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HORRIBLE TIMES INFINITY.I have never written a review on here before but I felt that it would be a disservice to everyone if I didn’t write one on this app. I would have given this thing 0 stars if it would have let me but of course you can’t. I’m seriously considering calling my bank for fraudulent activity and having them refund me the money for this app because having to pay for this monstrosity of an app is definitely against the law. I tried this on my Apple TV, my iPhone, my iPad. Just a HORRIBLE app. I feel bad for the TV shows that have to rely on this app for ratings because I genuinely could not spend another minute of my life battling with this app to continue my show. Every 5 seconds the sound goes out. I have to press the 10 second back button to get it to work. Then it will go to a commercial in the middle of one of the most intense scenes and when it comes back it’s 5 minutes ahead of where it left off. Then when I try and rewind, I have to watch the ads again and then when I get back to the part I want to watch, it makes me watch the ads AGAIN. Then still will skip some of the scene again so basically I keep missing key parts of the show- on top of seeing some parts 17 times because I have to keep hitting the rewind button to get sound. I genuinely wish that I could get the time I spent messing around with this app back. For sanity reasons mainly. Hours were wasted and thanks to this app I now probably need therapy. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS..Version: 7.2.55

Paramount+ is the worst player I’ve ever usedI don’t even know where to start describing all the issues with Paramount and I barely ever had an issue when it was just CBS. I’ve had a CBS All Access subscription for several years now but after just a couple days of trying to watch a single show through Paramount, I’m going to cancel because there is no point in paying a monthly subscription for something that doesn’t work where i can’t watch my show unless I want to fight with the app for a minimum of an hour and a half each show (closing and reopening the app, completely unplugging and and restarting my FireTV to COMPLETELY reset the app because it won’t respond, etc, etc, etc) to watch a single 45 minute show. And I’m not even going to go into all the details about how shi**y it operates, plays the show, how poorly the navigation is on the Home Screen, how it practically never brings you back to the current spot you were in, in the episode you were watching even if you just close out of the app normally. It often brings you back to some arbitrary point in the middle of the episode prior to where you currently are. It often doesn’t respond to your command/clicks. I could go on and on and on. This is absolutely the worst app/media player I’ve ever used!!!!.Version: 8.0.2

Doesn’t Have Basic FeaturesWe can all pretty much agree Netflix is the standard to uphold with streaming platforms. CBS/Paramount is late to the game so why is it that they don’t even have the basic features you expect with streaming services? There are many other streaming platforms that have managed just fine. You literally had a blue print to follow. You know what is expected. How was this released without a “My List” option or “Favorites”? or how about the ability to click the show you were just watching and seeing an episode list option? You can’t do that. You have to search the show again to get to it. The whole point of streaming was to get away from cable and the commercials. This has more commercials than regular tv that you can’t even fast forward through and once you watch a commercial you can’t fast forward/rewind without it taking you back to the same exact commercials you had already sat through. Heaven forbid you forget and have to watch the same 20minutes again plus more commercials. Why are you putting Paramount commercials on here? We already pay you. You have our business. You don’t even have full seasons of your shows. Many people have complained about all of the above and nothing has been changed. I don’t see how this app was actually approved for release let alone getting complaints for over a year and doing nothing..Version: 8.0.12

Please Read this! (Great app by the way but still read) 😶This paramount+ app is good but not that good. Why is it not that good u ask? Glad you did! The app lags A LOT!!! I’ve seen the reviews, and they happened just about a year ago!! Please fix this lackluster! Also, I tried to watch iCarly, the app kept freezing! I reset the paramount+ app just about 10 times!!!! STILL FROZEN! Please fix.🥺 And also, the episode restarts then freezes towards the end! This was more than 2 months ago! If it wasn’t fixed then, it won’t be fixed now. I would give 2/3 if I could. The app is also getting not that better. It keeps lagging and if I delete, NOTHING will save, I mean nothing!! And also my favorite shows are on there. The shows I used to watch are also on there. Please fix! Other than that, your app is awesome! Paramount+ is good if it weren’t to be lagging. It doesn’t lag often, but it still does. And it is still good. But like I said, please fix. But your app is awesomely cool 😎 and I love it 😻. It just gets annoying because the lagging is everyone once a WEEK to me. If you would fix I would appreciate it😀. Your app is great! I hope even MORE shows come on. Including Cartoon Network and prime. Thank you for reading this if you did..Version: 8.0.10

