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ClassDojo app received 81 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ClassDojo? Can you share your negative thoughts about classdojo?

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ClassDojo for Negative User Reviews

Forced to use by schoolThis app is a constant source of frustration for me. After being constantly interrupted by notifications which are not relevant to my family I have had to turn them off. The school does not seem to have the option to send messages only to those that it is relevant to and the large number of irrelevant posts are not searchable. The points system does not seem to work. I am always getting messages saying that my child has points but when I click on it it shows a total of zero points. This app is a huge time waster. I would rather not have it on my phone, but have been left no choice by the school who refuse to communicate any other way. My other child’s school uses an app which is text only, relevant and useful. If you are from a school considering using an ap, I recommend you look for one that is more practical..Version: 6.2.0

How to cancelHi Could anyone tell me how to cancel the subscription ? Can’t find a cancellation.Version: 10.0.0

Needs proper updateThere have been 5 updates since I reported the loss of getting notifications on my iPhone 8 plus. I was told to reinstall the app despite this issue being recognized as a bug that needs fixing. It still has not been fixed and these vague release notes leave a lot to be desired. As for the app use, it's a mom's nightmare if you have special needs children. If you can not ask your child what happened at school this app will leave you even more baffled. Teachers are allowed to leave unexplained negative feedback. Yes it is teacher responsibility to use it fairly but I feel this app and it's setup makes poor communicating teachers even lazier. I am expected to write *them* notes that they do NOT respond to when they mark points off, cause simply telling me makes too much sense 🙄 So how about this- stop letting teachers just lazily leave negative feedback WITHOUT notes. It should REQUIRE a note. If my child isn't doing anything worth writing about it shouldnt warrant losing points either. Messages should have a priority setting because I am starting to think my child's teachers can't read the way they dodge messages. It's ridiculous and there should be more accountability built-in to it's use cause students are not the only bullies at school. Now we just have a bunch of lazy teachers content with bare minimum forms of communication. This app could require more of teachers, otherwise it's worsening communication and behavior problems..Version: 4.24.2

Toggling between teacher and parent!Going between teacher and parent logs me out all the time!! :-( I reach grade 6 and my little guy is in grade 1 and it’s not super use friendly yet..Version: 10.3.0

Just use google classroomThis app is only for schools that are to lazy to give students a google account. There are benefits to use a google account because they can access things like google docs ,google drive , google slides , google sheets, and lots more with there school account Instead of making different accounts. Also google classroom has more features. this app is also very childish and includes paid promotions not like Google classroom google classroom is a very straightforward easy Google class platform you can easily communicate with a teacher or classmates via stream or access their contacts through the people banner plus it’s not a video game with stupid monsters it’s a learning platform I really recommend google classroom as it is much better and for schools and teachers I think you should use it because it makes you seem like a professional school that uses professional software not a monster video game..Version: 7.17.0

Good app, could be more useableDojo is a great way for schools to communicate with parents, but there are features that could be added that would make it a lot easier to use. Our school has posts several times a day (often more frequently) with information from many different teachers and staff. It would be incredibly helpful to filter posts by the person that posted them - if I wanted to find one post that Mrs Smith posted a few weeks ago, I don’t really want to have to scroll back through all of the other posts too!.Version: 9.55.0

Great concept but buggyNew toolkit is great but often doesn’t synch up to the points on the computer now. It used to but is now sporadic.Version: 4.18.1

Great app but too noisyThe app presents great features but all these big colorful fluorescent icons and notices popping all the time make the experience a bit unpleasant.Version: 9.55.0

Another update to force dojo plus.Yet again another update that stops you in your tracks from using the app for what it is originally intended. Forcing dojo plus even more so. When trying to view child points, the app takes you straight to ‘insights’ which is an advert for dojo plus instead of taking you straight to ‘point history’. The app seemed to get marginally better, taking 1 step forward then 10 steps back again. Stop changing everything to suit dojo plus and concentrate on what the app is originally intended - at the end of the day the schools choose this platform, not the parents! Another update, and now even harder to navigate. The points summary doesn’t seem to match the true amount of points given for the week. My child has 18 points currently for the week so far but the point summary dashboard ‘all points’ claims only 13? Very confusing. I will say that since my last review I can now scroll through and view previous points from the last 2 weeks rather than just the current week, which is fab but I do wish the app would reset itself to how is was a few updates ago. It was much easier to navigate and worked well. Dojo plus might be an optional spend, but it seems forced on you at every opportunity. At the end of the day this is an app for teachers to interact with parents. The schools have chosen this platform not the parents. Asking parents to pay for extras doesn’t seem at all fair..Version: 8.32.0

