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Amazon Prime Video App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Amazon Prime Video app received 151 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Amazon Prime Video? Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon prime video?

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Amazon Prime Video for Negative User Reviews

Minus a billion stars- I have paid my subscription but unable to streamI have paid my monthly subscription, which is shown in my iTunes/iPad/iPhone account/settings and also on my bank statement yet I am unable to stream anything. Your app persists on insisting that I have to pay to watch. I ALREADY HAVE. I was charged on the 8th of June and payment has gone through. I will not pay twice. I have contacted apple support which gave me no help and have attempted to contact the developer of your pathetic app but have been unable to receive any assistance. I will cancel my subscription and stick to Netflix, Neon and Disney + at least these platforms don’t rip people off..Version: 9.12

Thursday Night Football is SUPER clunkyI like being able to watch the Thursday night football rebroadcast, but the fact that it doesn’t remember your progress is REALLY annoying. If you go to another app and come back, you’re back at the start again and you have to try to figure out where you were. Also, if you hit skip ahead 10s 4 times in a row, it should skip ahead 40s, but often it will just skip 10s and you have to keep hitting skip, waiting for it to move and then hit skip again. Also the controls on the Roku app (writing it here since there’s no Roku app reviews) are really clunky and terrible. The fast forward is just 1 speed (which is all the worse when you keep starting again from the beginning and need to fast forward 2 hours) and doesn’t show the video while it’s fast-forwarding. Also I’m frequently trying to skip ahead but I get stuck in the other fast forward instead and can’t figure out how to get back — there’s no reason those should use the same controls since there’s a separate fast-forward button. And the whole UI is kind of terrible and ugly — just seems like a rinkydink app, not something from one of the biggest companies in the world..Version: 9.21

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERI bought the season 38 The Challenge: Ride or Dies. I get on and episode 2 is asking me to buy it. I already bought the season so I call and they tell me wait an hour there was a system glitch it will be on then. I waited two hours and still was not fixed called again and was told a different reason so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said it was the system it can take 24-72 hours to correct. I was upset because I had bought the season and just wanted to watch the episode but understand. She said for the inconvenience she would refund me my prime membership and we ended the call. She calls me back remind you she is a SUPERVISOR and tells my I’m sorry I cancelled the membership instead of refunding it… like no I didn’t want it cancelled I don’t have 16$ to just spend right now when I already budgeted and paid for this month and your refund takes 3-5 days. She didn’t help at all and said well sorry. Worst customer service of my life..Version: 9.20.1

TerribleWhy is 90% of the content "Unavailable to view"? I don't want to hunt and peck through endless unavailable titles just to find something I'm "allowed" to watch. What even is the point in spamming the content list with this extra content? Utterly useless. Canceled my prime subscription, and back to Netflix for me..Version: 5.0

Waiting for adsHappy with the quality and content of shows. Super annoying to have to watch ads throughout the shows when you’re paying for a subscription viewing service. Disappointing. Watching Island of Bryan and there are multiple pauses for ads. Thank goodness they are only 15-45 seconds, otherwise would be moving to a new service where there are no ads..Version: 9.18.1

What’s with the ads?? It’s a subscription serviceThe content is ok, not as diverse as I might hope for but my biggest gripe is the ads. I open the app and ads play, I start an episode of a show or a movie and it plays an ad. Yes I know they are just ads for shows but I am paying for data and don’t really want to pay a cent to watch ads trying to push programs I am not interested in. Where is the option to turn off ads? And more to the point, why isn’t that done automatically when I have the data use settings on the lowest possible to save every possible kilobyte???.Version: 8.21

Decent selection clunky appThe selection is decent and it has good variety but the app is clunky and hard to navigate. Would benefit from being easier to navigate and from a recently watched option..Version: 4.7.1

No longer usable with ChromeCast, multiple other issuesSince the last update, the Prime Video app no longer gives the option to cast to the television with any device other than Apple TV. Fortunately, I have one, but the problem doesn’t end there. The app for Apple TV is buggy, freezing every 5 minutes or suddenly jumping backward to an earlier scene and causing the subtitles to go out of sync. AirPlay from the iPhone seemed like a way around this, but it is restricted for some content without a valid explanation (tonight the movie I was watching from a subscription channel could not be airplayed on the tv because it was a “free episode” while many shows which are actually included with Prime would work without issue (?)). As a result, I’m suddenly unable to use Prime, which WAS my favorite streaming service, reliably with my television. None of the usual remedies, such as reinstalling the app or resetting the modem, have had any effect on this issue, either with regard to the function of the Apple TV app or the availability of ChromeCast or AirPlay. If this obstacle cannot be surmounted somehow, I will have little choice other than to cancel my subscription..Version: 9.2

Why the German text pop-ups, though.In general, I like the app, the selection etc. But it’s getting really annoying having German text pop ups while watching in English. Not subtitles. I’m talking about accessibility text (text pop up for a sign, a letter etc). Which is fine, except when the German text actually REPLACES the in-movie English text, which means I miss plot or character information. A Google search shows it’s not an isolated thing, and has been going on for years. FIX IT..Version: 8.37

Less than user-friendly app.I agree with the last reviewer in that browsing the library available is very difficult. If you need a subscription to a different channel it should be in it’s own section! Plus, sometimes, no, often when I’ve been watching a series I go back and can’t find it when you would think it would be more like Netflix, sitting there in plain site waiting for you to watch it again, but, NO, you have to remember what it was called and go to search and find it that way. And some of the British shows are just difficult to remember the names of because they aren’t names of shows we are used to hearing about in the US. Overall, I love Prime and it’s originals, but this app needs help! Please people, see if you can do what Netflix does-it’s not that hard!.Version: 6.5

AdsStop.Version: 8.32

Options & DevicesI like the quality, features (on phone, your able to see the music that's playing during a spacific scene and all the main characters. Along with the seasons and episodes your currently on (if it's a TV show)), and I like the modern slick design. I don't appreciate the options (some movies you still have to buy or rent to enjoy) like 'The Grinch' among others for now. They have others available...that came out in 1920s but not the newer ones available! It has been frustrating that I have to watch on my phone for most of the features and am absolutely not able to watch anything on my laptop. I think it would be nice to have the same features available on Apple TV and so on. Lastly, it would be nice to be able to create multiple accounts for multiple people under 1 main account. Hope this helps! I look forward to seeing the changes in the future..Version: 6.5.1

Good but strangeI like prime video because it has various shows and movies that NZ Netflix doesn’t have but one strange things is that you have to pay for a subscription but you still get ads although they are skippable and only promoting their own shows/movies it still is annoying how you have to pay a monthly subscription and still get ads..Version: 7.9.2

0 stars!!!!So I live in NZ, I used the 1 week trial, and cancelled it because it wasn’t that good... and they are still charging my card. I have tried to put through a email in their web form, and they have emailed back but the email address they emailed from bounces back every time I try to reply to it! I then emailed through the web form again to email me from an email address I can actually reply from, and they say I can reply to it, but again, bounces back. Can’t call their contact centre due to the ridicules international charges and they can’t call me. So my card is still getting charged for a service I do not use. I have no subscriptions in my account, and no cards added. It’s horrible. Don’t get it! Disney + and Netflix are way better.Version: 7.7

Can no longer cast on chromecastEither they removed the chromecast function or there is a glitch. The chromecast feature is what MADE this app so amazing. Please bring it back..Version: 9.6

Show that we’re free but are now not freeSo I was watching Spider-Man into the spider verse then I decided to watch it again but it cost money and spider is my favorite so can you just not make spider far from home cost money please I find it quite annoying Netflix you don’t need to pay to watch a show you just need membership but for prime you do need to pay for shows even though you have the membership I think Netflix is then prime plus there is good show for 8+ so I think you should add the amazing world of gumball or teen titans or Johnny test add more 8+ shows I know this will get more people getting prime video.Version: 8.16.1

Poor interfaceIt’s tough to re watch a t v show. When I open the app there is no way to continue where I left off and there are also more than one icons for the same show because each season has its own icon but there is no text indicating which season it is..Version: 7.8

Needs chromecast support!Browsed around content seems great but I need to be able to watch on my TV like all the other streaming video apps..Version: 6.3.1

Advertising platformIt used too be great. Now almost every show is an additional subscription. This is the most expensive video service on the market. Most shows are already available through your cable subscription..Version: 7.0.1

