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Multiple builders on the same buildingI love the game and i have watched the clash a rama and I think it would be really cool if you could put 2 builders on the same building that you are upgrading like the series when the buildiers son comes to help him and it would be really useful for upgrading it would make the game a bit realistic to the clash a rama series just a suggestion and you’re game is a great game supercell.Version: 15.547.6

Good game nice graphics and lots of content I do recommend playing.I absolutely love the idea of starting as a low level Town of just a few rocks and some wooden shacks and upgrading everything and becoming one of the strongest on the leaderboard. At the moment J am the leader of My clan and I’ve prefers this game then all the other rip offs of this game this game alone has made a thousand dollar industry think of it Rise of kingdoms Dawn of Titians these games where all games that when inspired by this one not copy’s but inspirations. It’s a great feeling when You finally get the base design and You come up with it yourself and no one and can beat it and then some guy comes along and dose it the feeling of knowing that’s theirs always someway You can improve your bases is reassuring that you are nearly not close to the end it can take Months to wakes to finally get that Ajax level town hall it's a great experience. And how they keeping adding on to the game new updates and Units and new areas the Night base and Clan Islands are just more work to add on your pile. I do recommend playing this game and the other games published by this Company they make some of the best games on the platform in My opinion 10/10 chefs kiss beautiful game..Version: 15.0.4

Global chatHey guys and gals I’ve been playing this game for. Years I really enjoy it overall but about 12 months ago I just stopped playing it as you do but when I got back I noticed global chat was gone which makes things difficult while just getting to know different people or adding people to your clan to help build it. And yeah I guess the reason for it being deleted was because people were swearing and bullying each other but there where the reporting rules which helped out so I think that you should bring it back to help the clans get people back and just so you can go on there just for a chat with random people anyway thanks any way everyone your still doing a great job keep up the good work.Version: 13.180.16

BugEvery time i open the game and there’s an update, i’m forced to update. that’s ok, a bit annoying but if I guess it’s to help. I’m not sure if it’s Apple Software or yours that even after i’ve updated to the newest update the game still comes up with the notification that says that I need to update and won’t allow me on to the game. I’ve tried closing and reopening the game, restarting my device. But none is working, until it just randomly decides to. This has happened in the last several updates, Please fix this :).Version: 9.434.2

Super good gameI’ve been playing this game for years but I never really got around to writing a review for it. Anyways this game is perfect for everyone. I remember the reason I got this game was because my brother was playing a different game made by the same people, it’s called Boom Beach, so I started to play that game but in my opinion it wasn’t the best game and maybe 6 months to a year of playing boom beach I decided to delete it and a couple months after that I was just looking on the App Store, as I do on a regular basis, and I spotted clash of clans. I didn’t really think of it very much, I just thought it was just some another game( at this point I didn’t know it was made by the same people), but I decided to download it cause it looked kinda fun. After it installed and I loaded it up I realized that it was made by the same people that made Boom Beach because the of the startup jingle and the SuperCell logo appearing. I thought it wasn’t going to be very good at all, but as I stated playing more and more and soon I was addicted, I even got my friend to download it! My fiends and I even started a clan that is still active today! But I just wanted to leave a review for a game that basically made my childhood. :).Version: 14.555.7

It was a gemI’ve been playing clash of clans since school and it brought me so much enjoyment. Back in the day there were heaps of YouTubers doing clash of clans content and the game was growing so well. You meet tons of great people online and the game mechanics are simple, yet not as easy as you think. The downfall of this game started a few years ago, people kept asking for more and more updates to be added to the game, and supercell listened to them. Every so often they would release an update, and then more frequently. Eventually the game became so clustered. The devs just kept releasing new stuff, new troops, new buildings, new town hall levels, until the game lost its charm. They crammed so much into this game until it was no longer the game all the original players had enjoyed. Good game, however the creators made a mistake. Updates are good, but too much of a good thing is bad, and ultimately they updated to game so much that it was no longer the charming game it ounce was..Version: 14.426.3

Very Attractive GameI enjoy this game for many of its functions. I enjoy the battling without all the gore, so it can be played with people who are conscious of these things. It has a ‘Join Clans’ and a ‘Add Friends’ function if you want to play with family members and friends, or make new ones. It has an original layout far different from most games, that is fun to play. The only things that are negative about this game is the wait time, how all the sceneries, magic items and perks have to be bought with real currency and not in game gems and the ‘Clan War’ function. If the wait time for everything was cut in half people would be able to play without one hour to three day waiting periods which would cause people to play for longer periods of time. If the sceneries, perks, magic items, e.t.c, were able to be bought with gems, players would have more freedom in purchase options. Lastly, if players could have infinite ‘Attack’ options people would be even more attracted to the game since they wouldn’t have to wait for the war to end. Other than those obstacles, this game has comical graphics, a little bit of strategy and fantasy creatures with both great styles and different attacks. Once the obstacles are fixed I believe that this game will receive a lot of better ratings from old-time players and new ones..Version: 15.83.19

Change neededIn my opinion this is one of the greatest games I have ever played but there could do with some changes. The first change is in the builder base, I think that there should be more than 2 ways to get loot In the builder base because people want to get things more often so there should be a way to get elixir and gold instead of collectors and battles once a day. Another feature that I quite personally would like is queuing builds and upgrades. Say I go to school and I’m about to finish an upgrade but I’m not allowed to go on my phone to start another one but if I queue it up before I get to school then it will be much more efficient to upgrade and build things. I know some of my school mates who are in a clan with me would also agree to this being added. Even though these changes may not be added they should be and if people don’t like it they can turn it off in there settings, this is a brilliant game, keep up the good work👍🏻.Version: 13.576.9

Great gameMy friend introduced me to it and now I have lots of fun. This game has no blood or gore and requires very little time. Collect your resources and train your troops and then check on it when the troops are done and you will be able to play a battle. High level upgrades take hours so play a different game or do something else until it is done..Version: 13.576.3

Best mobile game ever releasedI hope this reaches the users and the men and women who work hard every day to make this fantastic game better. I want to start to by saying that Clash of Clans is (or should be) the most successful mobile game out there. And I’ve been astonished by the amount of improvement it’s had across the years. 5 years ago I thought this game could not possibly be any better, I still have a lot to work for and I will continue to thrive to do that, yet this game has continued to impress me. There is just one thing that I could ask; I hope one day there are far more challenges in the profile menu. Maybe challenges that are set far aside from being gems (because they are meant to be valuable) but challenges which are meant to be hard which are more different recourses than gems. If you game creators are seeing this, I know what you’re thinking; that’s why we created the season pass, but as a whole the rewards in the personal profile could be much better, especially in the capital hall. Such as destroy Super Wizard Tower’s or Capital Hall’s. It is NOT in any way something that is necessary but something that I expect to happen. Not because of this comment but because of the high expectations I have from this game, because of how much it has grown in the last 10 years as a whole. Keep doing what you’re doing clash gamers and creators. You are what makes this game whole..Version: 14.635.9

Best free to play mobile gameBy far the greatest mobile game, worthy of the hype over the years and no ads at all??? I don’t think you could find a better mobile game to waste hours on. gives brain big dopamine. just hope they don’t start introducing ads.. would uninstall..Version: 14.555.11

Make reporting easierGreat overall!!! but could we make reporting a player easier. I was unable to report messages as I had been kicked out and banned before I could do so. Also got sent a kicked out message with abuse but wasn’t able to report right then and there. It’s been over a week since I’ve reported the incident (2 times) and have heard nothing back..Version: 14.426.1

Multiplayer battlesThis game is a perfect game to play in your free time. But there are some things that annoys me. I do wish you could control your troops and where they move and what they should attack. Sometimes I plan an attack on someone but then my troops do the exact opposite of what you’d like them to do. For example earlier I was attacking someone then half my army get destroyed by my opponents clan castle troops. I still had a few other troops alive. There were wizards that were going around the base, three barbarians trying to get in the base then there were my healers. My wizards were dying from the defences from the outside layer of the base an my barbarians were getting hurt by a mortar and my healer was healing the barbarians when my wizards needed it more! I recon I could’ve won the battle if I could make my healer target my wizards. Oh even though this isn’t about multiplayer battles I do wish walls were a bit cheaper. It takes me forever to upgrade all my wall and now upgrading 10 walls takes nearly all my gold when I could have upgraded something else. I did rate this a five star because this is an amazing game to play but this are request just for improved gameplay and to make the game more fun and enjoyable to play and a tiny bit more easier too. Thanks:).Version: 11.446.15

Gameplay & FunctionEverything about this game is practically flawless. It's more than worth it to get as a game it's like a funny fun version of age of empires. Would be nice if you could choose to fast forward the battle and have 1-4x Options. Each time u click on this button time goes faster and the button number goes up until 4x then resets back to normal speed of the battle on the next click of the button. Also now that I've seen the Hog riders commercial I reeeeallly would like to see a FPS version of this game. One that dabbles both in fps view and 3rd person and even possibly Birdseye view and u can choose to play as any of the units. Or simply just play as a hog rider and have an fps game only based on Hog riders. That u can upgrade. U can customise ur Hog riders look and ur hogs look. And as a Hog Rider u can complete quests such as pick up and drop off quests racing quests, battle quests, training quests, eating quests like the one in castle crashes but 3D, group quests, and then online play to match the single player game play..Version: 9.105.11

Awesome game.This game is amazing. This game is a battle game where you can train troops and send them to war with other players or against goblins in the single player campaign. You can build cannons, archer towers, mortars, and even at some point of the game turn cannons into dual cannons! You can upgrade troops to make them stronger in the laboratory. You can make potions to benefit your troops. They can help by: letting troops jump over walls, healing troops, making troops faster, and even making them stronger! Some potions can even be used to damage defences and buildings! There are bosses you can get that are very strong and will help you a lot. You can even get pets! You can hire extra builders for real life money and ingame gems. There is a button at the top left of the screen that shows your level. Tap/click on that button to bring up a rewards menu. Complete missions from it and get gems if you don’t wanna pay real life money. Overall, the game is great, but some upgrades can take a while. Downloading is worth it, and you can uninstall anytime if you don’t enjoy it! You can hire extra builders for real life money and ingame gems..Version: 14.211.9

Good but excessiveThis is a great game for me and I have seen it around for so long that it almost seems like a classic now. It is a general quality game that will allow you to slowly advance even if you do not spend much time actually playing the game. Despite these qualities, the game is beginning to push its luck. New updates now feel more and more excessive, and they are not necessarily bringing much more into the game. It is starting to become unnecessarily complicated and new features sometimes just feel like more of the same. Regardless of this, clash of clans is a decent all round game that can keep you entertained!.Version: 13.369.9

Cool as gameThanks for the cool game I have another her account on my other fone but can’t remember password the fone it’s on is broken and don’t no why it didn’t save to sim so made new account but want my rumbles account to add to this fone but year cool game better if you can get account but with out going on first fone to change password so have been able to save to cell number.Version: 15.83.26

Best app for gamingClash of clans does so well with keeping the user entertained and invested. I have spent some much time (and money) playing this game and it still hasn’t bored me yet. Only advice I would have is being able to use spear builders on buildings already being upgraded. If you use another builder (two builders) on one upgrade it should speed up the upgrade time. Otherwise thanks so much for all the work put into this game. Fantastic game !.Version: 16.137.13

Really good game use to play it heapsI’ve played this game since I think 2015 or 2016 and I found it amazing. Played with my freinds and other poeple I found online using global chat was kinda disappointed once that was removed. I lost the account for a while as I had lost the device it was on and didn’t back it up to a supercell id. I found it again and I switched over to my other phone (iPhone7) and I’ve found 1 major issue I’ve been having I tap on the game to open it and the loading bar will get to about halve way which may take a few second or 5 minutes, once it reaches halve way the game suddenly goes black and closes down, it then won’t let me load the game back up and ile have to try another day. So idk what’s happening whether or not it’s my phone or something else but other than that amazing game highly recommend..Version: 13.576.9

Best mobile game ever created.I have been a fan of Clash of Clans for many years and it remains one of my all-time favorite mobile games. The gameplay is incredibly addicting and the strategic elements are well thought out and challenging. The graphics are top-notch and the character design is unique and visually appealing. I love the clan feature and the sense of community it fosters. It's always exciting to participate in clan wars and work together with my clanmates to come up with the best strategies. The developers are always releasing updates and new content, which keeps the game fresh and exciting. There are always new challenges to tackle and it never gets stale. The only downside is that it can be a bit of a grind at times, as you have to continuously upgrade your buildings and troops to stay competitive. However, this is to be expected in any strategy game and it's part of the fun. Overall, I highly recommend Clash of Clans to anyone who enjoys multiplayer games with a focus on building and strategizing. It has definitely earned its 5-star rating in my book. The combination of challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a sense of community make it a must-play for any mobile gaming enthusiast..Version: 15.83.19

Great GameBeen playing since launch. Amazing game and have so many memories with friends about it. Although the game does get stale every now and then it’s a game that I always regret taking a break from because of all the opportunities and fun involved. If you are looking for a game and are willing to invest lots of time in it then this game is 100% for you. You won’t regret downloading this game..Version: 14.426.5

Awesome but hard to get fully set up baseHi Super Cell huge congratulations on the success of this game. But wow it’s hard to get up to speed and level when everything is so expensive and takes hours I lost interest last year and lost my old account which meant starting again and I spent money to get to that stage :( can’t find it. I wish I had more gem boxes it would help me because I am getting slaughtered by kids who play this game. Please can ya make things cheaper and less time waiting on builds why does it take 12 hours and more to upgrade and when up grading it’s not in use for example the cannons upgrade I get slaughtered because they are out of action while up grading can you change that so it still uses the level before so I don’t get wasted???? Seriously not fair. I ain’t buying anymore gems because my old account I spend $100s of dollars and now I lost it :/..Version: 14.555.9

Cool but could use a new ideaSo personally I think that it’s cool as but could use a hunter pack for the hero’s and a dragon pack and make the party pack have a custom puppet kings,queens,champions,wardens too because I think it would look epic so please use my idea I think you’d like it. I would really enjoy it on behalf of the people who like the party pack..Version: 16.0.25

Clash of clansAmazing game to play with your friends and in your free time. Personally been playing this game for 4 years and still haven't gotten sick of it due to the regular updates throughout the year. The addition of practice mode is very helpful as not only does it help you improve your attacks for war, clan war,multiplayer and single player it also provides you with many resources to improve your village with. Although I do think that the addition of a online mode or way to play the game will be an amazing addition to the game. In conclusion this is my favourite Ios game and I highly recommend it for all users no matter when age but I strongly believe that a offline mode/ way to play the game will be if it the game for the better..Version: 11.651.12

Training times?Great game easy 5 star but I think you need to change this, golem took 5min to train then you changed it to 10min for about a week but then you changed it back to 5min. Also dragon changed from 3min to 6min and it will probably go back to 3. A bit confusing and annoying when it doubles your time to train. Training times change regularly. #bringbackglobalchat.Version: 13.675.1

