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Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO Games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO Games app received 110 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO Games? Can you share your negative thoughts about bingo blitz™ - bingo games?

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Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO Games for Negative User Reviews

No longer funThe game is no longer fun anymore. The game is rigged for you to lose your credits, so that you will purchase more credits in order to complete challenges and win prizes. Paid $27 per month to be a Plus Member and the game has gotten more difficult to complete. The daily wheel never lands on any decent wins (just a small amount of credits and May be a double daub). This membership is not worth having given the distinct lack of progress and benefits one would expect to receive given the amount of money involved. A game of luck and chance my foot!!!.Version: 5.24.0

Love the game, hard to playAbsolutely love this game, cannot find another like it. However, the downside it’s constantly trying to entice you to pay for things via pop ups sometimes there’s 3/4 before you can even start your game. You can now barley get more than 1/2 games per day unless you get your ‘once per year luck’ where you win a bit more and are able to play the extra few games. Would be nice to be able to trade coins for credits there is no way to earn enough credits to have an enjoyable game without paying. This is coming from a plus player also..Version: 4.99.2

Use to love this game, now it’s gone downhillThis game was super fun when I first started out but now it’s not fun at all. Paying for 4 bingo cards is expensive and when you get no bingos, you barely make any of them back. I keep running out of credits so I can’t keep playing (as I refuse to pay real money on this game). The shadow cards are hard to come by & I keep getting the same ingredients over and over again. This was my favourite game when I first started but now I can’t even play properly as it’s expensive with little reward unless you’re willing to pay real money - which I’m not. Looking for another bingo game and not recommending this one to friends..Version: 4.70.1

Not fun at all anymoreI’ve been a player for 12 years in my main account and have 4 others. Spent a lot of money on credits over the years and I got to the point where I was spending $300 or more a week, to try to finish rooms that you can’t finish! At one point I had over 10,000 credits trying to get the last non gift item and was playing at 540 credits because the quests require me to do that. Guess what?! With even over 10k credits, I still never finished. Takes 5 games just to win one die for the side games. They used to give out $1,400 credits for bonus rooms, but now it’s down to 600 if you finish the levels of whatever mini game they have within it. Now I’ve noticed in my other accounts you now need 14-16 items in map rooms??? Are you high BB??? For 400 more credits? Sadly I will be deleting this game after I use all my credits. You took away too much from your players. The daily credits should be more. You took away our 99+ credits we used to receive on Mondays. Now we have to wait a month to spin the wheel and be lucky to see 8 credits a day for 10 days. What a joke you are now. Nothing but beyond greedy. My check book is thanking me for deleting all of my five accounts. You’ve lost yet another valuable player and that, in itself, is sad..Version: 5.14.3

RidiculousThis game is ridiculous with the ungiftable cards you eventually run out of credits and then you depend on the daily credits you get which give doesn’t even give you 1 game of 4 cards on classic and if you only play classic you’ll never see an ungiftable red tab, I’ve been stuck for 3 months, 6 weeks, a month etc just waiting to win one card. The credits are outrageously expensive and don’t guarantee you’ll see a red tab or win a bingo so there’s no way I’m spending any money. The power ups you have to buy or earn but you don’t get to use them when you want they will give you a super charger when there’s 5 seconds left in the game so it’s totally wasted, if you have a red tab it will only play the useless powerups like double xp or a single dob and when there’s nothing to win they’ll give you your supercharger then an instant win then a triple daub. The developers are beyond greedy it’s lame and they respond to honest reviews with the same tired form response and it’s insulting it shows how little they care what the users have to say. I hope people continue to leave and find better options there are a ton out there. Maybe they needed our extra money to pay Drew because lately it’s become laughably bad..Version: 5.25.0

Don’t botherThis game used to be so much fun. Now you can only open one room. Takes months to even see a grey picture even the you don’t win it or get any daubs on it. So, you pay to have another shot and miss it, use the gems with the cannon and still miss it, then never see it for another month if you’re lucky. Never won the big wheel, been playing since 2012. Never get enough credits, pop up adds although better than 15-30 sec ones however are becoming more and more. The grand reward you get for playing 4 weeks in a row - 6 credits for 5 days. It’s laughable. All you see is pictures 1-5. No one needs 15 of one pic and that’s only the ones you win!!!! What a shame the game has become like this. Don’t Developer respond with - it’s luck of the game. Don’t insult our intelligence. It’s called an algorithm that you write!.Version: 5.36.4

Bingo creditsI have read several reviews and with all of them I agree. A few years back, this app was super fun to play. Using free spins, I would bank my freebies until I had 101 I used my free spans I would average 25,000 or more in coins. Also wish you would bring back the ability to buy bingo items when you are playing bingo, (the regular games not the specialty or seasonal games). Having limits on how many free spins & power ups every 12 hours is ludicrous. One should be able to collect all of them all at once. My guest account I have had for several years; free matches and voltage for the blackout room? They are not in any shadow cards nor are they in any chests. I have made several comments and complaints via the "support center" to no avail. It would be nice for guest accounts to be able to trade with other guest players only. The seasonal rooms and slot rooms are coming out way too fast. It used to be at least a month or two before a new bingo room would open Orei new slot room to open and it's just not fun to play anymore. I login and collect my credits and I might play maybe once a month. Also we should be allowed to trade in coins for bingo credits because The more bingo game rooms you develop, the higher the cost of the cards..Version: 5.37.4

An OK gamePayouts need to increase... costs too much for 4 cards and if u get a bingo on 2 cards, you dont even win half the credit amount back originally spent on the 4 cards. An Awesome game to play if you have alot of credit 😂.Version: 4.17

Fix itI find when the last number called appears on the top it shows game over before you can hit it. Many times you have the number and you could have a bingo etc. Please allow time to play fair!.Version: 5.38.2

Pay to playThis is advertised as a free game but in reality once you hit a certain level you can’t progress. The amount of daily credits you get is enough for one round and then that’s it. The tactic seems to be to get people addicted with generous wins and offers so you level up quickly but then once you get to a level where the games cost a lot of credits you can’t continue playing for free to the extend you could before and they charge excessive amounts for credits in order to continue playing. Luckily, I have my wits about me and won’t spend real money on this game but in the official Facebook community group, there’s lots of people saying they’re addicted and spending thousands of dollars. Yes, this is their choice, but they seem to be encouraged to continue spending with the many pop up ads for purchases and it just doesn’t seem ethical. I know in app purchases aren’t new and BB isn’t the only game to offer them, but the cost is extortionate considering that you get very little gameplay for free..Version: 5.15.4

Fun but not fairThis game is addictive and fun, but unfortunately if you run out of credits to play the only other way of getting more is by buying other things, such as ingredients to make cookies that give you some credits or dice that by chance may land on the game board that gives you credits which the most is 3... or just by purchasing them and they want like 4.99 for like 160 when most games you wanna play for 4 cards because if not you won’t get a bingo which means no credits to play more games, also you only get 1 credit for each bingo when the cards cost much more than that. They make it really hard to get more credits by winning, you must have power ups, that give you 2x the payout which instead of 1 credit per bingo it’s 2. Even if you pay like 540 for 4 cards. Not very far and I think I’m gonna delete the app. Bingo blitz needs to change the features and allow the players other ways of receiving credits daily. I am now level 85 and all I get a day is 1 credit? What am I suppose to do with 1 credit? Play on the lowest ranked game and with only one bingo card. Which will only allow me to get 1 credit IF I even get a bingo... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 4.15

FrustratingI’ve been playing this game for many years. Yes it’s fun BUT they make it extremely difficult to win the non tradable items. I have multiple accounts and I send items to each of my accounts [if I’m able to do so, because some are locked until you reach that point] and then I give to other players [if they only need a couple to complete a room] I’m about to throw it in I think due to the frustration, it’s no longer a fun game more frustrating than anything. And the pop ups, advertising for credits etc. As soon as I log in I have to go through 3-4 pop ups before even starting. I save my credits up sometimes over a week or so because to be honest the amount of free credits might only get a couple of games, unless I’m lucky to finish a room. They’ve changed the amount of items you have to win for each city/country. So if I complete a room I might receive 1500 or more credits. Sounds great until I go into the new country and watch the credits go quickly because they make it near impossible to complete a room within a decent time. Once it took me 5 months to finish a room, waiting for a non tradable item.Version: 5.33.3

This game is no longer about chance and luck.Every room has people desperately playing for the ones untradeable. Months on end wasting credits. But getting free items constantly coming up which is unfair. We can get them. It’s so discouraging really. You want to work at it but playing game after game with nothing makes for frustrated angry players. Read the rooms. Comments are all the same. Been waiting months, number never comes up in each and every room. I dispute your claim it’s about chance and luck. If that was the case you would see the card and have an opportunity. Everyone in the room trying to get those last few cards. Everyone. A game of chance and luck? Yeah right. You make it so far out of reach it’s unattainable..Version: 5.04.2

