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LeesaJesse Took me on a beautiful and powerful adventure to recognize my inner child and what she wants which is joy and love and curiosity and learning. I feel so loved and so strong and powerful after this adventure with Jesse. I will step forward and talk to a particular man in the community and let him know what my dreams are. They are to create a loving space as in a Humane Society to help all of the animals in this community who are not taken care of and loved. I want to create a no kill shelter and to aid me in doing this I will need to communicate with the community and let them know how powerful they can be to help these animals and to love them and care for them. I will be able to communicate with our city Council as to why we need money to obtain the nurturing and care for these animals. We are the entities who have the responsibility and are in charge of all the animals on the earth and we need to do things in a very loving and humane way. This recode session was fabulous and I am so grateful. Love and Light to ALL 🥰♥️🌞🌝💖 🐶🐈🐕🦚🐐🐎🦜🦮🐓🦃🐖🐏🐾🐾.Version: 5.6.7

ClaireIt’s okay I just wish that I could start a meeting cause I can only join If you would compare Zoom and Microsoft team( Teams ) then I would choose Microsoft teams(Teams ).Version: 5.7.6

Excellent, good quality appEasy to use app, with the ability to disable the camera and quickly mute, and also use a chat box instead, as well as the ability to change your name for practical reasons, or even impractical reasons such as having fun. Also it allows for screen sharing which helps immensely with teaching and other activities with others members, and it also allows you to scroll through the different members in the call to help identify who is present. Moreover, it has good cross-compatibility between the app and computer use which makes things a lot easier for each user to access the information necessary. Plus the ability to click a link and head straight to a call makes things much easier to organise. My only problem that I can see would be with lag for individual users, which is not necessarily a problem with the app..Version: 5.7.4

Fast & easyHad an app developer for a different app set up a video call time to ask opinions on a new service coming about one of my medical conditions. I hadn’t even heard of Zoom before, but when FT didn’t work, I quickly downloaded Zoom & it took zero time for us to be able to view each other’s screens, which was more imperative for her, but her being able to share screens with me that were still in development was extremely easy! Once I figured out to unmute her (a default setting, at least in my case), it was so easy to use, I didn’t need a tutorial or anything! It was a last minute, phone hook-up problem that I didn’t take time to read about the app or even see if a tutorial was there (I’m sure there is). So VERY easy to use, point & click & I was able to complete helping them, they being in Singapore & myself in eastern USA! This video chat could possibly be beneficial for millions of people, literally! Thank you, Zoom for making this happen! Would definite recommend this to others!!.Version: 4.6.0

Zoom!Zoom is brilliant for my piano and violin lessons! Neither me nor my teacher have ever had problems (although the connection is sometimes bad but that’s the internet in our house). You don’t have to pay unless you want an advanced account... which most people wouldn’t need, and, to join a meeting you don’t even have to sign up/ login. There is also an advanced music mode which we find helpful. Today I’m doing an orchestral course on Zoom with lots of people online; this proves that Zoom is the Choi’s even of many great companies and its defins worth a try..Version: 5.1.2

Thanks so much zoomZoom let’s me keep in contact with my friends that are far away and I can have classes on zoom so thank you zoom.Version: 5.4.7

Love it but Fix it please!!I love how easy it is to use and its been a lifesaver for families and businesses during these difficult COVID days. However, I just used it on my computer this morning and it was fine. After my call, it said there was an update so I downloaded it and then tried to use it again this afternoon for another meeting and it wouldn’t give the sound!! What happened?! Overall, its truly been a great tool for our social distancing and perhaps it will be used more now that people are used to it. It is very easy to use, even for those who are technologically challenged. I ended up using my iPad for the afternoon meeting but had wanted to use my laptop so I could see everyone and on one page. With the iPad, you have to swipe to see whomever you can’t see from the first page of 9, but it is a little disconcerting because you always see 9 people on a page; not 9 on the first page and then the remaining on the next page, which I would prefer. But again, it does work overall for meetings and is very easy to use..Version: 5.0.0

So far, so good...The only thing that really puzzle's me, is that I only use Apple products, so on my iPhone, iPad, and iMac, I expect this app to want to use my Address book which is filled with all my friends and contacts. I do not use Facebook, or Google, or anything else to store my Contacts. Seems to me they need to consult with Apple Support on how to do that, but it has not happened yet. Please fix adding Contacts so that I can use my devices as they need to be used. As it is right now, I cannot add contacts from the services they asking me to use. I did forget, I am an iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS user, not Google or Microsoft, or anything else. There are no In App Purchases for what you call Pro accounts. We only use this for church services and would need 70 minutes most of the time. Make it possible to upgrade with In App Purchase, or at the very least allow the purchase of minutes for what we need. Have tried to find out how to upgrade, but the app doesn’t allow it..Version: 5.0.5

Zoom appThis app is a great way to get your family and friends together in the one place and have video chats altogether allowing you to see what exactly is being expressed and presented to one another in the same place of contact it’s amazing this app it has keeps me connected to my loved ones during the pandemic period which was very hard to deal with being in isolation for long......Version: 5.8.3

ZoomIn NZ its referred to as ZUI. Zoom merged with hui. We were the first to go into a state of emergency and national lockdown using this app during COVID19. We were able to Stay Home, Save Lives and enforce other healthy regulations by using zoom to maintain communication with other services & communities..Version: 5.0.4

Zoom My LifeZaverI work for Mana Music Centre in Porirua teaching primary school pupils music. I’ve managed to teach most of my students piano keyboard and recorder during the lockdown. I had never used online video before. It’s been excellent and kept students up with their music. Sometimes I had trouble with volumes but overall it’s gone great without frozen screens. Lynda MacDonald🎶.Version: 5.0.2

Rating - ZOOM Meeting CloudThank you for inventing this app. It is really helpful, and it is also an online learning system for schools due to the COVID-19. This app makes me want to die because I have to study from Monday to Saturday every week and I'm too lazy to rejoin for those teachers don't even buy a Full version so the meeting ends every 40 minutes but I'm also lazy because I don't want to study anD I HATE SCHOOLYTDJGAEIHRDHIDOJEHUDR Thank you for reading this. I hope you understand my stupid English grammar..Version: 4.6.9

In trainingWith such little knowledge of modern day technology, I found Zoom easy to navigate which flowed on through to my mental well-being..Version: 5.8.0

Super facile a utiliserJaime beaucoup Zoom, que j’utilise tres régulièrement..Version: 4.6.10

Zoom Dance.During lockdown when the clubs closed, we used Zoom to create the online nightclub. Over 2 years later we have a community of regulars who pop in and out and who have become close friends in the real world, meeting up and having gatherings all thanks to Zoom Dance. We have also used the platform to create an online DJ competition, Mixmaster UK, which is in its third year and has sponsorship and involves 100’s of DJs fighting it out to become the Mixmaster champion. So thank you Zoom for help me, help others and bringing a lot of people together..Version: 5.11.1

Zoom is on the zoom!Dear Zoom, I think Zoom is on the zoom! It works so well and efficiently, I love Zoom! Thank you for coming up with such a great app..Version: 5.12.9

ZoomHey zoom it’s a really good app but when people are talking i dont like the green thing that goes around the person please get rid of it Thanks Milly.Version: 5.8.3

Yay - reliable sound and picture, low CO2I invite my friends to zoo, with me - the best of the video call platforms I tried. Love the subscription service and found it easy to teach myself breakout rooms. And there’s webinars on how to if you want tuition. Plenty of opportunities. I’m setting up zoom dates with my grandchildren overseas. I’ll enjoy more frequent connection, and without enlarging my carbon footprint.Version: 4.5.2

AmazingI would really recommend this app. It helped me with school over lockdown and is currently helping me to stay more connected to people in large groups or when we aren’t together. It’s also a good outlet for talking. There are many different things to do on this app with messaging people too. You type in someone’s email address to send a contact request and when they accept you can call them or send messages. You can send pictures reply to messages (which comes up as blue writing underneath a message), you can put emojis onto someone’s message, send them files and more. It’s an amazing app and I haven’t had any problems with it. I hope other people have the same experience..Version: 5.2.3

Great resource - appreciate having it availableI was using ZOOM prior to COVID-19 and the lockdown and will continue to use it now restrictions are being lifted. No fears for privacy issues as I wouldn’t say or use any private information in any meeting where there may be people with no work related need to know all the information whether face to face in person or on-line..Version: 5.0.3

Zoom meetingEasy to mute and unmute. Lovely to be able to see friends. Could have been chaotic but everyone had a chance to talk and politely waited for others to finish..Version: 5.2.2

Great but 1 problemI love this app but the thing I find really annoying is signing in. I made an account off of the app in the first lockdown and everyone was using zoom and I was using zoom on the web as it was just easier but since I need to be able to access meetings on my iPad I have to download the app.I tried to sign in and made sure that my password and email was exactly right but it said it was invalid so I thought I may as well make an account with my other email so I put in my date of birth and it says I am no elligible to sign up at this time so I put in lots of different birthdays to make sure it wasn’t my age but none of them worked. Otherwhise great app.Version: 5.9.3

Thank you!Zoom has been a life saver for me during the stay at home order. Your video platform has allowed me to continue working from home, supporting teachers and students in our transition to remote learning. It has also kept me connected with friends and family. My brother has special needs and my parents are currently his caregivers due to regulations at his supported living home. He has had a very hard time the last several weeks because he just cannot comprehend why we have to stay away from other people right now. He misses his day program, his roommates, his bowling league, and even doctor appointments, not to mention our very large family gatherings. I created a schedule of daily Zoom sessions in a Google document with a recurring meeting Zoom link and shared it with family and friends, who use the document to sign up for times. Since starting the daily chats, he and my parents receive the social and emotional support the so desperately need. So again, I say “THANK YOU!”.Version: 4.6.12

Great resourceZoom has proven itself during Covid-19. Overnight Zoom has given my family access to work, family & social engagement, which has helped maintain a degree of normalcy during what is a crazy, weird period. Zoom is awesome & has proven to be a great & necessary resource. 5⭐️'s IMO..Version: 5.0.1

