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Bingo blitzFunnest game.Version: 4.51.0

Amazing GameI have always enjoyed playing bingo and have probably played every mobile game going but got bored of them very quickly due to lack of winnings & lack of variety. Bingo Blitz is soooo different in many ways. The world rooms are fabulous with the different accents to match the cities. The special rooms give plenty of variety as well with amazing prizes if you complete them. You can then swap to the slots to boost your coins that way. This is now the only bingo / slot game I play on my iPhone / iPad. Would recommend all friends & family to play..Version: 4.11.1

Problem has occurredI have been playing this game for many years. Today I go into it and it seems all my credits which were just over 9000 have disappeared and the cash I had which was in the millions has also disappeared. The levels I have spent years working through are back to square one. Tell me what has happened and please correct this so I can continue playing... feeling really cross..Version: 4.46.1

Where is my guest side ??What have you done to this game ? I have lost my guest side with close to $500,000 and over 10,000 B’s !! Lots of countries conquered and now I’m starting back at Catalina ?!?!? Not funny at all !! I go to guest side daily and couple days ago something had changed and I couldn’t get back to the normal side !! Now I can’t get on the guest side at all unless I want to play Catalina !! Please fix this for me !! Marianne Have you come up with any conclusion of why it is doing what it is with getting into and out of guest side ?? I’m having a devil of a time getting back to normal side to play, what have you changed ?? Had to totally shut the game off my iPad and reopen this morning , can’t get back to normal side through Facebook !! Still missing all my $$$ and my 10,000 B’s !! Please help me 🙏 Marianne Do you not answer your complaints from the people who have been playing for years ??? I did expect some kind of an answer to the problem above of losing 10,000 B and about $500,000 on the guest side of your game !!! You took it all away and started me back at Catalina !!! Not good !! Worked hard to get where I was and bang it is gone !! Can you please tell me what’s what ?!?! Don’t be stupid about this !! Marianne You still haven’t answered me about the loss of my $$$ and 10000 B’s on the guest side of your game !! You can just give me back to me on the normal Blitz side that I do play, so it’s not a total loss on my part and gain on yours !! I would love to hear from you about this problem I had, do you not care about people ??? Marianne This has become the worst bingo game ever !! I have 5 that I play and enjoy the. All !! I win ! I get bingos !! I play the 5 free games in the morning and on an average 500 bingos come and go !! Once in a blue moon I may get one this morning my total was 131 points !!!!! Pretty sad ! Get your crap together and make it better for all your players sake !! I’ve never heard from you regarding my guest side losses either !! What’s that about !!! Marianne Is there any way to get on your good side ? It’s no fun to play because I never hardly get a bingo and you need them to finish the cities that you are playing !! Is there a trick to be able to be nice to me and finish some of the cities !! Everyone else gets bingos I just don’t get any numbers you call so I’m SOL !! I don’t even get many bingos in the 5 free games !! Can you please be nice !!! Marianne.Version: 4.53.1

Bingo bonkersBe playing this till the day I die 👌🏻.Version: 4.61.0

Review👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 4.52.0

Lyn DsonGreat game,you have 2 ungiftable items I think you should at least be able to swop these items if you have 2 with a person who has the other ungiftable that you need,it’s very annoying when you purchase credits trying to get that one last item,it’s difficult enough to try and bingo anyway without playing for days and days trying to get that one elusive item and watching your credits disappear.Version: 3.96.0

Bingo blitzI love playing this game but I would like it if I could receive some requests, so if anyone has any extras they don’t need, please, please help me out. Thank you.Version: 4.53.1

LoveLove this game.Version: 4.53.1

Interacting is Great!I've played Bingo Blitz, a.k.a. BB, for a couple of years now. It's true the game has changed from when I first started and was more fun and competitive then than it is now. But one thing this app has that others don't is you can help your fellow BB players is they need an item. I've not come across another app that does that. It def fosters interaction between users. Yes, this app has MANY shortcomings that have been implemented since I first became a member, They have been told by thousands of users to please make changes but the it seems the developers do not care to listen to the customers. They should remove making cards 1 & 2 "free". They should stop telling customers that it is a game of "chance" because we constantly get shadow cards 1-5 in play FAR MORE OFTEN than any of the "hard-to-gets" or "very-hard-to-gets"...please stop insulting our intelligence. I continue to play this app because it takes me back to the days when I played Bingo with my Grandmother then my Father. This app lets you help your fellow members if you "happen" to be fortunate enough to get a spare shadow card that they need. I recommend you play BB and form your own opinion. I recommend to BB to listen to their customers and remove all your restrictions, etc. BB can really be a fun game to play..Version: 4.04.0

FunIt use to be so much fun but now it’s crap. To spend 4000 credits on one item c’mon what is that and not get it. In order to play more than one game I have to collect for a week to enjoy for ten minutes. All it’s about now is buy buy buy. Personally I think you should give a little sometimes.Version: 4.12

Good game but...Bingo Blitz is a good game but the developers need to start LISTENING to what WE as players want! Here are a few changes I think need to be made to the daily tournament and cities 1. ALL power-ups except double XP and 2x Payout need banning (tourney only) 2. Chest coins need to be counted in total coins of each round (tourney only) 3. Guests need their OWN rooms in each city so they’re not stealing bingos from proper players and stopping them getting their shadows (entire game) 4. ALL crown gems need to be gift-able (tourney) 5. You guys need to stop being so stingy with the amount of coins we get from coin squares (entire game) 6. Give us our shadow cards we need BEFORE you start giving us duplicates 7. Speed up the callers as most of them, particularly in tourney are way too slow! 8. MOST IMPORTANTLY START FLIPPIN LISTENING TO WHAT THE PLAYERS WANT.Version: 3.83.1

By far my favourite, but...I love Bingo Blitz, but I am so tired of all the pop ups and stuff that I am forced to watch, I just want to play bingo. The events all run for too short a period to even bother. If you miss a day, you can’t possibly get anything worth the effort, so I lost interest in them really and just play for collection items. They are pretty stingy when it comes to free chips and daily credits too. I am on level 197 and claim 109 free credits per day. The minimum cost for 1 round of bingo is 60 credits... but you do get the daily tournament games too, which gives you 5 rounds for nothing. All in all, it’s good to kill some time, but it wouldn’t kill them to not be so tight with the free chips..Version: 4.58.0

Missing roomsBeen playing for a few years now and since they’ve taken away lower slot rooms, I’m missing seasonal slot rooms. It takes me 10 mins just to collect daily credit, and every time I collect free items from email I have to log in and log out again. Not happy with the way it’s playing right now. It used to be great for playing..Version: 3.86.1

