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Tinder - Dating New People app received 236 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about tinder - dating new people?

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NothingIt’s fine Thanks although might need a few updates because it can be slow at times but other then that I have no issues with the app.Version: 11.29.0

WORST DATING APPI’ve had this app for 4 years, I feel like everyone only uses it because it’s so popular and not because it’s good. While you do find people on it, it’s horribly faulty and poorly run. Once you reach a certain amount of matches the app won’t even open and glitches constantly. They also read every single message sent via the app and monitor them. Stupidly I was joking around with a match and said I was 17, (I’m actually 22 and have a license to prove it) they read that message and banned my account with no hesitation. Super creepy that they read everything you say… I’m sure everyone will agree. Private messages are supposed to stay private. Surely there is a law banning this or something? There’s no way of retrieving my account or proving I am 22 either because customer service simply doesn’t care to help. Horrible app. Definitely download Bumble or Hinge and save yourself the stress of having your messages read..Version: 13.1.0

Men: just say no. not even once.I know it’s tempting and you want to use tinder, but wait a minute man it’s not worth it. Even for pretty attractive guys, it will extremely difficult to find matches and it will destroy your self esteem. Tinder algorithms make this problem even worse. Even if you think you don’t care, you’ll end up feeling terrible about yourself even if you’re a good guy. Academic research on the apps show that top ~20% most attractive guys get almost all of the like and matches, like the vast vast majority, and that women users rank ~80% of men as below average. So essentially if you are 80th percentile or above, top 20+% of all men your age in attractiveness, hot and built, you will do okay. For the other 80% of us average and above average guys, just don’t join, don’t let it ruin your self esteem, don’t be a simp. and that’s assuming you don’t get scammed. Lots and lots of women on these apps pretending they want to date or meet up with you and then they convince you to send them “half the money for the hotel” over Venmo or “Uber money to come over” or whatever and then they block you and you never hear from them again. Come on guys, don’t be simps. Don’t send women money, ESPECIALLY if you’ve never met her in person. If she wants money and you haven’t met her in person yet, it a scam always always always. Maybe a real person, doesn’t matter, still a scam.Version: 12.8.0

I haven’t even used it and there a problemsI turned 18 in January, my friend suggested that I try tinder because he was on it I agreed and signed up a week after my 18th it it wouldn’t let me sign because it said I wasn’t 18 yet and had to wait certain days I deleted it and re-downloaded it but same thing happened so I just forgot about it. A few weeks later I tried it again but told me I had to wait till certain days so I did again. So today was supposed to be the last day I wait so I tried it again but this time it won’t let me sign up it would go back on the main menu (where it says sign up now or log in) I’ve tried it about 4 times and it just keeps telling me useless things I’ve had enough and it’s not worth my time.Version: 12.4.0

Absolutely disgusting companyI am a long term payed user of this app and was recently banned with no explanation. I was prompted to verify my account, which I did and was then subsequently banned. When I contacted customer support to ask why I’d been banned and how I could get it overturned, I received a garbage generic response that I assume they send to everyone that gets banned. Apparently I had violated their terms of use and the ban would remain. I have done nothing wrong and treat everyone I contact with the utmost respect. Also no reply about a refund for the month that I had just payed for days ago. Happy to take my money for years, but won’t even give me the courtesy of a human response and tell me why on earth I was banned, disgraceful!.Version: 13.3.0

Annoying app for snobsTinder’s many attempts to upswell your subscription is making this app experience pesky and a nuisance to use. Tinder girls have a gift for not responding to messages this is unlike the girls on bumble who often continue a steady conversation. bumble is obviously doing something better or attracting better people.Version: 11.30.0

Still no way of reporting many abusive and scan profilesTwice now I’ve recently had fake profiles attempt to scam one of which had even passed tinder’s verification process so it’s very worrying that the blue tick itself is not something you can trust. The worse part is that if the scammer suspects you’re onto them they can unmatch you before you can report them. This is a massive failing in Tinder’s risk management as it allows you only to report profiles that are currently matched. Simple fix. If you are unmatched then yes you can’t message them but still allow the profile to be visible in your chat so you can report the person. If Tinder is genuine about creating a safe community then they must have ways for members to report abusive or scam behaviours at all times not just when you’re still matched To make matters worse when you try to go into the app to search for support and enter eg ‘contact’ or ‘scam’ and his search, nothing comes up and there’s no way within the app to contact tinder. Instead you have to Google them. In this case I did take screenshots of the profile and conversation and forwarded these by email to tinder, only because the first time someone attempted to scam me I can no record of it because they unmatched first..Version: 12.7.0

Don’t waste your time or money!So, I have had Tinder off and on for the past few years. But recently after deleting my account to start fresh and take a break. About 2 weeks ago I redownloaded the app to give it another shot. However, I was randomly banned without any explanation as to why. I believe I was banned because so many guys I had matched with made sexual advances towards me and I denied them. So they most likely reported my account. And although I have only been back on the app for 2 weeks, despite my profile saying I’m looking for a relationship so many guys asked for sexual favors or wanted to hookup. Making vulgar and crass remarks unprompted often right off the bat. Which I should not be reported for. Then I emailed tinder to request my account be unbanned and I was given some dry, robot response. With no consideration of what I had experienced using the app. So ladies be aware that this can happen to you too. Even if it is not at all your fault! It would be nice to know what terms and community guidelines I supposedly “violated”. Not to mention, I reported the sexual commentary I received constantly. There is a huge issue with men who are looking to cheat on their significant others on this app. I’m sure I am not alone in this. But how am I more at fault then people who are committing adultery? I not anyone else should not be punished for declining their advances and wanting to actually DATE someone we connect with! Crazy concept..Version: 13.1.0

Got bandThis is the second time this is happened and it’s really frustrating as I’ve paid for a membership for tinder gold both times in my account randomly gets banned after I reach a certain number of matches and I really don’t understand if there’s anyone contact me and help me figure this out with my account or give me my subscription back that be very helpful because I don’t believe I have broken any other can you drive lines and I’d be more than willing to talk to someone, One minute I was OK on the app within the same hour then the next it said my account was banned.Version: 11.25.0

Appalling customer serviceFirst of all, I want to preface this review by stating that the app in and of itself, is rather user-friendly. It’s become a lot less buggy and a lot more stable, however that’s about where the accolades stop. My account has been banned for over a month now and I am still yet to be notified of the reason why, as I keep coming up short. I have had numerous “interactions” with Lauren and Jesse from Tinder, however I use the term interactions VERY loosely as the responses I get are simply just the standard, templated, and robotic responses. I have even tried to reach out to Tinder and Tinder AU on Instagram, but to no avail, in the hopes that an actual person would take a look into my account and see that there should not have been any just cause for banning my account. The app itself, great. The customer service experience, however - absolutely shocking and poor. Not to mention the fact that for the amount of time this app has been around, Tinder still does not offer an appeals process for banned accounts. So basically, “if you’re banned then too bad, bye”. Biggest joke..Version: 11.29.0

Scam alertI would actually give zero stars but there may still be honest people using this app. Please be aware of people on this site as they are scammers. Do a reverse image search which can easily be found in google. I matched and we talked for ages but then he started dodging really easy questions about his profession. This triggered something for me so I did a reverse image search and found a whole website about his scam. They may say they are within your area but they are not. Please stay safe..Version: 11.31.0

So many problems!!I downloaded Tinder about 6 weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. It would crash all of the time, freeze, and just generally be buggy. I stopped receiving messages a few days ago and couldn’t see anyone/ any messages. A few days later it worked again - I had people messaging me saying that I had disappeared and that they thought I’d unmatched them. I could see our previous messages but they couldn’t. It happened again, so I deleted my account and made a new one. Now I am stuck with no matches and 7 likes (this is not me being vain, just a very stark difference to how many I got in a day the first time I downloaded it). Please help me 😂 there’s people I really liked to chat to that I can’t access anymore and I’m pretty sure it’s frozen/bugging again.Version: 12.7.0

RacistI tried to use tinder for some time , unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy this experience. After log in for the first time I was immediately selected as a scam , they asked me to solve some puzzles. When I contacted their customer service they told me that I am select as a scam and my profile violated terms and conditions. I would love to show you my profile, to prove my point . My photos were absolutely no explicit, my bio was absolutely polite, I didn’t went in any argument with anyone. However tinder customer service claimed that I did something wrong. I took a break and decided come back to create my account again. After using tinder for around one hour my account was banned again for the same reasons. Tinder are racists , I black woman I look how I look I have big bum breast and I’m sorry I can not do anything about it my skin is black . When being completely frustrated I’ve downloaded tinder again but I didn’t used my photo but my white friend photo( she knows about it) my profile wasn’t banned, I stayed under her photo for whole day. Tinder are racists and this need to be said at loud!.Version: 12.3.0

Took a simple, decently working app and ruined it.I’m a software engineer. Tinder in concept is not a difficult app to implement. I’ve had the app on and off over several years, and it used to function fine and give off the impression of being fair in presenting potential matches. In the past couple years they have somehow taken a perfectly decent app and ruined it. The app is very clearly now about maximizing profit at the expense of the user. This is made abundantly clear by shoving paid features down our throats and showing higher quantities of higher liked users only to paying members. Meanwhile non-paid members are left with a limited experience and fewer matches. The decision makers at Tinder are insulting the user’s intelligence by thinking we won’t notice it. The users notice this and are vacating the app. The user base is clearly not as alive as it used to be and I’m sure Tinder sees declining numbers in there regular user count reports. And after putting up with all of this, they have the nerve to randomly ban and delete my account, with zero warning or explanation, thus deleting all conversations I had going. If any other app developers want an example of how to take a decent app and run it into the ground, look not further than Tinder..Version: 12.11.1

Needs to be a appeal!!!!It’s unfair that I can’t use this app due to ex’s, soon as they see me they report. Even if I havnt broken any rules, I blur out photos of anyone in my photos, I stick to guidelines and follow rules but constantly get banned I pay money to use this and will stop unless something happens, won’t recommend to anyone with ex’s.Version: 12.1.0

I hope the developers see thisSo I want to start off by saying, I had high hope for this app. Unfortunately, this is app has a lot of bugs and flaws. In the beginning I had several matches and I was like okay, this is getting really good. I started to have a conversation with a couple of the girls and I was getting ready to exchange numbers and all that. Then all of the sudden, there is no responds, I kept getting a few other matches after that and I would say something and I would get no response. So, today, someone hacked my account and I had to reset everything all over. I was like okay, fine. I started getting a lot of likes and I noticed that there was a green dot on right corner in my screen that indicated that I am online. I got a match and I started having a conversation with girl. After a couple of messages, I got no respond and then the green dot that was in the right corner of my screen vanished. I realized that this is a bug in the app. I am still receiving match’s but my messages does not go through. I want to say that this app is a money grab and I was very disappointed that I wasted my money on this app. I had high hopes but this will probably be the last month that I will subscribe tinder gold..Version: 11.30.0

Why did I get banned?Now typically I wouldn’t get upset over something so silly but the fact that I’ve never been banned from anything and that I actually didn’t do anything wrong really bothers me. I read through all your terms and conditions and thought maybe I made an honest mistake and somehow violated them but no. I did not violate your terms and conditions and I have no idea why you banned me. I’m gonna take it as a sign that I just shouldn’t be on Tinder but I mean still. Plus this app has no way to like fight the ban or even be reconsidered unless you are simply under review which is kinda dumb. I’m a real 21 yr old female, who is from American and currently lives in Italy for my job and I was literally on Tinder for a day but my phone service was not operating correctly so I tried deleting my account but it wouldn’t let me so I paused it. Then when my phone started to operate correctly again I tried to log back in to unpause my account and it said I was banned. None of my photos are copyright and there’s no way I could’ve gotten reported or anything when my phone was so messed up I couldn’t get any matches like it just kept putting the same people up over and over. Maybe you should ban the app instead of me. Whether it be my phone service or just your app bugging out, who knows but it definitely is not my fault..Version: 12.20.0

Banned for unknown reasonsI have been using Tinder only for maybe a month now and thought the app was really good until suddenly my account was banned for no explanation at all. I do not mistreat abuse or pretend to be someone I’m not nor do I behave in any manner that could used for reasons to ban. If I have stepped outside the guidelines by accident by some miracle then a warning would be appreciated so I may rectify it ASAP. There a hundred of accounts that use the app for different purposes and I have my own, which is no more than any other account on Tinder. I have sent messages to support with no help or recognition of what has transpired so we are at a lose..Version: 11.30.0

WtfI’ve never used tinder before. I’m on here for the first time but my account has been banned. I don’t get it. Plus they don’t give me an excuse as to why.Version: 11.23.0

Banned without appealTinder, I’m really disappointed there is no appeal process or way to contact your team regarding a ban. My work colleague used my phone to message a person without my permission when I left my phone at my desk. When I found the conversation I was horrified and apologised to the person immediately. I’ve never spoken like that to any other match - and that can be attested to by reviewing all of my other conversations! Now I’ve lost contact with people who I really wanted to meet up with. Please give me my account back! Also, please consider making an appeals process for others who may find themselves in the same unfortunate situation..Version: 12.23.0

Banned and for what?I got banned with no warning and for no reason, I was actually having a nice conversation for once and now I’m banned! I’m over 18, I didn’t have nudes on my profile, there was no reason for it. And of course there’s no way to actually contact tinder to even understand why you got banned.Version: 11.23.0

Dreadful serviceTinder is a dreadful app with no care for the users on it I haven’t been on the app in over a 3 months and I opened it today to find out I have been banned for breaking guidelines!!! I haven’t been on the app to break any guidelines lines, obviously you’d think of contacting support and they tell you you haven’t followed the guidelines without saying how you broke them or even caring that you haven’t accessed the app in over 3 months!!! I tried to report the account as being hacked but no a ban is a ban and they can’t be bothered to help me fix it. Not to mention the fact that my bank got in a wired fraud case against tinder for trying to forcibly take money from my account without me buying anything. The app is a shambles and the fact that I had to go to my local police station just to find out what there email address and phone number was to contact is so daft. This app is a money hungry fraud all the users on it are either fake or live on the other side of the planet and they don’t even attempt to help you recover your hacked or banned account because they don’t care. The apps a disgrace I’m amazed it’s still allowed to be on the App Store and I strongly advise everyone against downloading the app!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 12.7.0

Tinder went downhillI don’t normally leave reviews but it’s really surprising to me how downhill Tinder has gone. Idk if there are just too many users now and people get put way down in the deck unless they buy the overpriced platinum membership or what, but it’s a night and day difference. Anecdotally, I used to get a dozen or more likes a day and at least 3 matches, and if I boosted I would get several dozens of likes by the end of the 30 minutes. Now I’ll be lucky to get a LIKE, let alone a match. I very rarely get matched with someone I liked first, which is completely different than it was a couple years ago. Idk if it’s because I came back to the app after a few years of inactivity (I was in a relationship), and Tinder sank the rating of my profile so low that I never get surfaced to other people. I’m not going to spend upwards of 50 bucks a month or whatever it is on a platinum membership to get the same experience I did a year and a half ago. App ratings have sunken since, prices of memberships have increased, and it just seems like the app is starting to die and they’ll die by squeezing out as much money out of you as they can. Fwiw even after I got a gold membership and used a boost, I still log in every day and see no likes. So I don’t even think paying money is an option for you to get in Tinder’s good graces unless you get the platinum membership. Just not worth it. Anyway, Hinge seems like a better option..Version: 12.23.0

Not good enough tinder not good enoughI’ve been an og tinder user since it’s conception in 2012 and all I can say is I’m disappointed, it’s over saturated by men who don’t know how to talk to women or all just want to “hit it and quit it” This makes it hard to have a decent conversation with someone let alone potentially make a connection and the possibility of a date. I mean yes men have their issues, but majority of the people on tinder seem to have commitment issues but isn’t it a dating app? Yes I’m thankful that tinder has upped their trans awareness/visibility with including more gender pronouns and marks for the LGBTQIA+ community however there seems to be one big flaw in their system. Yes I’ve matching with men but said men either unmatch me because of the fact that I’m a transwoman or they just don’t talk at all. I mean hey I have the same issues with bumble but least the competitor makes women make the first move and gives them pop up questions or prompts/new opening liners they can message to their match and potentially get the conversation flowing (take note tinder) lol Those fast chats? Or whatever they were called they came in and out real quick just like the last guy I was with… which is sad cause at least with those fast chats I get to have a conversation with someone prior to them judging for being trans then after matching they can either continue or match as they please. Anyway this is my 2 cents, hope y’all fix things Duces ✌🏾.Version: 12.8.0

NotificationsI turned team tinder notifications off and I still get them about them trying to sell tinder plus. We all know there’s no point paying for this....Version: 11.29.0

Bad and unfairBanned for no reason. Had the app/same account for over 2 years and get a message saying my age verification can’t be complete (I am 20) then try to log in again and it says i’m banned. Just purchased tinder plus as well..Version: 11.23.0