Good enough but not great!I find the layout of the movies a bit awkward. I wish for example when I want to look at my watchlist it would show thumbnails on the entire page of nothing but my watchlist. Same with the different categories of watch next or any other category of movies. I hate swiping from right to left to have to go through a bunch of movies to find the movie I am looking for. Good enough of selection of movies, never enough. Like to see more foreign films and independent films. Also would like to see them get rid of the ludicrous restriction of the prohibition against watching videos outside the country. Why do they care if I watch it in Utah or if I watch it in Japan? I have paid to watch the film. They certainly should be able to work around this legal technicality which is absurd! That’s when I want to watch my movies the most, when I’m outside the country. Also I think they charge for way too many series and films when I am a Prime member. They vast majority should be free..Version: 8.18.1

Selection could be improvedYou can usually find something worth watching but the best movies are obviously to buy or rent. Rental could do with being extended to 5 days because it’s not that cheap and who is going to watch a movie continuously over the hours allotted. There are without doubt a lot of excellent movies on Prime but mostly they are not anywhere near the latest releases. They keep the same ones on for a really long time, some seemingly forever. New releases are few and far between, again not many new ones, if any. The search engine needs refining too, the first few under each genre will be within search parameters but then it’s all mixed up. Searching for English RomCom resulted in the inclusion of several Gujarati titles..Version: 8.2

TOO MUCH ADS ON STACKTVLet’s start with the Pros: - the base sub, which is included with your Amazon Prime Sub, has some solid viewing options, including some good Anime and movies - a lot more viewing options than before - love the partnership with Global and StackTV The BIG CON: - too much ads with StackTV. I don’t understand how, in today’s age, you pay for a sub and STILL have to go through the pain of ads. And not quick 5-second ads either, but a full minute. You’ve already subbed to StackTV, you don’t need to watch full 1-minute ads of the shows you can watch on StackTV. AND you don’t have an option to skip these ads, you have to literally watch the whole duration of the ad. It’s really annoying, especially since you’re already paying for the sub. It should be like Spotify or YouTube, where you don’t get ads at all. And for that reason alone, I am only rating this app a 3..Version: 8.40

GlitchyI have a couple of issues with Prime: 1. It never loads the first time I try to play something, but circle spins, then comes up with a message that my device isn’t connected to the internet. I have to go out of Prime, go to another streaming app, open a show to play, then go back to Prime. This works, but I’ve never encountered this issue with any other app. 2. It seems like there used to be a lot more free content on Prime. Now that content is limited. I really don’t want to pay $3 to watch one episode of a multi-episode program. And why $20 to see a theatrical film? I pay less to see it on a big screen! I liked Prime better when all the content was “free” (we do pay for the service) and there were more choices..Version: 8.41

StackTVI pay for a service. It’s not IMDb TV, but instead is a service I pay for so I really don’t appreciate the ads every 5 minutes or so into my episodes of shows. I would give it 3 stars at best because prime video is just not good enough for todays standards in terms of selection..Version: 9.18.1

2 starsI was in the middle of watching 1987s 21 jump street. I was half way through season 2. When I had finished watching episode 4, the rest of the season was unavailable to watch. I went back onto season 1 and all of those episodes were also unavailable to watch even though I had access to them 5 minutes prior. The entire TV show is not even on there anymore! I’m really disappointed considering I was half way through watching a TV show I really enjoyed in which I have no access to whats so ever now as it says it’s only available in the US..Version: 8.33

Bad quality, Lack of SubtitlesI started watching Watership Down on prime and had to turn it up to a volume level of 72- by comparison, I put the same movie on on Netflix and am now watching it at a volume level of 32. Netflix also had subtitles available which helps me to focus due to autism and Prime hasn’t had them on anything that I’ve watched so far. This is a very poor effort- it definitely reflects that Netflix has a better grasp of consumers. I am on a free trial with Prime, and since I can’t even hear many of the shows properly, I won’t be renewing..Version: 9.8.2

DisappointingReasonable content, but the streaming is terrible. Constant drop outs throughout a show. I’ve given up trying on a few occasions and watched a different streaming service. Also not a fan of ads before shows, even if they are promoting other Prime shows. Pity they have exclusive shows I want to see, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with this service..Version: 8.13

More the service than the appMy grievance is more with the Prime Video streaming service than the app. The layout and design, is very simple and intuitive, although searching by genre is more complicated. I just don’t understand why they feel the need to include things that don’t come with the service. If I’m already paying for a subscription, why should I have to pay additional fees for what is newer and popular, I don’t know another mainstream service like this that does the same. If I’m paying for a streaming service, I want to be able to watch whatever is shown to me, not promised better movies for even further investment. I don’t know, just feels like common sense to me..Version: 8.0

No watch history across devices.Kind of pointless when you can’t view your watch history across devices and family members are not responsible or accountable for their viewing habits. Will return if/when this is addressed. I do not want to CONTROL the household through parental controls. I would prefer transparency instead. If I have to turn on restrictions, I can not justify paying for it..Version: 6.8

An overwhelming number of adsAn ad in between every eps.Version: 9.19.1

Doesn’t work like it’s supposed toSo the app is pretty good when it works and it’s worked mostly well for the couple of years I’ve been a prime member. I like that if you tap the screen while watching something you can learn more about the actors or general trivia about the scene. It’s also nice that I could easily pick up where I left off. For a long time the last thing I watched would appear at the top. But I noticed lately that I sometimes have to search the title of what I was in the middle of watching if I stopped midway. It’s especially frustrating if I’m tired and the title doesn’t come to mind right away. The most frustrating problem I’ve had lately is videos not playing at all. I get an error message saying it can’t connect to the Internet. But I have no problems streaming videos or music in other apps or browser. It’ll be hours before it’ll let me watch anything..Version: 5.1

Where's my library?!?I know that you guys just love to introduce Prime content, that's pretty much useless abroad. But removing My Library, you know, movies that I bought and that I own, seems to me like adding a new bug, not fixing anything tbh. Just creating chaos out of the completely fine app. Maybe by intention. ============================== After contacting customer support turned out that since I'm abroad, the app just told to Prime that my country isn't the US anymore. That switched country and bought movies disappeared. Huuuuuuuge bug. Bought movies are just like original DVDs or Blue-rays, played on let's say US Blueray player. They must be playable everywhere. And please don't make automatic software decisions before asking user is that really what user wants. Those are mobile devices that we're talking about, meaning they're moving, sometimes across the world, not only across the US. Something to think about Amazon's PMs..Version: 5.5.1

Interfaces really need a re-think.While the volume of content available is awesome, the interfaces are ridiculous. For example, listing individual seasons for a TV show on the home page is stupid - people are looking for the SHOW, not the individual season. And the fact that you can’t easily turn auto-play on across your entire account for all your devices is just plain inconvenient in this day and age of bingeing..Version: 9.8.2

Terrible TV appThis app needs so much work it is ridiculous. The app freezes and/or crashes CONSTANTLY. Please fix this already!.Version: 8.32

Poor or no customer service when things go wrongI had trouble with the sign on process and things went down hill from there. My account was locked, the system wanted verification of details done online but would not let me log in to provide the details as the account was “On Hold”. No response to my email. No published phone number for Australia. After 2 days I found a contact phone number on an unrelated site. Two calls to the call centre and each time I received a template email with a request for a copy of a paper credit card statement. I’m using a debit card so the online state has an account number rather than the card number. Really not worth the effort. Netflix was so much easier..Version: 8.38

I dont know how to feel about itFirst of all, it is a very good app. It recommends tons of movies and series to watch. However, some movies you have to buy or rent and it can cost up to 30 dollars a movie/series. Second of all, it is crashy and can kick you out of the app multiple times. It is very annoying to keep trying to get into the app and putting the show that i am watching, on and on again. But one thing that i loved about this app is that there is lots of free anime to watch for the subscribers. I give this app a 3/5..Version: 9.6

Prime video sync flawOverall prime is good, but when I purchase a video on my prime account the video does not always appear in my account. I access prime on my phone, tablet, computer and TV and yet sometimes a video I’ve purchased and am watching on my computer, or any other device, may take weeks or months to show up in ‘My Stuff’ on my TV, or any other device. When I try to switch between devices to continue watching a video the film may not be there or may take weeks to appear. I thought this was a one time thing, because it first happen about two years ago, but I’ve noticed it happening since then and again today when I purchased a video on my tablet and then tried to watch the video on my TV, the video needed to be repurchased, which I’m not about to do. I don’t share my devices with anyone so there’s no issue with my account being mixed with someone else’s, it just seems to be a syncing flaw..Version: 8.18.1

