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Real Racing 3 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Real Racing 3 app received 60 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Real Racing 3? Can you share your negative thoughts about real racing 3?

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Real Racing 3 for Negative User Reviews

I’m done- Zero StarsAn app and a developer that doesn’t honour its “watch an add for reward” transaction. I wasn’t getting the gold for watching ads and the developer response was there was nothing they could do..Version: 10.4.2

Loooong Time RacerI started off with RR2 and jumped to RR3 upon it’s initial release. There are a lot of things to like in this game... and equitably a lot to dislike! The “freemium” platform of games disturbs me - and this particular game pushes that to it’s edge. It has unrealistic values and cost; for example - there are several cars that will cost you as much as/more than $100 (real cash!!) to purchase and upgrade. Also, you will not be competitive if your cars are not fully upgraded (level playing field). I left the game (uninstalled) for ~year as I didn’t like the direction it was headed. And now - about to uninstall again. You can “Own” several cars you are forbidden to customize. You are stuck with standard liveries, thusly 22 cars on a track are identical! And now if you aren’t in to e-cars or formula racing - you’ll be stuck only racing older events. Graphically, the game is awesome. The gameplay is really good.. and it’s certainly way more convenient to pick up the tablet as opposed to fire up the console. Overall, I’d recommend you try the game, but be weary of spending much more than fair market for a game. For me - I’ll play, won’t pay (any more), and only stay till I find a better alternative!!! db.Version: 8.5.0

DisappointedThis used to be the best game on the App Store but ever since they started requiring updates and downloads to unlock new cars or races it’s never been the same. Takes way too long to load so playing isn’t worth the wait. Disappointing.Version: 8.6.0

HackersThere are to many hackers online in this game I’m going to have to give it a 1 star.Version: 7.5.0

Money spenderWe all know that EA has a reputation of making players spend their money, but this takes it to a whole new level. First of all, when you first download the game, you get one practice race, and another 3 downloads that you are forced to do, which took me over 3 days until I finally gave up and went to the Apple store to download the rest of the content. The gameplay is okay, but could be much better. For example, I upgraded my brakes to The max level, but still felt like level 1 breaks. COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF. Plus, you need to complete repairs for the cars, and some performance cars take over 5 hours to repair. You may say “But you can pay to speed up the process!” But here’s the catch, you need to pay 150 tokens to speed the process up, and if you buy the basic pack to tokens, it only gives you 50 tokens, only enough to speed up a stock sports car at most. On the bright side though, I did not need to deal with ads all the time. One last thing, is that if you up dated the game, you need to redo the same downloads again, which one more, takes over a century to complete. In conclusion, if you have tons of money to blow, this is the game for you, but else wise, a pretty bad game..Version: 8.1.0

Real money should be the name of this game not real racing.This game could be good but of coarse real cash money is the only way to win. The thing I hate about this game is you could be winning till the last lap then you get beat like your standing still and forget about catching up. Then they have these events that give you a free car Ha ha (supposedly) if you complete the event but you won’t win I promise unless you upgrade the car all the way to the max and you ain’t doing that without spending real money. So if you don’t spend real money don’t even try the event. The makers of this game are all about money. Why would anyone pay 100 dollars for a car in a game that’s stupid but I’m sure that people do. Then you still got to upgrade it so now you need another 100 dollars cause you need tokens to upgrade even when you win they give a sorry reward that can’t even buy a upgrade. This is the third time I downloaded this game thinking they ripped off enough people by now but guess they still don’t have enough money. But there still trying to get me. I never write reviews but I really want people to know it’s not worth your time cause it’s a waist. Unless your dumb enough to spend big money on game. Don’t be stupid save your money and buy you a real car. To make it short the game is awesome till they start throwing the money making schemes at you..Version: 6.3.1

Real RacingThis game is addictive. Great graphics and challenging. The problem is that as you progress such as in the F1 Grand Prix races you need to upgrade your car to continue racing. It gets VERY expensive. EA Sports are extremely greedy and as a result you get ripped off. I have removed the game after several years of game play. Shame on you EA.Version: 8.1.0

Stupid Game EverIf u dont pay money to upgrade your car then u cant join game. WT a idiot rule.Version: 8.1.0