Conflated numbersSo regardless of getting matches or not, I have seen that I have about 40 matches that I cannot see unless I get gold. I literally went on a spree and liked everyone in an default radios because “if that happens, then I’ll see those 40 and choose for myself whether or not I like them”. I literally get through everyone and I didn’t match with 40 people. It was more like 10. If I went though everyone in my area then how do I only get 10 likes back? I’m not global, so how does that happen. Tbh at the end of the day, this is false advertising for the gold status. Maybe make an accurate score of how many people like you back based on active users rather than those who have either deleted their accounts or are inactive. Again, it’s false advertising, if I want to buy gold to see those people, maybe make sure they’re actually real people. Work this out in your algorithm please. Moreover, I’m not interested in global but if a person likes me back from 10k away good for them, but I don’t want that..Version: 11.24.1

AvoidIf you already struggle with self confidence then I’d avoid this app it’s not worth it no matter how good looking you are. It’s full of people who are egotistical and all they care about is feeling liked, very few genuine people who actually have the intellect to have a decent conversation. If you do decide to indulge in this rubbish app then don’t waste your money on gold, the way it works is that tinder promotes your profile at first to get you more likes when you are new then you get hooked and want to see all the likes you got, you’ll then realise 99.9% of them you are not attracted to and they’ve now got your money, worst yet your likes will slowly become less and less leading to a self confidence struggle. Unfortunately this is not the app to meet someone genuine and if that’s what you are after I’d quit while you are ahead and give the app Hinge a go it’s more slow paced and not just a shopping cart dating app. Personally I don’t think any app should charge you to find someone, they take advantage of people who genuinely want to meet someone which is very sad and like any business they look to make the most money they can from people so be mindful of that..Version: 11.23.0

Tinder bans you for no reason lolI literally made my tinder account and I had it for three days before it got banned. I never said anything inappropriate to anyone and my bio and picture were all mines and respectful as well. You guys need to sort this out!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 11.24.1

By far the worst / trashiest app with worse customer service than WalmartI've been paying for Tinder Gold for months now, and have always battled between wanting to delete the app or keeping it in "hopes" I'd meet someone with some substance. Is it easy to pull someone from it? For sure. However you're much more likely to match with scammers (that have tried to blackmail me for $5k) or fake accounts "promoting" their Snapchat premium accounts. Upon attempting to report these accounts, they stay up, and even attempting to notify tinder about them they never seem to care (typical). Now I've been banned from tinder (with my subscription just now charging me) for no reason, whereas I unfortunately had to stand up a girl at 10pm somewhere because I couldn't contact her. The app froze on my phone, so in order to get in touch with this young lady, I attempted to log into my account from my friend's phone. Upon doing the text verification , it logged me out then when my app unfroze, said I was banned. I attempted to write tinder about it, but only received an automated "screw you" type email. Absolutely pathetic. Especially when they advertise to "be more than a dating app." They made it very easy to make the decision to delete the trashy app..Version: 11.29.0

Another person banned without reasonI’m seeing loads of people her being banned for no reason whatsoever, or because they were too young, which, when i first downloaded tinder i was 17, but this was before tinder made itself 18+, my account worked for about a year but after i had already turned 18 i somehow got banned. at first i thought this was because people who i had called out for their blatant racism (ie calling black children monkeys, or non-black people using the n-word) were mad and reported me, but how in the hell are we supposed to “correct” whatever behaviour doesn’t align with tinder’s terms and conditions if we are never told why we were banned? anyways, now i use bumble which i prefer to tinder, as it allows people who identify as women/femmes to initiate the conversation, and while you can still send photos, they are censored until you purposely click them, so as to protect you from unsolicited nudes. anyways, delete tinder and download bumble y’all :).Version: 11.26.0

You need a new UX researcherI’m confused as to why the menu buttons got moved top of the screen, where the user has to reach to the top of their phones to press. In a day in age where screen sizes are increasing, this seems unnecessary. Although the user can swipe between menus, this seems like a pointless solution as swiping is used for other functions on two screens (main page and top picks page). Moreover, these other functions for swiping take up a majority of screen real estate, so the user has to be extra mindful of how they swipe. Therefore, the user may accidentally swipe ‘Like’ or ‘Nope’ whey they intended to swipe between menu pages. This could be solved by rearranging elements so there is room to swipe between pages. However in my opinion, menu buttons on the bottom of the app is the best solution..Version: 11.23.0

Another day, another useless banHi, yes, hello, I am one of the many users who have been banned for absolutely no discernible reason without warning! And with the ban being pretty much permanent (as Tinder has no appeals process at the moment), I gotta say, sounds like a pretty good way to decrease user count when I think the success of an app probably depends greatly on having many satisfied people using your app? I hope developers are considering this and are AT LEAST trying to implement a formal appeals process. Even an e-mail explaining what particularly caused the ban would be better than the nothing myself and others have received. I would have liked a chance to at least address what it was Tinder thinks I’m doing wrong. This is a pretty big deterrent from my wanting to use the app again in the future when possible or recommend it to others. Other than almost constant crashing (and the ban of course), I found the simplicity and easy use of Tinder appealing. No big complaints on that end, but with this inexplicable ban rendering my account unusable from now on, you guys are getting one star from me until you can figure out a way for users who weren’t violating TOS or community guidelines to get their accounts back..Version: 12.7.0

Don’t botherThis is does not work and support will not help. It freezes all the time throws me out won’t load messages will show new messages as read if they even come up at all sometimes delete and slowly reloads matches. Won’t deliver messages if I can actually type one. And takes up to three years for my messages to send. Yes three years. The replies I have actually seen lately have told me they have just received my msg from weeks months & years ago. Don’t waste ur time and do not bother paying for premium my gf had her account deleted for no reason straight after she paid for a month of premium..Version: 12.3.0

Account bannedI don’t understand why I got banned from Tinder for no reason and I emailed support team they still didn’t do anything it’s just stupid and ridiculous.Version: 11.24.0

Ban for no reasonI got ban for no reason how can I contact tinder.Version: 11.24.0

Banned for no reason without explanationI’ve used tinder on and off for the past 4 years with 0 issues. I didn’t go on the app for a couple of days and then when I try to login I’m hit with a banned notification! I know I didn’t speak to anyone for me to have violated any of their community guidelines! It isn’t right that I can use a service and not even receive a warning before getting banned! It’s also ridiculous that tinder refuse to offer an explanation as to why you’ve been banned. I have seen the same catfishes float about for years, yet my verified account gets banned when I haven’t been online due to my dad being critically ill in hospital 🙃! Tinder needs to seriously update the way that they handle bans!.Version: 12.6.0

Device ban is ridiculous and no support staffI got banned on my phone (was paying for tinder gold) for something completely ridiculous, a while later my mate tried to log on to his tinder account on my phone because his phone died as he was meeting a date, and his account got banned instantly. I find it completely absurd how you go out of your way to permanently ban users. The lack of ban reviews is disgusting and I would rather pay for another dating app. Not to mention the recent doubling of your prices for a service with absolutely no customer support is quite sad. Hope you fix this mess soon otherwise you will loose a lot of money..Version: 11.29.0

Getting worse every dayEach update seems to introduce new annoying pop-ups or ads. Just had an ad in the chats screen..Version: 11.28.0

One of the glitchiest apps I have ever usedI literally NEVER write reviews for apps, I don’t really care that much, but I’ve hit my breaking point with Tinder. I love this app, I’ve been using it for a few years and I’ve met some really cool people. But lately, this app has become completely unusable for me. Every time I try and type a message to someone, my typing lags and then whatever I wrote will randomly pop up 5-10 seconds later. Every time I get a message notification, Tinder won’t show it to me and I have to literally delete the app and redownload it in order to read what someone said to me. It’s like every time I try to use this app, something glitches and it makes my experience horrible. I was able to handle the overwhelming lagginess for a while, but now that I can’t even read a message without having to delete and redownload feels completely unacceptable from an app this widely used. And it isn’t an issue with my phone since I got a new one recently and it’s STILL happening. I think I’ve finally hit my breaking point with this app, I had a great few years but I don’t think I will be going back until it gets patched and works like a 2021 app instead of a flash website from 2005..Version: 12.6.0

Banned for no reasonI made my account today and I was swiping through and then tinder logged me out and when I tried to log back in it said I was banned. For what? Nothing? I guess this is a sign the world wants me to stay a virgin single for the rest of my life 😤😠.Version: 11.23.0

The app is BROKENThe app is completely dysfunctional. It crashes instantly every time I open it, so I need to then open it a second time, but then it inevitably lags, freezes and crashes. I have to use the desktop website if I actually want it to work. I have Gold but the “likes” interface is useless. What is the point in knowing I have thousands and thousands of likes but the only way to sort through them is to manually scroll through (on desktop, there is no chance of this working on the app). There NEED to be filtering options, such as oldest to newest, age specification, distance, recently active, interests, etc. In addition, when clicking on people who have liked you, it should automatically show you the next person, so you could swipe through them rather than having to click on every single individual profile. If I swipe left on someone who has shown up in my “people who liked you”, I do not want to be shown to them again. There have been people who I have swiped left on SIX TIMES, but they just keep liking me and clogging up my likes feed. The video chat pop up is also very annoying..Version: 11.29.0

Banned for no reasonI paid for this service and was banned for no reason and wasted half a month of premium. And customer service refused to help and give any sort of explanation I’m so mad😡.Version: 11.23.0

Glitched for two days, then banned out of nowhere.I’ve had Tinder Gold for a couple of years now. I took myself out of the stack about a month ago, and came back over the weekend. It resumed without a hitch until Tuesday. I found that my matches and messages were fluctuating, and that it stopped showing profiles in areas either at home or where I work. I just assumed the servers were slow/lagging. I got home from work tonight, and I started to see profiles again. I thought things were back up and running again. I hop on about an hour later and bam, I’m banned. From what I’ve read on my app and trying to log in on the computer, I’ve all of a sudden violated their terms of service somehow. It’s not like I can get a hold of anyone, as their emails are electronically responded to by bots, and after reading through some of these reviews, their App Store responses are the same. I’ve canceled my subscription which was coming up for renewal at the end of the month, so I suppose timing couldn’t have been better for me. Between this, the increasingly fake(snap, insta follows, sugar babies, cashapp/Venmo requesting) profiles, and the clear dead end when it comes bans and customer service/support, it’s been eye opening for sure. Best of luck everyone..Version: 11.23.0

What is wrong with Tinder?I am just getting back into dating pool and was going to try Tinder but after reading all the reviews about people getting banned for no reason (or so they claim) no way am I planning to use this app. There are literally dozens of these complaints. What is most concerning is that Tinder developers don't even try to respond or explain what might be going on. That is really poor customer relations. Glad these apps have reviews at least to warn others. So thanks for the warning..Version: 11.25.0

Has become a money scamWhere to even start !?!? Where’s the option for zero stars ? I can’t believe how bad this app has gotten. No more super likes at all you have to pay for them now, not even one every 24hrs. I payed for tinder plus for unlimited likes and decided to do a little test. Upon testing I found out that I had 7 likes but I couldn’t see them because I don’t have ‘tinder gold’ which is almost $50 a month. Not to mention all the profiles that are fake and asks for money to buy their content only fans porn. Here’s what gets me. I payed for unlimited likes. I have been swiping for a week Straight and not one of these matches have come up ? How come ? app is has become a scam ! I’ve swiped over 300 people and not one of those has been a match but apparently I’ll have 7 available if I pay for gold. But I’m already paying for plus !!! Biggest scam going around I will definitely do a little more digging and reporting to authorities in Australia. You are a scam !! Should be ashamed!!.Version: 12.21.0

Lost my account, only to find out it’s using the subscriptionSo my account stopped working, I didn’t get logged out or anything, it just stopped working. Couldn’t message people and stuff like that. So I made a new account, stupidly with the same email. I then, after spending money, find out the account is somehow still there and is using the subscription I paid for on my new account. I have tried for ages to try and get back into that original account but I literally can’t, it’s like it is actually deleted and gone, but somehow still using the subscription that wasn’t meant for it. I’ve been told that my account is still up and people can see it which is super gross because I can’t even change that now. This app is broken, any help would be much appreciated..Version: 12.12.0

Customer serviceHad some girl harassing me and besides banning her I got banned for making a childish remark on my end, no block feature so I was rude. And contacted them apologizing and just letting them know she wouldn’t stop spamming and harassing me and my account gets banned, the customer service for this app is terrible,.Version: 11.29.0

Ripoff with spam!Honestly why people pay the price for this app blows my mind. It costs more than my monthly phone bill. There are so many spam profiles offering massages etc and, while tinder tries to control it, they really can’t. Lastly, the new feature “vibes”. Feels like it’s made for prepubescent teens. The question asked to “vibe” are pathetic and aimed at kids. Aren’t adults the ones who use this app? Lastly the constant reminder to pay gold. “You missed a match! Go gold to find out who it was!” Wait… I literally just swiped no on someone and now you want me to pay to see who I said no to? Hahahahaha! Garbage app is garbage. Do yourself a favour and avoid their steep prices. It functions fine for free 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 12.10.0

Matches are riggedFirst night on the app I quickly got two attractive matches to my surprise. I begin to have a great conversation with one of them, but for seemingly no reason and completely out of nowhere, the match and conversation disappeared, along with the second match which I had not even messaged yet. Neither of them could be found anywhere, and I have no idea why this happened. I know for a fact that I never said anything even vaguely inappropriate or offensive, so there was no reason for the one match to un-match with me. Ever since then I have not had more than two matches show up in the tab, despite buying plus, despite boosting, despite receiving notifications about new matches, and despite even trying to swipe right on everyone. Radio silence as far as I can tell. Tinder is at least kind enough to tell me that I have more likes I can view and match with if I buy Gold for $29/mo. No thanks. This app is rigged and will only give us crumbs compared to what we’re actually worth just so they can make more money off of our search for connection. I’ll be deleting after this pay period unless Tinder can show us that they’re really trying to be transparent in our dating interests..Version: 11.24.1

Not satisfiedIt seems like the app only shows you to people when you first download the app or superlike them. However, after some time you’ll notice that you won’t be getting any matches whatsoever. Seems like they want you to pay and get premium. App sucks.Version: 12.20.0

P2W GarbageThis app is nowhere near as good as it used to be. You won’t get anywhere using it unless you pay to see the people who have liked you..Version: 11.26.0

Terrible AppTo start things off Tinder is filled with bots, every second match I get in tinder is some “girl” trying to give you a massage and send you to a website. They don’t do any background checks on the people who join to make sure they are human. Secondly they spam it with advertisements and every 7th person you swipe on is an ad. Thirdly the amount of times it tells you, “you need to upgrade to get women to match with you” is incredibly annoying. Fourth, if you swipe right on everyone on the app Tinder actually throttles how many people you can match with. The first day I ran a test and swiped on every girl, I managed to go through about 40 women before it said I’m out of swipes. Next day I do it and get about 20. Now when I load the app I swipe on about 4 women before I have to upgrade my account because Ive ran out of swipes. It’s very unfair and flawed. Lastly they have these stupid “swipe surges” and other random events that “guarantee you’ll match with someone.” Ive gone to about 4 of these events (and by go I mean had the app open) and haven’t matched with anyone, and yes I know it’s all about appearances, and I wouldn’t say I’m ugly nor attractive but still. This app is a huge scam, waste of time, try something like Bumble or Facebook Dating. 1000% better than this trash app..Version: 12.14.0

Weird new terms and conditions?I went to go on tinder and it has come up with mandatory conditions I have to agree to so as to continue using the app but the conditions are things such as “I consent to the (mandatory) transfer of my personal information outside South Korea” and when I go to read the details, it is all written in Korean. Now this wouldn’t necessarily be a probably except I live in New Zealand where we speak English and I have my app set to English so I’m just very confused as to why I have to agree to this and why it won’t let me change the language to English so I can read what the hell I mandatorily have to agree to..Version: 12.1.0

Banned for no reasonI’ve been using tinder on and off for about 2 years and I loved it. Recently went back on it and after 3 days I’m banned for no reason?? I hadn’t even messaged anyone, pics were all of me and nothing offensive posted in my bio. Emailed tinder to see what had happened and just got an auto answer. Tried to set a new account up to be instantly banned again!!! Tried on my laptop and banned instantly again. I wasn’t even issued with a warning (how they could anyway I don’t know because I hadn’t messaged anyone) Looked on google and tinder are not only banning phone numbers but also device banning so I now have to get a new phone and number to create a new account. What happens if I sell my phone and someone wants to use tinder?? I was also a gold member. Their quick enough to keep the fake accounts yet get rid of genuine ones??? This has happened to so many people but no appeal procedure?? It’s a joke.Version: 11.30.0

