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Good, but with a few problems...So, Paramount+ is amazing and has a lot of good content. Probably my second favorite streaming service other then Peacock because well... Battlestar Galactica. But that doesn’t mean Paramount+ has problems, of course, and I believe I’d like to point out two (this may be outdated soon since they’re updating the app a lot) in which my first problem is probably the fact that their is no Squidward or basically more Spongebob characters that could be profile pictures. Squidward is my favorite character and I wish he was an available profile picture. If you also added more Spongebob profile pictures in general then it would probably be more enjoyable for Spongebob fans that don’t just want Spongebob and Patrick. My second reason is that they actually removed a Spongebob episode (we’re still on the topic of Spongebob xp) called Mid Life Crustacean. Of course, this isn’t a real problem since Prime still has the episode but I still find it a bit weird that you removed it. Honestly, this app is amazing and I give it a solid four until my second review comes in. Thank you for noticing!.Version: 8.0.2

Great app. I wish I could give it 4 1/2 star rating insteadI love this app! Especially bc my tv tends to not always record every episode or sometimes someone will delete it before I get a chance to watch it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there are a lot of commercials & if you don’t finish the episode that day or even the same day and decide you want to go back and finish it you have to go back to the beginning and fast forward to wear you left off, which doesn't seam so bad. Except you have to watch all the same commercials that you already watched before the show will begin (so say you watched an hour of the episode and only have 20 minutes left till the end, it will make you watch however many commercials it played during that hour you already watched) I mean It could be a lot worse and you couldn’t fast forward at ALL! So I don’t mind having to watch 6 commercials in a row because that’s how many were played up until the point of the show I exited it at, and they aren’t that long either . I just wish the app could remember where you left off and start it from the same place. That’s really my only complaint! But honestly it’s not a huge deal. The quality is great, it never skips or has issues pausing to catch up or loading issues so if there was a 41/2 stars that’s what I would give it. But for an app that you can get on your phone and not have to pay for its amazing! I highly recommend it if you are a CBS watcher!.Version: 7.2.90

Unmatched QualityThis app has allowed me to watch my favorite show’s episodes a few hours after it aired, which is supreme if you miss TV episodes when they air, especially if you miss it due to something you can’t control such as a breaking news announcement interrupting the show or completely taking up the slot that your show was supposed to be on air. For example, I enjoy watching “The Bold and the Beautiful”, which comes on at 1:30 pm EST. But because of the current pandemic, Covid-19, live governors’ updates concerning the novel coronavirus are aired during the slot that “The Bold and the Beautiful” comes on and takes up the ENTIRE slot the show is supposed to be on air. A few hours later (specifically at 5:30 pm EST), the episode is also uploaded to CBS. This has been really helpful in me getting to watch my favorite TV show when I can’t see it on air during its usual time. The visual quality of said episodes on this app is also great, which I sincerely appreciate..Version: 7.3.30

ChangesI like this app. The old version on my old iPad, used to crash while I was watching it. The only way I could finish the show is if I streamed it to my tv. One of the things I’m happy that doesn’t happen anymore. As for the removal of the schedule of what’s coming on which was still on here a few days ago, not so happy about. There should be a program schedule within the app. Also new, not able to see shows in order as aired on the home page, which was removed a few days ago as well. The ease of not having to search for each program individually within the app is no longer there. One of the features I liked. I get the change, but there needs to be something to replace this for long time users that have been accustomed to this as well as preparing for new users. The ease and functionality for users should be priority within the scope of being innovative, especially for apps that have new content daily..Version: 8.0.0

Great AppI am enjoying this app immensely. My one-week trial is now over and subscribing to CBS All Access has been a great investment for enjoying the content offered. I am internet-only through my cable company—no TV (and loving it). You get many TV shows with this app—current, new, and old—special presentations, news, and the livestream of CBS broadcasts; including affiliate news casts for your local area. If you cannot catch regularly scheduled CBS shows on the livestream, you can alway watch CBS shows on YOUR time. Very convenient. Picture quality is good to excellent on the TV shows I’ve seen. Audio quality is also good to excellent. I have no buffering issues on my end or their end—I have 100 Mbps internet. The variety of content is excellent. Only a few movies are available for streaming; this is mainly an app for TV shows, news, and CBS special presentations more so than for movies. Anyway, I am very satisfied. The subscription price is reasonable and the content is highly enjoyable! I use this app on my 12.9” iPad Pro, iPhone, and AppleTV-4!.Version: 4.17.1