Free zoom paying for zoomLiving Sober is a not for profit organisation working with the most difficult to reach members of our society, currently we have no funding because all our bids are suspended due to the corona virus taking priority and rightly so. We are having to change our complete methodology and switch 95% of what we do to virtual internet based solutions. When we started zoom 40 minuets was not long enough so even though we are having to watch every penny we spend we opted for the monthly subscription to facilitate longer meetings. I believe zoom has now removed the free zoom 40 minuet limit? Firstly is that correct? Secondly if that is correct can we revert back to the free zoom keeping the settings we have scheduled? Thirdly can we get a refund for the subscriptions we have already paid? Zoom is saving lives no doubt about that and it has opened our eyes to some different ways of us doing things. Can you send me a tutorial on the new security measures zoom has recently put in place? Thank you zoom.Version: 4.6.10

Zoom is so amazingI love zoom and it is so easy to use and everything. I do have a couple ideas that could be added but idk. So my 1st idea is that for gc we can create a gc picture. My 2nd one is kinda long. So basically what I was thinking was like how on iMessages we can pick peoples profile pics and names. I was thinking we could do that for zoom but you ask the person u r doing it to so it goes to them as a kinda notification and they can approve/disapprove..Version: 5.10.0

Family ReunionMy cousin had the most wonderful idea! She asked all of our very small family - her mother, her two brothers, their wives and grown children - and her one aunt who happens to be my mother. My mom asked me, my twin sister and our grown children to also be a part of the zoom phone call. All together 11 out of 18 people were able to participate. The others were working. It was so much fun and such a joy to see my cousin Abby, the cousin whose brainstorm it was in the first place. We see each other once a year, if that and we always really love our time together. Today was so special. In this time of isolation from everything we know on a daily basis, our coworkers, our friends, our neighbors, our trainers, our grocers, our cleaners, our housekeepers, our landscapers, the people in our life that we take for granted that we will see every day, it was such a comfort to see our real and actual family. Thank you to ZOOM for enabling us to make it happen and thanks to my cousin, Abby, who I love so dearly..Version: 4.6.10

The simplest things in life...Thank you Zoom for helping to make it fun and simple to share ideas and join in with others who are sharing ideas too..Version: 4.1.19

Excellent on my iPad Air, so far; unlike FaceTime which keeps stoppingDownloaded the Zoom App onto my iPad Air, following repeated interruption problems with FaceTime, and no satisfactory action to resolve this issue from Apple Support. Zoom isn’t that intuitive to start using for the first time, but I just tried different approaches, to see what options I could use. Tried Scheduling a meeting in advance, using iCloud Diary to provide the link; then, copied & sent the link in an Email. It worked okay. I then tried starting a video & used links displayed at the top of my screen, to find a link to copy. I then sent that in a reply to an iMessage I’d received; in little time, I then received a notification that that person was wanting to join my meeting; accepted this and our video chat started promptly afterwards. Video & sound quality was very good, far better than with FaceTime. Only potential issue seemed to be that battery usage was much greater than expected; any problems are easily avoided by ensuring your iPad is fully charged and plugged in to the charger. Then, you can relax and chat away. Very pleased, so overall 5 stars..Version: 5.4.10

Zoom Modern TechTanks for this program it is a savior in todays Covid changing times, where people can meet safely and at the same time extend their “bubble”. I was on the free subscription how ever I soon found it more efficient to licence for a month at a time. Awesome app and program..Version: 5.8.4

Amazing!!But...This app is a lifesaver it’s how I got through lockdown and still use to contact some old friends. I love chatting and zooming on there! I used to zoom my friends all day and night I was seriously addicted my mum said I might need to delete it because I was on so much (she was joking) phew 😅but sometimes the audio or video doesn’t work but you can figure it out in the end thank you so much! But...on zoom chat if you delete a contact you can’t add them back on unless it’s a different account which is reeeeeeaaaaaallllly annoying hopefully this will be able to improve otherwise great app! Thanks!.Version: 5.12.2

Great App! One Suggestion Though...My family and I have used this app for several months and it has covered most of our needs. It is great to be able to see and share with our extended family and friends during these times where physical contact may be limited. For that alone, it’s worth rating this app 5 stars. Still, there is one definite improvement that I think should be made. Please implement arrows or scrolling buttons in the Gallery View of Zoom video conferences. As an iPad Pro user, I am unable to “scroll” through the Gallery View using my Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse setup without having to manually touch and swipe the screen directly. Adding a arrow or other type of button would allow for easy viewing or scrolling of members of the video conference without disrupting the convenience of using the iOS trackpad/mouse support. Thank you..Version: 5.0.5

Zoom is great!Zoom has been really helpful across these last couple weeks because I’m stuck at home in lockdown. One problem I often come across is that even when my wifi and the others on the meetings wifi is good we all are laggy and it’s annoying. But other an that zoom is a great platform to keep in touch with your friends and family that you can’t see at the moment..Version: 5.7.4

Really good 👍This app is awesome! I can see loads of people on zoom even in lockdown!I can even change the background and filters! I love this app!.Version: 5.7.6

Amazing appVery nice app great for covid and online schools not hard to use amazing app.Version: 5.7.3

Great appGreat app easy and professionnal! 5 stars of course.Version: 4.3.2

Zoom is kinda goodMy teachers love it cause it makes school more easier but I hate it but I also like it cause I can text my friends on it but otherwise I’ll rather go back to school.Version: 5.7.6

ZoomIt is a great way to communicate to people I am using it at the moment for school and we can just carry on with lessons as normal due to the corona virus. we can put up our hand and ask our teachers things on the chat I have also heard of other people using it to get in touch with family and they have enjoyed it. There are no adverts you can chat to people on this app and can turn your camera off so people can’t see your face and can turn your voice off so the person you are on the phone to can’t hear what you are saying. I definitely recommend this app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯.Version: 4.6.8

Funny school lessonsThe fact that we have to show up to class is annoying, but the teachers have found ways to make it fun when it doesn’t come to something like English, we’re we only have an hour lecture on why we don’t put the work in that they assign to us the previous one hour lecture. It’s a school thing, and an English problem..Version: 5.7.1

Keeping connectedI am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I use zoom to allow me to be interactive at our twice weekly meetings. Also, due to the social distancing requirements we are not going door to door. Instead we contact our neighbours by telephone and by letters. To help us do this me meet in the morning over zoom. So zoom has helped us to still continue with our ministry and receive encouragement from our spiritual brothers and sisters. As a result I have only felt the pain of being isolated to a small degree - it will be nice though when we eventually meet up with our spiritual family in person. Thanks for this avenue allowing for us to communicate directly during this crisis. Warm regards Patricia..Version: 5.1.1

Review for potenchels zoomers.Great way to communicate is a little draining looking at the screen 💻 for more than30 minutes some times hard to navigate if your older not tech savvy not a fence meant..Version: 5.7.5

Great, reliable app with excellent UII work for a large global company and we use zoom every day on our desktop computers but I was pessimistic about its ability to translate to a workable mobile app. Having used the app now for more than a dozen on-the-go meetings, I have to say it has easily exceeded all expectations. I love that it’s UI is so easy and intuitive for all the most common tasks I need to perform. I can join with my corporate account, pinch to zoom into even the smallest detail on someone’s shared desktop screen, I have complete control over audio and video, it has a driving mode I can easily mute/unmute in the car and then switch back to screen viewing when I arrive, chat between participants is easily done and today someone seamlessly pushed us into a breakout room to continue our discussion. The folks I’m meeting with are on desktops and they can’t tell I’m on mobile. Just brilliant. Great work development team and PMs. This app is a pleasure to use..Version: 4.3.1

It’s really good…read this review to find out more!!!I think that zoom is a really good FaceTime app because you can have as many people as you want, you can schedule the meetings, you can add different backgrounds like a green screen type thing!! It’s a good app that you should definitely get... but it does take a bit of getting used to as I can’t work out how to get a background when your on FaceTime to someone! But zoom is a good app that is more formal and for work you can have meetings on it, but you can still have informal meetings on it...like going on FaceTime with your friends...I DEFINITELY recommend this app for ALL ages... hope that you get it!!.Version: 4.6.12

Basic UserI’m only really starting to use all of the features. So as a basic user I gave it 4 stars but as I get familiar that may go up or down. Easy to use..Version: 5.7.5

This is gonna be for all the versionsSo I’ve been using Zoom for school because of the pandemic, and it’s good compared to other programs yet I do have SOME complaints, none of which having to do with my hate of using it all the time now. It’s great for having the meetings, but it overheats my phone if I use the mobile app way more than other video call apps and programs. I’ve also had to use the Chromebook version because my school provided that, but it’s way more laggier than PC or mobile. Chromebook also has a lot less of the features such as backgrounds and recoding the meeting as a guest and doesn’t feel as professional I think. For the entire program, app, Chromebook, and all, I think it’s great. Covid is keeping me online until, with the rising cases here in the US, most likely March at soonest if my school allows me online that long, it’s amazing. My sibling uses two other programs, one of which I used last spring in 8th grade, and when I compare Zoom to the two he uses Zoom is automatically the best of the three. It’s super professional for most versions of it and I think that for the covid pandemic it’s one of the best options I think..Version: 5.4.2

Great app but one thing...I like this app a lot! It is awesome for school or just simply talking to your friends. I love how you can present your screen on it. I have an iPod touch on it and it works well too. You can do this on a chrome book or iPad as well. Once I downloaded this I asked my friends if we could zoom. After a few meets I noticed I couldn’t create a meeting I can only join. This is a not a big problem but you get cool features on your side of the meet if you create the meet and they are really cool. Yeah, I know you can switch the host which I REALLY like but you still don’t get all of the features that you would if you actually created the meet. You can present like I said above but the presenting is a little glitchy. Other than those two things I love this game. I like how you can change your name. Also you can go into drivers mode which means that you hit a button to talk and if you don’t hit the button and talk than people won’t here you. Also it means nobody can see your camera so its great to prank your friends with or just use it like its supposed to be used. If you are a the host you can enable it or disable it. You can also slide the screen to show you certain people. One of the slides is drivers mode! I really like this and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are a student or a teacher or just someone who wants to talk to their friends..Version: 5.6.4