Good content, app needs a lot of workI enjoy watching stuff on Paramount+ but it’s very hard to use. There is no watch list or anyway to bookmark stuff to easily find again, I have to search over & over again (especially if it’s a show I’m watching different seasons). This is especially an issue when I watch on my Apple TV & the search function is broken. The text box doesn’t show up, and when I type on my phone, it receives input, but I cannot select the show I searched for. I agree with another reviewer, more than average commercials, several of the reality shows I watch suddenly have credits (which aren’t normally shown on tv) & the service wants me to watch the end of the show, watch commercials, watch credits & preview for the next episode I’m about to watch in a few minutes, more commercials, watch recap of the episode I just watched & preview of this episode I started, more commercials. & once the commercials start I can’t change episodes. I hope as the app grows so will the QOL updates. I’m sure this could be a top tier streaming service..Version: 8.0.0

The shows are great, but the app could be betterI like some shows and movies on this app. I’m happy that CBS stepped their game up. The unfortunate side is that, the loading of shows and pages seem to require a lot of bandwidth. This means the show has I’m watching has to do frequent buffering while watching the show. The funny thing is the many commercials shown throughout watching have never needed to buffer. There are some other streaming services that I could recommend to Paramount+ to compare with. Of course, here is not the place to mention them. If they get around to fixing the threshold of bandwidth needed, I’ll change this rating to 5 stars. Also for any future customers, if you can afford the premium service, then do yourself a favor and pay for it. There are a lot of commercial breaks per video and there are a lot of somewhat long commercials. The commercials are repetitive. Paramount+ do not fret, I’m going to continue using the app and watch the shows I like. I recommend fixing how much buffering is needed. Thank you for providing this streaming service. I hope you all are well..Version: 8.0.12

This app is so bad they should be paying ME for having to use it.Having to pay for this crummy app is insult to injury, because it is garbage. It feels like creating it was rushed, then totally neglected after being launched. Trying to navigate it is anything but simple. (Hey CBS! The public already knows how these apps are supposed to feel, how they’re supposed to work; this one is counterintuitive and anything but smooth.) That’s only where problems begin with this app. It continues to forget that I’m a subscriber, and it actually locked me out more than once. (I don’t share my password.) The commercial traffic system the app uses seems constantly confused. It will misfire, break into shows at the wrong time, and often the viewer will have to watch shows as the PAUSE symbol displays over the action for reasons only a meth-fueled A.I. could understand. I could put up with this nonsense a little easier if I weren’t paying for this dumpster fire of an app. The developers should be embarrassed and CBS should set a higher bar. Come on, CBS. This is your face going forward, you’re capable of better, and sadly it’s a stain on your reputation. To the viewer, Hope you don’t care much about the viewing experience, or you’re going to be disappointed..Version: 7.3.30

Please readI have never taken the time to write a review before, but only the extreme incompetence of this company could have motivated me so. Aside from the complete slap in the face to fans about their policies (such as not sharing Star Trek to even people who pay to watch cbs on TV), this media platform that they want to herd us into is total x!:&)!!! It always jams, every single time. It doesn’t download, which is a feature u have to pay more for. And the interface is 5 years behind every other platform, including Netflix and Prime. I have never had any of these problems with either of those companies and I strongly recommend u only use the free trial to watch Star Trek and not pay a penny for this horrible platform. It’s clearly designed by a bug of power hungry snobs looking to promote themselves who have no clue what user experience means. In this world, the key to growth is to win customers loyalty first, and then leverage profits from that loyalty. Here, CBS knows nothing of what customers want. They just try to buy shows that already have a loyalty and then use it as hostage. No originality in creating incentives. No satisfaction for the customers. I don’t know how these people take pride in their work..Version: 6.2

Live TV segments issues, can’t save shows, doesn’t remember where left offI’m currently doing the commercial plan free preview. I will cancel very soon for three specific reasons. 1.) Going to live TV and selecting one of the segments glitch — Every single time a black screen flashes and it repeats the last 10 seconds before continuing to the next segment. This makes watching previous live TV segments unwatchable. 2.) The app does not remember where I left off, which means I have to start from the beginning of an episode upon coming back to the app. I’m lucky if I remember where I was, so this is another frustrating dealbreaker. 3.) There are a ton of shows, and some of them you can download, which are the only reasons I’ve ranked this two stars. Problem is, I have to scroll through hundreds of shows every time I want to see what I want to watch, because there is no way to “pin”, or otherwise mark a show as something I want to watch later. It is perplexing that there is no “list” or way to save a show to watch later. You really expect me to scroll for five whole minutes to try to find/remember the show that I wanted to watch last week? Biggest dealbreaker - I almost don’t even want to use for free without this feature. Lastly, there is a section called “Keep Watching”, but the shows don’t end up there if you don’t watch enough of them, so quickly opening a show to get it to save there as a hack doesn’t work..Version: 8.0.12

