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Clash of Clans app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about clash of clans?

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Terrible updateThey have destroyed a game that everyone loved to play. Now only players that want to spend money can improve. Lower players can't farm anymore, that was the main reason why I enjoy playing. Now you can't even do that. Why Supercell why.....? :(.Version: 9.105.11

Deep pockets vs. SkillSupercell, makers of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day and Clash Royale seem to have a problem with Americans. They are based in Europe so I suppose they are catering to the home team but its also apparent they really like the Asian countries as well. I happen to be a night worker, so I’m up all night regularly and have noticed that most special events that bring extra opportunities for stars, points, gems, etc., always seem to start between the hours of midnight and 4 AM in the U.S. This is prime hours for Europe and Asia but most Americans are sleeping. So, of course, this gives an obvious advantage to Europeans and Asians. Maybe this explains why the top clans and players in the world are always from China, Japan and Korea with a few Europeans . No big deal since these games are becoming boring and repetitious but after building your bases and developing your troops over several years to then be stomped on by some short timer from China who bought his base and maxed it out takes the skill out of the game and replaces it with whose daddy gives the biggest allowance. Too bad. These were great games at one time but the endless procession of pointless upgrades, designed to force you to keep spending money or get crushed, has caused the SuperCell games to become predictable and reward those with the deepest pockets over those with skill..Version: 13.180.16

Bring global backI don’t really care about the new changes to clash but taking away global is taking it too far so bring back global.Version: 11.866.1

Awful UpdateStill awful not being able to 'gem' barracks 1 by 1, same for spell factory, Bad Greedy move! Worse is the league system!!! At th 9, I continuously have to fight myself back up to champion 3, because th10's & 11's that reckon they are only Master 3's, 2's and 1's, crystals 😧and even worse (gold, etc) continuously float over my very expensive 'useless' walls, decimating me and taking 20 + trophies every time! All I am offered, when looking for a battle is th 10's & 11's. Leagues need to be sorted!, Th 11's should not be able to attack th9's at all or lower, which does happen! This losing trophies at their levels Needs to be sorted! Make it fun for everyone, not pay all this gold for walls and guess what we will make it futile by letting a floater, float all over them because your only a th 8/9! Trying to get a revenge attack is mindless, if you ever can, there's no point because there are no trophies on offer because they're playing the league system and are so low down the supposed ladder that we have to feel sorry for them because even though they have a th 2-3 times higher than you they are 3-4 times lower in a league than you are, haha!.Version: 9.256.17

Not spending another dime hereThey remove global chat because it’s too expensive to moderate? Are you kidding, so how does do the other way smaller games manage like runescape. What about clan chat? Going to remove that next to “protect” children from bad language and grooming? If something like that is going to happen it sure as hell won’t be on global which is full of randoms, it will be in a clan chat. Such a stupid decision. As if Supercell doesn’t already make enough off the game to support 🤣1.6 billion revenue and 635 million profit, yup can’t afford global chat lol.Version: 11.866.17

Builder villageClash of Clans is one of the greatest Mobile apps you can find with this type of gameplay yes, but the builder base clashing system is broken. The AI and the match-making system is absolute garbage. Playing as a builder hall 5 I am consistently up-tiered to builder hall 6 & 7 and it is completely unfair. When raiding a village at the normal village you can get maybe 1 or 2 stars against a higher town hall but when the amount of damage you do is a deciding factor if you win and the enemy has a stronger army and stronger base, then it’s mostly impossible. Sure, you get the inadequate player who is either rushed or just plain bad, but the advantage of having a higher base over your opponent is making it almost unplayable and the opposite of fun, frustrating. The AI is also complete garbage as most of the time you’re stuck wondering, “WHY ARE YOU GOING THAT WAY!!!!”. But both bases have that problem, but the wall breakers took a complete step backwards because they still target wall spikes. The AI also decides to run straight past other buildings to get to the building that was across the wall, which is stupid because none of them have enough health to run past three defenses. I’ve had cannons go past the town hall to attack buildings over a wall too. The AI is completely unprepared for handling walls and the match-making system is completely awful..Version: 13.675.1

The game is digressingI’ve been playing this game since it came out and I meet most of my good friends on the game trough global. Since 2012 every update has improved this game with a few bumps here and there but taking out global makes all those updates feel like nothing. I get on and I feel alone half the time when it used to be so lively and fun. Global was a place where I could show off my achievements in the game and how high I could get. Now I feel like there is no point to pushing and now I just sit stagnant wondering if I should delete the game or not..Version: 11.866.17

