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What I think would make the game a bit betterThe game is very good with good graphics but you need to save up 200,000 coins or pay 99p just to get a new skate park when it already costs £1.99 to install the game, so I think they should put in a few free skate parks or lower the price of the 200,000 skate park. Even though I still play the game and I still like it I just think it would make things a bit better. Also whenever I change the colour of my wheels they just go back to white randomly when I’m playing and I need to buy it again if I want them back but then they will go back to white again..Version: 1.5.13

It’s good butI love teh game but it gets kinda boring with just one map can you make some maps free please.Version: 1.5.41

GreatIts a good game but you have to pay for maps and boreds the hood thing is the prices and cheap and the started map is fun but I got sick of it but over all 8.5/10.Version: 1.5.49

Good gameReally good game i would recommend it. I would also recommend buying imbound the skate park but we need that fakie and manual. Definitely worth your money buy it!!!.Version: 1.0.7

Wonderful, but...It’s a great game, probably my favourite iOS game and it lets this former (old) skater go and skate without the bruises and pain. However, while it was always smooth as butter on an ancient iPad Mini 1, on a current iPad Mini, all of the bigger levels are just stuttery and glitchy and it means I can no longer really use half of the levels I bought, and nor will I buy any more until it’s fixed. I did let the developer know and they said they’d look at it but no updates have featured any performance improvements and it’s still more or less unusable with the newer large format levels - a real shame as some of those parks were my favourites. 🙁 No idea why the iPad Mini 1 was smooth on all levels and the vastly more powerful iPad Mini 4 performs so poorly. iPad Mini 4 users be wary. I’d dearly love this to get fixed....Version: 1.5.5

I have always loved his gameFor years I’ve loved true skate, I even went as far as to pay for skateboard customisation and a few skate parks, what is annoying me atm is I’ve just re downloaded after not playing it for a while and I’ve lost all of my purchases, I still have my custom board but I can’t change anything or get to any of the skateparks I’ve purchased. I love the game and would love to keep playing but I don’t want to pay for everything again..Version: 1.5.13

Thank you to the developersThis might be the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Firstly, I love how this game is free from the beginning. Most mobile games today are too obviously exploitative, with the main goal of making money off the player, or making them watch as many ads as possible before they put it down forever. Trueskate devs have outdone themselves making this an easily enjoyable, no-pressure type game. No odd hyper-sexual ads, annoying paywalls, or bugs that make it unplayable. I especially love the use of in game currency. I’ve gladly purchased almost all DLC this game offers, and still I feel like my .99 cents isn’t enough to support these guys the way they should be supported. Those few dollars have provided me hours of clean entertainment, and gotten me through some rough patches. Thats a value you cant find anywhere else in this market. Other mobile game devs should take notes from these guys. Keep up the good work, and Im excited for sandbox!.Version: 1.5.44

Only game i’d bother writing a review onWeather it’s to watch a series, chill with friends. Never in my life have I played a game so much & enjoyed the overall experience from it. I have played this game almost everyday for around 4-5 years now & can confirm that i’ve never played anything so predominantly. However I do currently play if i have nothing else to do or during something i’m watching on tv ect to enhance the enjoyment of general media fully. I’m sounding ultra cheesy right now but it’s worth being cheesy over. if you’re stuck on weather you are enjoying this game to its full potential, i’d recommend either joining trueminati discord & learning to play or by actually skating in real life. Thanks for creating such a fun game that i still continue to enjoy to this day. :))).Version: 1.5.5

Where is the sound?Hey guys! Love the game, never realised that I didn’t have sound until I came across the videos on Instagram though! I’ve checked all my volume sliders and everything is turned up, are you able to advise what this issue might be? It’s taken me like two weeks to realise there’s no noise at all (shows the game is good) but now I know it exists I’m bummed I can’t hear it, please help :).Version: 1.5.20

UmmmmUhh yes I almost finished at all my skate parks and I woke up the next morning and all of my progress is ruined I now have to restart the whole game again please if you can get all my progress back I would really appreciate it I know you all might be busy but just please if you can get my progress back please I really need it back Thanks.Version: 1.5.14

Best game ever one improvement I recommendI’m I think you should put a day of free skate parks and skate board grips and everything. So maybe like on a day like it is a day of a skate event it goes free like I love the game I hope you take my feedback thank you. 😁😃👍🏻.Version: 1.5.5

Great game however 1 bug i foundI got a all time leaderboard 7th place of 38.9 and i still never got it even though i did the run please fix it.Version: 1.5.47

Great game, on thing I would like changedIt’s a great game and I love to play it BUT, the bad thing is it take way too long to get new boards. Please make it easier to get coins or make the skateboards cheaper..Version: 1.5.34

Great GameAll round, amazing. Fantastic game. Just a couple of issues; pricing and controls. The pricing for decks, wheels and even parks, is just too much for what you can earn in game. I get that you have to make money but the game already costs $2.99 AUD. The controls are just a bit too finicky on smaller phones so I can’t really get the best control on my iPhone 7. Other than that I can’t fault it. Just be aware that you will be stuck in the 1st park until you pay over $31 AUD. Like come on, you make the content for the community to play after they buy the game but then we are also expected to grind up 200,000 TC for a new park or buy it which as stated before is over $31 AUD. My rating is 4 out of 5 because I feel like the pricing can be fixed and I know that you can’t change controls not working on a small screen. This is only a mobile game. Unless someone has so much money that they don’t know what to do with it or they really love and support True Skate, they aren’t going to spend $31 on a park or $8 on a new board without tape or a wheel color. If the pricing gets fixed my rating will change but until then it’s just going to be a sad 4/5..Version: 1.5.17

Love itI love it! It's such a fun game, never gets old. The additional skateparks aren't as good as the default, to be honest. One annoying thing is that I randomly lost all of my game cash (Forgot what it's called). I had over 2,000 and I wanted to get some extra stuff :( I would give it five but just that..Version: 1.3.0

PacksI really like this game. It would be really nice if you could make packs that come with different decks and griptape that only cost at least 1000 TC and can get different brands and items (also hardware) and if you all ready have the item you can sell it for TC..Version: 1.3.18

ReviewI got this game about 3 days ago and was playing it and yesterday and today I saved up for 10,000 coins to get a new board and I finally got it and today it deleted it? I’m really annoyed now is there anything you can do?.Version: 1.5.26

Really fun! and addictive! like no joke!I’m really... impressed I thought it’s just a rip-off game but it’s very good and I’m addicted to this game it’s so much fun and my friends is even addicted to this game can you make more updates pretty please and make it ultra realistic it’s so much fun Love holy god nuggets.Version: 1.5.8

