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Just do itIt’s a solid application. If you haven’t seen what it’s about yet it’s worth your time for sure! If you are looking for a new game or tired of playing candy crush why haven’t you downloaded this yet?! This game will probably have you deleting other games you thought you enjoyed just taking up space on your phone. I am talking about a phone video game okay?! You gotta give it to whoever built it they knew what they were doing with this idea! it has a pace that is literally what you make it by how much time you spend interacting with the app. Which has its downsides since the less you play the more you “level down” so this game definitely requires your attention and time. It’s a never ending game and it’s very well made in its own little ways making it very addicting but also not as much as to say that it gets old for me I can always hop back onto it whenever I’ve only had it a couple years now so I didn’t play it back then but I’ve had it long enough now to know that it’s hard to just be completely burnt out or sick of it sure everything gets old at times but this one’s old faithful for me for sure.Version: 5.14.8

Best game ever created and great fun!This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played I also love pool so that matches well I play it most times trying to get the next pub or cassino it’s so hard to get the special shot but I’ve got it once or twice but sometimes I don’t even get close but still one of my favourite games I love it I would recommend it to anyone who is a beginner it helped me improve my aim and form also to someone who has played before it is fun even if you win or lose it’s the taking part that counts to anyone who has just begun there interest in pool I would say to you your form doesn’t mean anything don’t let anyone put you down just remember this quote . . . Most people don’t ever learn if they don’t try even if people put you down you can always build yourself back up even if no one believes In you believe in yourself And that is a super power to build yourself back up sometimes girls can do things better than boys I mean look at the girls football Many thanks Girl11 I’m not gonna lie it’s the best but I do struggle many thanks.Version: 5.14.7

Money money moneyYes it’s fun and interesting when you first start playing as an amateur but if you build up bit of money it’s very strange how you will loose game after game until you end up having to purchase more money If you do they have locked on to you and The same thing happens again and again you won’t get anywhere unless you spend a lot of money on this game you are better off going to the pub and play on a real table or better still buy your own table it would be cheaper and more fun.Version: 4.8.5

Love this game ❤️8 ball 🎱.Version: 3.10.2

Amazing game but...8 Ball Pool is definitely one of my favourite apps on the App Store currently. The only problem is that I am always going up against people 3 levels higher than me or above. The only problem with this is that I am constantly losing the chips that I am earning via winning games. I find this very frustrating because I am not a bad player, but I am losing due to playing against more experienced players. Just today, I played against a level 21 player, while I was level 7. I lost 2,500 chips, which set me back a lot. Hopefully something happens where you only play against people 1 or 2 levels higher (or lower) than you so it is slightly more fair. Apart from this, I find this game enjoyable and I would highly recommend getting and playing this game..Version: 3.11.1

Dear 8 ball poolThis game is absolutely amazing I play for 10 hours a day I’m addicted there’s no end to achievements and unlocking cues and so on 🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔝🔝🔝🔝🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦.Version: 5.7.1

Constructive feedbackIf players not available to play for 50k game, just come on the board and say “No players available” and give chance to choose next bid rather than automatically or forcefully start game with 1k player. In general it’s 5star game..Version: 5.0.0

PeterI don’t write reviews very often but I wanted to for this one. First off, thanks for making it entertaining enough that I want to spend 5.00 for the pool pass. So many game programmers developed a game and just expect that the players will put out cash just because. Something I really hate... But I do have a small complaint about your game. Let’s say I’m in the middle of a 5000 game of 9 ball. A friend comes online and challenged me. I leave the game I’m playing and the matchup just keeps spinning with no connection to my friend. This is extremely irritating because the matchup never works. It cannot be that hard to make it work. Especially if the friend is right here in the U.S. I’m matched up with complete strangers from all over the world, but cannot get hooked up with a friend that is in another state..... Please fix this. And then my review will change to 5 stars. Until that time, 4 is the best I can give. Thank you. Hello, I paid for the pool pass, and was going to collect this morning but my prize money isn’t available. It’s just showing that the next pool pass starts in 68 hours. How can I collect my prize money. If I’m unable to, the review will drop to a single star. Just saying. Thanks..Version: 5.2.3

Safety Button NeededI have been playing this game for a good few years and love it, but, there is one really annoying feature and that is that when one selects the option to play “one on one” the immediately takes you to a screen which gives you the chance to select how many coins you want to play for. This is where the problem is, because this screen opens up on a higher potential ‘bet’ choice, Accor one the amount of coins you have. Unfortunately on two or three occasions now, I have had to play for 250,000 of my coins because I brushed this screen whilst trying to move to a lesser amount screen. There needs to be a ‘confirmation’ button so you actually agree to playing for the amount as “brushed”. Please, please, sort this out Miniclip as it’s the only one downside of the game. Thanks..Version: 4.6.2

Skill level fairnessPlenty of people seem unhappy to be matched against an opponent with a much higher skill level. Personally, I like it as it’s more satisfying when I win, but for those who don’t like playing more experienced players, how about giving them an extra reward if they win? Depending on how big the level difference is, they could earn an extra amount of coins, golden spins, cash or elite boxes for example. Let’s not forget that it costs the program nothing to be a little more generous - you can just increase the incentive for people to make in-app purchases..Version: 4.8.4

Money Stealer!I love playing this game, however, its infested with bugs and should be fixed. I recently won 25k in the spinning wheel and then the game just froze, and not only did I lose those coins it also stole my free spin. I found that the mini game prizes are always on the low end, and that the game does crash occasionally, especially when you're at the pointy end of a tournament. Game play is fun but people still can cheat which takes away the excitement of the game. And moving the white ball anywhere on the table after someone pots a white, is not the proper way to play pool. Don't expect to win big on the bonus mini games. I played the spinning wheel 10 consecutive times and scores the lowest price on all ten occasions..Version: 3.10.2

SheikhOne of the best ever game to pass lonely time. Since I started playing this game I am amazed how much I enjoy this game and how quickly pass my lonely times. Only concern some of the players has access to control of the game. So, when he knows he is loosing the game quickly get access to the control and does something to frozen the game And straight away network fail option come up, you await tor internet to connect. By the time internet come back your time run out and other player win. It’s happening almost every time with me. This kind of players attitude is not right and should be block to access the game. After all it’s a brilliant free game why peoples does this and go to this route shocking me sometimes. It’s not a end of the world you loose. Management of Miniclip should look after this issue. Apart from this, all way round it’s a 5 star rated enjoyable game. Some players are greedy and trying to cheat and win. Just simply turning off internet when you are about to win. It never happens when you r loosing. It’s wonderful game and to pass times. Every one should respects this game not heating.Version: 5.12.0

Pool reviewThis is the best semi - free game I’ve tried to date, it’s very responsive to touch & very accurate once you have learnt to use the controls correctly & doesn’t freeze very often & then it’s only for seconds. Excellent up to date. I’m a very happy chap, thank you for all the great work you do. Quality-par-excellence. Absolutely, by far the best ever pool game I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Exceedingly addictive, but if love 8/9 ball pool I guarantee this game is the best on the net. This game is far ahead of the computer games of yesteryear, if you love pool, you have too try 8ball. Obviously you get the odd idiot, but by far & on the whole this is the only pool game I would personally give 10/10. Very well done too who ever did the programming. I could carry on bragging this game up all day & night. You need too try it too believe it. Thank you for the best game on the net..Version: 5.9.0

AddictiveEasy to learn the game play tools. The pace of the game is good and it gets addictive very quickly. I have wasted far too many hours playing this game and waste many more doing the same. Update: I have played 8Ball Pool since it was first introduced. Still today, one of my favourite games to relax to. I often delete it from my device so I can start over just to see how few games it takes to make a million P. I once went 24 games straight without loosing. Trying to keep your win average above 80% is a good challenge..Version: 5.4.5

