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Time Surfer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Time Surfer app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Time Surfer? Can you share your negative thoughts about time surfer?

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Time Surfer for Negative User Reviews

Too easyAt the start you get 800 cake that you use for costumes you can get anything for that price.Version: 1.4.0

Knockoff for Tiny WingsThere was a popular game called Tiny Wings, which priced at $0.99. It was a great game although some people might not have tried it because of the "not free" tag. Here this game called Time Surfer came out. I could not think of a positive feedback for this game because I hate knockoffs. It's my personal preference, but I would never like it. Regardless rip-off, the design alone of this game is just so rough that can't arouse any interest. It's so ugly. Lastly, Apple's Editors' Choice use to be carefully selected apps and games, such as Monument Valley. From when Editors' Choice would promote such awful games? and how much the company has to pay to get the Editors' Choice label to be on the front page in Apps Store?.Version: 1.5

DisgustingThis made me want to delete it asap and play the original game..Version: 1.5

Needs.....No Game Center achievements no play.Version: 1.1

Abusive system.The "cake" system is abusive.You easly run out of cake, what you do after? NO i won't buy IAP as i already paid for the game and it's crappy reward system AVOID!.Version: 1.1

MuddyWhat do you get when you combine braid, tiny wings, and the progression system of jet pack joyride? A game that tries to do too much, has too many ingredients, and unfortunately suffers for it..Version: 1.1

Broken mechanics, and not originalGameplay is very similar to Tiny Wings and GraviTire. Rewind feature makes it feel easy and removes any challenge. It's a "rogue like" game but allows you to reverse your mistakes. No. That shouldn't be the case. It isn't in Spelunky, or Binding of Isaac, or any rogue like game. Final complaint is that it does't make sense. No, I'm not taking about the Christmas trees outside of the Universe, but I'm talking about how to escape the Universe. Eventually the Universe catches up on you, and apparently the only way to surf faster than it is to stomp on aliens and asteroids. Going on speed boost pads and getting good momentum does not move you forward. I do not understand why you would stomp on things to go faster than the Universe, but traveling at maximum speed in the game doesn't do anything? Gameplay keeps me for about three runs then I quit because of this dumb mechanic..Version: 1.4.1

Ripoff of tiny wings with a different feature that has issuesHere is the problem with mobile games these days, they all are the same with maybe something changed. The gameplay in this is extremely repetitive and boring and the only saving grace to it is the time rewind feature which is a concept that still needs some work. It was very buggy for me and on one occurrence I had a hard crash of the app. If you are going to rip off a game and try and make something different get it to work first. App was not worth the download or the space so spare yourself another time waster..Version: 1.5

Blatant Ripoff...Of Tiny Wings. I've already deleted it from my iPod. First disappointing Starbucks download I've ever had..Version: 1.4.1

Good gameGreat game good graphics but it needs more levels and more characters getting bored of the same levels.Version: 1.4.2

Ok gameI got this purely because it was the free app of the week, I personally don't like games that you don't feel that your in control of your character- and playing this game, well to be honest I really didn't feel that I was even controlling it at all!! Maybe it's just cause I don't like games like that, I prefer one that when I touch the screen the characters move, it just felt a bit to like most of the other games in iTunes- it's a pity developers don't come up with new concepts very often, however the graphics ect, are very good, I'm just not that in to the game, but hey that's just my opinion!.Version: 1.5

Hate this game!!!!!!This a very bad game and it's so confusing that until now I still can't figure out how to play it. The graphics are awful too..Version: 1.4.1

Terrible Tiny Wings cloneCan't understand all the positive reviews. Nowhere near the smooth joy of diving into hills to climb out, the constant gimmicks just get in the way and it's too hard to get into a nice rythym..Version: 1.1

Little overratedGaps in the ground make the game annoying. Also take off is too slow and boring. Similar to tiny wings.Version: 1.1

Don't like it :-(I didn't understand that this was basically a Tiny Wings clone, or I wouldn't have bought it. For me, it's too difficult, random, not very fun & the rewind time mechanic is almost pointless in a game like this IMO..Version: 1.1

Nothing newRecycled ideas again and again on AppStore. In app purchases for this game.... Why?.Version: 1.5

Meh...Looked like a good game but it's one of those like Sonic and others where you just go fast and the outcome is random. And you keep hitting the pause button which is so annoying... Deleted..Version: 1.5

Better than most games like thisBut not by much...having paid the 99 cents for it I don't know if I'd recommend you do the same. The little "pets" you unlock hardly do anything. The game is outstanding at first but it gets real old real fast. I suggest the game makers find something to spice this up or they won't have any long term players. Also considering reducing the price to free. The only reason I bought this was bc it said editors choice but I will look more into these games next time. Fantastic game, but DEFINITELY are better out there. Sorry..Version: 1.1

Alright....I don't know why everyone says this is an addictive game. Sure it keeps things entertaining by adding goals for you. But by making the pets you strive to unlock, then make them cost, that's just a cheap way of getting money! I feel like I'm wasting my cake by using those pets. It feels like I'm just playing the same thing over and over again just with small adjustments in the way I look. Although the element of being able to reverse time was a good add-in. But the occasional frustrating map where the gaps were SO far apart really made it frustrating..Version: 1.1

Let me downI Love this game! It was addictive and very simple yet fun. One small thing ruined it for me, clearly the currency is 246 orbs per say equals only 4 pieces of cake. This was a diabolical ( Sorry just finished watching 1989 Batman Movie ) plan to make money by than encouraging the player to pay real money to buy pieces of cake to purchase costumes or whatever. So I was reluctant to pay money so rather than pay real money I decided to slave away and spent time saving up for the cute little astro cat. To my dismay my numbers from 468 dropped to 168 and I was shocked only to find out that every time You died it would say continue? With a big green arrow so of course being a human attracted to bright colors I agreed but right below that not very bright nor big was the amount of cake it would cost. So here I kept clicking the button until all my funds nearly ran out! Than I nearly hit my head feeling stupid but who could blame me? Here was a big green arrow in finger reach and in the very tiny top left hand corner was the home button which didn't cost any cake. So back to the chalk board!.Version: 1.5

Not good enoughAlmost exactly the same as tiny wings but with terrible graphics. Don't waste your money, buy their other game 'beans quest' instead, same price but much more interesting....Version: 1.2.0

Great but...It’s been a ton of fun so far, but there’s one achievement that it won’t let me get and it’s the “Grind 2 planets without landing” and I’ve done it at least 20x and still haven’t got it even though I’ve done the exact thing each time..Version: 1.7

Not workingI have downloaded the app, but it's not working. It keeps sending me back to my home screen. Any suggestions to why this is happening?.Version: 1.4.1

Rubbish gameDon't get it tbh, not worth my time.Version: 1.1

Not giving me duet skinGame not giving me duet skin even though I own and play duet.Version: 1.9

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