No ability to cast??The ability to cast to my chrome cast has been gone for a while now despite regularly updating the iOS on my phone and downloading the update on the app. I can cast via the app on my iPad but not my phone. Please fix as this issue has been going on for a while now.Version: 9.8.1

DisappointedVery disappointing selection for Canada. Definitely not worth the cost. The selection is very limited and you still have to rent or subscribe to different services within the app . Will not be renewing as there is not enough content to justify price when regular tv services offer more selection and content.Version: 7.5.5

Good content, buggy TV appLoving some of the original shows, but the subtitle bug on Apple TV is an unending source of frustration. The setting doesn’t hold on Auto, and changes to other languages, or sometimes stops working altogether, unless you stop playing, set the subtitles to a different language, then set it back to Auto, exit the video and app, enter again and resume. You need to re-do this process every time you pause the video, or after ever episode. Especially frustrating for shows like Man in the High Castle where you need Auto subtitles on quite a bit..Version: 8.3

MehSome videos don’t play in NZ. Which is super annoying. Another issue is when it WAS available then next update, becomes unavailable?!.Version: 9.17

Google Chrome doesn’t workI can’t connect on google chrome to watch in the tv..Version: 8.19.1

Was a fan,.. Still am just less now.Have always loved your app. Was thrilled when you add support for the Chrome cast, love all your originals, and you have a great selection of shows. Then, you did the Netflix thing, asking if I'm still watching after a 2 to 3 episodes,.. Sigh,.. Most obnoxious thing ever. I work from home and have the tv on while I'm working,.. Insanely annoying to have to take my phone out, unlock it, try to remember which episode I was on (as your app only some times plays the right one when I get back on to it, if my wife is watching and she has watched past what I have it just goes to that). Then wait for the app to open, load up, find the correct episode, then start it over, as half the time it just restarts the episode, try to use the tiny bar to fast forward to where I was,.. Sorry,I hate this new update,.. 2 stars off, love everything else..Version: 7.5

Slow and crashyIt’s a slow app and also crashy on a new Samsung tv. I always get oops something went wrong and then I have reset everything for it to work. Then if I ever airplay something and watch it on another tv it never stores what episode I watched up to. When I watch it from the app again it starts off from the beginning of an episode again. Also when a season finishes it doesn’t go to the first episode of the next season it just ends like there are no more episodes. The app is slow to load and slow to browse videos, the mixing in of paid movies is useless I pay for the content so only show me what’s available to me without paying another $30 to watch another season. Just be more like only the content we are paying to see, I don’t want to rent anything else!.Version: 8.11

Seems to kill batteryApp worked ok (not well designed like other streaming/downloading video services, but was functional). And I did like the option of 3 download quality/size options. And the dark theme and the font they used was cool. BUT! After I installed it(literally started from the day it was installed) my iPhone SE battery which normally lasted me a full day (almost) of listening to music and watching a 45 mins episode of something on my break and normal phone stuff, started to dramatically drain. As in it was fully dead by about 1pm! From unplugging it at 7.30am. This was when the app wasn’t even open or open in the background. I deleted it (and did a reset) and it back to normal. Not certifiable, but I won’t ever use it again!.Version: 6.5.1

Won’t work anymore..The app won’t even open on my phone. loads the logo for a few minutes and then crashes. i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 3x now and it won’t fix anything..Version: 8.18.1

Apple TVWhere is the Apple TV App?.Version: 4.7.2

No chrome cast support anymoreCancelling subscription.Version: 8.19.1

RatingI just don’t like the user friendly purchase part of your app I’ve nearly got a hundred movies in my list very annoying to have to scroll through. Should have a better set up than that. I noticed a lot of other customers making a comment about the same related issue. But nothing has been done about very sad. If the my stuff section is fitted for the customer. It would probably be best if I stopped buying movies from your service.Version: 9.17

Connectivity issuesI use this app to watch shows on the train on my commute to and from work. There is little to no internet on said journey so the whole point of using this app and downloading episodes is to watch them when I can’t do anything else. There’s 2 huge issues that are winding me right up, both internet related. Firstly, you need internet to load the app as it tries to run the home page first meaning it can take 10 mins of watching a circle before the app even opens. Secondly, I keep getting internet connectivity error messages on episodes that are downloaded! They are already downloaded so why the hell cant I watch them without internet. Please sort it out!.Version: 6.9

Casting functionality needs to be fixedGreat content and easy to use, however it constantly fails to detect chrome casts despite every other app that has some form of video player finding the chrome casts perfectly fine. I’ve wasted too much time resetting devices, changing wifi, disconnecting and reconnecting, etc.. trying to get it to find the chrome cast, but it usually results in me just watching something on Netflix instead..Version: 8.20

Could be betterIt would be a great app/service if they could make a couple of tweaks. The selection is mostly good, the skipping/buffering is very low, and the “recommendations” are pretty close to good. However, what sense does it make to have a description of the show or movie and not let ys read the whole thing? You’re telling me that you can’t extend a box to fit the entire description or at least add a scrolling feature? Also, why is it nearly impossible to find what we have already watched? For those with kids, or just that want to rewatch something without having to run a search again, it would be great to have somewhere to go to see what has already been viewed. Fix these things and get more stars on an updated review..Version: 8.23

Missing FeaturePlease please please provide imdb rating in the app as well. At the moment we can only see it through the iphone browser. So l always have to log in through the browser then browser takes to the app and then app takes me to my LG Oled. Prime video app in LG tv doesn't show the ratings either. Many many thanks.Version: 8.27

Downloading is buggyDownload quality settings don't seem to make any difference to anything. I've been watching The Expanse and downloading some episodes, streaming others. Download settings set to highest quality. Sreaming always works fine, but downloading, not so much. ONCE I got ONE episode that actually downloaded in 1980p. A couple of times I got hd, but no 1080p indicator, but most of the time the downloads were sd only. The quality was completely random even though the download settings never changed. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, signing out and in again. Nothing fixes it. It has even updated to new versions but still the same. Netflix's app is so much better in this regard..Version: 8.2

Buggy as hellFix app!!!! No manners required because I’m fed up of the same bug that consistently tells me to download new app when I’m up to date on load up that doesn’t allow me to do anything! I have to leave app running in background for 5 mins before I can access content. Certain series I have found to be split across seasons in incorrect order so to binge watch a series I have to keep searching for correct episode! Sometimes I have been kicked out of an episode and sent back to home screen on all devices at some point (mobile, iPad and tv) whether connected to WiFi or not! Never had that issue with Netflix. Netflix also has a lovely feature where a prompt appears allowing me to skip the introduction or reminder from previous episodes (which can be upto 2 minutes long) and a similar prompt appears to skip to next episode as the end credits start. I have found that the next episode prompt appears only in certain main stream series. This app could be so much better! It should be better!.Version: 7.3

Not ready for PrimetimeApp has gotten increasingly more and more unstable in the last few weeks on my 4K Apple TV. App hangs on loading. I have to delete it and reinstall. Auto play on TV episodes is hit and miss as to whether or not it’s going to work. There is no autoplay setting that I can find in the Apple TV app since the addition of profiles. While we are on the subject of autoplay, the “are you still watching” is a nice feature but has horrible execution. The counter is apparently set to trigger after a certain number of episodes instead of on a timed interval. When you have a 4 year old wanting to watch Sarah and Duck and each episode is only 6-7 minutes you end up interacting with the app every 20 minutes or so. It would great if it did a timer/episode which ever is longer..Version: 8.12

Chrome cast issuesI love prime. I have used it for many years. And since the chrome cast has come out it’s made it a lot easier to watch things straight on the tv (for most other providers anyway e.g, Netflix, Disney + ….). Prime continues to lose the casting option on mobile devices and honestly it drives me insane. I even called the helpline months ago and all they could tell me was they were aware of it and people were working on it. I updated the app 2 nights ago, I got the cast feature back for that night and by the next morning it wasn’t working again! I have periodically looked out for another update (nothing as yet). This is honestly my only critique of prime and I really wish it could be fixed properly..Version: 8.34

Barely accessible for the hard-of-hearingThis app is practically inaccessible for those who need to use subtitles. It takes 10+ attempts MINIMUM to turn subtitles on; I turn them on, and they will instantly and repeatedly turn themselves off. I need to close and reopen the app at least 3 times for the subtitles to work, even then, there is a 50% chance that when a new episode starts, the subtitles will be turned off again, resulting it the struggle of trying to turn them back on. It is ridiculous for an app to require such effort for me to even have a chance to use it; I can’t hear, and it’s irritating to have to spend at least 5 minutes every 30-40 minutes trying to turn on subtitles. Please resolve this issue as it is unfair for an app to pretend they support and provide accessible media towards the deaf community..Version: 9.9