AffreuxEt premièrement j’ai demandé que ceux soit français et ce n’est pas français. Deuxièmement je suis même plus capable d’écrire au professeur.Version: 10.2.0

Très déçuJe trouve tellement dommage De devoir déboursé de l’argent pour donner des points à notre enfant ainsi que les applications très déçu.Version: 9.60.0


I don’t enjoy using the app, despite its usefulnessI’ve been using class dojo for 8 years now, on and off as my children’s teachers have or haven’t utilised it. It is useful for maintaining communication and sharing school work with teachers remotely in many ways, however I am hating navigating the app to find the particular features I am wanting to use. The more this app has developed and the more the app has been added to, the more complicated and time consuming it has felt trying to use it. Currently I have one child connected to it and using it daily. Private messaging with the teacher is easy enough and has been the most used feature during non-covid times, and at the moment we are able to be notified and view daily work and communication posted by the teachers. Alternatively posting completed school work, photos, viewing class work shared by other students approved by teachers, viewing comments, viewing class streams etc all seem difficult to find quickly. It seems much more complicated than it needs to be. I wouldn’t personally recommend using class dojo despite its good qualities without first looking at alternative platforms that might also be available. A layout rejig and simplification would probably fix these issues for me. I have absolutely no interest in using class dojo for home parenting/discipline purposes as it doesn’t suit my parenting style. I liked it better when it was geared more toward supporting schooling instead..Version: 8.12.0

Pushy ads won’t go awayGreat to be able to see my child’s class work, but there’s a huge ad at the top, takes up 1/3 of the screen space, for Beyond School. The X doesn’t work to close it or dismiss it, so I’m just stuck with it..Version: 8.5.0

Messages not coming throughI use the app as a teacher and parent. Not sure if that is where my issue stems from. On my teacher page, I continue to show that I have unread messages, but there are no new messages. Sometimes I don’t receive a notification messages are in my inbox. If I never check my desktop I’m unaware of a parent trying to communicate. As a parent, I can send a message to my child’s teacher and check consistently for a few days and no reply will be visible, yet after a few days the message will randomly appear and I see the teacher actually replied to me the same day I sent the original message. The class stories are also showing up on delay time frame as well. My app is currently up to date and so is my phone l. This is frustrating because this is the preferred way to communicate with my child’s teacher as well as the parents of the students in my class. I NEED this fixed..Version: 10.2.0

Excellent in principle, poor in applicationI imagine for teachers this app is an excellent tool to help motivate an monitor students. However having almost zero functionality as a parent is frustrating. Especially when some of the functions are one use only with zero warning until you have actually used them once. If there was more basic applications that could be used with ads and banner that would be more acceptable than what feels like strong arming parents into having to pay to unlock any useful features for it. I understand that development of the app takes time, money an resources, but there has to be a better way to achieve a more rounded experience for both parents and teachers..Version: 7.4.0

Seems to be about making moneyOk as a texting app between me and my Sons teacher. Do i trust class dojo with my Sons sensitive information and that it could be used by class do in my Sons future, NO!. This app was forced upon my family by the school. I dont need this app to understand my Sons behaviour or grades, i get a report from the teacher which is private and confidential hard copy. I don’t need to give or subtract points from my Son through this app, i can handle all that from home I’m a stable parent. Really, pay to win, give money to app to give points to Son. Im to smart to need this app to handle my sons education. There are far better resources than this money make venture sucking the life from people tricking family’s that this is needed to educate and stand in as a relevant liaison from teacher school parent and student. Stop sending me notification so class dojo can sell me something which seems to not be about my Sons best interest..Version: 7.21.1

Pay per viewI like the app but I don’t like the fact to get full features I have to pay.Version: 9.51.0