Clash is a good gameClash is a good game overall but the whole thing where you have to wait up to 12 days for a single upgrade to finish isn’t good. I’m currently town hall 13 one star and I’m finding it very difficult to max. Prices are to high for a start, my eagle artillery is max level thanks to a book of building and the end of season bonus loot but I think the upgrade was taking about 14 days to finish if I didn’t have the book I would probably be still waiting. On to issue 2 walls, they are the most expensive thing in the game overall I have a lv 11 wall here and there but they are to expensive to upgrade, personally I think if they halfed the price it would still be to expensive. On to the last issue heroes ad troops, heroes cost to much to upgrade full stop. My barb king is lv 29 and I’m th13 come on it is that expensive and (I know this is gonna sound sad) but my grand warden is lv7 as for the troops I’m currently upgrading loons to lv8 it cost like 10 mill elixir and is taking about 12 days both of those numbers are to large. I think I’m just focusing on the bad stuff to much. Anyway I am so rushed I had to start another acc and max it th by th I’m only a max th5 so far tho and even now the costs are to high. I quite like the game overall it is a good game to play if you have lots of time as it requires a lot of attention..Version: 13.180.16

Supercell Support Has FlawsSo as we know supercell has added in these seasonal challenges to get rewards and skins for you heroes and just overall to improve and for you to progress but when I made a complaint of how overpowered the gold pass is and how it’s expensive and how it kind of needs to be nerfed... THEY STARTED EXPLAINING THE MEANING OF IT! “The Gold pass Gives you a skin and magical items and resources..” they think we don’t know that, they stared mocking me about how the pass doesn’t give the player skill since I told them how easy it is to level up with it BUT yes it does because it can help your army and base improve which improves your skill in many ways I’m just very disappointed that about the lack of community respect they just ignore the main question your trying to tell them and just think we are 5 year olds and start explaining what it’s about I also said how the game starting to turn pay to win since the gold pass is just way too overpowered and needs to be nerfed down but nope got ignored on that as well, if your wanting to play this game just don’t bother since you’ll be so much behind your friends and your clan mates since they have the battlepass and they’re allowed to spend money when most people aren’t like me, even tho you can catch up legit but it’s gonna take very long and the people who buy it can’t be feeling too happy when they see they’re OP base since it was all pay to win.Version: 11.651.12

Builder baseHome village is pretty good, but the builder village needs work. It’s a good idea that works well, but either the matchmaking or trophy win/loss needs to change. Opponents are pretty random, so it is quite luck based whether you get someone who is fair competition. Controlling who opponents are will make this fairer, or lowering the trophy loss will cancel this out. Also, the Builder base AI is not in a good state. Builder base is no longer considered new, so having a broken battle machine with a real shoddy targeting system is no longer meeting Supercell standard. The same applies to the builder base troops. It does not feel like they have intelligent AI that is useful like home base troops..Version: 13.0.31

I3lThe update that has the challenge delay when you move a thing or place a new thing. it says you can’t change for a day if you move a wall and put back. the delay still say 1 day till you can challenge. And before we could start clan war with 5 or 10 people in clan war you are making this game. a little bit worse for me sorry and my friend. good game.Version: 11.651.12

Global chat :(Your game is already dying and what do you do remove the one thing that is keeping alive global chat I met every single one of my friends on there and your removing because of spammers and scammers? We already have a mute button and you can’t curse at people on there people have to be more smart online and now your punishing all the others players that used global chat when nobody in your clan was on or if your troops were cooking and for new players their not going to have any fun new players always would go on global chat and talk to clan leaders and then get into the clan and now that’s going to be hard just because you guys add a new feature to find clans that Doesn’t mean anything people like to talk to new people all around the world interact with people virtually and now you remove all that. I’m done with this game and Half of your fan base is too your remove the only good thing in the game it’s over your game is dead. Give it 2 months unless you add it back your game will stay dead farewell..Version: 11.866.17

TrashI can’t open the app.Version: 13.675.1

HQ BonsaiI really enjoy this game, but today I lost a builder battle thing. BUT I had a higher percentage (34%). It was weird the other guy got 30% but had a star and won? I'm very confused by this..Version: 9.105.11

Absolutely worst customer serviceDue to the recent China server split, a lot of people lost access to their account. Until today I still can’t recover my account and I got very rude response from Supercell customer support team. They don’t do proper investigation and they just shut down and turn you off as soon as possible and not really help you to solve problem at all..Version: 14.426.1

SmhJump spells should draw in friendly troops i’m done with my troops not even going in the spell or jumping back out of the damn walls.Version: 14.0.9

World chatCan you please bring back world chat it’s much harder for me to find a clan that wants me. It also made the time pass while troops are training, or waiting for a build to finish upgrading..Version: 13.369.29

Offers are too much money!The offers are too much money! It costs like $110 for a whole bunch of gems that you will blow off in a week!! Okay game, but offers would be way better off cheaper..Version: 11.651.19

😮🤯😆😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤It’s horrible I wish to give zero stars my parents place and say it’s good but it’s horrible but I guess if I give zero stars I won’t be able to write this review maybe one and a half stars would do all you do is try and attack check your stuff and then do it all over again I want it to be more interesting and then we got no Internet it’s horrible it can’t even say normal for one second it’s just not right me that’s why I don’t play any more but I still keep it on my iPad I keep it on my iPad because my parents like to use it with my other small iPad is out of battery that’s why I like my other game called school of dragons and monster high Beauty salon or something so please follow these instructions or ideas or something it would make me really happy and I might start playing it again.Version: 11.866.1