Money grabThe only way to play is to spend money after the first freebies run out. Another way to get coins to play is to invite more people to get trapped in the must spend money to play. Sad they don’t give 25 coins or chips every 30 minutes or hour. Must spend money 🙄.Version: 5.38.2

Way Too Many Pop UpsGood game but there are way too many pop ups within the game for in game purchases. No fewer than 8 pop ups when the game launches..Version: 5.37.5

Can’t win due to BOTS!! Stealing from customers!!Anyone who has ever spent real money on this app needs to seek legal advice! There are now proven BOTS in this game! The bits are winning all the games meanings real players are forced to buy credits if they want to keep playing. By having these bots in your game you are cheating and stealing from your customers. Someone has already proven this and complaints are now going to Apple and Google to have the game banned and money returned in full! Hope the makers go broke!! This was such a great game but shows the makers just got greedy! I mean $25 Australian per month for a membership for a bingo game??? Really?!! And the pathetic amount of credit for the huge amount of money you ask is a rip off!! I’ve been playing for well over 5 years now and am so disappointed. You cannot win anymore…I’ve spent 3 weeks on the new sausage game and can’t even get through the first level! Even the mini games now can’t be won! You never win enough on the daily spin and the new golden purple wheel is a joke! You used to be able to win huge credits and now if you pay $2 you only win 15 coins!!! Better get rid of those bots before the investigation begins makers!! Or you could end up in court!!.Version: 5.01.1

My review keeps getting deletedYou only win the credits back that you “put in”. If your cards cost 100 credits total, you can only win 100 credits back, max. But you’ll never get bingos on all your cards in a round, so you’ll never win it ALL back and you’ll always walk away with less than you played. Also, you only get enough free credits in “daily rewards” to play once/day, on the lowest value cards, which don’t provide “chests” with credits, or anything of actual value. The “events” don’t give you anything of value unless you pay for more credits to buy higher value cards. You’ll need at least 360 credits to get chests with value, don’t worry though because credit packages start at 35 credits for $2.79. That’s $0.08/credit. $28/round to MAYBE win another free round. Why? Just go to a real casino...Version: 5.06.1

It’s becoming so boring..First of all, I was playing this game on daily basis.. However, it is becoming really boring and frustrating.. First of all, they probably have the worst prizes spin wheel in the history of spin wheels.. It has been the same since I started playing which is a year ago.. The prizes are always the least on the wheel, never ever got anything special or big.. Second, the recipes are so difficult to get as the ingredients are so rare and close to impossible to get..! Third, There aren’t many ways to get coins, the best way to do it is to buy.. I have a pantry full of ingredients that are all useless..!! This game is toooooo commercial.. It has to be improved or it will be doomed...Version: 4.66.0

Kicked out.This game has a lot of issues but despite them I’ve played/killed time with it for years signing in through my phone but in this last update it has decided that I’m too you to play (I’m not) and it’s kicked me out. This was a bit annoying but not the first time I’ve had problems with this game so decided to put the effort in to contact support to sort it out. Clicked on the support link which led me to info pages telling me it’s an easy fix I just have to contact support… so I click that link for support which brings me to a contact form which I filled in and clicked send only to get a message that says support can only be contacted through the game which it sends me back to and the frustrating loop starts again. I can’t get in the game to play and I can’t get through to support but I’m still getting notifications and emails to play 🙄so while I’m taking off some stars for all the issues (and there have been a lot this was just the last one now) I’m giving 1 star and I’m taking the out this game obviously wants to give me and cutting down on my screen time and save some money 😬.Version: 5.23.1

Age restrictions!!!I am very upset, I tried logging onto bingo blitz and after I put in my age, they said I was too young to play. I am from the uk where you have to be 18 to spend money in games like this and after getting so far in the game I got locked out and can’t play it again until I’m 21! I am so annoyed as I used to love this game As I cannot write a reply to the review from the game I’m going to add it here. I don’t think they understand that to contact them I have to be able to get into the game first and I can’t do that for three potentially four years!!!! As I’ve had yet another response I cannot stress this enough! I cannot play the game because I am locked out of my account!!!! Please do something I’m really upset and annoyed!!! I will never be spending money in this game should I eventually get back in and I will never play this game again!!! You developers are useless!!!!.Version: 4.88.0

Loading issuesMy audio sound not working in the game as now I have no sound and can not hear the numbers being called out and since the recent 5 new global rooms were implemented it has taken my bingo rooms inventory out of sync where I have locked rooms showing up in my inventory in the middle scrambled all over the place and completed rooms at the end, it so confusing when looking for a specific bingo room, is there any chance tech team can look into this to why this is happening on my account?.Version: 4.78.0

Money pitNot really free at all unless you only like to play one or two games per day. Customer support is very poor. It used to be fun but is no longer. Very sad since the company changed hands. Don’t waste your time and money on this game. My real rating would be -5.Version: 5.38.2

MoneyMy second review, I have 2 accounts and cancelled subscription on both, bb does not believe in fair play everything is now impossible to complete with agenda to make you pay to play, this game used to be so much fun in 2011 when I first started playing but now the fat cats just want the bucks, I’ve read the responses to complaints like mine and it’s all the same reply well I no where you can shove your consumer experience and pot luck. I wish everyone for just one day to cancel subscription and to not make any purchases it’s the only way they will listen to us, everything is so expensive now it’s time to shake this game up.Version: 5.23.1

Avid Player Since 2014I used to love this game. It was fun, it was a game you wanted to play everyday and I could spend a vast amount of time playing. But!, over the years I believe there has been a change of ownership. There is now clearly a celebrity endorsement which the developers needed to pay for! The game rooms now will take you months to complete but more importantly for the developers, money to complete. The chat is just a constantly stream of people begging for spares and a majority of those players never complete rooms which I totally understand because the game had become far less enjoyable and near impossible to complete. 1000x more frustrating instead of fun..Version: 5.16.1

Almost about to delete this game and never come backI have been playing Bingo Blitz for years when I first started you would earn credits for completing the room plus extra daily credits you were able to send and receive all cards. Then something changed you now have to win shadow cards that never appear, spend almost all your credits on one room. I play a lot of bingo games and there bingo games that are actually becoming more fun and not so frustrating!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe I actually spent money buying more credits just to have them go to waste!! Instead of adding extra things like the kitchen thing how about improving your customer satisfaction and if you intend to make the rooms more difficult to complete then maybe you should add extra credits considering it takes some people months to complete.Version: 4.57.1

DisappointingWhile I have played this game of and on for many years since the last update it has gone down hill. It has over 200 thousand downloads but you have to wait for enough players in the different rooms to play, hence when you do play less bingos and since the last update less rewards. With so few players in the room you are lucky to be able to use a second power up. Games last only a few minutes if you are lucky. They added that you can now trade with other players to collect pieces you need to complete rooms, except there is a couple that can not be gifted, which can can take weeks or months to collect! I have also notice that fail to put the picture on one of your cards sometimes. They allow you second chances for the pictures you miss for additional bingo chips. Many times I have used a 1000 bingo chips and not gotten anything I have needed. Second chances like to come when you have depleted your bingo chips so you have to buy more if you want to finish collection! Most people that down load this game love bingo like myself. Unless you are willing to pay real money you would be better off downloading one of the many other free bingo games offered. This game takes the fun out of bingo! I read some other reviews and was surprised they still gave them 5 stars with some of the same complaints I am writing here..Version: 4.70.1

Great game but could be much betterI've played this on and off for several years and although it sometimes throws you out and does not always compensate, it is fun and I stuck to my rule never to pay. Until today, that is. The credits I bought worked out at around £1 per minute which is outrageous. Over the years the performance has improved but it gets harder to increase daily credits even though the room costs increase. It has become barely worth playing when the daily allowance doesn't buy even two rounds you're lucky to get ten minutes play. Of course you can pay £10 for another ten minutes or so. I think I shall be playing elsewhere soon. Shame..Version: 3.77.0

Love it but hate it!I love playing bingo but there are way too many ads. The coins we use to pay for cards to play, we don’t gain many when we beat the level so. Hopeful for a change..Version: 5.35.0

More creditsThe lack of daily credits for the higher levels is disgusting! I’m level 465 and there are people on a lot lot lot lower levels who get more daily credits than me, it’s nothing to do with the fact that they have “ promotions “ on where they get extra credits for a certain amount of days either! It’s the fact that those of us that have been here since day one didn’t get the star rewards for completing several rooms! The stars were introduced relatively recently! So any new players get to build up their daily credits big time by completing stars! On level 465 I get 140 credits a day… that’s not even 1 game of the first boost level! It would actually encourage me to play more if I got like 1000 daily credits…. So that I could actually play a couple of games and get into it, then I’d consider buying more to keep playing!!.Version: 4.73.1

