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Candy Crush Saga App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Candy Crush Saga app received 145 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Candy Crush Saga? Can you share your negative thoughts about candy crush saga?

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Candy Crush Saga for Negative User Reviews

Playable then sometimes it isn’tI find you go so far then you come across a level you get completely stuck you can’t go forward you can’t go back.... you’re thinking to yourself do I buy a booster pack to get me through this level it’s either yes or no if you don’t buy it you’re stuck completely and you uninstall it because you don’t wanna spend any money.... and a week later you download the game again and start playing and get through that level you was completely stuck on and you think to yourself patience! The moral of the story is the game can be a complete pain in the backside because it feels like you need to buy booster packs to move forward when you get completely stuck on that level fine after a week you get back on and you get through it So frustrating and addictive.. to this day I haven’t spent any money still completely frustrating playing also addictive.Version: 1.122.0

Need To Buy To Move ForwardI’m on level “gazillion,” and I’ve noticed a player MUST purchase additional functionality in order to move forward. I’m willing to do so from time to time, but I get to the point where I cease playing for days or weeks if I swiftly exhaust a purchase but still can’t play through the impossible level. Unfortunately, the new Apple software upgrade forces touch ID; though mine works for other programs, it won’t in Candy Crush saga. So I can no longer purchase, either! I give it three stars because it IS enjoyable when you can play casually. I take two stars because playing casually is only a rare option now. I suppose I’m not the usual “gamer” if I just want to wile away 15 or 20 minutes without undue complications. When I’m playing, it’s solely for relaxation, so I feel no need to beat other players, to compare myself to other players, to send or receive “lives,” to share my goings on with the world via social media platforms, or to challenge myself in mindlessness (the later of which is an oxymoronic pursuit). Please: just let me play!.Version: 1.113.1

Not funWouldn’t recommend. They have made it so you basically need to buy boosters to pass levels. There are more ads now than ever before which was fine when they were 5 seconds but now they are very long and they glitch. Was once a fun game but not anymore. I deleted it from my phone.Version:

Fun game.I originally loved playing this game. I got extremely tired of King begging for money EVERY turn. They also intentionally will mess your move up to hamper your progress if you aren’t buying their crap. You will not get a penny from me King!! I deleted the game!.Version:

DéceptionJe suis très déçu des derniers changements ... surtout en ce temps de confinement ... il me semble tellement ridicule cette décision de changer le jeu de façon unilatérale me coupant des plaisirs que j’avais en en jouer depuis le début. Je suis au dernier niveau et j’attends chaque semaine la sortie des nouveaux niveaux et ce depuis plusieurs années ... entre temps je me ramasse des outils pour passer le temps. J’imagine eu ceci est une décision corporative et que dans les faits des milliers de personnes comme moi n’investissent pas dans votre jeu. Je suis triste et déçu ! Redonnez moi mon jeu comme il était svp c’est déjà difficile d’être confiné à la maison.. un peu de compassion serait grandement apprécié ... Hâte de voir le résultat de ce commentaire ! Je suis au bout du jeu et chaque semaine je dois attendre les nouveaux niveaux. Vous enlevez ce qui fait que le jeu est plaisant en attendant ... les 180 étoiles pour les goodies n’existent plus dommage. Je vais quitter le jeu ....Version:

Not impressed!After being on level 1391 for months, I finally gave in and made a purchase to help me overcome the level. I finally finished it after spending more money than I would have liked and once I finished I closed the game down to go about my day. I have since opened the game up and it has taken me back to said level and is making me repeat it for some godforsaken reason. I’m not usually one to complain but you need to fix this from happening. It has happened to me before but this has just really irritated me seeing as though I paid money. I know i finished he level as it showed up with the stars and all the usual rigmarole that occurs after you finish a level. Is there any way this can be rectified?? I have absolutely no interest being stuck on this level again and doubt I’ll continue playing. Any suggestions as to why this has happened??.Version: 1.129.0

RulesThank you for changing the rules. After almost 6 years of playing I’m quitting the game. Your new POWER UPS and FUN EVENTS stink..Version: 1.144.0

Room for improvementAs an iPhone X user, the screen is still not optimised and the large black bezels can seem to get in the way of a good play. User’s shouldn’t have to wait for more lives to play again, and the hard levels do not have enough moves to complete the level without running out within a few minutes. This becomes frustrating and often makes the game less enjoyable. User’s also should have access to all hole made in each level to buy more moves and power-ups without having to wait, once again. Apart from this, when the levels are achievable, this game is fun and provides good entertainment as a whole..Version: 1.115.2

Annoying features and moreWhen I start a new level with boosters from an event (especially with color bombs), the game "zaps" the boosters into existence. Here is where the problem starts. Because the color bomb (CB) was zapped onto a color (say, orange) if I use a color bomb, or put 2 oranges together (usually on accident) next to the CB, it detonates bc the game thinks its a CB AND an orange candy. This is extremely annoying bc the CBs detonate without me using them. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! PUT IT BACK TO THE OLD WAY WHERE THEY WERE ALREADY IN THE LEVEL WITHOUT THEM BEING "ZAPPED" INTO EXISTENCE! More annoying things: why did u make levels 223, 237, 252(my used-to-be fav), and more MOVES LEVELS!? Level 252 especially, where u could play infinitely bc time candies kept coming down, u shouldn't have changed it! Change it back! Don't "fix" things that aren't broken! Also, why do I need to look at AT LEAST 2 events before I go onto another level? Usually idc about the events. Can there be a way to turn this off? Lastly, why is there a piggy bank that COSTS $2.99 TO BUY? If I earn the gold from playing levels, I shouldn't have to buy them, especially for $2.99 EVERY TIME I FILL IT UP!!! That's what EARNING means! Please make it free, or at least lower the price..Version: 1.120.0

Coming back after years of abstinenceI used to be a vivid Candy Crush player but then I decided to have a life. Now I’m back following a few years’ break. The game changed - it’s still candy crush but oh boy - all the things they’ve added. So far I’ve completed 25 levels but after I’ve finished each and every level, there are dragons that need to be fed, fairies harassing me for my name, UFOs full of boosters flying around, some creatures making me enter a competition with imaginary friends, pigs dropping golden bars, advertisements on getting more boosters and god only knows what else. There are chances that you will complete a level with fever taps than it takes to get to the next level. I get it, developers really need that extra $50 million dollars but stop harassing players this much. It’s hard to make sense of all those additions and they add nothing of value.Version: 1.125.1

What a shameI’ve played this game religiously for about three years and absolutely loved it I have to get 3 stars before I move on aided by the games which create booster points some games are manageable with the amount of moves you get given some are a little more tricky but you can make progress without having to PURCHASE any additional items. Then along came the updates which changed the amount of moves you get in some levels I know this because I’ve compared the same game on different phones one updated one not and there’s a massive difference between the moves on the updated version it’s designed to force you to have to purchase additional moves or boosters to enable you to complete the game which to me is not the spirit of things just greed on the part of the developers. The most recent review which say how great it is obviously never played the original Stop being so greedy! Original version gets 5 stars.Version: 1.134.1

Glitch!!I will have almost all full gold bars and it keeps wiping it out! This is the 3rd time it has done this!!!!!!! I have contacted the customer service and instead they send me stupid links that take me to other people’s comments on the game. It was a fun game for the first few levels but now it’s just a hungry money game. It purposely will make it so you quickly lose all your prizes. It will make it so you’re so close to winning that you might even be desperate enough to purchase those prizes to win (I don’t) and it makes you keep losing over and over again until you’re just so sick of it.. even the easy levels are impossible now. It’s nice to have hard levels mixed in, but now every level is impossible to beat on the first few tries. I usually end up losing all 5 lives even with using the stupid prizes that don’t work. Then when I log on again hours later the game seems almost too easy on that same level I was struggling with 🤔 this game is definitely made to stress people out until they fork out their money. Clearly it wipes out things like my gold bars to get me to be desperate and just purchase them. I get they want to make money.. nothing wrong with that, but at this point it’s ruining what could be a fun game 💁🏽‍♂️.Version:

Madingly addictiveTo update my review been playing this a while and have to say not being able to move to the next level when you reach the crossroads is a major frustration. The ask friends is now listing all my friends on Facebook that don't play the game. I am going to bombard them with requests, bad enough bombarding the ones that do play. What is the point of stopping some one from playing? Oh yes to get you to pay for gold bars to move on. Well it ain't going to happen. If I want to decide to pay for extra lives or gold to get past a level I will but I won't be railroaded into buying gold bars to move lands. Now developers sort this out or I will be deleting this App all together as I am totally frustrated with it. All to commercial now and not fun at all!!!!.Version: 1.132.0

No to exitedThis game is made just to drain your money I play each level for 30 times and up sometimes, jut because it requires me to pay money. Make it user friendly plz.Version: 1.164.0

Downhill fastI’ve been playing for years. I was one of the first people to play the game. I used to play so much I would run out of levels & I loved it but now. It’s been nothing but downhill. First of all it’s $1.99 for 10 bars of gold but everything’s more than 10 gold bars. Just getting a refill of lives is 12 gold bars. The boosters are 15 gold bars & up. So if you’re spending any money it’s upwards of atleast $5 just to get lives. Then if you do make a purchase it’s like because they know that you’re willing to spend money on the game they make it so you can’t pass levels without making purchases. I’ve been stuck on levels for days but soon as I make a purchase for lives or something else then I’ll get off the board. I just used the fish booster on a board with 26 moves I had 2 fish in the entire game! What’s the point of using my boosters if they don’t have any effect. The free spin to win moves for the next level is gone. The boosters for when you’ve won a board are horrible. Every change made to the game is to maximize the amount of money they can get you to spend. I’m so tired of the game I just want to delete it. This is why I stopped playing for 2-3 years & why I might just stop playing again..Version:

It’s fun, but......Four stars for entertainment value. I enjoy the mental challenge of the harder levels, it is a stimulating way to pass the time. This game also can be infuriating at times, for two main reasons: 1) they are CONSTANTLY trying to get you to buy things, which are outrageously priced for any game in general, but most especially for a puzzle game. I know where the shop button is, if I want something I’ll buy it. 2) you only get 5 lives. Once you get to the much harder levels, it’s very easy to blow through five lives very fast. The problem here is that each life takes HALF AN HOUR to regenerate. C’mon guys, I don’t give a crap about your challenges, competitions, or other “features”. I just want to enjoy the puzzles, and I can’t even get started with five lives (takes about 10 minutes to play) before you ban me for three hours. Why there isn’t a “free play” option I do not know, but someone in the developing office needs to get on that one, STAT! The “buy $150 real dollars of gold for 6hrs of limitless lives” is absolute bullsh*t and is very much overcharging for something basically worthless..Version:

Chocolate box problemsWhy can’t I open chocolate box - server has to be fixed at your end as it says can’t connect to server.Version:

Need to improve on a few thingsI have been playing candy crush for ages and enjoy playing but to keep players wanting to keep playing a few improvements could be made. Like - when you get your free bonus spin each day I have never got the jackpot bonus. You can’t tell me this is not controlled??!! Also, when you get five extra bonus turns when you reach that it does not add on to the amount of turns you have left. You may have just finished a level and still have 5 left and receive the added bonus but it doesn’t take the amount of turns to 10 it stays at 5. Have also noticed that if you want to purchase golds bars you have put up the price. Hopefully some, if not all can be fixed..Version: 1.140.0

Addicting but flawedI have been a candy crush addict since it came out. It’s so relaxing. As addicting as the game is, the flaws are hard to look past. My biggest complaint is- if I level up when I am already at 5 lives(full), I feel like I should still get the 5 life reward for reaching a new level. Also- waiting 30 minutes for one life? I might be willing to buy boosters and other such things if it didn’t take so long to refill my lives. I paid the $2.99 for the piggy bank, thinking it was a one time purchase and then you can just have it, not the case. You want me to pay 3 real life dollars for an imaginary piggy bank for my imaginary gold bars every single time I fill it up? And not even warn me that it’s not a forever kind of buy? Rude. I don’t understand the contests at all. There are no explanations for them. I’ve been in the top 3 multiple times and it shows a treasure box next to my status but I never get any rewards. There are so many side contests going on that it all gets very cluttered on your home screen and I really don’t care to do the side contests but I have notifications for them that I can’t delete. Annoying!.Version: 1.131.0

Bugs / update neededLevels such as 4639 are flawed. Why have booster when you can’t play them. Why have space bot and earn top reward when you lose that ability because of levels like this. Biggest flaw is you can not move candies from under a crystal. Even though your own hint is showing this should be possible therefore you don’t get auto shuffle. Seriously surely someone should be checking this. You earn millions a day and then you have simple flaws like this. Really disappointed and I am on the verge of deleting! Also timed rewards is a con. Especially as you have to wait so long for lives to replenish. Watch! I will not be spending one single cent on your game. Will go on other games! Poor very poor.. remember who makes you all this money.. don’t bite the hand that feeds you!.Version: 1.158.1

Ridiculous levelsGame is not as fun as it used to be. free boosters or previewing a level without losing a life is no longer an option. it is pay to win and i’m not putting my money into a stupid game. as you get higher the levels become impossible to pass, it’s supposed to be challenging not impossible i don’t wanna spend three weeks trying to pass one level. will be deleting this game..Version:

Don’t play fairI like playing CC but when you watch ads for extra goes it can be a scam especially when the game recognises you will win and move forward instead of getting the extra turn the screen goes black and you have to close it down to get to play again there goes the extra turn you have already watched an ad for and any extra turns you could have claimed plus your game you were playing. This has happened so many times I deleted the game and it was only because I went on holiday I installed it again but this is becoming so annoying I’m seriously considering deleting it again. Truely fix your glitches it is really taking away any enjoyment in playing..Version:

Easy to lose interest in.This is going to be a mostly critical review, because there’s really not much I enjoy about it at this point. It’s a game to play when I’m bored, an app to open for the daily gift. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve played for a few days consecutively then neglected the game entirely for something else. There’s just not enough in the game to keep someone interested when you get into the thousands territory of levels. There needs to be more events and more chances to win in events, because it’s ridiculous to insist that you have to get sugar stars 10x and whatnot just to win a 1 hour booster. The amount of things that pop up when you open the app and have to vigorously tap through is annoying. Getting rid of the spin to win when you lose a game was a mistake, obviously a money ploy. Another thing is the beanstalk. You lose all your winnings to see that you can try again in another 24 hours which isn’t the case, you’ll get another chance in a week or two. I’m aware of how nitpicky parts of this review will seem, I’m very bored and I like to complain, hopefully this is all taken on board. One thing I do currently like about the game is booster bot, I don’t think it’s insanely generous to compensate for the things I’ve complained about but it’s a consistent positive thing nonetheless, maybe that’ll stop a few more children from screaming at their parents to buy them stuff on this game..Version:

Double chargesI have noticed that if I purchase a 13.99 package it always charges me a 27.99 on top of it and I never purchased it. I have to call apple every time..Version: 1.145.0

What happened to Candy Crush?I was reluctant to write a review because I literally have been playing this game every single day for more than five years now. The game is relaxing to me. Recently though over the past year, I’ve noticed a change in the algorithm. A change that suggests that the developers want you to lose way more than earning a win on each level. At this point is so obvious. Today I clearly won a level(4335), I was down to the last bubble to pop with no moves left, but the board still had moves left. And at the very end of the board completing itself, there lined three green candies perfectly on the last bubble. You want to guess what happened next? I LOST, yes I lost the level with the three candies sitting there staring me right in the face. My mouth dropped so far, I couldn’t believe it. I wish I could post the screenshot of it here. The game is terrible now with blatant cheat codes in the algorithm. I’m highly disappointed in a game that should be touted as one of the greatest casual gaming apps of all time. But it looks that greed has turned into the primary motivation for this company. Just sad PS Can there be a way to favorite a level please? There are levels that I enjoy playing and want to go back to but can never find them..Version:

Games are often disappointingIt used to be most rounds were enjoyable and the odd round would be frustrating unfortunately it is now the other way round. Some levels eg 3361 are straight up luck because you are not provided with enough to succeed until you get a lucky round after which you are blatantly aware that it was not skill that allowed you to pass the level. Levels that claim hard are easy and vice versa..Version: 1.165.2

Used to be great but is awful since they’ve sped it upI used to love playing this game to de-stress and I played so often, I was completely hooked. Now they’ve changed the speed so that one second after you’ve made a move, there is a hint aggressively jumping up and down which can’t be turned off. It creates this stressful urgency and now I can’t play this as a relaxing game of strategy anymore. Has completely ruined the game for me. Today, I wondered why I hadn’t played in a few months and opened it, only to be reminded and immediately close it again. I’ll delete the app now and I’m confident I’ll never play again. What a shame, I wish they would slow it back down..Version: 1.134.0

Very much disappointed by supportI love this game a lot. I am playing this from years. But sometimes my gold bars has been lost without using it. But this time my 15 gold bars are lost without using it. I saved them very hard as I haven’t used them even for nightmare levels and collecting all gold bars by winning fast levels race. So this time when my gold bars has been lost. I tried to contact support but every time I got an automated mail in which it’s written type your reply above this line. Even I have done that also but every time I got same mail which have no point. How terrible support it is. This time I really want my gold bars back. If it’s lost like this then there is no point in winning it and fast levels race..Version:

CRAP!This game is crap it tells me all the moves and its suppost to be your choice it's soooo annoying FIX IT!.Version: 1.154.1

Ridiculously easy.Ok, I remember first downloading this game 4 years ago as a way to kill some time when I worked as a home health aide while my patient would nap or sleep overnight. It wasn’t that easy, I even spent a few bucks on things to get past certain levels. After a while and a thousand levels, I deleted the app. That was 3 years ago. Fast forward to last week. I was sick with COVID and was going crazy having to quarantine and needed to kill time so after seeing a million commercials on cable I downloaded the app again. I got as far as level 317 before I deleted it again. At first it was fun, winning every level without running out of lives, barely losing any lives at all. Then the nightmarishly hard levels started showing and I figured I’d lose a lot of them, need to request lives from friends... when you can finish these levels with 20 moves to spare, it gets a little boring, honestly. Don’t get me wrong if I’m in an airport and need to kill a few hours, it would probably make time go by. Maybe it’s just me, but I like a challenge. Having a winning streak like the Harlem globetrotters just isn’t fun lol..Version:

So addicting, but now you lose a life by quitting before playing a moveI’ve been playing for years and am a bit addicted, but now all of a sudden, apparently if you press the quit button before playing any moves, it forced you to lose a life! You used to be able to quit before doing your first move if the board came up and looked like there weren’t any good moves, so you could try to get a better first board, esp for the tricky levels but now you just lose a life. Total bs, I’m so annoyed about that. Also you should be able to get more gold bars by playing, not not paying. It’s greedy..Version: 1.132.0

Unethical money making tacticsBefore even reading the reviews here I deleted the game at level 150 because I refuse to spend money. Sole reason being their tactics, which is to simply frustrate you by sabotaging and making it impossible to win unless you spend money. As many other reviews have pointed out too - most times you will lose no matter how well you were playing, and after a considerable number of attempts or time you will simply win effortlessly with a dozen more steps to spare. The candy dispensing is not random. Example - goal is to pop 30 black candy. But I can’t possibly win if they don’t dispense ANY black candy, can I? Blew up several rows of candy but ZERO black candy appeared. Then when I only have 2 moves remaining, it rains black candy. Go figure. Oh, and candy can explode for no apparent reason just to ruin your set up just when you line up your “power candies” for a winning move. Other tactics to trick money spending include: > purchase button positioning > fake “races” to earn gold bars > “Events” where when you win gives you the opportunity to spend money. > Etc etc. They indirectly gave me the ultimatum of either spending money or delete the game. Deleting the game felt better than winning the level :).Version:

Pop upsGetting a little tired of playing the game and having to close all the pop ups the game keeps putting up before I can commence. I am also getting tired of never winning the bonus daily spin reward been playing for years and been using the spin every day and not once ever have I got it. Seriously stop being so tight with the bonuses and let me win once in a while. Also annoyed with having to close app and re-open to start collecting special candy cause the count discontinues if you don’t pass a level and the only way to make it begin again is to close app and restart. I love candy crush but you are really dropping the ball lately!.Version: 1.129.0

Incompatible with iPhone XSCandy crush takes away my ability to swipe up and go to my home screen etc. the XD does not have a home button as I’m sure you know, but because candy crush has decided it wants to use that space it hides the bar that I pull up that acts as my home button. It takes me 10 or more tries to close this app..Version: 1.142.0

AddsY’all are BUGGING with the adds... it’s a game not a tv show.🙄.Version: 1.151.0

