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Google Chrome App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Google Chrome app received 165 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Chrome? Can you share your negative thoughts about google chrome?

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Google Chrome for Negative User Reviews

What’s going on? If it ain’t broke- leave alone!Sorry, but the latest update leaves something to be desired. Been trying to get used to it in last few days and there’s just something off about it. It’s lots more difficult to go back to a previous page, in fact, sometimes the back arrows are totally missing as well as other selections that used to be self evident. And I don’t like that black background! Yuk! Depressing!! Did you test this on anyone before you rolled it out? And the auto save of passwords feature seems to have decided to not work! I really liked that, but now it doesn’t even ask if I want Chrome to save or update for me, or it does so intermittently. Think you have some ‘splaining to do or fix it please! Thanks..Version: 69.0.3497.105

Cant download files anymoreChrome is my fav browser hands down but i can no longer download files from the browser. When i click download on something(image,music,video) instead of it saying download at the bottom it just opens the file in another tab. I then try to longpress on the file (image, music, video) nothing happens no pop up options at all. When i switch to safari and try to so the same thing i have zero issues downloading the file. I didn’t use to have this issue i was able to download whatever without any issues, and chrome was perfect no complaints, but this right here needs to be fixed. I don't want to have to keep switching between browsers every time i have to download something 😔.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Good browser, but annoying bugsI have been using Chrome for many years across many devices and operating systems. Being able to sync history and passwords is amazing. I am annoyed that Google has not been able to fix the problem with screen when changing from landscape to portrait orientation. That has been going on for several months and Google, which usually responds to issues very quickly, is just not doing anything..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Keeps crashingUp until last week it was fine But now it keeps freezing and I’ve lost all my open tabs It keeps freezing and crashing now every time I use it IPhone 6s latest os.Version: 76.0.3809.81

Bookmarks - one step forward and three backwardsGood - The new release has added the ability to reorganise bookmarks. Long overdue. Bad - we've lost the option to display a list of bookmarks when create a new tab. Now we have to tap the star at the bottom of the screen to display the bookmarks in a small window. It would be much better if we are given a setting to choose what happens when we open a new tab. I use bookmarks to quickly open the pages I want to read. The previous design was much, much better for handling bookmarks. Please fix this. Please give us the choice..Version: 63.0.3239.73

Can not clear historyAfter the last iOS update, I can’t clear the history in the search box (where you type in your search). When I press the X to delete it, it comes up with the delete/cancel box and clicking on delete doesn’t do anything..Version: 92.0.4515.90

New “Discover” feed is horrible1) To dismiss an item you now have to tap the hamburger dots and then choose a menu item where previously you could just swipe to dismiss it. 2) Each story takes about twice the space. I used to be able to read the next headline while swiping to dismiss the previous one and make my way through the suggestions quickly and now it takes SOOOO much longer. I’ve turned the feature off; it’s just a massive usability step backwards..Version: 92.0.4515.90

Had been great but...Had been using Chrome as my go to browser on my iPad 2 for the past 5 years and it had been generally very good, but the last update or two have been crashing far more often than usual, and suddenly Facebook is displaying the 3rd column of adverts right over the main feed. Not impressed..Version: 63.0.3239.73

This was greatI love chrome. I gave it 2 stars, but let’s be honest, it’s still the best browser out there. BUT, this new update took a 5 star rating and turned it into a 2 Star. I abhor tr new layout. I stopped using safari precisely because I HATED the forward and back (and all the function buttons for that matter) buttons along the bottom of the screen. It makes zero sense to have address and navigation buttons in different places. Chrome had it beautifully placed. And what do they do? take 10 steps back to do exactly what their competitors failed to move on from 8 years ago. Their multiple tabs are not nearly as easily reached and navigated. Not tough to use at all, but another definite step back in terms of intuitive design. I’m not here telling you not to download it, but for the LOVE OF GOD put stuff back where it belongs!!!!!.Version: 69.0.3497.105

Changed to be Clunky, Slow and DumbPrior to the last few updates, it was by far the best browser for iUserDevices, but recent changes have dumbed it down to almost unusable. Merging search & address might be because newbies didnt know the difference, but power users did, so dont need the ‘search only’ entry in the ctr which then before you can type into it animates its way up the screen - pick one style and stick with it, not some odd partially functional in between thing. Removing the www/m/mobile etc before the domain helps no-one and actively stops you knowing if you are on the ‘real’ site. ceasing to display the path/page details in the address may help flog more adwords but just annoys web users. All in all it’s at the point of being uninstalled after several good years..Version: 69.0.3497.91

:/ Prefer safariI dislike using this app. Sometimes it won't let me tap a tab, when I go onto the view all tabs thing. You can't edit or make New google sites, even though I have the latest update of chrome. Annoying thing is you can't move tabs when you view all of your tabs. You have to go on the tab, or be on one near it, to move it. Best to get the other google apps if you want to use them. One good thing is that you can search your own images.....Version: 67.0.3396.87

Stop defaulting searches to Yanky LandTime to get with the global world Google, and stop forcing users to CONSTANTLY having to manually change the “default” search engine AWAY from the YANKY LAND version. If I’m in one of the other 160+ countries of the world searching for a LOCAL discount, restaurant, etc I don’t want to read all about the U-S-of-Ah. Let users FIX their home page ONCE and move on instead of constantly wasting time retyping our PERFERRED home page EVERY time we open the Chrome Browser..Version: 79.0.3945.73

Constant CrashingChrome has been my main browser for yearsss. As of lately, it constantly crashes. Everytime I close out of it to check on a different app, when I open it back up I have to Restore my tabs. But there have been multiple times when I open it up and it doesn’t give me the option to restore. I have to scroll and scroll and scroll through my history to try and find the pages I had open. The first time it did it was when I had certain tabs up for a long time and it was impossible to find them again since the date I originally opened them were more than a week or two old. Wish they would fix it. An update late last year had this same kind of bug, but I thought it had been fixed. Pleaaase get this corrected!.Version: 83.0.4103.88

Change to look of chromeI first have to say that I love chrome. It was always my browser of choice. I just updated it and now it’s not as good. I’m sure bugs were fixed and things were improved but what I really don’t like about the new chrome is the new set look. The think I loved about the only look was the sharpness of everything. It looked really good and totally different from any browser. Then you roll out this new look, and let me say that it is terrible the sharpness is gone and everything feels like it’s made for the elderly and children. It is terrible looking. Everything is sized up to be bigger and everything looks like it’s child guarded. It just doesn’t look right. I’ve searched for a way to change it back but that doesn't seem to be an option. I would delete this review if an option was made to allow you to change it back..Version: 69.0.3497.71

Internal threat browserWhat a joke. this app only mines my data for resale.Version: 104.0.5112.88

Nerds with no ideaClearly a bunch of engineers just thinking up ideas. Software mot driven from a design side. Latest stupid is changing close all tabs button to edit. So yet again another step now to achieve something. It’s like changing the bookmark button to an extra step on desktop. This all adds up extra step here, extra there. Wasting collectively the worlds time because some need thought they had a good idea. Put these nerds back on their basement and ban all of them from ever having an idea..Version: 96.0.4664.53

No Real Desktop Browser SupportThe fact that the screenshots for this app are in portrait should tell you all you really need to know about this app. With the initial release of iPadOS, Apple brought desktop browsing support to the iPad Pro. Google Chrome has been extremely slow in receiving updates to bring it up to par, and it's still miles away. Even when the Request Desktop Site option is enabled, it is hit or miss. Usually miss for me. And there's no inspect window support in this app, so if you're looking to use your iPad for quick webkit debugging, use Safari. Don't waste your time downloading this app. Transfer your passwords over to keychain and get comfortable with Safari as it has better password support and, like Google Chrome, will inform you whenever your passwords have been compromised. I'm in no way affiliated with Apple or the Safari development team, but I am a developer that has been perpetually let down by Google's iOS and iPadOS development team..Version: 87.0.4280.163

2 stars.. annoying problem.I am a mobile chrome user myself, and have alwayd delt with the same problem, I have an iphone 8 which by itself is a kind of small phone so when it comes to the size of the screen its gonna be tough. But safari and other search engines have a zoom setting in the app or in the working tab, I know there is a text zoom setting on chrome but that only makes the text smaller that doesnt resolve the issue, lets say for example I wanted to read an article. The page on chrome was too small to read parts of the article and i couldnt zoom out it would just stay still and make the page go backwards if that makes sense. Developers of chrome please make a zoom page button where you can make the page more spacious, Thank you!!.Version: 87.0.4280.77

App not working since updateChrome app keeps randomly shutting down, each time staying on its black page that appears when no tabs are open. App then freezes at this page, the three icons at the top of the page not responding..Version: 68.0.3440.83

Was a good app until someone stole my detailsSo I used to use this app a lot. It was my default browser for along time until yesterday. Turns out that hackers have a cheat way to get into the browser and can get your details if you order something online from a legitimate store. So not only do these people now have my name and credit card details they also tried to take money from my account. My bank stopped them but now I cannot use my account for anything. Which means I have to starve for a week until I get a new card. I’ve also discovered that Google and Apple know about this little hacking trick and have yet to fix it..Version: 73.0.3683.68

Not safe when it should be!Every site that requires a password has an icon saying it is not safe to enter your info. If you tap on the icon, it says to change http to https. But the site already says it is https://. It then asks you to contact the "site owner" to secure the site and your data with HTTPS. Really!!! This doesn't happen with these sites on safari and is a problem with chrome. It needs to be fixed asap, and should not be happening! If I have to keep changing between safari and this, I will just end up using safari (even though iOS 10.3.3 has an issue deleting tracking cookies). At present it's the lesser of 2 evils! Trying to contact chrome through app support on the App Store but the option to do so isn't working also!.Version: 61.0.3163.73

