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STARZ app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using STARZ? Can you share your negative thoughts about starz?

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Terribly glitchy appLove STARZ content but the app is the worst I’ve experienced for any streaming service, paid or not. -Sometimes buffering takes place mid-episode and takes several seconds despite having very high-speed internet. -Sound goes out periodically then resumes later in the episode, sometimes multiple times (sometimes for a second or two a time, sometimes for several minutes). I’ve been using the app for 3 days and it’s happened at least 3 times on different episodes. -Often an episode won’t play when highlighted from the series page, and the entire app freezes up. I have to exit and reopen the app then re-navigate, going to series, show, then selecting the episode from the relevant season and click through that way to “wake it up” instead of just selecting the most recently watched episode as soon as I open the app and resuming where I left off. -Sometimes when resuming an episode, it spins the timer wheel indefinitely no matter what or how many times I try (even restarting Apple TV) until I first select and play a different episode before returning to the one I actually wanted to watch. Again, having to find a way to “wake it up” from a freeze. Can’t believe there are this many issues with a paid premium channel app, it’s barely worth it to watch the content jumping through so many hoops to do so, and it certainly doesn’t encourage me to continue a subscription beyond the trial..Version: 3.12.0

Unable to connect with tv providerI think this app is an honest joke. Why can’t I use my tv provider from the official app but can use though official the website on safari. Even that has it flaws can’t even connect my own email to create an account since it says it has password. Which I never created please fix that. This app need to more fixed beforehand. I guess I’ll just be scribed from a provider since that only this thing will not work. By the way you competition has was better tactic on this you should take some notes on HBO max works with provider. This app need to catch up and this need to happen sooner than later. So you guys wanna be premium subscription service then get level of working that worth the investment. Till then I’ll leave this horrible comment. Till this get fixed. So sad how this app is such downgrade for the amazing quality of content you guys offer. Utter disappointment honestly..Version: 4.9.4

Content is amazing app is horrible?I’m under 40 so I watch everything on my phone through the app. I will watch a show on the STARZ app; I’m 15-minutes into an episode. Then I will have to pause it just to check something really quick. If I stay paused too long it totally clears the show out. When I’m done with what I’m doing and go back to the app—- I’ve been put back at the stars main page.🙄 Shockingly - there is NO quick access thumbnails of my recently viewed shows listed on the main page. So I have to scroll and search for my show again. Once I click on it. It starts the entire show episode over 🥴😳🙄sooooo I think.🥱 It’s actually playing the PREVIOUS episode i watched and it’s starting it from the beginning!!!😳😳. Like even Before the previews/ advertisements. Then it starts playing and in order to get to the next episode you have to fast forward all the way through that episode. the app makes the entire experience very unappealing to go back to watch a show when it puts you back At The beginning previous episode? It’s like why even bother. I quit my trial. Any company who this innovative and progressive in the content it provides but doesn’t bother putting any effort into the manner in which the content is delivered because they assume(Wrongly) that most are watching this on TV when the fact of the matter is statistically most Americans are watching this on the telephone. Therefore the app working is vital. Netflix knows that, HBO knows that, and so should STARZ..Version: 4.9.3

App doesn’t open after updateI started my 7 day free trial yesterday. I watched 5 minutes of a movie and shut it off because I had to leave for work. This morning I opened app and it kept saying my internet wasn’t connected. In which it most certainly was connected. I went to App Store it stated that it needed an update. So I updated. Now it won’t even open. Every other app on my device has no problems opening. I even deleted apps I no longer use thinking it was a space issue. No... nothing. So I will like to cancel my subscription. Because I’m pretty sure after my 7 days is up it will miraculously open. If I can’t enjoy it for 7 days then why would I want to invest in a long term subscription? Sorry but I’m out. CANCEL this PLEASE. The App support will not open. So tell me how to get out of this. I hate to take drastic measures and cancel my card information on my App Store..Version: 4.0.0

Great content, terrible interfaceThere’s a lot of movies I enjoy here. The frustrating part is finding movies I like, the interface just shows me the exact same content over and over again. Even when I watch more movies the system never changes, same “recommendations”. It also does not know when you’re finished watching a movie it thinks you need to finish. The captions option is not obvious to find. Also, why can I not have the option to skip previews? I am paying for a service that I don’t care to watch previews on. If I wanted commercials I would pay for cable tv. Please work on this app because there is potential, but if I have to struggle to find content I like I will not keep my subscription..Version: 4.3.2

