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Watching all the time!!!During this time of quarantine, I don’t have much to do. I try to get out as little as possible. But, my daughter-in-law told me about Outlanders and said I’d look in to it. Well, I can’t say how many times I’ve watched and rewatched the whole 5 seasons. This show is absolutely fabulous. The actors have a chemistry that makes their characters seem like they are the true people and you can develop such a connection with them that your emotions get wrapped up in their lives. I cry when their sad or going through something bad or good, as though they were real. And, their love seems so genuine that you cannot believe that they are not a couple off screen. Thanks for such a wonderful series. Can’t wait until season 6 airs and hope that they never stop filming the Outlanders..Version: 4.5.0

I’m in LOVEI’m so used to movie company’s that selfishly give you pricey ultimatums and quick to cut you off but with Starz I feel like family that is willing to work with my circumstances. I kept debating on if I should stay through the free trial even though I’m broke. I LOVE it and am dying to watch Psycho 1 3 and 4 because 2 was strangely HILARIOUS to me. Trying to be responsible I was going to resubscribe later. They are THE BEST in business with no low budget movies and have great ways to make you want to stay. After this new plan offer they gave me IM DEFINITELY sticking with this company! Though they kissed my a for me to stay I will be kissing theirs for life lol. The great movies are worth it! I love you STARZ!!! Thanks for being a great budget company while still having the best of them all. I recommend to EVERYONE WHO WANTS A GREAT VARIETY OF MOVIES AND A GOOD COMPANY THAT MAKES MONEY AND TREATS THEIR CUSTOMERS WELL. Xoxoxo.Version: 4.5.1

Possibly the easiest movie app ever madeSTARZ app is awesome in so many aspects. It has TONS of great movies and a nice selection of very well done and unique series such as Attila and The White Queen. It's also the easiest to navigate by far of almost every app on my phone I use to view movies on. They have quite the selection for the money and it's something I don't see ever canceling unless things go downhill but I've had this subscription a good couple of years now or near enough. I can't recommend how good it is with something for everyone, including the children. With this price point I often wondered why I ever bothered with some of my other subscriptions but they all seem to have something to offer that's unique but if I could only have my pick of two or three, STARZ would definitely be in my top 3..Version: 3.6.0

Definitely have some issues to work outI hold large, multi billion dollar companies to very high standards and this app really misses the mark. The actual content is great, I’ve had plenty of hours of entertainment. Its always on in the background when I do just about anything. With that being said, I really wish it would offer split screen. Since iOS14 came out, almost all of my video apps will go to the corner or run in the background while I use my phone. This app doesnt and its sooo annoying. Currently, the Seduction series is airing and Im super anxious! its amazing! but i have no way of knowing when ill be able to see the newest episode. there’s absolutely no information on any of the movies or shows. It’s annoying i cant take care of anything regarding my acct in the app, it opens Safari which is annoying. just a ton of little inconveniences makes it less than stellar and in my opinion, with all of the competitors, it should really be doing more. It needs a new UI, I want specific dates when things are coming, etc. All in all, its fine and definitely worth the money if you get your membership on a discount..Version: 4.5.1

ReviewThis is my third time to watch. And in about a month, …….I’ll do it all again!!! I feel each character has been beautifully chosen, perfect in their roles. I have always been proud of my Scottish heritage, but the show has given me a new appreciation of her history and natural beauty. You’ve put Scotland on the top of my “to go” list. I do have one small thing that is bothersome to me however (probably just my OCD😊). I wish Briana had blue-eyes like her parents, not brown-eyed like Frank. Regardless, she is a beautiful girl who does a wonderful job. I now, I am anxiously awaiting next season. It proves we are never too old for a good love story; and Outlander is certainly that! Thank you..Version: 4.9.4