8Ball Pool lacks representation - include the PhilippinesThis game has levels in Mumbai, Seoul, Jakarta, Venice, Dubai and, er… Cairo! Not your typical pool playing cities. Yet, there are no levels or special events that relate to The Philippines, one of the biggest pool playing nations in the world, a country that has some of the most accomplished billiard players and World Pool Champions. Why is that!? This is especially disappointing considering there are so many players from the Philippines that log onto this app every single day. Fix up 8BallPool creators. Secondly, I’ve just seen that this game has excluded Moscow as one of its main tiers/levels presumably because of the current invasion. Replacing it with Lisbon. Again, a national exclusion. How can you cancel out Moscow when it’s not the fault of the Russian people but of their moronic, murderous leader. 8BallPool… you need to be much more aware of your sense of inclusion. It’s disappointing. Put a tier representing the Philippines on here as soon as possible, please..Version: 5.7.0

Hackers are wrecking the gamePreviously I’ve had this game rated as a five star. It is awesome! So much player interaction and so many tables, leagues, competitions, cues to chose from as well as in game rewards to strive for. I spend a lot of time playing the game. An excellent online version of the real game of pool. One addition I’d like to see is adding a snooker table and league competition. Recently I have passed lvl 350 and have become skilled enough at the game to play the high stakes tables. I can generate $bill + earnings to compete in the weekly competitions. This entails playing in Berlin, Mumbai and the $10mil bet Miami table. However recently hackers have become rampant on the Miami table and are commonly encountered on the Berlin table. They are spoiling the enjoyment of the game and the developers need to put stronger measures in place to eradicate or limit their impact on the game. I have taken a hiatus from the game as 7 from 12 matches on the Miami $10mil bet table were v hackers. A totally ludicrous scenario. Develops please address the hacker issue or players will be lost..Version: 5.8.1

ConcernI am unable to watch videos for coins. This has been going on for about two weeks now. I have lost a lot of free coins, please provide reason, if we must watch videos for coins and we can't, then what's the point..Version: 4.5.1

Who Can Relate?????? Sorry but NOT SorryIt’s been a great way to socialize with the in-laws and out-laws or even family in general it does become competitive as well as a reason to make conversations with people too.Version: 55.2.1

This game cheats you out of wins!I have spent a lot of time and money playing this games and it was fine for awhile but now it seems to have changed. I was just playing a game and cleared the table and hit the 8 ball in which since it was a tournament and I had made it to the semi finals should have put me in the final round but after shooting the 8 ball in it actually took the ball back out put it back on the table and let the other player shoot and after hitting there last 5 balls in they won the match! Ugh this really makes me want to delete the game. This is not the only problem that occurs either. It does stuff like this all the time. Today was just the icing on the cake peer say. It isn’t fair that people spend money on a game and get cheated out of winning. I not only have spent money but I have gotten at least10 other people to play it that also spend time and money on it. How do you expect people to get others to join if your game is going to cheat them. If this doesn’t get addressed then I will delete this app and find another that is fair to there followers. Pretty sure my friends will follow with no problem..Version: 5.5.3

Crashing / glitchingThe game keeps crashing / kicking me out within 10 seconds of me logging on but if i am quick enough and play 1 game and that game ends it will automatically kick me out i don’t know why this is happening since i have powered off my iPad deleted most of my apps and even deleted the game and downloaded it again it is a great game though just If you can fix this problem it would be much appreciated and a lot of people would agree thanks you.Version: 4.4.1

Love it!Been playing this game for years! Games come & games go but this game has hung in there longer than any other game I've installed EVER! Obviously the whole thing is designed to generate profit for miniclip but as a small business owner myself I have no problem with this! I've noticed over the years the money making element become more & more apparent as various features, the ability to unlock certain options & the endless amount of purchases available have all got a cost attached to them while the freebie's get smaller & smaller, even so, you don't have to purchase anything, you can still play/enjoy this game without spending a penny! I'd like to be able to make more in game purchases using game cash.... I'd probably buy golden shot mini games if I could purchase with game cash! Also I love an offline practice 9 ball game as well... actually I'd love a lot more 9 ball games/tournaments or new separate 9 ball app! Love 9 ball!.Version: 5.5.6

Faults or required fixing or improvementsI lost to many games after successfully pot a ball but the table couldn’t recognised it, that itself needed urgent fixing. Lost to many games because of it, not cool. Also realised that the game after playing about 5 or 6 games took a lot of points away for whatever reason, and it took away like at least 18,000 at the time and that is so not cool. Happened so many many times. Other than that Thank you Charlie.Version: 5.6.7

Dangerously addictive !!!As I mention in my topic, it is really addictive. I used to spend lot of time after poker. Real money games are also addictive cause you won't fell the adrenal rush in your normal life otherwise😬😰😢😜😝😎😍😉😊😋😖😠😪😩😘. All those emojis represent those emotions and the rush u fell in those moments😇. And I felt those moments while playing this game too! I felt that it's like the poker. In the beginning of the game, when I observe my opponent's profile and know his winning ratio; I almost come to know whether I can win or not. And after that information I can plan my game. If you are a good poker player then you can also identify your opponent's weakness. Good game😘 Cheers🍻 I played this game for years but now I am losing the interest because of cheating. Every other game I played I met cheater who is using cheat codes. Very sad that this happening for long but no action from app creators 😔.Version: 5.11.1

Main issue still existLatest update is an improvement on what is an excellent game. Needs more quick fire games and less trying to get the player to spend money..Version: 5.4.3

Amazing game hella addictive and satisfying but two issues ⬇️1 - When you re-sort ur chat order and exit the section of the shop and go back into the chat order adjust feature it resets back to ur latest purchased chat pack order and when u go into the game its also reverts back to ur latest bought chat pack please fix the chat order glitch i need to be toxic more efficiently 2 - please stop or have a one time no adds permanently purchase feature in the shop the piggy bank and its ads and never ending the exclamation mark is annoying and tiring and notifs about news why does a game have mail? Its exclamation marks are also annoying and never ending PLEASE make a one time purchase feature for no ads and exclamation marks permanently even if its like $30 bucks idc but the promotion section in the shop needs to stay obviously so people with no ads can see what deals are new and hot PS - pls actually consider everything i said and ur games amazing keep it up PS - u can ignore this but please make a $50-$100 limited time offer for like a week only and never make it return or remove from peoples devices and make it a guideline hack if u know what i mean then u know what i mean 😈 Dont let this request for ingame hacks stop u from considering the issues 1 and 2 above thankyou for reading this love u 8 ball pool ❤️.Version: 5.14.8

Boosting my mental healthAfter a long battle with my alcohol addiction, in and out of rehab I found myself not having much to do apart from taking up knitting with my second removed granny. This left many countless hours of boredom where the mind could be my worst enemy. It wasn’t until I discovered my life passion of 8 ball pool. Minus my wife divorcing me for leaving my day time job to commit to full time 8 ball this game has had many positive impacts on my overall life style. I would just like to thank the app developers for brining my life purpose to me, without you I wouldn’t be the man I am today..Version: 5.13.1

8 ball poolPlaying pool is fine but be careful trying to buy the promos because when your password screen comes up to verify purchase, it always offers a lower level of something or something completely different. With the millions of people playing you would think they would show some customer appreciation with better offers instead of just being greedy..Version: 3.10.2

Potting Black on BreakIf you pot the black on break you should be allowed to continue the game but should forfeit the next shot. Also, when you are taking a shot in the corner (where opponents emojis show) you can’t see clearly when idiots like to constantly put up emojis to put you off your shot. 1 emojii only or forfeit a shot! Bad sportsmanship!.Version: 5.12.2

