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So accurate!10 months old and this app is still always so accurate, it’s almost scary!.Version: 9.1

Great app wish it was interactiveI had the book for my first child and decided to get the app this time. Very helpful and really helps me notice the small developments in my child. I wish the app were interactive though, I’d like to be able to mark off the leaps as completed on the chart when I notice my child has completed the fussy stage and gained some of the skills, would be cool to be able to tick box the abilities as you notice them etc..Version: 7.2.1

Very handyI have an easy baby, great sleeper but whenever he becomes cranky for a stretch of time and has frequent wakings with lots of crying I would refer to the app and sure enough, it’s a leap. I would check between his due date and birth date because it occasionally varied but overall the app predicted every rough spell we experienced. The more I read on the app the more I was prepared for these leaps. It’s not going to solve your rough spells, just help you understand what’s happening in your baby’s development. Now that my son is in the last leap I wish there was more..Version: 9.1

Good, but not worth paying for twice...This is a very good app, it has been very helpful and accurate with our baby and i was definitely glad i bought it. However, the new updates want a subscription service to access parts of the app, and its just not worth that on top of the original purchase. If you want people to pay for an app twice, and continuously, you need to make it worth it..Version: 9.0.3

Essential for every parentI cannot recommend this app highly enough. We have used it since our daughter was born and she is now nearly 1. It's been invaluable! What makes it different is that it's based on due date so takes account of early and late births. It will tell you what your baby is learning and how much they understand of the world around them. This is essential as it accurately predicts periods of crankiness and clinging. Of course you can't change this but it means you can plan for it and give your baby some extra benefit of the doubt at that time. It's also great to know that there is an end to the current phase which can really stop you going crazy 😄.Version: 6.2.2

Using this app for my second babyIt was so good to be aware of when our baby went through a mental leap and what he might have felt/experienced. It helped us understand his world and be more empathic to our baby’s needs. I am now using the app for our second baby! I feel this time round I will be more prepared for the fussy phases and embrace it when it happens..Version: 7.3.2

Love the New updateReally enjoying the update to the app!! So much more insight in understanding the leaps and development!! A friend of mine recommended getting the app to help understand when my twins would transition and understand the signs of their developmental leaps. The update to the app has proved to be a game changer, with the more user friendly layout, the detailed information and the little videos to help give us adults a visual and more in-depth understanding of what our bubs are going through, it really helps take the guess work out of what bubs behaviour means..Version: 10.2

Wonderful Wonder Weeks App!This app helped me to cater best for my baby’s needs and to understand what developmentally she was going through and how I could support the next milestones or cognitive transitions. Love the app and highly recommend setting the leap alarm on so you know what to expect and when. I found the activity ideas and videos were helpful!!.Version: 7.1

Best kept secretThis App and book changed our lives. We thought something was wrong when our son was going through a leap. I found the app about 3 months into his development. After the app I knew we were just going through the growing stages of life. Now with our second child, our daughter, it is amazing to be able to remember back the different leaps and compare. Before the app, we felt like WE were bad parents. It was a game changer. Like a light switch. You literally were able to take the pressure off of yourself and give yourself a break. And the book is even better. Highly recommend!!.Version: 7.1

Bizarrely accurateWe have just finished using this app as our toddler turns 18 months today. We heard about it when he was just 5 weeks old and we posted on Facebook for some feeding advice. It is so accurate! Not only for us but our entire NCT group have used it and it’s been spot on for all of us. So weird but so, so useful and reassuring! I recommend it to any parent whether it’s a 1st or 5th Baby x.Version: 7.1

Understanding your babyAlthough this app won’t solve your problems, it will help you understand what your baby is going through and give you the encouragement you need to get through the phases. It did wonders (pun intended) for us to expect the worst and look forward to better days. We also knew a little bit better how to approach the different phases..Version: 9.1

Wish I’d had this for my kids!As a new and jubilant grandma, this takes all the guess work out of raising this little 8-month-old! At least so far the baby has exactly paralleled what the book said was occurring. It has taken the mystery out of why a child seems to back step a formerly achieved behavior. I expect it, understand it, and know it will change. And now that I understand what enormous changes the baby is going through, I don’t feel guilty indulging in extra pampering... just as I would with a sick child. Thank you and I have recommended your book and site to all parents I know!!.Version: 7.1

You Need This AppFor all those mums who don’t understand why their baby’s behaviour has suddenly changed, who blame themselves for a clingy, crying bubba or who want to know some of the developmental milestones their bub will be moving towards - this is the app for you! As a first time mum, this was one of the most amazingly helpful apps for understand WHY my babe changed his behaviour and it ALWAYS aligned perfectly with a leap; usually to the DAY. Well done Wonder Weeks, you have made mums everywhere breathe a sigh of relief, a sigh of understanding; knowing that “this too shall pass” when the next leap is over!.Version: 8.0.2

