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Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games app received 82 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bingo blitz™ - bingo games?

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Rip off, boring, wouldn’t waste your time.Unless you are willing to spend REAL money on this game, I wouldn’t bother downloading it or playing it. Yes the graphics are pretty good, and there is a variety of rooms to play in, BUT and it’s a big but , you never get anywhere, it takes so many credits to play, and it seems to be always the same people who get the bingos ( bots maybe?) , and the pieces you need never show or if you do manage to have one appear, you never get anywhere near getting it. And it is constantly trying to get you to spend cash to get a few more credits to play, which as I said before , the cost of the games is so high you might get to play maybe 3 or 4 rounds. I have tried to play this and on a limited budget, it is impossible for me to afford to buy more , especially the amount you would need. It just frustrates you and annoys. These type of games are meant to be fun, this one as far as me personally, I don’t think it is..Version: 4.46.2

Bad Review #10,984I’d recommend finding another game, this one has been going downhill for years. I actually quit playing completely for several years, then out of boredom and curiosity started playing again a few months ago. Unfortunately things seemed to continue on a downward trend. The last few updates ruined the slot portion of the game. What ever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” If a game is free and things go wrong, it’s frustrating, but nothing is lost. But when you do spend money and something goes wrong, all you get is a canned response and then no follow up, you start to move into unethical territory. I only lost about $20 so I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Maybe someday they will screw over so many people that the Better Business Bureau will take note or something. I have no problem spending money on apps I enjoy, and I appreciate that profit is their ultimate goal as it should be, but I will never spend another dime on this app and I am really sorry for those who can’t help themselves. It’s a shame, because this game had so much potential!.Version: 3.87

Blitz FanI love this game and I’ve been playing for over 5 years now. But since the game has become more popular it seems like everything is harder to win. Especially the non-giftables. And if you’re lucky enough to win those the tradables are hard to get. It’s become about money now. Not the game I used to play. BB high ups have got too greedy for my liking. I’m really disappointed that it has changed from what it used to be to what it is now. Not fun to play anymore cause everyone’s trying to win what they need. All in the same boat. It’s so frustrating 😒.Version: 4.63.0

Playing since 2014It’s addicting for sure, but it could also be expensive- it wasn’t always like this. It used to be my relaxation time—They make it IMPOSSIBLE TO EVER EVER WIN AND ACCUMULATE CHIPS. As soon as you win or accomplish a task and receive a large amount of chips, they make sure you lose them all, so you’ll have to buy the chips. It is now all about the money, and the higher you go, the more expensive it gets and the harder it is to collect the items needed. As for the daily free chips, they barely provide enough for 2 rounds on the “classic”cheapest level of play, so again you will never be able to acquire enough chips to keep playing. Even the side games to win chips are impossible. Sad. They ruined something that was inexpensive and relaxing and turned it into, like everything else a cash cow for them, giving nothing back in return to their loyal players. And the customer service stinks. They are hard to reach and if you do reach them, they are right and you are wrong..Version: 4.22

Over itSure. By far one of the best bingo games but after being a loyal player for several years and spending a lot of real money on the game, it still seems like I’m not getting anywhere. The tournaments that were once fun are now just becoming a big joke. After nearly 8 yrs still can’t even get any placing or complete the crown. Ridiculous. I’m not spending no more real money on this game.Version: 3.76.0

BingoI have been playing for many years now and really enjoy my daily Blitzing. However there are improvements that could be implemented such as the amount you win for a bingo. It cost 15 credits and you win 15 credits, I wouldn’t play Bingo in real life for those payouts. Over the years the chances of winning anything decent in the chests has also dropped off. I just think this game could be a little more generous. The time you wait to be able to collect gifts is also too long. Overall I would recommend this game to anyone..Version: 4.07.1

MelanieI’ve played BB for many years and at the beginning it was so much fun i could hardly wait to play it. Could actually get the things you needed to eventually finish a room. Now it has become a game of nothing but asking for money constantly. I spend more time clicking on the “begging me to spend money X” than I do playing! Used to get something you need in the trunks-now if you do it will be a freebie. I now have enough basket oil to fill a tanker truck. I joined BB to enjoy playing bingo, not the many silly games. Then we go to Slots. Originals were fun & able to complete. I despise the new ones. Rarely get what you need, but you sure get tons of unneeded peat & repeat! I have finally quit playing them. Sorry to say, I go in get my credits & maybe play a couple games & leave. BB has become so boring. Finally admitted it would take me years to complete a room, so giving up trying. I hope BB wakes up & gets back to a fun bingo game before I just quit. Many, many others feel like I do also..Version: 4.31.0

Going DownhillSo slow to load if it even does. My garden is gone for some reason. And some of the new quests, for me to buy 4 cards would cost all my tokens. I have no issues with other games and programs connecting to the internet. With all the bingo games that could be downloaded, I would think you would want to keep your attractive. This is getting deleted today..Version: 4.52.0

The changes made this game crapThe game used to be fun. Now they have taken away the free game. It is impossible to win the ungiftables (you will spend months trying). To many of their stupid side games that take away from winning anything good in the chests. I would have paid for credits but certainly not wasting it on this app. Moving on now.Version: 4.52.0

This game has become very boringThis game used to be my favorite game. They make you waste all these credits and still won’t give you the shadow card you need. No chances in winning bingo either. It’s like you want us to just waste all our credits and for what? I have to play the same room over and over and over again all to NOT even get the one shadow card I need to finish the collection for a specific room. The treasure chests you find no longer carry other shadow cards, I’m always having chests with coins and more coins in them. What a rip off. You want us to use all our credits and we don’t even win anything so we’re just playing to give you all the credits right back. I can imagine how frustrating it can be for the people who actually pay cash for credits so they can finish a room. I used to play every single day now it’s like I’m thinking about deleting the entire game. It’s not fun playing 6 days in a row waiting to finally win that one shadow card you need for the room to be completed..Version: 3.95.1