Can’t watch shows with headset paired, ANNOYINGI got the app to watch Star Trek. Fine. On my TV everything works fine. Until I tried watching it on my phone ( Where I watch it 90% of the time) I would love to watch the show with my headset paired, that way I can hear the sound effects and have some privacy. BUT I CAN’T. Because the stupid big message “now playing on Airplay” right in the middle of the screen won’t disappear every time I have my bluetooth headset paired, it keeps thinking my headset is a TV, seriously?. I already talked to my friend who works at Apple and I tried everything to fix this on phone settings but it’s an app bug. FIX IT PLEASE. ALSO, the show crashes frequently when going from one episode to another and a message “Fatal Error, due to licensing, it’s not available on your location” keeps displaying, requiring a phone reboot or app uninstall/ install. This app is a disappointment, worst app on my phone by far, you guys do not praise customers. Can’t believe I’m paying 10 dollars a month to have an app that doesn’t work with a modern Iphone with a bluetooth device paired. It’s ridiculous. Before charging people and having an app MAKE SURE IT WORKS. Cause so far it’s a scam..Version: 7.3.99

Be careful when choosing paramount +My review is more about paramount itself. Yes I did have problems with shows stopping while streaming on the app but that could be internet connection or my phone. My problem is that I paid for a commercial free account only to find that now they are going to still play commercials during the show. I tried to watch an older show that was on tv many years ago. I was surprised by the two commercials that popped up. I thought ok maybe they are doing what prime did to us and is showing a quick advertisement before the show. I can live with that. Then half way through the opening credits, it stopped again to show me a couple of commercials. I paid the higher price so I would have more control over what popped up on my computer screen. Tried to contact the service department and I found I can’t send an email. There are three lines at the bottom that I think are supposed to be drop down menus that I am not able to fill in so can’t send the email. Tried to call to get information on what is going on but the phone just hangs up. I don’t want anything to do with a service that I can’t contact. They don’t even post what shows would qualify for “commercial free.” Prime at least lets you know if they are going to interrupt your show with commercials. Wish CBS wouldn’t have changed to Paramount..Version: 8.0.12

The author should be ashamedThis app is pretty sad and CBS should be embarrassed. I can understand why they want to charge for vintage CBS programming but why should you have to pay to watch free programming from last month. Apparently the advertisers feel the same way as you can see they are few and far between. Every 10 minutes you get to see the same ads over again, some shows have only three different commercials which they show 2 and 3 times during one break. It’s no wonder they want to charge you to watch free tv, the advertising isn’t covering the cost. But besides that the app is flawed. It doesn’t keep track of the shows you watch, maybe you have to pay for that too. And it doesn’t have the ability to rewind 10 seconds back or forward during a show. Other video apps have this ability so the technology clearly exists. You can use the slider to move fore and aft, but that is not the least bit precise. Often it will bring you to a commercial break which you have to sit thru again. Which is hardly necessary as I’m sure you have the commercial memorized buy this time. So needless to say I rarely use this app and perhaps if others follow suit then maybe they will make an effort to improve the situation..Version: 6.4.3

They want $10/month for this app???Of all the streaming apps, this is the WORST app. It doesn’t take advantage of the pic-in-pic that is available on IOS 13+. I can’t see the the time or the battery levels while I am watching a show! It lists downloaded show numbers like this: episode 1, episode 10, episode 11, episode 12, episode 13, ... episode 19, episode 2, episode 20, episode 21... episode 29, episode 3, etc. WHO WATCHES SHOWS LIKE THAT!!!! Why can’t they list them sequentially that EVERY app does??? Even downloaded shows don’t work after 2 days, even though they don’t expire for 27 days. When you cast the shows to TV using HDMI adapter, the iPad turns off after 2min as set in the brightness section in settings. WHAT???? Why does it not know that the show is cast on the tv and the “turn off screen after X minutes” should be ignored, LIKE ALL OTHER APPS DO! Some shows can’t even be opened! I have been trying to open Most Wanted for days and it won’t open the iPad!! There is nothing worthy about this app on the iPad. It’s buggy and missing normal features geared towards human. I can’t pay 2 cents for it, forget $10! Not worth it at all!!!!!!.Version: 7.4.15

Not worth the money-Pray you never need customer serviceAfter an update when set to auto play this app started playing random series and skipping all over instead of staying in the same series and just playing one episode after another. After struggling with customer service for two weeks I turned off auto renew. All customer service does is copy and paste form typed responses asking the same questions over and over again and never deals with the issue. They don’t include the email thread in their responses and don’t appear to share any information with each other when they escalate the issue. Nothing gets resolved during first contact and every time you correspond you have to re-explain every single detail. It’s not worth the money! ADDENDUM: received a copy & paste response by the app developer asking me to call them again. If I’m not happy with the first nine times why would I want to ruin my day by dealing with them again? My last three correspondences were them prattling on about how they can’t find my subscription and never dealing with the issue I contacted them about. Duh?! When I saw how crappy their app and customer service was I canceled the subscription. I’m not about to pay for crap service. That’s foolish..Version: 6.3.3