Good but annoying bugs or intentional??? Would be 5 ⭐️ otherwise.I like the update in this and looks like a far more familiar Netflix type experience that is easy to navigate. Love the free to me toggle switch which filters the paid for content out - particularly good for the kids as I was sick of having to let them down and tell them it was to buy only. Almost to the point where I was going to switch completely to Netflix so a great improvement. The profiles addition Is also a game-changer. Really helps having separate profiles in a family household. BUT, a really big irritation with this update - when scrolling through genres and subsections, if you tap in to read the blurb for a movie and the go back, it annoying moves you down the screen and the re-orders the content in that section. This means you have to re-scroll back through titles already scanned. Is this a bug? Or is this done on purpose to show more content? Either way it’s really annoying!.Version: 8.10

Ads ruin the experienceFirstly, the app itself is fine. We have no tech issues or bugs, ChromeCast works fine, etc. The content is decent, they have an okay range of shows, including a few favourites. But there is literally no justification for playing ads between every episode. This is a paid subscription. If I pay for the service, and tell it what I want to watch, it should *NOT* then force an advertisement for some other show on me. The ads are skippable (this is new since I last had the app a couple years ago), but this is a big hassle on ChromeCast as you’re not sitting there with the app open waiting for the ad so you can skip it. Maybe play ads once someone’s show has ended so they can find something else, but not before playing the show I literally just asked to be played. The whole point of Streaming is to watch what I want when I want to, and I’ll stick to Netflix if this app continues to shove ads where they don’t belong..Version: 8.32

CastingWhy can I never cast with this app. All other app works great..Version: 8.32

Poor UX designThe content is fine. The worst thing about this app is the layout and how things are categorised. Seasons are separated so half the time you end up watching the wrong one The horizontal scrolling I understand is useful to fit more content but I end up scrolling through the same content multiple times, it’s irritating. It’s also frustrating to have to scroll through a barrage of nonsense categories that mean nothing, why can’t we just stick to genres. Overall an unpleasant experience and unnecessarily difficult to find new shows or watch existing ones.Version: 8.24

Designed to waste your time....Not only do the pictures change but also the titles to some of the films. When you’re looking for something to watch, every time you click on a video, watch even just a few seconds, realise it’s rubbish or seen it before, exit and return to the list, the list has refreshed leaving you to start from scratch. Not just scratch, but a different starting point amongst a bunch of slightly different categories. To make things worse most of the videos are listed in most of the categories, most of the categories include videos that don’t belong in those categories and even if you only watch a few seconds they appear in your watch list. I.e. if you want to use the watch list you have to constantly delete entries of the videos you bailed on for whatever reason. Many of the paid for videos are not in English and don’t say that in the summary. This app is extremely frustrating and clearly designed to give the impression that there’s a lot more to watch than there actually is. The truly annoying feature is the suggestions, they are heavily influenced by everything you click on, particularly the stuff that turned out to be of no interest. And to top it off there’s a “because you watched <some film name>” category that frequently includes the film <some film name> listing..Version: 8.20

Always out of syncThis app is so hit or miss I love the shows and movies and super cheap compared to the other streaming apps however it seems to always end up out of sync which is super frustrating. Pause go back 10 seconds then back in sync for about 5 mins then repeat..Version: 7.5.5

Was good before, but there’s something not right now...I shall be grateful forever to Prime Video for being the only streaming service to put out an app which was compatible with my trusty old iPad2, which could only manage iOS 9. But that developed a problem, so now I have a new iPad (8th generation), running iOS 14.4. But downloads of Chicago PD, which now take up less than 150MB (previously over 500MB), don’t play properly. None of them I’ve tried do. They always pause, as if my iPad is trying to find the next bit of data to display. This happens every minute or so, so the downloads are unwatchable. Previously, the app I had on my iPad2, it was bulletproof. Extremely reliable. But not now..Version: 9.8.1

Fix the green flickerFix the green flicker it makes watching shows impossible!.Version: 9.9

It’s okIt’s good, but having Apple TV support would make this app/service way more useful!.Version: 4.7.1

Sloppy UIThe UI is garbage. From my experience coders are really nice people ,who have a great talent. But this more proof that coders cannot do a good job creating UI even with their UX & UI software. This does not require a software program. What it does require is someone who intuitively understands how the general population thinks. I graduated in marketing; marketers use real live people in focus groups & data they collect to market products effectually; they do not turn it completely over to a computer program. Marketing should make hard copies of each screen should look, and hand care them the coders. They should copy the layout of each screen exactually as on the hard copies show. Trying to maneuver through poor quality UI has nothing to do with being “tech savvy.” Lousy UI does require our taking classes to become tech savvy. All that is needed to use lousy quality UI is being good at guessing games..Version: 8.19.1

Not enough free contentIt’s really frustrating to find a movie (or show) that you’d like to watch, only to have to pay to see it. It’s also ridiculous to be able to watch a season or two of a series and find out in order for continue watching, you must pay, not only for the next season, but again for each succeeding season. Or pay for selective seasons by having to subscribe to a service like Paramount+. One example: some seasons of the reality show Survivor are free but others, in no particular order, require a P+ subscription. In the years I have had Prime, I paid for one movie only to find it playing on TBS network. I use the download option on my iPad mini for use during my frequent camping trips where there is no internet. It’s a nice feature. But Netflix has that option, too..Version: 9.9

Not really worth it for kidsBeware as for kids they have a LOT of LOW quality things that you have to pay huge amounts for - £7.99 for a 15 minute program about the gingerbread man which is borderline unwatchable by anyone over 5 - for example, so clearly pester power / accidental purchases by kids is their business model. Also watch out as one day everything in my 4 year old’s “watch list” so her favourites which had previously been free and watched many times suddenly changed and most of them had to be paid for, which feels quite shadey. The user experience is generally really clunky and frustrating, which for a company making billions a day you’d think they could sort easily..Version: 8.36.1

One step forward… 2 steps….Update: CHANGE THE SEARCH FUNCTION BACK ON THE APPLE TV APP, something that used to take 1 second now takes 30 secs to a minute!!! Yes youve done something different to other apps congratulations! But theres a reason no one searches in movies and shows like this!!!!! Pressing rewind left when VCRs left!!!!! Apple TV App : Finally can skip ads on a service we pay money not to have ads on…… but at least we can be gracious now we can skip em right? Seems someone is actually trying to better the app now which is a positive….. until you have to fast forward quickly an hour…. What a nightmare, skips 10 sec frame by 10 sec frame causing massive lag and just becomes so frustrating you just say f it and leave the app and go find it somewhere else, a case of dont fix what isnt broke, spend your time on the main menu that has been left in the 90s before screwing with things that were already working.Version: 9.23.1

Badly organisedToo many adverts for its own free content, which seems pointless. EVERY episode you watch has an advert start first you have to skip. Added a ‘free with prime’ button. Better than nothing I guess, but it likes to reset as often as it can. But doesn’t work properly when you do broad searches. I spend more time removing things from my list that have left prime than I do watching things on my list…. Searching. Well this is still rubbish, when searching say “comedy movies with prime” doesn’t seem to be a logic to it, some blockbusters are hard to find and some terrible b-movies appear first... Both Netflix and Nowtv put you to shame. The sections are not great to navigate, plus when you are just browsing then select a film, then go back....boom...lost your place and have to scroll through the list, or maybe the list has disappeared and is pages down. Suggestions after a film - well shock horror most seem to be paid options. Needs work still after all this time. If they didn’t have the content that they can afford to bring in, the app would not survive..Version: 8.39

Deceiving and an absolute waste of money.This app is super deceiving. It shows all the movies and tv shows that you could get by purchasing the prime package. After some digging, that initial purchase does not include all of the movies and tv shows that pop up on the app… you have to make ADDITIONAL purchases to get basically any movie or tv show that is worth watching, to add these additional streaming services/ ‘channels’ it’s about 10$ a month added on to the 12$ you already spend a month on the app itself…. So in a nutshell, it shows you all these popular movies that people watch and love and these super highly rated movies, but you can’t watch them with your initial purchase, you have to buy another ‘package’ like paramount, Starz, showtime, etc. I understand they are trying to make it ‘more convenient’ so you can stream all your favorites in one app but it’s deceiving and honestly is a total waste of money. Way too expensive when each additional channel is about 10$. Just my opinion though..Version: 9.0