Addictive But!Very addictive but can be very, very frustrating. The untrue roll of the cue ball is a spoiler, as is getting snookered on the black 92% of the time. Its the same with white ball going in a pocket when using full spin or full power, it does this 99.9% of the time. These are anomalies that really spoil this game. Worth a go but do not spend your hard earned cash on it and, when frustrated just delete it as it can turn a good day into a bad day. Hence all of the above it gets just 2 stars. If those anomalies were sorted the stars would be more. Also there are to many Robots playing. How can you amass 157 million coins in 157 games. I saw that a week ago when playing. Of course I got hammered, every shot went in with perfect position. Unless you spend, spend, spend the games is stacked against you. As I say addictive but extremely frustrating. You won’t beat so don’t even consider starting playing..Version: 4.9.0

GlitchingApp turn off in the middle of game lost heaps of coins . 500k worth . It happened a lot to me and whenever is ready for me to play again I just loose simply loose games so makes me angry and hardly play this much now.Version: 5.6.7

MonsurReally fun realistic pool game but I will stop playing soon due to the bots they pair you up against. I don’t mind playing bots if they are realistic. However the amount of games I have played where the bot is so obvious, it’s basically cheating the consumer out of coins. I’m talking about the bot literally not aiming the shots, hitting random cushions and the ball going on off multiple cushions, ricochets and anything else you can think off. It’s now got to the point where I just quit the game straight away as I already know I’ve lost. So question to Miniclip. What’s with the obvious cheating going on? Robbing people of their coins when it’s already designed to make you lose. I have video recordings of the bots in action and it’s glaringly obvious. Going to stop playing if this persists and I will post the videos to my large social media following to stop people paying for your games..Version: 5.8.0

FacebookMine can’t connect to my Facebook page. I’ve tried multiple times and it just does not work. I’ve even removed and redownloaded it and it still doesn’t work. But other than that it’s a good game. Sort from one time I choice a $50k bet game and it automatically changed to $250k bet game, I lost all my coins cause of that..Version: 4.7.7

TherapyAnti depressant.Version: 5.7.1

GOOD BUT...It’s a mean game. But the spin and win is BS. I won 12 spins and of the 12 spins I only got 2 that were over 1000. This does sound ridiculous but when you consider that there only 6 of the 12 options that are under 1000... some are surprised boxes but still... how am I getting under 1000 almost every time. Either it’s rigged or I have really bad luck :,).Version: 5.0.0

Great game ifThis is a great game if it wasn’t for the constant emotes spamming from other players while you are trying to take your shot. I don’t mind the emotes and chats when it’s tongue and cheek and I know you can manually mute the other player but instead if only the game devs let them chat and send emotes while it’s on the opponents clock and turn. It would reduce the harassment and it would stop 99% of the spamming issue and let players have they’re shot in peace. It is like someone waving their hands in front of your face on a real pool table which doesn’t ever happen. The other major issue is people quitting early on they’re opponents turn mostly when they know they are about to lose. Instead if only the game devs changed it so they can’t leave on the last ball of the game and it’s not their turn. Or even better don’t allow them to leave at all while players are on the last ball. Fix these issues and I’ll change my rating..Version: 5.14.4

UpdateI used to think that this app was a 5 star app. This week it has gone down to a 3. After this last update everything worked fine, but, now it’s very frustrating to play. I like being competitive with my friends and in the club I’m in, but, this past week, when I win a game, I will get the winning coins in my player page, but, when I go to my friends page or my club page, there are no coins...Zero and it doesn’t matter how many games I win, it still says zero. Very frustrating when you like to compete with people. I have already been kicked out of a good club because I can’t increase my coins off of zero. So, I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but, it is still the same way. And I live in the United States and it has me living in Canada now. There’s no way that I have found to change it back to the US. If this can’t be fixed, without me losing my level that I’m at and all my coins and money that I have, then I’m ready to delete the app and be done with it. I would hate to do that because I play it a lot and like the competition, but, if there is no competition there is no sense in playing anymore. Please try to fix this problem and I’ll change my rating back..Version: 5.0.0

FINAL WARNINGWe have detected that you continue to use third-party modifications, or are transferring Coins between accounts. Please note that if this behavior persists, your account will be permanently banned. I lost all my coins and my winnings due to the error of the system I have not cheated in any way and it has given me a last warning that they will permanently ban my account. I love this game I think that it is one of the best games that's ever been made. I spent a lot of time playing and achieving goals and it's sad to know that I've been losing it all. I hope that mini-clip fixes this problem. Thank you mini-clip..Version: 3.12.0

Rigged WinningsBiggest issue in this game: Leading you to believe you have a chance to win big on the free spin. I’ve never gotten over 500 coins in a spin in the last 4 years of playing. I’m considering never playing this game again..Version: 4.0.0

Perfect for chillinJust listening to fortnite lobby music and playing “this is such a vibe”, i really cannot seem to explain anything because it is so good. I bought another phone just incase my first phone died or i lose it. Just so i still have 8 ball and can still play this product!, When needed. I even hired a lawyer to make sure i always have a way to access 8ball on sight whenever my intention to play it came along, i got therapy and lost the addiction because wife wanted no more 8 ball at the dinner table. I give the prodct 5 star because i thought the game wasnt too bad, just a casual play through you know?!.Version: 5.14.6

Unbelievably bad qualityI just am so disappointed I have experienced something unbelievable. I was in a game in Miami betting 10k and I was breaking, now I put the nine ball into the pocket the white ball didn’t go in. it was a perfectly valid win and suddenly I’m waiting for this guys response and then the game comes back and he is taking a shot and the nine ball is now on the other side of the table and I’m like I just pot the nine ball and then he doesn’t play a shot in time and then I go to move the white ball and then the game just cuts out and says winner to this other guy when I won fair and square I am actually so disheartened I’m super disappointed in what I have experienced I am very very very disappointed and am sure that you take a look at this and assess the situation and I’ve given this a one star review because this is absolutely appalling standards I expect quality from this game and you would have given me rubbish idiotic standards unbelievable. My account name is guest844b8e1137e and I expect a full 100,000 coins refund or u won’t here the last of me. You have 24 hours.Version: 5.8.1

Addicted AGAINI do love this game!! However I’m seriously frustrated with it. Downloaded it again onto my phone a few weeks ago after not having it for a while for THIS very reason I’m about to say - while I play this at any given moment I have spare (rare with kids and a job) to unwind have fun and connect with other users - I am truly upset at the fact that you brought out an update that wasn’t needed but you claimed it “fixed those little glitches some were experiencing” created a new look (can’t see it) and have made it a more enjoyable experience for all and have fixed the bugs? I updated thinking it’s only going to get better but NO… loss of connection ALLLLL THE TIME I took it off the wifi thinking it’d help but it hasn’t at all. I don’t want to delete the app for another few years again as this is one of the only things I get to enjoy nowadays! Sad to say but true. So — P L E A S E — developers. Sort it out will ya!? 👍🏼.Version: 5.5.2

My honest reviewTo be very honest I love this game with a passion ad it’s the only game that me and my boyfriend play together that keeps us entertained. But now I can’t play it because it keeps saying I need to get the new update but I can’t I have updated the game and deleted it and re downloaded it but still saying that when I go to challenge my friend. PLEASE HELP ME..Version: 4.2.0

Coins disappearingI don’t know what’s going on with this app but I log in and play a couple of 100 coin games and next thing I know I lost 10,000 what in the world I never made a large bet and I won most of the games. Idk how I went from 113,000 coins to 37,000…I played maybe 4 games of 9 ball 100 coin bet and than I see my coin value go down to 27,000 (mind boggling). I would never spend money on this app for coins if they just disappear, I don’t get it. I still can’t wrap my head around it, I love playing pool but this is ridiculous. Btw I did all the logout than log back in stuff but to no avail of course. Update: I figured out where the coins was going it was the recharging of the cue stick smh if you don’t want to be charged with recharging cues than use the basic cue stick. So that’s why I’m using for now, which means I am playing at a disadvantage (the fancier cue stick that have more power, aim, etc needs recharging a lot and some take a lot of coins smh) but I don’t mind because I like the challenge. I love the game and the graphics and feel of the game here is top notch, the only drawback is occasionally you lose games because ppl have better cue sticks and don’t miss no matter how bad they aim lol that’s the only flaw.Version: 5.4.3