Need to fully integrate realistic mode or make it defaultThis game is fun and is the closest thing to replicating the feeling of skating…. BUT only if you go into the settings and turn “realistic mode” on. This makes your ollie height like that of a normal person. The problem is that with this setting on, all missions are inaccessible and you can only free skate. Would be 5 stars otherwise. If you decide to leave this setting off to do the missions, ollie height is so sensitive and powerful that you launch way over obstacles that you are trying to get onto making grinds feel totally wrong since you need to pop way behind where you would in real life. You pop about 10 feet into the air like you’re on the moon with normal pressure. And there’s no in between you either barely tap and don’t leave the ground or you’re in the sky. In realistic mode however you pop at just the right height to get onto rails where you would in real life and can skate the park in a normal fashion. Make this default or at least playable in missions devs!.Version: 1.5.34

Removal of points for missionsI like true skate but when I updated the app to be able to have the move able objects I noticed that you no longer were awarded credits for completing missions and because of that it is noticeably harder to obtain points quickly, another thing is that if you want to do a mission you are required to complete all the previous missions (or you can give up an obscene amount of bolts to skip missions which In my opinion seams like a big money making scheme) before you can even think about doing that mission when before you could just give up some credits to unlock the mission that you want to do. So in my opinion this has kinda ruined this previously wonderful app..Version: 1.5.14

Awesome but...This game is awesome it’s got so many levels, mission and tricks to totally recommend getting it. I have a couple problems though, when you rewind it stops the last recording and you have to but other levels which I’m ok with it’s just I’ve spent a good amount of money for other levels. They are worth it though but I feel like there should be a way to unlock other levels for free because eventually the only one it comes with gets kinda boring. Also if anyone wants to know my opinion on levels to get mine are mono ramp and factory those are my favorite. Overall 9 1/2 out of ten.Version: 1.5.15

Best game on the phoneAs a skater, having True Skate on my phone is always a must. The physics of the game are spot on and the mechanics of the game are the best from all the other skate games for phones. True Skate is easily the best of all of them. Skating feel real and so immersive in the game and it’s so great to be able to go skate on my phone whenever I feel to. I’ve had this game since they launched and it been playing it everyday since (not an exaggeration). It’s my favorite app ever and the first one I always download when getting a new phone. I always get all my maps back with no problem. My only thing i would want them to add is having level editors and be able to invite friends to join your park. Please make this happen, it would complete my life 🙏🏻❤️..Version: 1.5.5

GreatBeen playing for 7 years straight, was great when I first downloaded it and has only kept improving since. Closest and most accurate skateboarding simulation for mobile out there. If not playing skate 3 on xbox, I’ll be playing this..Version: 1.5.13

Amazing gameI really like this game, the in game items are appropriately priced, my only problem is the fact that new maps cost real money, they should probably change it to something crazy high like 100,000 tc so you cant buy a new map every few hours.Version: 1.3.4

Best skate gameThis is easily the best skate game on the App Store, but lacks customisation or different parks. So after a few updates with new parks and customisation this will become a must have app! And also make sure all the tricks are named correctly..Version: 1.0.0

Glad it was free - Good gameYo i better not have been the singular person to have downloaded that game yesterday after setting a reminder thanks to the guy on tiktok 😂. Either way, fun game although the guy said the berries would be free aswell….Version: 1.5.33

AMAZINGThis game i worth every single penny, the mechanics are good, the graphics and everything else. But the thing is that if you’re going to pay for a game, maybe add more free maps. Other than that, amazing!.Version: 1.5.26

Im Hooked!!First this game is is very smooth it never really grows old just continues to make you want to get a little bit better. I lost count of how much money I have spent in this app. Currently I have 23 skateparks 9 skate board all fully customized and more in app purchases. And I regret none of the purchases I have made. I play this game on iPhone 6s and it runs amazingly smooth I've never really had any serious issues regarding the gameplay. The maps and graphics are clear I love all the maps I've bought and I love how realistic this game is concerning the movement and momentum of the board. I do have one request, could you please create a multiplayer option via wifi. Where one player can join another players skate park and skate with them. This would include crashes or not and you being able to see your friends board. This would make the game even better. I give this game a solid five stars! Thanks.Version: 1.4.37

One big problemThere is one big problem with this game, you can grind for months and not get enough for inbound or you can spend $40, I think it was a glitch because a few days ago it was 20k not 200k, this is a HUGE flaw in this game because doing the same map for a long time gets BORING so please fix this, I can get a better map for $.99. UPDATE- it is almost impossible to do a grab, speaking of grabs, this game is a cash grab, I believe that they could make two versions of the game, a lite version where you buy the maps (sort of like the paid game), or you can pay the two bucks we paid for this money grabbing game to get all of the maps and get LESS CASH GRAB UPDATES and I do understand that they need to make money but I bet they spent about 500k on this game and got millions from people buying the game alone, so they are just greedy.Version: 1.5.11

This game is okay 😐Love this game soo much and is really good if you are bored around the house. Like any other game this one has issues,you are stuck on the same world for ages and if you want to change your skatepark you have to PAY MONEY 💰. That really dissapointed me because I thought it was like an actual level game. But I was wrong. Would recommend this game to anyone who loves endless games..Version: 1.5.28

Great game, two suggestionsTrue skate is an absolutely fantastic game to play. I haven’t found any bugs in it other than when I changed my deck and the wheel colour reset. Other than that True Skate is a near perfect game. I say near perfect as I have two small issues with the game, the price of customisation options and some customisation options that should be implemented into the game. First off, I don’t see why a single deck is worth 40,000 TC, it would be much better if the prices were slightly reduced, even if it was for a small period of time. I also think that it would be very cool to have wheels from real-life brands, like the Santa Cruz slime ball wheels. Truck colours would also be an awesome addition to the game, and would make your setup more unique. Other the these two small issues, I would say that this is a great game..Version: 1.5.11

AWESOME but....This is a great game I love it but it would be good if there was another map and people who have bought the first map get the next one free.Version:

BugGame lags really badly when using customised deck images, have to revert to original to run smooth, needs fixing. Otherwise a great game.Version:

Two problems1. After I’m playing for ten minutes I have to reload the app because when I try and do a manual it slams the tail of the board on the ground. It only happens with my old school deck. 2. Make it so you can get new maps with true credits you don’t want to pay for the game then find out that you have to pay for another map. The default map is getting boring. Please fix this.Version: 1.5.5