I’m doneI think this game was so cool hands down the best racing game out there. But with time and so many 5 star reviews from people who don’t even play it any longer I feel they just stop carrying about progress. It takes so much out of your day to keep up with this game and on top of that there’s so many paywalls to upgrade a car you need to invest a lot now sure you can race and race and race until you have enough. After that go back to the main races you where racing to get that car oh it’s over cause it was only for that week. But no worries next time just pay for faster cash it’s just mind blowing how much this game has come for me I seriously open it once and it bores me there’s no point I can’t win cars I can’t upgrade them cause they require 20k each parts and 20 hours to install or pay gold witch is the same. I don’t wanna delete cause I still have hope but I’ll never invest in this game you don’t win unless you’re sinking hundreds of dollars sure here’s virtual money and virtual cars to impress no one. Cause online players are just horrible. Don’t get me wrong cool game but it’s obvious it’s old no matter how much you upgrade your tires they won’t stick on corners you’ll still slide going over 60 mph. Again it’s a phone game what do you expect but enjoy it have fun and don’t waist money on it..Version: 9.2.0

All the money spent and cannot even kill the adsGreed sees no limit. Every single aspect of this game is about cash grab. You see it absolutely everywhere.Version: 8.2.1

Garbage for Online racersCan’t control the gas or break. Only steering. Game quality (which is honestly good) doesn’t make up for the lack of driver experience. It’s a Tesla vs a Bugatti type of game..Version: 11.6.1

Money grabThe game itself is fun and well made. The cars are responsive and the tracks are accurate. The mechanics of the game are better than most other racing games, which is why it’s such a shame to give this 1 star. The problem is, typical EA fashion, they’ve made it a grind or pay to win game. Three years ago several websites estimated it would cost you over $3600 in in-app purchases to finish the game and upgrade each car (that’s brand new top of the line MacBook Pro money). Or you can grind literally a thousand hours to try to come close. And every year it gets worse. In 2013, the total estimated cost of in-app purchases was $500, meaning in four years the cost grew about 6000%. I get that most people won’t care. Most people just want to drive around and don’t care about unlocking all the cars and tracks. They just want something to kill 5 minutes while they’re in the bathroom. But here’s the thing: they’ve obviously started to implement more gimmicks to get your money as is obvious in the most recent F1 season where they about doubled the amount of upgrades from last season. And if you try to skirt around those upgrades with skill? Now they sabotage the race. Did you do better than the given objective? You lose, try again. Were you on track to win with no upgrades? Your car slides out on a straightaway or suddenly the NPCs double their speed. They’ve made it so you have to upgrade, have to spend money to win. EA should rename itself MG for Money Grabbers..Version: 8.7.0

Multiplayer can be frustratingUPDATED - Reducing my rating from 4 stars to 3 because of the issues I describe in my initial review below. I want to give this game a five star rating, but there is one thing holding me back. It's the multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that play the multiplayer mode who deliberately try to ram you off the track. While the game publisher can't change people's behavior, I think they can augment the rules a little to help. For example, there have been several times where another player has deliberately rammed into me at a corner and sending me off the track. To add insult to injury when I rejoin the track, I get a temporary speed reduction penalty because the game thinks I was trying to shortcut a corner. I think the programmers should put some sort of logic that checks to see if an impact immediately preceded you going of the course. If there was one, don't penalize the player with the temporary speed reduction penalty. Also, to help with the people who are constantly ramming others, keep a count of the number of times they make contact with another driver. If the count exceeds a certain threshold, give them a temporary speed reduction for aggressive driving. Other than this, I highly recommend the game. I play it everyday. Unfortunately, the multiplayer experience can be frustrating..Version: 6.1.0

Fun for what it is.RR3 is a fun time killer, and a good driving game, but not much of a racing game. The free to play model (and the micro transactions that brings with it) that it uses pretty much rules out the ability to have fun and challenging racing, as the AI is always dependent upon how much you’ve spent on your car. Now that Grid Autosport is available on iOS I can’t see ever going back to RR3. For $10 Grid gives you a complete console port of a genuine racing game with everything included and nothing more to purchase. $10 in RR3, by comparison, wouldn’t even be enough to buy and upgrade one nice car (In fact the higher end cars would cost you hundreds of real dollars a piece to buy and fully upgrade with in game currency.) RR3 was great for a time because there was no real alternative that did things the right way. Now that Grid Autosport is available though it’s a relic of an example of how micro transactions can kill a game genre. If the developer behind RR3 was ever to make a pay once racing game with the graphics and mechanics of RR3 but without the timers and micro transactions, and with an AI that was competitive then it’d be a day one purchase for me. As it stands though, I haven’t felt the urge to come back to RR3 in a long time now that there are better, complete racing games available..Version: 7.0.0

Save your money and buy a real car…Just another cash grab game, impossible to buy anything of value and unrelenting grinding to get no where..Version: 9.7.1