This WAS a good game...I've been playing this game for a couple of years now and have really, really, liked it. Until this week. Some ppl just can't leave well enough alone. The commercial content and coin collecting aspect of it had been tolerable until the latest changes. If you want to play slot machines, and trash talk with friends, then maybe you will get some enjoyment out of it. But for the pool purist, or someone interested in actually playing an accurate computer sim of the game, keep looking. This game is now catered to the kids... A pool stick that you have to continually pay credits to recharge? Ridiculous. So sad to see the end of my favorite ipad game... Hey guys at Miniclip, how about reinvesting in making the game actually better? Instead you're just constantly inventing different ways to get another few dollars out of everyone. Also, it's a little fishy how out of my thousands of daily spins, I seem to land on $100 about 80% of the time... and, I don't EVER recall winning anything other than a thousand bucks or so on a "Scratcher." I wouldn't play these at all if I weren't forced to, so if you're going to force ppl to play, you could at least make it fair. Oh, and enough with the bazillion different pool sticks! Geeeez!.Version: 3.13.0

My old account is gone...I love this game so much and ive even had it on iphone. I had a miniclip id from when i was a kid and used it for pool. I couldnt get back onto my account or anything. I kept sending codes to my email but nothing. I had a nice account to. Its name was HotReg0376.Version: 4.5.0

Stop B*****nI read some of these reviews.. MY GOD!! SHUT UP!! “My wife has a cue collection and I don’t” her side piece has a bigger BLEEP than you too. GET OVER IT!! More complaining below Then you have these real weirdos who dissect the tiniest stuff. Dude, this game is computer generated, yet it plays exactly the way real pool would play. It actually makes everyone of us better than we’d ever be in real life. There’s times when the ball just sits there and SPINS like a top spin the same as real pool. Do you how insane that is for all the calculations to go into this? Take what bezos makes in a yr, CUBE THAT MF to the 100th power and MAYBE that’s how many scenarios this game calculates. Do you want what’s WRONG with this game? It’s WAY too addictive. For recovering gambling addicts this game is a problem. It’s creators invested greatly into people who work for the big casino chains. I’m not just talking about the obvious signs of the rewards etc being casino based. To the people who are “truth seekers” “red pilled” they will understand what I’m talking about. To the zombies who roam this world they will only see my post as a rambling bunch of BS..Version: 5.0.0

WillowAvery cool game, especially if you’re into playing pool. Only one thing that is really annoying is the game doesn’t follow real pool rules, for example if I pot a ball off the open hit then that is my ball for the rest of the game. You seem to get a second shot of any ball, and the most annoying thing is if one pots the white ball you get to place it anywhere on the table, an extremely unfair advantage, what happened to shooting behind the line and never backwards from the line? That is what the line is there for! Apart from those frustrating annoyances, the game is great and very addictive..Version: 5.8.1

8 ball poolLove this game it’s really fun and entertaining. Love the fact that you can play with real opponents and it’s not just you vs the computer, also love how you can play offline is well if you can’t connect to the WiFi or if you’d just prefer to. also love how you can play with your friends and family members (on the offline mode) but if you don’t have anyone to play with and you still want to play offline then you can do other mini games which are just as thrilling. Now I will discuss the negative side of the game unfortunately it flukes quite a lot and unfortunately this can cause the outcome of the game to be unfair for example someone could pot a ball and if it hadn’t been fluked it wouldn’t of gone in. Also the game sometimes glitches for example you will pay 100 (just an estimate could be more could be less) and the game glitches so you have to wait a long time before the game actually stars and sometimes it doesn’t start at all and you end up losing your money. Speaking about both aspects of the game I would still recommend you trying it and preserving for a little while.Version: 4.0.1

Top du topJ'adore merci.Version: 3.10.2

Please add a report buttonWhen you play the 25 million + games there are countless cheats who obviously use aim bot. This is not fair for the genuine players and we should be able to report them! Please go see for yourself.. they definitely ruin the game and should be banned..Version: 5.5.3

CheatersJust an app full of cheaters not worth your time and definitely not worth buying anything.Version: 5.7.0

Fun way to pass timeI thoroughly enjoy this game for several reasons: firstly, it is simple enough to where one can explore the game and understand it quickly, making it less of a hassle than games with unnecessary features; I also enjoy the minimal placement of ads in this game, they are far in between and don’t irritate the user by appearing in the way of things. Additionally, the gameplay itself is entertaining as you get to play with other people around the world, and as you play you can unlock new cities as well as prizes and coins for winning. There are events in this game that run weekly, offering additional opportunities for prizes for players to win. There are even special mini games for players, such as a daily “Lucky Shot” and the ability to spin a wheel for prizes. And while there are numerous prizes available, the game remains challenging enough in that you may lose some of your earnings if you lose against an opponent. Overall, it’s a game worth playing! My only issue is with the slightly consistent request to purchase in game features—however, this alone doesn’t deter me from rating this game as excellent, as it is easy to close out of these requests..Version: 5.0.0

This game will rip youI have been ripped by the 8 ball pool, I collected 6.5 billion winning coins playing since a decade, and suddenly this morning when I opened the game it said a final warning and saw that all 6.5 Billion coins have been scratched by them, though i have never exploited in the game, I have tried to contact them but getting automated replies. I have spend almost 500$ in this game till now. I have seen this in many forums that this has happened to many user, I have noted that they are targeting users who do in-app purchases, or your phone will be hacked for the coins. Be aware and away from this game or get ripped off..Version: 4.8.4

YAY wait... WHAT!!!!!This game is awesome I love it, it is competitive and at the same time enjoy full but I don't know if this is a glitch or if the player "Hajj"is just plain hacking I was playing a game where the entry fee was 500 I lost the first game against Hajj so he gets the winnings of 1000 right but next round I played him again coz we rematched and when I shot the last ball "YOU WIN" appeared on my screen just when I was about to say YAY all the winnings gone to HIS side! That's just not fair! If this is a glitch please fix it as for I love this game and I do not want to quit it but if Hajj is actually hacking please do something about it thank you.Version: 3.13.6

Great game but..I think this is a great game, I play every chance I get although recently been put off by something that has happened to me more than once now. I’ve spent a fair amount of real money on this game and I was saving my pool coins. I clicked on “play one on one” took long to load then clicked it again by which time it had loaded and I’d accidentally clicked to bet 1 Mil playing in Shanghai & unfortunately lost all my money! I think there should be an option to confirm if you would actually like to play/bet that amount or instead of loading up from the city in which you bet the most money according to the amount of pool coins you have, it should load up from London which is the least coins to avoid any disappointment. Like me, who is extremely disappointed and annoyed. So instead of high to low it should be low to high..Version: 5.6.2

It’s a good game but with big faultsThe first thing is the wheel spin is RIGGED! You can’t win over $500 (not taking in account VIP bonus) not matter what. Always 100, or 250 and on the rare occasion 500. 2nd is something I call “reverse cheese”, it’s when you are moving your finger to aim the shot, and the cue starts to move in the opposite direction. For example, I’m moving my finger down the screen to move the cue up, and then all of a sudden the cue starts to move down. It’s so annoying, it wastes needed time. It’s a problem that happens all the time too. That’s it, Thanks..Version: 4.0.1

