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True Skate App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

True Skate app received 99 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using True Skate? Can you share your negative thoughts about true skate?

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True Skate for Negative User Reviews

😭All my stuff is gone I had like 12k credits!.Version: 1.4.29

New UpdateThis used to be a fun, fast paced five star game but with the new update that has just come out taking off the speed glitch, has made this game very boring and slow paced. However I do like the graphic enhancements and smaller details. BRING BACK THE SPEED..Version: 1.3.6

Two problemsThe first problem is that the way to get the currency is stupid. If you want to buy something it will take days just to get it. The second problem is that when you are doing a line and you’re not doing a trick, the timer goes out quicker. I wish the timer doesn’t go out quicker..Version: 1.4.37

Trash nowWon’t let me play my maps buy any more or restore purchase game just quits.Version: 1.5.1

Cool I guessWould be a way better app if we could freely use parks as well as a section for the community to make maps. S.K.A.T.E game mode could be improved too..Version: 1.5.47

UnforgivingThis has got to be the most unforgiving skate game. Not expecting it to be Tony Hawk easy, but good lord. You have 3 feet of rail and landing right on it is a game of chance, even when you land on it, if the angle is slightly off (or even dead on) it only counts it as an ollie most of the time. That’s after you have tried to hit the rail the last 4 times, but even though you clearly swiped down, your board just doesn’t ollie. If you could see a live play through, you’d see me swiping down and can see the swipe register on the screen, but the board doesn’t do anything at all over and over. It’s just too clunky of mechanics and they didn’t make up for it by being forgiving with the outcome of the tricks being performed and then made worse that it doesn’t register half the time when you grind. Popped out of the pool and landed clean on a rail without any issue and it came up with “failed ollie”..Version: 1.5.33

Spin Cam issueI play this game at least half an hour a day, it’s one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. The new update unfortunately has disappointed me a lot and many others too, the spin cam needs to be put back to its original way or at least fixed when going up quarter pipes or landing on rails..Version: 1.5.28

😡Won’t let me do a impossible.Version: 1.5.46

DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS APPI’ve purchased all the parks, I’ve purchased skateboard customization. At one point I could ride all of my parks and I could change my board at will. Now I cannot access my parks and when I try to customize my board it doesn’t work. I’m also left with only being able to edit (not that it works) the grip tape, despite purchasing unlimited deck changes for 4.99. I also cannot switch between old school and new boards, when it says selected on my old school, it will not actually change and I’m stuck on my regular board. This app is very broken and has been for around a year now for me, longer for others. Honestly I would look for another skating sim if I were considering purchasing this app. For a long time hitting restore purchase would simply crash the game, now they “download” however when I try to access them each and every one says file corrupted. Deleting and redownloading has not fixed this. DONT BUY ANYTHING IN THIS APP. It’s a rip off, they’ll scam you out of your money and you’ll be left just as disappointed as I am..Version: 1.5.5

Ok gameReally good game but mondo ramp doesn’t work for me.Version: 1.5.37

Some problemsSo the game itself is pretty fun and all for when you are bored waiting for something and need a little time waster. i had a problem though where everytime i open up the game my board gets reset to the default board and i have to switch out of the edit and back in just to get it. i also had a problem where i lost around 60k true credits and my board design out of nowhere. my entire account had gotten reset and i hadnt pressed any reset button so that got me pretty mad but besides that the game is pretty fun but reminds me of EA as there are only 2 maps you can buy with the in game currency, the rest of the maps are actual money which is annoying being i paid for the game so i should have access to way more..Version: 1.5.19

Money HungryIt’s a very fun game and I love the controls but on the other side it’s definitely a really money hungry and pay to play game. Unless you want one skatepark and like one board you need to spend money. The in game currency is really hard to get and you can either buy a Park for like 99cents or like 5$ worth of in game currency which will take you days of playtime to get. There is literally so much stuff to buy in this game I bet you could easily spend up to 100$ if you buy every item in the game. But in short, it’s a really fun game and I wish there was easier access to more parks and boards. I already paid 2$ for the game and then If I wanna skate anywhere else than the first skatepark I must pay. And the in game currency is really bad. You actually have to grind for hours to just get a new board..Version: 1.5.31

Please fixI’ve been playing this game for years but never though to write a review until I had something to complain about. While the grind to get a custom deck with an image from the users photos seems worth it, sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned. After unlocking a custom deck on my last phone, I lost it due to playing on a new phone. I assume. This time I tried again with the old school deck. It asked if I was sure without showing me what the deck would look like then charged me without changing the deck. I was confused because the deck I got was blacked out instead of the picture I wanted. I tried again with the same result. Now I’m out 20,000 bolts and paid for the wrong board twice. Is there any way to preview the skateboard before you actually buy it? Maybe move the picture to fit exactly how it should?.Version: 1.5.31