Enjoying the content, but removing ads for episodes (at least beyond the pilot) would be niceUpdate: it seems like what I thought was another episode playing was actually a 30 second ad. It was difficult for me to tell the difference between the ad and a recap, so I thought the episodes were mixed up. Original review: I’ve liked the stability of the app so far, but it seems like some episodes are mixed up. For example, episode 2 of The White Princess, “Hearts and Minds,” is actually missing. When I’ve tried to play the episode in the app, an episode from “The Spanish Princess” plays instead. I’ve tried this across devices, so it seems like a problem with the app itself, and not my access to it. It’s not a huge deal, but it did make me log off Starz and onto another streaming service to watch something else during my downtime..Version: 3.13.2

Outlander on filmBeautifully done! I’m amazed how so many of the original story lines have been twisted around to fit the screen. I am pleased with the selection of the characters in the story. In my imagination I pictured the characters a little different but as the story continues I can’t imagine anyone else having the ability to portray Jamie and Claire as does Catriona and Sam! Very pleased to be watching this series and Bravo to Diana Gabaldon because although I’ve always been entranced by the the stories of the Highlanders, ( from Karen Marie Moning too), I never knew the history of the Scotts and the history that followed the battle of Culloden. The service of indentured soldiers and bondsmen were a mystery to me. I have a greater appreciation of History as the story unfolds. Thank you STARZ!.Version: 3.6.1

Made me happyI was watching Outlander on my iPad. Suddenly I started getting a pop up saying playback error. I’d hit OK and it took me back to the episode selection where I’d hit resume and continue watching. It did it a dozen times in the course of one episode. DISH tech support can’t figure it out. I deleted the app and the iPad itself, then restarted everything. That was the last best idea I was given. I was getting frustrated! Finally got the idea to look for a STARZ app. It’s been smooth sailing ever since I started using the app instead of DISH Anywhere. Your app is easier to navigate and has better picture quality too. If you’ve seen Outlander, you’ll know how happy I was to continue half way thru season 3. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 3.6.4

I RECOMMEND STARZ ALL THE TIME TO FRIENDSMy son first told me I should get STARZ subscription when he introduced me to Black Sails! I fell in love with The White Queen, The White Princess & The Spanish Princess! BUT WAIT...I have to tell you about my FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME! OUTLANDER!!! I’ve got sooooo many woman to get their STARZ subscription because of my recommendations! I got my mom to watch Outlander with me when I was watching Seasons 1-3 for my 3rd time (back then) so we could watch Season 4 in sequence together for the 1st time! She laughed at me when I cried because I had seen it 3 times already but between sobs, I said “but he’s such a good man!” So frickin’ romantic! We binged watch like mad! She said she couldn’t sleep because of each episode’s cliff hanger! After the finale of season 4 she was so bummed she had to wait for season 5 but then she got a mischievous smile on her face and said, “Let’s watch from the beginning again!” Then she said like a kid in a candy store, “AND we’ll HAVE TO WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING when the new season premiere’s!” She passed away before season 5 was released and I held off watching it for a bit but then I started watching season’s 1 thru 4 then made it to the end of 5. In my mind, I can see my mom in her chair & hear her laughing at/with me! Waiting for season 6!.Version: 4.8.0

Log in with TV providerAt 8:15 this morning I downloaded the Starz App for the umpteenth time hoping the issue with the App not functioning properly would be repaired. I began signing in at 8:15. At 8:22 after going through the various steps I was finally signed in. Seven minutes? Can you imagine if it took 7 minutes to sign into every app? But that’s how it has been on my iPad Pro since October 2018. Once signed in I was able to watch about 50 seconds of programing before the App took me back to the sign in process to start all over again. Since Adobe became involved in this process signing into the App with your TV provider has become impossible. If Starz doesn’t want me to use my TV provider to utilize the App remove the option. This is beyond frustrating. I used to love this App but it is worthless now..Version: 3.12.5

Fan of the Outlander SeriesI have read all the Outlander books as they were written. I was so excited when they made the series. I read them when first published, so I got new copies and read them again to catch up on what happens when. The series is very close to the books. I could not wait to see Fergus and Ian grown up. I told my sister and daughter in law what a good series it was and we have been watching together. I can hardly wait for each week to pass to watch it play out. Such a wonderful blend of history, romance, drama and science fiction. I keep wishing there would be a book 9. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job being true to these iconic characters..Version: 3.5.0