Im starting to hate this gameDear money grabbing thieves, I am beginning to hate this game. Everything takes like 2 weeks to complete, there is a lack of “are you sure you want to do this” pop ups, and it is very expensive. I have wasted 3 years of my life with this game, and nothing but a virtual village to show for it. I would give zero stars, but I have to give one for this review. The money grabbing cheats known as supercell need to either get rid of this game completely, or optimise it. In the builder base I was about to break 2500 cups, and then for some reason, I went on a huge losing streak and back down to 2100 cups, and as a bh6, I kept getting bh7 + 8’s when doing versus battles, and I was essentially forced to rush to bh7. It’s a huge shame that this game has gone to this state. Construction times need to be optimised. Given the audience that supercell is targeting, I don’t think 7-13 year olds are prepared to wait weeks for one upgrade, or be like the 20-40 year old coc youtubers that get tons of gems from sponsors. This game is in a crap state at the moment, needs to be fixed, and rounded out for ALL players, and not favour the top players..Version: 10.134.15

Cannot login, no way for supportMove me to China server while I am in Canada for many years!! please fix this or we delete the game cannot login now, change to any language didn’t work Cannot get to support. You guys always ask people to find support in the game, but now I cannot even get into the game..Version: 14.426.1

Globallll :(I believe you shouldn’t have taken off global cause this makes recruiting harder for clans. Global is a great idea where people from different clans especially high ranks can help and give advices to people who needs help! Global was the highlight of the game where everyone could talk and communicate from different parts of the world that they would never expected. Sure, people can be really toxic but there’s a report button for a reason but global is one main reason why clash is fun! Since the new update, I noticed a lot of people is starting to stop playing because it’s getting boring and well global is gone. I think you should have made different globals for different languages, which could help people find the right players and clans, because one of the main reason of getting is negativity between different countries like Bangladesh. This why I think you should get global back and just add different language globals!! :).Version: 11.866.6

ThingsSupercell a great game making company has had such great ideas I’ve been playing this game since 2014 but the game is getting a bit too hard because the walls are so expensive as you start playing more and more it’s just too hard for some people to be maxed. Because of the walls please make every wall a heck load cheaper and the game might get better because of that..Version: 11.446.20

Glitchy since recent updateVery glitchy recently. cant even open the app since the most recent update.Version: 14.426.3

Great Game should play.I’ve been playing clash of clans since 2014 or late 2013 don’t remember exactly, it’s a great game and is unique or was when a crap ton of rip offs were made of it’s fun attacking other people’s bases talking to people in your and having clan wars and clan games it does take a long time to upgrade stuff but I don’t mind it’s a pretty casual game that you can play 10 or so minutes of at a time there’s nothing wrong, for me that is with the game itself except dealing with people of higher town halls attacking my base cause there in the same league or 1 or 2 ahead but I don’t mind since gathering resources is rather easy. The only actual complaint that I have is not with the game but game support or whatever it’s called since I got banned for phishing even though the account was my mini, the first or second mini I made and just wanted access to it not actually play on it since I have another mini now it still pisses me off cause why would a townhall 11 risk getting there account banned for a townhall 7 like bruh even if it was fishy it had a name identical to mine except with 3.0 but whatever. The point is the game is great and you should play it and it’s fun but it doesn’t have so great player service so don’t be surprised if you get randomly banned for something dumb, but it’s a definite 5 star game just gave it a 3 star review cause of the service..Version: 14.211.9

HackedI cannot access my account because it says that there is another device connected! My base has been changed and almost all my gems have been used! This is now the second time that this has happened and it is always when I get really good!.Version: 9.105.11

Extremely bad customer serviceSo I had an account that I had lost since it was very old and I stopped playing the game when I came back I didn’t have access to the account since I had changed my Apple ID and game Centre before coming back. I contacted support and they politely told me to send some information about the account which I did to the best I could. But since the account was old I could not remember everything. Then after I had sensed my responses. Without consultation or explaining they banned the account I was messaging them with for pishing like WTH! I feel so let down by supercell to the point I want to quit the game and delete the app even though it is a very good game. I know they don’t want accounts being stolen. BUT SERIOUSLY? Supercell needs to understand that human beings don’t have infinite memory and just cause they can’t remember the previous name of the account they shouldn’t be banned on the account they are messaging them from and the account they are trying to get back. My advice is that if you lose your account DO NIT MESSAGE THEM THEY MAKE IT WORSE BY BANNING UR OTHER ACC. Very disappointing.Version: 13.369.9

Lost all my gold and dark elixer 😡Good game, but was really disappointed when at the end of the season all of my gold and dark elixir that i had earned from the season was removed. Not a big deal but just a bit annoyed. It kept coming up with client and game are out of sync, so i turned off my phone and turned it on again and all of my gold and dark elixir was gone..Version: 13.369.9