Big issueI’ve been playing this game nonstop for years. Naturally I had collected a lot of different items in the game and earned a few skateparks too. Recently everyone thing I had except the skateparks I bought with real money disappeared. I also had nearly 400k coins that just disappeared. Hurts to see that years of progress is gone.Version: 1.5.19

Can u fix this bugI have got the new ‘bug fixing’ update. But I have a problem. On community for all skate parks I have it says my best line is farrr lower than it actually is. For example in mondo ramp my real best line is over 30,000 but on the leaderboard it says my best line is 991. It is like this for all parks. Please respond.Version: 1.5.23

Not so good.Somehow the tutorial just skipped and then I didn’t know what to do so I went to press almost all the buttons and got to settings than I pressed help and I didn’t really get what I wanted I wanted to Learn an Ollie because my tutorial guide skipped automatically please fix your game.Version: 1.5.41

Really good but....Great game, surprisingly good physics, ability to have certain objects be movable or addable is a big plus. Everything makes me feel like a kid fingerboarding all over again. That being said my main reason for 3 stars instead of 5 is that irritatingly annoying pop up that shows up after playing for 3 or so minutes and completely ruins my play Bc no matter what I’m up to; from moving something or doing a cool line. Gets screwed over Bc the pop up decided to show its ugly head to show me the same news I just read the last time I opened the app up and it ruined one of my trick lines. So to me it’s a great game with one really annoying event list pop up every time I opened the app ; that keeps me from giving it the stars the game deserves.Version: 1.5.28

Amazing!Great game! It is really fun! The only problem is, that I spent money on this game and when you have to pay for pretty much everything else. It would be great if you could at least make it so you can use TC to unlock skateparks and stuff like that. What also annoys me is, I had played for a while now and I had earned a lot of TC when I finally logged into True Skate to have my own account. I realised that all my TC were GONE! That was very annoying! Great game but a bit annoying as well..Version: 1.5.5

UnplayableI installed the game again after a while of not playing and i thought it would be fun to get on it again. I was very disappointed to see that the game has one of the worst glitches in the world. So i went to the in-game settings and glitch mode was off but my board seemed to have moon gravity. Whenever i went down a ramp, not doing any tricks, the board seemed to stay on its back wheels the whole way down the ramp. When it gets to the bottom of the ramp i try and stop it. I did stop it, sort of, the board did a weird rocking motion when the board was completely stationary and it seemed to do it very slowly. Sometimes my board would go upside down so i would swipe left to get it back up but it did around 6 spins all on its own moved a little bit and started the rocking motion again. All from one swipe to the left..Version: 1.5.20

Has it's highs and lows...This game has INCREDIBLY realistic features and graphics. It's very fun and enjoyable. But, as my title and rating shows, this game isn't the best. First, I'll start with TC (True Credits). Getting TC is a VERY tedious process. It can get very boring to grind out TC just so you can get boards or missions. Especially boards because the usual price to simply get a grip (no pun intended) is 20,000 TC. That's sadistic. I find that this game also falls into the pay-to-play category because you can spend money on TC, and you have to spend real money to get maps. Being that you start off with a bland board and a small map, you bet that people are gonna spend money to play. (This hasn't happened to me but) you also can have your account removed. All that money spent on boards and maps? Gone. All that TC you earned? Gone. Everything is gone. There also may be bugs here and there. Bugs aren't that common, but are super annoying. Also, please fix grab physics. Sometimes, if you hold on the skateboard right, you randomly grab it. This game is the idle of mobile skating games, but I still find some pretty major flaws..Version: 1.5.5

Waste Of MoneyNo point in buying this game unless you want to spend double the price on some other BS skatepark. The controls are awful and the game feels like I’m playing with a cheep plastic fingerboard. The price of shop items that can be bought with in-game currency is far too high to what little amount you earn and there is more real-life money offers than actual in-game purchases. 2/10 would not buy..Version: 1.5.49

Dead gameIt’s honestly a dying game that doesn’t get updated, it’s good but I came across a review from a year ago and I’m having the same problem they were having. From what I know it definitely hasn’t been updated in a year and my progression keeps getting wiped and I have to start back at the first mission 👎.Version: 1.5.20

SkateboardsGood game but can you get girl skateboards and make the game not as much as a battery waster.Version: 1.5.46