Very addictive game, can be frustratingI really like the game most of the time. I have been playing for a couple months and it can be addictive. Many of the levels are fun and you do need some strategies. But there is a major flaw to the game, and that is sometimes you and your gameplay don’t matter in it one bit. You will win or lose the level regardless of what you do. I have had levels when I made 1 or 2 simple moves and everything seems to blowup and I completed it. I didn’t even really look at the level yet and have 40 moves left. Other levels, I have played for 5 days straight with no possibility of success and then you just have to wait for lives. I have literally played all 5 lives with only 1 move possible and get nowhere to beating it. Doesn’t matter your strategy or skill, just bad luck...but for days. That is annoying. The other day, I had a puzzle I tried 50+ times over a couple days. I tried boosters, etc. Then the next morning I woke up, first try lucky move after lucky move and beat the level with several moves left. Kind of annoying. The computer could literally play without you..Version:

Candy crush reviewGreat game. Found it fun until.... i got a new phone. Tried to transfer my progress - epically failed. Tried the support centre - no help there. Tried reinstalling and deleting app to see if that would fix things - nup. Sent an email, the reply was to go to the Help Centre which was useless. Requested them to reinstate my sweet supplies, gold bars and all ofher stuff. Oh no! Guess what the reply was? Yep go to the Help Centre and try reading one of their ‘helpful articles’. ARE YOU KIDDING??!!! Oh and they never did reinstae my stuff. All this on top of making me link my account to my FB page which i didnt want and didnt have to do when I initially loaded the game. Candy Crush, our relationship is over. YOU ARE DUMPED!!!.Version:

The more you win the more money they wantI’ve been playing this game for a solid year, always been a favourite. I’m now on level 2629. They they took away free play on moves (to watch an advert for) now they’ve taken away the chance to win things for completing challenges, plus more. I’ve spent money on this game when I’ve had nothing better to do (sitting in isolation etc) and the more I spent the more things they take away every single time. I’ll never spend a dime on this game again. Not to mention every time I did buy something like freckles/lives etc it was guaranteed I’d lose as soon as I did that. Oh and I only get the climb the stupid bean stock every time I ran out of lives. But when you don’t play for a while you’ll win 5 in a row. Stupid game built on strategic money making. There’s nothing strategic about it though, almost like pokies tactic.Version:

Not getting boostersI get first place for the weekly race and receive boosters or win boosters in contests or daily spins but when I go and look they are never there. Been playing this game for years, since it first came out, and I don't think candy crush cares about their long time players any longer. I've deleted this app once and quit playing candy crush for around a year and just started playing again but I'm at the point of just deleting it once again. Some of the new levels are now totally impossible to beat without boosters, which I never even receive in the first place. Candy crush should listen to their long time players and take constructive criticism and amend this issue of boosters not being received and get rid of "nightmarishly hard levels". Who even wants to play those levels in the first place. Unfortunately, I truly feel like this game has become run by people who don't care about players anymore and only want to make money. Saddened to see that when money comes into the equation people get greedy...cheating players out of boosters...forcing hard levels...and in the end, the fun of the game is taken out and the game is ruined..Version: 1.152.0

KathieI totally agree with Goldenmonkey24 about the latest change King have made to CandyCrush Saga. I too have spent a lot of money to keep getting through the latest levels and made a big effort to collect boosters to help me along. Then you change them to timed ones which are useless to me. I put up with baby playing morn8ng and night to get the few that I can save for when I need them. Then you take away my ability to restart a game to give me a better starting position so I can get through it. Not fair to take away a booster and a life just because I want to reset it. Now I am about to delete the game and never play again. I’ve wasted enough money and time. It’s not fun anymore. It seems the better I get at it you make it deliberately harder and harder to make me spend more money..Version:

Can not use games from envelopeMany problems. No facebook you erased my progress also now no facebook but the envelope on left hand side with a number I tap it push accept. But I cannot use the game. It reduces the number but gives me no game. You broke game. Fix it.Version:

I will be deleting the app - unfair gameplayThis is a note to the developers. - unsure if this is a bug (I hope so other it would be unfair game play). I have been an avid fan of candy crush for a few years now and constantly use it during my commutes. However since a recent update things have changed. For example i went into a game, didn’t get a chance to actually move any pieces yet when I received a phone call. When I went back to the game it wasn’t there anymore but I had lost a life. I hadn’t even started playing yet!! But meh I can get over that. What annoys me the most about the recent update is that I earned 3 levels of the spaceship boosters and had to stop playing midway due to the commute (can’t play and walk down the road), but when I went back the boosters were gone as if I’d lost the level...but I hadn’t finished the level yet and therefore haven’t lost it!! I feel this is unfair gameplay as you need to be aware that people have lives which mean we can’t all commit to finishing each level. Any other games that I play will reset the level as it was before if you can’t finish it. This is what candy crush used to do, and I really don’t know why you would do this. I’ll probably just delete the app if this isn’t resolved..Version: 1.133.0

Game was addicting..... Until nowThis game did almost everything right, kept you interested, rewarded you for your wins, well enough to buy more boosters with the gold you won without having to always spend money, which kept you going back for more.. WELLLL someone thought it was a great idea to now make your big reward.... ONE BOOSTER.. NO MORE GOLD.. 10 Gold could give me 3 boosters from certain ones, now first place gets me.... Some random booster I may or may not want and only 1 at that. I can get that just buy spinning the wheel.... I'm guessing this is so you spend money to purchase more, which actually has the opposite effect. Not only does it make me loose interest and want to play less, but I'm definitely not spending any money on this now that the only way to get further is to spend tons of money with no real incentive to play.. They also changed the effects when your knocking out pieces, you don't even see it happen ( which was fun to watch)... Now it's very..... What's the word.. botched! The ride was great while it lasted, hopefully this was just an experiment and they restore what made the game special!.Version:

Bring it backWhy did Candy Quests disappear??.Version: 1.153.0

Quit gameHi I used to be able to quit the game before I do any moves without losing a life !! How come The option isn’t allowed anymore???.Version: 1.165.2

Love it but...I really do love this game but why make us ask for tickets to proceed further. I was sitting with 3 friends who all play Candy Crush I sent them all a request so I could move on and no one received a request for a ticket. Now I have to wait something stupid like 73hrs before I can play again. Just make it so we can just continue. Or do a level where you need to get a certain score to proceed. Waiting hours and hours is just taking me away from the game. Please consider this. Also after playing more and more is the jackpot on the wheel actually winnable? I've never seen or heard of anyone winning it. Maybe make that a bit easier to win too. I know you's need to make money on certain aspects of the game etc etc. But to be playing all these years and never win it is a joke. Thanks.Version: 1.113.1

Greedy developersWorst game updates ever. Ruined the experience... garbage greedy game.Version:

StupidTo get past a level you have spend your money which is so not worth because it’s so boring, wish you could do something else rather than just looking at a board..Version:

Became another mere MONEY seeking gameI had been a candy crush fan since junior high, it never failed in almost anyway, however the recent update is just disgusting I have to say. As long as you lose one game you lose all the spaceship you’ve accumulated; I passed a nightmarely hard level then while it’s cleaning the candies i got a phone call, and when I get back to the game it’s gone, I have to do that level again!!! Also when the system went wrong, for instance I had multi boosters and they click but there’s no possible switches the game just identified me as lost, I lost a life for the system error??? I hope the developers can solve issues like these, if this game remains the way it is now I believe you will lose many loyal players and blend in with all the other pure money seeking games, which would be really sad cuz this was once a legendary game!.Version:

Getting v boringNot properly assessed in terms of easy, hard, and super hard level. Sometimes the easy levels are so hard to pass, and nearly all the levels be it easy or hard need a booster. Recently since more than 2 weeks, my game has stopped showing adverts to get a free booster. As you proceed up the levels, the game gets harder so you need to keep providing free boosters. Otherwise the players are going to loose interest. The lives should be a bit quicker rather than you have to wait for 30 mins for the next one. You get a group of 5 people in the game , 2 or 3 of whom aren’t able to acquire even 200 points within a 7 day period, crap... I have been playing this game since years, and nearing to reaching 4K level, and it’s almost coming to a stage of no excitement to play any further. Please improve the gaming strategy to keep your old players in the game..Version:

Can’t look at a level and exit without losing lives and boosters.Not happy that after 7 years, they’ve made it impossibly hard to pass certain levels. You can no longer check out a new level, exit without making any moves and get a re-shuffle without losing boosters and lives..Version: 1.165.2

No boosters at higher levelsI enjoy playing this game, however recently I changed my phone and some benefits have been removed from the new phone specifically the treat calendar. I also notice that playing the lower levels you get so much more benefits like spin for free moves and more boosters. I feel that this makes the game unfair. I feel you should provide more boosters and free spin at least on higher levels. Also move the treat calendar when moving phones..Version:

Don’t upgrade your phone!Well since most cell phones are lease now, you are locked in to upgrade or pay for a lease that goes no where or buy your phone that you’ve paid on for 2 years... anyway... disappointed that when I did upgrade and I loaded phone from a back up, my bonus speckle ball, lollipops, wheels, etc that start at beginning of each game were all gone. I had saved 100’s of these to use on very hard levels. I’m at level 1002 and all my bonuses are gone. This is only candy crush game that it happened to. In candy crush soda and jelly, my game bonuses were saved. That’s very frustrating. If I didn’t love the game, I’d stop playing. It will definitely put a damper on playing the game. Second star deducted because that stupid gold bar bank... whoo, I get to purchase bars I earned... for $2.99! Wow, what a deal!!...NOT! And it constantly reminds me that it’s full and I need to purchase them. And full at 60... I’ve added way more than that to bank that isn’t even counted. I’ll purchase my 1000 bars that never gets accumulated for $3?? Get real... reset the bank or make it go away completely..Version: 1.123.0

Getting GreedyI’m on the verge of deleting Candy Crush. Unfortunately, they seem to put profit above customer satisfaction. I know they’re there to make money, but they advertise that it is free to play and it is, but as the games are set up to fail, you need to buy stuff to help win a level or you’re in a spiral of frustration. Their halving the gold bars and putting up the price to get more of them and other items is the pits. I’m a pensioner with mobility issues and I did enjoy it, but it’s time to move on to a less costly game. It also has been spoiled with the rainbow changing effect too. Also, if you win anything, they have to be used immediately or they’re lost, so the incentive is taken away because to keep the boosters you have to keep playing and can’t store them. The hints are distracting and wrong too..Version: 1.139.0

BoostersWhat are you people doing... no more spin for extra moves... wth!!! Just because people win in a few moves you take moves away from the rest of us who are not lucky enough to get a good board and win with very few moves.. now takes us forever to move forward... when u win a game and get rewards and then you are supposed to get more with more consecutive wins and now it looks like you get more but you don’t... only stays on the first reward... you can’t even win bars anymore... in order to buy more moves... and sorry I am not rich to be able to spend real money on a game... thanks for ruining a great game.. Oh and when those stupid Genie lamps are on the board if it is on the board you are playing u can’t play what is that all about....have to wait till it moves... can’t you put it somewhere else??.Version:

HUGE RISE OF IN-GAME PURCHASE PRICE IS RIDICULOUS!I’m a huge fan of Candy Crush. It’s my number 1, go-to, fun app. First, I should say, I do not indulge in most “in app” purchases for boosters or “lives”. If I cannot win a level, I will continue to play with what I’ve got. It’s just not satisfying to advance in a game solely from advantages I’ve purchased versus my own effort. That said, occasionally, I WILL treat myself to cashing out the “piggy bank” of gold bars in Candy Crush so I can buy more “lives”. The bank has always held 60 bars...$2.99 to cash out. That amount alone (assuming I had zero bars reserved to supplement this amount) was pretty reasonable considering I could purchase 5 “lives” for 12 bars. It really wasn’t a bad deal...not GREAT, but worth the occasional indulgence. A little over a month ago (possibly closer to 2 months), without a word, the “piggy bank” shrank down to 30 out price STILL $2.99!!!! THEY LITERALLY DOUBLED THE PRICE OF THIS IN APP PURCHASE OUT OF NOWHERE! No gradual shift, straight up DOUBLED THE PRICE!! Are there bigger problems in the world than my Candy Crush budget frustrations? TOTALLY! But how shady is it to gouge a price like that OUT OF NOWHERE for a product I’m pretty loyal to and for which I’m reasonably reliable to provide some income? NO WAY, NO HOW, WILL I SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON THIS APP UNDER THESE NEW CIRCUMSTANCES..Version: 1.140.0

Csn't play anymoreThis version doesn't open so I just can't play..Version: 1.108.1

Still not as good as Bejeweled BlitzOK I played this for a little over a week. The game is typical match-3 strategy, and the first 10-20 levels provide lots of extra boosts to help one move past each level. There are many extra challenges and side games to help keep things somewhat interesting and hopefully result in the much needed boost gems. However, unlike Bejeweled Blitz (still the benchmark for match-3 games), once you run out of those first boosts from beginning of the game, too many levels are absolutely impassable without either spending real $$, or just keep blasting away at the same level until the game finally gives you a good board. And of course you only get 5 lives at a time then have to wait an hour or so until you can try again. This does not happen in Bejeweled; in that game you can play forever, eventually gather enough gold bars and gold coins to upgrade your game without ever spending a single cent. It doesn’t have to be this way people. Delete this stupid game and either download bejeweled or learn a new language or how to play the guitar..Version:

Good game, but has its problems.I’m currently on level 835 of this game (long stay in hospital means lots of game play 😅) and as much as I enjoy it, it gets a bit samey after a while, with not much changes or challenges to the levels. It took a little while for the frog to be introduced, and before the frog there was literally no change to the game except different variations of the same levels. The game is also of course set up so you don’t progress smoothly without spending money, which is what has unfortunately made a lot of people I know stop playing it. It’s a good game, very addictive and I do like it, but I can see myself not playing it anymore once I come out of the hospital, which is a shame..Version: 1.140.0

Too frustrating nowI'm close to level 1000, and there are now way too many "hard levels" and "super hard levels". Even some "regular" levels are very hard to beat. I play this to relax, not to get frustrated. This game is only about 5% skill. The other 95% is the algorithm that controls the outcome, regardless of how clever you are. You will only finish a level when the algorithm decides to let you. I don't mind using power ups, even several per level, but only when I am within reasonable sight of success. When there is no hope of winning a level, I'm not going to use 15 or 20 - or more - power ups to win. It's quite ironic that the loading screen now says things like "relax and play candy" or "you are in control" when the game just brings frustration (not relaxation) and I know darn well that a computer is in control, not me or my skill. All of this is just making me play less and less, and I know there are many people who feel the same way. When King updates the game, their update notes in the App Store say "Coming back after a break? It's about time!" Why do they think people take a break in the first place? Because the game frustrates the crap out of them by being rigged!.Version: 1.132.0

Can you please change the orientation back to how it was?I play on my iPad, and this recent change to the orientation is really annoying. I play “horizontally” but now it forces me to play vertically. Please fix this..Version:

Boring messA boring mess of a game made not be fun but addicting..Version: 1.140.0

Just utter money grabbing machine.I’ve been playing candy crush for years, I’m at around level 1850 and I’ve never bought any boosters but have enjoyed the challenging levels, that was until the recent updates where they have intentionally reduced the amount of moves on most levels by up to 70% on some! Making it almost impossible to complete some levels meaning you can be stuck on a level that isn’t even marked as hard for days if not weeks without buying boosters or finally just getting a lucky winning set up. What disgusts me as it’s so blatant why they did it and what they want. After losing a level third level in a row for the 50th time running I decided to uninstall it and leave a review, you have taken what used be a relaxing and engaging game and turned it into nothing more than a money making game designed to frustrate its users into spending money on overpriced pixels and boosters, no more. From the looks of it I am not the only one!.Version: 1.139.0

Slightly dissatisfied with regular glitchI have been an avid Candy Crush played for years, it’s always been a great pasttime. Although I don’t agree with the money making tactics, I understand capitalism. However, my biggest issue with the game, is the glitch I find quite often. I’ll be playing and winning many levels in a row, with all the treats that come along with such a feat. Until at some moment when I’m about to finish a level which I was able to greatly enjoy due to the added bonuses of the streak I hold. When suddenly, the screen goes black and my phone exits the app. Now, this only happens when I have a very high streak, and has never happened to any other app. So, I am left to assume it is a Candy Crush glitch. This game which holds so many years of joy, has lost a lot of the excitement due to this regular occurrence..Version:

Disgustingly rigged to try make you spend money on the game.So obvious how disgustingly rigged the game is. Just finish short of one convenient jelly where you can purchase a lollipop to get you over the line or coincidentally one more move and you would of passed the level so you purchase bars to play on. Then you are using all your lives and basically give up for a couple of days and then come back and you pass the level with more than half the moves left with freckle candies just popping up everywhere so basically it eventually gives it to you so you dont get bored and continue playing the game. What a disgusting format the makers of this game are absolute pigs and all the people who coordinate this are absolute money hungry dogs. Its literally like playing the pokies. This game is causing anxiety and stress in individuals and just overall mental health problems..Version: 1.198.0

Terrible update6 years I’ve been playing and they ruined this with the latest update. Can’t preview a level anymore without losing a life and a booster. Bad move, ruined the game..Version:

CrashingEver since the update the app is just stuck on the loading screen whenever I try to launch the game! It’s been a couple days now and still no difference and I’ve tried troubleshooting to no avail.Version:

Too Hard past level 2000I shouldn’t have to spend money to enjoy a game. i shouldn’t have to beg people i don’t know for lives to play a game. talk about pay to win holy crap. i used to be able to spend hours playing this game to waste time and relax. once and a while there would be a reasonably hard level that i would have to spend $2 to beat, which seems perfectly reasonable to me, this game needs to make money somehow, and free to play with no ads with minimal booster purchases was reasonable. but once you get to the higher levels, the hard levels aren’t even marked with a skull anymore so you have no idea when to strategize with the boosters you already have. the move limits are often far too low for these levels, often to the point where you would only need one to three more moves to win. i usually lose all five lives within ten minutes on levels that give you 13 moves. and even when you get the rare level with 30+ moves, you get bombs which tank the level before you even have a chance to finish. there’s no point in even strategizing half the time because the game gives you absolutely no opportunities to complete a corner of the level. in the end, you’re caught up in the same loop over and over again until the unlikely chance you get lucky enough to get candies in the right order to finish..Version:

Nothing but fluff and hypeI decided to try Candy Crush because of its popularity. I wanted to find out what made it so popular. I still haven’t figured it out. Mostly I think it’s a lot like an old-fashioned pinball machine, with lots of bells and whistles and flash. I decided I wouldn’t bother using any boosts, and definitely no real money, and just see how far I could go. Well, I got to level 61 real easy. Like, so easy that some levels I only made one move on the board and it cleared itself. And then came 62... It’s called a Nightmare level, or something like that. A level deliberately made to make you want to use boosts AND SPEND REAL MONEY. Well, no thank you. Is it a matter of just re-trying until you make it through? I don’t think so. I have re-tried this level many times over the last few days, up til I’d run out of lives. It’s a horrible level, nightmare is right. And then I’ve heard about an even worse level 65... No thank you. It was fun when I was brainlessly breezing through levels, sometimes we can use a bit of mindless harmless fun. But now I’m supposed to go beat my head against the wall? I get enough of that in real life..Version: 1.140.0

Too frustrating!Used to relax and play this, now it's just frustrating and pisses me off. I don't expect it to be easy but I don't expect to take 5 years to pass one level either (unfortunately, i was stuck on one level for over 5 years after spending $40 to try and get past it and failing and refusing to spend more.) Too many annoying things to list, others have already listed them..Version:

Broken used to be great don’t waste your timeHave been playing for years logged in March 2 and lost all progress. And King says they can’t do anything. Was linked to Facebook so they should be able to do something but they refuse. And just send stock answers no actual customer support. Any suggestions for other non King games to spend my money ha ha.Version:

AnnoyingThis game is a great way to kill time, so I turn to it sometimes at night when i don’t want to think overly hard and just match up identical objects. Everything else about the game, however, is extremely annoying. You will be assaulted with popups before and after every single level, some of which will force you to hit the x twice while an idiot popsicle-stick character pedantically asks you if you’re absolutely sure you want to close the popup. The characters in particular garner most of my derision, appearing after every game and on popups to try to applaud, guilt, or extort you depending on the windows they’re in. I dislike feeling like someone is treating me like an idiot, and thats the feel these characters give me constantly. The sounds are also grating and highly repetitive, just save yourself the trouble and mute all of it as soon as you can. If it had just been a matching game with incremental difficulty and without all the idiotic bells and whistles, it would have been good, but instead its just a bright, irritating regurgitation of every casual game you’ve already played..Version:

Not happy with the latest update.I’ve been playing Candy Crush for quite some time. Currently on level 3808 and in the week I usually complete the zone and I’m waiting for the following zone to be opened the following week. The latest update is deleting rewards we have won. For example, if you get so many levels completed without failing, you get a reward, that means when you start the next game you have them at the start of it. Now if the game crashes, or you have to close and want to come back to it later, your rewards disappear and you have to start again to build them back up, usually having to complete 5 or 6 levels at a time. This needs to be reversed so you don’t lose them, otherwise after all the time and money over the years, I’ll be deleting it. 😢.Version: 1.135.1