Truly TerribleI really hate writing bad reviews, I work in customer service and bad reviews are the worst! However! Because you have to purchase the service to see Picard, and there is no other way, this makes having a terrible service even worse. To create an amazing show, to make it available only if you pay monthly for this service, and then have said service be incredibly slow and glitchy to the point of being practically inoperable is truly a way of showing you care little for your subscribers beyond their money. This is truly the most poorly functioning streaming service I have encountered and I struggle through Prime Tv often. Not only is it incredibly slow, when I watch shows it will get stuck on a commercial loop. It will go to commercial break, go back to the last two seconds before break, then back to a commercial break stopping to try to load for several seconds between each commercial. This will repeat endlessly until I restart completely. At that point, even if I check for updates, turn it of and on again, turn the entire system off and on again, all basic troubleshooting, if you attempt to resume the show it goes strait back into the loop. I am truly frustrated and disappointed and despite my absolute love of all things Picard and Patrick Stewart I will sadly chose to no longer toss money into something that does not work..Version: 7.2.100

Very Poor AppI can’t believe with the cost of this App it should be flawless I downloaded 10 shows for a long flight when I got on my flight the next day they were all gone! It took hours to download even with gigabit internet Episodes do not download in the background you have to keep the app open to download properly. Then shows you finished watching Show up as not completed watching so after you watch several seasons of a show you’ve got maybe 12 Episode from various seasons that show as not completed this app is very poorly written I would not recommend it especially with the cost of theSubscription unfortunately I signed up for a year and I’m stuck with it and I can’t cancel Before my earrings out stay away from this app and their subscription service I am canceling as soon as I can The worst part is since updates to iOS 13 this app audio plays out of synce with the video it keeps getting worse. The search function is terrible you have to type the exact name of the show if you do not type the name exact you will not find it. Case in point CBS News will not search the CBS news - you must type in CBS Evening News - oh yeah and you can only watch Yesterday’s news ! Boo CBS!.Version: 8.0.2

Crashes, loses spot, makes you watch unnecessary commercialsIf I could give this app 0 stars, I would. When I use this app with Chromecast, it constantly crashes and not only does the app crash, it causes my Chromecast to crash as well. Then when everything comes back up, it doesn’t start your show at the same spot AND makes you watch commercials before it even starts at the wrong spot, then chances are you’re gonna have to fast forward thru a scheduled commercial break and then you’re gonna have to wait for those as well. It’s ridiculous. Such a horrible bug needs to be fixed and be fixed NOW. Then there’s the horrible lack of certain content. If people are paying for this service, ALL of the CBS library should be available. I imagine a lot of people want a CBS service so they can watch shows like The Big Bang Theory. Welp. Sorry. YOU ONLY GET 5 EPISODES. Are you kidding me? One of their most popular shows and you can only watch the last 5 episodes?? Do your fans a favor and give them the content they want instead of asking for more money on top of the money you already ask for the streaming service. Horrible..Version: 4.20.1

Needs fixing!I like this app because I can watch shows that aren’t available anywhere else (like Scorpion), but there are a few issues that knocked it down to 3 stars instead of 5... 1. When watching a show, the app will crash & exit completely out of the app, making you have to restart it. 2. When I hit the “next episode” option, I get a message saying that the episode is not available in my area; & when I hit the “continue watching” option, it plays the episode I just watched, so then I have to search up the show to keep watching. 3. There’s no queue or way to mark any shows as a favorite, so if it’s not a super popular show or it’s an older show (like Scorpion), to get the right episode you have to search the show to make sure you get the right episode & not the one you just finished. Sorry for the very long review, but these little things are getting annoying! On a positive note, the variety of shows & movies is amazing! I only wish it worked better so I could watch more!.Version: 8.0.10

Sooooooo frustrating!!!The poor function of this app is so irritating. At first I thought it might be our internet connection but I don’t see how it could be. It takes an hour to watch a half hour episode because of the frequent stopping and loading. We stream directv now and Netflix using our Apple TV with no real issues. I could see if we were streaming a live episode but we’re watching a previously aired episode on demand. What is the issue with getting an episode to load and play through??!! I can’t believe that I’m paying for such a crappy service, but I have no other choice if I want to watch the show I want to see because CBS is not even available on directv now. At least they fixed the issue we had previously when the app would crash after one episode and would not load anything else. We were limited to watching one episode a day. Anyways, planning on canceling the subscription after the season ends next month anyway so I’ll only be out $18. Hey CBS, if you are going to take people’s money at least give them a quality product. ABC app works great and I don’t have to pay extra to use it! Unless you are a CBS super fan and just HAVE to have this app I would not recommend it..Version: 5.1

