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ZipRecruiter Job Search App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ZipRecruiter Job Search app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ZipRecruiter Job Search? Can you share your negative thoughts about ziprecruiter job search?

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ZipRecruiter Job Search for Negative User Reviews

Spam emailsThey send atleast hundred emails for a job you never get.Version: 77.0

Job SearchAll of the jobs that are posted are way out of my area!!! 😢.Version: 27.0

I can see how this app would be helpful, however...I downloaded zip recuiter a few days ago in search for a marketing job. To my surprise, this app had significantly more marketing positions that other apps. Marketing is the field I wish to work in, so I applied to many of these positions. I soon realized that these were essentially pyramid type positions, where they lure people in with ideal position titles and descriptions, but are really just sketchy sales positions. This app shouldn't allow a company to advertise a marketing assistant position when in reality it's selling cable in Sam's Club. Luckily for me I did my research on these companies before accepting interview invitations. There needs to be a way to prevent these companies from tricking people into interviewing with them. It's misleading. Y'all need to find out a way these postings can be reported or add some type of review option so people are no longer bamboozled. I think these companies choose zip recruiter for postings because there is no review aspect. I literally cannot find a legitimate marketing position because these companies are flooding the app with their nonsense. One click reply is cool, as well as being notified when employers view your application. But sheesh!.Version: 3.3

Decent app, Robot recruiter is annoyingHi, your app is good but would you consider giving more granular control over your job suggestions? I’d pay for this functionality. I still get relentless irrelevant emails after disabling these notifications. Your one resume limit also pigeon holes me as senior level professional stuck in a career field I’m trying to leave and I need reliable control over finding job profiles with different experience levels. The one resume limit forces me to write a one-size fits all cover letter for “quick apply” jobs and that’s not even practical in this competitive job market. Recruiters hate lazy job seekers that show no effort to stand out for jobs. You’ve gotta give people the ability to manipulate their own search algorithm instead of basing it purely on run-of-the-mill hierarchies of keyword/experience intelligence automation. Yes, I get tech jobs have critical niche skill sets, but you’re eliminating weighted cross-functional skills with this logic and perpetuating employers to continue looking for their unicorn candidates. Just think on this and ask yourself why employers keep reporting labor shortages. Who’s fault is it? It’s the entire system but you can help change it!!!.Version: 72.0

FrozenThe app refuses to launch . I uninstalled. Reinstalled. Nothing . Have to go to the website ..Version: 77.0

Full of scammers not helpfulThe idea of the app is great and I agree you can get a lot of interviews but by the wrong companies. From the moment I got this app the only companies calling me....and over and over again were desperate marketing companies and scamming companies. I would get calls for interviews and then call back with an additional question and then the phone line would suddenly not exist or be disconnected. The app has a feature that gives you the ability to adjust the job postings and notifications you get and after I adjusted it to surely specifically remove marketing, sales and “costumer service rep” jobs, and tailored my search to jobs I wanted nothing changed and I continued to get postings from the same marketing companies. These companies were such a mess that They didn’t even send me an interview address and would continually send me confirmation emails with no real information on them, I ended up just canceling the few that I had just because It almost didn’t even seem safe to go after not even being able to find the company on Glassdoor or google. The app is a good idea but the companies in relationship to it or horrible It’s amazing how the app shows 5 star and clearly there are several 1 stars....Version: 3.14.1

Job searchI must be stupid. I can’t even upload my resume..Version: 57.0.1

Difficult to search remote jobs.If you were looking for a work from home job this app is not much help. There is not even a search function to search only for remote jobs. You can type remote in but you will get all the other jobs included. They need to change the search engine to update with modern times. People will continue to work from home more and more and this app needs to get on board. I spoke with customer service yesterday about this issue and she was in complete denial of the problem. She told me to type in remote in the keyword search then put the distance as any. Only a few remote jobs came up. Complete waste of time to use this app if you live in a small town and work from home is the only option to find suitable work. It’s worthless to me and many others. Please get some better customer service people. I don’t appreciate the tone. Never answer a question with a question. Never tell the customer they are wrong especially when they are right. Listen to the concerns. Do the research and respond appropriately. You deserve one star after my experience yesterday. Do better and make the appropriate changes so the app actually works properly. And stop hiring this younger generation for customer service roles. They do not know how to communicate properly and get attitude if you don’t like the incorrect answers they give you..Version: 68.0

