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Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation app received 226 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about daily yoga: fitness+meditation?

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Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation for Positive User Reviews

Perfect‌    ​What I love about Daily Yoga is that it puts YOU in control of your practice. You choose the type of yoga you want to do, the length of your session, the voice, the music, your experience level... and many other settings that you can customise. You can focus on a certain body part a little more, you can slow down or speed up the movement, get more or less instruction... they have thought of just about everything. I like that there isn’t talk of things like chakras or other ideas that not everyone is into; it’s purely about yoga. I find the ‘restorative’ or ‘gentle’ yoga types more helpful for me than meditation; I’m still breathing, I’m still trying to calm my mind & be in the present moment, but with some movement to provide just enough stimulation too. My overactive mind is yet to master pure meditation on it’s own, but yoga works for me.🧘🏻‍♀️ Then there’s the other practice types         .Version: 7.48.01

Real results and I’m a beginnerFrom someone who’s never done yoga or Pilates this app has totally transformed my body and changed my life, I’ve suffered from really bad Sciatica and within weeks it’s completely gone due to working my core and all in the pleasure of my own home! Highly recommend. Im even sleeping better too..Version: 7.54.00

Well worth buying PremiumI am nearly at the end of my one year subscription and I will definitely be purchasing again. The programs are great from anyone at a beginner level, through to advanced. I enjoy the nighttime meditations as well as the morning yoga routines..Version: 8.00.01

Variety & motivationThis app has been so helpful for having a routine with yoga that I’ve never had before. The variety of sessions, styles, skill levels & teachers mean there is something for everyone. Helpful motivators like rewards for checking in & achieving different levels have kept me more consistent too. I love it so much I have gifted memberships to others..Version: 7.35.00

Good to form habitsI’m 27 and have never been able to get in to a solid exercise routine. The basic exercises for me sore enough that I felt like something was happening but not so bad that I never want to experience it again. I’m motivated to come back consistently every day and to push to do exercises that are just outside of my comfort zone..Version: 8.00.01

ExcellentI've been doing yoga for almost two years now and it really makes a different on my health and fitness. And it change my life forever. Thank you daily yoga..👍👍😀.Version: 8.10.02

EnjoyableI am an intermediate yogi who has done it on and off for a few years. I haven’t rated any app before but this one I was quite happy with. No glitches so far. There are diverse yoga activities including targeted activities like flexibility, shoulder release, face stretching and abs, plus a range of ‘normal’ yoga and ‘before bedtime’. Music isn’t overpowering. I like that there are a range of sets - everything from a couple of minutes to much longer - short sessions make it easier to do more often..Version: 7.53.02

Amazing Yoga AppI love this app. I have been using it for over a year and I’ve used 3 other apps in the past. By far this one is my favorite so I am giving it 5 stars. However, To my disappointment this morning Sun Salutation A+B was extremely bugged in this new version (updated 2 days ago). 25 minutes turned to less than 15 minutes. Most poses don’t hold the full length of time anymore. It felt like a marathon. For instance, on the A segment, down dog though slotted for a bit more than a minute is now few seconds long only. After the word “beginners” it interrupts and goes to the next pose. As for the B segment, most of it is trimmed down. Daily Yoga is my all time favorite app. Kindly fix ASAP! These bugs are disrupting my routine or advise how I can roll back to the previous version. Thank you, A.Version: 8.09.11

Daily yogaThis is now my daily habit, I love the variety of classes so many to choose from whatever my mood. If I only want a gentle class or have lots of energy I can select something to suit me that day and then finish off with a meditation and even use the meditations for sleep. Thank you.Version: 7.37.10

My best yoga 🧘‍♀️ appSimple! ✨ Efficace! ✨ Excellents cours! ✨ Excellents yogis! ✨ Traduction francophone. ✨ voilà déjà quelques années que je suis sur cette application et je ne m’en passerais plus! 😃 Merci 🙏🏻 Daily Yoga! Namaste 🙏🏻 ✨.Version: 8.09.11

GreatGreat start to the morning!.Version: 8.09.11

Pretty good!I have the free version at the moment, and have been using it on and off for a couple of years. I find the videos for the sequences helpful, and I like how the sequences are classed by goal. However, I would like there to be more classes available on the free version. I also get a lot of notifications asking for me to go premium which can get annoying. Overall though, a good app..Version: 6.2.30

From uber sloth to looking forward to it!I like being lazy and find it very hard to motivate myself to exercise. I downloaded the free version of this app to try 10 min of yoga as I was suffering from back, legs and muscle pains that started when I got covid and kept going after my recovery. I did ten minutes for 3 days in a row and the pain intensity reduced significantly. I was so happy with the app that I got the paid version and I can schedule my workout by choosing duration and areas of body I need to work on. I love the drink water challenge with the subtle reminders as well! Absolutely love it!.Version: 8.09.00

Absolutely love itI had no clue what yoga even was before I found this app. I have learned so much from it by now, that I can even do my own little yoga routines without the help of the app if needed, because I know when to breath and how to flow from one pose to the next and it’s all thanks to this app. I’m actually slightly addicted to doing yoga most mornings and nights, I have felt a huge improvement in my pain levels. The only thing I think I would change is being able to make notes on the different routines and sessions so I can see, remember, and keep track of how that session was for me and how I am doing as far as improvement. I can never remember which session it was that I did a couple days ago that I loved and really helped my back or I really didn’t love because it had these poses and I am not to that level yet, or whatever. That’s the only reason I didn’t give it five stars..Version: 7.44.01

Highly recommendI’ve had this app for around 2 years and wouldn't normally spend money on apps like this, knowing there is free content online. But honestly love this app and it’s so worth spending the money on. Allows you to enjoy yoga in the comfort of your own home, filter by level, concentrate on specific needs from back pain, bedtime yoga to an energetic morning flow. The background music and teachers make the sessions very relaxing and an enjoyable practice. Also love that you can track your progress/number of minutes practice. Admittedly haven't used all of the features, but the classes are enough for me to give 5* and guaranteed renewal next year. Thank-you for creating such a great app!.Version: 7.46.02

Only One Thing I Don’t LoveI love this app so much. I’ve tried so many other yoga apps, beach body yoga, you tube yoga, etc. I love the music this features. Sometimes I just let it play in the background because it helps soothe my high anxiety. I love the thorough descriptions they vocally give so you can do the pose without checking the screen every 2 minutes. I love all the different plans they have from “Detox” to “Weightloss” to “Beginner” And “Expert”. There’s a plan for everyone! I love the community! I love that they have 2 different options to purchase the Gold plan! There’s just one think I don’t love, and that is that you can’t stream it. I have 2 little boys who are always reaching for my phone. This makes it difficult to have my tiny screen where I can see and hear it. I wish I could stream it to Chrome Cast so I can have it on the big screen and they could follow along with me..Version: 7.6.00

No airplayDespite what the response said to the last bad review there is NO airplay feature! Only apple tv, and that means the physical apple tv box, not the apple tv app that you have on your smart tv. Very poor customer service when you ask them about airplay. After 3 emails I have not received a straight answer. The actual app is fantastic though so for that I am giving 4 stars. Customer service 1 star.Version: 7.30.10

Day 1Great start for nighttime yoga.Version: 8.12.00

Five stars​  ​ ​​  "I’ve been a paid subścriber for 2 years now and I this app is part of my daily life now. Now that I’ve been working from home I’ve found the short espresso workouts to be a blessing since I can do one or two of them during my lunch break. There’s really no excuse to not get up at move! I like that most workouts aren’t too long but I still have the option to choose another workout ăfter I finish one. This allows me to choose how long I want to work out at any given time. I usually do weight training at the gym and mix it up with some yoga stretches and workouts for an extra challenge. This is the app that helped me stay active, in shape, and sane during lockdown when gyms were closed. I highly recommend it.‌​     .Version: 8.06.00

Kids love it tooSo relaxing the kids join me also and love it.Version: 6.2.72

GoodUseful app with varied options. I wish more of it were free.Version: 7.45.02

Yoga for beginnersThis app has helped me heaps. It reminds me to stay the course, and it is great to have instructions available on exactly how each pose are supposed to be executed. I also love the fact that you can choose from programs that can help you attain your yoga goals or uses the single sessions to create your own experience. And all this in the comfort of your home/garden/park/the beach or any where else you fancy..Version: 6.2.67

 ​Finally, the app can not jump        ​   This app has been amazing and definitely essential for my physical and mental wellbeing during the COVID19 pandemic. Exercise helps me manage my stress and anxiety levels, and feel great physically. When my gym shut down due to the pandemic, I felt a little lost. This app is easy to use, you can customize it to the type of workout you want to do, the level of difficulty you want, and even the music you listen to! Thank you so much for making this app free during a time of need for so many! Also check out the Yoga app - just as amazing.​  ‍ .Version: 8.12.00

Yoga in the comfort of your own homeAs an absolute beginner I love this app. It’s taught me the basics in an easy way to understand and allows me to do so in my own home. I love that it syncs up to the health on my phone and teaches me about what I’ve achieved each session. You can pay for premium classes but I haven’t felt the need to yet as the free ones are perfect for a starting point..Version: 7.5.10

This is a wonderful app that I adoreHi all, I have been practicing yoga with a yoga teacher for 7 years. I also work full time and found I was too tired to go out in the evening to my class. I purchased this app and I am thrilled, I exercise in my own home when I have the time. The flexibility is great and the routines are every bit as satisfying for me as going to a class. The online community really appeals to me as well. I love my yoga app. Namaste.Version: 7.30.10

Good but could be betterThe videos are quite easy to follow and the range of poses and options for different types of exercise are very good. I would give it 5 stars but there are a few niggling things that could be better. The pace of some of the workouts is very quick and constantly coming out of pose to pause the video, do the pose and then restart the video is frustrating. The smart coach (which is great) is impossible to cancel if you want to change to something else. No big deal in some ways, but you get reminders for things that you’re no longer doing. The text on some of the articles and features etc. is clearly written by people whose first language is not English. Sometimes this makes it very hard to understand if the advice being given is to do things a particular way, or not to do them that way. I fully accept that not everyone speaks English but more care with the translation or some editing by an English speaker would really help. The AppleTV version of the App is missing a lot of functionality and I end up screen mirroring from the iPad, so the AppleTV App is a bit pointless. On the whole though, it’s a good app and has improved my flexibility and core a significant amount..Version: 7.42.00

Easy - motivating - practiceHello, I have never done yoga in life before. A month ago I start exercise in the morning and I was trying to push my girlfriend to do some physical activity. She downloaded this app and after I joined her for one session I am doing yoga every morning. Yoga really help you to fell relax and in control, you also learn to control/focus on your breath that has potentiality in many real life situation. I love the app, it’s smart and guide you through all the process. I am still on my 10 days trail but I am planning to upgrade to the pro version. Five star, this app really keep you motivated..Version: 6.2.53