Outrageous ban!So I tried getting my account back yesterday, being given a few instructions about what to tell supercell (on my new account) and they got back to me today with 10 instructions to note about and being I lost MY account in 2014 due to me smashing my hudl 2 I could not remember any details and filed the few things i knew. I was then messaged by my friend saying why have you left the clan, I replied I haven’t , he said (a friend I have been playing CoC with since 2014) well then you must have got your Th8 account back !! I was getting extremely hyped and then it popped onto my screen whilst CoC was loading : you have been permanently banned for phishing ?! I just want my old account back to which I 8spent ages on and what do I get? A perm ban on my nearly maxed th5!! Lots of hard work!!!! Supercell FIX UP and give me my accounts back!! Legit what’s the point in not just giving the Acc if it ent been used for years and won’t be ever again as I can’t find a repair shop for my hudl?! Supercell, please just return my accounts and if not then I hate you.Version: 10.322.12

ClashLost a town hall level 14 glitches.Version: 14.211.0

Great game but customer service isn’tAmazing game, don’t get me wrong. I’ve played it from 2013 to now and i’ve has lots of fun with it. I got up to town hall 8 with my original village, but when i returned earlier this month, my account got removed from my icloud. I was greatly disappointed and saddened from this, so i contacted supercell through the app and got some amazing help IN THE BEGINNING. It was all going swimmingly when i was informed they couldn’t recover my old base. I was not angered at this because i had already made good progress on my new account and had spent money on this account. Earlier this morning however, i woke up to a message from Supercell saying “i see you have logged on to your missing village! Congratulations!” But i hadn’t. I was confused and said i didn’t have access to my first account with the correct download receipts from 2013. I knew my old account wasn’t coming back, but i had spent 10 dollars on my new account and mad really good progress, so i was excited to be back into the game. About 2 hours ago i logged on to the app to see I was Banned for “Account phishing”. I now have lost 2 accounts, both dear to me and am very unhappy with the service i’ve revived. Gameplay wise, it’s incredible, but just make sure to connect your account if you don’t want it deleted or banned..Version: 11.49.11

You sud care more about your customers n not about apple !!!!Likes many others that recently gave you bad reviews, i too must express my disappoinment with this 2020 logmas update. I have an old ipad n no longer able to play. Thanks a bunch on your decision to support apple more than your customers that already spent hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, to play this game. One thing you must be aware of, the decline of people playing this game already massive due to the age of it, but now you just done yourself a huge favour by throwing away even more players to favor apple. Wish you a jolly empty pocket for future ahead..Version: 13.576.9

Money grab company that has zero concern for its fan baseBeen on clash for five years off and on and have never once had proper support or service. All you’ll get is I’m sorry there is nothing we can do if you get ripped off on purchase items (and it will happen trust me) but if they can squeeze a penny boy will they try. Game is good but supercell has zero soul and could careless and f you died as long as you buy a gold pass. Updates have zero character or new gameplay, but just recycled ideas or minor upgrades that will take over two weeks of build time for little to no payoff. Save your time and money and invest in a company that will actually care about its players as much as the player will play the game. Supercell is horrible. Always has been and always will be.Version: 13.180.12

Good Game but Supercell can’t seem to fix cloud issuesBeen playing this game for 4-5 years and have maxed my base however as you get to higher levels once reaching Titan level the availability of bases is poor meaning you spend sometimes 5-10 minutes waiting on one or two bases to raid, if they don’t have enough loot then it can be a considerable amount of time. Also when using a training boost it is wasted as you manage 2-3 hits with decent loot if you’re lucky during that hour due to connection issues. For such a large company I find it hard to understand why it is taking years to fix this with promises of “clear skies” from the developer been cited numerous times, and responses like “your one of the best players” and other patronising comments without facing up and honestly answering the question. I tried to get to legend league but due to being stuck in the clouds coupled with the fact you get very little trophies for wins there it is extremely difficult and time consuming and to date I have never made it there through sheer frustration. Good game but in this day and age a developer should be fixing this promptly, or they need to employ someone who can do something about it after years of not being able to fix it. Any other reputable tech company would have this sorted quickly..Version: 11.446.20

Rage quitting:Bring global back!Okay i have been playing since you guys started. Since i had this we had global, really no issue other than racism, inappropiate stuff being said and bullying, so on so forth.. I actually liked global and did not realize this until it was too late. So pleaseee bring global back! I'm telling you, we try to recruit and "inbox is full" it would take months and months(trying to get people hooked on the game i know.. money blah blah etc) to build a clan when you are in silver and gold league. It took me 7 years on/off to get to gold 1. That was rushing to th5 then i maxed everything out from there(little things are whatever as of right now) now im max th8 and miss global. Point is, lower th's will not be recruited unless one small clan here and there, bad recruitment idea. I'm telling you there will be many more complaints to come from Leaders of high level clans such as level 7+. We are struggling to keep people in the clan as we do clan wars, cwl, and clan games. We keep everyone involved and we are a level 17 clan that was established in 2014 by Demonous. As an elder and a player that has been here since day1.. I say bring back global chat! You kept it gor 7 years, you can still have it now, minor problems to fix but thats it. You managed to keep up with everything so WHY NOW?bring it back..Version: 11.866.1

