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Candy Crush Saga for Positive User Reviews

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIMEI got so frustrated with this game, and the greedy developers, that I left this game for 2 years. It was great; I got used to getting a full set of lives in an hour. I got used to being awarded treats that I could use right in that very level. I got used to being on a winning streak longer than two levels. So, after two years, I thought to give this game another shot. Well... I should have left well enough alone. The developers are still greedy in that,1) it still takes 2-1/2 hours to load up five lives, which means any treats/boosters with a timer will expire before your next life in 30 minutes. And, 2) that brings up another asinine bit; if I get a color bomb with a timer, that booster is not showing on my current level...or the next...or the next. So, how the hell am I supposed to use this timed booster if it’s never an option???? Every app game has its quirks, but this one tops them all. See you in another two years; maybe by then this bunch of greeds will have caught up with the rest of the game world..Version: 1.162.1

👍🏼Great game and love how much faster it is. I would like to see an option to turn off game hints. Since it's been a faster game it doesn't give you enough time to look at all the possible options. It gives hints straight after you've made a move and id like to turn off the game hints all together..Version: 1.129.0

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE ITThis game is amazing! I downloaded it 2 days ago. I finished the first 3 areas doing every level first try! It’s really addictive and I love all the ways to get free boosters! I also love how many levels there are. It took me 5 minutes and an achey arm to scroll all the way to the top. The best part is that you can USE YOUR OWN PHITO FROM YOUR LIBRARY FOR YOUR PROFILE PIC! This game also uses tactics. Like how you should try to swap the colour bombs with boosted candies. I could spend HOURS playing this! Furthermore, You can compete with people on the leaderboard on EVERY LEVEL! I am IN LOVE with this game. Please please PLEASE don’t update it unless you are adding more boosters, more levels or things like reward packs. This game is PERFECT the way it is. If you are still reading this, thank you for staying to read my unbearably long review. Like I said, I am IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME!! 😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.140.0

PrincessI do like this game except when you have been stuck on a level for weeks and you get it and then can't play for 72 hours. I enjoy the challenge when I get out of a tough level. Everyone I know plays it too. I'm not happy at the moment playing level 350. It is almost impossible to get out of it. I have been stuck on it for months and getting really frustrated, then if I ever get out of it I won't be able to play for 71 hours and that always happens on a weekend. I need to get out of this level. The moves seem to be able to change when you nearly get out of it.Version:

GREAT GAME!!I’ve only been playing candy crush for a few days but I am already HOOKED! The one thing I would complain about is that you should be able to get gold without spending any money.Version:

Love it…butLove this game play it everyday but there is definitely some pros and cons, great prizes and events but unfortunately quite disappointed when you complete the chocolate box and win gold bars but then do not get awarded them, this has happened twice to me now, and I have lost out on 20 gold bars! Also what happened to the chance to watch an ad if you loose a level so you have the chance to win moves? This was great when you get so close to completing the level, but unfortunately you have to use gold bars and why is this 10 why not 5? Some alterations need to happen to make the game fun and enjoyable like it used to be, this does not stop me from playing this addictive game, thank you!.Version:

Portrait ViewSince a few updates ago the game will only play in portrait view which is really annoying as my iPad cover doesn’t suit that and I have to use one hand to hold it. In landscape it would be hands free. I would live that option back. Have set my iPad to landscape view only and that still doesn’t work for this game..Version:

Fix IssueI love the game, and have played it for years now. I recently got the iPhone X and i’m just annoyed that the game doesn’t cover the full screen. if you could fix that, that would be great!.Version: 1.132.0

Great game but recent issuesI’ve always loved Candy Crush even though I was a bit late to the party. It is a great way to relax and pass the time & especially helps with anxiety. My only issue has been with a new change made recently. Not many people I know play anymore and so I enjoyed the option to add random players as friends to get more lives. Recently a time limit has been placed on the amount of lives you can accept and having to wait 20 mins in-between gaining a new life seems a little excessive when in a race with players who are usually in a different time zone. Just thought I’d say it in case it isn’t just me that finds waiting to continue playing isn’t that relaxing anymore..Version:

Loading issuesI have been playing this game for over 10 years. The rising costs for purchasing gold bars and the higher levels requiring you to pay to complete a level is getting beyond ridiculous. You can’t even complete some chocolate box missions without buying a booster! This past month I have had numerous issues just trying to load the game despite having the latest update on my phone. How about rewarding your longtime players rather than lining your own pockets?.Version:

Fun!Great stress reliever!!!.Version: 1.127.0

It’s a good game but...Candy crush is a good game I mean it’s interesting and it makes for a good time killer. The only problem I have with it, is when the candies highlight when playing a level. I find it’s very frustrating because maybe I don’t want to move the candies where it’s highlighting and when I look for other spots the highlighting candies just make me distracted from choosing my moves at my own pace. It’s quite annoying. I think there should be button or something in the next update where people can decide to turn whether they want the candies highlighted on or off. It would be nice and make the game more enjoyable..Version: 1.129.0

AddictiveSuper fun when you have time to kill A+.Version: 1.108.1

FunI play this game on my iPad and iPhone. Completely different levels. Frustrating at times but always a boost when you pass a hard stage.Version: 1.162.1

Money hungry with sneaky tacticsGuys. After paying for something ONE TIME, all ads for boosters or free moves completely went away. I figure you want to force people down a pipeline of paying continuously, but it won’t work on everyone. Now even “hard” levels are significantly harder, like worse than “nightmarish” difficulty. And don’t come back with that “ads are experimental and we sometimes remove people from this feature” reply you give in the king forums, the timing is so suspicious and this has happened with multiple people. We’re not that foolish as to believe that. Please stop this underhanded practice..Version:

Could be better....Ok this game has been around forever and almost everyone has heard of it, but it’s not without flaws. I’m not talking about the obvious over priced bonus things or the relentless extra screens you sometimes have to click and ignore and pointless leaderboard challenges etc. The biggest gripe I have is the way that when you choose to use a booster it automatically keeps using them until you run out , unless you remember to de-select, that’s just a scam and should be sorted out. I am also hugely disappointed at the lack of a level editor !!! This would be awesome I would love the ability to make my own levels and share them with friends / others. How great would it be having a personalised level?.Version:

Candy crush rateingI love 💖 this game it’s so fun to play. I would love to see a new one but I thought if you could maybe please make a new one and then I will give you a 10 star rating. Thanks.Version: 1.142.0

CandyCandy crush is an amazing game it gets all of your worries to float away into nothingness when your bored you can play this game soon you’ll be excited in now time it’s great for all ages over the age limit even if your 98 you can enjoy it I personally go straight to candy crush when I can’t go to sleep you shall definitely download candy crush for the time of your life my nana plays it but she’s finished all the levels in only up to my 100s I need her to help me sometimes it also keeps you entertained when stuck at home during covid19.Version:

I’m literally addictedI. can’t. stop. playing!!! Super duper addictive and I love how each level is unique with its own little challenge. Side note: has anyone actually gotten the jackpot prize off of the daily spin wheel? Hahaha.Version: 1.117.0

It’s Awesome Read this Review Before OthersIt’s a good game. Other reviews do say that it’s so terrible and so on. It isn’t, they can’t pass a level so they pay then realise it’s not really a fair price to them and then start sulking. My family has played this for years and not one time did they complain about not passing a level. It’s a great game to challenge your brain and get the best out of you. You should play candy crush if your looking for a good puzzle game to puzzle you..Version:

Great game, but watch your pocketsI love Candy Crush! I hate how they nickel and dime you with the gold bars and power ups! One day it’s 60 bars to fill up then they drop that to 30 bars for the same price because people are willing to pay. I don’t think they care about anything but that bottom dollar. They need to add an extra step in the process when adding life or hours for life because one mistake and your done. Basically a “are you sure” button to make sure you want to make that transaction. This added feature could be helpful to do many I’m sure. Candy Crush gets over on many with this function. It is ridiculous how they keep going up on the prices of things. I recommend people stop spending so much money so they can drive these prices back to a more reasonable price. I am losing interest in. Candy Crush because I can’t afford to play at times and the prices Lee rising. I have spent a significant amount and don’t plan to spend anymore because I feel they are taking advantage of people..Version:

Fascinating gameSo easy and satisfying. Really meditative for me. I play this game obsessively for weeks or months every few years when life messes with my mind by giving me big personal problems I cannot face or solve and I need something I can do that’s almost mindless but really attractive, not too challenging but still mentally stimulating, requires some low level strategy, an occasional loss with no real consequences or disappointment, very positive and super cheerful. While I’m playing this game I start subconsciously digging into my real life problem and I work a lot of stuff out. Eventually I move on with my real life & set this game aside but I admit that I looooove this game and wish there was a documentary about its creation and the people at HQ. My one word of advice if you don’t want to get frustrated and feel like you have to pay for boosters is ALWAYS glance at the objective of the level in the upper right hand corner. Each objective requires different tactics & strategy and can be beat within a few tries once you figure those out..Version:

Great gameI love this game it’s just that level 65 is sooooooo hard. After you complete the last level what will happen. Thanks for making this game.Version:

I don't knowGood game and it pass time.Version: 1.125.1

Fun & Lose OutCandy Crush is a fun game and if you’re not looking properly you lose out on points which is also fun because it keeps you more alert next time lol..Version:

Candy Crush - new updateSince updating Candy Crush there’s no landscape position to play it on . Now if you want to play it , it’s a vertical upright position . I’ve had c/crush since it came out so now why change it . Landscape was the best to use and hold it . It’s so hard to play for me this way . It’s hard on the eyes to play for me . Can you please correct it when you do the new update. I’m sure there will a lot of players who miss it and want the original landscape style back to stay . I have such a high score but I feel the need not to play. I would play it every single day . At least my iPhone & other iPads still have landscape but there score levels are much lower so I won’t update them. Can you please please please return this amazing game back to its original format please on the next update. If I’d known this would happen I wouldn’t have updated it . Please can you return it back to landscape position to hold the game ..Version:

Ruining my lifeI can't stop playing. Please help me. My wife and kids left me because I can't stop playing candy crush. I got fired because I could not stop playing at work. The bank is taking possession of my house. My own mother refuses to talk to me, but still I must crush the candy..Version:

Toll Fees!The game become a toll way since new buyers bought it over Means that they made every single game extremely difficult with only 15 moves which almost impossible to pass without buying extra moves which can reach up to 65 moves if you buy to pass !!!..?? Funny they know that Well and now players must pay toll fees to pass each game not level!! This will lead lots to delete this game sooner than they think as No one is stupid enough to see that!,.Version:

Candy crushI have been playing for years and on level 2157 and all of a sudden couldn’t play as it has stopped and couldn’t load anymore, can someone help unfreeze as I don’t want to delete and start all over again !.Version: 1.146.1

To all the mothersGo be with your children stop playing candy crush.Version:

Irresistible CandyI tried not to love it .....but I’m hooked, have been since it first came out love it when you get through on your first time keep keeping it interesting. I’ll always be here Started again on a new phone so annoying but cool to just power through cos I’ve already done them all and able to save up all the treasures.Version: 1.128.0

Hate the new view on my iPadI have been playing candy crush since it came out and in the latest release two things are very annoying … 1 the fact it only appears in portrait on the iPad so I can’t use my iPad stand when I’m playing. 2. The challenge you don’t get a choice anymore as the cancel X has been removed so you basically know you won’t win that game and if you are lucky enough to pass that level you won’t pass the next one. I’m serious thinking of quitting playing candy crush ☹️.Version:

Candy RoyaleHi, love playing your game for some unwind time. One problem that really annoys me is your maths on Candy Royale. It isn’t accurate. When the coins are allocated at the end it isn’t correct. I can be one of 10 people in the second last game and it will remain the same on the last game but it is calculates that I am one of 11 not 10 and I get 46 coins. Your function is incorrect in how it works. It adds you onto the the last number standing instead of including you in the last number standing. Sorry numbers are what I do and it is annoying. Love the game otherwise aside from glitches and errors.Version:

This new update causes crashes - cant get to play a game that I love. I am 67 years old.Please fix this problem a.s.a.p. so I can play again as is only company I have. My iPad also lost all the games a few updates back which had cost me a lot of money to go up levels and buy extra turns to finish games. Was up to 310 now back to 80. iPod don't want to go back to zero as up to 275. Don’t like the stupid bits in between games would rather get on with the game!.Version: 1.164.0

Best game in my lifeMy name is Zyon this game is amazing and I love it so much!!!!!!! And I am 7 years old..Version:

I need helpI love this game but I can’t updated app with new version onto my iPhone, I’ve tried check my settings and wifi but nothing seems to work, and app has frozen now 😭 it’s been over two or three days and still trying to update and still frozen, I refuse to download it again please fix this issue!.Version:

Great game missing old featuresLoved all candy with potential exploding when moves were depleted. Won so many levels with this feature. Also sad cannot bank bonuses earned when logging in to spin daily challenges and winning time limited boosters with no time to play Being able to realise all the boosters earned would really enhance the game..Version:

Back on trackI wrote a review a while back (but can’t find it) and wanted to update it to say the latest update has resolved the points I made about displaying the events on an iPad. Much much better. Back to enjoying and not faffing. Still love the 5 lives as it means I don’t get carried away and lose track of time. Thanks for the last update. I’ve not given it 5 for the simple reason of if going the same way as most games by King and that is the free challenges that are running when you play that has the option to pay to premium up! I do buy the odd life but you’re making it into a money making game instead of looking after those who have already paid for it just like all the other Games by king developers..Version:

Best candy game of all😃I love Candy Crush sooo much. I played on the tablet at home, then I got this: my i-pod. I got candy crush a week after my birthday. My birthday is on the fifth of June and I got my i-pod on the third of June(the i-pod was an early birthday present) and I have been playing Candy Crush ever since then. Well. Almost. When I got to level 94 it got really hard and stoped playing for 2 or 3 months. Then I started playing again and I won! I got heaps of really good boosters from my winnings and one time I got the last booster bot and kept it for 10 levels! All I’m saying is play this game and when a level gets really hard just keep on trying otherwise you will be crushed just like the chocolate.😼.Version: 1.139.0

Entertaining game but ???Either updates or crashes after a while which means having to delete app to then reinstall loosing all of ones previous progress having to start from the very beginning For which now to be quite honest am really now quite over Still good a good game in itself never the less.Version: 1.126.0

Can not use games from envelopeMany problems. No facebook you erased my progress also now no facebook but the envelope on left hand side with a number I tap it push accept. But I cannot use the game. It reduces the number but gives me no game. You broke game. Fix it.Version:

AddictedI just recently had a baby and wanted a game i could play while i’m breastfeeding and i don’t know why but i downloaded candy crush, over the years i’ve heard so many people talk about it but i’ve never tried playing it and it’s probably the best game i’ve played. It’s so addicting!.Version: 1.142.0

Fun addictive and skilledThis game seems simple enough and it is with I'm reason. It has a very easy to understand learning curve and the game world is set out in a very colourful and engaging way with whimsical characters and charming levels to which there are over 2000. As you progress the game becomes harder but not to a point which is impossible, even upon finding a level in which you may become stuck you will find your self addicted to trying to pass said level. There are boosters which are easily won and do not need any real cash to progress. This game is a hidden gem and you will find yourself becoming addicted very quickly, maybe it's the colourful design or the matching of candies and watching them destroy other candies leaving a trail of colour and light that keeps you going but whatever it is I recommend downloading this free game and having a look for yourself 🎄.Version: 1.115.2

Limited And Makes You Spend Money! Doesn’t Take Stress Away!Okay, if your friends told you, “Hey play this game! It will be fun!” Then they are right. But there is more to this game than meets the eye. For example, you lost a couple of levels and you are getting better and better. But you fail just one more level and suddenly, there is a little sign that says you have no more hearts left. You can’t actually play the game until they recharge. Also, it makes you spend money on gold bars so you can use this fake money to buy spinning wheel turns or lollipop hammers on a level that is particularly hard. It is a good game, but unless you’re willing to spend 7.99 on a special pack, every single time you play, this is not recommended by me. Lastly, I just have to say that this will not swipe your stress away. It actually creates more stress because you have 2 moves left and 14 jellies! Chocolate consuming the board. Okay go ahead. Get the game. I don’t care. I’m just warning you. ChikinNuget34 out.Version:

Extra livesI love this game and am super addicted, but I wish you could accumulate the lives won over time. It’s just a pity that when you get all the stars and it rewards you with 5 lives - if you already have 5 it’s such a waste because it’s not like those go on top of the existing 5 you have. That would be my only suggestion - to some how allow for lives to accumulate over time..Version: 1.128.0

The love of my lifeCandy crush is my life, I can’t go a maximum of an hour without checking in and swiping away. My fingers don’t work anymore, all they want to do is swipe, everything I see jumbles into patterns and I have to get three, four or five in a row to go about my day. Candy crush is ruining my life, I can’t go outside anymore, people keep calling me crazy but they don’t know what’s really going on. I’m currently on level 3068 and I have been stuck on it for months, I keep changing the time and date in my settings to get free lives but now it’s making me wait 9,825,741 minutes!! PLEASE SEND ME LIVES!.Version: 1.140.0

I hate that I love it...I read the previous review that had a love-hate relationship with this game, and I completely agree. It is incredibly addicting, but it would be more fun to play if the app designers gave in a little bit and gave people more for their money (1) increase the total number of gold bars that you can buy in your piggy bank (30? Seriously?) without raising the price. It would be nice if you also earned gold bars after you completed so many levels on your first try instead of just boosters. And yes on the daily spin “jackpot!” Why put it on there if you are never going to win? I also think you shouldn’t lose a move when you use a booster - if I’m down to my last move and I’ve got two color bottoms on the game board, I should be able to use up the boosters before I lose my moves to see if that helps clear the board. So small changes would go a long way. People would still spend money on the app. I think people would spend more money if we were getting more things for free occasionally. But it’s crack, so that’s why I rated it four stars😉.Version: 1.137

Great gameI love this game!!!!.Version: 1.140.0

Rigged and riddled with micro-transactionsI’ve been stuck on a level for so long now because I get down to like 4 moves but have 8 chocolates to smash but each move doesn’t generate a chocolate, so it’s impossible to get the chocolates with the amount of moves I have left. Even if I get some more moves the chocolate might not appear even after 2 or more moves. Can you make it so chocolate is generated each move? It seems so intentional to try and trick you into spending real world money which is shady and cheap. This game used to be so fun but it’s riddled with micro transactions. Also, why does the colour bomb go off even if you don’t move it? It’s so frustrating especially if you’ve lined the colour bomb up to a striped candy or a wrapped and it triggers randomly before you can even touch it. I don’t understand why make it so frustrating and hard to play for players?.Version:

FrustratingIs an amazing game but in app purchases are bugged :( brought the beginner pack for $6.99 NZD and it took the money and didn’t give me any of the stuff in the bundle apart from 20 gold ?! Not the first time this has happened 😪.Version: 1.143.0

A great twist to a classicAll I have to say for Candy Crush Saga is that even though a match 3 game is slightly overdone, this has some things that were never seen in any other match 3 games of its time, matching specials, objectives (Bejeweled 3 had Quest mode, in aware.) when i first played Candy Crush on Facebook, I knew from the beginning that the game looks simple, and it was. As you ge lt in-depth, say level 120, you will notice a contingency of levels being heavily objective based with fewer moves, this makes you wonder if you should try for much bigger matches to progress further, or use basic moves to try and chain up a good score as well as hit a 3 star score within said moves (either before or after sugar crush.).Version: 1.120.0