Soothing and quick  ​​ Wow... my first ever experience with trying yoga. Flirted a little in the past but could never get the hang of the breathing and wasn’t sure what to do first! I decided based on the fantastic reviews to give this a try and I’m so glad I did. I’m a total beginner so I’ve started with a couple of 10 min poses and they were fully demonstrated and I didn’t panic about missing anything.. I love the start of each excersise where you are given time to get ready and can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it, I have a weak ankle but the excersises are bite size snippets which did not give me any problems. Looking forward to building up more and maybe do beginners for a couple of eeeks incorporating more excersise, then move on to next section when I feel ready. Not putting pressure on myself, just taking a day at a time. Fantastic app... so much more than excersise as I haven’t gone into it all bu      ‍‍ .Version: 7.48.01

Really pleased with this app. Worth every penny.I spent awhile researching yoga apps before starting the weeks trial and this seemed to be perfect for me. Due to work I can’t get to my classes regularly as I used too so needed something that could fit around me and was as good as being in class. The levels are great, the range of choice is fantastic and the courses are really good. I like the narration of poses as often you can’t look directly at the screen whilst practising. I am doing daily yoga now and this has delivered exactly what I was looking for ..Version: 7.49.03

I love my daily yoga sessionI have been using Daily yoga for one and a half years. It has everything I need to practice yoga. There are different sessions to strengthen different body parts, different levels, different moods, different time of the day. New videos come monthly. There are well designed programs to develop, smart coach to help me choosing different sessions o er a month. Yes I love this app and highly recommending it..Version: 7.48.01

Pretty goodThere’s not much to complain about this app. However, I was rather hoping there were more programs for people who aren’t willing to pay. Please make more programs available to us, or else I’d rate this a five star..Version: 7.6.00

Daily YogaThe app has worked great for me. There is an excellent range of easy to use yoga exercise regimes, that supports a wide range of needs, types of exercises, and expertise levels and challenges. And allows me to do this at a time to suit me..Version: 8.11.02

Sweet      ​ I’ve had this app for just over six months, and it’s probably been the most life changing app I’ve ever downloaded. I’ve never really enjoyed exercise, but after two babies and feeling my age I’ve realized how important it is. Daily Yoga has helped me tremendously to start creating a regular workout routine while remaining extremely positive and focusing on overall health. I’m so grateful for this platform and what it can do to improve health and wellbeing that I paid for pro. The extra features are nice, and I really felt I needed to support this app, but the fact that it’s cọmpletely usable with the   version is such a game changer for so many people.     ‍ ​.Version: 8.07.03

Great App! So easy to useThis has been really good for me, I have a number of old injuries that flare up and this has really helped me..Version: 7.6.00

AmazingWasn’t sure what to expect when I downloaded this but I LOVE it. I was having severe, really painful cramps one day, and there was a free series of sessions entitled “yoga for menstruation” under the “just for women” category, and it really helped to relieve the pain! I’ve been using this app every day since the cramps last week, and I’m totally amazed by the meditation sessions, I can’t really explain it, you’ll just have to try for yourself! Every day I feel as if I’m lacking something if I didn’t use the app. Something about the deep breathing is so refreshing and restorative. I’ve been using the free sessions but I’m probably going to upgrade because I use this app every day and am excited to try new series. Hey, it’s cheaper than joining a gym! You just gotta be diligent and fit this into your schedule each day..Version: 6.2.30

My favourite appIt’s my favourite workout app. I’ve had it for almost a year and I’m still finding new things to like about it!.Version: 8.09.11

1st timePerfect for a beginner.Version: 8.10.02

Thank youFroman aged beginner.Version: 7.49.02

Application simple et bien faiteContente de Daily Yoga, application pratique qui permet de faire et apprendre le yoga partout et en toute liberté..Version: 8.10.02

5 stars 😧I don’t have premium but it is still sooo calming!! You can customise your excursus depending on your flexibility, body type and goals. This was the best yoga class I’ve ever experienced and they talk you through what you have to do very precisely I just love it. It said after my first class to give it a review and I immediately clicked yes. GET IT..Version: 8.03.00

Lots of options for every level!Love it. Length, style, instructors for everyone. From meditation to flexibility to faster flows, it’s got what you want! And an active community of yogis. Love the smart coach too!.Version: 8.09.11

Best Yoga/Meditation App I’ve used!Super easy to follow for beginners. I feel so amazing after just the first exercises. Will be using this app on the daily!.Version: 7.9.0

Best Yoga App Ever!Fantastic practice today. I am so ready for whatever today brings.Version: 8.00.01

Excellent Yoga appI’ve had this Daily Yoga app for 5+ years. It has a wide variety of Yoga courses for all levels including Pilates and Meditation courses. I’m probably an intermediate level and I love it! It is affordable, convenient and user friendly. A+ recommendation..Version: 8.01.00

Good appIt’s a really good app especially if you’re a beginner and want to work on your flexibility and strength. It always makes me feel relaxed..Version: 7.10.00

I love you guys!I started with this program 3 years ago, I think. I am still doing level 1/2, but that is what I love about it. I can work comfortably at what level I want, however long I want, and when I want. I am focusing on my flexibility because of an illness I have that has required the use of prednisone. I will probably always have to take it, but I am at just 2 mg a day. Who knows, my aim is 0 mugs a day. After doing this program for only a year, my bone density scan even showed improvement, not “no change”. My rheumatologist was as proud as I was. FYI- I am a 57 year old retired school teacher with polymyalgia rheumatica. Yes, it is a disease, and it comes and goes. It is autoimmune and loves to attack muscle tissue, like my hips, thighs, neck, shoulders, elbows, and knees. It is not arthritis, but is is so very painful and makes me move like a statue that has been frozen for hundreds of years that finally gets to moves. It is fine as long as I continue to move, but the moment I sit down to rest I have to go through it all over again. No matter the circumstances, I am always happiest when doing the program. Again, I love you GUYS!.Version: 7.52.20

Best at home yoga ever!With limited yoga classes in my rural area, and small children, I was finding it hard to maintain a yoga routine. This app had changed my life for the better! I can fit it in when it’s convenient, and choose from a huge variety of yoga classes, from restorative practice, mindfulness & meditation and higher intensity toning sessions..Version: 7.48.01

LoveI love this app easy to use step by step through poses and many different programmes to try.Version: 6.2.72

Great yoga anywhere!!I absolutely love this app. I’ve had it for a few months now and I love the convince of being able to do a yoga routine targeted to what I’m wanting to work on at any time. I just had my second baby 5 months ago and I have a 2 1/2yr old. I’m busy, so loading two kids in the car to go to the gym at a set time to get to my yoga class was causing more stress than relaxation. With this app I have been able to do a session while the kids nap and again when the go to bed. The yoga session for relaxing sleep is great, I also one the postpartum sessions and the core strengthening sessions!! I just love all of the options and I already have a few favorite routines. I tried out the free version for a week to see how I liked it and quickly decided to get a membership. Very affordable for what you are getting. I have been recommending it to all of my mommy friends. :).Version: 6.2.72

So glad I downloaded itAmazing app! Use it every weekday after work. Absolutely love it!.Version: 6.2.40

Amazing Yoga AppBest I've tried!! This is really amazing and helps so much with aches and pains..Version: 6.2.30

Great work out of any length/capabilityLoving building my strength and flexibility up in my own time..Version: 8.00.01

Love it! But have one thing to note...I love this app, I’ve been doing the 10 day beginner tour. There is just one thing that I would like to see changed though, at the end of each video right at the moment you start to relax it says ‘thank you for watching..’ really loud and suddenly and that always pulls me back out of the relaxation. Other than that it’s great!.Version: 7.2.40

Awesome app for all abilities!So happy with this app. You can achieve so much - weight loss, flexibility, strength… it’s also great to see what sessions other users are doing, so many different workouts!! Love it!.Version: 8.09.11

MotivationalI downloaded this app some time ago, I signed up for silver subscription, tried it off and on and then put it down again. Then a week ago my Physiotherapist said I needed to work on my core strength and I remembered this app. I picked it up again, my thirty days of yoga was waiting for me, and I’m enjoying it much better this time around. Not sure if it’s because of an update, my newfound attitude to healthy living or what. I’m finding it more stickable this time. I love that the yoga sessions are as long as you want. There is a self test so you can find out your level, and retest yourself as you get stronger. I also love that after my session it suggests a meditation to cement my practice. I’ve been doing all the sessions and suggested meditations for a week now. I am now sleeping much better and I’m getting stronger every time I do a session. This is really good for beginners and intermediate users. I had done quite a bit of yoga in the past but I’m still getting a challenge. There are various options in each session, and different levels, I’m doing 30 days of yoga at level 3 right now, and perhaps it’s a little advanced for me having not done yoga for years, but there are plenty available at level 1 if you wish. It’s also possible to use the app for free, but of course you get what you pay for..Version: 7.14.00

I purchased many yoga apps and this is one is by far the best one!I am new to yoga, i started using this app and instantly loved how detailed the sessions were but trying to do a work out off a little screen (my phone.), I found it difficult to do my Exercises. i have chrome cast but that didn’t work for this app sadly. This app does support Apple TV but i didn’t want to purchase one, I didn’t think it was worth buying one. Thinking I could find another app that supports chrome cast, i went on a search and found many apps downloaded a few and none supported chrome cast. Finally I found one I could connect to from my laptop to my tv. I was so excited I didn’t even think twice I signed up and paid for the year membership (big mistake) I went to go do my first session on this other app and it was so hard for me to catch up nothing was explained :( and I was so disappointed it wasn’t fun for me like the fun I have when working with this app (Daily Yoga). So I went to the store that night and purchased an Apple TV and i am so happy i did. I look forward to doing yoga everyday, i notice a big difference with my body, slowly becoming more flexible and legs are looking more toned 30 min sessions feel like 10 min sessions. This app is the best one for me. If you’re a beginner like me try this app, you won’t regret it! :).Version: 7.17.00

Too awesome‍ ‍ ‍ Great choice of levels, timings, accents and voices, level of instruction, a great variety of background music ( including sound level) or silence. And no matter how many times I re press yesterday’s programme I get a slightly different programme so it’s never boring. I can think of nothing negative about it. It’s been great for me to practice with on the days there are no classes. It means you can flow through a practice without thinking what to do next. Plus it’s amazingly good value. Well done the Daily Yoga team 😊😊😊  ‌ ​       .Version: 7.54.00

Well designed & easy to useClear and a pleasure to use and navigate. Accessible and easy to follow routines. Has allowed me to build a regular yoga practice at my own pace - fitting in short sessions into my busy week. I feel better and motivated to continue with new challenges. Thank you..Version: 8.01.10

Pour la femme occupée! C’est en plein ce qu’il faut!Bravo! J’adore utiliser le programme smart coach. Efficace et motivant!.Version: 8.10.02

Efficient, convenient  ‍       OK so I honestly don’t even think this is real! This app just understands that some people Can’t stretch and do certain moves yet and that is absolutely amazing and I love how it’s just so calming and it really helps me because I live in a family of six people and I need yoga to call me down I get so frustrated with everybody so this is a blessing for me it really really works and I’m not just saying that to give it a great review or for it to stop asking me to give it a good review I really think this is a good app I would recommend this to anyone! This app is just wonderful I seriously cannot say enough words about how awesome this app is! I really thank you should get This app I know I’m just talking about how great the app is but it just understands the people who create this understand yoga and I understand how it works like the other apps that I’ve tried they just don’t get it!😂😂         .Version: 7.48.01

