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Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards app received 159 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about quizlet: ai-powered flashcards?

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Quizlet: AI-powered Flashcards for Positive User Reviews

Review from a first year medical studentQuizlet is a great resource to use to study. I use it to rote learn, e.g. for things such as anatomy and physiology, basic facts and processes. It could be a bit better by allowing more flexibility with creating flash cards, instead of just having the term/definition format, but all in all it is very helpful and allows you to connect to other peoples’ flash cards on the same topics as yours..Version: 7.3

GreatOverall, Quizlet has really helped me to study things over the years. It is much simpler and way more satisfying to create digital flash cards to revise with. The match feature inspires you to learn the definitions while having fun and competing with friends. Absolutely the best study app out there. 100/5 stars rating..Version: 5.0.2

Amazing app.. Read my review!!😚Ok so,, i had been struggling a bit with school, and with this app, I was literally able to double them! It has everything you need to study, you can create your own flashcards, or you can choose to use other people’s! And the best of all is that it’s free! I’ve never come across such a good study app,, you don’t even need to use it for school! You can learn new languages and There are a lot of quizzes for like general culture and stuff like that! I hope you take my advice and download this app, because it really is worth it! Have fun!! 🤩.Version: 5.17

5 stars :DThis app is amazing! There’s so many things in here that are helpful to learn in general and to help you prepare for tests, I definitely recommend this!.Version: 7.35

XavierIt is really cool to study.Version: 8.11.1

Love this app! Just a few recommendations...This app is so helpful with studying and I 100% recommend to anyone who has classes with lots of vocabulary and/or study guides and tests. I have multiple devices that I use to study (iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc.) and I have noticed that you can only move the terms up/down on the computer. I would prefer to be able to do this on all devices, especially when I’m on the go. When moving terms, you have to do it manually... I advice the programmers to add a feature where you can have a drop down page where you can move it to a specific place immediately, rather than having the ability to only move it manually. When you have two of the same term, quizlet let’s you know. I think it would be much more productive to shoes in setting if you want to be notified if you have two of the same terms, definitions, or completely duplicated information. I have mistaken the alert notifying me of duplicate terms for alerting me for multiple of the same exact thing. Of course, like I said before, I love this app, and besides these tiny mishaps I recommend it to all looking for a productive study..Version: 5.3.1

AMAZING!Quizlet has helped me to memorise so many things for various subjects. i’ve used these flash cards for formulas in math to phrases in french! this app really helps me to get a good grade on tests. i love it! ❤️.Version: 3.20

Long term learning??I’ve used Quizlet a lot in the past few years, and it has really helped me through my GCSEs. I love the layout and design of the website and I feel like that helps me to learn. However I have just a few points that I think would make it even better: • I’m considering getting quizlet plus as well, yet I’ve seen many complaints about the long-term learning feature being taken away. After looking up what it was, I agree with this. Spaced repetition etc. is the best way of learning for me as it’s a way to really engrave it in your memory, and I don’t particularly understand why it has been removed? I feel like if it was still there I would definitely purchase quizlet plus, but now I’m really unsure. • Also, on the app on my phone, the flash cards have a setting that means if I didn’t get the answer right, I can click ‘study again’. I love this and it’s so helpful, but it doesn’t exist in the desktop version! I like to use my computer whilst revising, so I’d really appreciate if this was added. Thank you!.Version: 6.4.1

Great app ✌️Awesome app definitely helps me!!.Version: 3.9

Mouais. Pas de respect pour les quêtes.5 étoiles si les quêtes copiaient pas celles de Duolingo..Version: 8.13

Good flash card app, irritating subscription modelI have been enjoying using Quizlet, which has been helping me begin to learn a new language. It has been easy to move between devices, and it is certainly aiding my progress. However, as with many other apps, the very expensive subscription model it offers - which is required even for offline learning (handy on the Tube), irregardless of other features - lets it down overall. I would be very happy to pay a one off charge, even into double figures, as a way of accessing useful extra features, and to recompense the app makers for all the hard work that has doubtless gone into, and continues to go into, it. However, a subscription model that costs £30/40 a year is far too much. I shall keep my money, meaning the app makers lose out, and content myself with the freely available features of this otherwise excellent app. App makers, I doubt I’m the only person who thinks this way! Please do something to address it, and perhaps increase your profits, as well as increasing customer satisfaction!.Version: 6.1

Great!!Great to study.Version: 3.2

NicholasFun and easy way to prep for an exam! Super quick way to remember things..Version: 5.3.1

REVIEWThis app is very good, but i find the website more efficient.Version: 5.16

Hi I wannaHi nanny and if I had a big pxp I was gonna I was just going into the house with my mom I just got lost internet I was going on the Christmas break and I’m going to to give you the Christmas presents to my mom and she is doing a good thing she has no.Version: 4.42

PLEASE READThis is a great app BUT I have a lot of flash cards and I want to search for my flash card that I have. Please add a search bar.Version: 3.4

AMAZINGThis app is amazing, it honestly makes studying fun. And it really helps to structure your studying. Makes it super easy to prepare for assessments, I can learn all of the vocabulary words I need in 20 minutes. I highly recommended downloading this app. I know so many people who use this app and love it..Version: 8.9

Lifesaver - the best study appHonestly Quizlet is the best tool for studying I have ever tried. I have used it for GCSEs, A-Level and even now at university I still use it and it’s never stopped being fantastic. Perfect for vocabulary words but also I put basically all my information onto flashcards for subjects like geography and I can remember them so well with the help of Quizlet. It’s so easy and quick to make sets of cards, so even if I just need to quickly go over, say, the names and key points of my readings, I can make it and start studying it within 10 mins. It’s so useful to have on your phone too and you don’t even need WiFi if you’ve opened up the card set before you leave the house so it’s perfect for last minute stress relief study on the train into school. Quizlet saved my grades honestly..Version: 4.23

?????!!!!!This new update it’s screwing everything up? I hate how the entire page gets filled up to put your definitions/terms. And on top of that sometimes the terms appear in the definitions and the definitions appear in the terms ?????? What the actual heck man?????? FIX ASAP i have 2 midterms I’m prepping for for next week, i need this fixed. I’m so stressed, and this app screwing up is the last thing i need rn.Version: 4.26.1

Amazing app for learning and studyingAs someone who struggles with ADD, I personally think that this app is great for learning a topic and studying for tests and exams. As an added bonus, not much is locked behind Quizlet Plus, making it much easier to get everything done. Creating study sets is also very easy. Would highly recommend to anyone in grade school to high school..Version: 6.6

Awesome app! But could you add a feature?I am learning spanish, and I have a flash card set with all of my vocabulary with 300+ words, and then sometimes, when I’m using my flash cards, I realise I made a mistake or put something that isn’t true in a flashcard, so It can be quite hard to go through all those cards to try and find the one I’m looking for, so it would be awesome If you added a little search box, so you can find the card you’re searching for by either searching the term or definition, that would be great! Thanks!.Version: 7.4

It’s great but...It’s great but I would prefer it if there were more learning modes, I really love learning German ,it’s amazing, but sometimes the modes provided aren’t enough to get me exactly to grips with the info given. Another thing that I noticed a lot was that they have absolutely no lenience, if I miss a capital letter I automatically get it wrong they don’t give me a second chance to notice my mistake, or if I’m wrong they don’t let me review it so I can recognise my mistakes by myself. If you could add this it would be really helpful because it would help me be able to spot my mistakes and be able to notice them before I submit my work in to my teachers at school and during exams. Thank you 👌😊 love the app.Version: 5.10

Great with one glaring, obnoxious (and easily fixed) flawQuizlet is a life-saver for studying, especially when in a crunch and you need to get terms down really fast. The app is simple and works really quickly and well. Quizlet Plus appears to be well worth the money, although I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. I like how it’s an option but the company doesn’t shove it down your throat all the time *coughGooglecough* But it has own glaring and super annoying flaw: the “I made a typo!” in Learn mode button is tiny!! It’s so easy to miss, and if you do miss it, there’s no going back — the algorithm thinks you don’t know that card for the rest of that Learn cycle. I really hate this, because it’s a huge waste of my time to go over a card that I know but just typed wrong. And it’d be a really easy fix; just use the same button as the “Check it” button and size it down a bit. The old Learn didn’t have this problem, just saying. And quick suggestion: it’d be really nice if we could follow other users to know when they made a new set..Version: 3.17