Really a good game☺️👍.Version: 4.55.0

Addictive bingo and easy to play and make friendsPlay bingo to earn items and complete your room, couldn’t be simpler but the best part is the players always friendly and willing to help. Trading items and helping others out makes you feel good and that your page or group has a great sense of community. Play bingo ,make friends and trade happy- everyone is a winner ☺️.Version: 3.96.0

It’s a game!I’ve played this game on and off (mostly on) since 2011. I’ve played on many different operating systems; computers, tablets, phones. It’s a bingo game, based on chance and I think A LOT of people forget that. It’s literally a bunch of random #s being called in hopes that you get your numbers to Bingo. I’ve NEVER spent any REAL money on this game (or any other games at that). I never will, mostly because I think spending real money on any games is stupid. Either you win or loose and that’s with all bingo games. The graphics are nice in this game. It keeps me occupied. I love this game. It’s a great way to connect with people from all over the world. I’ve made so many bingo friends. If you’re looking for a fun game to pass time, this is the right game. Will you win every time like the angry reviewers believe, no but it helps to pass time on a boring day. It’s exciting for the most part..Version: 4.01.0

Shadow cards are getting harder to getThis game is getting harder to complete the shadow cards that can only be won are impossible to get and then you play second chance and you don’t even have a chance Bingo creators you need to be able to get the non gift shadow cards another way or give us more chances I have so many incomplete city’s as you can’t get the shadow cards it costs a fortune to play and you can’t increase your daily credits if you can’t complete your city Have to look for other bingo games.Version: 4.19

R.I.P. O.F.F.I have not played this game as long as many of you have. But this game is a total rip off and completely rigged! I have played the blackout room many many times and have even waited to daub my numbers to allow me to get the boosts: Star, coins, chests, etc. I have a lot of boosts saved up. But it’s interesting how I will wait to daub three numbers so I can tap a boost but inevitably I will get down to having one number remaining on all cards and those numbers are never called even when using every combination I can. I was foolish enough to spend a bit of money these past weeks and it is STUNNING how after spending 100 bucks on appx 2000 credits they can be gone in 5-6 games if playing the 350 boost. Games last a minute or so. And has anyone ever spun the wheel after paying 2.99 and go higher than 30 credits? I can understand some bad luck but there is NOTHING RANDOM IN THIS GAME. it’s a rigged rip off! Buyer beware!!!.Version: 4.01.0

The blitzHave played this game for many years, seen many changes but the one thing I hate is how long it takes to complete an area. Have used thousands of credits over the years as I’m sure everyone else has trying to complete. It would be nice if you could get different cards instead of the same 3 all the time..Version: 4.44.1

MrGreat game with enough challenge to keep you on your toes . Lots of in house moans which is pretty much what the game of bingo has in the real world too . Making Blitzy Bingo friends through swapping items required to complete rooms and through that some quests . 99% friendly but you cannot stop the odd fool . There are reporting opportunity's if you feel it is too offensive and a mute opportunity for lesser nonsense , but I have to say it is uncomfortable man not common . All in all an enjoyable experience and it has evolved and taken n player suggestions that have saw improvements , not glitch free but that too is rare and often resolved . Sometimes it seems it may be down to the volume of players especially when a new room comes online . New rooms are a regular feature which keeps it interesting too . The negatives I mention n don't out weigh the positives in the round . In game chat is a positive feature where good humour can be found even among our moans and groans lol . Definitely among my favourite pass times to kill an hour or four ! Lol . Can be a little addictive/obsessive if pursuing a goal and with the credits to play out that pursuit . A definite recommend for people who like a game of bingo with a twist and who like to engage with others or not that's a personal choice . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.29.0

Really enjoying this game!!I've been playing for a week now, and it's great!.Version: 3.99.0

Cash grabI had fun playing at one time until I realized the game is a complete cash grab! Depending on your level your daily credits aren’t even worth playing! The bonuses you get aren’t even useful, a bonus of 5 credits will get you nowhere!.Version: 4.13

Love it but is costlyBeen loving the game, but when buying what I thought was $4 or $5 extras I’ve been charged $15 or more due to some extra fee. Being US $ its costly enough paying in Australian money. We should also be able to buy credits with our $$$ funds. Want to keep playing but the charges are killing me..Version: 4.26

Best Bingo game ever!I have tried a few different bingo games but Bingo Blitz is definitely the best game out there. It is no just a game, it is a whole new experience with the many main bingo rooms and the seasonal bingo rooms. There are also lots of other rooms such as high stakes room to win big plus Bingo Blitz has lots of slot games too. I enjoy playing everyday with playing live Bingo free of charge and making lots of friends in the chat rooms in each level. It makes me feel that you are in a vast community with lots of help from friends..Version: 4.67.1

Good timeEasy to play this game for ages..Version: 4.38.0

Fun gameLove your game just sometimes making it to hard to complete which can be frustrating otherwise I love it.Version: 4.67.1

BlitzedReally enjoy playing the game at the end of a long day. Bingoes dont come often for me but it's still a fun game! 4stars!.Version: 3.73.0

No slotsI’m playing on an IPad Pro, I have reinstalled twice but can’t get anything different. I’m playing as a guest on this device . The home page is blank where slots normally appear and on the gift centre ,it’s also blank .Its telling me my inventory is full ,well duh if I could get to it that would be good. Any ideas , I’m addicted and play Bingo Blitz on several devices..Version: 4.52.0

Fed upI’m getting close to giving up on this game, as my friends have. Every time I level up the amount I need goes up, when does that stop. I have to get 483,799 to level up again yet my daily credits remain at 92, not even enough to buy 4 basic cards. I had 2 other games going so I could send gifts to myself and exchange collection items, but I lost them after one of the updates..Version: 4.09

No fun anymoreThis game used to be fun now it’s boring as it takes to long to complete any room including slots ,to which you hardly ever win enough coins to play..was a great game in the beginning where you used to be able to buy items for your room to finish..but now it seems the makers need us to spend real money on a once enjoyable game.Version: 4.14

Bingo BlltzHas anyone else noticed that it is almost impossible to get coins?!? I had 5 bingos and didn’t receive a single coin! The next game I had no bingos and received a coin! It’s the only coin I received today out of all the games I have played. It’s to the point I am spending too much money on this app because in order to play you have to buy coins. The app no longer allows to receive coins for most bingos and they definitely don’t give any away on your free spin! The last few times I got 13 or none with the free spins. They make it impossible to complete the challenge because before you can do it you run out of coins and the challenge has already expired and there goes all the coins you wasted trying to complete the challenges they give. Does anyone else have an app similar to this one that actually allows you to play without having to purchase hundreds of coins every day? This app has gotten ridiculous and is just a money maker now..Version: 4.46.2

Bingo blitz game on FacebookBlitzy has a sense of humour in the free tournament with giving you low scores or high ones! There are 12 shadow cards per room! You can chat to people all over the world in each room which you play in! Some of the rooms are Shanghai , Count Bingo’s Castle, Monte Carlo, Pompeii, Tahiti etc! You can play for free unless you want to pay elite or buy diamonds, bingo chips or power ups! I don’t do that!.Version: 4.50.1