My ReviewI think it is four stars because when using zoom it glitches and sometimes kicks me out of a meeting..Version: 5.5.4

Countdown timerWell I’d say zoom is ok even though it would not be my first app choice for video meeting, but I’m not the host so got no option there. Sadly there is no way to contact developers of this app for participants (only for those hosting a meeting) hence the review. I would like to see (in the basic version) the exact countdown including seconds until the time runs out, instead of notification of “less than 1 minute remaining” which is just not good enough as with not knowing the exact remaining time, it always tends to cut off mid sentence. Is there a possible chance of improving this please with much better countdown timer? As that would be very helpful..Version: 5.1.0

Great for connectingI absolutely love zoom. The whole time during this Covid-19 lockdown, it has been great to connect with friends and families around the world. The updates try there best to keep us safer, so we just endure..Version: 5.4.7

Definitely Great App 😊Zoom is an app I have had it for almost 3 years now. It enabled me to chat, call and see my friends and family over the lockdown. It is easy to use when you get used to it but at first when I got it I was very confused about how to call people, or make a scheduled call/meeting. It allows you to virtually see people you may not have seen in ages. Other apps like font apps and gif apps work on it, making it cheerful. I recommend it to anyone and everyone! It is really helpful but as I have mentioned very very confusing when you first get it. But gradually as you use it more it gets easier, and I would’ve done 4 and a half stars but obviously you cannot do that. Anyway thank you. Peace out ✌️.Version: 5.9.3

Zoom 12-step meetingZoom has been very instrumental in keeping people recovering from addictions connected. Thank you ever, ever so much..Version: 5.7.0

It’s goodSo, the reason I gave it a 4 star is because it’s great and all, but every time I try to join something it goes blurry? Anyone else please rectify this, but also get the app it’s brilliant! One thing though, I am not a fan when it goes yellow around the person that’s speaking, also there was more then 1 person speaking in my zoom.... and all the boxes were yellow and I couldn’t see who was speaking in that moment of time. Anyway I have got to say it DRAINS your battery life sooo if you are a person like me who uses all there battery life then this might not ( but very useful ) be the app for you. Overall it’s great for about 25 minutes.... thank you!.Version: 5.5.4

Zoom for YogaThank you Zoom, what a brilliant tool to deliver classes in spite of the Pandemic. It took a couple of sessions to get used to the programme but once you have it becomes easier and has been a real benefit to many of my regular students. It also means that those who are self isolating or even those that have moved out of the local area can still take part. I have been able to continue teaching Yoga not only keeping in practice but also allowing me to earn an income while the community halls and gyms remain closed. Thanks Zoom and those that encouraged me to give it a go..Version: 5.4.3

Amazing app !!!!!It's help me alot, especially during this Covid-19 epidemic. I can study right from home and meet my teachers and friends who are far away. I'm a senior-year student so this app helps me prepare better for the college entrance exam. Thank you developers..Version: 4.6.7

Zoom the bestZoom has been pretty great since the lockdown for nz went on. No lags between calls and it’s hard to make public channels. First it does not let you but second time it does..Version: 4.6.9

Good way to connectThe app is a great way to connect when we can't get together. Still some glitches, but a great help. I was worried that my 2012 iPad IOS 9 can't update to Zoom ver 5, but it has just updated. Thank you Zoom.Version: 5.0.1

Awesome app to use during covidThis app can let people call meetings for various reasons. I enjoy this because Covid-19 can separate people but this app or website allows people to connect and talk in multiple different ways. I’ve been able to join church meetings and connect with friends with this. The quality is also good, as some other apps cut out or the camera is glitchy. Zoom is the best app, guaranteed to impress.Version: 5.7.0

Awesome 100 person chat app!!!Quarantine has been made easier by Zoom group chatting and meetings. I’ve been able to work, keep in touch with family and friends, take my guitar lessons, keep up with my children’s tutors, go to church, catch up with everyone in the choir and sing for mass recorded through zoom. Thank you Zoom. Just a note though...please make sure you work really hard to fix any “hacking” that seems to happen with systems such as this...because if you make Zoom extremely secure then I know Zoom could very well replace Skype—which is awful now by the way—but you have to make security your number one thing on your list okay?...I’m sure you are, but please don’t end up like what Facebook has gone through and is going through. Good on you though for collaborating with your genius teams and creating an App that has truly helped during Covid-19 and bringing us all together. Way to go Zoom!.Version: 4.6.12

Zoom is amazingIt’s been really difficult for me to adjust to the life Jane Covid having to do school at home and adjusting for me during Covid has been really difficult zoom has just made my life a lot easier all I have to do is tap the button prep put the ID in and put my ID in and put the password and it makes life so easy my ratings are good everything is amazing when I’m trying I can understand what the teacher is saying or saying and and they have emojis so emojis so I don’t have to use my hands I just don’t know how to explain how you know is amazing zoom is just amazing if you don’t have zoom go get it right now it’s the best online FaceTime website you can imagine if you have some rough times of June I don’t know what you’re talking about because my time with zoom has been amazing zoom is amazing yeah.Version: 5.6.1

DrccfdfdfffcDrrdfffdfgu got her a video and she was like oh my sister and she is going back and she likes it and she is like I am good with that I hope she is well with me too much hope you guys have had fun and hope you have had a wonderful day love love it hope all is well and you are ywonderful amazing wonderful hope your love and wonderful yay love love it hope your wonderful wonderful birthday and love yyou love love it love love it hope your love is good hope your wonderful wonderful birthday wonderful day wonderful birthday.Version: 5.7.6

BugsThis is not allowing me to log in it keeps on freezing when I sign in.Version: 5.9.3

Grateful to Mid-Nite. New YorkThe Mid-Nite has helped me so much. Here in Massachusetts, nothing is totally open for Aa meeting. I can’t talk to friends and family. Just my 3 daughters. Thank God for them. Also the treatment center I went to in Delray Beach Florida. Reco. The best thing I ever did. Great support system there and with Mid-Nite. I have severe insomnia. I stay on for most of them all night. I feel very lonely. I live alone and have ptsd. I know I am not supposed to fear. I did my steps. I do meditation and other tools that Teco taught me. Being with you all stops my fear that someone will come in my apartment and attack me. After I am done with your meeting I feel back to safety. I don’t know what I would of done with out you. I have 10 months sober. Thank you so much for continuing your zoom meeting. 🙏🏻🕯🌻. I tell everyone at my zoom meeting at Reco about your meetings Incase at night they need to talk. I highly recommend it for everyone! All ages! I love it and very grateful to all the host, volunteers . Please never STOP! Your great Mid-nite.Version: 5.1.2

Very good!I use zoom to call my friends and now during lockdown also my class. It is a very good app and I would suggest it to everyone because it helps you and other people talk and have fun even if you can’t see them in real person. The only thing that I don’t really like is that if there are loads of people on one call ( for example my P7 class of 29) you have to swipe to see everyone so if one person is talking you can’t see them and until you find them. I would probably like it if there were just loads and loads of tiny squares but then some people wouldn’t. Overall this is a fantastic app for talking and catching up!!! I am definitely not deleting this any time soon!!!.Version: 5.0.4

Awesome...but, it has some disadvantages...It is a very useful app for online classes and work from home. I use it for virtual school since were all in quarantine and I like the idea that there’s a host and the host can control everyone (it is a very useful thing for the teachers). I also like the virtual backgrounds ,the raising hands and all the little things you can use while your in a meeting. I also use it to make group chats with my friends and its really fun! I really recommend this app...but, there are some disadvantages. Sometimes it lags horribly and no one can understand anything the person who is talking saying. There is also a lot of background noise if the person who is talking has a lot going on at home. I’ve also heard a lot of people say that it steals your personal information and strangers can get into a meeting. It hasn’t happened to me so I can’t prove it right or wrong. I still recommend this app to anyone who would like doing group chats with friends or have meetings about work at home! :D.Version: 4.6.12

An app to survive lockdownsWell designed app to interact with one or many people and be able to connect specially in times of physical social distancing..Version: 5.7.5

2020- most used app..Well.....I can say that this zoom app has made our 2020 more interesting and useful..... otherwise the year 2020 would have been soo boring.... this zoom app gives us the feeling of being in our own colleges ..... with our lecturers and friends... it has kept us connected to our academics and with our lecturers in a very awesome way!!!! Thanks to zoom app for making our 2020 meaningful and useful!!!!.Version: 5.4.7

Works surprisingly wellUsed Zoom quite a few times now and am getting used to the program. Generally works very well, we have had up to 9 people involved in our own sessions and been in a few sessions with more than that, generally no problems as long as everyone has a reasonable internet connection. If there are a lot of participants it helps to mute microphones. Well worth a look, and you can do quite a lot with the free version, especially if you tend to have short meetings.Version: 4.6.7

One suggestionI think even when the zoom is over you should be able to go to settings and see what you’ve written or the other person chat that they wrote obviously you won’t be able to see there private one that they wrote to someone else but there’s a suggestion that would be really helpful..Version: 5.5.3

IntuitionThank you it was wonderful connecting with such a wonderful open group of people . Thank you to the facilitators you were all kind and gave clear direction and all inclusive. To be honest I didn’t know how I was going to make through the day cause I suffer from fatigue but I did make it and it went by in the blink of an eye. The dancing was fun and invigorating almost felt like a tic toc session. It made me laugh. I also felt the facilitators were powerful in drawing out and giving guidance and making us feel confident in our intuitive abilities. I was awestruck with my and others intuition. Thanks so much! Very much appreciated..Version: 5.7.6

Good but it would be better....I like zoom very affective and it also allows to connect with people online it’s very easy and sustainable I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to talk to their friends or their business partners on Zoom however I wish that there would be no disabling chats meaning the host can not disable any chats which is good because I don’t want to not be able to chat privately on Zoom with my friends overall I would give it a five out of 5 it’s pretty good and I hope that on this situation changes and they do not allow any button for the host to disable the chat and we can whenever talk to our peers thank you from Zoya.Version: 5.1.0

