA., I experienced a driver (Juan) who accepted my ride request and had me waiting approximately 15-20 minutes and then he wound up dropping my request. My request was to the airport, so I cannot express strongly enough how every minute counted. After his terribly inconsiderate cancellation, I was initially assigned to another driver who was 13 minutes away. I cannot tell you how very frustrated I was with Lyft at that moment. Fortunately, Lyft then found me a closer driver (Lashon) who was only 4 minutes away. Lashon was GREAT and got me to the airport in plenty of time to catch my flight but I still can’t get over Juan accepting my ride request only to have me waiting in vein for 20 minutes wasting my time AND jeopardizing me catching my flight. I would certainly like to see him reprimanded and definitely want him BLOCKED from ever picking up another ride request from me in the future! And this guy supposedly have a 5 star rating? I don’t think so. Very disappointed with that terrible experience 👎🏽.Version: 6.20.3

EasyReally easy to order a ride on the app and friendly drive. I’m an active wheelchair user and would love to have an option to let the drive know I’m a wheelchair user..Version: 5.46.3

Great serviceThanks for quick response. It’s our first time using Lyft. Service was great!.Version: 5.58.3

ServiceComing from Australia and not having Lyft, I found this service fantastic. Both rides have been pleasant and cheap. Love the system. Our first driver Eric was unbelievable.Version: 5.83.3

The WorstA few weeks ago I scheduled a Lyft to pick my daughter up to bring her to a friends house. What started out as what should have been a 10 minute wait turned out to be 45 minutes before Lyft said they couldn’t accommodate the ride. I sent in a complaint and received a text message to please give them another opportunity in the future. Yesterday I scheduled a Lyft to pick me up and bring me to LaGuardia airport at 1pm. At 12:50pm Lyft sent me an update that my driver would be a few minutes late. I checked the app and was given contact info for the driver. I called him and he told me he had just left Manhattan and was bringing someone to PA and then would be at my house afterwards. He’d arrive after my flight landed in South Carolina. Lyft has failed at every opportunity. The company has absolutely no clue of how to provide good customer service. Their communication skills have a lot to be desired. They’re offering much lower prices than Uber in an attempt to take business from them but can’t deliver. I have Lyft fails. Their drivers should just switch to Uber and be done with them..Version: 6.44.3

Review 👍🏽Super friendly and very pleasant ride! Thanks.Version: 7.32.3

Very nice driverOne of the best drive so far.Version: 5.58.3

Cheap Rides for Drivers and Terrible Customer Service!!!I’m a Lyft and Uber Driver for one year now. At the normal rate, Lyft pays Drivers a hair more than Uber. There is hardly any Primetime and when there is, it’s at a very low percentage except when there is extremely inclement weather. As a full time driver driving for both Companies, the only way to make a profit is through Primetime and Surge, period. A good example of how cheap the driver pay is from Lyft is earlier this week they had an available scheduled ride to take someone from Englewood Cliffs, NJ to Philly, PA for a payment between $101 and $111-that is offensive and highway robbery. That’s clearly a loss to any driver. By the time you factor in tolls, gas, wear and tear on your car and time spent not being able to pick up in PA until you hit NJ, it’s def not worth it. Their customer service is the worst, period. They outsource to the Philippines and they are ALL trained to be very polite but that’s it-no knowledge to assist you. Their scheduled rides are not guaranteed so although you are the “designated” driver, you are NOT guaranteed to get the passenger-outrageous! I hardly turn on my Lyft App and instead drive for Uber more which I might add isn’t much better..Version: 5.46.3

Great DriverThanks Audriana you were wonderful! Hope we get you again soon..Version: 5.55.3

On time, reasonable rate, clean car and friendly driver.Will book my next trip with Lyft again.👍.Version: 7.14.3

Lyft is cool, but the app is draining my batteryThe app is cool and the system works great, but it drains my battery so much. Don’t know if I’ll continue to use it..Version: 5.65.3

Poor connectivityI can only get Lyft when I’m in my apartment. The moment i leave, my WiFi doesn’t connect. I don’t have this with any other app: I would use it much more often if I could.Version: 5.69.3

Great first tripGreat smooth pick up journey and drop off. Friendly and chatty driver Windelfo. Would recommend and would use again thanks..Version: 5.44.3

LyftJust got totally ripped off by Uber in Miami on a scheduled drive to the airport, cost $173, so decided to use Lyft for the first time. Excellent service, and much cheaper than Uber, will be using Lyft whilst I Am in LA..Version: 5.85.3

Just used the share a ride it saved me half the price almost!!The driver was very friendly!!!!!.Version: 6.7.3

Lyft is greatI’m from Australia Lyft is easy reliable and hassle free! Keeps you updated via sms all the way 👍🏼.Version: 5.97.31

ReviewWhy do you give 10% off promos and then up the price by $2-$3? Also we should be able to individually rate a driver, not just pick from a prepared menu of concerns. It limits the rider from explaining exactly what they want to say. I have complained before but Lyft doesn’t seem to care. I was ignored. At least with uber they are easily contactable..Version: 6.14.3

Not good 😡It takes so long to find nearby driver.Version: 6.30.3

Better value than uber - use it all the timeGreat service, friendly drivers..Version: 5.37.3

Horrible customer serviceI have been a loyal customer for over a year but they have been charging the incorrect card . I have put the card information in and they take it off my visa which I have already asked them not to and the app doesn’t let you remove a payment method, only add more. I have contacted their customer service 4 times and no response. You can’t call anyone, the only thing you can do when you have a problem is send a message. I want to speak with a real person but it seems like they only care about getting their money and have no interest if the customer is happy or not. I also was upset I ordered a ride the other day and it said 6 minutes but my 2 teenage girls had to wait in the cold for more than a half an hour and nothing was done about that either. The worst customer service I have experienced. I have worked in customer service and how they treat their customers, other companies would fire the employee on the spot. They need better management and to prioritize customer service . I will be switching to Uber because I have had enough! Sarah Fickett.Version: 6.27.3

Absolute godsend!!We were told about the Lyft app by a friend who recently visited Florida and it is absolutely fantastic!! The longest we’ve waited is 4 minutes to be picked up, the drivers are great, friendly and courteous. The cars are lovely and clean. We are staying around 10-15 from SeaWorld and it cost approximately £12 for 6 of us!! Can’t recommend enough..Version: 5.50.3

My first timeThis has been my first trip and I can't rate this app highly enough . Easy to use , efficient in its location finder & the driver very friendly and helpful ..Version: 5.31.3

Love your serviceCan I please have a promo? X.Version: 5.33.3

Difficult to contactGenerally a good service. However even on the Lyft website, there appears to be no way indicated to speak to a real person (!), or even an email or other field to leave a constructive suggestion. As usual / in most situations, "it's all about communication." Usually using Lyft in USA. But I would also like the service to be available in Australia..Version: 5.27.3

First time userFirst time user of Lyft. Loved it!.Version: 5.58.3

Lyft ReviewThe Lyft service is fantastic, the cars are always super clean, waiting time for pickup in any location, is very quick & only ever a couple of minutes top’s. Every driver we had had, was always polite & very friendly, great service & thouroughly recomend to everyone, 5 stars 👍👍🤓.Version: 5.46.3

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