It’s good but a bad flawI love playing coc because it’s fun and addicting thus the rating but because it’s not a 4 star or 5star rating is because of supercell banning me for no reason so what happened was me and my dad started playing coc again and I got up to a town hall 5 and he was a town hall three and I didn’t know you could recover a lost account then my dad found out how to get his old account back he was a town hall 12 and so he just gave them what the town hall level was and the name of the base the clan his name and the tag and he got his account back so I wanted to get my old account back too and for two days supercell support asked for information such as what phone type the account was on and the name and clan etc me and my dad were in the same exact clan and after they ask one more time in the morning for some info they banned me due to an account phishing attempt supercell support had no reason to ban me and the only reason I can think of is because of the lack of information since it was a year or two ago and the fact that my town hall 5 had progress which is no where near enough evidence to ban me for 31 days and so if supercell support doesn’t help unban me then I will lose a lot of respect for the game and being worried if I will lose my account because I didn’t get a warning or was banned for 31 days will ruin this game for me that’s all I wanted to say and I hope supercell helps and I can change my review and fix this mess.Version: 14.0.9

Really Bad ServiceMy brother tried to get onto his account for after about 6 months and it wouldn’t let him on. So he emailed the Customer service thing and they just banned him for phishing! Even though he had all the passwords and emails he needed to sign in! Even the account number! But they still just banned him! Its such bad customer service and they didn’t even try to help him. Not to mention his account was so good with maxed out level 12 town hall! Will definitely not be recommending this game to anyone else.Version: 13.180.12

Trophies need to be fixed in my opinion!!This game is the only thing I play during my free time but the one thing I hate n yes I know hate is a strong word but I hate the fact that in a lot of attacks you may carry out that if you were to fail a attack you can lose almost double the trophies you would if you were to win your attack which makes me wild since I’ll be grinding non stop on the game for star bonus n almost demoting myself down leagues cos of losing some attacks!! Say for instant I was a tryna achieve my star bonus I carried out a couple attacks to only lose them both 49% (which means no star unless the townhall has been destroyed) and losing roughly 40+ trophies but the trophies I would have gained if I were to be successful with my attacks were less then the trophies I would’ve had taken off me if being unsuccessful with my attacks😡😡😡.Version: 14.211.9

Decent game, one glaring issue.Clash of Clans is an alright game, with some fun, albeit unoriginal base building and attacking gameplay. It has a fun art style, and some nice animations. If you reach some of the higher leagues, sure, it becomes grind for 3 weeks or pay to win, it is still a nice competitive bracket. The main issue I have had with this game is the servers. Supercell has the insane amount of players playing this game on just a set of relatively cheap servers. Connection is honestly never stable, they do not allow client side modification, and the servers cannot properly handle the amount of players on at any one time. From personal experience, this device loses connection to the servers at least every 6.5 minutes the app is active. This is not ok. I do understand that setting up new servers is expensive, could shut the game down for a few days or weeks, and may have them lose some money they could've made during that time, but I believe it is the best option for the longevity of this game. They probably don't care, because no matter what people will keep paying them for gems or loot, but if they actually care about having an enjoyable game with minimal issues, I think something has to be done. Apologies for the rant. TLDR; Decent game with nice graphics,not quite original gameplay ideas (fun nonetheless), servers are not good enough for the amount of players..Version: 9.256.3

Idk...I’ve been playing this game for years... and there is a lot that has changed.. I think the worst part that has changed is the global chat. That was prob the best part. You got to talk to all kinds of people. Talk about their clans and how things ran in them. But now you just have to guess and pick a clan. Don’t know if they speak your language or around your age. If they talk a certain way in their. Who knows?? You just pick one and go with it and keep jumping till you find something. Then the time wait on stuff is crazy. The best part is the new challenges you can do to earn rewards. Since everyone is most likely broke as mess since everything costs sooooo much. I’ve even spent like $5 on this game and that barely put a dent in what I needed to upgrade. It is a fun game to play and talk to people in but that part is cut out for some reason.. literally the best part. It made clan finding easy! Also I don’t really care for the other castle thing over the sea.. a lot of people don’t care for it since they are grinding their main base all the time. It was way better when it was simple. Just a base, clan, clan wars, clan chat, and global chat. But the loot after you get raided is nice! Really like that feature! The others people don’t really do except clan games. Great rewards in that! That’s it for right now I think. Well time to go hop in and out of clans all day to find a decent one I fit into and like 😒.Version: 11.866.17