New update broke the chrome keyboardKeyboard flickers, only allows you to type one number or symbol at a time before reverting back to letters. It's junk..,.Version: 94.0.4606.52

UnusableThis most recent update broke the app for me. It disables the touch screen… completely unresponsive. Only my home button works. Tried re-installing twice with a power on and off and nothing. Guess I have to use safari now 😩.Version: 97.0.4692.72

Not working wellHi for few days, Chrome not working well. Type something to search but it opens the last search each time. Sometimes doesnt even respond anything. Please fix this app.Version: 73.0.3683.68

Links don’t work on iPad 5 miniGoogle chrome for the most part is a really good app. Recently though, I’m not able to click on links or click on next page. The iPad keeps asking me if I want to open a new tab, which I do, but I still can’t click on links. So frustrated that I took the iPad into my local Apple store only to be told it’s the Chrome app. The issue is making it almost impossible to scroll through websites and use the app. I hope the developers are able to find a solution quickly..Version: 101.0.4951.58

Password saving feature broken for goodI loved chrome as long as it lasted . But there is really no support system if something does not work . The password saving feature broke on my Mac, while it still works on other computers where I had my profile installed . But that does not help me a bit. I looked into every resource , downloaded the passwords, reinstalled them, even looked I to some quite tech websites and did everything suggested , wasted plenty of time on that . Final verdict - a browsing Maschine that collects all my personal information and passwords already makes me uncomfortable ( even I could not resist the convenience for the longest time ) but passwords that first start changing randomly and then the whole password saving function runs amok without that chrome has a solution for that made me pull the plug ..Version: 81.0.4044.124

IS IT REALLY LIKE THE GOOGLE CHROME WE KNOW?Google Chrome is a great app for using the web and connecting to the rest of the world. But... Is it really like the Google Chrome we know? As you may know, Google Chrome is a site on many of our laptops and computers used to explore the web. It has great features that are really useful. Though it has amazing features and differs from other internet browsers on our laptops,it is a different story whilst using Google Chrome on our phones. If you haven't noticed already when using the app Google Chrome on our phones it really doesn't look like the one we see on our computer. We are just using an app that just does and looks like Google, the app. It doesn't share many of the features with the Google Chrome we know on our laptops. It has nothing much in common with the one on our computers, it has more in commen with the app Google if anything. So, is it really like the Google Chrome we all well and truely know?.Version: 75.0.3770.70

Fails to restore tabs after crashI use the app very intensely, sometimes I have over 20 tabs open at the same time. The result of this is that Chrome crashes quite often. I understand that it’s the result of using up too many resources, and I don’t have a problem with this specifically. But whenever Chrome offers to restore tabs after crash, the button is often not responsive or disappears before I can tap it. So I almost never can restore my previously opened tabs. If I go through the … menu, there’s nothing under the recent tabs at all, and it directs me to the History to do it manually. It’s a pain. Please consider having the restore tabs function improved, like having a permanent menu option or a shortcut like the desktop version has..Version: 100.0.4896.85

Don’t botherGoogle chrome is a clean looking browser, really nice especially on the iPhone X screen, I always use safari but I only use chrome for my shopping tabs. But google chrome DRAINS your battery! I used it for 47 minutes and it used 21% of my battery?! It’s so badly optimised, battery consumption is terrible so unless you carry a 20,000mAh battery pack I would just use your standard browser (safari etc) or maybe try other like Firefox or opera. This one negative out weighs all the goods by so much.Version: 66.0.3359.122

Google is getting too muchEvery time I go to use google chrome on my Mac iPad/iPhone it’s coming up with check my settings because I have gone in to the setting and turned all advertising and marketing off be because I did not want it on but because of this it’s constantly asking me to View my settings it’s wrong I have now deleted chrome and I’m using DuckDuckGo! so much faster because they don’t have ads and marketing tracking you slower the browser down I won’t turn back now this is the way forward for me..Version: 85.0.4183.92

Gifs not loadingIt’s helpful of course but the gifs do not load when I click on images I tried to sign in and sign out of my account but it didn’t work I even installed the app and reinstalled it and still the same problem with the gifs not loading Please fix this problem it’s started to get annoying.Version: 97.0.4692.84

Can’t access other chrome profilesI have multiple Google accounts for different clients. Unlike many Google iOS app, chrome does not support switching your selected Google account. I’m signed in to all of my Google accounts in my phone, but in chrome, I can only access bookmarks and passwords for the “default” account, which just happens to be the first one that I signed in with. Google’s support docs indicate to “switch” the “default” account selected in chrome, I need to log out of my currently “selected” “default” account (I say “selected” since I not not actually select anything - chrome chose for me). The problem with this guidance is that all Google apps on iOS have their login sessions synced. If I sign into 3 Google accounts in Google Drive, they will all 3 be signed in on chrome as well. Vice versa, if I log out of my accounts in chrome, I will get logged out in Drive, which is undesirable..Version: 95.0.4638.50

Kicking my head annoyedIt is okay, but it is keep kicking me out. This gets so annoying and broken, so fix it otherwise none of my tabs will open.Version: 94.0.4606.52

Don’t fix what isn’t brokenYikes.. An unnecessary redesign. Not that you’ll go back - fair enough for moving to a bottom nav but it wasn’t really needed....Version: 69.0.3497.105

From great to terribleI’ve been using just chrome for years, until recently been going great. However now that I can literally not search for anything on chrome without 100,000 ads popping up for my search, especially if it’s a product. And this is not just on chrome, it’s any app I use that has ads. For example. I recently purchased a different VPN since my ISP(looking at you Spectrum) is terrible. I’ve already purchased the product through no effort on chromes part. Now I cannot pull anything up without seeing an ad for it. And I do mean I cannot get away from it on any apps, even after marking the ad as irrelevant. Pop up blockers are apparently being disabled, started seeing more and more get through so I guess it’s time to switch back to Firefox only. And please note, when force fed ads over and over for products means I will never buy said product at all or ever again..Version: 75.0.3770.103

Error casting videos since update"Error loading player; No playable sources found" message while casting video since latest update :( need to be able to cast to chromecast but can’t. No cast button at all..Version: 74.0.3729.121

App not working on iPhoneJust bought a iPhone 12 Pro Max. Brand new from Apple. Downloaded chrome. Not responsive and as soon as I try to open the app it freezes as soon as I open the app. So the only thing I see is chrome logo with accept and select. I close the app and open it again and still same thing. Uninstalled the app and now the App Store says open in stead of “get”. Factory reset the phone and repeated the whole process and the same thing happened. Resting my phone is no problem as I use the iPhone for strictly work and I don’t have no apps but work related apps only. But those apps only work with chrome. So yeah totally not Apples fault as I have fully done everything on their part since I contacted them first about this problem thinking no way google would let people down like this. Well hope google fixes this..Version: 97.0.4692.72

Tabs keep reloadingI know that tabs are not kept in the memory to save using up too many resources, but that's the whole point of tabs: quickly moving between pages. If I wanted to reload it then I would just use one tab for everything. When offline, I would like to see the content of tabs I loaded earlier (say when abroad and not roaming or where reception is poor). Having each tab reload after leaving it for a few seconds and returning to it is not good enough. I'm having to take screenshot after screenshot. This needs improving. I'm sorry to say, after years of Chrome and Chromium devotion: I've now moved to Safari..Version: 61.0.3163.73

App deleted but says to updateBoth of my google apps, chrome & gmail were deleted due to recurring security issues and inability to control open source codes being side loaded on an iPhone with there new UI kit/pancake side loading site. App Itunes says that I need to update them, search can’t find them & worse ! Some can’t even be removed-such as Apple Books where xml docs were seen holding python & a network manifest script that appears to clone my phone even without iCloud or back up activated. If I don’t want my health data stored then it shouldn’t be!! And Google should NEVER allow 2 emails to loop one another for 2fa along with an inability to delete or lock an acct like apple iTunes because it is easily to reset the phone if u have the phone and just the pin to log into the screen… Check those updates and verify they are legit!.Version: 98.0.4758.97

I loved chromeThe Chrome app was far superior to safari now it’s just clunky, it actually looks safari. Did you guys just copy them? Anyway, the new tab screen is over complicated as I can’t remove the permanent button eg history, reading list. I don’t use any of them I just want to search! Another issue is putting the buttons on the bottom of chrome. I find it annoying that if I want to go back to a previous link that I have to find the small button in the bottom corner of my phone. I don’t like how you’ve dedicated an entire screen to logging into google, I don’t want google tracking everything and to have my name. It’s also annoying that it’s next to the tab button so I keep accidentally clicking it. The worst thing of all would be the adding of new tabs. Yes I can see all my tabs at once, but I’m on a phone, and the new layout is more complex. It’s just harder to close tabs when previously it was an easy swipe. I’ve been using chrome for 5 years and nothing else but I guess it’s time for a change..Version: 69.0.3497.91

FreezingApp has been good in the past and then all of a sudden it crashed and deleting all my tabs and not it keeps freezing after 2-3 seconds and unable to be used. Restarted phone and uninstalled app multiple times. Have been freezing for the past 12 hours and essentially unable to be used.Version: 97.0.4692.72

Oppression a la liberté d’expressionOppression a la liberté d’expression.Version: 90.0.4430.216