Fine ‍    Teachers are fantastic, and there is tremendous variety in the classes with something suitable for just about every goal at every level. Daily Yoga has been helpful to me for several years but seriously saved my life over the last year and a half. Between the election year and the pandemic, I don’t know what I would have done without it!!Two suggestions for improvement in the future: I would really appreciate a way to organize the classes I’ve saved beyond what the filters allow. I guess I mean I’d like to be able to create personal collections (eg, my favorite classes for travel.) Also, I’d like to be able to see the comments of other students in their entirety. Right now “gratitude” is truncated. Feedback from other students is very useful in selecting a class, and I’d like to be able to read it.‌  ‌ ​‍ .Version: 8.03.00

I ❤️ DYI use the app every day while still going to yoga practice once a week. I’m simply amazed on my progress week by week. I feel stronger in my body and calmer I my mind. 🤗.Version: 6.2.01

Simply not too beautiful software   ​​I absolutely love this app. Missing out on going to yoga classes every day during lockdown and with a new baby was really tough, but using this wonderful app I have been able to practice at a time that suits me without sacrificing on quality instruction. Every yoga flow is different keeping it interesting, while building on previous poses so you feel like you’re improving. You can also choose which body areas you would like to focus on. I really like how the music is built into the practice, flowing seamlessly in pace and intensity. I’ve been able to get my core strength and flexibility back and then some, all at my own speed! I’m so happy I purchased the yearly subscription, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.     .Version: 8.01.10

Yes!!!I have searched so long for a beginner app and finally found it that starts right from the basics I love it so much. Is glitchy when you first start playing (her voice stops and stars) but I don’t know if it is my wi-fi or if screen mirroring to Tv but it does it for a couple minutes each day so far which is a little painful because I can’t relax 🤣🤣but I have subscribe for 12 months to totally worth it 🥰.Version: 8.06.01

Good software‌        This is a lovely yoga ap. a little confusing to start using in some ways, because there's SO MUCH CHOICE~! - but that also means you can find something for any mood, or to work on any aspect of your practice. I would LOVE it if there was a play slower button - I am mobility challenged, so some variation on the speed would be a godsend and I doubt I'm the only person over 50 who thinks that - you would get more buyers if this kind of workout was available, and more older practitioners to practice with too. That said, there really are some wonderful guest tutors and workshops - Sonia D, and many others. For younger fitter people this would be an absolutely brilliant app. Some amendments as I say for older, less fit people I would say that NO ONE should learn yoga from an ap. you need to go to ten to twenty beginners classes, so you understand what to look out for - because otherwise you ca​  ‌‌.Version: 8.00.01

Fabulous Yoga AppI practice yoga at home and during COVID have found this app to be the best! I am a beginner but love the fact that I have total control over the class. If I am having trouble with my pose technique and fall behind I just press pause, re-adjust and resume the routine. Keep up the great work!.Version: 8.09.11

Yoga at home or anywhereStarted using this app December 2019 and am still using it daily. Love that I don’t have to leave my home to do yoga and I can do at anytime I like! Now 2022 and still using this app daily. Lots of options to choose from - never boring!.Version: 8.09.11

Feeling ripped offVery upset today after having paid for a pro membership and being able to mirror my device to my personally paid for other technology, only now to discover that to continue to mirror within this app, that I now need to purchase a higher level of membership. Not sure why you think your right to the usage of my technology in my home by me is something you can restrict. Will not be recommending your app for others as for a private user in their own home, this is no longer something that can be used. Very disappointing level of service and surely a breach of your initial contract and general terms of use..Version: 6.2.67

It works pretty well   I absolutely LOVE this app. It’s very thoughtful and well worth the money spent if you plan to do yoga a few times a month (if not more!). You get to personalize the session for how difficult, what kind of yoga, how long it lasts, and even how long the shavasana lasts at the end! You can save sessions that you like to do them again but it will also calibrate a new one every time if preferred. I’ll be renewing my subscription! Also, you get access to the other stuff too, but just the yoga is worth it for me!   ‍   .Version: 8.13.00

Great appEasily allows development/maintainance of daily practice. Love it!.Version: 8.09.11

Clarity & PeaceThe app works great, it doesn't have the most intuitive menu, but it's easy enough to figure out and there's actually a guide that tells you everything that I just noticed today. The free features are plentiful, but Pro (paid) options are nearly endless. Definitely worth paying for if your dedicated to your practice. As for yoga itself, starting with a very basic (free) 10 day program at under 20 minutes a day did wonders to relieve sciatic issues - caused by inflammation * if you've got a slipped disc or something you really need to consult a chiropractor before doing anything. I wish I'd have been more open minded about it 20 years ago (even 5 or 10 years ago) I probably wouldn't have developed this issue to begin with. Additionally, its allowed me to clear my mind, I may only exercise for half an hour or so, throw in 15 minutes of meditation, but it's effects are lasting throughout the day. This is a big deal for me as my mind never goes quiet..Version: 7.4.20

I LOVE THIS APP ❤️❤️❤️I LOVE THIS 👌🏽❤️.Version: 8.11.01

Great app, but short workoutsOverall a great app with a great mix of strength, stamina and flexibility training. A few niggles..... 1) Long workouts seem to be 30mins max - seriously, i think you need some longer ones - its such a pain having to switch from one to another just when building a sweat. Am i the only person wanting 60mins? More reps? 2) Since we are currently forced to switch workout to workout if you want more than 30mins, if you dont complete the cool-down of one when you move to the next, it does not register on your calendar. Well worth the money even with these niggles.Version: 7.47.11

Great tool👍🏼.Version: 8.09.11

Suitable for different levelsI do think that you can find the right workout for you and build your skill on this app. The explanations are clear and the workouts flow. There is a lot of content available too. My issue is that the price can vary so much! This is my second pro membership and the price difference was frustrating..Version: 7.37.10

Very useful daily app for all levelsDaily Yoga has a wide variety of options, sessions, and programs available, most of them free. I chose to become a paying member, but am discovering that if I chose to continue practicing daily, I probably could have earned access to everything “premium” for free, anyway. The cost isn’t that bad, especially when compared to costs of gym or yoga studio memberships. One of my favorite features is the meditation sessions. There are several types and several instructors. Whether I choose a session to increase flexibility or strengthen and tone, or just to increase my heart rate a little, DY provides a good structure for me. My only complaint is that, having a little prior experience with different exercise and yoga programs, I sometimes find that DY does not provide enough warning about proper form to prevent injury, nor provide modifications for most poses. They DO warn to stop a pose and not push past the point of comfort, but I know that sometimes you don’t feel the injury until it happens, and then it’s too late. I have recommended DY to several family members and friends..Version: 7.51.01

Best fitness app out there!No bugs, no glitches, just straight yoga! I complete two yoga sessions daily. After one month of daily use, I upgraded to pro and I’ll never look back! I am working in a country where I don’t have access to a gym and this app has given me all that I need: strength, balance, flexibility and muscle tone. I am very happy with this app and have recommended it to friends and family. Easy to follow with both a visual and audible guide for each session. I have completed both weekly and monthly challenges. You can repeat programs as many times as you’d like. There is a community board that you can take part in if you need accountability. Or add your real life friends and begin a group together! Yoga is something that will stick for life with me and this app has made it possible. I have no excuses to not exercise since it goes with me everywhere my phone does....Version: 7.7.00

Love the app but!!!!Bought the Gold Pro version as the programs I wanted to follow needed a subscription. Love the workouts I’ve been doing for the past 23 days but am finding it hard to track my days and calories as the tracker does not always update. Sometimes not at all and at other times it doesn’t show that I’ve finished a session until the next day. VERY frustrating. Also the thank you voice over can be annoying as it pulls you out of your meditation. Please fix these little hiccups and you’ve got an awesome app..😃.Version: 7.5.10

Great way to start the dayI’ve enjoyed doing yoga every morning. My favourite app..Version: 8.09.11

Not freeThose used to be free sessions...not anymore!.Version: 8.09.11

Too many things happeningThe size and diversity of the collection is great! Anyone can find something to suit their level and the quality of the videos is great. I dislike the constant promotions especially since the prizes seem to be offering for free a service I paid $110 for. I will not be renewing the subscription but for others this app might be great especially if they can take advantage of the promotions..Version: 7.44.11

Freedom rating 5 starsI love the freedom of this app and getting to know the courses. I wish there was more Iyanga style yoga and longer holding of poses but the little and often process seems to be yielding results! 🙏☺️🦋.Version: 7.43.00

Gizmo maI can’t wait to do it.Version: 8.09.11

Pretty goodDoing yoga and stretches in the morning before work really helps my day, my body feels better and I feel more relaxed, they also have meditation which has been helpful. They do have a “pro” option where you pay however much a year, but the free courses are really good. I definitely recommend doing this..Version: 7.51.01

Love this appAmazing classes and most instructors are professional performance. I am paid membership more than 3 years now and still never regret..Version: 8.10.02

A new you at 62!I began yoga using other apps, programs on tv, recorded cd’s and classes at my community rec center. I discovered that I prefer to practice in the privacy of my home and alone. I turned 62 this year and when asked how I feel being a year older, I had to reassess my normal response to that question, because honestly I really feel so much better than a year ago. I have completed two 100 day streaks and have made my mat my morning priority. I have greater flexibility and more strength in my shoulders, even after three rotator cuff and one ankle replacement surgery from the past. My range of motion has greatly increased and my husband notices how toned I look. Feeling new at 62 and looking to an even better me at 63. Thank you Daily Yoga for guiding me to a better place in mind, body and spirit! Martina.Version: 8.09.00

Love this app!I do not pay for the pro version and still find there is plenty of useful content for me and my workouts daily! Definitely worth the download!.Version: 7.24.00

Convenient and customizedI am so happy with a yoga plan I can customize based on my time and preferences. The lessons are clear and straightforward and I can do them on my own time. Great way to set up a new habit and stick with it! Thank you..Version: 8.09.11

A little pricy but it is goodThis is my introduction to yoga. Although the price is a little misleading, I think the app gives you a good dive into the world of Yoga..Version: 8.09.11

Exercising every day for the first time in yearsHaving not done any yoga for years and finding it difficult to motivate myself to do any exercise at all, this app is a Godsend. After trying just a couple of beginner sessions I bought the membership straight away as I could see how varied and interesting the workshops were. I’m now two weeks in and have already noticed a huge improvement in not only my range of movement and flexibility but also in my digestion and energy levels. At first I thought £54 a year seemed a lot for an app, but when compared to a weekly class at my local gym it represents a huge saving, plus I get to practise yoga every day. There are plenty of free exercises to start you off if you don’t want to pay, but I would say if you’re serious about getting on to more advanced postures you’ll want to get the membership eventually. Unlike others I’ve tried I found the narration and music to be calming and encouraging, and found postures that are too advanced at the moment to be easy to adapt. Huge variety of programmes with differing objectives such as flexibility, fitness, meditation, general health and welll-being. Looking forward to getting onto the more advanced sessions as the weeks go by..Version: 6.2.10