Administrator has too much power, and chat could use update 👍I love this app, but I feel like the administrator has too much power. I would love it if you would improve the terms of service and add something to make the other users aware when the administrator is doing something like recording you. Another issue I would like to address is the audio problem. High quality audio is very important in something like a meeting, especially if you’re showing a video or doing other things. But I feel like the audio is not really as good as it can be. Device interference sometimes causes loud noises, but that’s not really your fault. But I do feel like there’s weird noises in the back, and I think it’s the app trying to block out other noise. If you could remove that, or add a switch to turn it on or off, that would be absolutely amazing! Otherwise, the app is very good! Thank you for providing this app for the world, espiecially during these tough times. 😄.Version: 5.0.5

Student debtCalls such as these, are more beneficial than anyone can say. Informative and effective in rallying the troops, and giving us direction as we work through this together. Like soo many things, we often times feel like we’re alone, example mental health or employment. But, in actuality, others are experiencing some of the same issues. SDC has hung in with this crisis from day one. I’m a senior, and we’re on a fixed income. We’re doing the best we can paying the private loan but we would be devastated even more if we had to go back to paying on the $100k+ federal loans. Thank you SDC for all your help. The call was great! The calls are always great! We just need the President to act on his campaign promise. I would hate to think that our hopes and our votes based on those promises, were for not. Just another wasteful act in our lives, but, you can’t say we didn’t try! MARCH ON!!!.Version: 5.10.2

Just greatStarted using the basic plan first for online personal training and worked really well, clients were happy with quality of audio and video but the plan only gives you 40 min in a group over 3 people so I’m getting the upgraded version now..Version: 4.6.9

Zoom has perks but one flaw or maybe twoOk so I’m not sure if my review came listed so I’ll try again in case it does not show so here we go I got zoom a while ago I was introduced to it and I liked and plus used it for when I had meetings with my job coach and when Covid-19 messed up family gatherings and visit and caused a lockdown so I introduced my brother to it and he uses it same for my friend Matthew and there is a few flaws in the way one of them is the call meeting limit for those that don’t have the whole zoom plan and apparently I am not pleased with having to make new rooms over and over again everytime it’s close to the limit waste of my time second is I want to find the option to go to the full plan on the mobile app but where is it???? I can’t seem to find it at all please for the love of god add it to make life easier for mobile users that would be a big help. Appreciate the app but if those can be fixed I’ll consider a more suitable review in the future. Thanks.Version: 5.11.10

A budget for buying votes or backing workers.Thank you Ebony. An excellent Zoom link-up, with two very clear and comprehensive speakers today. Usually, a topic like this, can lose you, with stats, however, both Michele and Greg spoke on their topics with great knowledge, background experience coming through, and with great clarity. Thanks to them both. The Scandinavian model would be a great subject one day to have and the return to impoverishment when the Job Seeker payments returned to ‘the disposable’ mentality and homelessness sky rocketed would also. As the speakers eluded to, “…if the funding could be found for pandemic assistance, why cannot the funding be found to give people seeking a job, an equitable opportunity? Distribute the funding that goes to ‘pork barrelling’ to more just causes, to avoid predictable, unsavoury consequences..Version: 5.9.6

I love zoom it helps me stay connected with my friendsToday I call my friends on Zoom was amazing for me help me with everything and I rate it five stars because I think it’s still help you stay connected with anybody you like and if it was it for online learning or anything else in my opinion I think that most people should have seen and you can go in meetings it’s even for free and I think you should get it today while you still got a chance to.Version: 5.7.6

Zoom ratingThis app is great for the coronavirus lock-in. You can contact with friends, family and colleagues. It is great use for catching up with people and have a group chat if you can't talk with each other other than 2metres away from you! The only thing is that it can sometimes cut you off and turn you on mute when you haven't pressed the button. So be aware of that but other then that, you'll love it! ❤️❤️ Another thing is that you might have trouble signing in to get your account and you might have trouble trying to be a host. It is the perfect app to get in touch with people that you don't see that often. Have fun!.Version: 4.6.7

Zoom!What a wonderful way to be together virtually with so many family members, friends and classmates! I love hearing their voices and seeing their faces and home projects, including knitting, cooking special dishes, gardening and children’s artwork. It’s especially uplifting to enjoy virtual parties and classes together. Thanks so much for enabling everyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer to connect so meaningfully with others during our stay-at-home isolation during this apocalyptic pandemic. Your amazing free technology is a reminder for me to send more cards to sick friends, to telephone those who do not have smart phones or computers and to thank all those I meet who work in grocery stores and pharmacies to serve our needs basic needs. Also, I feel the need to send emails of appreciation to celebrate our brave medical workers, out diligent and truthful elected officials, scientists and journalists as well as emergency and civil service agencies and companies all working to protect our nation and fight COVID-19 and the economic havoc in its worldwide wake..Version: 4.6.7

Zoom is awesome!I love using zoom its is reliable easy to use. I have even connected zoom meeting to my calendar so one click and the meeting is on! Good one Zoom!.Version: 4.6.8

Zooming Amazing.Zoom meetings are absolutely fantastic l feel they have so much helped myself in my recovery journey, and would go as far as to say have enhanced my sobriety !! when a gentleman from the fellowship suggested to myself about maybe trying the zoom meetings “l said no they would not be for me as it would just seem a bit surreal’ on the 31st of May 2020 l celebrated 9years continuous sobriety and entered my first zoom meeting that afternoon, l enjoyed it so much that l attended one that evening, ever since that day l have attended 2, 3, or 4 meetings on a daily basis, also sharing my 9th AA birthday share a couple of days after initially trying zoom, in my opinion all in all these zoom meetings give us the togetherness and fellowship in these tough times when we need it most. Thank-you so much. 😉😉😉🙏.Version: 5.0.5

AMAZING APP! But a few recommendationsZoom is an AMAZING app and right now during the pandemic it helps kids to do school but online! Zoom can also help me see my family when I can’t be there with them. Even if the pandemic that’s going on in the world. I would still use this amazing app. I have some recommendations for this app. I think when the teacher parent tutor etc, is sharing they should have something that can disable kids from writing on the screen. I think it’s kind of annoying that they can do that. The next recommendation I have is there should be a button that can say whether or not there can can be a co-host. I was doing a class and my teacher couldn’t sign a cohost he tapped on the person he wanted to sign cohost but it didn’t have that option. I soon did a zoom with my friends because Snapchat wasn’t working etc. I wanted to make one of my friends cohosts but I also didn’t have that option. Those are some things that I think zoom should fix, but other than that I love this app and recommend it to you! Have good day, thanks for reading!.Version: 5.6.4

Great for social and work meetingsI am very pleased with Zoom for social catchups in this lockdown situation - lovely for a 5 o’clock drink with friends. Likewise it’s great for planned and impromptu business meetings which are also so important in lock down. Lastly, for church small groups it easily handles conversations from 6 and more homes. Ease of use, clarity of sound and picture, and continuity of connection combine to distinguish it from other video systems I’ve used. Bryce Whitcher, Auckland, NZ..Version: 5.11.2

ZOOM: the best so farI have just began using Zoom for cloud meetings. Compared to Skype, I find Zoom much more stable and of higher quality video presentation. Larger meetings must be organized in a better way as this is more a problem of group organization as opposed to the actual Zoom software. A bigger group must be organized in order to functionally use the zoom platform without problems. I really like the whiteboard and screen sharing aspect as it is simple, intuitive and easy to use especially with my iPad Pro Apple Pencil. There is always room for improvement, but as for now, Zoom is the best. With Skype, I have complaints of poor screen quality even with gigablast internet (300-1 gb/sec download speeds). I just wanted the truth to be presented about the online software. Zoom is presently the best and deserves more credit than a single star! It works well!.Version: 4.6.12

Auzzies Luv ZoomExcellent medium and is full of features. I think many companies are realising they have been wasting money sending staff interstate for one meeting costing hundreds of dollars. They are better spending money on setting up their staff/teams via zoom where all calls can be face to face. Makes sense. Telstra in Australia stopped their staff and executives travelling interstate for meetings some 15 years ago and encouraged face to face virtual meetings through their own video conferencing, saving hundreds of thousands (travel and accomodation costs). I am sure other companies have seen the advantages in video conferencing some years ago as well..Version: 4.6.9

Dont send data to FacebookThis would be 5 stars if you didn’t share our data with Facebook! Edit: They listened! Privacy is of great concern to all consumers and Zoom has stepped up. This app is wonderful and helps keep in touch and remain productive in these strange work from home in these trying times! It has all the features you would expect and has performed exceedingly well for meetings, lectures and general chit chat!.Version: 4.6.9

Amazing, But some bugsZoom is the perfect social platform because of what’s happening right now. Like I love how you can create your own meeting to chat with your friends because you normally can’t do that when the whole class is in the meeting. But, there are some technical difficulties which cause glitching which means we won’t get to hear something that might be important. Sometimes it also just kicks me out of the meeting out of nowhere. That usually happens when everyone is talking, but my wifi is perfectly fine. I’m pretty sure glitching is caused by my wifi or other peoples wifi, but it’s just really frustrating that I can just get kicked out of the zoom meeting and miss a part of an important lesson..Version: 5.7.6

Eternal gratitude to Zoom during lockdownThanks to Zoom for its brilliant service to connect people online. My eternal gratitude to Zoom as I could reunite my family from four different countries and that was priceless during this lockdown. Also, thanks because I could use Zoom to teach online and to chat to friends. It could be useful to have the screen instructions in different languages to make it user friendly to others. It’s understandable that at times, there are sound problems or ‘frozen images’ -I’m using the free Zoom at the moment and maybe I will upgrade it. I hope it’s ‘secure’ to use it but I’m a bit concerned based on recent reports. In my experience, I recommend Zoom as it’s has been a highlight during these unprecedented circumstances to communicate to others respecting the social distancing..Version: 4.6.11