Games goatedBro get this game earn rings from different titles earn millions level up and get cash and much more fun things login with face book to request coins from friends so you can play bigger in better ranks level up and get trophies and earn 1 dollar each time you rank up win more to go bet more cash and gamble with your coins and take risks at your own cost of course get lucky and earn up to millions by only the tap of your screen on the lucky wheel and scratch ticket will earn you up to half a million and open crates to get better cues, the spin of a wheel a scratch ticket and take your chances on the lucky shot to earn 500coins, 1000coins, a crate, or 1 dollar for your second chance on lucky shot earn up to 50k coins, 75k coins, 60 dollars, or an even better crate than the first one become millionaire’s billionaires and even trillionaire’s flex on your friends to see who’s better on the leader board and most definitely flex against other clubs in your ranked club personally I’d say this game comes with a cost of time and coins but it’s worth it TO FLEX INFRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD just to show that your better get it play it and win it you got this..Version: 5.12.0

Amazing!8 ball pool is the most realistic pool simulation I’ve ever played - not sure if anyone remembers Jimmy Whites snooker simulator on the Atari ST520 fm. That was an accurate adaptation of the game but not anywhere near as attractive as miniclips. The Ball physics in a stake oriented head to head online multi style table top pool classic that is graphically spot on has bundles and additional in game features. Before the games begin your invited to lucky shot which is a chance to hit the target with the object ball to win prizes. There are mini games (scratch card - spin to win - lucky shot) to win additional coins. a massive choice of international tables and online tournaments to play. Lots of in game bonus action to buy custom cues, avatars and stickers. If it’s holiday season (Easter, halloween or Christmas) the entire games customised to amp up the festive fun. During play your opponent can check your current rank, player stats and achievements. You can Join or start your own club, add people you meet to your team. And every achievement gets a mention on your Facebook profile page 🤠 It’s massive!.Version: 5.14.3

Fun casual gameHad this game a few years now and it is what it is! It’s fun to play while on the toilet or while at a doctors appointment. Game might sit there for 6months untouched but that day you’re a loner with no friends to hang with this game will come in clutch😂 10/10.Version: 5.13.1

Frustrating and riggedGood game for passing the time and it’s addictive but the game is totally rigged and the rearwards are rubbish, win streak loss streak all the time, when your on a loss streak all of a sudden the game gets glitchy and the white is drawn to the pocket all the time you know you’re going to lose the game within your first couple of shots, you put back spin on the ball and it will veer off to the left instead of spinning backwards it’s like the cue control go’s out of the window, also I’m level 90 so I’ve been playing a while I have most of the rings and the reward boxes are terrible and not worth it, Mumbai is a 15 million coin stake to play and a victory box only consists of 1300 pool coins and the cue pieces you win are more often than not the rubbish cues you get from playing in a 100 coin game from playing in London where is the value in that? Also far to many pop ups trying to get you to buy coins and cash etc. Sort it out miniclip.Version: 3.13.1

8Ball PoolI have madly fallen in love with this game. I think honestly it’s the best game for an adult to play on his phone, tablet etc. I have met some great friends and joined a club, ended up branching off and now I’m the leader of my own club called “Pocket Potters”. I am having so much fun with this game, is replay able and incentivises the player to keep playing via amazing cues and level ups etc. I play with friends all over the world now literally with the online 8ball pool and overall I find what you put in you get out. I would however like to say the cues just building up and up is a wasted opportunity I think? Possibly add in the option for the player to break down cues for coins or cash or both, or break down for a certain new currency used to unlock pieces which the player still needs to find? I just think it’s a waste of progress ending up with so many unused cues. Other than that I have no issues with the game. 8ball pool truly is my new hobby. I’ve spent over £160 happily on extras without having ever a doubt. 8ball pool is a immersive special experience for all types of player. Thanks to the team at miniclip 8ball pool..Version: 4.6.0

8 ballAwesome!.Version: 5.7.1

Best game everThis is the best game ever I love it!!!!.Version: 5.7.1

AmazingMy dad first introduced me to this game when I was about 5-6yo. I absolutely love it, we both do! I am totally telling you to BUY. IT. NOW! It isn’t a waste and will keep you entertained for hours. Even without using money to make any purchases in the game it is an amazing experience, thank you so much 😊.Version: 5.10.4

Good game but there are some scamming glitchesThe actual game itself is good like there is nothing wrong with the gameplay, but, when you watch ads for coins and cash, every time, the coins and cash don’t come. So you’re just sitting there watching a 30 second ad, hoping to get enough coins to play London, but after the ad no coins go into your account, same goes with cash. Also when you watch an ad to paint he wheel again, it doesn’t do it!!! Please fix these! I’ve been scammed for at least 500 just watching ads! also surely you don’t have to pay 25 coins to play offline, like what is that??.Version: 4.0.2

Really Good gameNot a bad game at all. I’ve played loads of times under COVID lockdown and it’s only annoying when you play silly shots. Those who knock the game e.g., saying there are mis-matches etc. obviously don’t full understand the idea of pool (or snooker). It’s not just about potting, its about cue ball control, use of spin and strategy as well as safety play. Potting is relatively easy as there are potting guide lines to make it almost foolproof. The idea of betting from 100 coins on a game, to millions, effectively means that players with similar resources are likely to play each other, although this is not a given. Although you are presented with various offers to spend real cash on additional coins and cues, it’s really not necessary. It’s a game of skill. I can only suggest that those without skill are the ones that will provide a poor review..Version: 5.3.1

WARNING - Highly addictive gameId give it more than 5 stars if I could but a 0 for not warning me how addictive this game is. Iv been playing this game for many years now, it’s probably one of the best pool/snooker game on the internet/apps. But the game needs to come with a warning, a little heads up, something to tell you that you will end up sitting at this game for over 3 hours if you play it. It is soo much fun, the fact that there’s always new leagues tournaments every week or so and the new chat updates with friends; they are all great features along with learning to play pool (on the phone, of course). All the anticipation to win a game with less change over and just potting the black ball, it’s such a fun game. Started playing in my teens and now I’m well into my kid/late twenties. Only downfall is, it didn’t teach me to play pool in real life coz the cues are actually very awkward to hold, or I’m just gonna forever hold it wrong and never play. It’s alright, iv got 8 ball pool to still keep me liking the sport/game..Version: 5.5.3

I ❤️ this gameIt’s based on luck and not the game mechanics of the game itself that I think are the most important part of the game and I think the game is a bit more complex but the gameplay itself was really enjoyable for a game where it took me almost 😅 it is very good 😌 I’m happy 😆 I’m excited 😜 so far so I don’t have a ton but I’ll try and do a few games with the right players in it too and I hope 🤞 it works well with you as a friend and friend as I am very interested and would be willing and interested if it would work well in my group of gamers would you like 👍 thanks ☺️ have an upvote from me and have an amazing 🥲 time in the future if you ever want to chat 💬 or anything you would love 💗 a chat or something like this would be great to chat with me on my way to see you guys have a great weekend and I hope you have a great day and enjoy ☺️ hope you’re enjoying yourself I will see the world 🗺️ of the game is that is a good time enjoy the game and enjoy your weekend love and I will talk soon love and have fun and I will be thinking about it love and miss seeing all your videos love and enjoy your time love and enjoy your family enjoy the game and enjoy the game I will be back in about five days.Version: 5.12.1

Great game!Nicely designed, very addicting..Version: 3.10.2

Daily spin and bonus pool shotI love this game but the spinning wheel never ever gives me (or my husband) anything over $200 coins big let down. The bonus pool shot is so challenging please consider making this easier or scrap it altogether and put something else in its place that you can actually win with. Annoying when you have to wait for your opponent. Connection is always “lost” I use data never wifi why is it lost!? Love the game PLEASE improve!.Version: 4.4.1