Too expensiveNow don’t get me wrong the game is great fun and good quality... however it’s only possible to get anywhere if you pay tones of money buying gems or other items from the store if you don’t do that you could honestly be playing it every day for years and not really get that far but if you had money to spend then you could do it all in seconds, it’s also very clear to see when looking at other bases who has just thrown money directly at it. I can understand they need and want to make money but everything is costly in the game that without paying it’s constant waiting days if not weeks for one building to be completed it’s ridiculous and not to mention you can tell the developers are finding more and more ways for you to spend money one example is when in multiplayer searching for a base to attack literally every base is way too high a level compared to yours so in order to do any real damage you have to drastically improve you’re troops/base which in turn then gives you even harder bases when you search again it’s just money grabbing but other wise it’s good potentially if they stopped being so money hungry and put love back into a game.Version: 13.576.3

Bring back global chatI loved this game and I still do, but when they removed global chat that took away a lot of my love for the game. I know it was toxic af but that’s what made it so good. Like how are you gonna take offence from someone who you’ve never met and probably lives on the other side of the planet. I know it was toxic but that was one of the reasons I played the game, like without global chat I can’t recruit people to my clan, and I just feel alone when I play. If they brought it back I would change my rating to 4 stars..Version: 14.93.6

Lost account and support not helpfulLost my account email, no way to get my account back. It is still linked to my gamecenter but because of new supercell id, i dont have any way to login it.Tried contacting the support but still nothing, not helping at all. Please let me have my 4-5 yr old account back!! How can i reach there again from scratch?.Version: 14.211.9

Bad SupportMy account got lost and I contacted supercell support and all they gave me was all this B.S. about how I need to check my email for instructions and they never tried to help only sending these fake bots telling you your account has been recovered..Version: 11.185.19

No communication by supercell,on potential hackingSupercell did not provide protection against potential 3rd party hacking in the January 2022 league. It’s shocking to see the policy put in place does not enforce nor protect clans. Enemy member admitted on discussion board to being enemy clan coleaders, came in had a look, set themselves up to win, I watched to see they were in the opposite clan. I have photos and video evidence. I’ve been a loyal member for 4 years thought our systems were protected, doesn’t appear that way. I now no longer paying for season passes, if things don’t improve things could get worse to no investment whatsoever. I’ve notified my clan that they are unprotected. I know this may not be posted supercell but you will see it yourselves. When members are unprotected by hackers it leads to massive game fallouts due to unfair play. Fix your cybersecurity system so there isn’t any hacking is the suggestion..Version: 14.211.9

Growing ever frustratedWhile I have been playing this for many years now, I don’t really see any positive improvements. Time and again it is apparent that people are still using Bots to attack and defend their village.. this needs addressing by supercell !! I see a lot of the time my troops will blatantly walk around or even away from the town hall when they should be heading straight to it, or even in some cases they will right on top of it then decide it’s not good and walk away ... really ?? Now we have this quite ridiculous builder base game which serves zero purpose other than to frustrate further... unbalanced, weaker bases and troop levels trancing over what clearly is a stronger base ... and again troops avoiding the hall or walking away from it after starting to take it down ... the list goes on ... it is set up to make you fail ... I lost a total of 232 trophies on a streak of 10 losses once I have finally broken the 2700 mark ... not been anywhere near that since ... Come on supercell sort it out you money grabbing cheats ... stop swindling the general public and work a bit harder to make it fairer..Version: 10.134.6

Good game, but takes way to long to do stuff without spending money.I’ve had Clash Of Clans of this device for a year, I’ve been decently active and I haven’t spend a dime. Throughout this experience I have found it difficult to make progress. All my friends get to gem there way to new Town Halls, and I’m stuff year at a 100% done Town Hall 7 for the past 3 months. There’s no clear progress when not spending money. And I think upgrades take to long and it ends up being pointless to play. ( Would not recommended if your not willing to spend money ) There are no adds by the way which I love..Version: 11.185.13

MrIt's a pity you didn't think to take into consideration players who have an older I-Pad and suddenly I can't play and download the older version of C of Clans , the players and the village I have created are no longer accessible to me. So thanks you inconsiderate people . Why didn't write some kind of warning and let players know that's what would happen if they try and download the new update. To say I'm disappointed is putting it lightly. All you are is a money grubbing bunch of greedy A---- holes, if I had known what sort of people you where I wouldn't have spent penny on your game and I hope there where other players that got burnt and are as disappointed as I so thank you NOT.Version: 13.576.9

Rip CoCCoC dead after global got removed.Version: 11.866.1

Jeu arrivé au bout de sa vie, updates, nouveautés et fonctionnalité du jeu dépassés et onéreuxAprès 10 ans, jeu devenu couteux et moins intéressant..Version: 14.426.3

