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Candy Crush Saga app received 106 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about candy crush saga?

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Quit buttonLove the game and played for years. But now it costs one life to quit the game without any move. Please let them back to quit without losing the life. Thank you.Version: 1.133.0

Candy crush rateingI love 💖 this game it’s so fun to play. I would love to see a new one but I thought if you could maybe please make a new one and then I will give you a 10 star rating. Thanks.Version: 1.142.0

Not happyI set up a new iPad and my game didn't load properly , I was at level 1510 and now my game shows me at level 50 , it doesn't matter what I do or what King tells me to do nothing has worked, now it is glitching worse and shows me at a much higher area of the map with no way of knowing where I am as there are no numbers lit up and my avatar is frozen in between 2 levels , please help as I don't want get rid of the game but I will if it doesn't get fixed.Version:

CandyCandy crush is an amazing game it gets all of your worries to float away into nothingness when your bored you can play this game soon you’ll be excited in now time it’s great for all ages over the age limit even if your 98 you can enjoy it I personally go straight to candy crush when I can’t go to sleep you shall definitely download candy crush for the time of your life my nana plays it but she’s finished all the levels in only up to my 100s I need her to help me sometimes it also keeps you entertained when stuck at home during covid19.Version:

Love the game.Love the game and totally addicted. One question though, do you play the levels before sending them out, because if you do, on some levels you either have a super pro player or you are not telling us the secret to completing levels that are super hard with only 13 turns. As I f you haven’t made it hard already but in the new update you have actually made it harder. I did not think it possible. Thanks King. 🤨 I love a challenge and enjoy the hard levels but 2977 is just ridiculous..Version: 1.117.0

Amazing and addictive!This app is perfect for any occasion! Weather you’re on the bus or sitting in the comfort of your home, it’s perfect! Challenging in some spots but booster help you with is amazing! My entire family loves the game! My grandma played it on her laptop all the time and taught me the cool ways to always win! Amazing! Though I am experiencing a glitch. Every time I exit to do something else when I’m not in a round, a heart is gone! Though it could just be the image because it once said all my hearts were gone! But I could still play! Hope you read this and continue on your devine work! Bye.Version: 1.139.0

Great gameI love this game!!!!.Version: 1.140.0

My addictionIt such a pain that I have to wait forever to get new levels coming after I finished my level 5825.. and when new levels finally available still I can’t join the competition because I had to wait for another “new levels coming soon” after probably finished only 10/15 levels not sure. So dear candy crush team, would you guys please fix my problem of the “too long waiting for the new levels?” Thanks so much in advance y’all!! Since I love this game too much not to play for a sec, specially on the weekend! 😣😭🤪🤣😍♥️♥️.Version: 1.164.0

AddictedThis game is good for passing the time and then you get addicted to it which makes you stuck and by the time you realise, 5 hours has passed by..Version: 1.142.0

Best candy game of all😃I love Candy Crush sooo much. I played on the tablet at home, then I got this: my i-pod. I got candy crush a week after my birthday. My birthday is on the fifth of June and I got my i-pod on the third of June(the i-pod was an early birthday present) and I have been playing Candy Crush ever since then. Well. Almost. When I got to level 94 it got really hard and stoped playing for 2 or 3 months. Then I started playing again and I won! I got heaps of really good boosters from my winnings and one time I got the last booster bot and kept it for 10 levels! All I’m saying is play this game and when a level gets really hard just keep on trying otherwise you will be crushed just like the chocolate.😼.Version: 1.139.0

AddictedI just recently had a baby and wanted a game i could play while i’m breastfeeding and i don’t know why but i downloaded candy crush, over the years i’ve heard so many people talk about it but i’ve never tried playing it and it’s probably the best game i’ve played. It’s so addicting!.Version: 1.142.0

AddictiveProbably gonna have to go to candy crush anonymous at this point.Version: 1.113.3

AddictivePLEASE BUG FIX... I win a game and get automatically put on the same level to play it again. Also please stop the in game pop-ups for “leaderboards”. They’re pointless and annoying. Thank you Good game, very addictive. I’m not sure what’s most frustrating though, spending a couple of weeks on a level or the amount of in-app pop ups that appear every log in, between games, log out.... basically anytime the game gets a chance there’s what feels like a dozen pop ups to get any where, many of them completely unnecessary. There a chance to get a jackpot on your daily spins, in 5 years of playing the game I’ve NEVER had the “jackpot”. King, please sort this.Version:

FeedbackDisappointed that I have to pay to play this game. I understand the economics of the thing but really are you not almost not creating an addiction by cutting people off between levels?. I like the game but will no longer be playing because it’s too expensive. I am scared to see what the charges on my visa bill will be this month.Version:

FunI play this game on my iPad and iPhone. Completely different levels. Frustrating at times but always a boost when you pass a hard stage.Version: 1.162.1

👍🏼Great game and love how much faster it is. I would like to see an option to turn off game hints. Since it's been a faster game it doesn't give you enough time to look at all the possible options. It gives hints straight after you've made a move and id like to turn off the game hints all together..Version: 1.129.0

AddictiveI downloaded this game as I was bored one day, and all my friends were banging on about this game, saying how cool it was and how the levels go so far and never end so I decided to download it and wow addictive this game really is I’m stuck for hours on end just playing this game sheer frustration when I can’t complete the level first time but cocky I am ha ha when things are going goo but I still have the original candy crush and I still play it everyday it’s great I would be lost with out it and it’s about wit, tactics thinking memory a good memory at that I would recommend this game for any age any anyone thank you.Version: 1.129.0