FantasticBeautiful yoga practice daily.Version: 8.09.11

Daily YogaWhat a find!!! I’m not one to spend money on Apps and I didn’t at first with this one. I used the free yoga and mediation sessions for about a month and enjoyed it so much. I saw the improvements in my flexibility, which still needs work lol, and my endurance and strength and I was impressed. The encouragement you get from other members is very encouraging, so I took the plunge and signed up in August for a years membership and I haven’t regretted it. The classes are easy to follow and if you use the smart coach, that’s a bonus because you can tailor your sessions to your needs, eg: fat burning, flexibility etc. If you are new to yoga then I would recommend that you do the assessment first, that helps to find out what level you are and then take it from there. If you don’t want to go down that route, then you can just start on the beginners sessions and see how you go. I am still exploring this App, there is so much to do and not enough time even with COVID, but I would recommend, just download it and try the free sessions and see how you feel, no commitments, no nothing, you won’t regret it. After I master more of the yoga poses I’m off to try Pilates and other yoga type classes. Enjoy 😉 guys 😆😆 it’s worth it!!!, ☀️☀️🧘🏾‍♀️ Also new updates, challenges and competitions have been added to the App, which makes my workout so much fun. I love this App, the best find for me during my year of lockdown. Namaste 🙏🏾 🧸🥰😂🤗❤️👍👍👍🙌🏾🙌🏾.Version: 8.00.01

Love this app!Alongside yoga classes this app has helped me go from complete beginner to more intermediate. I love this app and use it every day! Paid for silver pro.Version: 7.54.00

So relaxed5/5 best relaxation ever I feel great.Version: 8.11.01

Awesome ‍     ‍ I think this is a brilliant app each session is only 10min so can fit into any life style no matter how busy I find it very relaxing but also can feel my muscle stretching I honestly love using this app and plan to continue using it I would 100% suggest it to anyone it's worth trying & you can also keep tract of your progress which helps motivate you. I normally don't find mediation works for me but I find at the end of each session I'm completely and utterly relaxed more then I've ever been! ​     .Version: 7.54.00

Great app!I downloaded this app and the 7 minute workout app bc I wanted to regain my strength. I had two babies in two years and my muscle tone and strength were gone. That was in August and I no longer have the 7 minute workout app but use the daily yoga app multiple times a week. The programs have kept me accountable to get to my mat. I’m a plus size woman and have seen muscle tone return that I haven’t seen since my twenties. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to regain strength and muscles but need or prefer a low impact workout. It’s both challenging and fun. I would also recommend you start with the 10 day beginner program and if you like it, do another week program (I think I did an all over stretch one) and if you like those then I would purchase the gold pro. There’s tons of programs or individual classes that it gives you access to that are amazing. I just crossed the 100 days of yoga mark and I feel like yoga is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. I truly enjoy it and know it’s something I can stick with (unlike the many fads I’ve tried)..Version: 7.37.10

Couldn’t recommend more!!This is the best app which I found both for exercises in general and yoga more specifically. I liked how when I first downloaded the app, I wasn’t forced to upgrade to a premium and I had a chance to try out a few programs for weeks. After the first month, I was doing yoga in the morning before work and in the evening before going to bed. I noticed that I became more motivated at work and didn’t tend to feel sleepy, like I did before. There are sales every month (~80% off) so I decided to buy a Silver Plan for £16 per year. I now have access to practically every workout and can choose the relaxing background music too. After two months I’ve noticed that I lost some weight and was feeling a lot happier and healthier. Not sure whether it’s the yoga or other factors, but I tend to feel more accomplished on the days when I don’t skip a yoga session. After three months I’ve noticed that I am a lot stronger, less clumsy (I’m VERY clumsy but I was surprised that I haven’t had any accidents like bumping into something or falling into objects) and I’ve actually gone down a clothing size. I think that the value of the app is great: it’s pretty cheap, I can see the positive effects on my body and mindset, there are great challenges and advice published weekly and I can also listen to relaxing meditation before bed. If you are deliberating - don’t! Just download the app for free and try it out for a week!!!.Version: 7.13.00

Best yoga app i’ve foundI’ve downloaded so many yoga apps, this is honestly the best one i’ve found. I had it on the free trial for a few weeks to really know if i liked it and ended up buy the membership, which is definitely worth it. After buying the membership though I got a little overwhelmed with the amount of options for practices and sessions there are lol. There are a lot of pop ups for buying the membership even after you buy it, but it’s worth it with the amount of sessions there are! The daily water tracker is the worst thing about the app. Sometimes i can press the water cup, sometimes i can’t, and sometimes i accidentally hit the wrong one and can’t impress it. I get reminders every time i need to drink water, and the majority of the time i don’t drink it so i get quite irritated with the notifications every two hours and i can’t figure out how to turn just those ones off..Version: 7.41.10

Great app for beginnersThe videos are easy to follow and the different levels make it a good challenge on getting your practice better while at home.Version: 8.09.11

Easy!So far so good, looking forward to making this part of my daily routine..Version: 7.1.10

Great App with a variety of classes.I like the way this app has lots of different challenges to try, different variety of classes from yoga to Pilates, and that you can build your own schedule for your Individual practice. The only real negative is I find some of the exercises a little easy and some of the programs a bit slow. This is just personal to me, perhaps if options were offered for people wanting a little more a challenge, it would be good. Although saying that I have only tried a couple of the programs so perhaps I chose the easier ones and there are more challenging ones out there. All in all I would recommend, they offer fun daily and weekly ideas, and quotes etc. I love how they also let you post in the community to motivate others and share your ideas..Version: 7.52.20

Better flexibility and calmnessWorking through each session my flexibility has improved dramatically. I’m still tight in the hips but with each session getting better. I am also calmer and relaxed with everyday life. I enjoy getting up early to do my yoga and at the same time watch the sunrise..Version: 7.51.01

Yoga is going to be tricky and then lifestyle changesI’m definitely going to get a whole different life and health experience of getting fit in yoga routines and programs that are available to help me get through the yoga routines and programs that are to help accomplish things and get yourself to a different level and getting healthy and fit in the yoga routines and programs that are available yoga is a new way for you to reach the mindset ,strength,flexibility and experience of health not thought possible but you can achieve with each yoga routine and program you have accomplished in your yoga experience with endless possibilities and experience in the yoga routines and programs that are available to yoga and experience in getting your yoga experience with each of the routines you have and going to make through in yoga app..Version: 7.30.00

So good!I am so relaxed on the first video, i felt like i was in heaven daydreams. So relaxing, try out this app!.Version: 8.11.00

Professional software is very good professional software ‍‌  ‌So relaxing!such a good app! I’ve never being into doing yoga regularly because I could never fit it in to my daily routine. But this app helped me get into doing yoga regularly. For me, I find that it’s really good in the mornings before work. I wake up just a little bit earlier to use it. It is so perfect. The guide is amazing so if you don’t know what your doing like me when I started just click beginner and they talk you through it. I love this app and use it everyday! ‌  ‌     .Version: 8.00.01

EverydayIt is good to be able to do a different program every day. There are some good multi-day programs and the exercise demonstrations are good..Version: 6.2.30

Great appI downloaded this app more than a year ago. Only decided to purchase the gold membership because there was a sale and I was frustrated with the limited access silver membership gave. Been quite happy with my purchase. As I travel a lot, this app become handy for me whenever I need to stretch and not being able to join a class. Over the lockdown period, this app has also helped me bond with my flatmates. We did yoga together to stay healthy and keep our mind saint while not being able to go outside much..Version: 7.48.01

 nausea ‍Can’t wait to subscribe when my trial is up! The workouts are challenging and different every time. I recommend this app to everyone I know looking for a good workout! 3 months ago I downloaded this app to add into my home workouts. It allows you to set strength levels 1-3, and I have gotten so much stronger and really feel my muscles building as I moved from level 1 to 3. Even now, I modify many of the workouts with weights and still get the same great sore muscle feeling that notifies me that I am building muscle. I deleted all of my other fitness apps and subscriptions and rely solely on this one for my high intensity workouts. Will not disappoint. ‍   .Version: 8.13.00

Good appGood app.Version: 6.2.10

Coolest app evaThis app is free and helps use meditate yourself from all stress (like all the home work we have because of covid 19) its ages +4 so its free for all ages i highly recomandate and tjis app also helps you lose weight at the same time so get thos app right now and see how your health increases.Version: 7.29.10

Love itGreat videos!.Version: 8.02.01

Day 1 down...  ‌  ​ ‌Recommended by a friend, I wanted to try out different apps to see which was the best for me. One session in and this app by far is the absolute best I’ve used. I’ve come away feeling amazing and getting exactly what I wanted out of the session. I love that you can choose what music/voice you want, feel like that helps so much! Currently doing a free trial but I will definitely be continuing Daily Yoga!!! It’s great, and I can feel how my body has changed (I still can’t do some of the poses very well, and don’t think I will ever manage some of them, like side crow, but that’s not because of any limitations with the app!. I use different practices for different results (including the repeated sun salutations which are great for a 20 min mental and physical cool down after a cardio or run).It is definitely helping with strengthening my core, stretching my back and generally getting me more    ‍ ‌.Version: 7.48.01

Simple and progressive, and always a new sequence.  ​     Daily Yoga is a really first rate app and much better than my expectations based on other similar apps. It’s just like having your own highly-skilled instructor gently take you through the sequence of poses at exactly the right speed, neither too fast to keep up nor too slow to keep the flow going. The instructor has a marvellously calming voice, and the music is a wonderful addition. Too often I find the supposedly ‘calming’ music in meditation or sleep-enhancing apps is actually thoroughly irritating and uncalming, but not here. It doesn’t intrude, but forms a sort of supportive sound scape that adds to the whole experience. I can’t judge how well the poses are suited to each person’s ability but the ‘Beginner 2’ level that I chose to start with seems to me to be very well suited to someone with a little yoga experience, perhaps even from some time ago as in my case, who wants to pick  ​        .Version: 7.48.01

Still not bad a lot of function is very good already poisoned????‌  ‍     ​I struggle to do home workouts as I get bored so easily. I’m also a former yoga teacher who struggles to do classes with teachers who are unskilled. Every class I’ve taken with Daily Yoga has challenged me, kept me interested, and the teachers are highly skilled. I’m excited to use it every morning and for someone who struggles to do anything every single day, that is a huge deal! I’m extremely satisfied with this app and recommend it to everyone!I really do love this app! It’s great there are a few things that could make it more amazing. I would love there to be more challenges than just the ones on the app. I’ve had this app for almost a year and there is no new content. I love how the 30 day challenges direct you step by step on what to do but there are only limited choices. Once a challenge is complete there are no new challenges for that area of the body. I would love to keep using ‌      ‍ .Version: 7.48.01

Easy to use, challenging and relaxingAs a beginner, I find this really easy to use and get to know each pose. It’s very comprehensive as it describes each pose completely without over complicating it. It’s still challenges me even with simple moves which is surprising to me but brilliant. I love that it allows time and space at the end to relax and meditate if you wish to. The only problem is the obvious gap when the music is done and re-starts. If it was more free-flowing it would be much less distracting but that really is my only issue so far and it’s pretty minor! Would recommend..Version: 7.8.0