DIYLove the game, I’ve been playing for over 4 years and own all the maps. The DIY update is the most refreshing thing that’s been added in a long time, much more so than the nth new street league park. However why not make all the movable objects available across all the parks? They can still be unlockable through missions at set parks, but once unlocked allow them to be placed at other parks as well. As a long time player and customer, I think this would be very beneficial for the player base, and add a lot to the game using preexisting resources i.e. the models of the objects..Version: 1.5.11

Everyone stop complaining...To every complaining abt the currency in the game on how long it takes to get, How come I’m able to make 20,000 in 20mins, U just need to do a good line, mainly grinds, so stop being noobs. The game is perfect the way it is, there’s nothing u could do to make it better or worse, just add more maps.Version: 1.5.5

I love this gameHi, I’ve skated over 100 hours of this game. I love every bit of it. I only skate on the original park. It is my favourite out of all of them. Please uncap the the total amount of gold you can save. It makes me feel like I’m working towards something, and keeps me playing forever. Loopy Lew.Version: 1.5.13

Amazing gameplay, annoying currency system.Don’t get me wrong, True Skate is a fantastic game with stunning graphics, responsive controls, and over great gameplay. However, TC, the currency system you use to purchase graphics, griptape, and other aesthetic items, is in my opinion, broken. Getting 5000+ point lines is very difficult and can be frustrating when grinding for long periods of time. Also, the starting map is very small, and gets boring rather quickly. These circumstances make it tempting to spend actual money on a game that we’ve already paid two dollars for. If True Axis could add in another map or two for free, that would be great and highly appreciated by every user. Have a nice day!.Version: 1.5.14

Good but could be betterIt’s a good game but you have to pay for almost everything!! Maybe you could lower the prices of the boards to like 6,000 and the parks to 20,000.Version: 1.5.46

BEST GAME EVEROk so i got this game about a year ago and i have played it pretty much every day. it is a great game to play when you are bored or can’t skate.. you can open this app and it will cure your bordem or will make you feel like your skating. it is very easy to earn “bolts” aka coins. with bolts you can upgrade your bored or make your self a custom bored. you can even take your own pictures and put it on your grip tape!! the only problem i have with this game is that i wish you didn’t have to pay for different skateparks. sometimes the same old parks get annoying. but overall this is probley the best purchase of my life! literally... so i would buy it if i where you! you won’t regret this ❤️.Version: 1.5.22

MeFavourite game I love it.Version: 1.5.25

So addictive!My friends and I have coined the term “skate while you wait”, where in we play true skate in any situation where we would have usually just mindlessly scrolled through facebook, fantastic game. I only have one tiny complaint, and that is that the developers really need to fix the lock on physics for the quarterpipe at the end of the Havasu park. Its almost impossible to stay in it or do a coping trick because it automatically flys you out the rails that are behind it, which is cool I guess, but not very steezy. Love everything else though!.Version: 1.5.5

Best game in the AppStoreRealistic mode needs adjusting back to how it used to be. I’ve put in 100s of hours into this game since day one and love it. But the realistic physics were changed a while back and made it much too floaty. Im overshooting everything now. Please put this back to normal.Version: 1.5.50

True skate was really fun!True skate was really fun for me, I could buy the skateparks, buy skateboards, and do tricks. I can still do all that but the new update made my liking of the game go down a bit. 1, it reset ALL my progress so I had to start the whole game over, like buy all my skateboards again, earn ALL my true credits again, and do all my tricks again. It reset everything except for my skateparks. 2, it added legs skating the board so it looked like a person was actually on it. The problem with that though (at least for me.) is it kind of makes it harder to focus on your tricks. True skate was my favorite game. It still is a really good game but since I basically started the whole game over I kind of play it a little less. I do really suggest it to other people though and you should buy it. The game is still worth it. 🛹.Version: 1.5.20

Good game butI loved this game. It works perfectly except for the fact every time I select inbound my screen goes black and nothing happens. I tried exiting and entering the app again but it does the same thing please help.Version: 1.0.7

Pls readTrue skate is a great game but has one issue that I would like to point out that when I purchase a coloured wheel it works for the first minute but then goes back to white. I was really annoyed when I bought the purple and it didn’t work and it was a waist of money. So all I ask is you please fix this little bug. Thx..Version: 1.5.13

Great game, but...I love this game, it is really fun and is really good to play when im bored out of my mind! I have played this game BEFORE it was cool (its always been cool) and i only just recently re installed it and i have been playing it for about 2 1/2 days. The only problem i have is that now whenever i try press pause the game crashes i have tryed powering off my phone and i have deleted and re installed it and it still does it so now i dont know what to do please help!.Version: 1.5.12

I REALLY RECOMMEND!Its AWSOME! You can roam free, whilst facing optional chalanges that get your excitement up, everything is very cheap and i think you should get it. I hit a 1080 score trick that i was so proud of. Eventhough its hard to get used to, land a decent trick or grind and your done. Ive been playing this for a solid two weeks and i love it. Its the ONLY thing ive played. Keep up the hard work and please update. Peace 👋.Version: 1.5.11

Thanks for still updatingThank you so much for still updating this app and not just leaving it. It’s the best game i own, i’ve purchased some parks and skate packs. I will be happily purchasing more if you keep up the good work..Version: 1.5.11

GreatGreat game good graphics, cool tricks ( also tells you what they are) and while most skate games dont have missions this one does. And by the way you can do manuals just do an ollie then hold down the tail. it just doesn't show it..Version: 1.0.7

Great game, realistic and clever.Awesome, very fun. With a few improvements could easily be one of the best games on app store. Need to add new levels and tricks. Also gaps. Some way to easily go up halve pipes and do holds or something/ lip moves. Well done so far..Version: 1.0.1

Great game but why this?So i have been playing this game since it was a game that came out as the free game of the week when apple used to have that and ever since then i’ve been on and off grinding this game. In later updates they added more skateparks and I saw that there were 2 skateparks that you could purchase with the in game currency (schoolyard and inbound) that you earned for doing tricks around the map. I eventually saved up enough of the in game currency to purchase the inbound skatepark and was really excited to try a new skatepark and needless to say it made the game more fun because i had a new area to try. The problem here is that in the most recent update on February 1st i believe that it came out, they switched those two maps to only purchasable with money and because of that they took away the map that i grinded for so long to get and and i don’t even get any of that in game currency back and they also have no maps that are purchasable with the in game currency anymore. It makes me sad to see that just get taken away from me and I really hope that they change that back in the near future. :(.Version: 1.5.27

