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Instacart: Grocery delivery app received 13 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about instacart: grocery delivery?

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InstaCart ServiceI must say that overall I really enjoy the convenience of having an app that shops and delivers. I believe that Aldi has so far been the very best vendor. I have used Kroger. Meijer I don’t think I will use again because of their lack of following instructions. Barb A from there did not follow instructions. It seemed that she was afraid.I use this app because of the convenience to me. I use this app to shop for my elderly sister and her hubby. Neither drive a car. I asked for her to put the items inside of the apartment down the 6 or 7 steps down into their place. The couple is old and don’t do stairs well. The apartment that my sister lives in is not dangerous. My sister and her hubby are ages 71 and 75. If you cannot execute your job fully then you should choose another place to work. The whole point of using a service like this is for the convenience of it. If my sister or her hubby had fallen down the stairs from her ...(Barb A. )negligence I would be communicating differently to you. Fear cannot be the focus of performing your job thoroughly. I am upset about this. Jamone ended up shopping AGAIN and delivering the items without incidence. My sister said he brought the items INTO THE KITCHEN!!! Wow. What awesome service!! Erica Cade Member since 2017.Version: 7.9.0

In all, fairly happyFirst two attempts were loaded with issues, starting with that I forgot to add my membership number and that the app didn’t force me to fix it. To my address was updated to be incorrect (missing house number). To ending up with all but the cheapest item removed from the trip, and it used both promos. Customer service credited me a $5 promo (replacing my $15), and the app credited me a second time (unexplained) for $10. Fixing issues on my end I tried again, none of the items that I ordered arrived, but an entire grocery trip from someone else was dropped off. Customer support said that I could keep the items for free, and gave me an option of how to fix (still wanting my items, and believed there was a chance things would work out I had them order again). Third time worked out splendidly, much as one imagines the service should work, so I immediately set up a fourth order, for the main item that I wanted the first time, and quickly enough a shopper picked it up without issues. In all, assuming nothing funny with payments going forward then I am very pleased, albeit now with a bunch of items in the house that need to be donated to a good bank or such..Version: 7.50.0

Love the app but here are my recommendations to make it betterInstacart should allow shoppers to only remove a percentage of the tips & not the entire tip especially if we got 80% of their items and attempted replacement items via chat. it would also be helpful if they could leave a note as to why they lowered the tip so it can be a learning opportunity for the shopper. It’s unfair that we meet the shoppers sometimes ridiculous demands, shopping for items that are not on the list because the app doesn’t allow them to add it to the cart; we go over our allotted time looking for items and they have the audacity to remove the entire tip. It’s unfair! Im in a couple instacart groups it’s sad how many people get tip baited. While one the topic of instacart groups, instacart should have their team members join these groups what better way to make improvements within the company then hearing unfiltered truths from shoppers and customers. Lastly it would be amazing if we had a call center to call instead of a chat, to get help. Texting back and forth is too time consuming I would love to speak to a representative to get my problem resolved asap so I can go about my day, it can be a little frustrating when there’s a communication gap between you and the chat agent. All in all Great app I love being an instant cart shopper it’s allowed me to supplement my income while trying to start my own business 😊.Version: 7.98.1

Instacart shopping serviceI finally decided to use this app on my phone, because I hate to food shop, have always and always will hate to food shop. Yet this condition was hurting me financially by putting me in the restaurants too often and therefore jamming up my monthly food budget. First off using the app was easy and yes, fun. I actually enjoyed making store choices without having to deal with store problems: driving, finding a spot, walking to and from car, unloading car, crowded aisles, checking out. Et:al. Pricing very fair. The first three times all I had to do was pay the driver tip. Then just the tip and a small nominal delivery charge. &4.00 I believe it will be. I picked out a time, and was advised my shopper Susan would be at my home with groceries during that time. She was indeed on time. Before this I was advise of Susan’s arrival at the store and her progress based on item numbers. I was also advised of just a few items that were not available, and that Susan used her better judgment to substitute the items with a suitable replacement. Once she got here she was pleasant and brought the groceries promptly through the front door and put them on the kitchen counter. I will definitely use instacart again to have my groceries delivered. A truly positive expierience..Version: 6.19.2