It meets my needs...I downloaded this app to help me get into a better yoga habit & improve my mobility & flexibility since I sit most of the day at work. I decided to go with the paid subscription because I wanted access to more sessions as well as the meditations. The cost is fairly inexpensive especially compared to a face-to-face yoga class & with it being on my phone, I can do my yoga practice even while traveling. I like the variety of yoga sessions & the meditations but I could not give it five stars because: 1) the “instructors” speed is a little too fast for my preference which makes it difficult, especially for beginners, to get into a nice breathing & movement flow. I’ve been doing the “Easy Yoga for Complete Beginners” in the mornings & I feel a bit rushed through the movements. I wish there was an option to slow it down a tad. 2) the daily topics either never load or take a long time to load. I’ve been trying to “view details” & often have to switch to another open app first which doesn’t make any logical sense to me. 3) it’s also not the easiest to navigate & it would be nice if I could customize my home screen including an option to have the “check-in” on the same screen as my session for the day instead of having to navigate to various screens every time..Version: 7.9.0

 good    I started using this app during Covid when my yoga studio closed down and can hardly express how thankful I am that I found it and was able to use it at home. It was the first time I’ve ever done yoga at home and found that I love it just as much as going to the studio actually! I absolutely love that you can choose so many factors such as how long you want to practice for, the voice that is the best for you, and your own music genre. I will always have this app even now that I can go back to the studio!  .Version: 8.13.00

Easy Way to Incorporate YogaThis app is the best I’ve found at making yoga accessible to me in my busy life. The videos are super informative without being distracting and make you feel confident in your poses without having to make it to a real in person class. Definitely worth trying if you’re considering!.Version: 7.1.10

Awesome!    ‌Very easy to navigate. I like how you can cruise through each workout with no interruptions, or you can pause, swipe over to the information page which explains the current pose in your workout in detail, with a video demonstrating the pose as it’s explained. When you are ready you swipe back to your workout and continue right from where you left off, or a few seconds before if you prefer, and keep on cruising through your workout. I’m brand new to yoga so this morning I stopped at almost every pose to be sure I was doing them right to go over instructions on how to do each of the poses. Not only is every pose explained in detail with videos that even tell you when to inhale and when to exhale, there are so many different workouts to choose from. They have each workout labeled from beginners to advanced and how long each workout takes and calories burned. Even as each pose is explained,      ‍‌ ‍ .Version: 7.48.01

Love it!Great to keep track of where I’m at as a beginner and learning new poses daily :).Version: 7.37.10

Great Yoga AppI have a 1 year Gold Pro Subscription and I’m really loving it so far. The Programs are easy to follow along to, the Community is lovely, the Blog Posts are very helpful, and the app’s design is really nice. It is especially helpful if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start. All in all, I think this is a really great Yoga app for all ages and experience levels..Version: 7.1.10

Feeling greatI must be honest but Yoga ha surprisingly helped me in more ways than I imagined, most especially my moods. Apart from the obvious flexibility improvement and more elegant posture, these sessions really have been of much benefit to my all round well being. I stick to the less than 20 minutes sessions so that I can not talk my way out of it and it gives me the flexibility to do another one or two when time allows. I would recommend this app in particular to all. After a while, it feels like home. 🥰.Version: 8.11.02

Parfait !!Parfait!!.Version: 8.09.11

Super appliTres bonne application..Version: 8.10.02

Perfect for your own scheduleGood stretching exercises to compliment weights and cardio routine.Version: 7.54.00

Excellent appThe app has very beneficial programs for yoga. The yoga movements are lovely and transitions from one pose to another are very well designed. Well done guys for putting the programs comprehensively..Version: 8.12.00

Love it!I totally love the workouts!! Been using it for a couple of months and it’s great!.Version: 7.39.01

Love itLot’s of easy to follow programs for all levels, various styles. It’s now my go-to yoga app..Version: 8.09.11

Renewing ClaireCelebrated my birth month August with good yoga for my temple my body🖤❤️💜 September body feels good elongated from stretches and backbends last month. Continuing my loving yoga practice🖤🤸🏿‍♂️🌹 October I missed my daily yoga due to tech issues with my mobile. My body needs regular practice for continued flexibility and well being. Happy to commence 1st November enjoying my yoga routine🖤🤸🏿‍♂️🌹 January 2022 quite busy back to work following furlough my yoga practice was minimal. New year new beginnings ♥️🖤🙏🏾 February 22 slow progress due to work although I LOVE MY YOGA♥️♥️🖤💕 when I practice. Mother’s Day A&E 😳Inner ear pain vertigo with stability probs. Also upper body strain diagnosis rest with relaxing yoga recommended. Determined to heal myself ❤️.Version: 8.11.03

All-in-one Yoga AppI’m new to yoga; my goals are to gain muscle tone and lose weight, but my schedule (and my budget) doesn’t allow for a full-fledged yoga class. This app gives me the flexibility to practice when and where I want. The sessions themselves are clear and easy to follow, and they’re not distracting. I also appreciate that the app gamifies participation; I’m incentivized to check in every day and exercise for XP, which makes the app and my exercise more fun. The only drawbacks: I did end up paying for the gold pro membership to gain access to all the apps features, and the app isn’t intuitively easy to navigate at first. In my opinion, paying for the membership was worth it because, thus far, this app has given me additional means and motivation to consistently and effectively work out. That said, not everyone wants/is able to pay $40 for an app..Version: 7.25.00

Great! But.I’m very new to yoga and this app as been amazing for getting me in to the world of yoga. There is so much depth in the courses and you will always be able to find a course or program that will fit your needs or challenges. Going from just deep meditation to proper hard core poses practices. Yoga for sleep, waking up, flexibility, strength, stress, you name it, they have it. The only reason I did not give this 5 star is because there is a few things about the app that’s a bit clunky and still has a few bugs hear and there. This can be a bit frustrating at times because if it was not for these issues then it truly would be a amazing app. They just need to iron out the creases..Version: 7.39.01

Great app!Having been introduced to this app (and yoga) through my boyfriend, I was not too keen to start practicing yoga. The app, however, talks through poses with great detail, even offering adjustment if you are finding the poses too hard or not challenging enough. Courses range from beginner to intermediate and to expert, which offers a great variety of challenges for any level yoga enthusiast. I would say however, you are unlikely to reap the full benefits unless you have paid for a membership (paying unlocks for more courses, as you only begin with two courses from what I’ve seen). I’ve invested in a silver pro membership during the 80% off sale and can safely say that it’s worth the money!.Version: 6.2.61

Daily YogaI’ve tried so many apps over the years but this one I keep coming back to. Great variety for all moods and needs. Great pro content..Version: 8.12.00

100% satisfiedThis app has actually been life changing for me, personally. I have paid for a yearly subscription and I have access to every part of the app, every different type of yoga and for as long or little as I want. Great teachers, great sessions and an all around amazing app. Highly recommended, regardless of what level of yoga/meditation you are at. Truely beneficial.Version: 8.09.11

Genuine Teachings On Understanding SelfI love Daily Yoga because it consists of a series of classes from yoga, Pilates, meditation and so much more. It is a global community of people with yogis checking in now and again to give live sessions. It’s a challenge to the self. You have to go in open minded. There is no competition on how hard you work - that’s up to you and on what you are trying to achieve. You meet a community of people who are truly inspiring while building on self empowerment both physically and mentally. There healthy recipes online that might inspire changing your eating habits, interactive coaches and so much more. I have never looked back since joining the community. It is truly an inspiring journey. Namaste. 💕.Version: 7.51.01

Fantastic!I totally love this app, I’ve only had it 3 weeks now but I really feel a difference in my mood and general levels of energy through the day! I’m feeling fitter and healthier! I still haven’t signed up for the pro version as there is plenty of free stuff for me to build on and get fitter with, when I start getting bored and find I’ve mastered the beginner stuff then I’ll pay to get the pro version!! But for now I’m happy!! I look forward to my yoga session everyday now 😊.Version: 7.4.20

Amazing appI love this app. Good for all levels of yoga practitioners..Version: 8.09.11

Very useful   ​‍  I’ve been trying to find a good yoga app for months but they’ve either had crappy music, unclear voiceover, or a lack of flexibility in the length of practice, focus, etc. I love that this app lets me choose how long I want to practice for, areas to concentrate on, restorative vs flow, etc. also the music selection is great. Bonus points that the music after savasana is over just continues so that if you decide you want to stay there longer it feels more seamless. I also like to practice outdoors, so it’s very important for me, that I can download my favorite classes and turn them on while being offline. Love this app and recommend it to anyone who loves yoga.     .Version: 8.05.01

Wow! It is Great!        I’ve never done yoga before and have been doing this for just over 2 week’s, I have noticed improvements in my balance, flexibility and an added bonus of weight loss as well as toning up! My husband has joined me on his day’s off and he too has seen improvements even though he’s only done 4 sessions! The sessions start off at about 10 minutes and gradually get longer! I have found that if I put my toddler down for his nap and then do a session I feel more rejuvenated and relaxed! This is such an amazing app. It helps me with anxiety and my happiness. If u are a person who needs a little quiet time in their life then I deeply recommend this app. It has calming music and the voice that tells u what to do is so lovely. Daily Yoga also makes you more flexible and I’ve lost so many calories from the app. Please download this app. It’s honestly amazing. I could not ask for better quality. the        .Version: 7.48.01

AmazingI feel so good after every session!.Version: 8.10.02

Great appWould highly recommend this app. It is possible to use without purchasing any “plans”. With the couple of free programmes, the ability to earn and spend points on other workouts, and chances to win things, it is, as I said, able to be used for free quite efficiently. But if you do purchase you do get a substantial amount of access. App is easy to use, had no issues so far, and has a relatively active online community. Great for beginners or advanced yogis. Would recommend and suspect I will use this for the rest of my lifetime..Version: 6.2.53

Pretty good, good use      During the covid crisis, I decided that I’d have to practice yoga online (I’ve tried various platforms in the past but couldn’t vibe with them). The search/filter function in this app is key. And the instructors are fabulous. After two weeks, I can say that almost every class has been exactly what I expected and needed. If I’m feeling tension I can search for a class by body part. I’ve found my preferred styles and instructors. And I’m learning more about various styles of yoga than I ever have. I look forward to each session. The platform is easy to navigate and the layout, as well as the studio, is elegant and soothing. This app is brilliant, unlike anything else I’ve seen.         .Version: 8.03.00

Love it!I’ve done yoga sessions once a week from time to time but never been consistent. Bought this app in lockdown and I’ve done 60 sessions so far. I do a session early morning at home 4 days a week. I have found it helps me keep calm & keep things in perspective. I am also much more supple, have more energy during the day and I sleep better. You can link it to your Apple Watch so it counts your yoga session as exercise. You can choose your level & your programme, dip in and out of programmes to suit your needs. You collect e-coins for each class you do and you can use them to upgrade or reward the yoga teachers. It’s also great value - I recouped what I would have spent going to classes by the time I’d used it 10 times..Version: 8.01.00

Great variety, and levels - for every mood and ability.This is a lovely yoga ap. a little confusing to start using in some ways, because there's SO MUCH CHOICE~! - but that also means you can find something for any mood, or to work on any aspect of your practice. I would LOVE it if there was a 'play slower' button - I am mobility challenged, so some variation on the speed would be a godsend and I doubt I'm the only person over 50 who thinks that - you would get more buyers if this kind of workout was available, and more older practitioners to practice with too. That said, there really are some wonderful guest tutors and workshops - Sonia D, and many others. For younger fitter people this would be an absolutely brilliant app. Some amendments as I say for older, less fit people I would say that NO ONE should learn yoga from an ap. you need to go to ten to twenty beginners classes, so you understand what to look out for - because otherwise you can damage yourself or not get the best out of the exercise type. I do recommend this ap. second year subscription for me..Version: 7.50.01