ReviewI have the same problem as several other people who have posted. I am inundated with jobs that are way outside my experience and specifications. I’m looking for an Executive Assistant job and yet I get postings for fast food restaurants, warehouses and delivery jobs. Someone even called me and asked if I have a car? I said no because I live one block from the commuter train in downtown DC. She then went on to say that she had a job that would get some money coming in right away. Turns out it was food delivery. When I said I just told you I don’t have a car, her reply was that I could use a bicycle. From my resume, anyone with a brain could see that I have about 30 years experience working for very high level executives in highly recognized and well-respected companies. At my age and with my experience, I’m not looking to ride a bicycle around delivering food. I hung up and had a good laugh! If that was the only one, fine, but I get e-mails, messages and phone calls all day long. It becomes very confusing and a lot of them are scams. I do like the one-click quick apply jobs. But please stick to jobs that have something to do with the resume I posted. Thank you!.Version: 7.0

Not working for meThis app is really good , but I can’t open it now as it always showing error to update , I don’t have iOS 16 or later . Please fix.Version: 79.0

This sites not worth your timeA lot of job posting, but no call backs.... Real frustrating when your resume is ”Great Match” ....🤬.Version: 3.24

What’s with all the scam jobs??The app is easy to use, but more work needs to be put into removing scam jobs, and their fake positive reviews. Examples? How about: Inkeros, AIL inc, AO team of Burnaby and I’m sure the list could go on but I’ve only been using zip for ONE day.Version: 3.38

Scams scams !!!If you already created an account, get rid of it ASAP! Scammers got all your info by now a lot of fake companies / postings here don’t give your personal info / ID / pics..Version: 77.0

You give scammers a platformI tried calling your customer care line, but my call just gets offered options yadah yadah... yeah you don’t sell our personal information but you gave these scammers a platform!!! Sure I sent in my email and phone number to them to get a job interview but I had to find out for myself they are scammers.. haven’t you heard of “vector/cutco digital marketing”? I hadn’t either so I took it up and tried to apply for the job entering in my email and phone number. I had an interview this morning and all it was, was a guy on the screen saying we(a group interview)(we couldn’t see one another) then he has another screen that should play a video about the digital marketing work. Yet it never played so messaged it’s not playing, so he said he’d email it to me and he tried but with my Norton security it didn’t get through... anyways stop letting scammers have a platform. There’s never any assurance on the computer now a days. I’m just going to have to look in the dang news papers!!!.Version: 17.0

Useless1 star for terrible app setup, confusing filters and not many of them. When I tried to search in my city, I got everywhere BUT my city. I’d rather use a phone book!.Version: 31.0

SucksZR said it will email a password to my email but it never happens..Version: 52.0

Super AnnoyingEven with the notifications turned off, the app sends you a million emails..Version: 45.0

Rip-off RecruiterHorrible company. Beware the free trial..Version: 66.0

Can’t search for remote jobs in the app.It’s 2022. Get with the program, Ziprecruiter..Version: 57.0.1

Bad recommendations, too far away, w/ pros as wellI specifically say 25 miles away and I’m getting recommendations for jobs 48+ miles away! I’m in NJ I’m not in the middle of nowhere. And why if I’m “hiding” RN, CNA, Truck Driver, etc. jobs am I only being shown those?? Those mixed in with customer service reps, and a few others. Has to be better work out there :( I like that you can “one tap apply” tho and I like your resume set up. Update: I just read your feedback. Thanks for responding. I would like assistance so I will be contacting them. Please don’t act like I’m doing something wrong here because I’m not. For whatever reason the app is not working properly and that’s the reason I’m having these problems. I’m sorry but I’m just giving my feedback and it’s valid feedback. I hope other people have better luck. The app does have potential and did get me a job in the times of covid... so that’s another plus.Version: 27.0

TerribleWon’t send my email to reset my password. Waste of time one star is enough..Version: 49.0