One ThingI was playing one level and I noticed that I only had 4 chocolate blocks left to go So I counted them to see where they and where I needed to strike but I could only find one and this is because I only had ONE, it is so annoying I had to use my number of swipes so that I could get chocolate blocks but I couldn’t complete because I ran out of swipes. In conclusion I had to use my swipes to create chocolate blocks so that I could complete my level but I couldn’t because I used them all up from either creating blocks or getting rid blocks. It hasn’t just happened once it has happened 3 times that is why I am writing the first time I was annoyed but I didn't mind but 3 TIMES !!!!!!!!! Please do something about it..Version:

AmazingI never really download king games, but after watching some what’s on my phone videos I decided to download it and I am really happy I did. Not only is it a well designed game, it doesn’t stress me out like I expected it to. The fact that they are constantly updating their games to keep them fresh and exciting shows me that they are dedicated and that they deserve this 5 star review. This is one of the most og games and I can see why. The only suggestion/problem is having to pay to open your piggy bank. I understand that you have to make money to keep making amazing games but I think there should be a piggy bank that you don’t have to pay for but only gives you something like 15 gold. If you can download this game, I highly suggest it. This game may not be for everyone but I am ADDICTED..Version: 1.122.0

LoveI love love love this game.. have been playing for like 10years!! But one thing that really annoys me is when you are awarded 5 free lives for reaching a ‘milestone’ they are added to you tally there and then - and if you already have more than one life you still only get a total of 5 instead of potentially 9 or 10… also would be great if you could use them when it suited but it’s not a reward when you already have 4 or 5 lives - it’s just a waste… would also be great if the bonus 30mins or 1hr boosters could be used when you choose not just at the time of being rewarded.. thanks for making candy crush great!.Version:

UntimelyI’ve reached the stage of over 3 thousand but when I updated my phone I was back to zero , the rest of my games still the same despite of changed not really happy 😏.Version:

Enjoyment & relaxing & slightly frustrating!!I have been playing Candy Crush since the very beginning & really enjoy the game. There are no other games on my phone that I play. I do find it slightly frustrating when in competition with my partner that he gets free lives & tends to get more rewards than me by just watching clips/advertisements?? I don’t get any of that & simply have to wait for lives to be given to me or wait the cycle until they build back up again! He has soured ahead of me which is annoying because there is nothing I can do about it! We should all be playing the same game equally to make it fair!! Sorry, I don’t like losing 🙄.Version:

Advertisement bugThis app has a serious Ad bug. The app goes blackout while trying to watch Ad to get extra moves to finish up a game and never comes back until it’s force-closed (swipe up) and open fresh..Version:

Really good and OK1. Yeah I even don't want to spend a cent but gold bars are now totally impossible to get but why? There's no Episode Race, which is probably the only way to get gold bars, why? Features randomly appear and disappear time to time and device to device. 2. Why did you remove interesting names such as "Chocolate Barn"? It was used to be fun but now really lonely, with only a few episodes having unique names. Please, bring it back, people will be excited, I know the reason why: it is to save memory. But I don't care about the memory of my phone. Thank you. 👍.Version:

Black screenI really enjoy ‘checking out’ for a short while, kick back & spend some time on cc.. For the past few weeks I have had a problem with the app! At least 3 or 4 times (and right now) my game freezes and the screen goes black! I try logging out, turning the phn off (seemed to work once) but what ever I try doesn’t work and now it’s been black for almost 3 days I have read thru comments & it looks like I am not the only one this is happening to. I can’t seem to find any answers.. Any advice would be appreciated, I wanna play!.Version:

Good but not greatThis game is know for being fun and addicting but it’s also incredibly frustrating. The game is full of colour and joy but the constant ads that pop up (eg. The piggy bank one) get annoying very quickly. Overall you are better off getting one of the knock off versions..Version: 1.139.0

My addictionIt such a pain that I have to wait forever to get new levels coming after I finished my level 5825.. and when new levels finally available still I can’t join the competition because I had to wait for another “new levels coming soon” after probably finished only 10/15 levels not sure. So dear candy crush team, would you guys please fix my problem of the “too long waiting for the new levels?” Thanks so much in advance y’all!! Since I love this game too much not to play for a sec, specially on the weekend! 😣😭🤪🤣😍♥️♥️.Version: 1.164.0