GigVcsnjxnhbvxnbv.Version: 8.10.02

Great for before work!​  ‌​  Daily Yoga is one of the best apps that I’ve tried so far. I think I’m gonna keep this app because I’ve been looking for stress little relief yoga and this has really helped. I like how there’s different options through morning yoga neck yoga bag not yoga tone yoga bedtime yoga morning yoga full body yoga. I like how there’s so much options and I like how they don’t let you pause more than a minute which is great for people that need motivation. I like how it talks to you and I like how it gives you representations of what to do and the one thing that I love about this app is that it also sets the mood with music and I’ve never had something else that would set your mood towards music with the different ones. And I completely love this app and I’ll stick to it no matter what and it has workout plans and weight loss plans that you can connect with your Health app and you can control your ‍   ‍    .Version: 7.48.01

Great for learnersLove that a lovely lady is calmly talking me through learning yoga..Version: 7.52.20

FabulousSince finding this APP and performing yoga every morning I feel much more energetic and I am becoming so much more flexible. I have noticed already that I am becoming more aware of my body in every way. Physically, mentally and emotionally. There is such a vast array of programs for all levels and needs. I highly recommend Daily Yoga..Version: 8.05.01

Changed my Life!Daily Yoga is the best app out there for wellness. It's packed full with tons of different workouts, both Pilates and yoga. A good selection of meditations by various gurus. Also you have extra programs by daily yoga and third party yoga teachers from around the world. Truly the best of the best! I've never been to a yoga class, I've learned from the very beginning to an advanced level with solely this app and my own motivation and dedication. There is a wonderfully supportive community here in the app which helps you to connect with other yogis and keep you motivated. The team are awesome and there to help the best they can, they are also ever growing and expanding the app so you're always getting a new and fresh experience. Namaste 🙏🏼.Version: 7.4.20

ParfaitMerci pour cette séance!.Version: 8.09.11

Help!I have found this app to be fans Tastic and I have subscribed to the gold pro but since I have upgraded my phone, the subscription has not transferred over to the new phone. I have entered the email address incorrectly and I have can’t change it because the correct address already exists. How do I rectify this?.Version: 7.6.00

J’adoreLes postures sont expliquées avec de nombreux détails afin de bien nous corriger. Il y a plusieurs « professeurs invités » que j’ai découvert. Les deux seuls points faibles est que la musique est toujours la même (une variété serait appréciée) et qu’il est impossible de sauter la période de détente lorsque nous souhaitons enchaîner plusieurs séances. Sinon, j’adore cette application!.Version: 8.10.02

Daily yogaVery simple to follow and good techniques/practices.Version: 7.45.02

Love it, but.....It’s great to us ethos platform to keep fit, flexible and overall maintain good health. I can dip in and out, but I generally try to do short daily sessions.....although there are times when I don’t do anything at all. I find that if I do this first thing in the morning then it’s easier to maintain regular activity. The downside for me is that YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD ANY OF THE EXERCISES TO USE OFFLINE.. I can’t use this whilst I’m on holiday without wireless, and depending where you are the charges are astronomical for 15 minutes.......please do something about this, especially for us Premium users..Version: 8.10.02

CompletJe ne peux plus m’en passer. Tous les types de sessions s’y trouvent.Version: 8.10.01

Just what I neededPerfect app for motivating me to exercise everyday in the comfort of my own home. So many courses to choose from, something for everyone. Love it..Version: 7.41.11

The software does a good job   ‌ I have been using the app for years now and I really love it! You can find classes for different intentions and levels of intensity. The app has grown a lot in the last year and they are including a wider range of options and instructors. I hope with the expansion the creators will start to offer more inclusive bodies as teachers, and also put more emphasis on honoring the roots of yoga philosophy by being more intentional about the use of Namaste, how classes are ended, incorporating the Sanskrit names of poses, etc. But overall I do really love this app and highly recommend it!     ​    .Version: 8.02.00

Really good ​ ‍‌   ​ ‌ I just finished doing one session with this app. ONE. And I honestly feel like my creativity is slowly starting to flow through me again. I love how you can customize so many things!: the length of session, the Spêed and voice of who’s directing you, the target area for the session as well as the music that plays in the background (which is one of the reASŌns my first session went so well! Fantastic taste in music, whoever put that together, props to you). I would like to know if there’s a way to see the past playlist from a previous session, as I’m not going to sit on my phone and add it while I’m doing yoga :)    ​.Version: 8.12.00

Great yoga sessions!Excellent yoga sessions and coaching..Version: 8.09.11

Top AppAbsolutely love this APP, my only problem is when I travel to areas without phone service which I am unable to use it. These areas a are so nice that it inspires me to do yoga or meditate, I do have a poor memory and try hard to remember the yoga poses. Hoping with more time I will be able to do them with ease. I love that each session has a matching meditation link to do following practising. Living busy lives we forget how we punish our bodies, it was not until I started practising Yoga I realised how sore my body was. A huge thank you to you! Love this app so much I have shared it with lots of my friends, keep up he good work..Version: 7.49.03

Have tried and not stuck to yoga - until this app.I have been to a couple of classes ( doing high impact aerobics for weight loss seemed more important), and bought at least 3 DVD’s of what seemed like some young slim show off, ostentatiously pronouncing all the poses, which only got watched a few times. However, this 15 minute a day app has me hooked. The pacing is great, giving you time to get into the position, it seems calm and not too challenging, yet of course yoga is very progressive; you just have to keep it up. I can feel a difference already. They do gently list the pronunciations together with the English translations which is good to know. I have had a couple of queries and the support is very responsive, plus they are always adding new features. I am only at the very start of my yoga journey and into this app, but I think it will actually do what I have always wanted: to get me to practice yoga for life..Version: 7.36.00

MerciUne application parfaite pour moi, j’ai hâte d’avoir les version française des professeurs, merci.Version: 8.09.11

Yoga for lifeI’m a builder so have a physical job where my back shoulders and hamstrings are always getting tight. Yoga helps me to counter the effects of this and allow me to be more productive at work..Version: 6.2.30

YogaI bought a membership to help keep me moving during the beginning of COVID. I had never really done yoga before (unless wii fit counts 😂) I really enjoyed how the programs have the levels so you know what you may be able to do. The instructions are amazing to help me understand what I need to be doing without a physical coach near by. I like the topics you can read on and how it’s all so encouraging for everyone to do their best. I have weak wrists and there was an article how to place hands to avoid injury and I use those tips every practice. I enjoy that it rewards you for consecutive log ons and work outs as I struggle to make time everyday. I believe the free version also has a ton to offer without spending a dime. If you practice daily and complete challenges you can earn gold perks so you don’t necessarily even need to buy! If you want a yoga app I extremely recommend trying this out. Take a couple weeks and try some level 1 work outs. Don’t give up if it’s tough. They always say your hardest poses are the ones you need to do the most and I believe in that statement..Version: 7.52.20

Love this app ‌ ‌ ​  I’ve always wanted to try yoga but find classes often move at too quick a pace, and I often prefer to exercise/work out in the comfort of my own home. I have a cross trainer and weights at home for this reason! Since discovering this app I’m practicing yoga between 4-6 times per week and it’s very convenient to squeeze in 20 minutes per day. Each work out is similar yet has variety, no session is the same even when using the same settings times after time. The practice can be as easy or as challenging as you want, and is suitable for complete novices (myself included in this category when starting). I feel as though I’m already starting to stand a little straighter and find myself looking forward to practice each evening. I would certainly recommend the yearly one off payment of around £60 as great value for money. You can also create your own if you want to try something a bit different  ​  ‍​‌ ​.Version: 7.48.01

Just what I was afterI am a mother of a 6 month old who was desperately looking to get back into exercise but trying to schedule classes was both daunting and near impossible!!! This app allows me to do what I want, when I want. The videos are great and very easy to follow. There are so many programs to choose from I’m finding it difficult to decide what to do next, it’s great! The assessment when you first start the app is very useful as it gets you started straight away and points you in the direction of what will suit you. I found it to be very accurate. I am very happy with this app..Version: 7.5.00

Good app if you actually use itI purchased this app two years ago and paid for Pro, but I only used it a few times. So when my subscription was nearing the end I contacted support to see if they would offer a credit or a discount to renew. Their rep, Ann, told me they would give me three extra months if I renewed for another year. So I did. I did not see the subscription update in the App Store, so I contacted them to ask why. I sent a few emails over the past three months, but never received a reply until today. The subscription end date shows correctly in the app, but not on the App Store. No one could tell me that until today. I give the app five stars, but I’m taking one away for the extended wait to receive a simple reply. Did they keep their promise? Yes, they did. It is a great app if you will actually use it..Version: 7.31.00

Very convenient  ‍   This is an amazing app! I feel strong, centered, and healthy without emptying my wallet, and I can choose my personal limits and strength. It's perfect for me!! I downloaded probably 5 different yoga apps, and this one, by far, is my absolute favorite. I use it every single day. I used to go to a local studio, but it was so expensive I could only manage to go once a week. With this app I can do yoga whenever it's convenient for me, or when I just need to recenter. I really enjoy the variety of different sessions. I always suffer a lot from women's problems and there are special classes that help me soothe my crumps. Not to mention all the energy booster classes, which I just love. So thank you, guys. I’m happy that I have access to such a great app.       ​‌ .Version: 8.05.01

Great for regular practice  ‍  ‍ ‍I’ve always been interested in yoga, though never had the time to actually give it a go. I recently decided to really focus on my own health and well-being and so I went searching for a yoga app to start off my routine every morning. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the 5th app I downloaded and the ONLY one I kept! Everything is so easy to follow and each pose has a video where you can find exactly how to do the pose! Everything is organized so you can easily find what you want. Morning stretch? Got it. Fat burner? Yep. Bedtime routine? You’re covered. It’s so easy to follow and so beneficial! I’ve been at this for just over 2 weeks now and already my balance and focus have clearly improved. The music is so soothing and peaceful, it really helps me to focus on my breathing and feel calm. I’m doing this with 4 kids in the house so if I can be at peace and feel focused doing this, anyone can  ​   .Version: 7.48.01

Just love itSuch great variety of poses and levels. I was getting really inflexible and sore so I started at level one. And eased myself into it. I have been practicing about 5times a week for the past couple of week and have seen a great improvement already. Live that a lot of the practices are only about 20 mins. When I’m time pushed I do 1. When I have a little more time I combine 2. Just loving it and look forward to my practice each day..Version: 7.30.00

So user friendlyAfter a long break from yoga and wanting to start back again, then, Coronavirus hit, so next best thing was to download this app and I absolutely love it, everything came flooding back to me, it was so easy to use, adding it to my daily routine without a doubt 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.Version: 7.29.00