Quite upsetting…..The barrage of ads is not only unnecessary, but they are also at a greater volume point that the actual entertainment that I wish to watch. It’s extremely difficult to endure as well as the option NOT to skip the ads. The greatest disgust is that you will sync to play not one but two ads as well, depending on the chosen feature. Your greatest inadequacy is your lack of formatting the Prime app to the Prime screen on my chosen device. I will choose a certain show/movie to watch from the app and proceed to my form of viewing. I will wait a few minutes before I switch on my TV before I settle in to watch, 5-10 minutes. My recent selection is not shown in my chosen features to watch, even after a decent amount of time. Which leads me to search for my title. The formats must be consistent!! I have actually become so bothered by not only the ads but the lack of cohesive formats!!! Please, format both to sync and allow viewers to skip your ads as more than one will play at a time. Both issues an easy to adjust. Please make an effort to do so. It’s quite frustrating and has decreased my viewership..Version: 9.16.1

Trouble while trying to chromecastI can see the app’s quality is improving with new updates but I’m always facing a problem when trying to chromecast, because the button sometimes simply won’t show up! While my phone is connected to the TV and I can cast all other streaming apps o have on my phone, prime video is the only one I have to spend half an hour trying to make it work! So I would recommend either adding a permanent casting button or at least adding another fixed one in the setting, because when the first doesn’t show up you can at least trying to connect the app to the device going to the setting and then making the app work again. It’s the third time I’m deleting and reinstalling the app because it won’t work even after almost thirty minutes trying to make the button appear!.Version: 8.35

DisappointingRecent update to menus and content makes it very difficult to find content on stacktv..Version: 9.8.2

Yesterday great, today I have to pay for everything?Yesterday I would have said a great app, but I guess there was an update overnight because today everything I click on it try’s to charge me for. What’s the point in a subscription if you have to pay for most of the content. Even when you click free to me it doesn’t clear what needs to be ‘rented’. Have cancelled my subscription..Version: 9.13.1

No service assistance despite promises.Streamed successfully for the first hour or two. Then almost without fail, no matter what the program being watched, the content would drop out into ‘buffering’ mode then give an error message, and stop completely. Really, REALLY annoying. Tried Customer Support, had to spend an hour going thru all the options we had already tried, no avail. They promised to call back - but only did so, once, well after bedtime NZ time. Despite efforts to reconnect with them, - silence. Useless. I have withdrawn my sub, needless to say..Version: 8.0

Account SuspendedExtremely dissatisfied with the service. I had contacted to customer service to recover my old account but no help from anyone. Instead they asked me to close all the accounts and reopen the account again. When i tried to reopen the account then it gave me an error stating the account already exist. This is bound to happen; however i contacted to resolve this issue now and another representative recommended some steps which eventually took me to square 1 again. At the end, the representative have asked me to create a new email address to overcome this. I did this too yesterday and today i see that the new account is locked as well due to misuse of account. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Can someone look into this ASAP??.Version: 9.3

Limited ContentRunning out of content.Version: 9.18.1

Paid subscription with ads???This is not a free service, which is not my problem. My issue is that before every episode or movie you watch, an ad is played. This ruins the feel of being immersed in the content you are watching. If it was free then fair enough, play the advertisements. But we are paying to watch content on demand and should not have to watch an ad. Yes you can skip it, but it’s annoying to have to open the app to do so. Also, the subtitles are terrible. Incorrect words are often displayed and almost every caption is missing a space between two words. Some programs are dated incorrectly. A lot of content state they were made in 2020 but are clearly decades old..Version: 8.40

Freezes and slow to load.The App is extremely slow to load on Apple TV compared to other streaming platforms like netflix, disney plus or neon. The user interface is slow to load and the program streams are slow to fully load making them pixelated for a period of time. I have used the app previously overseas without issue but porblems occurred when moving back to NZ in 2021..Version: 9.6

I would like more filmsI find the films on offer predictable fare and I have seen a large proportion previously. The films I either haven’t seen or want to see, both new releases and more obscure films are often behind the pay wall. Tv series have some good content. There is also very little relevant content on hobbies, I like woodwork and there is virtually nothing relevant to woodwork. I don’t know if I expect too much but after two years of covid I find I mostly struggle to find anything I want to watch. The other benefits of prime membership are decent. All in all I am still fairly satisfied overall..Version: 9.13.1

Version management confusionThis app is... fine. I don't have any particular trouble finding what I'm looking for, though I wish it did a better job of showing me when a series I've watched has had a new season added vs "we thought you might want to re-watch the seasons you've already seen". The subtitles sometimes get out of sync, which is annoying. And I've been exasperated by periodic "install the new app" splash screens... which turned out to be because I had *two* Prime Video apps installed, the newer one having supplemented rather than replacing the original. Rather a shame the warning message on the older app couldn't have been made to say "open the newer app" after I'd installed it, instead of continuing to direct me to the App Store..Version: 7.8

Canada Prime ServiceA very small number of videos are available for view in Canada.Version: 8.10

Doesn’t work with ChromecastI use chromecast to stream everything in my home. This app has streamed to my chromecast successfully twice, meaning I’ve gotten to use this streaming service twice in the several months I’ve been a prime member. I’m sure it works fine for viewing the content on your mobile device, but for those of us who would like to cast to our TVs, it’s essentially useless..Version: 8.20

So many times this does not workIt’s great when it works but this is definitely and by far the worse app on my iPhone. It frequently does not work. I can get on to the list of programmes but when I try to play a programme, it says there is a problem and check internet access etc. Internet access is fine and no other app have a problem. Sometimes it’s worked recently with wifi off but then it’s using my data allowance! I cannot count how times I’ve rebooted my phone / deleted this app and reinstalled it etc. This is definitely no solution though as doing this only works occasionally. PLEASE FIX IT..Version: 8.31

Kinda uselessStuff just doesn’t play anymore. A 1 hour video- I give up after waiting half an hour of loading for it to play. I seriously have to download videos for any of them to play. I’ve been in contact with them off and on for the past year and the only thing they can come up with is, close out/reopen, reboot device, delete/download the app, none of this has worked. Now, nothing plays at all. It’ll load for probably 15 minutes then it says there was a problem streaming or playing the video. Last time it did that, it also said there was a problem with the devices internet connection. Now, there is nothing wrong with my internet connection because at the same time, I can stream stuff of similar duration on another app and those NEVER take longer than 4-5 seconds to play. Also when I go into account settings it sits there and loads for a lot longer than it should. BTW, same story on 2 of my iPhones and yes, I have the resolution set to the lowest level.Version: 8.20

Casting issuesSometimes prime works with chromecast… sometimes it doesn’t… It usually does not!! Super frustrating to not be able to put kids shoes on tv for my kid. I have multiple other streaming services and no issues with chromecast except when I’m using prime..Version: 8.33

One word: ads on contentLike, I’d get it if it was a smaller or a free service. Honestly, it’d be fine. But having to wait for something to load then I can click skip so I can then wait for the show I wanted to watch to load after? And even worse, the app crashes a lot when I hit skip, or just kick me to the Home Screen of the app. And maybe it wouldn’t bother me as much if you didn’t constantly push paid-for content and makes it more difficult than it should to filter the shows included with subscription. While The Grand Tour and The Tick are easily some of the best shows here, the latter is a HUGE example of missed opportunity through the lack of pushing. Even buying and watching super hero and comedy shows before finding The Tick myself, it never once showed up in suggestions. And that’s one of YOUR shows that I couldn’t find until a YouTuber mentioned it existed, off hand, in a video about something else entirely. So many missed opportunity and problems within the app, and the ads are just the Cherry on top that made me wanna rant about my gripes with the service..Version: 9.24.3

Hardly loadsI brought a new Samsung smart tv and 95% of the time I cannot load the app even though it was already installed on my tv when I got it,if I’m lucky I get “oops something went wrong” but most times I just end up with a black screen. I have to turn my tv off and reset everything and try again,sometimes several times before it will work. I never have a problem loading Binge or Netflix. So frustrating!.Version: 9.19