Really Great but 1 request 👏🏻☝️I really think this is a really FANTASTIC GAME but I have one request. I go to school and during this time I start some upgrades but lately I’ve been experiencing a really hard time to upgrade something. So when an upgrade finishes and I am not able to play but I have enough money for an upgrade. I wait tell I can play. But..., lately I get raided a lot and I loose tons of money that makes me really frustrated when I do want to upgrade something. So, I would like a option in the game where you can list the upgrades you want to upgrade while you are not playing and then it would upgrade when there is a free builder and enough gold/elixir/dark elixir. I even came up with a name for this option, I name it Quick upgrade. I think it should start from town hall 5 tell the end. I would really appreciate it if this upgrade is possible. Because it would really solve a lot of problems lots of people experience🤗.Version: 13.0.31

Archer queenJust an annoying issue with the archer queen and how she is able to continually keep attacking my troops even out of her range, I don’t understand why I keep attacking bases with queens and they always keep going out of their range to attack my troop, really annoying issue and would hope for you guys to look into it, other than that this games amazing keep up the good work👍.Version: 11.446.20

Awesome game, one problem.I love this game. It’s super fun and super addictive! I started playing it a couple months ago and I’d recommend it to anyone! Some things get pricey as you get to the higher levels and that slows progress but most games are like that. The only problem I have had with the game is Supercell’s customer service. They are absolutely terrible. I just had an incident where I upgraded to a new phone and had problems loading my village to my new phone. First of all, they won’t let you call them. It’s email only and they take days to respond. Secondly, they told me they found my village and that I would need to answer 10 questions in order to verify. I answered the questions and thought ‘great! I’ll have my village back in no time!’. Man was I wrong. They told me that my answers were precise enough and that they wouldn’t give me my village back. I went back and forth with them for days. With them continuously telling me that they can’t help me and that I couldn’t have my village back. I finally just created a new Apple ID in order to re-save my old village on my old device. It was all such a hassle and they didn’t end up helping me at all. 10/10 would recommend the game but know going into it that the customer service is completely terrible..Version: 9.256.19

This is the best game company everSupercell u guys are the best I’ve had a blast playing your games for years. I started coc first and now I’m at town hall 13 and th10 on my mini. I have had the best years of my life playing coc it all started back in my first year of high school. I’m the only one to still play out of my old high school friends and I’ve come a very long way. This game is so rewarding and I’m going to be playing it till the end of time. I have created many friends playing this game and even own my own clan with many mates in it I haven’t met in real life. Supercell u guys are doing amazing and I hope you never stop supporting the game because it is the most fun game me and my friends have ever played. One feature I would like is a quick upgrade feature where u could que building upgrades because I work now and don’t have all the time to play only when I get home.Version: 13.675.22

Global Chat, Upgrades, and AttacksI’ve been playing this game on and off since about 2011. I recently started playing again and was extremely disappointed to see the global chat feature is gone. I’m not entirely sure why it was removed, but this was a core aspect of the game. It allowed you to get advice from other players, and was a great way to find new clans and made it easy to start your own and build quickly. Without this function it is hard to build a new, solid, clan. Additionally the wait times need to be improved for upgrades as that’s what keeps driving me to stop playing, the wait. The introduction of magic items and the ability to have a gem mine in the builder base does help somewhat but not much. Obviously you don’t want to have it so people can progress too quickly because otherwise people will stop playing the game, but I feel max 2 days for building upgrades is enough, especially when you have multiple buildings, plus new ones you need to level up when you upgrade your townhall. The clan games and challenges were a good touch and I think that will help people not get so bored so quickly, and the new practice attacks are a great way to teach people how to navigate attacks, however I do feel it would be far more fun if you had more control over where certain units will attack. Overall a great game that I keep coming back to and have thoroughly enjoyed on and off over the last 9 years..Version: 13.369.23

Trophies, Builder Base and Wall PriceThe game is great, but in multiplayer battles there is a scuffed thing with trophies. I’m a TH8, and I might find a TH7 for 30+ trophies or I would get attacked by a TH9 and lose 30+. And before someone says it has something to do with the trophies you already had, the TH9 often have more overall trophies. Another problem is that in the beholder base, I might 2 star someone for 57%, and he/she would do the same overall attack, so technically it’s a draw, but it goes of the faster attack. I think that Supercell should remove that feature and leave it as a good old fashion draw. I did the maths and if you upgrade for a maxed TH7 with maxed walls to a TH8, you have to spend over 33 Million Gold, and that number will increase every TH you go up. Walls should either be lowered in price or gold mines/elixir collectors should produce at least 3x the amount they currently do. That will be all Supercell please make some changes..Version: 13.180.12

Without exaggeration this game saved my marriageA year ago, lost my job. My life went downhill. I stopped taking care of myself, my wife, and my kids. My wife and I would constantly fight. Over what, it didn't matter. Overdue bills, leaving the toilet seat up, even pouring too much salt. To make matters worse, I was a terrible father. I would never spend time with my kids, and I think the last straw was when I was when I showed up drunk at my daughter's ballet recital, and punched another parent. My wife and I were both considering divorce when suddenly, a shining hope appeared in our loveless marriage. Clash of Clans. As if an angel came down to give me another chance at life. I played the game, enjoying every second of pure euphoria it brought to me. My wife walked in the room as i was playing, divorce papers in her hands and a stern look on her face. She looked at my screen, and hesitantly asked what I was playing. I gave her my phone, and watched her face light up within a few seconds of starting a game. After she spent all her coins (the game is incredibly difficult, so we both couldn't make it past town hall 6, we both hugged, and started crying. "I love you." She said to me. "I love you too, Janine." I responded, meaning every word. From then on, I started looking for a job, being there for my kids, and never taking my amazing wife for granted again. Thank you, Supercell, for saving my life, and my marriage..Version: 15.352.6

Amazing game but I lost my progressSo ok this game is great but I have a thing I want to say..So a few months ago I was playing coc and I was waiting for my town hall to get to town hall 9 and then my friends said that supercell will ban every person on IOS and as a kid I believed them so I quickly delete the game so I don’t get banned and then when I reinstall the game I wanted to make sure I had my progress still and then I get the tutorial.. I immediately started crying and made a Game Center account and I really wish I kept my progress and no... There was no town hall 8 being like “Yo man” instead there is town hall 1 saying “bro your so dumb” so I’m now slowly progressing and if you can supercell. Try and get my progress back I will be very happy if you guys do and this game is amazing and all but I just can’t get over the fact that I didn’t see my beautiful base waiting for me in the game but this is a great game and bye..Version: 13.0.31

IdeasFirst off, I just want to say a massive well done to the developers of this game for making it so gosh darn fun and for keeping people playing after however many years it has been since this game release. These ideas will make the game that smallest bit better. 1. For people who like to focus on the builder base, I think that there should be another way to get more loot considering that you get the mines and pumps but near the start, they don’t help much and battling others does help and I have found that you climb trophies way too easily trying to get loot this way. Maybe you could implement some sort of quests thing that you can complete to get enough loot to upgrade something at your builder hall level. 2. I know many other people might disagree with me on this but when people attack your base I believe that they should earn the same amount of trophies that they do now but the amount that you loose shouldn’t be so much. I loose so many trophies because of the amount of people that are attacking me. My suggestion is that the amount of trophies that you loose should be half the amount of trophies that the person that attacked you gained. I think this is a fair amount and it also makes it so claiming trophies is easier because you don’t loose as many. I know this is a very long review but these are my ideas on how the game could be even better than how it is now. I hope you take these ideas into some consideration..Version: 14.93.6

Engineered BasesAlthough you guys have made efforts to stop engineered bases doing wars it doesn’t stop those who already have the accounts only to pull in lower bases as there match up I’ve now had two clans in a row in CWL with at least 2-3 engineered bases so it’s impossible for lower players in the clan to even get the two star let alone get the one is it that hard to make it so that if everything on your base has to be placed down before you could war that would change war weight so it makes it even and so a th11 with barely any defences doesn’t get matched up against a th7 even worse when he’s number 14 in there CWL and then on top of that there number 8 can three star our number 2 this isn’t 15 v 15 th11s we have a mixed but they have a major advantage before we even attacked.Version: 11.49.11

It’s great until...This game has been my go to mobile game for about 4 years now. I’ve played on and off in those years, and in that time I’ve gotten myself to level 102 and about halfway finished maxing my th9. This and Clash Royale are my all time favorite mobile games, and I have nothing but positive things to say until this. When you get into a high level clan, you will inevitably have some guy’s level 12 little brother in the clan with you, who will always wanna be giving you troops. It shouldn’t have to be said that when I request for balloons, I’m not asking for your little level 2s. But the kid won’t quit and no one will ever say anything cuz they don’t want to offend his level 135 brother, who happens to be co-leader. Supercell, I’m begging you. Put in request settings. When you go to request for troops, rather than typing up what you want in the box, I would like to see something where it just pulls up the little menu that has all the troops (sort of like when you are training troops) and you just tap the troop(s) you want, how many of each, and then maybe have a little slider bar with the minimum troop level that you will accept. This way people can’t troll you and give you stuff you don’t want..Version: 9.434.18

Very great but a couple of thingsOh. Ma. Gawd. This game is great and amazing. It’s not too Grindy, but not too easy. I can’t praise supercell enough. I had an account and I had like, town hall level eight, but I accidentally deleted the game, and I instantly redownloaded, but my data got erased forever, which is mildly frustrating cause my sis and I had an ongoing bet of who could reach town hall 10 first. Also, in the early game, it’s sooooo hard to wait for gold and elixir mines to accumulate a decent amount. I’ve been addicted and now that I’m a beginner again, it’s really annoying to wait for gold and elixir to come through. Overall, this is great and the gold and elixir mines are a very minor problem. I love this game and if ur a kid trying to convince ur parent to get this game, lemme tell u parent. No ads. No explicit chat. Perfectly perfect. Studies show that clash of clans effect kid’s behavior, but in a good way, as in there are subtle psychological parts of the game that causes kids to more frequently pay attention in class and improve grades. This game is 100% secure and I can’t stress this enough, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SAFE! P.S this game also encourages kids to interact with more people in their age group. Plus, this game is fun for grown ups too!.Version: 15.83.24

The best partYou have the right time and I have a feeling your pain has gone through your mind when you're trying and hard for your mind not even on oooa or oooanything and that makes sense and is ooonot and is a good thing for a woman to know about her own mind to her or to make a good woman or the mind and mind the way the light and airy are a lady or something or who can do the things we can be with them for a long long life to a great time to make a difference for a good time with your own life but I am sure there are no reason why it was the case of course it would make a woman a better person and a better mind and she could make the best decision and the ability for your life is not your life without any other life that can make sense and sensibility your life and is a.Version: 11.651.19

The best game I ever playedNormally much games have a bunch of ads well if you’re looking for game that doesn’t have any ads this is the one you little be looking at you know it is really frustrating when you come across and when you’re in this game you need to pay for stuff it’s basically like when you’re on your Xbox or PlayStation on a tendo is really good but the only bad thing about it is you always have to use your green James that you can’t get straight away you need to spend all this time trying to get into challenges for it and also the thing you can but build a fit isn’t exactly good because every single day you get one and a half gem.Version: 15.83.19

This game is addictiveI’ve been playing this game for over 6 years now and I have made plenty of accounts over this period of time. I love Supercell so much and I’ve played Hayday, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and of course Clash of Clans. I would highly recommend this game for anyone of any age group because you feel accomplished whenever you see your base grow. I love to play these games because I get to interact with others and I generally like strategy games. This game is also the best because it is not pay-to-win. Obviously, paying helps you to advance faster. However I don’t pay for the game, yet I still have 4 builder huts which is considered good and I am only currently at Th 6. At the moment I am playing intensely on Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. I wrote this review to show my appreciation to the Supercell team and I am glad that you guys made Th 12. When I started the game there was only Th 9 max and now I am glad to see how far this game has gone. I think the best thing about the game, “Clash of Clans” is the fact that you can join clans to further progress in the game and help others along the way. I am very impressed with features such as Clan war and the Clan games. However, I am not a big fan of the builder base, but I respect that other players may enjoy it. Overall, this game is a masterpiece, it has its flaws but its pros far outweigh its cons. Kind Regards, Boo.Version: 10.322.3

Wastes a lot of timeIt’s a fun game but it takes like 1 hour for all my troops to be trained..Version: 11.185.19

Fun game? Why not?So yes, I’m a gamer and seeing this game just gets you hooked and people could go on and on about this game and how it can be improved and why they like it. But with all these updates, how can people just starting the game keep up with the updates that were there for years such as a TH1 trying to become a TH5 in a month or so without using gems and lots of time? So what I’m saying is, as you progress through the game, thinks should be cheaper and less time, Tesla’s in builder and home village should be reduced and same and everything should be equivalent to the other. And not just that, things like the decorations should also get things added weekly or monthly with new things and should be obtainable through many ways just like challenges. And as you guys continue the Season pass, the skins should be a little easier to get and if you do manage to obtain them, equipping the skin should also change the hero’s throne/building to match the skin. And lastly, their should also be a new thing called backgrounds where you can obtain them through the Season pass *along with the skins* and have them forever. It should be based on certain things. Thank you for listening and making it possible to have fun, Your COC gaming kid.Version: 11.446.20

Changes neededAmazing game!changes are over due though. Walls are far too over priced, buildings take far to long to upgrade and/or build (I am th7 and it takes 8 days to upgrade to lvl8)!!!!As well as that when someone has joined a clan they should have a time limit before they can leave or join another clan (but should be able to be kicked out) as some just join a clan then leave after 1 min. Can the cost of builders stay 500 because that is challenging enough to get let alone 1000 or more!!!!!!!!!!!The troops and spells cost a lot! If building cost a lot fine but not troops and spell (including researching troops)!Despite that this game is very amusing and fun to play! The builder base is an amazing addition to the game and is very fun (however is easy to forget about). A cool addition to the game could be private chat? I know I have had a plethora of criticism however if that is fixed this game might very well be the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 9.256.17

Great gameI have had this game for many years now and I have 5 accounts I love this game ! However I would like to say I do not enjoy the game as much as I use to . To start , the removal of global chat made the game feel a little boring and I find I do not spend as much time on it as i use to . Also as leader of my clan I find it harder to recruit active , English speaking and friendly members to the clan . However it isn’t a huge deal to me and i understand there reasoning behind removing it . Another thing I disliked is when they made it to where you can no longer farm by using your th to get a shield timer and this is one that I don’t get why it was changed . I guess the only thing that I actually have a problem with is the new clan castle troop system with the laboratory level cap . I know it’s to keep ppl from getting op cc troops and wrecking there opponent blah blah blah . The reason I have a problem with this is because on my th 3 account with like 250 ish trophy’s I get clapped by people with th 2-3 levels above mine FREQUENTLY . If I was trophy pushing I would get it but I’m not so there reasoning for the cc troop lvl cap is silly in my opinion . With all of that tho I can’t recommend this game enough it is by far the best Mobil game out there and super cell if u read this pls let me give my other accounts max cc troops and bring back global.Version: 14.211.9