Addictive but expensiveI have been playing BB for almost 7 years. I love bingo which is why I started playing. In the beginning it was fun and challenging, and I was able to level up fairly quickly. That gave me more daily credits and incentive to play! Unfortunately, over time, it has gotten harder and harder. There are fun quests to play to allow you to earn credits or ingredient baskets in the new food challenges. But, I feel like when these quests are launched, the chances of winning are so much slimmer. I continue to win the same 4 ingredients and cannot progress to the next level. I don’t feel like my daily credits are consistent with the level I’ve reached. It’s also very inconsistent on pricing for games. One time I paid $6.99 for 10 dice and the next time the dice game rolled out, it was 4 for $6.99 and each roll moved me like 1 or 2 spots. Also, some of the special games are extremely hard to finish. The new mummy game is a joke. I worked so hard to open the mummy and I won some triple daubs. At least make the prize worth the effort. But the ability to join groups on Facebook and swap items with other users is fun. It’s just becoming harder and harder to win anything or not be frustrated. I still love bingo and that keeps me coming back but it’s often very disappointing..Version: 4.22

Useless appIt used to be good but its just a waste of time now. They take away the flash bonus and wants you to pay so its not free anymore it pays now.Version: 4.02.0

Good game but very expensive to play and some tech issuesAn interesting and fun game. Very expensive to play as you progress through the levels. Doesn't matter how many credits friends send, you are still restricted to 8 per day, which doesn't even pay for one game. In earlier levels, the prizes fly straight at you., in later levels you might be waiting months or spending lots of money😰.Version: 3.77.0

Seeking New Games :(I’ve been a player since 2011. I agree with most of the frustrations other players have brought up. I’ve participated in all the special rooms/boards/challenges over the years. There has definitely been a drastic change since the new owners took over. Primary levels on the map were typically completed in less than a year. The ‘high roller’ rooms were costly, but still manageable. With only 113 credits per day and a minimum cost of 60 credits per game, I can play 1 game a day! (Unless I am lucky enough to bingo, then maybe 2 games)There was usually only 1 seasonal room at a time. Now there are SO many ‘extra’ rooms and games going on that you can’t win un-giftable shadow items for the main rooms in chests. This means it takes months, sometimes over a year, to get the last item(s) you need to move on. That’s after playing months to get the items that are giftable. I have only been able to complete the first food challenge, in 2018. It was the first and only time I paid money into the app. Never again tho, it’s just not worth it for me. I’ve left a 2 star rating as it is still a bingo/slots game and those are fun to play. I am seeking out a new Free Bingo app today. I’ll still play BB, but only as a side game now..Version: 4.05.0

Good when it actually loadsMany times when there are new events in the game, the game will not load and leads to missed gifts etc.Version: 4.51.0

Close Games too SoonSo, you give players new rooms, games, etc...but you think giving a quick deadline when it closes will make them spend more money to complete something, but it has the opposite effect. For example, the diner is closing Sept. 20th, and in the only few months since you introduced it, I have been able to “win” credits two times in small amounts. You never allow anyone to have a big win, so you just give up. I am not going to spend a ton of money to get a measly 50 credits from completing the “pancake dinner” in the Bingo Blitz Diner. Why don’t you leave all of these open indefinitely and create less games that are open for an inordinately and ineffective short period of time? Not good planning at all. And BTW, you constantly screw people out of bingos because the numbers hesitate to appear at the top of the game for an abnormally slow period of time and purposely hesitate right as you are about to Bingo. Again, that doesn’t make people spend more makes them quit playing for good. A game is supposed to be enjoyable, not frustrating..Version: 3.96.0

MrsVery hard to get shadow cards always trying to sell you money Compare with other bingo games this is the worst. Yesterday my friend sent me a fiddle in Berlin but in didn't come through on my game what is happening. I agree with this comment so different when I joined six years ago Lesley choat.Version: 4.02.0

Has potentialBingo Blitz has the potential to be a really great game. However, as a FREE game, it is lacking! I've never enough coins to play more than 2 or 3 games of Bingo a day. The scoring system needs an update - 1st place Bingo should earn more than 15 coins. It is very difficult to win items, especially when the freebie shadows keep coming up. The slots are fun & at least you have the opportunity of winning enough to play for a while at a time..Version: 4.02.0

BEWARE!!!!DO NOT TRUST THIS GAME WHEN IT COMES TO TWO THINGS!! 1) When they say “pay this amount of chips and we will GUARANTEE you a picture card in your next turn” DO NOT TRUST IT!!!!! They take your chips and don’t give you the card!!!!! 2) when they say “pay this amount of REAL MONEY and you’ll get this perk or that perk” DON’T DO IT!!!! They take your money and don’t give you what you paid for. Also, I’m skeptical of how quickly people win bingos.. like literally 3 number are called and people are hitting bingo 😒 AND when you level up to diff rooms and the cards become more expensive there should be more bingos available to win instead you go from like 17-20 possible bingos for the room at 8 chips for 4 cards to 7-10 possible bingos at 40 chips for 4 cards... and if you don’t have 4 cards forget about winning... ever!!!!! ANOTHER THING.. WELL ANOTHER TWO THINGS.. there have been times I’ve had a bingo, THE GAME WAS TELLING ME I HAD BINGO BY FLASHING THE BINGO SIGN and when I got it they say it’s a “bad bingo” AND the arrow to go between cards shouldn’t be right next to the bingo buttons.. or was that an intentional game design to screw people into bad bingos and out of winning?!?! This game is kind of a rip off honestly. There are def better bingo games available!!!.Version: 4.42.2

I love it so far BUT!I love this game sooo much, but since i have been playing for a while now again i t came to my attention that as i win a milestone or a slot game and its clearly offers as a prize a 30 day bingo credit , in real life it lasts only 1 day ... second time it happens to me , and i would like to address this to someone who can help me understand the way things goes in this game nowadays. I know it is just a game , but i would like to enjoy it while im not focusing on the present circumstances worldwide!!! Please help me undestand of 30 d meaning Also i find out few days later that my daily credit has been dropped , but i would be Really interested why this happens , more sure because its making me to pay to play ... what a rubbish .....Version: 4.53.1

This game deserves NO Stars!I have had it with the new owners of Bingo Blitz! All they have done is destroy what was once a great game! I have played this game since December 3, 2011! Tonight was the last straw! My game froze three times in the course of an hour! I kept refreshing the game and it would not refund the chips I played that I personally paid for out of their stupid piggy bank gimmick that they have going now! All I can say is they are a bunch of scammers! Maybe a lot of the high reviews were from years ago before the new owner from China bought it! All you have to do is be in one of the chat rooms of one of the bingo rooms to see how dissatisfied people are! On their fan page people will make comments on how dissatisfied they are! And Bingo Blitz’s answers/replies are extremely snarky! They reply to us as though we are stupid! After seven years of being a dedicated player who often paid to play, I’m done! I will file a complaint with my bank, with Facebook and whoever else I need to to get my money back! And then this game is going to be deleted from my phone and from my computer!.Version: 3.97.0