❤️💔Love this game.......but it keeps kicking me off!! And when they reimburse my points, it’s not the credits I spent to play!!!.Version: 5.37.8

FrustratingGame freezes frequently, contact support and get told to try all these different options and still freezes. Missed out on so many room items and credits due to this. Rooms are nearly impossible to completely due to items that can’t be traded. I’ve spent weeks or even months trying to complete a room having not once seen the item! Credits are few and far between and half the time daily credits aren’t even enough to play one round a day. It’s ridiculous!.Version: 5.07.1

No fun anymoreWell I think I’ve just said it all in the title. I play this game as a bit of fun however as I’ve progressed in the game it’s becoming harder and harder to complete rooms with the ungiftable’s. These pieces are the Bain of my life 😔 I feel like all the fun has been taken out of this game & as I write this review I’ve been stuck in one of the rooms for nearly 3 months…..I can’t seem to progress because I run out of credits trying and on the rare occasion I do get offered a what they call a (RED TAB) or second chance to win either one of the ungiftable’s that I’m missing I never get the piece I need to complete the room & whilst I appreciate it’s a game of luck it’s becoming an absolute joke and no fun anymore just extremely frustrating. I have already raised this issue through the game app itself and whilst the so called support team are here to help Bingo Blitzer’s I have never had any response from them..Version: 5.36.4

Not worth itI’m happy to allocate some of my entertainment budget to online games. Bingo Blitz is so out of touch with their packs, I would never spend real money on the game. The ‘best value’ pack is $43 and doesn’t come with enough credits to play one level with the majestic boost and you need the majestic boost for the daily challenges. I got the free trial of Blitz+ and there’s no way I’ll be continuing after the trial. The game is good when you have enough credits to play a few games in a row and win more credits from the chests so it’s disappointing that it doesn’t give you enough credits to make you want to play..Version: 5.15.4

Credits too expensive to fully playThe game is addictive. I’ve been playing it over 10 years. If you like collection based games, you’ll like this game. The biggest problem with this game is how stingy they are with credits. When you get to higher levels, the cost of the cards keep going up so that eventually to play four cards a round fully loaded, it will cost you 900 credits per round. To give you an idea of what that means, my daily free credit total is 126 credits if I don’t have any bonuses active. This means I can expect to play a round of bingo about every five days. If I wanted to buy enough credits to play one full round at max level then I’d have to pay well over $25 dollars. One round! The other glaring problem with the game is that at higher levels it is almost impossible to finish all the bonus games because they Jack up the cost of whatever is needed to complete the event. Also, the developers do not do a good job of listening to players and they do not reward loyalty. Their updates are rarely more inventive and exciting that what was already in the game. Case in point, the artwork has steadily declined..Version: 4.77.0

It’s a bit mehI recently downloaded this game again and won quite a few credits during the daily spin. It didn’t take long for those credits to go and now I’m stuck logging in for 29 credits a day which isn’t even enough for one game with 4 cards. Needless to say I deleted it again after I remembered that was the reason I deleted it in the first place. Oh well, I might download it again for two days in 6 months time. Edit in response to developer comment - I don’t have any issues opening the app. My issues are you give a really small amount of free credits every day that it takes about 4 days of free credits to play one 4 card game. If I download a game to play, I want to play it more than once every couple of days. I know I could buy credits but I’m not that stupid. Who wastes money on a game 😂.Version: 4.85.2

Upset and frustratedI love this game & have played for years , would love see the amount of daily credits go up as when you are on level 189 for example 120 or a little over this daily credits doesn’t seem fair , invent some different side games instead of the same for example jumps and slumps would love to see something different no the same as before, and make winning our final items within a room a little easier was playing Hanoi and played for over a week just to win final item which is ridiculously long to win one item , the other change I would love to see is the tasks page could be easier and some of the tasks could be smaller instead of 100 + power ups for example as if you only get about 120 credits free it’s almost impossible to complete them . Please bingo blitz make our playing and enjoyment more pleasurable for all , the other thing I would like to add the cannon is a lovely idea but when you have no gems why do you have to keep showing what we could have won and no gems to try ,.Version: 5.37.4

Support isn’t supportHave played this game for awhile and have contacted support many times over store saying my transaction was declined but the money being taken out of my bank and being given receipt and still not getting items. Has happened many times and I don’t get replies from support..Version: 4.94.2

Frozen screen on Collect Daily CreditsI would not normally write a bad review to get some app support, but as the screen has been freezing upon opening for the last 3 days, and I cannot get support except from within the app, this seems the nay way to notify you that something is wrong. Since the collect daily credits comes up automatically when opening the app, the screen freezes, you cannot collect the daily credits, nor can you click out of it to move on. The app needs to be closed manually. I play on an IOS device which has the up to date software version. I have been through you troubleshooting suggestions, by deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing works Sue.Version: 4.51.0

The game has gone down the toiletThe new cooking game is the worst it has EVER been! Never any new ingredients, only hundreds or even thousands of duplicate cooking items that will never be used. Hardly cooked any dishes. Most ingredients no longer tradable. You’ve made it absolutely impossible to enjoy. Also the game has been back to back no bingos not even a chest playing superior boost what an absolute joke. You have taken all the fun out of the game to make profit and have made it impossible to get a good run. Maybe if everyone gets fed up and blows your ap rating down you might get the hint and loosen the game up a bit. Because at the moment I’m looking for a new bingo game and at this rate a new game can and will take over your ratings and recommendations..Version: 4.62.0

Never WinHave been playing this game on and off for years, and it would be a really fun game if I ever actually won. Seems rigged, people get bingo so fast when I’ve barely gotten anything on my board. And that’s not just me being a sore loser lol I’ve played soooo many games and I only ever win on the odd occasion while other people get bingo so fast.Version: 4.84.1

Totally rigged gameI have been playing for years and there is absolutely no way this game is based on luck. There are too many patterns of easily recognizable sequences that happen every game. I have been reading the reviews, and telling people this game is completely chance and luck is simply not true . Especially when you are close to finishing a room. The pattern of holding super chargers,instant bingo,double dabs or just not calling numbers needed happens over and over again causing a person to waste expensive credits by the thousands and linger in a room sometimes for weeks. So please just be honest about this game . It’s completely rigged to make you spend money on credits and extras. Even the side games are rigged for example the scratch off game,, because I had a surplus of bingo credits the first round of scratch off’s charges 280 diamonds for the gold and gives you nothing! My roommate played the same game with a lower amount of bingo credits and her first round charges 130 diamonds for the gold scratch off. How is that fair or not rigged? This game becomes very frustrating and boring because of the greed of forcing you to buy more and more without letting you move on! But to say this game is completely chance and luck is a flat out lie! I apologize for my frustration but I just couldn’t keep silent any further! It’s just a game and I could simply delete it,, but I have been playing a long time especially during these trying times we are in right now!.Version: 4.81.0

Don’t bother getting sucked in!Yep fun game when you start , it’s bingo you accept you can’t win all. BUT…. Once you get to the more advanced lvls, it not only gets harder to win what you need, but it requires large cr bets, and even then the cr you have saved to play are dwindled away by mega plus bets for shadows cards that are exchanganble between friends for free, any other shadow cards are impossible to get unless you are willing to spend BIG! So disappointed because nice ppl playing nice to chat but that is now all it is . Also lost account no recovery had to start from the start. Don’t start this game , it will give you more anxiety than the corona virus. From a very disgruntled player.Version: 4.72.2

This game is not based on “luck”I have legit proof that this game is not based on “luck” or “chance.” I won’t disclose exactly how. But I will say that there is a certain system in place if you leave and come back to get you drawn back into the game.(I’ve left at least twice already.) The game is not only highly addictive, but very focused on getting you to purchase credits and gems. Very clever marketing, and sadly led to me being addicted to this game as many others are. What’s worse is that if and when you finally cave in and purchase credits, you’ll find that it gives you no real advantage, and you will once again find yourself BROKE. Why do you think that you can spend $100 on COINS that can only be used for slots, but only like $25 on a measly 1,000 credits? I have had 40k credits in this game before and lost ALL of it because of “luck and chance.” I recently had 16k credits and lost all of it. I was previously getting 1,000’s in chests and it suddenly stopped to only 200cr max on a good day in a chest. It’s very clearly rigged and I’m not the only one who can see that, despite what we’re told. Fun game. Would be even more fun if it weren’t focused on getting you to buy things. But unfortunately I’m going to have to let this game go for my own mental health..Version: 5.35.0