Love love love!Candy crush is my favorite thing to do! But I have a few suggestions.. have an undo move as a booster - many times I’m too quick and realize I have moved the wrong candy, be able to store to use when your ready the free lives for level up or free 1hr boosters - many times these are wasted as you either already have 5 lives and cannot accumulate more or you run out of lives as you get the timed boosters. Thanks, keep up the great work!.Version:

Love it!Love the daily rewards and all the extra rewards you can get by watching adds or completing challenges..Version: 1.119.1

Game rocks now.Good going. Nice way to make stages still impossible but to an extent of being a difficult game play as well. And your finally giving free coins. 5 star from me now.Version: 1.153.0

I’m literally addictedI. can’t. stop. playing!!! Super duper addictive and I love how each level is unique with its own little challenge. Side note: has anyone actually gotten the jackpot prize off of the daily spin wheel? Hahaha.Version: 1.117.0

Love/hate relationship with Candy CrushLove: addicting (but maybe that should be a hate,lol), really fun, nice way to pass time when bored or waiting in lines - I’ve been playing for at least 3-4 years now and at over level 2000. Can’t seem to give up this particular game and it’s only one of two that I keep playing. Hate: way too many things to click now just to get to play the game. Not interested in baby dinosaur feedings, readerboard stats or anything else annoying to click thru... just let the game be played! Also hate that donut wheel boosters on the daily spin are constantly rewarded, but I can’t EVER seem to use them. I have on average only 1-3 rewards of every other type of booster, and literally 64 donut wheels I don’t get to use... sheesh. Please change that! Same to the jackpot option on the spinning wheel- why bother if you aren’t ever going to reward a jackpot? Would love to see more lollipop hammers and hand switching boosters given out freely. Thanks for considering this feedback!.Version: 1.123.0

I’m sorryThis is a review to follow up the review that said the F—- word and other horrid words that I didn’t mean. It was a horrible review and I take it back. I know you can’t take something back that is already out. You can’t put the toothpaste back into the tub. The least I can do is apologize. Once again I’m sorry for what I said. I was just stressed enough and I came on this game to leave the stress but only caused more on a nightmarishly hard level. I know I know this is a review and I do have a recommendation. Once you run out of moves you should give just one more move because you might needed one more to beet the level. This is actually a good game and it is relaxing just not on those levels. For the last time I just want to say I’m so deeply sorry for what I said on that interview. At the end of the day this game has saved me through troubled times in the past and those hard levels mold me into becoming more genuine and respectful for gaming. That’s what I realized in this experience. I’m glad to have this game..Version: 1.140.0

Back on trackI wrote a review a while back (but can’t find it) and wanted to update it to say the latest update has resolved the points I made about displaying the events on an iPad. Much much better. Back to enjoying and not faffing. Still love the 5 lives as it means I don’t get carried away and lose track of time. Thanks for the last update. I’ve not given it 5 for the simple reason of if going the same way as most games by King and that is the free challenges that are running when you play that has the option to pay to premium up! I do buy the odd life but you’re making it into a money making game instead of looking after those who have already paid for it just like all the other Games by king developers..Version:

4 weeks of game crashingAnyone else having problems, game won’t open and keeps crashing.Version:

Could be better....Ok this game has been around forever and almost everyone has heard of it, but it’s not without flaws. I’m not talking about the obvious over priced bonus things or the relentless extra screens you sometimes have to click and ignore and pointless leaderboard challenges etc. The biggest gripe I have is the way that when you choose to use a booster it automatically keeps using them until you run out , unless you remember to de-select, that’s just a scam and should be sorted out. I am also hugely disappointed at the lack of a level editor !!! This would be awesome I would love the ability to make my own levels and share them with friends / others. How great would it be having a personalised level?.Version:

Room for improvementLet me get this out of the way before my rant- this game is actually pretty decent. But there are a lot of improvements I would make, including, but not limited to- I think you should be able to unlock striped and wrapped power-ups earlier in the game. I have about 25 of those power-ups just laying there, totally wanting to be used. I like how you can get more power-ups the more you complete levels on your first try- but when I get stuck on a boss level- I don’t have that. So maybe have like three strikes before you remove the extra power-ups? This last thing is for the people who have played- but haven’t downloaded it on one of their devices- can you make it so we can skip the tutorial? It’s kind of crappy having to sit through the tutorial saying how to work your freaking phone, when, in reality, you know how to play. Overall decent game. One last think- STOP MAKING ME HAVE TO BUY THOSE STINKING LIVES! Warm regards, Broke due to Candy Crush.Version: 1.128.0

AmazingI never really download king games, but after watching some what’s on my phone videos I decided to download it and I am really happy I did. Not only is it a well designed game, it doesn’t stress me out like I expected it to. The fact that they are constantly updating their games to keep them fresh and exciting shows me that they are dedicated and that they deserve this 5 star review. This is one of the most og games and I can see why. The only suggestion/problem is having to pay to open your piggy bank. I understand that you have to make money to keep making amazing games but I think there should be a piggy bank that you don’t have to pay for but only gives you something like 15 gold. If you can download this game, I highly suggest it. This game may not be for everyone but I am ADDICTED..Version: 1.122.0

Good game that could be betterThis game needs more in-game information. Tell your players what the boosters do! And explain which challenge you are playing, or are you playing all of them? Who knows? It is entertaining until you get to the point that everything gets so hard that it takes either many repeats to get through a level or you have to spend considerable real money on boosters. I deleted the game and reloaded to go back to lower levels..Version: 1.134.1