Best long term gameBest game ever I created my account a long time ago and it’s the only game I keep on my phone I love that you can now upgrade walls with both gold and elexir and I love that troop training is now free one thing I wish is that there was more you could do with dark elexir I always seem to have more than enough of it although that may not be true for people constantly upgrading my hero’s I find it hard to be able to attack well without my queen so I guess I wish it didn’t take sooo long to upgrade her especially since they can be upgraded so many times I would like that to be shorter or an option to sell dark elexir or upgrade walls using dark elexir. Also I find that the game is more addicting and causes me to be more active before town hall 11 about at this point everything starts to take a week or so to upgrade so when all builders are busy there isn’t much to do for bigger blocks of time I’m looking forward to getting to be able to use my 6th builder from the builder base so that will be nice, All in all great game I always look forward to updates I like the clan war leagues and clan games and the builder potion is my favorite I wish I could buy it with something other then gems!.Version: 14.635.6

A game that has revolutionised the mobile gaming industryI just spent the last 50 minutes typing in the most thorough and in-depth review of this game, but I accidentally pressed the side of the screen so it got deleted. So I'll keep it simple. THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE. If you have not played Clash of Clans before, and even if you have, please please please play it. This game has redefined what mobile gaming can be. Whether you want a game you can spend your whole day playing, or just want to log on for ten minutes before bed, this game will fit your play style. The game has been played by hundreds of millions of people from all around the world, and still has a really large active playerbase now, over ten years since it was released. Buying stuff is very useful if you are a serious player and want to max out your village, especially if you buy the gold pass (for about $5 USD per month) but the game is by no means pay-to-win. The fact that this game is free deserves to be the 8th wonder of the world, because this game is one of a kind. It is still updated regularly, so make sure you check it out. Thats all, thanks for reading <3.Version: 14.635.9

Great game just 1 thing.Clash of clans is a great game and I’ve loved playing it for the many years I’ve had it but recently it’s really let itself down. I think I talk for everyone when I say the match making isn’t good. My brother is going against players and getting 7 trophies for a three star and then looses 41 trophies when he’s attacked. Also my new clan is level 1 and is not even 2 weeks old and I’m going against level 10 clans. It’s insanely unfair as they are an old clan who have been playing together for ages as I’ve been playing with my clan members for less than two weeks. And as well the google chat being removed is just weird if there was someone being stupid you could mute them and report them, so getting new members is really hard now and the new way to get players doesn’t work most of them have full inboxes or are already in a clan. I’d love to see a response from you not just the review but as a actual change as it’s all broken. But besides that it’s a great game and I recommend it..Version: 13.180.12

FeedbackPersonally, I love the game, been playing for a few years now and I really love raising a clan and leading it to victory. There is plenty of content and things to do within the game which is pretty cool however I do think that matchmaking has gone down hill lately because if I find people of the same town hall in the attack tab, I can usually get a maximum of 5 trophies which is pretty ridiculous when trophy pausing to Titan like myself. I also feel like things get far too expensive and take ridiculously long as you progress through the game such as walls (which are really expensive from town hall 11), heroes, new buildings for that town hall, upgraded and even as far to mention traps! Traps are literally millions when it isn't even always guaranteed that they will serve a purpose each defence. There is also no point having training potions at higher town halls since troop training takes like an hour anyway! As mentioned before, I really do love this game and will keep playing but I just get a little frustrated when I see those few things mentioned. I would also love a feature to change your clans name- even if it costed me gems. It is a bit disappointing not having that feature..Version: 16.253.5

Improve server and less bugsDear developers of COC, I have been really enjoying the game and I still am. Today, I found a loot cart that had 10mil gold and elixir and 100k dark elixir. I got so excited and confused as I am only town hall 8 but I didn’t really care and just assumed I was lucky. I didn’t have all the storage to gather all the resources but I knew the remainder would stay in the loot cart. When I collected it, it told me to reload as I was apparently out of sync with the server. I closed the game, and brought it back up, it didn’t save me collecting the loot so I tried again. Again, it told me to reload and no matter how much I tried and tried, it doesn’t work! Please fix this bug as I am very looking forward to the loot. Thanks.Version: 13.369.9

To supercellI think you should be able to put multiple builders on one building cause it’s taking me a really long time to max out I am also very busy so I can’t really play other than that the game is great there are many buildings to place and could you please lower some of the prices of buildings to like 25% or 50% 🙏 I am getting kinda tired of waiting like 5+ days for upgrade to buildings and I really feel that you should be able to upgrade walls with elixir in th8+ and maybe add more troops to the game that would be super please do wait I am requesting cause I am not tryna be rushed in this games it’s just taking me forever I have been playing for 3,4 years but nowhere close to max town hall.Version: 13.0.31

Great gameClash of clans is a game I have been playing, and putting hours into for many years now. Slowly seeing your base evolve, as you put work into it is very rewarding and satisfying Pushing trophies requires dedication, and with an overall attack plan, still needs much thought to get the 2+ star attack you are looking for. Match making can slow down as you climb the ranks, but dropping trophies is always an option. The builder base requires a unique strategy for every base, and really emphasises your own base as an important factor in gaining rewards, and improving. For every attack you do, you are attacked, which I think is a very good, fair, and balanced system. Obtaining 6 builders was a goal of mine for a while, and with enough dedication I managed it a while back. I like the idea of having requirements to get it, while still being loose enough to be able to get it even if you are relatively low level in the main base. I think that instead, or as an alternative to unlocking 5 builders using gems in the main base, requirements similar to those would be a good idea. For example upgrading a building a certain amount of times, or spending a certain amount of resources overall could unlock a builder. Overall, I love this game and have fully enjoyed my time playing it..Version: 15.352.8

Things to make it betterGenerally it’s an outstanding game but there needs to be some fixes. Over the years that I’ve noticed as you grow and the bases get harder to raid if I had 30 more seconds I could got 3 star and sometimes getting 99% cos of a builder hut really makes me rage and I think adding 30 more seconds to attack time would really benefit the game so sad to see such an amazing game be let down because of some minor issues. The other thing I noticed is that you hardly y win defences even tho my town hall 9 is nearly maxed defensive wise please change something about this. And finally the cool down for hammer of hero’s is way to long, 7 days, a week, seriously, personally I think it should be 3 days. Besides minor issues letting it down, its the best supercell game. I’ve played boom beach clash royale and hay day coc is definitely the better one no questions asked. So I beg you to fix these thing as I have said above. But thank you for this awesome games.Version: 13.180.10

Clash of clansClash of clans is a must play game there is so much to do you can rush or max your base. I enjoy playing on both bases but mainly home base it is fun doing attacks and the single player attacks it is a lot harder to max your base in builder base because it’s more expensive and it takes longer one of the other things in clash of clans is you need to be patient when you reach to the max level town hall there are some upgrades which can go up to 16 days so brace yourself. I recommend to join a clan because then you can get support from your teammates including donating troops. Each month there will be challenges you can fill your season bank and get points to get loot potions and gems if you purchase the gold pass which you get at th7 you then unlock the season skin and loads more once again I recommend you purchase this game good luck..Version: 14.426.4

The story of my lifeWhenever I’m bored or feel lost, I call for help... I was in desperate need for pleasure and joy in my life, when I slowly and opened up my iPhone, I open up this - this magnificent game. I firmly grip my phone with joy and I see it... those big booty hog rider cheeks hit me with such sudden movement... yet so majestic. Finally a game I can jerk off to everyday 😌.Version: 13.369.9

Great gameI’ve been playing this game on and off for years, and it is undoubtedly one of the better games I’ve played; in actual fact, there is very little that disappoints me with this app - but there are occasionally moments where I think wouldn’t it be cool having this ability, or where I think back to an old feature - wishing that it was still available… One of these moments came tonight, where I realised I was having a moment of OCD in regard to my village walls (I have too many parts at level 6/7) and thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to downgrade walls as well as upgrading them’. As stated there is very little in the way of criticism for this app, however I must say that I find some of the clan games are difficult to achieve. While not everybody will find these to be as much as a pain as I do, it would be good to be given more chance to complete assignments, be it through the time available, or by making them a little more attainable (instead of say having to loot 500,000 Dark Elixr, maybe a player could be tasked to loot the amount equivalent and/or up to the capacity of their village…).Version: 14.93.6

LoyaltyWhen I was 8 years old I watched my uncle play an interesting looking game while fishing for catfish on the Mississippi river. After I finished off my last bite of the twinkie that my mother forbid me to eat, but my uncle insisted I have, I washed it down with a nice gulp of mountain dew. "What game are you playing?" I asked my uncle, full of curiosity and junk food. "Well kid" he paused for a second probably pondering the decision of wether to upgrade his Town Hall or finish maxing out his towers. "This is Clash of Clans!" He exclaimed as he titled his shiny new iPhone 6s in my direction. The vivid colors on the screen captivated me, and the game's simplistic design stole my heart. In the following months, I diligently saved money to acquire a weathered iPhone 4, giving birth to my own Clash of Clans base. Since then every major event in my real life mirrored a triumph in Clash of Clans. I upgrading to Town Hall 10 the day I got my first girlfriend and on the somber journey home from my grandfather's funeral marked the ascent to Town Hall 11. Now, at 18 years of age with a Town Hall 12, six builders at my disposal, and a flourishing business of my own I have a clear vision for the future. Remarkably, I've never spent a penny on the game, yet owe Clash of Clans for shaping my life..Version: 15.547.10

WowFirst of all this game is so good, there is always something to do such as upgrading building, attacking other bases, spending time on builder base, you name it. It is a game full of excitement, nerves and knowledge you can also be a unique player by showing off different attack strats which really enables you to prove yourself. This game is really a bit of everything. Second of all the support line is unbelievable. I had my phone break meaning I needed to get my clash account on a different device and I was without a supercell id so I didn’t know what to do. I went to settings and pressed on the help and support icon at the bottom left. I then went on search and typed in the following ‘I lost my account’. After this I scrolled down and pressed ‘contact us’ which took me to a messaging page where I was greeted by an ai bot and then told him my issue, it then transferred me to very helpful people who asked me easy questions on my previous base, this enables the clash of clans worker to know that I am the owner of the base I am describing. After the clash colleague knowing I am the owner they create a supercell Id for me and let me login to my old account I had been looking for. I couldn’t believe how good the support was, fully recommend the messaging option..Version: 13.576.8

Best game I’ve ever played!I love this game I’ve been playing it for about a year now and I’m TH9. I think this game is great but there is a few small problems. When I upgrade or get something new I have to wait ages: like for and X-Bow it’s 2 and a half days so I think some of the upgrades and purchases should be cheaper. Gems are a great way to quickly upgrade buildings but you just don’t get enough of them. If Supercell doesn’t make the upgrade and purchase times shorter we have to spend a lot of gems if we are impatient (like me).But as we get gems so slowly it’s impossible to finish long upgrades as they cost about 300 gems per upgrade which is a lot. But apart from these small issues Clash of Clans amazing and I love the game and I’m addicted to it. I introduced it to my friends and started a clan and love playing with them on this game. I hope you end up reading my Review and I really love your games. 😁😁😁.Version: 11.651.12

This game is the best!!!!This game is fabulous!! There are lots of cool updates with new stuff, you don’t need to make in-app purchase but there is an option. You can play with your friends and make or join a clan, you can build your village and change the layout and upgrade things you can play on it for a really long time and it never gets boring!!!!!!! You can even message people on help and support suggesting things they could do..Version: 9.434.14

An ideaThis game is so good I’m lowkey addicted, I have , made friends on here, I have so much fun and I love how many people are on it so there’s a wide range of communities and people u can meet, I think the long wait for upgrading anything or training troops is annoying but it makes sense bc if it wasn’t like that we would get through the game way too quickly. The need for gems in a lot of things is annoying but I like it bc it’s not anything that u have to use gems for or anything, and they’re not impossible to get and I love that they’re in plants and stuff, and I really enjoy attacking bases, building my own base and looking at all the interesting designs, and always meeting new people in my clan. I also have an idea that my friend gave to me for there to be thing like ‘darkened gold’ kinda like dark elixir but instead of for heroes it could be for something else, perhaps a battle machine in the main area, and not just in the builder base. All over I think it’s a good game, flawed, but despite that I still find it really fun, though it’s not a game you’d be playing for hours on end, it’s fun that you can leave it over night and then come back and all your stuff should be done..Version: 14.93.6

Five star this is a very good gameThis is an awesome game that with super fun gameplay and immersive content and world that you can do what you want with. From Rushing to town hall sixteen or carefully upgrading your defence so your loot is not stolen or attempting to get many trophies as you want this game has it all!!! I highly recommend it I have much fun when I log into my account daily!!!.Version: 16.253.5

Good gameYou should make it so we have the choice to restart all our progress and account levels.Version: 11.446.20

Game RocksAlways have been a big fan of this game. It’s simple, but there is so much to it. It’s truly been a part of my childhood, and I love it dearly. Honestly, it’s one of the few games I’ve ever actually had one, legitimately one problem with. And this problem is something I’d love to see changed, but even the problem is maybe small. I think it would be super cool if you could allocate multiple builders to one project to take down the time. I love the game, but once you get to a certain point, everything takes a day or more to upgrade. My only suggestion for a change would be allowing you to either get a boost (meaning a building boost, like if you add an extra builder, you get a 10% time boost, and a second, you get a 20, a third 25, and then a fourth you get 50, and then if you put all 5 builders on it you get a 75% builder boost. This just allows the player to decide how valuable time is in certain upgrades). The second being that when you put another builder on the project, you get speed boost just like the one you get from the “Builder Potion”. The more builders, either the faster they build, or the longer the normal speed boost last. This is just an idea, love the game. If this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t stop playing..Version: 14.211.9

A Truly Remarkable Game, But a Few Tweaks Could Be MadeThis game is probably the best on the App Store. Addictive and just plain fun, it brought the whole genre of build-and-destroy into play. There is a few tiny things to improve, and here they are: 1. Wall prices are ridiculously high from TH5 and forwards, and I get why, but it gets seriously annoying for people who want to max out everything. This could be changed easily, however, and 200k would be a good price for TH5 to 8. 2. Trap Upgrades are basically the same as walls. This could be changed easily as well, because them prices are even more ridiculous. 3. Gem Mines, though you get a fair amount everyday, need some more upgrades. I fell the max should be around 20-25 everyday instead of the wimpy 12. This change isn’t required, though, and is really just a suggestion. I hope you take in some of these ideas as you can make an even better game by extracting them. That’s really all I have to say, so, if you’re reading this, thanks for taking the time out of your day to-well- read it..Version: 13.675.16

Great gameAbsolutely love this game. It is an essential and I play it every day. Keep up the good work!.Version: 9.256.17

Global chatWhy? Global 🌎 chat was a great way to interact with people all across the world 🗺 , even if u weren’t in their clan, it helped u create COC friends❤️, I feel I’m restricted to the same 50 people and when no ones on I feel lonely on the game, I play the game to have fun😀 and I feel some of that can only be done with others. I see what you guys tried to do with the new recruiting system but to be honest if u are one person short for CWL you could jump onto global and get a player quickly🏃‍♂️. In conclusion I don’t see why u can’t have both🤷‍♂️ global and clan recruiting, some of my favourite and funniest memories were on global and I’m no game designer nor do I know anything about it, but putting global back in would be a simple fix and will re ad a lot to the game. Thanks for an amazing game!❤️.Version: 13.0.20