It’s ... somethingThe service gives you access to some things the question is... do you want it? In my case I want to watch Star Trek: Discovery and the app says they are available on Thursday... which they are but you’ll be waiting until prime time (for some unknown reason) in order to watch it. Why? Either let the episode fly first thing Thursday or tell us it becomes available Friday. Other successful streaming services figured this out years ago. Also, access to Big Brother cameras? How about those feeds NOT be the first thing I see when I go to watch an episode? I’d rather you not spoil my experience because I’m watching the show after a few episodes have aired. I have to cover my eyes as I try to navigate to the episodes. I don’t want to see who is still in the house on week 4 while watching episode 1. Other than these gripes, I’d say 90% of what is offered with this app I don’t use. Daytime T.V.? That’s a thing of the past, we’ve unplugged. Use that money to make shows that aren’t geared to get bored people to the next commercial break. Make shows that get people to want to pay for your service..Version: 6.2

Not at all what I expect from CBSI subscribed to this app because there are some past shows that I would like to watch. Imagine my disappointment upon learning that only some episodes of shows are offered. Really CBS? You want me to pay for an app that the other broadcast networks offer for free, then limit the episodes available? Plus, you haven’t taken the time to redo the shows that are offered to play clearly in HD! The quality of shows from the 80s and 90s is laughable. I’m talking about freezing video, pixelation of the video, etc. I am actually glad to be able to find some of these shows that aren’t offered anywhere else. But I’m not sure the lack of a full episode offering and the low quality of the video offered is worth the expense of a paid subscription. And while it’s true that the cost is not high, it’s the principle that a broadcast network would be money-grubbing enough to only offer a paid subscription service, then not actually take the money received from those paid subscriptions to do the necessary remastering of the shows to bring them up to current quality standards. Shame on you CBS!.Version: 4.19

Why Pay For Network TV?I've been impressed with all the other network apps but was sorely disappointed with this one. Considering there are commercials and they don't have full runs of many shows, it seems even more ridiculous that it's a paid subscription. Even the cable apps don't force you to pay extra if you're already paying for cable. I could see - MAYBE - having a separate subscription app for commercial free full run classic shows and new material like Star Trek Discovery. But honestly, all the other networks are streaming full run classics for free in their main app. CBS has nearly always had my least favorite programming and making people pay on top of it, well, it's too much. I very much wanted to support the new Star Trek - especially considering the cast and crew involved - but unfortunately CBS has made it so I can't without supporting far more than I think is right. My only hope is that CBS will see their failure is in their delivery and not in the content of the first show in over a decade I've had any interest in on this channel that always seems to be directed at someone's grandma or maiden aunt..Version: 4.16.5

Worst AppI have this app on Roku and my phone. It’s the worst app I’ve ever seen. I don’t write reviews, it’s a waste of time. But when some greedy company is trying to force me to upgrade because of constant commercials, I retaliate. I feel it is my civic duty to let the world know. Precursor, I can handle commercials, but when it promises to play “4 adds” and it plays the same “Real Real” add four times, “Duracell” add three times, and “Revelon”make up two more times in the same promises “4 add” time allotment. There is something wrong. Worst yet, after all the adds play, the video reloads at the wrong spot often a portion of the video you already watched, before the adds, This often results in an infinite loop because the commercials are then re-triggered. I wish I was joking. After seeing the same commercials nearly 10 loops in a row. This actually does the opposite affect, I want nothing to do with any of the advertisers. Way to go CBS. Instead of sending people to prison let’s make them watch a show on the CBS app. CBS has invented a new form of torture. Very unhappy. Will end subscription soon and encourage everyone I know to do the same until this issue is fixed..Version: 7.2.100

Where to begin ...The app itself on the iPhone and Apple TV is super buggy. It never recognizes my subscription and every time I want to watch anything I have to delete the App and reinstall it and then restore my iTunes purchase. Super convenient. The app will also buffer every few minutes for anywhere from a few minutes to indefinitely. This is only an issue on CBS, all other apps stream fine and my internet speed is testing at the normal levels. Frequently, it will buffer so long that the app quits and sends me back to the home page. I’ve tried on three separate nights and wasn’t able to finish a single episode because of all the buffering. When I try to restart the show it makes sure I first watch all the ads again. This leads to the best part ... ... the best part about CBS All Access is that if you purchase the “commercial free” option, you still get commercials. At least four commercial breaks in an hour long show. On other streaming platforms, if certain programs in the commercial free plan will still have commercials they let you know ahead of your purchase so you can make an informed choice as a consumer, but CBS just wants to surprise you. So thoughtful!.Version: 7.3.82