My Stress Of ClassDojoNo one will comment me.Version: 7.2.0

Pros and consIf you read a lot of these reviews a lot of people have the same concerns and the same issues they have also had Poor notifications on whether someone has messaged! It feels that class dojo developers aren’t really taken in consideration of the reviews as there’s no reply and yet no changes! ClassDojo is a great idea for communication for students parents and teachers however I do not like all the features that have a price to it especially for low income families and I disagree with allowing parents to see whether a message was read or not as it can cause controversy if the teacher is not able to reply back or is very busy forgets to reply back and it shows that it’s read isn’t appropriate for the setting of it being for teachers and parents as I feel as if it’s going to cause hard feelings in certain cases I don’t feel it’s appropriate feature for the app as well as it should allow cheaper features for low income families as well as having a feature to be able to add events to phone calendars rather than a feature telling if a messages read! Other than that it’s definitely moving in the right direction!.Version: 10.1.0

Doesn’t workEver let’s me log on, always tells me their is an error.Version: 10.3.0

Just a tick box exercise for ofsteadAsked to download it but school have only posted a handful of pictures and answered one question. Seems a waste of time. Not sure if it is the school or the app that is at fault but the app is getting the review. Cannot find the dojo points on the app although my daughter can tell me how many she has! Also ‘ ‘the rewards are rubbish’ according to my daughter. ‘You can bring your slippers in and wear them, sit next to your friend or help teacher during break’ my daughter says pulling a face. Again not sure if that is school or the app but it seems a half hearted project that is only populated just before inspections. Which is a shame really, as the children seemed excited about it when it was rolled out..Version: 5.0.0

Never get notificationsThis app for some reason does not show badge icons when a new message is received.Version: 8.4.0

Always on the upsell, only use it if you mustThis app is used for some school communication instead of email or normal tools. So to keep in touch we needed to install it. It tries to be like social media. But has lots of watts. First it takes every available opportunity to pop up nags for money - I thanks I just want to read what the school sent. Sometimes I can see a photo thumbnail, then when I zoom it’s blank. I guess it is the closed school community and privacy that makes it attractive to schools, but it’s quite annoying for parents..Version: 9.20.0

FâcheFaut que je paye pour mettre les points dojo.Version: 9.64.0

Could be better!!!It’s a good reward system online and in keeping with the use of modern technology rather than stamp cards my Child’s school previously used. It would be an even better app if you could see the total number of Dojo’s that have been accumulated so far rather than just being able to see those earned on a daily or weekly basis and even more impressive would be to have a running total somewhere on the screen/weekly or daily view you’re looking at too. Some simple improvements/adjustments to be made before I could consider giving this app the 5 stars it could achieve..Version: 4.19

WORST APP EVERIf I could leave a lower review I would. It is a horrible app and it does not know whether you are a qualified teacher or not!! I am a fully qualified teacher and my students thoroughly enjoyed receiving points for good behaviour and it was a great source of motivation for them. Then out of the blue I received an email saying they’d deleted my account because “ Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we only allow verified teachers and school faculty to have ClassDojo accounts. This means, that we had to delete your account. If you have any interest in making a Student Account or Parent Account, do let us know and we can get you sorted.” I am deeply outraged that they deleted my account and I had to explain to parents! I strongly advise against the use of this app to parents, students, and most of All teachers. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope it assisted you in your decision with whether or not to get this app..Version: 7.2.0

All features should be free in public school appI love seeing photos of my child’s day and getting messages from the teacher as well as being able to message her. I think it is disappointing that an app designed for families at public schools is trying to get families to pay to upgrade or they don’t get the full range of features… this discriminates against families who can’t afford it and is constantly reminding them of the features they aren’t getting. Seems inappropriate to me..Version: 9.12.0

Rooms for improvement to reach 5 stars!I don't understand how this app gets 5 stars. I’ve been using iOS version since September 2019 my son goes to Kindergarten. However, at the student’s report page, teacher input comments but it shows “Talking after whole cl.....”. My first thought was users should be able to view the whole description but it’s somehow cut off on the screen. I tried to click on the description to see if it’ll expand the full content but it doesn’t. If this app is about how we understand our kids are doing in school from teacher comments, then showing the full point description should be a very feature which this app failed. Secondly, it’s a suggestion that right now I can only see the parents from my son’s classroom when they comment on teacher’s posts. I do hope the app will include a “parents connection” feature so when it’s needed, parents can message each other and get connected for social or emergency purpose..Version: 6.18.0