The constant ads are maddeningThey have 2-3 standout series right now, but when you’re binging a show, they have a forced ad for their other content that u can’t fast forward through. They’re the same 3 ads, they’re all for shows and movies that are 10-15 yrs old. Anytime u watch a bts extra feature that’s 4 mins long, you have to watch a forced ad for the first minute. Let ME search your app and find your content instead of shoving it down my throat. Even though I love power and outlander the ads are almost more than I can take. None of my other subscription services inflict these in this way, in this quantity. The 60 second one that’s playing right now has graphic horror movies featured and I dont watch that kind of content bc it scares me. So bc I can’t ff I have to avert my eyes from my own tv for the 30 seconds that it’s playing. When I’m forced to have it on my screen before every episode that plays almost??? It’s too much. If they don’t stop soon, I’ll be cancelling my service..Version: 3.10.3

Great Service, Some Terrible App FunctionalityI’ve really been enjoying my STARZ subscription. The content and selection are great. Playback and menus all function well! However, I take issue with a few things: The Autoplay feature: When movies end this NEEDS to be optional. I cannot figure out how to turn this off. I understand auto-playing the next episode of a show immediately after one ends, but a movie? Why would I want some random unrelated content to start on it’s own? Not only do I like to choose what I watch next myself, but sometimes (shocker) I also like to watch the credits. (A lot of people worked hard to get their names up there and I have respect for that.) 15 seconds is not always enough time to get to the remote to cancel the autoplay. Continue Watching feed: This always seems to include movies that I’ve already finished, even if I do manage to watch to the very end of the credits. It also invites me to continue watching the shows and movies that started up of their own accord when I did not cancel the autoplay fast enough. I have no intention of ever watching some of those titles, so their presence in my queue just gums the works and makes it harder to find the content I AM trying to resume. I would love to be able to hide these from the feed..Version: 4.2.2

Beware. These people are crooksThey received cancellation (through Apple) of my services well within the service month. On the date the services were set to “expire”, they took the next months payment out of my account. Services were cancelled and money for the month was taken as well. After waiting on hold for 55 minutes to speak with a representative yesterday, I was told that I would be given a refund. Today I received an email blaming me and the bank. According to STARZ, you must cancel the service with them and notify the bank not to make the payment. Really STARZ? Does that seem reasonable or logical?! So pay 25-35 dollars for the bank to stop payment on a bonafide cancelled service?! Really?! I don’t even want them on my regular cable plan anymore because of this. I ONLY got the app to finish the season of Power. So you got double for that month. And you greedily take more?! People beware..Version: 4.2.1

Does not allow the use of stars appThe description says that we can use the starz app but after signing up to the starz monthly app and tried to sign into the starz app I get a log in error. I have tried on all my devices iPad Pro, iPhone 7, apple tc 4K, Samsung 4K tv and non apple devices. I am locked to ONLY using the tv app (to watch starz content via the starz Apple TV channel). I contacted starz and they said apple needs to release our credentials to them because as of now starz cannot see a subscription when signed up via the Apple TV channel. I also contacted apple and after an hour of chatting they finally told me that starz monthly subscription is ONLY allowed for use with the tv app via apple devices or smart TVs with the tv app and NOT the starz app. I told the rep that the current description is misleading and should be revised to let us know that we CANNOT use the starz app with this subscription and we CANNOT use the starz monthly app with our current tv provider unless that’s still in the works and will be available soon and is so please let us know in the app description as well..Version: 3.13.3

App is fine I guess... service sucked thoughLately I’ve been having an issue with watching certain movies on the app. The following message that ‘this title is not provided by your provider’ appears. Even though I have a cable subscription to not only STARZ but it’s subsidiary channels (i.e. Encore). While I understand that most people choose to pay for individual services via the app; decidedly if I paid $4.99 a month for the streaming service and such I’d more than likely be allowed access to all the titles I wished to watch. But I have a so called ‘grandfathered package’ with my cable company which allows me access to basically ALL the so called premium channels for a significant discount. My overall point being is that if you’re going provide a service to one customer and not the other over the difference of ‘service provider ‘ or whatever at least have the decency to have an app that wouldn’t bother to show me something I could not watch..Version: 4.2.2

I still get charged with "free" subscription even tho I quitOn a whim I signed up for a free trial to watch only 2 movies and be done with it. Empahsis on FREE TRIAL. The app itself was bad because it never worked properly but again, I needed to watch 2 things on a whim and be done with it. For free. After I was done, ended my free trial, and deleted the apps, I was still charged by STARZ, now monthly. Going on their website on my ipad, iphone, and laptop and following their instructing on how to deleted my suppose free trial, but because it was a free trial NONE of my devices seem to recognise the subscription and I cannot delete anything, file a report on apple, or even get decent help and explanation on why I supposedly now have a monthly paid subscription AND while the "cancel subscription" button is mysteriously gone from all three of my devices on my account. I want help and I don't want to pay for STARZ anymore when it was never meant to be my intention to be a subscribed member..Version: 3.10.2