Horrible!I’m beyond frustrated and angry! For several yrs., I’ve been paying to watch CBS shows and all I get is constantly frozen episodes! It takes 2 hrs SERIOUSLY to watch an hour long show. Every minute, the app freezes and I have to close it and start over. If I try to resume, I have to watch all the commercials and then it freezes again. I’ve been through the whole customer service thing and they just want to blame it on Verizon. I’ve had Verizon to my home. They’ve checked everything and are sure it’s on YOUR end! Why can’t you fix this problem that apparently a ton of other customers are having? You’re the only major network that charges to watch their shows and I can’t even watch them This is disgusting!!! **UPDATE EVEN MORE DISGUSTED I posted my review a week ago and you replied saying the app had been updated and as far as you were concerned, all problems fixed. You asked that I post a new review after I used the new updated app. Well here I am and more annoyed than the first time! You app freezes constantly! I have to close the app, reopen it and start my show over FROM THE BEGINNING including the million commercial! What am I paying for?????? ABC, NBC and FOX don’t charge and their apps work perfect! Please fix this app or I’m done paying. It looks like I’m not alone either so keep your eyes open for a ton of cancellations!!!.Version: 6.4.1

Should be freeThis app should really be free. It’s very buggy and lacks basic capabilities that most streaming apps have. For instance, you can’t remove shows from your continue watching list. If you try something and don’t like it, it will just stay in your continue watching. There is no way to get rid of it. When you completely finish a show, it still stays there even though there is nothing left to watch. There is also no ability to create a watchlist. You have to mentally keep track of what you want to watch and then search to find it when you are ready to watch. It would be nice to have a list so you can keep track of everything you want to watch in one place. Sometimes it keeps track of your place and sometimes it doesn’t. If you only watch part of an episode and then come back to finish it later, you have a 50/50 shot of it remembering your place or you having to start at the beginning. For that matter, sometimes it tries to make you watch the previous episode again. This app could really be good if they would fix the bugs and add basic capabilities that allow you some control..Version: 7.4.18

No longer connects to TV appWorked pretty well for my multi-device family until it recently stopped integrating with the TV app. Now the app no longer shows in Up Next, and it’s not even an option in the How to Watch section of a search results screen (e.g., what you get after doing a search with Siri). With multiple devices in the family, it was the TV app for each device/user that kept track of which episode everyone was on, and now that we all have to use the app, and the app doesn’t even have profiles of its own, that tracking is gone, making for a lot of frustration. That CBS doesn’t let you turn off the horrendous feature that is auto-play on the Apple TV version just makes things worse if someone falls asleep while watching or just dares to tread too close to the end of an episode. Ultimately, this will force me to either re-sub through the Apple TV app (which will hit CBS financially) or drop my sub. It’s just that frustrating. Plus, just as Netflix’s refusal to support the TV app has led me to dramatically curb my watching of its offerings to the point I may soon cancel my 20-year old sub there, the same would happen with CBS and my commercial-free All Access sub. Without shows showing in Up Next — the starting point for TV for me — I simply forget about shows not listed there, and I rarely get around to checking the apps because I always have something queued up in Up Next..Version: 7.2.70

Worst streaming app. Do not purchaseSince I first subscribed to CBS, the service has given me nothing but glitches and errors that render it practically unusable. The service fails to work on my ipad, Samsung TV, laptop and iPhone. Technical support has been unable/unwilling to fix the problem. They see, to think that the problem is on my end, but the fact that the service fails to work on multiple devices and connections points to the fact that this is a very poorly constructed streaming platform. I purchased a subscription for one reason only: to watch Champions League. It’s disappointing that Viacom can not find a place on its multitude of networks to air these games on live tv and that I a forced to pay for an app that doesn’t work in order to try to watch these games. I will be canceling CBS because they have been unwilling to solve these streaming problems and do not give out refunds for their broken platform. I will have to resort to pirate streams for champions league, which is really disappointing. Tl;dr — Do not purchase this streaming service to watch Champions League. It does not work. Find a pirate stream or subscribe to Funko instead..Version: 7.4.12