The bakery.....I’ve been playing bb for many years, it’s the only game I have stuck at because I enjoy it and I have made some beautiful people through the game however I think the bakery and Guys kitchen are a waste of time when it’s impossible to complete dishes when you get the same ingredients time after time. It would be more beneficial in the game to be receiving credits or items in chests rather than flour and eggs that are useless. Thanks for listening x.Version: 4.17

It’s OkI like playing but find it frustrating you don’t get given enough free credits. Also when your collecting free ingredient baskets it’s always the same ingredients! They need to mix it up more so you can complete dishes..Version: 4.36.0

Long time supporter.I’ve been playing since 2011. To this day am still totally amazed by the different flags from around the world belonging to other players. I play nearly every day and love being able to interact with so many people from difference countries and cultures..Version: 4.17

Love it. But hate itI love this game. Variety of games to play and the community is way fun. Only thing that upsets me about the game are a few thing. 1. I have 2 accounts, and my main account I am a paying elite member. I had problems with the game that cost me over 4000 credits, to but in perspective, just to buy a little over 1000 credits is $50. Luckily I hadn’t paid for all these credit. But still, the game glitched and kicked me off the app a handful of times and I non of my credits were returned. The other couple times, I didn’t receive any of my wining credits, play the bonus game or receive any of my bingos. It seems something silly to get upset about, but when you’re paying 900 credits for one game. It’s frustrating. I spent a week emailing the customer support. And all I got was automated email response and pretty told I was a liar. Another down side is that when you do get up there in leveling everything cost so much or the bonus games that switch out every couple days, you have to play the higher credit rounds or you can’t even play the bonus game that you can get prizes for. Pretty much if you don’t pay for credits and you’re on a losing streak and run out of credits you’re screwed (like me)..Version: 4.54.0

Overall an enjoyable gameIt can be hard to level up and hard to increase the number or daily credits you ge! Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t so hard to increase daily credits.Version: 4.31.0

Need new slot gamesI love bingo blitz!! Would love it even more if they added some new slot games. I always looked forward to the new games each month. Now It’s just not as exciting. Please add some new ones!!!!.Version: 4.53.0

Thin iceWhy does it seem you get even less bingos after you spend real cash? I know it’s meant to be a game of chance, luck of the draw etc etc but it seems each time I buy credits I seem to lose them all so quickly! While I have had my wins here and there I’ve had so many more losses and often with 4 cards of next to nothing. This game is on thin ice 🤨 especially now that I played the daily tournament and on 5 x 4 cards not a single bingo!! How is that possible to not even be close to one on that many cards?.Version: 3.79.1

Fun!One of the more fun bingo apps.Version: 4.50.1

Darn drew me inVery addictive.Version: 4.54.0

Bingo Blitz addictSoooooo addicted to this game. It’s so much fun, frustrating at times (when I don’t win haha) but I love it! I sometimes wish that the non trade items were a little easier to win and didn’t take months and many thousand credits to obtain but I suppose it’s all part of the game to get you coming back..Version: 4.24

Just not as fun nowWhen I started playing bingo blitz years ago without a doubt it was my favorite game to play. Unfortunately a lot has change since then some for the better however most not so much. I understand putting in ungiftables to get folks to actually play verse them getting every item gifted to them I don’t think those 2 items need to be hard to see or get. The last 8 or so rooms I am always stuck needing one or the another if not both for weeks if not months it does take the fun out of it. ( and of course the trading since you can’t a trade those 2 collection items )You can’t win something you never see. I believe making the items so hard to get has in return made the players greedy to share their spares. Items 1-5 are seen over and over as 6-12 are seen very seldom )The ingredients was a good idea but from what I’m seeing you get hundreds of one and none of the other. Still an ok game but if bb wasn’t so greedy has the potential to be an extremely fun friendly and fantastic game..Version: 4.37.0

Speed of LightHaving read many of the reviews already submitted for this game, I concur with most... To be honest I personally don’t really care about missing things that are supposed to be awarded etc, and I have absolutely no interest in spending any actual money...something I find beyond rational thought processes. For me personally, it’s not a scramble to win every single game or complete every room, because in reality it’s not physically possible unless you’re spending money like there’s no tomorrow, and even then, there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’re going to win... and it’s not rocket science to know that the people who get bingos after only three or four numbers have probably bought god knows how many extra things. I have achieved 1st place bingos on several occasions without spending anything, 2nd and 3rds too... BUT my big frustration, disappointment and annoyance that lets the whole game down is the fact that... If the last number out/power-up completes a bingo, you have less than a nanosecond to hit that number and the “Bingo” button to get your win... and I don’t think even any of the Marvel superheroes or even the X-Men are that fast... Sort it out ffs, if it’s the only thing you do!!! 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 4.55.2

Blitzy BlitzGood games, good prizes. Colourful games.Version: 4.51.0

AddictiveThis is a great game, I play everyday, in fact more than any other game I have on my iPad. It can be frustrating but that’s part of the challenge. I have made many bingo blitz friends (over 700) from all around the world and joined a number of groups which are great. Yes there are people who will find something to complain about, but maybe it’s in their nature. I would definitely recommend this game very much.... download and enjoy the game..Version: 4.33.0

Luck of the draw.Loose more than you win. Sometimes you will have winning streaks. Sometimes loosing streaks. The blitzy diner has been fun.Version: 3.96.0

Bad BingoRight i love this game. there is just one problem. if you press the bingo button when you haven’t actually got a bingo yet, it freezes that card and you cant play on it for the rest of the game. i dont think this is fair. i’ve had multiple accounts where i’ve accidentally pressed the bingo button instead of a number in the bottom row. it should just freeze you out for 10 seconds if you do this because lots of the time its not even the persons fault for pressing it..Version: 4.38.0

BingoblitzLoved this game the minute I downloaded it, not only does it have bingo but side quests an challenges and collecting items for sets an the thrill of winning is just great an totally originality is key her keeps it fresh an interesting, love the buzz from completing dragos dragons an the food baskets as rewards to help with your cooking items an the free pas for food items is brill, also love the turkey challenge you set as besides another unique twist to the game I couldn’t stop laughing at the noises out of the thing haha creased made playing my favorite game that much more fun , keep them coming guys!.Version: 4.34.1

Fun but has become hardI enjoy playing bingo blitz, but has become increasingly hard to get bingo especially if playing with less credits..Version: 4.33.0

Good bingoI enjoy it.Version: 4.52.0

What’s going on?Love the game but it is Annoying me today. Was told to update and would be given free credits. Done the update, didn’t get the credits and each time I have opened the game today it keeps telling me to update even though I have done it. It is now getting on my nerves because it is there all the time telling me to update and when I press the update button it opens the App Store and all I can do is open the game from there. Please sort it.Version: 3.79.1