Losing lives when I shouldn't...I used to love this game, but the higher levels are getting so frustrating. Some are ridiculously hard to pass . I've been stuck on level 245 for weeks I think? So many times I could have won the game if you allowed cascading stripped & wrapped to count. MANY times I had the two cascade together, but they never counted! What's with that? Because I didn't "manually" put them together, it doesn't count? Ridiculous! You should really fix that...Also, you should make it so that if you want to use one of your "tools" like the fish or a candy bomb, you can choose them at ANY point in the game -it shouldn't be a choice "ONLY" before you start the game... Also, VERY frustrating that you loose your spaceship and boosters you win for completing a level on the first try if you don't immediately go on to the next level. I was in my last life, and I accidentally clicked out of the game after winning a level and when I went back in to go to the next level with my spaceship and boosters, I couldn't. Please fix this so people can use their spaceship and boosters when they choose..Version: 1.129.0

Candy Crush SagaI have been playing Candy Crush Saga for around 11 years and loving it. During those years have been collecting and saving up Inventory for all those years. I was nearing 3000 Candy Bombs and close to 2000 on others and a all round good cache of Inventory. Basically I had a very large store of Inventory until approx a month ago when I was given a prompt to save and all my Inventory disappeared!!!! All the lives I had been given by friends were still there and all my gold bars, just no Inventory!! Can’t begin to tell you how p/:^*d off I am!! Hoping someone can rectify!!!! Will give 5 stars for sure if problem is fixed!!.Version:

Can’t read textI decided to try playing again after a couple years and opening the app after downloading again and I can’t read any of the text. It’s all just white blocks on everything. Ruins the game. Fix this.Version:

New update - very unhappyI think this is a great game, but the latest change, removing the ability to back out of games before making a move, without losing bonuses or a life, has ruined the game for me..Version: 1.165.2

UpdatesI want to start by saying I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’m a huge fan. With that being said I’ve reached out several times to complain about the update that gave us the backpack. In my game there is no way to get my boosters out of the backpack. I can be stuck on a level for literally weeks with tons of boosters in there that could help me that I can’t use. Even timed boosters that I win will just stay in there. Once I win the level they will all come pouring out. Is this a gimmick by the developer to get the player to purchase boosters? If so this is really awful and not a great way to market or keep players. I have reloaded the game several times thinking it’s some kind of glitch but it just stays the same. The boosters that I win go into the backpack when I click on them to get them out it prompts me to to click on the purchase button when I do it wants me to purchase this booster that I already have. Again not fair. How can you expect anyone to beat a Nightmarishly Hard Level with no boosters? I’m disappointed and frustrated. I may have to stop playing until the issue can be resolved. I can’t really advance in levels anyway..Version:

Double charges purchase optionsDouble charges purchase options and doesn’t respond to feedback for refunds. I like the game but continually get double charged for purchases and get no response when providing feedback or asking for help from App Store regarding a refund. Exceptionally poor service and response to taking unwarranted extra money..Version: 1.135.1

Read the reviews CC!This game is fun until you reach higher levels and then it becomes a total money grab!! You can't win at higher levels without spending money, and they overcharge for what the packages offer. They would have more players and make more money if they charged 1/4 of what they do. This is a GAME and there are lots of free games that aren't constantly trying to get money from the players. Weekly winners get no return for what it takes to one first! It's become a total rip off. The only way to play his game is to start over each time you reach level 1000! I can see this game dying because of F the developer's greed. Shame..Version:

RidiculousThey keep giving you less moves to complete a level so you will have to buy boosters and more additional moves. Ridiculous..Version: 1.140.0

In app purchasesBeen playing this for years and never got tired of it, but it’s changed recently. Level after level seem impossible to pass without buying boosters whereas before loyal players would get free spins and bonuses fairly frequently, now I’m stuck on a level for days and have no free boosters left. I eventually use them in desperation and boredom. The fish booster is now worthless as you get maybe one or two per game, far less than before so not that helpful. I realise I’m not their target market as I’m playing for free and they’re trying to force us to spend money. Would prefer to pay a small price for the app and won’t be spending on boosters, which feels like a slippery slope really. Will probably give it up now. Disappointing.Version:

False advertisingFirst I would like to say that initially when I downloaded this game it was great. Slowly it got harder not because I was at a higher level but because they wanted you to spend money. They made it almost impossible for you to continue without spending money. That being said, all of the ads and all the little clips of the game I saw, whether in the App Store or an ad some where, I have never seen those scenarios in the actual game. I downloaded the game because I love the things that I saw on those ads. This is not the only game/app that has false videos or ads, making it look way better than it actually is. I played this game FOR MONTHS,PROBABLY A YEAR, trying to get to a level that looked similar or even close to the advertising but nothing even close! Does it make “the powers that be” feel good about about themselves? Having to con/falsely advertise your product to get people to download? It comes off as many things, mainly that you don’t trust or believe in your products enough to show us the real thing, actual real game scenarios. I rarely leave negative reviews but like I said it’s happening all over but this app is one of the worst..Version:

Dumb changesBefore, when you go into the game, and don’t like it’s layout, you could quit without losing lives. Now, not only you lose lives, you also lose the boost you select. I have played this game for years and now on 2377 probably going to quit this game for good since the dumb developers are just thinking of money, and not focus on player experience.Version:

Charged for purchases not madeOver the past 2 months I have been aware of inapp purchases that I have not made nor have I received the coins. Today I deleted the app after going back through my history and tonight I got a tax invoice for three further purchases today which were not made. It is a shame as I have enjoyed this game and have spent a reasonable amount of money (more than I should) so to have this happen is disappointing. I am reluctant to set up an acccout for support as feel vulnerable so my days with Candy Crush are over. Please check into this issue and for those playing keep an eye on what you are being charged for. Thank you.Version:

Beware the changeI enjoyed playing this game for some time now. I tried to balance beating the levels with no boosters and sometimes buying gold and boosters if the levels were too hard. The game was fun reliable and entertaining. Yesterday the latest update has removed the ability to reset the board if you felt the candies lay badly. This was an essential tool for those levels with low moves which was very useful. The official line from king seems to be this was a “fix yet has been in the game for years and years and people need to live with it. My opinion is that it is intended to frustrate and encourage a higher spend on gold or boosters. This fix also causes an issue if you left a booster ticked because it means you have to play it whether you need it or not. I only got to level 1925 but won’t be playing anymore due to the attitude of this company and the way this has been rolled out. A shame but I’m sure there are other games to spend my dollars on..Version: 1.165.2

Frustrating AlgorithmsOverall a decent game but a few issues. Have played the game regularly for quite some time, but when using the free spin on the booster wheel, I've won every booster (multiple times) except the jackpot. When using boosters sometimes they show up multiple times in play and others just once, adding to inconsistency. Also, when no moves are available the game reshuffles the candies, but the game can at times reshuffle in a way that means there is no way to achieve a win without purchasing boosters. The algorithms seem to be questionable here. Have also had several instances where a game has been won but the win hasn't registered on the board and I've had to replay and win the level a second time. NEVER buy boosters, definitely not cost effective..Version: 1.108.1

Fun but riggedA fun game but definitely rigged. Candy crush relies on some chance based on certain candies falling so you get the right colors or special candies needed to win. However, far too often for it to be chance you go multiple moves without any useful candies falling and the playing field gets worse the more times you repeat the level and not use special candies. Other times they force to use special candies that form or a fish conveniently hits one and sets of a chain reaction to get you to lose the level. Also, you get multiple fish and coconut wheels per level but there is no rhyme or reason to when the drop usually giving you more the needed on easy labels but not repeating on hard ones. This would not be a big deal if it happened randomly but if you don’t use special candies regularly the playing field gets worse and worse forcing you to use special candies to win. Happens to much to be random. Basically it’s rigged to try and force you buy candies and gold bars. Sort candy crush. I don’t buy from cheaters. And when I tried to enter a low rating somehow every nickname is conveniently taken. CHEATERS!!!!!!.Version:

Money grubbingLatest update is really pushing adverts. The ad buttons are in the way of gameplay so I keep accidentally clicking on them. I don't want "rewards" for being forced to watch ads. Stop..Version:

Double bills!!Beware: This app double bills on almost every purchase!!.Version: 1.162.1

KTI want to start by saying I had stopped playing candy crush saga for about two years. It had become boring. I started playing again about 6 months ago. I like the new changes & updates to the game but developers...WHAT is the PURPOSE of the crowns???? One objective is to get boosters. The crowns offer NOTHING but confetti. POINTLESS!! Give us crowns WITH free boosters for completing so many levels on the first try! Additionally, TWICE I’ve come in 2nd place for the weekly race these past 2 weeks and didn’t get my prizes! The race ends without warning & a new race begins. But NO PRIZES! According to the race rules, the top 3 places get prizes! Additionally, why does the game take my black balls WITHOUT a stripe or candy bomb nearby?? That’s CHEATING!! Then the hard, harder, hardest levels come so close together, that there’s little opportunity to move ahead in the race once reaching the 2,000 levels. While the competition is ok, it seems that you’ve forgotten that SOME ADULTS play the game to relax & as a pass time. It should’ve cause frustration because you’re trying to force players to make booster purchases. We’re adults, not kids wanting to spend countless hours trying to get through one level of a game. Our lives consist of more than time on a game. So it would be greatly appreciated if you’d cut the crap and make the game fun again!!.Version: 1.164.0

Candy Crush Saga is getting Greedy!!After many months of regularly playing, over this week, the Piggy bank is full at 30 bars (rather than 60) for the same price- so it is 100% increase in the paid rewards!! And the prices throughout the game have grown!! Yes you are developing the game- but that is CRIMINAL - exploiting our pleasure!.Version: 1.139.0

IPhone compatibility is laughableApple made the “Home” button redundant with the introduction of the iPhone X, yet the developers of “Candy Crush” are yet to adapt to the “swipe” functionality of the newer model iPhones. While forcing the user to swipe multiple times to exit may keep them in the game fractionally longer, it guarantees that they don’t use it for some time afterwards. Stop adding extra “bonuses” and focus on compatibility..Version:

Sad that it cheats those who like to playCandy Crush has been one of my favourite games. It can be both relaxing & stimulating. I’ve played for years even when my friends laughed. I’ve reached multi thousand levels & deleted because the Crush gets way too greedy, started from scratch & then seen the tactics it uses to lure you back…Free & bonus All good because those are the things that make us play. What I dislike is that you can win multiple free things & only one of the prizes you risk to have another chance are awarded. The players keep playing, annoyed & frustrated because we know you’ve cheated us. the Crush should play honestly.Version:

Immediate Suggestions Are IrritatingOf the different match three games I play, Candy Crush is the only one I find irritating and it’s because the game offers its suggestion of where to move next almost immediately after my last move. I find it very frustrating that I don’t have enough time to look over my possible moves before the game gives its suggestion. I find myself resenting the game’s suggestions and I pick other moves even if it hurts my chances of completing the level. Once in a while I need help seeing where the possible move is, but move after move it’s highly annoying and I won’t play the game again until this has been addressed. There are too many match three games that I can play that don’t frustrate me like Candy Crush. Update: While playing a competitor’s game I watch an add for candy crush saga and the implied person playing the game makes the same moves only after the game tells them where to go. We are not all morons, so I will not play this game until the nearly instantaneous hints are turned off or only appear after 15+ seconds. The developers should get a clue and make this an option in the game settings. It’s so stupid..Version:

Problematic AdsI love this game and have a lot of fun playing it, but I have two major problems both involving its ads. BE AWARE THAT THIS APP HAS ADS THAT WILL OVERRIDE SILENT MODE!!!! I have been in boring meetings at work playing this game with my phone on silent mode and the sound turned on I’m the game only to have an ad start playing at full blast. I have awakened my partner numerous times. It should be illegal, in my opinion, for programs to override silent mode! And while it’s not illegal, it’s very much unethical. Another big problem is that a lot of the ads will play weirdly and then glitch out the program. The ad will play, sometimes with nothing but a black screen, and when it’s finished playing, there’s no way to “X” out of the ad. When this happens, it’s usually just a black screen. It will stay that way even after closing out of the app. On numerous occasions I’ve had to completely restart my phone on order to get the app to reset and solve this problem, only to have the same ad play with the same problem the next time I’m playing the game. I don’t mind watching the ads since I don’t make in-app purchases, but this is so annoying. It has happened with several different ads over a few years now..Version:

YoFs37I had this game when it first came out ages ago and was I was really enjoying it back then until I got stuck on a level that was impossible to pass. It was frustrating to the point I deleted the game. Moving forward to now, giving it another go & I’m enjoying it a lot again. I hope levels continue to be passable because that’s what keeps it fun. IfI get stuck again on a ridiculous level, I will again delete - but for now it is fun. Only a 3 star rating at this stage which may change IF I continue to enjoy it given more time..Version: 1.121.0

Not consistent in different phonesMy wife and i have our own Candy Crush installed. But the offers are different. She has the features of watching ads and get free stuff. But mine never has such thing..Version:

Stuck on 223 way to hard why did u change it????I am stuck on level 223 I’ve spent over 30 lives on this one level have wasted money trying to buy extra moves and candies to help me along the way the best I’ve gotten is the three jellies in the two top corners so I end with six. My level is different from my husband’s. He had to get a score within so much time my level is clear 81 jellies in 27 moves. It’s complete crap it does not let you get past it no matter what you buy or how you play. I’m to the point where I’m going to delete the app and no longer play because it’s a waste of time and complete crap. I have gotten on the support board and read comments other people are having the same problem I read what to do before contacting support followed their prompts and walked through everything they said it still doesn’t get me anywhere I have no way to email support as it takes me to the same page over and over again. You offer such a game and you don’t give us a way to email you that and it’s self is really messed up it’s clear by the reviews that several others feel the same way I do. Maybe you’re not even reading the reviews or the comments and listening to the people!!!!!.Version:

They will take your money ! Beware!I am ver If i’ve been using this app for over five years sad that it has came down to this. If I can give this app a -1 I would. Im upset that I have to write this review I have been using candy crush for over five years now it’s gotten me through some good times but then again I see that there just here to take your money and it’s very unfortunate I purchased a $3.99 boost and I was charged $19 because of the previous times I’ve tried to pay for things I did not have enough money on my cash app so obviously they were pending if I don’t have the money in my cash app and I’m buying something small why am I getting charged for the other pending charges that are weeks old I can see if you guys are going to charge me for those purchases at least give me the boost that come with them but the fact that you guys are charging me and I don’t even receive the boost is uncalled for sadly I’m going to delete this app and I’m not going to use it anymore you guys get one chance to scare me and that was your chance I’m done Also buyer beware if you have children who use iPhones or your phone do not let them use this app because if you have a iPhone it will overcharge your card you don’t want to wake up with a negative balance on your credit card because of an app that doesn’t honor it’s reward system.Version:

Not a happy crusher!***update*** Another star lost: now not able to get any boosters and even the bonus moves wheel has gone, the game just became impossible. I’m on level 5883 so have dedicated some time to the cause. Since the last update I see you're trying to take advantage of your loyal players! It used to be 69p to refill lives now for some reason you've introduced gold bars of which you need 12. this is a bit naughty on your part as for 69p I can only buy 10 bars, what's that all about??? So now I'd have to pay 2.99 for 50 bars. I know this works out the same price, but I'd happily spend 69p but I won't be spending 2.99 to refill my lives. I don't like to feel like I'm being taken advantage of, there's no need for this change other than money making on your part!!!!.Version:

🤮🤬 worst game everThis game has hit rock bottom. Strictly money grab. They need to bring back old version where you collected candies.🤮🤮.Version:

😡😐👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🙁rubbish!!!I am very angry 😡 😤😠🤬🥵😳with this game 👎🏻👾🎮 as it has completely stolen my dad👨🏻‍🦲! (Exaggerated) before this game came along me and my dad were happy 😃 and we would always do stuff together 👨‍👧 but nowadays he is mostly in this game and we don’t really have time for a special chat.... well we do sometimes but not much and I still love him very much but he is on this game a lot as it is very addictive. Like he has once spent a week or something on one level!!!🤨 I am manly complaining about the fact that he spends loads of time on it but I did once try it and it was horribly boring!! I don’t know how my dad is almost on level 2000 as all u do on it is just switch sweets!? 🍩🍭🍬🍫🍪🍡 Also this game says it’s free but don’t be fooled, once u get it u have to spend loads of money 💴 on power ups and whatever. I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad had already spent millions of pounds on this stupid game! Don’t buy this game unless u want to lose all your money and all your time! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤬🤬🤬🥵🥵🥵🤬🤬🤬🥵🥵🥵😡🤬👎🏻🤬👎🏻😡👎🏻😡👎🏻😡👎🏻😡👎🏻😡.Version:

Bug - blank videosLatest release seems to have serious issue where blank screens are shown instead of ad videos. Typical situation would be when trying to get bonus moves. Seems to be somewhat random but gets worse overtime until game is restarted..Version:

Garbage gameIf you want to keep your sanity, do not download this game. This game is the literal definition of pay to win. The game gives you garbage moves and makes it almost impossible to beat levels without using power ups. If you’re willing to spend money getting more lives, and more power ups you will succeed and find the game fun. However if you’re like the average player that doesn't want spend money on a free game you will become unbelievably frustrated with how bad this game really is..Version:

Annoyed With Unnecessary ChangesNever in my 4 of playing this game have I ever felt the need to write a review for this game. I’m on level 5649; needless to say, I’ve been playing for years with a couple of breaks in between, and literally up until maybe the last year, I’ve been so annoyed with all the sudden changes & updates. You have taken away the booster meter, changed the booster/ moves wheel after failing a level to worthless options, altered the appearance of some candy blockers for who knows what reason, and much more. Since I’m obviously not at the most current level, I have never had the “need” to wait for any updates because I didn’t have any issues with the app nor ran out of weekly levels to play with. However I have recently found myself waiting for ANY update that the app offers just for the hope that the makers will some day stop messing with the app so much and just allow its users to actually have fun and stop making unnecessary changes. It may be rare but I can proudly say that I have never spent any money on this app. I enjoy this game so much, yet have never been compelled to buy any boosters because the game itself used to offer so many opportunities to gain boosters to pass the levels. But recently I have made the choice to simply stop playing rather than giving my money away to an unstable game that promises nothing in return..Version:

Not fair.I’ve been looking after my niece and nephew for a couple of weeks while their Mum is in hospital and to keep them occupied have put this on my phone. It cost me a lot yesterday. I think £2.99 to empty their piggy bank was a bit unfair but I did it. They were really good at it and it was keeping them busy on a nasty day outside. It was expensive but they got to level 190 and then they got stuck. I tried to help. What we were meant to be “going for” was totally unclear. We “unwrapped” all the sweets covered with jelly, we tried everything, getting a striped candy and wrapped candy in one row, everything. Nothing worked. We even cleared the candies with power bombs and still nothing was ticked. All the bars and lives they had won through the day were used and they agreed with me that we were never going to get to the next level because we weren’t even sure what we were going for!! We had tried everything! Safe to say that Candy Crush and my phone are parting company. I’m so disappointed for my niece (6) and nephew (9) all that work to be cheated in the end and my poor purse..Version: 1.155.0

I would have given max stars but.....Where has the free spin disappeared to? You used to get one after so many hours, 48 or 72, seemed like forever but you got one and there was a countdown to it. So you had hope if you were stuck on levels that the spin might help. Also I used to buy the weekly deal some weeks that was 99p, well that has been replaced and now it’s £3.99 I think. I had been buying the piggy bank as well roughly twice a month at £2.99 a go. Well guess what, you got too greedy. Stopped the free spin, gone is the weekly 99p deal. So I will just play what is free on it now. Will no longer pay to help fund a game that was affordable in small amounts and helped me progress sometimes. I wonder if I’ll be the only person to stop paying.Version:

Still fun, but a little confusingIt’s a fun game, but it’s pretty inconsistent. You’ll be playing along easy peasy. You might cut it close sometimes, but somehow you skate by, then WHAM. You’re faced with an oddly far more difficult level that requires special power ups or crazy luck to make it past. One star lost for inconsistency in difficulty. Then... You’re constantly being compared to some random other players as if it matters that you beat them. It’s the most blatant and transparent BAIT I’ve ever seen in a game. Sadly, I bet a lot of people fall for it. It’s just silly and unnecessary. Do they actually expect you to feel satisfied by achieving slightly more than a total stranger who probably doesn’t exist. No... They’re just counting on you to take the bait and plunk a few dollars down to pass them. I won’t give this game a dime. Here’s a tip. If you get stuck and stop playing for a few days, when you come back they’ll give you a bunch of free power ups to get you through that tough level and then some, hoping you’ll get hooked. So, if you get stuck and lose all your lives on a hard level, just go back to fruit ninja or bejeweled for a few days. Then you’ll see what I mean. ; ).Version: 1.142.0