DisappointedI really enjoy playing the game, but it is set to never get ahead or even come close to being rewarded appropriately! It’s very discouraging! I’m actually considering leaving the game since more often than not I lose! No one wants to lose constantly! It’s insulting that you allow us to give 1&2 of each set, but then slam us with so many duplicates of them. Many talk about how much they spend playing this game, but your programmers can’t keep up with new rooms besides the special rooms, Hmmmm! Then you open up the friend requests and people only want to shop your inventory then bombard you with requests during the tournament. Maybe try opening up a trading room for people to trade in if not trading in the specific rooms! Some people get real rude in rooms and when monitors do come in, some make them worse by arguing with the players! Seriously, doubt I will be continuing to play much longer if improvements are not made! The straw that broke the camels back was when you didn’t stand by your mistake and let us keep our winnings! If someone spends too much, they don’t get to say oops give me my money back! I was up to over 85,000 credits you would have just got back with your odds set so high even Vegas is scratching it’s head! Like I said, love playing and the people, just don’t feel you appreciate your players, fans or supporters!.Version: 4.59.1

It’s okI actually love the game but there’s some things I don’t like about it that I feel that it should be changed... like when it comes to completions like the foods you should be able to sell the ones you don’t need... and there should definitely be more Bingo coin/beans to play with at your daily check in reward instead of just 23 everyday... you should be able to earn like 50 and it should keep going up and then repeat for example start with 10 for the daily check in the next day goes up to 25 then by the end of the week it should be like 100 and if you don’t go into the game and check in you would have to start all over again from only 10... I also think the bingo slots should let you earn Bingo Coin/Beans it doesn’t have to be much maybe when you complete a level of it or something. I’m just personally upset because I had over 100,000 beans and now I’m at 0 I’ve lost so many bingos that’s another thing there should be a win for at least every or every other 4 card bingo I lost more than 20 in a row very disappointed. Other than all that it’s a great game and I would give it a 5 star but with my issues well hopefully you read and improve the game in the next update..Version: 4.52.0

I love it so far BUT!I love this game sooo much, but since i have been playing for a while now again i t came to my attention that as i win a milestone or a slot game and its clearly offers as a prize a 30 day bingo credit , in real life it lasts only 1 day ... second time it happens to me , and i would like to address this to someone who can help me understand the way things goes in this game nowadays. I know it is just a game , but i would like to enjoy it while im not focusing on the present circumstances worldwide!!! Please help me undestand of 30 d meaning Also i find out few days later that my daily credit has been dropped , but i would be Really interested why this happens , more sure because its making me to pay to play ... what a rubbish .....Version: 4.53.1

Must be wealthy to playI have played this game for a very long time. It was fun and the social interaction was enjoyable. Over the past couple of months, the game has changed. A purchase used to last at least several days of playing a lot. That is not the case now. The rewards are lower. The ‘epic’ wins almost non-existent. I cannot even remember the last time I saw someone get one. The daily quests are impossible to complete most of the time. Getting a bingo is rare now. The weekly team even has become impossible - when my team did well last week, the cost of the ‘tokens’ more than doubled for this week. I made a purchase today of $50. It lasted less than 15 minutes of playing at the level required for the daily quests. I did not get one bingo. I did not get enough ingredients to complete one dish. It was a complete waste of money. Also, when you make purchases, the price for the ‘package’ will continue to go up. I would have to spend $170 now for that. The more you play, the harder it becomes to get any bonuses. The more you spend, the more expensive it gets to play. Rewards do not increase for higher levels or more purchases. It’s like Playtika punishes you for playing/spending more instead of rewarding it like most games do. I am extremely disappointed because for several years, I played daily and enjoyed it. I will now be deleting the game…it is simply no longer worth the money..Version: 5.03.1

Blitz FanI love this game and I’ve been playing for over 5 years now. But since the game has become more popular it seems like everything is harder to win. Especially the non-giftables. And if you’re lucky enough to win those the tradables are hard to get. It’s become about money now. Not the game I used to play. BB high ups have got too greedy for my liking. I’m really disappointed that it has changed from what it used to be to what it is now. Not fun to play anymore cause everyone’s trying to win what they need. All in the same boat. It’s so frustrating 😒.Version: 4.63.0

4 * I started overThey deleted my account 3 times and I just kept starting over. Last time I signed up for plus, did all the recognition and linking accounts they wanted thinking this one will take and I can play. I love the games and variety and play often so quickly got over level 100. It did it again. And here is why I am leaving this rating. I did the online chat thing. Waited 50 minutes for the first guy to sign on. 20 minutes later he says we got it. Follow these instructions and you will be back. I though. Great. I still get to play tonight. Told him to hold on and did all the things. Nope. Started from scratch. Jump back to him and he had said looks like it worked have a great day and had already signed off. 2nd time. 1 hour 20 min on hold. In the first paragraph I answered every question the first guy asked and told him I was trying for round 2 to see if this can be fixed. 30 minutes later. Sir. I can’t find your account I need the account number…. Uh. Those you have to be able to open the account to find or write them down. I unfortunately did not write it down as this is a game on my phone. I won’t use this maker again and if you do. Don’t get even a little attached to the friends you can make.Version: 4.87.0

Pay to winThe whole game is pay to win. so many ads for subscriptions and to buy coins its annoying as hell..Version: 5.37.8

Impossible without in-app purchaseFun game BUT you don’t win enough coins to progress in the game. I got as far as Berlin and i couldn’t win enough despite my bingo wins. I subsequently deleted the game..Version: 4.68.2

TokensHi, so been playing this game for a about a week from my previous playing time. Love the game, however, why are the blue token things so little? I’m out and the only way to get more is to buy them using real money. What is the point in the coins? I’ve got loads of them but can’t do anything with it? Why can’t the bingo tickets cost the coins instead of the blue ones? Why can’t I buy the blue ones with the normal coins? I can’t move forward till I get more blue but I can’t get more blue? You get so little blue coins for a game based on the blue coins? The higher you go, the more blue coins you need but can’t get enough blue coins for the tickets?.Version: 5.08.0

KThere needs to be a fair chance at getting a bingo! You don’t win enough to play another round! You have to spend $$ to get anywhere! Since last update this is buggy af! You booted at any big win! you loose what you should have won! Game creators do contact you back if need be hence the 3 stars! However if they didn’t take more money than they should with not giving the goods they would not have received my messages! Plat at own risk! Wish I had better review cause I loves the game!.Version: 4.81.0

Show me the money!This game/app only wants you to spend money!!! EVERYTHING in the game is pushed in that direction. I’m talking at ridiculous levels too!! Let me give an example. The site uses what they call powerups in the game. I have almost 75k in these powerups. The 2 powerups that everyone wants to get are Instant and Super Charger. I currently have 2 each of these out of 75k! That’s because they want you to buy these powerups! The site also has side quests. Here is the current quest. Get 28 bingos with Legendary Boost! Let me break that one down for you. Legendary Boost is using 540 credits per game and they want you to do it 28 times!! Over 15k in credits! You get approximately 120 a day. 2 games at a regular level. Oh by the way, after you spend money for the 28 games at legendary boost, you don’t win credits. You win food items on the OTHER side game they are currently running where you get to spend you guessed it, MORE money. I understand the developers are out to make money. And they should! But this site takes it to the extreme. They have it down to a science. There is nothing that doesn’t cost money! They have a good product but unless you have cash burning a hole in your pocket you will only be frustrated when your 2 games a day take you months to finish a room. Just walk away!.Version: 4.11.1

Fun game, horrible executionThe game is fun and set up pretty well. Bingo, collect cards and move through towns. Lots of extra things to do to earn a few credits, but the problem is the game play is throttled and controlled to force winning or losing, there are soo many side things that it takes too long to open up the game and play and the pay to play is absolutely ridiculous. (Don't get me started about the misleading ads!) It cost more than several real live bingo cards! A standard play for you to possibly win enough to play another round is about $15. They do sprinkle 5-25 credits to you a few times a day, especially if you play thru Facebook, but it takes longer to gather enough credits to play than it does to actually play the round. Most importantly, your game play is controlled by the AI. That is the most frustrating of all, and to me, controlling the outcome statistically, is not a game. I continue to play for now, because its fun to play bingo with lots of great people, but the AI is just awful and leaves a bitter taste. It wasn't always like that, so I keep hoping they'll figure out a better way of doing things. I would rather not win legitimately than to have the game play controlled. Go spend your money on a different game is my advice. It also crashes a lot..Version: 5.21.0