Black SailsI subscribed to STARZ to watch Black Sails after catching the first few episodes on Netflix overseas and got hooked. I loved this show. I love pirates and Treasure Island was one of my favorite books as a young boy. I was a bit disappointed this show only has 4 seasons, but it ended well. Definitely not Disney pirates. I plan to keep the app to evaluate for a bit. I have heard good things about some of the other series. I hope I find more shows as binge-worthy. The app itself works very well and I rarely had issues except with occasionally losing my place when moving devices, but this is a minor grievance and it worked well enough most of the time. I will continue to subscribe at least a few more months if I find some other series on here that I like..Version: 3.5.0

Starz ReviewI love the Starz original shows, so far I’ve seen Outlander which was really good, and now I’m watching Black Sails and am really enjoying that as well. Really keeps me entertained and wanting to find out what happens next! I only have one issue with the app which I wish could be resolved. When I go onto any other app such as Netflix or Disney Plus I could watch a show on the TV, and then later or the next day go onto my phone and go back to where I left off, and then back to TV, and so on and so forth. With this app I will go onto my phone and it does not do that. For example, I am now watching Black Sails, when I went onto my phone the other day and opened the app, I selected my account, and it didn’t even show where I left off at, and it showed that I was still watching Outlander when I finished that show months ago. Something isn’t syncing from watching the app on the TV, to the phone, or to the computer. I wish that this issue was resolved, cause sometimes when I’m sitting in a waiting room or somewhere I just want to pull out my phone, plug in my headphones and watch the show or movie I’m on, and where I left off at. Also, when I searched Black Sails on my phone, it showed that none of the episodes were watched, so it’s not just where I left off at, it’s also not registering that I’ve seen any of it at all. Please fix this glitch, it will make me very happy!.Version: 4.9.4

Spartacus-Blood & SandThird time I've watched this show, but still missing a lot of episodes, thru my own fault!!! I absolutely LOVE these types of shows. When Kirk Douglas acted in the role, he did not know our History, very well!!! It was like I lost interest in watching more of bad rotten like sequels!!! Andy was wonderful as Spartacus, and it was so sad to see him and assume that he was in a dangerous fight of his own personal life. I'm sure all the other fans felt and still feel the sorrow of his demise!!! Thank you for reading my feelings in this first Spartacus and assume that he was coming back at the beginning of this great movie!!! I'm not sure of the new Spartacus, and how he will fill wonderful,l Andy's shoes or make that sandals. Well, that's about all I can say on this movie and the new actor that has taken Andy's place. Thank you for your attention on reading this and of Andy taking care of his failing, and keep this program going on. Thanks again, Nick Donvito, a true FAN!!!😎😎😎😇😇😇🚔🚔🚔🚓🚓🚓👮👮👮!!! I hope al the sequels do very well also!!! Good night (or morning) and I'm so glad to see so many other fans!!!.Version: 3.10.4

Buffers too muchMy main grip with this app is navigating - when I go to the Resume Menu for instance and I want to watch Outlander Blade may cover a quarter of the Outlander box when I click on Outlander I get Blade also there are no pictures of the show in the boxes so I go to the Series Menu where there are also no pictures but no double boxes. The app buffers a lot. - I always have my phone or iPad at my side to pass the time when I start the app when I go to a movie when I start a movie because anytime you go to another it buffers.I have three other streaming services they do buffer when you first go into it but it’s for two or seconds this app can really stand some improvements - I don’t plan on keeping it for a long period of time.Version: 3.7.0

Outlander Season ThreeI just rewatched the first four episodes of season three. The writers are to be applauded; you had a difficult task capturing all of the most heart-wrenching and important parts of Diana’s outstanding novels. To all of the actors, BRAVO! I sat mesmerized and almost in tears at the end of each episode. You have truly done an amazing job bringing this story to the screen. to all of the crew, directors, and everyone involved in the making of this most excellent production, my utmost gratitude. You have given the Outlander fans quite a treat. and hopefully, new viewers will delight in this story as well. Forge on in the making of upcoming episodes and know that you are all truly appreciated! Sue Schelvan, Huntington Beach, Ca..Version: 3.6.4