Good game but a problemThis is an enjoyable game but I have a few problems that I would like to express. Firstly I was also someone who lost their account with almost 100k true credits which extremely disappointing and I’m glad that it is supposedly fixed although this does not help me now. Secondly my biggest feedback is I love the new option to have your riders feet showing although there is one problem with it, if you rider is “regular” stance the feet are shown in the “goofy” stance which is the opposite therefore the tricks that are displayed are wrong and vice versa and as a real life skateboarder this is quite annoying for me, so if this problem could be fixed that would much appreciated. Although overall this is a good game and fun to play..Version: 1.5.20

Little bug and a change of map pricesOk so first of I love the game and the graphics are amazing for a game that has been out a long time. But anyways the point is that the top left three dots don’t work and if I click my board setting to customize it. They both completely let g me out of the game I wish for this big to be fixed. Now to the prices I wish for the maps not to cost real money. And I wish that the one map that costs 200Grand to be moved down to 50Grand I would like a different park to play in for a lower price because the default map is getting boring and I’m a type of kid who likes to explore new places. (⚠️The bug is a concern but the prices of the maps is a suggestion⚠️).Version: 1.5.34

I would like a refundI’m not saying the game is bad, it’s a really good game, I used to play it when I was around 9 ( I’m 12 now ) I wanted to see if I could still enjoy the game as I did when I was younger but I no longer find it enjoyable.Version: 1.5.31

Really fun, worth the moneyI Bought this the other day and I have to say... it’s incredibly fun! it controls how I imagine a mobile EA Skate game would and maps are cheap ($2 SLS pack is great) my only issue is in the customisation, for a decent line you’ll make around 20 Coins... but everything costs 20,000 or 40,000 coins besides wheels. This feels unbalanced and is most likely that price so you’ll spent $8 to unlock everything which is excusable if this was a free to play game but it was $3 so I have to give it a 4*... so close to 5* if only in game store was more reasonable priced for a payed game... can you maybe add 5,000 coin plain coloured decks so newbies have something to build towards?.Version: 1.4.32

Add a fully DIY skatepark map!I’ve been playing for several weeks now and gotten pretty good at the game, but I would love to see a fully DIY skatepark that you can build your own skateparks and share with your friends, or possibly even play on the same map with multiple people on at the one time. Thankyou True Skate devs for a great game to play!.Version: 1.5.9

GreatAmazing game played it for years an skate myself too an great when bad weather an can’t skate I just play this game but it’ll be great if they ad a cheating point would be class so if trying a trick an miss then can set marker ware ur trying the trick please ad that would be amazing.Version: 1.5.11

SweetI love this game a suggestion for the next update multiplayer mode so u can play with others on the skatepark cause I feel alone when I am playing.Version: 1.3.5

PLEASE READBruv love this game I play it the whole time without even realising it. So please please can we have a skate park that we can customise and then people can share them and if they like the park they can give some credits to the person who made it 🤩thanks for reading really recommend the game!!!.Version: 1.5.25

GreatAdd maps like woodward or even a skate 3 maps to play w friends.Version: 1.5.31

Nearly perfectGreat game for a skater, the way tricks are done it quite realistic and I enjoy this aspect, but it needs more levels and customisation such as new boards, also the trick names need to be consistent with what the trick actually is and the grind and half pipe physics need to be touched up. Definitely the best skating game on iOS without question if these issues were fixed..Version: 1.0.1

Great game perfect customer service!Been playing this game for years now and it just keeps getting better and better! Constantly updating! All in all great game Would recommend too anyone!.Version: 1.5.0

Amazing, this is great if you need cool mobile skater gameThis is great, i just got session on my pc but in the meantime i was playing this, amazing!!! I literally saw a review of his guy 1 staring it and saying “Ollie is impossible”. It’s not the best, not like session or skate three, but if you cant afford those or don’t have a pc, GET THIS, it is amazing, fun, and you can play with friends, like i played a game of skate with my friend yesterday, I reckon that you try it, and if you have issues with switching device, sining in and not getting the parks, that happend to me ): but i can fix it, sign in with your Apple ID account then restore, and you get your stuff back, also I’ve seen reviews saying that the custom board is “too expensive, and not good” but personally, the custom board is nothing, 20k credits are nothing, dam I’m bought the indoor park with 200k credits, 100k x the amount of it, here’s a tip for your games, make more parks, they can cost a lot or not it dosent matter, and keep up the good work!!! Everyone is so un greatfull for this great game, keep up the good work!.Version: 1.5.36

SupYo this game is great!! Great physics great graphics great parks. I’d only change one thing.... make the gaps under bars so you can go through not an invisible wall??? I thought of so many lines that would look sick if you could go under bars.Version: 1.4.31

This game is good but one thingI bought a skateboard Santa Cruz pack for a 1.39$ and now I redownloaded the game and I can’t restore the purchase.. help?.Version: 1.5.5

Great Game....butOk first off, yes great game, get the mondo ramp it makes the, actually enjoyable? The original map is the worst thing I have ever seen, I have never used it, I only play the other map because everything in the original is wwwaaayyy too small, and seriously, some of the challenges aren’t a test of how good you are it’s how lucky you are that day...#26 - do 5 board slides in 20 seconds, that’s a joke right, took me 10 minutes which I know sounds like nothing but it’s all fast can u turn around and get back to your rail. So fix those and make a better original map and you’re game would be the best out there IMO. On the other hand...I love the concept, very fun, very entertaining, I like how you can alter your settings so you don’t die if you fall too far, see legs, glitch mode, I also love that the board is very hard that if you’re doing a heel flip and you swipe right to far on the top of the board it will do the flip tilting your board just how it would in real life. That is how skating is in real life, the slightest adjustments throw you off, it’s how it should be even if it is annoying at times...keep up the good work!.Version: 1.5.31

Awesome butThis is by far the best game on the App Store I recommend this game to anyone but it would be 10x better if you could buy more maps than just inbound and school yard for True Credits btw thx and with all that aside great game u need to get it and thx developers KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 👍👍👍👍well done developers.Version: 1.5.12

Great game but...I just got my personalised board but as soon as the game gets turned off the board returns to the original board which is really disappointing as the game is excellent but I would like my credits back and my personalised board back.Version: 1.4.35

Love this gameHowever.. today, since the ever last advert has been added, the game lags to an unplayable experience, and all my true creds have gone for no reason ^^ will rate 5 when fixed as I do love this game.Version: 1.4.37