Not enjoyable unless you’re rich!Once you’re out of credit the only way to play properly is to spend real money. And I mean A LOT! The payout does not match how much you put in. To play the high cards they are, let’s say 900 credits. Your daily bonus is like 80. And when you finish a game your reward is like 47. So you have to go couple weeks without playing to get enough credits to play one game at the highest level or you buy credits and even then, for like £25 you only get 650 credits. Still not even enough to play a high game. The cheaper games are not worth it as you won’t get enough rewards to be able to move forward. The game is obviously rigged. The repeat ingredients and cards are a joke. The people who made this game only care about how much money they can make off of you, this is where you have to be careful, the game is very ADDICTIVE! Also I’ve contacted them so many times regarding missing rewards and never hear anything back! Their algorithm is designed to work against you and for them!.Version: 4.37.0

So Fed Up!I have played this game for 5 years but the past two years, it has gone from a great game to a very frustrating game. It's all about the money and how much they can get you to spend. Although graphics and game content is good, they have made the game next too impossible to win. Unless you have thousands of credits and millions of coins, Blitz will find a way to get you to lose everything! They just began integrating the boosters claiming the higher you boost, the greater the rewards. Unfortunately, boosters come with a huge price tag. I can just about afford to play 4 cards at 60 credits a round, let alone boosting to 150 and upward a round! It's come to a place where if you don't boost, they take every credit you do have and beyond. Just lost 7000 + credits because they withhold the shadow card I needed for four days until I was down to a couple hundred credits before even seeing it. Slot rooms were always my favorite but I have lost millions of coins trying to win the 12 items needed to complete. It is a totally frustrating game to play now and they decide what your minimum bet will be! Imagine that! Am definitely not going to play much anymore if at all. I don't need any more stress in my life..Version: 3.73.1

Sick of thisI’m literally sick of you not paying attention to what players are saying. You have flat out lied to me by saying you’re making it fair to everybody. some people only need 5 items and some need 12 like me. How is that fair I need 9/10 on Amsterdam (the ungiftables) yet the people that only need 5 item’s don’t have the ungiftables again how is that fair. Why are people on different platforms and why is it you never show the ungiftables and when you do I can’t get them I also need 9 in Hanoi haven’t seen it for ages then it finally comes up for me and what a surprise you don’t let me have it so I second chance with the little amount of chips I have oh and again I missed it. Money grabbing you are like I said before I pay a monthly subscription for this game and spend extra money on chips you shouldn’t be saying it’s down to how you play. I’ve played nearly every day since 2012 I only get 141 daily credits which is not even enough for one round it’s a joke. I’m not happy at all. And why are some people being given vip pro and they haven’t played that long yet you’re loyal fans like myself get ignored and not invited to be vip pro especially people that pay like me seriously. Also I don’t want a it’s just a chance and luck game blah blah blah response from you because you are taking the biscuit out of me and others who pay.Version: 5.21.0

Becoming way to hardWhat’s going on I’ve been playing this game for years and am quite high in levels but lately it’s so hard all I get is one game a day why doesn’t the credits go up after every level like normal games plus you never see the ungiftable shadow cards I’m losing interest in this game big time I use to love it now it’s just disappointing.Version: 4.72.2

AwfulThis game is awful and only wants your money and if you go so far as to buy credits, you still don't win back anything worth it. This game is stressful and a complete downer since you can play game after game and even switch between the cities in the bingo map which you have to win 12 items to complete each city but forget it, you can't win anything, doesn't matter if you spend 130 credits or 388+, you don't get anything but aggravated and bummed out. You have the option of becoming bingo pals and beg everyone for a certain item to complete a specific city but that doesn't always work either. I've played this game for 5 years in the past and it was much easier to complete the cities and use to be entertaining but I quit for 3 years as they starting to change the game, before recently returning. Well now the game is even worse and impossibly tighter than ever. I had over 4,000 credits saved up and went through them ALL without even getting one chance to complete one city and that's with only needing an additional 3-4 items to complete. There's zero joy in playing game after game and getting zilch back. Forget this money hungry game that rewards you with NOTHING! I've lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for 21 years and believe me, the odds of winning REAL money are totally way, way BETTER than playing this nonstop RIP OFF and mood crushing game..Version: 4.69.0

Rip offGame is fun but you soon realize this is a trapping for a money grab by developers. If you level up the bingo “cash” does not stay in check with the amount you have to pay per room. Also almost 100% certain there is a large bot presence in this game. For example, let’s say I level up to the “Rome” room on the 5th island. Minimum play is 48 credits (c’mon you HAVE to play 4 cards to remotely have a chance), there are 100+ people in the room. Now every room from the 2nd island on has been this way. Lots of people and super fast play, you may get lucky and be able to activate 3 charges before the 50 bingos run dry. Cool, ok not a big deal, let me slide down to Atlantic City, on the second island. Play is cheaper, maybe I will have some better luck. Wait…..what’s this? No one in the room. There is ONE person waiting, and we need 3 more players to get the room running? Let try London….nope no players, Athens? Nope the Greeks all left. How about Sydney or NY on the first island. All a desert… players. But you head back to the main city your are trying to collect from, and wow 125 players. So what does this all mean. Lots of bots, your hamstrung to spend the most amount of credits possible, because they empty the previous cheaper lobbies on purpose. Some very simple advise. Don’t give them your money, save it for a real Bingo Parlor where you actually have a fighting chance to win. Developers should be ashamed of themselves..Version: 5.28.0

Paid for credits that I never receivedThis game is addictive and I’ve uninstalled and installed many times lol I’ve reached out on the support page for help as I’ve purchased credits but never received it, still haven’t heard from them to this day. The money was taken out of my account and I’ve put forth another request but still no response. It’s frustrating enough that I used real money to play. I need my money back or at least the credits I paid for. * they responded on my review saying that I need to go through their support page and lodge a ticket so someone can get in contact with me…. It’s been weeks and NO ONE has been in contact. You guys are of full of Shizzz!!!.Version: 5.02.2

Not a happy bingo-erSince the latest update, I haven’t been able to load my game. Been over a week an missing all my daily credits..Version: 5.01.1

Pretty goodFairly okay to play but recent changes have made many people angry as they feel they are given by less chances at winning. Recently making it so people have to spend more..Version: 5.07.1

Not enough daily playsThe game only allowed enough credits for one daily game, seems like a cash grab. Would be better if they allowed you to watch ads for additional games or provided more daily credits..Version: 5.13.0

I was loyal until they weren’t …I’ve been playing for ten years. I absolutely loved winding down at night and looked forward to collecting my credits, making dishes, and playing the special rooms. I’ve spent probably a lot more money than I care to admit, playing this game. Over the last six months though, it seems as if the special rounds have gotten more harder to win, more needed to be collected to participate etc. I kind of overlooked that because at the end of the day; I still enjoy the game. What really got me, was on 8/5 I made a few purchases for credits and power boosts and had issues with the game lagging terribly, and it had nothing to do with my connections. My wifi was good, my charge perfect! I lost connection in four different round 4-5 balls in each time. I was unable to use the bonus round that I purchased instant power ups to get to … I reached out to customer support and gained no response after their initial inquiry. Today, I reached out via live chat, sent all of the requested receipt information over, and the representative pretty much called me a liar and told me I played each round until the end. I proved her wrong with a screen shot and she ended our chat! I will now move on to finding a new bingo game to love and support. I’ve most definitely lost respect for these folks and choose to no longer support them. It’s unfortunate, because I truly did enjoy it!!!.Version: 4.72.2

This game has gone downhill!I’ve been playing this game for 12 years and I used to love playing everyday. I even spent 100’s if not thousands over the years playing but the past year this game has gone downhill. There’s no way this game is based on luck! I’ve never had this hard of a time getting a bingo. I have to save for days just to play a single round and it’s over in 1 minute no bingos nothing! I’ve never had to do that before! It’s not fun at all anymore it’s actually more frustrating. You made accepting gifts harder and it takes forever to accept each one! You now have this 7 item limit which is beyond ridiculous! Your pushing so many people away by these updates and restrictions. You think by doing this your forcing people to buy credits and your wrong what your doing is your making the game so frustrating people are walking away and canceling their elite! Your making it difficult for the groups in hopes it will rid them but all these groups were your elite players bringing in revenue and new players every single person in these groups has canceled their elite and deleted the game! As a business person I’m telling you’re only hurting your business by these restrictions! Just in me alone you’ve lost 300 a month because I will not spend another dime until you fix these issues and restrictions! I know others who have spent a ton more that are walking away. If you guys don’t change soon you’re going lose a ton off money..Version: 4.93.0