Amazing Game With One Major FlawThis is probably the best racing game available for the iPad. It reminds me a little bit of what the Gran Turismo franchise used to be but on a mobile platform. The graphics and physics are very good for being a mobile device game. However... like almost all “free” apps, you WILL get to a point in this game where you must make in-app purchases in order to advance any further. I’m at roughly 25% completion of Career mode and the cars needed have begun to cost an absurd amount of “Gold” that would take an absolute eternity to earn through the game without buying them as an in-app purchase. Even accepting that a great game might be worth paying for, this is simply not the way they should go about doing it. In order to complete this game you would most likely have to spend well over $100 on in-app purchases (just 2 of the cars I currently need would cost $50 worth of in-app purchases and there are still well over 200 cars that I do not yet own). They either need to drastically reduce the gold needed to buy a car or cut half the game out and make the download smaller since 95% of people will never spend the money to see those parts of the game anyway. I would venture to guess that the majority of people would even be willing to pay the $60 that most console type games currently cost for PS4 or XBOX versus this in-app purchase method..Version: 6.1.0

Prepare to spend $1000’s of real $$$Great game no argument there. Read the other reviews to get a feel for the enjoyment. BUT. It’s impossible to get by in the game without spending a ton of money. Search online for the game and cost analysis. You’ll see what I mean. Upgrades are astronomical. For example 130k of in game money (RS) to adjust camber and toe to get you car competitive? Takes a long time to eat that kind of RS in the game. And then, seems like half the cars are only purchased with gold which is scarce in the game and makes car impossible to buy. So car purchases in game equate to $100’s of real dollars to be able to buy the gold necessary to purchase them let alone upgrade them so you can race. It’s a waste. I’ve spent close to $100 myself and regret knowing it barely got me anywhere for cars or upgrades. Look it up online for yourself. Move a decimal point and then it becomes realistic. What a scam otherwise! What really gets me is that the high earning races also disappeared after an upgrade. I used to do those to save up RS to buy upgrades and cars. Forget it now. All gone. I understand pay to play but this is ridiculous. You’re better off going to Vegas and racing actual race cars. Would amount for the same money and you’d have a story to tell.Version: 7.3.6

Passable at bestThe only reason I give this 3 stars instead of 2 is because of the volume of content in the game. That being said this is an absolute grind of a game, it’s dumb that I can do better on a second try of a level but not do better and some times not do as good because of how the AI works in the game. Speaking of the AI I hate how often I get stuck behind a car because they seemingly move to stay in front of me, I also get rammed all the time by cars and their speed is never affected while mine is drastically reduced if there is even the slightest contact. Also the ranking system in online is absolutely broken, I get put against other players who I feel should be way ahead of me due to better racing style or the spend more on upgrading the vehicles. Every race I’m in there’s always at least one car that I have no chance of passing no matter what. Finally you don’t earn near enough gold coins to have a steady progression in the game without spending actual money. You’ll also have to spend gold coins in random spots that make no sense or are completely new just to put the pressure on you to spend money. It’s not pay to win but it’s definitely pay to have a decent time..Version: 7.5.0

EA SportsI think this is a great game, but I am saying something that needs to be heard and done. There is madden, fifa, racing, and even boxing and that, but there is not my favourite sport in there. I need a mobile NHL 22 or whatever year it is because I can’t do the council game, and there just should be a NHL mobile game with instant replays, cool scoreboards and good virtual hockey. Please make one EA sports..Version: 10.5.2

Dec 14 versionThe F1 series is long over due, but they should have addressed the issues of the previous versions first. They keep ignoring the need for a full track car tracker. Then all car positions will be visible during the race. Place it in the upper left corner and use colored dots to indicate the cars ahead or behind my car. The new currency side steps the veteran users accumulation of cash and gold. Drifting is still not an option, and there is a need for a down shift option as you tap the brake pedal... They really need to listen to the users complaints...but sadly they do not.... Online still has issues…race rewards are not spread in percentages. Asked them to look at the lag time in gear box for on E-Tron Quatro, but they changed the gear ratio’s instead of speeding up the actual shift, i.e. - the car hesitates during shift, much like an manual trans on a chevy SS and consequently loses more lap time. The Porsche 918 Spyder concept has the quick paddle shift setup, like an F1 car… the Quatro should be the same. They need to change the gear box back to the 2.5.1 version. Too bad they don’t examine the real stats on the car and match them up to their programming… especially one that is so expensive to buy and upgrade..Version: 8.0.0