Quizlet Makes Studying Easier and More EffectiveQuizlet is part of the reason I am able to maintain a 4.0 college gpa! I find that simply the act of creating my flash card sets familiarizes me with the material enough that I will only have to review it a few times before the test. Flash card sets are a great way to organize the information that is actually important for the test and by having it on an app, you can look over flash cards anytime you have five minutes! I love that I can add photos to note cards! The only thing I wish is that I could put the photo on the “term”side instead of the “definition” side so that when I am studying my flash cards by term, I am shown the photo and prompted to give the indicated answer. I also wish you could have more than one diagram per study set and that there was a way to study multiple sets combined together or to bulk-edit the notecards, such as splitting one set into two separate sets by simply checking the cards you wanted to “transfer” to a new set..Version: 4.14.1

Life saverI broke my dominant arm and was struggling to study until I found this gem. Great for broken bones folks!.Version: 4.3

Quizlet is the best!I’ve been using quizlet for three years now and I have always been able to count on it to study for my tests and quizzes. You can even make your own study sets if there isn’t a set already made for you to study. I sometimes go one quiz let for fun, and I look up random quizzes to test my iq and it’s just really fun and reliable to use. You can make your own account and make quizzes for others to use to, not just for you. There is quizlet go and premium quizlet that you can pay for to get extra fun things to do on quizlet! I love using quizlet sooooooooooooooo much and I would definitely recommend you to use it because it’s just super helpful and makes studying for tests and quizzes REALLY fun!!!!!!@!@!! Love y’all and thanks for reading this. Whoever is reading this is a really beautiful person and you deserve to be loved and cared for. You are special in your own unique way and you should love yourself for that. Sending love to those who read this and hope that you get and enjoy using quizlet! Love you beautiful people!!! 🤪🥰😘.Version: 5.8

Clutch aye effuhSuper duper wuper awesomesies!!!.Version: 8.12

Amazing app, has helped me with my studies os much!This is an awesome app and has helped me passed all my high school tests. It has so many mode that you can choose to customise your learning. You can follow other people and do the quizzes or you can make your own. Has everything from flashcards to practise tests..Version: 4.15.1

Fantastic app, only a couple of tweaks neededI’m a language student so this is ideal as a learning and revision tool for my French and Spanish. I always feel like I forget key vocabulary and phrases etc when working through my course but this is a really easy way for me to compile those key terms and get them to actually sink in. The price does seem steep at first but it’s not much when you divide it across the whole year and in my opinion is worth it. My only complaint is that when I scan a document I can only add one word/phrase at a time to one flashcard, but it would be really helpful to be able to create multiple flash cards at once when highlighting multiple words, or maybe there’s already a way to do that and I’m just dumb, but I can’t seem to do it. And I’ve also noticed that when I’ve tested myself, the app will mark one of my answers wrong when it was actually right, and supply me with an incorrect answer... I’ve noticed this a couple of times in the few weeks I’ve been using the app, I check my cards set to make sure it’s not an error on my part and it’s not, so that perhaps needs to be looked at. But overall this is a brilliant app, clean interface and easy to use, a fantastic revision tool..Version: 4.43

Amazing app for studying, though a few annoying bitsAs a student, the ability to search up almost any subject on Quizlet and revise it in a variety of different ways, free, is incredible. I mostly use Quizlet to help my learn Spanish, and I’ve just created my first study set - which is a great and very easy to use feature by the way - HOWEVER, although you can study the flash cards in the set you make as much as you want, there are some study techniques such as “Learn” which it only lets you use a number of times before you have to pay for premium to use them! It’s a shame as this is the only feature I would want to pay for premium for and I’m debating wether the purchase is worth it or not. Otherwise, an amazingly designed and (mostly) free app. Would recommend..Version: 7.5

Great study toolVery affordable, love that you can download sets as I live in an area where internet/service is sparse. Good improvements over time. The only thing I would like changed at the moment is to set the term/definition permanently. I can set it for the set currently in use but it reverts to default once the set is done or the app is closed..Version: 4.24

Amazing Great for Studying!!!First of all this app is amazing! So what I did was an experiment with the app. Well for starters I am a Sophomore in High-school, and I have been using the app since 8th grade. So, for the experiment, every other test I used the app and the others I didn’t. I noticed that when I used my normal notes I did ok on the test, but I knew I could surely do better. On tests I did not use the app to study for, I would make around a high “C” or low “B”. While when I studied using the app I would make a high “B” to an “A”. I know that some of you are thinking why would a 10th grader take this risk for their grade in classes, but at my school you can retake every test you take once. You can only retake if you have lower than a 89% and that is the highest “B” possible. So it wasn’t a big risk because the day I would get my grades back, the same night I would go home a study again but using Quiz-let. And I would more than likely get an “A”. So I really recommend this app. Every since I started using the app, I became an all “A” student and that occasional one “B”..Version: 4.7

Great but data entry is an issue.For anything with complex definitions or answers this is a nightmare because you have to add them all in via the iPad rather than computer. Having it available on Mac would make it a lot easier to input large banks of questions I.e. my current need is for around 25 sets with at least 75 questions in each..Version: 3.9

Bought this by mistake.. happy accident!!I am learning Spanish and music theory and was looking for something to assist with drilling vocabulary and learning in general. I bought this on holiday and never got around to using it much and forgot I was on a week long trial. So when I got an invoice for purchasing the full programme I was quite annoyed with myself. However, now that I had it, I made an effort to really dig in and find out how to use it. This is a really excellent app, with a small learning curve to figure it out, but definitely worth the effort to get there. I use it every day and it is really helping. Really happy accident!.Version: 7.32

Best app ever!!App helps me revise or learn my Japanese. I have very few minutes during the week due to sport to study. Quizlet helps me learn sentence structures and Japanese words in a matter of minutes. Best function of this app is learn and match. Learn helps you get on top of the structures or words. Match is a fun way to learn and you can vs your friends. Overall best app for learning a language or studying for any other subjects..Version: 5.6

Perfect for personalised learningThe main thing I like about this app is that you can personalise your learning. You can create your own sets of cards and put them in certain folders (very good for organisation) and you can format it how you want. For example if you’re learning Japanese and you write down kanji, you can choose to put the hiragana next to it or not. You can also listen to the responses that are written so it’s very good when you’re tired or travelling. I love also checking out other peoples lists, especially the ones from teachers. The premium version is also great, I love adding pictures and having smart learning mode on. Overall very helpful app that is user friendly, customisable, personalised and a great way to help with whatever you may be learning, studying or revising!.Version: 7.1

Good, but...Quizlet is a very helpful flash cards app and I’ve used it for tests, exams and personal use. The design is clean and it runs smoothly for the most part. You can use other people’s card decks or create your own, and you can edit your profile. Even without premium, it’s easy and useful to use. It also has dark mode, which is great. My only wish is that you could use your own decks offline. It’s pretty annoying that I can’t access the decks I spent 10+ minutes creating to study without WiFi, especially when I have a test or exam coming up. Other than that, though, I definitely recommend Quizlet for school or personal use. There are some interesting decks made by other people, maybe you’ll learn something new..Version: 4.32

QuizletIt is a really helpful app and it helps you with reading listening and writing, for example I have learned a lot more french and it has really helped me to spell the words correctly. I found it slightly confusing to start of with because it wasn’t as simple as I thought but now I have got the hang of it I will probably be on it 24/7. I am hoping to use this app all throughout secondary school and to pass GCSE’s and A levels. I will also keep using it for as long as I live because it can help you with anything, whenever you want. I don’t normally write reviews but considering this app is so great I couldn’t not write one..Version: 4.29

One of the best ways to study!Flash cards can be so tedious, messy, and time consuming, but not with Quizlet! If you have a test coming up fast, or a pop quiz the next day, Quizlet is the perfect way to fire up some flash cards and start studying right away. You can share flash cards with friends, find other people’s, or see if your teacher has any straight from the course material. If you find drilling the easiest way to memorize, Quizlet is for you as it is fast, portable, and helpful. There is a premium version but they do have quite a bit to use on its on, such as one free practice test and learn session, as well as a matching game and endless flash cards. A great interface with good free and paid options..Version: 8.11.1