So many glitches & no option to send photosThey seem to always be exterminating “pesky bugs” but the never seem to exterminate those “pesky bugs”. Also there is so many glitches that I don’t actually believe they do anything to the app to improve it or fix it in their updates. App freezes or lags constantly. It kicks me out and one minute I have 400 likes and the next only 23. Also there is no option to send photos. I mean that would be helpful so I don’t have to keep adding people to snapchat and then deleting them when convo does off. Maybe consider it and also consider a feedback option so the people could tell you what they want to make a better experience for them on the app. Also don’t bother asking their IT for help. They just copy and paste already written messages. Monkeys could do a better job just saying.Version: 12.19.1

The origin of a horrendous trend...I mean, what can you say about Tinder that hasn’t already been said? It’s full of shallow people just looking for a thumbs up from other shallow people. Match with someone? Might as well just give up there. 9 times out of 10 the girl will just unmatched with you immediately or never reply to a message. The 1 time out of ten you get an absolutely half-assed reply. But apparently it’s us men that are the problem! If you want to find adults to chat to a connect with this is not the place, nor are any “swiping” apps at that. You’ll never find so many phoney, hypocritical or just plain ignorant people as you will here. Do yourself a favour: just go outside. Join a club. Talk to random strangers in the street and you’ll have more luck in love..Version: 11.24.0

ScamPlease DO NOT give your phone number to Tinder. What will happen is that they will sell your phone number to other companies. And those companies are SCAM. They will call you many times a day trying to scam you. I have used 2 different phone numbers at different times. After a few days, the number of scams calling me dramatically increased. PLEASE BE COUSCOUS..Version: 11.23.0

Buggy mess and a money trapBeen using tinder for a good long time, years in fact. For your average looking guy it will Bury you until you buy a boost, it will hide matches from you until you buy gold, which is too expensive $40. I only have 4 matches and 13 pending matches that I’ve had for like 3+ weeks. The pending matches are blurred, but you can make out just a bit to know who it is. I noticed that 3 of those 13 pending matches, where people I already matched with. I wasn’t matching with anyone for weeks. So today I finally caved in and got gold, miraculously the people I know I matched with vanished from pending. So I was left with 10 pending matches, with those 10 pending matches, were mostly people who using passport which makes the distance filter redundant. 2 people where near me, I thought if I match with them all, it might trick tinder in to thinking I’m more desirable and boost me.. but nope, i swiped right on them all and.... ALL of my pending matches failed to match.. so I spent $40 and got in return was regret. So tinder makes me fill ugly and now makes me feel dumb... Thanks tinder.Version: 12.7.0

Getting Pretty BadBetween the constant reminders to "Boost" myself, the intrusive prompts to "Super Like" popular users, the once or twice a day nagging to upgrade from "Gold" to "Premium" tiers and the straight up cost of any of the non-free features, using this app is getting ridiculous. Highly intrusive and constant prompts to upgrade, effectively in-app advertisements but for Tinder itself. Also, annoying stuff like being shown users from other countries despite having your distance radius set. Not a huge deal, but recently it’s every second person. Also now constantly freezing across two separate devices on two separate accounts. Can only assume it’s widespread. They’ve recently removed the “search” option too, which makes finding a specific conversation difficult if you have a lot of matches. Hard to recommend this app at all, let alone spending money on it. Tinder needs to up it’s game big time..Version: 12.7.0

Banned account for no reasonTinder banned my account for no reason... I had an account a while back and deleted it when I met someone I then tried to make a new one and it says that my account has been banned, even though I haven’t done anything that violates the community guidelines....Version: 11.28.0

Again disappointedI’ve seriously messed up my elo score. Don’t pretend it’s not a real thing address it. Not realising what I was doing, I was once swiping right 100% of the time and now I’m being punished for it. My profile isn’t shown to barely anyone. Every time I go on the app It brings down my confidence since I never match with the girls I like. Am I actually shown to them? Or am I just so your app can notify “someone likes you” on their phone with no intention to EVER match us. I’ve paid my dues please fix your algorithm because this app has stopped showing me any love. My potential matches stays stagnant at 35 and never increases. Your app is knocking my self confidence and mental health because you don’t give an equal opportunity to your users. Something for consideration..Version: 11.27.0

No customer serviceHonestly this app is great, this is new way to meet tons of people. A lot of people here complaining about not having a lot of matches or people replying is on them. Having said that a lot of people here are complaining about being banned with no explanation. I am also one of those people and the only prompt i have received is that i have violated terms of use which i reviewed and have not. The only customer support they have is an automated robot which doesn’t seem to actually review your file and they don’t have a customer support number the only number i found tried scamming me. So essentially they don’t seem to care about customers they have stated they take reports seriously (bullying, abuse) which is must’ve what happened to me yet they do not check the legitimacy of the report. Although they have not considered there are people that will report out of spite / grudge which is a form of bullying and abuse so there system is in need to be updated. Disappointed in the zero customer service in a large company but such is life, seeing as i’m banned now for life this will be my last interaction with this business..Version: 11.29.0

$$$If you’re not willing to pay at least 40 dollars a month, don’t even bother. This app was great maybe 5 years ago. It’s a complete waste of time now. Go outside and walk around. Talk to people in shops and cafes. Don’t let this terrible app make you feel bad as a person while some tech sleazebags profit on your insecurity..Version: 12.17.0

Banned for no reason/without explanationI have noticed that tinder doesn’t reply to these. Many of my friend use this app and have noticed they will randomly get banned after paying, as it happened to me as well. I personally think they either need to set up a appeal process or renew everything on the app process. I know tinder isn’t about to even reply to this, but I just want it to be known that all of my friends are coming over to one Star this app until they set something up to make this process better for everyone. It is honestly ridiculous you can let people looking for thirds who play themselves as females to harass people about it or you get the people who will just report you for not replying why is that even an option on the reporting. Sometimes people can’t reply because the app is so freaking glitchy that messages sometimes don’t appear. Y’all advertise tinder as a great app but in reality if people are always complaining from what I’ve noticed about the glitching or having to get whole new numbers and phones to make a new account. It’s honestly sad seeing how bad this app can get like how do you not have a support line or even email that gives people an actual reasoning to why they were banned ect. Have fun hinge is way better y’all go there they are also cheaper.Version: 12.20.0

Do not use this app people pleaseUsed my own pictures, didn’t match or talk to anyone yet so I already knew I wasn’t reported. Suddenly got asked to verify, provided good images for verification, even put on the same outfit in case that would help. Then I got banned, no reason, no explanation, pretty sure it was AI determining if the verification matches, not real people. Tinder is a really bad app in 2021 and should really be more customer friendly, they do not have customer service, real time support or phone number. Really really bad app and the developer’s parents is probably ashamed of their child or rolling in their grave. The whole tinder team is probably scummy people too if they don’t realise the issue..Version: 12.23.0

Only giving it 2 stars because I met a nice friend.I’ll keep it short and simple. Here you have an app that’s made to connect people and bring them together. In order for you to see who liked you, you need to pay. In order to get more attention via a boost, you need to pay. You want better “top picks”, you need to pay. If your like me, and already literally hated the idea of using dating apps, then don’t waste your time here unless you have money laying around that you don’t mind throwing at this app all the time. Not only Tinder, but most “dating” apps are just broken. I get the idea of bringing people together along with preferences to narrow it down, however Tinder and others try to fit all groups into one. What I mean by that is - this is a dating app right? Where you go to meet people to, ya know, date? I’d say these apps are broken down into three categories of use - relationships, hooking up, and validation. I’d say most people here are on for validation. They don’t want love, they want the love they get from 20 people swiping on them inflating their ego. The next small group is looking for just sex, and the next is actual dating. There really should be an app out there for people to sign up for just for all that attention people need and want. Dating apps? Ya ok, more like feed someone else’s already inflated ego app..Version: 13.1.0

Tinder needs an appeals process ASAP-Banned for no reasonI have been using tinder for years with no problem , and in the last week i decided to delete my account and make a new one so it could be refreshed. I feel like i was not getting as many likes or matches are i could. So i did that. I create my profile and everything is fine, then i go to sleep and wake up this morning to my account being banned for no reason. I didn’t do anything vulgar or post and bad pictures. My bio was not bad. And simply stated that I’m from London. I didn’t do anything to anyone. Had no conversations on this new account and It had been less than one day. If i can’t get my account back, I’ll have to leave a negative review unfortunately because I’ve seen countless other examples of people who have done nothing getting banned for no reason. And the fact that you come down so hard over nothing, and don’t provide an appeals process, is deplorable. Hopefully I will be able to get my account back as this app is something i enjoy Using to meet new people and there are not really any alternatives to it that i like. This review doesn’t take into account the sometimes shoddy algorithm when using the app, but that’s neither here nor there. FIX UP TINDER.Version: 11.26.1

Unclear why I got bannedLogged in today to see that my account got banned. Never put in any inappropriate photos or anything. This app is a joke.Version: 11.23.0

Find another AvenueIf you find yourself someone that values respect and honesty then this app unfortunately is not for you, if you find yourself lucky enough to find the one on here then congratulation you are 1 in a million (not an accurate statistic) that has managed to scrape the good from the bottom of the tub, the rest of the site is riddled with toxic people that only care about themselves and have no motivation to find self growth, people that will blame you for there mistakes and have truely not found themselves, if you are looking for something honest and caring unfortunately if you were like me, you will have to venture out into that dangerous world to find it, because you reading this, it is not here for you, I promise you that..Version: 11.29.0

New Messages not LoadingThe app seems to load every sing old conversation continuously until it becomes very slow to manoeuvre around. Any new messages “received” gives me a notification but does not show on the actual messages. I have to re-install the app every time to view new messages..Version: 12.6.0

Too many fakes, scammers, “catfish”Nothing is done to ensure that the people on the site are actually genuinely looking for a match. Captchas aren’t installed, having a “verified” profile is optional, most members don’t fill anything in the bio because it’s not even required. Often you’ll see people that are thousands of miles away by mileage, or people that are nearby, but their “live in” city is thousands of miles away because they’re just visiting your area. Needs to be a setting to only show those people that are physically nearby and also live nearby, or where you can select it if you want to see visitors. There’s no way to tell political leanings unless they put certain tags in their profile or put it in their bio. There’s no way to know important things like if they have pets or drink/smoke unless they happened to answer those questions-they’re optional. There’s no way to make it so you only see people that don’t have pets or don’t smoke or restrict out certain tags a person might add as their interest, for example “Activist”. To be a better app, these things need the focus, not the cutesy “Vibes” questions that don’t have much meaning to whether they’re going to be a good partner or not. And having to “Boost” in order to be seen by people you like is lame - it ought to just automatically put them front and center for them and tell you if they rejected you or not. But anything for a buck, eh, Tinder?.Version: 13.4.0

Banned for No ReasonI have used this app on and off over the years and whilst it has never been the greatest, it seems to have a lot more people on it. Just recently I was banned for no reason though and after trying to contact Tinder, I got a generic response and that they couldn’t help me. I have done NOTHING wrong and I have NOT violated their user terms or anything like that, so I’m very confused why this happened. I’ve heard other people have had the same issue, so is this a common thing now, Tinder? Banning people for the fun of it? Surely you can give us a reason as to why you’ve done this to our account? You want people to like you and your app, yet when it comes to something like this you literally just kick us out with no explanation... pathetic..Version: 11.24.0

Confused userI was banned from Tinder along two other dating apps within the same weekend—I’m not sure at all why I was banned. Must have been some technical bug? No response or way to appeal from developer..Version: 11.28.0

UPDATE - Tinder Has Had It’s Day I Think.Tinder is ok, but doesn’t do enough in terms of narrowing down your criteria. The swipe left or right concept is genius, but there are other apps that do it better now, and let you be more specific in what you’re looking for. Also, Tinder keeps suggesting people in different countries; I can’t seem to control it. What’s all that about? That’s no good! I think I’ll be quitting it soon, and certainly won’t be using one of the paid services. UPDATE - In addition, verifying your identity is not compulsory. There seems to be a lot of fakes on there, which might explain why some people go quiet after a few messages. I have seen one or two people on other apps, which turned out to be fakes. So obviously, their Tinder profile will be fake as well. This issue happens a lot with sites/apps that offer a free service and non-compulsory identity verification. Because Tinder offers a free service, it seems to be swamped with people that sign up, but then go dead, for whatever reason. What they should do is turn off the profiles that have been inactive for around 2 or 3 weeks or more. It will cut out a lot of wasted time..Version: 11.23.0

Broken app that encroaches on privacyAn app that does what you’d expect plus less. For some reason the app attempts to connect to other devices on your network I.e. other phones and computers in your home. The support team is literally uncontactable. If you click “contact us” it takes you to a vague search bar that even searching “the” (one of the most common words in the English language) returns zero results and has no further “submit a question” option. Horrendously offensive prices for bare minimum return as well. Free is buggy and invasive, premium is expensive and worthless. Good luck..Version: 12.17.0

Disappointed by thisI was banned from the app and I have absolutely no idea what I could have done wrong. I did not violate any terms or conditions so I put in a request and the customer service did not help me at all. I was enjoying conversations and now I have lost contact with the people. Not happy at all..Version: 11.28.0

FraudBeen using tinder for 3 years and been purchasing the gold ticket every month ! Been an absolute loyal customer and just purchased gold ticket 2 days ago again and my account got banned !!! For no idea what reasons ... this is ridiculous !!!! All my matches gone ! All the communications ! Not only that my money that I paid for gold ticket and used it 4 days is gone as well... that is fraud.Version: 11.30.0

Ban hammerI downloaded Tinder at the start of the first UK lockdown, and even went as far as purchasing Tinder Gold for a few months, just to get me through the boredom. It went pretty well, and I had around 100 matches by November, however a couple of days ago, I opened the app as usual, and swiped for a little bit, then put it down, and when I came back a couple of hours later, I was met with a message saying that my account had been banned, and offering no explanation as to why. I hadn’t violated any of the terms of service, nor had I been unpleasant in any chats. Naturally I looked for a way to get my account recovered, as I was sure it was just a mistake, and that I’d be back to swiping without a couple of days; however I found that there is no appeal system in place, and that the roughly £40 and 100 matches that I had on the account were simply gone with no way of getting them back. I mentioned it to my friends, and a couple of them said the same thing had happened to them, meaning it isn’t a fault at my end. Seriously Tinder, sort yourself out, if you’re going to have a robot banning people for no reason, you need to have a decent appeal system..Version: 11.27.0

The Only Fans issue/ UK male social fearThis app is ok if all you want is to view people’s Only Fans profile ads or if you want to chat to someone your never going to meet, this app makes you feel good when your phone vibrates and the “1 tinder message” notification appears. This is all people pay for. However this only applies to the UK. If you travel abroad this app is more worthwhile/ tangible, women seem to be less concerned about meeting you if your on holiday somewhere like the south of France, Brazil or any party island like Ibiza. Stick to bars, pubs and clubs to meet women in the UK, use Tinder on holiday to meet and chat to women to get the most out of this app..Version: 12.4.0

Fun while it lastedWell it was fun while it lasted but it looks like tinder is finally pay to win now. Started out small with taking away the amount of likes you had every 12 hours. Than they took away the super like feature, unless you pay for it, and then they started to shadow banned accounts that were not signed up for tinder gold. For the last few months the work around to all this was to make a new account every couple of weeks. New accounts get shown as normal but then after 2-3 weeks you were shadow banned. No big deal just delete your account and make a new one but it looks like the money hungry leeches at tinder caught on. You can’t delete your account anymore and instead of being shown for 2-3 weeks you are now only shown for 24 hours. You are still able to swipe on people however it doesn’t matter. No matter if you swipe right or left on someone you will still be shown their account each time you log back on. I came across the same accounts 9 times in a row. You now have unlimited likes but again this is worthless as your likes don’t mean anything because the people you like won’t see it. I really liked tinder. Was my go to dating app and I had nothing but positives to say about it for the past few years. But now I guess it is officially dead unless your fork over some cash..Version: 12.23.0

I have a very serious complaint.After years of having a tinder account and speaking only positive things of it, I have been banned wrongfully. I know exactly what got me banned. My account name was Boom. I had in my bio, "Who needs pickup lines? Try and roast me instead. Just know that I'll roast back." Now, the word "roast" in this context, by definition, means, "subject to GOOD-NATURED ridicule." Now I matched with a woman who went by the name of Echo. Echo tried to roast me by asking if I was either a "men's rights activist" or "really into anime." I proceeded to ask if that was a roast, to which she assured me it was. SHE THEN ASKED ME TO ROAST HER BACK. I then said she looked like Roz from Monsters Inc, which again, is a GOOD-NATURED roast. If I thought she was a young lady that didn't appeal to me, then I wouldn't have swiped right in the first place. Obviously, this means that it was a light-hearted, good-natured comment, but one that Echo took as an insult to her very being. She then proceeded to talk about how she was comparing me to "Nazis" and a "porn freak." Those comments sound a lot harsher than me comparing her to a fictional character. Why I was the one being banned for this is beyond me, but in this situation, I feel like I have been wrongfully banned, when what I said wasn't nearly as bad as what she said. Please review the conversation again..Version: 11.23.0