Suggestions for beginnersIt’s very fun to play this game. I’ve rated this game 5/5 stars because it’s been 7 yrs of playing this game. I spent at least 1 hr playing this game. Previously, it was difficult to find the loots and had to face clouding problems and we didn’t get much loot collected but now they improved game so well that they reduced building pricing, troops upgrading pricing and many more stuffs! I enjoyed this to the fullest and recommend to you guys who are planning to have a start. Interestingly, the builder village was dead for couple of years and no one was playing because they all got their base maxed and have no further upgrades available so, within the half of 2023 they gonna introduce builder village 2.0. Which sounds exciting and interesting. All in all, this game is free to play I am enjoying everyday and hope you beginner also can start without further delay! Thank you ;).Version: 15.83.6

Great and fairAs a game, it’s a great strategy game - build your own base while learning how to destroy other people’s bases. Many games do this, CoC probably does it best. The best thing however is how the microtransactions do not detract from a F2P experience. You will still progress at a steady rate in F2P, you will not be at a disadvantage against those who pour money in (the trophy system ensures you’ll almost always be attacking/defending against someone of around your strength) - it just means they get to the endgame faster, the game gives you a steady and reliable supply of the premium currency (always cut down your trees) and the game almost never shoves its microtransactions in your face (the one exception might be the bundles you can get directly after upgrading your Town/Builder Halls, which is naturally very infrequent compared to eg every login like some games do). This game has a very fair business model, and that’s easily one of the most important things to me, to feel like I can play the game and feel I’m not missing out because I didn’t pay real money..Version: 13.0.1

An absolute gem of a gameWhen it comes to clash of clans, I honestly cannot begin to exercise the greatness of this game. It’s honestly perfect and I’m astonished as to how supercell managed to do this. The time aspect which can be the most annoying thing of a game is done right in clash of clans. Instead of waiting for pointless one time useable objects for hours you wait for important upgrades or builds. Every single upgrade about town hall 9 is important and feels rewarding to have completed. The time aspect of this game isn’t a flaw it’s a pro from a certain point of view. Imagine finally being maxed after years of work. You’d feel amazing. The longer you wait and the more effort you put in the more rewarding it is. And I love the concept. So many games mess up the build it genre of games especially clash of clans rip offs but clash of clans does it perfectly. I mean this generally. There’s a large roster of troops and more to be added, a wide variety of content and so much more. This game is perfect and clearly superior to most if not all mobile games..Version: 14.426.3

Very good game!This game is a very good game, in this game you build, fight, defend, team up and fight other Clans! I have been playing clash of clans for about 4 Years including my old accounts and this account. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to battle, and build. This game is good but there is something I think would be good if added Clash of clans has said this before that it will not be added but here’s my idea of it. To be able to donate elixir, gold and dark elixir this here should be a event that happens every month. Depending on what town-hall you are say for example your town-hall 10 and you got a town-hall 5 in your clan you can only donate a quarter or even less amount this will cut down people abusing this system by literally having to do nothing this event could be called Clan loot donation where you donate to your clan mates every month FOR A limited of amount of loot so none can over board it. I think this would be a great idea to add. Even though clash of clans has said no to this before but if it is every month you can do it could be fairer..Version: 11.185.13

No Google Play sign in option for my iOS IPad.I would like to sign in to my google play account but there is no such option for me to sign in? Is this a common bug? I am on iOS and I usually play on my phone but I want to play on this so why can’t I have the option to sign in to google play? All together a brilliant game takes time and skill during attacks and layouts would really recommend.Version: 10.322.16

Duck troopYou should add a duck troop into it.Version: 13.0.27

Game is fun, but needs improvementsHey guys, hopefully this review will make it to the supercell team. I have played this game for awhile and as a player I’ve noticed the dificulteis it is to climb to the top. To start with I want to talk about upgrading the walls. I’m at a point where my next walls upgrade will be 4mil per wall. This seems very unbalanced compared to what it costs to upgrade the buildings. I do want to say tho, thank you supercell team for coming out with the magic books!!! I just couldn’t bear the idea of waiting a month for a TH upgrade! Anyhow, the walls, way too expensive to upgrade, 4mil for a single piece of wall when a defense building costs only about twice as that, “maybe a way to add a less expensive way to upgrade the walls if you choose to let your builder work on it for awhile? Just an idea!” Many players have very rushed walls and it seems like a general issue. Another thing are the heroes, I mean, come on, 3 heroes, and my queen now costs 90k DE to upgrade. It would be fine if it was 1 heroes, now upgrading all 3, plus the lab troops with just a couple DE colector. By the way, thanks for adding the boost for 1 gem only for the collectors!! Overall I think the game is cool, but the people at the bottom are struggling to get to top, need to ease a little on the costs of these things. Thanks for reading!.Version: 10.322.24

Awesome gameI am updating my review as I’d already given this 5 stars. But the game has only improved more and more over the years. I play ps4 Xbox one yet I still find myself stuck on my phone clashing instead. This game is really great. You don’t need to pay money to play at all. I have spent a little on gems but it wasn’t necessary. I highly recommend this game if you haven’t already tried it.👌💪🏼👍🏼.Version: 11.49.4

MessengingI feel like global we should be able to chat with old buddies on clash without having to leave the clan, there has been many changes and for those that run several accounts it will take ages to get to where you want it, that though isn’t a problem if you’re clashing 24/7 our old sounds are the game I know it’s clash in it’s originality - let’s hope others have input as to what else should be recommended - Clash on!.Version: 15.457.3

Great GameClash of clans is by far my favourite mobile game. The game is very time consuming and there is a lot to do. However, I do feel like with the newest update in March 2020 has annoyed many of the more experienced town halls including myself. All the th8, th9 walls have been cheapened which helps the lower players. The new update does not help th12s or th13. I feel like all the hard work I went through to get those walls done is wasted by players now getting it easier. Another issue I have experienced in this game is the recruiting tool. Whenever you go to invite other players their inbox is always full. To fix this issue I really think they should bring back global chat where you can actually talk to the players. Global chat was by far one of my favourite features In the game and has been removed. Overall, clash of clans is a great game and I do not plan on stopping playing it anytime soon..Version: 13.180.3

Clash reviewApart from the sleepless nights, and addictive nature of this game, let's forget the countless arguments with my wife to stop playing and to choose between her and clash, let's forget the fact that clash takes me away from my normal day job priorities, let's forget the stupid amounts of money invested on gems, apart from these drawbacks Clash is the perfect escape from reality, it is both a curse and a blessing all in one, a real hate love relationship at the advise to adults...don't let your children start playing.Version: 13.180.6

Amazing GameThis game has to be by far one of the best I’ve played on the App Store. It is strategic and requires skill and at the same time is fun and addicting to play. These all make up to create the game we have today, known as Clash of Clans. I have recently found an interesting review, talking about an idea the reviewer came up with, and called it “Quick Upgrade”. They explained how quick upgrade is where you can “queue” upgrades to automatically start upgrading once a builder is free and you have enough resources. In my own opinion this is a great idea. This “Quick Upgrade” could be something only accessible for people with the Gold Pass, which means only people with Th7 and above can access it which is a reasonable Town Hall level. Supercell probably won’t see this review but I just thought I would like to share this idea anyway..Version: 13.369.29

Clan war league matchmakingThe game is really good and addicting but kind of gets boring after a while as upgrading takes a long time, but if you have gems than your good. On the other hand, Clan war league matchmaking needs a bit more tweaking. My clan is mostly townhall 8/9 and 2 - 3 th 10+ has a war league where the other clan were all max th 10’s and 11 and a few max th 11, This was totally unfair, but there was one clan that was on a similar level but only had max th 9’s and max th10’s. Which was still kind of unfair.Version: 11.185.19

Just stop with the builder base.Main game around the home village is as good as it’s ever been. But please for love of all that is good in the world, just stop with the builder base. I honestly didn’t think they could make it any worse, and they have. Still so lacklustre, rewards are next to nothing in comparison to how much things cost, issues when searching, I still have no drive or desire to play builder base even with this new update, at least let me move the two builders to my home village! Also, move builder base to a separate game and focus on the main village! Surely the creators of this iconic game can figure out ways in which to expand on home village stuff, make it bigger, give us different hero’s but the ability to only take four etc etc, the sooner supercell abandons the builder base and throws everything into the home village the better in my opinion. People love the home village, no one cares about builder base..Version: 15.292.8

Clash of clans rewiewGreat game and all but is lacking stuff for lower town halls. We can fix this by... Letting lvl 4&5 town hallers do clan games, making builder base unlock from lvl 3 and up, allowing people score as many points in clan games as they want and that there is unlimited prize tiers so there is more rewards for the more active the clan is. Also buying potions is trash and we should have another village where you can focus on brewing potions and have some fun on it instead of focusing on defence. Also clan war league should be done every second week instead of once a month and everyone should get an equal amount of rewards from it. Also in multiplayer battles there should be more gold and elixir rewarded from battles especially when you attack people Who have less than 100,000 gold and elixir which you can’t even train another army with that..Version: 11.185.4

Disappearing ground troopsI think clash of clans is a good game though I think i agree with another review I read about the upgrades being shorter and less expensive. 12 hours max I can live with but 3 days for a builder hall level 5 mortar?!!! Like, come on. Also the reason I’m a writing is review is to complain about a glitch I think u need to fix. I can’t see ground troops. Wether I am battling with them or there on a tower (wizards and archers and bomb skeletons). I put up with this a t first but then it got annying. I had high hopes for unlocking a new troop (the golem) and always was excited to see a new cool troop walking in my army camp. I also was really excited to see when a wizard tower had finished upgrading coz I liked to see how different it was from the last time and how my village had grown. But I can’t see them now so it’s a real bummer and a frustrating thing to deal with. Pls fix this..Version: 13.369.9

To supercell and the communityThis is probably one of the best games I have ever played. Every device I have owned I downloaded this, I love it. And the fact you don’t have to pay to get lots of gems or become one of the best is what makes this stand out. I have suggested this to my friends and they really like this. The only game that compares to this on the slightest is dragon city but COC is way better, the only thing I would like to see is a way to start your village again with in the game even if it’s that you have to save up a certain amount of gems to do it or reach a certain rank. In my opinion this will make it better because on one of my accounts I rushed it and didn’t care for it and I regret that now and wish I could start again. Aside from that this overall incredible game should be one of the most popular ever, keep up the good work supercell.Version: 13.675.16

AwesomeGreat game..keep it up:).Version: 9.105.11

I love this game but..Clash of Clans is an engaging mobile strategy game that offers hours of addictive gameplay. With its blend of base-building and strategic combat, it's easy to see why millions of players worldwide are hooked. The game's vibrant graphics and intuitive controls make it accessible to players of all ages. However, one of the major drawbacks of Clash of Clans is the lengthy building times and the grind it takes to max out your village. Waiting hours or even days for buildings to be constructed or upgraded can be frustrating, especially for players eager to progress quickly. This slow pace can sometimes deter players from fully enjoying the game, as they feel constrained by artificial time barriers. Furthermore, reaching the highest levels and maxing out your village requires an enormous amount of time and dedication. The grind for resources and the constant need to upgrade buildings and troops can feel like a never-ending cycle, which may discourage casual players or those with limited time to invest in the game. In conclusion, while Clash of Clans offers entertaining gameplay and a strong sense of community, its slow building times and extensive leveling requirements can be a source of frustration for many players. Finding the right balance between progression and patience is key to fully enjoying what the game has to offer..Version: 16.137.13

Add a mutiny mechanicI like this game a lot I play it all the time, I just wanted to suggest something. Somethings in clans there’s a severe issue concerning who the leader is, they might never donate, be inactive or be a really low town hall. If the clan leader is useless and taking advantage of the clan I think the other players in the clan should be able to effectively usurp them. I’d call it a “Mutiny vote” if a member wants to replace their leader with someone they should do like a questionnaire that decides that the reason is valid, then in the chat there’s a poll where members have to vote if they want to commit mutiny and they have to vote for who they want to replace them in the clan. I think overall this would be a good addition to the clan and prevent “corrupt leadership” so to say. For example I once took part in a clan war league and the clan leader gave the bonuses to all of their second accounts and no one else - they never even attacked in the wars either. The clan I’m in now, the leader is town hall six, the best co leader is town hall fourteen. The leaders donated to received ratio is 0:1204 currently, and he is useless in war. Do you get my point? Thanks for reading, Im honestly not bothered at all of this isn’t added, I was just thinking it would be a good addition (though maybe add some restrictions to prevent it from being abused). I’ll say again, thanks for reading. God bless :) x.Version: 16.253.25

The bestThis is literally the best iPhone game ever, everyone else just tries to copy it and make a quick buck. Highly recommend addicting af!.Version: 13.180.16

1 requestTo be able to change ur name more then once. I changed my name about a month after I got this game ( I was 13 at the time so 3 years ago) then deleted it about 8 months later then earlier this year I re downloaded it and now I’m stuck with an awful name that I hate and at the time of changing my name I thought it was a cool name but nah it isn’t so can u make an option to change ur name more then once I’m happy paying a 1 or 2 for this option.Version: 11.446.20

Fun gameI’ve been playing this for a while now, and I think with the new updates rolling in it makes the game more fun every day. But, with the coronavirus everyone is online and my wifi is really bad. And every time I go on to it, it has the low wifi logo and I can’t play. But I’m still excited to see all the new town halls. Other than that the game is great! Keep it up!!.Version: 13.180.16

New updateWhy has the shovel of obstacles been changed so you can’t move the items around only select them to be permanently fixed, I was enjoying the fact you could customise everything and move things around to the way you want them, please change back.Version: 15.83.19

If you’re looking for a great game, you found it!I would first like to say I have never left a review, or at least that I remember I never left one but this game is something else. I have nothing negative to say about this game. I downloaded this years ago, it was honestly one of the first apps I got. I’ve played it and I will be honest, I also have taken some breaks. To this day it continues to be my favorite game and my friends and I have invested a lot of time into clash of clans. The way you you can design your base and think strategically is absolutely perfect and Supercell continues to add great new features and balances to the game overall. I am always excited for another update and I’m proud that supercell keeps coming up with good ideas and that they listen to their community. Supercell does not push sales on you though when you do make a purchase it’s actually worth it unlike other games. It’s especially worth it for when you’re a daily player and you buy the season pass. If I had to make any change to the game at all I would have a feature to attack your own base so that way you can pin out some weak spots while designing a new base. Other than that the game is amazing and if you never played it before I totally recommend you give it a download. I just want to warn you, it’s quite addicting!.Version: 13.180.10

Something new?I've played this game for along time now and even though they added a master builder village not long ago they should bring in another village or something that you can do with your friend like a clan village that everyone builds together or a village you can build with just one friend or two. But these villages have their own achievements and own features to make them a little different. It could still have the normal buildings but it could have its own little twist like ready cool spells or something since the mater builder village has cool troops. I know you probably won't read this or take notice of this but I think it would be cool if the game could be played with a friend. I think it would also be a great idea because no other games has a feature like this in a build and defend type game. Thanks for reading and maybe considering my ideas..Version: 9.105.11