Mobile site out of proportionI have an iPhone XR and for the past three months or so the web content will shrink to fit 2/3 of the screen. Only way to fix is rotating device multiple times, force closing the app etc, sometimes it works, others it doesn’t. I thought it was because of the new update but it’s not gotten any better in the time since. Other than this I’m fully loyal to google chrome, love the app,SEO on point, no other browser measures up, I use it as my default on all my devices.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Doesn’t load mobile sitesChrome will not load mobile sites on my iPad mini 4, despite using the ‘request mobile site button’. It just reloads the desktop site, which is completely unsuitable on a iPad mini. In fact the only browser that I have found that will load the mobile sites is simply called desktop browser. Check it out on the App Store. A bit simple, but at least it works, which chrome does not. Why oh why do developers think that taking away choice is a good thing. I would complain to google, but is is simply not possible to contact them or lodge a complaint, or get any support..Version: 70.0.3538.60

Screen rotation issuesI like chrome but there has been an ongoing issue when my screen rotates for quite a few months. I’ve tried uninstalling several times but get the same issue. It makes Chrome really unpleasant to use and I’m pretty tempted to go back to safari. Please fix it!.Version: 87.0.4280.77

BuggyMy main gripe with this browser at the moment (and it makes it unusable might I add...) is that the "open in..." feature does not work. This means that I am unable to download files or share them with any other application on my iPad. Reluctantly I’ve had to return to using Safari again..Version: 67.0.3396.87

The 10th day of 2020 is where the story beginsThe very best mobile browser just kept getting better - until recently - even earlier on in the 10th day of the New Year of 2020 - and here I am - well but look at the time - it’s now the 11th day of 2020, either way - I am still forced to uninstall the Chrome Browser - which I will replace with the friendly Firefox experience. “Was there an update that ruined my ‘once upon a time’ favourite browser?” Oh well, I guess I can just as easily become a Firefox fan eh. If you find yourself in the same predicament as me my dear reader, you might want to follow my lead. Okay then, 3 cheers for Mozilla! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!.Version: 79.0.3945.73

Back to Safari for nowRecently switched to the Chrome app with an iPhone 12 Pro upgrade. I use Chrome on my PC so was excited at the thought of being able to seamlessly switch from phone to PC when needed and especially now that Chrome can be set to default browser with iOS 14. Way too many bugs in the iOS version though. Like many others have mentioned, page competition consistently messes up and jumps off the screen to the left, pages wiggle left and right when scrolling not allowing for a quick enough scroll, and I’ve experienced not being able to scroll many pages in general, with the page constantly jumping back to the top as I try to scroll down. Simply way too bugs to continue using when I’ve never had any of these issues with Safari. I’ll be sticking with Safari until these bugs are fixed..Version: 87.0.4280.77

C’mon guys...Update: The link issues may have resolved from my former review, but now this update is freezing and whenever I try to do the hold down option to open in a new tab or any of the related features to that it won’t even pop that menu up half of the time. I’ve had to restart the app dozens of times a day, sometimes several times in a row just to load some websites and attempt to gain the aforementioned menu back. Idk what the deal is, you guys used to be so much better. Also, equally important: STOP. SELLING. MY. INFORMATION. Thx. Chrome used to work beautifully on my iPhone, but now half of the links I open don’t work or they open formatted all wrong. It all happened after the latest iOS update... so I have a hunch this is an Apple issue and not a Google issue... but please fix it either way..Version: 90.0.4430.216

NeverI don’t like google I tried restarting my device and it still doesn’t work.Version: 106.0.5249.92

PainDeleting your privacy setting like cookies also deletes them from cloud too. When you login via Web browser your saved cookies are also deleted. There should be an option to delete on my from hour device..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Won’t play nice with other appsI had stopped using Crome on my Mac years ago as it wouldn’t stop pop over spam on web browsing. Now I’ve concluded that Chrome for the iPad is just as bad. It has to do with email, or more to point what email app I want to use. If you’re on a web site and click on an email address link, Chrome will force you to use gmail to send an email. It won’t give you the option use any other or even simply copy the email address so you can paste it into your preferred app. Perhaps this is just another one of those reasons why an iPad will never be a laptop replacement and the blame should go to Apple, but funny how other web browsers seem to off this functionality. Sick and tired of bowing down to Google to allow me get work done. Bye bye and good riddance.Version: 83.0.4103.88

Keeps crashing, have to reinstall several times a day!I love google chrome. It, in my opinion, is much better than safari and I’ve used it for years… BUT… these past few months I’ve not been able to open any websites on the chrome platform, unless I close it down completely (close all tabs, then the app) and restart my phone (or delete and re-install the app!) multiple times a day 😡 there are no issues that I can tell with safari, but safari doesn’t know all my cross platform usernames/passwords to sign into things! 🤦‍♀️.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Fuzzy Google Search image results (bug?)Since the update I find that all images from an image search are very fuzzy when enlarged. Only the thumbnails in the results pages are sharp, but when you click on the thumbnails for larger versions they no longer produce higher resolution ones. Seems like enlarged thumbnails instead.... Should have mentioned this is on an iPadPro. Oct update: you sure know how to messed things up. Just installed the update and am now dealing with GREATLY REDUCED RESPONSE TIMES. Sorry, but I am going to install a better browser....Version: 70.0.3538.75

Ever since the latest IOS update, google doesn’t load at ALL.I’m losing my mind over this, seriously. every website loads within a millisecond because i have t-mobiles unlimited 5g high speed data plan and i have bars almost all the time, but whenever i open chrome (google is the default browser) IT NEVER LOADS. every other website works perfectly fine. i tried reinstalling the app. i tried deleting all the cache. i tried resetting my network settings on my phone. i tried getting tmobile themselves to reset my network and literally even change cell towers and nothing. i EVEN REPLACED MY PHONE. and google doesn’t load. i cannot understand this whatsoever and nothing helps. what’s stupid is the website sometimes loads 1/10 times but if i try going back to google it doesn’t again. like google is the fundamental website EVERYONE uses to navigate the internet. and i cannot use it. so i’m uninstalling this app and never using it again..Version: 91.0.4472.80

Please remove tab groupsThe tab groups are horrible. As someone that rarely uses more than a few tabs I get absolutely no benefit from having tab groups. However, it makes using the browser much more annoying. Because all the tabs are at the very top of the screen, I can’t reach hem without moving my hand. If they were at least centered on the screen, it would be slightly more bearable. But the whole functionality just adds unnecessary and useless complexion. Overall, it makes the app much more frustrating to use. It would be nice if there was a setting to turn tab groups off. It should be fairly simple to implement since the browser has had no tab groups until fairly recently. But that would require actually giving users some form of customization and allowing them to use the product in a way that works for them..Version: 93.0.4577.78

Switching tabs nightmareIt used to be easy to switch multiple tabs, but the new changes make it a nightmare... clicking on the little square with a number of tabs opened only shows options to “open a new tab” or “close tab”, doesn’t allow me to switch windows... a total blunder really... it’s only after toying with it after like 10 tries does it work....Version: 76.0.3809.123

Terrible updateThe interface is super clunky, and way more annoying than the streamlined tab layout from before where there was a small, unobtrusive button that opened the menu for the rest of the features like settings, bookmarks, history, etc., the fact that the bar is on the bottom of the screen now is just disorienting. I initially chose chrome because I liked the simple streamlined layout and safari had the clunky ui, but now chrome looks worse than safari, aesthetically speaking. Maybe give users the option to revert to the former? I like chrome and don’t want to stop using the app, but this update is definitely not worth the hassle. Edit: the app crashes way more frequently with this update as well.Version: 78.0.3904.84

Removing Ad blocker was a stupid ideaI clicked on a popular news article to read only for some virus-like ad to load a bunch of pages ON ONE TAB that if you press "back", the ad-virus would not allow you to go back to what you were reading and focus on reloading the ad instead. I'm gonna uninstall this if I can't find a way to block this app that now supports malware.Version: 106.0.5249.92

TrashI hate this app!.Version: 83.0.4103.88

Pop-upsDespite the fact that I have checked my settings numerous times and have “block pop-ups” enabled, I continue to be bombarded by quite obviously malicious pop-ups. The only options I have are to press “ok” and quickly close the tab that is now open to a malicious site, or completely delete the app every time that happens (about every 45 seconds on certain sites.) I used to love using this app for all of my internet browsing, but it has been rendered unusable. Constantly getting pop-ups on wikipedia pages and articles from reputable sources (which I have no problems with on my computer) is absolutely unacceptable. I love google products and the company, and if this problem is fixed then I will most certainly continue using this app as my main browser, but for now I simply cannot because I have to protect my device and my security. Truly disappointing..Version: 64.0.3282.112

Recent update removed functionalityWhen you press and hold on an image that has an embedded URL then I used to get an option to copy the URL to the clipboard. Now there are just options around saving the image but not the URL. Please bring back this functionality!.Version: 93.0.4577.39

Not bad, but one major flaw for mobile native sitesThe overall Chrome experience is fine, but the latest update brought in a significant flaw. When visiting a mobile native site if you flip to landscape then flip back to vertical the website shrinks to fill up less of the window. Around 1/4 of the page is white space. Reloading the website or closing out of the app and going back in does not reset. You have to go to a different website and then go to the previous website to though the address bar, not via the back button. This error is extremely frustrating when reading a long article or browsing on a forum and near the bottom of the page..Version: 85.0.4183.109