You aren’t getting what you paid for!Not sure why I’m paying for a service when you’re constantly being asked to pay to access new features. Without question, every time you log in the first swipe you are prompted with a message that says “upgrade your swipe with a super swipe” STOP TRYING TO GET ME TO WASTE MY RESERVES ON SOMEONE THATS POSSIBLY A FAKE ACCOUNT. Along with that just about every account here is a bot (sending links, or telling you to go to a website for premium content). I deleted my account restored my purchase and the same thing occurs. Im only matching with fake accounts. Continuing, what’s with the demographics of this app? There is no diversity? 90% of the profiles does not reflect the city I live in and this city has a melting pot of people, WHERE ARE THEY? Although I have the “Global” feature turned off, why I am I seeing accounts from 3k+ miles away If I have that feature turned on, it should be applied for people also using the passport feature, the same way you lock out accounts for the Gold and Platinum features.I understand you gotta make money so you allow this to continue but leave that crap to the non paying accounts!.Version: 11.29.0

Account banned for no apparent reasonI have been using Tinder on and off for a little while. My account was recently banned out of nowhere. I am certain that I did not violate any policies, yet my account was banned without giving any explanation. Tinder doesn’t have a resolution channel, since I assume it is cheaper to sacrifice a minority of wrongfully banned users than actually having people to assist its customers. I am in no way a unique case. I understand there are cases where a ban is well deserved, but even then an explanation or a warning should be offered beforehand. TL;DL Your account could be banned without cause. Tinder has no resolution channel leaving you out of pocket. Think twice before investing any time or money in the platform..Version: 11.28.0

Banned for no reason or explanation or reasoningFor some reason I’ve been banned from Tinder with no reasoning or explanations from them. I’ve never been to rude to anyone that I’ve matched with & have filed appeals multiple times with no luck..Version: 11.31.0

More screening of accounts to prevent DV offenders from being on here.When someone is reported as a domestic violence offender, they should not be allowed to join the app to continually seek out women and reoffend. I’ve reported my ex, as have other women who have fallen victim to this man or who are aware of his offending, yet nothing appears to be done to keep him from holding an account on here. More screening of profiles needs to be done, especially with the amount of money this app generates. Domestic violence is real and I’m just one of the 1 in 3 women who will fall victim to this heinous crime that takes years and years of your life to recover from..Version: 13.1.0

Tinder plus mixupI thought that when paying for it it was $8+ a month not $50+ all at once is there anyway I can get someone to email about this.Version: 11.24.0

Banned for no reasonI’d hope the developer sees this. This app is fairly good. I can’t exactly complain other than the fact that I use to match with girls 100+ miles away from when my search radius is around 40 miles. I’m sorry but I don’t care to match with a girl that is 2 states away and sometimes in another country lol. I want to also add that i find it fairly ridiculous that I was banned for no reason I can think of nor did THEY give me a reason... On top of that, they have no way to appeal it. I’ve been on the website over the months and it says that, and I quote, “at the moment, we don’t offer a formal appeal process”. I could be wrong, surely I’m not, but this has been in development for a long time. I’d love to know when this is a thing. It makes me think that the developers don’t care enough about their users to want to even make something for appeals. Your customers must care enough about this app to want to try and appeal their ban. I’d love to know why I got banned in the first place anyways but they won’t tell me. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. It’s ridiculous... the developers don’t care, they make you pay a rather ridiculous amount of money to even match with people..Version: 11.28.0

Money grabbersThey have more than doubled the price of tinder plus,gold and platinum over the years.. not to mention all the boosts available. More and more people join tinder each day so they’re not exactly strapped for cash. But yet they still up the price of things ever so slightly thinking we wouldn’t notice. I’d like to think I’m not the ugliest person in the world so when I start getting maybe 1 like or match every 2-3 days I start to get a bit annoyed and tempted to buy boosts just to raise my morale. But when they changed the price of boosts from around 1.99 each to x3 for 9.99. They have now raised the price to 1 boost for 5.99!!. I admit I have bought tinder platinum as my success rate isn’t very high when it comes to matches. But yet I still feel like it’s been a compete waste of money as I see no change in activity on my profile. I’m disappointed, from someone who swipes quite literally swipes 100’s of women I can’t help but think I’m not even getting shown to any of them. As soon as my tinder platinum runs out? 99+ likes within a couple of weeks, just to tempt me into buying me buying another subscription. Don’t waste your money out of desperation! Take it from me lol.Version: 12.4.0

BannedI was randomly banned when I follow all guidelines! I don’t say inappropriate stuff or do anything inappropriate like some people do on here and somehow I’m banned?! I’m of age also!.Version: 11.23.0

Banned with no warning or reasonSo tinder says that if you follow all the rules don’t swear ect you won’t get banned, so I really don’t understand why I was banned straight after my subscription renewed itself? You’re supposed to get a warning or something apparently if you’re in the wrong so you can “correct” your ways or whatever but I’ve been using the app for like over a year now with no problems until I logged on today and found out I was banned without any explanation or reason. I expected something to be at least taken into consideration since I was a paying user but I went to the support and they just give you an automated robotic answer I’ll be surprised if it isn’t just an automatic email. The support is terrible and they don’t care about your accounts just want to soak up your money. Don’t download.Version: 11.27.0

Garbage and bustedTinder has been around a while now, and it boggles my mind how it is somehow more bug prone and more of a cash grab now than when it started. I downloaded it recently to discover that the same profiles were coming up again and again. I’m talking 10 times in 2 hours. The same profiles coming around like a conveyor belt. It was obvious it was not working. I tried reinstalling it to solve the problem but no luck. I try to delete my account but every time I try, it comes up with an error. Go to Reddit or any other forum and you will see hundreds of people all experiencing the same issue. There’s not even any customer support to contact, just troubleshooting as the creators are too lazy to do anything other than see their app print money. Zero help to resolve their buggy mess but they will charge you exorbitant prices for the privelidge of swiping more. A useless app made by a greedy and disgusting company..Version: 11.29.0

Tinder (way to date)Well I would like it if I actually got matches without having to fork out a ridiculous amount for gold.... it’s way way to expensive and not even worth it!.Version: 12.1.0

Mmm putting 3 stars until bugs are fixedGood app but tinder the attitude of the male Bugs these days is not appealing to me an the other female counterparts! I think you need to fix the bugs x then I actually think if you do fix that you!! The app will be top app for 2021.. Chur :)).Version: 11.31.0

Banned for no reasonGot gold then was banned the next day for no reason, no warnings or anything just straight banned for life for nothing.Version: 11.23.0

Okay listen,I downloaded this app what I turned 18 because that’s what you do when you are a lonely 18 year old. I used it for about a year with not much luck and then at 19 I found someone. On the second month of consistently seeing this girl, I thought “yeah I’ll never need tinder again” so instead of deleting it, I turned it into a game with this girl. We made an account for Daddy Vader. Yes you heard that correctly. We used Daddy instead of Darth. The force choke and I am your father jokes were hilarious. We got a lot of matches the first day, had our fun talking with people and within 24 hours got banned. I really didn’t care at the time because I was happily cuffed but now I’ve been single for a year and a half with really only bumble to meet new people. Even though I’m an attractive fella, most girls don’t talk first, so a lot of the few matches I get as a guy go right down the drain. I’ve tried emailing tinder about getting back on to seriously date but there has been no response. Honestly I don’t NEED to get back on tinder, but I really do need to meet new people and having this option back would be a big help. All in all, great app. But they really should make themselves more reachable customer service-wise..Version: 13.1.0

Banned for no reasonI made an account awhile ago but I wasn’t 18. I just turned 18 today so I went on the app and tried to log in but it says I’m banned?? Customer service refuses to help. This is ridiculous. I haven’t even used the app so how is it possible that I’m banned???? Worst app ever🙄.Version: 11.23.0

Used to be okay... now not so muchI used to like the app, no bugs, it wouldn’t crash etc. Started to crash quite a bit as of around a month ago so I thought, when we got this new update, that would be fixed, and it was...for an hour. Now though, I can’t see messages that have been sent to me, without me replying (but I now can’t see what I’m replying too); crashes all the time or freezes, and just isn’t fun to use anymore really. It also pushes you a lot to become members, with features such as super likes. Now I expected this a little, but I get prompted to become a member so I can have super likes EVERYTIME I swipe right on someone, I wouldn’t mind if it was once or twise, but it becomes annoying very quickly. I simply don’t understand what is with all the change, it used to be a brilliant app, which I would have quite happily given 5 stars, and now, I’m hesitant to give three..Version: 11.28.0

Banned- been on since 2017Not sure why I was banned. I have been on this app for years, I make one offhand joke to a lady I matched with. Then I can’t log in a half hour later. I honestly don’t understand why there is no way to appeal a ban or even get issued a warning. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this app over the years and have had marginal success in actually meeting people (which is why I feel angry to be banned at all). I am polite, my profile was free of offensive material, but here I am. Lord forbid I have to actually meet someone the traditional way..Version: 11.23.0

Banned for no reasonAbsolute horrible app, I got banned for no reason and I can’t even contact the tinder team to get unbanned and I’ve heard a lot of people being banned for no reason too so there’s no point in even using this app, tinder doesn’t care about its users and providing good customer service, whoever’s reading this use bumble instead because you’re probably just going to get banned.Version: 12.6.0

What the hell?I tried to create an account with a sim that has never had tinder and it said it was banned? How is that even possible? It’s just frustrating.Version: 11.25.0

Disgusting and sexist towards men!This app is criminal and is so biased and sexist towards men. Discrimination should be penalized..Version: 11.26.0

Awful new updateI’m rather annoyed at this new update now releasing another upgrade, I’ve been paying for an upgraded account for a long time now, was initially plus when that was released and now paying for tinder gold. If I’m honest I think extra features from plus to gold are barely worth it, now you’re added more to an extra fee. Too much is going into making money rather than a good user experience, these extra features should be included in gold. Tinder is a great app but there needs to be something added regarding filtering your matches like bumble have, for example “unread, closest distance”. For someone especially that travels it’ll be nice to see the closest people to where you currently are..Version: 11.29.0

Terrible customer serviceLogged into my account after deleting it for a bit, got banned for no reason. Customer service does not look into it and keeps the ban.Version: 11.25.0

Problem appMy messages aren’t loading yet I still receive notifications for them as if i can view them, but it doesnt show up with any massages. It just doesnt load. Not even the search bar at the top loads. I have to continuously log out and back in to view/receive massages. I’ve had to do this for almost a week thinking it would sort itself out but surprise, it didnt. Fix this please. I’ve been using this app for a while and I would like to continue using Tinder..Version: 12.6.0

Banned for no reasonI’ve used tinder frequently throughout the years. I have always been appropriate with how I approach my matches. Recently, I had re-signed up for tinder after deleting the app from a few months ago. When I downloaded the app I bought tinders gold feature. After a week or so of using the app I was prompted to get photo verified and I submitted my picture then. After waiting an entire day of not being able to access the app because my photo was still under review I sent their customer support an email message about the issue. Later the same day, i still had received no response back but was able to again access the app. A day later I was prompted that my account was banned. Between getting photo verified and being banned I messaged zero people and before that I had not in weeks if at all after my initial download of the app. I tried to reach out to their customer service via phone and I received busy signals, I reached out again using email and have not gotten a response. This was an extremely frustrating situation that do not completely understand myself but I have moved on from it. This review is to state my experience so that viewers are aware of the risk they take by just using the app..Version: 13.1.0

Banned for no reasonI have been using tinder for the past 3 to 4 years on and off. I have recently been banned for apparently violating their terms and conditions, I read the terms and conditions and I have not broken any one of them. I have emailed them and again they’re just coming back with your violating our terms and conditions or we cannot discuss the matter any further with you. How is this fair when I do not talk inappropriately, I have no inappropriate photos and I’m not a fake person. I have match led with people who have lied about there age and who they are. Not once did I see there profiles get banned. I’m very disappointed and disgusted with how I have been treated with this..Version: 12.1.0

Waste of money. Hinge or Bumble is better.I hope the developers read this. I pay for Tinder Gold ($30/month, I will be unsubscribing soon). This is most expensive “paid” version of this app. I regularly “match” with paid advertisements who look like young single women. These are Paid advertisements facilitated / sold by Tinder. Should a paying “gold” user be getting hit with adds? No. Additionally, I regularly match/see women who are all 80-99 miles away. I have my radius set to 40 miles. I’m not interested in matching with someone who lives two states and a three hour drive away. Also, about 10-20% of the female profiles on Finder are fake/scammers who immediately want you to add some obscure social media account name that doesn’t match their Tinder name or picture. The app also crashes frequently (yes, it’s fully updated). If you’re looking to spend money on a dating app, you’d be better off spending money on Hinge or Bumble. Use the free version if Tinder if you like, but they don’t deserve your money. Also, I have heard from other people who are seemingly arbitrarily banned without any way to challenge or contest the ban. I guess that you can’t be accused of having terrible customer service if you don’t have any customer service to begin with....Version: 11.27.0

They Can Shut You Down With No ExplanationWithin 48 hrs of having downloaded the app (most of that time I was traveling so I wasn’t even very active) they put my account under review and asked for some verification photos which I provided. Then I waited a couple days to let things get sorted out before writing the customer service people, I received a response saying that they were escalating the issue for further review, ok no problem do your thing, then I received a follow up email saying my account was all good and I should be able to log in. But then when I went to open the app it said I had been banned. This is insane because I’m a super nice respectfully person, only had pleasant and positive interactions with the few people I was chatting with, never said anything that could be deemed offensive or violate their community guidelines or terms of service at all, all of the photos of me were fairly recent… I was shocked. After reaching out again they refused to offer any explanation and said the results were final and permanent. I feel like I was treated very unfairly, and should have at least been given a reason for what was the issue other than “we take our terms and conditions and/or community guidelines very seriously.” Of course, and so would I. Im just highly disappointed and feel betrayed by this app. Out of all the ratchet stuff going on constantly, I get banned and I was nothing other than kind and respectful to everyone I chatted with..Version: 13.1.0

Banned for absolutely no reasonThis app is complete trash, I downloaded tinder after not having it for awhile and after only 3hrs my account got banned. I emailed tinder support twice almost a week ago trying to find out why I was banned and if I could get that ban lifted and I’ve been ignored so just so people know, if they ask you to send them an email or they ask you to get in touch with them in any way don’t waste your time because they won’t help you. This isn’t the end of the world for me by any means because I can use other apps if need be but damn tinder, you need to work on your customer service big time..Version: 11.23.0

Harassment allowed ?My account got taken away because my ex reported me for solicitation with zero proof or reason other than him being petty. I wasn’t given any opportunity to prove my side and they literally removed my account without notice based on unsubstantiated claims. Now I have to get a new number to use this app if I want to. Which I won’t cause I don’t. Super misogynistic to just take women’s accounts down when someone is being vengeful but when men are flagged for actual provable harassment their accounts aren’t taken down without evidence and when evidence is given they are only suspended for a short time. What is the reason for this clear double standard?.Version: 11.23.0

Mandatory consentMandatory consent to the collection, use and transfer of my personal information seems dodgy. Not to mention when I click the link to read for details about what I am consenting to, the information is in a language I cannot understand, and am unable to change..Version: 12.1.0

TerribleIf you already struggle with self-confidence then I’d avoid this app like the plague, its not worth it however good looking you are. Its full of egotistical attention seeking people that just care about being liked. There are very few genuine people who actually have the intellect to have a decent conversation just collect likes and ignore you. The app doesn’t work, it doesn’t find people in your area that feature definitely doesn't work. Don't waste your money on tinder gold this just enhances the above and puts money in the pocket of the people that created this mess. In four years of being on this pointless app I have never met one genuine person. This is not the place to meet someone genuine so quit while your ahead, and save yourself a world of pain and confusion..Version: 11.25.0

Unjustly BanThe app works fine and it’s really user-friendly but it doesn’t tell us WHAT the reason is for us getting banned and there’s absolutely no way to appeal. I’ve heard from various sources if a girl reports a guy he’s banned immediately but not the other way around, takes various time’s reporting a female and they “violate” terms all the time by not showing their faces or putting images with quotes, etc. and that’s really unfair. Fix this!.Version: 11.26.0

Preferences not respectedUsed tinder 2 years ago and genuinely it was a great app 5* but since my return all the features are on meeting people further away ‘go global’ all of this, I set my distance to 10KM that’s what I want to meet local people, not someone 80KM away I’ll never meet that’s pointless to me, despite my settings clearly putting 10KM I always get people further. I understand that they could have been close to me when using the app and when we initially match with them and they may have been visiting for the day etc but literally everyone is really far and i’d rather have no one to swipe on than people really far it just clutters the feed and makes the chances of meeting someone genuine even slimmer Also what is this top picks feature, what’s the point of it, is it just popular profiles and they must get spammed with likes, not the biggest fan of the app at the moment but I do genuinely hope it gets revamped a lot of people are jumping to hinge.Version: 11.26.1