Addictive Game, no support for issues caused by Bugs.The intended addictive nature of the game draws you into spending real money. In my case, a bug in the game prevented me from receiving in game benefits. After spending a decent amount of real money in developing my village in anticipation to utilise my entitled ‘Season bank’ funds, I subsequently never received the entitled gold, elixir and dark elixir. SuperCell support were completely uninterested in solving the issue. It actually felt as though I was dealing with a bot, and this maybe the case. 1 star because the addictive nature of the game is designed to get you to spend real money but there is absolutely no support when needed to rectify issues caused by them. Wasted money, uninstalled app..Version: 13.369.9

Stop making it so easy...I have been playing this game since 2013, with some long breaks. I am now th11 and the amount of time I spent getting there is unimaginable... Whilst I agree that it used to be way too hard to upgrade stuff back then in terms of getting resources and waiting for so long for the upgrades to finish, you are making it way too easy now. It was still fine when you added the pass that gives some rewards to players who are active and do the challenges, but that was enough. I don’t see the need to make it easier and easier for new players. It’s very unfair to players, like me, who have been playing the game for a very long time and put so much effort into getting where they are now as someone can reach the same position much more easily and quicker now. The reason I am writing this is because I just saw that you are going to implement upgrade costs and time reductions soon. Whilst there are some advantages for higher levels of town hall, it is mostly focused on the lower levels. I really don’t see the need to make those levels easier since they already aren’t really that hard, you just have to put a little bit of time and effort into the game and you’ll get past those levels no problem... Just stop making it so easy....Version: 13.675.22

Broken builder base matchupThe clan games were an awesome addition to the game, however Supercell still refuse to fix the broken builder base matching system. When more than half your battles are against a builder hall one or sometimes two levels higher than your base (along with their overpowered defences) it makes the builder base a waste of time. Despite them going on about "fair play", they still refuse to increase the weighting of the builder hall level so that you get a fair matchup. When they fix this issue then it will be a 5 star..Version: 10.322.12

Horribly unbalancedAs a relatively new player I found that getting into the game was fine but once you had passed a certain point the game got horribly unbalanced. It’s hard to sit there and see where your base or play style needs improvement because the person that raided you had troops from their clan that you could never defend against or vice versa when attacking. The wait times are stupidly long and lack of any real “effort pays off” message is disheartening. Supercell are a money hungry company who made their money off of this game and are trying to milk it for what it’s worth before shrinking into irrelevance. Honestly if the game didn’t allow high level troops to be given via clan castles I could say that all you need is self control but that fact there means people can achieve with their wallets and trying to start out just to be beat down before you have a chance to really get started is a bad way to style the game..Version: 10.322.27

Low wifiSo when I use the app I am having a great time but suddenly I have low wifi I try and get more the low wifi sign is still on my screen. Also when I attack it may come up in the middle of the fight and the fight finishes I’ve gotten a three star but when I watch the replay it shows that I only got like 10% because I had low wifi. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but please make its so you don’t get lower than what you actually scored because it’s really frustrating. It might be that the low wifi sign comes up like only when I place some troops but not the others so it might only count as the troops I used and not the ones I didn’t us before the sing came so please fix this because it really is frustrating..Version: 10.322.27

ACOUNT RECOVERYSo went to recover my account and i couldn’t remember everything to the exact date now that account has been permanently banned and i can’t start a new base on my phone.Version: 11.866.17

BrokenThis WAS a great game! Unfortunately after a little over 3 years of playing, the recent updates have killed the game enough to make me consider stopping playing. Apart from the gem perks, builder base is POINTLESS! The Vs battles are so inconsistent, you either have a good run of wins, or get hammered by archer snipers who waste every second of your boost! The Clan Games were a nice little distraction at 1st, but they have now become just a repetitive grind, with the same challenges over and over! Which is bad enough in itself, however if you’ve been fortunate enough to progress to the higher leagues, they’re made even worse by clouds! Oh I do hope you like clouds! Raiding has become almost impossible for casual players. You’ll easily spend 3-4 minutes watching a magnifying glass circle clouds until a village you have no chance of winning against eventually appears, press next, go boil the kettle and by the time you get back, you might be presented with another impossible village!.Version: 9.434.14

Used to be good, but now on the long slide down.Once upon a time, going back some 9 years ago, Clash Of Clans was everything you wanted in a game of this type. It was fun, with unique ideas and characters, and the gameplay was trust worthy. Fast forward 7-8 years, and the games developers have dropped the ball with the basics fundamentals that made them once good. The AI has always been sketchy, but with the introduction of bigger (not necessarily better) concepts, the gameplay has suffered. Characters no longer can be trusted to act the way they should, glitches throughout the game, lack of expansion in builder base to name just a couple of things, is slowly but surely making the game boring. Where once there were some nice incentives to warrant paying to play, now is just a waste of money, and so haven’t felt the need to pay for anything in the last couple of years..Version: 14.426.4

Money hungry....Thanks a lot for making poor people feel like they’re not going to be able to get as much enjoyment out of the game just because of money, apparently the billions of dollars you guys have made off this game so far wasn’t enough..Version: 11.446.15