INCREASED ERROR MESSAGESI have been playing this game since 2013 and never has a single issue until the last 3 months! I am constantly getting error messages saying “I can’t connect to your servers”, problem loading resources” ect. I’m an admin on s Bingo Blitz Facebook group and this is constantly spoken about and happens to a lot of people! It’s honestly Ruining the gaming experience, I am an Elite member and meant to have early access to new season rooms and so far I cannot access the newest game and get an error message when I try to click play!! Been two days and still can’t get access and support are not being at all helpful! Like I feel they are not even reading my email before replying and responding, the support guys used to be so amazing but I don’t get that same experience anymore!! I miss the old Reliable Bingo Blitz!.Version: 4.26

Not fun anymoreUsed to love playing until the last update rolled around. It’s impossible to get any credits to play and when you finally collect enough, they go to waste immediately. No red tabs, no bingos, no credits in chests, no worthwhile rewards. You can’t even collect more than 30 credits on the daily spin. Why have a game that you can’t even play 90 percent of the time? And when you do play it just ends up being frustrating and no fun at all..Version: 5.38.2

It gets boring quickly because it’s impossible to advanceYou spend more time begging other players for elusive items that you need to advance to the next room than actually playing and enjoying the game. Spending large amounts of credits and using boosters with no guarantee that you’ll get a shadow card or bingo…ever. More often than not, you spend extra credits to earn an item and then NONE of the numbers on your card get called. I want to waste my time playing this game, but I end up using another app because the game play uses up all your resources so quickly with nothing in return. And most of us don’t want to spend money on a bingo game that doesn’t offer the opportunity to win money back. We could play bingo cash for that…I just want to enjoy the rooms and not spend literally WEEKS in the same spot. The incentive to keep playing diminishes quickly and you’ll eventually find yourself playing something else. They also make it extremely difficult to help other players with ridiculous restrictions on the amount of items you can share and who you share them with. You have to wait hours to send multiple items and some items can’t be shared at all. So on top of the game not allowing you to win, you can’t continue playing with the help of friends. Unless you spend real money, you’ll be stuck in rooms for weeks and when you do win, it’s a blank card or the same item over and over. It’s intentional..Version: 5.15.4

Love & hateI love this game and have been playing for years. But the last few months I’ve experienced trouble loading the game on my iPhone and not being able to connect to the games servers. It’s most frustrating and nowhere to turn to for support on the issues as I can’t open the game. Daily credits are low unless you buy who chi I don’t do. I save them up to be able to play more than 2 games. I hope this latest issue I’m having won’t last 2-3 weeks like last time..Version: 4.31.0

Bugs?It keeps playing a video and when I try exit my screen goes blank and nothing. I tried uninstalling app and reinstalling and still same thing. Please fix. I’m some extra bb credits would be nice too lol.Version: 4.90.0

Bingo blitzSupposed to have earned extra daily credits for completing Anchorage but not getting them. Getting fed up with this app as so difficult to move on with lack of shadow cards etc. time to try another app!.Version: 3.72.0

Greedy developers, no rewardsEverything about this game is aimed towards you paying for credits to play. Be warned there’s no benefit for spending real money as you need to complete collections (a location on a map) in order to move to next location. There are 2 free items and 2 or 3 what are called non giftable so you cannot exchange with other players for items you have extra of that they need. That would be fine if you saw each item and had a chance to win it proportionately. What you actually get are the free items repeatedly being shown which means you are using the precious few free credits trying to bingo on items you already have while you NEVER see the items you still need. You are stuck playing over and over for days, weeks or even months trying to complete that collection. It’s pathetic, players are leaving and finding other games to play due to this. playtika need to give players a fair chance to complete collections by showing all the items an equal number of times..Version: 5.27.0

Has potentialBingo Blitz has the potential to be a really great game. However, as a FREE game, it is lacking! I've never enough coins to play more than 2 or 3 games of Bingo a day. The scoring system needs an update - 1st place Bingo should earn more than 15 coins. It is very difficult to win items, especially when the freebie shadows keep coming up. The slots are fun & at least you have the opportunity of winning enough to play for a while at a time..Version: 4.02.0

Never felt so stitched up by a gameI recognise patterns cards, absolutely ridiculous I have spent an absolute fortune through frustration today I’ve been winning and getting a few gold coins and that’s boosting it on four cards. I’ve sent thousands in the night of Queens never got close and then just did you run out of coins cards do you have to buy it and then when you buy it, it doesn’t give it to you anyway I feel so angry when I’m playing sometimes it’s absolutely unbelievable. The amount of numbers but never win, or you win, and you get nothing I have took screenshots and photos of proof but don’t no need to contact Ad might be, there is a fault.Version: 5.26.0

Steal moneyIn December I reinstated my plus membership, since then bingo blitz has been stealing money… I haven’t purchased anything BUT my elite and at least once a week if not more money disappears out of my account.. I’m calling my bank as soon as they open.Version: 5.37.5

Pay to WinI’m about 1/2 way through a free monthly trial. OMG what a money pit this game is. I cannot believe anyone would bother taking out the $25AUD subscription each month. Not much bang for your buck for $25, I expected more from being a BingoBlitz+ player. The freebies are woeful! Even Nintendo monthly subscriptions are cheaper than this, at least you get some value for money there. It’s a pity BingoBlitz is so stingy because the games and concept are good. When you have the credits to play that is 😏 I will be deleting the game before the trial runs out and looking elsewhere for my bingo fix..Version: 5.01.1

Not worth itIf you’re not going to pay for credits then expect it to take over a week to get all the credits you need for four card game and the chances are you only you’ll only play one game because you won’t win enough credits to play another game. They make it impossible to ever win and make it harder and harder to get anywhere. I been playing since 2013 and although I love the game I don’t play as much anymore. If you do purchase credit’s 9/10 they go just as fast and get absolutely nothing for it. Don’t waste your money. If you’re happy to wait over a week to actually play one game then this game is for you.Version: 4.59.1

Bingo Blitz gone badThis game used to be fun and you didn’t have to spend a ton of money 6 months ago. Now BB has turned greedy. Levels to pass rooms are so hard , dailies be lucky to actually get one done out of 6, and even if you win a bingo they only pay out 1/2 of your bet most times. You probably be better to play at a casino because your odds are better..Version: 5.07.1

HardOk, been playing bingo for so many years now! I enjoyed and loved playing it but this time has been very hard to win any items and that your credit gone just like that, I used to purchase but I have stopped buying and using my own money because it’s ridiculous that they are showing the same items that you already collected all the time and it’s not fair… it is also frustrating that when you only got one item left to finish then BB won’t show it, you stuck in the same room for months and months it’s crazy. BB should be fair update the game bring that how in each cards has an items on it. Please!!.Version: 5.21.0

BingoI if you want to just play bingo this is not the game for you. There is so many other things on the game that you have to go through just to get to a bingo game..Version: 5.37.8

Ungiftables are ungettableIt takes too long to get the ungiftables and daily credits are not enough to play long. I would not recommend this game.Version: 5.37.4

It's like a trapFirst month trial everything was perfect but after pay real money for bingo plus everything become very terrible, can't win even try very hard. I have spent more than 40k credit and won only 33 bingos with 540 credit/1 game for 4 cards, that means i have played 300 bingo cards and got 33 bingos. And the request likes impossible to complete. Also the powers up are very expensive. $7.99 for 5 packs that mean only 5 powers up. What the heck??? It's like they just try to make you spend more real money for nothing, oh sorry spend real money and get angry myself because I'm so stupid for playing this game..Version: 5.13.0

So “challenging”, it’s almost impossible!I’ve been playing this game since 2011. It used to be my favorite Bingo game, but the changes made recently are just horrible! They tailor the accounts by each player’s game play, which is absolutely unheard of. They fall under the guise of “bigger challenges, greater rewards”, however if you can’t even win said rewards it’s not worth it to even try. The customer service responses are generic and almost patronizing. It’s not just luck and chance. I’m level 702 and am ashamed to say I’ve put money into this game. Nothing back, weekly 24 hour daub alert was taken away, all of my quests are for boosts that I can’t play, and they took our basket chases away. But not everyone’s, only some. How is that fair?? It feels highly disrespectful to only cater to newer players, rather than treat your longtime loyal, paying players! And don’t even get me started on the pantries and gardens they keep doing. The whole Bingo Blitz team have become more money and fame hungry than ever and don’t listen to their players via Facebook or support. This game used to be 5 stars, it’s now a solid 2 in my book. Don’t play this game unless you want high blood pressure. Try another one!.Version: 4.77.0