Banned??My account was banned—and absolutely no violations were made I can assure you and there is no way to get it back or even make a new account. Welp. Do better tinder..Version: 11.23.0

Banned for no reasonWas testing it out and all of a sudden banned? I appealed and that didn’t get me anywhere even though I had gold membership I couldn’t cancel it due to access to tinder being denied. Tried to make a new account and that also gets banned. I don’t know what the issue is with this app but I’ve known multiple underaged people stay on the app and carry on their business, whereas I’m of age and get banned which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Money has been returned from tinder but the shadowban that’s happened means I won’t be able to access it within the future, I want a resolution to why this happens so that future people who want to try out the app know what to do and what not to do, even when in accordance with the guidelines 🧐.Version: 11.29.0

Worst Dating App with no way to get unbannedI had this app for over a few years. Then one day someone got my profile information and started uploading explicit pictures on my profile. Instead of emailing me, texting me, or trying to contact me about the situation they banned my account. I went to Tinders website to try and plead my case and repeal their decision. I could not find any such place on their website except a customer service email. I emailed them to try and and explain my situation, but was left with “at this time there is no repeal process put in place to allow someone the opportunity to be unbanned”. I don’t understand how in a world where people are constantly getting hacked that they have no plan or repeal process for situations like this. I tried making a new account with a new email and tried making new social media’s. Unfortunately they have linked my banned account to my phone and everything on my phone. It’s fine, I’ll spend my time, energy, and money on different apps like bumble and hinge. This inferior app has so many other problems with it, I’m sure I won’t miss it. Will never recommend this to anyone looking to use dating apps. I will always tell people from now on not to use this one because of the constant sexually charged males harassing women over this app..Version: 12.20.0

Photo uploaded is brokenCan’t select the region of photo you want. Can’t select the whole photo. Stupid selector just goes back to default position. Always fighting bugs with the really poor modern UI..Version: 11.30.0

Terrible treatment of its users... allowing vindictive banning to go unmonitoredAfter being banned once in the past for no reason I tried complaining to Tinder’s customer service and got literally nothing but a seemingly auto generated responses that didn’t help whatsoever. I made a completely second account when I changed phones things. I got a few matches, saw an ex or two then suspiciously things got very quiet considering I just become a gold member . Then in the last few weeks I started getting matches again all good interactions nothing seedy... then bam banned. No reason no warning no refund just banned and no option of appeal or way to find out why. My only option of recourse is here. So tinder if your reading this, please at least give some form of consideration to the blatant abuse that is going on and do something better make the banning process fairer there is always two sides to every story..Version: 12.6.0

Less used to be moreWhen the app was focused on the fun aspect & simplicity, no other dating app could rival it but now it’s ultra focused on generating revenue & all the fun is gone. Tinder is fast becoming the MySpace of dating apps because newer more fun, simple & less sales focused apps exist now the algorithms tinder uses is out of date now it’s focus has shifted from user experience & fun to how much more money can they squeeze out of you in subscriptions just to get matches you’ll never get a match even if you have subscribed to some of Tinder’s fad’s . . Unlike some of the newer dating apps out now you can download & get matches & interact without subscription albeit at a minimum level it’s still worth more then what tinder now offer which is 0 & the carrot & donkey scenario making you believe the person you like is only attainable if you buy extra this or subscribe to that.Version: 11.30.0

Girls Just PlayingMost of the girls on here are plugging their IG. A lot of them have no desire whatsoever to make a connection or talk.Version: 11.23.0

BanniJe regarde tous les commentaires et je comprend que je suis loin d’être la seule à qui s’est arrivée. J’ai été banni pour aucune raison moi aussi (on ne m’a rien expliqué non plus) et c’est pratiquement IMPOSSIBLE se refaire un compte. Vraiment décue..Version: 11.25.0

BANNED FOR NO REASONI've used the app almost since the app first was created, and it has led to some decent dates and friendships along the way. I truly enjoyed the app (not so much the "match- and-silence/ignore" trend, but that falls on the user, not the app). I've posted rather silly pictures of my self fully clothed. I've never harassed anyone or pursued anyone beyond a clear ignoring of a message or unmatch. Not was my profile spam or fake in any way. I was instructed by the generic automated email when I reached out and all I was told is that I "violated the user agreement or terms of use" or something along those lines. When I checked those terms, there was not one thing that could be remotely close to any term that I've broken that l've done in the years of using the app. And when I replied back with elaboration, there was, of course, no response. They also stopped allowing appeals, so now l'm unable to get back on the app. There are other apps, I know. But this just doesn't sit right with me - someone who uses the app onlv for it's intended purpose and is not life banned for the app for no apparent reason, given no explanation, and no opportunity to fix it. This app was in the end a waste of my time and money (oh yeah, I subscribed multiple times to their advanced features to see who swiped on me because why not?) Beware any newcomer to this app that this is a fairly common issue on getting banned for no reason! Enjoy it whilst you can....Version: 12.11.1

WHY SO TRASH!Okay I’ve been holding off on this one for ages hoping minor bugs would be fixed yet here we are. 1) I have 19 notifications that I can’t clear because there is nothing 2) people from 100+ kms away from my discovery range keep seeing my profile when I’ve set it 15km 3) old matches I’ve deleted or unmatched from years or months ago are still in my tinder. I delete them again and then they pop back up. ALSO please for all the people that have mad anxiety and self esteem issues PLEASE REMOVE THE ONLINE STATUS FROM OUR MATCHES... it’s already bad enough getting ghosted... I don’t need a little green circle to confirm it..Version: 11.29.0

Oh boyJust recently got out of a relationship and decided to dive back into the dating app world, and all I have to say is wow. Tinder has really slipped. What used to be a brilliantly simple and effective dating app has turned into a frustrating, convoluted, pay-walled mess. For Tinder to be even remotely useful, you have to pay for it. And once you do, you’re allowed features that are literally free on other apps. Wanna see who likes you? You’re going to have to pay more a month than you do on a Netflix subscription for that. Btw, Hinge does that for free. Wanna leave a comment on someone’s picture? Surely you can do that with the Gold membership, right? Nope. Gotta shell out even more money for ~platinum~. Guess who also does it for free? You got it. Hinge (and I think OKC too). And even after emptying your wallet on one of their higher subscription tiers, you still only get one boost a week, and you’re still hounded with pop ups every 10 minutes to try out their creepiest feature - the super like. All of this on top of the inherent dating app negatives (ghosting, catfishing, creeps, excessive filters, etc) and you’re in for a miserable ride. Save yourself the stress and money and try literally any app other than Tinder. Or just go to a bar. You’ll spend about the same amount of money but at the very least you’ll get a good buzz..Version: 12.10.1

EhWhen it works, it works like I'd assume it would. However when it doesn't you're stuck with a glitching interface, the app crashing and then watching the loading screen blip again and again. Definitely not a great app, but I guess kinda does what it says it does when it actually works..Version: 12.3.0

Delete the green dotDear god I have never wanted to know when my matches were recently active nor do I want them to know when I am. I don’t want to see they’ve been recently active and not replied to my message and then wonder why, nor do I want to have been recently active and have them question why I haven’t replied - believe me, they would, I’ve had them do it when they don’t know I was recently active. This update is just going to further create space for that toxic masculinity. If people want the update then great, but I liked having my privacy of just being able to swipe and message when I please and same to them. At the very least if you want delete it, give us the option to turn it off on our accounts..Version: 11.29.0

Locations messed upI have my location set to 20ks away from me but I’m seeing people from Canada and Germany more than people from my own country. Fix it or I’m gone..Version: 12.4.0

Worst app availableHi tinder uk or USA depending where it’s based my account was banned for no reason whatsoever and I was extremely angry! I am autistic and dyspraxic and I felt your app helped me calm down whenever I was feeling stressed and it was my pretty much only way to even get a woman to talk to me! Which is already hard enough seeing how the algorithm is based! I have used the app on and off since I was 18 and the under 18 version when it was around and I have been a paying gold and now platinum member! I really am heartbroken that after all the years of loyalty and hours spent swiping you have banned my account! I see far too many people on there with pictures of cats people looking for drugs and people selling private onlyfans accounts yet their accounts wasn’t banned and I should know as I was the one who reported them! Being in bad mental health while also having a mental disability is bad enough and now you’ve banned me for having bad mental health issues and wanting to talk to someone was punishable by banning my account! I’ve spent over £300 pounds in two years on account subscriptions and feel cheated!! I will not let this rest until I am either refunded all of the subscription money I wasted or my account is reinstated!!!.Version: 11.26.0

People using it for the wrong purposeI was on tinder to look for a new genuine relationship and trying to make a connection. However it’s not the fault of the app but more of the users. They don’t use the app as intended and only promote their social media’s to gain followers. They also use the app to just find friends and such. What’s the point in using the app as intended if you’re only their to find friends. There’s more to life then social media. For those like me who has been struggling to find true love I feel you. For those who manage to find a relationship at the end then awesome. Unfortunately it’s the users that really kill the whole dating experience. For those people who are not using it for the right purposes, you are one of the worst people to come across..Version: 12.23.0

Très sexisteLes filles que je connais peuvent voir les gars qu’ils l’ ont like sans avoir le Tinder Premium. Nous les gars, on doit payer si on désire voir les filles qui nous ont like. Tellement sexiste!!!!.Version: 11.29.0

You gon learn today tinderOn behalf of all people who had their accounts banned by tinder for not violating any policy or got a new phone number but is still banned from previous owner. Cellphone companies recycle its numbers. #tinder doesn’t remove those old numbers after a period of time even with proof of new phone number ownership. Also people have been banned for identifying as Non-political or dont cohere to the view of libtards. So discrimination on top of that. Tinder you have been reported to the BBB Better Business bureau for discrimination of people(s) personal views and refusal to remove numbers off your servers after time. False accusations by your employees because of their own leftist views. If this isn’t addressed .a petition has been already done with 1000+ signatures and personal statements of conversations between the consumer and your horrible support system which is almost impossible to get ahold of. Either unban all the old phone numbers and stop letting ur employees personal beliefs be the downfall of tinder. The petition and personal statements will only be used if you don’t fix this issue. Punishing those who did nothing wrong is disgusting. No different than communism,socialism and Nazi-ism. It’s not a threat. it’s the correct way of protesting by using words and corrects chain of command..Version: 13.1.0

Super glitchyI have had this app for years now. In the past year or two, it has become very glitchy. It takes forever to load conversations that I am trying to have real time, when opening the app via notification, it makes it even slower, it freezes from time to time forcing me to close the app and try again, the keyboard glitches out, and more. It makes trying to have a continuous conversation very hard. On top of that, a recent update with the option to allow video calls has made conversation hard. After a couple back and forth messages, a pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen, covering about 1/3 of the screen. It asks if you are fine with video calls with that specific person. I like that it seeks consent. The only way to get rid of the giant pop up is agreeing or disagreeing. When you open the keyboard with the pop up still there, it just moves up, covering your conversation. I used to like the app. But in the past year or so, it has gone downhill. The only reason I keep it is because it is the most commonly used app, meaning more chances of swiping. Otherwise, it’s not worth a lot of the effort the app forces on you..Version: 11.30.0

Got banned for no reasonI have been using tinder for a couple of years now. On and off. I normally have my card hidden during the day while I’m at work, and at night when I’m home I’ll go on, make my card visible and have a few swipes here and there. My account apparently got banned. I don’t have any inappropriate photos or messages. I was barely even on the app. I emailed tinder and all I got back was saying that my account violates the terms and conditions of the app. I would like to know their reasons for blocking my account? Because there is thousands of other users who are in the same boat as me and don’t have a reason as to why? Or what they so called did..Version: 11.24.0

Banned from accountHi guys I got banned from my account just now. I honestly don’t know what I done wrong. I’m pretty good and respectful too others on the app. Could you please sort this out as I think it’s not unfair what just happen. 🙁🙁.Version: 11.30.0

Too many constant changesSo I’ve been using this app on and off for about 2 years now. I don’t really use it seriously but I do know a couple of people who have found long term things on it but that’s not my issue. My issue is that there are constantly new features/designs coming and going like for instance the feed feature was there then suddenly it disappeared and sometimes it will reappear without an update or anything? Also now the new quick chat feature seems to do the same. You just get used to a feature or layout and it randomly changes, it’s very frustrating..Version: 11.27.0

BannedGot banned for no reason Kinda disappointed considering a lot people seem to be getting banned for no reason.Version: 11.25.0

BANNED FOR NO REASONI had my profile banned with NO warning. I can’t make a new one or talk to someone about getting my profile back. I did not violate any community guidelines, I had no nudity, I didn’t have any of my socials attached, I wasn’t rude or disrespectful. And when I tried to talk to someone about getting my profile back, I was talking to a robot! Who sent me pre-written emails back! Just a copy and paste. How could I have been banned for violating any community guidelines when I wasn’t even given a warning to potentially fix any violations? Get it together Tinder and give me my profile back! We’re in a lock down, girls gotta chat Jesus..Version: 12.12.0

Poor service, false advertising and false accusationsI’ve been using tinder a long time, and recently I’ve been subjected to numerous accusations from tinder of inappropriate behaviour and violating community standards, which is completely false, and threatened to have my account banned. Upon approaching tinder customer support I was told they can’t tell me what the behaviour was and just kept being told to read the community standards (which I have) I also had an image removed and tinder accused it of being “distasteful”, but there was nothing sexual or distasteful about it. I’m also a paying member and don’t get all my features, and the notifications saying “you have over 100 likes” are false, I have tinder gold and I can see how many likes I have, it’s a false advertisement to lure you into swiping more..Version: 12.5.1

Too Many Fake Accounts!Tinder is by far one of the top dating apps that most people download. But it doesn’t mean it’s the best. The only good thing about it is that I had a few dates here and there. But it took me FOREVER to find someone legit because this app , on a guys point of view, is infested with soooo many fake accounts! A lot of young girls are on there promoting there OnlyFans account and Snapchat premiums. As well as fake spammers that make fake profiles with other woman’s pictures. I like that new verified check they added but it’s not enough. Tinder needs to step it up more on blocking these fake accounts. There has to be a system or a new way to catch/remove these spammers/advertisers. Other than that, it’s quite legit. You have to get a boost here now and then to actually get noticed. But I don’t blame em’ cause they have to make money some how. That’s why I give this app a 3 stars because it can be a lot better for us guys if they can remove and block these fake accounts. Badoo and these other dating apps went downhill because of these spammers/fake accounts. Please, Tinder, do not become like them..Version: 11.31.0

The main problemWriting this one to try get this app to improve. I’ll just jump straight to the point, I feel like this app could improve if you reduced the amount of likes boys could give and try to focus it more on personality rather than photos. Anyone that has one insecurity/issue about themselves will immediately be out of the dating game because swiping left and finding the next person is too easy. This app to me feels like it cares too much about people’s money and not enough about actually matching people up. I do not see myself as an unattractive male but this app almost tries to make me believe this when I am not getting any matches which then Leeds me to liking every girl (this is why girls then have 100s of likes because there’s so much choice so boys assume it’s better to like everyone and then pick). In summary, the idea of this app is not bad but the actual compatibility of matching with people is not great..Version: 11.23.0

Dating apps have evolved whilst Tinder is stuck in the pastThe basic principle of Tinder is great, which is why I’m sure is what made it popular originally. However, today it really suffers against better competition like Hinge, Bumble - hell even Facebook Dating. What makes the competition better is they really focus on personalising your profile so you match with someone who has mutual interests. Tinder, meanwhile, works purely by physical attraction, and we all know that’s only a fraction of the ingredients for good chemistry. Other annoyances? You always get an initial rush of likes when you first start using the app to get you hooked, but then that dies off after a few days and you essentially have nothing. Also, every time you open the app, the first profile is always prompted with “this user is popular, super like her!”. Like, no, don’t force that down my throat. The bottom line is Tinder is so insincere these days that it’s barely worth using. It basically needs a full overhaul - make profiles way more personal, limit the amount of right swipes per day more, and develop some prompts/games to spark conversation..Version: 11.29.0

Ban hammer for no reasonWelp, looks like I’m now one of the many people who got banned off tinder for absolutely no reason. Guilty until proven innocent I guess..Version: 11.23.0