Signing in after deleting an accountOver a month ago I tried deleting 2 of my accounts in clash of clans, I had more than I could manage and it was too time consuming so I just tried to cut down to 4 accounts, once I requested deletion of my accounts I was not able to login in again on my other accounts. Still over a month later I am not able to log in to the game and play again, it tells me ‘following request to delete your account, your account will be deleted soon’ and the only thing I can do is press ‘okay’ where it reloads me back to the same screen. I am also unable to contact supercell to have any help with resolving this situation. This needs to be fixed ASAP because it has stopped me from being able to play and I was a leader of a clan that I had been working very hard on for a long time and it has probably disbanded now.Version: 15.83.26

This is about clan leaguesSo i dont wanna give this 1 star just because im mad, because its a great game and even the leagues still work well. The problem is how there is not a very clear explanation of starting one. So im the leader of a clan, and i have a couple cos who were in the last league, and they saw you could change the members before a war at any time. Let me just say that starting league looks very similar to starting a normal war, so when one of my cos saw the menu of who to add to league, they thought it had to be either 15 or 30 depending on the league type they chose. Because normal wars you cant have any extras it has to be exact. It also tells you how many people youve selected at the bottom. So they selected a random 15 just to get league started thinking that they could just change it later. But now theyve started league with a random 15 players and we have no way of canceling or changing people out, even though preparation day for the first war barley started. Now 60% of my clan cant participate in league and we cant do anything about it. I would just like to see this changed in a future update. Like if you can change the members at anytime before a war, why would they make it so you are limited to those you selected before hand. It would make more sense just to let you change out the participants with anyone in the clan..Version: 13.369.23

One of the best gamesI have been playing for about 2 years now and people are saying that it takes too long to upgrade things, they’re complaining about how it’s pay to win, not true at all, I haven’t spent any money and am a TH13 with all buildings, excluding walls, 2 levels away from max... great game supercell, keep it up.Version: 13.369.2

Really good game, some things need some work...I love this game, I’m a town hall 11, and the normal base is super fun. With the diversity in ways you can attack, and the fact that a lot of this ways can work and no troop is absolutely useless is really nice, and I have little to no problems with the main base (except maybe it could take less time to upgrade things...) however, my problem lies with the builder base. The separate town hall on a different island has introduced several new defenses, and is mostly fun... mostly. The problem I have is how busted the crusher is. As a defense in the game, it’s cool, but the fact that it three shots troops that are supposed to be tanks is kinda busted. And it’s not the fact that they exist, because normally you could at least try to avoid them, but for some reason when you want a troop to break a wall, they travel all the way around the base to the one little opening that someone has both their crushers. It makes it hard to attack when you constantly get troops dragged to where the crushers are. And I know there is bombers and stuff, but they take up an entire army camp so I lose so much space for actual troops. I just dislike how the builder base attacking has a lot of changes needed in my opinion, but other than that it’s a great game....Version: 13.180.16

GREAT GAME, GOT SOME GOOD IDEAS 👇Overall, this game is one if the best games I’ve ever played. I love the idea of attacking, upgrading, defending and the clan wars/games. And that you can have two bases in different places. It’s a really well designed game. But I have two ideas that I would like to see added to this game and that would make it even more fun. I find it very enjoyable to be able to start over whenever I want if I’m rushed or just needed a fresh start in other games. I think it would make a difference in how many players enjoy the game when they know if they make a mistake they can start over but still be in the clan they were in, and still have all of the friends they had before not having to wait for supercell to delete your account, like I did, for one month. The second idea I had was being able to donate recourses such as gems, gold, elixir and dark elixir. Now this would make it a lot easier for clan members/friends who are about to upgrade something really big, and then they get raided and need to save again. I think it would greatly impact the way people think of this game and how fun it is. I hope you will take these ideas into consideration. Thank you for taking your time to read my review..Version: 13.180.16

Clash of clansMy 7 y.o grandson introduced me to coc when I asked him to show me what he was so engrossed in on his phone. That was 9 years ago. Today is his 16th birthday. He was very good player but has since moved on. We spent a Sunday morning setting me up and on line so long we incurred the message to take a break! That was 9 years ago! Since then I have never opened another game. I find the logic and clever creation of all aspects amazing. I have never spent one dollar buying gems or anything ( sorry) so have been slow upgrading to current level. I am an addicted avid fan of coc and spend far too much time on line in wars etc. But what else would I do with my time? Read books, do wordle, send pointless messages on different social media? I am not on twitter, only Facebook. And rarely post. So at 81, comy spare moments are all spent on coc. I do hope there is not a hint of winding down coc. I am sure you still have millions of addicts like me who would be devastated if you closed it down. Well done to the creators, you deserve all the success you have enjoyed. An amazing aspect of coc is you could have mems in your clan from various countries with different political persuasions but that never raised. Coc rises above current day desires by some leaders and to pour misery onto others to achieve domination. Pity it could not all be sorted on line like coc! Oh well, thanks for this incredible game. Regards Ian E So, what does the future hold for coc? Best regards Ian E.Version: 14.426.4

Good game, but...I really enjoy the game overall! Nice mixture of strategy and base-building. But a couple of things... First off, I’m only town hall 8, and I’m already complaining about how ridiculously long upgrades are. Whether it be troop upgrades or building upgrades, them taking days at a time is really time consuming. So is the troop training times, even when I have maxed barracks! The game is fun at first when you start playing it for the day, but once you get those two maybe three battles in for the home village, I end up relying on my other games to entertain myself. Troop training takes a little too long😬. Please shorten those times. The other thing is global chat...I understand that people were being mean on it and so you took it away. But the thing is, one of these days I’m probably going to want to start my own clan. Global chat would really help with that. I think the punishments will work just fine for people who are mean. People might mute them, or y’all will ban them. As an example, when I was cussing on the clan chat with my friends, the next day I find I’ve been banned for a couple days, and that future actions would lead to a permanent ban. Trust me, that shut me up QUICK AS HELL. Perhaps you can make new punishments as well, like losing gems or resources maybe as an example..Version: 13.180.6

CocCoc is so fun, it’s kinda hard but after playing with it, Coc feels really good.Version: 14.0.9

Really good!I love CoC. For many reasons, but the main reason is this game is a time consuming game. It’s also quite F2P when you think about it. I do have some recommendations though First: Maybe like one day every week you can half the cost of building upgrades. I understand you have a certain day/week for that, but building upgrade prices get outrageous after Town Hall 8. Second: Building time needs to be reduced. After Town Hall 8 (Again) time reaches over a day for every building meaning just maxing out your base is going to take a good 1-2 months of constant work. Third: Why are we paying gold to search for multiplayer battles? Why aren’t they just free? I mean it’s not that much of an issue because it’s really easy to get that amount, but why do we have to if it’s so cheap? Why don’t you just remove it? Last: For Town hall 15 and after don’t give them weapons. Bases are well defended as it is, and it’s a hassle to spend so much gold on weapons that aren’t THAT powerful. Don’t recommend having them, but you do you supercell. Alright. So those are most of my recommendations. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Clash of Clans and I hope to see you guys strive to be the most amazing game / company in the world! Just rest a little more ease to your player base. They’ll appreciate it a lot that’s for sure. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ❤️🔥.Version: 14.635.9

Clash of clansClash is a great game, almost flawless. Almost. The time it takes to upgrade one thing and the gems it takes to get another builder is crazy. Some upgrades take 10 days and the 5th builder costs 2500 gems. Also, the time is takes to train an army is ridiculous. Some army’s can take 2 hours to train and even more if you only have 1 barracks upgraded to that lvl. E.g 1 barracks has edrags the rest don’t, it takes 3 hours and 360 thousand elixir to train. But all in all it is a great game where you can make friends and compete online, and I would recommend it to everyone and every age. Supercell I want to see you take action on these flaws and I guarente that everyone will enjoy the game more if you do..Version: 11.185.4

Great game got two suggestionsI love this game but I do have two suggestions to make the game better: 1. you can try and have it so builders can help speed up upgrades by going to help (for in game currency of course). Like doable the speed by spending half the money to buy the item. This would be fun. 2. Maybe try and have it so you can upgrade the builders hut. You can make it so, based on the level of the builders hut, you can pay for the next upgrade to happen right after that builder is finished with what he is making. Of course this is still a great game this is just some suggestions to help improve it a bit more. Thank you for making a great and enjoyable game..Version: 14.93.4

The TruthSuper fun but will take months to be good unless u buy gems.Version: 9.105.11

PLEASE READ BEFORE PlAYINGThis game used to be good but you have taken advantage of players and forced it into a pay to win mechanic. With extremely long wait times and extremely high prices for upgrading anything… How is that ONE wall cost 2million to upgrade in a lvl 11th?? This number may be inaccurate but I believe there are 300 walls in a townhall 11 so multiply that by 2million it then jumps to 600 Million! just to max out the walls if you’re aiming for a complete base. I’m not kidding about how messed up this is… I can’t imagine how bad it increases when you lvl up. So you then have 3 options rush 1 the base because people can’t be bothered with that. 2 spent 600 million gold in just walls. Or 3 the preferred way by supercell to buy the pass that cuts off the price of everything. But doesn’t do much because you’re still having to wait crazy amounts of time. This applies to every aspect of the game by the way, not just walls. I know you guys are trying to make money but that’s ridiculous. This is not the way and you can do better. You’re forcing players hands by making things so freaking expensive and time consuming that they have to spend real money. PLEASE KNOW: this is a pay to win game and I’m sick of it..Version: 14.93.14

The Only Change That Needs To Be Made!I’ve been playing clash of clans for approximately 5 years and I absolutely love the updates as they come! But there’s still room for improvement, like I think you should introduce gold/elixir trade even at a ratio of 2:1, because as your th approaches the maximum usually there’s a lot of elixir that there’s no use for, and that pulls a lot of attacks, I currently upgrade a gold mine and cancel over and over again to drain the excess elixir… another thing that needs to be tweaked is the hero upgrades, you’ve finally introduced the update that allows spells and troops barracks to be upgraded while using them so why not heroes? But all in all this game is tops! Thanks Supercell for a wonderful game experience.Version: 15.0.3

Amazing game but…I enjoy playing Clash of Clans a lot and I have played the game on and off since 2019. The game is really well made and I love that they haven’t made it pay to win. The games slow progression can make it hard to continue to stay entertained. Maybe the game could add some new features because the gruelling progression system can get quite boring. Unlike other games, the recent updates have actually been really good and I like the new additions they have added. Most games nowadays have updates that flop but Clash of Clans manages to keep the updates mildly interesting. 5/5 review for this game. Would 110% recommend this game for family and friends..Version: 15.547.11

The clan games should benefit who ever puts in the effort for the rewardsI’m a leader of a clan and some clan members think it’s good to get low points in the clan games and then claim every reward possible once the games end, I can’t kick them because they are good members but I don’t want them claiming what they haven’t earned.......... That’s why I have come up with a idea for future clan games if your interested in reading this, loads of players will be interested in the clan games if you make the rewards less winnable, if you simply make it that you need to earn a Sefton amount of points before claiming a certain tier of rewards that would really help the clan out a lot, and make others work harder instead of relying on others like me to get the challenges and points done, if you did read this far thank you so much for your patience and I hope you take my idea in to consideration, thank you.Version: 9.434.14

Great gameBeen playing this for 3 years - still fun!!.Version: 9.105.11

Needs tweaksYes I understand that SuperCell won’t do much work on anything before the 2nd highest townhall level but as a townhall 9 I can safely say there are a few. Firstly: why can you upgrade a wall TWICE at th9? To max out 1 wall at th9 (from being max at th8) costs 1.5million resources. Why not just charge 800K and leave it to 1 level being max. It doesn’t change much as th9 players will either use WallBreakers and rage them, jump spells or air troops. I’ve never attacked a base without 1 of these methods so it’s pointless giving walls an extra 500 health for that price. On another note: the cost for upgrading Hero’s is too much as there are so many levels as I’ve finished all upgrades and almost walls (yes 2nd level upgrade as well) and yet I’ve only got level 15 heros. Love the upgrades you bring out regularly like the electro drake and now the Ice golem but maybe you should add a couple things here and there to smaller TH’s even if it’s limited potions for those TH levels. 1 other thing. Ignore everyone on the subject of Gems. I’ve never spent a penny on this game and never not had gems. You don’t need to spam upgrades over and over and instantly upgrade them. I have 5 builders, buy the training potion and occasionally gem troops to clan mates. The trees and bushes give more than enough and so do the achievements and Clan games. Keep up the great work, look forward to 2019!.Version: 11.185.4

Please addI love this game so much and I think the new updates are so cool but there is something I bin thinking about asking for you to add a new dark troop and hero because it’s bin a while since we’ve seen a new home village hero so I was thinking about a new troop that goes with the new dark troop I was hoping you could add so I noticed that a lot of these things kinda remind me of lord of the rings so I was hoping you can add something related to the orcs maybe call them something like an org to avoid copyright I think and as for the hero I was thinking maybe it could be something related to the org idea I had maybe call it something like the alpha org and I actually thought of what level the Townhall you’d unlock these troops for instance the regular org could be unlocked at Townhall 14 and then the alpha org would be unlocked at Townhall 15 so could you maybe think about it it would mean a lot to me if you actually added it I’d probably actually shed tears of happiness I almost actually forgot to mention with the orcs hero ability to be it could be like a tornado ability that spawns orcs and my little brother actually was hoping there could be like a new siege machine that’s like the polar dropper only instead of dropping boulders he drops logs you make us both happy to know if he’s actually get into the game..Version: 15.352.8

Pretty goodThere are tons of good aspects about this game. From clans to multiple accounts there are plenty of ways to make the game fun. There are some well, better things they could do. To start, when I played a lot a while ago, there was a thing called global chat. This was one, if not the best thing of clash. Getting new members and having fun when you got bored was easily solved. The new way to recruit people isn’t great and doesn’t work half the time. You can’t even make a clan anymore without your friends’ support. The game would improve astonishingly if they added this back. The other bad thing about this game is the pay-to-win features. Now obviously this is good for the company and I do like it, I’ve spent a fair share of money on this game, but some people just buy there way to a th10 in a few days when you’ve been spending months upgrading to get there. Sometimes you just waist your money as a spender because you’re so incredibly rushed no one wants you in your alliance. I’d take anyone in as I started my own clan and we’re not growing to well. But in lower level leagues like gold and silver there are some maxed th12’s there when I’m thing to fight some th7 or 8. This is due to spending and there isn’t much to do about it besides complain. Thanks for reading this, bye..Version: 13.675.22

Good, but walls are too expensiveClash of clans is so fun, but upgrading walls is just way too expensive, if they lowered it down a lot it would be so much easier, ranking up is a lot harder now since everyone are really hard too play against, and if you’re a th8 - and over, getting gold is quite hard, and they’re even expensive when your town hall is very low, th6 -th7 walls are still way to expensive.. when the walls used to be like 30k each it was so much more fun to play and easier to rank/ level up. But now you have to put so much effort into upgrading just one wall.. at around th10 and over, walls are like 1 million each, and having like 200+ walls takes so long. So I just think the game would be so much better if they lowered the price of the walls, either than that the game is amazing :).Version: 13.180.6

Good fun gameIt’s really fun and amusing there are a few bugs but there not really a problem. With healers if there’s no troops to heal the healer will attack a random building but it favourite target would be healing troops. The only reason why I’m asking for it it’s because if all your troops get destroyed but you still have your healer it would just stay there floating and you have to wait until the timers ran out. Thanks for an other amazing game super cell keep up the good work Btw to people saying they can’t go on it cause they made an update that iOS 9 and below can’t play cause of technical issues.Version: 10.322.16