Be CarefulThe app works fine, but every single job I applied for ended up being a scam job. They claim to be one thing and then call, Text, call, email in the span of 2 minutes and immediately after applying - and all of a sudden the title of the position changes and so does the description. All of a sudden it’s a sales job. Mostly commission. Mass interviews. My phone was blowing up, and each time I would be filled with hope just to be let down in the worst way. Be wary of jobs texting you to set up interviews without ever speaking with you first. Be wary of jobs saying you can come in for multiple job interviews (marketing, administrative assistant, AND manager in training at one time?!?!). ZipRecruiter wasn’t helpful when I emailed them - I was trying to inquire about whether or not they were doing anything on my behalf because sometimes I SWEAR I hadn’t even applied to these jobs. It’s been an awful few days, and it’s been distracting me from real opportunities. Just be careful!.Version: 3.12.1

Install Indeed InsteadMaybe if this app didn’t send me a notification every 30 minutes, not screen there employers, allow scammers access to vulnerable people, interface was actually user friendly, and the app actually helped people find jobs, then I might give it a few more stars until then it gets 1 star for effort!.Version: 35.0

Not workingTrying to create an account but the magic link expires right away and won’t let me sign in….? Please help with this and then I will change this review, thanks.Version: 56.0

No responseAfter lots of “great match” review, it is frustrating as nothing happens once you apply. Nothing .....Version: 3.29

PLEASE provide an iOS Dark Mode option for users.I’d love to try and use this app, however, just like Indeed’s app, there doesn’t appear to be any Dark Mode option available to users. Having the app open for less than one minute is straining enough on the eyes for me to just close the app and forget about using the service altogether..Version: 89.0

Part timeType in pt work Scarborough. Offer work Mississauga.Version: 80.0

Garbage!This app gives you no real jobs! It’s just American Income Life putting ad after ad! It’s selling life insurance! If it’s not AIL it’s similar ads like them. Strictly commission based is all that’s here. I’m sticking with Indeed..Version: 18.0

Searches don’t work well and recommendations are brokenYou can input the type of job you want, such as “server”, and it will come up with some jobs that fit that. But when you are looking for a job in your area none ever appear. It has an option where you set the distance in which your job search will be, but it completely disregards it. I search in a single city and it gives me jobs in literally any other city. If there are not jobs in my city available, which I find impossible considering where I live, it should simply state that there are none, and suggest that perhaps I should look farther. Another issue is the job recommendation system. I have it set for little to no experience with no degree above high school diploma. So then WHY are half of my suggested jobs RN’s, surgeon, engineers and software designer?.Version: 88.0

SEARCH BY AVAILABILITYI really wanted to like this app. It’s easy to set up a profile, and it’s easy to find jobs in the area. There are three issues I have with this app. 1. You can’t search by your availability. Most jobs listed on this app are 8am-5pm give or take an hour or two. If you’re looking for night shift or graveyard forget this app! Simplyhired and Indeed are much better. 2. I’m constantly getting emails for jobs I’m not qualified for. My resume is on this app. Obviously they can see that I’m not a diesel mechanic or physician. Stop recommending these jobs! It’s disheartening to get notification after notification for a job I would never be considered for. 3. The same company is posted over and over on their job suggestions page. No problem... you just dismiss it, right? Nope! It’ll be back tomorrow and the day after. I spend more time on this app dismissing jobs I’ve already dismissed than anything. On a positive note, this app helped me land an interview within the first few days. The post said evening job. Woohoo! I went through an hour long interview only for the interviewer to state the position would be in the morning for the first few months. Time wasted for both of us. Boo! I really would like to see zip recruiter make the work hours required for job postings to be listed! And make them searchable!.Version: 3.27

AwefulI was hoping zip recruiter would be a more proactive application for applying for jobs with specific categories however I’m receiving applications for nothing pertaining to my field of work. Indeed LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter are useless..Version: 92.0

It’s hard to find a good job search engine…Indeed is not always good as most jobs u apply to have assessments before you are even apply. This app has potential, but based on what I’m seeing a lot of job agencies on target this app, making it kind of harder to find a direct hire…….Version: 84.0