AvisParfois n’est pas toujours simple.Version: 9.63.0

A Daily DreadMy son had this for his for his elementary years. In his case, it was a small school and too much favoritism- which included the staff. Everyday they nit- picked his and other students days apart. It became a very sad and pathetic atmosphere. I decided to come to join in class activity, as well as, a few other parents to see if our frustrations were actually merited or not… We saw how our children had the typical situations where they would need to be corrected or their attention refocused. To be honest, my attention needed refocus several times…. But, what I found was that “our” students were nothing different from what I saw of the others… if nothing else, they had less difficult episodes. But, to get back to the point, my child was progressively picked apart and their little personality’s daily demoralized. On a student level, these kids were bullied. It wasn’t long before myself and 3 other families decided to transfer our children. In retrospect, this may have been a fantastic app if used appropriately… which I have seen with similar apps. But with this app unfortunately, I can’t say I enjoyed or found much to speak positively for..Version: 9.34.0

Not a fan of reward systemsI’m not a fan of reward systems at all. I don’t think they teach children anything but to be competitive, which I don’t think is healthy. I don’t like that this app is focusing obviously on dojo points or reward points. Children can be doing very well in school and and be obedient but it doesn’t say anything about if they’re good souls or not. The emphasis should be on being a good human being and not on how many points they collected in school. It feels like giving a dog his treat when they did well. I don’t like it..Version: 9.8.0

I can’t access my accountI done payment for a month and still I cannot have fully access. When I’m going back to the app to do subscription it doesn’t let me continue as I already have a subscription up to 12 of May. Could you please help me as soon as possible is been this problem from 12 of April up to know and we haven’t used what we paid for. Otherwise we love the app and we are using everyday🥰..Version: 9.17.0

Je ne veux pas payerJe suis un parent et pour suivre mes enfants sur ClassDojo je dois payer mais je n’ai pas le goût de payer pour ça.Version: 9.56.0

LoginI think class dojo’s login system is a bit strange. One day I log in, and the next day it logs me out automatically..Version: 9.57.0

Needs a Major Notification Option UpdateMy child is 5 & I love seeing what he is up to in class however, he dosent have major responsibilities that I track with ClassDojo points. We go to sleep fairly early and use my phone as an alarm, so I set my volume to loud every night and am frequently disturbed by ClassDojo asking me if he earned a point today. No where on the app is there a setting to only notify me when his teacher posts. In order to have notifications on, this comes with being notified EVERY NIGHT between 9:30-10pm to ask if he has earned a class dojo point. At the very least, the notification could go off in the morning to ask me about his previous day opposed to in the middle of the night. My spouse and I both have this app on our phone and we just wish that this was an optional feature. What could have been a potentially great app is now tainted by this experience and has me counting down to his last day of school this year so that I can feel the relief of deleting this app..Version: 6.8.2

This app needs an update!So as it's my last year of 8th grade, and every year for every new 8th graders at the end of the year we have a yearbook. So I went on ClassDojo to find photos teachers have put up on there, I found a lot, yes but there was more to find. I couldn't find the pictures as fast as I'd like to because I had to keep on scrolling down to find it, and when I would accidentally leave the app to send the photos to the yearbook committee, I would have to start scrolling again from the very top. Not only is this annoying but another thing is happening, I would be down in the app that it would crash and reload me to the top. I advise that you guys add a feature where you can enter the month or day of what you're looking for. And another update that needs to be done is to make students able to text their teachers, not being able to text your teacher when YOU need something is just absurd especially when you have a connect and safe space with your teach that you don't want your parents know from you..Version: 6.30.0

BadGoogle classroom is better..Version: 8.25.0

I’m pretty mad about what just happenedI’m in middle school and most of my teachers use class dojo during the pandemic. Most of my work is done on the website instead of the app on the phone since it is easier to switch tabs for school work. While I stood up late to finish up some work that took me hours, my progress reset out of nowhere. It’s absolutely pathetic to me that that happened. If this can be fixed where I am trying to switch tabs for school work without having to worry about my progress deleting then please fix this somehow. I stood up all night trying to finish some work and it went away. This is stressing me out so much because I stood up all night just to finish it and get some sleep but now I’m going to have to re do all of my work putting a lot of pressure on myself and stress. I’m also now worrying about the progress resetting. Please fix this. The app is great but I am just really mad about what just happened which is why it’s a 1 star rating, even though in general it is a 4-5..Version: 6.27.1