MehThis game is great. You do have to wait a lot but it’s mostly worth it also I recommend don’t waste your gems at the start because I accidentally did not knowing I can get really good and important stuff but I wasted it on buying coins and elixir and buildings and troops. You can attack and make sure you always upgrade stuff like defenses and recourses. I honestly love this game you have to be patient sometimes because upgrades are not so easy to wait/ for and it gets to people a lot because the reviews mostly talk about how the prices are to big or they have to wait a long time so yeah. You have to be patient and save money but spend a lot too because people will attack you and they take all your money. Best part though is you will have everything back..Version: 13.369.9

COCPlayed this game since launch still play it and love it all my friends play and we are in the same clan in this clan we’ve watched each other grow up we went from boys to teens to adults but nothing has changed playing wise..Version: 14.93.14

Played since 2014. Great game but someMAJOR issues.This is by far one of my all time favorite games. Mostly everything they have ever done to the game is well thought out. However there are issues.1. The walls are too expensive for what they do. Nowadays everyone uses balloons, electro dragons, baby dragons, and miners. Walls do nothing against these troops. NOTHING! So I just don’t understand why they cost so much. I understand that there is a 20% off builders that can be earned through the season pass but upgrading walls should be able to be accomplished without spending 5 dollars every month.2. There is basically nothing you can do against miners. The best weapon in my base is the giant bombs against them. They either need nerfed or there needs to be some sort of weapon against them. 3. There needs to be more builders. The new Otto thing that was added is cool but this can only be earned from doing outrageous amounts of work in a separate village. One that I have no interest in whatsoever. There should be the option to buy more than 5 builders in the home village that I would gladly buy with gems that I have earned through achievements and clearing obstacles. That is all. These issues are a simple fix and would make the community as a whole a lot happier thank you..Version: 11.651.7

The memoriesThis game is just a trip down memory lane. Just to let you guys know, I’ve been playing the same game, same account since 2012 so about 6 to 7 years. I haven’t played this game daily but once in a while I’ll remember this game and redownload it and connect my account and then begin to play for about 3 to 4 months. This only happens about once or maybe twice a year and I love it. Just the music brings me back to when I would wake up every Sunday morning and have that music play on my couch for hours just sitting there. Those were the good days. So anyways I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and a lot has changed. New troops, defenses, even a whole new location to build a village as well as townhall levels and many more. A lot of the time how ever it is very upsetting to see just how much has changed. I loved the old look of the villages townhall 10 meaning you are like a god. I love those moments and I do not want to forget them. This is not a problem but I just want to share it with you guys because this game is very important to me because it definitely shaped me when I was younger. Ps. Ive been playing for 6 or 7 years now and I’m still only a town hall 9 so it’s ok if you think your behind..Version: 11.185.19

Great gameClash of Clans is actually like a really good game I really enjoy it I just wish in the builder pace walls will less expensive because your progress gets like really stumped like I get you don’t want us to program grass too fast but just a little cheap because the level three walls are like 150,000 gold to upgrade one so I think it could be just a little bit reduced..Version: 16.0.8

Very Addictive and well made game.Clash of clans is a very time consuming game that makes the hours fly by. I’ve been playing it for over 5 years and finally have made it to the highest town hall (TH14). I’ve read a lot of over comments and see a lot of people complaining about the upgrade costs and times. However, I don’t mind the longer times as it simply comes with a larger sense of accomplishment. Most of the troops are rather balanced except a few seem very weak too me. Who uses giants at th14?? They are completely outdated and really need a buff as I literally never see anyone using them at higher town halls. My main problem with the game is the recruitment system. Everyone loves global chat. I spent hours talking to people on it each day, but it was removed due to issues. Supercell then replaced global chat with a new recruitment tool that I find completely useless. You need to be able to talk to people to recruit them to your clan. This tool doesn’t offer this! If supercell could add a system where you could say a couple sentences about your clan then that would really help. Overall, I am really looking forward for th15 and the future of the game. It is well structured with some minor flaws that won’t be that hard to fix. Thanks for the entertaining game!!.Version: 14.211.9

Best game everOk I’m saying it Clash of Clans is the best mobile game ever created. Anyone can pick up the game and play it however they want. Rush, max, trophy push, go pro, make content and many more. I have been playing Clash since 2014 and in the last 2 years I have been really enjoying. I am part of the Reddit community now bc of clash and many content creators community’s. If you are thinking about downloading the game. Please do you will just miss out if not! U was sceptical back in the day but I think it was the best decision in my gaming life I have ever made. Supercell have perfected this game and it will only keep getting better. Clash of Clans is my favourite game and been there thru any other games I have played. It has also given me another world to escape from some difficult real life situations. I just want to thank the Supercell team for this-quite literally- life changing game. Thank you from Barnaby here in the uk 👍😊.Version: 14.426.3

Clash Of Clans ReviewWell I had downloaded the game because my friend had recommended it. I had often played it but didn’t enjoy it or understand it while I was a beginner. Eventually I had become more familiar with the game and started to enjoy it, and had played for hours every day. Then I had stopped playing as much and had deleted the game. I redownloaded it awhile after that; but yet again deleted it. Recently my friend asked if u still had it and I didn’t at that time. He had said I should download it and eventually I started to begin to deeply understand the game itself. He had got me into the a clan and it was amazing. The clan was friendly and almost all the time someone was online. Then I had my home village redone by my friend and then like 2 weeks ago I had it rebuilt by the clan leader. He was really friendly and had make me Co-Leader for trusting him. Now I play everyday for hours and cannot go a day without it. Although it seems as I’m saying it’s bad it’s not because I play everyday for maybe 2-2 1/2 hours combined each day and enjoy the game so much. My point is it’s overall a great game and very friendly, and I would recommend to anyone who needs and new game to play. I think the game was thought over well and have no concerns with anything..Version: 13.369.9

Awesome game, but a few requestsI reckon it’s an awesome game, but I think there should be super versions of everything, like the pekka. Also, could there be a clock tower in the normal village? And I reckon you should be able to donate resources, but I also have another complaint. The season rewards. I was trying to upgrade my pekkas to level 6, so I was trying to get that 1.5M elixir reward. Finally I got it, but I just didn’t have enough storage space, so instead of getting the resource, I got 5 GEMS instead of 1.5 MILLION ELIXER. Could we perhaps get a greater amount of gems the greater amount of things we don’t have enough space for? Also? I think you should add in something like the flare you have in boom beach, so that we can direct our troops where to go. Cheers..Version: 14.211.9

Excellent, don’t get bored of itI’ve had this game for a few years, and I would easily say it’s my favourite game. I especially liked the builder base update because it meant I could be high up for once (I’m only a th10). Recent updates (magic items, clan games, challenges) have really helped me and improved gameplay. However, I would like to see more clan based activities, e.g. a kind of clan village, or something you build together as a clan? And maybe a way to share resources as a clan. I also think there should be more actual buildings in the villages. Practically the only ‘buildings’ are cannons, archer towers, air defences etc. but I think there should be more villagers with actual houses, and maybe a sort of market. And the villagers have jobs. Lastly I would like to see updates in the builder base as this was my favourite thing about the game. Otherwise, amazing. 😊.Version: 11.446.20

A few ideasThis game is so good I have been playing for 6 years now and it has been the best. But I have a couple of ideas that could be put into the game. Cheaper walls the walls are by far the most expensive items in the game and I have gotten really angry from upgrading them and they will be especially expensive when new town halls come out. Second I like the idea of a new type of resource, ‘dark gold’ like someone had suggested before. Thirdly, I feel like there should be a new hero, I don’t know what type of hero but just a new hero for home base and builder base. Lastly, the upgrading time. I had started a second account and I had forgotten how long some of these buildings take to upgrade, like spell factory, Xbow’s and army camps. Those are just some ideas that I had in my mind and I hope that these could be put into the game. I understand the upgrade times take longer the higher you get but it just takes a bit too long..Version: 14.426.4

A Absolute Mobil Game Trend SetterClash of Clans is a game best played with friends. People will constantly say stuff like MicroTransactionMania but this just is not true. Yo can easily get gems in game, sure you might speed up the process with MicroTransactions but I never felt like they were a huge problem. The biggest problem this game has is what I call the silver crisis, this happens around silver league 3. At this period you hit a natural road block at which many people seem to quit. This road block being that once at silver 3 you will encounter lots of people with higher skill than you. This will lead to you attacking much higher bases than yourself and failing some people do this cycle of over confidence and failing will lead to some players to quit the game. There is also a issue with the walls being over priced playing some of the top single player missions and getting millions of gold will only allow you to upgrade a couple walls to level 12! And if your wondering at the time of needing to upgrade walls to level 12 you will have around 250+ walls! Another thing great about this game is the fact that it’s free game. It’s also been a around since 2012 and right now it’s November 2019 and there are still 100 million players that get on a day. This game is the best Mobil game in history..Version: 11.866.17

I love this gameMy friend Anthony is fat.Version: 14.555.7

Nearly perfectI have been an avid fan of this game since 2013 and although it’s one of favorite mobile games of all time it still can never truly be great. The game is completely pay to win and everyone knows it, I just got back into it recently though and started a new base. I’m only at TH8 and it’s already bad, leveling up hero’s is awful and not rewarding, it’s literally impossible to make it onto the leaderboards without spending absurd amounts of money, and the attacking system although fun at lower levels one your maxed its boring since there’s no more new troops or strategies to learn. Something I can praise the game for though is that when I initially played the game the only way to get resources was attacking, the campaign, wars, collectors, and your moms credit card. Now there’s tons of ways to get all resources, but the main reason why this game can never truly be great is because you can’t play it for long. Sure you can spam gems all day but unless your Jeff Bezos it’s impossible to keep up. The game is a giant money scheme with the front of being a fun casual mobile game, and even though it is fun at times, it isn’t fun when it takes 4 days to upgrade 1 singular mortar to do 80 more damage. I would rate this game 5 stars but I have to go get 28,000,000 gold to finish my walls (I’m not kidding)..Version: 13.369.25

Clan castle treasuryHi Supercell, Just one thing, can we have the opportunity to choose what we want from the clan castle treasury than collecting all the Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. This would help me and a lot of other players so that if you choose what you want to keep in the clan castle, there for an attack by another player won’t take all your gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Please Respond and change this,.Version: 14.426.3

The game needs a lot of fixingGood game, a bit silly on how long certain things take. For starter, I spent 38 gems to have my troops trained instantly but this doesn’t apply with spells, you need to spend another 20 gems. It’s silly. Also when your trying to learn new armies it’s very Hard to use them. They refurbished the lightning spell and after the most recent update they’re bad again. The games very hard to find a good clan, it’s not easy to attack other bases if you’re a returning player. The tutorials are just boring and they use maxed archer queens and kings, they also uses sieges if your TH9/TH10 and so the tutorial is not accurate as you won’t always have a siege machine. Walls are a absolute joke, they cost way too much. The loot you get from other bases is very low and I dropped hundreds of trophies to get 300k each which is absolutely rubbish for me. Every new update is for end game players which is very unfair. They show the new super troop, yet no one under TH11 can see this and so it’s just boring. I won’t play as much now. The game needs a big fix..Version: 13.576.3

CoC requires other games on device to be funI wish there was a 4.5 star, ‘cause I truly think CoC is worthy of 4.5 , but there isn’t. Anyway, please enjoy my essay. Lol. There is a main reason this review did not rate CoC 5 stars. And that is because CoC takes up a lot of time. For instance, it took me at least 6 months to get everything maxed out in TH 8 (my other account). Even though it took me 6 months to ,max out TH8, my playtime over those six months felt like I was playing for near 24 hours. I honestly think CoC developers need to make something for players to stay online and playing. Also, imagine you were new to CoC. You just joined and you made it to TH4, eventually the upgrade times get up to hours upon hours of waiting. And if you don’t spend money for builder’s huts, the gameplay just gets completely boring. I hope developers of CoC could add something like an attack rush, where you can attack other player’s towns, whilst not damaging, nor gaining any nearly any valuables. I could see 10% of the damage that you took to the base’s you’d get, but it would be too grindy on attack rush. I’m sorry this is very long, I just talk a lot. lol. Anyway, if you could add something to keep me playing, it would be great. Thx if you respond and peace out :) Have a nice day!.Version: 14.426.1

Absolutely worst customer serviceDue to the recent China server split, a lot of people lost access to their account. Until today I still can’t recover my account and I got very rude response from Supercell customer support team. They don’t do proper investigation and they just shut down and turn you off as soon as possible and not really help you to solve problem at all..Version: 14.426.1

Amazing game!You have to admit. Most of these reviews are just ridiculous. It’s easy to point out most of ‘em. Firstly, there was this guy who said he started playing in 2013, so lets assume he was 9 then because this game is 9+. He must be 16 now, but that lack of grammar and punctuation shocks me. But then again, some Americans don’t get proper education. Secondly, his story was all over the place, “ I broke my phone and then no device for a year and then I got a ipad and a phone and then I broke my phone again and then 2 years later I got another phone and thought clash of clans was pay-to-win.” It’s either this guy is a real clutz and doesn’t care about expensive things, —usually a spoilt kid which doesn’t mix with his age— or he’s lying. Why would anybody make something up to put shade on such a brilliant mobile game! Thanks for reading!.Version: 13.369.9

AWESOME!!!! 2 problemos though.This game is awesome and has no ads! That is a extra bonus! There is only TWO things I have against this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the waiting time of upgrading and training troops! If you are removing things then that is going to be 10 mins MAX. That is alright but most (more then half) is going to take and hour +. The troops also take quite a bit, for wanting to battle after your last (There is a thing where you can get them loading while battling but that also takes to long) If they could change this then I would only have ONE thing against it, bringing me to my second thing..... WHY DON’T YOU HAVE PENGUINS!?! THEY ARE CUTE AND CUDDLY! This have more meaning then what you think. I believe if it would be cool if we could have animals, like dogs and bears, stuff like that. Besides that I really think you should play it as it is an amazing game!😇😇.Version: 13.576.3

Clash of clans review.I started playing clash of clans when I was 10, now I’m 16 and I have a maxed TH10 base and am currently on masters 2 league. Recently, and I only mean this morning, the sound effects changed drastically and they sound HORRIBLE. For one thing, the buildings that you tap on all have an annoying click sound which is a lot less satisfying than the original sound effects, another thing is that the sounds of war on versus battles is just really bad and doesn’t make sense. If they changed back the sound effects, I would give this game 5 stars, but if they don’t, it’s a 2 star for me. CHANGE THE SOUND EFFECTS BACK TO NORMAL PLEASE!.Version: 13.180.10