Seeking New Games :(I’ve been a player since 2011. I agree with most of the frustrations other players have brought up. I’ve participated in all the special rooms/boards/challenges over the years. There has definitely been a drastic change since the new owners took over. Primary levels on the map were typically completed in less than a year. The ‘high roller’ rooms were costly, but still manageable. With only 113 credits per day and a minimum cost of 60 credits per game, I can play 1 game a day! (Unless I am lucky enough to bingo, then maybe 2 games)There was usually only 1 seasonal room at a time. Now there are SO many ‘extra’ rooms and games going on that you can’t win un-giftable shadow items for the main rooms in chests. This means it takes months, sometimes over a year, to get the last item(s) you need to move on. That’s after playing months to get the items that are giftable. I have only been able to complete the first food challenge, in 2018. It was the first and only time I paid money into the app. Never again tho, it’s just not worth it for me. I’ve left a 2 star rating as it is still a bingo/slots game and those are fun to play. I am seeking out a new Free Bingo app today. I’ll still play BB, but only as a side game now..Version: 4.05.0

Addictive, but don’t expect anything in returnIt is an addictive game, like Bingo usually is. However, don’t expect to finish any of the special side games to win anything, like the cooking game, the board game, etc. I’ve only been able to finish the first few rooms, after that, forget it. There are never enough credits to play because the odds of getting bingo are less than if you played bingo. A high percentage of the time, other people in the room are getting bingo after 1 or 2 balls, How in the world is that possible? One time I was in a room, the same person got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bingo and there weren’t even 5 balls called. There isn’t much randomness to receiving ingredients either, for the most part I am constantly getting butter, pie crusts, and olive oil. I have over 350 olive oils alone, not to mention the over 250 pie crusts and over 250 butter. The pop ups are beyond annoying. I try to enter a room but I am stuck in the lobby waiting forever because a pop up is trying to load. I close out that one an 3 or 4 others are waiting to load right behind it! The pop ups eat so much of my data plan waiting on them to load and having to deal with closing them constantly!.Version: 4.60.1

Use to love this gameUnfortunately as fun as this game is, its changed. It almost seems rigged. Everyone playing a particular room will always need the same items and it eventually becomes impossible. I will write the Support is always available and helpful. Which is great. However, there’s the issue of scammers. The company believes you trade at your own risk. Sadly those that have been scammed are warned by moderators not to discuss in chat or you can lose chat privileges or who knows. Yet the persons scamming are free to flaunt it and take full advantage of the situation. I’ve met a lot of great people and the game is fun. But lately it’s disappointing. I hope it changes back to how it once was..Version: 5.38.2

ImprovementsAs much as I love this game, and I do, I believe it needs a lot of improvements! The daily credits are seriously not enough, it takes too long just to get enough to credits to play one game without making purchases. The scores in Tournament are the worst, OMG, there are so inconsistent it’ not funny! Ingredients are too hard to come by! I could go on but this is just a few changes I believe should be looked at. I have been playing this game since I joined Facebook & I have tried SO MANY other bingo games on Facebook and this is the best one I have found. But it does need to be more player friendly not wallet friendly!.Version: 4.57.1

Used to be funI’ve been playing this game for 12 yrs now and I’ve never seen such blatant disrespect and dishonesty plus a money grab. They keep moving the bar to make it harder to get your items you need to progress. It’s sad really, it used to be so much fun..Version: 5.38.2

It used to be awesomeI used to love this game. Not anymore. Now it is all about how much you want to spend. And they have this awesome Facebook page for people to comment on. They approve every post and if it is honest but negative it will never make the page. So many players leaving. It is no longer a free game as such. If you want to do well pay, if you don’t then it is going to take a long time to progress.Version: 5.06.1

Was fun now an absolute SCAM MONEY PITThe game is fun, or was. Until they got greedy and cheap with daily credits and the cost to play even 4 cards. The game is addicting, they know it is, which is why they’ve clearly changed things so it literally takes forever to get the photos you need, and you run out credits. You’re then tempted to buy credits and therein begins your money pit, and them lining their pockets, and affording to hire Drew Barrymore for advertising. I almost feel like it’s class action lawsuit material the way they’ve changed and rigged the game. I strongly suspect there are bots in each room getting many of the limited bingos, so regular players run outta time and have to spend mega coins again for another round rinse/repeat. Dramatic I know lol, but for real there is something very shady happening and it’s gross. I hope someone will investigate. Bottom line, the game is an addicting time killer and unless you have amazing patience and self control, you will likely either start buying credits, or delete the app. I deleted the app today. I’ve spent over $1000 on credits and gems and sorely regret it. Learn from my mistake and don’t even download this app..Version: 5.34.3

Fun game , greedy developersUpdate : you will notice the developer only responds with the same response about this being a game of chance blah blah blah. They don’t address the complaint . I recently spoke to support because some people only need to collect half the pieces in the bingo rooms to move on while other more . They say the game is fare but that doesn’t seem very fair to me. This game is fun and addictive. But be aware it’s very expensive to play if you want to get anywhere. The game keeps changing , making it less likely to achieve the items you need to win and move forward. The developer will tell you all games get more challenging as you play. Yes they do. But this game gets impossible and you can spend a fortune trying to move forward .They took away the ability to earn game money to buy power ups. It’s all money money money. Greed ruining a fun game. Now they are discussing selling ownership of rooms . Unlike other games they offer no way to watch ads to earn game play tokens. The prices to buy tokens and up grades are much more expensive than other games. The game constantly glitches and you lose those tokens for that round , tokens that aren’t cheap to replace. Read other reviews you will see this pattern has been going on a long time..Version: 5.05.2

All reviews are nearly the sameI was reading through the reviews, almost everyone agrees that this bingo games doesn’t really allow you to progress farther in the game without spending A LOT of money to do so. I’ve been playing since 2010 and am only at 88 credits a day.. That’s on level 100... That’s crazy! Each room gets higher on credits you have to pay to play, yet you don’t ever go up in daily credits, at least not enough to make a difference! You can only win back what you put in, that also is backwards! There’s no incentive to really want to play more cause you know you’re not going to win more... The programmers really need to listen to their fan base.. I used to recommend this game to my friends, but I would almost be embarrassed to do so now.. Rewards should be more achievable as should credits.. Please don’t respond with one of your automated responses, as that again, shows us you don’t really care!!! I see this game losing more potential gamers in the near future!! Also, they do not offer near enough credits to buy.. They charge $25 for 400 credits that you’ll run through in minutes cause you will never win more then you put in and a lot of rooms cost 60+ credits for four cards.. Most games improve over the years, Bingo Blitz however, is NOT one of those games!!!.Version: 4.60.1

FairnessI’ve played this game for years. For the life of me I don’t understand why you have different amounts to pay for a game as we all know if someone pays 90 for a game and another pays 32 for the same game everyone knows the 90 played will win. This used to be a good fair game, now it just ( oh I’ll have a go sort of feeling). I also won red jewel on daily five free games but it’s gone. Been taken away. How fair is that! Money money money that’s the only thing on blitz’s mine. Give me the old blitz any day..Version: 4.03.0

Game of chance $$$$It sure is a game of chance, chances are if you don’t pay 💰 to play you won’t win much, it will just become frustrating to play and not enjoyable. I’ve been playing for over 10 years and for the last year or so it has fallen way short of being enjoyable and fun to play. So unless you want to spend a lot of money, hundreds of $$ a month to play and win, which will give your algorithm better odds, I suggest you look for another bingo game. That old chestnut of an answer of being a game of chance and luck are far from the truth..Version: 5.35.1

Sorry but byeWell first of all I stopped purchasing extra points a while ago because the gaming site or Apple would not refund my money for charges on card that I did not get the credit for. One night I was playing and my card was declined twice but I know there was more than enough money in my account. So the third time it went through FOR ALL THREE PURCHASES but I only got credit for the last purchase and since no one wanted to refund my money I stopped purchasing extra credit but I keep playing. And I have been playing for a least 5 years . Now keep in my mind I have played the game using my email and FB before without losing my place. I got on the app to play my game and I am not sure why this time it ask how I want to play which I chose FB which I have many times before with no problem but this I was playing at the very beginning. NOPE so I logged in with my email with no luck. I tried many to get back to where I was after playing every day for at least 5 years. With no luck emailed customer support with no reply. So bye. And I gave you one star because of my issues and because of the people who much bigger complaints below me and so how their ratings was 5 stars I really don’t think they meant to give you 5 stars. But if you have 5 stars with a BAD complaint it really doesn’t hurt your rating any now does it.Version: 5.05.2

Addictive but expensiveI have been playing BB for almost 7 years. I love bingo which is why I started playing. In the beginning it was fun and challenging, and I was able to level up fairly quickly. That gave me more daily credits and incentive to play! Unfortunately, over time, it has gotten harder and harder. There are fun quests to play to allow you to earn credits or ingredient baskets in the new food challenges. But, I feel like when these quests are launched, the chances of winning are so much slimmer. I continue to win the same 4 ingredients and cannot progress to the next level. I don’t feel like my daily credits are consistent with the level I’ve reached. It’s also very inconsistent on pricing for games. One time I paid $6.99 for 10 dice and the next time the dice game rolled out, it was 4 for $6.99 and each roll moved me like 1 or 2 spots. Also, some of the special games are extremely hard to finish. The new mummy game is a joke. I worked so hard to open the mummy and I won some triple daubs. At least make the prize worth the effort. But the ability to join groups on Facebook and swap items with other users is fun. It’s just becoming harder and harder to win anything or not be frustrated. I still love bingo and that keeps me coming back but it’s often very disappointing..Version: 4.22