Amazing for my mental and physical healthI debated getting the full subscription for a year before I actually took the plunge, and I do not regret it. This app is fantastic for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression (or any mental health issues for that matter) and is also great for physical well-being. I particularly love the ab workouts, which have been more effective for my physical strength and toning than I expected. I’ll admit, I had my predispositions about yoga (and generally spirituality), but I feel as if my mind has been opened! If you’re contemplating the subscription, I’d say go for it! They do great discounts during holidays and once you get into it, it becomes a big part of your daily (or weekly, however frequently you like) routine..Version: 7.47.11

Yoga for a beginnerI am a beginner, i used the free version for a while figuring out if this was something for me, so I wouldn’t waste my money on ‘just another app’. It is great! I love it! It works really well with the different courses, you can see/plan when to exercise, know how long it takes and what level it is. I can only recommend this app! Both free version and paid:).Version: 8.01.10

AwesomeI haven’t started yet but it looks really fun and enjoyable.Version: 8.10.02

My Go-To for Yoga    ‌ I absolutely love this app!I started doing Yoga classes when I was in the second trimester of my pregnancy and continued them after the birth of my daughter. This app is perfect for practising yoga at home (or anywhere!) as the practises are easy to adapt to any situation. I use this app daily and will happily use it on my lunch break at work, as I know I can fit in a quick 30min practice Daily Yoga offers a variety of different practise choices from quick flow to working a specific area of the body. I am currently working on my core (post partum belly) but I did pay for this selection; I did so very happily. I am definitely feeling the benefit of practising everyday and am really starting to feel the difference in my flexibility and energy levels. You can choose what sort or background music to have, the narrators voice, how long you want your practice to be and what type of practice y‌  ‍      .Version: 7.51.01

Great appI love this app and has been using it for a while. Really amazing videos and instruction. Wish to have more articles about the meaning and history of the poses so i can understand the true purpose behind the pose. Cheers.Version: 8.04.01

The one app I use everyday and recommend to everyoneI’ve been using this app for the last 135 days. It has help me build strength, endurance, and stamina all while helping me lose weight and get fit. As a complete yoga novice, I did not know what to expect when I began the exercises. However, the app has exercises for all levels with the ability to scale up as your fitness levels improve. The instructions for most of the workouts is very clear and precise; they even tell you the mistakes to watch out for And the right breathing techniques for each move. The app has more than just yoga and offers Pilates, HIIT and other kinds of workouts too. If you’re looking for an app that will help you kickstart your fitness journey look no further and download this immediately. You will not be disappointed..Version: 7.36.00

WonderfulI love this app so much I heard about it from a friend and now I am loving the app and you don’t have to get the membership.Version: 8.10.02

Best yetEasily the slickest, most engaging yoga app I’ve come across..Version: 8.07.03

Love this app!!This app is excellent. It offers a wide variety of classes for all levels, it’s super easy to find a session that suits. The easy to follow instructions and user friendly interface make it all simple and fun. And the voice that narrates the majority of the sessions is so soothing, it really helps the whole experience! My only issue is, that without an Apple TV you can’t cast to a television and watch it on a big screen which is a real shame. Would be brilliant to be able to chrome cast to any TV..Version: 7.52.20

Best App Ever!Everyone should use this app to help get in shape. Awesome, easy to understand and beginner means beginner!!.Version: 7.6.00

🧘🏽‍♀️I wasn’t able to access a rewind button. Perhaps this is part of the idea? That you just keep going? I also wanted to be able to do something that I could share with my friend who has never done yoga but I felt some of the spiritual fundamentals were missing and the focus was mostly physical, which is a preference for some, just not me personally. I did pay a good chunk for the app so that did feel a little disappointing that it didn’t offer the versatility I was looking for. Overall, however, there are certainly more pros to this app than cons. I really enjoy the access to such a wide range of resources including music and especially motivation. I like that you can choose to do a quick run of it where if you were to go to a class you sometimes feel like you’re locked in to that time frame. This offered me the chance to be able to look at what was available and be more apt to do it because you think to yourself “it’s only 20 minutes” or “it’s only 30 minutes” and for someone like me who had really neglected my practice and feel somewhat really rusty now, it’s a great way for me to be forgiving to my body as I get back to my comfort in my practice..Version: 7.30.00

Highly recommendAlways wanted to take up yoga and thought no better time then while training HIIT, I do a session every night before going to bed. I’ve now been practising this for 21 days and the difference it has made to my health and overall well-being is very noticeable, not just personally but by others. After the free trial I purchased the Gold membership and have no regrets. It is one of my best and most important app on my mobile....Version: 6.2.72

Meilleur appli de yogaMeilleur appli de yoga que j’ai essayé..Version: 8.09.11

Test available ​   ‍  Love this app. Helping me keep my sanity without my daily ritual at my local studio. High quality instructors and classes. All the instructors are great so far and there is truly something for everyone - whether you are looking for specific guided instruction, move by move, or simply guidance through a sequence. Creative sequences and appreciate the ability to narrow down the selection to what you are looking for. Only thing I’d like to see is a sort by popularity or instructor. A bit more expensive than others but SO worth it and still much less than a studio (one month for unlimited classes on Daily Yoga is comparable to one class in person). Highly recommend!!!  ‍  ‍   ‍.Version: 8.03.00

Basically have to buy pro BUT WORTH ITI paid for a year of pro for $54 after tax with their amazing discounts they offer to EVERYONE! So while you’ll need to buy it after about a month of consistent practice (you’ll go through all the free trainings I swear) it’s worth the money. Customer support is very quick to respond to emails and get you right back to your yoga routines. I have never had such an amazing experience with a workout app in my life. As a 22yo mom of a toddler I don’t have time to go to the gym, daily yoga has allowed me to do my workouts and stretches in my house with my daughter (who makes me work harder lol) whenever I have time. Their instructors go slowly and explain everything including where you should be feeling the burn if your muscles aren’t used to being worked and I promise there are muscles in your body you barely use and they will BURNNN! In the last 4 months of being a pro member I have lost 30lbs and all I do is eat junk, drink wine and do yoga! BUY THE PRO they also do monthly subs AND STAY CONSISTENT! Amazing app, amazing instructors, amazing routines and options to create your own schedule based on what you’re trying to achieve for your own body. I can go on and on about how great this is..Version: 7.48.01

Absolutely amazing appThis app has taken me from a beginner with very little knowledge and major self confidence and stress related issues to someone with a still (well much stiller) mind and belief in myself as a person. There are so many yoga and meditation sessions on here for people of all levels that I believe anyone will benefit from this if they put some time aside for themselves to do it. There are sessions as short as 10mins so you don't have to overdo it and many sessions are free. Personally I had paid for gold membership (there are loads of deals to do this at a great price) so I have access to everything and I can honestly say that I don’t regret it one bit. I see myself using this app for a long time still to come and have been using it 4-5 times a week for about 6 months already. Thank you for this app. It's helped me change my attitude to my whole life.Version: 8.00.01

Best Yoga App for Beginners-ProsI have back issues and whenever they flair up I can either pick a workout specific to lumbar pain or focus on other areas if I’m having trouble moving my back much. Whatever I want to work on there’s a yoga workout for it which is awesome! No more generalized yoga classes, I can work on flexibility only or core strength training, etc. Each workout tells you what level it is too so if you just want to take is easy then do a low level, or maybe you want to see how well you’d handle an advanced class then you do a higher level. I typically stay at level 3 which is just challenging enough for me without pushing myself too hard. Seriously I love this app whether it’s the free version or the premium, I have the premium which says a lot since I rarely ever pay for an actual app, EVER..Version: 8.02.01

Yoga for everyoneI love this app. You can choose which yoga sessions to do from absolute beginner (like me) to super advanced (not like me!) Best of all there are no in class egos and you follow the videos at your own pace without worrying about what you might look like or who is watching. Thankyou for a wonderful app..Version: 8.09.00

Great AppThis is a great app for beginners and beyond. The sessions are easy to follow and clear instructions. There’s loads of programs to choose from and you can start with simple moves. I was a complete novice when I started and was mostly looking to increase flexibility. I believe this app has helped massively and a definite addition to anyone who trains or just wants to improve health and flexibility. I really enjoy the app and although not a hardcore user I’ve noticed changes and can tell if I’ve had time away not practicing yoga. Namaste!.Version: 7.44.03

Yoga this way is the best for meI'm not an exercise person but know the importance. Doing yoga in my lounge on my own is the best way for me and the benefits are measurable and significant. I checked out a few other apps before I found this one .. I liked this one the most and it's working so well for me.... highly recommended.Version: 6.2.20

Top quality, all-in-one yoga appDaily Yoga has not only got me exercising every single day, but actually loving it! All the classes are well designed with detailed, easy to follow instructions. As you progress through a programme, the pace adjusts to fit you. But this isn’t just your standard yoga app. There are several unique features that set this app apart from every other yoga app available: a growing selection of yoga “Masters’ Workshops” from all the top names in yoga (Boho Beautiful, Sadie Nardini, Daniel Scott...); an audio section with music, guided meditations and yoga tips; private Q&As with experts; a community of yogis from around the world... And so much more! With new features and content continuously being added, I’m excited see what happens next!.Version: 7.6.00

Exercise I enjoy, but I want to choose workshops by yogis I likeBeing able to choose a plan that suits my goals is great. My only gripe is an inability to choose the yogis we like for smart coach when there’s a mixture of the usual pose workouts and workshops. Some yogis feel more like they’re aiming to show off their skills instead of teaching and often branch into more advanced poses when the program selected is beginner to intermediate. I’d like to be able to streamline the workshop section of smart coach so I can feel relaxed while working out instead of being tense, as certain yogis just don’t have the calm, relaxing nature necessary to practise yoga alongside..Version: 7.44.11

Great appFabulous app, excellent range and something for everyone from beginner like me to advanced. Easy to use. Splendid instructors. Love the meditations too..Version: 7.46.00

Great app!Hi! i d just like to say i’ve only used this app one day, but i found it great! i am only 12 but am quite the active child and find yogi helped for my muscles and joints! it certainly it great, is a must try!!.Version: 7.6.00

MotivatingThree weeks! Haven't missed a day;).Version: 8.09.11

Great AppI have tried other yoga apps but keep coming back to this one. I have used it both free and with gold subscription. A lot of content is still available free and you have the ability to earn coins to unlock more content. Paid subscription is better if you are wanting to follow more of the yoga plans available..Version: 7.2.50

Excellente applicationJ’adore, même s’il y a plus de contenu en anglais, j’adore les pratiques :).Version: 8.09.11

​ 1 oh 1 you know what to say‌ ‌‌      This workout app is amazing! It lets you pick what level you think you are (1, 2, or 3). It also lets you pick how long you want your rests to be; how long you want each workout to be. You can always go back and change the times if you want. Best of all it lets you pick music ( it’s actually good music). I really recommend this app! The workouts are really good and they’re very clear with their instructions, they even show you how to do each workout the whole time. Also, it’s free!!! 10/10 recommended!     ‌​.Version: 8.13.00

AwesomeFantastic and really motivating. Heaps of good yoga sessions. Something to suit everyone..Version: 8.06.01