Go to game!It’s been my “GO TO” game for years. It’s my peace some days..Version: 4.72.2

The best gameWe love this game so excited every day eek for the new room lot of credit amazing game.Version: 4.51.0

So far so goodIt’s really interesting and keep me entertained all the time.Version: 4.50.1

YeahThis game would be great if the average jo could afford to play. The more I outlay in real hard cash the less wins I get... your all money grabbing scum. All bingo games could be epic if they weren’t out to steal our hard earned money. Make it easier to earn every bit needed to play and less expensive to buy. You could have millions of players if it was realistic pricing. Remember it’s not a real game of bingo where we actually have the opportunity to walk out with cash, your the only one making money here. Naomi.Version: 4.61.2

SO DISAPPOINTED!!!I’ve been playing BINGO BLITZ for SO MANY YEARS. Whomever makes the game, or runs it, has made it nearly impossible to play what used to be a FREE GAME into a way to exclude users who CANT AFFORD to purchase extra credits! The loyal people, like myself, who have played for 7 or 8 years, have slowly watched this game turn into something that is not only greedy on the part of the app owners, but no longer fun because items in rooms are so much harder to get, and some can’t be gifted, which I would understand in bonus rooms, but we get so few credits as it is, and the cards require such a huge amount of credits that we have to save up over several days to even a week to even play anything besides the free tournament and the free spin each day. It’s not only disappointing but it’s a slap in the face to those of us who remember what playing use to feel like. It’s no longer fun. I’m just SO DISAPPOINTED, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way....Version: 3.96.0

Great game. Makes me happy!This is a great game. And I’ve been playing it for many years. The graphics are the best I’ve seen. And there’s always something new to do. Although. Progress can be very slow at times. You don’t really get enough credits to play the way you want too. And the slots part of the game hasn’t been updated for a couple of years now. It’s a great place to make new friends. But if you are looking to play for long periods. Then you have to spend real money and purchase credits. Which aren’t value for money at all..Version: 4.40.1

My take on Bingo BlitzI’m less and less of a fan each new room Bingo Blitz opens. And the Quests and other “incentives” offer smaller and smaller rewards for completing them. BB also offers ‘special’ items to collect from your cards when you bingo. These items are then transferred to a collection in which you MUST collect a certain group of items before you are rewarded...and these items are often extremely difficult to collect, and to complete six, seven or more levels in order to complete the entire collection. Unless you buy hundreds of dollars worth of credits, you will never finish these collections. And the hundreds of dollars you spend on buying these credits to complete these collections never, ever net you credits worth half what you paid. Yes, Playtika is a business, and they have to make money, but it seems that the players outlay is way out of proportion to the fun or reward..Version: 4.41.0

Removal of roomsI really enjoy playing Bingo Blitz and have made many friends. I am an Administrator in my own group with 400 members. I enjoy helping members by putting on competitions in which they can win a bb item. There are a couple of suggestions I would like to put forward, you encourage us to gift spare items to friends , is there some way you could introduce a search engine. I spent three hours finding just 2 friends, you encourage us to invite our friends to join BB, which I have done numerous times, but it is so difficult finding friends when like myself, I have the maximum 5,000. Finally , I have heard that BB does not like the groups, but I assure you it is the groups and Admin like myself, who spend many hours helping members, that have contributed to the success of Bingo Blitz, could you not acknowledge this fact by giving Administrators the power to gift the ungifted items or extra credits they could use as prizes for their competitions, in my opinion Bingo Blitz is without doubt one of the best online game and a little consideration from Playtika could make it the best. Thank you. Peter Jones..Version: 4.22

BingoVery Addictive game its so fun to play.Version: 4.66.0

Bingo BlitzLove live love this game but when you get up in the higher levels the free bingo chips are harder to come by.Version: 4.53.1

The excitement continuesI love the feeling when you complete a room, it’s the same feeling you get when a treasure box gives you 400 credits just as you’re running out. It means you get to keep playing for longer!.Version: 4.22

Good game YesEasy to play but very frustrating.Version: 4.38.0

This Isn’t Your Granny’s Bingo.This Isn’t Your Granny’s Bingo......but it’s Bingo that she would enjoy too. I’ve been playing this game off and on for years. And, it’s maybe the one game that I can’t forget. It gets so hard to finish different cities but when you do it’s so exciting. And, the developers are always finding ways to keep things interesting. There are all these side games and prize winning outlets that keep things interesting. And, when you think about it, it kind of makes sense because if Bingo or finishing cities was too easy then maybe we would all run through the cities and it could get boring very fast. There are only two aspects to the game that are troublesome. And, that’s the purchase costs and the ability to make friends within the game. I want to be able to fully use this game but much like in life, you need friends and money to really get along sometimes. Even still, it’s still a great game. If you need more proof of that, then just know that I might get 500 credits just for writing this. Awesome!.Version: 4.22

Bingo who doesn’t like screaming that outAwesome game daubs down... get it, lol.Version: 4.45.0

Fun but...I like this game... only thing is very hard to finish collections as last 2-3 items very hard to get as they never come up on cards... but besides that, very enjoyable.Version: 4.53.1

BB addictHave played for many years and it never gets old! More levels please :).Version: 4.60.1

Yes it’s fun but the will rob you worse than a Casino!I’ve been playing for a few years now ( level 217 and very close to Diamond status) and I love playing bingo but when 2018 started the small little game cheats that I didn’t mind got to the point that they were literally taking 5000 tokens with no returns every other day. Yes I purchased that much (the game is very addictive)! I placed a support ticket in and continued to ask questions on their Facebook page about the cheating and much to my avail, I got no answers except use boost and your chances of willing will increase dramatically! Since I have them so much money for tokens(which the track your last 90days) you would think they could see I was already using boost at the highest level. My point is if you have an addictive personality you might want to stay away. They will definitely use it against you like a casino except a casino pays out once in a while. Very disappointed Customer!!!.Version: 3.96.0

Very AddictiveI love and hate this game...Lol. It’s my main go to game when I want to relieve some stress. However, with all the changes, it’s really hard to win enough credits to keep you playing for long. In the free tournament I used to get some pretty high scores. Now I’m doing good if I break 500! I can’t afford to constantly spend real money to stay in a game. That’s really frustrating. I think I keep coming back to it because it is very addictive. I will be forced to stop playing though if they don’t loosen the reigns a little bit and allow higher payouts. That would be a shame because I do love the game. They say it’s all about luck but that’s not really true. It’s programmed to make the odds of winning harder so you’ll have to spend money. What a shame when BB has so many people that love to play this game and deserve better than being duped like that...Smh.Version: 4.16