Continued loss of game money earnedI just wanted to know if a creator could get in touch with me. When I initially purchased this game, I could return to it after exiting and my money earned from tricks would continue to increase but now any time I leave the game and return the money previously earned is lost and I have to start at 0 funds. This is disappointing as in the past I’ve spent a lot of time and effort building these funds only to continually loose it. I would really appreciate if some one could advise if this is a glitch? Thank you..Version: 1.5.20

Fixes for 5starI believe this has the ability to be the best slating game on ios but the controls are way to hard so i cant complete any missions because i cant follow properly. And the some of the grind physics should be a bit cleaner, other than that awesome game but until they are fixed i will be playing pure skate.Version: 1.0.0

Okay but...Have played this game for maybe a few hours in total. Physics of the game are challenging but make sense, although would be nice if rotational flip tricks could feel more natural but it doesn’t seem possible to scoop and flick simultaneously. But what bugs me the most is that you pay £1.99 and get 1 map and 1 board, no customization options. And credits take A LOT of time to rack up which I simply don’t have. I feel the game should be free if it’s going to demand so many hard to obtain credits or actual money (for those who don’t want the hassle of the ridiculously tedious credits system) for these extras given it comes with next to nothing..Version: 1.4.39

Free?I pay the game but he became free 😡.Version: 1.5.41

Paying for app and then for all boards and maps???I paid money for the app itself, and then they make you pay more money to actually play the game and not get bored after 5 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous..Version: 1.5.47

Worst gameHorrible. Reinstalled the game and my custom deck design was gone :(.Version: 1.5.46

Fix thisI've been playing the game for a very long time and for a while I've been saving up my true credits, anyway I got to about 25,000 true credits and I had fully customised both decks that I unlocked and was considering buying a new map, but before I did that I updated my game and when I went back on it had completely reset my game and taken all my true credits away and all the gaps and tricks I unlocked and everytime I go into the game it restarts again, PLEASE FIX THIS I also bought 10,000 TC and I've lost that aswell.Version: 1.4.34

BugNew update wiped my account of all progress and coins, waste of hours or effort, thanks.Version: 1.5.19

ScamIt’s a good game over all but quite recently I have had all of my map disappear and there was no explanation why but not only that my boards disappeared as well and I haven’t had any refund from it. Have no idea how this happened and if u could can I please either have a refund or with get my boards and maps back. Thank very much.Version: 1.5.1

Awful GamePoor layout and difficult to figure out the controls. Would not recommend purchasing this game!.Version: 1.5.11

Pls make maps lower priceIt’s a great game but I don’t like how maps are money and 200,000$.Version: 1.5.37

OkIt should be free.Version: 1.5.26

Game is fun, but some stuff ruins itThis game is honestly a really fun way to kill some time, and I appreciate the little things in it like your board deck scratching over time and the grip tape wearing out in the places where you often grind or pop the board. Tricks are done great, this is a mobile game that actually uses touch screen and makes it unique. Realism mode is good too. However, some things just kinda ruin the vibe of this game. First of all, custom boards are done pretty wrong. All the pre made decks in this game look clean and vibrant, but custom boards look way too dull, and that weird obvious wood like layer over it makes it worse. Also, why can’t we crop a image to see what it would look like, and possibly even get at least a minute to skate around with it to see if we want it or not? This is 10,000 TC we’re spending: we don’t want to waste it. Also, why is it that when we buy a wheel color, we have to buy it again if we take it off? That makes no sense. It doesn’t help when you realize that with custom boards, colored wheels will eventually glitch back to the default white, either. Also... why do we only get one map? Please at least gives us one other map..Version: 1.5.28

SpawningYou need to make it so that you can choose where you spawn. It’s really annoying trying to do a gap when you have to go all the way back..Version: 1.5.31

Rubbish updateThis used to be a great game, now, the controls are just way to complicated! Spent ten minutes not even being able to ollie consistently! What a waste of time! It used to be swipe and the board flips, now you gotta try and get the board in the air, then try to flip it before finally trying to catch it before you over flip! Lets go back to the simple swipe to trick then catch the board method!.Version: 1.4.33

HandIt’s the screaming hand not the hand.Version: 1.5.0

I hate knowMy dad bought me a map it was the vally but when i wanted to play on that map it wasn’t there I even bought again with my dad permission but it still wasn’t there so that’s why I hate it true skate.Version: 1.5.37

Rien achetéVraiment bon jeux mais surtout soyez vraiment sur de vouloir acheter une map car celle ci n'es pas remboursable je me suis fait totalement arnaquer.Version: 1.5.40