Hackers and Aim bot users.Just would like to give this review of the game when you trying to play in any game mode whenever you have time after work or school and you are above the average players what is the LvL 25 doing in higher rank in the 5 mill or 10 mill bet table ? This person naming himself (Sumantro)and more other people who named themselves (Mohamed) (Ali the king) and (The king) and (I am op) literally all he’s doing just to destroy great legal players who wanna enjoy the game,they game play is you cannot see they aim no sign at all to see what is he doing just the ball going everywhere on top of the table I don’t think it’s fair also if you 8 ball pool creator or miniclip support sees this review I would ask my 28million coins back I understand it’s not a lot but I worked very hard for this game and spend my own money into this game and I’m not talking about small cash I honestly spend so much money to be in my Level and on diamonds master point. Please look up these names in the future and maybe other nice people not get trouble with them because we can lose a lot. You should develop a software that hackers not allowed to play in this game anymore. Thanks Kind Regards Cupra.Version: 5.13.2

Love this game8 Ball Pool is one of the best games i know that passes time. I virtually play it every day and I never get bored. What you can purchase for money on the game is actually a great price, for the pool pass it’s £4.49 and you get so many extra prizes and it’s really useful. I do get extremely mad when people beat me but that’s how the game works. I love all the tournaments and win streak competitions and things like that. There are a lot of cheaters in the game which is a bit of a let down, but i haven’t experienced any cheaters yet, i’m guessing the cheaters only come in at the ones where you can earn more money. I also think that the spin mini game is quite rigged, and most of the mini games on their, because whenever i spin the wheel (which I have probably spinned over 20,000 times) and i have never gotten higher than 3k, which is very sad. But, the surprise boxes give very good rewards! Also, i feel like the upgrades on some of the cues like the Diamond Swan and the Pool Gala Cue are veer overpriced, at 78,000. You only get these in the pool pass, so i feel like they should be a bit less, but i do understand as they are great cues. Love this game so much!!!!.Version: 5.13.1

Blockout PeopleWould it be better if there’s a option where you blockout people who added you. I noticed that if someone add you and you don’t want to add them back, they still appear up on your friends list. Please create an option where you can block creepy players. It’s kinda annoying seeing some players being creepy with there emojis, and then they will eventually add you and end up on your friends list without adding them back..Version: 4.8.5

Definitely fixedThis game is absolutely appalling This game is absolutely appalling. Here are a few things wrong with the game. The white ball constantly goes in the pocket no matter what shot you play. You get constantly snookered. The ball sometimes moves when static for example the opponent is snookered the white ball conveniently moves a fraction so the opponent is not snookered. The pace in the ball changes exspecially if your about to win. If you build up your money expect to lose it rapidly. My advice is to stay away from this game as you will regret it as you will end up spending real money and I’m not even sure what you get out of it apart from a few stupid avatars which I couldn’t give a monkeys about. Again this game is shockingly bad I don’t mind losing but when their is cheating going on and the game is obviously rigged to the core then this is completely unacceptable.!!!!.Version: 5.2.3

Game motor bugsThe engine of the game needs to be improved, once you pot the ball with full power of the cue the cue ball after hitting almost always ends up in some pot, hence the opponent has got the ball in his hand. Some of the cues cause weird effects such as the cue ball is chasing/following the ball you want you pot, and as a result the ball ends up with the cue ball in the pot together. Very often the algorithm matching you up with the opponent with much higher rank, my rank is 87 now and I have to challenge someone with rank 196 for example, which is just a bit unfair. Also, the boxes such as base, elit, advanced etc. once you open them up are giving you the same clues after some time which is just boring after playing this game few years. There was an offer to get $5 virtual dollars in the game for the app update- but I didn’t get anything. And many, many similar bugs as I described above. I expect higher quality especially when you have to pay with your real money for the extras - more coins/virtual dollars/better clues/promo offers etc. Ripping you off but the bugs unfixed, no improvements over the years, that’s sad..Version: 5.11.1

No Facebook ConnectionI keep trying to connect to Facebook but always says "no internet connection" which is a load of rubbish. Need to be fixed. All my other games connect no problem..Version: 4.8.5

Too many adsGood game with too many distraction while playing. For example they keep on poping up every friends notification on top. Annoying ads..Version: 5.4.5

Good pool game app. But pool pass lost connection for more than an hour.Good pool game app. But pool pass lost connection for more than an hour. Waste paying for pool pass on the day when pool pass is open. My wifi is working fine. My laptop, smart tv are still connected. But game app says lost connection. Trying to connect. :).Version: 4.6.2

Great game but ..........The game crashes occasionally so you lose all coins up for the table, in my case 200k. The daily reward of 1 cash after watching a video never happens (I have just stopped watching them now). Owners don’t respond to emails (been 2 weeks). As long as they are making millions they don’t care about the player issue side of the game. A real shame because it’s a great game.Version: 4.1.0

Cal shotSa devrait être cal shot et si tu fait une boule a l,autre tu perd ton tour.Version: 4.3.1

Foule nyceFock you Grosse bite.Version: 5.12.2

Ummm....Very enjoyable but totally rigged. The free daily spin for 1 coin?? And they want me to post that to Facebook ?? Haha. Every time I start to win money playing all of a sudden I get opponents with more than double my experience. Challenging! Also, get your internet issues sorted! Always slow and "waiting for your opponents response".Version: 3.10.2

Simply Amazing…ishAfter playing 8ball for a couple years it’s safe to say this game has everything it needs and more. Im talking a selection of game modes, weekly challanges and even Daily challanges other than Woweee this Game is great. -Only downside for me is that I cant change my original name created YEARS AGO😂.Version: 5.8.0

No titleI dont like how the game loses connection and then it makes u lose your turn and the game. I have lost so many coins from this. And how it seems rigged and when i have earned millions of coins and then when i look at my score in the club, most of my coins are gone and i never get them back. Seems like lots of hackers. Its hard to ever get ahead. And you never win anything on the wheel. Its rigged too. And the scratchers are low ball all the time. We should be able to win high amounts of coins because its so hard to ever have enough to play higher stakes. And it doesn’t cost you anything to help us out. We should never have to spend real money on a game. I never have and never will. Also it takes forever to earn pool cash. It should be easier also. I do like the ten game tournaments. And i like having friends and clubs and the competition of the game. People can be stupid jerks but thats just people not the game. So its an ok game with alot of flaws that could be improved. Many things are unfair. Like u cannot watch a video ever and get a second spin. Cuz it glitches. And after all this, there is no way to send the review........................Version: 5.2.2

Great casual gameEasy to pick up and put down. I’ve played this game on and off for about if not over two years now and I still find it enjoyable. The reward system used to be rather slow even when you play a lot but with the addition of these victory loot boxes, progression and perks have sped up. While the fancy cues are about the most interesting form of ‘customising’ here and you can easily purchase better ones with microtransactions and premium currency (which, as a free to play player, don’t expect to get a lot), it’s not a pay to win system. I haven’t spent a single dollar on this game and not having these spec’d up cues has not taken away from my enjoyment of it. When starting up, the chip earning curve can be very slow but the free 30 chips her hour makes sure that every time you log in, you should be able to play at least one round. Once you’ve found yourself a comfy stash, it comes down to what you’re really looking for in the game. If you like the high bets, be prepared to be knocked right back to where you start. But if you’re like me and am only really looking for a nice game or two when travelling or finding spare time to kill, you’ll find long term entertainment with this game..Version: 3.12.2

DisappointedI love this game! But I am discontinuing playing due to the problem of being sent to games upon exiting the current game I have been playing. I have spent quite a bit of money on promotions, pool passes, piggy bank, etc. Due to this glitch I have lost in excess of $35 million coins. I have sent emails explaining the problem but Miniclip has made their position one of it all being my fault so too bad. Good luck to anyone else who has experienced this issue. I am currently looking for another application to continue enjoying playing pool on another site. I will also be taking several other players with me so we can continue having fun. After sending in my concern to the support team I open the game today to see they have added more of the locked games you have to pay a monthly fee to play. Along with this new arrangement the game now opens on Mumbai which costs you a fee of $7.5 million to play. On an iPad there is not a lot of room at the bottom to scroll so be VERY CAREFUL or you will wind up losing lots of coins. It is like they have intentionally rearranged to cause you to make mistakes..Version: 5.12.0