Long time playerI have really enjoyed playing Bingo Blitz for many years now but I am finding myself becoming increasing frustrated with the game. Trying to complete rooms is now very difficult. You need to spend long periods of time in each room with minimal opportunities to even see hard to get items. I don’t enjoy the game nearly as much as I use to for this reason 😔😔😔.Version: 4.13

My go to game after a hard dayEnjoy playing bb after a long day as helps turn off the mind from all the days hassles. Yes it can be frustrating when you don’t win the item you want (especially the non giftable ones) but when you do win it it makes it all worthwhile! I’ve also met some lovely helpful people through those items you can trade.Version: 4.16

Best bingo gameI love this game. I play religiously every morning. It’s definitely the best.Version: 4.27

Love itI play this since 2011 had to make a new one as forgot password for Facebook. But this is brilliant I love it. I play this gave everywhere. There is new challengers and games all the time and never get bored with this game! You don’t have to pay for anything extra like other games ask. You can buy extras if you wish and their not expensive. If there is a problem with a app they will always work hard in this and fix the problem ASAP! I recommend this game to anyone.Version: 4.20

Bingo blitzAlways will and always have loved playing this game. Been playing for years..Version: 4.46.1

Some improvements neededI like this game but I feel it could be improved. For the past few bingo rounds played, the shadow cards have been things I currently have (sometimes it’s been items that I have a few of - and when played 2 shadow cards they have sometimes been the same). It would be more incentive to play if the shadow cards were the ones you were missing (if the game could take that into account - obviously not all the time, but every few games). It would be good if the HTG items were shown more in the shadow cards. Maybe offering them as an incentive in the side games like detective blitzy etc? I have 10 incomplete rooms where I am missing one or both of the HTG items, as they are difficult to collect. Also the ingredients are impossible to collect....why are the baskets just oil, butter, pie crusts and rolled oats? I have enough to run my own bakery!! And where has the Golden Spin gone? I’ve not seen it for a few days and treat myself to a spin every week. PLEASE SORT IT OUT! I am not going to play for a while and just collect my daily credits, so I have enough to play a few times. Your card prices are extortionate as opposed to Bingo Bash..Version: 4.55.2

‘Fun funLove playing this game every night before I go to bed..Version: 4.52.0

Annoyed!!!Would have given 5 stars but BB ruined a good thing!!! I have been playing this game for many years now. Every time there is an update it seems like too many changes have been made. And not to the good. Way too hard to get bingos now. And the payouts are horrible. I don’t ever remember it being this difficult to complete a room. Not to mention trying to win the htg items. And what about the credit package deals 👎🏻Those are not good deals at all BB. The cheapest is 30 credits for $1.99. It costs 52 just for one game 🤦🏻‍♀️ Please make better credit package deals🙏🏻 Why can’t we use our coins to buy bingo credits? I have over 4 million coins and nothing to spend them on because I have more than enough power ups (6,862 to be exact). I stopped playing this for a long time hoping some good changes would come. I guess BB cares more about $$ than making people happy. Please make some good changes to this game!!! Oh and can you please make all collectible items tradable and rid BB game of the htgs??.Version: 4.49.0

Why you only got 3Im only giving you a low score. Because you not listening to people you keep doing slots and rooms that take, take and give nothing in return. Having to use gifted slots in a room I have already completed is annoying and frustrating.Version: 4.02.0

FrustratedBeen trying to log in from from phone for the past 6 weeks, keeps saying trying to connect to Facebook and won't connect. Used to love the game when I was able to play. Done the updates, cleared history, cache, even deleted the app from the phone and computer and still have the issue. Support is no help at all. what's the point of crediting my account with 120 credits if I can't log in?????????.Version: 3.85.3

Getting betterGetting better.Version: 4.52.0

GameLive the game, wish it wasn’t so hard to get rewards.Version: 4.57.1

DisappointedI really like the game, but there are a couple of things that disappoint me. First, when we play the free tournament. Why offer the bingo option if we aren’t going to get points for it. I understand that the point of the tournament is to get free coins, but take the bingo option off if you aren’t going to credit us for it. It takes an act of the higher power to even get a decent amount of coins to even waste our time on playing the tournament. Second, it is very frustrating to play a game where 1 out of 10 times you get a bingo. I’m sure you get money just by us downloading and playing. Not to mention all of us who were dumb enough to put money into it. It goes with the saying you have to give to get. It seems we are giving a heck of a lot more than we are getting. Third, I keep having problems with not getting what I have earned. I have reported it twice. It happened again last night. Please make this game worth continuing to play. Thanks.Version: 4.25.1

Lots of funHaving a great time playing Bingo Blitz.Version: 4.53.1

ChipsI love love love this game but way too hard to get chips and bingos.Version: 4.53.1

Bingo blitz game not true a Casino 🎰 yesYou have an amazing game but sadly the cost to play is ridiculous 😢 But worse is you do not care about the dedicated buyers which slowly but surely will diminish as they are feeling so sick after purchasing thousands of dollars worth of credits to loose them within days 😢 and no one cares Once after purchasing you would have fun playing for awhile but for months now it’s been all take on bingo blitz 😢.Version: 4.02.0

Best bingo game everThank you so so much for your bingo game as it’s been such a great help to me as it’s the only game I play and I’m very very sure it’s not only helping me with the pandemic it’ll be helping everyone out to keep them going so a very very big thank you and everyone on the bingo blitz team and I hope you are all keeping safe and well thank you all so so much take good care of each other from Lisa from Glasgow Scotland xxxx.Version: 4.56.3

Too hard to get collectionsYou need to make it a little bit easier to get the collections. I have used over 2500 credits to get one of the last bits of one collection. The amount of credits you get per day is not enough to keep doing this..Version: 4.35.1

Bad BingoHow do you call a bad bingo before the game even starts. When my iPad was moved to a better position and the bingo tab was accidentally touched, it called a bad bingo and the first number had not been called! On top of that, when I️ got a good bingo, it would not let me have it even though the game was not over. This game is getting very frustrating! This game is really getting frustrating, I have been playing in Cairo forever!!! I have used at least 2,000 bingo credits trying to get the last item. I do not want to log into Facebook to request the item. I don’t play games on Facebook. Getting ready to delete the game if things don’t change. There are a lot of bingo games out there and I’ll keep searching until I find one not so frustrating. I realize you don’t win every time, but you shouldn’t have to play for weeks to collect the last item you need in a country!!.Version: 3.84.3

Amazing!Played this game for years now ( and thanks to Facebook I’m having to start all over again!) AND I will be soon celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary to a man who I met here on Bingo Blitz! No word of a lie! We got chatting whilst playing and whilst my daughter was in hospital following an accident he stayed online til 4am one morning talking to me to keep me calm. We met and married in 2013 after he’s had saved my live by noticing I was having a major stroke! So thank you BB you are amazing!.Version: 4.31.0