Its cheeksBut its fun. Add more missions.Version: 1.5.47

It’s like watching avatar on a NintendoApart from paying for each map (which are small) and aside the fact that you can’t do missions on realistic mode, or the fact that tricks don’t register properly, and bowl riding is a no no for me, I would say that this game compared to touch grind is trash. Game has little variety.Version: 1.5.5

It’s okTrue skate is overall a great game, but here are some things to improve, It took a lot of time for me to get to the amount of true credits I needed to get new wheels, I bought them but after a couple of runs they gust went back to white wheels in my “AVATAR” or whatever, it says I have my coloured wheels on, but it doesn’t appear in game. Also I do not think that the skateparks should be priced, I am really bored with being stuck skating underpass, and losing interest in the game, this would be okay if the game was free.Version: 1.5.13

ScamI can’t understand how this game has any favourable reviews. It seems that it exists purely to part tweens from their cash. Clearly not designed with player experience in mind, providing the bare minimum of a game for the most possible £££. -Super buggy, broken physics, the board rockets into the air at the slightest touch then bounces around on the ground. -Controls are very unresponsive, landing tricks and having the game register them is basically entirely down to luck. The only way to do varial/360 flips etc. is effectively just to do a shuv-it late flip, looks terrible and feels unrealistic. Why not tilt controls for steering? - £1.99 gets you one board and one of the worst video game skateparks ever conceived. The rest of the game (including the trick list!) is hidden behind paywalls. - The developers know how terrible the missions are so they offer real world money to skip them, the only reward for this being the ability to play more terrible missions. -There is no decent game to be found anywhere in this experience , no matter how much cash you spend. Oh and also it will erase your progress every time you close the app, making all of the above completely pointless anyway. Seems I’m not the only one to have had this problem, this is a HUGE bug which appears to have existed for a while, in my mind it’s immoral to charge for this game until it’s fixed. No idea why this game is ranked so highly. Can only assume it’s down to the corporate sponsorship..Version: 1.5.19

Great game, but greedy devs.You get /one/ skatepark for your initial purchase, everything else, including boards: cost you more money. A skating game with a single skatepark, when dozens of others are available but behind a paywall? This is the kind of stuff that a freemium game would do, except these developers have the gall to charge you for the ‘free’ experience..Version: 1.4.37

Needs workI have recently bought this game, and while I think the game is good itself, I came across an issue with family sharing. I tried to download it on another device in my family and it acted like I haven’t gotten it on another device. I would really like advise on how this works. But in conclusion, I guess the game itself is great apart from the errors I have just explained..Version: 1.5.13

Not good valueThe game itself is fun but can quickly get boring after not long as the game that by the way costs money only comes with one small map. The fact that you have to spend more real money on the game just to buy more places to tracks to play in . I have seen more from a free game but this cost more than $2. I am quite disappointed.Version: 1.5.20

True credits disappearI think this is a great game and play it a lot in my spare time, however I am not able to customise anything as my credits disappear, altogether I’ve lost just over 50,000 which I was disappointed about as it took a few hours of shredding to gain..Version: 1.4.34

Good game but scamI was playing the game for ages and had bought many parks and saved for a custom board. The board didn’t load and the pictures I put on it didn’t come up on the board. I hadn’t played it for a bit due to this reason but accidentally deleted the game. I redownloded it, signed into my account and all the skateparks were gone and it only have my board with no custom pictures. They had scammed me for all my money that I spent on the game..Version: 1.5.31

It’s got worseThe game was good (except for the pay walls and the sudden pulling to the ground when playing realistic mode) until the most recent most recent update. It has brought nothing but pointless feature and laggy game play which makes the game feel really bad compared to what it was before..Version: 1.5.28

MehThe game is fun but why would I pay for the game which btw has no content and then pay some more for more maps doesn’t really make sense..Version: 1.5.5

PotentialI’ve always loved this game, I come back and download it every once in a while when my boredom of it subsides and I need my True Skate fix again. The only issue I have is just that, boredom. You pay for a game that basically gives you a free trial. Why am I paying for a game that doesn’t give me the full game? That’s the trick, you feel like you’ve already invested your money so why not pay a little more for a new map. There are only so many spots on the starter map to skate before it gets boring. Not to mention the points system is buggy and sometimes when you spend your points on a custom board it resets completely, not only taking your points but also giving you a fresh, empty board. No custom design, and no cool wear marks that you’ve spent hours working on. The funny thing is, this game used to be free with the same content it has now. If I could give suggestions that would make this the perfect True Skate, include the “DLC” maps as playable maps from the get-go. That’s the purpose of buying a game, you shouldn’t have to deal with add-ons. Your money is made when people purchase the game. Also, fix the points system if it hasn’t been fixed already. It really takes a lot of grinding (literally) to customize your deck and when it takes your points and gives you nothing like a broken vending machine, it’s pretty frustrating..Version: 1.5.15