FairnessI’ve played this game for years. For the life of me I don’t understand why you have different amounts to pay for a game as we all know if someone pays 90 for a game and another pays 32 for the same game everyone knows the 90 played will win. This used to be a good fair game, now it just ( oh I’ll have a go sort of feeling). I also won red jewel on daily five free games but it’s gone. Been taken away. How fair is that! Money money money that’s the only thing on blitz’s mine. Give me the old blitz any day..Version: 4.03.0

No longer funThe game is no longer fun anymore. The game is rigged for you to lose your credits, so that you will purchase more credits in order to complete challenges and win prizes. Only play if you are prepared to joint elite and pay your way to win..Version: 4.25.1

Fun but not fairThis game is addictive and fun, but unfortunately if you run out of credits to play the only other way of getting more is by buying other things, such as ingredients to make cookies that give you some credits or dice that by chance may land on the game board that gives you credits which the most is 3... or just by purchasing them and they want like 4.99 for like 160 when most games you wanna play for 4 cards because if not you won’t get a bingo which means no credits to play more games, also you only get 1 credit for each bingo when the cards cost much more than that. They make it really hard to get more credits by winning, you must have power ups, that give you 2x the payout which instead of 1 credit per bingo it’s 2. Even if you pay like 540 for 4 cards. Not very far and I think I’m gonna delete the app. Bingo blitz needs to change the features and allow the players other ways of receiving credits daily. I am now level 85 and all I get a day is 1 credit? What am I suppose to do with 1 credit? Play on the lowest ranked game and with only one bingo card. Which will only allow me to get 1 credit IF I even get a bingo... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 4.15

AppallingI downloaded this game through tap joy so I could earn gems for my Covet fashion game. I actually enjoyed it and would have kept playing, except they have been so deceitful in saying I didn’t download the game on this device. I have given evidence that I did in fact download it and I still have it on this exact device. It’s disgusting that they would take advantage of this offer and not uphold their end and tell tapjoy to reward me. Seriously, it’s very clear that I downloaded and played the game to level 10, so reward me and show some integrity!!.Version: 4.08

Show me the money!This game/app only wants you to spend money!!! EVERYTHING in the game is pushed in that direction. I’m talking at ridiculous levels too!! Let me give an example. The site uses what they call powerups in the game. I have almost 75k in these powerups. The 2 powerups that everyone wants to get are Instant and Super Charger. I currently have 2 each of these out of 75k! That’s because they want you to buy these powerups! The site also has side quests. Here is the current quest. Get 28 bingos with Legendary Boost! Let me break that one down for you. Legendary Boost is using 540 credits per game and they want you to do it 28 times!! Over 15k in credits! You get approximately 120 a day. 2 games at a regular level. Oh by the way, after you spend money for the 28 games at legendary boost, you don’t win credits. You win food items on the OTHER side game they are currently running where you get to spend you guessed it, MORE money. I understand the developers are out to make money. And they should! But this site takes it to the extreme. They have it down to a science. There is nothing that doesn’t cost money! They have a good product but unless you have cash burning a hole in your pocket you will only be frustrated when your 2 games a day take you months to finish a room. Just walk away!.Version: 4.11.1

Hmmm...I’m not sure if the BB team would like to look at my account and see how much money I have spent on this app (it wouldn’t surprise me if I was their best customer 😂) ... getting quite frustrated as you simply cannot get enough free daily credits to be able to play - at the level I’m at I can’t even play 1 game with my daily credits I’d have to save them for a whole week! Not impressed. Also seems that no matter how much you spend, you never get freebies worth anything that counts. Good customers should be rewarded and I’m waiting!.Version: 4.12

Horrible what they did to this amazing gameThis game used to be fun. It used to be great! Now, not so much. No wins, cheap prizes and hard to finish rooms. The owners screwed with a great thing and started rigging and it's awful. Don't believe when they advertise as "free". They only want your $$$..Version: 4.10.0

ReviewGetting frustrated with the game. Very little daily credits gained making it unable to play the game. New rooms constantly introduced for a short period making it impossible to complete..Version: 4.51.0

Stingy GameGreat game IF you get to Play. To play the right way (not the frustrating “free” way) each game costs about $3.00! If you don’t chose to buy more credits, it takes forever to collect enough daily credits (collect 5 credits every 4 hours, and it costs 900 credits to play 1 game the right way!! That means you’d need to collect 30 credits per day (no sleeping) for 30 days in order to play 1 game!! The only solution is to “only collect” credits including FB credits, with NO playing, for about 3 months, then once you’ve collected enough credits, only then can you play. I’ve been a faithful player for years, but BB only makes the rooms more costly. It feels like they are so focused on your buying more credits and not the players’ fun experience. Every chat room is filled with anger, complaints and begging BB for some luck, which rarely comes. Terrible. I stopped trying to reach any goals since it’s hopeless (only once was I able to consistently obtain extra credits - the Turkey game. Don’t they ever drop into the rooms to see what our experience is? Or don’t they care??? BB consider our experience and loosen up on your greed for our $$!.Version: 4.55.0

Support is hereI have complained and still nothing. Dozens of updates still the same. I get freebies in my email like most do but when I hit link it says oops something went wrong and support working on it. I have lost billions in credits and coins and boosters. I’ve played 8000 cards I’ve won under 1000 times. Never any placement to cover my cost in credits. Example snowed in cleared bronze level out of pocket I paid for it. 20 Credits for 1.99 when it’s 15 credits per card. What a deal I say not. Member for almost 2 years and nothing. I play to have fun and realize I got to lose some but everyone of the times I play no wins. I have cards everyday with not one number called. I work as a nurse and job is very demanding and if I get time for me to relax I surely can’t count on your app for enjoyment. This is a no fun app everyone. I beg you don’t get it. Apple Team whom I adore and thier support the best. Get this app out of the store it isn’t for anyone. They take your money and hey give you cards that don’t play not one number. Developers of the app fire your support they will soon drive you out of work. And the response I got contact support. I have and they’re busy and don’t get ahold me.Version: 3.77.0