Monster Avatars!In the first versions of this app there we SO MANY choices for monster avatars- colour, body form, everything. Now my kids have lost their original choices through updates, and we’d like to see the original wide variety of choices reinstated!! Plus we can’t see the kids login details to use the app on PC, it would be handy to have these viewable through Parent Profile. Thankyou!.Version: 8.17.0

I don’t like the new update…So I’m a year 6 student at my school and my teacher gives us class dojo’s when we are good (what the app was meant for) and when I saw my dojo again it looked freaking ugly. So I decided to change it but it’s SO confusing now that everything is 3D. When everything was 2D it was quick and easy to make an avatar for your monster. I just get really confused now because I don’t know why they had to make it 3D I really don’t, so please bring back the old 2D update!.Version: 8.23.0

Why must you complicate my lifeWhy can't I see the messages on the app. Why can't I find it easily. And have to go on my browser to see if. No I'm not paying your outrageous price.Version: 9.62.0

Bad updateGood for seeing pictures but since the update I can’t check any messages from the teachers!!!.Version: 9.33.0

Class dojoI think dojo is good but sad that you have to pay to see last years things.Version: 9.20.0

RefundI canceled my subscription since my kid doesn't go to the daycare who is using this app. Even I deleted my account but again you charged me yesterday. Please refund it ASAP. Thanks.Version: 10.4.0

Can't use same email as both teacher & parentAs a teacher, this app worked great. However I'm a parent, too, and it won't let me use the same email address for both parent and teacher account. I already had an account as a teacher, and now as a parent I can't create a parent account linked to the same email. I have to go make a new email just for using this app now as a parent. It's ridiculous. I should be able to toggle between accounts on the same email address..Version: 9.8.0

Multiple photo selectionI have been using this app for 5/6 years now. It's absolutely fantastic app to stay in communication with my kids teachers, also to receive regular updates from school. With the lockd9wn the teachers are regularly sending work for the kids to complete at home aswell. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars is just for one reason. That is that after all these years and updates to the app, one necessary feature is STILL missing, which is the ability to select multiple photos when sending to class teachers. If this feature is added, thus will be a 5* app.Version: 6.30.0

Love it / hate the paid versionWe love dojo and have been using it for the past 5 years! It gives us a piece of mind getting to see pictures of our kiddos and seeing their points through out the day. It’s also a fantastic tool for receiving important info and communication from the child’s teacher and the school as a whole. I also love using it for PTO to send reminders. The only thing I wish they wouldn’t have done is make it to where you have to pay to have a membership. If the kids want to change their monster avatar, some of the options are for membership, want to see more than one or two weeks of their points need a membership, want to do points at home, once again pay money for a membership. It wasn’t always like that and now that they are a big app that majority of schools use they have monetize it. Take the need for a membership out and I would give it 5 stars! (More than that if I could!).Version: 7.4.0

Let us choose notificationsAs a teacher, the app is now sending more and more random notifications/messages about class dojo events and reminding us to use certain aspects of the app and just useless stuff. I went into settings to turn this off however there is only an option to mute notifications altogether or mute on weekends. If I turn off all notifications I’m worried I’ll miss an important message from a parent. Seems ridiculous that we don’t have this option. I don’t want to get your random advertising messages that make me open the app wasting my time!!.Version: 6.15.0

Unreliable notifications and pointless notifications at 2amI do not want to be woken at 2am by a notification “See your child’s week on dojo” Notifications of messages either drop off app before message is read or no notification even presents. When this is being used for important communication that is at best inconvenient (notifications about homework being seen after due) at worst potentially dangerous- (notification of a child not arriving at school). Also being unable to use the app until after update app makes it pretty much useless when you need to get a timely message through to school!.Version: 7.0.0