Love it. Hate the update. Any way to downgrade?Just use actual Chrome on a computer, it works way better then this app which has disappointed me more then I expected. I love using this app, but the update has completely threw me off. I often use google and when I'm scrolling down, my fingers are always on the bottom of the screen and swiping things all the time. I read a lot and the new google update isn't helping. I prefer the old version where everything is on top of the screen where I can easily swipe up to hide and not accidentally click a button to go back or forth when I don't need to. I just want to know if there's anyway to downgrade the app. I also had over 100 tabs open. I lost it all in an instant and have NO way of getting them back. I haven't the slightest clue what majority of the tabs were called and it's extremely difficult to try to find EVERYTHING all over again which I don't have time for. I need a section in which the tabs I have recently deleted, ON ACCIDENT CAUSE IM NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY WILLINGLY DO THAT, can be replaced in an instant. Without going into my history, because let's be honest. History is a mix of what happened on one tab. NOT ON ALL TABS THAT WE HAD. It's really starting to annoy me by how google chrome is starting to fail..Version: 72.0.3626.101

Problem with chrome shrinking with marginsI always use google chrome. But it is really annoying when i change chrome to landscape and then once i go back to portrait, a margin appears on the right hand side of the phone and the page shrinks in size. This is really annoying and happens all the time now. Needs to be fixed.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Needs chromecast supportI would start using chrome over safari when it starts supporting chromecast streaming for web content and videos..Version: 74.0.3729.121

Extremely slowSlow to load, slow to think, slow slow slow. Clear all cookies and data, still slow. They don’t care, they’re Google..Version: 62.0.3202.70

Used to be greatIn the past it was working perfectly. Now I have issues of; App freezing App crashing Page freezing (can’t scroll but click on links, and can’t scroll in the newly opened link. Also can’t open new tab).Version: 83.0.4103.88

I can’t access the app!The app (for me) is apparently glitched and the name of the app isn’t Google Chrome, It’s called, and I quote “stable”. Is it possible to fix the app? Another thing that is happening is that it will apparently add itself back in my iPad. As in, when I try to delete the app through the settings app, it won’t go away after I press the delete button! So please try to fix it ASAP..Version: 76.0.3809.81

CensorshipHave begun censoring the Internet through search results and YouTube. What happened to their motto of “don’t be evil “ I have switched my search engine to duck duck go and have disabled all personal information in my google accounts. I suggest you do the same. I don’t need Google babysitting me on the Internet and censoring content..Version: 97.0.4692.72

UnhappyI usually by pass writing bad reviews but I’m sick and tired of google maps giving me incorrect journey times, incorrect estimation of walking, sending me information that isn’t the quickest route for the journey! It has made me late for important meetings due to sometimes it giving me the long way around! A walk that takes 2 minutes real time it will say 9 minutes! Really?! I really had my faith in google and I think I will delete the app as the more I use it the more I see that there are better routes that it doesn’t suggest and by then it’s too late as I am late for whatever occasion I have to attend That’s it!!!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Chrome problemsAt first I thought my phone was the problem until I talked a few of my friends on Facebook. I don’t know which update or updates caused these problems. My screen can’t be used in different places at different times, when I open tabs it will freeze my phone and sometimes it won’t unfreeze even when I shut it down, if I’m even able at times. Sometimes I have to remove the battery. Another is when I go to a site and the screen goes completely black, usually followed by locking up. I search a site and it acts like it’s going to it then the tab closes and I have to start over. And before you ask, I checked and I’m not set to restricted. There’s even more and now a lot of folks are talking about it on Facebook and recommending other search engines. I liked google chrome prior to this.Version: 81.0.4044.124

Auto fill is brokenJust started using this and whenever I try to auto fill an email and password, chrome fills the boxes in but the site acts like the boxes have been left empty. CeX website. Login, asks me for Email and password. Click on the auto fill and can see both boxes with the email and password populated by chrome. Click ‘sign in’ and it says “you have forgotten to enter your email address” If I click into the box and delete the last character of the autofilled email address and retype that character manually then it works. Very annoying..Version: 70.0.3538.75

Broken AppThe app has been broken for the past 2 days and there doesn’t seem to be any useful info on how to fix this. Keeps crashing, freezes, won’t restore or tries to and freezes again. Would be good if you actually fix this issue instead of leaving it for days on end. No updates to address the issue. Tried to reinstall it and had to use the desktop to try and find solutions with nine working. Reinstall didn’t fix it, just a frozen app that couldn’t even log into my account. Does seem to be other ways to get help for this this issue. Just kept getting set to useless pages that doesn’t address this issue or reporting it..Version: 97.0.4692.72

New bookmarks - failUpdate Dec'17 Restored a couple of features (thank you I guess) I cannot however bring myself to be that thankful when UI still (imho) clunky, degraded and bloated with forced 'shaped' news articles Sorry dev team but it's only apples reluctance to allow me to award 0/5 that gives you a virtual point ... a collection of good ideas and implementation across the browser ruined by woeful bookmark management and navigation ------------- ok, so the new bookmarks manager is for me a fail... and as the central navigation hub of my browse experience it kind'a makes that whole experience somewhat unpleasant <sigh> Fail! so I guess it's consider FLAGS if they still work or it's time to seek an alternative browser oh for the option to downgrade and reverse the vile bookmark annoyance ... I read you'd spoken to focus groups and developers but ignored the lot and went ahead with this nasty interface regardless <sigh>.Version: 63.0.3239.73

I hate using chrome on iOS can’t restore tabs after it crashesThis app is awful. It errors often (“oh snap!”), and crashes pretty consistently - losing every open tab. I have syncing on, but it rarely actually syncs. Unlike Firefox, you can’t manually sync. (That I can find). I’m so tired of chrome, and google’s stuff is proprietary enough that you can’t choose other default browsers. I just lost another 40-some tabs today. Chrome let me restore them after the first crash, then proceeded to crash again. I reopened chrome, saw it “sync”, it crashed again, and when I tried to recover recent tabs, there was nothing - because it synced right after it crashed! Too frustrating to depend on. I looked on my pc’s browser and it showed no synced tabs from my iPad. This has been going on for over 2 years with no improvement. Bookmark all open tabs regularly or you’ll be screwed. :(.Version: 83.0.4103.88

Search history still remains after disabling web activityBefore the update, everything is working fine like it should. After the update, my google search history remains for no apparent reason. Had all of my associated accounts’ web activity disabled but still seeing the search history pop up whenever I try to search something on google. Individually check all if my account, literally no history found in any of them but still seeing the search history on the google search bar. Had to individually delete one by one on the search bar itself..Version: 80.0.3987.95

Do not change things that do not need changing.I loved Google chrome before the latest big update. It was very fast compared to other mobile browsers and it syncs across multiple devices. With this being said, since the last update the app functionality has deteriorated somewhat. Every time I click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner to access bookmarks, history etc. When I click that the options come up and then just start tapping whatever it likes. Honestly it is so annoying that I have had to switch back to safari. If you don’t click the thing you want within like 2 secs it ends up choosing for you. Please sort this out so I can return to using chrome. More importantly don’t change things that are already fine as they are. Please take note sick of big companies wrecking apps just to succumb to newer generations. If it doesn’t affect the functionality fair enough, but this new update did. Please sort it..Version: 105.0.5195.100

New window drag optionThis happens so many times it’s a nuisance. When using the app on my iPad, sometimes I will drag the tabs around to organize them and it will create a new window by accident when I didn’t meant them to. Then I have to copy and paste the link back into my current window and exit the new window away. However when I do this I believe I closed the new window, so when I go back on the chrome app guess what... all my 100 tabs are replaced by this one singular new window. Now I have to waste my time going back to my history trying to gain back all the lost tabs I had. If this keeps happening I might have to use a different browser. I only use this app because i already have the chrome browser downloaded on all my devices and I like the feature of seeing my bookmarks all shared between my devices. I’m praying that they create a disable option for this..Version: 99.0.4844.59

Increasingly poor & invasive updatesBreaking my silence in the 7yrs I’ve shopped in the App Store w/o one review to express my frustration w/ the most recent update to the Google Chrome app that I’m using on my new generation iPad. One, it auto-updated; so that p*ssed me off, on sight. Then, when I saw how utterly hideous the pages were, that added a whole other level of outrage. I’ve been too busy this week to research ways to reverse the update (like I successfully did with my phone) and got a feel for the performance, which - not to my surprise - is also lackluster. Additionally, the bottom toolbar that holds the autocorrect/-fill covers the content near the bottom of the page, which was not the case in previous versions. So not only am I being force-fed your incompetence, I will also be forced to look at your ugly mug during that realization..? No bueno. The Google’s privacy violations were more than enough, actively researching alternatives..Version: 72.0.3626.101

Constantly crashing since updateSince the latest update the browser constantly goes to black page like it is going to a new incognito tab and then won’t refresh the webpage or the app crashes. I have to close the app and reopen to view the webpages. Most of the time it asks me to restore the pages I had open. It is frustrating as this isn’t the first time I have updated the app which was working with no issues to a version that crashes constantly. Please fix as I regretting updating and will most likely not update again once fixed. When the app is working properly it is great..Version: 65.0.3325.152

UselessI so so so wanted Chrome to be my main browser, as even though I am an iPhone user, 90% of my stuff is Google based. But this browser is just useless. Almost every time I tap on something it gets stuck anywhere else from 20% to 50% loading and just stops. Won’t move. If I refresh or try again, it stops at the exact same place and that’s it - it will not load. At first I thought it was the web page/s I was trying to open and traffic, but when it happened continually no matter what link or page I was trying to open, I tried the same link/s and pages in safari - and they opened without any wait time or issue. What is the use of a browser that can’t open simple pages or links?! Beyond disappointing..Version: 80.0.3987.95