Great game but...This is a great game, I really love it! It’s so fun! But there’s one thing I would love for you to add, maybe a mode like the skater legs but you can see the whole body, and maybe some funny ragdoll physics if you fall as well!.Version: 1.5.26

CrashGreat game have played fir years, redownloaded the other day as I just had surgery and spend my days in bed, game is still awesome and improved since I last played, only thing is when I tap the 3 dot menu button the app crashes so I’m unable to see my mission progress etc as when I also try tap the ‘me’ button it also tends to crash.Version: 1.5.26

Good game. 1 problemWhenever I go to buy a skateboard deck pack, My game crashes. PLEASE FIX ASAP.Version: 1.5.19

Really love this gameGames great few ideas though how about fixing the game like maybe points for air time or hitting small bumbs on the mondo ramp where you hit them and you lose all speed sometimes die there’s some bugs fixed weekly still everything as hoped for and would expect.Version: 1.5.42

One of my all time favorite go to gamesI don’t write reviews often but I felt I needed to for this game. I’ve been playing this game since it came out. It’s been my go to game for many many years, its so much fun, simple and gives endless hours of fun. Over the years they have added a lot to this game. Some of my favorites are board customization, ability to replay and record your gameplay and slowing down your gameplay plus a few others. This is definitely a game you need to try if you haven’t. If you like skating games or games you can just jump on and play for a bit then jump off then def try this one. There’s enough of a challenge as well to keep you entertained for hours, really it has everything to make a very entertaining game..Version: 1.5.28

Awesome game, but some bugsTrue Skate is hands down one of the best mobile games. I’ve been playing it for years, roughly 4, maybe more. Anyways, I just wish True Skate had free stuff like maps and skins that were grind-able, without the spending of credits. Also, there is a glitch in the game where your wheel color won’t save. I’ve spent about 10,000 or so credits to replace my wheel colors because of the glitch. I’ve had red wheels for on second, and then it some how changes to white. When I go to check my skate board in the setting screen, it still shows the recent wheel color I bought, but not in game. Please fix this because it is a vital asset to your game..Version: 1.5.26

CoolIt’s a good game but you need to pay for the game and after pay for boards or parks?!?!? Makes no sense.Version: 1.5.31

Fairly nice game.The gameplay for me is glitchy and hit-or-miss. I try to control my ollie height by swiping at different lengths but it refuses to respond correctly. Also, there are times I’ve grinded and it wasn’t counted, and times I’ve gotten stuck on the grind rail and it takes away the points I got for grinding. This isn’t important, but flipping over is also kind of difficult because I try again to swipe just enough to get my board upright but I end up doing multiple barrel rolls. Lastly, the shop seems to be a little more expensive than I’d think it should be. Instead of a couple hundred TC or even a thousand, you need 2k just for red-colored wheels. All in all, this is a very fun game if you don’t try too hard to do anything specific, like other skate games. I like just going around the map I have and doing a couple random tricks..Version: 1.4.32

Great game, been playing foreverThe best skateboarding game on IOS easily, been playing since about 2013 and the updates since then have improved the game incredibly. Definitely worth a few quid, i’ve probably spent 10x that on in purchases (maps) but it goes right back to the developers so I don’t mind. Minor bug: In the new update, when playing with legs on: the animation for ‘flicking’ a trick isn’t replicated in the replay tab like it is in normal gameplay..Version: 1.5.23

Great game, very fun, but with some issues.This game is really fun, and even the first map has been great. My issue with it is it doesn’t feel like I’m paying for a full game. You start out with one map, and getting others usually costs a dollar. There’s only 2 maps you can get with the credits you get from clearing missions, gaps, and doing tricks, but they are both 200,000 credits, which is a lot and it feels like the game pushing you to cave in and buy more credits. I’d understand whilst still being annoyed if this game was free, but it isn’t. The gameplay is great, and doing tricks is super fun, plus the missions are also fun to go through. It can get boring after a while with the same map though, which is also annoying. Overall, the gameplay is great and this game is very well done, but it does not feel like a paid game..Version: 1.5.36

An amazing gameI got this game with a iTunes gift card for Christmas and this was the first game that I got I thought it was so good that would buy all the maps on it blowed all £25 on it but worth it. I would ask for the grinding to be a bit easier but still awesome 5 stars all the way.👍👍👍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻.Version: 1.4.37

Want more for moneyThe game is great. I like the (starter) map, but wish their were vids/tutorials on how to do different flips that I e heard about on here, like the dragon or Impossible. I have done the impossible, but NOT easily. I also wish it was easier to earn money. I have 13k right now, but I wish if you did a super hard trick it would give you a few thousand. I really want enough to buy the 20k map, but also wish I could have money left over. I have been playing for over 2yrs, and really have wanted these different maps. Also, I really want more boards, and ability to do different events when I want.Version: 1.5.44

Good gameThis is a good game but maybe adding the option to buy all the extras in one go rather than making 7 purchases.Version: 1.3.3

Limiting True CreditsI love this game, nothing wrong with the mechanics, only problem is limiting true credits, it used to be only 50,000 and now it is limited to 250,000, was wondering if you could maybe make the limit higher, some people play the game to see how high they can get their credits, most aim for 1,000,000, just a suggestion..Version: 1.5.46

Best app game to dateA very very VERY awesome game. It satisfies everything I want in a skateboard game. A sense simplicity an freedom. No waiting or loading times. I love the ability to crooked and blunt, nose slide etc. just like real life you can attack I again and again till you get it right. Would love I be able to change the deck graphics o my own but I can live without it. Also yet to land an impossible.. Would also love to blunt stall to fakie or trick out on ramps. Have thrashed this game and still do. Well done. It's clear that actual skaters have been used in the design process. Even simply the griptape detail. And the concave to the board makes a difference..Version: 1.0.6

Not very goodGood game nice graphics and all but after about 2 months of playing I lost all my coins and it said I had 40 coins when I should of had 20,000 it also glitches out my boards that I bought and said I only had the original true skate deck, this really annoys me.Version: 1.5.19

Easily my favorite iPhone gameTrue Skate is an addictive game. I have played it for so long, I’ve purchased multiple parks, and I have always enjoyed it. I never run into problems with it, other than two. 1. Every so often, my board won’t react to my finger. I will swipe to flip it, and the board won’t move. It is very rare, but not rare enough to not mention it. 2. Also every so often, and also depending on the park, it usually happens on Inbound, I will grind on a ledge, and when the ledge comes to a bend, my board will just stop like it’s hitting a wall. The most important thing to take from this is: it’s a fantastic game, no ads!!, and it runs really smoothly. I am rating 5 stars because I genuinely love this game and the two problems aren’t enough to lower my opinion on it..Version: 1.5.1