CheatI love bingo blitz but it really annoys me when the last twenty numbers virtually go at the same time there is five seconds between the twentieth number and zero. The same goes for a bingo there is still time to press the number and then press bingo and it doesn’t allow for it. I don’t understand why you do this it’s not as if people will win thousands of pounds, it credits for heaven sake don’t be so greedy. Please give more time between numbers especially the last twenty or so and if the last number gets a bingo you need to allow it. Maybe you need to go and play bingo yourselves and see how it’s done.Version: 4.06.0

Some really annoying featuresThis game has some really annoying features. When the game starts images of collectable items appear blocking your view while numbers are called out. Game stops when last bingo is called you should be allowed to daub the last number. When entering a game it tells you how many players but this is not true there are considerable less playing. The ratio of bingo to players is not good. When there are only a few players there should be at least a minimum of 15 bingos. Your player numbers are low and you need to think about making these necessary changes immediately. ALL bingos called on the last number ARE VALID. This has been going on for years and the App Store should look at removing this app permanently..Version: 4.62.0

Used to love this game but not anymore.This game has become a horrible shell of what it used to be. I have played this game for around 5 years now and used to love it. I say used to because before you could actually finish rooms/cities and even the special events. Now you are basically wasting your time if you attempt a special event room because it doesn’t stick around for the months and months it takes to win all the needed items. This game is all about how much real money they can get from you. I used to pay for elite membership but when it became apparent that they were no longer satisfied with that I canceled. Update (after May 2018 app update) Well I used to relax playing this game but anymore all it does is make me mad. I’ve been playing for 5 years and I was an Elite member for a long time. When the game became so money hungry greedy I canceled my Elite and I’m about ready to delete it. Why have you made this game into an impossible nightmare? What happened to the lower slots? I was almost finished on several of them and have spent a large amount of coins on them recently only to have them vanish with this last update 🤬.Version: 3.86.1

Please please increase the creditsPlease read the reviews and hear your users. Your I’ve taken to playing other bingo games because it takes too long to accrue enough (daily) credits to make it playing worthwhile. and improve this game for your players. You could do this by reducing the cost of each card by half and leaving the prize as is or by doubling each win and also INCREASE the daily credits already.Version: 4.31.0

Bingo blitz reviewIt is getting to be soooo frustrating playing this game. It takes so long to complete rooms. I have had to leave rooms because can’t get ungiftables cards although I go into them regularly trying my luck with little luck. I understand that people need to not be able to rush to finish but I have been playing for weeks and weeks trying to complete them just wasting credits. I like the game but becoming dishearten with this. Keep getting the same cards again and again Please try and make it a little more reasonable to play please. Dorothy Morrison.Version: 4.66.0

Annoyed!!!I’ve been playing this game since 2011 and always enjoyed it, but now I’m ready to quit. Not only is it hard to get credits to begin with (enough to play more than 2 games) but the shadow cards are ridiculous! There are 12 cards 2 that are ungiftable, which is fine makes it a little more challenging, but god forbid you get the cards at all. I will save my credits and go into a room with 2000 credits and just see the same shadow cards over and over and maybe get a couple bingos then I’m out of credits and still haven’t finished the room. After playing for 9 years by myself i finally decided to get friends and start trading because thats about the only way to get shadow cards. I also don't think its fair that you can send everyone on your friends list credits,power ups, and slot spins but only receive 5 at a time and have to wait hours to get another 5. That would be a great way for us to get credits quicker and play more. BB your game isn’t so enjoyable anymore and it’s upsetting i used to think this was the best bingo game and now I’m ready to stop, more frustrating than anything. Hopefully you make some changes in the players favor!!!!.Version: 4.49.0

Toke it down a littleToo many things going on and not enough credits.Version: 4.51.0

Frozen screen on Collect Daily CreditsI would not normally write a bad review to get some app support, but as the screen has been freezing upon opening for the last 3 days, and I cannot get support except from within the app, this seems the nay way to notify you that something is wrong. Since the collect daily credits comes up automatically when opening the app, the screen freezes, you cannot collect the daily credits, nor can you click out of it to move on. The app needs to be closed manually. I play on an IOS device which has the up to date software version. I have been through you troubleshooting suggestions, by deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing works Sue.Version: 4.51.0

Bingo blitzAm new to the game but finding it frustrating on playing for one not enough credits and two the games go so fast and it’s difficult to win especially when some win on 3 to 2 number it makes it harder to win and I have to wait like 22 hours to play the game for 3 plays if lucky 6 any way the ingredients are hard to win the same ones you get all time you need to look in to credits a bit more am getting bored of this game all ready I have been on this game and wrote anormas times about chests am getting crap prizes when some people are get in 500 and me 4i get power up and ingredients all the time instead of cards I’ve had loads of chests as well but no cards I am after a 12 in instabul I paid 1500 credit for the card I didn’t see or win also the card I even put £10 pound in to win this card nothing I have to beg people for cards witch isn’t fair I feel like a beggar becos you are not paying out like it should.Version: 4.40.1

Credits all gone!Due to a glitch in the games this morning, we were getting more bingo credits than we should of. Thousands of us got extra credits and were over the moon, as in all the years - over ten, I have been playing, I’ve never had so many credits. Anyway we got booted out of the game. Over 2 hours later, we log back in only to find they have not only taken the extra credits back, which was wrong..but they actually took credits that we already had! I paid for and won those! I’m so angry right now, they will get away with it and people will still play, the ceo of this company is one rich and greedy man. The game is a joke and it’s got worse and worse. You CAN not progress at all, so no point. Don’t download, don’t waste your time! It will start to annoy you all the time as you don’t win, so that you have to buy credit at an enormous cost too! AVOID AVOID AVOID. Disgusting and unfair game. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 4.56.3

Not worth itIf you’re not going to pay for credits then expect it to take over a week to get all the credits you need for four card game and the chances are you only you’ll only play one game because you won’t win enough credits to play another game. They make it impossible to ever win and make it harder and harder to get anywhere. I been playing since 2013 and although I love the game I don’t play as much anymore. If you do purchase credit’s 9/10 they go just as fast and get absolutely nothing for it. Don’t waste your money. If you’re happy to wait over a week to actually play one game then this game is for you.Version: 4.59.1