You need an update lolHi Candy Crush. Just writing to say level 435 is actually IMPOSSIBLE to pass on 13 moves when it is supposed to have 25 (yes that’s right I did my research). So this is something you need to fix ASAP because not only am I true supporter of this app but I literally paid to try and pass and it is still impossible and wasted my poor limited student bank which I’m actually ashamed about. Once you fix this app I will give you 5 stars but in the meantime you have a very ANGRY customer who is giving you a 1 star although I wish it was a -10 star.Version: 1.135.1

Not impressed!!I have played candy crush on and off for 5 years. Currently on level 1926, never had an issue with my progress transferring between iPad and new iPhones and Facebook until now. I deleted my Facebook account to start a new one and try to log into my new Facebook account with Candy Crush. It suddenly takes me back to level 1. So I have a freak out thinking my progress of level 1926 is gone forever until I log back into the kingdom and see it has taken me back to the proper level but it has wiped all my boosters (I know I had 90 freckles NOW I HAVE NONE). So I can’t log in to my new Facebook account unless I want to repeat 5 years of hard work and I have had all my boosters wiped from my game. I’m not impressed at all! I want this issue rectified!.Version: 1.137

Too many inconsistenciesBeing playing for years (level 5000 something) - recent updates are frustrating there has always been inconsistencies amongst my fiends with different benefits and rewards when playing same levels but now it’s ridiculous - game keeps changing bonuses, removes candies, gives rewards to random players, unable to give friends lives, profile not recognized etc It is taking away from the joy of the game. Get your sugar together Candy’re better than this!!!.Version:

No more booster candies 😡Why did you take away the candies to collect boosters!?! This game is going down by the day, taking away everything that will help pass a level and expecting us to pay for it!?! NOPE! I’m so close from uninstalling.Version:

If you enjoy feeling cheated, this game is for you.All the negative reviews that you see are true. They make no effort whatsoever trying to hide their deception, their cheating and their greed. Once you get to a certain point, you will not move on until they want you to. They will make it impossible without using boosters that you can pay for or using gold bars for extra moves. They know how long you’ll put up with it and you won’t be able to make a wrong move and you’ll beat a level you’ve been stuck on for weeks without even trying. It’s all an algorithm to extract as much money as possible from you. There will be times that you’ll use a color bomb candy and it won’t clear all the candies that are the color you chose to clear. The striped candy used to be oriented the way that you completed the 4 candy combo, now it’s whatever way they see fit (usually it’ll go the way you don’t want it to go). If you use boosters before the round starts, they will often times make it so that you must use it right away and it will do little to nothing to help you out, making it a complete waste. I can go on for days about the garbage baked into this game to make it absolutely infuriating. Do yourself a favor and stay far away, this game is 100% rigged. The reviews are true..Version:

Developers only interested in profit marginsI have been playing Candy Crush for years, now past level 5200. It was my favourite game. It used to be that every couple of days or so, you’d get a free spin for new moves, and opportunities to win boosters. Now, it seems the developers are only interested in profit margins as there are very few of these features left. The free spin for more moves helped me get through levels many times, but now I find myself getting stuck unless I’m willing to pay for extra moves or boosters. It is making me lose interest in the game, and I find myself playing less and less, especially as the levels are more difficult. In competitions, players at higher levels are at a disadvantage against those at the easier levels, unless they go back and replay those. All in all, it’s now become a chore to play - the joy has gone out of it for me..Version:

Never ending game created by money making creepsEven after completing 2000 levels in 5 years I don’t have a sense of fulfilment. Because some profit making management decides to keep on creating more levels. There is no heart or soul to the game anymore . They just keep building more and more levels by twisting same old levels with different combinations. It’s a bottomless pit much like a ladies handbag! Don’t even get me started on meaningless ads. More than playing the game itself am clicking on “X” and “ok”. Shame.Version: 1.145.0

Way too farWhat happened to my account. I’m almost in two thousand levels and I’m going to start in the beginning😖 no way…bring back my account….Version:

Unfair gameplay, encourages pay to play gambling, can’t pay won’t playHaving played this game for numerous years, and been through most of the levels I feel that there is now way to move forward with regards to continuing play, should you be unable to move forward with a level, they “KING” are always on the lookout for you to spend money to progress, some of the latter levels are inherently impossible to pass without buying boosters, and for that reason I feel it’s like most App games these days, subscription based formulas and pay to play, preying on addictive gambling type gameplay, sorry KING poor form, poor poor form. And not one of the developers will ever read this, feel that Apple should really intervene, apps used to be fun, I’m guessing the money is to fund their over animated and flashy tv advertisements.Version:

BADLY EXECUTEDThis addictive app is so fun yet after a while you begin to lose trust in it. There are inconsistencies that leave you frustrated that what happens one time does not bring the same consequence the next time. I suspect that whoever is maintaining this game has dropped the ball. Several times my levels show fewer moves permitted at the start than there are supposed to be according to online guidelines - ridiculously low permitted moves for difficult levels. Then when I reboot to try to fix the problem it doesn’t always work and (although logging in with the same FB ID), I find rebooting means I’ve lost all previously-won in-game advantages plus all of the items I’ve purchased with my own cash. It is very, very expensive!!! Played this for one month. Never again going with King..Version: 1.134.1

Gone downhill - please fixI’ve spent several hundreds over the years playing this game getting to the high 4000’s- I find it relaxing - or I used to until they changed it so that you lose a life when you reset the board. Given that some levels are so difficult that resetting the board until you get your boosters where you want them is absolutely necessary, this is just an unconscionable cash grab. Why not be inventive (like you used to be, King) adding value for players to purchase rather than just removing what you had already given. One of the reasons I’ve never spent anything on Candy Soda (although I still play it) is the inability to reset the board. It makes the game slow and frustrating and is a disincentive to buy extras. Contrast with my spending where you could reset the board, make some progress, feel good about playing, keep playing, keep spending. Get the picture King? I’ve often thought about quitting when things got a bit hard - but kept going - however, unless this issue is fixed I will choose to spend my time (and money) on Bubblemania which still has issues but at least they appear to listen to feedback and fix things that frustrate paying customers..Version: 1.165.2

It's good but the laggy-ness isn'tTo be honest I am a mediocre player, I am currently on level 1419 (with no cheats). There are times were it is frustratingly challenging and I could be stuck for like a day, but that's what's good. Here's the bad things: they need to work on the laggy ness and glitches. My game from time to time keeps crashing and it won't work every time I try to go into CS. Also sometimes when I complete a levels due to it crashing it doesn't save it and it's infuriating. The animation needs to be worked on, because on my device you can see the individual frames and it's quite slow, which my game runs slowly and glitchy as well. I hope they fix this and maybe I will consider a 5 star rating..Version: 1.124.0

Absolute conPaid £2.99 for a booster pack. I used boosters on a level and the level was glitched so I couldn’t compete it and the boosters used were wasted. King refused to refund me and so did apple. I had screenshots and gave an accurate and detailed explanation of the issue. They didn’t want to know. Essentially I paid for something I couldn’t actually use. They make new levels without testing them properly. The most disappointing thing is apples lack of comprehension and support over the situation. Appealed the bots refund decision and the appeal bot refused too. No way to talk to an actual human. How many billions does apple make a month and they can’t let customers talk to another human. According to the refund policy on apple that’s it, they get to steal from me. What a bunch of jokers. Apple just get to keep their percentage and king get the rest. So I’ve removed any payment options from my account. Never getting a penny out of again. Modern day bandits.Version:

GrrrrI have been playing this game for years now, however, the higher the levels the more the computer controls whether u pass the level or is incredibly frustrating and blatantly obvious. Stopped playing awhile ago because of this and recently started again, however, am already getting frustrated so can’t imagine it will last much longer..Version:

Stupid gameGives you hints way too quickly. You don’t even get a chance to figure out your next move on your own. And way too in your face with new challenges. You gotta doin wheels and choose prizes and enter contests...takes you 15 minutes just to start playing the actual game. Deleting. This is a mindless waste of time. You are all zombies..Version: 1.140.0

Candy crush targets the walletHaving got disgruntled and left a couple of years ago, came back but getting frustrated, changes I don’t like can’t get lives from friends the community is blamed but I suspect foul play of course you have to pay for more lives...there are competitions/races but you aren’t competing with players at your level again it is frustrating because the games are by far easier at the lower levels... so not a level playing field... seems like greed has set in and yet I think that the revenues would rise with a better positive game experience. I have also held conversations with friends and colleagues that play this incredible game and had similar feedback...come on King make the interactive environment better and rule the world and I would bet on you increasing market share...who wouldn’t want that? SHAKMAN63.Version:

Well produced but deleted.Cleverly designed to induce enough dopamine hits to keep you playing but the problem (like with candy itself) is there is nothing substantial beneath that sweetness. It never feels like anything is being figured out and predominantly the early levels just provide the player with endless lights and flashes and congratulations without one feeling any sense of achievement. This then sets you up for an impossible level that can’t be completed without buying something and the dopamine fix just suddenly stops which the makers then hope you of course start paying to play in order to restore it. I think that’s ok but I can’t imagine ever feeling true satisfaction as most things that happen are obviously software controlled to win or lose based upon your progress and or how much you have paid. In this sense it’s just a fun nicely designed colourful application but the developers need to provide some sense that you are actually progressing via skill rather than just randomness and amount you have spent. Paying to a play a game you feel you are skilfully figuring out is one thing but paying for one that feels (certainly to me ) utterly based upon fruit machine logic is one I would rather avoid. App deleted.Version: 1.145.0

If you love popups, ads and Kardashians then you found your game!Overall nice game, if you love clicking out of 8-15 popups on average then this is game for you! Well, on occasion (every time you update your phone or for no reason at all) your boosters that you’ve been collecting for weeks will disappear but that ok, just keep playing and collecting! One day something even better happened - opened game up and it was covered with Kardashian all over - fun! Well, I do think they bring me bad luck since difficult to pass levels already taking days at a time and with Kardashians all over its even more impossible and even more popups and sometimes even full screen videos that are hard to click out of - fun! But wait, just keep watching adds about puppy vaccinations (apparently they think I have puppy since I’m playing this game hmmm) or just watch ads about other games that apparently other people made thousands of dollars - wow! I need to rethink my life and career and get one of those money making games instead! They do have a tagline when game is loading something like “eliminate stress of today, play candy” - thank you for that reminder, let me just click out of 100s of popups, watch puppy vaccination videos 50 times, see Kardashians face all this time and don’t pass a single level because all my boosters are gone - what a relieve! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️.Version:

Bad customer serviceI have been playing this game for 8 years. I was past level 1500 and had over 100 of every item stocked up as well as 84 gold bars. It told me to log into Facebook to save my progress, so I did then lost EVERYTHING. After months of trying to contact them, finally they responded saying they will not replace lost items. Do not play any KING games if you wish to keep your progress safe. Terrible policies and terrible customer service..Version:

Latest update made levels disappearAs a loyal game player of candy crush for many years now I have enjoyed many hours of playing and enjoyed every new twist an update has brought to the game. But the most previous update once I had downloaded it I went in to candy crush to play and discovered that I was no longer level 1078 like I was only minutes prior but pushed down to level 544. I am very upset about this inconvenience and although not connected to a Facebook as the game should automatically be kept within the app. I would appreciate it a lot if the game developers or whoever has the power could get into contact and help me fix this situation weather I be given my levels back on the Facebook version so I can transfer it back to my app on my phone or if the levels can be restored on my phone. Thank you..Version: 1.119.1

Chocolate BoxGetting ripped off with the Chocolate Box. For days have not been able to connect to the server. Chocolate box disappears at times for days and then suddenly reappears. Love the game and have been playing it for years. Still cannot contact server. Over two weeks..Version:

From 5 star relaxing fun to 1 star in two yearsI used to be a big fan of this game years ago and got as far as level 8540 now, but with every update the game gets more unplayable, so that even I will have to give up soon. It is very sad as this used to be such a fun, relaxing game. The problem with it is that the developers have introduced too many hard levels that cannot be passed without using boosters, but have now almost eliminated all the events that used to give you free boosters. To pay for boosters is unaffordable for anyone in their right mind, and they cannot be bought by gold bars, which are only of use to buy extra moves. What used to make this game challenging for me was deciding when to play which boosters. THAT was the fun of it. But once all your boosters are gone, so is the fun, because all the levels are basically down to luck. No challenge, no fun, and irritation instead of relaxation. They are killing this game..Version:

It was fun for awhileI quit playing this game for years. Now I remember why. I win boosters for getting through a round and have 1 hour. These boosters always come when I have one life left, so I used my coins to buy more lives. Then the boosters are gone. Wrote to support repeatedly and kept getting the same message. Go to the forums. The forums complain of similar problems including your lack of support. I get that you want people to buy coins or boosters. I’m not going to do that. It seems like all of the games on Facebook are about making a buck at the expense of their players. I’m stuck on a level right now where I can’t go further unless I have boosters which I’m not going to buy. It’s much easier to move on and find another game to play. Four hard levels in a row. Really? So if you had boosters you have to use them to advance. You get stuck somewhere and it gets boring when you know you’re going to get the oops message. You need to correct something because frankly I’m ready to move on and forget playing this. I’m also looking to see if they are King games because you get people into it with no way to win after awhile. Thoroughly disappointed..Version:

Couldn’t make it more obvious how much they want your moneyThis game has always had in-app purchase options. I don’t mind that and I’m the past, it has also been very reasonable as they gave you so many chances to be able to pass levels that you didn’t mind occasionally buying something to help progress. Now they e got rid of the little gave where you can win more moves at the end of a level (or buy for a reasonable amount of gold), it just smacks of wanting our money. It’s how much harder to progress unless you spend money on gold for more moves or boosters... I refuse to do this. I’m not tempted to buy gold to pass a level when you’ve made passing the level too hard UNLESS you spend money. I’m now also playing less often as it’s become tedious. What a shame as this was a great game..Version:

OverratedEventually you’ll get to a level where they’ll force you to use your “boosters”. You want to hold onto your boosters for really hard levels but out of nowhere, you’ll be on a level that isn’t even labeled “hard” (I was hung up on what seemed like a pretty easy level, in the high 50’s or low 60’s- I know, not far at all… I download and delete this game often… just downloaded it again for the first time in about a year, and an hour in, I was reminded why I ALWAYS delete the game out of frustration) anyway, I can’t beat the level without exhausting my boosters… if I decide to pocket my boosters and just keep using/losing lives to try to beat the level, I can exhaust all five lives and wait to get more… conversely, if I revisit that same level hours later when I have five lives… I can beat said level without a problem… except now I have less/no boosters for future, harder levels… forcing me to eventually pay for boosters or wasting lives trying to beat the next hard to beat level. Overall… game wastes time very well… but due to how frustrating a simple (non “hard level”) can be… annoyingly it seems to purposely make it so you’re forced to use boosters when you’d really like to hold onto them for much harder levels. Sure, you can beat the level by using your boosters but then you’re on like level 59 (not far at all) and have 0 boosters left. Sweet..Version:

Used to love it but...Seriously, pls add some confirmation before validating purchases with gold. More than once I mistakenly pressed on buy extra moves or lives!! And where is the free win moves wheel every 48h??? You don’t need such methods, this game already rips people off....Version:

Dec 2019 update has big new restrictionsYou could previously start and restart levels by going in and seeing the layout and where certain candies were. Now if you go in and out without playing you lose a life. Money grab😤.Version: 1.165.2

Fun game but they try to hard to get your money.This is a very fun and addictive game BUT I think their a bit too greedy. Now I doo understand that need to make money from somewhere but they go to far. I’ve got quite a few games and apps on my iPhone and Candy Crush try harder than any other game or app to get money from you. And I’ve never ever won the jackpot on the free spin and I’ve been playing this game for years and I know plenty of other people who’ve played this game for quite some time and they’ve never won the jackpot either. I can understand why they make it hard to win the jackpot but it seems like they put it on there to make you buy more gold. I’ve actually heard of more people to win money on the lottery, and that not a joke either. Apart from that it’s still a great game..Version: 1.120.0

Don’t updateIt’s a very bad update that prevent the player to quite the level without losing a life. It becomes boring and I will delete it from my phone..Version: 1.165.2

Lost all items on reinstallI’ve been playing for years and currently on 2642 level. Just very disappointed that I lost all items (about 50 of each type) and some special ones too that I collected by winning challenges and collecting rewards over a long time on reinstall even after everything was syncing with Facebook..Version: 1.139.0

Money hungry greedy ownersI’ve been playing this for years and as time progresses the more and more the owners are getting more money greedy and are changing things about their game for their profit. Golden bars are what you use to buy free lives or to buy “cheats”. You get golden bars by paying for them or winning them. You use to be able to buy them much cheaper (and the price seems to keep going up), and win them (through successfully completing a level). It is seeming to get harder and harder to win golden bars. In addition, now the owners of the game have taken away the free spin function at the end of a lost game, which would give you a second chance at the lost game (to try and win gold bars quicker), or would win you cheats. Now that’s gone. It’s obvious they keep making changes to make more money and it’s really starting to make me hate playing. It’s just greedy, as if they don’t make enough money off people as is. I refuse to buy bars anymore because they are way over priced and you don’t get much for what pay for anymore anyways. Really going down hill candy crush, and you’re about to lose loyal customers because of your greedy antics!.Version:

Game algorithm is rigged & and set up to cheat youCandy crush use to be really fun, but now it’s becoming super annoying and frustrating. Just because a color bomb or stripped candy etc etc gets activated or triggered and then a whole bunch of (other) reactions occur at the same time simultaneously on the board, doesn’t mean us players are stupid, as if we don’t know what’s going on. An experienced player, plans each move ahead of time, and are looking for the planned (DOMINO) affect to happen, but the game algorithm cheats you, by making candies explode, that weren’t even in the pathway of the planned domino affect. This forces players to waste unnecessary boosters and gold bricks, just to pass the level, which could have been saved. The algorithm is a massive greedy cheat, that is programmed to force players to spend more money on the game unnecessarily …. The developers must think players are stupid, and that we can’t tell what transpired, all because a bunch of reactions on the board will suddenly go off simultaneously! We’re not stupid CANDY CRUSH!! Fix this unfair algorithm or else I will find another game to play on my pass time. Because I’m not wasting no more money on this Psyop game..Version:

...I have nothing positive to say about this game, I have lost interest and I’m not wasting my time or money on this game. Less moves every-time and in order to pass “levels” in general you have to use $$$$$. Every God Damn Time. Don’t waste your energy or your breathe and keep your money away from this game..Version: 1.162.1

Very disappointed!!Seriously CC you increase how much gold coins cost?? You reduce the number of people who win contest and reduce the prizes, why? Why are the levels harder? Because you have increased the cost of gold coins and reduced the prizes, that tells me it’s all about the money and you have no respect or appreciation for your loyal users!! There are too many game options for you to risk losing your loyal users! Why would you do that to us?? :-( Done!! I love playing in the contest, that is what makes me keep playing versus switching to another game, unfortunately CC has made changes to their contest! Now only the person who comes in first wins a prize, oh and the prizes are a joke!! Really CC, these contest last 4 days and it takes a lot of effort and time just to place in the top 5 but you are only going to give 1st place a prize and even that prize is cheap!! How about instead of spending money on commercials you put that money into more winners and bigger rewards!! Other games make it worth your time to play them, on some of the bigger games even 20th place gets a reward but not on CC! Don’t waste your time playing, the rewards aren’t worth it! I for one am taking my money and playing other games that make it worth my time!! :-( VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS GAME!!.Version: 1.134.1

Annoying issuesSo I’ve been playing this game for a while. And today again, I got a thing that said oh I got five extra lives. I was still on full on five full lives so it doesn’t do anything. So then when you get down to one or two lives it says watch a video maybe to see if you can get an extra life. I think that if you’re going to get/win five lives that it should update to higher than five lives. Because otherwise I just won five lives are even wasted. And I agree with someone else who posted that the game will make moves for you when you’ve reached the goal. There have been times when I could have gotten higher scores also, with side by side candy bombs, but it splits them up. Or when the there are two wrapped candies next to each other, that could take out rows both vertically and horizontally, and they’re split. And if you don’t beat a level, and have less than 10 bars, you have to lose a life. System gives hints, but they are not always the best move. Today alone I wasted 40 bars to win levels. So now I’m back down to two or three lives, and will have to wait for more lives so I might be able to pass this level..Version:

I need answers!The game is great for passing time and lets be fair it gives plenty of boosters and stuff BUT the thing that is annoying me the most is that I can only claim boosters like the daily spin, event rewards, even take part in the events, etc when connected to WiFi! None of that stuff works with only mobile data! Im synced with Facebook on the game but says there’s a connection error when using mobile data but soon as I’m connected to WiFi everything is normal; I’m connected to facebook, I can take part in the events, I can take my daily spin, I can collect rewards from colour matches, I can take a spin to try win more moves after losing a game etc but can’t do any of that on just mobile data alone. Why? I’m sure before all these updates started happening you could play on mobile data and everything be normal as stated above :/ please fix this I miss out on so many things. Any sort of reply/answer would be grateful. So 3* from me till this issue is resolved..Version: 1.164.0

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Is Candy Crush Saga not working?

Candy Crush Saga works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Candy Crush Saga.

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