New Way ForwardZoom has helped me survive 8 weeks of Covid-19 as a 74 year old susceptible person who lives alone I have been able see my daughter every day also my sister in New Zealand and friend in Tasmania I have been playing Drag Bingo twice a week and doing Meditation with my local friends also a medium I subscribe too my sister has been teaching for her university with Zoom,thank you so much.Version: 4.6.12

Help me stay connected the last 2 yearsI live in a small country town and do Pilates with more senior women than myself, who have the odd health issues . Lucky for us our wonderful Pilates Instructor , came up with the idea to run Zoom classes twice a week . It's kept us physically & mentally healthy and connected , we've been able to go back to the hall a few times but by doing, Zoom classes, you can even do when your away , which I have . I have also done Zoom with our daughter in Melbourne when we could not see one another and a dear friend and her daily in The UK .I actually have a very old iPad , I'm so grateful I can get the app :).Version: 5.9.3

OMG Zoom is the BESTI can talk to every single on of my friends all at once!!!! Zoom is the Best thing I have ever asked for 🤩🤩. During this terrible Corona Situation Zoom is the best thing to talk to all friends at on time!!! If u r reading this I ask u download this video at once to talk to all ur friends while it is to hot or cold outside or~~~ ur just not allowed outside for a pacific reason. So get this app now🥳🥳 and through a party with ur friends and ur self on ZOOM🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🥳🤩🥳 is ur mind blowing or not🤯🤯🤯 Pandaplayz (Abby Rose Shackles Brumley) 🐼🐼🐼 I love Panda 🐼 🐼 panda 🐼.Version: 4.6.11

While coerced into separation, Zoom ConnectsI feel thankful for the Zoom app because of the social and even emotional and spiritual connections it facilitates under the difficult circumstances of Covid19. It is a blessing from heaven to be able to continue connections with others through this group meeting app. Separation will never win over, so should this app ever fail, another will replace it, as I know in my heart that the powers of heaven will prevail in keeping people connected for a Purpose no adverse circumstance can overtake, so we can take courage and comfort in that assurance. I believe this app was created as a preparatory premonition to which adversity we have been subjected. I acknowledge God’s hand in all things and hope others will consider it, too, as that will open the windows of heaven, allowing the talents about us to be used for good, such as this inspired app. Never underestimate the power of little things (choices), as there are no little consequences..Version: 5.4.0

The great appThis app is awesome because I can chat with my friends when ever I want. And you can make someone else host if you don’t want to be host. But the part that I really like is that if you are host you can mute everyone and turn their video off! And you can have a virtual background, you can volunteer to be host, and if the host mutes you, you can unmute yourself. You can also write a message to everyone. And my personal favorite part is that you can see as many people as you want. You can also turn audio on and off when ever you want. But one thing is that sometimes people’s screens freeze or you can’t hear them very well or there voice stutters. Another one of my favorites is that you can change your zoom name. But one thing that confuses me is that the app is called zoom. Why is the app called zoom if the app is for video chatting. Anyways, those two issues certainly don’t stop me from giving this app a 5 ⭐️review. And all because of this app I can chat with my friends every day. So I definitely recommend getting this app!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.6.9

World Peace Day Picnic for PeaceThanks for a beautiful virtual Picnic event with our friends arriving to live with us from war torn countries, earlier arrivals settled here and the committee who organise this group. Hope to continue for as long as I am able. The children and young people gave beautiful voices tonight and Afghani people sharing stories of this tragedy in their country. With love and concerns to those still unable to escape prayers are with all of you. Hoping that our Government grants refuge to them as we have a large country to welcome them to freedom and safety. Greatnana Pat.Version: 5.7.6

Mr Albert GrahamsonZoom is the ideal app for anyone, be it you’re a businessman, a teacher or even a grandparent wanting to see their grandchildren. It is free, easy to use and very convenient. You can easily arrange a conference call and the host is even provided with accessible tools such as a whiteboard and ability to mute and unmute participants. I am an experienced figure in the technology and business industry and I would passionately recommend this app for anyone wishing to contact anyone of their employees, employers, business partners, family members, friends, students or even teachers. I know of someone who made a wedding via Zoom during the coronavirus outbreak where people were unable to leave their homes. Guests were invited via an easily accessible link where they could clearly and simply take part with hundreds of people all around the world in such a beautiful event thanks to such an amazing team..Version: 4.6.9

Microphone balance needs workZoom is great, hence 4 stars. One area that could be improved is microphone balance. Firstly some participants in my meetings come over extremely loud, sometimes painfully so. Also the system seems to prioritise whoever is loudest, blocking out other people trying to enter the conversation. Particularly annoying is when the system cuts from one to another mid sentence, sometimes flipping over to a different speaker every fraction of a second, resulting in nobody getting their point across. If at all posssible, and I realise it’s probably not easy, it would good to have a blend of all microphones passed back to everyone so conversation can flow as normal..Version: 5.0.1

Never too old to Zoom.I am 88 yeard old female, have ipad and phone mainly for family contact and safety. Love the ipad and use every day, during Lockdown my community ukulele group keep contact and play, sing and laugh through Zoom what a lifesaver and SO easy to use even at my age..Version: 4.6.10

Great App! Would recommend it to anyone.I have been using this app for a few months now. I’ve been looking at one star reviews, and I noticed some of these may not be the app, but the personal device or internet the person is using. It works on many platforms, so it really doesn’t limit you when it comes to accessibility. The chat you can use during meetings works amazingly well, and the app allows you to privately chat with one individual person. If you’re the host and you don’t want people privately chatting with each other, you can turn that off in the chat so that all messages are sent to everyone. The only thing I personally don’t like is the time limit. Other than that one thing, the app is great if you run a club or just want to chat with friends. Zoom also allows you to have a password set so that random people can’t put random codes in and join the meeting. And if your school uses chrome books, works great on those..Version: 5.0.1

Zoom to the Rescue!When COVID hit the world it could have been a real threat to the work I do as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Being familiar with zoom from using zoom in the past meant an easy transition to seeing my clients online. Some people needed some help to get started but it has been so good to have been able to use zoom. I led a busy social life when we were in Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne because of zoom, I was able to maintain my spiritual journey, I could keep seeing all my clients, support isolated friends and we ran successful groups over zoom! I really like zoom!!.Version: 5.6.1

So simple and reliableHave loved using this app, it’s light enough that it doesn’t freeze all the time like other products, even the unpaid version is fantastic. The only feature I wish they would add is allowing you to see more people on one screen, even with smaller thumbnails, that would be a fantastic addition to the functionality.Version: 5.6.4

Great appI have been using zoom to connect with students and colleagues during the Covid-19 lockdown period. It has been invaluable during this time and is a reliable app, with very few issues experienced over multiple meetings. Thankyou..Version: 4.6.11

Zoom reviewImma give this a four because the only thing it doesn’t have is access to fonts so I cant put any fonts as my name pls change it it is rlly irritating for me sometimes.Version: 5.8.0

Awesome but...Hi I have a complaint When I am doing Spanish class and the teacher starts sharing the screen very one starts drawing on the screen! And I am just suggesting (you don’t have to do this) but I think when someone starts drawing on the screen it should say someone started drawing on the screen that way we know who is being naughty and we can punish him or her. Well that’s all from me please send a developer response or think about making these changes!.Version: 5.0.3

Signing in, when I am not the hostIt’s ok when I join a meeting, but when I’m hosting and then sign out of that meeting, close Zoom down, then join a meeting as just a participant it puts me-as a host. Then to stop me being a host I find I have to delete Zoom altogether and download it again. Why is that? How can I prevent that occurring.Version: 5.13.1

Zoom is great, but needs presentation features and note taking features updated to get full valueHello! I am a college student that switched to online learning during the pandemic. All of my professors use zoom to present, for lectures and meetings, and for office hours. Zoom has made attending all of my classes more convenient. However, one improvement that I would like to see is the note taking feature. My professors tend to lecture on zoom and use its features to draw graphs and take notes. However, they have to cram things in because there is a limited area to write notes. Also, their notes tend to lag and come out messy. I think that if there was 1) a feature to automatically draw lines and shapes, like the features found on note taking apps such as onenotes, notability, and iCloud files, and 2) a wider writing area, then presenting and lectures wouldn’t be so difficult and copying notes would be more continent. Also, with these features being included, more professors would not be so hesitant with switching to modern and new styles of teaching. Their classes would become more enjoyable and comprehensible..Version: 5.8.0

An excellent piece of softwareI’ve been using Zoom for several years both to attend and give online classes. Quite simply, I cannot fault it. The sound and image quality are always high, it’s very easy to set up and use, has a variety of easily accessible features that can be employed or not, as one wishes, and the pricing is fair (free for all but the host if the meeting is longer than 40 minutes). The design is simple and flexible, pleasing to use and offers either a gallery or speaker view. Naturally, it includes screen and document sharing, chat, recording, whiteboard, etc, in fact all that you would expect in a modern meetings app..Version: 4.1.17

The Benefit of Zoom to me.I am an older person and because of Covid 19 restricted time home a bit unable to do all the things I usually do. I am use to attending Bible meetings at a Kingdom Hall if Jehovah’s Witnesses . As we are unable to do that at present .I can zoom in twice a week for the same meetings. See all my friends and have a chat. Also my family and friends zoom in with me for morning or afternoon tea and a lot of chatter occurs and I love it. This all helps me not to be lonely and I look forward to Zoom every week. Thankyou.Version: 5.3.2

Using zoom for U3A meetings in lockdownI use Zoom to meet up with my garden group and it is working well. We are all ladies over 70 who enjoy gardening. With Zoom we are able to discuss various topics and also see each other’s gardens. Most of us use iPad’s as it is easier to walk round the garden with this device although some have managed with lap tops. It is a great way of staying in touch particularly those who are widows appreciate it as they don’t see anyone else during the week. All in all Zoom has been a real godsend for us all. There are 11 people in the group and 10 of us meet regularly on a weekly basis via Zoom. The other member doesn’t feel tech savvy and has opted out. We keep in touch be email instead..Version: 5.0.2