So Fed Up!I have played this game for 5 years but the past two years, it has gone from a great game to a very frustrating game. It's all about the money and how much they can get you to spend. Although graphics and game content is good, they have made the game next too impossible to win. Unless you have thousands of credits and millions of coins, Blitz will find a way to get you to lose everything! They just began integrating the boosters claiming the higher you boost, the greater the rewards. Unfortunately, boosters come with a huge price tag. I can just about afford to play 4 cards at 60 credits a round, let alone boosting to 150 and upward a round! It's come to a place where if you don't boost, they take every credit you do have and beyond. Just lost 7000 + credits because they withhold the shadow card I needed for four days until I was down to a couple hundred credits before even seeing it. Slot rooms were always my favorite but I have lost millions of coins trying to win the 12 items needed to complete. It is a totally frustrating game to play now and they decide what your minimum bet will be! Imagine that! Am definitely not going to play much anymore if at all. I don't need any more stress in my life..Version: 3.73.1

It’s becoming so boring..First of all, I was playing this game on daily basis.. However, it is becoming really boring and frustrating.. First of all, they probably have the worst prizes spin wheel in the history of spin wheels.. It has been the same since I started playing which is a year ago.. The prizes are always the least on the wheel, never ever got anything special or big.. Second, the recipes are so difficult to get as the ingredients are so rare and close to impossible to get..! Third, There aren’t many ways to get coins, the best way to do it is to buy.. I have a pantry full of ingredients that are all useless..!! This game is toooooo commercial.. It has to be improved or it will be doomed...Version: 4.66.0

RapIt sucks keeps going off line for no reason in the middle of game.Version: 4.51.0

Avid and Long Term PlayerBingo Blitz is still a very unique and fun game but, as a long term daily player, it really has deteriorated to the point that if you aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars a month to play, there isn’t much point anymore. There is no way you can finish quests, the “side-games” in the seasonal rooms and even buying...very unlikely to finish the months long “cooking games”. Definitely not a good game for a casual player not willing to spend significantly to play..Version: 4.51.0

DisappointedI don’t know what’s wrong but when I open the app tonight and wanna play the game it makes weird sound like a radio lost the connection/anthena. Too loud too, so I have to turn off the sound in the settings. That’s not it, I try to play and I was suppose to win the first bingo but I couldn’t find the bingo or couldn’t hit bingo. I try everywhere but didn’t work. So end up losing and didn’t win anything. Disappointed. Use to enjoy this game. By the way, I’m using iPhone 12. I do t know if it matters.Version: 4.57.1

Almost about to delete this game and never come backI have been playing Bingo Blitz for years when I first started you would earn credits for completing the room plus extra daily credits you were able to send and receive all cards. Then something changed you now have to win shadow cards that never appear, spend almost all your credits on one room. I play a lot of bingo games and there bingo games that are actually becoming more fun and not so frustrating!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe I actually spent money buying more credits just to have them go to waste!! Instead of adding extra things like the kitchen thing how about improving your customer satisfaction and if you intend to make the rooms more difficult to complete then maybe you should add extra credits considering it takes some people months to complete.Version: 4.57.1

Not a happy bingo-erSince the latest update, I haven’t been able to load my game. Been over a week an missing all my daily credits..Version: 3.87

Honest OverviewIf you like playing bingo, you will like this game. It is a free game. They give you daily credits to play with and you can win more by getting bingos and completing challenges. It allows you to get gifts from friends and trade items. But like any of these games, there is a catch. It’s a business and they are in the business to make money. There are credits to buy, coins to buy, power ups to buy, daub alert to buy. As you play and complete rooms, the amount of credits you need goes up, but your daily credits given gets held to around 95. It will cost 60 credits to play one round. They will introduce new rooms at the higher prices but never bring in any at lower. It gets boring. It’s hard to complete a collection. I have had several issues that I have had to contact their support team for. Two have never been looked at, dating back months for one of them. This is a great game for short term play, but not for long term. If you get invested in it, you end up the loser..Version: 3.96.0

Too expensive!Love playing Bingo but this one is way too expensive. Everything about it is lousy compared to other bingo games. The daily freebie isn’t even enough to play 4 cards in one game! And I won’t even go into the cost of buying credits! It’s going to be at least a month before I accumulate enough credits to play again, then I’ll lose and the cycle of saving up my miserable daily freebies starts again. Come on guys, how about an increase? (the other bingo game I play has a daily bonus nearly 10 times yours-guess which one I prefer to play?).Version: 4.08

Buggy and credits go missing.While this game is somewhat more enjoyable then some of the other bingo games I've tried, it is very buggy. My credits keep going missing, it keeps experiencing "technical issues" which result in me getting kicked out of bingo rooms annoying when I've gotten bingos. I also think it's slightly unfair that you can only join and connect with the community through Facebook. Not everyone has or wants a Facebook account. Also the price of the bingo cards are ridiculously high and so is the price of buying more credits. In some rooms all the daily credit allowance finishes after one game! To buy JUST 20 credits which would last maybe another game is almost £2. So the responsible thing to do would be to not buy any. It's a shame all these things have me wanting to delete. It seems to be all about getting you to spend money. There are usually four of more pop ups before I can even get to play a game, “buy credits’ “buy power ups” “buy ingredients baskets” BUY BUY BUY 😒 it’s a shame that greed spoiled what could’ve been a good game..Version: 4.45.0

The game has gone down the toiletThe new cooking game is the worst it has EVER been! Never any new ingredients, only hundreds or even thousands of duplicate cooking items that will never be used. Hardly cooked any dishes. Most ingredients no longer tradable. You’ve made it absolutely impossible to enjoy. Also the game has been back to back no bingos not even a chest playing superior boost what an absolute joke. You have taken all the fun out of the game to make profit and have made it impossible to get a good run. Maybe if everyone gets fed up and blows your ap rating down you might get the hint and loosen the game up a bit. Because at the moment I’m looking for a new bingo game and at this rate a new game can and will take over your ratings and recommendations..Version: 4.62.0

Love & hateI love this game and have been playing for years. But the last few months I’ve experienced trouble loading the game on my iPhone and not being able to connect to the games servers. It’s most frustrating and nowhere to turn to for support on the issues as I can’t open the game. Daily credits are low unless you buy who chi I don’t do. I save them up to be able to play more than 2 games. I hope this latest issue I’m having won’t last 2-3 weeks like last time..Version: 4.31.0