Good selection but poor app experienceI thoroughly enjoy the selection of tv shows and movies prime video brings. add ons, especially the HBO add on just heightens my experience. despite this, the developers have plenty of work to do with the app itself. it works just fine on the tv but the app is another story. often when i start a new episode the pause screen remains while the video continues to play in the background. i try to tap to make it go away and nothing happens. i try to tap anywhere to make it do anything like press back to return the home page or press pause and nothing works. i even exit the app and close the tab and the audio continues to play in the background. even turning off my phone it continues to play for several moments after. at first i thought it was just my ipad since it was an older model and has a history of issues but i continuously had the same issues on my iphone. not the end of the world but certainly annoying.Version: 6.8

Irritating previewsStupid previews that spoil an otherwise good experience. There are some excellent shows with some really bingeworthy episodes. I appreciate the effort by the shows producers when the theme music and credits are clearly designed not to intrude between episodes. The eerie music comes on at the end of the episode, there are a few unobtrusive credits, the screen fades and you are tensed awaiting the next episode and suddenly some idiot starts shouting about football and the spell is broken. In my understanding about modern media you can pay for it in one of two ways. Either by watching an advert or by paying in money. If you have to endure adverts when you have paid for content then you are paying twice. I will be switching back to Netflix..Version: 8.14.1

No CastDisappointed. No option to use with chrome-cast or anything..Version: 6.2

Français svpManque de films ou séries en français.Version: 9.13.1

If the was an option for zero stars......So I paid for that $3 for 6 months and it was going ok... but I decided to take my card off my subscription so it won’t charge me when my subscription is up. So my subscription doesn’t expire till February next year... but now I goon the app and things I downloaded have been deleted and I can’t watch anything.... to be honest I only got this app to watch the grand tour and I can’t even do that........ want my money back please or the rest of my subscription so I can keep watching the grand tour... not happy with my experience.Version: 4.8.2

Too much greedI don’t mind commercials in free videos, but if I can’t rewind if I miss something what’s the point. Every time I try to rewind It gives me a commercial. I can’t rewind the movie!!! All due to your greed. Like you don’t get enough of my money. We are already pay for the service you would think you could err on the side of the paying viewer, not the sponsor. Show the price of a video free, free with ads, rent or buy without making me go into the movie page just to find out I have to pay if it want to see it. I realize this is another ploy to force more money out of us, but come on. Do you really need to be deceitful for more money? Just tell me in the thumbnail. So I don’t have to explain to my kid why we can’t see the movie he wanted to see, and I thought was included in my prime dues. Put a dollar sign in the thumbnail so I don’t have to waste time going back and forth between the main page and the individual movie pages..Version: 7.10

CastingThere is no casting feature in mobile app to tv. As far I know so many people expressed the same feeling. The reason they are not using the prime is “no casting option”. If they want to watch a movie in Bigger screen then they have to connect their laptop with HDMI cable to TV. Nobody will continue that process every time they want to watch a movie. If you guys can add that option, there will be huge scope to increase the number of users..Version: 7.1

Can’t perform its basic functionsPrime Video is terrible as a streaming service. Your account doesn’t sync, so if you watch something on your phone and try to continue on your tv, it has no memory of it and you have to go searching for your show again and find where you were. For shows you’ve never seen before, when you go to start it for the first time the app will randomly try to start you in the middle of some random season instead of at the very beginning of the show. If you stop a show with less than five minutes left and then come back, it’s gone on to the next episode automatically even though you didn’t finish the last one. Lastly, the subtitles randomly freak out and will just flash on the screen for a split second and disappear for huge segments of the show. A ridiculous amount of bugs to fix for such a popular and well financed service..Version: 8.28.2

Updates PoorEvery time this app undergoes a significant update my downloads are left in a mess and my ‘viewed progress’ is lost. An example, from the last update. I had American Gods S2 and The Tick S2 downloaded onto my iPad. I had been watching American Gods, deleting downloaded episodes as I watched them. So before the update I had two episodes (7 and 8) of American Gods and all episodes of The Tick downloaded onto my iPad. After the update, The Tick has totally disappeared from my downloads and all episodes of American Gods have reappeared, none downloaded, all queued for download. It really is a mess. Luckily I now know to check before I start my regular business travel - otherwise I would open the app expecting to find my downloads and find them all missing. I also wonder whether they actually get deleted or whether the app just loses record of them so they are still on my iPad taking up RAM but unavailable to watch or delete..Version: 6.9

Had to redownload content again!I have several issues with this app: 1) I had downloaded The Expanse Season 2 and when I tried to watch it in the train it failed miserably as it was trying to use my mobile data connection which I didn’t have signal. I was playing the episode from my Downloads section so it should have worked. I had to redownload it again to make it work properly. 2) Downloads are really slow even when I have a 380mb broadband and WiFi (tested it!) at home. 3) Subtitles are out of sync with the video. 4) Finally App release notes from the App Store of last few releases are all the same. This is useless, either have proper release notes or remove them..Version: 7.8

Why can’t I cast.When I looked up this ap I was told I could cast through my chromecaat. But I am unable to do so. So I can only watch on my phone and not share w the rest of my family. So why I am paying for this????.Version: 8.21

Bad ExperienceAfter entering the app I was asked to sign-in. Like many people I have my account passwords saved on my phone for ease of use. But, when using this app the fingerprint scan used to verify my identity didnt even appear on screen! By habit I knew what it wanted me to do. Furthermore, after entering the password the app wouldn’t even accept it. I checked to make sure it was the right one and it was, even after manually entering it it still wouldn't work. After a bunch of failed capchas and other little issues I had with this app it finally let me in after resetting my password. Now I have to update it on all my devices... With that being said, my other experiences with the app have been good. The layout out of the is quite nice and I like it more than other streaming apps. Its straight forward, intuitive and dark tones make for a good color scheme..Version: 8.6

Poor aspect ratio on 2018 iPad Pro 11"The app aspect ratio has not yet been optimized for the 2018 iPad Pro 11” causing black bars to appear on both sides of the screen, with there being no way to make a video actually full screen. Netflix and YouTube have already optimized their apps weeks ago. Prime Video is lagging behind..Version: 6.3.1

Bad content and bad streaming qualitySigned up today. Started watching a show and it took 3 hours to watch a 43 min show. Streaming was start stop despite being on NBN. Other services stream well so this is a waste of money. Will be cancelling tomorrow. Not even worth $6.99. Tried calling them and received the worst customer service with a Filipino who could not speak Understandable English. Please be careful spending money on this. It has near zero unique content. All content can be found on Foxtel or Netflix so there is no point having this.Version: 8.4

No 30day free trial - false advertisementI purchased this with the 30 day free trial however, on the first week I was charged. I reported this problem and got refunded but they cancelled my account altogether while refunding me. I had to sign up for this again only to be charged, again. No 30 day free trial. Annoying! And for that experience alone I give it a 1 Star rating..Version: 8.37

Remove pre-roll adsIt’s a shame you have to watch an ad before every video. It gets in the way of paid on demand streaming. I have already chosen what I want to watch so shoving these ads down my throat is just annoying, not informative. We should have the option to completely turn these off instead of having to skip every time. I’m not sure I will keep this after the free trial is over..Version: 5.1.3

Hate the AdvertisementsHate the non skippable ads..Version: 6.7.1

FeedbackDownloading sucks and takes way too long, even if it’s the smallest size. If I try to download an episode and watch one at the same time, that could be quite interminable, rest assured my Internet was not the issue, also why is every season shown separately on the home screen if I’m watching the same show? that’s dumb, there should only be one icon to tap and from it I can access all the seasons and it should automatically take me to the current season and current episode, having all that clutter is annoying. I do not find the layout user-friendly, especially if I’m trying to jump back-and-forth between downloading and picking episodes, and by the way your music app has barely any music. I do hope you do something with this.Version: 7.0.1

Pretty crappyIt’s ok if they have what you want there and then but if you’re watching a series and they decide to take it off their list then that means you have to find it else where or pay to watch at like £2.50 per episode. I know nothing should be free but we pay a subscription and I don’t like that I’ve got to season 13 of a series and by the time season 14 came out now none of it is watchable. The prices per episode is enough to make someone want to type “watch for free even if it’s illegal” into google. Like put the prices down and maybe these actors wouldn’t complain so much that people are streaming for free, get more realistic and maybe people will buy the product..Version: 8.15

Rough start. No support for TVI have a 2G Apple TV. I have two different chrome casts. That should be enough. But it’s not. Amazon needs me to buy THEIR proprietary stick for each of my TV’s.Version: 7.0.1

Would be really helpfulCan you add more options in choosing the aspect ratio / video size option, cause I love to watch shows on my iPad and in most of the shows and movies the original aspect ratio uses only half of my screen size while zooming in results in cutting the picture. Would really appreciate it if you could come up with a solution for this..Version: 8.32

