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Golf Genius App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Golf Genius app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Golf Genius? Can you share your negative thoughts about golf genius?

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Golf Genius for Negative User Reviews

Can’t connectI have tried many times and I cannot connect to GG. Tried changing password and that didn’t work. Tried logging out of account on my computer. That didn’t work. Double and triple checked password, GGID and email address. I give up..Version: 5.4.2

Golf GeniusThis is the absolute worst site I’ve ever seen. Can’t register for events anywhere. Crock of crap. This will cost you members..Version: 5.3.2

Can’t log inSame deal as most of the other people in here. Have a perfectly good GGID to use on the website and it works fine, but doesn’t work on the mobile app..Version: 6.1

Can’t register from app.Are you kidding? Downloaded app. How do you register? There is no way to get in without already signing up. Would be great, if there were directions on how to do so, but guess what? Nope!! Not even a link to a website. I’d give you zero stars if this would allow it..Version: 5.3.4

How do I register?App does not provide a way to register? How do I log in?.Version: 5.3.4

Free?I just downloaded this for an upcoming tournament I’m having and my phone said payment processed. How much does it cost? I’m not going to require 144 golfers to download the app if there is a fee..Version: 5.3.4

Log inDownloaded app but can not log in. Where is this ggid?.Version: 5.0.3

Add Apple Watch functionalityMuch needed add. Please add golf genius for Apple Watch.Version: 7.4

Needs more workWe are now using this for county events. Some members are happy to use them and others not. However the app still requests scores from all the group where only one of the group want to use the mobile app. This can be done by ignoring adding the other scores but nothing at the end to confirm scores etc. Needs to be improved like HDID where each player adds their own score only.Version: 6.3

Pulling my hair out.I never write reviews… im normally the person who reads a bad review and thinks ‘that’s a bit harsh’ however I have to say that this is the worst app I have ever used. It’s so counter intuitive, I’ve been using it for over 12 months and still have significant problems, just today we have been trying to book into medals with great difficulty. We have a WhatsApp group of 20 people and not one person has a positive view on this app, which is a real shame as we all really got on with Intelligent golf. I understand that there are many additional benefits to this software over IG and alike, however in the app form it really, really doesn’t work. I would be happy to collate specifics if fix’s could be made..Version: 6.7

Constantly boots you out of leaderboardThanks for response. No way to recreate situation that happened at US Kids World event though. According to US Kids it sounds like app was overwhelmed by incredibly large number of players in field entering scores. Went away from live scoring for rest of tournament..Version: 6.1

Trash.Downloaded it and you can’t even register on the app. Not at all intuitive. Keep plugging fellas.Version: 5.3.6

IPhone X support added?Said it updated to iPhone X. App still crops the screen, it may now support iPhone X in other ways, but screen is the same..Version: 5.0.5

“Contact us?”Why—you don’t respond! So frustrating. Denise😡.Version: 6.6

IncomprehensibleJust cumbersome at every step. The opposite of feature laden. Worthless for my needs..Version: 5.3.4

Cant registerIf you forget your GGID there is no method to get back in.Version: 7.4

A complete wasteOur club is forcing us to use this app for tournaments and leagues. Everyone I have spoken to hates it and thinks it is worse than the old manual scorecards. It is impossible to determine the status of our matches real time and even the leaderboard is useless for our league..Version: 5.2.1

Rubbish!!Featureless, least intuitive application I’ve used..Version: 7.1

Can't loginDoes it make sense to anyone that a 'non-premium' user can use the website easily to register for club tournaments, etc but can't even log in to the app? Why the difference!.Version: 5.2.3

Great app for competitions BUTBut pls fix the fact that you chat have multiple match IDS entered at once. You have to log out and log back in. A real pain! Otherwise it’s great for seeing everyone’s scorecards post app and easy to enter the scores on the spot.Version: 5.3.4

LoginI work at a course and have login access to golf genius and I downloaded the app to use and I can not log in says I’m not part of any leagues, events or trips. I put in a GGID and get the same information. However if I go to the website on my phone the GGID works fine and so I’m not sure what the problem is. I love the program and would love to see how this end works to be able to have our golfers use this..Version: 4.1

RegisteringSeems impossible to register through the app.Version: 8.0

Poor functionalityAn unreliable app which is extremely difficult to see and record scores on when playing on a bright sunny day. The contrast levels are too poor and improvement of the presentation is required urgently!!.Version: 6.0

Poor implementationThis App, forced on golfers by their club, is extremely unpopular among the members at my club. Finding your way around it is lacking in any intuitive logic, made worse by a total absence of a user guide or a “help” button. It’s un-reliable, and frequently denies access even to regularly used features such as registering for a competition and score entry. Our pro-Shop staff are already overloaded with work, and are constantly being distracted by frustrated members asking them to input our scores or sign up for forthcoming competitions because the app isn’t responding on our phones or tablets..Version: 5.9