Fun for a time...I’ve Been a subscriber to this game a number of years and have finally woken up to the fact that unless you purchase daily you don’t stand a hope in hell of getting anywhere. Today I stayed in and thought I would spend the money that I hadn’t spent going out on the game.. now, I don’t know about anybody else but I spent in excess of £60 on anything from credits to double ups on die..Don’t doubt that I enjoyed it but I never even won an image on the level I was playing.. I did end up with a number of eggs and onions and tomatoes to complete dishes, unfortunately they failed to provide me with so much as a burritos...I want to say Bingo Blitz is crap but over the years it has been enjoyable but I have to ask the question, does Bingo Blitz look after its loyal players or it’s conglomerate who want the proceeds from its bags, aprons and its many manner of marketing parafinaly that they hope we “suckers” will buy....Version: 4.35.0

Game has gone way downhillI’ve been playing Bingo Blitz for so many years. Back in the day it was so exciting, now not at all. Don’t play and expect to get excited. It’s not at all what it use to be. Years ago you completed a mission and you got higher Daily Tokens. I use to have a great daily payout until they changed that and dropped my daily’s for all the hard work and missions I completed. That’s just greedy!! I only get 109 daily credits and all most all my rooms are completed. What a joke!People are lucky if they can play 2 rounds of 4 cards, again greedy! Even when you boost and win on a card the payouts don’t equal what you payed so what’s the point. I would hope to have won some extra! Also the chests are a joke. The slots are extremely boring. I’ve been waiting for a new room for years now. It’s time you really gave back to your customers for playing daily. I mean seriously what are you losing by giving more. 109 credits means I can play one round and 4 cards. Until they change their greed it will remain 2 stars. Yes the graphics are good but that’s all..Version: 4.11.1

Unhappy bingo fanNot very often I can select a higher boost and its a thrill to do it but don’t ever get more than 2 bingos and credits go too quick; I just want to play for longer than five minutes; why on earth have you made bigger boosts and not increased daily credits?? I’ve been playing everyday since August 2011 and I treat myself on pay day and buy credits but I think I will be better off putting that money into a trip at the casino as I am not getting much value for money on here!.Version: 4.30.0

Unable to connect & no way to contact supportI’ve been playing BB for several years then almost a week ago I started getting the error message ‘Connection Lost. There was a problem with your connection to our servers. Try Again’ which has continued relentlessly ever since. I’ve switched everything off, I’ve rebooted our internet twice, and I’ve even had a friend attempt to reuse the app (she hadn’t played it an ages) with no success. I’ve posted in the facebook page without reply, I’ve scoured the support section on here which has nothing relating to the issue, and on clicking ‘contact support’ I’m cheerfully informed that the ‘contact support option is only available from within the game’ - and I can’t get into the chuffing game to contact support. Very, very frustrating for a longtime player :-(.Version: 4.19

Play if you can afford it!This game is addicting, I give it that! But you’re literally draining your bank account to eat credits! They have a sticker thing going on right now, I’m at 92% and need 8 more stickers to get 5k credits, and I now have less than 24 hours to do so.. I’ve probably purchased $100 in credits and haven’t received ONE sticker that I need.. yes, I’m dumb enough to spend $100 on credits, but you spend that in a week just to get 500 credits to play! So I figured, hell if I spend that to get 5k credits why not? NOPE they make it impossible. This game is way too pricey for the amount of credits you receive. Then every boost they make you spend 100 more credits to do so! 🤦🏼‍♀️ they need to up their credits for the amount you spend because of how fast they go. It’s not like people still won’t spend money, but at least they’ll get their money’s worth! And also, make it POsSIBLE to hit the bonuses you do every once and a while.. geez!.Version: 3.87

INCREASED ERROR MESSAGESI have been playing this game since 2013 and never has a single issue until the last 3 months! I am constantly getting error messages saying “I can’t connect to your servers”, problem loading resources” ect. I’m an admin on s Bingo Blitz Facebook group and this is constantly spoken about and happens to a lot of people! It’s honestly Ruining the gaming experience, I am an Elite member and meant to have early access to new season rooms and so far I cannot access the newest game and get an error message when I try to click play!! Been two days and still can’t get access and support are not being at all helpful! Like I feel they are not even reading my email before replying and responding, the support guys used to be so amazing but I don’t get that same experience anymore!! I miss the old Reliable Bingo Blitz!.Version: 4.26

Fun but!It is fun to play but it is expensive. Therefore, have deleted..Version: 4.53.1

Bingo blitzSupposed to have earned extra daily credits for completing Anchorage but not getting them. Getting fed up with this app as so difficult to move on with lack of shadow cards etc. time to try another app!.Version: 3.72.0

Disappointing...I have played this game for about 6-8 years now. I love it, I really do. But as many people have pointed out in the reviews, once you get to a certain level it’s almost impossible to play without spending a ton of money on tokens. They are stupid expensive in the store and another thing someone pointed out is that you can’t buy them with the ton of coins you can acquire. It’s just a really unfortunate situation for those of us who don’t want to drop money on a fun free game. I also noticed that you used to get rewards for extra items you have, now I have 7 swordfish in my current room and extras of almost all of the items and nothing can be done with the excess. Just seems like the creators have gotten more money hungry and less interested in actually keeping all people playing. I will also mention, I’m not against spending any money at all on a game I’m invested in and as I said, I’ve been playing for a long time. But, the tokens are just so so expensive for the little amount you get. I mean, my cards are up to 80 for 4 now. And in the store you only get 30 tokens for 2 bucks. So you’re looking at 6+ dollars to play one game? No way. Do better..Version: 4.48.0

Money grabThey let you win for awhile then nothing. Even if you tell them you are ill and have no money they have no compassion.Version: 4.53.0

Enjoyable, but many limitations on play/winningGames are enjoyable. The rating would be much higher if it did the following: 1) gave you more times per day to collect bingo chips and tokens with the free spins-once every 24 hrs is unheard of!; 2) if it let you progress past the first layer of the extra food collection games, win more Disco balls, diamond collections, etc. extra games to win more bingo chips; 3) get bingo before it gets to the last 5 bingos in the room-never within the first numbers called and I’ve been playing for several years-it’s always right before there are no more numbers called for that game; 4) if you could play alone, because you will never get all the gems you need to complete the 5-free game series if you don’t share items or get bingo right out of the gate; 5) if it wouldn’t take forever to complete a bingo or casino adventure; 6) if each completed adventure gave you tokens ‘and’ bingo chips in the casino and the bingos; not just one or the other. Who needs the frames they give you?! I suspect no one. If you like to spend money on games then this is one for you because they are always offering combos/discount packages to get your money. Tip-Don’t take the first options while you are playing because I’ve seen others come out after your bingo chips are gone that are better, of course..Version: 4.22