Amazing game, for a price.This game as a racing game is incredible. The controls are actually good and the physics and graphics are great. PLAYING the game is a whole different issue. As with most mobile games they need to prevent you from having too much fun or playing too much so the limit you by forcing you to repair your car after a certain number of events. Fine, I guess, but if you have no car, you make no money, which brings me to the next issue. When you do a Grand Prix, you can unlock the car you’re using if you beat the Grand Prix in 5 days. Sounds pretty reasonable, until you get to the actual racing. The game requires you to constantly upgrade your car in order to progress in the Grand Prix. Not just that the game gets harder, it literally won’t let you do the race if your car rating number is too low. You will need to tune your car or pay real money to upgrade your driver in order to raise this number. Each F1 car costs about 2million and each upgrade will be around 100k. You will easily spend 2 million on upgrades required to even play the races, so save your money and just buy the car. It’s almost impossible to unlock them in the 5 days given unless you have a ton of money saved or are willing to give up your credit card. Classic EA sliminess all over this game, which is really unfortunate because this is a way better game than the official F1 app, but at least they let you drive your car in that game..Version: 8.7.0

Money vacuumGame is good but WAAAY over priced, impossible to get ahead without pay huge money. This game is proof that pay to play sucks balls.Version: 8.1.0

Meh. Just sorta meh.I started playing this game when I didn’t have the option to lug my PS3 around to play Gran Tourismo 5. Since then, the game has sorta grown on me. It’s far from perfect, but it does make that click of nostalgia for GT. One problem I have that’s minor, but an oversight for a game that was pretty much made to look exactly like GT was the turbo effects. Oh, boy this one is a small but sharp prod when it comes to decelerating: where’s the sound of my waste gate opening and hissing at me when I decelerate? It’s like, one of the best sounds when driving in real life and slowing down. Sure, your speedometer may be falling, but at least you still have the sound that almost sounds like a squirrel chattering and a snake hissing at you like you just took it’s meal. Also, a boost gauge would be a nice addition, as some cars, such as the Velositor Turbo literally has a turbo. C’mon guys. Not cool. The second thing I see is another major oversight is how assets are stored in the phone. The game seems unable to download anything once I only have around 5GB left in storage, and it’s only a 2GB asset package. What?!? How does that make sense? Can I take my game I allowed to take a nice bite out of my phones storage and use it online? No! Sheesh. Other than that, it’s perfect for someone who misses the older GT’s and doesn’t want to have to dust off the PS3 to do so..Version: 8.1.0

Real racing? Its no where near realisticI have played this game for a while and I did enjoy it at first, but when I finally started getting to the higher levels, I noticed something. They want you to spend your gold or else you’ll never beat other drivers, and its a huge struggle if you’re trying to play for free because its honestly a money grab. Spammed by deals and bundles, I dont honestly understand how a GT3 / GT4 car can be “upgraded” if its one of the most expensive, powerful and lightest cars to be driven on a race track, wouldn't that make it illegal by race rules? Another thing that bothers me is turning with some cars, Im pretty sure I cant make a 70 degree turn going over 300 kmh without tires losing traction. If I honestly had a option to go lower on ratings I’ve give this game a -3 / 5. Most of it is horrible, but it still has a good thrill and great graphics, I just wished it was a actual game and not riddled with EA’s filthy greedy hands..Version: 8.5.0

Soon to be deletedThe visual effects are fantastic in this game but it costs too much in Gold to do anything useful with the game. I made $1.5 mil easy but can never have enough Gold to do the basic things like service the car. Why not give Gold for taking good/perfect turns? It will increase the hook, reduce frustration, and make better drivers. And why not try out a car before you buy it? It's a lot of Gold to spend on some of these cars, and just like in REAL life I would take the car for a spin before I buy it. For now, after a few spins on the fastest car I have, I will delete the game... It's too frustrating to be useful. I would have spent on Gold in-apps at some point in the future no doubt but at this stage... I'm not ready. I kind of feel like it's a money grab game and that it's designed just for making money on the in-app purchases. Too bad. Done deleted..Version: 8.1.0