Good but lost my old acc where I spent moneyIt’s a good game and I could sit down and play it for 5hr or play it for 10min there is so much to do like create an unbeatable base or attack somebody else’s base and try to get all the loose while also getting a 3 star. But I lost my old acc I use to play it when it first came out and I spent about 30 dollars but I lost that acc and now I’ve made a new acc and I’m already back to th9. also with the new updates it’s getting easier and easier to upgrade and expand I think that Supercell should slow it down and make new fun events and new characters. I also think that should be a new hero and it should be a new hero a flying hero would be cool dragon or E-drag. A few new troops Wrecker-he hold a mace and deals medium damage has medium health and has slow speed he troop space 6 Giant v2- giant v2 would be an upgraded version of a giant and would have double damage but the same health he would be 15 troop space and would be faster then the previous giant Tumbler- the tumbler would roll around the field when rolling he would have a shield where he only takes 10% of the damage but he has low health so he can die quickly he would have medium damage and for his attack he would roll into defences his speed would be fast. Thank you for reading this I hope that supercell can read this and make improvements to the game..Version: 11.866.1

Why I love this gameThese days, most mobile games are crappy, use fake ads (and overloaded with ads) and made by money hungry devs who have no concern for their players problems. But THIS game, THIS, will forever go on with Angry Birds and PvZ as one of the best mobile games of all time in my opinion, and why? They have ads with REAL GAMEPLAY, GREAT sound effects and voice acting, CREATIVE making in the game, LOTS of fixing errors in this game, and so on. This game keeps on getting better with updates, and many Clans are friendly to me in my view. Btw, they have cheaper app purchases, too. But I have 2 problems in this game you need to fix, Supercell. 1. From the negative reviews I’ve seen, it seems like you have poor customer service. It seems like you ban players even though they are innocent and don’t retrieve lost accounts. I hope that you make your customer service a little more better in the future. (I’m not saying that this game is bad, you just need to fix some issues) 2. Yes, everybody knows this: BRING BACK GLOBAL CHAT SUPERCELL!!!!!!! JUST MAKE A BETTER CHAT MODERATOR AND BAN THE SCAMMERS AND BOTS!!!!!! PLEASE SUPERCELL, JUST DO IT!!!!! Long story short, beside the problems, I think this game is the best mobile game ever, in my opinion. :).Version: 14.93.6

What i think of this gameI believe this game is a really good quality game. I love the battle pass and how its been set up, i love how the war games are and how league is set up as-well and i love the new recent update. What i think would improve the game is builder base wars for clan and also another battle pass but for £10 but with even better awards. I would also love to see new defences and possibly a new set of troops. Id also love if you could do more in the game, like if you have social friends you can challenge them against your base a friendly feature instead of them having to join your clan. Id also love it if you buy all the skins for heros instead of you only being able to see some (i cant buy the ice queen but would love too) all-together though this is a great quality game and its really fun to play. Id also recommend a new type of spell, maybe a spell which is called “goblin spell” which when you drop it, it does 25% of what a goblin does but only gold and elixa and dark storages or another spell which could be called “shock spell” which stuns all defences and does less damage against troops when you drop it on the defences, most like the poison spell. These are only thoughts but it would be amazing to see something new to the game. Also not for th11 upwards so it becomes so much kore fun. Amazingg game altogether though and i love it!!.Version: 13.180.10

Great game, but fix the AI and the clan matchupsThe game is great: fun, interactive, and more. But when I attack sometimes the Ai in the troops doesn’t make sense. It might just be part of the game, but the Ai should at least follow some common sense. For example, if there is a giant, and he is 5 tiles from an archer tower that is surrounded by walls, but 15 tiles away from another archer tower with no walls, the giant will go for the archer tower with no walls, regardless of wall level or archer tower level. If there is a closer object, those troops should target that object, such as in the giant example, where he should have targeted the archer tower with walls. Second of all, the clan matchups are not balanced. I am in a lvl 3 clan with decent players, but we only have around 5-7 players th 9 and above in wars. We get matched up with clans that are lvl 8-10, with almost all player having a th above 8. In the matchups, the war is already won, before anyone even battles. The wars usually end up either us demolishing the opposing team or vice versa. There was never in an inbetween where the players are tied in stars. My recommendation is to match up the clans based on a win-loss ratio. For example, a clan with 50% win rate might get paired up with a 45-55% win rate clan instead of a 30% or 85% win rate clan. Anyways, this is a great game, but some things can be really frustrating..Version: 11.185.13

Good at first but slow and boring nowI really liked this game at first. But now I've been playing it for a long time, I don't actually play it as such anymore. It takes so long to earn enough money, gems or elixir to build or do anything that I don't turn the game on for at least a week or sometimes longer. I then literally turn it on, take the money, elixir and gems and turn it back off. Then after a few weeks when I've got enough to actually build something, I start the build going and then turn off the game again. Why? cos it takes like 2 weeks to build anything now. That's not a game, that's boring and slow. The only reason I don't delete the game, is because I've taken a long time to build up my clan. But I think I'm getting to the point where I will delete this game now. Purely cos it's not an enjoyable game anymore. A game is something you want to play daily. Not something you can only play every couple of weeks for 5 mins..Version: 9.434.26

Cool ideaYou should make it so that if your upgrading something you could put two or three builders on the same job to make it go fast.Version: 14.211.0

The only respectable mobile game to existIt is true that past th11 things start to get very “pay to progress”, but updates in the past few years have all been pretty good giving you lots to do even then, and I still feel the progression as a th11 right now, it is feeling much better than it used to (th11 isnt high anymore though) In any case, this game is probably the only respectable mobile games to exist. No intrusive and dangerous ads taking up 75% of playtime, no p2w garbage making it feel completely unfair, no shoving sales down your throat and desperately trying to take all your money, none of the usual practices that always make mobile gaming a terrible terrible idea. Plus the devs seem to continue to put love into it, cant say ive cared much for the builder town or the newer clan town thing but I'm just in a clan of 4 with some friends..Version: 16.253.5

Guys who put 1 star for dumb reasonFirst lesson : do not put 1 star if your lose your village its your fault its easy to create a supercell account and it will save all your progress forever. Second lesson : there was a bug with the 15M loot chart and they fix it and they said why you cant get it and they said that it was a bug and you cant even get a max loot chart Third lesson : dont rate the game 1 star only because they removed the global chat , i know that its hard to get new people in your clan because of this but they add a new nice method to add players in your clan or you have facebook group or there is a lot of website where you can recrute people Fourth lesson : I know the game take a lot of time to complete but its not a pay to win , If you play the game everyday and grow up like this you’ll pass th faster than if you play like 1 time per 3 days or something like that , i have my village since 2016 but im only th9 maxed and its only because i was not active and i stopped to play this game like 2 years and then i came back and now i play everyday and i was th8 when i restarted and it took me only 1 month and a half to pass th9 so its not that long if you are a good player and have patiance. Thanks SuperCell for this game Thats the best game ever :).Version: 13.369.9

Clash Of Clans is a great gameIt’s fun, enjoyable and you will have loads of fun with the game. It has so many amazing features such as the gold pass, it rewards those who pay and gives lots of rewards to the free players more than any other games with passes. The two downsides is that as you progress through the game you tend to see that PTW (pay,to,win) is the way to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to get to the next level in the game and the second problem is that after 3 months or so it starts to get boring and you end up uninstalling and reinstalling the app constantly..Version: 13.369.16

Please read!If people think this game is bad the reasons things happen I will put here: 1. Crashing Usually an update or your device can’t work. 2. Loss of account Either you have changed your email address and lost your old email or supercell believe you are acting suspicious. if you are to talk to supercell about a loss of account be sure to add plenty of information about the account to reassure supercell that you are not a hacker. 3.hard enemy’s If you attack a hard enemy it will mean that supercell clash of clans KNOWS you can beat it. With at least one ⭐️If you feel that they are too hard then just try another 🎯 4.hard defences If you are attacked by a hard enemy you should think about when YOU attack an easy enemy you wouldn’t feel the same sadness would you so don’t pick on easy target 🎯 if they cannot defend it and if all of coc does this then we can have a more friendly time and less dissapointment because we all know the crushing feeling of losing to a super good opponent 5. Builder base: unfair attacks The attacks in builder base depends on your personality you can train the army in your star laboratory or you are the sort who builds your defence and those choices are hard to change once fully in build base. Pst if you want a Gould strat go with mine the cannon and giant And that is my review! Have a good time on clash of clans Clash on! Hedgehog 🦔 out!.Version: 13.369.9

Why?I only just started playing this game again I used to play it everyday and I used to really enjoy it but I had a big break from the game for about a year or two and I decided to reinstall it again and when I did it took me by surprise as to some of the questionable changes that they have made. I loaded up the game and my first intention was to find a good clan to join but when I went to access the global chat to find a clan that was recruiting like how I used to find my clans, but to my surprise it seemed that there was no global chat anymore and my question is that why have they made this change it used to be a great place to socialise with other players and find a good clan to join. Anyway I was hoping you read this and maybe reconsider this change and maybe reconsider bringing the global chat back into the game? Because not only everything I have listed in the above but it also makes it increasingly harder for leaders of clans to recruit members. Thank you..Version: 11.866.17

Plz make this for town hall fifteenMy plan for town hall 15 is that the town hall has troops like a clan castle tho when you get to the range it spawns troops like a dragon night to protect it so it would attack the enemies and also in town hall fifteen plz add a inferno that heals within range instead of attacking and a giant potion that makes your troops giant for a bit and then a potion brew master and he throws potions randomly it’s like a wizard but it throws spells can you also add a new troop to builder base like builder hall 10 and the troop and it is like a meteor when you put it down and it’s meteor is splash damage and town hall has a new defense this one I think it’s to powerful a factory tho it spawns troops to fight the attackers and it continuously spawns more and more tho the attackers troops have to be within range for it to work and it won’t spawn troops if the attackers aren’t in range so yeah plz read this It’s a pleasure and I want to be a game developer when I’m older so plz this will help me if you add it which I highly doubt it will cause you guys don’t really care about what we want you got your own plans.:( :( I know everyone who reads this will think I am crazy they don’t even have time to read this:(.Version: 14.93.6

Walls aren’t overpricedHey guys. I’ve been playing this game non-stop for 2.5 years and I still love it just as much as the beginning. I have 3 accounts with the biggest being a maxed th9 about to be a th10. Clan games are interactive, wars are fun and genius and attacking is practical and requires strategy and tactic. The reason i think people think walls are overpriced is because people focus too much on progressing the base and getting bigger and less about the teamwork that makes clash stand out from other iOS games EVEN clash royale. Supercell did an INSANE job at matching up the amount of elixer needed AND gold needed to build and max ones base. If walls were any cheaper, Wed see massive stockpiles of gold on people bases when u try to attack a near-maxed TH. My th9s troops and walls are going to max AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. After about th8 it mostly becomes a focus on getting into a clan that suits you and trying to build a war streak with other buddies. It’s really the construction of a strong clan that makes the game fun. U can do that at most any level. Not good at wars? 1. Get better, 2. Clan games! Everyone can do those and they make the clan look good. If ur impatient, we’ll that’s why they made clash royale. If ur a strategy and businessman like me, this is the game for you. Thanks for reading!.Version: 10.134.2

Great gameThis game is awesome but almost everyone who played when global was around wants it back, I do highly recommend this game but one thing I would like changed is that global comes back to us. We all miss it dearly..Version: 13.0.27

Game play progressesI love this game, and the added Clan capital is great nice way for My clan too bond & work on a village together. Could you please bring out town hall 15 soon or by the end of the year, really want to progress with the next town hall now that I have maxed out town hall 14. Rewarding game when u upgrade your village & troops. Finally advice for new players take your time upgrading your village Try not too rush to the next town hall level. It’s so much more rewarding having a strong base & troops & helps you do better in the game..Version: 14.635.9

Update? Not greatThis update is strange. Little things have been removed, e.g sounds after the moving of storages have been removed,Tall grass became shorter, all of the sound changes are worse just reverse them please., Personally it feels that the clan village is just an incentive to make players spend money. There is no upgrade time yet to get that elixir it takes days. This doesn’t fit right with the feel of original clash of clans. I have been playing for years and have seen it change for the worse, the season pass, skins, pets. Etc. If I was supercell I would have left this game at the condition it was at about 2019. I liked the builder base but this new village seems forced. It would not have been bad if they didn’t change all the perfect older sounds and replaced them with just clicking. The little things supercell makes the game better. I hate the new noises and many will agree with me. You rushed this update mate. ~Hepme1.Version: 14.555.7

Gold pass bypass magic items limit.Very very addicting game, I’m already max town hall 9 in about 6 months (I think that’s pretty good) I’ve gotten that addicted and engaged to this game I have spent a bit of money, I buy gold pass every month but one this that does annoy me.. after I collect my gold pass rewards for eg, book of building and runes I prefer too save them for when I need them, when it comes around too the next month and I haven’t used my magic items and I have more too collect in the gold pass, it forces me too use them or sell them when Id prefer too have them bypass the limit so I can hold multiple. And I don’t want too sell them because I already have 5 builders, therefore don’t really need gems, It would be very helpful if the gold pass rewards could bypass the limit instead of automatically exchanging into gems at the end of the month, or make it so we can choose whether we want to exchange them or keep them. Other than that, awesome game and very addictive..Version: 14.211.9

What Parents need to knowWHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW Parents need to know that Clash of Clans is a strategic action game that pits players against both artificial-intelligence characters and real-world opponents. The app's license agreement requires all players to be at least 13; teens 13 to 17 are supposed to have a guardian agree to the terms, but it's on the honor system. There are frequent battles with explosions and the cries of defeated soldiers, but there is no graphic violence. The game's core component is its multiplayer mode, wherein players can attack the villages of other players (and defend their own), but they don't communicate with each other directly when these attacks occur -- though there is a global and intra-clan chat functionality when players are in their own villages. Fortifying a village and building an army cost money, and the game uses in-app purchases to help players buy in-game currency to upgrade quicker..Version: 11.866.17

Bring global chat backThis game is super fun but I feel alone most of the time. We need the chat back so I don’t just get on for collecting resources, attacking, upgrading if necessary and then getting off. Not many people talk in clan chat but in global chat is always going crazy.Version: 14.93.6

10 years of playing review, P.S. WHERE IS HALLOWEEN SOUND!!!!Been playing this game since it came out. I was 13 when it did and I’m currently 23. There was a time when destroying army camps would destroy troops. A time where you could sell buildings too. Over my many years of playing this game. I have to say it’s extremely pay to win, but it’s doable without money if you put in the time. All upgrades are locked by time constraints and resource amounts. Which is way better than other games like clash royal. You can battle 50 times in CR and gain nothing once ur chests are complete. For this game, the more you battle, the more you progress. I mean waiting 18 days is awful and delays progression and don’t get me started on the walls… Even though there is so much to upgrade. If you put in the work, it’s doable. I’m fully maxed on this game aside from walls, and I havent spent more on this game then a monthly netflix subscription. If you are new to this game, they made it so easy to level up. Dont expect a max lvl base the first year but you can get close very fast. The battle pass is 1000% worth too. The graphics, the sound, even the trailers of this game are always on point. The developers do truly care about this game. I’ve been enjoying this game for 10 years and I’ll still play this game for another 10..Version: 15.0.1