Love - hate relationshipI’m sort of addicted to Bingo Blitz because it’s so fun and they are constantly changing the games and contest up. There is always something different going on to keep me interested in making a goal to obtain more credits and prizes! It is also an interactive game that you play with your friends and other members which makes it even more fun because then you can gift each other credits and such as well as help each other with finishing cards to move forward in the game board and gain more credits. The part that is frustrating is that you can easily spend 1000 credits, which are not easy to obtain unless you purchase them and not get the item that you need to finish the card. It can become ridiculous because you can literally take weeks to try and get it to advance. I really think that BB should lighten up a bit on this somehow to make it fair for players..Version: 4.23

Boring and predictable,The algorithms in thus game once you are past a few rooms are set for you to fail 99.9% of the time. Terrible game giving blank cards mostly or the freebies. You can be stuck on a room for several months trying to win the UNGIFTABLES. it’s boring and tedious, you can predict what cards come up. You can guarantee you’ll get a double or treble daub or an instant win on a blank,if it’s a card you need it will be xp or cash. Lol pathetic. I’m done with it. I advise no one to download it, and advise people to leave, that way they would have to change things..Version: 4.61.2

Be niceBB you need to be nice and give better scores to let us get ahead.Version: 4.28.0

Enjoying the gameHaving fun making it around the world.Version: 4.41.0

New levelsI’ve been playing bingo blitz for quite a few years now pretty much every day, in the past few weeks having been at home more than usual I have been playing with gusto, I have purchased coin packs & other boosts to help me get through levels, this last week I even upgraded to elite status, however, after parting with my money I discovered that there were no more levels to play, disappointed is an understatement, why allow someone to spend money knowing full well that you can’t deliver?.Version: 4.50.0

Was good to start withWhen you first start playing it gives you everything to get you hooked but as you start to level up it becomes impossible to win anything unless you are prepared to use real money. It seems to be the same players winning all the time so the rest of us are there just to make up the numbers. The ingredients to compete in cooking competition are virtually impossible to get unless you are an elite player (it costs real money monthly to become elite). The ungiftable items in each room are a nightmare to collect. The language in the blackout room is way out of control you would think that peoples lives depend on them winning all the time. The developers do have people in the rooms monitoring but very little seems to get done and the censorship leaves little to the imagination. So if you don’t mind wasting a lot of real cash to get on in the game or you don’t mind the unnecessary swearing in blackout room then this game is for you. But me well I don’t need it so sorry it’s deleted..Version: 4.55.1

Great game but needs improvements!I love this game but they need to improve a few things! I find the daily collection for credits not enough cause per bingo round is so expensive. Plus for the number of credits you must pay per round when you rarely win isn’t worth it (especially when paying double for the booster for more chance of win when you don’t). I have been stuck on one destination for ages cause I have only one shadow card left to get and after dozens of attempts and paying 32 credits extra to try again and again I still can’t win it. My biggest problem is I’m wasting credits on rounds for shadow cards I too many of. Why don’t you let us only play rounds for the cards we don’t have not have 6 of 🤔😫.Version: 4.56.3

Fun gameBeen playing a long time but disappointed the rewards in games are now lower than before and winning items at each city is harder. Enjoy playing just the same..Version: 4.06.0

Always funGreat way to pass the time. I play daily.Version: 4.57.1

BingoLove this game play it everyday sometimes 3 times in a day 😊.Version: 4.53.1

Love love love this game.Have been playing for a few years now and it’s what I look forward to in my day. Me time. I really hate it when life gets in the way and I have to wait to play. Thank You Bingo Blitz for giving me something to look forward to each day. I have also made some wonderful friends as well. I look forward to completing each room and wait for new ones with eager anticipation. Well done on a great game and social outlet..Version: 4.00.0

#1 Love Bingo Blitz****If you haven’t tried this game you definitely want to it’s full of different quests an games to complete, and has helped me since brain injury in 08 ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.34.1

LitThis games litty.Version: 3.73.1

Love this game so much funGreat game.Version: 4.51.0

Bingo BlitzReally excellent free game to play with family and friends, passes time. You can have a conversation in the chat while playing Bingo Blitz. If your have family and friends that live all over the world you can play with them and talk in the chat. If i could rate the game out of 100 i would give it 100. I have been playing Bingo Blitz for years and can’t find any fault with the game also not had 1 problem with the game. Keep up the amazing work Bingo Blitz and keep the free gifts coming 😁😁❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.51.0

Love this game!!!I love playing Bingo Blitz, I love the variety of events and special/bonus rooms, I love the cultural factor of the game, I love the freebies that I can claim everyday via Facebook but what I love the most is that the game producers have made it such a community oriented game it’s great to see everyone come together to help support others’ complete rooms & stages. Thank you for the amazing effort you guys put in just for our entertainment..Version: 4.07.1

Fun GameI enjoy playing this gives me good practice and experience for housie.Version: 4.69.0

Bingo blitzLong time regular player. Love it.Version: 4.57.1

Blitz is my favorite Gabe I’ve rated you four stars, Feeling discriminated against.I still do not know why I am blocked from commenting on the fan page I am an Elite member I do spend a lot of money because my log in is low since and I enjoy playing, I can’t not complete world tour rooms and the tier rooms do not count I am level 224 .. I’m upset that anytime I submit tickets nothing ever gets done about it. The contests on fan page clearly states leave a comment which I can’t do, the like option isn’t even available I’ve gotten at least 6 people playing blitz three are still playing I try to help other players whenever I can and I’m happy to do so I am a Moderator to one of the the best Blitz groups although due to work I can’t be in there as much as I’d love to be. I just do not understand why I’m excluded it’s not really about the contests it’s more like I feel as though it’s a slap in the face..Version: 3.98.0

BlitzI like this game thank you.Version: 4.49.0

LOVE IT but,,,I love this game so much but only one thing I can’t even go on it you can get the skip up if you want but I’m six and I got it I know the password to get games I saw from my Mummy my birthday is November 22, 2013 and I love this download it and I’m Izzy and my brother is Kyle and Kyle’s toys toys and games You just never see me on there because I’m always in my bed sometimes I peek if they’re doing a night routine I’ll pick them when they’re on the toilet.Version: 4.46.1

Bingo blitzBingo blitz is always buffering and sometimes slow.Version: 4.39.0

Bingo blitzReally love this game and going around the different countries.Version: 4.31.0

Best game everHave been playing bingo blitz for years now and still can’t get enough!! Would be nice to have opportunities to win more credits as some times you wait for your daily bonus and can only play one game.Version: 4.33.0

FunFun but takes to long to get the rooms complete.Version: 4.70.1

GoodI love the game, but hate that really the only way to get credits when you run out completely is to wait for the daily collect. There should be other ways so we’re not having to wait 24 hours to play again..Version: 4.53.1