Vraiment une super applicationJe viens tout juste de participer à un webinaire avec Zoom et c'est super convivial et ça fonctionne super bien! Je le recommande!!.Version: 4.0.6

Locked DowmZoom me up Scotty! Able to meet with business and family! Great quality.Version: 5.8.6

.This app helps us to connect with our classmates,families,friends,school and much more,this app is probably the only app I used or online school when I’m doin a class.Version: 5.7.6

Good but i can’t......Some people can change their backgrounds but it doesn’t let me on an ipad it should all be the same thing on all devices.Version: 4.6.12

Your app has allowed us to keep serving GodThis app has given our organization the opportunity to never miss a beat from day one of the quarantine we have met world wide to get our spiritual feeding through this app. Jehovah God has blessed us with so much spiritual food so I know God has guided us to your organization to keep the source of our spiritual meals flowing. Thank you for being the company you are and fir making the isolation bearable because of all the nuggets of nourishment about Jehovah God, His Kingdom and His son, Jesus Christ who died for all of faithful mankind. We have the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s death coming up so if you get a letter and you would like to attend just reach out to the person who sends you the invitation and they will give you the meeting information fir your area. Your app has allowed many of us to join meetings in other states and country’s we would not normally get to visit and hear the spiritual food. Thank you and keep striving to enabl people to come together. La Vonne.Version: 5.5.4

Thank-you Zoom!Zoom is such a brilliant application to hold a quick video call with the whole team during these unprecedented times where it is essential for all/most of us to work from home. (Also better and easier to use than other similar apps I’ve tried recently.) Thanks also Zoom management for being flexible on some of the limits for the free app so far during the COVID-19 outbreak. This has been very much appreciated and certainly only helps to enhance your standing in the video-conferencing marketplace..Version: 4.6.7

An amazing teaching toolMoving to Zoom saved our college literally tens of thousands of dollars a year compared to the last program we used for meetings, teaching and clinical supervision. We have about 5000 students, and more than half of those use Zoom for online classes. It is a stable, easy to use platform. We do individual sessions and classes of up to 24 students and their teacher. You can use it for free for meetings of up to 40 minutes. And the paid subscription is really affordable if you need longer sessions. Follow up comments. Now working as a psychotherapist. Just amazing how well people can feel connected with Zoom. It meant our large clinic was able to support the community (and across the whole continent for face to face counselling during a very stressful pandemic. Life-saving stuff. Literally..Version: 5.9.6

Dance ClassesI’m loving Zoom. I’m a self employed dance teacher and lost all my work at the gyms and dance studios because of the Covid pandemic. I had no choice but to explore teaching online. I’ve been using the zoom app for 6wks now. Although it wasn’t created for this type of thing it’s working great for me. Easy to use for me as host and my students logging in. Sometimes we have problems with sound quality but 95% of the time it’s been great. My only wish is that via the phone app I could see the actually cloud recordings. There isn’t this option on the app, seems you can only see that via logging in from a laptop or pc. Other than that it’s a godsend for me..Version: 5.0.2

I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am…I am the survivor of an attempted murder by an active shooter. I now live with one bullet in my back and many pieces of shrapnel in my chest that require monthly doctors visits. This application has made this task so much easier and I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am. I live on a very fixed income and would not be able to afford this platform. The fact that I am able to access this without having to pay is so very generous. 5 star rating as this application has been easy to use and reliable….every time. And you needn’t be a “computer genius” to use this either. I was born in a time when the idea of the internet was totally unknown. To have the freedom to visually meet with others without having company or to leave your home would’ve been seen as “crazy” or “impossible” but here we are. For better or worse. This application, ZOOM is all for the better. Thank you ZOOM Team. Truly & appreciatively, Ian.Version: 5.12.6

Meadow S best friends with Lilly WI think that zoom is great. Especially the new software update where you can for example have a slice of pizza on top of your head. Or 3-D goggles that aren’t really there but it is just a filter. You can also have a red and white checkered pattern bow on top of your head and you can have a shark mouth. It is really cool. I only have one complaint about zoom. When I try to do a virtual background, my face goes into the background. What I mean by that is when I had a solid purple background, my face was just a purple blob. You could still see my hair but you couldn’t see my face and the details. I do appreciate zoom and how it has helped us in the viciously boring corona pandemic. I think zoom and Bing it it is awesome. I also want you to understand if you are reading this review is that you can only have the pizza slice on top of your head and the red and white bow if you have the latest Apple software update on your iPad. iOS 14 or something like that. I know that this is getting really long but I want to give every single detail. Zoom has a chat and you were able to raise your hand. You are also able to put a heart or clapping hands or a thumbs up or a surprised face or a crying face or a party popper on your screen. You can also do a virtual background even though it doesn’t always work perfectly and you can also which is the best part talk to your friends and or family. I think that zoom is awesome thank you..Version: 5.5.3

Great app but…I have used this app since January 2020 and it has been great but for my meetings it has been hard to really see peoples reactions so I hide non-video participants all great works a charm but when we have to raise our hands to do something it only shows the people with videos on which makes it annoying because I don’t want to have to put the participants list up so I have to show non-video participants and then it ruins it for me and I know at least 100 people and I’m sure there are more who like there to be a filter so that while not showing non-video participants ones that out there hand up can be shown. But other than great job on Zoom but I would like to see that feature mentioned earlier for pc as well..Version: 5.9.1

Communication with viewLife saver during lock down, but after using zoom it can be used for many other things like meetings at home conferences and private meetings office meetings even visit to your Doctor ,providing the right security and confidentiality zoom should be extended in every business and making orders and even shopping. I even see a place for it in Hospital home assessments it would save a lot of time let’s introduce it everywhere, it’s the right move for the 21st century, although funny dudes would not like it as it exposés everything..Version: 5.10.4

Reliable and well designedStarted using Zoom following increasingly difficult public health situation. I’ve been running seminars on the software for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been impressed with the design of the interface, the reliability of the app and the overall package. In comparison with the Mac version of Zoom, the iOS app offers additional functionality. Participants can click to raise their hands or participate in live votes during the session. I can’t find these options on my Mac. I would very much like to see the app support split screen on iPadOS. I know this probably complicates the ability to do screen capture but I’d really like to be able to have student work or session notes on the screen while running a session. For me, this is the only missing feature hat would be of serious benefit. Hopefully the dev can implement it soon..Version: 4.6.9

Zoom’s alright it just one problemZoom does have fast messaging speed and that’s good but my main problem is video sharing. Whenever I share my screen or my friends share screen the idea just lags a lot. When I talk with my friends in discord you can share the video with almost perfect speed. Pls fix this problem.Version: 5.11.3

Mostly goodFunctionally things are great but the UI could be better, chat button is under a hidden menu although there is space on main screen. Release video order button is obtrusive and not really needed permanently on screen and keeping the controls permanently in view obscures video. It’s reassuring to see that your cam/video isn’t on at times and keeping it there covers video that could move down just slightly to accommodate it. Lastly continually having to click Wi-Fi every meeting is annoying but this can be changed to auto in settings, should really be auto by default..Version: 5.9.3

ZoomI mean, zoom is awesome, duh! I highly recommend downloading this is for your meetings especially just getting on with each other and having fun. A update that I don’t like so much would be the pro plan. The pro plan gets 80 minutes because each meeting in normal lasts 40 and it gives you another 40. (I’m not sure if this is accurate it’s just what I think). But it has the upsides because it has its very own chat! And you can have your own nickname. Kids use it normally as long as they are older then 6 or 5? Don’t correct me. Anyways, this app is pretty cool again because they really put hard work connecting you to your friends and family. If you download this you’ll just love it and want never to delete it. One time, (since COVID 19 is happening) I was with my class doing this and it was so much easier because I could keep them on mute and much other stuff. I also liked the backgrounds you could put on it. End of my Review, Zoom is awesome..Version: 5.10.4

Overwhelming gratitudeMy prayer partner and I have been using Zoom every two weeks for a couple of years to catch up with our lives and prayer for those things on our hearts. We have appreciated Zoom. But now with Co-Vid19, our gratitude overflows. The uses of Zoom are endless. We took part in church services (yes, multiple) on Sunday through Zoom, held our weekly Bible Study Group last night and tomorrow my husband is participating in his weekly men’s coffee meeting by Zoom. A million thanks ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.6.7

Business owner Tonja Lee-JordanZoom is a great opportunity to hold business meetings and share new opportunities for every individual. The world has experienced major changes which requires major changes in our every day livings. I have the opportunity to show presentations regarding ownership and part time income for people looking for a change in income, dreams, provision for choices and a road map designed just for them. Every situation pertaining to life is different for everyone but those things which are essential can be provided by changing your mindset and work ethics. Zoom gives me the opportunity to be in more than one place at the same time connecting with winners such as myself. I would love to share with you the opportunity that changed my life with zoom and a made up mind for any challenges I am having to face. Please join me at changing people lives on daily basis..Version: 5.0.1

This app has been a blessing under lockdown!I just wanted to express my appreciation to the zoom developers for making such a difference to our lockdown experience. As a mother I’ve been able to ‘visit’ my wonderful children and grandson virtually; as a friend I’ve been able to stay connected with my friends; as a daughter, sister, aunty, we’ve enjoyed a quiz night and just chatting and, as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I’ve been able to enjoy amazing upbuilding meetings with up to 148 participants at our virtual Kingdom Hall. So, thank you so, so much. You really have enriched our lockdown experience and filled a basic human need. Please keep going. We know it must be very difficult for you with all of these added pressures but I’m convinced you would have had help from above 🤭🤗😊.Version: 4.6.10

New ZealandOnce I figured how to change some settings on my iPhone I was sorted. Now, can we get a function to mute those that don’t mute themselves when we’re not the host? lol.Version: 5.0.2

The bible teachesA reviewer mentioned that she downloaded Zoom for church services and due to an apparent technical (or user) fault she was unable to connect. Consequently she is determined to spread bad reviews about the facility through her congregation friends and family. Clearly she knows nothing of forgiveness..Version: 4.6.11