Close All Option Needs to Be Fixed!!!!I use chrome as my preferred browser of choice. On the desktop, it’s great. However, the app for iPhone need some improvement. I am an individual that likes to keep MANY web browser tabs open, I mean upwards of 30+ tabs, either for reminders, quick reference, or follow up on reading something that I didn’t have time to. I absolutely HATE that the “close all” command is located on the lower left side of the screen. I have accidentally pressed that option on more than one occasion and it’s infuriating that there is not a simple “Are you sure you want to close all tabs” prompt. I wish that Google would consider this or at least allow users to restore ALL closed tabs and not just “recent” tabs. Google please consider this!!!!.Version: 90.0.4430.216

Not liking the new layoutI agree with most of the reviews here - the new layout is moving towards the “Apple” design is lacking the traditional favourite elements from Google. The tab page thumbnails are well thought but the website titles are way too small. Please add an option to change back to the previous layout. The bottom bar is in direct contradiction to the Chrome philosophy of reducing obstruction in viewing. The search button is a direct duplicate of the search bar. Back and forward and others work just fine in the top bar as in the previous editions..Version: 69.0.3497.91

Overall good, dislike new Tile Tab layoutI’ve used Chrome for years, sync it to my laptop and really like it. I don’t like the new layout with the tabs. I often keep several open, and the new layout stops it showing previews or even titles of the websites. What this means is that I have to click and load up each tab separately before I know what the actual website even is. Time-consuming, and a step backward..Version: 69.0.3497.105

Design FaultI love using Chrome on mobile, and its always been my default browser, but the close all tabs button is an incredible nuisance. Its so close to the new tab button that opening a new tab is always a frightening experience, and I’ve lost so many tabs and progress on things I’ve been doing or reading because I’ve accidentally hit the close all tabs button and look, there goes all 40 tabs I had open. And then none of them show up in recently closed tabs either, so I have to go through an entire month’s worth of history to find my tabs again. This doesn’t feel bad enough for a 1 star review, to be fair, but it is something I know has been happening to quite a few people, and no one looks at reviews unless they’re 1 star..Version: 78.0.3904.67

Version 76.0.3809 is unusable on iPhoneXR iOS 12.4I use GMail and have it linked to Chrome as the default browser for opening links. I used it because it met my needs and was great on my Windows desktop and iPhone/iPad. Since the latest update, I’m using Microsoft Edge because it is stable, and actually work - even though I despise it. Since the new Chrome update (both before and after the iOS update), following a link in email freezes the bowser completely after one action, be it one tap in Chrome’s resulting page, a scroll or link, or changing the orientation of the page. It is utterly useless. It has to be dismissed since the link back to GMail will not work. Restarting Chrome independently after a to resume from an improper shutdown - which I’ve done, repeatedly. This too is of no use as nothing works. One tap or motions on screen and it’s gone again - can’t do a second tap, scroll, change orientation, or anything else but a forced dismiss of the app. This is independent of the site linked to, the nature of the link, or the action taken..Version: 76.0.3809.81

BruhJust use firefox.Version: 106.0.5249.92

Never Again using it!!!It is so bad that I can’t even log in to it these people who run it never update the browser, never look at the feed back they are given and they’ve so many issues when you use it. I advise everyone not to down load this app!!!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

There are better browsersI like chrome because it syncs across all devices but it’s so slow and constantly crashing on all formats, when I first downloaded this app it crashed every few minutes, then after about five or six updates it started working fine for over a year it only crashed twice, which is on par with the built in safari browser, but now it has stared crashing every single time I log on, within seconds it’s frozen and it never thaws out, why do google constantly have to keep moving backwards? It’s not hard to make a fully working fully functioning browser, every other top brand mange’s it..Version: 76.0.3809.81

Worst browser in History since last few updates killed its usabilityOver the last 2-3 updates, Google Chrome has become so terrible to use, I am at the stage of recommending ANY other Browser and I can guarantee you will be much happier off. * Seriously, every time I open my iPad now, it brings up Chrome, however it is dropping/crashing forcing it to refresh, and now whenever it refreshes it FORCES mobile pages onto you. Especially in Facebook! Nothing is more annoying than Mobile pages, yet Chrome is forcing this on you with every drop/crash. It never used to be like this and needs to be fixed ASAP! * Double spaces in Facebook: About 4-5 updates ago, Chrome has become the only browser to insert double spaces in Facebook. Whilst you think it wouldn't be annoying, believe me when I say it is more than frustrating with tens of thousands of complaints. But guess what? Google has become so large now, they don't actually care about you the end user anymore. This should have been fixed almost 12 months ago, but you guessed it, nope no fix in sight for this annoying bug. Please fix these issues ASAP! ...and by ASAP, I mean NOW! No really!....months later and the issues still persist. It seems google is trying to kill off Chrome :/ Edit: Over a year since I wrote the above and nothing has been fixed. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!.Version: 84.0.4147.71

Latest Update Ruined the AppThis has always been my favorite browser but the last few updates have no improved the app. The latest update has caused the keyboard to be so laggy that it is unusable. Also, my search suggestions stopped showing up from Google. Another recent update changed the layout to match Safari. I used to love to swipe through all of my open tabs & close the ones I needed to close quickly & easily. Now, the app goes to the “tiled” screen, where you see several tiny versions of each page. I have to click on each one to even tell what many of them are, & most of the time that page has to reload & many times fails doing that! It takes about 5x as long to go through & close tabs. Super annoying. Bring back the old way! (But first, fix the laggy keyboard because I can’t even use Chrome at this point. 🙄).Version: 73.0.3683.68

Wish it workedI have attempted to use this browser off and on for the last year. I really want to like and use this browser. Accessing my bookmarks is a multi step process. I can’t tell it to open all of the bookmarks I have saved into file folders and instead have to open repeat the multi step process for each bookmark I need to open at the start of my day. I use google meets often. I don’t want to download the meeting app. I want to be able to use it in the browser window just like I can in safari. This way if I need to share my screen I don’t have to leave the app to get to the tab I need from my browser. I have found all of the google apps that I have attempted to use with IOS to be poorly designed for the end user. I am very disappointed in the product that has been put out for public use..Version: 87.0.4280.163

IPhone X landscape modeI appreciate the effort of how google works on the iOS apps, and indeed they are one of the best companies in the world. However, with my highest respect, the landscape mode of Chrome on iPhone X is hardly be okay to use compare to safari. Look at the top bar, how much space it used, and look at safari’s, the difference is too obvious and I must complain about it. I am not saying, or supporting the opinion that Google should copy the Apple’s design, but at least make a little improvement, let the top looks logical and natural, then everyone will be happy about that..Version: 63.0.3239.73

Chrome translate stopped workingTranslation function stopped working. I tried reinstalling/restart mobile but it doesn’t work. IOS is currently on v12.4.5 Even the desktop version of chrome translating function doesn’t work either. Very frustrating that I can’t read translation version. I’ll have to uninstall chrome and use MS version which isn’t as good..Version: 80.0.3987.95

TerribleExtremely slow, constantly crashes, resets my tabs every time I open the app, and half the time when I hit enter to search something it doesn’t do anything and I have to retype what I was going to search.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Keeps locking up and crashing since latest update on iPhone 6Been using chrome since the very beginning and although generally it’s been slower than other browsers across all platforms, I prefer it because I use most Google products and like the way everything gets synced across all my devices. However, since the latest update about a week ago, every time I open it up, it locks then crashes with no error message. I tried disabling everything, then I tried restarting everything then I tried uninstalling everything and rebooting several times even after reinstalling it but the problem persists. Either it’s just me or the new version isn’t compatible with my ancient iPhone 6 but I’m not happy that I can’t use it any more..Version: 85.0.4183.109

From bad to worseWhat was my preferred browser on the iPad is now a source of constant frustration. Each “upgrade” reduced speed and increased instability, in many cases causing repeated lockups. Restarting the iPad sometimes clears the issue but usually not for long. Google, can we go back about 10 versions please?.Version: 76.0.3809.81

No Dev Tools Limits This AppThis app is wonderful for use anywhere you’re roaming, what with syncing data and keeping bookmarks organized between devices. That’s honestly not difficult; the difficult stuff, however, is what I need for this and other mobile browser apps to perform, like dropping a cached file with greater ease or refreshing a simple update on a style sheet. The fact this and other browser apps don’t extend developer tools to their mobile apps is a MAJOR series of demerits that takes what COULD be a four or five-star app and significantly diminishes it. If you’re not a developer, it won’t matter to you, but I’ve grown EXHAUSTED with constantly wiping EVERYTHING to to get a minor refresh, and shame on Google for not making strides — 15 years into the mobile revolution — to make that feature a part of this app..Version: 96.0.4664.53

Failing at the worst timeI love Chrome, I’ve used it since it was in beta and have found it getting better and better, until now. I have always liked that I can run it across several devices however, now I have an iPad pro, it seems this isn’t one of them. Sadly it is too unstable and constantly crashes (currently, every time I switch between Word and Chrome, or any application and Chrome) and this is after yesterdays update. This is kind of important as I am researching and do this a lot. I don’t know if it is apple pushing their product but currently I am having to stop use it as I can’t keep restoring windows every time. Kinda gutted as its worked so well for so long so hope I can come back to it soon.....Version: 85.0.4183.109