But the app, not the subscriptionThe app is great, very helpful even with my third baby. But the additional features at $2.99/month are not worth it and should just be included in the app itself. Unless you’re going to use the monitor feature, which seems cool if you haven’t actually bought a baby monitor, the other extras are marginal added value. The white noise was alluring but not functionally useful because they run for only a few minutes and then stop. Even if you click the “continual sound” option, it pauses briefly every few minutes and then restarts- which wakes both me and the baby due to the absence of what should be helpful white noise!! It’s nice to have the audio book in the extras, but I chose the app over the book for a reason and could get it from the library for free or from Audible for less than $2.99/month..Version: 9.1

ConfusedI really like this app and would probably recommend it, but I’m a little confused. Why does it say for example a child has started a leap, specifically a leap that will start at 26 weeks when the child is only 22 weeks? I used my due date, but it’s like the chart start dates and the actual text content are not aligned. The same thing happened with the previous leap and it’s very confusing. Has she started the leap or is she going to start the leap four weeks from now?? Can anyone help me understand why these are consistently different? I should probably mention my due date and the actual birth are only one day different, so that clearly couldn’t be the reason..Version: 8.0.2

Big helpThis app has been a big help for us as first time parents to know where our baby is at developmentally and what she needs from us. Highly recommend.Version: 7.1

Very helpfulI really like this app. It is something that I don’t have to check everyday, but can reference when needed. I find the heads up on leaps very helpful in preparing me and my spouse mentally for a potential rough patch. As well, the explanation of what happens during each leap helps us to understand our child better, and connect with him at the appropriate level for that stage. Very helpful and I recommend the app to all new parent friends!.Version: 8.0.2

Puts you at easeHave used for both children and whenever I’ve noticed a change in their behaviour it’s always been spot on that it’s a leap (or a tooth to be fair...). The information and suggestions really put your mind at ease and help you to get through the stage as happily as possible..Version: 7.1

My #1 suggested apps for caregivers of babies!This app is SO WONDERFUL! As a mom of littles it can feel like a full time job guessing their needs before they can talk. This app brings a whole new level of understanding. Not only do I NOT think my kids are teething/and or sleep regressing all the time anymore but I now have this beautiful window into what they are experiencing. I wonder less “what are they thinking?” and instead see very specific changes like “she sees the contrast in these blinds, or “she’s categorizing this pattern in my face!” The book it is based on is so wonderful I highly recommend it. BUT this app stands alone. You need not read the book to benefit. The transition periods called “leaps” are specifically applied to your child down to the day. Plus there is a space to record in detail how your child handles each “leap.” I’ve found that even observation skills as a parent are benefited! I have never gifted an app other than this one. It seems a strange thing to give an app but it’s such a help to parents, especially new ones, that I can’t recommend it enough! Not just for mother’s! Fathers, grandparents, caregivers, ANYONE actively involved in a babies life can benefit..Version: 9.0.3

Amazing service!I never leave reviews but this one was necessary after dealing with an issue in the app. I contacted the support team as my subscription hadn’t been added to my app, so there’s me convinced I’ve wasted money because it’s an app and they’ll never get back to me. Within 24 hours they had responded and told me an update as the app had a bug which needed solving which would be fixed with the next update, and within 24 hours after that, the update was released and the issue was fixed! Not only is the support team incredibly helpful, the app itself and its content is amazing for tracking and explaining your baby’s behaviour and their development..Version: 10.3

PainfulThis ap is hard to follow, confusing and just painful to use. Waste of money..Version: 5.1.2

Great app!!Perfect app to understand your little one ❤️.Version: 7.1

Very helpful!I got brought this app when I first had my daughter from a family member when I was saying about my daughter being unsettled and not her self not knowing about leaps and how it can effect the baby. This app has helped me a lot especially being a first time mum! The app explains a lot to you if your not to sure about why baby might be unsettled or doing something different, i know exactly when my daughter is having a leap as it’s added it to my calendar. I never really knew much about leaps before hand so it’s definitely made me understand a lot. It’s a brilliant app! Highly recommend!!.Version: 8.0.2

HelpfulVery helpful App if you’d rather not read the book. I have the book as well and it’s nice to use in combination. It shows all the skills the baby learns in a leap and also the signs they are going through a leap. It’s helped me to understand ‘difficult and fussy’ behaviour. I can now encourage his growth much easier..Version: 7.1

Saved our livesNot only is this app a beautiful addition to the book, it’s also ever so interesting to learn about these developmental stages of your child. Used it for our first born. Using it again now. The value of this app for us lies predominantly in that it takes out guess work and reassures one as a parent in times of stress or uncertainty which you will find yourself in most definitely. Can and am actually only recommend this app and the book..Version: 8.0.2

The most useful app for the new parentI have been using this app since it was recommended to me when my little one was about a month old. It’s an invaluable insight into babies brain development and gives reassurance as to what behaviour changes may reflect. The app has recently had an update and is slightly the worse for it, otherwise I would have given 5* It doesn’t seem as full of info as it was before and this disappoints me. However if you are new to it the app will still be very useful so well worth getting.Version: 9.0.3

Very helpfulThe wonder weeks app is super helpful in determining when your baby may be learning new things because as parents it’s easy to confuse when they are learning something vs. when they are exhibiting what they have learned. It gives you tips on what to expect and how to help your baby get the most out of each learning “leap”. It can also help you determine why your baby may be more fussy during a certain period of time and can even help you plan ahead for fussy periods around travel, etc. I definitely recommend this app for new parents!.Version: 10.2