Awsome!!I mostly use this to get in touch with my class mates and it is a really cool app to use for not only class work but also to get in touch with family and one thing they could work on would be better camera quality so they could be more clearer but other than that it’s an awesome FaceTime app and can connect more than 10 people, I would definitely recommend for you to download this and give it a go yourself, that’s why I chose to give this a 5 star rating!.Version: 4.6.12

Where are virtual backgrounds on iPads? 😛Look, this app is amazing, and i love everything about it. It doesn’t crash or lag like Microsoft teams, and it doesn’t randomly disconnect when i open safari! Buuuuuuut... I use this app on my ipad, and i noticed, there are no virtual backgrounds available!! These are important, because i dont want anyone seeing my house when i do meetings. Can you please add them to ipad? Thanks in advance..Version: 5.2.0

What a great app!!!In a time when the whole country is in lockdown and my friend was sitting “Shivah” in mourning for the passing of his dear mom ob”m, not having the chance to mourn with friends and family, say the “Kaddish” the traditional Jewish mourners prayer and prayiywith a qouram of at least 10, which besides endangerinythe lives of others is against the law of the country, ZOOM provided a great amount of comfort allowing friends from far and near, even from across the sea, to pray together, mourn together and comfort each other! And all for free! Thank you ZOOM! You guys will surely be blessed by Almighty G-D, for what you have done for us and countless others around the globe!!! The quality of video and audio was EXCELLENT! Thank you! Daniel Kaye, NSW, Australia.Version: 4.6.9

Zoom for SGI MeetingsZoom is fantastic for Our SGI Buddhist Discussion Meetings. The heart still is conveyed. A lot of us were frightened by the technology at first as many of us are not computer literate. Some of us took 2 weeks just to figure out how to join a meeting!!! Anyhow we are up and running now. Just finished a very joyful and positive meeting with 18 people. We are going to branch out and invite friends from other countries to join us at our next one. Thank you Zoom. We are very happy and rather pleased with ourselves. Best wishes to whoever reads this and stay safe. You are very precious. Best wishes Jennie..Version: 5.8.3

Amzing! Suggestions thoughThis app is amazing! We use it for school, and it was my Grandma’s Birthday, So that was really cool we could talk to each other during this really hard time. I Have a few suggestions on how to make the app better though, when ever we share screens, my brother tends to draw and scribble all over it, is there a way you can add a “ Disable Drawing” button or something? And also, whenever you exit the app, The zoom meeting is still on, that’s great but you can’t see the person behind the camera, again, my brother takes advantage of this, and mutes himself, and uses the time to play! Could you please make it so, whenever you exit the app, like Disney+, It shows a little box with the video, and you can still see the person. I’m making these suggestion because I don’t want my brother to fail at school, And I’m sure that other people have this problem too, mabye not these exact problems, but mabye similar ones. Thank you in advance, This app is absolutely amazing!.Version: 5.0.1

COVID-19 antidoteThank goodness for Zoom, without it I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with all my brothers and sisters throughout the world.....being a Jehovahs Witness and not able to gather together anymore can be a bit disheartening but we haveZoom!!!.Version: 5.1.1

Very decent overallCertain Snags with the app and glitches, and sound problems, and if not great access to internet it does Not work well. Then many different things to learn in order to properly view meetings. It’s just so much stuff at first, but then since I’m only viewing meetings it is easier to navigate with just the most basic settings. Our church has moved to zoom Sunday meetings for immune compromised members and those who simply want to stay safe from this pandemic. Just using the link provided, clicking on it, and choosing the right options for that meeting, (like video or sound on or off that time.) That’s very simple for me. The church had technical difficulties for the first month or two but now it’s like clockwork. I greatly appreciate this app because I am able to participate in church more frequently now and if not able to go to the physical building I can view from wherever I am located. It’s been a blessing during these difficult times..Version: 5.3.0

Updated: Continually needs deleted/reinstalled on iPad ProUpdated review Sept. 5, 2020: I have figured out a workaround to my problem. This app does not handle “Sign in with Google” well when a corporate account is being used. The workaround is to remember to SIGN OUT of the app before you close it, then the next time the app is opened you go through the two-step sign in process again. The app always asks for permission to sign in with Google, so I’m thinking this is what the app is not handling correctly? Can’t the app be made to remember the prior authorization(s) when opened? -1 star for this inconvenience. — Two stars because it works as hoped when it works. New 2020 iPad Pro 12.9”, bought for use with teaching this fall and Zoom support. App will only work when first installed from App Store and signed into my district account. When a new Zoom meeting stopped and app closed, later opens to spinning wheel on iPad and will not allow joining a new Zoom meeting, etc. App needs deleted and reinstalled from App Store to open again correctly. Will update review if app fixed or iPadOS starts playing nice..Version: 5.2.2

Zoom has been fantastic to “meet in person” during this challenging timeMy husband and I lead a weekly Small Group Bible Study in our home. When the stay at home was put in place we did not meet for two weeks and so missed the study, fellowship, and “seeing” everyone! Zoom has been a wonderful way to meet each week! We are 77 and 81 years old and our group is also made up of Seniors and one lady is blind so many would think we are “too old” to be able to use this type of technology however in spite of the age factor and the fact that we all have different devices, Zoom is very easy to download and to host. Thank you! I also enjoyed hosting a birthday party for my husband’s 81st! Three of our children, ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren were able to attend thanks to Zoom. I also like that I can search on my phone for answers when an attendee is having a glitch and can chat the help to them. Thanks Zoom! Sue Hausmann.Version: 5.0.2

Wonderful ZoomSadly my dear wife of 57 years died from cancer on 2nd April and although my grown-up children were with me when she died they have had to return to their families some 5 to 6 hours drive away. Normally I would have the close presence of friends around me in my close rural community at such a sad time but with current Covid19 restrictions this is impossible and so I am making this huge, sudden adjustment to being alone 24/7. However Zoom allows me to see and talk with my extended family every day which is such a huge comfort and eases the periods of pain and grief that I am learning to cope with. Thank you Zoom for offering such comfort and consolation at this the most difficult and painful time of my life. What a blessing..Version: 4.6.10

Fantastic, but one requestZoom is a lifeline for work and social activities in the current crisis and I can see many ways in which it will continue to be used after this is over. It’s incredibly easy to use and it’s been great to see how even the least tech savvy people can join in. One little request, would it be possible to have more people on the screen in gallery view rather than the current limit on 9 at at a time? For some meet ups seeing more people is more important than a larger picture. An option for twice as many perhaps?.Version: 5.0.0

Nice but I can’t sign upThis is an amazing app, but there’s a problem- I can’t seem to sign up, as well as get backgrounds or filters. I did try update it but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Yes, I am on an ipad but most of my friends on zoom are on a computer, I don’t know if it’s just a computer thing or a bug..Version: 5.7.6

FantasticSuch a wonderful way to meet with friends and family or for special events and meetings. Excellent sound and viewing ability..Version: 5.0.5

Zoom is great user friendly softwareZoom has done a good job in providing user friendly, easy to use videoconferencing. I think it’s secret is the minimalist icon based controls. Video is such a data rich medium to begin with so the simplicity’s of the PPP zoom app allows users to focus on the material being presented without a million different options of menus. After selecting the zoom meeting link, Shazam!, within seconds I’m inside the meeting. Love it. Only thing missing is more backgrounds. Or the ability to easily make one for yourself. To be fair, I mainly use zoom to join meetings or ‘rooms’ created by others. I have no idea how easy or complicated it is to create a room or meeting or manage a meeting with multiple rooms with a smaller subset of the larger meeting. So to be clear my review doesn’t cover those process. But from the experience of just an attendee, it works well..Version: 5.7.1

Access to worldwide webinaires from my homeI frequently join zoom presentations from across the world in my professional field, and they are easy to access and are clear, no delays, I can ask questions or just observe. Zoom helps me gain my PD/CPE points so easily. My child completed his final 2 years schooling on zoom, and got into university, so I am extremely pleased to recommend it..Version: 5.11.10

GreatThis app is really good I have only tried it for a day because with online learning we use teams so yeah today was a great experience using zoom and I got the hang of it so yeah zoom is really good thx like I said we use teams for our work but today I had a session with zoom it was great but one thing is that how do we change the background apparently we have to go through settings 😀😀.Version: 5.7.6

Great app to stay connectedThis is a great app to stay connected and attend meetings and generally works alright. Issue: the ‘meet & attend’ used to appear but that is no longer happening and stays as connected. Which means there are meetings I cannot connect to it is asking for authentic sign in. I go to sign out and says there are connection issues. I’ve reset my phone but that made no difference still having same issue..Version: 5.2.0

Great, But I Have Suggestions.I really think this is a great application. It works well and is handy to use for school. As a student, I suggest you add a function where when you start screen sharing, or sharing content, you can have a menu pop up allowing you to disable viewer annotations before you start your screen sharing, similar to how when you join a zoom it says : Join with video On or Join with video Off. Overall works well! Great job!.Version: 5.0.2

Not safeAlot of trolling :(..Version: 5.8.0

Short overview.I am a child of post 2nd WW so I've grown up with a time in history with THE most radical changes in life. From our industrial to health to social norms and yes even faiths. It has been a huge ask of the elderly to put an iPad under their nose and say "Just put your password in and you can join a scheduled meeting with your friends........ ??Really? My friends are miles away and some are overseas...how so? ZOOM. SO some patient person explains ....and if you go to x and enter a number before you then put in your ID and away you go.... Yes even a 75 year old lady with compromised sight can sit happily in front of her iPad and ZOOM anyone anywhere. No hiccups no problems and all the while giving an opportunity to unite friends family and the like. It's EASY it's EFFICIENT and it's the best thing since sliced bread!!!.Version: 5.0.3

Multitasking is sorely lackingPlease make it possible for zoom to work properly with multitasking. Whilst it does continue to operate in the background, the moment you swap to another app, your video and audio cuts out and stops being sent to others (far end audio also cuts out until you swap back to zoom). With ipad pro and larger screens, we need to be able to participate fully in a zoom meeting, whilst also working collaboratively on other documents and apps. This is the one feature that would allow me to use zoom more effectively every day..Version: 5.2.3