True skateThis is a great game , very fun ! Can play for hours and hours and you don’t need to purchase any other map to really have fun , I played with the beginning map for years on another phone and still had as much fun everyday . There are a few bugs tho , like my board jumps as high on glitch mode as if it wasn’t on glitch mode and every time I try and grip a image it doesn’t let me adjust the picture and I always end up with the picture being off centered or just too zoomed in so that’s very annoying cause I’ve spent money on buying screws for that . but other then that amazing game , will rate 5 if someone can explain like if I’m doing something wrong on the griping thing and the glitch mode or if it’s the game ..Version: 1.5.25

Come onI just lost all Customisations and true credits why?.Version: 1.5.19

Can’t play the game after I spent moneySo this game would be a 5 Star but since my recent purchase of sandbox every time I open true skate my game crashes and I can not play the game so I don’t know if I have been scammed because I am not able to play and I paid money for the subscription.Version: 1.5.50

Its great but...I’ve had this game since it started out free. The updates were making it better and better but there came a point I think around early to mid 2016 that they started ruining it. Don’t count on the new updates. It’s like they fix one thing and break five other things with it. Remove the grab tricks (it keeps catching the board with a hand when I don’t want it to), fix the courses (half of em you cant grind or slide on because the board just falls off of anything), and do something with the buttons on top of the screen so my notifications panel doesn’t keep trying to slide down. And also, half the time the board doesn’t flip or anything. If these could get fixed, this would be the perfect game. But no, the developers probably won’t read this, try to update it and “fix any bugs”, and make it more unplayable..Version: 1.4.33

Great game, just one problemOk every time I get on and off my gaps reset as well as all my tricks and missions. The pole jam you guys have set up as a live event has reset and now I have to do all the missions, wait half a day and then do it again. Please do something about this because I didn’t put effort into the game just to lose my hard work..Version: 1.5.25

Rip offPaying $1.30 for a new map and board customisation is ridiculous, we have already paid for the game dont force us to pay more. Plus the board customisation is useless, you cannot move or scale the image! instead it places the image out of proportion and not centred. Unhappy, going back to touchgrind...Version:

Game suggests spending $50 on a levelTwo skateparks are available to be purchased with “bolts”. If you do not have any bolts when you select it you are promoted to buy 400,000 bolts for $50. The levels are 200,000 bolts, so they’re wanting $25 per level through bolts. But any other level is only $2. This is at best an oversight, and at worst an attempt to get kids to shell out as much money as possible. Shady. The price of the bolts is INSANE for what they actually get you and how easy they are to get in the game. Especially since you lose everything you purchased with bolts every time you get a new device and redownload it. Luckily I earned the 200,000 bolts for the levels on my last phone. But they’re gone now. Wonder how many people pay for bolts that then evaporate with the purchase of a new phone? I can get purchased from cash back. You’re gonna need to revamp your bolt scheme before you end up with a lawsuit. Also, game has some glitches, some contained within paid for levels, some in the trick recognition. But fun to kill time with..Version: 1.5.42

Great game ruined by in app purchasesI mean seriously??? You need to spend money to get another skatepark and there are 2 which you don’t have to pay for but they require 200,000 true credits which takes an insanely long time to get. It’s fun but the majority of the games content is hidden behind a pay wall. After paying for the game, you are forced to pay more if you don’t want to be stuck in the same boring place that is terrible for doing lines. Basically, this entire game seems like a cash grab. You don’t even get anything for doing missions..Version: 1.5.15

Lost my parksGreat app but I had bought like 6 skateparks and now they’re all just gone. Tried restoring them and such but nothing. The prices are pretty ridiculous in the first place and now I don’t even have what I paid for. Please help..Version: 1.5.1

Big negative set backTrue Skate is truly fun and I do find myself playing it a lot in my spare time. It’s very responsive and it’s easy to learn after playing for just a little while. BUT the one huge negative I have with this game is that is has a scoring system that lets you earn in game currency to buy decks, grip graphics, etc. This is not bad because you don’t have to rely on using real money for the things you want but the scoring system is off and doesn’t allow you to earn the points you deserve after your score. I’ll skate a line and earn 8,000 points which gives me around 100 in game currency but next I’ll do a line that’s worth 40,000 and it gives me 197 in game currency. I’m sorry but that is total bull crap and makes me lose interest in busting in better tricks in longer lines because you don’t receive much of a reward for it as much as trying less and receiving around the same amount. Great game over all though, if that was tweaked this game would almost be flawless..Version: 1.5.11