AmazingThis is seriously the best app you can get for you and your baby! I have used this with my eldest and now my newborn. It really helps to understand your baby and help them with development. It’s a lifesaver when you’re not sure what’s wrong with them, you’ve tried everything and nothing works! No doubt they will be going through a development leap, it explains so much. Would highly recommend this!!.Version: 7.2.1

AmazingThis app has been very helpful. I recommend the book too! I will read each chapter as the leap nears. Feeling educated about what to expect has helped me maintain my cool. These fussy phases can be challenging but knowing it will come and go helps you relate and empathize with your child, and yourself. It also helps you recognize their new skills. At the end you feel a sense of accomplishment and it truly is bewildering to watch your baby master their skills. Keep in mind it is a guide, not a concrete timeline. My child has gone through a leap early by a few days here or there. Happy reading!.Version: 7.1

Great InfoAs a first time parent this app has great insight into the changing world that babies go through..Version: 8.0.2

Spot OnThis App really helped us to understand the development stages our baby was going through and why he wasn’t himself..Version: 9.0.2

AmazingThis app was so helpful. It really did make parenting so much easier as we had a better idea what our beautiful baby was going through when there were fussy stages and sleeping issues. Easy to understand and the most useful tool I have come across..Version: 8.0.1

Love this appLove the app, I find the update much more user friendly and clean design..Version: 10.2

Truly brilliantI had this app for my first son and now using it for my daughter. Just incredible how accurate it is and how helpful it has been for us as parents. My only complaint about the update is that I had bought the ebook and that seems to have been removed with the update. If anyone from the app development could get in touch Incase I’m doing something wrong. But this feature is no longer there. I don’t really want to pay twice for the ebook feature..Version: 10.2

Useful to know what to expect; don’t take too literallySometimes our babies behave strangely and once a physical cause has been ruled out, it can be oddly reassuring to know that it could be that a whole lot of overwhelming activity is going on in their little brains. This is what I find great about the Wonder Weeks app and book - and offers an explanation and often it’s description i’d behaviours is accurate. Babies can be fussy during the leaps but once they’re over, or even before, they know how to do new things that amaze us. Just remember all babies are different so don’t take the information in the app too literally. Also, not sure if it’s things getting lost in translation but some of the descriptions and examples in the app are downright bizarre. Ie ‘your baby may be fascinated by a vomiting dog’..Version: 7.1

Great for first time mumsI know this app gets a backlash for predicting to the day when a baby will go through a leap, but if you read the book it explains that it does not predict things to the day but lets you know of some things that have been observed to happen at the earliest time it could potentially happen. For me it has been good at predicting when my baby might go through some sleep disturbances, experienced separation anxiety and when she has started interacting with her surroundings. To me this made some of the tougher times easier as they did not come as a shock and I could better understand why it was happening..Version: 9.0.3

Best app to know your babies developmentSo good reading to see what developments your baby will be making to get a better understanding of what they will be doing.Version: 7.1

This is everything.In a world of so many differing opinions and suggestions, it's so nice to have this app to turn to during the crazy days and sleepless nights. It's been spot on, putting the science back into my babies' development, and a nice and gentle reminder that it's all growth as usual. Now just to keep up with them 😳.Version: 7.3.0

Love the update!Hello! A friend referred me years ago to The Wonder Weeks app and I have used it for both of my sons (a now 4 year old and 13 month old) and I have loved it both times. I was actually sad when my first born had no more leaps on the app! Ha. But I think this most recent update has been the best one yet. It’s beautiful! And extremely user friendly with the summary, abilities etc easily accessible through the “more” tab. Excellent. Well done. The Wonder Weeks has helped us understand many tough times with our boys and it’s a great resource for all parents. Thank you!!.Version: 7.0

Wonderful AppSo very informative and helpful in understanding our little ones development. Amazing!!!.Version: 8.0.1

Must Have Parenting App!This app was a life-saver during the first 1.5 year of my baby’s life! When she was fussy for apparently no reason, we had something to turn to. It’s so hard seeing your baby be cranky! But not knowing what’s going on or how you can help makes it so much worse! This app will let you know when your child will be going through mental leaps based on their age. Leaps in development can also mean fussier periods. It’s also super fun to look out for and notice the changes that the app says should be happening! This app was spot on for my kid and I’m so glad I had it!.Version: 7.2.1

Love itA friend told me to get this app cause she found it really helpful. My bubba is only 3months old and this has helped heaps already. Love knowing what he's going through at each step and when he's fussing it's great to see if he's going through a leap and when it will likely pass. Would recommend this app, has been spot on so far..Version: 6.1.8

Ótimo AplicativoConsigo entender o que está acontecendo com minha filha e como agir a cada salto ❤️.Version: 10.1