Love the update. ButLove the new look of your app. But would love it even more if it wasn’t so glitchey. It plays for a few minutes and shuts off. Please fix this issue. And yes before you ask I’m running the latest Apple software and I have turned my phone off and back on. Hasn’t helped it. I’m updating my review to a one star. You have got to fix the issue with it shutting off in the middle of playback. This is ridiculous. I don’t want to because I enjoy Seal Team and Star Trek but it’s not worth the hassle this app has become. Yes the previous version was old and clunky but at least the dang thing worked and I could watch a complete show. You need to force your programmers to watch or attempt to watch a show and see how frustrated they get. Don’t they check to make sure it works before they send out an update? Or is that just too crazy to ask??? Update big thanks to Skfor. I deleted the app and reinstalled. It seems to have fixed the issue. Still giving it one star do to the fix came from a user and not CBS. plus have you tried the forget password link? That’s a joke you have to have your old password to reset a new one. Luckily I found my old password or I’d be back to square one.Version: 7.0

Ill ConceivedI signed up for the 1-week trial because I've been a Star Trek fan for 17 years and I wanted to watch Discovery in quality and also to support everyone's efforts (after all, they're using Trek as the flagship of this new streaming service and to heavily promote it). Unfortunately, the service has some serious issues. Even for the $6.99 a month, there are still commercial breaks set up as they would be on TV. That's one thing, and maybe it wouldn't bother everyone -- I understand that. But I have also had a very frustrating time getting Discovery, as well as other shows, to play without issue. Often, an episode won't start (the commercial beforehand plays flawlessly, however...) and instead hangs on a black or green screen. Other times, I get an error message saying CBS servers are unavailable. I understand this service is relatively new compared to the other streaming options out there, but since its launch, there has been plenty of time to work out the kinks, and it boggles the mind how CBS, considering the size and experience of this company, cannot successfully implement what several other companies have been doing for years. It just goes to show how far behind the times the people in charge are..Version: 4.16.5

What’s the PointI am extremely disappointed with the CBS app. The only reason I purchased it was to watch and support the new Star Trek Discovery series. I really have no significant interest in streaming other CBS shows since I can watch them in prime time. It is not an exaggeration that this is the worst network app available. Not only am I paying a monthly premium to use this app because it’s the only way to watch this Star Trek series, but for this particular series, the app often stops, pauses, freezes and at times only audio is available. For six episodes, I have been dealing with this and my frustration is now at its peak. Like so many who have commented on the App Store, I am completely fed up and will be dropping my subscription and deleting the app. And it’s truly a shame because this Star Trek series has been very entertaining. However, I can no longer support it because a 45 min episode takes over an hour and a half to watch since the streaming stops so often or I am forced to reboot the app. Honestly, CBS should just air the show in prime time and save the series which will likely lose viewers due to disgruntled, fed up fans..Version: 4.16.5

Irresponsible app and trash serviceWOULDN’T RECOMMEND THIS TRASH TO ANYONE, doesn’t even deserve any star but this system won’t let me 🙄 I signed up for the app, it gave me 1 week of free trial BUT it wouldn’t let me sign in right after I made my account, it kept stating my email ID and password were invalid so i reset my password and IT STILL DIDNT WORK (all 3 times) I called their customer service, they told me I can’t have special characters in my password so I had to reset my password without using special characters and it worked, but the next day I couldn’t access my account yet again it still gave me the “invalid ID and password” 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I reached out to them for the millionth time and they kept telling me to reset my password. A week passed they charged me for the subscription when I couldn’t even get into my account 😪. And finally they told me my password should be under 10 cases (whats with all the restriction in the password and why wouldn’t they state that from the VERY beginning, hmm suspicious) SOOOOOOOO I finally got into my cbs account and unsubscribed from this day light robbery 🙃 Oh I forgot to mention they have “no refund” policy so with all the password hassles I can see why the no refund policy exists 🙂.Version: 7.3.70

UPDATE Paying for CBS aside, the app is awfulIt’s been many months since the original review. And, it gets worse. I cannot begin to understand how DOWNLOADED episode exhibit streaming / buffering artifacts. And, the fact there is no PIP or jump forward even after all this time is an insult to paying customers. Streaming services and apps have been around for a decade. Picture is picture about half that. Why is it every streaming app can handle the basics except for this one? No PIP means you are locked into a video and no way to do something as simple as responding to a text without exiting. And, upon return you have to spend a fair amount of tine finding the correct episode and position within the episode. For example, I am binging on a show now, when I enter the app, the Recently Viewed section shows episodes from a season I a am done with and had watched days earlier - having watched several others since. The scrubber doesn’t work. You can move the slider, but it does not change the position in the video. I don’t necessarily mind paying CBS for commercial free. But, the full back catalog should be available, and the app must not be aggravating and user hostile..Version: 6.3.3