Too many upgradesOk I get it. They have to keep you upgrading to keep it interesting but when upgrades take 2 weeks it is a little tiresome. I could put up with this as it is part of how the game works but when more than one upgrade is required in each TH cycle it gets dreary. You work through upgrading 7 archer towers at however many days for each one … then you have to do it again to keep levelled up. Personally I think some single use special troops, spells or weapons that don’t take up too much room would be fun. To give you a one off rush and the chance to crush an opponent once in a while. Make them cost a certain level of coins so they aren’t used every battle by everyone, but they could add some much needed spice to go with the daily grind of upgrading and searching for likely marginal targets. Say .. “buy an Photon Bomb for 1,000,000” something that would obliterate the middle of a base, eagle artillery, TH and all. It would also be nice to be able to fill your own siege machines..Version: 14.555.7

GLOBAL CHAT !!!!!Ok first of all super cell u did a great job up until you got rid of global chat. IDK why you got rid of it , it was a great way to interact with other players and find clan members but now I have to invite them and u can’t tell if there inactive players or active players and also when no one in your clan is on u could just quickly switch to global and find friends there but now I have to either join a whole other clan or wait till ur clan members are active which limits us to meet only 50 max at a time so I feel that if you added global chat back this game won’t be so dead and people that play it can have a better way of either creating a clan or just finding friends.Version: 13.576.3

Played since the game was releasedI have played clash of clans on about 3 accounts I started when I was 5 or 6can’t remember but it was in my early years I’m 14 now I have a max town hall 11 going to 12 base and this game has been favourite game for years there’s been some updates that I didn’t like, like why’d they get rid of global but I there’s also been some good I still miss the old lvl 10 walls. Player ID-#QC8002J8.Version: 14.0.9

Perfect gameBeen playing for like 6 years or so, coming and going, love it. Yes it takes time, but tbh they’re constantly lowering the price of everything and the time it takes for things, kinda annoying when u spend all this time maxing out th’s only for everyone getting into it having to only wait like half as long and pay like half of what I’ve been thru.. Just leave it all and make people actually grind. I’m a max th10 and in the next update they’re lowering all these prices and wait times and it’s quite the slap in the face. If it’s taken me years to get to this point I don’t want people playing half as long and getting to this level.. just my two cents. :).Version: 13.0.31

ImprovementsClash of clans is a very game to play and it is one of the best mobile games I’ve played in a long time. I used to have clash of clans a long time ago (3-4 years) and it was still really good then. I made a new account of clash of clans in 2020 and started fresh without buying any in game purchases. In my opinion and I think other will agree with me, the costs of walls in the village should be reduced especially for beginners (town hall 3-6). I would also recommend reducing times for upgrades and new builds although you can still pay gems. Talking about gems I think the builder halls are way to expensive even they are very valuable. I also think there should be more ways to get gems other than mining bushes rocks trees and completing achievements because it is really hard for beginners and new players especially ones that don’t spend money on the game to get gems. Overall this game is great although there are some problems I would fix if I worked for supercell. Other than that the games great great it’s very addictive fun and one of the most important things is that it’s multiplayer so you can play with family and friends and I like that you can make a supercell account to save all your stuff. Tyis games great.Version: 13.180.12

Brilliant game, howeverI haven’t played this game in a couple of years and I only just reinstalled it a few weeks back, I’ve got a nice clan and I play it daily. I’m still getting used to the new stuff that’s been added since I last played and I think they are very good updates. However, there are a few things I wish you would add to the game which would take it a huge step forward. For example: I think there should be private chats between friends as if you wish to chat with a friend that’s in a different clan they always have to leave theirs and join yours and then join theirs again when it could be so much easier. I know this one would be hard but I think it would be brilliant if when you type something, if someone else speaks a different language and it is set as that in settings it should automatically translate the message to their language. One thing I find very annoying which sometimes happens is that words that aren’t even inappropriate get censored and it makes it complicated to try and get your point across. I hope you look at this feedback and take action :) I love your game by the way 😂.Version: 10.322.20

Amazing game except for a few minor problemsThis is an incredibly good and addictive game which I’ve been playing for a few years and which most of my friends play. I would just like to point out two issues which I have noticed at th9, I have seen this recurring issues throughout the whole time one of my accounts is at th9. The first one is quite a commonly know and obvious one, the amount of DE troops to upgrade and the fact that you have to upgrade your heroes 50 times in total and both of those being very expensive. This could be fixed by either making the max level for heroes 25 at th9 or just making the upgrades cheaper. The other issue I would like to point out is how hard it is to push for trophies at th9. I currently have an account stuck at champion III and it is starting to get very frustrating. Whenever I get 1* or 2* by a th10 or th11, I loose from 14-30 trophies whereas when I 2* or 3* th10s and th11s, I end up only getting 2-8 trophies per attack, this makes it near impossible to reach any league higher than champion II or champion I at th9. I hope you read this and consider making a few small changes. Thank you.Version: 11.651.12

Dear clash of clansCan you pls give me my town hall 9 back pls and it’s name is Liam pls because that account is on my old iPad that is not working pls give that account to me pls as soon as you read this because ever day I am thinking of that account and I really really want it back pls and can you pls give it back pls and can you save it for me if I lose my phone pls thank you.Version: 13.0.27

Good But...I recently downloaded clash of clans and I love this game all my friends play it too but one thing is that when I try to save my new layout it doesn’t save so I spent about fifteen minutes making a new layout and it didn’t save. Anyway I just love this game and I recommend this game to people who have a lot of time on their hands because it may take a few hours to upgrade or build something, some things don’t take too long. But sometimes you don’t have anything else to do, Supercell should update the game so it wouldn’t take so long to upgrade and gems are really hard to get unless you remove the plants on your plot of land I wish they would update the game so you would get free gems every now and again. Oh and never get the free gems apps because the are scams when I went on you have to rate it five stars so that’s why it’s fully rated and it also said that my iPhone had two viruses but I didn’t believe it and I had to forget it all..Version: 13.180.16

Getting this app was a great decisionWhen my friends told me about this game I downloaded it the second I got home from school. At first I wasn’t sure about the game itself and I rather liked the social aspect more, but soon, I began enjoying the game as a whole and I think it is one of the best games I have ever gotten! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asked me and I would give them my complete honest opinion. Thank you to Supercell who keep making this game better with each and every update. Some people don’t appreciate it but I know there are many that do. Keep up the great work! Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope your experience with Clash of Clans was as positive as mine!.Version: 11.651.22

Need to make it easyer for lower town halls to advanceGreat game but with the th14 and 15 update it will make it harder for new players to max out at th15 because 2 new town hall levels come every year and once you get to town hall 11 all the upgrades take like 7 days, please make it easyer to get up to town hall 11 or new players won’t be able to max out because of the 2 new town halls every year.Version: 13.675.22

Five stars but.... (updated)So I’ve been playing for 9 years now and I do still enjoy it, but a few things… #1 I am disappointed with my purchase of the “Of the North” builder base scenery. The visualisation shows both bases with the same scenery and it looks awesome. But after purchasing, only one of the two bases can use it and it looks terrible. 😡 I want that £6.99 back!! #2 The war in/out indicators have become completely obsolete. When somebody becomes inactive for a few weeks, but leaves their indicator on, it messes up the whole point of having them. It would be very useful if either: - Their indicator automatically turned off 2 days after being switched on, as the time it is switched on applies to their availability at that moment -The Clan leader could switch everybody off. This would be brilliant to do when a message goes out “who is up for war?” and the indicators are switched on. #3 Would it be possible to only send messages to those who are participating in the current war? #4 Are things like the loot cart and the gravestones really necessary anymore. They’ve become a bit of a chore. I know they give loot back, but the loot on offer when raiding is so big, the loot cart and gravestones become insignificant. The game has become so complex with so many features that “more is less”. Apart from those, keep up the good work 👏🏻👏🏻..Version: 16.0.8

Fun but annoyingThis game is great fun, however the waiting times are ridiculous, waiting practically an entire day or week for one weapon, character upgrade or building to finish building. It’s taking me so long just to get enough elixir to upgrade a character, just to be told that I don’t have enough elixir storage to actually get the amount I need, so now I have to upgrade my elixir storage with coins I don’t have. It takes way too long for everything. It’s like u are just trying to make us frustrated enough to splurge on gems in order to complete the most basic tasks. I’m also sometimes competing with players that are way more advanced then me, doesn’t seem like I got a fighting chance and just wastes my time. But other then that it’s a great game to play every few days and just for fun, it’s hard being a sore looser and just gets me riled up! Dear game makers, I’d appreciate if you didn’t make the game in a way that feels like a money grab. You make it a painfully slow game by not spending real money to actually have fun :( I’m just disappointed. It gets worse the longer you play too. Everything takes foreverrrrrrr.Version: 14.0.9

Base theme ideas and hero skin ideasCould be get a death note base theme (the anime) attack on titan hero skins something like titan king and the queen could be the armored titan the female one that’s more of a crystal. Or theme if possible could you guys also a song specific for said theme if you guys made a death note background but still had the normal clash of clans music in the background it would be really awkward and ruin the point of even having it so you could have the option to choose from some of the main soundtracks from said series that would be awesome maybe one part of the background is light yagami and L wearing the handcuffs or something.Version: 14.555.11

Game is amazing but it can be improved like all other gamesI love this game, I would come home and go straight to it, but like all games it can be improved by having a customisable character as the chief which would imitate yourself as if you are in the game playing your role, you should be able to unlock that at town hall 5 since you are partly half way through the town hall levels. You should also add in more, brilliant spells to help your attack during a battle, this should be unlocked at town hall 6. Plus, the amount of gems you have to use to get a builders’ hut is quite a stupid amount of I have to say so myself. This is the same with the amount of type to get something upgraded too. Also you should be able to change your name at level 3 not 5 but keep the idea of only being aloud to change your name once. Thank you for this brilliant game I love it and I bet all other players in the game too..Version: 9.434.2

Great Game But.......Yeah this is a great game in all, but there are a few problems. Number one. When your phone or iPad or whatever you’re playing Clash Of Clans on shuts off because you haven’t touched it in while, and you get back on.........and the game took away at least four-thousand of your Elixir or Gold. Then you can get frustrated. That’s only one problem. Number two. Yeah ok most people may not want to change their name in the game but some people do. So you should have a button to rewrite your name because you don’t like it. That is problem number two. Number three. The last problem. The clash of clans flag for your clan on the left side of the map for your base, and to upgrade to the next level for your clan. Yeah I know probably half of the people who play this game would know how to level up. However probably half of the people who play this game don’t know how to level up. So you should have kind of instructions on how to level up. That’s the last thing. Other than that the game is perfect there is no glitches and it doesn’t blur and the game crashes sometimes but not all the time there’s good graphics and details on the pictures of the game I play it every day and it gives me joy thank you for making this game it is perfect! That’s my review. Thank you for reading!.Version: 13.369.2

Great game but a couple of suggestionsOverall this game is great and I love that you can’t max out instantly but the time it takes is insane. Around town hall 11, the price go up but more importantly, the time is insane where almost everything is at least 7 days. The worst part is that sometimes the upgrades don’t even seem worth it cause it adds like 5 damage and it adds a spike to the design. More than decreasing the prices, it would be better if upgrades took less time because honestly, how does an upgrade take longer than the actual building time. Regarding the clan capitol, the forge takes 3 days to make 1600 capital gold (I think). I just think it would be better if it didn’t need a builder or if it was way less time. Another suggestion involves troop training, as you know, there are barracks and dark barracks (same as brewers) and upgrading barracks, in no way involves dark troops, so what I was thinking is that maybe you could train barrack troops and dark barrack troops at the same time, so that it takes less time. It’s fine if it remains the same cause you can already use training spells, but if this feature was added, you could repurpose the training spell. Other than that, it’s a really good game and you will play for a LONG time..Version: 14.635.4

Global ChatBring it back. I’m a software developer. I’ll help you make a anti-bad word moderator algorithm. Send me an email, I’m not even joking..Version: 15.547.11

The best game everThe best game your friends told you about ever! But it’s the worst grind you have ever played. Trust me 5 years later whatever happened to them years, days? It’s all gone to clash of clans. You think what was it it worth nothing just supercell driving money out of your wallet. Free to play but grind to play. Don’t install this app there are better apps than clash of clans..Version: 11.185.13

Use hero’s while upgradingGreat game, I just wish that you could use heroes while they are upgrading because there are so many hero levels and they take such a long time to upgrade, you can use troops and spells while they are upgrading so why not heros. They could be reduced levels that get used but it would be nice to be able to use them. This is annoying for several strategies involving the queen walk and/or queen charge where you can attack because the queen is on upgrade. So supercell please change it, it’s annoying feature that means you hero’s are out of action for several months while maxing them..Version: 15.547.10

Create layout brokenLove this game. But I spent hours designing my own base and after I clicked save and went off it didn’t save. A bit annoyed, please fix this bug and this would easily be a 5 star. Great game and still as fun and nostalgic as it used to be. Also, three years ago someone commented sometimes that was a really good idea, assigning more than one builder to one building to make it faster. This would speed things up especially when your almost max and a few of your builders are useless..Version: 13.576.9

FeedbackThis review isn’t going to go on about how amazing the game is which if your reading this right now then stop, and install the game if you haven’t already then continue. I think this game really benefit from more daily events to keep people logging on everyday. For example I lost what? 700 trophies in two weeks of not playing consistently which is ridiculous so I think a good way to change this is make it so you can toggle whether you want to be attacked or even lessen the amount of trophies you loose, at some cost such as not being able to attack someone else unless you beat 3 more base after wanting to gain trophies again. And finally I think there should be a daily system which could possibly reduce building times to keep players active daily. Overall great game, grindy if you like that kinda thing and very strategical etc. etc. thanks for reading :).Version: 15.0.1

Good but could be betterI love this game and I don’t want anyone at super cell to take offence to this but I feel you need to add things like when you go in to battle and collect loot you ride in on like a boat 🛳🚣🚣‍♂️ or something and you have to take loot back to that boat so your gold and elexier have to be stored on that BUT THEN you could add something like a goblin trap Witch spawns goblins who will go and raid the boat for the loot back so you don’t have to lose all of your stuff. I suggest adding this at town hall 7 as that is a main town hall level thing. I also think you should make the time it takes for town halls and other upgrades on your village and island 🏝 🌊 should slow down. I also think another builder on the builder base island other that the Otto bot 🤖 as it can be really tedious for lower town halls like me to upgrade as you can only do 1 at a time 🕚🕚🕙. Thanks from bob -.- pls add meh and do what you can to make the game as goood as you have so far I just would really like you to make that final stretch. Best of luck 🤞 from me.Version: 13.576.3

Add more flagsAdd the Nigerian flag and other flags from African countries!.Version: 14.211.2

BEST GAMEI started playing Clash of Clan when it first came out. The improvements from then to know is second to none and Supercell never stop the surprises and update. I had a level 16 clan but sadly I had to start again so I quit for a year. Low and behold I was drawn back because I missed it. The team playing is great and some of the people that you meet is also good. Getting rid of the global chat and changing the recruitment process was a great idea as it reduces the amount of people talking ridiculous trash... GOOD CALL SUPERCELL!!! The recent new updates are great however the only issue that I am seeming to have is that the matching for a village raid hasn’t been working for days. Apparently it’s because I am a high level now and the Christmas season... I hope it pans out and I can raid again soon as I am losing trophies that I have worked so hard to achieve. All in all it’s 100% the best game EVER!!!! ⚔️.Version: 13.0.20

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