A game changer for parentsMy eldest son is 22, and I had never heard of wonder weeks or leaps.. I remember the frustration of not knowing what was going on for him, nor could I cater with resources or the understanding of, and patience for a leap, the way I can now! FF all these years, I found out about this research, book and app when my now 5yo was born. It gave me so much insight and more empathy and patience to cope with the draining sleepless nights, constant whinging and fussiness with feeding, associated with leap behaviour. I can now recognise when my 7mo is starting a leap even before the app notifies me! Watching his amazing milestones unfold after a few awful nights sleep, makes it all worth while..Version: 8.0.2

LOVE IT!Love all the information given. Very helpful and has helped me understand my baby better. It’s nice having a little warning when she may be cranky/fussy because I can prepare for it! Pre make lunches and dinner.. etc. love love love the app.Version: 7.1

Third baby, still learning!There has been a lot miscommunication which leads to a lot of screaming from my 11 week old, but this app has helped so much! Third baby and I’m just finding out about phases and leaps, not sure how my first two kids survived! Anyway definitely worth a look for all mums..Version: 7.3.3

Hasn’t failed me yetPeople will roll their eyes at me if I tell them about this app but honestly it has never steered me wrong. Only ever out by a day or so but always predicts when my little one is going to enter “diva mode”. It makes it a little easier to understand and, ultimately, deal with her fussy phases when there is reasoning behind it. I can appreciate her development so much more and help her along the way..Version: 7.1

So much informationLove that I keep discovering new sections of the app with more information and tips. It’s always comforting to receive the notification that our girl is starting a new leap especially when it coincides with her fussy behaviour. Great tips and ideas for activities and ways to help her through each leap as well..Version: 9.1

AmazingThis app is so helpful and to be honest spot on! My baby has gone through the first leap and is currently going through the second and this app has helped to relieve anxiety and inform me about what to expect ect. I love love love this app. Would definitely recommend for all parents..Version: 10.2

Really reassuringAs a first time parent, this app is really reassuring. When my boy enters a leap, I know the change in his behaviour and sleeping patterns isn’t because I’m doing something wrong, he’s not doing anything wrong, and most of all this is normal, expected and it will pass. As time has gone on I find I’m more adept at handling the leaps without consulting the app, but it is still really helpful to have the heads up timing wise when they’re likely to occur. It does seem to be particularly accurate for my boy as he arrived spontaneously on his due date. However some people I’ve spoken to whose baby has either arrived early or late, it hasn’t quite fit in as perfectly as it does for us. Overall I’ve found it really useful, just to help normalise the various ups and downs of parenting a baby for the first time. Would highly recommend it for first time parents..Version: 8.0.2

Spot onThis app (and the book) are spot on and have been the most helpful resource to me as a Mum - both first and second time. I am not a book-reading / planning kind of Mother as often find intuition better than being overwhelmed by lots of info. However this book has been so in line with the development of my two boys that it has aided and reassured me greatly..Version: 8.0.2

Great for first time parentsThe app has been helpful at understanding what’s happening and when to our baby. While every baby is different, knowing what may be coming has been really amazing..Version: 10.4

Must have for parents!What an amazing app!! It just helps you learn so much about your babies development and helps you to understand what they are going through mentally. I love the leap countdowns and it’s so handy to know when your baby is close to/in a leap, just makes everything seem so much clearer! Definitely helped my sanity - this app is a lifesaver!.Version: 10.2

Love itThis app is magical, so far has been spot on in predicting the leaps. It’s great to see the bigger picture. Love it 😊.Version: 7.1

Awesome appThis app helps me understand how my little one is developing and changing, and helps me get through the hard leaps. Love it :).Version: 7.3.0

Great-Makes you want moreThis app if great. I first purchased the book and ready parts of it. The book has more information, but most of it is parents’ experiences. While those are important, I feel that the most value giving by The Wonder Weeks is that provided by the chart. Those small little clouds can help you keep you sanity. Knowing that a leap is approaching or that you’re in the middle of one, helps you stay calm as a mother as it justifies the madness. The app provides the timing for the leap: by week and by dates. Also, the new feature adds it to your calendar which is GREAT! There is some information as of what to expect behavior wise. A bit more info about what each leap means for them and what to expect them to do. I recommend this app to all my mommy friends. It’s a great tool for a mom with one or 5 kids. I would have liked to see also an indication of growth spurts in the chart. Also, the chart ends at around 2 years I believe. While it is very beneficial to until that point, the kids still have major developmental leaps after (as I have witnessed with my own child). So, it would be great to add any information for after that. That just stays there and does nothing after... seems very close ended. Overall: it is great for when you need it, and you will need it for your own peace of mind when you don’t know why they keep crying and nursing..Version: 7.1

Super helpful !Recommend!.Version: 7.3.3

First time mom!As a first time mom, sometimes you're just wondering if you’re doing everything right. Especially when it comes to learning. I didn’t know anything about development leaps! Thanks to a mom of 5 showed me this app. And I’m grateful thankful for that. Now I understand what’s going on and I know how to help her through her leaps and what she should be at least learning. We’re now in leap 7 and her personality really does change. I am super grateful for this app and would recommend it to my new mommy friends. Also I love the new update! It has this very clan organized look. But, I really do miss the countdown of how many days are left in her leap and the countdown to her next leap..Version: 10.0