Please Read!The game is good...but i find it hard to manule, so i was thinking that u guys should update it so that u can hold the tail/nose and use the phones gyroscope to balance and control the bord when u manule...thanks.Version: 1.4.6

Fun and Well MadeGood 🐟.Version: 1.5.12

AwesomeDidn't this game used to be $2.99??? I got it for free!!!!!!! Awesome graphics and the tricks are so realistic. Maybe make it so that you can level up and unlock skateparks when you level up. Because I'm sure that not everyone wants to pay $1.29-$2.99 for a different park... Besides that I love the game and I can't put it down... 👍👌👊💩💩💩.Version: 1.5.0

Great, but Riding Goofy has some IssuesThis game is great however there is one problem I have. See, I ride goofy In real life and it is so much easier to understand if I ride goofy in game, but when I am doing a challenge, say “do five kickflips” I need to do heelflips instead. I know it warns you that changing to goofy will change challenges up a bit but still, it needs to be fixed. Please fix this issue I have, Thanks.Version: 1.5.5

Great game, but one probGreat game, but whenever I use a custom image or wheel colour It won't save next time I open the app pls fix true axis.Version: 1.4.31

Amazing game but ....I love true skate it is a amazing game great physics and has actual real spots such as macba but the only problem I have had since 2015 is that all of my parks will not re download and this started one day when I went to play sls 2014 and none of my parks were in my parks list and so I tried to go to restore purchases and tried to re download all my parks but it gave me a notification saying “An error was encountered processing a purchase” and I’ve tried all the suggested help but nothing’s prevailed this has been going on for about 3 months now and now I have less and less of a reason to play because It gets boring to play the same park the whole time knowing you have you could play but oh wait they are unable to re download..Version: 1.5.5

Would love it even more if was multiplayerThis game is amazing if I had to place it into words it has accurate tricks and even real skate parks. This game would be even more amazing if you could play online or even create a place where you can skate with your friends because as now most games are online so making this game online would make it up on the leader board with the rest..Version: 1.5.39

Brilliant game!!!This is one of the best games I have played, yes ok it is expensive but in my opinion worth every penny. I love this game. I go to it every time I get bored. It is very free with you controlling every thing. I also really like the fact that when you do tricks you get coins and then you can buy grips and decks, also the fact when you use the grips or decks more they get more worn out which is really cool!! But seriously anyone who is thinking about getting this game... do it!!!.Version: 1.5.26

Hell yeah!Dude, love this game! It always gets me hyped to go an actually skate! Can we get a daily challenges type of thing happening? Or even weekly challenges? I think that would be sick! Even an open world kind of thing where you can sesh with other users would be cool. Overall, 5/5!.Version: 1.5.28

Great gameOk just to make this straight this game is totally worth the money. Although the coin system takes awhile it makes the game fun. The coin system doesn’t bother me but it may other people. The controls are easy and the maps are hella cheap. This is the best mobile skate game out there. Must buy!!.Version: 1.5.11

AmazingI love this game. It’s by far the best skating game on iOS. The only thing that would make it a 5star game is if it had freestyle scooters as well. I would play this game 24-7 if it did..Version: 1.5.11

Brilliant but...Recently an annoying bug where the bottom of my skateboard that i personalised with a photo disappears every time the game launches. Really annoying. Also im not a fan of the recent sls skateparks like the ones based from competitions they all seem too similar and small. I would love more parks like inbound, warehouse, schoolyard, macba, tampa pro. Maybe a skatepark based on a suburb street with houses would be cool. Would remind me of being a kid and playing on my skateboard on the street with the neighbours kids..Version: 1.4.33

Down rail gapThis game is amazing!! but the down rail gap is broken. i can do it and it will say nothing and then i’ll watch this video and there’s a certain way to do it… it’s like you have to do a certain grind and then a certain trick down! apart from that the gamin is great and keep up the good work..Version: 1.5.46

The only game i can constantly playIve skated since i was 10 and im 24 now. As a skateboarder i give this game a 10/10. Ive literally played this game for multiple years. Id say ever since it came out. I love it. I have a suggestion. Ive gotten so good now that i can land multiple tricks. Do nice looking 360 flips and everything. Why not create online servers where a handful of players can all skate in the same map for a few minutes as if to simulate a real competition. 1st place can win credits or something. 2nd wins less credits, etc. OR even players could play s.k.a.t.e. Together. it would be an amazing thing. Id play it every single day. I already play this every day more than once..Version: 1.5.5

Play all the time, butI’ve been playing this game since it was free years back, and I bought the mondo ramp (best map) and I enjoyed the game even more. However when I came back to play it a couple months back I noticed the map I purchased was gone. So like normal I restore purchases and it starts downloading, but once it finishes it says it can’t be downloaded and to contact support… the report forum says something along the lines of “if you have any further issues restoring purchases contact Apple we don’t know what to do” kinda funny IMO. Other than that I love everything about this game. I don’t really care much for the other boards I just like skating around doing new tricks and gals for the achievements.Version: 1.5.37

Larger maps, free roam and multiplayerPlease add a larger map so that you can roam around in and a multiplayer mode so that you can skate with your friends.Version: 1.5.0

I like it but the challenges for the objects are to hardI love the game being a tech deck kind of guy but the challenges are to hard to do because one when I do the tricks it automatically throws off course and make me fail the thing which makes me rage plz fix this or else.Version: 1.5.13

LOST 30,000 CREDITSGame used to be super faulty a couple months ago and I had been playing for a couple years or so and had gained about 30,000 credits and one day I hopped on, everything was gone, my board was reset, my credits were reset, my tricks, my scores everything!! Can u please somehow get it back I’d be so grateful, specially since I payed for this game and others.Version: 1.5.13

Please add more featuresFirst off this is the best game in the whole mobile skate universe but I wish there could be like online features as like you can invite friends and vs them or just join a free skate match. Please take your time to look at this review and think about it thank you..Version: 1.5.26

Screen mirroringDUDES GOTTA TRY SCREEN MIRRORING IT IS SO COOOOOOOL also if you want me to play more then MAKE A TV VERSION.Version: 1.5.47

Would be great butI am having some trouble with controlling my skateboard, it keeps on rocking back and forth, nose to tail, please fix this because I’m having second thoughts on deleting. This only happens sometimes..Version: 1.5.13

Suggestion:This is an excellent game, which I’ve owned for 4-5 years. I have a suggestion that would greatly improve the game. Can you please add a detailed map creator, allowing us to create maps to the depth and detail of your base maps. Add a price tag for £9.99 and I’d buy it 100%.Version: 1.5.25