Avoir plus de gratuitL’es meilleur classe son toujours a payer.Version: 9.55.0

It was fine at firstOur school uses this app for students. At first it was awesome! We could “applaud” good behavior and it allowed parental involvement. But as the year progressed and the app repeatedly updated its limited parents to JUST seeing what dojo points their child’s gotten without allowing any response from home at all unless you upgrade to the paid premium subscription, which is utter nonsense. I get developers wanting to make money but this app is a fundamental link between home and school. Why repeatedly fix and alter things that were fine to begin with?! I honestly am hoping the school catches wind of this and finds a more parental friendly application to use at this point. The changes have made the app less than user friendly and requiring a subscription service to do anything other than see how your child is doing during the day isn’t acceptable at all..Version: 9.7.0

Poor constructionThe app never refreshes. Repeatedly says it can’t log out or in..Version: 10.2.0

Constant Financial DemandGreat App that for the most part is enjoyable. But the daily demands for payment to work with children on this app are terrible. Looks good but always wanting payments to use it.Version: 6.21.0

I hate ClassDojoI would give zero stars if Apple allowed me to do so. Let me start by saying I do not want to use this software in the first place. I don’t need to know the minutiae of my kids’ day at school. As an engaged parent, we talk at dinner every night about how their day was and what happened. Unfortunately for me, other parents apparently don’t mind getting minute by minute updates on their children. If this were not required by the school, I would not use the software at all. Where I get extremely frustrated is the constant nagging for me to buy a subscription to premium content when I don’t even want the free content. I find this app beyond obnoxious and would love for educators to focus on teaching rather than updating unnecessary software. Since I’m in the minority, my request is that the developer of ClassDojo offer the option to turn off the pestering requests to upgrade to something I never wanted in the first place. I will never upgrade this software and find the constant requests to upgrade make me dislike the software even more than I did before..Version: 9.6.1

Possible faceID bug?Great for communicating with my child’s teacher but recently each time I switch to my child’s profile to read her homework task then try to switch back to my parent profile using Face ID it won’t work saying try again later but if I log out and log back in using face ID it works. Is this an iPhone issue or a general app bug? It’s v annoying! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times just so I can get back to my profile but this method is arduous and shouldn’t need to happen to make it work!.Version: 10.16.0

Kinda buggyWhen I was using Siri the picture of the monster at the bottom middle was quashed down after exiting Siri it was fixed but there are also other things that I can't remember.Version: 7.26.0

Dojo points at homeThe ClassDojo app is fantastic for staying up to date on last minute changes, or events that are coming up. It makes it easy to contact your child’s teachers via text, as well as seeing how your child is doing behavioral wise and if they handed in their homework. The Dojo points given by your child’s teachers is a great way to express this. However, the reason I’m rating this app 3⭐️ is due to having to pay for the ability to give your child Dojo points at home for chores or listening etc. This is an education app. The ability to give Dojo points at home to your child should be accessible to all parents. Not everyone can afford the price you’re requesting for parents to pay. The price is a bit outrageous. In today’s society getting our child to attend school, especially our older children, is difficult already. Why not use the Dojo points at home system for pure encouragement so that your child can see their growth, in hopes they continue to go to school and stay out of trouble. If the Dojo points at home part of the app needs to have a price tag, it should be one that is based on society as a whole. Perhaps it should be based on the lower income families, seeing as they are the families that the charter schools are geared towards, in order for their children to have better education for a brighter future..Version: 6.15.0

Class dojoI hate classs dojo.Version: 7.2.0

This app sucksWhenever I send my homework to my teacher,this app deletes the data..Version: 9.54.0

Good idea, bad implementationClassic case of an app designed by people who never use it. Class Dojo is essentially a good idea, a reward system that parents and kids can monitor. But the app developers don’t seem to understand how or why people use it the real world. That’s the question they should ask. If most parents are like me they want to see how many Dojos their child has got, but getting this takes 4-5 key presses...why?? Furthermore to doesn’t show anything more than the current week’s score and that gets reset every Monday. You open the app on a screen that has two things - message teacher and Share ClassDojo. Surely the home screen would be better as a dashboard with your kids’ scores on a day and week basis, perhaps with an average weekly score as well, or comparison with the class average. The designers ought to look at the Fitbit dashboard to see a really good implementation. Instead, the home screen is just a call to share the app, but honestly, with such poor UI design I wouldn’t bother..Version: 4.32.0