Tinder scamDownloaded this during lockdown as I wanted some new people to talk to, everything seemed ok had a few matches here and there, went on a few dates after the restrictions were lifted but they fizzled out then all of a sudden I couldn’t get any matches at all. I bought tinder gold to see if it would be different I had only 5 matches for the month but funnily enough none of them responded to my messages yet didn’t unmatch me, they clearly aren’t getting my messages, and tinder portrays that my app is working normally. I didn’t even know shadowbanning was a thing till I read it online. What’s worst is that tinder bans you without telling you but happily takes your payment for tinder gold whilst your account is useless and not shown to anyone. This is the biggest scam I’ve seen in a long time, basically £29 down the drain and tinder have no intention of refunding you. Tinder bans you in the background and doesn’t even show your profile to anyone or send your messages. Utter disgrace.Version: 11.26.1

Notifications are belittlingHad a notification today that stated essentially “the only way to get out there in the dating world is to get back online - who would’ve known 😱” not only is it unprofessional to assume that I’m currently wanting to get on tinder to use for dating currently, but it’s also ridiculous to think that Tinder is the only way to meet a significant other. Not only the snarky and condescending wording by whoever decided to write this notification, but to not respect my boundaries of when I chose if I’d like to use tinder for my dating choices or not is crazy to me and others. If I don’t want to use Tinder for the meantime, I don’t need your team to try to convey a disrespectful message/notification to me. Sarcasm towards your clients is the absolute dumbest way to get them to use your app and spend money as well. Not only that, you want people to pay 24 dollars a month for a premium package for a site that has a history of hookups, not long term relationship success. You really try to screw your clients in more than one way. Deleting this app for good tonight, and if you have any respect for yourself, I suggest others do the same as well. Obviously this company cares more about how much money they can get out of you, not how meaningful the relationships and success rate of long term relationships that are built from them. If I could rate this company and app worse than a 1 star, I would..Version: 13.3.0

Banned for no reasonTitle says it all. As do many other people speaking about the same problem. Nothing rude was said, no disrespect to anyone, followed their guidelines and rules-yet... bam... banned for no reason. If they were to give reasons, people might know where it went wrong, but that would mean tinder’s confession to so many muck ups on their part..Version: 11.31.0

Hard to get women to move from chatting to actually meeting. Pretty sick of it if I’m honestHard to get women to move from chatting to actually meeting. Pretty sick of it if I’m honest.Version: 12.6.0

This puts me off the appI’ve used tinder for probably a month now. The first few days I had it I was super happy to see that I’ve received 20+ likes in those day... then the next week came along and for days on end I ended up with no new likes, no matches... nothing. I decided to google to see if anyone had the same issue and apparently it’s something to do about being soft-banned? I don’t disrespect any girl on the app nor do I ignore messages or swipe right every single time. I message first, politely, I scan profiles and read bios to see if I’m interested in the girl and my profile is friendly with no rude photos so how can I be thrown to the bottom of the swipe list for girls? I deleted my account and started again and wouldn’t you know, my first few days I got so many likes and then it happened again where my account died. Can I have an explanation? I paid for tinder plus and I’m getting nothing out of it as Im not being seen by anyone.Version: 11.24.0

Banned without a reasonI installed the app last night, woke up to 20likes, didn’t even swipe right yet or talk to anyone and I was already banned. Wth.Version: 11.23.0

Settings issues and bad customer serviceThe app isn’t working as I am getting other users that are outside my age and distance preferences. The customer service team is not responding and not helping with this query which is disappointing. I have done all the things they suggested but none of it is working. It’s also terrible that their FAQs page has simple fixes to issues that don’t work..Version: 11.25.0

IssuesI got banned because they said I was underage but even when I took pics of my driver license and submitted it, they still wouldn’t let me back in the app..Version: 11.28.0

PoorGet notifications for new messages but I can’t see them unless I delete the app and re-add it. Always dropping out also. Can’t get in contact with anybody re this issue. Annoying..Version: 11.26.0

Stole my moneyI had recently paid for a 6 month membership and they took my account away from me keeping the money with no explanation as to why they had done so and no appeal was allowed. Confused I emailed them to gather more of an understanding and was fronted an emotionless email saying that I can’t appeal and they are keeping the money. no compassion and over all bad service..Version: 12.2.0

Stop forcing pushed notificationsI can’t even message my matches because the enable push notifications alert takes up half the screen in any chat. I don’t want push notifications on I don’t want people seeing my phone and seeing I have messages or matches popping up It’s enough to make me stop using the app. Fix this it’s annoying af.Version: 11.23.0

Fake profiles galore. No customer serviceAround 50% fake profiles, scammers trying to cheat you (location dependent). Sometimes another 25% hookers. Makes it hard to use. Zero customer service - I mean zero. There is no way to contact this company..Version: 11.23.0

It’s all about money and no resultsThe apps prices have significantly went up for the premium services than what they used to be and a bit more ridiculously priced from other apps. Like now you can’t see who’s swiped on you unless you have the gold service when it used to be on the plus service which plus practically serves no purpose and even now with having the gold service even though I can see who swipes on me it’s as if I don’t get any swipes because the app keeps promoting for you to buy boosts and I used the one free boost and got tons of swipes! But now not using boost and not wanting to pay for boost I get like 10 swipes a day and I’ve only had gold membership for a week now and I do swipe on other people as well and can see who is still in the que for who I have swiped on and it seems as though tinder isn’t showing me in their swipe stacks because I would of guessed those people to of swiped yes or no on me by now. The experience on here in general has been worst than it has in the past. As far as dating apps go Tinder has significantly went down and I would say try else where unless you want to spend a lot of money for no results and am already regretting my decision and it has been a huge waste of money. In the past it wasn’t that big of a deal because it was decently priced but now it costs a lot more for it to actually be considered a huge waste. After my subscription ends I’m for sure never downloading this app again..Version: 12.23.0

RubbishWhilst the app is easy to navigate it stops there. I find it idiotic when the app’s mission is to help an individual find someone to date. However, they want you to pay in order to find the people that like you. This app has become more money driven as they are just pushing for users to pay for everything. I understand that nothing can be free such as the super likes but I should be able to see who likes me. Further, the app should consider a different algorithm that allows users to search people with certain preferences. I would be more happy to pay for a feature as such then just endless swiping until I see one person that I like. Further, I believe users should be able to see their amount of likes left. I believe users can make a more considerate choice then just swiping in order to see whoever likes you. The app is becoming more rubbish by the day..Version: 12.3.0

Scam to get money then Bann youDo not get and definitely do not put money into tinder. Users are describing having issues the erase conversations for one person and the other still sees them there’s nothing but bots basically all the issues you can have in dating apps exist in tinder and they will never fix them. I was banned for unforeseen reasons and no given no means of correcting this issue and was even about to pay premium for this app before I got banned. Used to tinder for three years and I have no clue why my account was banned so I am probably going to do the same thing again somewhere else. You can’t make another profile because it all connects through Facebook. I now realize that I also had the bug where you don’t see your matches in your match list they keep disappearing and coming back. My conversations were also disappearing and coming back it would be days and weeks in between. I will never use dating apps again I’m just going to use Facebook dating if anything and that’s it this app has ruined all dating apps for me that’s how bad this app is. This app is trash. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 12.18.0

Stop banning users for no reasonThere’s tons of bots, fake profiles, catfishes and other degenerates on here that are allowed to keep their profiles but you ban actual users that are just trying to meet people in the midst of a pandemic? OK tinder. 🙄🙄🙄.Version: 13.0.0

Awful appIt’s like the developers actively hate you. The app permanently bugs out like it was designed in 2013: matches from months ago suddenly pop up, messages don’t sent, and woe betide you if you don’t have notifications set up. The worst thing is the support: I logged in on a desktop and found that loads of matches loaded that hadn’t on a mobile. Tinder’s response? Nothing. They didn’t offer a refund or even acknowledge the problem and ask for screenshots. This company deserves to fail because of how terribly it treats its users. And the date night video? Dread to think how many millions that cost: why didn’t they just improve the user experience? Avoid: use Hinge. Of course, Tinder is so ubiquitous and monopolistic they don’t care but I hope every app developer is ashamed of themselves..Version: 11.24.1

Banned for no reasonOooo I’m livid I’ve used tinder forever. I deleted my old account for awhile as I had ended up in a relationship but after that not working out I reinstalled tinder and made myself a new account. I did not violate any terms. I didn’t even have a bio and just selfies as pictures, nor did I message any inappropriate things. Honestly I barely messaged anyone I just sent people my Snapchat so the reasoning behind the ban is what I’m confused about. Especially considering I’d had my new account open for like a month before it was banned and hadn’t changed anything on my profile, and also when I went to open the app and found out I was banned I hadn’t been on it in like a week. I was so mad considering once you’re banned that’s it. You cannot use tinder again unless you get a new phone number and Apple ID. I tried getting in contact with some type of support but couldn’t find much help. I emailed about an appeal for my ban but all I got back was a robotic email stating I was banned and can’t be unbanned but still have no reasoning. It’s really pathetic honestly. Then I come on here and realize a bunch of people are getting banned for no reason left and right. Y’all need to get it together and fix this. This is going to drop yalls ratings and user amount tremendously especially considering y’all are getting rid of users yourself by banning them..Version: 12.14.0

No appeals. It’s ridiculous.I got banned for writing sugar daddies only in my bio. I’m a 34 yr old dude that was obviously joking. It’s ridiculous there’s no appeals process to being banned. Half the app is fake and they manage to keep real people off..Version: 12.3.0

PfffGirl be like:go to my IG ! We don’t care.Version: 12.12.0

Absolutely Terrible!!Tinder has so many glitches it is not even funny. I had so many issues with the site. At some point in time, Tinder decided to just stop my account from working. I was texting a couple matches who verified all our messages disappeared and they weren’t receiving any of my messages. I tried messaging Tinder and no response. I decided to delete the old account and create a new account losing all my contacts from before. After creating a new account, someone flagged my new account, and got put on a hold for a bit with no reason why or anything. It apparently got squared away after a day again with no explanation. Now out of the blue, Tinder once again just banned me permanently for no reason while I was talking to a few people that could have been real connections! Now when I try to log on or create an account it says I am permanently banned! I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but I wouldn’t use Tinder ever again after this experience! The sad thing is that there were some really great connections I had made and was in the process and either meeting or about to text before all of this went down and no way now for me to connect with them! Terrible service who truly don’t care about connections! I will stick to Hinge!.Version: 13.5.0

It’s “OKAY”Used it several times across the years. What happened to posting stories etc? I think this helps with older matches, that you haven’t spoken to, to get their attention. I also feel that they should limit the amount of people you can like. I know men tend to swipe right on everybody, whereas I (a woman) am more selective. Which means that if I match with them, they may not even like me regardless... which defeats the whole object of the app 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, I live near a border to another country and I think they should work on recognising this. With travel being difficult these days, I don’t think it’s wise or even viable to date someone from a neighbouring country (if we were to eventually meet up, we’d have to pay up to €100, just to see each other!).Version: 12.1.0

BulliedBeen bullied on this app twice..Version: 11.25.0

Searching could be improvedI wish there was a search option where you could search for specific things like “looking for friends” or “looking for a relationship” because it’s pretty annoying matching with someone only to find out their here to make friends or hookup instead of a relationship and you should be able to choose what nationality you see. Other then these things it’s a great app that i’d highly recommend.Version: 11.30.0

It once was a great app, now it’s a scamI started off getting lots of matches years ago when the app was great. Met lots of girls off here back then. Now the app has changed to a “pay to match” system and in recent years I was getting hardly any matches at all. Been a gold subscriber for years then suddenly banned for no reason. I never had anything offensive on my bio or talked to any girls rudely. What was once a great way to meet girls is now an absolute scam. The developers should be ashamed of themselves for what Tinder has now become..Version: 11.31.0

Banned meThey banned me saying I’m underage. I’m sorry sir but my birth certificate says otherwise. I’m so mad because I lost all connections with my matches..Version: 11.23.0

Prompting for push notifications is terribleTurning off notifications for this app results in multiple, inescapable prompts reminding you incessantly that you’ve turned notifications off. Yes, I’ve turned notifications off for this app - it was a conscious choice. I wanted to reduce the amount of time I spend checking messages rather than straight up uninstall the app. This decision however has resulted in a multitude of banners covering half my screen and constantly prompting me to turn notifications back on. One of the worst UX decisions I’ve seen implemented in an app in a long while - rather than let me customise my own settings, the options are either be bombarded with badges and notifications or to completely uninstall..Version: 12.17.0

Banned for no reason!?If I could I would rate this less than one star! I was banned from the app for no reason? I feel really bad for the fact the girl I was talking to now thinks I’m ghosting her? I keep receiving messages from her, but I can’t reply. When you ask ‘help’ you just get an automated reply. No explanation, no way to appeal? The company should be forced to provide proper contact details (phone number) so people can get in touch with them to discuss these things. I didn’t say anything inappropriate to anyone, my photos were all mine and it seems that perhaps other users can report you and then you get banned? For nothing? They are dealing with some very vulnerable people and not providing the back up for resolutions in these situations! Tinder should have a serious look at how they treat people and make money from them!.Version: 11.28.0

Been using this while I have been single for 2 yearsSo I have found in using this app 2 years straight and even paying for it a handful of times that this app doesn’t work and is full of bots and fake accounts, haven’t had a real match in a year so I am really disappointed in this app but I guess what can you expect from a pay to be noticed app, I highly recommend any other dating app as you will meet real people atleast, tinder fox your terrible app and while your at it wanna refund me 😂 nah but please if you wanna save your time and money don’t use this poor excuses of an dating app.Version: 12.18.0

WARNING! Tinder dirty secret exposed!We all know that Tinder bans users without any explanation, but fair enough at least you know it and you look elsewhere. But what happens when you restart your profile too many times but you are a good paying user? Tinder wouldn’t want to miss the income generated by that user, therefore they secretly put in place a SHADOWBAN which means that the user will believe the app runs as usual but in reality the profile is hidden from all other users, this is a strategy that Tinder has put in place in order to make you desperately spend money for boosts in an attempt to trying making it work. So BE AWARE, if you a drastic drop of likes to no likes at all in all of a sudden, the problem is not you don’t believe what the pseudo customer support team tells you, that is a red flag and you should NOT waste any more money. Once your profile is made invisible, there’s no amount of money that will make it work..Version: 11.23.0

I’d say it’s just OK, nothing moreIf you’re a paid member, you may get some matches. But you’re also shown more people from thousands of miles away than your local people. I don’t want to be shown anyone out of the radius I select. If I’ll be shown people from thousands of miles radius, what’s the meaning of selecting a smaller radius? It’s just Tinder doing it’s best to tire people using it. Lately, I started using bumble. My potential matches are far better than that on tinder. If you’re not a paid member, you may have 100 people liking you but since you’re not shown any of them, the chance of matching them is extremely limited. As I understand, Tinder is trying to stay there, have very few people find matches and the remaining to wonder in vain. Simple because if people find their matches and find love, Tinder will be useless. What they don’t get is that there will always be people in need of either looking for a relationship or just a hook up. That’s always been so..Version: 12.6.0

Great concept and app, very glitchyIve had tinder for years, its been well in terms of being able to find people to talk to, met some decent people off the app however the function of it is very glitchy, will freeze half the time so I’d have to restart the app, uploading pics takes either too long to load or doesn’t. Doesn’t let me rearrange them (I can drag and move but it wont place the image in the order I’d like) Very certain that the algorithms are off, before there were a lot of paid features was very easy to match with people, now I just think the same people don’t come up for each other or there would be people showing up from 1000km + away. Its alright for an hour of procrastination but then the lag and glitch just gets too frustrating I delete the app.Version: 12.5.1

Why take requests if you don’t make appealsAfter not using my account for a couple days I opened the app to check my messages, only to find out that my account had been banned. I read all the terms and guidelines to see what i could possible have violated, and came up with nothing. I submitted a request to appeal the ban, only to get an automated email saying that they aren’t taking appeals “at this time” and that my account was banned for breaking community guidelines (and didn’t even specify which I had violated). Has tinder ever taken appeals? Because from what I have read it appears not. Why even make it an option to submit a request if nothing will change? It seems like a massive waste of time on both ends. I am apparently not the only person that this has happened to either. Tinder needs to fix their customer service to accept appeals and to talk to a real person about issues with one’s account. The handling of the situation on Tinder’s part was terrible. I had a lot of fun using the app when I did go on it and am extremely frustrated that I was banned without any reason or warning. How is it even possible to violate community guidelines when you’re not actively using the app and don’t have a fallacious or promotional profile? In addition, I am still getting message notifications from the app, even though my account is banned and it signed me out. Absolutely mind-boggling to me..Version: 12.3.0

I was banned for no reasonYou have still not replied to my email as to why I was banned for no reason. I’m a man of good character and I do not disrespect or send filth. Yet I come on to chat to a girl I’d been really getting to know, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever you have permanently banned me. If you can’t be bothered to respond to my email, I’ll put it here in public. I’m demanding to know what I have done? Is it probably because I won’t pay for your extortionate subscription rates? I will never use this app again, and so far, I’ve stopped about a hundred people using it by telling them what you are really like. If anyone out there is thinking of using this app, please do not bother be they will ban you for absolutely no reason and they do not have the decency to reply back to your email when you contact them and ask..Version: 11.28.0