Overall Great App with Room for ImprovementQuizlet gets the job done of a flash card app and goes beyond with intelligent, cool study features. One simple, big win improvement you could make is to allow sorting alphabetically when editing a flash card set. I have some sets with 200 terms that have no pre-planned order. I just add words as I discover them. If I want to make an addition or update, I have to scroll through a randomly-ordered list, searching for the right one to edit. I’ve also experienced a bug where, during editing, a term I’ve newly added will disappear and I’ll have to re-add it. This often happens when switching to other apps before saving by tapping “Done” while the app remains open in the background. I usually switch back and forth from Safari to reference my sources and check that I’m filling out my terms correctly. The app remains open and it’s usually just a few seconds of switching so the data should persist during that process and not drop any terms..Version: 6.23

Good for study especially if you write cards yourselfLove this app, especially the read aloud feature. Would be perfect with a feature where you could flag a card during study/flashcard mode to go back and fix after. Sometimes there is a mistake or misspelling or the card is in the wrong set and then I can’t find the card after !.Version: 4.43

Worth upgrading- GROW UPFantastic program, and at only £1 a MONTH to upgrade to quizlet go and use offline/ have no ads/ be able to create diagrams, it’s a no-brainer. I see people complaining about not being able to study sets offline on the free version but tbh you’re getting such a good program for FREE you can’t afford to complain. I’ve seen a lot of reviews slating quizlet for not being able to study offline even though these people usually like to mention that they’ve been using the app for years- years of using a free app to benefit yourself then complaining when they ask for £1 a month to keep it running?? Then saying that quizlet is making money off students ? No, you’re the ones using quizlet for personal gain - they are not “monetising” off you, grow up. If you really can’t afford £1 a month then I suggest you get on the phone to the council..Version: 4.16

Too goodIt’s pretty cool and nice and fun very cool boys get the app or don’t it’s a great app #free advertisement.Version: 5.11.1

This is the secretIf you want to do well in life (not just study), this is it. Learning ANYTHING is done by recalling, and Quizlet helps you do just that efficiently by recalling only what you need to learn (starred cards). Universities and high schools should offer this to all students! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Version: 3.13

Used to love itThe app is a really really good study tool, especially for learning vocabulary for different languages. At school we put all the words we need for the unit and study them until they stick, but lately this has become much harder due to the new updates. In Learn, they only have one multiple choice and one spelling question before they deem that you master it. If you have recently had the question or fluke it, you can’t revise the same word before you finish the whole set. This means that students often forget the words without enough repetition. I have resorted to repeating Learn twice, or three times before I ‘actually’ learn the vocabulary. Because of that, I’m taking a star off..Version: 5.20

This app is a lifesaverQuizlet rocks! I use it to study for all my exams, and the best part is that you don’t have to lug around a bunch of flashcards everywhere. You can make your own study sets, look at other people that are studying the same thing, and you can invite people you know to join your class. You can share your flashcards and study them together. My friends and I have been doing that—we have a class, and we divide up the flashcard-making and then share them so we don’t have to make a gazillion flashcards. Also, if you’re really competitive (which I definitely am) they have some really fun and cool games to help you practice, and you can try to beat your friends’ score. The “Learn” setting is really effective; it focuses on the things you need to practice and also introduces newer cards. This app is basically everything you need to ace your exams and tests all in one place. No more taking binders, folders, backpacks, and index card boxes to the library for me!😂.Version: 4.16

I loveeeeeeeWhen I tell y’all you can find the answer to anything on quizlet even those courses and subjects that aren’t even common. Dmv Answers and all that. I started My Freshman year the year the pandemic hit and i already go to an online school but the teachers barely be helping and with the work overload I was struggling keeping up and actually learning so my tenth grade year i thought i was for sure done for and i wasn’t gonna pass but i decided to keep using quizlet to get me through the year and it really is god sent!! Especially those who put the sets and classes and answers on quizlet are god sent!! I can find so many answers on quizlet and i can work ahead instead of falling behind. My Junior Now (Aug 2022) and I’m gonna keep using quizlet and studying and working ahead even when i get a job, i’m gonna be working way ahead so i won’t have to think about my school work. Just can’t wait till I graduate in a year and a half lol..Version: 7.1

BrilliantThis has made absorbing terminology in particular much easier. Not only using exisiting study sets but creating my own has enabled me to digest information even more permanently. The tests and the match game has been particularly useful. Highly recommended to anyone studying!.Version: 5.9

Great app but have some problemsThis app is great for school! I use it all the time since it’s versatile for every subject. I use it especially for languages as it’s very good at helping learn words. However i do have some improvements that i would hope that the creators take into consideration, even if it’s unlikely. Firstly, i don’t like how when i’m learning words/phrases it gives me roughly 20-30 of them in the learning process at any given time, which is quite overwhelming and confusing. Secondly, a process where you could search your cards when editing to make adjustments would be helpful; this would also come into searching for sets in general. Another is when reminding me to study for a test it always and only reminds me at roughly 7am every morning. This is inconvenient as at that point i am getting ready for school and don’t have time to revise. I recommend maybe switching up the times for reminders or allowing users to set a preferred time. On that note another idea would be for users to be able to create a revision time table where they can be reminded to go over certain sets of cards..Version: 4.27.1

Really great! - but can be improvedI love how I can find my class, and the sets have already been created. It would be great to see an option where you could be tested on more than one set, as it is easy to recall the answers for a given set, but would be much more effective if tested on multiple at a given time..Version: 4.33.1

Great just needs some refiningAlways use this app and it has helped me tremendously! Some modifications that I think could help this app become 5 stars: - When editing flash card list, add an option to manually search for the term you want to edit. Presently very difficult to refine existing terms if you have a lengthy flash card list. - Be able to manually arrange flash card lists in a folder. If you have multiple units for a subject and a list for each, you are unable to organise them into chronological order within the folder which creates disorganisation - Be able to manually select multiple flashcards lists to revise together. Would help a lot with consolidation of linked topics..Version: 6.6

App freezeThis App freeze issue has been there for several months..Version: 6.10

GreatQuizlet is a very useful software for learning and reviewing words, I use it at all time..Version: 4.29.1

Great but needs some tweakingI love this app and it helps me study and ‘ace my tests’. The only thing I would say is that it could do with some more intelligence. For example if you take a language test and you spell a word slightly wong, it should be able to pick up that it is correct. Finally, I use this app to study Mandarin Chinese and I find the learn feature good, if it weren’t for the unnecessary ‘write’ questions where you just copy the pinyin shown to you into a Chinese keyboard. Perhaps a good idea for this app is to sync it with a translation software and/or better artificial intelligence. Overall though, this app is fantastic..Version: 4.17.1

Highly recommend 🤩Such a good app, it allows you to set everything up your own way and it’s so easy to use. I love it because it’s got everything you need to revise and you can do it step by step how you like it, also has helped me so much as it lets you make the flash cards but it helps with making the answer perfect as well. I downloaded it as I had a test that I really wanted to pass then I have just used it ever since and it’s really lifted my grades up and has really helped me understand knowledge better and allow me to notice what I’m doing. I find it very hard to revise but this is fun! Also just laying in bed with half of an hour on this is amazing and it does really get you the marks especially with doing a test on the app also yeah it has really changed how I learn and it’s for the good..Version: 4.39

Would be helpful to edit cards while in quiz modeGreat app. Would be helpful to be able to edit the card while you’re in quiz mode, so you can correct spelling mistakes or reorder bullet points etc.Version: 5.15.2

Absolutely Recommend! 👍This app is very useful! I use this for school when revising for tests, quizzes, and just studying in general. If you have a lot to review, it might take you a while to write down all the questions and answers. But after you’re done, Quizlet provides many simple but useful ways to review, learn, or study what you have written down, making it worth your while. If you did not have to pay to review offline, I would be completely satisfied with this studying app. I wouldn’t use 3$ every month for school since studying isn’t vital for my age, but if I could, I definitely would! It’s affordable for everyone, but if it was free, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it. 👍 I cannot speak any highly of this studying app! It has proved very helpful and useful during school. I definitely recommend this for people who haven’t found a study habit yet, have a lot of homework, tests, quizzes, or studying to do. Thank you, creators of Quizlet, for making this app! ♥️♥️.Version: 4.24.1