Mostly greatPhysics for flip tricks, grinds, and bowl carving are mostly excellent and a lot of fun to play around with. There’s a legitimate skill curve and you can apply time to mastering a trick which I think is a lot of the fun. However, some of the in app purchases are just absurd. There’s on particular feature that allows you to put an image on your decks grip tape, not only does it not give you a preview of the image, they charge you to change the one you select. It’s 10,000 TC (“true credits”)which are extremely tedious to earn. I’m sure there are other irking ones but thats what I ran into lost recently. That along with every map being a dollar, some more? I mean seriously? The mechanics and all are fantastic (except for why?) but something has to be done about the in app purchases.Version: 1.5.5

Iphone xrDoesn’t work on my iphone xr 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.5.19

Needs moreThe games good, but one map that you dont have to pay for. Even though the game is already money, you’re still charging people lots for in game maps. You need to make it at least 5 maps that you get at the start of the game and then sure pay for more. Also make it so u can get more coins and maps with coins. Thank you :).Version: 1.5.15

Weird controls & kind of a scamI saw an AD for this game and thought it looked amazing, I bought it & downloaded it. I soon realised that the only think your paying for is an ad block, you don’t get anything in the game for free... you want a new park? £1.99, you want a new board? £1.99, you want new tricks? £1.99! You learn how to kickflip, Ollie and Pop Shuv but that’s it. If you want a good skating experience I recommend Touchgrind Skate 2 it’s so much better and it’s free!.Version: 1.5.22

Going down hillThis games missions are a joke it’s very awkward to follow the path as it’s hard to see the markers furthermore rolling outside the markers by an inch for half a second will cost you 10% accuracy, the tricks are glitchy and often come up with the wrong name. I find it’s amusing that at the same time as them adding an option to purchase in app currency they also reduced the amount of in app currency earned from the score you get from doing a line, looks like even skateboarding is becoming about gaining capital..Version: 1.5.6

Invisible wall on underpassWhere is it because I’ve been searching for 2 days straight and I can’t find it.Version: 1.5.46

WHAT THE HECK!Update of the game deleted my THOUSANDS of saved true credits. SO MAD..Version: 1.4.29

Good game but needs improvementOverall the game has the most realistic controls of any skate game. You don’t just press a button that leads to a trick, you manually do it (pardon the pun). The verts could be better and so could the bowls. Pumping is nearly impossible because you wind up going into a manual that just stops completely. there’s also not nearly enough grab types. Still, the tricks you can do just on the ground are realistic and the possibilities are endless. The rails gameplay and graphics are not only realistic but fun. It’s challenging enough but (for the most part) not too challenging. The major cause for concern in this game is pricing. For a game that already costs money, it seems ridiculous that unless you pay, it is impossible to get another map. even then, the maps can get pricy. if they brought prices down or got rid of in app purchases, the game would be terrific and played much more. hopefully this change comes soon..Version: 1.5.5

Jeu 2 merdJeu 2 merd.Version: 1.5.41

It’s fun but..The game is quite enjoyable, but there are some reassigns I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. These include, The amount of content you get, when you go to buy this game you should be willing to pay some more money to be satisfied with the game well than go ahead and buy the game, but if your like me and are not willing to buy content that should be included for complete omg missions or some coins, than you will be disappointed. The game comes with 1 map and the option to get one other map that you can buy without real money, yet the amount of time needed to get the coins needed to buy this map is quite outrageous. Another thing about this game that I am not a fan of is the customization (even though it’s not as bad as the first part about the included content). The skateboard customization is not ideal for example when you buy let’s say some grip tape (with the in game currency that you spent a lot of time saving up) and you become bored of the color or design you might decide to buy another one but as soon as you do that you lose the the one you just bought. Another thing that angers me is when you buy different colored wheels and you decide to repair your board from scratches and what not, you lose your wheels. In conclusion if your not willing to pay 5+ $ than I would not recommend the game. Otherwise if you are willing than it’s a great game..Version: 1.5.15

Very fun but with horrible glitchesHonestly, this game is really good. The tricks are so unrealistic that they’re fun and you can do lots of things. Without the glitches this would be a five star game. The glitches are the main problems. To begin, things just really don’t work well. Some tricks don’t register when you do them and no points are given. That’s not a big deal, but it’s the credit glitches that ruin the game. For those of you who have played and played and played just to get that 20,000 credit deck will know that getting these credits are extremely tedious. This game has the weird glitch that can just kill all of the work you’ve done. Two days ago I bought some wheels, and I closed out the game. Today I got back on and the wheels were gone. I bought them again and I didn’t care. Then I switched boards and went back. Guess what... they were gone. What’s the point of playing a game just to have your work flushed down the drain. Otherwise, the game is fun..Version: 1.5.11