Good game bad guild linesGame is good and gets better the more time you put into it ,but if you started playing this game in its first few years you know they didn’t have supercell ID. I had a town hall 10 that I invested money and hours in a long time ago and I recently tried to recover it . I now have a new town hall 9 account that I made a year or two ago that I have invested time and money into as well. I contacted supercell help and I tried answering their recovery questions as best as I could but I don’t know who would remember exactly what device month and year they originally downloaded clash of clans on. At the end of the questioning I was banned on my new account for account phishing my old account that is in my original clan made by me and friends. I was even in the clan and doing war with my new account in that same clan. I had just bought the October season pass. I messaged supercell again and tried to see if they could unban be because the information they were requiring to recovery my old account was crazy, but they said bans are final they won’t unban anybody. I had no history of account phishing or any misconduct before and they just terminate my account like it’s noting. Now I have two accounts that I’ve put hours and tons of money into that I lost. Makes me want to stop playing..Version: 13.576.3

Bring back global chatNever been so disappointed when i saw that global was removed. been playing since the first year it launched and i’m gonna delete it. this game is dead. they keep adding features that doesn’t make sense. why ?.Version: 11.866.6

Great Game but Needs AttentionThe idea behind the game is definitely a good one but it’s almost as if the producers have lost their way. Everything is soooo expensive it takes an inordinate length of time to get anywhere which is why it’s so tempting to buy gems to get the job done. I understand it’s a business and money must and should be made but not for everything. The game is losing its intention. Please rationalise exactly what it is that the player is supposed to be achieving and how. Many of the weapon levels are just wrong when compared to the rest of the game items and army members. Also I’m trying to update to the latest but it keeps taking me back to the home page where it tells me there’s a new update available. Can we please just have an ‘Install’ button please. I’m still not updated. Also, as I have requested before, can we please have some way of seeing who it is that has donated troops rather than having to constantly say ‘Thanks to whoever donated’. We can’t all be constantly sat in front of Clash waiting to see who it was. We need to earn some money in order to pay for the game items !!!!.Version: 9.256.26

Clash of clans, Clan System.For those of you who don’t know I have been playing this game since it came out and I am telling you right now don’t get this. You build up a base and you join clan members sounds enjoyable right? But grinding to get a decent base and strategy for a game that you only play for like half an hour every so often is not good. Not only that but a clan I was in didn’t like the strategy Or the troops I would try to play in the wars and tried to coach me about a game that I barely spend time on. Also the leader of the clan allows a person who has other accounts to take over the wars with those accounts. FIX THIS PLEASE!!! It’s unfair to the other team if that one person has a better strategy than other clan mates and uses that same strategy on other clans that are the same level. I was kicked out of the war and heatedly talked to the leader about this. The leader clearly tried to defend themself saying that they were giving me a tip about strategy which I retorted back that I only play so often. He then further argued with me which then led me to get kicked out of the clan. If you want to play this fine, but heads up for clans that will have duplicate accounts and will defeat your clan in a blink. And also the leaders are try hards and are at the highest ranks who grind for trophies..Version: 13.675.1

Bring back globalIta been hard to recruit people for clans now without global because the new system doesn’t work good it find good th but all of them are ALREADY IN CLANS bring back global or I might just delete the app.Version: 11.866.1

Plane Crash (Metaphorical)The president (CoC) and his wife (CR) were in a plane (supercell) and the pilots were these great people who wanted something great and so they did. They flew to an unbelievable imagine but then one of the staff wanted a go at flying and so they let him at the safety of him being in the co-pilot seat... 2 Hours Later ...A staff member (NickAtNyte) and a friend Molt) of his were in the cockpit flying on auto pilot trying to make it seem like everything was under their control and they were so gullible they believed themselves but with no proper pilots around and some of the most important and famous people aboard the chances were slim for things to go smoothly and they found themselves headed straight for the ground. From aboard the plane you knew what really happened but from outside you only thought that they had an unfortunate end and people slowly began to lose faith in these amazing people. While this both metaphorically represents supercell I think I might start making a book somewhat like this. Thanks for the Idea... But really Supercell isn’t farting rainbows anymore!.Version: 9.256.19

Блокирование игр для детей из России и Белоруссии недостойно серьёзной организации!Блокирование игр для детей из России и Белоруссии недостойно серьёзной организации! Позор для разработчиков и собственников!.Version: 14.426.3

Clash of clansGets boring after awhile but other than that it was fun while it lasted..Version: 9.105.11

Global chatWhy was it removed? Please add it back in the next update.Version: 14.211.9

GlitchyI go to fight battles and all of a sudden all my troops are randomly placed while I'm fighting and it sucks.Version: 9.105.11

Why should I report an issue with Clash of Clans?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Clash of Clans to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Clash of Clans customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Clash of Clans.

Is Clash of Clans not working?

Clash of Clans works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Clash of Clans.

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