Bingo blitz.Best game ever.i am addicted..Version: 4.51.0

BingoLove playing don’t have complaints relaxing game.Version: 4.53.1

Best bingoBest bingo ever. I have playing for over 8 years. I have tried many, many other bingo games, so let me save you the time. The blitz is the best!.Version: 4.53.0

Bingo BlitzI used to love this game, but you’ve changed it too much it used to be fun n you would meet your mates for a chat in rooms but now it’s all about money and getting items to try to complete rooms is near enough impossible, I’ve so far used over 2,000 credits in Las Vegas n only have 1 htg, to the point after about 10 years I’m seriously thinking of deleting the game, you go to rally friends n there’s more left that there is still playing, it disillusion’s you even more!!.Version: 4.13

#1 favourite gameI’ve been playing since 2011 & this is the best bingo game I play. Everyday I look forward to my credits coming in just so I can get my daily dose of BB. Can be frustrating sometimes not getting the shadows I need but that just brings me back each day as I’m determined to finish each city. Have lots of BB friends & we all help each other when needed. Great game! Love it!.Version: 4.22

Connecting to ServerI love this game and really enjoy playing it when I’m able too. The,last few days however I can’t connect to the server and have missed out on a lot of credits which is really annoying, just don’t like the fact there is no one telling you that they are on to it and trying to fix it as there is no where for people to put these type of comments. Just want to play and can’t, rather frustrating.Version: 4.25

Really Good App!!Love the game!! But!! More you play, harder it gets. Cards cost too much, n ungiftables are ungettable mostly. Have waited months for Skull in Treasure Cove, n at 25 per card, with hardly ever a shadow, never mind 'Skull Shadow', think they don't play fair. I love gifting n receiving from team-mates, but as I said, it's getting harder to win anything. IT IS MEANT TO BE A GAME BINGO BLITZ, SO STOP MAKING IT SO HARD TO WIN ANYTHING. ALSO I MENTIONED A PERSON WHO HAD SCAMMED ME, I DIDN’T KNOW I WASN’T MEANT TO DO THAT, BUT NOW YOU’VE STOPPED ME ‘LIKING AND COMMENTING ON ‘ANYTHING’!!?! THAT’S NOT FAIR. IT WAS YEARS AGO. CAN YOU REVIEW THIS PLEASE, AS I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO JOIN IN WITH THE OTHER PLAYERS. I DEFINATELY ‘WILL NOT’!! GO AGAINST YOUR RULES AGAIN, IF YOU ALLOW ME TO COMMENT ETC AGAIN. THANKS IN ADVANCE X.Version: 4.45.0

Awesome and addictiveLove it, too addicted that I buy the credits that are a bit expensive. Still a good game though..Version: 4.22

Addictive!Absolutely love this game hunting for pieces to complete collections and the chat rooms chatting and swapping other pieces and food items however it would be nice if all items were giftable and if there were more easier ways to earn bingo credits i run out often as some games can be expensive i would happily watch videos to earn token? Surveys etc.Version: 4.68.0

Love Bingo BlitzI just need to say this to everyone that is looking for a great game of Bingo . I have played many a game on the internet but never have I found one that brings so many people together from all parts of our world in all walks of life it’s like a huge extra family. The rooms that are thought up are so cool the colors the storylines that go with them are so cute. Please give Blitzy a try your going to love this little blue guy and all his friends..Version: 4.46.0

Mick62Loved this game I play it all the time it's great but now it’s getting expensive to play and I won’t buy credits it was fun as you got more credits when you won but now you get a couple only and you cant play for long unless you save your credits for days.Version: 3.79.1

AmazingReally fun game to play when your bored in class!!.Version: 4.54.0

Bingo BlitzGreat game, highly addictive!.Version: 4.53.1

Extremely DisappointedI’ve been playing Bingo Blitz since 2013, and although they have continually changed the game, it wasn’t until a few days ago when they changed the “Daily Bonus” points that I’m now done! I’m an Elite member and have been for several years. I get 97 credits and 700 coins a day. That’s what I’ve worked myself up too and it adds up to quite a bit each month. I actually believe their trying to get long-standing members to quit so they don’t have to give away this amount of credits and money each month. For the last three days spinning on that “new wheel” they have created, today I got a whopping 29 credits. Yesterday, I believe I got 13! The way it use to be is like what you see when your deciding if you want to download the app. Like a slot machine. It was fun! And you could actually win something once in a while. Now they’ve changed it. And although they’re not suppose to be rigged, if you read enough reviews, there has to be no doubt that they are. So, your chances of winning ANYTHING good on the Daily Bonus is probably the same odds as winning the Lottery! I am so very disappointed in Bingo Blitz. You guys ruined a game I know many people enjoyed playing. By the way, you better remove the slot machine on your app. That’s misrepresentation..Version: 3.80.0

Never thought I’d love this game so muchI only downloaded this app to play while I was in hospital a few years ago recovering from an accident and operations I had to have due to them. Never thought I’d enjoy it as much I did back then, as much as I still do now. I even get got family and friends to download and play it with me to just keep me company while I was in hospital recovering. And apart from a few months break due to personal reasons a few months ago I’ve played this game everyday since downloading it and when I returned to the game after the break I was forced to take. And I don’t think I’ve done to bad to say I’d never ever played bingo in any form until I downloaded this game and I’ve made some great friends too while playing Bingo Blitz. XoX 💙.Version: 4.07.1

More creditsLove this came but I believe we should earn and win more credits daily I can only play once a week after saving my credits up I get like 30 min of play before they run out three hour daub alert is point less when I can't play for that long.Version: 3.96.0

Having funLove this game but takes to long to complete just need to share the bingos.Version: 4.67.1

LevelsI have been playing this game for years. I meticulously don’t move on until I have completed the room. However I now find that as I am no level 104 the next room doesn’t become available until level 106. And so on. Therefore all the credits I have just won are then just spent on rooms I have already completed so that I increase my xp to move up a level. Seems a little unfair to me and a complete waste of credits..Version: 4.08

SusanLove the game.Version: 3.74.1

Longtime playerBlitz was the first bingo app I played some ten or fifteen years ago....even before I had my iPads. Over the years I’ve experimented with probably twenty apps and have now settled with my top eight. Blitz ranks eighth in my group....the main reason is there is a very low success rate. Takes forever to make progress through the various rooms. I finally gave up on the tournament because I have never been able to achieve a score to win the last gem for the crown. Another frustration is your cards are so busy it is almost impossible to tell if you have a bingo....I hate that! If you must cram every square with items in addition to the hard to read numbers the least you could do is have auto bingo. That would help considerably! I’m retired and I use the bingo apps to pass the time and help keep my brain active. But there’s always room for improvements! Thanks..Version: 4.15