FrustratingFrustrating to say the least. I don’t even know where to find the messages now! I have to answer messages through the browser not the app. It’s not very thought out, I prefer the previous version it was so much simpler to navigate..Version: 9.39.0

Buy our services, buy our services!Without paying for it, it is simply a one dimensional messaging platform between parents and teachers, email does the same thing. This is just one massive advertisement trying to squeeze as much cash out of you as they can, probably marketed to schools for free on the hope that they can turn us, the “customer” into a cash cow. Personally I think it’s disgraceful that the link between parents and their children’s education is seen as a monetisation opportunity. This is the next generations education and we treat it this way? Another social media app with “likes” and “comments”. You can give points at home, presumably my so you give your children points on the app and then all of a sudden it caps out at 3!! At this point you’ve inadvertently shown your child and they’re excited by it. Then you have to be the bad guy and tell them some money grubbing tinker thinks they’re taking mummy and daddy for a ride and that’s why the app has been deleted, sorry kid. Which is a lesson in itself but they won’t understand in reception..Version: 9.47.0

Can’t cancelHi I can’t cancel my subscription because it doesn’t come up please help Feel ripped of and 100 nz dollars gone from my account.Version: 9.0.0

Terrible app underlining class divide in classroomsThis app was ok, teachers could underline who ‘the good kids’ are, but it has been updated and now for my daughter to change her ‘character’ like she used to I need to pay for a premium subscription to start giving her dojo points at home! Now the difference between families who will pay and those who won’t can be underlined too. Why don’t you add a feature where Dojos are deducted each time a kid is sent to school with no lunch, then the distinction between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ can be underlined even more. I’m so mad I’m going to bring up the use of this app with my child’s school and the education department..Version: 5.42.0

Basic messaging app but not much elseSchool uses this for communication to families. Here is my review: -The main page is confusing because it’s hard to distinguish between one post and another plus you can’t just click on a class or teacher to get only their posts. With multiple kids, the home page is chaos. -Messaging teachers direct works but I’ve double profiles of teachers in the school. -There is no explanation of monsters or how it actually helps your child other than supposedly it’s a point-reward system but confusing whether or not kids actually interact. -App focuses on getting you to upgrade and pay $60 for features that I’m still not sure what they are - except if you don’t pay, it deletes all the pictures at the end of the year. -Doesn’t look like there is a group chat feature where you could message a teacher and include another parent/guardian. -No notification settings to let you choose between getting DMs vs general front page info. -Also, it seems that it could be a failure of the school, but some teachers use DMs to communicate information and others use main posts. Again, it’s hard because you can’t just select on one teacher, but you have to go through all posts to find that nugget of information. In addition, there is no group chat so teachers have to write different messages to parents of the same child - even if the parents are married and the same household..Version: 8.25.0

Could be betterIt has become increasingly frustrating to search since there is no search function! So I have to scroll through all the posts and hopefully find the one I was looking for. It makes it even harder since the post are listed as how many days ago it was. For instance a post will say 3d or 2w ago why can’t it be listed with the specific date? Now I have to look in the calendar to see how many days or weeks ago it was. Also you can’t click on the teachers name to view all the posts that teacher has made. For example I was trying to find an announcement the principal sent some time ago. It would make sense if I found a recent post and click on her name it would bring up all the announcements she made but you can’t. A suggestion to help the teachers that are new to this kind of technology when they make a post make them place a title, maybe put a reminder if they post a video with links in the video to put the links separate in the post. I have a teacher who is posting just link after link with no way of knowing what subject it is, which makes it even harder to go back and view past lessons. With these small improvements and guidance for new teachers using the app this will be a great classroom app. Everything else works as expected..Version: 6.26.0

BadBro it's trash.Version: 10.3.0

Can’t Login😡After using it on my computer I decided to download the app on my phone. I forgot the password and had to reset it. It would not allow me to login and I tried to reset the password 3 times. Still won’t accept my new password and let me login. After too many login attempts it has now locked me out. Not very happy as I’m waiting for a message from my child’s teacher..Version: 9.59.0

UghI hate it. idk why it just is such bad quality when you’re writing or drawing.Version: 6.26.1

Some annoying bugs1. App doesn’t show content after delivering notifications. User is required to switch between parent and child accounts to receive latest content information. 2. Notifications of messages from teachers are not always delivered. It seems to work on the PC version but the IOS one..Version: 7.2.0