Is this for friends or school?This should be recommended to those that have work or if it is Covid again. I used to use this while Covid, but now I want to join my friends meeting. I’m wondering if it’s me that is the problem , but I’m also wondering if it’s always just going to make the meeting ID invalid and this makes it hard for me to even join anything that has no school or anything. But 5 star, because I’m still wondering if I’m the one who didn’t log onto Zoom a lot and lost my own account or something. Great app (maybe log on daily? Because idk how to meet my friend now 😆)!!.Version: 5.12.2

Zoom is brilliantZoom is a brilliant way of communicating. It is easy to log on and enjoy conversations with friends and family especially in this time of lockdown. It allows us to be still part of a group session (for Slimming World) online where we see our friends that we would normally see each week at our group sessions. You don’t need any fancy tech items to use Zoom - just the ability to download the Zoom app on a smart phone or iPad. Instructions are clear and it takes a couple of minutes to setup. I would highly recommend Zoom to keep in touch..Version: 4.6.12

Brilliant video meetingZoom is brilliant for meeting’s and the tutorials are very good. Please could you kindly suggest something to improve if you see a mistake that could be making it difficult to carry on smoothly especially if it’s technical. A lot of old people ( like me) are truly not brilliant with technology but lending us a little hand by suggesting something like automatically as we go on with the meeting if you notice this person could have touched that button to easy her/ his struggle. Sometimes on settings I would not touch a certain button because I am not so sure what changes it will bring which might actually disrupt a very important meeting which nobody wants to happen. Yet the type of meeting you want to hold might need a bit of tweaking with buttons then put them back to your original setting once that meeting is over. I would really feel better if zoom allowed me to muffle my background instead of exposing my house to the public whether I like it or not because I have no option Oh zoom don’t mind me am just a mourner. ZOOM is well loved. You are doing us a great service. Thank you.Version: 5.7.6

Zoom for kidsI think zoom is very good because I am a very sociable kid I have no brothers or sisters which means that I am lucky but unlucky at the same time zoom means you can talk and interaction and it’s all for free I like zoom because one of my friends has an outlook email 📧 so we can’t message and mailing is soooooo annoying for me but zoom let’s you chat in groups with one person with two people how many you want if you have there email and if they have zoom it’s just like messages. Zoom also has Siri Shortcuts to use rather than going and finding the app on you phone, tablet or computer you can get zoom on any device and you can uae it in lockdown but think about it if you can’t see anyone but you both have zoom and are allowed and want to zoom you can.Version: 5.0.3

Excellent and user friendly.Simple and intuitive..Version: 4.3.2

This is a suggestion!Hey zoom manufacturers! So I was just wondering if you could add an option to set a custom ringtone for calls and message notifications. If you can, that would be great! Thank you! Also, zoom isn’t letting me change my profile picture. Whenever I try to change it, it goes back to the default picture. Do you know how to fix this issue? Please do an update so you can make zoom better for everyone. Thankyou!.Version: 5.7.3

Zoom is awesomeHi there! I was reading the comments and reviews the other day, and I was so surprised by what everyone was saying. I mean to say is ppl rated zoom by only 1 star when it deserves 1 MILLION stars!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE this app! Creating a waiting room was a brilliant idea and sharing screen is also brilliant!!! Me and my friends use zoom very often during the pandemic, we often lock the meeting so to those who had unwelcoming guest put a waiting room and lock the meeting. I know everyone has different experiences but I believe zoom is what so ever amazing !!!! Keep it up!! One thing I wanna say is I want to be able to request to the host to be unmuted, like when the host mutes everyone and I would like to say something and be unmuted, I would like to simply press a button that is called ‘request unmute’ and on the host’s screen a something pops up that says I wanna be unmuted. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained and busy and excited. Now I’m hooked onto my friends during coronavirus. Thank you so much!!!!! Thank you, Ur #1 fan!!!!.Version: 5.0.4

ZoomWaw, what a great app! I have worked with this app on an Apple iPad and a Hp Laptop, it works effectively with both such devices. I recommend you to purchase it, (it’s free). Although I believe it’s a struggle to have to pay for longer meetings, and constantly having to make a new one. But however, it is not a big price to pay to make new meetings if needed, for paying helps developers to make a living out of Zoom. The quality is excellent and if you are a host, you have the options to mute and unmute others, which helps as others may be writing things down. Great app! ❤️.Version: 5.4.10

Love this app!Zoom is the perfect way to communicate with friends and family. They have a chat feature so you can talk to your family. You can also video call them and see how they are doing. If you don’t feel like getting on video, you can call them using Zoom Phone or turn off the video option on a video call! With the cool features of virtual backgrounds, whiteboards, and more, Zoom has allowed my friends and family to meet up during quarantine while staying safe from a distance. It is also great for professional work environments. Zoom has allowed so many businesses over the past couple months to meet up with a non glitch platform to talk about their business issues. I would definitely recommend getting this app. It will change your life forever! If there was a ten star option, I would choose it. I don’t have a single complaint. Thank you Zoom!!!!.Version: 5.1.2

Needs File Transfer option, unless I missed it.Works fantastically on my iPad and iPhone when I need to attend a call, seminar, or presentation of work whist on the go. The audio and display are clear and near-seamless. However, I am unable to receive files sent via the Chat window (unless I’m on the desktop version), which spoils the experience of complete mobility. It would be great if I could receive documents and other files over Chat like one normally would on the desktop version of Zoom, but alas!.Version: 4.4.1

Lockdown connectionFab to have zoom to connect n chat with friends and getting the feeling of being part of the world while in lockdown..Version: 5.7.6

Zoom is amazing!!!This app is amazing! I totally recommend it. The part that I really like is that the host has control over many things. I like being able to control who comes in and out through the waiting room. It is also helpful to be able to lock the meeting. Being able to mute and turn off the video of you and others in the meeting is super helpful, especially as a teacher. The chat feature is great for people how do not want to unmute. Also you have a virtual background, you can raise your hand, make a reaction, share your screen and, so much more! But, there are a few downsides to Zoom. One of them is people freeze and glitch, sometimes you can’t see or hear them at all. It may just be the internet but, I find this annoying. Second, when you exit the app and you are are still on the meeting your camera turns off. I find this annoying when you are sharing your screen or accidentally exit Zoom. Lastly when the host shares their screen people can draw or write on it. This is so annoying and distracting. I can not find a way to disable this. Although there are problems, minor ones, I still enjoy Zoom. The problems don’t stop me from recommending zoom. Once those glitches are gone, Zoom will be perfect. I love Zoom!!!.Version: 5.4.7

Amazing but one problemEver since the virus started we have been using zoom for school and next term we will be using it every day and since everyone talks at once while we all join onto zoom to fix that issue our teacher tells us to mute ourselves and he asked one person at a time to answer a question and this keeps everything nice and quiet. Just one problem I was trying to get onto the zoom meeting one day and just saying I never got on but I was trying to get onto it and I couldn’t it kept on saying something like internal meeting only and I had to use a different account to log in but that still didn’t work so I ended up not being able to join the meeting it’s was also saying stuff like update to full version with more then 40minutes and I’m fixing the issues now..Version: 4.6.11

The Greatest App We Never Knew We Needed Before LockdownI never knew about this app before our Church decided to use it for regular, informal virtual meetings during the first lockdown. It took some of us (including a couple aged 89 and 90) a little while to get used to it, but has proved wonderful for over 20 of us to be able to get together regularly, talking very naturally in our own homes. My husband and I were also able, along with other relatives, to drop in, virtually, on our granddaughter’s birthday celebration and watch her blow out her candles. Not the same as being there, but still better than nothing. Sometimes, it can be a bit unstable for the odd individual, but this is more to do with the internet than the app, which does try to reconnect to the group. The latest update, which allows far more faces to appear in the Gallery at one time on the iPad, is a great improvement. Before, only nine people could be viewed in the same screen and you had to scroll through to the next screen to see any more people. Such a valuable app..Version: 5.4.3

Zoom hui; Ikaroa Region Maori Women’s Welfare LeagueThe region is from Napier to Wellington up the west coast to Palmerston North. How wonderful that I can use my phone but unable to connect on my laptop. Why?? Use of Google on one and not on the other..Version: 5.7.1

How great you guys are📱You guys actually let us see each other on a phone phone or iPad and that means we could seriously see each other if it’s like a medical thing you can see the doctor your family anyone you want on this app. This means for anyone out there that needs to see their family urgently they can see it finally on the screen you can do anything you need to do it on the screen. Are you guys tired of just pressing random buttons not knowing where they are and not seeing your family any more on your family? Well I am and it’s time to stop putting up with that stuff it’s time to make an app where we can see each other and talk to each other and draw each other and this is what this app can do.!! We can do this together if you put on this ad and fix the world with their problems with singing their family again I hope you do this a lot it’s a great app to use my kids love it and I love it to use it for my physical. If you just put on this app on your phone it’s easy steps you can just have a new world almost. It’s like eating an apple or a fruit break at school you can talk with your teacher if you need anything with your home doctor. Download this app everything will change for your family and the technology resources, if you if you just put down this app on your phone you will change and your phone or change and anyone else that wants this can change.!!!! Clap clap clap clap clap for who ever made this excellent extraordinary FaceTime Ing app..Version: 5.6.4

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Zoom for BlackBerry Positive Reviews, comments
Zoom for BlackBerry Positive Reviews

Only download this app if you are a BlackBerry Technology customer. Specifically designed for the BlackBerry Dynamics s...

Zoom for Intune Positive Reviews, comments
Zoom for Intune Positive Reviews

Zoom for Intune is for admins to organize and protect BYOD environments with mobile application management (MAM). This a...

Zoom Rooms Controller Positive Reviews, comments
Zoom Rooms Controller Positive Reviews

Zoom Rooms video conferencing systems use appliance or custom hardware deployments to bring high-quality video, audio, a...