Not the best but it is functionalThis app has a few issues but it works to a degree.Version: 105.0.5195.129

Works well for the most part...Don’t know what’s going on, but since I got an iPad Pro and I’m doing Google searches when I’ve searched something once, when I try to click on the search bar again the app suddenly just searches something random without giving me a chance to do anything, every time I try and click again it just randomly searches something stupid again, so I basically have to go back to the Home Screen if I want to do another search from scratch... Even if all I want to do is change the wording slightly..Version: 87.0.4280.77

New "Start Surface" is terribleFor some reason, Chrome decided to replicate the universally hated and immediately revoked Firefox experiment where instead of simply returning to your last tab when you open the app, it opens a useless new tab page with a "Return to last tab" button. This isn't useful and starts my Chrome experience with annoyance and frustration as I have to click around to get back to where I was, instead of just being there already. Firefox had to revert this immediately because it's awful and annoying; I don't know why Chrome is now imitating it. It's also (deliberately?) well hidden in chrome://flags - not findable by searching "new" or "tab" or "return", but only if you already know the keyword "Start Surface". At least you can disable it if you do manage to find it, but it shouldn't be the default AND it should be manageable in the top-level settings..Version: 98.0.4758.85

Issues with playing audio while screen is offSince the iOS 13 update I have had an issue with being able to play audio from any website in the background while my screen is turned off. Within about 1-2 min of the screen turning off the audio ceases to play until I unlock my phone and hit the play button on the site again. This makes it almost impossible to listen to any podcast without downloading the appropriate app, or as I learned last night, playing the audio in Safari. I much prefer the UI in Chrome and rather be able to use it exclusively, but as of now the only way for me to listen to most podcasts is by opening the site in Safari and playing it from there..Version: 79.0.3945.73

PLEASE FIXBased on recent reviews I think I’m having the same problems, its about the tabs. I always keep my tabs bc I need to work on websites or links back ang forth but everytime I go back and open the chrome it closed all the tabs which never happened ti me before but it’s been few months now that I have this problem. Please fix, why does it always ask me to open new tabs and just do it without permission which causes all my works and links disappear, it’s a bother to always save links when you are busy..Version: 98.0.4758.97

Discover section sucks nowChange the Discover section back to the way it was. Now it’s extremely obnoxious..Version: 92.0.4515.90

Stopped using due to full screen spam adsI've always enjoyed using Chrome as my default browser on iPhone, until about two months ago i began experiencing spam ads that would pop up and take over the entire app functioning. Even when I would close the window and the app and reopen it, the ad would pop up again. There was no option except to click on the ad, which one time i did, and it led me to further spam pages that asked me for my personal info. I have even deleted the app from my phone and then downloaded it again, but inevitably the same thing would happen again. Because of this, unfortunately I have had to stop using Chrome. This problem has not occurred with Safari, so for now I'm sticking with that. I'm writing this in the hopes that it can be addressed, so I can safely return to using Chrome again. Thank you!.Version: 65.0.3325.152

Chrome is great and all but...Why did you change the google image layout in the last update? I get what you were trying to do, but it terrible. Please inform me of how to revert this back, or in later updates, provide the option to switch between the new style and old. This way when you mess up, we don’t suffer. I’m switching to another search engine temporarily until this is fixed. -thank you.Version: 77.0.3865.69

Stop opening a new tabThe browser is fine, apart from the fact that on both my ipad and iphone it insists on opening a new tab when I start it. I would much prefer to open a new tab myself when I want it. I can’t find a solution to this. This has forced me to start using safari most of the time..Version: 105.0.5195.100

(Devs Please Respond) Links not clickable on iPad Pro 12.9Links not clickable very buggy sometimes works sometimes I have to double or triple click and sometimes long click then open in new tab and sometimes nothing at all unless I refresh the page… Devs, please respond are you working on this? I don’t want to switch on all my devices and then you fix this… I have read on forums that’s this has been going for a year or so.Version: 101.0.4951.58

Unnecessary ChangesI really liked the interface of Chrome. It was fairly similar to adjust to from the PC because they are so similar. Now I have to adapt to this new interface that looks similar to Safari. I dislike Safari's interface with the tabs and other settings in a low bar because I felt that it was inconvenient. Now that Chrome has switched to this new interface, I find it very difficult to adjust my mind on this system especially since this is the browser that I only use. I do like that I can access many of the settings (e.g. History) without having to open up a new tab. Other than this, there weren't any issues the previous interface. It would be lovely if the developers reach back for a conversation with this. If not, then either give us the option to use the previous interface or undo the update..Version: 69.0.3497.91

Continuing issuesI have used chrome for so long and found it a great tool. But about a year ago things started to go wrong for chrome on my iPad. It will turn itself of. That is dealable with. But I’m continually frustrated with the loss of my bookmarks bar and settings tab. The help section is no help so can someone please contact me. I am having none of these issues with chrome on my PC..Version: 99.0.4844.59

Abandoned by GoogleWith Google whining about Apples privacy policy, Google refuses to update Chrome so this app is out of date. I moved back to Safari as Google has abandoned this app..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Did not liked at allI can not view websites complete, as i used to do before in older version. Even i tried desktop website but its same. Can i get my google chrome older version back please. It was so nice. But this new version is not good at all. It looks like you tried to copy safari. We already have safari in our iphones. But i was using Google chrome because its different and more useful. Well but if you want to make it safari then make it safari and we will look out for another browser. Please try to keep chrome powerful ad it was before..Version: 69.0.3497.91

Program good, bring back downtimeMy kids have iPods and before the latest update of iOS the app was like all other apps and went down as set in the settings of the iPods but when updated to this new iOS the app is visible and able to be ran by the children. I want to be able to shut this app at a certain time of night or day via my child’s iPod settings and not have to download other apps to do this job when the iOS has it in their settings..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Unusable: constant crashes and loading bugUsed to run well but has become completely unusable. Tab constantly refreshes or bugs out to “This page can’t be read”while browsing making it impossible to do anything. It used to happen every five or so minutes, now it happens every one to five seconds. The app also crashes all the time. Sometimes I’m lucky and manage to restore my tabs But you’re out of luck if Chrome decides to crash yet again as you hit the restore button. Which obviously happens all the dang time. I’ve lost so many tabs in the past few months and have had enough. Moving back to Safari..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Continuously CrashingHave tried reinstalling app, reset network & phone settings yet the Chrome browser app will not work. I have been unable to use for nearly a week now. iPhone 13 Pro is fully up to date. Unable to get any support, Apple can’t help since it is a 3rd part app..Version: 97.0.4692.72

A decent app, have a few critiques thoughI usually use chrome so I can access my history and passwords from browsing on my laptop. The app is fine- but prefer to use safari if I don’t need chrome. This is primarily because of two reasons- the close all tabs button and the lack of reading features on chrome. I seem to always hit the “close all tabs button” when my finger is just resting on the screen and it’s an absolute pain to go into my history and restore the tabs one by one. Either move the button, or allow me to restore all of the tabs I just deleted without making me tap through my history 50 million times. As someone who is an avid reader of online articles and stories, the fact that you can’t change the font size in chrome is appalling. Sure you can zoom in, but then you have to scroll left and right as well as up and down, which sometimes ruins the immersion when I’m reading a good story. I might be nitpicking, but these things drastically effect my experience with the app and I’m 100% sure that they wouldn’t be that hard to change..Version: 84.0.4147.122

Please move the saved passwords barI use google chrome a lot and like it for the most part. however the password bar looks really strange in iPadOS 15 on top of the now 'floating' keyboard suggestions bar, please fix. Also it'd be good to find a way to get rid of it when on facebook (or whenever) as it blocks any messenger textboxes I open. This is a problem in both iPadOS 14 and iPadOS 15.Version: 93.0.4577.78

Clunky..poorFirst of all I'm a big fan of chrome on the PC, and google products in general such as drive, maps..Google to me make quality, which is why this app surprises me, it's no where near googles usual high standards. I have it on my iphone5 and iPad Air though tend to use it on the iPad. It's frustrating, pages are slow to load,and you click on what you want while the page is loading, only for some css to change the dynamics of the page making you click on something irrelevant. But far worse is the atrocious keyboard call. You click on a text entry tab, keyboard pops up for you to type, then disappears, over and over again, and again when the keyboard disappears mid typing you can bet your bottom dollar, there's some link right under where the letter you were going to press sits, result it takes you to some random page again, so you have to click back and enter whole forms over again. Terrible. Another problem is websites that auto link to apps store. Your happy browsing, next thing you know, your out of chrome and in the App Store as forced by a website promoting some crap.. That needs to be an block able option, surely a security exploit, if they can launch AppStore they can launch any app. I’ve come back a year later at least now to update this review…if anything it’s getting worse. Auto fill rarely works now, Facebook is unusable, as the keyboard drops and randomly appears midway through typing..Version: 95.0.4638.50

Having ongoing issuesHi there for few months now I have had issues with my chrome. I have uninstalled it and nothing seems to work. I have about 10 tabs open and it keeps going into other ones when I go into the app. How do I fix this it’s getting beyond annoying. Annoyed chrome user Can someone please get in contact with me about this. Nothing is fixing it..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Unusable - choose something elseChrome used to be an excellent browser, and one I used across all my devices. Not anymore! I don't know what they've done to it but now it crashes constantly to the point where it is unusable. Pages will not load - even simple ones - and I lose my tabs if I dare to open a different app for a moment. I've sent countless feedback reports and heard precisely nothing from Google so one must assume they have broken it and either don't know how to fix it or just don't care. Either way, I'm done with it. My advice, choose something else..Version: 83.0.4103.88