GoodThis game is very realistic i love being able to do a 360 dolphin quad heel on flatground lmao.Version: 1.5.22

Not too badThe gameplay is good, they just need more maps and the majority of the grinds have the wrong names.Version:

The game itself is AWESOME but....I love this game. Seriously. The graphics, the way everything is, there’s no flaws about the look, or the gameplay. But there are some bad parts. I don’t mind that you have to pay money for the game, since it so cheap. But what’s annoying is that the game comes with only one skatepark. You have to buy more. I already payed for the game, so I’d like to have a little more than just one skatepark and one free deck. Everything is kind of overpriced. I get that the company needs to make profit, but it’ll take days; weeks, even, to get 20K to 40K true credits just to buy one deck or grip design. Make it a little easier, come with a couple more skateparks when you first download the game, and maybe include updates more often. This game is still fun though!!!.Version: 1.5.23

PayIts a good game but you have tonpay for the parks ;-;.Version: 1.5.46

UpdateWhen Tf is the update😭.Version: 1.5.42

Good game but should make more parks freeThe game is amazing and generally a good game but the fact that it costs (in Australia) 2.99$ and you only have one park and you have to pay for more. It’s a good game but it think they should a least make the game free and make the parks cost money or make the game cost money and give more parks for free.Version: 1.5.24

PLEASE READ THIS... PROBLEM WITH IPHONE XRHi, I love true skate and I aways play it I had it on my iPhone 4 then I got a iPhone 6 and played it all the time with no issues then when I got a iPhone XR there is a issue preventing me from playing the game so it was working for about a month then when I ever want to go to the menu where you can change the map or customize your skate bored the game crashes so it crashes when ever I press the 3 dots in the upper left corner to get to the menu to change maps or customize my skateboard. Please fix this I’m playing on the iOS version of the game and on playing on a iPhone XR thanks, Isaiah Ps will change my review to 5 stars if this issue gets fixed!!!.Version: 1.5.20

Awesome!!! Room for improvementAmazing game great mechanics, definitely recommend buying! I just want to give a few suggestions to make the game Amazinger!!! 1. Add reverts, like I would like to be able to tre-revert and tricks like that. 2. Maybe add another camera angle option for further away from the skateboard. 3. Improve the grind mechanics, a lot of the time I will do grinds that say different to what they actually are, e.g sometimes I crooked grind and it says 5.0 or lazy grind 4. Add better transition grinds and stalls like 5.0 stalls and axle stalls, would be a BIG + for me 5. Improve the transition mechanics! I will go to enter the bowl and it will stall on the coping or get stuck and I have to flip trying out, Thanks for reading Hope I can help!.Version: 1.5.1

Good game, but buggyGreat game but whenever I close the app and open it it sends me back to the begging of the game and resets my board.Version: 1.4.31

Awesome game.It's the best game I have, but it would be even cooler if you added new parks, but you should base them off real public parks like: Victoria park skate plaza in nz or freemont skatepark in U.S..Version: 1.3.17

Great game, but...This is without a doubt my favorite game on iPhone. I have played it almost every day for the last four years. I have bought many levels and enjoyed them all. However, one of the latest updates has caused the game to try to force me into a tutorial every time I launch the app, then it asks me to login, then it makes me read some kind of news feed, and then finally I'm allowed to actually skate. This happens *every time* I start the app. I do not need tutorials (see comment above about playing for years), I have no desire to login, and I do not want to see this news feed. I just want to skate. That being said, I have great respect and admiration for the team for creating this great game..Version: 1.4.31

Still the best, getting betterFor me this is the best skateboarding game ever made. I play with two fingers on the board and it really feels true to life, the legs update makes this great. In the future I’d like the game to consider a blank canvas for skatepark building through the DIY, this would really elevate the game further..Version: 1.5.28

Great but add this feature...What would be cool is that you could play skate with an online player or an A.I! (If you don’t know what an A.I is its basically a simulated character which is programmed to act like a player) it would be amazing if you could add it!.Version: 1.4.39

Waw.Love the fact that you can skate..Version: 1.5.47

ControllerI have an idea for controller why don’t you make the controls like skate 3.Version: 1.5.47

What’s with the tail slides not counting?????????¿¿¿???Honestly this has to be one of my favorite games of all time to play on my phone. I’ve played since I was about 10 when I had and iPod touch. I’ve never had problems with the tail slides and nose slides however I have not played the game in about a year. I downloaded it again about a week ago and I’ve been having problems with them popping up. It will give me score for them but it will only count as an Ollie so my multiplier doesn’t go up. It’s really weird cuz there’s no way I could get and score of 500 by just doing an Ollie. A lot of the time it will eventually pop up and say tail slide or nose slide but it takes like 1-3 seconds to register it. It’s a bit annoying but the game is still really great otherwise. I like how there’s two parks you can buy for credits. Also why is there a cap for how many credits you can earn in a line. I get lines of 50 to 70 thousand sometimes and I still get the same amount if I were to get a 20 thousand line. There’s pretty much no reason to get a good line if your trying to save up money for something. It was nicer to see 500 credits being added when you got a line of 50,000..Version: 1.5.23

Very good gameIt's a very good game and everything but I think there would be a way to improve it. The improvement could be multiplayer races, tricks, or freestyle with friends.Version: 1.4.9

Good game but...True skate is a great game but with one flaw. There needs to be an easier way to get TC or the prices need to be reduced. The parks that cost TC are way over priced at 200,000. If the team at true skate could reduce it lower that would be amazing or they could put a reward in missions like if you finish a mission you get 50 TC and it gets higher the better you do the mission or harder the mission is. Otherwise this is a great game and I would totally recommend to a friend. :).Version: 1.5.46

MapsLove the game but after a while it gets boring only being able to play 1 map. would be nice to have like 2 or 3 free maps..Version: 1.5.42

Pretty good game but I think there’s a lack of content.It was good and worth spending money on but I feel like there was a lack of content. Mostly just the missions and screwing around solo. I feel like a 2 player lobby would be fun, y’know like 2 people would be able to be in the same lobby. I feel like that would make the game a lot better..Version: 1.5.5

II find it weird that you have to pay 1000 true credits to reset board. It’s crazy!.Version: 1.5.26

True skateTrue skate is a great game play with many maps and customisation to your skateboard the reason on why I give it a four star and not a five star is because the board customisations and over priced in coins you would have to play for many hours just to get 1 or 2 boards you can pay for the boards in money for a cheap price but I have spent about $30 on this game and have only a few decks and wheels I would recommend this game because it is one of the best games i have ever bought..Version: 1.5.9