Mixed reviewI’ve used this app for 3 years now. As a parents I see a lot of room for improvement. 1. I am not notified via text and no way I have found to be notified- I am very busy and I don’t enjoy needing to go to yet 1 more app to look at my kids progress or homework etc. adds more work for me and not worth it. 2. It’s very elementary. As my son moved to upper elementary - they still use it but now there’s no progress on him- they find it’s too beneath the grade level which I agree on. 3. I like the anonymity other apps gives me and still allows me to communicate w other parents - like to remind them it’s the teacher bday etc. this app offer nothing like that. 4. I have to have the app! I have plenty of storage space now but some parents don’t! And I hear complaints often that they don’t have room for yet another app- other programs allows communication via text and no need for the app! They send sms! My kids are 3rd and 4th grade. This apps has potential to grow w the students yet it has not!! Please consider adding features for age progression. And I’m trying the at home feature- would have been great when my kids were younger but at their ages the monsters and points don’t mean near as much as the cool Games they could be playing. Over all- the younger the kid the better and only communication with teachers and no way to make a play date w a classmate even between students! Please consider adding features !.Version: 5.15

Horrible and judged my every moveThis app gave me ptsd.Version: 7.30.0

Doesn’t let you see more than a week backThe teacher sends out a note at the beginning of term explaining what day things are; when you try to check it skips from 7 days ago to 2 months ago (last year) with no way to see the messages in between. I remember the same thing happening last year also. I think you can check on the desktop app but that doesn’t help when you’re quickly trying to check if it’s sport uniform today..Version: 9.7.0

Please bring back monster prize!We love Dojo and use it through the school, it was exactly what I was looking for and so I’ve been paying for the app ever since.. unfortunately we’re really disappointed with the new update where it’s not possible to choose a monster prize that gives a new feature / colour. It was the thing that kept my 5 year old so engaged and why I chose to pay for the app. If it’s not going to be reinstated I’ll be going back to the free version as she doesn’t find it as engaging..Version: 8.27.0

No longer works on IPhoneWorked for years and now won’t. Can’t get past the “I’m a teacher”. It freezes. So can’t add dojo points on my phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and turned phone off and on to no avail. Help..Version: 9.29.0

App is limited for parentsAs a parent, I want to see what my child is doing at school and see her achievements. The app only gives me one notification a week, during which time I’ve missed what my child’s class has been doing if I haven’t thought to log in and check. It also doesn’t allow us to see her achievements beyond one week. You have to pay if you want to see more. We don’t want to use the app at home the way the teacher does. We have other ways of disciplining and rewarding our child at home. We had SeeSaw with our teacher last year and I wish that had continued..Version: 6.21.0

Seesaw is betterThis app doesn’t let you copy your writing when you edit something from the app. Also it doesn’t let you change your pictures in edit mode. I just posted 10 photos (allow for more!) and 6 didn’t upload and now I have to delete the entire post since you can’t add as you go. Super annoying and parents are annoyed now too! Fix this please!.Version: 5.30.0

Good - but...Too many places to ‘set’ things. Some teachers use ‘stories’ some use ‘messages’ some use ‘activities’. Have spent most of the week searching round the 3 options, for 3 different profiles and missing items and subsequent deadlines. Also no way of deleting old ‘activities’ I have to scroll through 100+ ‘suggested’ ones from last school year to be able to upload to my child’s profile. Crashes in between profiles too. Would be better if simplified and teachers can only set work in one place as it’s highly confusing and easy to miss 😬.Version: 7.22.0

Cannot download photos of my child without paying for subscriptionI am extremely disappointed that my son’s school has started using ClassDojo. There is so much functionality that you have to pay a costly subscription fee for - such as downloading photos of your own child! Disgusting business practice..Version: 6.0.0

Notifications have stopped workingOver the last few weeks I’ve not received any notifications and have to go into the app to see what my child’s school are sending out. The only notifications I get are when the class teacher sends a private message to me but if there are any updates on the main public message board then the notifications never arrive. There are a lot of parents at the school with the same issue. We have checked all the settings and notification setting on our phones and all are on but nothing comes through. Same goes for email updates they don’t arrive either unless it’s sent privately from the class teacher..Version: 8.12.0

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