News Snippets on the new tab page - ughChrome on iOS now insists on showing you news snippets on the new tab page. Don’t like it? You can disable it *along with Google Search Suggestions*. Because news snippets and search suggestions are obviously equivalent. Unlike in other versions of Chrome, there is no chrome://flags workaround for this lunacy. Worth remembering all iOS browsers use the same rendering engine. Anyone looking for a Safari alternative on iOS should therefore look at Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, whose product management team clearly treats its users with contempt..Version: 63.0.3239.73

DownloadingSo, I have enjoyed this app for quite a while. It’s very legit and it has a stable type of view. Though, very recently, I’ve had to re-download the app. Sometimes, it doesn’t work and I have to wait hours until I can even download it again! I started changing my mind everyday and this is why I’ve rated the app a one star. When I first used it, it was fantastic with very good features. But then, it started lagging and making me download it again. Now, I do not use it because of its lack of use. Thanks for tricking me into downloading!.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Search disappears as I typeEver since the force-fed news feature has appeared (which I absolutely hate,) there has been another issue of my search disappearing as I type it. I will be typing into the search bar and then half way though, my text will have suddenly disappeared and the screen will be lists of ‘news’ article suggestions. I do not want my search to be deleted because the search is the only reason I use Chrome in the first place. And NO, I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE NEWS SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT. Please fix the issue and remove the awful news feature..Version: 63.0.3239.73

This Looks Like Safari...I have absolutely no idea why they had to change the perfect design of the app, to make it look like a rip off of its competition. If I wanted this layout, I would use Safari, even that looks better than this redesign. Google, I recommend you take a number from Snapchat, when they changed the layout of it, nobody liked it, but at least they could still remember how to navigate it. Whereas this is way different than what great looking browser we had before. This new update is terrible, I sincerely hope some of the people at Google read this, otherwise you’re not listening to your customers, at least give us an option to change it back to the old Chrome. Thanks..Version: 69.0.3497.71

Full of bugsUsed to love the browser and have been using it for many years. However since updating to iOS 13, it is full of bugs. Scrolling in a page is not smooth, and at times keep jumping back to the top of the page. Struggling to open links at times, and not responsive to touch. Very disappointing as it is just ruins the whole experience. Hoping for an update to come out soon, as that’s need sorting out. If it’s not happening soon, I would consider looking for an alternative..Version: 77.0.3865.103

What happened to Google?!Chrome was fast and reliable, until recently. It sometimes takes forever to load a Google search page! And clearing browsing history can also stick forever. I will switch to Firefox and stay away from this greedy enterprise..Version: 84.0.4147.71

Not worth keeping tabs openI kept few tabs opened few days back and now just before writing this review Chrome closed by itself and removed every opened tabs and now I’m with no opened tabs. All gone!! What kind of behaviour is this ? -_-.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Trending SearchesPlease remove or give option to remove trending searches from homepage or I will have to switch to a different browser thx..Version: 106.0.5249.92

Doesn’t hold position on page when reopening anymoreWhat happened to jumping to where you left off reading a page when reopening the app? I read A LOT on Chrome - long, long pages often - and previously it jumped to where you were up to on the page the last time you used it, which was VERY convenient. Now when the app is reopened, it refreshes to the top of the open page/tab and it’s super frustrating!! I’m not sure how that’s helpful when you can already just tap the top of the screen to ‘return to top’ anyway..Version: 70.0.3538.75

Basically SafariThe whole reason why I downloaded was to get rid of the annoying search bars when scrolling through pages, new update makes it no better than safari now..Version: 69.0.3497.91

Crashing on launchChrome no longer launches successfully. It displays the logo splash screen but fails to open any tabs. It was working occasionally but no longer loads at all. Reinstalling the application does not resolve the issue. Running latest iOS and Chrome versions..Version: 78.0.3904.84

Great but recent changes not so goodChrome is fantastic. But some recent updates means its more difficult to move from the browser to Google Maps. Now when I search on Google in Chrome and click on a map reference I get sent to the App Store to update Google Maps. Let me update when I want. It also doesn’t automatically open then app even when updated. I get this new intermediate page. This is unnecessary and slows searching down. Most of the time this has happened I’ve just given up and left the site..Version: 79.0.3945.73

Where have the 3 dots gone from my discover page??I like to open news items from The discover page in a new tab Suddenly I can’t do this…. So now I have to open a new tab, and scroll through the long list of discovers to get back where I was - if I’m Lucky that the discover page hasn’t refreshed in the mean time and the whole list is new Both options are annoying, bring back 3 dots … I don’t think I can be bothered with the discover page with out them.Version: 105.0.5195.69

Can’t get rid of shortcutsIt looks like you used to be able to get rid of the shortcuts on the homepage but they deleted that functionality, forcing you to keep them. Unless my searching has been remiss in which case if someone can tell me how to do it in this version (there’s no customise button on mine). I want the interface clean and that feels like a basic and reasonable desire. I find the shortcuts really distracting so I’m switching back to Firefox until chrome allows me to have a clean landing page..Version: 108.0.5359.112

Messed up again.IPad Air 2, IOS 9.3.5. On this combination Google Chrome doesn't work well anymore. Pages freeze, they will stick and it's impossible to scroll using the finger. Also there's been some weird recoding that has wrecked the interface. Why still running on IOS9? Some people deliberately keep running the most efficient and fast version of the OS running for their device, because upgrading will cause slow-downs. Thanks very much. Google, this used to be far and away the best browser. Please fix. Have a nice Christmas..Version: 62.0.3202.70

Scaling BugRecent updates have caused a scrolling/scaling bug. Example: Epic Games store when trying to click on place order for a game the button is at the bottom of the screen but you can’t scroll down to click it. There are quite a few other sites where similar has happened, it’s usually the top of the page that isn’t showing or selectable. Works ok in Safari so must be a Chrome issue..Version: 85.0.4183.109

Safari is much betterI don’t know if there is a bug or something but all of a sudden my chrome app kept crashing the screen goes black after a few seconds of opening the app. I then refresh and close the app but still occurs again. Deleted app then reinstalled still not working. Should’ve stuck with the trustworthy safari the whole time..Version: 72.0.3626.101

Overall a great browser for mobile with some kinksI love chrome mostly because it saves my passwords and bookmarks in the same place. I use chrome on my PC, and its also nice to see my open tabs on my iPad or phone when I walk into another room and forget what the screen said. Writing this reveiew because I just found a pretty horrendous bug in this app involving the Gmail web client on the iPad 9.6 running iOS 11.4. Was trying to send an email within the “compose” popup within the Chrome Browser. I typed my whole email then selected to add an attachment. I didn’t see my file, so I selected to cancel the file upload. This brought me to a blank Chrome logo and the Chrome app was unresponsive. I was forced to reset the app causing me to lose my work. Hope they fix this quick because its a repro rate of 100%..Version: 69.0.3497.105

Captchas, always captchasI use a VPN so I have to do a stupid captcha test EVERY TIME I search for something. Flowers : captcha Recipes: captcha News : captcha It gets incredibly frustrating. Will uninstall..Version: 85.0.4183.72

Terrible privacy problems. Find a better browserIt lets me sync my bookmarks with my laptop (on which I also use Chrome). That’s a nice feature. But it’s so mind-blowingly awful with privacy that I’ve deleted it from all mobile devices. iOS Chrome is completely lacking in every basic privacy control one would expect of any browser built after 2014. This thing doesn’t just track and save everything you do; it presents a list of all recently-visited sites any time you open a new tab... and there’s no way to opt out of this or turn it off. You can’t even delete in bulk; you have to remove these recently-visited sites one by one unless you’re willing to clear your entire browser history. The new tab also automatically loads a selection of news stories, and there’s no way to turn off that feature. It’s like logging onto AOL circa 1996. Sure, you could use incognito mode, but it shouldn’t be an all or nothing choice. If I want to have my cookies and history saved without my search history being immediately presented to anyone who picks up my iPad, that should be an option. (And why, when visiting Google sites, does it assume I want to use the most recently added Google account used in my Gmail app? Wouldn't it make more sense to assume I'm using the default/primary one if it's going to autofill the login screen? And why make it so difficult to log out so that I can log in to the proper account?).Version: 87.0.4280.77

Old look is deadGoogle officially killed the old look of Chrome. You used to be able to revert to the older and more functional layout by adjusting hidden flags. This was removed in the latest update and I really hate it. The new look makes everything too big. Finding tabs is actually harder and the new tab manager makes tabs not “feel” like web pages. Every time I open a new tab I almost hit the “close all” button which would be catastrophic. This looks closer to Safari than ever. If I wanted Safari, I’d just use it since it’s already in my phone. Google should be setting themselves apart and pushing the standards and not following other tech companies. I also just don’t understand why the new “in” look is flat graphics, oversized buttons or icons, and huge amounts of wasted whitespace. I have a large phone. I don’t need help with giant menus and buttons that look like they were designed for a senior citizen who forgot their glasses. And what does Google have against labels on the bottom menu bar and in the tab switcher? Sometimes I like to read what I’m about to select before I touch it. The one good thing is the compact menu. It’s concise and reachable. Bring back the customizability that used to exist in software and let me choose how I make my own device look. I don’t need to be forced into the user experience that you think I want..Version: 71.0.3578.89