Cannot give it enough praiseHonestly I always use this app to study with when I need to remember my French or the definition of a science term. The ‘learn’ feature helps me the most. I also use the tests after I finish the learn feature although when I do my tests I tend to get rid of all the features except writing, and I also make it instant evaluation. Sorry if I’m rambling. I honestly didn’t think it was that good at the start but it’s really effective if you do the learn and test feature..Version: 5.14

Great program, one request..Is it possible to set a delay between question and answer when the cards are playing as audio? At present it’s great for studying on your commute, but you only get about 3 seconds to answer, so not great for training longer or more difficult answers..Version: 7.34

This app is amazingI think this app is great and has a range of techniques that you can use to practise and learn definitions and key words. I use this most days to remember the topics that I’ve learnt by using the individual categories that you can access: spell, Listen, test ,or go on short games to help. You can also create your own flash cards which whenever you need to jog your memory, you can flick through the cards and what I love about this app is that you don’t have to write the key words and definitions out on a pice if paper which saves lots of time. Overall I rate this app 4/5 as sometimes it could help you more by maybe adding parts of how it could help you learn the words more efficiently..Version: 4.19.1

Amazing but I have concernsI have been using quizlet for my language studies for nearly a year now. It’s so efficient and simple. Although I have a couple concerns that the creators should do something about. First of all, I have a virus blocker. And when i go to edit my terms and click “done” when i’m finished, my virus blocker says “We’ve blocks a threat from being downloaded”. This isn’t as much an issue for me because of the blocker, but for others who have used their card info to pay for quizlet plus, this could be a serious concern. Additionally, can you please remove the scheduled review. I can’t skip it because the skip button does nothing, nor will it let me review all my flash cards when this option is on. When i try to skip through it all, it then gets me stuck on a page i can’t escape. I have seen another complaint about this on reddit. It does affect my ability to learn, and i end up having to completely recreate my set to avoid this occurrence; which i have done 4 times now. Please let me know if anyone else has had this issue as it is extremely frustrating, especially when I’m paying monthly to have extra additions on the app. Aside from those problems the app is great and I would definitely recommend..Version: 8.10

It’s greatIt helps me review stuff and makes it easier for tests and exams kinda wish the other stuff was free but overall good.Version: 8.12

Te Reo - MāoriFantastic app! Although, it’s a shame to see Te Reo has not been introduced as a course. There appears to be a large crowd requesting this on many platforms..Version: 4.20

Student perspectiveI love this app, wished I would’ve used it sooner for my studies. Obviously you can write out your own flash cards etc but the convenience of having it on the go is just too efficient. I use quizlet to not forget what I learn in my subjects. If you don’t know active recall and spaced learning is the greatest way to study, I legit have been doing it 4 weeks out from externals and yea shoulda done it earlier. But quizlet allows me to practice active recall and space it out. 100% recommend any student or person that wants an aid in learning, and the best part about it is that it’s 100% free, apart from the bonus features... Though where I can see improvements for the platform would be: 1) better arrangement of the sets you create BASED upon an active recall and spaced learning system. Atomi does this well, but it’s like when you complete a set, you get notifications for when you haven’t done it in a while etc and basic methods of daily reminder, to weekly and so on... would take more algorithms and heavy coding I imagine but aye that’s ultimate value I see it this.Version: 5.3.1

Amazing!So easy and convenient to use if youre self studying. Great tool for revision..Version: 5.7.2

Good butIt is a good app, but it has a lot of bugs. Please make it has less bugs and stuff..Version: 4.17.1

Great for people who hate studyingI never studied, but when I got introduced to quizlet from my Japanese class, I started too. The quizlet app is amazing for learning languages, but I also use for my other subjects like science. I love that you can generate a test. But I don’t like how there are some many adds for quizlet pro. You don’t need it. Quizlet is fine with out it..Version: 4.18

😁Love it. This is a great app that co-teaches you another language 😀..Version: 4.15.1

Great app but could use one major improvement (audio insert)This app is great as it has many amazing features but for language learners listening to a word using audio files is extremely important. Unfortunately this feature is only available for Quizlet on a computer which is a shame for those who do not have access. This would improve learning efficiently as it is a vital skill to have for learning languages and other topics..Version: 7.11

QUIZLET REVIEW- GREAT APPGreat app! Helps me learn Chinese 100%- got 5 different modes but ‘learn’ is the most helpful..Version: 6.2.1

Best study tool for languagesUsing it on the train on my way to school and using it to study for my Mandarin test later today I within like 40 minutes was able to memorise around 25 terms definitely a must have app.Version: 6.25

Great app, perfect for every subjectAlthough advertised mainly for the use of language students, my experience with it throughout my gcse’s and currently a-levels shows that it’s perfect for anything & everything. before this i used another flashcard app and can confidently say that quizlet with its multiple ways to test you trumps most other flashcard apps on the market. HOWEVER the only issue that comes to mind is the price of a premium membership - which although fair - bars students from inserting diagram etc; i understand its a great philanthropic project as it is, but some of us don’t necessarily have the means to invest in something like this along all the other economic demands of student life..Version: 4.28

BeneficialGreat app to help you on your road to fluency in another language. Handy when memorising new words, and creating custom tests/lists based on words you wanna learn in a certain area..Version: 4.45

Extraordinarily Easy to use, highly customisable.Creating your own sets, especially if cutting and pasting from source material, takes seconds. Combined with a variety of learning methods and excellent voice content makes this an outstanding language tool for creating what YOU want to learn, not just relying on generic material..Version: 4.23

Nice appNice app but would really like to see a better way to delete sets without having to go into them, click the options button and then delete..Version: 4.7

QuizletIt’s a really great app..Version: 4.28

Very good softwareMe and me teacher reeelly like this software it elpt me learn eglush.Version: 7.38

WHATS UP FUTURE DATEIt was super good and stuff and will probably get you fired because it is the best and stuff and you will probably get A DATE BECAUSE OF THIS AND YOU WILL BE A WORLD WIDE FAMOUS PERSON AND YOU WILL BE RICH BEYOND YOUR WIDEST DREAMS..Version: 6.25

Thanking my Lucky Stars 😂Love this app, brilliant for revising for any type of subject. It has helped me. The layout is amazing and this for me is the number one educational app for me. I also tried duolingo because for some unknown reason I am learning 6 languages but I found this app much better even though duolingo is supposed to specialise in languages! I know some people are complaining that they would like to be able to study offline and I do think that that would extremely helpful but the company has to make money. Also why are you leaving your revision that late?! So I believe this app is the best for helping you to retain information and that it beats a lot of supposedly “better” apps like duolingo..Version: 4.12

Just really goodI used this to ace my Indonesian test. Since its so customisable, its a lot better than other teaching methods like OneNote and education perfect. You can use it for any amount of time. I highly recommend getting them first paid version so you can use it online. Overall really helpful when you need to study and memorise certain words quickly..Version: 5.5.2

Awesome!I’ve always had Quizlet installed all throughout doing my GCSE’s but I never used it because I couldn’t be bothered. Now I’m doing A-levels and there are lots more key terms to remember I have started using it and I feel like I am learning these key terms like the Flash. It goes through the flash cards many times and in different ways through multiple choice, text input, true and false etc, makes it great for memorising it as you learn the actual meaning rather than just being given the easy option of multiple choice. This app is very effective and relatively simple to use. However, the app could be improved when trying to find classes or subjects and could be done with a tab on the bottom of the screen rather than scrolling through a bunch of other stuff on the main screen..Version: 6.3.1

Great but...I really like how the free features are really good but if you made the pro a one-time purchase I’d definitely get it however I’m going to stick with free if you keep it charging $2.50 a month. Even if you don’t want to do that, letting the free mode add pictures to flash cards adds several subjects I can’t use words to describe for the flash cards,.Version: 4.42

Awesome learning toolThe Flashcards on Quizlet is literally the best thing ever for revision..Version: 4.13.2

Love it!! Great way to study!I love quizlet because it allows me to study and create sets for all of my exams and tests in school. It’s perfect because I can label diagrams and create flash cards to help me remember certain terms. I like to use quizlet as a “study guide” whenever I’m putting terms into a set so that I can review everything I’ll need to know for a upcoming test. This is really ideal during finals week 😂😅📚, although I would only recommend one thing. I think that it would be even more helpful if there were a couple more ways to learn my terms. I was thinking that there could be a writing feature where you can use your finger to draw/write the answers out so that they can stick in your brain a bit more. Maybe you could also have the ability to draw (I know that you could upload a picture, but..) an image on the flash card to help you remember the term a bit more. Overall it really is a great app 👍🏻 to study 📖 with whether you are on the go or just at home..Version: 4.31.1