Sanity saver!!We used this app through out the last 17 months of our sons life from day 1 and it has been spot on! We love knowing what to expect and if we forgot to follow along, our son would remind us with his behavior. He definitely lived up to the ‘fussy periods’ and we’d look at the app and sure enough he’d just progressed into a new leap. So nice to know there is a reason for these swings in mood and to just know what development is occurring so you can help your little one flourish. I recommend this to all of my friends and family who are expecting, if you’re a new parent THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL..Version: 9.0.5

So much supportI’m writing this as a first-time parent. I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and above all completely terrified I’m going to do the wrong thing and miss critical opportunities to facilitate my son’s development. This app provides timely and useful information that is imparted in manageable and easy to understand chunks. As much as I would love to be able to read all the well-researched books I can find, I don’t have the time. This app gives me information that I would find in those books as it applies to my son in relation to his stage of development and what I can do to support him. I use it almost daily and I can’t imagine parenting without it..Version: 7.1

Absolutely spot on!This app has been amazing! It has been so helpful to myself and my husband, to help understand what’s going on in our daughters little brain. It has been spot on since day 1, to the day. I have been recommending it to anyone with a new bub, it has helped us a lot and is fascinating!.Version: 8.0.1

Excellent tool for parents and family membersI am so thankful for this app and the book as well. It’s almost always spot on with timing of leaps and the reminders for parents who feel like they’re going crazy are truly helpful. The info about your baby’s development is great to learn and not something one would know just by spending time with their baby. Now I have a greater understanding of what my infant is going through each week. The app itself is a great, succinct version of the book but I highly recommend having the book as well. It gives much more color to each area and more detail the app can’t provide..Version: 9.0.3

MUST HAVE! Great baby shower gift!If you don’t yet have the Wonder Weeks app, I cannot recommend it enough. I used it for our 21mo, and it was so nice to know ahead of time when I could expect her to be fussy, grumpy, or clingy. I’m only 25 weeks, but I’ve already programmed baby’s due date (WW works off of due date, not birth date, which the app explains why), and the app has programmed baby’s leaps into my calendar. Normally I cringe at the thought of spending money on an app, but this did prove to be valuable enough, and worth the small expense. App works great, communicates with iPhone calendar, and even has instructional videos that are so helpful..Version: 7.2.1

Pretty goodI like this app- it seems scarily accurate The only thing I wish we could do is write notes on specific days - for instance one day when my bub was being particularly fussy it was during a leap but not a stormy period so I wanted to write it on that specific day for reference. It would be good if you could select a period on the chart and make a note for yourself.Version: 7.3.3

Take a breatheThis ap is awesome! It makes it all make sense and forces me to just stop and take a breathe, it is all normal and the leap ends... great guide to refer to!.Version: 7.1

A must-have for first time parents!The Wonder Weeks app was a life saver when it came to understanding what my first born was experiencing after being born. Recommended by another mom on a Facebook group after I posted my frustration and disappointment at understanding my child. This has quiet literally saved me from ripping my hair out. What I loved is it puts into perspective what your child is experiencing and made me realize it wasn’t me doing something wrong. Lots of examples of what to look for when a leap is coming, and tips on how to help your baby through the new things they are learning. Thank you...what a life saver!!!.Version: 10.2

Reasonable appHelpful info and a nice way of recording development as your baby grows. Latest update keeps freezing and not saving when I try to add a picture which is frustrating. Also lost the notes I’d made in the prior version! :( Needs rewording on what you actually get in the app as you can’t read the book as it suggests without paying extra. I would also suggest a chance to trial the extended options- eg the baby monitor- before committing to the spend. I’m interested in trying it, but want to know if it will work for our set up before committing to a 3 month payment!.Version: 10.1

Peace of mindMy baby is pretty good.. doesn’t cry much, loves her sleep, and has self settled from 8 weeks. So for us, noticing the changes in her behaviour/mood is quite easy. When I notice these changes... I check the app and it has been 100% accurate for her. I love the peace of mind it offers with its reassuring information, advice, and tips. Highly recommend this app.. especially for new mums..Version: 8.0.2

FantasticA great app for giving you explanations as to what is happening with your baby, reasons why they might be cranky and ways to deal with it. This is amazing for those days when they just seem to cry for no reason and you can look at the app and see they are about to have their ‘leap’, what developments they are having and ways to help with their crankiness. Saves you from going mad. Brilliant!.Version: 8.0.2

GreatnessThis app needs no praise.. it’s already great and came highly recommended from a few friends and family.. awesome app :).Version: 7.2.0

Must have 5 star appA great app for any new mum or dad. Gives a rough guide on when your new baby is going to be more fussy or irritable. It’s great for planning ahead and also learning their new developmental leaps! They have great tips to help get your baby through fussy times too along with things to help them discover their new abilities. Definitely a must have. I’ve already recommended it to all my parent friends. Their book is great too if you want to read on more detail about the leaps..Version: 8.0.2

Essential for every new parentEvery new parent is always given unsolicited and usually contradictory advise. If you’re sick of always hearing that your baby must be tired or teething or hungry, this is the app for you. For the past year, it has accurately predicted every ‘fussy’ phase my daughter has been through and helped make sense of the new things she is learning and how these can be scary for her - it offers great tips on how to help her get through these phases and apply the new information she learns to real world situations. Thanks to this app, I feel like I can really understand and attend to her needs better and help her mental development every step of the way..Version: 7.1