The best, short livedRight now, I’m watching American gods. I’m in love with the show, but I’m worried. Let me explain why: I first got involved with STARZ for the show Spartacus. A show I often describe to people who have never seen it as “gods gift to men who watch tv” the death of Andy was tragic, and no one could ever fill his roll, but the fallowing “gods of the arena” was excellent. “War of the dammed” was epic and by then Ian had really stepped into the character of Spartacus. We all knew it had to end sometime, but I wanted so much more than what I got. The same go’s with “black sails” as amazing as it was, it felt short. The subject matter was there. Blackbeard, long John silver. It could have kept going. And don’t get me started on “ash vs the evil dead” I understand that the show was a victim of piracy, but the fan base was there. Canceling that show made STARZ weaker as a service. I’m not interested in “power” definitely not “p-valley” I know “outlander” is a popular show, but it’s not for me. Right now, for me “American gods” is carrying the subscription. Please don’t cancel it. And I’d like to see more shows like it..Version: 4.7.0

OutlanderBest series I have EVER watched. The reality, creativity and emotional and physical chemistry between two actors and the supporting actors is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! The thought to detail and the respectful way each incidence is brought forth. The historical realness of what was going on in those years and correctness is amazing, from the clothing to the tools and transportation of the times! But the love story and the strength of two people that time cannot weaken and what they go through to be together…what it stirs within you cannot be matched! I hope this series continues to go on for years to come!! Diana Gabaldon is a genius and the production of her books to small screen is the best! Let’s see it through to her book 10 and any side books she may have to go with it! Everyone I talk to is watching Outlander and can’t get enough of it! They are willing to go long periods until the creation of the next season! To end it before book 10 is finished would be a travesty! We all want as much Jamie and Claire and their story as we can get!!.Version: 4.8.0

Blinded by BlindspottingI honestly didn’t watch the original movie but I saw the trailer for the show and it really looked interesting! I enjoyed the show very much and the story line too. I will definitely go and watch the movie or prequel to see Miles and Collin’s story as well but I have to say Ashley’s story was very relatable to women and especially single mother’s everywhere. Trish’s character was an added bonus and a true joy, alongside her mom, Janell and Mama Nancy as well. Supporting characters make the show & although Earl was a little odd to be in the mix, it helped to have that older brother/ father figure there for Shawn. I was blinded in a good way and I enjoyed the interpretive dancing that brought out the feels within the story. I’m praying for a second season and continuation to the story. Maybe Miles can get let out early for good behavior? I hope so! Awesome show👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.9.4

My PlaylistThe app version of STARZ for iPad is great, I love the variety & extensive list of great & popular movies. I have a HUGE continuous issue with my playlist that has been present ever since I started my subscription many months ago! I will spend 1hour+ looking thru all the different genre of movies & shows and add a ton to my playlist/watchlist and then, POOF! THERE ALL GONE!! It is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to say the least! Please fix the bug, it has happened for the at least 10th time now and I feel as if I’m going to rip my hair out! Also, some titles take a 10second “thinking” time when I click it to add to my playlist, while others I click the add + symbol and it’s immediate. I have the highest internet speed/connection our internet provider offers so it’s not anything to do with that. Thanks :).Version: 4.7.2

The very Best adaptation of the series of booksI've read and reread Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of books since they were first published in the early 90's. Initially I was curious as to how close the STARZ series would come to them. While the books hold more detail, this series is EXCELLENT! The selection of the cast, the work of the crew, the writing of the scripts and the direction is superior. I also enjoy the discussions at the end if each episode. I continue to reread the books and rewatch the previous seasons before each season and I am never disappointed. I'm not a purist, in that every utterance in the book is captured on screen - that’s impossible. So thank you for such brilliant interpretation and entertainment..Version: 3.7.1

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