Extremely limited app and horrible customizationThe ZipRecruiter app is almost useless. I continue to use it solely because it is a place that has a listing of jobs, even though their recommendations on matches are almost always incorrect. I have experience in dental front office positions so they mark dental assistant and hygienist jobs as good matches. In no world is that accurate as you need to be trained and certified specifically to be an assistant and actually go to hygiene school to be a hygienist but the word dental is in the listing so I guess it must be applicable, right? They’ll even recommend doctor positions and not just as a dentist but as a gynecologist! I have worked in dental insurance so they mark virtually any job with the word insurance in the title as a good match whether or not it’s dental (or even medical) in nature. There is no way to affect the types of jobs recommended because you can’t refute whatever they deem as a good match. If you accidentally apply to a job (the job recommendation removal button is very close to the one click apply button), there is no way to withdraw the application and THEN they suggest more jobs based on the mistaken application. Job search sites and apps are all fairly terrible (Indeed probably being the best option out of all I’ve tried and one I would most likely recommend) but ZipRecruiter is in a class of its own..Version: 88.0

FraudAll of the jobs or should I say companies are fake. I‘ve used ZipRecruter for less than a month and almost was a victim of scam. They asked for a screenshot of my online banking and my passport. Wanted me to be a money mule and transfer other people’s money to bitcoins for them. Anyways, be careful. And stick to LinkedIn..Version: 57.0.1

Not able to find a jobThis app always gives me false hope regarding any job posting. It sends you notification three times saying your application is view.. Blah blah, and you are a top candidates. Am done and going to uninstall..Version: 22.0.1

Delete accountI’m wonder how can I close my account after having found job? I tried but not a buttons show that I can delete it and I don’t want to leave my personal info out of my control.Version: 17.0

FULL OF SCAMSJob offers coming from a seemingly official app, makes it that much easier to fall for scam jobs. It is through this app that people found my regularly used contact information to spam..Version: 40.0

Beautifully disappointingMyself and my significant other decided to try out this app in an attempt to better ourselves and our livelihood. On the surface, it appears inviting and well-put-together… and it is! However the community really drags down the quality. The employers are plagued by heathens just trying to prey on people like us who are trying to better our lives. Remember: if it is too good to be true, it DEFINITELY is. They try everything they can to steal your information whilst posing as potential employers. And there are A LOT of them. It has gotten to the point where every potential opportunity is suspicious and it makes it rather difficult starting off on the right foot when you spend your entire interview wondering when they will try to steal your identity. The other issue I have is with the employers. It isn’t the Zips fault, however when you finally sift through the predators, there are many unprofessional employers who abuse the app as well. My personal favorites are the ones who advertise a position, you go in, and the position was nothing as advertised. Another common occurrence is false scheduling advertising. You get ready, get your mind set for success, ace your interview; only to be told that the schedule advertised couldn’t be offered. Total waste of time and energy..Version: 51.0

Scam companyAs a business owner I set up 2 openings for job positions. First 3 or 4 days was trial and then at r that it’s $24/day! I was fine with that but I was getting applications from other parts of the world. And the local applications weren’t even qualified applicants. I tried to fix that but had already paid over $650 for 10 days. I wouldn’t recommend this app. Indeed is way better..Version: 43.0

Very easy to use... too many scamsI started using this app while applying for jobs during the pandemic. I am trying to pick up the pieces from my career after feeling the effects of the economic shutdowns. While the app itself is very easy to use, I love that I can set up my profile and apply to jobs with a one tap process, I find that they do not screen the job offers very well. On my first day of using the app, I was offered two sales job interviews that were actually work from home positions which I was very happy about. Being the rather experienced professional that I am, I took my time to research the companies that were reaching out to me. Turns out that both of them were companies that are involved in pyramid schemes and dozens of lawsuits. I looked to see if there were other job offers on the app with the same companies and there were quite a few more jobs posted by these pyramid scheme companies. Overall I say it’s a great design and platform, but they should take more time to screen the job postings to avoid scams especially during these difficult economic times..Version: 24.0

Not as ExpectedThis app or ZipRecruiter is not doing well as there are many companies (employers) who are potential scams or are really not interested on hiring people. Although the match is high or great, nearly as never got response and just creates expectation on mind and makes us wait for longer. Ziprecruiter has to work harder to find the genuine company (employer) who are really seeking for employees..Version: 80.0.1