Wonderful! I have a suggestion...This is a fantastic app! I love how easy and intuitive it is to use and how beautiful the interface is c: However, I would love to be able to see my results/progress on each set as soon as I access the page, because at the moment you have to play a round just to see your progress..Version: 3.6

Quizlet! Where have you been all my life?Wow! Talk about a game changer! I never knew what I was missing until Quizlet came along. It has revolutionized my study habits and totally gets results!.Version: 8.13

Great app, not loving the ads and the layout...Regardless of the things I’m about to suggest, this app is a literal life-saver. I don’t know anyone in my school who doesn’t use Quizlet, and the Match game is so fun to play with my friends. There are a few things that would make it more convenient, though, First of all, I know adding advertisements “makes learning free” and stuff, but please don’t put an ad each time I finish a section in Learn Mode. Sometimes when I get one question wrong it’ll put that question in its own section and will keep repeating the same section a couple of times, and after I answer the question, it shows me an ad. You can skip the ads almost immediately, however, so it’s not really a huge problem...it’s just a minor annoyance. I also wish you could view your folders in a grid view rather than a list. I don’t really like how the home screen is set up... it shows your recent sets at the top, folders on the second row (which are not listed by most recent), and classes at the bottom. Could everything just be in one big grid view, like in Dropbox or PDF Expert? Anyway, keep doing what you do! It really helps make learning a bit more interesting!.Version: 5.5.1

Awesome but needs small improvementsLove this app. Few things though, ‘scan document’ button should be able to be accessed at any point when making a new study set. Sometimes my study sets are 100+ terms long and I have to scroll all the way to the top every time I want to add a new term from the document I scanned! Also wish I could see how many hours per day & week I spend studying, instead of just how many days in a row I’ve studied. Added aesthetic customisation would also be nice, the app colours are a bit dull. Regardless love the app enough to pay money for it but could do with some tweaks :).Version: 6.16

Good app but two suggestionsQuizlet is a great app to study with. Its super helpful, and even without quizlet plus is awesome for vocab practice. I have used it frequently for English quizzes and tests, and am even using it right now for my SSAT upper level vocab section. I just have two suggestions. Im using someone else’s study set with 2000 words, and I made a copy so I could edit some words I thought had a different meaning, or were incorrect. I also copied it so I could remove the images, since for some reason I find it harder to study with them. I think I would absolutely love this app if only there was an option to remove all the images, since its tedious having to manually remove every single image. My second suggestion is that it would be super helpful if there was a feature to sort of command f, and find a specific word instead of having to manually look through every word in an attempt to change its definition. Or even just have an alphabetical order option for when I am editing the words would be super helpful. Apart from these two things, its an absolutely wonderful app and totally deserves its 4.8 rating..Version: 6.28

ExcellentIt is a great app for learning about languages and their flags.Version: 4.25

Quizlet honest review: High schooler perspectiveIt is so great that’s if free So helpful with all the different study methods for different learning styles There are little ads (maybe 1 or 2 per 1/2 hour) It is really easy to create your own study set since if you write in the word it gives you suggestions on the definition which can save a lot of time Bottom line: highly recommend this app to all students from high school to college!.Version: 6.5

Great app for studyingThis app has been great in helping me study for my State Board test. It helps me to save time and money from having to write it out on index cards which is good for the planet as well. Win win! Also, because it’s on my phone, I have the convenience of studying from anywhere even if it’s just for a few mins. I absolutely love this app so far. The only thing I would ask the developers to change would be to add an “edit option button” while the users are going through the flash cards mode. Just in case we spelled something wrong or didn’t word things probably, it will give the user the option to correct that card versus going back out to the study set screen and then and then that will give you the option to edit and then searching for the card that you want to correct. It’s not easy searching through a study set that has over 50+ terms. It would just be more convenient for the user. Other than that, it’s an awesome app!.Version: 6.6

STUDYINGGreat app for studying and memorising test!! Flash cards available, mix and match, writing a few more options :).Version: 4.36.2

👍Really great! Helped me learn my French and Chinese words really easy. Our teacher just set us this set, and we could learn it. We could also compete in live and on your own competitions. Really good. I recommend this to everyone!!!🙂.Version: 4.27.1

BestFar better than other free flashcard apps I’ve tried because as well as the standard 2-side test (like physical cards), there are other quizzes, both multiple choice and text entry.Version: 5.13

Best Study AppThis app has really helped me study for tests. Even though I only got it a couple of days ago, I studied for my Science Test and I was having a hard time memorising stuff before I got this app. There are mini practice tests and I get 100% when I do them now! Highly recommended this for students who want to study effectively. Only con is that some features cost money but I’ve been doing fine without them..Version: 5.12

Really good but....Quizlet has really helped me, I learn Chinese and French and I’m pretty good. It’s helpful for all ages, you can make your own sets, use others and join classes, it really is fun. Only one downer, actually two. The first is that you can’t download sets unless you buy premium, as I get the bus a lot it would be helpful not to have to use Mobile data, the second thing is that if you are on your phone then you can’t access all the fun games that come with quizlet which is a bit annoying. You don’t even have to download it, quizlet is also online. And online you can still get premium. It has really helped me and it’s not just languages although that’s what it’s meant for, anything that doesn’t follow rules that you just need to learn. That’s what it’s goof for. There is so much on offer and you can personalise others sets, it works out what you struggle with and will bring it up more often. It will also send reminders and make a schedule if you have a test coming up!! All of this is free (you don’t need to buy premium the normal version works amazing). I TOTALLY RECOMMEND FOR ALL!!!!!!!.Version: 4.38.1

Awesome!!Quizlet is so helpful and an awesome revision source, theis method of learning is very efficient and quick and i would highly recommend it for anyone studying for GCSE’s!! It’s great for revising new vocabulary- whether thats in geography, english, history, music, spanish, sciences and any other subject. As you near the end of your learning quizlet gives you the motivational support you need to keep going and not give up even if you’re getting things wrong! This gives you some sence of enjoyment and the enthusiasm to work harder. Thanks to quizlet i feel much stronger in lessons and actually know what the teacher’s on about before they’ve explained it, which always makes you feel just a bit smug, and therefore makes lessons more enjoyable. Quizlet is great for taking that pressure off and making independent studying just that bit more enjoyable! :).Version: 4.29.1

BEST APP YOU COULD ASK FORHonestly after trying every revision app to the moon and back, once I found quizlet I stopped looking and have been an avid user for 5+ years. The layout and design is so simple and easy to use and as a plus member it is TOTALLY worth it. Long term learning is by far the most useful feature and was worth every penny along with highlighting, rich text and document scanning (so you don’t even have to type your questions yourself!) Any queries are answered within 5 hours and new features are constantly improving the quality of this app. THE BEST app for school work - quizlet is the only thing I use and it is serving me really really well and providing good grades. THE ULTIMATE LIFESAVER!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.29

Amazing app! Please add something though!Hello developers! I love this app so much. I don’t know what I would do for my school revision if it wasn’t a thing. However I would be so appreciative if you could add a simple thing. I invested in an Apple Pencil and I love it so much. So I would love to be able to draw into the Flashcards to make them EVEN more personalised than they already are! I would really love to be able to use the Apple Pencil to add different abilities, drawings and sketches to the flashcards to make them more efficient and personal. To be able to have an Apple Pencil/sketching tool would allow for other opportunities of revision to take place such as trying to remember different equations for science for example. This would be a great feature on the iPad! Goodnotes 5 have been testing the ability to use flashcards within the app which is a great personalised feature however it does not have the capabilities that your quizlet the the app has! This is why it would be a great idea to include this in your quizlet app..Version: 5.6

Brilliant!This app is amazing if you want help for revising for a quiz or a test! It helps me a lot and I can see a big difference in my results when I use this app. It shows me what I need to work on on what subject ( have a variety of subjects to choose from with different years groups) and what I’m good at. Gives you flash card, practise questions and test! Although I would recommend to improve on answers and weather there correct or not for example if I put _____ on____ and the answer was _____around_____ it would give me no marks for that tiny mistake (I know there’s a button to say “I got it right” but it would be better if that wasn’t there and you would just give the mark of that make sense!) But over all I would recommend this app!!!!!.Version: 4.37