Unusable after the last updateI wonder if you do any testing at all before releases! The last update introduced huge, ridiculous regressions. 1 - The top of pages are now hidden behind the search/url bar and you can’t scroll up to reveal them, you have to scroll the page down and up like a maniac and then if you’re lucky the top of the page might appear so you can tap links there. 2 - The pages very often don’t adjust width when you rotate the device. E.g. if you turn from portrait to landscape the page is still as wide as it was on portrait, and the extra width on the right is just blank..Version: 86.0.4240.77

Fun until Annoying notificationsI was just normally browsing chrome and then it said: pasting from iPhone 4, then when I opened wikipedia, it kept repeating, I would rather use safari instead. Cruel garbage browser..Version: 106.0.5249.92

Updates NOT Thoroughly Tested!I have a love/hate relationship with Chrome. It’s pretty darn good, WHEN it functions properly. However, numerous times over the last few years, they’ve released versions which did not work, sometimes in bizarre and inconsistent ways. I realize they have a lot of devices/models to test upon, but that’s part of software development. If you’re not going to fully test your software for a device, then take it off the compatibility list in the App Store. This last update, two days ago, was fine until today. It should have gotten an emergency update. No, I’m not going to uninstall and reinstall it. That’s not my job. If you want me to use your app, then make it where it never gets this messed up. (I’m just speculating about what a so-called support person might suggest.) I love the convenience of having my settings and some other things shared across devices. That said, I have issues with whatever else they may be doing with my various information. It’s quite clear that they are not fully abiding by their stated data collection standards. Data is being collected on my browser usage even in “private” mode. Who knows where that’s going or to whom?.Version: 97.0.4692.72

TABS AUTOMATICALLY OPENINGI keep deleting Chrome app off my iPhone XS Max and re-downloading it in hopes of fixing this huge annoying problem. The problem: Every time I open a new tab it automatically sends me to another tab (usually the top left tab) I already had open. It’s clearly a bug because I’ve deleted all my caches and cookies multiple times and no luck. I usually have 6-10 tabs open. For years this never happened. Now for months this has been happening. And yes it’s on the latest update as well as my iOS. It’s like when you open your car door but then your truck opens up on its own. It’s like taking a bite out of pizza but then you realize you just ate a boring piece of dried broccoli. It’s like working at Google for $150,000 a year as a programmer on the iOS Chrome app but then realize you broke what was never broken to begin with on your updates. 😐.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Favourite imagesHey, whenever I save an image on chrome. It says to be saved in favourites but I want them on my phone gallery like it used to be earlier. What are the favourites and where the images go.?.Version: 69.0.3497.91

Display needs to be extendThe one task given was not displayed I now understand that the public use of the info notation has been updated and today I soley is held responsible for this review the next with you from your sincerely thank 72 will be sometime soon good luck..Version: 74.0.3729.155

UnpredictableChrome on macOS is outstanding but Chrome on iPadOS is a poor experience. Today, for the 3rd time in the past 6 months, Chrome decided to close all of my tabs. Unfortunately when this happens it isn’t like clicking the “Close All” button and being able to hit “Undo”.. no.. when this seems to happen, it happens after coming back to the app after switching away from it (today I switched away to reply to a Message, took 15 seconds). To further describe the issue: when it happens, it closes all normal tabs as well as all incognito tabs. It’s like a full reset, almost like reinstalling the app. It is incredibly aggravating and after today I’ve decided to switch back to Safari full time for iOS. I’ll still use Chrome on macOS, but on iOS it is just too buggy..Version: 92.0.4515.90

So much ads even with adblockSo much ads when visiting my fav sites and none on Saf🍎.Version: 106.0.5249.92

Missing essential featuresLove how Chrome on a Mac has the “Profiles” functionality where you can switch between your different Google Accounts. Use this all the time on Mac. Unfortunately this amazing functionality isn’t available on the iPad pro. Other thing. Downloading and uploading files from Safari is super easy, but its really hit and miss via Chrome. Come on guys, can’t have apple writing better software than you!.Version: 91.0.4472.80

They removed the ability to log in iPad & sync across devicesIn classic Google fashion, they inexplicably made a horrible decision and removed the Settings menu option from the browser entirely, leaving no way to log in and sync passwords, bookmarks, etc across devices. This is one of the key features that has kept me using Chrome and it’s gone now. I would recommend using a different browser entirely because you might Chrome will keep working in the way it has been and then their insanely tone-deaf UX team will remove a key feature that you depend on, without even updating the documentation. If you check the support page for the iOS version, it still says the Settings menu option is there. It even highlights this feature in the app description above here in the App Store! This is extremely misleading. Now I have to embark on migrating all of my bookmarks and other information over to a different browser because Chrome is an unreliable waste of time..Version: 96.0.4664.53

Recent update is unstableEvery time I close the app all the tabs shut. I used to be able to toggle between apps and reopen- now every time I return to chrome every single tab has been closed. This is brutal, please fix!.Version: 85.0.4183.109

Other appsI have this new app that deleted this app and it also deleted safari and google! Now the new app won’t let me re-download this app! So that stinks. The new app monitors my search’s and videos that I watch sooooo.....yeah...!.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Typing lags and bookmark icons have disappeared.UPDATE: Still issues. Now the bookmarks don't show unless I go hunting for them in a menu. So, now they are still gone from the old bookmark grid page style AND NOW I have to actually LOOK for them. Why? Browser is slow, typing lags horribly, bookmarks icons disappear when scrolling down the screen. Chrome for iPad keeps forgetting my passwords. Please let us have the old bookmark method back, where we would have larger square icons that did not disappear when I scroll down the screen AND they sorted themselves horizontally across the screen, from left to right. I remove the titles on all of my bookmarks to be able to fit more on my desktop Chrome browser. The list-view of small icons is really poor design. I used to rave about how wonderful this browser was, but back in March, it seems to have taken a turn for the worse..Version: 63.0.3239.73

Outstanding app but one huge problemWould be a 5/5 if it wasn't for this one problem. As I and I'm sure many others do, we love our tabs. The more, the merrier as I'm sure y'all already know. Unfinished projects, entertainment, cherished history; all of that is contained within then and would hate for it to disappear.. which is exactly why we need a recovery option for all tabs as soon as possible. Because hey, accidents DO happen! And somehow every other mobile browser had already included this feature as it's common sense. I know I'm bound to make this mistake again of closing all my tabs, but hopefully the next time it happens, I'll have a handy recovery option to save me. Thanks for reading.Version: 81.0.4044.124

Mobile site vs Desktop siteFor some reason quiet a few web sites load their mobile version on Chrome while they load their desktop version on Safari. This difference a bad experience on iPad.Version: 90.0.4430.216

Fake search resultsI can’t trust google anymore, too bad.Version: 87.0.4280.77

It eats ram for breakfastVery unreliable.Version: 80.0.3987.95

Good, but not good enough, eager for updatesI used to be a Chrome fan, i think it’s the best browser. Well it’s good in many ways, minimalistic layout, good speeds and many things. But when Mozilla released the 57 update on Firefox, Google Chrome is outdated. Firefox was much faster than Chrome, had a smarter layout so I used Firefox. I hope Google can come up with one of those updates that Mozilla did. That will really enhance Chrome’s performance.Version: 67.0.3396.87

Font size too bigThe app is suddenly making all fonts huge on all the websites I visit on IOS. This seems to be happening after the latest update. The app was functioning fine for years until now. Please fix google :).Version: 83.0.4103.88

Problem saving bookmarksRight now, it is really annoying to save bookmarks. My Bookmark Bar has 14 main folders and 186 subfolders (yes, I just counted), plus hundreds of actual bookmarked sites. The bookmarked sites don't show up while I try to save a new bookmark... but the 186 subfolders do. So if I need to save a new bookmark, this app forces me to scroll past ALL of my folders and subfolders (which this app alphabetizes - meaning they are NOT arranged in the order I have them on desktop) to FIND the folder I want to Save Bookmark in. This is ridiculous. I would LOVE to be able to FIRST select one of the 14 main folders in my Bookmarks Bar, and THEN scroll to the correct subfolder and simply save the new bookmark. Funny enough, this is the EXACT system you have in place for FINDING a bookmark that I've already saved. Sooo... you have a great system in place for FINDING a bookmark, but SAVING A NEW ONE is a nightmare. If you could find it in your hearts to update this, I'd be hugely grateful!!.Version: 64.0.3282.112

Latest Update is a fantastic, privacy enhancing featureNow our browsing history is sent to Google automatically and we don't even have to make a choice! I love Google's commitment to privacy. I fully trust Google with all of my data as a obedient Aussie. The next feature should be to track your breathing rate in the browser to prevent global warming and if your breathing rate exceeds a certain amount Chrome automatically reports you to the Climate Po-Po's to be sent to the nearest education centre..Version: 105.0.5195.147

Counterintuitive and unproductive!!I really wanted to like the Chrome app for iOS but it turned out to be counter productive. I use a lot of other Google apps over Apple (notable Gmail and Google Maps) and after a lot of prompting from those apps to use Chrome when pushing to Safari, I decided to give it a try. After a month of Chrome usage, the app options, gestures, buttons are counterintuitive and slow. For example, I understand some people like to close their browsing session after but I never do- sure, have a close all button but why is it displayed so prominently in the app start. I have pressed it accidentally so many times and closed out my plethora of tabs which is really annoying. There’s no way to recover them if you open a new tab. There’s no option for opening tabs in background, quick new tab from a current tab just to name a few others. Page loading is slowing and constantly reloads instead of saving page data. The iOS Chrome app needs a major refresh and update before I use it again. But right now it is counterintuitive, inefficient, and unproductive..Version: 75.0.3770.103

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