Not made for Canadian Job seekersIt seemed like a robust job hunting site and app but unfortunately when busy past employers try to add a reference, there is no option for a Canadian Location. Zip should reference that before asking a job seeker to put them selfs in awkward situations with past employers.Version: 51.0

No jobs in my areaThere are no jobs in Canada?!?! Come on!! 😡There should be an option where you can change your country or use your current location in order to find jobs in your area!!.Version: 23.0

Not impressedThis app will not stick to my location and distance I put in for my job search. I don’t want jobs 50 miles away. I specifically put in no farther than 10 miles and the list of jobs in the app are all in the same town 50 miles away. The emails I receive are never the right jobs. I’m an accountant. That should not translate to any job with the word account in it. I get too many sales job suggestions by email, plus other jobs that make no sense based on my profile and resume. The other thing I don’t like is when I get an alert from the app there is no indicator that anything new has been listed. Why not have the job listings with new jobs at the top and highlighted as such. That is not my experience. The same job has been at the top forever so I have no idea what is new unless I check my email. I have also received an alert to see a dot next to my profile but I have no idea what that means. I click on my profile and there is nothing to tell me why it was there. Needs work..Version: 3.14.1

Sign In IssuesI’ve tried for an hour to create an account but I still can’t! It’s saying forgot password when I don’t even have an account yet, and doesn’t send the varification email in order for you to create a account…..poor quality, don’t waste your time..Version: 51.0

The local new paper is more advancedI’ve been shown one relevant job in my area since starting my job search. If I’m being shown a good job it’s on the other side of the country. If I’m being shown a job in my area it’s completely irrelevant to my industry and experience. When I was a hiring manager we didn’t use this app but figured I’d give it a try as a job searcher. I can see why my company didn’t want to use this as a hiring tool. Use indeed , or local sources for job hunting if you want results..Version: 75.0

Great way to find a jobThe first & only job I applied to on here was the job I ended up getting (yay). So this app/website works really well to help you find a job, but it has some areas that could be improved. For example the messages tab, whenever I would receive a message I never got a notification from the app. I would only get emails, which okay yes they work but I think it would be useful to have a way to get notifications from the app. Plus between the time of my interview and my first day I tried to message my new employer on through it, and he said he saw it and replied. But I never got that message. The other issue I kept having (and why the rating is so low), is that even though I updated my account MULTIPLE times saying I got hired already nothing would stop the emails. I also tried to unsubscribe and it still hasn’t stopped. I’m not getting a ton of emails, but I am getting quite a few on a regular basis. I was also getting at least 1/2 notifications a day from the app too but I finally just turned those off. Please just make it easier to hold or deactivate an account. Once these things are fixed I think it would be an amazing app, I’m just tired of all the emails right now..Version: 3.24.2

Don’t get why a job is on there when I can’t even applyOk so I downloaded this app, ok, great... I filled out my profile stuffs and resume and all that happy nonsense. I was browsing thru the jobs and saw one that was perfect for me. Well, I clicked apply and it sent me to another page that had three little dots connected by lines kind of in a sideways triangle pattern. And just below it was another “tap to apply” button. I pushed it and it sent me to yet another page so I could logon to my email. Well I put in my email, put in the password that I had just reset 3 minutes prior. And it said access denied. I thought it might have been me who messed up the Password or email, I double, triple, quadruple checked it... plus 3 or 4 more times. Then at the top of the page it reads this THIS JOB IS NOT HOSTED ON ZIPRECRUITER PLEASE TAP 🖤 FOR LATER VIEWING ON YOUR DESKTOP!!!???? How do I apply to the job without printing out an application and filling it out and doing all that nonsense that this app was supposed to cut out?! Signed, Confused unemployed one.Version: 3.30

DisappointedI have applying since September but didn’t get any result. They always say thAt your application is viewed 3 times but no response😡.Version: 29.0

Not as effective as expectedI have used the app a little less than 90 days now. It could be one of the best, but staffing agencies are searching for candidates here. They call often with the same line "hi, I saw your resume posted on the site". I have not applied for staffing agencies and have no interest to do so. It is frustrating to receive calls for dishwasher, server, file clerk, or administrative assistant positions when I have several college degrees, certifications, and years of experience. The reps are always rude and hang up when I refuse their offers. My resume should not be readily available to be shopped out to their employers. Also, most of the employers that I am matched with here or that I have applied to do not follow up on the applications. Instead, they post the same job on a different site at a later time. I received a single call back this week, after clicking "super apply" two weeks ago for an HR position on the site. The company rep, who also turned out to be another staffing agency rep, called to offer me an office assistant position, not an HR position. The site has not served my needs at all. I hesitate to apply for anything because I do not want to be contacted by rude staffing agencies for jobs that I am not interested in..Version: 3.32