Apple TV AppThis review is for the Apple TV version of the STARZ app...while content is great, some “features” of the app are very frustrating. When watching a series, I understand the need to ask every few episodes if I am still watching, however, it is unnecessary to show me a commercial for other content each time I click continue. Also, I appreciate the ability to “skip” this commercial, however 9 times out of 10, just as I am pressing the button to “skip”, that button suddenly updates to “add to Playlist”. So, Then I have to go all the way out of whatever series I am watching, go into the playlist, remove whatever it was that I didn’t intend to add, return to the series and try to get to the current episode and continue my viewing. VERY disruptive and unnecessary steps. Please fix this in next update!.Version: 4.4.3

FrustratingThe content is fine, the functionality is not. The app doesn’t work a lot of the time. It freezes up on the main menu as soon as I open it. If I’m downloading something, it locks up. Sometimes, if I pause what I’m watching, or have to close the app to do something else, the show or movie I was watching will reset back to the beginning, and when I try to set it back to where I left off, it will automatically reset to the start. It does this two or three times before finally playing where I move it back to where it is supposed to be. These problems are on my iPhone X. It works fine on my Roku boxes, and one of my Samsung TVs. But another one of my Samsung TVs, it lags pretty bad and won’t even play most of the time. And WiFi signal is not an issue..Version: 4.2.1

App is terrible for steaming (not content review)This app is not very functional with streaming and navigating compared to other apps like it. The design of Starz streaming service is far behind other streaming services on the market. Most streaming services will allow the user to pick up where you leave off. If I watch part of a movie and want to come back to finish watching it tomorrow, I have to manually navigate to the movie and find the location I left off. I enjoy a particular series, but I have to remember what season I’m on and manually navigate to the episode. Watching multiple episodes of the same series requires the user to manually select to watch the next, rather than auto-playing like most streaming services, with no option to skip recaps or opening credits. Navigation is hugely inconvenient especially when casting to a Smart TV..Version: 4.2.2

App Functionality Needs Some WorkThe app is a good touch to start, but they need to do some more work on the app as it messes up a bit on my TV. Every time I pause a show it has issues playing again and when I try to rewind or fast forward it freezes up and I have to exit the show and then play it again. There should also be better HD support for those using 4K/HDR supported TV’s which would probably get more people to pay for the app exclusively since there would be a major advantage over what the cable version of the networks channel actually offers since they can’t provide such a resolution like streaming tech can. Otherwise everything else is good and I would give this app a solid 5 stars once the above listed items are addressed..Version: 4.5.0

Not so easy to cancelThe app worked fine but when it came time to cancel, it became a nightmare. The app didn’t show up in iTunes as a subscription, so couldn’t cancel the way their instructions said to. Tried to login on the website, but on the iPad, the site forces you to open the app. The app says cancel on iTunes or on website. This was a maddening circle until I was finally able to login to the site via a computer. When I clicked the link to cancel, it kept prompting me to keep trying the service and cancel the cancellation, which, I believe, is purposely worded to confuse someone into canceling the cancellation rather than canceling the service. Tried to cancel before the free trial expired but since it wasn’t on my list of subscriptions in iTunes, thought I wouldn’t be billed. Don’t be fooled like I was. If you want to cancel, make sure you find the right link on the website, don’t assume you won’t be billed just cause the app doesn’t appear in iTunes..Version: 3.7.1

App is terrible ( not a content review)I don’t understand how this late in the game STARZ has such a terrible app. The interface isn’t good but the part that is most frustrating to me is that it’s nearly impossible to fast forward or rewind a show/movie. Dragging the bar at the bottom does not work to rewind/fast-forward, it just freezes the video then you have to hit pause then hit play for it to jump back to where you started from. I’ve had to use the 10-second jump feature to fast forward or rewind large parts of a video. And the best part is, when hitting the 10-second jump repeatedly, instead of rewinding/fast-forwarding 10-seconds, it only goes 6-seconds. I’m not paying for a streaming app where the basic features don’t work. The ability to rewind/fast-forward is something I’ve always taken for granted because no other streaming service has a problem with this, it’s such a basic functionality. I just paid for the first month after a free trial, but this is not worth it and I’ll be cancelling. There’s way too many other options with good content out there to pay for an app that has a lazy, outdated interface and lacks basic functionality..Version: 4.0.0