For Real!!!!!!Ok so this is not a review I just wanted to say something to someone who might know the designers to the 8-Ball Pool game keep reading if you are a graphic designer to this game ok I know How you can make the game more enjoyable. Here’s the advancement ok you know when you play on a tournament 🏟 in the game any tournament well there is a button that allows you to watch the matches by following the game yeah I know you know but how about following the game and being the audience where you can watch who wins the game just for the players of the tournament 🏟 would be nice. You know what I’m talking about right so don’t forget who gave you this idea Eli Corea of The Freedom Field you can look me up in Utube I’m a musician but I love playing this game and if you want to donate some money for coming up with this idea because I know it’s brilliant go to Gofundme account and Donate money 💵 I would like a great vacation for this and some money would be nice but if anything at all if you guys can do this and I get to enjoy playing 8-Ball Pool would be great to enjoy with everyone all around the world 🌎 🌍 cause I know great minds think 🧐 🤔 alike. Thanks Peace.Version: 5.11.0

Fun & sometimes Rage inducing 😂There are times where I absolutely hate the game because I keep losing to people with a higher skill level than me. The way they select your opponent is completely random, which on one note can be pretty fun. But then on another note, you got someone who is a skill level 16 (like me) playing up against a skill level 131 or even higher. (I have seen on the world leaderboard someone with a skill level of 972) Which can seem pretty unfair, but winning against them is not impossible, but it is really hard. I do like most of the concepts in the game. The fact that you can get a huge amount of cues in your collection is pretty sweet. With more cues, you have a ton of different advantages. And the general designs of some of the cues are really nice. When it comes to the games themselves, they are pretty simple, but you do have to make sure you aim correctly. Because sometimes when it seems like you have a perfect aim, it could actually go a bit lower or a bit higher than what you think, so just keep note of that. Overall it is a pretty fun game, but for those who tend to have a little gamer rage, this game can certainly get you a little mad when you get put up against someone that is super experienced..Version: 4.8.4

Love this game, but totally fed up with glitches!The game keeps glitching and not re starting the timer when on a new ball, which means that if you’re on a good run, you can run out of time instantly. Keeps happening to me on tournaments, meaning I lose at last ball, even though I haven’t had the chance to take a shot, big waste of my coins! And no place to feedback within the app! Also glitched and tossed me out of game the other day, I was waiting on the other player as the banner at the bottom told me, then glitched out and took me off the game and showed me the winner of another tournament, it’s so frustrating, and is making me lose lots! I can lose well enough by myself thanks! Would appreciate the game not making my situation worse!.Version: 4.0.3

AwesomeReally great game love it!!.Version: 5.13.2

Great, needs some workThey keep offering me a chance to review even though I already did. So here are some things I think could be improved. 1) Please add an "open all" for the prize box opening, it takes too long to open all of them, I just want to get back to game play. 2) Friend requests -I get friend requests from the players who have beaten me (almost solely), if I'm not set up to have friends, I should be able to block all requests. Currently I have to x each of them out and it's a nuisance. Plus I am sick of these petty sore winners wanting to jab at me just because they beat me, winning should be enough. 3) Special offers swipe down suddenly when you go to open boxes or select game play making players accidentally select purchases. Obviously I don't buy stuff that I accidentally select, but I think it's rude of the game maker to try that tactic. If they are doing it so that folks who are stupid, young or inexperienced enough to buy because they think they are obligated to, then that's sort of stealing. Other than those three things this game is great. It's cool to be sitting in Kentucky playing a woman in Indonesia, win or lose..Version: 4.6.0

NiceGood game.Version: 4.5.2

8-ball poolAs you clearly know already, your site becomes more attractive whenever you give players both more choices and more control. You’ve improved control over ordering where the emoticons appear in our list of emoticon choices since the last time I wrote a review, but for me at least I can still Hide and Unhide messages on my text message list, but for some time now I’ve been no longer able to sort them. They do move when I sort, but after I’ve finished re-sorting and exited that screen, they’re all back again in the same order as before I started. The routine works, but it looks like your not saving its products. Also, add more basic text messages, such as “Look out” or “Be careful” along with your thematic ones. As a club leader, I’d especially like to see some that could be used to help novice members play more effectively. And I still very much dislike the unrealistic outcome distributions produced by the spin wheel - as I’m sure you know, small rewards come up far more often than they ought to if it was an honest wheel with an equal probability of stopping in any segment. You must know about schedules of reinforcement, but you should create contingencies that are consistent with your graphics worlds..Version: 5.14.6

Perfect imitation of real pool... But...The best game out there if you’re a pool addict. Easy to start a game. Would like to suggest however, that the game needs skill and level based matchmaking (as already mentioned by many others). This will make the game more fair and competitive and avoid unfair advantages. Another thing that upset me about the game is the probability chances in Spin The Wheel (normal version not gold). The chances of getting high prices in the normal wheel are so slim, that they are next to impossible. I wouldn’t like to say this but I understand that this is a type of scam to force us in paying Miniclip to earn more pool coins. Those with low pool coins have a disadvantage from this because they look forward to these daily mini games like spin the wheel and free reward coins and lucky shot. This is one ‘easy’ way to get coins to allow them to keep playing matches and not worry to much about losing. However, I always get maximum of 200 coins on the wheel which is really disappointing. Please improve upon the odds of bigger value coins. If the Developers of the game really work towards these fixes, the game would become even better..Version: 4.5.2

CheatThe game is good i largely love the game. But with the lucky spins and sinking the black ball and everything it’s a huge cheat! The only time i have won more that 500 coins in the spin and win was when i bought it i would always get 250 or 500 it’s a huge cheat. Then when i have just the black ball and the opponent hasn’t had a go yet i go to sink the black ball and i either sink the white ball with it or i miss and the other guy sinks all ball and they are all lined up and they don’t do any work and win. I hate the game for how it structured and i wish to see a huge improvement. This is called ‘we only care about money’ please change..Version: 4.9.0

Great bug fixSince only recently people are not scamming and ripping off your money playing pool yes people will actually rip off your pool money by cheating, hard to believe there was so many of them on the platform not that long ago and nearly gave this amazing game away because of it. Love this game the cheats are gone good f.... off and leave our 8 ball to the wonderfull people who play the game as intended without ripping people off. Play fair, what a game !!!! Clever people great concept who would of thought this was possible playing people anywhere in the world 24/7 thanks for the game.👌.Version: 4.5.2

Great game but pity about in game interferenceI have been playing 8 ball for a year or so and must say it’s very true to the real thing but it doesn’t take long to figure out there’s some background shenanigans going off. It’s quite obvious that there’s some kind of coding that interferes in the games. I have never known a game to pot the cue ball or self snooker so much. You can almost guess when it’s going to happen in each game. It’s usually when one player starts to beat the other then suddenly you’ve either snookered yourself or the cue ball ends up being potted. It’s a real pity as if it just left the games to run naturally it would be far more enjoyable. You actually start to play the software rather than your opponent. I still play it though and have spent the grand total of £1.99 in all this time so you don’t have to shell out tons of money to be competitive. Ok so this is an edit a few months on. I agree with a lot of the reviews already made regarding the pointless win boxes and the 50th same cue piece, I bought 10 scratchers with game cash and won less coins than I can easily get in one match. After getting to 58.4% win ratio I suddenly could not win a game, literally. I thought I’ll try a little experiment and bought £1.99 worth of stuff. I won the next 5 games straight and now it’s all ok again. I do love the game and if it costs 2 quid a month to give me a fair chance, I’m willing to pay that..Version: 3.14.0