Good for memorizingProbably one of the fastest ways to memorize information, flash cards and practice tests are great but wish there was no limit. You have to pay for more than one test :(.Version: 7.22.1

Thanks so might for supporting my learning with such an awesome toolBeautiful and super effective. I love being able to quickly and easily make quizzes on my computer then study on my phone. Advanced checking algorithms help it detect my intention, not get frustrated with little things - I get into flow and stay there easily.Version: 4.27.1

I LOVE this app, it’s so amazing!I’ve had Quizlet for my whole entire school career, and it has saved my grades on sooo many occasions. Especially in anatomy, Spanish and medical terminology. Having Quizlet allowed me to study efficiently and effectively. And also for having it for so long, allowed me to see the app grow. It’s enhanced algorithm allowed me to barely type a medical term and it would automatically show up in suggestions, then when I selected the definition, it too automatically had three variations of the definition without me barley even having to type a thing. This perk allowed me to build multiple sets in a breeze, and left me more time to study. There’s just so much more but I don’t want this review to go on forever. So I would highly suggest this app for anyone who needs to study a lot and to do it efficiently, even if you pay for the premium feature, it’s so helpful for when you’d need a picture or any other effect, the very few bucks you’d spend are 100% worth it!.Version: 4.24.1

My whole program is in flash cards now!!This app has revolutionized my studying habits! Me and my roommates all take turns converting the days lecture power points into flash cards. We now have 3 full semesters of cards for every class, and they are all accessible no matter where we are! I believe that the process of making questions out of lecture content and reviewing the cards is one of the most effective ways to study. I would also recommend upgrading to the plus version solely for the ability to add your own pictures from lectures/classes.Version: 3.2

Really greatGreat app overall, very useful when memorising vocab for assignments. However, sometimes the progress doesn’t sync on another device..Version: 4.0


I especially like the import and export functionI especially appreciate the shuffle function, the write test and its ability to import from and export to a Word document to save some time. It is a life-saver..Version: 4.21

Great app, but….I love this app and it has changed the trajectory of my studying. The one and only issue I have is that it is extremely cumbersome to find cards and edit them. I have one set with most of the words/vocabulary I have ever learned. It currently has 865 cards and I go through a quarter of the set every day to keep fresh. BUT if I find a typo, it is insanely difficult to find the card in the edit section and fix it. Additionally, I have accidentally created cards multiple times because I don’t see them while editing due to the random/crazy order. There is seemingly no key word search (let me know if I am wrong) and the cards are in the original order of entry. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to enter everything related to a single term at once. So the result is random order. I have thought about upgrading and re-entering the set by re-sorting it in Excel, but there is no way (again that I can tell) to get the sets into a format and into a program that could sort even with copy/paste or some other draconian methodology. So I am not upgrading. Something as simple as a key word search or a way to edit or flag an erroneous card when one sees it while studying. Please help!! If anyone has solved this issue, please let me know..Version: 5.18

Best app for students!Being a full-time student, this app is perfect for me to study on the go! I can simply whip out my phone a run through a set or two whenever I have a moment to waste, and I love using it mid-commute to school. Cannot recommend this enough to anyone who needs an easy and efficient way to study..Version: 3.6.1

My take on this app.Quizlet is a great app for studying especially for school. Though, it does have some cons to it as-well. Cons- I love quizlet a lot. But i don’t wanna take a test once because i don’t have premium, i want to take it multiple times but i can’t since i don’t have premium. As well as when i try to underline a word, it will ask me to get premium. The same with the “Learn” option. I just wish quizlet didn’t make it so after i do it once i can’t do it again unless i have premium (this is only with underlining words, the learn and test option). But in conclusion, i love this app a lot and it comes in handy when i have a test coming up. It’s flashcards on the go and i’m all here for that. They even have a option where you can listen to it, so let’s say you were doing something and couldn’t look at the phone, you could press “ Auto” and it would read and flip through the cards by itself. I definitely recommend this app and give it 5 stars..Version: 7.32

Awesome💥. Highly recommend to others.Excellent app and very easy to use. Highly recommend to anyone..Version: 4.17.1

Love itQuizlet keeps getting better and better. Was not disappointed upgrading to the premium version. Don’t quite understand why some folks complain about the premium version when most of them spend more on Spotify…guess which one gets you the better grades…thought so. Thanks so much for the team and their hard work!.Version: 8.12

SexI’m am very horny while I study.Version: 7.16

Some feature ideasI LOVE THIS APP, and it is incredible for vocabulary (for both budding linguists and all round students alike). It is so useful in regards to the many different methods of learning it provides, and how you can search for anything and will probably find someone has already made the perfect quizlet for you to use. Some possible features to include: Personally, I would like to be able to combine different quizlets without having to copy them out by hand, which can be very tedious when you have lots and lots of vocabulary. Also, I have heard that there used to be a feature where you could essentially copy and paste someone else’s quizlet and add or remove certain elements to make it your own. This seems great, and i would like to see it again. Some other small things could be included, such as hint options and multiple-side flashcards. Overall, this app is a total lifesaver, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of something like this..Version: 3.5

Quizlet is gr8!I think Quizlet is absolutely amazing for revising because you can do so much in so many different ways. This is really helpful because everyone has a different way of revising, so it’s tailored to you. You can put in whatever you want and it will test you really well! It doesn’t eat up your storage at all and every set stays there in your folder so you won’t lose it. You don’t need to save anything and it’s completely fuss - free! It will even let you copy sets off someone else! If you search up what you want on the net it will show you a set and you can pick! Love it 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.Version: 4.13.2

WowThis is horrible I’m giving it 5 stars because I feel sorry for who made this I don’t recommend 😁😁😁.Version: 7.26

A new helpful feature for language learners: Word search bar in setsQuizlet has been a great help as I progress throughout my studies but as the number of flash cards rise in my set, it becomes so much harder to find and edit one. Say that I want to clarify a written meaning, or add a secondary meaning to a word on a flash card. Among currently 1093 and rising flash cards, it’s very hard to find that singular one and edit it. It’s also very time consuming and draining if I even manage to find it. And when you reach such a high amount of flash cards in a set, you inevitably have duplicates of words you thought you didn’t know yet but you indeed did, which could be rooted out by having a search bar feature to root out any potential duplicates if I’m feeling deja vu about a word or sentence ending. Having an encyclopedia of all the words you know in a language and being able to study them can help reinforce language learning, so having a search bar feature for definitions and terms would be a great help..Version: 7.13

Unethical for...Quizlet makes it difficult to cancel a subscription, and the company minimizes visibility in finding how to cancel. I haven't owned a subscription service that is so difficult to cancel. I will say at least an email reminder is sent that my subscription will auto-renew. (Maybe that’s mandated?) That is where making it intuitive ends. There’s no link to manage your subscription nor go to quizlet in the email. Ok, I’ll let that go to the possibility that the makers of the email aren’t great at their job. So i perform the next step to open my quizlet app on my phone and enter into my account settings. I click on the very small fine print (nice play) at the bottom to cancel my subscription service. But wait, I’m not able to cancel my subscription. The message is hyperlinked, however, it brings me to the quizlet help center. I type in cancel subscription, but then it says I need to go to where I paid for the app. (I.e. google play, apple, or quizlet). The journey to cancel doesn’t end there, but my time writing this review does. Shrewd play quizlet. Very shrewd indeed....Version: 4.25

Good butI think there should be an option to delete or edit classes and folders IN the app because I have to keep logging in online to do it which is quite a hassle. I also think you shouldn’t have to upgrade to get more classes because I can’t revise for all of my classes with only a few available. I also think there should be more options when you add a term and it automatically comes up with possible definitions, there are only three and I don’t have time to do them all myself and the three there don’t often have much detail. I actually love quizlet as an app and the concept of it and I have made another review with a lot of praise but this is more suggestive/critical. I hope you read this. Xx.Version: 4.15.1

Very goodDo recommend for flash cards, simple and convenient. I use all the time’s of exams. Good interface. However, there’s an issue on my iPad Air 4. When I click options, I am unable to make the card orientation front, the ‘term’. The button does not work and is stuck on ‘definition’ which is very annoying. I have deleted the app, redownloaded it, logged out, restarted flash cards, restarted iPad but no fix. Please fix this issue. Much appreciated..Version: 5.5.1