Very accurateThis is app has been so helpful with understanding the “stormy” days with developing children. The leap chart is accurate and is a great tool to have..Version: 10.2

Very helpfulThis has been a great app I’ve recommended to all my mom friends.Version: 9.1

So reassuringI can say a lot of stuff that everyone else is saying so I’ll tell an anecdote instead. My 2 month old has been very stand off-ish with my husband lately and he’s been really bummed about it. I tried to tell him that it was normal that she would be clingy to me but I think it didn’t really sink in for him because he thought I was trying to make him feel better. Not a day after we had that conversation, I get an alert that my girl is hitting a leap and one of the defining points was that she would be much more clingy to me and shy with everyone else. I could see a weight lift off of my husband just having that reassurance that this is normal and temporary and happening exactly when it does for just about everyone else. Thank you for making our newly chaotic lives a little bit less anxious..Version: 9.1

Wonderful Wonder WeeksSuch a helpful app! I love knowing where my bub is up to and it helps me understand when he’s not as happy as usual as well. Would definitely recommend to other parents or for those who work with little ones..Version: 8.0.2

Very good appHi, I used this up for my son who is now 3y9m old. This all really helped us a lot during his development. I would like to use it for my baby girl who is due anytime now, but unfortunately, I can’t change any settings I’ve done 4 years ago. I also tried to reinstall the app, but I can’t as it is already on my phone. Could you please advise how I can add the second baby on this app? Or how can I delete the first child and add the second one please? Other than that, the app is very useful and gives a lot of information about your child’s developement..Version: 9.1

GreatGreat app, very useful and accurate. 4 star because the app is already expensive and doesn’t include the full e-book you have to pay a monthly subscription to have access to that.Version: 9.0.2

Wonder weeksThis app is definitely worth the 5$ I paid!! I wish I had of known about it with my other two children! It give me a thorough in depth understanding of why my baby behaves how she does, and the knew skills she is gaining I would recommend this app 100%😇.Version: 9.0.4

Best Parenting AppEvery new parent should have this app. It’s brilliant - helpful and explains so much about where your baby is at. I used it for my first baby nearly 3 years ago and am currently using it for my 3mo. I wouldn’t be without it..Version: 7.1

Great app - using it again for second childGreat app that al parents should download!.Version: 10.2

Love love loveI was told about this app from a mummy of two when I was worried that I wasn’t being a good mummy as my little boy was crying a lot and hard to settle. It gave me the answers I needed as it shows when a stormy time is coming up when a leap is happening. I love learning all about the leaps and what my little boy is learning as he grows. Fascinating app it’s a must for any new mums! Or even second third etc time mums!.Version: 8.0.2

This is crazy awesome!!Trust me, as me and my gf are at our wits end regarding our child level of crying and running out of solutions, this has helped us with so many things. As first time parents and still early doors with our child it helped reassure us, plan and expect. Its incredibly accurate as the information given was spot on in relation to our daughter. Thank you!!!!.Version: 7.1

Invaluable for time poorI bought the book, but didn't have time to read much of it. Getting some sleep was of more importance. The app was a great short version and reference tool. We've had the app for over a year now and it has been like clockwork for our babies development. A great source of information to know what to expect, when, and then see the development happen. Awesome!.Version: 6.2.2

Always spot on!Can’t believe how spot on this app has been, every time it has said my son will go through various leaps he has. I find it very useful with tips on how I can deal with my sons sometimes tricky behaviour, also tips on how to help my son use his new found skills. I’m so impressed with this app and have recommended it to lots of parents, who have also reported great accuracy in their children too..Version: 8.0.0

A Great HelpHas helped so much to understand what’s going on with my kids. I’ve used it for all 3. Sometimes they go through the leap a week before or after (which they state). It’s spot on for the new things they’re learning and their moods..Version: 8.0.2

Very informativeThis app is great and definitely teaches you a lot. Any time my baby is acting out of sorts I check this app and it almost always lines up. I’ve learned a lot and it’s actually really interesting. Definitely helps you to know what’s going on with your little one and know less fussy days are coming! They also have great customer service... I had an issue with my app and they reached out to offer assistance right away..Version: 9.1

No wonder everyone loves this app!This app has been more than just a resource for what skills my baby is developing but it gives me peace of mind knowing when he is having a more difficult time than usual that it is of no fault of my own. It’s safe to say most parents’ natural instinct is to make sure their baby is happy and healthy. This app lays out the when the tough transitions occur, for how long, the signals to look for that they are going through the leap, and the skills they are developing and may choose to show after. My husband makes fun of me but I love this app because it’s sooo informative and it helps me to give grace to my baby and me during fussy times that I otherwise may think he was sick or something was wrong. Thank you wonder weeks for putting together such concise and helpful tips & info all in one incredible app..Version: 10.2