Great for beginnersI decided to try this app along with a few other “free” yoga apps and instantly fell in love with it. I like that I can make customized workouts for focusing on certain goals and each day it focuses on a new area. I ended up getting a membership after a few days cuz this app is motivating me to stay active each day which can be tough as a stay-at-home mom. It also seems to find a good balance of intensity and ease, with explanations as to how to make certain poses easier. This is extremely handy for me since I am about 6months from when I broke an arm and had to have it surgically repaired along with being about a year post pregnancy. I’ve been previous of yoga classes and the like in the past due to skill (lack of it) and price but so far I’m finding this to be a great way to ease into it and find how helpful yoga can be..Version: 7.25.00

50 year old maleI started doing Yoga about 4 months ago. My girlfriend has been practicing Yoga for 20 years and has taught me a great deal. She is from another country and when she had to return suddenly for over a month, I was left to practice on my own. I was lost and started researching Yoga apps. I looked at dozens and tried a few. Daily Yoga came out way on top. I have learned so much about the fundamentals and do something every day. I can’t wait for her to return and see how much I’ve improved. As you might imagine, her workouts are far more advanced than what I’m capable of yet. The key word being, yet. Lol. She does her routines 3 times a week. Now I can work out whenever I want and concentrate on specific areas I need help with. This app is worth every penny for pro memberships. Don’t believe me. Try the free programs out and see how professionally done they are. I love it. Thanks.Version: 6.2.72

Great yoga appI have been using this app for several years. I started off doing the free sessions, then saw a few courses I’d like to do so paid for a subscription. I have now upgraded to the Gold Pro level and am using the Master Coach. This programs sessions for me based on my preferences. I am really enjoying this as it is making sure that I work the different parts of my body, as well as have a couple of days of relaxation each week. It has been a great resource during lockdowns when I haven’t been able to attend classes..Version: 7.44.11

Subscribe, it’s worth itTons of options in this app. I’m a yoga beginner and really enjoying the flexibility offered by this app.Version: 8.10.02

Simple et efficaceAdapté selon mes besoins. Simple, efficace, dynamique, interface agréable. Démonstrations bien expliquées et présentées..Version: 8.10.02

J’adoreJ’ai pris l’abonnement pour un an, ça vaut vraiment la peine, c’est une application vraiment super. Je fais de la fibromyalgie sévère et c’est très bien adapté. Et je vais renouveler 🙏.Version: 8.10.02

AwesomeDefinitely strengthens my lower back.Version: 7.49.03

GoodI was always skeptical of yoga apps like this as I felt they wouldn’t give me good yoga. I started using this app, and the exercises are some that I wouldn’t have ever thought to do, despite being calisthenics, they worked me out enough to feel more fit. It’s not an app I’d use as a replacement for going to the gym, but it is a good way to stay in shape. Most of the yoga are pretty short but they work you (if you chose it to). You can also choose a lighter yoga that suits you too. Overall, it’s a simple app that surprisingly will get you back in shape, couple it with some running and you’ll be good.".Version: 8.12.00

Great app, confusing menuUpdate - the app UI seems to have been updated and is more clear now. Changed the rating from 4 to 5 stars. Great yoga app! I am a beginner at yoga. The workouts are great, the voice guiding and videos are amazing too, but the menu is so confusing. Just as a feedback for developers: there is so much content on the app and its really hard to navigate, I spent 4 days of using this until I figured out how to continue with my started exercises. Literary, every day I go back and try to figure out how to simply go on with my exercise. Feels like a bonus problem solving training 😂 Honestly, it is so confusing to navigate in this app that I literary pushed myself to try out an exercises before I was going to delete it initially when I first downloaded the app. And I am glad I did, because as I mentioned the content is great. However, I assume that many people might just not give it a chance after spending a couple of confused minutes when they first download the app. And that is the only reason I took out a star, other than that it is the best yoga app I have tried so far 👌🏼.Version: 7.50.01

Life changing!I have just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 20 years old and was told that Yoga would be a good exercise for me to try. I researched my apps and this one seemed to be the best free one on offer. Last week I couldn’t walk, so I was a bit worried about starting Yoga in case it was too much for me to be trying, but the beginners workout is just fine! I have never felt so relaxed in my life and actually been able to feel all of my muscles engaging in the specific exercises! I love that there is an on-screen reference for when you’re not sure what to do, but the narration is very helpful and relaxed as well. I’m glad this connects to the Apple Health App too, and I can record my workouts, calories and mindfulness minutes through it. This is only Day 1 but I am going to become a Yogi, I just know it! My walking was better and stronger after my first session as well. Thank you SO much for this app!.Version: 7.18.00

Fabulous appIve been practicing for several years, albeit at a beginner/intermediate level. I’ve never before paid for an app, but after using the free version of this (which is pretty good in itself) I decided to go pro. I’m glad that I did. The range of schedules/classes is brilliant and I like the way that the app is laid out. It’s easy to find suitable classes to suit your needs, and the community and challenge aspects keep you motivated. I would recommend to anyone starting out or those looking to further their practice..Version: 7.40.11

Great appI’m a complete beginner to yoga, and to exercise in general. This app has been great, I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. The free sessions have been amazing and I was looking into paying for a subscription to unlock further programmes as I have pretty much exhausted the free ones now. The only reason I have awarded this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I have looked into the pro subscription, and all information about the app suggests there is a silver and gold pro subscription. I wanted to try the silver pro and see if this unlocks enough for what I am looking for, but I cannot find anywhere on the app where I can see the price for this or subscribe to this? I’ve looked absolutely everywhere but the only option it gives me is gold pro for which I do not particularly want to spend the extra money yet as I’m not sure I would get the use of of it only being a beginner..Version: 7.29.10

Recommended for beginnersFinally an app with proper beginner instructional videos. While most yoga videos make me feel useless, like I’ll never be flexible enough for this yoga thing, these videos are truly for beginners. Now I am actually practicing yoga, daily, at a level that I can actually happily and comfortably do. I’ve become a daily yogi all thanks to this app. And it’s free so what more could you ask for.Version: 7.7.00

GoodGood app, decent price for a yearly subscription, good exercises and variety of content, you can take a group of sessions over your selected amount of days, or make up your own sessions using individual poses. I have one complaint, that I’ve marked 1 star down for, the narrator for the poses etc, you can have the voice on or off, but you can’t select which voice, and I really do find some of the narration voices annoying, but I need the voice on to hear the instructions, if I could select a voice this would save me getting stressed out as their voice grinds on my nerves - not great when you are trying to relax into stretches etc, apart from that, it’s great!.Version: 7.41.00

Love it !I hateeeee exercising, I hate the gym and those apps that think you are a pro because their routines are super hard ! I’ve been practicing yoga almost every day for 2 months now. I started looking for something that will help my shoulder and neck pain. After massages, chiropractors and even SWEAT app, Nothing worked for me. I couldn’t even lift my arms I was in a lot of pain (I still have pain some days but nothing like before). I’m so happy, I think I finally found an activity that I like, that doesn’t take 1-2 hours and that’s made for normal people. Thank you so much Daily Yoga! I also feel less stressed and worried about things that I can’t change. I’m still have a long way to go because I’m super Level 1 lol But I hope I can eventually get to do all those amazing figures..Version: 7.11.00

Great app; great experience!I’ve been using this app for just over a year now. In the beginning I could barely hold poses and could only sustain 10 minutes of practice, before becoming exhausted, but I kept at it. The pose library also helped, giving me the tools I needed to review and practice poses as necessary. Although I didn’t use the community feature often, I also enjoyed the fact that other yogis left me encouraging feedback. They kept me going! The best feature of the app is that when I became ill and provided daily feedback in the app, the exercises offered by the smart coach adjusted accordingly, so I didn’t have to miss a day of practice. I’ve lost 20 pounds, have toned up in some areas and feel great! Yoga is now a 30-40 minute, daily habit and I couldn’t be more pleased..Version: 8.09.00

GoodVery clean easy to use app.Version: 6.2.72

Home YogiI got this app because with a young family I couldn’t get to classes but needed my yoga more than ever! I’ve found it to be fantastic value, I like that the classes are generally 15-30 minutes long, so I can squeeze one in nearly every day, and I especially like that I can target particular challenges eg flexibility or back stretches, according to what my body is telling me. I find the leader board aspect a little odd, given that yoga is so non-competitive and I don’t see that minutes practiced in any given week or month are reflective of overall practice or even well being, but some may find it helps with motivation perhaps, so all good :) Namaste!.Version: 7.27.00

Awesome          I NEVER write reviews but I had too! I am 22 years old I’m a disabled veteran with 80% disability and I haven’t had much luck through the VA with consistent help with joint pains and aches and I LOVE this! I’ve always been interested in yoga but never really knew what to do and all the apps are so expensive but I was lucky enough to catch the yearly subscription at 80% off and only had to pay $40 (43 Total) to get a year and 2 months of unlimited access to everything! 🤯🤯🤯 I just wish it was always $40 because I probably won’t be able to pay the full amount next year but imma do my best because it’s worth every penny! They have a test you can do before you start to see how flexible and strong you are then they base the workouts off of that and the beginner yoga is a breeze I did an hours worth the first night and almost finished a whole weeks workouts !  And if you don’t have the money     ‍ .Version: 8.00.01

Pretty goodGreat. Although a big jump from beginners basics to intermediate..Version: 7.17.00

I love.‌     I suffer from major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder. Daily Yoga has became my safe haven and has helped me so much. I love that it has an option for reminders to push me to get up and use this as a healthy coping method. It shows you how to do the poses, and has different levels of difficulty as well as different work outs specific to what you are looking for. I start my day with the morning yoga and end it with the bedtime yoga. It has so many different yoga classes to choose from. You pick one, and it shows a mini display of what to do and give you a countdown. I like to listen to the music & her countdown but you can turn them off. They have different levels to choose from. They keep track of your workouts. If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga but are scared to do it in front of a whole class with a bunch of people this is literally a lifesaver. And honestly        ‌ .Version: 7.48.01

My motivationAfter being away from any type of workout for a couple of years due to my recovery from an illness, I decided to download Daily Yoga and it’s been my saviour. I often fall into the recovery mindset and rest when I should be doing some form of exercise, but knowing that I have a program to stick to and that I’ve purchased full access, it gives me that boot up the behind which is what I need. Videos are easy to watch, the app is simple to navigate and there is a mix of levels so you don’t feel the pressure at being a bendy elastic band straight away. Thank you 🙏.Version: 7.26.00

Love!!So relaxing! such a good app! I’ve never being into doing yoga regularly because I could never fit it in to my daily routine. But this app helped me get into doing yoga regularly. For me, I find that it’s really good in the mornings before work. I wake up just a little bit earlier to use it. It is so perfect. The guide is amazing so if you don’t know what your doing like me when I started just click beginner and they talk you through it. I love this app and use it everyday!.Version: 7.7.00

Love itDefinitely the best yoga app out there.Version: 6.2.53

I feel more alive than ever and I’m only 12 !!!I have the free version at the moment and its awesome I feel more alive than ever ..... Im 12 and I bought myself a yoga mat because there are 5 kids in my family who all want to lie down when we watch a movie so I bought my self a mat for when I get kicked off the mat..... because of this I started to do some yoga moves in the morning but could never do them properly and I only knew 2 or 3 so I downloaded this app . I have downloaded others before probably about 10 and so far this is the best o would recommend it to anyone interested in yoga ..Version: 6.2.40

Best yoga app everLove this app so much and has help me get to the places I want to be 👍🏻.Version: 6.2.20

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