Love bingo blitzBeen playing for many years now and I love Bingo Blitz. I have played many other bingo apps and they just aren’t the same. No one compares. I love all the competition, the changing seasonal rooms and the tour rooms. Plus I have made quite a few close friends through trading items etc. Love you Blitzy 💛🌈.Version: 4.24

It puts a spell on you!This is an awesome bingo game, probably the best free bingo game on the web. I have been playing for about 9 years. It’s gone from a fun, chance game to an obviously rigged game in the past few years, however. If rigged isn’t the right word, maybe it’s how they program their algorithms? If you need an item to win or complete a room, you will never see that item. Or, if you do, you won’t get hardly any numbers on it. In addition, to get those prizes or complete rooms or events they make it so you HAVE TO spend money in order to complete in a timely manner. If you’re not boosting your games then you’re not winning, you’re just throwing credits away. I still love it and I still play. Like I said, they have the formula to bring in people. I just wish they would allow more winning on all levels of players, not just the big spenders. They would not have so many unhappy, long time fans and people will still spend money. Make it just a little easier to win...don’t torture your fans. Or you might lose them. Bingo Blitz has a contest right now that will give a big prize for the best review. I couldn’t come here and not tell my honest feelings. Thank you.Version: 3.98.0

Bingo blitzIt’s a great game,so far I like it.Version: 4.51.0

HappyI am happy with this game I love when new rooms are opened and trying to complete each one (most of the time I do) the Facebook page is hard to win anything on especially if you aren’t American as we in Australia don’t have the same things ( thanksgiving etc) but the game is great.Version: 4.02.0

Great gameEnjoy this game but get very little games unless u spend real money.Version: 4.69.0

ReviewGreat game would be better if we got more credits each day so you can have more than one game.Version: 4.31.0

Can’t stopAddictive and fun.Version: 4.51.0

Amazing!!!!I highly recommend this game. I’ve been playing this game for around 7 years. I love how you play different city rooms and collect items that are associated with the City. Also, I love the fact that you get daily credits and coins. And sometimes your daily credits and coins go up if you complete certain rooms. It’s highly addictive and I honestly could not live without this game!!!!.Version: 4.16

Addictive, but in a good way!I enjoy playing this relaxing game.Version: 4.69.0

Passes the timeAddicted.Version: 4.52.0

I love bingo❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.53.1

Life with blitzyThank you bb for being a complete pain in the backside. You make me wait such a long time for anything I need but, more often then not you come through. I curse you but then I have to praise you because in the end you are a friend a member of the family and we all stick together. We help each other out and all of us make a great team (together). Thank you for nine years together. You make my day I look forward to whatever you bring to the table. Thank you again..Version: 4.17

CreditsAwesome game to play however I think the cost of the games is way too high. The cost per card needs to be lowered or the daily credits need to increase. Also it seems shadow cards are near impossible to collect the entire collection when certain ones never ever pop up. And when they do not a single number on that card gets called..Version: 4.33.0

EnhancementsI love the new view of other screens on the iPhone, as most people are right handed it would suit to be able to move these around the screen to suit your dabbing style to be able to see them better. In addition it would be great to have an option to choose what type of power up you would like to use when it’s available. For example sometimes you want to not use the triple dabs or the instant win in the game you are playing..Version: 4.61.2

The gameReally enjoy the game with all the side game keeps me playing all the time, I give a 5 star for various games and lots of fun ty bingo blitz, very fun to play.Version: 4.55.1

Unable to connect to serversI love this game but am having trouble logging in on my iPad but can get on on my iPhone?!? Is easier to see the four cards in iPad. I have removed all cache and history as suggested and deleted the app twice and rebooted the iPad. I cannot seem to get any other options in the “support” or how to actually contact them. I have checked on settings and facebook and it is still in the active section. Shame as this is my favourite but would like some help please.Version: 4.40.1

Error messageI have been playing this game for years now and enjoy the game. However am now not able to do any in app purchases. I have troubleshooted everything and even tested another app and it works. It says it has already been bought and will be restored but I get nothing...Version: 4.38.0

ThrillingI’ve been playing bingo blitz for years and it’s so addictive and enjoyable - keeps me well entertained!.Version: 4.67.1

Daily playerHello Bingo blitz... I’m a daily player & love the game. Also love the graphics, music in each room. Highly recommend this game to all.. Thank you for all the free gifts through out the last few years! B.B #1.Version: 4.17

Bingo blitz is full of activitiesFun game.Version: 4.51.0

Fun, fun, fun.I love sitting with a hot tea and enjoying a game of bingo..Version: 4.53.0

5 starsAbsolutely love this game always endless fun and hundreds of games the further you go the better the prizes only issue is unless you use real money to buy blue coins you can only play maybe 2-3 rounds unless you win that is but when you run out that’s what the slot games are for brilliant game all it need now are team building which puts you in competition with your team.Version: 4.31.0

Guest playersI have been a guest player for 5 years, why are the players who are on Facebook complaining about the amount of Guest Players winning so many games, are they just jealous of the guests, it cost the guests just the same to play the games, and the daily spin prizes are less than the Facebook players. Get a grip it’s only for fun, and after all it has not cost me any thing to play. Regards Guest player.Version: 4.31.0

Absolutely obsessedI’m so in love with this game I play it everyday but the only thing is that there is no way the amount of credits is enough to enjoy playing thoroughly, I have to save a few days credits before I can enjoy playing enough to level up, I also think that if you get a bingo, any chests or coins that were on that card that were not stamped should be won as well. I also think that it takes way too long to find all the collection items to move on, whether on bingo or the slots, I’ve been stuck waiting on the last collection item on the pirate slots game that I’m debating giving up that level and moving on. Other than that I totally love the game and will keep on playing..Version: 4.04.0

BingoFun game. Daily bonus could be more.Version: 4.43.1

GreatGenerally great game play. Some items frustrating that you spend months in one room for them.Version: 4.71.0

Chloe’s reviewI love this game it is so fun and good to play in school 🙂🙂🥰.Version: 4.11.1

Great game. Lots of improvements!Great when it doesn't freeze! Lots of challenges. Good graphics..Version: 4.67.1

Love this game to blitzI have been playing this game for 3 years almost daily as friends and family would tell you and I haven’t come across any other games and their has been many that has held my interest in a very long time keep up the good work bingo blitz team looking forward to playing for another 3 more cheers 🇳🇿👍.Version: 4.44.0

ComfortingPlayed this game for years started with my mum challenging me to play and try and get the tournament collection before her so we played for ages with us battling to get the last collection item which is to get in the to top 250 well I completed that but only the very first time I Logged in to play after losing my mum sadly to cancer it was like a sign to me that she was sat with me playing I feel close to her every time I play which is such a comfort as my mum suffered acrophobia and her gaming was her life being stuck in four walls all her life so thank you so much.Version: 4.69.0

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