Banned for no reason???I’ve had to make 4 different accounts during the time I’ve tried to use this app bc I keep getting banned for reasons I cannot figure out and that we’re never explained. None of my photos were any more revealing than cleavage peeking out of my shirt, and the most explicit thing I mentioned was that I was looking for hookups on a HOOKUP APP. When you get banned you don’t have any way to appeal, any info as to why so you can avoid it should you make a new account, and you can no longer attach your phone number, email, or Apple account should you make a new profile later, meaning unless you change your Apple ID you can’t get a subscription for your new profile. And if you were talking to someone on the site, unless you have already given them your alt contact info they will have no idea where you went or how to contact you. The issues have been going on for literal YEARS without anyone trying to fix or address them and the only reason I’ve even TRIED to remake my account is bc they have a serious monopoly on the hookup app market; there’s plenty of other apps without these issues but almost no one uses them. With the sheer number of users on their app and the boatloads of money they make off the almost mandatory subscriptions, you would think they could put in a little more effort to fix these long-standing issues..Version: 12.8.0

Honest review after 3 years of useBeen using this app for a few years now.. and i can honestly say there’re so many better apps, tinder is super overrated and only allows for the small minority of lucky people to become more visible to others. It can drive you insane, because no matter how perfect your profile is, and how attractive you look, you’re most likely to just be in a spot where you don’t get a match for a week.. the algorithm system is horribly developed, and the people behind it are obviously no experts on how it should all work. I’ve been getting so much more luck on hinge, even though I’ve perfected both accounts, not to brag but many have said I’m around a 9\10, but looks shouldn’t even matter obviously, its just my point is no matter how much effort you put into something on tinder it always screws you over unless you keep ip with the ridiculous algorithm such as swiping on people in a perfectly consistenct order.. too many right swipes=you’re desperate.. too many lefts= you’re not giving people a chance.. theres not even an in between. Anyway, download bumble, hinge or even pure.. they all give you a chance, unlike tinder Thanks for reading, have a great day :).Version: 11.31.0

Too expensiveWont go global. Why would I pay for a service that is 10 times more expensive than it was 3 years ago?.Version: 12.6.0

Disgrace..This app is a disgrace and should be SHUT down immediately. Do not and I mean do not waste your money on this crap they just take your money and show likes but you never match even with payment, greed will be Tinder’s downfall remember these words..Version: 11.26.0

Banned for nothing and unhelpful “Support” teamI have never left a negative review on anything in my life but I couldn’t walk away from this. Absolutely disappointing experience. I opened my tinder app to find my account was banned unexpectedly for no reason at all. When inquiring with the support team as to why, on multiple occasions I was just told that the guidelines and terms are taken seriously and I was not actually provided with any explanation as to why I was banned. When I asked for an explanation all I got told was that one could not be provided at this time and still no actual answer as to why I was suddenly banned for life. For a support team I have received absolutely no support, no help, no explanations and no effort. Pretty poor form considering I did nothing to breach any guidelines or terms. Pretty disappointed to say the least and if I could give this zero stars I would. Do better tinder..Version: 12.17.0

Evil monetisationThe monetisation model is vicious. First it shows that x amount of people like you. Then it asks for a subscription if you want to see who likes your profile. You decline and carry on with free service and nothing happens. Nobody likes you. You start to feel frustrated. One day you snap and buy this tinder gold bs. You see the likes and you match with few people. Then the app suggests you to run a boost of your profile. After doing so you get xx amount of likes. It gets you thinking: “that’s some good return of investment. I would do it again” you do it again but nothing happens. So you are thinking that something wrong with you. You do another boost paying more money. Some people like you but not as much as the first time. The app monetises your insecurities. It’s pure evil. It messes up with your dopamine as well. Match it’s something bigger than the like on Instagram. For lonely people it could be a big dopamine hit. Additionally the app is full of fake profiles and scammers. After they allowed to change your location it’s flooded with scammers now. Fake profiles come from Far East. There are tons of videos about catfishing on tinder. The idea behind it was great but the execution and mainly the monetisation model is complete rubbish..Version: 11.29.0

Very badJust wasting your time with this app..Version: 11.25.0

TinderTinder wil ban you, give you zero explanation, then leave you banned for years. What used to be a fun and reliable way to meet girls of all types with different interests became an unfortunate hub for unsuspecting males being cancelled without warning, without notice. Sadly, Tinder is the biggest and the most well known place for dating of all types but they are the opposite of a leader in society, by becoming selective in who gets to engage and enjoy dating life, which has become increasingly reliant on just one single outlet, which is mainly online, for some people, it is more than others, and dating is more online based in 2020 than ever before. In the past, we relied on a multitude of destinstions both physical and digitial in order to date and meet mates. How unfair is it that this seems like THE public square, through mostly no fault of our own, the ONLY public square for so many, yet some get banned for no good reason and don't get to date. How lacking in honor and respect for mankind. Tinder has become notoriously anti-man with a long list of cancellations, all of these cancelled people sharing the very similar story "banned for nothing, no way around it", with Tinder not caring what the experience is for those who have been banned..Version: 12.1.0

Tinder BanI’ve been using tinder for years. I’ve never had any issues with it. Two days ago my account randomly disappeared from the app. My account disappeared and neither my Facebook (which was connected to it), phone number, or email were recognized by tinder. I contact costumer support and they give me a few options. That’s when I remember I’m also connected to the app through my laptop. I check and my account still exists. Somehow that brings back my account on the mobile app. Problem solved right? Last night I match with a person, reach out to them. They reply with a rude response so I report them and they’re unmatched. Today I go on to the app to discover I’ve somehow been banned. No reason given. The only connection I could think was the random glitch two days before or me reporting someone for rude behavior. Strangely enough my account still exists on my computer so I’m assuming this is another glitch. I have Tinder Platinum for another week so this makes the problem more annoying. Based on the recent reviews other people our getting banned. I hope this gets resolved or the app makes a statement. My advice if you’re planning on using Tinder avoid paying for a description on the chance you’re banned out of nowhere. At least until the app recognizes there are issues and attempts to fix them..Version: 12.11.1

DiscriminationThis app/site was good until my account got randomly banned for no reason. All it says is there was a violation of some kind but didn’t specify what that violation was. Then when you try to contact tinder to get clarification and get your account working again you either get no response at all or you some automated response that still tells you nothing. I have spent over $400 on this app in the last 4 months and to have my account banned with no explanation and no option of fixing what ever issue it was is completely unfair. The only thing I’ve been able to find anywhere says that my acct probably got banned because in my bio I stated that my husband and i are looking for a 3rd ( a woman to be our girlfriend). First, there are literally TONS of accounts that say the exact same thing. Second, it’s very discriminatory of this app/site to ban people for seeking a polyamorous relationship vs a traditional monogamous one. It’s discrimination boron line no other way to put it. Going to find other more inclusive apps because I refuse to give another cent to a site that claims to be inclusive and even claims to be a swinging app and then bans ppl for nothing. It’s unethical, unfair and just plain wrong..Version: 12.4.0

Unbelievable activity and attitudeI have been using tinder for 3 years, which I have got golden membership in my account with more than 450 super likes stocked which I haven’t use. I could be a very regular user for the app, and during the using, I have not even abuse anyone for language or attitude. But suddenly one day I received msg that my account has been banned cuz of I against policy???? If I match someone I am super nice and easy going chat and running conversation, compare with most of ppl there just ask meet up, I am much appreciate with each person. Very disappointed result on this app, I have no idea of any other has the same or tinder just want people pay them and give you no reason and kick you out..Version: 11.27.0

Banned for no reasonShould be a review process to be unbanned.Version: 11.23.0

Revenge Banning with no appeals processTinder bans you if another user reports you (with no evidence) and will not allow you to appeal the ban or reinstate your account. When I left a date early after feeling very uncomfortable, he verbally abused, insulted me and followed behind me slanging profanities! He immediately blocked me on Tinder, which was fine with me, except he has also reported me to Tinder and they have in turn banned me - a Revenge Banning! I have provided evidence of messages sent to friends after the date explaining what had happened and asked them to review my Tinder history however keep getting an automated response about their term and conditions. I have been made to feel like a criminal when I have contacted them asking for help and an explanation. So far the support team have not been helpful and are facilitating this mans harassment and intimidating behaviour. Tinder need to take these enquires seriously and provide a true response as a lot of us are out here doing the right thing and are victims of cruel behaviour..Version: 12.11.1

Negative Stars - the app constantly gives you the same people and routinely deletes your accountDon’t even bother... the app doesn’t work, at all. You’re gonna spend all your time swiping through the same profiles because they’re either fake, or the app doesn’t register your swipes/selections. At all. We’re talking weeks of use, and you’ll still get the same profiles you already wasted your time swiping on day 1, and multiple times (sometimes in a single day) - it’s that bad. With cell service and a strong internet connection. That’s if you’re lucky enough to keep an account. Tinder has now autologged me out and deleted every trace of 3 different accounts, totally unrecoverable. To add, I can’t even imagine the amateurism it requires to have an app so completely broken and to not even have a way to contact support to resolve any of your issues, that are conveniently unaddressed on their “support forums”. Forget it, lol, there are a million better, and more time efficient, ways to find a partner than wasting your time on an app that doesn’t even work... and is more focused on physiologically profiling (and profiting off) you and selling you a premium product (of a service that already doesn’t work??) than providing the service it claims it does.Version: 12.20.0

Blocked for no reason ??I can’t get back into my account I even sent them an email and all they said is will look into this....Version: 11.23.0

Just keeps searching for matchesI signed up and swiped through about 5 profiles and it’s been searching for new profiles since. There are clearly other profiles out there so I’m not really sure what’s going on 😕.Version: 11.23.0

Annoying unwanted featuresStop changing my age and distance range. I don’t want to date teenagers. Very annoying, at least make it so you can revert it back. Also not being able to change notification settings is ridiculous, matches and messages warrant notifications, all the other junk does not.Version: 12.3.0

Was great until...I enjoyed the tinder app more than other dating apps. Everything was great until I was banned unexpectedly and without a reason given. I went through their terms of service and possible reasons as to why I’d be banned but none of them seemed to align with what was on my account. This happened just after I deleted my account and re signed back up to reset it too. I have sent through a ticket days ago trying to at least find out why with no response as of yet and a message saying “we may not respond to you individually” under the subject of bans. No appeal options? Not even a reason given? A bit unfair honestly. I understand there’s important safety aspects to consider but a reason should at least be given..Version: 11.31.0

Nothing to do with actually datingWhat can I say, I’ve had this app for years now and it’s absolutely tragic how downhill it has gone in such a short time! The app is buggy, glitchy, constantly crashes, the distance settings are ignored (why give distance settings in Miles but match results in Kilometres?) even after emailing them to complain of the chat function not working they ignore you. Nothing is looked into and you won’t get a reply. The platform is swamped with fake accounts, prostitution or people selling their nude photos online. Every click and swipe is an opportunity for them to push their premium services, don’t use them. The service is exactly the same and you’ll just be wasting your money. If you really want to date with the help of an online app there are such better options than Tinder! Don’t waste your time..Version: 12.3.0

Too many issuesSo recently I got my profile back after deleting it. I decided to start fresh but I’m getting no likes and no matches no matter where I put my location to. I tried using boosts but they don’t give me anything either and I’m not paying 9.99 to get no likes or matches. The app keeps showing me people outside of my age range and outside of my distance range. There are a lot of fake profiles and too many people don’t reply to messages at all. The app is becoming stale and the worst problem by far is that there isn’t a support service for specific problems - just an FAQ site that isn’t at all helpful. The app should be for people who want to meet others for dating or likewise, to boost confidence and to help people meet others during a period of no physical socialising, not completely degrade what confidence users have and make them fee like they’re not attractive because they get no likes or boring because they don’t know what to put in their bio. There isn’t enough done on the developer end to warrant using this app anymore..Version: 12.4.0

Needs a lot of improvementTinder is one of the biggest dating app, the idea of swiping left or right is a classic since this app exist. However, this app has too many lags, the app crash everyday and even if you delete it and download it again it’s still the same. In addition, the app shows some people who are more that your filters like for example I can see some people from Thailand while I’m asking to see some people in a zone of 30 miles. Some people from the world can like you or super like you and when you pay for tinder gold, you see that most of them are from more than 5000 miles, which I think its very expensive to pay £13 to match with some people that you will probably never see because they just want to improve their English with you. If you match as a gold member you still need to pay an extra fee to have the “Read Receipt” so basically the gold is just to know who likes you and thats almost it... Finally when your gold membership is over there are more lags with the synchronisation between the people who match you and the number on the top of the screen..Version: 11.23.0

Poor interface updatesThis app has deviated away from user friendly features in order to try and get more money from their users. When someone is using passport, it won’t show you their location until you go through their pictures, and even then when the location finally shows up, a bubble advertising super-likes pops up over it..Version: 12.4.0

Tinder is a scamI wish I’d have read the other reviews before paying for the “Gold” package. I recently went through a break up and considering I’m not from the place I am now living I thought I’d jump on Tinder and meet some people. I literally was only trying to meet people for friendship. Things are going okay, I’ve met a couple cool people, shared some music, seems all good, open the app up about 4-5 days later: YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED. For absolutely no reason at all. I read every single word it the terms of agreement and the guidelines, I did not violate a single one. I was never disrespectful to anyone, if someone never responded to my “hello” or stopped responding when we were messaging back and forth I wouldn’t send another message, I wasn’t even on the app to find hook ups in the first place. Tinder is operating outside the lines of good business practice. You can’t contact them in any meaningful way whatsoever, they have no appeal process, nothing. Tinder is a sham. Apple should be ashamed of themselves for even allowing them in the App Store. I have now read through hundreds of reviews, Reddit and Quora posts and posts elsewhere explains this exact same situation. Tinder is banning paying customers for no reason, with no explanation and keeping their money. They are taking advantage of people simply looking to meet other people. Tinder is trash..Version: 12.4.0

I was bannedI never posted anything inappropriate, I’d had the app only a couple of days, had max three conversations that went more than two messages, and none of that was inappropriate or against any guidelines. No place to review the decision, no explanation of what happened either..Version: 11.31.0

Needs a few changesI honestly love this app. It’s very good. Quite sleek and easy to navigate I just have a couple of things that I believe will be useful: - Blocking function: It has occurred multiple times that profiles that are clearly spam or that I'm not interested in keep returning to my swipe stack even after reporting that Im not interested multiple times. So a blocking function would be useful to help make these profiles stop returning to the swipe stack, allowing new profiles to come through and create more opportunities for successful matches - Dark mode: I have Autism. Which involves sensory processing issues. Which means that too much sensory stimulation can send me into shock or make me not want to use anything that’s causing it. Bright lights can often do this and so I often dont like white backgrounds. I feel like im not the only Tinder user that struggles like this. And I feel that adding a Dark mode will make the app much more comfortable for users like myself..Version: 13.1.0

Horrible customer serviceGot banned for absolutely no reason. I’ve read the terms of use and have not gone against any of the rules. Asked for a reason why I was banned and they didn’t bother to give one..Version: 11.30.0

New possible featureSo I’m a strong Christian and would like to date a likeminded Christian guy. Seems simple enough... nope. There is no option other than ‘spirituality’ to define a persons beliefs and you also can’t search for these features in a person either. I’ve put myself on tinder, used a boost and received nearly 400 requests overnight which is lovely if they were filled with the right people. Please can you allow christians or people from other beliefs to identify themselves as christians/ muslims/ Hindus/Buddhists etc.. would make the ‘spirituality’ tag a whole lot less confusing and easier to navigate and connect!.Version: 12.7.0

I got banned for no reasonI don’t understand the terms and policy of this app what so ever. I was banned for no reason. All of my photos are appropriate and my bio did not have anything close to being worthy of being banned. It seems like tinder has a very flawed system in which it bans whoever it likes without giving any warning or notifications on why you were banned. This is an abuse of power right here from an app that has too much power. You can’t even appeal the reason why you were banned. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve had my profile since 2015. I have deleted it every now and then to take a break from it. But redownloading it recently and have been using it for the past week, everything was fine. Until today, this afternoon I went onto the app to find out I was banned. If this is how Tinder works and does things, by asking for personal information, wanting a bio and having you do so much to make a profile, just seems like a huge breach of privacy and an abuse of power. I recommend anyone that wants to use this app, to not even download it. Because the amount of times I’ve seen my friends use this app, just to get banned for no reason, kind of blows my mind. Again, I highly suggest no one downloads this app at all..Version: 12.9.0

