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Good value.Updating my review. The app works well but the billing system is the worst I have ever seen. I was billed for the higher cost plan with Showtime and tried to change it to the cheaper basic. I don’t care for Showtime. No one answers on chat, FB Messenger or much of anything. No phone number or email if you are in the USA. Trying to get a refund as we speak and they don’t want to do it. Their policy is no refunds so if you get mad and cancel they will keep your money and close your account. This is actually theft in my book. I came to the app as a Start Trek fan. I did not realize at first they have every Trek series back to the original (TOS)! I am not a big TV fan and cancelled cable years ago. However, I now can get my favorite SciFi series and go back to ones I never saw before like Voyager and Deep Space 9 and see what I missed. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed them all. It has been a therapeutic diversion during these stressful times. I love that I can watch on a mobile device while in bed or sitting in my office. I would also say that it is worth the extra money to get commercial free..Version: 14.0.88

Coding is good….but…The coding for the app is good on all of the platforms (iOS, ipad os and tvOS). The app is stable, video streams are stable, no buffering, and audio and video are always in sync. But when you pay for a service, I think it’s also important to comment on the purchased content. What frustrates me about Paramount (Viacom, CBS, or whatever it’s called these days) os that the company has a very fractured licensing, and distribution model across all of its brands. As an example, when CBS All Access merged into Paramount+ the news releases said the parent company (again, whatever name it goes by these days) was bringing all of the brands under one hood (i.e. Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc…) Then there is the Viacom brand VH1. Viacom puts some VH1 content only in the VH1 app and some content in the Paramount+ app. For example, Drag Race All Stars 6 was distributed only on the Paramount+ app but the regular Season 14 is only in the VH1 app. And just this week, Drag Race All Stars 7 was announced and with that announcement the press release said All Stars 7 would only be on Paramount+. This is frustrating for a consumer who is paying for the Paramount+ subscription to figure out between all of the Viacom companies which app has which content. Why does Viacom flip and flop on which app they will release content on?.Version: 8.0.54

4 STARS AND HERE’S WHYFirst of I think that paramount+ deserves that editor’s choice (which they got) and second of all I am a huge fan of iCarly! The kids version is a meh, but the adult version is off the charts! But there’s one issue with the adult version. I DO NOT GET TO SEE CARLY’S MOM!! Okay, I looked it up to see if there would be a season 4, AND THERE’S NOT! Like WHAT?!?! COME ON JUST CONTINUE THE SHOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I just want to see what Carly’s mom looks like and I need more! I already watched all the episodes within 5 days! And I need more! Listen I watch iCarly 24/7 and I cannot get enough of it! But ending the show like that! NO, NO, NO, NO!! I was even CONSIDERING DELETING the app. But then I was like ehhhhhhh. Also what the heck is awkward? Every time I finish the show iCarly it just show’s my this random show called “awkward” anyways this was my review. I recommend downloading this app I mean who doesn’t have it?!??!?!? But please, continue the show and even if you don’t at least show us Carly’s mom! P.S. if you don’t want a spoiler don’t look CARLY and FREDDIE are together! So that means Creddie (Carly and Freddie) beat the Seddies! (Sam and Freddie) Edit: thank you paramount+ for leaving a developer response!.Version: 14.0.86

I AM IN MY GLORY.....!Since yesterday, when I discovered this app...I have watched, back to back a TV SERIES that I had resigned myself to miss. It’s happened before; if I cannot afford it...it’s not for me. Dispute intense regret, I waved good bye to the ad on my ipad. When I saw the ad and went further into it, I was amazed. No kidding....at 67, I’m still a child of the universe and STAR TREK arriving in my life in 1966, was a “me’ changer. I literally covered the back of my bedroom door with photos from the TV GUIDE AND ANY I could con from Desilu..I attended the New York CONS! There is way more to this story, but that’s not for here. HERE, I will sing the praises of finding EVERY STAR TREK MOVIE, SHOW, TRAILERS and something called STAR TREK SHORTS. Short, wonderful pieces that bring you back to your (mine,too) first stunned, breathless moments when your realization that there COULD be something better for the Human race. If you are a TREKKIE, TREKKER, OR just watch for fun...you understand. The 100,000 of fans are not just good luck....we understand. If YOU DON’T understand; here is where you will! Oh, there are a ton of other shows I intend to ‘exploit’ when I need a break from the Federation....come and see!.Version: 7.3.10

Crashes, loses spot, makes you watch unnecessary commercialsIf I could give this app 0 stars, I would. When I use this app with Chromecast, it constantly crashes and not only does the app crash, it causes my Chromecast to crash as well. Then when everything comes back up, it doesn’t start your show at the same spot AND makes you watch commercials before it even starts at the wrong spot, then chances are you’re gonna have to fast forward thru a scheduled commercial break and then you’re gonna have to wait for those as well. It’s ridiculous. Such a horrible bug needs to be fixed and be fixed NOW. Then there’s the horrible lack of certain content. If people are paying for this service, ALL of the CBS library should be available. I imagine a lot of people want a CBS service so they can watch shows like The Big Bang Theory. Welp. Sorry. YOU ONLY GET 5 EPISODES. Are you kidding me? One of their most popular shows and you can only watch the last 5 episodes?? Do your fans a favor and give them the content they want instead of asking for more money on top of the money you already ask for the streaming service. Horrible..Version: 4.20.1

Pleasantly Surprised…So we downloaded the app probably about two months ago for Yellowstone and 1883. Caught up on some others and then kind of forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Went back to watch 1883 and nothing would play. Had an error message saying couldn’t stream to our region. Now I live in Hawaii but we are still part of the good old US of A so I didn’t understand the issue. Thought maybe it was just a hiccup, but, nay, it continued. I looked up how to possibly reset and fix it but nothing worked from the FAQ page. I will admit we were a bit frustrated and after reading the reviews I thought we were done with the app. Now at this point you all are wondering why I gave 4 stars and how I was “pleasantly surprised“. I called their customer service and my rep went into the account and reset our account. She told me to wait a couple of hours before I try again and she would also submit a query to the tech department. She had me give her all the info that came up in my account settings page and even the model of my Apple TV. Now it didn’t come up after the two hours or even later that night, but next day, today, it is working beautifully. Mahalo (a proper Hawaiian thank you) Paramount+ for the great shows and the excellent customer service!.Version: 8.0.47

Questionable whether I will keep subscribing continuouslyThe app performs its basic functions well, but doesn’t let me focus on what I’m interested in (Star Trek and nothing else); search sometimes behaves weirdly, too - try searching “Star trek”, it gives zero results. Very bad…. Rather than starting on my personal series list, it forces me to look a a home page full of stuff I have no interest in. Added to the facts that I now have to pay an additional $2/month for Showtime, which I don’t want, just to get rid of ads, and a lot of future Star Trek has been cancelled, the value proposition is now pretty poor. Also, despite being logged in to a no-ad account, more than half the time I get shown 30 second promotional ads anyway; I have to cancel and restart episodes to skip them (getting the 6-second logo splash instead). I very much appreciate the Star Trek content, but everything else is wasted on me. Once Lower Decks finishes I will probably drop subscription until new Star Trek content comes out. Without the boost from the excellent Star Trek content, I’d probably rate the app at 1 or 2 stars for poor execution on ad-free tier and lack of any other valuable content for me. Not to mention invasive data collection..Version: 14.0.84

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