A great twist to a classicAll I have to say for Candy Crush Saga is that even though a match 3 game is slightly overdone, this has some things that were never seen in any other match 3 games of its time, matching specials, objectives (Bejeweled 3 had Quest mode, in aware.) when i first played Candy Crush on Facebook, I knew from the beginning that the game looks simple, and it was. As you ge lt in-depth, say level 120, you will notice a contingency of levels being heavily objective based with fewer moves, this makes you wonder if you should try for much bigger matches to progress further, or use basic moves to try and chain up a good score as well as hit a 3 star score within said moves (either before or after sugar crush.).Version: 1.120.0

The Perfect GameThis game doesn’t even have ADS. I am seriously done with all of those other games who have ads because I just want to play a game. This is also an offline game so you can play it wherever you want. This game is so addicting. Play it because it’s enjoyable. I have spent the whole afternoon playing this game and I am literally obsessed with it. I recommend you to play it because you’ll enjoy it. PLEASE AND THANK YOU ;).Version:

Candy crushI have been playing for years and on level 2157 and all of a sudden couldn’t play as it has stopped and couldn’t load anymore, can someone help unfreeze as I don’t want to delete and start all over again !.Version: 1.146.1

Fun!Great stress reliever!!!.Version: 1.127.0

This new update causes crashes - cant get to play a game that I love. I am 67 years old.Please fix this problem a.s.a.p. so I can play again as is only company I have. My iPad also lost all the games a few updates back which had cost me a lot of money to go up levels and buy extra turns to finish games. Was up to 310 now back to 80. iPod don't want to go back to zero as up to 275. Don’t like the stupid bits in between games would rather get on with the game!.Version: 1.164.0

Good but not greatThis game is know for being fun and addicting but it’s also incredibly frustrating. The game is full of colour and joy but the constant ads that pop up (eg. The piggy bank one) get annoying very quickly. Overall you are better off getting one of the knock off versions..Version: 1.139.0

Candy crushI deleted this a while back because it felt old and there was t much going on and the boosters seemed really hard to try and get and although it’s still ridiculously expensive to buy boosters or gold bars, the content seems to have changed and seems to be fun again and really relaxing... so props to the changes but the prices could be a lot lower considering how many people play this game and if there were bundles actually worth buying at a much lower price I think they’d earn a lot more money from their customers!! But that’s just my thinking! Great game again and I’m happy to be playing what feels like an updated and more fun version of the old candy crush!!.Version: 1.140.0

Love the game but...Love the game, however I hate that it doesn’t let u have the option to use your stuff (like fish,color ball) to try and beat the game. U only have the option to use it before u start the game. Can that be changed or updated? Its yours for the keeping, why not put it down below to use like the color changer hand swap or lollipop hammer? Also u hate when u have one move left and u can’t use ur candy wrapper or anything left on the game board. Whatever is left on the game board when the game ends should pop automatically just like it does with sugar crush when u pass a level. If we earn a prize it should pop at the end who knows that might help us to the next level. Well I just deleted this app because I keep pouring money into this game and I’m not getting rich u guys are. That spinning will is somehow preset to stop where u guys want it so that we will keep making purchases I get that but just to get to the next level??? Pshhhh boy bye no more $$$ from me. Good luck.Version: 1.129.0

Candy Crush Rules!!My auntie plays this game every night and whenever I see her play it I always want to have a go! 🍭 I downloaded it a few months ago and play it almost everyday it’s very addictive, but very frustrating when you can’t beat a level and have tried many many times. I am on level 158 and find candy crush very relaxing when your annoyed, stressed or just happy 😆 I’m like this game because there are NO adds witch in a lot of games have a ton, 🍭🍬🍫 I absolutely love candy crush and sofa saga and the others please keep updated it. I’m only 10 but find it fun, relaxing and a great stress reliever. Thank you everyone who works on it and keep up the good work..Version:

A bit of business adviceThis game is the game that changed he world, everyone was quite obsessed with it at a time and there wasn’t anyone who didn’t play it, however as the years have gone on, the developers and owners are clearly looking for any reason to collect money and it’s very easy to see through. The way the game is set up is of course to make you feel like you’re not spending real money and lead you to buy more, but what I see with this game is a lot of these attention grabbing money making chances, for example the piggy bank is timed and makes you wait and collect gold until you can actually spend real money to get the gold you “earned” these clear attempts at trying to make money are a problem, subtlety should really be in the minds of the team in charge of the in-game purchases, especially with such a vulnerable age demographic, that being children and old people- it’s safe to say that there could be far better decisions with making money with this game.Version: 1.116.0

Excellent game to stimulate your brain in a different wayA pleasant diversion that makes you use your grey matter when you get into the harder challenges..Version: 1.113.1

5 STARSSuper Challenging, Addictive & an Awesome game. Doesn't require spending (though I could see people spending up if they could)!! I like how even though you can get 'stuck' on a particular level for what fells like forever , at least then once u do finally pass it you get through a decent chunk before hitting the next 'hurdle'. I've had a break for the last year or so but come back to it with a Loving It!!.Version: 1.122.0

Great little game for brain dumpingHad a stressful day, work getting you down, traffic on the way home terrible, what ever your reason, this is a great game to just brain dump, forget about daily grinds, just play a few levels and you will feel better after it. It’s free. You don’t have to pay for extras unless you want to, they are not essential, yes your time is limited but as you get better you play for longer a lot of the time as you manage to complete levels. It’s possible to win prizes that enable you to have extra points and time without paying for them..Version: 1.154.1

ThievesThis is the 2 time candy crush has frozen on me and now on both occasions I have lost all the extra boosters at great expense I am disabled and unable to walk so found it kept me alert and I enjoyed it now I have just lost a 99 £ booster when I re installed it it put me back to level 1 and NO boosters I was on level 1724 so I had enough there is nobody to get in contact with when this sort of thing happens so the only conclusion is they are outright thieves I will not play this game anymore and have told all my friends on Facebook they should be reported but can’t find out where to do this so good luck to you all but I’ve had enough.Version: 1.145.0

