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Don’t Believe The HateThis app is definitely controversial. More 1 star ratings than 5? I’ll tell you why: User error. User error. And probably some content. Many complaints reference the EPL and other soccer leagues - perhaps those packages do have issues but those aren’t the only sports. And why do I think most complaints come from those using only free coverage? I got this for the PGA coverage. It’s flawless on my Roku. On my phone. On my tablet. On my desktop. Yes, even on my laptop. The features do exactly what they say they will and the extra golf coverage is a dream. Back to the hate. User Error 1: Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth... Did you know apps use the internet? Did you know streaming apps use A LOT of internet? 9/10 streaming issues on any platform are with the end user connection speed and not the app performance. Make sure you have the juice... User Error 2: Comprehension. Reading reviews quickly shows that people have unrealistic expectations and ideas of what the app is supposed to do. Not saying every one who left a 1-star review can’t use their device but in my experience closer to 6/10 issues in platform steaming are user error. If you read this far you probably want this app and I’m here to say it works just fine for me..Version: 6.0.5

Love the App but Please Add More FeaturesI appreciate that you combined NBC Gold with NBC Sports. I use the app on my iPad for the premium cycling and speed-skating passes. All in all, I love your app; however, I would love it more if you added a few extra features: Please add Youtube-style options of rewinding 10 seconds or so and fast-forwarding 10 seconds or so. So many times I want to rewatch a spectacular feat of athleticism and trying to press and drag that tiny, little dot thing is horrible and frustratingly difficult and never, ever moves even closely to where I want it. Also, will you please allow your app to sync with auxiliary keyboards that many of us use on our iPads. That way, we can hit the pause/play button and not struggle with getting our finger to line up at the bottom of the screen..Version: 6.0.5

Easy fix to the appCall Netflix, ask to talk with the grand pooba/poobalina and tell them please by the grace of the maker and all that is cherished and good, take over the Nbc sports app, take 29% of the subscription cut and through modern capabilities alone, and not a dime of incremental marketing cost (probably starts at zero anyway) triple the number of subscribers through word of mouth alone. If on-demand had the powerful navi tools of Netflix, or even the brilliant Tablo box, consumption of sports broadcasts would blow through the ancient, artificial ceiling/limitations wrought by Paleotonic-era Hollywood types cheaping out by licensing the best their Commodore 64 software had to offer. The Broadcasts are top notch, world class gems piped through the fresh water conduits of Flint, Michigan. I.E., ...starts as the purest delicacy of fresh Great Lakes water and gathers human misery on the way to the hapless end-user. Call one of the big guys and get help with a contemporary streaming server and app. Pretty please?.Version: 6.1.3

Pretty goo for meI like others have not had any major issues, it does not log me out when watching, recently when I want to watch my sport, (by the way I’ve only subscribed to the cycling pass) it shows me logged in when I’m not, I just simply log out and back in and I’m good, the streaming for me has been very good, no issues there, I usually stream to my TV from my iPad via google chrome and it’s very good quality, I’ve been using this app for 3 years now without nagging issues other than the one I mentioned, NBC sports gold is now simply NBC sports, all sports in one app, the layout is very good and simple to use, I also like the fact that I can rewatch replays of my races when I want as many times as I want up to when it recycles the program which is about one year, yes I would recommend this app to those who like myself are cycling fans, bottom like I love this app......Version: 6.0.5

The APP works just fineIt seems like people are reviewing NBC policy or programming instead of this app. The app works just fine! I also cut the cord years ago, and wish all the Olympic events were on broadcast TV like that used to be, but I found a pretty cheap solution for this limited-time event. I signed up for Sling TV, which has no contract, and you can sign up and cancel anytime. It costs $25 plus tax per month, and it’s a legitimate provider, so once you have Sling TV set up, you can use it to log into this NBC Sports app and watch events on demand as well as live. I’ve had a few minor freezers when I’ve been watching, but they have all resolve themselves within a few seconds. I’ve been really happy with the app and all of viewing choices it offers..Version: 5.9.2

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