Terrible customer service. First experience FAIL!I had a TERRIBLE time dealing with instacart. My very first order said within 5 hours and my person picked it up within two, I was very pleased! But then he started swapping after I said not to or even when I requested specific things he didn’t even listen! Once check out was complete at around 2ish I DIDNT HEAR FROM MY PERSON FOR AN HOUR! I had icecream and milk. Once I messaged him about 50 minutes later, no response. Just finally got the notification for that he was on the way. So my driver had my milk and icecream out for over an hour! Of course it was completely melted. My milk was warm and I had some wrong items! The driver didn’t listen to put at the bottom step so all my eggs cracked! I’ve tried reaching out to customer service for over 3 weeks now. I sent them screenshots of mine and the persons conversation. Explained everything I could. NO RESPONSE! It’s now almost been a month and I have no response. No refund. Nothing. I email them about once every 5-7 days but still nothing besides an automated email saying they’re busy! I tried instacart because I was sick and have no transportation. I am so scared to even try it again. After this I don’t want to waste my money in melted, wrong, and cracked items!.Version: 7.25.1

Customer Review of InstacartI appreciate a service that can shop and deliver food when someone either is unable or chooses not to go grocery shopping themselves. For the most part shoppers try hard to do everything they can to make this a positive experience for the customer. They read and follow instructions, text when needed to clarify instructions, and notify a customer when an item is unavailable (and ask if they can get something else if the customer has not picked a possible replacement). I realize that even the most careful and conscientious shoppers can make mistakes, since no one is perfect. However, these mistakes can at times be frustrating for the shopper. Especially if by just putting in a little extra effort by sending a quick text to clarify something would prevent the mistake. Today I received an order where I specifically asked for 2 pieces of fish I was going to cook for dinner. My order came and there was only 1 piece. Now I do not have enough servings of fish to make my dinner. This is frustrating. I don’t know if the shopper did not read the specific instructions or if the store was 1 piece short. If the shopper would have texted to tell me this, I could have asked for a replacement..Version: 7.117.2

Concept GreatI love the idea of InstaCart, online shopping made easy and amazing speed of service. However, every order I’ve had has 1-5 products that differ from what I order. I’d prefer waiting a bit longer if it means my order is correct. Having $10-20 in groceries that I don’t want and cant eat because it’s not sugar free and shoppers don’t read this despite my notes capitalizing it is frustrating and will result in my canceling service if it continues. Additionally, this last time shoppers dropped off groceries an hour after I order them (Amazing speed!!) YET never called or texted me and I was inside working. I didn’t see anything other than a general text from InstaCart so groceries were outside another 7 Hours, ruining $40 of groceries as it was a hot day. This is no fault to Instagram except to request you train shoppers to 1)get correct items, especially when sugar free as you never know who has special needs 2) text groceries were dropped off if they were and there’s no knock on door. Again, these are minor issues if occasional error but at this point in the past month I’ve donated or thrown away a total of $100 and ordered 5x I think..Version: 7.27.0

Very helpful app, but...I had to post this! I submitted below review a few days ago. Within 3 days I received a response from Kodi, that they will look into this issue immediately. So I m VERY impressed! THIS is what I would call a great customer service and focus on customers’ needs. Although I am confident that my suggestion — having an ability to open the items I’ve marked as my “Favorites” as a separate list to shop from — is a good one and that many shopper would likely find it extremely helpful, still; developer could have ignored it and moved on. Well, THANK YOU, Maplebear, and THANK YOU Kodi, for not ignoring a good suggestion. I look forward to seeing this feature in the app very soon. This app is great on everything that I’ve explored so far. However, I noticed one big flaw (at least in my view): you cannot open a separate list that contains your favorite items, nor can you sort all items by your favorites. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having this feature in the first place, to be able to mark items as”favorite”. Perhaps the next updates can incorporate this also, where I can view my favorites, because I believe majority of people keep buying the same stuff most of the time..Version: 7.15.0

Zero Customer Support??Zero Customer Support?? My first order was canceled then I received a notice that my other two orders were canceled! The shopper said she knew nothing about it then immediately logged off. The following day I received a notice that they were delivered! Like heck they were!!! I hope I don't receive a charge for them because I cannot get a hold of them! In addition they need to refund several items since they included items to make a dish and the two main ingredients were in the other cart that wasn't delivered! I'm not spending $100 (min) on a dish that doesn't have the main ingredients! Their reasons for cancelation were bogus (because the store had different hours and low stock? Excuse me? They were open and had the ingredients!!) I don't know what they're up to but I'm really disappointed in the fact that there's NO ONE to speak with! They say to go to the website but the website just refreshes with the same image and you cannot click on it. It appears they've also whited out the comment section for review as well! So be sure to write your comments on a black email and change the color to black or dark gray or something similar..Version: 7.21.0