Frustrating to useI had hoped that with the conversion from CBS to Paramount Plus, we would get a redesigned app. I am disappointed that it didn’t turn out that way. I would recommend this service a lot more if there were a couple more features. First it needs a watchlist feature. I cannot stand having to browse for the show that I want to watch every single time instead of going to one place that has all the shows I have earmarked to watch. Also, downloads need to be fixed. And no it is not my device nor my internet connection. This is the only app where after 2 days, anything downloaded pops up with an error message when I try to play it. Supposed to be available for 30 days but really ends up being 2. I am aware that once you start to watch an episode you have a certain amount of time to finish watching before it expires. That is not what I’m referring to. Again, I do not have issues with any other streaming service’s app with downloading and watching episodes later. I live in an area where I don’t have access to at-home internet so this is a very important issue to me. I would use and recommend this app a lot more if these issues were fixed/ added.Version: 8.0.0

FrustratingThis is ridiculous. When the app works it works fine. But it freezes a lot. Then the app needs to be closed to restart. The download should be a true download. Some episodes simply stop and there is not resetting that position. The only thing to do is remove the download and the re-download. Now if I had consistent WiFi, then why would I need to download? It is like the developers have never traveled nor used the other online apps like Prime or Netflix or ITunes. I paid for it. I should be able to download the episode, with error correction, see the episode and then delete it. Simple. But not on this app. When I am on a plane or train and wi-if is spotty, that should not even matter because the episodes are downloaded! And I am traveling overseas now and can’t watch because I am out of the country???? Ridiculous. I downloaded the episodes in the USA, I should be able to watch them overseas. Same as the other apps. CBS, if you want me to pay full price then make Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery on iTunes and I will pay it. But if you want me to use the CBS app and pay you directly at least give me an app that works and works for travel. Not every user is a 20 year old sitting on their mom’s couch. Some of us have jobs, money, choices and are aware of other apps and how this CBS app should function..Version: 6.4.1

The worst app for a major streaming serviceAre you interested in watching the NFL? Do you pay for cable? CBS doesn’t care! In order to stream professional football, you still have to pay for an online subscription. Price gouging aside, the app itself has a few issues. It has a tendency to crash during major sporting events (the Super Bowl. If I’m trying to cut the chord but have to deal with a faulty app throughout any program, it more than defeats the purpose). Take Star Trek: Discovery for an example. A show with a sturdy plot that is the heir to an amazing franchise, some of us look forward to watching the newest episode on Thursdays. However, it is quite difficult to watch an episode when the CBS app reads “fatal error...” and refuses to play the episode—whether it was downloaded or not. Is this an internet problem? Uhhh no. We checked that. Is this a streaming issue? Uhhh no. Did we delete the app and reinstall it? Was there still a fatal error? Yes. Did we have a problem streaming NCIS? No. There was literally only a problem streaming Discovery. I’ve disliked CBS for years bc of their garbage approach to NFL football, but this is unconscionable. I will be discontinuing my subscription. I will, however utilize a free subscription to watch Star Trek, as that is literally the only reason to spend any money on CBS’s trash can of an organization..Version: 7.4.14

UPDATE to post, Very disappointing!I have included an update to this post below. The application fails to load episodes in a timely fashion if at all. The episodes often skip back one or two seconds repeatedly during regular viewing. The episodes often freeze and stop playback stuck on the loading wheel. This problem is not resolved if you purchase the commercial free plan. Use of this application was very, VERY frustrating. Commercial free access worked on my computer without a hitch on the webpage. This application needs very serious work done to it. UPDATE. I received an immediate response to this post from the developer thanking me for my patience, and assuring me that the bugs had been resolved. They were correct. So far the bugs have been resolved and the application works well. I am changing my review to 3 stars for now. If the application continues to function well when my internet is under load this weekend I will most likely raise my rating to four stars. I do appreciate prompt courteous responses..Version: 4.16.5

Bug fixesI’m a big fan of CBS and all their content which is why I have All Access. I cannot write a reviews on pre-released versions of iOS (but I can on other devices with released iOS!), but I want you to be aware that your video player crashes on BOTH iOS 13.0 and 13.1 betas. It doesn’t matter if it’s streaming on WiFi, streaming on cellular or from downloaded content - videos crash after 2-3 minutes. And even if ~3minutes does play prior to crashing, the CBS app (and AppleTV app) will not update its new time stamp of where to resume. It seems like this issue appeared once v7.0 was released in conjunction with an iOS 13.0 beta. I even hopped on the unexpected iOS 13.1 beta in hopes that this issue was fixed but the same app crashing in the middle of video playing kept occuring. Just a FYI that we are days away from iOS 13 being fully released to public and would be a shame to not have a fix in place, especially those who paid. I know I run my own risk of testing beta iOS releases but I enjoy giving the necessary feedback..Version: 7.0.5

Why should I report an issue with Paramount+?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Paramount+ to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Paramount+ customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Paramount+.

Is Paramount+ not working?

Paramount+ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Paramount+.

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