App won’t accept sign-inI just signed up for the 6-month lower cost subscription, but the app wouldn’t accept my brand spanking new, newly created login credentials. Message was “error login” I opened safari and signed on and could start to watch Men In Kilts there, but after stepping away from my iPad for a few minutes, I couldn’t get it to play again. It would only give a pop-up window that said I could watch it on the app. When I Xed out of the window, it would no longer play on Safari. Each time I hit play, it says I can download the app. I deleted and re-downloaded the app - same error login. So, since I don’t have cable, I just subscribed to a service that apparently isn’t available to watch on Safari, but doesn’t make an app that works well enough to accept my new subscription. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying your subscription. Rather disappointing as I’ll now have to cancel..Version: 4.7.4

App Never Works ProperlyI have an iPhone and I recently became a subscriber to STARZ and everything seem to be working just fine. When it was time to renew my subscription and I paid it, then I was not able to watch any movies at all. I am not very happy that my money was taken and I cannot even watch anything. I was on the phone for almost 40 minutes trying to speak to a customer service representative and this issue still has not been rectified. “Power”has to be the number one show watched right now and I cannot even watch it, I wonder how much money the actors/producers are losing by people not being able to watch through the app. If this is able to be fixed soon I may renew my subscription for November if not I guess I will not be watching it anymore, because I do not have time to go through this every single time when I can watch another app that will give me the service that I deserve..Version: 3.13.5

Terrible App For IPhoneI have been using the STARZ app for iPhone and it CONSTANTLY at least 90% of the time, when I select something to watch, after the previews, there is NO sound for the movie. Just silence. I have to close out, reboot several times before sound starts playing for the movie. Tonight I haven’t been able to get a single movie to play with sound. Previews and their ads, plays no problem can hear everything, the moment the movie plays.... zero sound. What is the point of paying for this monthly if I can’t watch anything I am paying for! 40mins of my night wasted trying to play something on this app. Very disappointed and if not fixed will be canceling. If you watch primarily on iPhone and iPad like I do, be expected for constant aggravation in trying to get anything to play correctly. How they have so many good reviews is beyond me. HBO Max came out and it’s all messed up but at least everything I select to watch plays. Maybe I will just stick with them moving forward..Version: 4.3.3

LEGAL SCAM DONT FALL FOR ITI was on my 3rd day of my (7 day day FREE trial) as with any subscription even if you get a free trial you have to CANCEL it before the trial ends so you don’t get charged. THIS APP makes it ALMOST impossible to UNSUBSCRIBE. The Number on the website is an ACTUAL scam that doesn’t work. I’m on IPHONE and the robot/instructions tell you to go to SETTINGS/ITUNES/APPLE ID/ SUB.. ETC the app doesn’t show up there not just for me FOR EVERYONE. you have to go to where ever you Subscribed from ( which for one is DUMB but obviously it’s to make it harder FOR ANYONE TO CANCEL) I figured it out because I’m 18 years old and I have my ways with technology but I’m sure even the younger people would have trouble canceling. AS FOR older people never in ONE HUNDRED YEARS would they find a way to cancel. The APP charges you $8 and then when you finally see it in your bank account you’re able to unsubscribe. A LEGAL SCAM is what this is. YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF THIS COMPANY. ( ALSO don’t get fooled by the TEXT colors when trying to cancel they also use that to fool you..Version: 4.0.0

WelpGood content. Lots to see. Frustrations: constant buffering when connected to chromecast, which is how I primarily use the app. Now, as of today I no longer have the cast button on the lower portion of my screen. It does show up when I play a video, but it tells me that I’m not connected to my local area network, which i am. I’ve even looked at iOS settings for the app and found out that i don’t have the option to allow my local area connection?! I use my chromecast for all of my streaming apps when I’m home and all work. I’ve even reinstalled the app in my phone 2xs and still nothing. Update: got an email back: Our developers are currently working hard to tackle this issue. Unfortunately, we are expecting this to be resolved shortly, however, we cannot provide an exact ETA for this resolution. We have attached your case to the larger issue and are closing this ticket. However, when the problem is resolved, we will reach out to you and let you know..Version: 4.6.0

Constantly being logged out...The app seems to have updates often but I still consistently run into the logged out issue which is quite annoying. If I minimize (using my ipad) the app or do not use the app for more than an hour I get logged out or run into an error message. Thank goodness I have cellular on my ipad because when logging back in if I am on wifi, Adobe will not recognize the server and will not allow me to log in. Using adobe to log in is weird enough, It is repetitive and extremely annoying. Luckily my iCloud Keychain works after I type in my email address but after I’m done with American Gods i’ll be more than happy to delete this app because of too many issues. I also linked it to my AppleTv account but when it switches over, the same issue occurs...buckets of fun..Version: 4.2.1