Making some sense out of the madness!Had the app for my first baby who followed the leaps like clockwork. If she was suddenly acting grumpy or clingy I’d check the app and sure enough she was in a leap. Second baby is not quite as exact with the dates (but was prem so she’s a bit behind herself anyway) but still useful to look and see what she might learn next. Love the wonder weeks..Version: 7.1

List the start and end dates, not just a countdownGreat update, however it would be nice to also have the upcoming dates listed in the app. Right now it only says how many days until the next leap or how many days until the end of the leap. When you look at the chart it’s also hard to determine the exact start and end dates..Version: 7.1

Fascinating for new parentsIt’s so amazing to actually know what your child is going through! Such a fascinating and useful app to have for new parents!.Version: 9.1

LeapsAwesome app, wish it was around 13 years ago when I had my first baby (twins). Gives you insight to what bubs is going through. Very useful as a guide..Version: 7.1

Is that what’s happeningI love this app because just when you can’t work out why your little human is really unsettled you realise they are also learning how to do something new. I have loved every moment of this app, we are just on our last leap..Version: 7.1

Fab appA great app that gives you clear, easy to follow information about your babies development. I have found this app really accurate with both my children. It’s helpful to know what’s going on with your baby, especially when they are in a difficult phases & it is fascinating to know what they are learning & how to help them out in they’re development..Version: 7.2.1

Every new mum needs this!The app every new mum should have! it’s such an amazing tool to have as a new mum knowing nothing about or even hearing of ‘leaps’ before. It gives you a run down of each leap, signs it’s happening, abilities gained during and ways to help comfort your little one. With a calendar of when to expect the leaps it helps you realise babies arnt just being little monsters but are actually developing their little brains - highly recommend!.Version: 7.0.1

Best app everWe have been using this app since our son is 2 months old. Now he is 16 months. It is so educational, interesting and logical!! It explains why baby gete cranky for 'no reason to us' but it actually is every reason for the brain development. It makes me understand my baby so much more hence when the difficult times come, I have more patient and understanding to my baby. I think the NHS should advice all parents to have this app!!.Version: 7.2.1

Helpful to knowAlways good to understand what your babies going through and when the leaps will happen..Version: 7.1

AmazingAmazing.Version: 8.0.2

Sanity saverIncredible to see the change in my baby when going through a leap! The app keeps track of when I can expect different behaviors from my baby and helps me stay sane, knowing that it will pass. One of the most worth it paid for apps I have ever bought. The new design is fresh and easy to navigate 👌🏻.Version: 10.2

Not as good as it used to beWhen I had my son 5 years ago the wonder weeks app was amazing. Unfortunately it has gone downhill. The leap chart is not nearly as clear as it used to be and the info seems all over the place. They have added in things like a checklist of baby’s behaviour to tick off and some videos but I would much prefer to lose these and go back to the older, simpler, but much clearer version..Version: 9.1

BEST INVESTMENT EVERThis app has been absolutely priceless. I am a second time Mum with an 8 year gap and I seriously wish I had this app the first time around. It takes away the guess work, has helped me to be interactive with my baby based on the abilities I learn about in the app and has been a sanity saver when she’s been extra clingy, grumpy and waking frequently... because I can see she is in a leap and even be prepared for them! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I also have the book and journal and have loved them all..Version: 7.1

Life saver!!We absolutely loved having this app at our fingertips for both of our kiddos. Whenever they seemed “off”, we would check and sure enough, they’d be approaching or already right in a “leap”. It was so reassuring as new parents. Lots of great info but easy to navigate..Version: 9.2.2

Every mom needs this app!As a first time mom there were so many times my baby was having a rough week and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong when suddenly I remembered this app and decided to check if we were in a leap. Each time I would find that we were, in fact, just entering one or right smack in the middle of a stormy week. Having that knowledge gave me the reassurance I need to know that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but also let me know that there was more I could be doing to help my baby through the current leap! It has made each leap so much easier for both of us! I also love that you can add more than one baby and I look forward to using it for any future children I have!.Version: 7.2.1

So helpful!As a first time mom with a baby born at the beginning of covid, it’s been hard going at it with very little help. The Wonder Weeks app has been SO beneficial on knowing what to expect as my little one changes and grow developmentally! I can see what the expected changes are and work with my girl to understand those changes. It also helps me know when to expect those “off” days, and know it’s often nothing wrong other than a bad day. I am very appreciative and think all parents should have this app!.Version: 10.2

Fantastic Stress RelieverI think the hidden talent of the wonder weeks app is that you can not only stop wondering 'why is my child doing this?' But also feel secure that it will pass. When I have been struggling for a few days or weeks I sometimes remember the app and check it only to find it's a leap and I know then that it will pass..Version: 7.1

This app is a must have!I’ve used this app for 2/3 of my kids and let me tell you it really is so nice to have an explanation for these fussy periods babies go theough! Instead of feeling so frustrated struggling to calm my baby I feel more empathetic knowing baby is experiencing new things with each leap and it gives me a light at the end of the tunnel knowing it will pass in just a few more days. I’ll add tracking baby’s leaps has saved me from unnecessary sea appointments! I almost took my baby in last week but checked the app first and sure enough it was just a leap!.Version: 10.2