Pre-roll ads are incredibly annoyingThis would be great without the ads..Version: 6.9.2

Over chargeAt least 6x in the month when it’s not the due date for my subscription prime video charge my bank multiple times for the money but not due til the start of next month I have to make sure I have no accessible funds in my account other they will steal it and my last account had over $200 of movies bought and paid for but when I could pay for my account for a month they got rid of em all and told me I had to start a new account even though I just renewed the subscription they said it was my banks job good app with shows but terrible service and theivery.Version: 9.23.1

Good content, great value, basic appPrime video usually gets 2 or 3 big new movies a month, has some good tv shows, and some AMAZING original content. It is fantastic value for money with a yearly subscription. The video is high quality with no extra charge for 4k. Unfortunately the app really lets it down. There is only 1 user account which makes watching shows more difficult if a family member watches the same show. There is no like/dislike button so the same content shows up even if you already watched it and content that you have no interest in shows in the recommended list. The recently added list shows the same content month after month. There is a lot of bad movies but there are some hidden gems in there, but the app makes it difficult to find. I highly recommend prime video, I just wish the app was better..Version: 8.7

Starz play….I just dont understand the pricing structure. Just seems like profiteering. Really old films cost a tenner sometimes. I dont get it. A film i was half way through was sat in my ‘continue watching’ and when i went back to it the next day i had to rent or buy it when it had been free the previous day!!! No Starz play is absolutely ridiculous. It should be separate not integrated into prime. I am NEVER going to pay extra to watch something unless its only just left cinemas and it really makes me angry that you up the prices of things when you know theres a new season coming out. Its disgusting. I wont be renewing my subscription. Netflix is so much better.Version: 9.8.1

Extra charges?Me and my husband rent three other streaming networks, Amazon prime is the only one were you pay for the service, then on top of the monthly fee you have to rent or buy the movies/shows you want to watch not to mention all the subscriptions. It’s just such a money grab and honestly not worth it. Also to my knowledge it’s the only streaming service that have commercials..Version: 9.18.1

BankIf you are from nz, block your card if they dont cancel your subscription. Call your bank and cancel your card. The longer you wait to cancel it, the more likely it is your bank cannot stop the transactions being processed even if your card number isnt changed.Version: 8.3

Cheap but lacking contentIt is cheap and easy to use, but the content is lacking. Also I signed up for the one month free trial and it was an absolute headache on my laptop and I couldn’t get it to work. When I downloaded the app to my phone which worked very easily, I was charged a monthly subscription when I signed in. I paid it as it was only $3.99. However I’m annoyed that I could get my free month and that it worked perfectly only after paying a subscription. I won’t be using Prime again, you get what you pay for..Version: 8.3

Won’t play the whole episode or movieThere has been a few “movies” I’ve tried to watch but it only has 10-20 minutes of it, then it just cuts out like it’s finished. Also trying to watch the new charmed episode, that only has 3 minutes of the show… then nothing it’s over also! Very annoyed.Version: 9.6

AnnoyingI find it so annoying that you play only certain seasons of shows. I start to watch a show and become interested and then find out the later seasons are not available. Or you skip from season 14 to 18 etc..Version: 9.13.1

AdsI am paying for Amazon Prime TV and yet I am still subjected to ads between episodes. Netflix does not do this. Step it up Amazon, you have a lot of competition, please don’t make people who are paying for your service watch ads. I don’t care that I can skip an ad a few seconds in, the ad is still annoying and disruptive. You have the potential to be pretty awesome but there are some quirky things you are doing that is driving consumers away..Version: 6.9

Ads for a paid serviceYou pay for the service and still get unskippable ads. Completely unacceptable..Version: 6.7.1

Good choices, but disappointed at the amount of films you need to pay additionally forI find the software clunky and not particularly intuitive. Good choices though. Bit disappointed that some of the shows we still have to pay for though, I thought the entire idea of having a pay monthly account was to watch waterbed you wanted. Why would I spend extra, I have accounts where I store my bought films, I don’t want to be hunting in multiple platforms to find my films!.Version: 8.38.1

Sound problemsThe range of movies and tv shows available is good, but the sound can get very out of sync with the visuals and subtitles, which makes it difficult to watch. Also dialogue is too quiet and other sounds too loud - we don’t have the same problem with Netflix which we run on the same sound bar.Version: 8.25

Prime Video is for movie lovers, WHY???First, you can get a 5 star rating to see how others are feeling about the movie you are considering. You will see right away the year it was made and who is in the cast. Second and my favorite, You can click onto the the cast and get individual pictures of each cast member and feedback on their film history. How many times have you watched a movie and wanted to know who played that character? Prime has made it easy for you to find out the name of that character you didn't know before. Third, lists other movies that people watched that had watched this movie. Often leading to another movie that was just as good. Fourth and fantastic, I can type in favorite actors, favorite directors, specific countries, to get lists of movies I would like to watch for whatever category reasons I want. Fabulous for anyone who wants to do film studies. You can type in about any subject and find movies that will fall into the category you want to focus on. No other video provider offers as many choices in movies, TV, documentaries, series, and anything else you can think of. They have made a point to cover just about everything a home entertainment app audience tastes and needs could possibly want to find. I am a 68 year old retired elementary school teacher and grandma who happens to be a movie enthusiasts. I hope this helps some people decide if Prime Video is for them..Version: 8.0

Poor memoryNever remembers what episode I’m up to, especially if I go between Apple TV and iPad! It also gets stuck on an episode for 5-10 episodes before it moves on to where I am really up to, I find this really annoying, especially since I am not good at remembering the episode number myself for every show I’m watching. I feel this is a simple feature that should always work regardless!.Version: 8.12

Takes too long to switch devicesI love being able to watch shows and the low movie rental prices. However, what really annoys me is the fact that they limit the amount of devices that you can watch shows/movies on but then it takes forever to update when switching devices. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried switching from my phone to my tv for it to take over fifteen minutes for it to allow me to watch on the different device. No matter how many times I exit out of the app or turn off the device it continuously tells me that my video cannot play because it is “playing on another device.” If they are going to be that particular about how many devices can be used they should update their software so it runs faster. I shouldn’t have to wait fifteen minutes to continue my show on another device because their app doesn’t understand I’ve switched and closed out the app on other devices..Version: 8.19.1

App always crashes on iphoneThe app always crashes and shut off on its own.Version: 8.36.1

All over the place.Terrible scrolling experience when viewing film/programme lists. Pushing advancing screenshots back out of view is infuriating. It’s there then it’s not there even before you’ve passed that screenshot. It’s not like when you increase the size of the screenshot there is anymore information provided until you select it. I expect it will change again next month when viewing figures go down. Also you click on a programme, watch a bit of it, decide not to watch it and when you go back you don’t return to the place you moved on from. Imaging you read a book and every time you stop reading you sent back to the start of the chapter. That is what you are doing. Very frustrating..Version: 9.18.1

Application was NOT fully tested before fieldingThe features of the app that I have checked out, so far, are pretty slick; however, when you run across an important feature that falls flat and simply doesn’t work, it is quite frustrating. It is obvious that the “contact the seller” link that is provided in the order status section wasn’t tested (incompetence), or the engineering leadership identified the problem and released the product with a known flaw (ethically corrupt). When one clicks the link, it does not perform as expected, as it displays the tracking information for the order, not the contact information for the vendor. Having an autonomous and fully automated ordering system is great, but when there is a glitch and you cannot contact a human being to intervene and correct the problem, you quickly realize that Amazon’s goal is to completely eliminate human interaction. FIX THE PROBLEM..Version: 6.5.1

ChromecastNo longer able to cast to chromecast since the latest update..Version: 8.32

Needs More Content For NZThere is VERY limited selection of content for New Zealand subscribers. It takes up a lot of space on my device compared to other streaming apps (e.g Disney+, Netflix). On the bright side, the subscription is cheap and videos run pretty smoothly..Version: 9.4

Lagging BehindAfter a good few years of continuously streaming eye-catching original dramas,series and movies that justified the high subscription, Prime is now sitting back on its laurels and stagnating. No doubt the pandemic has bolstered their membership, yet this could be an anomaly that costs them dear. For new evolving offerings such as those from Apple+ and Now TV, are shining a light on Amazon’s somewhat tired format and reduced output, while highlighting their annoying tendencies to squeeze every penny from their clientele. Like getting you hooked on a title, only to find you have to pay further premiums to view the later series. While all the time those monthly fees just keep creeping up. It will be very interesting to see what happens to Prime’s viewership in the coming months. As we emerge from lockdown bingeing across a broad spectrum of services, it may well be that many start to consider refining their choices. Unless the taps are turned on again and regular, quality output starts to flow more freely, I can see stagnation turning to deserting Prime for pastures new..Version: 8.29.1