GreatCandy crush is seriously good. Only negative thing I can say is that you’re not as generous as other games. For example, I just watched your “thank you” video re level 3000. That’s lovely and all but how bout some free gold or some sort of other pack ;) we shouldn’t expect freebies of course but it seems to be the biggest difference between you and others. They have giveaways for most holidays and events. Just a thought. Other than that, I love candy crush..Version: 1.154.1

DreamerI literally have dreams about candy crush, I close my eyes and all I see are ways to crush the candy. Always crushing the candy....Version: 1.113.1

Dear Candy Crush,I love Candy Crush who doesn’t. But the game should be less addictive as it is. I played about 20 levels this morning and they were not easy. What I don’t like is that they only sometimes gives you boosts and such when you don’t to bribe you into the game. Something positive I should say is I love how the game is basically telling a story in candy land. The main character Tiff helps animals. I like that the challenges get harder as you go but not too hard that is good so you adapt and don’t notice how much harder they are compared from 80 to 1. And I like the contests because it’s fun to compete with people even if you don’t know them. I am really competitive so of course I do. I hate how they advertise other games by the company in the game because for their own sake people are going to stop playing cause of these adds. The gold bars are great when you have them but unfortunately they go away or spent very quickly that is. Thank you for reading, CatPenguin291 (Padfoot) fellow player..Version: 1.140.0

The love of my lifeCandy crush is my life, I can’t go a maximum of an hour without checking in and swiping away. My fingers don’t work anymore, all they want to do is swipe, everything I see jumbles into patterns and I have to get three, four or five in a row to go about my day. Candy crush is ruining my life, I can’t go outside anymore, people keep calling me crazy but they don’t know what’s really going on. I’m currently on level 3068 and I have been stuck on it for months, I keep changing the time and date in my settings to get free lives but now it’s making me wait 9,825,741 minutes!! PLEASE SEND ME LIVES!.Version: 1.140.0

Enough with the pop ups!I have been playing this game for too many years, and love the way it can calm my active brain. BUT, enough with all the pop ups! It’s maddening! I want to play the game, not spend 3 minutes between each level closing boxes telling me where I stand with the race to complete levels, boosters, ads to buy power ups, more ads for other games, build a robot, colour bomb race, chocolate box, etc etc etc! Also every time you start a level there’s a dumb pop up about ‘candy chronicles scrolls’ that covers the details about your objective for that level moves etc. SO ANNOYING!!!!!! Cut it out please. I’m going to play the game you don’t have to make me stay an extra 15 minutes closing pop ups..Version:

Thank the heavens for my wifeI really like this game, sometimes it gets too hard and my wife is just amazing and can always boost me through. Thanks wife...thanks candy crush 😂🤣😂.Version: 1.116.0

UntimelyI’ve reached the stage of over 3 thousand but when I updated my phone I was back to zero , the rest of my games still the same despite of changed not really happy 😏.Version:

Excellent game.Love this game but is is very addictive!!! Bit annoyed with the fact that I accidentally went into a level that I had already beaten and when I left the game because I did not want to play that level again I lost a life! You should be able to check out a previous level and not loose a life when you decide not to play it. Please fix this. Edit: this was fixed. Thank you! This is an addition to my review. This time it is regarding the sugar drops change and free daily booster change. Still love the game but I would like the free boosters you can collect not to be time limited. Too often I get a booster that I can’t even use on the level I am on. Please change this back..Version: 1.162.1

FunVery enjoyable game, would like it if it took less time to move from each level, with less of the graphic things, like leaderboards and weekly races, and if you could open the piggy bank without paying. Also more lives would be great.Version: 1.134.1

Fix IssueI love the game, and have played it for years now. I recently got the iPhone X and i’m just annoyed that the game doesn’t cover the full screen. if you could fix that, that would be great!.Version: 1.132.0

Sweet addictIt’s a mouthwatering and astonishing game; however, there are sometimes levels that are 99% impossible and I find that quite so very upsetting as little kids may be playing this and they might no know what to do at all! Anyways, the graphics just make my mouth drool with me being a sweet addict and all. It has limitless levels and that’s what I love about it. It will never end. The jackpot on the booster wheel is basically impossible to get. I have never got that after playing for nearly seven years. I really like,though, the amazing daily challenges and the regular challenges like didi needs to collect some candies for treats. Apart from a few trivial hiccups, I am absolutely in love with this game..Version: 1.145.0

Ruining my lifeI can't stop playing. Please help me. My wife and kids left me because I can't stop playing candy crush. I got fired because I could not stop playing at work. The bank is taking possession of my house. My own mother refuses to talk to me, but still I must crush the candy..Version:

Dumbing us downI enjoy this game a lot. Although it is obviously rigged so players might consider buying his/her way out of a game instead of being created so that its players become smarter. Personally, all games should cost 1price, 1x, and skills earn you special prizes. Why should a game creator get paid over and over for a game created years ago?! And how disgusting that this company's members earn money by setting up games so that a player chooses a cheat tool instead of choosing to improve their skills. Gross gross gross. Many rounds are designed to be impossible to win regardless of skill. Why are game companies not providing it's players with opportunities to get smarter? Instead players are being expected to be rich with a dumbed down brain. Hmmm...bad equation!! And furthermore, why can't I shut off the blinking suggestions? Especially since they are always the wrong choice! I'm almost done playing this game forever because the creators are dedicated to creating a stupid society..Version: 1.115.2

Highly AddictiveLove it but what's with the massive wait to go up in stages. Very annoying and has ANYONE ANYWHERE EVER won the jackpot on the daily prize wheel. Been playing for years and never struck it even once. REALLY??? Come on??? Smell a rigged wheel here..Version: 1.112.1