Worst skating game everEVER! What garbage! Can’t believe I paid for this because I saw it on SLS..Version: 1.5.42

Tail contact should not be ending linesFun to play for about 10 minutes but then it just gets triggering. You’ll do one trick but the game tells you that you did another, grinds don’t always register (slides work fine) and if I’m getting really picky, trick names are incorrect e.g ‘lazy’ grind (this may be the name for it somewhere in the world but it’s commonly known as a ‘willy’ where I’m from)..Version: 1.4.37

Kool asThis game is awesome I love it i shared it with my friends and they all loved it too. For a new update I would put in some more skateparks because I play this game all the time and it gets a bit boring with just two parks be creative with the new parks like do something totally unique for example you could be on the moon, rocks and metal could form the ramps. That's just an idea..Version: 1.0.7

In App PurchasesFun game but they push in app purchases too much..Version: 1.5.42

Great game, won’t take my money though...I’m really enjoying flicking around a few parks and pulling off tricks. It’s actually pretty rewarding. However, I’ve tried to buy a few things (boards, grips) and the game crashes every time. It’s a shame because, other than that, I can’t fault it..Version: 1.5.20

Ce jeux est une arnaqueJ’ai acheté 6 map a 2,75 chaque et se mais ça retirer.Version: 1.5.5

ProblemI have recently bought a skateboard grip, the "KRUX Kosmos grip" and the grip has not loaded onto my board but did nothing and used 20,000 coins for nothing. If I could please get a refund that would be much appreciated..Version: 1.5.11

Had potential but falls shortI had high hopes for this game but it’s more frustrating than fun. The missions are weirdly specific - if you do the tricks in the mission but don’t follow the specific path in the example you fail. Too expensive to pass impossible missions (noseslide the lip, I’m looking at you!). Purchases are expensive in the in game currency and I don’t want to spend money on new parks for the same issues to come to light. I wouldn’t recommend downloading this game unless you want to smash your device to pieces in anger..Version: 1.5.31

Regret buying itNot worth the money and trying to do more complex tricks or control how high you Ollie is really difficult. If you have already bought the game you shouldn’t have to pay more to play more of the game..Version: 1.5.39

Something went wrongI had Over 50,000 credits And then this weird thing popped up on my screen well on my skateboard so I restarted the game by going into multi tasking thing I got rid of it went back into the game and I had no true credits.Version: 1.4.20

Too iAP based :(A great game for time-wasting, but far too iAP based. You start with 1 skateboard, and 1 location. There are various other locations available for purchase ($1 each). For a free game, $1 is fine once or twice, but this is a paid game that wants $10 worth of locations :(.Version: 1.3.10

IffyI downloaded the game and my first impression on it was kinda bad coming from skate 2 (touch grind). The graphics could be improved, and the sizes of the maps are quite small. I’d like if it was free roam like skate 3. Also the controls are kinda awkward because I’m right handed so I’m pushing with the wrong foot. Overall it’s not a bad game, I think I had my expectations set quite high for a $2 game..Version: 1.4.30

GoodGame is fun and pretty realistic but it’s just pay to play you know like a bought the game then have to buy more to play on maps and the maps you can buy are all over priced.Version: 1.5.46

PROBLEM WITH NEW IPHONE 11 Pro MaxHello, I am writing to tell you that I LOVE THIS APP. It’s the perfect mobile skating app. However, I noticed that there is an issue when trying to play it on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I upgraded from the 10s Max, and the game worked fine. But as soon as I re downloaded it onto the new phone, the game changed. The issue is when I go to Ollie. Simply tapping the tail of board does not “pop” the board anymore. This makes it extremely difficult to do tricks considering the board gets almost no lift from the back foot pop. If you hold down on the tail of the board, the nose of the board comes up but very slowly, until the tail hits the ground and it’s stuck in that position. This lagging effect is very frustrating. I thought it was because I had to readjust the sensitivity in the game to a higher level, but that didn’t change it. I have found that you have to swipe downwards across the tail of the board for it to “pop” like before. It’s extremely awkward and not a good change. I don’t know if this is due to a change in the sensitivity level for the new iPhone or if it’s the app. Please look into this and fix it and I return my 1 Star to a 5 Star!.Version: 1.5.11

Need to fix glitchI used to play so much and loved it. I bought a skate park and slow mo, but then when my phone glitched I had to reinstall it which was fine. But thwn I tried to restore purchases and I didn’t get anything back. Pls fix this and contact me when it is so I can get my paid for items back.Version: 1.5.5