Date of birth selection during signup is buggyWas trying to signup and it told me to select my date of birth, but gave me nothing to select it, I had to retry four times for the tool to appear. Besides that it’s a great app but I can see people dropping it and trying something else if they’re impatient. Pls fix 💔.Version: 7.29

Helped me through my test :)I was facing great trouble because my test is coming up soon and there is still a lot of things I need to memorise. Quizlet helped me memorise these terms easily and now I passed my test! Thank you so much quizlet!.Version: 6.20

L I F E S A V E R ! !I use this every time I have a test coming up. It makes revising so easy and simple. I don’t have to spend hours pouring over a book, instead I condense my notes and put them in as sets in Quizlet. Then, it’s only a matter of time before I’ve memorised the entire set! I love the learn mode, and I love that you can put the date of your test in, so Quizlet can remind you to study accordingly. Lots of encouraging words and provides helpful progress information. You can easily organise our sets into folders. (E.g. Biology, Chem, History) I recommend this app to every student, no matter what age. For example, I use mine for mostly French, Sciences and History, and every time I finish a subject in class, I’ll upload all the information to Quizlet in organised sets. This way, every time we have a ‘end of term’ test I can revise the relevant topics. At the end of the year, you’ve already put all your context into Quizlet, and just do all your quizzes as revision. No panic, no paper and everything is organised!! Honestly, saves me so much time to do what I really want to do. I don’t know how people study without it. :).Version: 3.4.2

Top apps for learning languagesAs title said. One little improvement is the ability to edit the flashcard straight from the Learn / Quiz section: sometimes I notice a mistake in the words/descriptions when doing a quiz/long term learning but it is so hard to track down the specific flashcard to fix..Version: 3.21

GCSE revision helperThis app saved so much of my time because before I wasted time writing notes out on fact cards so that i could read over them. But with this app they were already there for me. As a person that doesn’t know which way to revise, this app is so helpful because it has 5 types of ways to revise; you can write them, learn them, test yourself, question cards and matching. This app is the most efficient way to revise and I definitely would suggest it to you guys to use. Thanks to the people on the app that try and help others by sharing their notes i think revising will be way easier. Thank you so much for designing and making this app. Nikola xx.Version: 3.9

Things that need to be fixedI really rate the app - so good for revision However, it has some seriously annoying faults such as the highlighter tool and italics are really temperamental and barely ever work which is frustrating after you’ve put in all these edits and then it doesn’t show when you view your finished flashcards Secondly, sometimes when you switch to another app halfway to find a picture or something, your edits don’t always save so sometimes I lose 10 or more flashcards which is horrible when you’ve spent all that time AND payed £20 a year for the app I contacted Quizlet about this and they failed to resolve the issue, not impressed at all.Version: 4.42

Great app, needs some tweakingI’ve used this app for a while. I love the features and it has helped me with a lot of vocabulary when learning Italian. This would be a 5 star but one of the features is either temperamental or just doesn’t work any more and it’s a real shame. On the flash cards I used to be able to auto play and it would go over the Quizlet set until I decided to stop it. Which was very handy when listening to on the way to work. As I could listen to a set for 30 mins without having to keep pressing play. This now doesn’t work and is really frustrating when either cycling or driving to work as I can’t keep stopping to play the set and it has now made it a lot harder for me to find time where I can sit and be at my phone to press play when it finishes :(.Version: 7.39

Student’s viewThis app is so efficient and amazing, I could go on all day about how good it is! It’s saved me so many times from failing tests and it’s so easy to use. First of all, it’s free! There are so many expensive paid student apps that are useless but this app is free and it’s amazing!!! Anytime I get notified that I have a test coming up on a certain subject then I can go onto quizlet and take quick quizzes on the subject or make my own custom one, it’s so good because the app keeps on pushing you to get 100% accuracy and thats what a love about this app! it should also be said that this app will not make you yawn! its not boring, there's so many different platforms within this one app to suit different people, for example, flash cards, writing, multiple choice, etc. Also....this app works for all students and especially high school & college students! please just trust me, take my advice and give it your best..Version: 5.10

Used to be greatI used to love this app. It was different from all the other flashcard apps with its spelling and writing modes, but now those are locked behind an expensive premium subscription that many students just can’t afford. What’s the difference now between this app and any other flashcards app? I hope this is changed soon..Version: 6.15

A great app! Needs a little fixI love this app, I use it for most of my studying and it helps me feel confident with the content I’m learning. However at the moment there’s a bug, when I’m in flash card mode and I flip the card, the other side is blank. I don’t know why this is, please fix this!.Version: 4.17.1

Great Useful App!This app is incredibly easy to use because you can create study sets for anything you want plus it gives you an automatic definition! I got this app because I was studying for a math exam and haven’t looked back, I’ve been telling all my friends about it and it’s been helping all of us. Great app and I would recommend it to everyone 😁.Version: 4.16

Please Read - honest review on quizletThis is an amazing app and I highly recommend you to get this especially if you are in school with lots of homework. Quizlet is mainly good for learning words or revising for test. All you have to do is write in what you need to learn and quizlet offers many ways to learn them. You can do test, write them and match them up. Trust me you will not regret downloading this app. One of my favourite things about this app is that it’s quick and easy so if you have a test tomorrow it won’t take you long to set it up today. I have had this app for months and it never lets me down, also it’s a lot more convenient because not many people can be bothered to make paper flash cards or go through their book but with quizlet you just need to open the app and it’s right there so this is why I love this app so much and highly recommend for you to get the app.Version: 4.13.2

Really good, butI run into this problem frequently, when the definition i write out for a term is often complicated and includes lots of words and bracketed things which makes it a lot easier for me to take in the info obviously, but sometimes I want to be tested so that the term is given to me and I write out the definition. I can’t because the definitions are often long, so I wish there was a way to customise it specifically for when you are testing from term-definition so that the definition is a simplified version. Apart from that, the app is really good. I also wish there was a way for non quizlet+ users to download at least one study set to study on the go. Highly recommend for students, people who wanna learn a language or just need to memorise some stuff. - sara xxxxxxx.Version: 4.17.1

A must-have for students!!There are different options sculpted to suit your learning style: flash cards, tests, mini games and a ‘learn’ feature that mixes multiple choice and written questions to consolidate your knowledge. I use Quizlet religiously for learning vocabulary for language subjects, plus it’s even helpful for science subjects!! Another thing I like about Quizlet is that you can share your own sets and use other people’s too. This means that if I don’t have time to create my own flash cards, I can use my friend’s or another user’s. It also means I can help my friends by sharing my knowledge with them too. However, one thing I don’t like about Quizlet is that in the learn mode, it won’t let me get rid of flash cards. I’ve toggled off the flash cards feature but they keep popping up. Nonetheless, overall you 100% need Quizlet if you’re a student!! It’s much more practical, easy and effective than physical flash cards plus the variety of different exercises makes it quite fun..Version: 6.8.1

My reviewIt was so good it helped me ace my test.Version: 4.40

SlayI pass all my exams with this app. quizlet has helped me sm bc ever since i was sooo young i had really good study habits and id use flashcards every test. so this is my fav thing ever. if you have different study habits than flashcards, theres tests, matching, and more. its sooo good for me..Version: 8.12

Way of memorisationI have used quizlet for quite a while now and it has never failed to help me on language tests and other memorising assessments which need term definitions or historic dates. The full platform itself is 90% free without any help of quizlet plus so those who can’t get it are still exposed to the help of the app. Some sales even go to 90% off on quizlet plus so it is only around 30p a month which is a bargain and you have access to books and guides written by professionals and other modes which monitor your learning progress on terms. I found found this personally very helpful so I recommend it. Other apps similar like this and helpful include grammarly which critically improves sentence and paragraph structure and vocabulary use so there are no wrong implications. It helps the reader also stay intrigued or help clarify the conveying of message by the text. Good app!.Version: 6.9.1

LangueIl n’y a que l’ anglais français pas d’espagnole!.Version: 8.9

Why I like it!I like quizlet because if I get a question wrong it tells me why I got it wrong and gives it to me over and over again until I have learnt it fully so I have the chance to remember it..Version: 4.15.1