Very difficult to progress and very little credits to keep playingThe game starts well and lulls you into thinking it’s a great game but further progression is very slow unless you are rich and can pay lots of money for credits. Credits are very expensive and even if you buy them you still could be stuck in a room for months on end without winning anything. Only 1 game in 10 on average shows a new shadow card unless you play on mega or superior which even then doesn’t give you much better odds. Bb should make the game progression better if they want to encourage people to play and increase the daily credits so they can play more than 1 game a day. As it is now, you have to log in everyday to claim daily credits and save them up for weeks until you have a decent amount to play with. If you play your 1 game a day then you just don’t see the shadows you need..Version: 5.22.0

MehBingo in general is fun. Bingo Blitz has fun rooms and fun features. I’m giving it two stars however because the cost for rooms is high and payouts aren’t good, in my opinion. Second, sometimes I may only get to play one round a day because rooms are high, and payouts even in the lowest 4 card cost aren’t beneficial. Third, it’s truly NOT fun when people start to Bingo after the SECOND number called. I understand Bingo winning is luck/chance but the ratio of cards played to winning is so low. I’ve very disappointed in this ap, I don’t want to be but I am. I’ve also received two separate emails from Bingo Blitz for 10,000 credits each and when it directs me to the game it says “not eligible” I’ve emailed both times and was only credited 100 or so credits, which again, you have to play the lowest level with that amount. It would be nice yo experience the high cost cards but you’d have yo save for over a week just to save enough to play one round of 4 cards. I’ve also spent close to $50-60 for extra credits and baskets and what not so that should show I enjoy the game, but didn’t win or anything. Plus the amount of credits for money spent isn’t worth it. Sorry Bingo Blitz I want to give you a better review but I can’t. Do better..Version: 4.89.1

Some really annoying featuresThis game has some really annoying features. When the game starts images of collectable items appear blocking your view while numbers are called out. Game stops when last bingo is called you should be allowed to daub the last number. When entering a game it tells you how many players but this is not true there are considerable less playing. The ratio of bingo to players is not good. When there are only a few players there should be at least a minimum of 15 bingos. Your player numbers are low and you need to think about making these necessary changes immediately. ALL bingos called on the last number ARE VALID. This has been going on for years and the App Store should look at removing this app permanently..Version: 4.62.0

MrsVery hard to get shadow cards always trying to sell you money Compare with other bingo games this is the worst. Yesterday my friend sent me a fiddle in Berlin but in didn't come through on my game what is happening. I agree with this comment so different when I joined six years ago Lesley choat.Version: 4.02.0

Playing since 2011 turning expensive not funMy absolute favourite games to play, been playing since you started …..It used to be rewarding to collect your collection items along the way, however it’s now becoming harder and feel like you have to pay to get credits to actually move along through each level! There are glitches through out playing and never have an opportunity to win the item you need, just repeats old ones! Very Rigged! Bring back the way it used to be, you’ve got greedy!!!.Version: 5.07.1

Credits all gone!Due to a glitch in the games this morning, we were getting more bingo credits than we should of. Thousands of us got extra credits and were over the moon, as in all the years - over ten, I have been playing, I’ve never had so many credits. Anyway we got booted out of the game. Over 2 hours later, we log back in only to find they have not only taken the extra credits back, which was wrong..but they actually took credits that we already had! I paid for and won those! I’m so angry right now, they will get away with it and people will still play, the ceo of this company is one rich and greedy man. The game is a joke and it’s got worse and worse. You CAN not progress at all, so no point. Don’t download, don’t waste your time! It will start to annoy you all the time as you don’t win, so that you have to buy credit at an enormous cost too! AVOID AVOID AVOID. Disgusting and unfair game. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 4.56.3

Bingo blitz reviewIt is getting to be soooo frustrating playing this game. It takes so long to complete rooms. I have had to leave rooms because can’t get ungiftables cards although I go into them regularly trying my luck with little luck. I understand that people need to not be able to rush to finish but I have been playing for weeks and weeks trying to complete them just wasting credits. I like the game but becoming dishearten with this. Keep getting the same cards again and again Please try and make it a little more reasonable to play please. Dorothy Morrison.Version: 4.66.0

If I could rate it 0 stars I would.This used to be a great game. As soon as they stopped letting you buy power ups for coins, it went downhill. Now you need to use gems for lower ups, and what’s this, you have to pay money for gems? Free to play? Lies. It also gives different advantages to different people, let’s take the map room Santa Fe as an example, I need 12 items to complete it, fair enough, some people need 15 items to complete, some need 5. Don’t even get me started on shadow cards, I’ll play a game on the highest amount, max cards, only shadow items that come up will be the free ones. The mini games are a joke. Credits out of chests are a nightmare, they’ve changed the amount and put it down to “luck and chance” aye, what a coincidence my luck started to ebb when they introduced more paid things :))) Also, auto completing locations for people? Taking away the chance for people to actually win some credits, also convenient that you only auto complete when people are just about to finish the room so they don’t get any credits. It’s 100% rigged. I should also mention, if you ever have an issue and need to contact support, you’d have more luck talking to a brick wall and getting somewhere..Version: 5.26.0

Rip off, boring, wouldn’t waste your time.Unless you are willing to spend REAL money on this game, I wouldn’t bother downloading it or playing it. Yes the graphics are pretty good, and there is a variety of rooms to play in, BUT and it’s a big but , you never get anywhere, it takes so many credits to play, and it seems to be always the same people who get the bingos ( bots maybe?) , and the pieces you need never show or if you do manage to have one appear, you never get anywhere near getting it. And it is constantly trying to get you to spend cash to get a few more credits to play, which as I said before , the cost of the games is so high you might get to play maybe 3 or 4 rounds. I have tried to play this and on a limited budget, it is impossible for me to afford to buy more , especially the amount you would need. It just frustrates you and annoys. These type of games are meant to be fun, this one as far as me personally, I don’t think it is..Version: 4.46.2

Unable to connect & no way to contact supportI’ve been playing BB for several years then almost a week ago I started getting the error message ‘Connection Lost. There was a problem with your connection to our servers. Try Again’ which has continued relentlessly ever since. I’ve switched everything off, I’ve rebooted our internet twice, and I’ve even had a friend attempt to reuse the app (she hadn’t played it an ages) with no success. I’ve posted in the facebook page without reply, I’ve scoured the support section on here which has nothing relating to the issue, and on clicking ‘contact support’ I’m cheerfully informed that the ‘contact support option is only available from within the game’ - and I can’t get into the chuffing game to contact support. Very, very frustrating for a longtime player :-(.Version: 4.19

Pushing you to buy stuffI’ve been a member since the beginning of January 2012 and I feel recently that the game has just got to “expensive”. It takes so many more credits to be able to progress and win the side games. You have to play at the most expensive levels to even stand a chance of winning a lot of the food ingredients. Never made it past the 66% completed before the “menus “ changed yet. I joined bingo plus a while back but wouldn’t recommend paying the money. The benefits so do not match the costs as still have to win in most things to see the benefits. It’s such a shame as used to love this game but now more and more just find it frustrating. Can take weeks just to win an ungiftable item. BB seems as if your all about the money now!.Version: 5.10.0

Fun game at times but beware of the money grab!The sole purpose of this game is to make money. If you go into it knowing that then you might enjoy it. I’ve been playing for close to 2 years and notice the patterns of winning and losing. It’s never mediocre winning…it’s either good or bad. It’s very obvious but they will claim “it’s a luck and chance!” Nope…when they want you to spend money they will make you lose over and over and over again. Even if you’re a Plus member. Somebody has to pay Drew Barrymore and Shakira to appear in the game, right?? The more levels you complete, the harder they make it. That is most games but their intent is to get you to spend. The amount of popup ads trying to get you to buy something has become ridiculous. If you lose all your credits (which I advise you don’t) it will be nearly impossible for you to crawl out of the whole. Right now - I’m in the losing streak to beat all losing streaks. The last time I was this low in credits, I spend money to get myself an edge. I was warned by other players NOT to EVER spend a dime or they would come back hard for more. I didn’t listen. Here I am. This time I’ll put the game to rest and find another that isn’t dependent on spending money over and over to succeed. Luck my patootie, Bingo Blitz. The game is rigged. You know it. I know it..Version: 5.01.1

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