GreedyI’m having to change my review. This game only wants you to spend money to play. It dies not give you enough daily credits to play. IF your lucky enough to win a bingo unless it’s the first three places, again not enough to credits. DO NOT PURCHASE ELITE MEMBERSHIP- monthly charge for one extra spin and early access to new games. Winnings and chest prizes are no better in Elite. They make it nearly impossible to finish a dish or level on the menu and pantry. I mean come on who needs over 350 eggs, oil, herbs , potatoes. That is all you get in chest and maybe 5-7 credits. It takes days to build up credits to play maybe one game every few days. And if there are 150 ppl playing in a room WHY are they only a few bingos??? And how can two numbers be called and boom someone hits bingo after two numbers. It’s rigged. Do not waste time or money. I learned my lesson and if you contact support concerning issues playing or losing credits on your account maybe once out of ten they will compensate you or refund you your credits but you mostly get after reviewing the game it looks like you completed it when it fact the app shut down. A frustrated BB once loyal paying gamer that will not anymore. They are too GREEDY with trying to win anything!!!!.Version: 4.33.0

Prepare to spend money.This game is a lot of fun. BUT if you don’t pay, you won’t play...very much. You do get daily free tickets to play but as you level up it costs more tickets to play per game yet the increase in daily tickets won’t cover the increase cost to play. If you don’t buy tickets you’ll only get a couple rounds of play per day and I enjoy playing a game for more than 5 minutes. Also, when playing you’ll notice the same people getting 1st 2nd & 3rd place within 5-10 bingo numbers being called. How the...? Shady. I’ve also had tickets go missing when the game freezes (my phone is brand new and my internet connection is solid). I’ll select a game to play and number of cards then it freezes and I lose the tickets without playing the game. Not cool. I don’t mind spending money on games at times, but again... as you level up the games are more expensive to play. For example it’s 4.99 for 65 tickets. Last week before I leveled up it was 10 tickets per 1 bingo card and now that I’ve leveled up it’s 15 tickets per card (30 tickets for 2 bingo cards). So I spend 4.99 to play less than I could play last week. Makes no sense at all..Version: 4.08

Disappointed BlitzerThis game used to be a delight to play, I know because I’ve played for 5 years on numerous devices. The lower levels were fun as well as challenging. The fun is gone now, replaced by frustration and difficulty. I’ve spent months in a single room trying to win the Ungiftables. The only way you can really ever win them is to boost your game which more than doubles the amount of chips it takes to play a game. And that’s just one boost! If you choose to boost it 3 times to almost 400 chips for a single game. Yes, you can trade for items you can’t get but you can’t trade for the Ungiftables. Some needed shadow items only show up once in a great while. BB has now added a restaurant scenario which means you have to collect ingredients to make dishes for a chip reward. These show up in chests....instead of the items that you need to complete a room. Unless you intend to spend heaps of real money, I would advise you to avoid this game or just play till it gets ridiculously hard then delete it and start over. Too bad because it used to be a pleasure to play until greed got in the way..Version: 4.11.1

Luck , chance or riggedI’ve been playing this game for over 7 years. In the past 12 months they have changed a lot which causes glitches missing daubs etc. they refuse to return them and then go on and on about how they play the game and it’s all about luck and chance. WE DONT CARE IF YOU PLAY THE GAME!! The customer service team are rude and they don’t care if they rip people off. The go one about the fairness of game but one person only has to get 70 while another has to get 490 to get a gold card or fill a meter. It’s based on how many credits you have not fairness. The more you have the higher the stuff is to get making it impossible to win unless game is played all day and you spend money. SHAME ON YOU BINGO BLITZ. Times are hard enough as it is and you pull this ‘it’s fair’ nonsense. I think it’s time for me to find another bingo that actually is fair..Version: 4.53.1

Not enjoyable unless you’re rich!Once you’re out of credit the only way to play properly is to spend real money. And I mean A LOT! The payout does not match how much you put in. To play the high cards they are, let’s say 900 credits. Your daily bonus is like 80. And when you finish a game your reward is like 47. So you have to go couple weeks without playing to get enough credits to play one game at the highest level or you buy credits and even then, for like £25 you only get 650 credits. Still not even enough to play a high game. The cheaper games are not worth it as you won’t get enough rewards to be able to move forward. The game is obviously rigged. The repeat ingredients and cards are a joke. The people who made this game only care about how much money they can make off of you, this is where you have to be careful, the game is very ADDICTIVE! Also I’ve contacted them so many times regarding missing rewards and never hear anything back! Their algorithm is designed to work against you and for them!.Version: 4.37.0

Rigged, and complete rip-off!BEWARE!!! The game makes you lose! Two balls are called and three people will have bingo! Sure! It allows you to see who has supposedly received first, second and third place, how odd it’s the same picture in all three spots. Even better the next five games you will play only the same two photos will show for fist and second. Give me a break!! Then once the second or third bing is called it’s the fastest countdown tel the game is over. It will start a game with 21 players yet there will be 5-8 bingos?????? Do the math that doesn’t add up to 21. My wife told me about this game after only playing it for about 3 or 4 days, I downloaded it and right after I did she deleted it. Saying that games rigged!!!! I was like thanks a lot. Come to find out it took me about a week longer to figure she was right! This game itself could be a lot of fun but, the creators have ruined it! They should be ashamed of themselves! They should post their most recent reviews instead of one two years old. People would see no one is happy! Extremely disappointed!!!!!.Version: 4.49.0

New playerJust started playing this game in June. It’s very frustrating. My bingo win/cards played ratio is horrible. At first it was like I was winning every other day. Now I go 6 or more bingo balls without a number on my card being called. It’s rigged now and I refuse to pay for anything. The new rooms are cool but the amount of credits to play a card shouldn’t have gone up and the minimum amount of coins to bet shouldn’t have gone up either. It’s getting to the point where I only play once the daily coins and credits are available. Even then I have to limit how many cards I can play because I can’t afford them. Also I think that the some of the ingredients should be able to be gifted since it’s not guaranteed that the chests will have what is needed. The new room with the fire is difficult to win if the fire isn’t banked. That forces players to buy multiple cards and it’s still no guarantee that the number with the fire is called. Frustrated..Version: 3.92.1