CoolFor me it’s just a time waster while waiting for friends or family.Version: 1.5.23

Almost perfectSo much fun and good graphics. It looks so realistic when you do eg 360 flip. It’d be great to have manual control mode. I play on the phone and there’s no way to control manuals. Another thing which I do not like is switch where I don’t see where I’m going, when I do 180, logically I should be on switch. Maybe by reversing camera where the board would be on top of a screen could be better option for switch. Tricks are limited so no ghetto bird for instance. Trucks get stuck on a ledge sometimes but I guess it makes it look more realistic. Best skateboarding mobile game 👍.Version: 1.5.15

Awsome👍Love this game, if you are into skateboarding this is for you! It has great graphics and is really realistic. The game runs smooth on my iPhone 5s so most devices shouldn't have a problem. Well worth the cost. Only thing I wish is that there was more free skateparks!.Version: 1.4.20

Absolutely love the game but can you add this?I love this game so much. I’ve had it for about a year and I still play it regularly. It’s a great mobile game. Recently, I have discovered the friends feature. My friend and I have been challenging each other a lot now because he loves the game as well. However, I was disappointed when I discover all you can do is the two challenges. What I would like is we can play normally but in the same park. We could bump into each other too. I feel like that would be amazing. If you don’t want to add that, I would at least want more of a variety to the challenges. Besides that, the game is fantastic..Version: 1.5.31

True skateAdding manuals would make this already perfect game even better.Version: 1.3.2

Great game but big problem at the momentSo I’ve loved this game for a long time now and I’ve bought 2 dlc skateparks that did work for ages but a few days ago my game crashed so I went back on it and for some reason I was on the default skatepark. So I tried to get back to one of my skateparks that I bought but they’re not there and whenever I press the “restore purchases” button the game crashes and makes no difference. I’m on the latest IOS and on an iPad mini 4 so I don’t know why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated..Version: 1.5.4

Good, big bug that needs fixingGreat game, love it, always have. I just want to say that I came across what appears to be a bug, a big one at that. I got through a third of the missions on the basic skate park, next day I come on and I’m back to the first SLS mission. I really don’t get it, because I do have an account that’s supposed to save your progress and all. I noticed another review saying his board edit was also reset. So I’m guessing this might be a progression reset bug in the game. Clearly something to fix ASAP because, well, it’s the time and effort you put into the game that you keep losing. If not this game is great, I have no doubt it’ll be fixed soon so I highly recommend for everyone to download. Edit: Really frustrated now. I got all the way back to the lip grind mission and then I go all the way back to the first SLS mission. I’m sorry but this is getting ridiculous, my progress keeps getting wiped and I really don’t want to continue playing knowing it’ll all be for nothing in the end. Sorry 😐.Version: 1.5.1

Great but needs improvingI love this game it is very realistic but needs improvements such as different deck designs more missions and more maps and skate parks to choose from.Version: 1.0.0

Amazing Game but...I really enjoy this game. It’s saved me from a lot of boredom. One thing I would love to see, is real life time periods. For example if it’s mid day, the sun would be up, but if it’s night, it would be night in the game with street lights. This could be an optional feature but I think that it would be so much cooler. Overall a great game👍.Version: 1.4.37

DOWNLOAD NOWMy most favourite game I love this game so much that I have brought everything on it and it's worth it ,it never crashes and nothing ever goes wrong with it.Version: 1.2.4

Make a fantasy factory park.Awesome game, best skateboarding game just needs more parks, gets a little boring in the same park all the time so please make some more or make a fantasy factory one. ..Version: 1.0.2

True skateI really enjoyed it for the first hour or so but the missions are to easy and there aren't enough of them, but I think in future updates they should include new parks,boards and missions but it has the potential to go from a good game to a great game.Version: 1.0.0

Great game!This game is so addictive, one of the best i've played in the App store. Has a lot of potential with updates bringing in more skate parks and being more customizable..Version:

SuggestionAbsolutely love this game I’ve been playing it for around 3 years now, it’s a good game to just throw on your phone when you’re just bored and looking for something to do. Recommendations to the developers, allow us to crop our pictures to fit our decks when putting custom images on decks and grips. Other than my one criticism I love this game if you got a few bucks to spend get this and some in game upgrades and your set. P.S right now there’s a glitch going on where my saved skateboards are reverting back to old images and decks ands grips and removing my new ones..Version: 1.4.31

Great game worth the moneyI play this sometimes in my free time, usually during my breaks at work. The game really shines for doing realistic-somewhat unrealistic tricks/lines, of course you can do random 720 quad flips but that isnt fun, realistic mode is a great addition. Theres a very high skill ceiling, honestly i enjoy it more than skater xl or session just because im really doing my tricks, and not just pressing buttons and seeing a premade animation. Nollie tricks are actually a lot harder to get down like they should be. If you play it this way, every park is worth the dollar or two they cost, and the board customization/wear is pretty great along with diy..Version: 1.5.28

CharactersI love this app so much it is the best but it need to be changed you don’t have any girl characters and you need to make every thing for less money and pls do it pls pls pls pls pls or no one will like it pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls I really recommend for thees changes to happen but this is still my favourite game.Version: 1.5.23

Its funIt is pretty fun, but it would be cool if you guys added a snowboarding game maybe called “true sn” or “snow skate” everything like true skate but different tricks 😁.Version: 1.5.42

Endless funI have been playing this game since I had my 4s and I’m still playing every day. It’s improved so much and come on a long way it’s very impressive. Please fix the bug where your wheels change back to white after reloading the game. I purchased all the colours and every time it just switches them back to white and I have to re apply them. I just give up and stick with white wheels all the time now which is a shame as the old school board looks gnarly with the lime green wheels..Version: 1.5.13

Solid gameTrue skate is such a great game that I play myself for hours a week. The mechanics are great that map variety is great but unfortunately there’s one suggestion that I would like to make. The custom board. 1. When I get custom wheels, as soon as I reopen the game they’re gone 2. When I make a custom deck please make a feature where I can move the image on the board to fit it well as it’s immeasurably hard to get it to fit perfectly having to constantly crop the image. Thx.Version: 1.5.26

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Jet Car Stunts Positive Reviews, comments
Jet Car Stunts Positive Reviews

------ Apple: Best Games of 2009 ----- AppModo: "truly one of the best iPhone games" ----- PocketFullOfApps: "An absolut...