Good. But if you like to watch a series, be warned.Good range of programmes and a good app. My -2star niggle concerns a series and continued seasons. I like to get stuck stuck into a really good series without the annoyance of, as with tv, waiting a week for the next episode. I have started watching some really good ones, however, Prime runs for example three seasons inclusive then you have to pay for the last two. This is quite a thing of theirs and it’s happened on about 80% of the programmes I have watched over the years. There was even one series where there was a season in the middle of several seasons that was not free. I simply will not panda to this dishonourable practice so I do not buy on principle and suffer the annoyance. Buying films I don’t have a problem with it’s a one off payment now and then of a few £ but to buy a whole season or two at a couple of £ each episode gets expensive. Netflix do not do this..Version: 8.25.1

9.24 added bugs!Purchased a lot of movies. The app still recognizes the purchase but My Stuff/Purchases will only display 20 titles. Resorting from recent to A-Z or Z-A will display a different set but again limited to 20. Whoever thought that limiting purchase display list to 20 instead of being able to scroll though all purchases should be fired for incompetence. Tried to report but it sends you to a chat feature. After being bounced to several people, I got the standard uninstall and reinstall the app and restart ipad. Neither worked. Tried to report again and once more bounced to several different people in chat. They seem to be unwilling to report as a new bug when they fail to solve the issue. Their work around is to go to web address to access purchased movies/shows given My Stuff/purchases is broken. Alternative if you remember every purchase you can use search feature to find it and finally have the option to play. No more purchases until they get this fixed. The work arounds are annoying and take more time when it worked before the update. F on the last update and D- on chat experience..Version: 9.24

Beurhhehehehe sskxuagjqbkqbLet us buy it on iPhone and also I can’t watch anything on the iPhone bc it says it’s not aloud on the app fix your app please! And I can’t buy anything bc it’s not aloud on an app so please please fix your app.Version: 9.17

Can’t ChromecastThe app won’t let you Chromecast from your phone, super annoying. Apparently is working fine on my friends phones though and they have older versions of the app, so must be just the new version that won’t let you. My other apps are casting fine too so it’s not an issue with the devices..Version: 9.13

Getting worse all the time…Selection increasingly poor - and often baits you with a free first series but once hooked, you have to pay for the rest. Introducing adverts was a terrible idea when we’re already paying a subscription. Never found a single piece of original content worth watching. Invariably everything I watch, I’ve bought. And now, with the latest update, the app regularly crashes (on brand new top spec iPad and iPhone). Considering what we know of their business practices on top of this, and the spectre of their taking ever more market share and destroying competition… It’ll take a big improvement for me to resubscribe..Version: 9.2.3

Terrible streaming serviceThe app is adequate, prime itself, however, is dreadful: It’s hard to browse, it constantly advertises products that aren’t actually available unless you buy or rent them (it’s all mixed in with the regular stuff presumably to catch impulse buyers), other shows advertise that they are available until you try to watch them, but then it tells you it’s not actually available in your region after all (whaaaaat?), and most frustratingly new shows come out weekly instead of all at once - if we wanted normal television, we’d use normal television. Further Prime doesn’t actually let you know the shows aren’t all released yet. You have to either dig into the program to see how many episodes are currently online or figure it out when the show suddenly stops playing. Just terrible, terrible service. Seriously. Save your money..Version: 9.6

Good in theoryOk so the app works flawlessly. I’ve just finally got tired of hopeing that being a prime member actually means something. When was the last time something you purchased made it to your house in 2 days… same with the video app. The rotation of content has always been a little, slow, but this service came with being a prime member. That’s ok, I can handle that, but lately I've been for things to watch and every time I go into a category to browse (with the “free for me” on) it turn off every time I back out to the homepage or search something…….. all the rent/buy stuff is there again. I would just like to see what is available for my purchase of prime. I don’t want to see anything else unless I ask for it… NOT the other way around. Stop trying to up-sell me for something I’m already paying for. Having said that, I’d still recommend it to everyone and continue to use it. I mean, what’s the alternative..Version: 9.8.1

Like Netflix but worseIt’s nice to use from time to time, especially since it’s all included with our prime membership, but it is definitely lacking in many regards. The titles are limited and often older or low quality. The few higher end tv shows or movies that sneak on are extremely over advertised (I was seeing Jack Ryan trailers for MONTHS). I’m not sure if this is due to it being a Canadian account, but Canadian Netflix has plenty of options still. The app is clunky, but works good enough. The option to skip ahead or back with screen taps is nice. It’s a real shame that it isn’t compatible with Apple TV or chrome cast though..Version: 6.2

Amazon prime kinda sucksThere’s good shows but why do I have to watch a 30 second commercial half way thru every episode . If the show is worth watching I’ll watch it later . I’m currently watching rick and Morty why are you showing me an 30 second advert about real housewife garbage . Wish I didn’t pay money for this ..Version: 8.11

Chrome castPlease add chromecast support! I would use this service much more but I cannot use it unless on my phone. Many shows are on prime which aren’t available elsewhere, however, like Netflix the offerings for Canada are much less robust than those for the USA. Still my kids enjoy it. But I can only use this streaming service from my computer and even then is a tedious thing. Chromecast support would really help..Version: 7.0.4

Customer service??I tried to sign up for a free trial 48 hours ago. My account was immediately blocked and I am still waiting to get clarification on what the problem is. I have called customer service twice now in 2 days and no one can tell me anything and have been told I need to wait another 24 to 48 hours for someone else to contact me. How hard is it to sign up for a free trial? I just want this resolved so I can delete my credit card details from this account before I get charged for something I can’t even use...Version: 8.13

Why do I need an internet connection watch a downloadDont get me wrong this is a halfway decent app when you have a reliable internet source, but unfortunately if you’re like me and travel a lot for work you’re going to find the download system horrid. I purchased a such films as Battlestar Galactica, Apollo 13, and Mad Max: Fury Road, and the app would just freeze a download either barely into the installation, or just short of being completely downloaded. When it does work like with Camp Camp and Pulp Fiction, when I am riding in away in a bus the download won’t watch due to a lack of an internet connection. I thought the point of downloading a show or movie was so you could watch it while offline. Is there some new law requiring an internet connection to watch a download because it makes no sense otherwise. I pray you fix these issues ASAP..Version: 8.30

A good service with possibility to improvePositives: i) included in Prime Membership, I wouldn’t pay for it separately; ii) a very good range of shows, particularly love watching some of the older tv shows that are nostalgic and more “gentle” (the real world is overwhelming sometimes and we all need an escape); iii) appreciate that the downloads don’t expire (nothing more annoying!). Negatives: i) sometimes tv shows are not uploaded with correct information/out of order, and episodes are duplicated despite being named something else; ii) annoying when only 1/2 seasons are available on Prime, either show also of them; iii) linked to the previous one, if something is not available to watch with Prime membership but Prime is displaying it, it should be able to purchase directly from the app..Version: 8.18

App keeps crashingWorked for a week then app crashes everytime it starts up. Have already deleted and reinstalled many times and still crashes..Version: 8.31

Ads?Ads on a paid streaming service? The whole reason streaming is attractive is because of its convenience and lack of commercials. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime incorporates commercials into its programming. Every 5-10 minutes of viewing tv shows there is another minute to 90 seconds of ads..Version: 8.38.1

No directory/index?What is most frustrating with the whole setup is the impossibility of seeing exactly what movies and programs are available. It is almost as bad as watching broadcast tv without looking at a schedule. It reminds me more of a labyrinth. A selection of programs are displayed, but too bad if you want to see all available choices. It’s easier to spend my money on buying sets of dvds of worthwhile content..Version: 7.6

Rubbish serviceI’m really disappointed having to offer this poor review. Prime’s content is good and I’ve not experienced streaming problems when I’ve been able to log in. But look out if you experience an account problem. The steps to solve it go round and round and round without resolution. And good luck if call them. They apologise for not being able to help and assure you of an email within 24 to 48 hours which NEVER comes. I’ve called them no less than 5 times. So a couple of weeks without being able to log in. It’s beyond belief that something so simple can be this hard. I give up..Version: 9.13.1

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