UselessI have a set career path and I am nearly there. I am looking for exactly one job in the powerline technician sphere. Very specific. And they are sending me Uber driver jobs and circle k jobs absolutely nothing to do with what I asked for..Version: 57.0.1

Used to be much betterNow I’m getting completely irrelevant job suggestions despite very clear criteria. Was far better two years ago..Version: 29.0

Junk and horrible customer serviceSo I had an account as an employer I tried to create a job seeker account as I was on the market easy right? NOPE I contacted these guys because it wouldn't let me set up an account easy peasy (they said) they deleted my employer account. Still wouldn't work i went back and forth with them at least 25 times via email forgot password reset account etc etc Problem was they never read what they told me to do so 3-4 days later when they finally replied they'd send the same instructions that didn't work before I kept trying and after literally 20 emails going back and forth being told the same thing over and over and over again I gave up and said I will be doing a review. They don't care, made me think of them and the customer service department are they inept at setting up an account how are they doing keeping your personal information secure? Yes I could probably use a different email but the point is the account I set up is still out there just there system doesn't work. You can tell a person to use forgot password 600 times that doesn't make it work. I work in CS and Management and have to say this was the worst service I've ever seen it's like none of them could read. Hopefully my personal information is safe. I suggest indeed for people on the market because these people don't have a clue.Version: 71.0

Available JobsUsed to love the app. However, within the past few months the employers posting opportunities are deceptive. I’ve received many employer that respond. Advising a Zoom video interview. You get ready & it’s turns out to be a webinar. Deceiving job posting work at home jobs for support/customer service & actually it’s sales/marketing. I’ve started using this a lot less. Would like an option hide/block management of postings..Version: 33.0

Fraudulent/Scam JobsThe app itself works great but the amount of fraudulent and scam job posting is outstanding. Every other posting has the same job description with a different company name listed. It’s frustrating especially when you’re looking for job during a pandemic.Version: 24.0

Don’t Upload Your Resume / CVUnfortunately, it’s a bad first impression to upload your CV to a job search app and you have to spend time cleaning up the auto input / recognition that scans your resume and attempts to itemize your job history and education. Zip Recruiter should suggest that you manually input your resume to start off with as it’s a time waster to delete / edit entries after uploading your resume. Highly recommended that you open your account through a web browser — not the app. Then manually enter your details. The app is simply not sophisticated enough to identify entries from a Word or PDF doc to be able to auto-input your job history and education into a cohesive manner. Simply put, everything was jumbled and I ended up giving up so that I can just wait until I get home to fill out the entries manually on my computer. Next, ZR should compel employers to — at the very least - post a salary range. It’s a waste to time (and most likely, quite rude to employers) to be upfront and ask about the salary before the interview even begins. It’s much easier to sort through prospects as an employee when you’re zeroing in on job prospects only to be disappointed at the announcement of the salary. Lastly, ZR needs to sort through the employers who are masking their sales jobs into other cleverly deceptive pseudonym titles, thereby deceiving job searchers..Version: 34.0

ScammedLots of scammers here.Version: 69.0

Still hard to find remote jobsI dug through the reviews, and saw one from 1y ago mentioning their difficulty with finding Remote-only jobs. Seems since then, the app hasn’t changed with the times, as I still am having the same problems. Their “AI” e-mail assistant Phil needs a lot of work, too, as he 9/10 of the time he sends useless things to me, and there’s no way to tweak the results he tries to find. On another note, I am heavily visually disabled, and there are NO ways to make this app more readable to me — no dark mode, an no adjusting of the text size — to make this more readable for me without using the iPad’s own OS accessability features. So, another way in which ZipRecruiter needs to change with the times. So many other apps with what I presume have much lower budgets than big-time Zip Recruiter have a “dark mode” button….Version: 93.0

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