Great but a few flawsAnytime I get a free minute in my day I'll probably play this game. I like it, it's tricky to get good at but once you've got it, it's fun. The only things that annoy me is that lately I've had purchased skateparks disappear and the skatepark updates are almost always just another street league course, which lets be honest are all almost identical anyway. I'd love to see more actual street based locations like the school yard etc..Version: 1.4.29

Honest reviewI’m not going to lie I went into this with high hopes. Biggest letdown I’ve felt from an app that cost money to play. Tons of micro transactions. Sure you can buy the levels with 200,000 in game currency. But after roughly 5 hours of playtime I had accumulated roughly 7,000. Some tricks aren’t even worth attempting and you just have to buy your way past them. The Ollie impossible you can quite literally attemp for hours doing exactly what the tutorial shows you and it will never land. Every cosmetic item is wildly over priced. The base of the game isn’t terrible. There are cool tricks you can do. Not to mention the maps are pretty good. But any originality in this game is almost instantly murdered by greed, micro transactions or poor controls. I spent roughly 10 hours playing this game. Practicing it’s tricks and what not. And as I said at surface level it’s fun for a few moments. But if you want to actually progress and play new levels and land specific tricks the game is absolutely against you and against your wallet..Version: 1.5.26

Doesn't save?😠Beautiful game and easy controls, but doesn't save. After downloading the game on my ipod 4th gen and playing for around 4hrs, I went on the next morning to find all my data had disappeared. Very disappointed as i had already unlocked 40+ tricks.😔.Version: 1.3.21

True skate is okTrue skate is a great game but it gets old after a few days and the fact that u pay for the game and most things are locked behind pay walls. For instance if u want another skatepark u have to grind the game for hundreds of hours or pay money, and by the time u get a skatepark ur sick of the grind of this game. It is a great skating game, I think u should just make it easier to get things as i payed hard earned cash to play and don’t want to spend more for parks and decks and stuff..Version: 1.5.17

Good game, but there’s a lot of issues.I love the gameplay, the missions, the map designs, and everything else. There’s only 4 issues for me. The first one is having to pay so much for maps after I already spent money to play the darn game. The second issue happened a few months ago, where it reset all my data. This includes coins (which I had spent money on for some of them), custom decks that I had, a few other in app purchases and more. My third issue is how the trick system works. Most of the time, it will call whatever I do a pop shuv it (when it isn’t) or an inward heel flip. My fourth issue is the glitches. It’s easily possibly to break the game, get out of maps, remove your wheels and more. But still the gameplay has me coming back and playing more..Version: 1.5.22

Great gameTrue skate is a very fun, easy to learn mobile skating game, I would recommend this game to any skater that can’t find a good skating game for mobile. I think this game is worth the price except for two thing. One, you can play this game for a while but after a week or two of playing a lot, you get bored of the starting map but you are forced to pay more money for a game that already costed you money, although all the extra maps are good, you have to pay for something in game even though you already payed for the game, which is very annoying. Two, unless this is just me, or it’s an actual bug for everyone, or this is something that the developers added to the game purposefully for some reason, I honk it needs to be fixed ASAP. Every time that I crash or something like that, my board basically stops working and starts being very hard to move around and do tricks with and starts being very floppy, every time I move it starts bumping up and down like something is there, and it is very annoying and I restart my game every time it starts because it is basically impossible to do a trick successfully. Apart from these two things though, this game is very fun.Version: 1.5.5

There’s a bug with the main menuI try to go to the main menu so I can personalise my skateboard more but the game keeps kicking me off for no reason. I tried to get to the main menu via a different way such as holding the reset button (when you want your skateboard to spawn at a specific point) and I went to the button on the bottom left but it kicks me off. I want this bug to be removed or I will delete the app as I already paid for it.Version: 1.5.11

I can’t sign in.Whenever I press the sign in button with apple it doesn’t respond. It makes the animation of me pressing the button but there isn’t anything signing in happening. I’m just there left on the sign in button..Version: 1.5.40

Please fix the glitchI can’t see my character even tho I turned on the show skateboarder legs.Version: 1.5.47

Rage inducing ≠ goodA game that’s meant to be rage inducing isn’t necessarily a good game. However whenever some one says a rage inducing game is bad, people often say that it’s because that just aren’t good. This is not the case. I would recommend getting this game to see for yourself, the game has inconsistencies. i’ll do a motion virtually the same way and there will be vastly different results, there’s glitches all over the place, spelling errors littered throughout..Version: 1.5.31

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