Most used app since becoming parents! We’ve renewed our subscription 2x now!Board usability. Wish Trader Joe’s would get on & then my life might be complete! app & the board & then my life might be complete! & then my life might be complete! fee we pay for free delivery year-round from Instacart is well worth it, and then some! The response-time & functionality of this app make grocery shopping at our regular stores simple, fast & amazingly convenient. We appreciate being able to communicate with our designated shopper in real time via the messaging feature and being able to provide immediate feedback on replacement items or refunds. My husband and I share our account but each have the app on our phones which means we can both add things to our store cart(s) individually throughout the day or whenever we realize we are out of something and then in live time we both are able to see what the other has added or when one of us has placed an order, when it’s likely to arrive, what needs to be replaced if applicable, etc. Since we started using this app over 2 years ago it’s only improved and we HIGHLY recommend to all of our friends & family with busy lives; with or without kids..Version: 7.4.1

Love Using InstaCartWe really enjoy using Instacart to have groceries delivered. I only gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way to choose preferred shoppers and there have been a couple of times they doubled up orders and our order wasn’t delivered until several hours after we’d requested and we had to cancel plans (the response was and “I’m Sorry and here’s $15 odd your next order. 😐). That’s only happened a couple of times, though, out of the multitude of times we’ve used InstaCart. Otherwise, it is so nice to choose what groceries we want/need (provided it’s available through the app and things are more expensive) and have it delivered. The app usually provides really good communication about the status of the order and it’s pretty cool to see which items have been shopped and which ones are left to be shopped, and we get to approve any changes that need to be made. It’s also pretty cool to watch the delivery status as the driver is heading our way so we can be prepared. Overall, we really love InstaCart! We have used it weekly for probably a year and a half now. It is a bit more expensive but if you hate grocery shopping or have a reason that grocery shopping is difficult for you, then this is a great option. It will also help you cut back on impulse buys!.Version: 6.33.0

Best idea ever!!So I just had my third little baby on Tuesday July 2, 2019, and I also have 2 toddlers at home with me, a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. So to say I have my hands full is an understatement, that being said, I heard of Instacart from my mother in law and decided to try it, I have been home from the hospital for about 2 1/2 days now and of course since mommy has been resting and also been in the hospital there was no cooking or what I left before I went into the hospital is all gone now, so the kids and husband have been living off of fast food. I am wayyy too tired and sore to go to the grocery store so I used Instacart for both the grocery store Aand Cvs which I needed some extra lady supplies and both were delivered in such a timely fashion, by a very helpful, sweet woman, who even texted me when out front so the dogs didn’t wake up my newborn baby! I can’t thank her enough for doing all my shopping and helping me avoid a mental breakdown in the store!!! This is seriously a LIFESAVER for new moms or moms with multiple kiddos!! I don’t think I’ll ever have to take the littles grocery shopping again it’s going to be AWESOME!!! -To the inventor of Instacart, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have seriously saved me money, time, and my mental state!!!!.Version: 6.34.0

Great service, one time issue onlyI love ordering from my phone. The cost of delivery and tip is worth me not having to leave house and put miles on my vehicle or deal with aggravation of crowded stores. The closest Publix is about 15 min away so I’m already committing to at least a 30 minute drive. I only had an issue one time - I ordered things for dinner (it was about 5ish). I should have ordered earlier but I didn’t know better. It was about 2 hours in and no one started working on my order. I called IC to see what their policy was and what the recourse was if my groceries didn’t come. The lady said “then it will just come tomorrow”. Which of course was unacceptable since it was dinner and I work for a living and wouldn’t be home. I ended up going myself and, as I was in Publix, someone started working on my order. My fault, I had forgotten to cancel it. I told them right away obviously through the messenger system. But, I’ll just always remember that ordering sooner is better. I wish there would have been a way for someone to say “no one is available for 2 hours, fend for yourself!” Keep in mind I live in a small city, mostly rural. I’m surprised we even have this service here. I love ordering groceries on lazy days!!! I also save some money from not going in the store and getting things I don’t need. Thanks IC!.Version: 7.9.0

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