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Awesome Rewards, Mostly Good AppThe app itself has some issues sometimes, but has a lot of great features. Wendy’s is the ONLY fast food restaurant that allows you to use rewards points AND deals in the same order. Spend your points on a free frosty, and get a free medium fry with purchase! It’s awesome. Not to mention they have some of the best fast food (seriously, try their cookies. They’re just like subway cookies, maybe better) The app can be kinda clunky. It signs out randomly, and gives errors when trying to check out, but usually works if you wait a bit. And you can always cancel an order, so if you’re ordering late, see a line around the block when you go to pickup and decide you don’t want to wait, you can just cancel it. Really helpful sometimes! You also accrue points quickly. I can’t imagine going to Wendy’s without using the app..Version: 10.1.0

One star is too manyOrdered through the App today. They had us pull forward. You would think they might notice us waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I finally went inside and absolutely could not get one person to acknowledge me. The second time I asked to speak to the manager he appeared. He said they “lost” our order. I was rightfully not happy at this point. After almost an hour the manager Kevin told us they were kind of busy today. I told him to give me my money back. He gave it to someone else to give to me. Not one kind word was spoken to me. Not one word of apology. The manager was trained poorly and the young lady working the front cash register was fairly new and needed assistance several times. I cannot recommend the Wendys on Broadway Extension in Edmond Oklahoma..Version: 7.1.3

Getting Better with each updateThe app has consistently improved. I would suggest allowing for drink customization such as lite or no ice. It would save me the trouble of having to ask when arriving for pickup and hope they didn’t already prepare the drink. It would also be great if the credit card CCV would save so we don’t have to keep entering all the time since I have sometimes left the card at home while trying to order with my default payment. One last suggestion would be to allow us to use whatever balance remains on a Wendy’s gift card. If you don’t have enough to cover the entire purchase it does not allow you to split the payment allowing for the gift card to be used up.Version: 8.1.4

Pointless and worse for mobile orders, fine for indoorsIf you use for indoor dining it isn’t an issue but typically the point of mobile ordering is to assist your purchase and in some cases, speed up. After using for a test run, app instructed to get in drive through to notify. This was a 10 min wait after placing order. After notifying at drive through it was another five minutes to move up two car spaces to verify at the Window and then another two minutes for my food. There was no mention of pulling to the blue placard parking spot meant for mobile orders. After almost 20 minutes and three vehicles in total before me, I had my food and was finally on my way. I assumed everything was ok and tried a fry but the fries were lukewarm at best. Greasy and limp as if they had sat for an hour or two, I felt defeated. Placing an order is clunky and in order to ensure you need something taken off your burger, you will need to go back and edit your order. This app and Wendy’s needs work..Version: 9.4.1

CustomizationsWould be nice if I could add mayo to the spicy chicken wrap instead of the ranch. Somehow it’s not an option though….Version: 10.0.5

HilariousMy favourite part was the restaurant not accepting the coupon, and the disclaimer at the bottom that coupons are only valid in the US. Well played Wendy’s, though I went elsewhere for food..Version: 6.1.4

Great, Intuitive, Easy to use App!I’m loving this era of using APPS to order, well practically any and everything you need! Add this APP to your folder of Lunchtime apps! Great app, it’s nicely designed, super intuitive and quick as well. No user guide needed! Just download, Sign in with Apple ID, if your new, still Sign in with Apple ID and it automatically creates/uses your Apple ID as the login. All and all, from the second you press GET, until you put your phone down after processing the order, takes all and all, literally.. less than 60 seconds. A new user may need 2 minutes but that’s really it. Of course you could just explore the app for fun as your lunchtime game. Anyways, great app ladies and gentlemen. A must have, new addition lunchtime folder, APPS! Cheers!.Version: 10.0.3

Great improvements!The app is so intuitive! And looks nice, too. Great improvement..Version: 10.0.5