Terrible app with outdated UIOur league has switched to this app and honestly it’s awful. It’s very difficult to read leaderboards and results. It’s like it was made for a PC and then simply “wrapped” and distributed as an “app”. Lots of scrolling left to right and up / down to see any information..Version: 6.5

Confused!I is the program at work at my course, I am the main user. Why can’t I sign on on the mobile app?.Version: 5.2.2

Worst ap I’ve ever usedTerrible ap. No instructions on website how to register. Awful..Version: 5.3.3

Golf GeniusToo cumbersome. Can’t sign in. Can’t use..Version: 5.6.1

Not workingWhen loading up results from my club the app crashes ….. rubbish.Version: 7.5

Can't registerDownloaded the app, only allowed login or forgot password!! How do you register?.Version: 3.5

More like, Golf IdiotsIf you want to have a simple login, link it with something like Facebook. If you can’t comprehend that, at least let us sign up easily. Your app is garbage. Easy sign up. Easy navigation and that’s it. Not that hard..Version: 5.3.6

Okay…when it worksThis app is just okay when it works. It usually lags at least two holes behind and on some days it doesn’t work at all. Not a great thing for parents who didn’t get to make it to the tournament due to illness or injury but wanted to keep up with scoring. The final round is always very important but many times the app just doesn’t show up to play! Even with trying all the old tricks of turning the phone off, refreshing, etc., nothing helps. Maybe some “golf IT genius” could actually fix the bugs in this app so we could see what was going on with our kids!.Version: 6.9

SpectatorIt would be nice if I could follow my niece on this app. Every tournament she's in says to use this to see live scoring and the leaderboard but I have no credentials and there doesn't seem to be any way to register as a user without them..Version: 5.2.1

Cannot log in app for iOSThe app says I am not part of any leagues/ events/ trips when I try to enter either my GGID or email and password. I’ve deleted and reloaded app several times to no avail. Works great in web browser but not this app!!!! Arghhhhh.Version: 5.5.1

RubbishAccording to BRS I need to have this app to enter comps at my club but no matter how many times I delete and upload this, it doesn’t work as I can’t find the comps I want to play in at my club.Version: 7.6

Poor AppThis app is so frustrating. It just doesn’t work probably at all. It can’t even get all the scores right in a competition. Even the most basic things it seems to mess up. Our club did have IG which was easy to use and accurate. I’m not particularly old and have trouble using app, our senior golfers are really struggling to make sense of it all. App definitely needs some work on it to sort all the errors and inconsistencies..Version: 6.9

Sign inThe app page would not let me send this to support so 8m doing it here. I just downloaded the app and it’s treating me like I have an account. I do not have an account. How do I proceed. Because it thinks I have an account it doesn’t give me the ability to create an account..Version: 8.0

PublicIs there a way to create a tournament amongst friends or are events only able to be created vi the club level?.Version: 5.3.2

Access infoLiterally can’t access info for the men’s Maryvale golf club, worked two months ago, not working now.Version: 5.3.1

Golf Genius vs GHINI wonder why a handicap with Golf Genius is different from a handicap with GHIN. I have played over 60 rounds this year and have an 8.8 handicap with GHIN. Recently, I played in an “event” that utilized the Golf Genius app to compute the results. I normally play from between 5,800-6,200 yards. During this event, I played tees that were 6,500-6,700 yards. Yet, my handicap was reduced because I didn’t play from the tees that were actually behind the tees I played from..Version: 7.2

On scorecard screen scores impossible to readThis app primarily used by country clubs. Average age is probably high esp. in Fl. And Az. You can’t enlarge the screen to make it more readable and in the Fl. Sun it’s impossible to see. Make the scores larger or allow screen to be enlarged when viewing. Our eyes aren’t that good and there is no reason for this unless you get a perverse pleasure in punishing seniors!.Version: 6.6

Looks good if I could possibly loginPretty much impossible to login. If I could possibly login, it looks like it could be a useful app..Version: 7.4

Sign-in issueCan’t sign in. Works on the computer or iPad safari not on the app though..Version: 5.0.2

Good app but heavy battery drainConsistently drains battery at excessive rate even though location services off and only entering scores then immediately locking screen off. 4 hours match drains iPhone X 50% or more..Version: 5.4

AwfulPossibly one of the worst apps ever created. Great intentions but this app is really weak..Version: 7.1

Login ScreenI’m new to using golf genius for our club events, but when I tried to enter scores it says to enter scores using the app while using iPad. I then go to the app and type in my GGID and it tells me I am not part of any events and won’t let me sign-in, but when I go to website and use the same GGID, it works just fine..Version: 6.7

Will not workPrevious had access. Have app have all sign on deleted redownloaded will not let me sign in.Version: 5.3.4

Can’t sign inNot part of any league or events or trips. I can sign on via your website no difficulty but the app won’t let me sign-on.Version: 5.0.2

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