Very useful toolThis app definitely helps to understand the developmental changes in my baby!! And can also help to prepare with up coming ‘leaps’!.Version: 8.0.2

Saved my life and sanityThis app wonder years recommend to all moms first or second child .... it helps you understand child gives you heads up for every phase/ leap so you won’t go insane when baby is fussy screaming and inconsolable at certain times. I found it around 4 months and wish I know about it from birth. ! The apps is better than any class for birth and baby classes could ever teach you !!! I wish someone would have given me this at my baby shower !! So so valuable. Don’t waste another minute and download it even if still pregnant it will save your sanity. !!!.Version: 7.3.3

Interesting and helpfulI’ve enjoyed using this app. It’s given me reassurance that when my baby’s ‘out of sorts’, it’s often because he’s going through a developmental leap. I like the suggestions of ways to support and understand your baby during these challenging periods. I find the dates to have been very accurate too. The science behind the app is very interesting - if anything, I’d like to know more about babies brain development during these leaps..Version: 7.1

So accurate!!I never really thought it was possible to predict a baby’s fussy period but a friend told me to download this app and I swear it’s helped me so much, not that you can change the “leaps” or behaviour but knowing why and seeing there’s a reason is a relief, also being able to know when the sleepless nights are about to hit and gearing yourself up for it 😂.Version: 9.1

BrilliantThe Wonder Weeks ap has changed my life, I can now schedule getting some much needed sleep in between fussy periods when my beloved angel boy turns into the most clingy little so and so. Thank you for helping me to not be so frustrated and clueless, because now I have a reason behind my sons behaviour my reactions can be more measured..Version: 3.0.2

Amazing resourceFantastic resource and I learnt so much from it. However the app does crash a lot..Version: 7.1

Love it!I love this app. It’s been super helpful especially when going through a rough patch and not being able to figure out what’s wrong! It’s also so wonderful to read about all the incredible changes my baby is making in each leap..Version: 7.2.1

AwesomeSO interesting, loving the app!! I wish it went until puberty haha is there anything alike? Cheers :).Version: 7.2.0

Great AppI was recommended this app by a friend and I’m so glad I got it! It really is so informative and I feel like I understand my little one more because of it. When my little one is being more fussier or agitated I check my app and I know when she is going through a leap and has been right every time. I really love the advice it gives and what to expect with each leap. Fantastic app! X.Version: 8.0.2

Highly recommendVery reassuring for new mums and dads... your baby is not broken just going through a mental leap..Version: 7.1

An Essential Baby AppEspecially when the child is your first, like ours, this little app is like having a pocket manual for your baby. It is especially useful when little one becomes inexplicably fussier. Why? Well, according to the Wonder Weeks (which is based on evidence-based medical science), this is usually because your child is going through one of the many ‘leaps’ of childhood. The app was incredibly accurate in predicting when (indicated by a rain cloud icon) our sweet one suddenly because much more sour. Knowing this was itself helpful since parents armed with this knowledge can fortify their emotional defenses in preparation. While some baby apps are fun - but do little in the way of informing parents - The Wonder Weeks stands out as the rare outlier which both satisfies our curiosity while respecting that our time for doing so is quite limited after baby’s arrival. I highly recommend it..Version: 8.0.1

The most accurate I have found!!I have to say, I rarely will spend anything for an app and this one was referred to me by a child specialist. So I purchased it after I had my last daughter. It was so accurate with mood changes, etc. it was unbelievable!! I also bought the book but I have to admit I haven’t read it yet. Now we had a boy and it is truly amazing, we were just saying how our son is looking at us differently, today was his first real smile and then I open the app and sure enough, he’s in his first leap!! He was premature so I do go by his due date, and I couldn’t be more pleased!! Thank you!!.Version: 7.3.3

Accurate!Love this app, is very helpful to know what's going on with little miss, the timing for the fussy & clingy behaviour is always accurate. Makes me feel less stressed & better equiped to roll with it. I only wish this was around when I had my first because I thought it was something I was doing wrong, very stressful!!.Version: 7.1

How to share the app with familyIt is great to know what gonna happens with baby and how to support him during the time. I just realised lately lots of my friends using it too! Just wonder my hubby downloaded it as it said family can share but he can’t use it on his phone..Version: 9.1

Great but used to be betterAmazing to understand leaps in real time whilst noticing changes in your baby’s behaviour! App used to be better before they really pushed to monetise it further! Also keen to understand when the next installation will be ready as my almost two year old still shows signs of that dreaded (but developmentally necessary) fussy behaviour!.Version: 10.4

Highly RecommendedI cannot stop recommending this app to ALL mothers! Wished I had know about it since birth but lucky to have come across it when my little one was 4 months old. It’s been my saving grace since and the ONLY baby app I’ve kept and use very often!.Version: 9.1

Wonderful!This app is so useful, accurate and full of connecting resources to guide us through our new baby adventure. There is so much to read instead of small snippets backed by real science plus you can download in app or separately to read the full books. Suggestions would be that you can click on the storm cloud from the chart and it goes to the relevant information & that the ‘all leaps’ section has a date/weeks reference next to it so you know the next bit coming up..Version: 7.1

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