A few bugsOn the beanstalk climb, when I win 2 prizes it only gives me one, 3 prizes it only gives two and if I take the first prize, I get zero. Also, the sweet cinema is saying play, but the you can’t and then when you try later, even though it doesn’t say play - it actually works that time. A suggestion: it would be much nicer, if when clearing the last piece of pie, that either: The freckles, striped candy or packets (or any other feature) actually “went off” or they stayed for after the grid is cleared. Thanks for helping take the sting out of Covid..Version:

Georgia powGeorgia Pow after reading your review I thought I’d ask you what level you’re on ? I’ve been playing years and I’m currently 2nd best in the whole of the UK. I get daily boosters and when completed some levels get unlimited lives and extra bonuses as I’ve done from the start. I don’t know what more you expect them to do for us haha ? Maybe just try enjoy the game and focus on your own game instead of comparing it to others who probably will only be getting the same bonuses as us !! This game is awesome and I’ll continue to play with or without lots of free bonuses. Anyone up for a challenge add my Facebook Billy Corbett and see if you can catch up to me within the next few years haha. Please remember to brush your teeth after eating candy 🍭.Version:

FunVery enjoyable game, would like it if it took less time to move from each level, with less of the graphic things, like leaderboards and weekly races, and if you could open the piggy bank without paying. Also more lives would be great.Version: 1.134.1

AddictedI love candy crush! Usually playing it whenever I get the chance to.. x.Version: 1.140.0

Stop the ads!What’s with the sudden bombardment of ads? Three ads in a row, all the same ad. Some you have to wait 35 seconds, others 5 seconds. Give us an option to buy ourselves no ads because it’s getting ridiculous now..Version:

Amazing!Well, well well where do I begin? The rush this game gives me is like no other. It’s fantastic, marvelous amazing! The power that courses from my veins as I crush the candies is unmatched. Don’t get me started on the use of the lollipops as I smash the candy into oblivion. Recommend the download if you want a happy life, really bonded me and the grandkids my Joshie loves it almost as much as me. Nearly crushed all the candies don’t know what will fill the hole when it finishes. I would like to put forward the idea of Critter Crunch where you unlock different items to crush the critters as you develop through the game. Just an idea you would be foolish to not use it. Thanks for the happiness you’ve brought..Version:

Get rid of the piggy bank!I’ve been playing for years, never paid for extra add-ons and even won the jackpot on the spinny wheel twice! Just one complaint; please, please get rid of the annoying piggy bank >:-( It takes up space, nobody asked for it, nobody I know wants it or uses it & you’re trying to get us to pay to access the bonus bars we won!!.Version: 1.118.0

Wow, but...So I have been playing Candy Crush since it was first released! Back then it was a fun and easy game, and it was fair between the new & older players, and I played it every day, having lots of fun. Until, I took a break from the game and game back. Everything was normal for me, however, my cousin was going to join the CandyCrush Community that exact day, when she joined, she played a few levels and she was instantly showered with boosts, lives, unlimited lives and she kept getting notifications of her getting more and more boosts, lives, etc. We both though this was extremely unfair because when I joined, I did not have the luxury items she did when I joined the game. I don’t know how, but with the help of my family, I am really close to completing Candy Crush and excitedly waiting for more levels! I am writing this review to say it was not fair! Please try giving us older players some good items in the next update!!!.Version: 1.129.0

Love Candy CrushI love this game and am addicted. What has happened to the statistics that you used to be able to see if you tapped your character after passing a level eg rank and levels passed in the week, there were 3 different things not just the one shown after each game. Why do you never win the jackpot in the daily game, no point in having it there if you can’t get it sometimes. Other wise great game.Version: 1.140.0

Cost of the piggy bankI love Candy crush and it is a great game, but I don’t want to pay money to get vital stuff LIKE THE PIGGY BANK! So if u could get rid of the piggy bank or not make it cost money, then I will keep playing it. Also, there r To many events and I can’t keep track. So if u could not have so many events going on at the same time, or get rid of them altogether, that would be appreciated! But other than that, congratulations on having this great game running for 6 years now!🍬🍭🍡🍥🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍬.Version: 1.127.0

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