Ruined by bad recommendationsSTARZ has a lot going for it; it is reasonably priced and has a fairly large movie library. WHY can’t anyone do something about the auto play and the way the algorithm makes recommendations. For some reason, it thinks my preference is for violence and profanity, and takes me from watching a sweet film like Forrest Gump to some trashy wrestling film, it never shows me anything from my watchlist. I don’t understand how you have this programmed but it is totally wrong. It would be a great experience if someone could create some reliable suggestions. I have auto play turned off but it doesn’t do any good, you keep giving me the same trash after I watch something I have added to my list and actually want to see. Another potentially great service ruined by technical issues, I’m removing the app and won’t be renewing my membership..Version: 5.0.1

Low rating is for the platform only, the content is greatThe app has so many issues it makes it too frustrating to watch. It constantly freezes and often won’t save where you are in the movie/show. It automatically starts another movie when the last ends and I am not sure what their formula is for the movie they chose to start but it’s nothing I would want to see. The title of the movie isn’t listed anywhere when you are watching the film so even if a movie starts that you end up liking, there is no way to know what movie it is. This is just the start of the issues with the platform itself and I have used my phone, an ipad and a Firestick... All of this said they have a lot of really good movies and a few excellent shows. But I get so annoyed most of the time that I give up. I suggested it to 2 other people because of the content but they gave up too because good movies don’t really matter if you can’t actually watch them..Version: 4.3.1

Unknown error... after taking my credit card infoNot sure what’s going on but I can tell you it’s super shady. I downloaded the app, opened it, and went through all the normal processes to set up my login info. I even finished putting in my credit card information, which it happily accepted, error message free. When I got through all that and went to actually USE the access I had just purchased, it all of a sudden tells me there’s an “unknown error” with the app. I thought ok, perhaps the app glitched. I went on their website. Also an error message. How convenient that there is an “Unknown error” right after it takes me credit card information. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it to no avail. I suppose this will either end with Starz fixing whatever the “unknown error” is or I’ll have to report a fraudulent charge to my credit card company. Yeesh. What a mess..Version: 4.7.0

Fickle and Frustrating!I’m writing this review because not only am I frustrated and aggravated, I don’t know why this is happening and it’s been an issue for at least two years. I pay for STARZ through my Spectrum cable package. I also own an Apple TV, which is how I stream 98% of my content. I purchased my first Apple TV in 2018, and I downloaded multiple premium cable apps, including STARZ, to watch on demand. At the time, STARZ was only one app I couldn’t access with my Spectrum account. I let it go. I purchased another Apple TV for a bedroom last week. I set it up, as I did in 2018, downloading multiple premium cable apps to use when I want to. I downloaded STARZ again, thinking it would maybe work. It did. Okay, great! I go back to the original Apple TV I bought in 2018 and tried to sign in with the exact credentials I used to sign in to my new device. Again, I’m being told I can’t access STARZ with my Spectrum cable. So, what gives? I have two identical Apple TVs, both with the same amount of memory and up to date as of February 2021, and only the newer of the two devices plays STARZ on demand. (Both STARZ apps, are up to date, too.) I pay hundreds of dollars per month for my cable, and one of the newer perks is on demand service. It’s frustrating me to no end I can now access STARZ on demand, from one device, but not the other. It seems like there’s a massive misconnect between Spectrum and STARZ. Fix it..Version: 4.7.0

Unimpressed so farThe free trial just ended and I’m hoping maybe now that they’re getting money out of me it will work better. I only downloaded the app because it was either that or spend over $100 to purchase the box set of the show I want to watch. When the app opens it sometimes takes a minute or two to go to the home screen. Half the time it crashes before it even gets to that point. Most of the time that it doesn’t crash it just sits on the home screen, frozen. I’ve let it sit for a few minutes and come back and it still won’t let me navigate to the show I want to watch. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if I’m using WiFi or not. I also have the issue that someone else mentioned; any time you leave the app for more than a few seconds it restarts itself and you have to go through the whole process again. The few times it does let me navigate it’s a pain to get to the show. It would make more sense to have your playlist accessible from the home screen. There is a “continue watching” section on the home screen, but so far every time I’ve tried using it it starts playing an episode I’ve already watched, making it fairly useless. Currently attempting the download to play feature while connected to reliable WiFi. So far seems to be working, although it’s going about as fast as a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter..Version: 4.1.3

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