Good appIt's a good game ,lots of fun 💯.Version: 3.10.2

8 ball pool8 ball pool is a great game, because you can play with your friend and random people. The higher your levels are the more money you can win. One of the great things in this game is that there are no adds, only when you need more coins and cash you can watch adds for them. Another 2 great things is that if you don’t have enough coins you can use some cash to play. The last great thing in 8 ball pool is that you can upgrade your pool sticks for money or cash like when you can by them. When you upgrade your cues more, you can win much more games for higher money!.Version: 5.4.3

?????Where has the free cash video gone??????? Been saving up every day to get my country cue and got to 38 and went to get my free one today and the option has gone???? Now I have 38 which is 2 away from the 40 I need to get it!!! Game has gone horrible after too many updates and cues gone missing in new version ! Also never seem to get anyone my level to play always about 30 levels above mine and always loose!! Just played and lost 7 games in a row where I hit a shot and the white just seems to head to the pocket and ball moves in a different way ??? I used to love playing but now I just can’t be arsed as I know I’ll just loose even though I have a good cue after levelling up another 2 times to get it after you took the free cash vid away! Please please please sort this out as it’s a great game but rubbish rewards on spins etc are so low it’s not worth doing.Version: 4.0.0

My favourite game8 ball pool is such an amazing game! there are not many games as good as this that let you play with random people around the and chat with them live in game I find myself spending hours on hours late at night playing this addictive game! you can add friends and challenge them this makes passing time super fun! there are many ways you can get coins and other rewards you can even receive and gift coins to your friends if you are short of coins you don’t have to spend real money as it is so easy to get coins and be able to play the game. there is no ads other than offers and promotions in game but they don’t make the game any less fun like other games. If you are looking to spend real money in game the promotions and offers are very generous and you get a lot from spending little. the game comes out with a new pool pass every so often which is just another way to get cool rewards like coins chat packs emotes or profile avatars. out of all the ps4 Xbox pc games I have played in my life in my opinion 8 ball pool is the best game ever I love this game I wish I could rate it 10 stars..Version: 5.12.0

GuestWonderful game.Version: 5.7.1

Why does it take you to the highest bet availableI selected to play a 1v1 option and of course it displays the match mode of the highest possible bet you can make, now this really frustrates me as have just lost 100,000 because the game thought i had pressed to play that game when in fact i had tried to swipe to play a lower bet game And okay people might think....why didnt i just press cancel.....i did and it took the 100,000 away...it did give me a chance to win it back by giving me a game to play but thats beside the point....if i had wanted to play that option i would have selected it and not have a problem at losing a high amount but the fact that the game practically forced me into that match and bet has really effed me off....well off to play kings of pool cause at least i can play a fair game that enables me to select the games that i want.Version: 3.12.3

CheatsThe game is great, good fun and I've made a few good friends. The only thing that upsets me is the cheats on the site. Me and my friends work hard in your leagues and build up our coins and spend money buying cash to get nice cues and you get the cheats, loads of them in the country and world leagues that have played half a dozen games and have scored billions or have 110% win% it can't happen not in a game or in real life, it's laughable and it spoils the game big time. So please if you can try and stamp this out it would be great and make it fun again, because they way it is at the moment, it's stopped being fun because you don't have a chance of winning what your playing so hard to win, the country and the world and the tournaments you put on, the same people win them every time, know one has a chance and me and a lot of others are really fed up with it. We stay loyal to the site and spend our hard earned money and have know chance of winning. Thanks.Version: 4.3.1

Hacked big timeGames no good too many cheats have a read though Google reviews even more check out the hacks you can get for this game online unlimited guidelines White ball hacks eight ball hacks the list goes on and on no wonder you can’t get ahead I played with a 90% win ratio through 100 games and lost the lot to a person who played on 35% without getting a shot at all who was playing with a standard cue and back spinning the ball like a pro the cue isn’t even capable of doing that the games full of cheats it’s a shame coz I really liked it but was getting sick of being cheated..Version: 5.11.1

Great GameVery realistic & it's easy to play. 8 Ball is my favourite but I occasionally play 9 Ball. Waiting for a snooker game. Cheers!.Version: 3.10.2

What I witness about the game.The game is a great game to play. However, the part that’s very frustrating is when you make a ball you’re supposed to make and the game tells you didn’t make the right ball. For instance, if I call the four in the corner and I make the four in the corner and the game will say I didn’t make the ball where I said I would after I did make the ball where I said I would. Then it will give the other player a turn when it’s not really their turn. Honesty is always the best policy so it’s very frustrating when a computerized game will not do what it is supposed to do. It makes me think that if I don’t pay money to play the game, then it won’t work right. I love pool and I have played it since I was very young so I understand English and a lot about the game. I appreciate getting to play the game, but it is very offensive when it does not do what it supposed to do as is if I’m lying. it says if another human is watching the game and then will make it cheat you. Thank you for making it so I can play the pool game on the phone and I play it a lot. I just want it to be honest all the time. Have a nice day and thanks for letting me put in my input. Tell me if there’s a way that I can make it quit doing that or if it’s just because I’m not paying money to do it. Thank you and have an amazing day..Version: 5.12.0

8 ball pool - on your phone or iPad ( Possibly more)?Enjoy playing against other people you don’t know. Random matches. It’s the closest thing to playing winner stays on down the pub you can get on a phone game? Just give it a try. It’s completely free to play & you den play money to bet with against other players. As you go alone you win parts of better cues to give you more control & lower on the tables & get the chance as you unlock to bet more money against better players as you improve yourself. You can if you choose select to pay real money for quicker upgrades & equipment. If I think it’s more fun to earn it yourself. Either way. Give this game a try. If you like real pool, then you should like this game. Be careful though as your shots are timed & you can get timed out. Only glitch is occasionally in a tight angle near corners turn the cue away from the shot first to prevent a miss cue when you hit the cue ball lightly by mistake, which is frustrating. But remember that to. Kid it & you will love this game. Mr Greenhill Hertfordshire England.Version: 5.2.3

Love It!Firstly, I want to start by saying I don’t write reviews for most apps on the App Store. I downloaded this game on a whim, I was hopeful that it would be better than all the other Pool games I had downloaded and tried. This game has exceeded my expectations, by a lot. I love that you don’t need ‘real’ money to play, but that you play against other real people. I love how accurate it is, I love that you can try your luck in a tournament. I love that you can play 8 ball OR 9 ball Pool. Honestly I just love this game. It’s been a staple for any device I own. Whether you’re the competitive type or the time waster, this game is for you. I would 100% recommend this game..Version: 5.4.3

😍❤️❤️❤️🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶.Version: 3.10.2

All good I guessThe game interface is very good and I have few complains about the game in general. Except for the fact that there is no report button, like what if I think someone is genuinely cheating but how do I report them? Aside from that, just the occasional glitches with the timer. However, back on the issue of reporting, is it possible to include a report button within the menu to report anyone that I think may actually be cheating?.Version: 5.4.5

Problematic gameThere were some instances where I won the game and my opponent was claimed to be the winner collecting my winnings. The final straw was when I was wanting to play a game and I could only sign in as a new guest, my profile was lost..Version: 4.5.0

Great game to pass time however the offers to get free spins and free money DO NOT WORKIt’s a good game but I have been left incredibly frustrated when they offer free cash with activities and I completed activities for the equivalence of $22 but got absolutely nothing, watched numerous videos for $ and free spins again got nothing at all. Also couldn’t find how to contact the developer to explain my qualms, couldn’t get help there either. But in terms of keeping you occupied that it will do for several hours with the different players at different levels..Version: 4.0.2

ProblemAccording to game law sometimes it’s unfair like when my ball didn’t go to the holes the other party will have the ball in hand but the way around to me it’s not considered the same result I don’t know why it should not happened this way ????!!!!!.Version: 5.0.0

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