My sincere reviewDear creators of quizlet, It is my heartfelt belief that quizlet is not performing at its topical peak. I am, however, not a gentleman that is over powered by bias, I hold quizlet and its proceeding creators to unimaginably high standards, I become overjoyed every time I open the most magnificent blue and white coloured ‘thumbnail’ as the youths call it. However, I just notice at the back of my mind a slight tingle, a tingle of foreseeing, of knowledge. That tingle is the feeling that the internet website of quizlet has gaps in its educational qualities. My 15th son Edgar (who goes to Eton) has reported a definite lack of the quality of the build of said internet website. And I beg, if not pray, that these small quality of life, niggles if I do say my self get quite certainly disposed of..Version: 6.23.3

QuizletQuizlet has many cool features about it! I downloaded the app and put in my Spanish flash cards. Quizlet offers a Learn (to learn the flash cards), Test, Quiz as well as other flash cards. You also get to choice what you want on the test. Ex: True or false, Written and or multiple choice. You can play around with these. Quizlet also tracks your score and progress which is amazing. One last thing is that you can share flash cards with anybody through links! This is very helpful if you want to switch devices. Oh, I forgot to mention if you put in something similar to the answer in learn you have choose to choose if it’s correct or not. All of these are very helpful! If I had to say any new features I may have want is an email and or text message if you have questions when using a teachers flash cards. Also zoom trivia with friends would be nice. Like, if you partners with zoom or FaceTime or something and they’ll be flash cards each person has to do. I think it would be a cool way to study but quizlet is already amazing, just to go over the top, you know..Version: 5.2

SplendidLet me set the scene, I have just jumped off the app, having spent 10 minutes to learn my weekly A-level Spanish. For weeks I have spent numerous hours scribbling, in hope to learn my phrases and individual words, the amount of time I required to familiarise with the language was off putting. However, now I have found this omnipotent tool, una hembra increíble. Quizlet provides you with unlimited flash cards that you can make or find in a matter of seconds, then this amazing app tests you until you have learnt them all. This is the most fun I have ever had learning vocab, so thank you Quizlet. Cannot express how useful this app is going to be for me and will be for you too. Improve your learning now!!.Version: 4.29.1

Quick and Easy StudyAt school I found that if I am revising for a test, quizlet is my first choice. With quizlet, I can make my own study set, and revise it with numerous techniques. It really helps the information stick. If you are lazy and can’t make your own study set, there are tons of free to use sets on the internet. You can verse you friends, set up a class and more. The possibilities are endless with quizlet..Version: 5.14

LIFESAVERI use this for studying. It’s the best..Version: 3.22.1

Put learn back on the free versionIT WAS SO GOOD! But now so many features premium only that I might have to switch to another app! I can only use Flashcards, test, and match, but I’m a language student! The learn and write functions were essential for my a-levels, only now they’ve become Quizlet Plus only! The barebones of the app you now have to pay for! My question is; how does an app that’s main user base is STUDENTS think that putting the features it’s known and respected for behind payment is going to increase profit? Sure more people will subscribe, but many will also leave because few students have the money to pay for 50 different things just to organise! Put learn mode back into the free version! Quizlet had been a staple of my revision for so long and it’s sad to see it become another thing I just can’t afford to use, losing all of the incredibly useful things I’ve put on it over the years..Version: 7.4

Makes studying much easierSo great to be able to have on your phone - makes studying easier as if you have some down time out and about you can jump in and quiz yourself or play the games. Great study tool..Version: 4.28

Really helpfulEasy, fun, makes studying in your spare time like a game. Intuitive to use. No intrusive ads. Would be nice if the phone version could identify duplicate terms. Some sync issues with browser version..Version: 4.40

Really helped with vocab memorisationI’m trying to learn Arabic and this app has really been such a helpful tool to memorise vocabulary. Making your own flash cards is super simple and accessing them on the go on my phone just makes it that much more convenient to learn during down times at work. The AI feature is really interesting also..Version: 7.37

Best Study AppI don’t usually write reviews, but this app has changed my life. I currently self study Japanese with Genki, and for each lesson there is a list of vocabulary. I used to write flash cards by hand, but that wasted paper and was very time consuming. Then I discovered Quizlet. The actual review: I love how you can make flash card decks for free, and you can change the language. I also enjoy learning with learn and the other methods. It makes studying so much more fun. Mostly, the app is free but you have the option to buy the no ads, and the study offline, add pictures and more all in one subscription but I haven’t done that because it already has all I need without it. My only request would be to have all the features that are on computers on mobile as well. Other then that, this is the best study app you can get for flash cards and I definitely recommend it for anyone who needs to use flash cards and learn vocabulary..Version: 5.20

Amazing App!WOW! This app helped me so much to study and helps me retain it! First of all the notifications always helped me get on tracks and remind me not to get distracted. Second of all, the starring option helped me so much in helping me memorize it. Even though it’s a little tedious, but in the end you’ll always get the hang of it. And third of all, I absolutely love how it gives you short chunks of questions for the learn option and how it gives you positive messages. Even though it was great and my rating remains as a 5 star, I highly do suggest that you might want to put some positive messages if you’re doing really bad in a question segment. Second of all, I really like the meteorite game on the Web version but I am disappointed it’s not here. Lastly, I really want to see that you can copy and paste a document and it automatically creates a set, like in the Web Version. Anyways, I really like the app and I hope you follow through on my suggestions!.Version: 5.16

Great app but could be even betterAdding the ability to easily share a card between multiple sets or to be able to copy and paste cards between sets would be amazing... e.g. learning a word/phrase for a language that you want to organise both by the lesson in the textbook as well as it’s usage in the language. “KITCHEN” could exist in the Lesson 5 set as well as a set for Places..Version: 4.24.1

Amazing study methods, helped so muchBefore I had used Quizlet, I had a really hard time remembering content and just generally studying. After I got introduced to it by a teacher of mine, I started using it for my language class in order to remember vocabulary and grammar structures. It really helped! With the help of Quizlet and spaced repetition, I scored 100% on two of my language tests. After a while I also used it for studying for a science assessment that was a huge weight on my grade (it was also 50 questions). I procrastinated until the evening before the test, and quickly made flash cards using Quizlet. I studied them for a few hours, and the next day during the test, I got 100%. What I really love about Quizlet is their ‘Learn’ feature. It is structured in an efficient way and is an absolute asset when it comes to studying for wide-range content tests. Not to mention, they’ve also got other fun ways to review your flash cards! If you use their ‘Learn’ method along with spaces repetition, I can guarantee that you will score much higher on your tests! I would most definitely recommend this app..Version: 6.0.1

AHHHHHHHThis is literally the best thing ever! I was doing really bad in German, then I started using this app more and it is soo useful! It lets you retain memory so much easier than regular flash cards, and it has a feature called ‘Match’ where you can race against yourself (or fellow classmates if you school supports the app) and try to beat your top time. It’s not at all boring because there is more than just the flash card feature and it is super interactive! Overall, this app is super good to help you retain memory if you are in a panic the night before, or keep long lasting memory, which you can strengthen over time with repeated practice.😁 Love you, Quizlet🥹.Version: 7.33

QuizletI'm very pleased with what you guys have produced and the final product due to it has helped me in the past. But I would like to request one thing that should be added to this app. Where I can match the same synonyms or pictures. Overall, Quizlet is my number one study app and I wish to continue to use this in the future. ~ Jasmine Thanh Thuc Nguyen..Version: 4.13.2

John HarringtonIt’s good to be able to study Reo through my phone..Version: 6.22

An excellent and very practical language learning tool.The most useful feature is being able to practice on phrases and sentences that you put together yourself. That way you can really get them to become automatic and easily use in real life situations..Version: 4.14.1

Great app… butThis a great tool for assisting with learning a language (Hebrew for me). However, a couple of points to note. You need to install a keyboard that has full Nikud capability. Also, it would be nice to be able to resize fonts on the fly (I haven’t tried this though). I found that, when in learning mode, the correct answers do not display for long enough. I am enjoying it because of its convenience. Seems to be a reasonable price for a subscription..Version: 7.40

What A Life Saver!! 👏Quizlet is one of the best apps that lives on my phone. I was recently struggling with biology and I had exams coming up and I was super stressed, but as soon as I came across this app it helped me so much that it turned my exam mark from a 45% to a 73%. Seriously can’t get over how much this app has helped me. Keep up the great work 😊.Version: 5.3.1

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