Used to be fun... now it’s a ripoff only wanting money, and freezing when you actually win!I have been playing this game since 2012. It used to be fun. Now they constantly want you to buy stuff, but they also constantly rip you off. I won my last htg item in Figi this week by landing on an instant win... and low and behold the game froze. It had not frozen ANY time before that, and everything worked after that ... but it did not let me collect my htg. I write in to support to get some canned answer saying they didn’t see any problem with my last several rounds?? They send me a report showing my rounds had completed. Yeah they completed frozen not giving me my item!!! No other game freezes on my phone, and no other game I play freezes at the most convenient times... so you can’t complete. Really? It didn’t give me my htg that I just won, that’s why I’m contacting you! They sent back the same thing that they don’t see any issues. I told them off, deleted the game and will NEVER spend another dime of my money here! Truly not a loyal company that give s a crap about long time customers! I’ve been supporting their business all this time to be treated as if I was lying. I told them I’m done!.Version: 4.14

Really thinking about deleting againI have had BB for several years and for the past 4 years(no lie or exaggeration) I’ve only needed 1 shadow card to complete the collection, but no matter how many times I’ve played the Anchorage room, I never get the shadow card I’m needing. It’s never even offered to me. I deleted the app for a while because it became too frustrating, trying to hope that I get the only shadow card I need in the next round. I’ve re-downloaded this app just to give it another shot and still have played the Anchorage room over and over and over and still do not get the only shadow card I need. Not to mention, it’s almost pointless to even play any of the other games, because your chances of winning are slim to none. The numbers roll is super slow but somehow others are able to get a bingo, meanwhile I’ve only been able to daub like 4 numbers on each board. The daily tournament is pretty much a waste of time, you’d have a better chance winning the mega million lottery..Version: 4.31.0

Bingo BlitzWell where to even started..... But then again it wouldn’t do any good. I’ve been playing BB since August 14, 2014. I just love the game, but hate the way prizes are awarded. I m level 167 so at 60 credits a game I normally only get 2 games in , plus maybe a few lousy Catilina games in which doesn’t even award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bingos. There is a daily Tournament you can play for free which usually has 190 players so it only takes 2 minutes to play it. It since out little jewels to try and fill a card. I think it took me about 3 years to finally feel it with the 12 jewels. The jewel of victory is the hardest to get and can’t be gifted, I have 3 now, but have played for almost 6 years. After first card is filled there are actually no incentives just get 5 free games each day. All I can say is I’m addicted or I would have deleted the app 6 years ago. C’mon BB make the game fun with more chances at HTG’s. I’m planning on quitting smoking when that happens I will be done with BB because I’ll never stop smoking cigarettes as long as I’m playing this game..Version: 4.31.0

Is it fair?So I’ve had this game for a few months, I like it but the constant adverts to buy coins or bingo coins is overwhelming. The amount of bingo coins given daily gives you enough for a couple of games and I find it near impossible to win games. I could just be the unluckiest player but I doubt it. I understand that money needs to be made from this app and that’s fair enough but personally it won’t be from me. If I was going to pay for bingo I’d use a gambling site with the chance of winning actual cash. In my personal opinion there’s no real incentive to keep coming back daily. There’s not much excitement in playing a couple of games to know your not going to get very fair, it’s just a waste of time. I don’t have Facebook so I am also unable to sign in and chat to people. There should be another way around this? This is just my opinion and I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter but it may be worth looking at..Version: 4.29.0

AnnoyingAlways cuts out of game sometimes never loads. Been tryna play it and never lets me in the stupid game. I did love it until this keeps happening..Version: 3.90.0

Great game but could be much betterI've played this on and off for several years and although it sometimes throws you out and does not always compensate, it is fun and I stuck to my rule never to pay. Until today, that is. The credits I bought worked out at around £1 per minute which is outrageous. Over the years the performance has improved but it gets harder to increase daily credits even though the room costs increase. It has become barely worth playing when the daily allowance doesn't buy even two rounds you're lucky to get ten minutes play. Of course you can pay £10 for another ten minutes or so. I think I shall be playing elsewhere soon. Shame..Version: 3.77.0

Guest fixedI started playing bingo blitz when it 1st started was fun back then when you were able to buy your collection items with coins and there was no guests I’m not able to complete no rooms also new rooms I’ve noticed the same people bingoing every round that’s suspicious big time so if it’s not the guests running off with all the bingos it’s other players how is this fair your game has gone downhill dramatically since guests were allowed to play can’t win nothing you need to return the game back to the way it was as it was more fairer now there is alot of fixing the rooms it’s put me off permanently playing such a shame as it once was a good game..Version: 4.08

An OK gamePayouts need to increase... costs too much for 4 cards and if u get a bingo on 2 cards, you dont even win half the credit amount back originally spent on the 4 cards. An Awesome game to play if you have alot of credit 😂.Version: 4.17

ImprovementsAs much as I love this game, and I do, I believe it needs a lot of improvements! The daily credits are seriously not enough, it takes too long just to get enough to credits to play one game without making purchases. The scores in Tournament are the worst, OMG, there are so inconsistent it’ not funny! Ingredients are too hard to come by! I could go on but this is just a few changes I believe should be looked at. I have been playing this game since I joined Facebook & I have tried SO MANY other bingo games on Facebook and this is the best one I have found. But it does need to be more player friendly not wallet friendly!.Version: 4.57.1

It’s okI actually love the game but there’s some things I don’t like about it that I feel that it should be changed... like when it comes to completions like the foods you should be able to sell the ones you don’t need... and there should definitely be more Bingo coin/beans to play with at your daily check in reward instead of just 23 everyday... you should be able to earn like 50 and it should keep going up and then repeat for example start with 10 for the daily check in the next day goes up to 25 then by the end of the week it should be like 100 and if you don’t go into the game and check in you would have to start all over again from only 10... I also think the bingo slots should let you earn Bingo Coin/Beans it doesn’t have to be much maybe when you complete a level of it or something. I’m just personally upset because I had over 100,000 beans and now I’m at 0 I’ve lost so many bingos that’s another thing there should be a win for at least every or every other 4 card bingo I lost more than 20 in a row very disappointed. Other than all that it’s a great game and I would give it a 5 star but with my issues well hopefully you read and improve the game in the next update..Version: 4.52.0

Why should I report an issue with Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games.

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