Good gameI've been playing this for a while and it's a great game and especially good to pass the time. The only improvement I could suggest to the creators is if you give unlimited amount of lives for let's say 2 hrs, I feel like there should be a pause button on the timer because it always seems like I get it at the worst times like just before i have to stop playing so I can't use that reward I earned to it's full advantage. Otherwise love this game each level is a new challenge..Version: 1.113.2

FrustratingIs an amazing game but in app purchases are bugged :( brought the beginner pack for $6.99 NZD and it took the money and didn’t give me any of the stuff in the bundle apart from 20 gold ?! Not the first time this has happened 😪.Version: 1.143.0

Great gameI love love love the fact that there is no ads. It’s one of the reasons I have stuck with Candy Crush for so long. However, the only thing that annoys me is how quickly the lives can run out! When you’re on a level that’s super hard or has countdown candy, you’re lives go super quick. Maybe getting rid of the lives feature OR add more lives. I hate waiting for them to come back when all I want to do is try and finish the level..Version: 1.149.0

LoveLove it! & love the team behind the scenes! Well deserved a 5 Stars!I’m currently on level 5240 waiting for more new levels to be released. Not sure if I’m the first one in the world lol I would love to know. I hope Candy crush team can advise. The group that I’m playing with; the second player is from Hong Kong has reached the level 5014. So is it automatically I’m playing with the top players or just whatever the group is as a random? I look forward to an answer. Cheers! Keep going guys you’re simply the best!.Version: 1.158.1

Bug that takes your money recently. Otherwise have played it for years and have loved itWould otherwise have given it five stars but gave it four. Three times recently I paid for 10 gold bars to continue my game and the app took my money but then I wasn’t able to continue, plus the gold bars were not in my stash. Otherwise I have really enjoyed candy crush. Especially in my downtime when I just feel like zoning out and relaxing..Version:

I hate that I love it...I read the previous review that had a love-hate relationship with this game, and I completely agree. It is incredibly addicting, but it would be more fun to play if the app designers gave in a little bit and gave people more for their money (1) increase the total number of gold bars that you can buy in your piggy bank (30? Seriously?) without raising the price. It would be nice if you also earned gold bars after you completed so many levels on your first try instead of just boosters. And yes on the daily spin “jackpot!” Why put it on there if you are never going to win? I also think you shouldn’t lose a move when you use a booster - if I’m down to my last move and I’ve got two color bottoms on the game board, I should be able to use up the boosters before I lose my moves to see if that helps clear the board. So small changes would go a long way. People would still spend money on the app. I think people would spend more money if we were getting more things for free occasionally. But it’s crack, so that’s why I rated it four stars😉.Version: 1.137

AddictiveSuper fun when you have time to kill A+.Version: 1.108.1

The cost of the piggy bankI love this game! It’s really fun! The only problem I find is the cost of the pig bank, I don’t think u should have to pay for gold bars that you have already earns but other than that it’s great! 👍🏻😊.Version: 1.134.1

Fun!Bit annoying when I get stuck on a level I can’t pass but somehow it works out ;) It’s a bit of a no brainer fun for stress release.Version: 1.122.0

Entertaining game but ???Either updates or crashes after a while which means having to delete app to then reinstall loosing all of ones previous progress having to start from the very beginning For which now to be quite honest am really now quite over Still good a good game in itself never the less.Version: 1.126.0

Confirm purchase button ¿Love this game but please please add a button in which you have to confirm whether you want to spend all your gold bars on 6hrs of infinite lives or not. so ridiculous as to why there is not ....Version:

Candy crushThis app is great and very addicting ! But one issue I find is that whenever I try to start the game, it always quits out for no reason! Please fix this issue as this is one of my favourite games.Version: 1.165.2

Je pense lâcherJe suis au 5100ieme niveau et je manque de motivation. Il n’y a plus assez de booster. Ça prend trop de temps pour avancer. Si ça ne change pas je vais arrêter de jouer..Version:

Ideas for a great update!!This game is already awesome but it can get even better. Have some ideas for a social space in the game. In this social space you can talk to your friends as well as the world. Like different chats within the social space. Also when your friends are stuck on a level you should have it where you can get help once a day or 3 days or even a week. So you send them a help request and when they accept they play your level you’re stuck on and it uses one of your lives or you can have it use no lives. Also you can send lives through the social space. Also can you have an arrow or like a level guide on the side so you can go to the bottom easier bc it’s a tedious thing to send lives to people without them asking or maybe you do that so we won’t do that I’m not sure. But I’ve told people this I play with and they said I should email you guys but idk if you would take it seriously or not..Version: 1.163.0

Some suggestionsThis game is a great game and comes in handy when I have nothing else to do. I’m quite far into the progress (at least I think) and I’m finding it really fun, but this game could have some more actions to make it even better. 1. Firstly the game is quite lonely and it will be quite fascinating to see some form of group of club in the game because I’ve found in previous games I’ve played that it’s quite fun to have some competition in your own clan. 2. This is continuing the club idea, it will also be cool if you made club wars and you could see which club does the most damage or something like that. 3. This one is a complaint, I like the fact that there are levels but it’s so annoying when it comes up with the same level the second you complete the same one it’s like you haven’t completed it and it’s still telling you to do it again. I’ve lost a couple of lives which could’ve saved me in the next levels! I hope you take this into account and I would love to see this coming into the game!!!👍👍👍.Version:

Easy gameI love reading all of these reviews and seeing all the complaints about people having to spend money for various virtual goods. I’m at level 5015 without spending even a penny to complete any level or to buy boosters of any kind, and I have hundreds of each of the pre-game-selectable boosters. I also love reading the complaints about “i NeVeR lAnD oN jAcKpOt” as if this is something that should be happening frequently. These people, I’d wager a hefty amount, also never land on the check mark booster as well though I’m sure this is never noticed; back when the wheel first came out the order levels were the hardest ones out there(check out the original levels 655 and 677 if you don’t believe me). King has simply never updated the odds of this feature which is completely fine by me as there are a ton of ways nowadays to earn free boosters. Back in the day the wheel was the only way..Version: 1.155.0

AddictedI love candy crush! Usually playing it whenever I get the chance to.. x.Version: 1.140.0

Good but UnfairThis game is extremely fun and tricky ( in a good way ). However, why do you have to make everything expensive? Nearly everything costs some money. The tube says that after you finish four moves with the same colour candy, you have to pay three bars, which is sometimes really difficult to get and/or unfair. Years ago it was free, so why change it now? Could you please give me a reasonable explanation why you have to make everything cost something? And if you can fix it, please do. Besides that, I think this is a fantastic game to downloade and play!😁.Version:

FeedbackLove this game too. It would be better if you have earned the extra lives when you level up they get ADDED to your lives you still have. Disappointing if you have 3 lives left, level up and get 5 lives but it doesn’t equate to 8. Can this be fixed please? Some of the nightmarishly hard levels are so hard (even using multiple boosters) I get stuck on them for weeks😩..Version:

Addictive time fillerGreat game for those moments when you want some mindless fun. Trying to beat the super hard levels becomes a battle of wills!.Version: 1.139.0

Love Candy CrushI love this game and am addicted. What has happened to the statistics that you used to be able to see if you tapped your character after passing a level eg rank and levels passed in the week, there were 3 different things not just the one shown after each game. Why do you never win the jackpot in the daily game, no point in having it there if you can’t get it sometimes. Other wise great game.Version: 1.140.0

Wow, but...So I have been playing Candy Crush since it was first released! Back then it was a fun and easy game, and it was fair between the new & older players, and I played it every day, having lots of fun. Until, I took a break from the game and game back. Everything was normal for me, however, my cousin was going to join the CandyCrush Community that exact day, when she joined, she played a few levels and she was instantly showered with boosts, lives, unlimited lives and she kept getting notifications of her getting more and more boosts, lives, etc. We both though this was extremely unfair because when I joined, I did not have the luxury items she did when I joined the game. I don’t know how, but with the help of my family, I am really close to completing Candy Crush and excitedly waiting for more levels! I am writing this review to say it was not fair! Please try giving us older players some good items in the next update!!!.Version: 1.129.0

Few problemsI’ve only had this game for about a week. But even in this short period of time, I can spot a few features that I personally don’t like. Earlier today I completed a goal on a level but i still had like 15 moves left. There were two wrapped candies next to each other that I wanted to swap to get a better score, but instead of letting me do so, the game wasted all 15 of my moves on random matches that really weren’t that great and ended up separating the two wrapped candies so I didn’t get as big of a score as I wanted to. What I mean is you should let us use our last moves as we please when we “finish” the level. I understand that there’s probably a reason for this, but like I said, I’ve only had this for a week and haven’t explored as much as more experienced players do. What I also don’t understand is why we have to wait so long for only one life. Let’s say I was struggling on a level and used all my lives on it. No big deal. I’ll just wait a whole thirty minutes for the single life that will just be used to the exact same level that’ll make me have to wait another half hour just to wait another half our and have it repeat it until I complete the level. You can at least give us two lives or have us wait a shorter period of time for just one singular life?.Version:

Super Sugar CrushSuper addicting, I’ve been playing since 2015 and I’m on level 2545. If you keep winning the first time on each game that’s when I get interested. Collecting power boosts throughout the game, is part of the interest. There is something about beating a level that makes you feel slightly accomplished. And it’s fun! Although addicting, there are flaws: 1. Super Sugar Crush gives no points at end of the game, just erases everything - please fix this 2. You will never get a jackpot on your daily spin. - please don’t make it an option or make it possible 3. Not sure how to earn gold bars, other than buying them - maybe earn 1 per set of games? 4. THE EXCESS AMOUNT OF CLOSES AND CLICKS YOU HAVE TO DO TO GO TO THE MAIN SCREEN OR TO THE NEXT LEVEL IS UNBELIEVABLE!! STOP REMINDING ME OF THE PIGGY, THE DRAGON, THE WEEKLY SCORE, RAMI, MY WEEKLY PLACE, YES I WANT TO CONTINUE and more -please fix this too Ideas: 1. I wish I could undo a move once in a while. Ex. Drop my phone and made a terrible move, or my fat thumb didn’t pick up the correct way I wanted to move a candy. 2. Create different worlds that when you reach certain levels (1000) you move forward so it doesn’t feel never ending. 3. An easier way to give lives to friends. To the players: 1. Really think about what you are purchasing if you decide to spend your money. 2. Don’t waste 7 gold bars so you MIGHT get extra moves after you run out of moves 3. Find friends to give you lives! (Or tricks).Version: 1.133.0

WellWell this game is awesome and super addictive but the basically when I started I didn’t get any gold bars and the only way to get them was to pay and I didn’t want to do that. Also wrong with this game you have to go on to a website to customise your character and people don’t always want to do that like me. Also on this game it’s a bit old and didn’t have all the cool features but that is the cool thing about it this game is super awesome and you should really get it.Version:

It’s a good game but...Candy crush is a good game I mean it’s interesting and it makes for a good time killer. The only problem I have with it, is when the candies highlight when playing a level. I find it’s very frustrating because maybe I don’t want to move the candies where it’s highlighting and when I look for other spots the highlighting candies just make me distracted from choosing my moves at my own pace. It’s quite annoying. I think there should be button or something in the next update where people can decide to turn whether they want the candies highlighted on or off. It would be nice and make the game more enjoyable..Version: 1.129.0

Fun addictive and skilledThis game seems simple enough and it is with I'm reason. It has a very easy to understand learning curve and the game world is set out in a very colourful and engaging way with whimsical characters and charming levels to which there are over 2000. As you progress the game becomes harder but not to a point which is impossible, even upon finding a level in which you may become stuck you will find your self addicted to trying to pass said level. There are boosters which are easily won and do not need any real cash to progress. This game is a hidden gem and you will find yourself becoming addicted very quickly, maybe it's the colourful design or the matching of candies and watching them destroy other candies leaving a trail of colour and light that keeps you going but whatever it is I recommend downloading this free game and having a look for yourself 🎄.Version: 1.115.2

AddictiveLoved playing for last few years, took a year full year actually closer to 2 years off as got frustrated not being able to pass this one level for weeks and months. Don't want to spend the extra money to get more lives but have done so. I like the more lives option via watching adds or spinning the wheel, allow spin of the wheel more often please. More lives on weekends please..Version: 1.143.0

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE ITThis game is amazing! I downloaded it 2 days ago. I finished the first 3 areas doing every level first try! It’s really addictive and I love all the ways to get free boosters! I also love how many levels there are. It took me 5 minutes and an achey arm to scroll all the way to the top. The best part is that you can USE YOUR OWN PHITO FROM YOUR LIBRARY FOR YOUR PROFILE PIC! This game also uses tactics. Like how you should try to swap the colour bombs with boosted candies. I could spend HOURS playing this! Furthermore, You can compete with people on the leaderboard on EVERY LEVEL! I am IN LOVE with this game. Please please PLEASE don’t update it unless you are adding more boosters, more levels or things like reward packs. This game is PERFECT the way it is. If you are still reading this, thank you for staying to read my unbearably long review. Like I said, I am IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME!! 😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.140.0

Love the game but glitch on level 2794?Still love playing this game and working my way up but very frustrated with level 2794. It’s not a hard level but you’re meant to get 3 yellows which are behind a jelly and when you free them, 2 out of the 3 go yellow and the last one becomes a rock. I’ve even tried using a booster that would help me get the extra yellow but even that won’t help and this level should be easy to pass but it isn’t. I’ve done it multiple times even without free boosters and only 2 of the 3 go yellow. Any chance this is a glitch on the level? Don’t want to keep using boosters if it is..Version: 1.145.0

Irresistible CandyI tried not to love it .....but I’m hooked, have been since it first came out love it when you get through on your first time keep keeping it interesting. I’ll always be here Started again on a new phone so annoying but cool to just power through cos I’ve already done them all and able to save up all the treasures.Version: 1.128.0

AddictiveYou just have to keep going till you get to the next level!.Version: 1.108.1

Cool gameIts a pretty good game when your stressed or bored, but it can get pretty boring and you might end up just deleting it. I’ve had it for about a year now, but I havent played it for so long, but now i came back to play it, and i can still see all my progress from a year ago! So i dont reccomend deleting it because later you might want to play it again, so when you do, you’ll find all your progress! Great game 👍🏻! 4 stars is still fantastic!😁.Version:

Wonderful game 😁At first I found this game very boring, but I downloaded it because my dad recommended it for me to play. After the first 20 levels or so, I started to get more and more addicted!!!! The levels are at the right amount of difficulty or easiness (whatever way you look at it hehe) and very satisfying when you complete a particularly hard level. The only thing I’ll complain about is the in app purchases. Some deals are great not others are completely ridiculous!! Who on earth would pay £100 pounds for in game currencies and lives?!?! But everything aside, it’s a truly wonderful game and I thank King for making it. Peace out peasants 😂😂✌️✌️.Version: 1.127.0

Great time kill but...I want to start off by saying that this is a great way to pass a little bit of spare time. The countless updates over the years have added so many challenging levels that its one of those games that you can always return to which is exactly what I have done. I played Candy Crush a long time ago about the time when it first came out and I enjoyed the game a lot. As I do with every phone game I get bored of them and either dont play for a while or just delete the game entirely. I picked up the game again for the first time a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing constantly. The one thing that is driving me crazy are the pop ups between levels. I do not remember their being so many. There are so many of them that it takes almost as much time to click claim or ok on all of them as it takes to clear some levels. I just want to play my level then get on to the next one. Having to click sweet and ok 7 or 8 times on occasion is just infuriating imo. But thats just my opinion. Other than that its a great game. They of course want you to buy gold but you don't have to if you don’t want. I also like how they don’t constantly shove the “buy me” button every second. You know where it’s at and if you want to buy some to speed up your progression or help you get off of that difficult level then you know where to go..Version: 1.159.0

Love the gamePlayed it a few years back and addicted again. Also got my mum and sister playing it 24/7..Version: 1.111.0

Great gameThis game is very very fun a kills time!! It’s annoying when people say it’s to hard or King is tricking u for money I understand that but people are like on very very high level without even spending money King’s prices are a little pricy and I understand if u don’t buy anything but don’t rate it like 1 star bc u can’t beat the game if u don’t like the game that’s ur opinion. I’ve gotten every reward from candy crush no glitches or scams if u do contact them on their website!! I love this game it’s very fun candy crush gives u daily challenges and races and u get gold bars and rewards for basically just playing the game if u save that up you have alot of gold bars and you get discounts too this game may be easy as cake to others and hard as a rock to some but I swear when u beat a lvl it’s so fun watching all the striped candy woosh across the board and the candy exploding it makes winning the game entertaining and fun it’s very very fun I recommend this game!!.Version:

Candy Crush SagaI played the game a long time ago and was stuck at one level where I could not advance, no matter what I tried. I was very frustrated and decided not to play for awhile. I kept seeing the ad on the TV and decided to give it another go. Although I had to start at the beginning again, I quickly advanced and could see that there were a lot of positive changes in the game. I got to that level where I had been stuck before and thought "I wonder what's going to happen this time". I didn't get stuck. There were changes that made it possible to use skills to get through. I was very happy! I've kept going and I'm still enjoying it. My least favorite part is the chocolate that never stops giving and giving.......... It also seems ironic to have to pay for the gold bars I've earned. I'd rather pay for extra bars, not the ones I've earned playing the game. The colors are vivid and the graphics are humorous..Version: 1.108.1

AWSOMEOk, firstly I LOVE the game idea.I love the colourful candies that you have to crush together to move up levels. I also love the large selection of boosters that help you complete the levels. I do not get bored playing the game because you learn new things as you progress through the levels, which don’t end. I’m pretty sure that there are over 200 levels to complete. Overall, this is one of my most favourite games yet. 😍😍 Keep up the good work!!🙂.Version: 1.136

Have a complaintLove this game, I play everyday, like to participate in the competitions except for this last one . When u get to popsicle planet and u have to collect rainbows they do not add on, everyone is stuck on 50 and can u tell me how how one person can move to 2000 ,!!! Are they somehow cheating!!! Wish u would get rid of this episode and begin a new one, has happened two weeks in a row now; love to play this game can u fix this problem?.Version: 1.127.0

Another CC addictI’m definitely a CC addict. This is the one game I have continued to play for years. I’m currently on 4445 and waiting for new episodes, however the game is getting more and more random. Some people are getting stamps, some get Dexter, some get the lovely letters, some get the race and others don’t. At one time there were trophies and some get ribbons with a chance at getting a piñata but it is not the same for everyone. Not sure why it is so random. I also don’t like that the build a bot is only for new levels and occasionally disappears and then you have to build from scratch for the next new episode. Bring back the old build a bot/space dash etc.! Also the game is definitely getting harder and trying to force you to spend money. I understand King is a business and they want to make money, but if it becomes too hard and or potentially expensive they will lose some of the addicts who will go to something more fun and not so frustrating..Version: 1.144.0

Cost of the piggy bankI love Candy crush and it is a great game, but I don’t want to pay money to get vital stuff LIKE THE PIGGY BANK! So if u could get rid of the piggy bank or not make it cost money, then I will keep playing it. Also, there r To many events and I can’t keep track. So if u could not have so many events going on at the same time, or get rid of them altogether, that would be appreciated! But other than that, congratulations on having this great game running for 6 years now!🍬🍭🍡🍥🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍬.Version: 1.127.0

Get rid of the piggy bank!I’ve been playing for years, never paid for extra add-ons and even won the jackpot on the spinny wheel twice! Just one complaint; please, please get rid of the annoying piggy bank >:-( It takes up space, nobody asked for it, nobody I know wants it or uses it & you’re trying to get us to pay to access the bonus bars we won!!.Version: 1.118.0

PrincessI do like this game except when you have been stuck on a level for weeks and you get it and then can't play for 72 hours. I enjoy the challenge when I get out of a tough level. Everyone I know plays it too. I'm not happy at the moment playing level 350. It is almost impossible to get out of it. I have been stuck on it for months and getting really frustrated, then if I ever get out of it I won't be able to play for 71 hours and that always happens on a weekend. I need to get out of this level. The moves seem to be able to change when you nearly get out of it.Version:

GraphicsYeah so still addicted to the game.. just the shading, ice looking shading on the games, the ones we have to break to get to the block lol, Well possibly can it be a tad lighter? It’s getting harder to see the block colour under it, just a thought is all. Unless my sight is no good these days 😂 lol Thanks for the gaming 👌.Version:

Extra livesI love this game and am super addicted, but I wish you could accumulate the lives won over time. It’s just a pity that when you get all the stars and it rewards you with 5 lives - if you already have 5 it’s such a waste because it’s not like those go on top of the existing 5 you have. That would be my only suggestion - to some how allow for lives to accumulate over time..Version: 1.128.0

Used to love this before all the updatesUsed to love love love this game but all the recent updates have just made it rubbish. For starters once you complete a level rather than being given a colour bomb you’re given a stripe candy instead - not useful. You are not able to close a game once you have opened it (but not made a move) without losing a life and the boosters you may have. Lastly, before when you lost a life but had completed a few levels consecutively the boosters you had won would get less and less as you lost lives, now as soon as you die all boosters have gone. Disappointed level 3,390 player..Version:

Areas to reviewIts unnecessarily difficult to get gold bars unless you buy them. The daily free spin is fixed because I’ve never landed on the jackpot or the ✅ tick, not even once, and I’ve been playing for some years now. Do you really have to go back to the beginning if you miss the daily treat once? I went back to start from over 250. Maybe go back to certain levels but not back to the beginning. For example, back to day 20 or back to day 50 or back to day 100. Not back to the beginning. The game takes up alot of space on my device. Game is great way to relieve boredom, especially daily commute or longer journeys. Great that you can play at your own pace..Version: 1.122.0

Problem with videoI love this game, but I have problem I can’t watch the video for extra lives or video for extra spin. Few times I deleted and installed again but nothing changes. Most of times I cannot past the level because I cannot see video. All the time I open video but it’s black screen and only I have X do press and nothing. One Day I wait for more than 30 minuets but nothing change, screen still black no video. How can I fixed this problem?.Version: 1.144.0

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