BanniMoi et l’’une de mes amie avons été bannie sans aucune raison, nous n’avons meme pas eu le temps d’écrire à quelqu’un. Nos photo étaient très banale et nous n’avons même pas eu le temps de faire une description. Lorsque nous avons écris pour comprendre, nous avons recu un message automatique disant que nous avons enfreint les règlements mais sans spécifier et lorsque nous lisons les règlements, nous n’avons rien fait qui mérite d’être bannis.... Voilà donc mauvaise application injuste.Version: 11.25.0

Getting banned for life with no detailed explanation or refundEventually you will get banned for life with the only explanation is that you violated their terms of service. No warning and no indication of what you supposedly did. If you are a paying Member, and you get banned they keep your money with no refund. With people easily offended, and the ease to report another Member on the app, just stating in your profile that you’re “super straight” will eventually trigger some people as offensive and will report you as offensive behavior and you will get banned for life. Of course you have to be a match to report someone, but people can match just for the purpose of reporting you because they are offended by information in your profile; political views, race, age, sexuality, and once matched, report you as offensive. Also they are shady on their Membership costs and overcharge more than what they quote. Before I became a paying Member, I would get pop ups of their Membership packages (months/cost). First time I bought a 6mo gold package and was charged a little more than the cost quoted in the pop up. Next Membership I upgraded to 6mo platinum and was charged over $160 (which was substantially more than the amount quoted in the pop up) and I was banned a week later..Version: 12.11.0

Banned for no reasonHad the app for little over a month and was going pretty good then all of a sudden banned out of nowhere..Version: 11.25.0

ConThis app is terrible. It’s all about making money out of people. I have swiped right on endless ladies I find attractive and received 2 matches back in that time. But apparently I have 7 ladies that like me but I cannot see because I won’t pay the ridiculous prices that tinder deem fair. It’s funny that I have more likes than matches. But it’s all a con because they don’t care about people actually finding love, all tinder care about is making money out of people’s loneliness. I wish by writing this review it would make a difference. But sadly it won’t. So apps like tinder just continue to scam people out of there hard earned money. It’s such a shame. Oh and now I have written this review I am sure my profile will be hidden from view of people. Another thing that tinder have control over and are able to do to people. Another tactic in trying to scam money out of people..Version: 11.30.0

Show me people in the same country at least!Hey tinder just wondering, what was the point of the new ‘only show people in this range’ switch under the distance preference slider if half the people in my stacks still live thousands of KM away??? Idc if you want to bring the world together during these troubled times or whatever, I want to swipe on people I can actually meet. I assumed that’s what this new switch would do but either I guess not, or it just doesn’t work. Oh and while I’m here, why do I keep losing chats with people and they return to the matches bar at the top of the tab? I think it’s a new match but no, it’s someone I matched and talked with 8 months ago! Get it together pls xx.Version: 12.13.0

Always freezes and crashesLiterally after a minute this app will freeze and crash. Every time..Version: 12.6.0

DisappointedI joined this app late October 2019, after few weeks someone send me a message and we started to exchange messages until I feel I started to develop feelings for this man and we decided to meet for a drink, we get alone very well and we decided to delete our account and know each other more outside this app,we met occasionally for chat and drink, he was the most romantic man I ever dated before, a very caring person always wanted to hold my hand. He took me to amazing places and I fall in love with this man, don't ask me why but I was deeply in love. We talk about our future and how we are happy to meet and be together. Just before christmas 2019, we met again and exchanged present also have a drink, he texted me at 12am christmas day to wish me a happy christmas, I replied back and since then he turned off his phone. I tried to call him but seems like he changed his number. I don't know what could have happened but this man just disappears I don't know where to look for him or anything. He left me very sad and worry.Version: 11.31.0

Money gougingYou pay 45 a month for gold get only a couple things. Where as 2 years ago you got a lot more. 65 for the new platinum but still get very little. Great if you’re a woman as you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re a guy, you’re easily able to spend $100 a month to get noticed and for the algorithm to actually show you close matches that are on and to be seen via boosts etc. Then there is the fake profiles, IG influencers, OF models all trying to get traffic. I’m not bitter because I got no matcha, I did ok and met a couple people but the very vast majority leave you on read, then you have to also pay for that feature too. Tinder knows who leaves people on read and aren’t active but won’t do a thing about it. Or any of the other issues with the app and service. I’d like to see them develop another app for serious relationships and keep this for their hook up culture as I think that is all it is good for....Version: 13.1.0

Shadow matching is definitely a thing with this appSooo... you start of well with loads of matches and even talk to one or two (whether we continued to talk or not) but then it just suddenly stopped. You even match with others, say hi but no reply... when it happens a couple of times, I just uninstalled the app... After boredom I.e lockdown, thought let’s give it another go but it’s even worse as I’ve been shown old matches. There’s obviously a block or something happening as I literally feel invisible to others. I match with others again but no reply and it makes you wonder either fake profile or they haven’t really matched... I googled Tinder issues and many people mention “shadow matching” so on that basis, I’ll delete and try bumble... 1* star app and generic customer service responses 🙄.Version: 12.1.0

Getting much much worse - starting to annoy nowWith every update this app gets progressively worse. Why has this app now removed the search bar for your match contacts? What possible reason is there to make things harder to use and people harder to find. Speaking of which, why does it also randomly hide your contacts now (yes they did not unmatch), sometimes the matches will even reappear later in your contact list, without any update, as if they had just matched you again - except they were supposed to be there all along - or sometimes, if the app can’t be bothered it will just arbitrarily delete those people and your conversations with them forever, completely nonchalantly, if it feels like it. Now there’s tinder platinum whereby if you are rich and want to pay £20 a month on tinder then you get to appear above everybody else, and your desired matches will actually be able to see you, whereas if you don’t buy it, they will probably never even know you exist. I used to be a big supporter of this app even through all successive updates, it still had more general good than bad. But seriously - developers of Tinder do something about this sliding trend into getting more and more terrible, or I will have to downgrade a 2 star review to 1. Why do you think other apps like Hinge, bumble etc are rising in popularity while you are declining?.Version: 12.7.0

No supportThe app got an update and now messages won’t come through. This is not a notifications on the phone error. I have to delete the app and re install it for the messages to come through. I’ve reached out to support multiple times. The last two emails have been ignored. I work in a complaints teams for an energy company so there is no swear words, threats etc. I pay for the upgraded version but am simply ignored. I was initially told to wait for a patch. That was 7 weeks ago. If the app doesn’t work it isn’t worth your time. There’ll be no help when you need it. You’ll just be palmed off..Version: 12.16.1

Restricting & isolatingThe only way they keep you logging on is by not letting you see the profiles in your area. The app is literally designed to make it harder to find people so it can get you to pay for access to those profiles. When they are competing with Grindr this means most gay guys just stay on Grindr so it’s not worth paying on here because even if you do it’s a smaller dating pool than what you get on Grindr for free anyway. This is ok as a backup dating app but I’d honestly look elsewhere if you want successful outcomes. All you get from tinder is bait notifications to try to get you to log back in. The notification begging just comes off as sad. The app needs you more than the value you get from it & basically begs you multiple times a day to log in. The resulting experience is often disappointing. You’ll be lucky if you’re allowed to view more than 5profiles within 50km whenever you log on..Version: 12.17.0

Fix the bl**dy app!!Application is useless it crashes all the time, or I have forcefully close it down because it the keyboard won’t display or I cant exit a chat. I’m sick of this stupid passport feature, if someone lives further away that is commutable to get a coffee then I’m not interested. This feature is being exploited... If I wanted a Thai bride I would use an applicable service! So many men are appearing in my feed, if a man wants to identify as a woman he has every right to do so however I should have the right to filter these people out, in the same way that I can filter people out who fall outside of my desired age range or distance (although that rarely works!). The whole system is infected with scam and fake profiles. Why don’t you have AI to flag profiles for moderation. If someone is posted URLs in the bio that is surely something that should be banned, if you can’t identify a face pic on a profile then clearly it is not being used for the applications intended use case. Love Island.... great marketing there, brilliant way to cheapen the brand! I do not want to be interrupted when swiping being told to super like a user, when I want to use them I will use them. Very close to cancelling my subscription and moving to Hinge..Version: 12.6.0

Banned without warning or reasonPayed 113 usd just to have them scam me refuse a refund or any reasoning. Basically criminal.Version: 11.26.0

App is brokenI started swiping but the likes I sent never showed up in the “likes sent” section. Furthermore, after a while I started seeing the same people I had already paid to superlike as if I never liked them! Serves me right for being a sucker and paying for such an app. It scammed me of my money and the likes I paid for never even got sent anyway..Version: 12.5.1

Very much a sca these daysWhen tinder first came out it was nearly free to use. Unlimited swipes and I think at least one super like a day. They had a paid option and that really just boosted your profile, gave you more super likes and allowed you to see who likes you, real simple. Over time tinder has gotten much worse. Now their pricing is wack and designed to confuse you. Not to mention that they charge way too much for the crap service they provide. $1.50 for a single super like... You still get ads even for the cheapest price of tinder plus $8 for one month. I even noticed that as soon as I paid for that single month all the people became way more subjectively atractive and a lot of profiles were suspiciously fake or not from your area yet I set my location and distance preference. Yes, I'm calling out tinder for using fake profiles to bring people in. I had been using free tinder for a week prior and I never saw those people before. I'm also very positive that the algorithm is tuned to pick subjectively atractive people and display them more prominently. Today after my one month of tinder plus ended, I have met no one and then I started to see all the regulars again, profiles I already swiped left on and what seemed to be people in my area. Tinder is a scam plain and simple. There 6 way to boost your profile article on the app store page is a joke. Anyone with a brain could recognize those trends except bright in the new black section made no sense..Version: 13.5.0

Glitchiest appI’ve never written a review before but I feel I need to. This is the glitchiest app I’ve ever used, it always freezes, or takes so long to move to the next screen. After you swipe someone right who has already matched with you it takes like 10 seconds for it to pop up so you can continue to use this app. Please fix.Version: 12.1.0

I was banned for no reason! Tinder didn’t review it at allI was banned from tinder for the second time, because an ex and his friends keeps on reporting my profile, where I have requested tinder for a review of my profile and it appears that the company doesn’t offer any support for it. Simply answering my request with robotic contact and ignoring my case for the second time. I am not even upset for it to be tinder, but any person should have the right to appeal for rights as using a platform that sells such a image and uses “ We take violations of our policies very seriously”. As a cover up to do not give the right support when requested. I’m deeply frustrated with tinder..Version: 12.9.0

UnfairIf your a guy it’s really hard not to get banned or if your face is slightly turned u can’t post it yet ya can hardly even see any of the girls faces I got banned for the dumbest reasons and that was my goat in the background and apparently it’s animals cruelty and the dumbest thing is ya can’t be unbanned once banned ya banned for life.Version: 11.27.0

ScamThis App, has gotten worse and worse over the last year. Too many fake profiles, my matches keep getting deleted even before I can act, paid version and none paid version ? I don’t see the difference, turn off global yet I still get global profiles on my search. An App, that’s just taking your money..Version: 12.4.0

Please Help All Of Us !!!!! Banning everyone is not workingI love tinder I’ve used it on and off for years and never had a problem. One day one of my friends were banned we were both confused as they did nothing wrong and the next day I was banned as well doing nothing at all that would break rules and regulations of tinder. Even more confused we decided to see if others were getting banned for no reason I’m seeing so many complaints on social media from people getting banned for no reason. I have been trying to be patient and wait for news of y’all allowing and people to file some sort of annulment or complaint but have seen none. I’ve emailed you twice with nothing but a copy paste explanation saying I violated the terms of service and community guidelines. I’ve read over all of them several times and have not violated any. This is extremely frustrating and I’m starting to think I’m being hacked or the whole app is being unfair to users or people are being banned for petty reasons by others such as getting flagging for example not answering. innocent people are being banned. I want my account reactivated I’ve given you my time, my money, and my hope for something more using tinder and I’m extremely disappointed. Please help me..Version: 13.3.0

Banned for no reasonUpdate: I’m afraid I also have been banned for no reason. I used to read these reviews and roll my eyes like people can’t be banned for no reason — must have done something. Nope. I’ve been permanently banned for absolutely nothing. I’m never even remotely mean or inappropriate. It must be an automated system when someone claims anything. Which is not a business I want to support. Maybe an ex saw me or something. After 6 years and many subscriptions, tinder has lost me permanently. Sad to say but it’s ironically not my choice ———————— Used to be decent. Now they’re giving out free passport apparently? But you can’t control if you swipe on people genuinely local, or those using passport “pretending” to be local actually 8k miles away. So now, 19/20 swipes are from random profiles around the world. Different languages, countries, with high language barrier and zero intention to come to your area. It has completely ruined the entire experience and made it impossible to use tinder for what it was created to do — get to know people around you to find a partner / friends. Not make virtual pen pals who are messing around. Add in the horrific allegations about their CEO, their horrible customer service, and pathetic squeeze for money, this is how a five star app became useless, nearly overnight..Version: 12.10.1

Tinder is scamming youHave being using tinder for a while now. Started having issues with my account, tried to contact tinder, kept getting automated messages from agents who accused me of fraud. Very disappointed with the service, emailed multiple times yet they gave the same response, in the end they could not fix my issue, I tried to get a refund directly. Within hours of sending my message tinder decided to ban me. Being a paying customer who has used them often I was very disappointed, had a full 2 weeks left on my subscription plus multiple little purchases they decided to take my money leaving me with no refund of purchase even though they banned me from my account for violations of policy that are and never explained to you so u know what ur doing wrong. I am 100% sure that tinder just decided to ban me and take my money cause they could not fix my account instead of trying to help me they took my money and banned me leaving me with no way of using the service I payed for with my own money. Instead they scam u into paying for their services yet when it comes to it and a issue occurs they will just take your money and ban your saying you’ve done something wrong when u haven’t. I find tinders actions to be very poor to accuse a customer of fraud I think is disrespectful and very bad on their behalf..Version: 12.12.0

ID Upload IssuesI know this may be a regional requirement, but requiring an ID to communicate is both a good and bad idea. It’s good to verify the age of a user to keep minors and adults from interacting. Scanning in that much personally identifiable information is something that doesn’t sit well with me, however. What happens to the scans at Tinder? In spite of this I uploaded my info to be able to communicate, and in thirty plus attempts to scan it in, it was not accepted once. Everything was in the lines, and in focus but turned down each time. Additionally, the prompt for this pulled me out of the app and into my browser. Don’t know if this was the reason or not for it not working, but either way it never worked. Without this, I couldn’t talk to matches because the scan isn’t accepted. On top of this, I was paying for the subscription, which I don’t like in the first place, but it is what it is. After about three weeks of hoping this would be sorted in an update, two weeks of which I had matches I couldn’t even communicate with, I decided enough is enough and deleted my account for the final time. Don’t think I’ll be reenrolling, and can’t recommend this app to others..Version: 12.8.0

Sexual assaultMatched with a girl, was going really well until we realized we had a mutual acquaintance. Turned out her best friend is the person who sexually assaulted me 5 years ago. She didn’t believe me, said I was gaslighting and reported my account. Tinder banned me overnight but kept my subscription active. When I tried to log back in Tinder informed me I would never be able to have another account linked to any of my existing accounts or phone numbers. She was the first person I felt safe enough to tell..Version: 12.7.0

TINDER GOLD GETS YOU BANNEDHi all, I gave this review because my account got banned for absolutely no reason. I looked it up online and apparently this suddenly happens to a lot of guys without wanting. I can assure you I had done absolutely nothing wrong; no nudity, no bad messages, no racism or insults thrown. I even had gold! And yet they still ban you, there’s obviously a glitch in the system, and Tinder needs to work on this. I think maybe because gold gives you more accessibility, and so more people are there to report you, even if it’s for no reason..Version: 11.26.1

Banned for no reason and no explanationI got banned for no reason, with no warning, emailed to get an explanation they wouldn’t tell me and they do not allow reviews of bans ( which is a life ban) was a great app until this point but would like to at least find out why I’m banned.Version: 12.1.0

UghAll week I have been having so many issues with using this app. I’ll open it and then the screen is loading and loading forever but it doesn’t ever load!!!.Version: 11.23.0

Banned for no reasonBanned without any notification or reasons.Version: 11.23.0

Bugs are NEVER fixedFor all the apparent bug fixes that app updates apparently bring, the app runs like garbage. Do you have the ability / knowledge to fix the broken notifications? Badge icons that show an unread message always persist even when there is nothing new? Is this big left in there to make people open the app more? Include dark mode already. You’re gouging people for their money by making them PAY PER READ RECEIPT? even AFTER they’ve paid like 50 bucks for one month of gold? What insane universe is this?? Just make a working app at least. It feels like garbage to use..Version: 11.26.1

Why should I report an issue with Tinder - Dating New People?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Tinder - Dating New People to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Tinder - Dating New People customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Tinder - Dating New People.

Is Tinder - Dating New People not working?

Tinder - Dating New People works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Tinder - Dating New People.

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