A Review on the App - Not the ContentI am very happy with the app and have had no issues watching on my iPad, TV, AppleTV & Roku. I am extremely pleased that now there are profiles; so that my husband & I don’t mess each other up on where we are on shows anymore. That is such an amazing feature to now have. Having the hubs for MTV, CBS, BET, and the other channels content is very helpful when I am looking for something specific like cartoons to cheer me up on the Nickelodeon hub. The only thing that keeps me from a five star review is a watchlist. It would be helpful to be able to add films & TV shows to a watchlist for later viewing. I do find it rather odd that out of all the streaming services available this is the only one I can find that doesn’t have the availability of a watchlist for its users. It’s the only thing this app needs to make it the perfect app. Is that going to be part of a future update? Other then that, I am happy with how this app functions and the fluidity of it..Version: 7.4.16

Fairly typical TV app, but occasional freezesThe CBS all-access works fairly well, can be used to find network programming and watch it and watch live TV. I e had a couple of issues I’d like to see fixed, though. First, after playing a downloaded show for a while (~30 min), the show video will freeze for about 3 seconds while audio continues. Everything work again and the video will start again properly synced with audio, but advanced to the current audio position. Then both will work for a few seconds before the next freeze a few seconds later. I’ve only been able to fix this by killing the app (swipe up) and restart and that doesn’t always work. The second issue is that I have trouble with some shows. For example, I received a push notification that CBS Sunday Morning’s latest episode was available, but when I go to watch, the app says there’s an error and it cannot find the show. Not sure if this is a transient to more serious problem..Version: 7.2.80

Champions League and Europa LeagueJust wanted to provide some details about the terrific CBS All Access coverage of both Champions League and Europa League football. In particular, I greatly value 1) access to all matches on replay, 2) landing pages that do NOT provide match scores (no spoilers), 3) no score updates displayed from other matches while watching replays, 4) ability to advance or go back in time to manage my viewing as I see fit, and 5) match feeds with British announcers that longtime fans have come to know and like best; there is no need to replace the British feeds with "Americanized" broadcasts that include overly talkative play by play announcers and/or poor commentary, or analysts that are compelled to develop story lines for the sake of creating drama; we've seen this done from other networks [ever watch an MLS match?]. And so in summary, I am most appreciative that the critical aspects of football broadcasts listed above are part of the CBS All Access coverage. You should be very proud of the offered service, and I for one am a very satisfied subscriber. Keep up the great work!.Version: 7.3.96

6 bucks is a cup of coffee a month...As a cord cutter this year, I actually prefer the cbs app to the nbc/abc apps. Most of the shows I watch are cbs, so I did the trial for a month. I watch maybe 3-4 stations on cable and my wife and additional four. I don’t mind paying 10 bucks for directvnow, 11 for Netflix, and 6 for CBS, instead of 89 dollars for cable for 125 channels of junk. For now this is as close as ala cart we can get. What I have learned as a cord cutter is that I watch less tv, so that’s a good thing. Binge when I can and spend more time with family, volunteering, and professional development. Watch less, live more, and make beautiful memories. Cut the cord today! App had some connection issues last night other than that no issues when I am binging at odd times. I wouldn’t mind paying 8 dollars for no commercials but I guess that means I value the 10 mins of commercials per hour at 2-4 bucks. I really should upgrade to no commercials now that I think about it, my time is worth more than 2-4 bucks for 10 minutes..Version: 4.17.5

GreatWhat’s not to like? I get 120+ television shows I can watch across multiple devices; access to all Star Trek series, including the Animated series; soon to be All Trek All the Time(woohoo); Picard is back; New Twilight Zone coming; smooth streaming on my pad or Mac; the list goes on. The only issues I’ve seen, so far, is with cursors remaining after advertisements while watching on iMac and sometimes the “Done” top left stays after while watching on iPad. If you’re still unsure about Star Trek: Discovery, then take the time to look up House Kor. Notice this isn’t the first time an albino Klingon has been in Star Trek. Find the link between the two and you’ve discovered what makes the Klingon story in this show almost poetic. Discovery is canon Star Trek. It surrounds the Federation and adheres to those same values, just not right away. You have to watch to the end. It’s a great story, and one of the only ones in a long time to make me think *wow, I can’t believe that just happened*. Plenty of those moments; give it a try..Version: 4.20.6

Finally CBS has fixed the crashing problem!I feel that I owe it to CBS and their app design team to say thank you for fixing the issue of the app freezing and crashing every 3 to 5 minutes after watching a program. This started after the last format change and was extremely frustrating. I ended up canceling, then deleting the app, then redownloaded it and paid for the limited commercial fee to make sure that the problem was fixed. Much to my surprise it is working better than ever!! I then upgraded to commercial free, and now can enjoy my favorite programs again!!! Thanks CBS for fixing the problems! My faith has been restored in your network. The following is my written review from when I was extremely disappointed about the app. Just within the past month the app just crashes every 5 to 7 minutes. It happens while watching live TV, or pre-recorded shows. What is causing this? It started right after the last update/format change. Is anybody else having this issue?.Version: 7.1

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