New changesDear sir (s) I would like to speak about the new changes you have included in the Wendy’s app. I’m not a favorite of the mobile pay app. It’s Incredibly easy to hack. Not just yours mind you but all of them. Five family members accounts were hacked. Money stolen and had to get new cards from their backs. This isn’t only in CA but three different states. I also our choices of meal discounts are dwindling. More app only deals have taken over. We don’t want delivery meals, when we’re out we like a sit down experience. Apparently our choices on your app will be severely limited, or completely go to mobile order only. That, will limit our Wendy’s experience tremendously. Sorry, I know the mobile app is the new “hot idea” to drum up new business. But in our case it will do just the opposite. Good luck we do love Wendy’s “fresh” menu and freshly prepared meals (hot) hopefully our type of business won’t be excluded..Version: 6.2.0

Best app ever!No more mistakes on my order, delivered right to my vehicle at curb side pickup, super fast :).Version: 10.0.5

Love Wendy’sI love Wendy’s because the French fries are the best, love the 4 for $4, love the free junior frosty with the card I purchase once a year ( I buy one for my adult son too). I love the senior discount ( or free senior drink) and the apple pecan salad is great. I also love the grilled go wrap. I guess you could say, I love Wendy’s. As for the staff, they are always nice. I usually eat at Wendy’s twice a week, but have been there more often than that many times. Since you updated the app a while back, MY IPHONE 6 WILL NOT ACCEPT THE NEW APP! I know it says that I can use an older version, but it just won’t work!!! I NEED HELP! I haven’t had my Wendy’s app for months! Hoping someone will help me. I have points that I cannot access and offers l cannot see. I haven’t found a place that says “CONTACT US”. People who work there don’t know how to fix this either. Management, PLEASE HELP.Version: 9.2.6

Terrible AppI added money to the app so I can place my order, pay for it, and someone to pick it up since I got hurt. I placed the order and paid in the app with the $50 I put in there. My cousin went to pick it up for me and was told the payment did not went through. I told her the payment number for the app and it didn’t went through. I had to send the money to my cousin in order to repay for food already paid in the app. This happened two more times. After the second time I chatted with an agent whom saw that everything was correct on my end and sent the information and proof to management of my local Wendy’s. I was told to delete the app and reinstall it. I decided to try it a few days later to see if it worked and still did the same thing. I was checking my email constantly to see if Wendy’s management figured out the problem and no response. So now I just preorder or order at the drive thru still with my money just sitting in the app..Version: 9.3.3

Worthwhile if you aren’t single or a loserThe single skydiver is single and can’t fathom why they don’t get much of a discount or bargains when they live alone by themself in mom’s garage or grandmas basement, autistically following the very very specific method of packing a parachute they were taught by the government agency responsible for training them to jumpscare the tar out of natives all over the world, but don’t train them how to respect women, and how to respect themselves and their marriage vows or their wife. So they end up serially marrying and getting divorced by a handful of women until they’re no longer remotely cute or handsome and their daughters grow up without a father and their sons grow up being raised by a single mother, and the cycle of homeschooled tardated idiots continues. Then they complain about the merit or value of deals they find being offered on the Wendy’s App, and telegraphing patriotism..Version: 9.4.3

Triple baconator, no sauce….I love Wendys and this app but I am having a problem ordering my favourite burger online. The triple baconator(not a menu item but made if asked for at the restaurant) is not something you can do with online ordering. I don’t use the online ordering function because of this..Version: 10.0.5

Don’t usually leave reviews..I’ve used a lot of these apps and while I could nitpick every one of them, I’d rather just tell you what’s most important to me: response time to feedback. Whenever something happens at the store, the Burger King/jack in the box apps are the least responsive, you’ll have to play email tag with them for days to weeks and might get nowhere. Jack in the box solution is to go to there stores cause they never just refund your money for a missing item or something wrong, lost out on reward points cause they made a mistake? Too Bad. The Wendy’s app gets you a response in 24 hours, either text/email but you get that feeling that there’s definitely one person you’re talking to and not going through a chain of command or a team. Now, what’s more important to you? Responsiveness when it comes to your money or something dumb, like a button doesn’t work or the layout doesn’t look right for you?.Version: 9.1.2

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