Just not a game for mobileWhile this game is beautiful, the mechanics of the game are just unbearable. Being on an iPhone, I find much trouble in simply driving due to the fact that I can not drive smoothly. From my experiences, I can only use the throttle 100% to the floor, or not at all. This makes for some huge problems when going into turns. Since I can’t maintain a consistent speed through turns, I lose my race line for nothing and can’t over take other drivers either. If I even touch the throttle, the game thinks I’m flooring it and I get ridiculous snap oversteer and waste the race. The brakes are the same way. I end up locking up my brakes a lot and going into the ditch when going into a turn because I can’t transfer weight appropriately. While the steering isn’t like that, it is not as precise as it could be. I find my self with either not enough turn-in to a corner, or way too much, which causes snap oversteer. I can’t find a balance even when adjusting settings. The driver aids are not very useful either. The traction control isn’t even that. The game just starts braking for you when you get wheel spin. However, this game does have a lot of things to do, just don’t think you’re going to bench this game. “Repairs” is just a stood money grab. I can go a completely clean race and still have “repairs” to do for my car. I don’t need those kind of lies. Conclusion, this game is a little satisfying at best, and very frustrating at worst..Version: 6.0.7

A Complete MessThis game has all of the worst aspects of mobile gaming today all packaged into one place. Whenever I launch Real Racing 2 on my phone (now delisted from the App Store) it goes to the main menu within seconds and you’re in the action immediately, but every time I launch this mess of a game it is unplayable unless I download 1GB+ of data, after several minutes of that (if I’m on Wi-Fi) I then get a barrage of spam pop ups for sales, microtransactions, and more. I have to hit the next button up to 15 times sometimes just to get to the main menu, and the main menu itself is also a complete mess layout-wise. This is all the opposite of “clean” or “fun”. Now any event I try to open it wants to download more data every single time. I go to settings to download all the rest of the data and it’s 3.5 GB… Seriously? Me any many other people would happily give a one time payment for a real game without spam and with an actual focus, but instead this is the best we’re given - This is not a game, it is a “live service”, notice this game has been out for 10 years now with no fourth game in sight. I’m going back to playing Real Racing 2, which was released when mobile gaming was a lot higher quality.Version: 11.5.1

ScamThe economics of this game started out at ridiculous and have now reached the level of insanity. It’s a scam. Stay away. The FM are only adding more and more cars and doing little to stop the cheating, making it impossible to enjoy anymore..Version: 7.4.6

This was a 5 star game but then it got EAdCars and tracks are great but this might be the single most expensive video game in history! Just to fully unlock a single mid-ranged car the “sale price” costs more than a new AAA game! EA really EAd this one….Version: 11.7.1

Needs data improvementsI gave this rating 3 stars because as for the the game it’s self I’ve been pushed out of 2 windows in the formula 1 season to win that seasons car to participate in other season’s because of having asset data to be downloaded loaded I spend a decent amount of money on this game trying to finish these competitions and to cut short of that because these downloads I have strong Wi-Fi connection I have a phone that’s updated to its latest version of iOS an to be cut short of 2 hours the first time and 3 1/2 hours on the second one isn’t right that’s money I don’t get back and 2 cars I’m not rewarded, I like this game a lot I play almost everyday but if this can’t be resolved or fixed then this just looks like another a money grab game, as far as game play goes it has many different options as far as cars go, I think there could be an improvement on the different tracks we’re able to race on after a while it’s the same tracks same task you need to complete it gets repetitive, I think there could be more options as far as being able to swap out different body parts/mechanical parts on the car when it comes to customizing but definitely room for improvements.Version: 12.0.2

Lazy CodingI play the F1 series almost exclusively. Graphics are fantastic, but gameplay itself is kinda awful. The Service bars go down much too quickly, and limiting the earnings to 180k per day literally puts a cap on how much I play the game. But that isn’t the worst at all. The problem is that the gameplay experience just isn’t there. If you don’t get to first in the initial lap, you probably never will. Your opponents are AI (don’t let the names and pics fool you) and never, ever miss a racing line, braking, or perfect corner exit. What you have at the end of the first lap is what you are stuck with for the rest of the race as you watch the car ahead pull away lap after lap. You always start from last, there is no qualifying, and with the AI so perfect, no sense of racing. The game is win on lap one and race nobody the rest of the time, or get to whatever place and still race nobody because you will never get alongside them except in rare occasions which usually include you violating FIA rules (like all four tires off the track). This is just lazy coding, letting the car run on autopilot with no variations. There is no sense of racing at all, and that’s not what you’d expect from a racing game. If I were F1 I’d pull my license until you agree to a decent gaming experience; as is, I am inspired to watch the actual races and put this crap down..Version: 8.2.1

BadWay too much for upgrades. Plus i tuned my car twice and it still didnt meet speck requirements. Every car is just way to expensive and the race rewards are trash.EA is just money hungry..Version: 11.1.1

NASCAR 2021We already had to spend (Time and Gold) on 2020 Drivers and Team Principals, therefore as they already have gained experience from last year, we feel they shouldn’t need to be upgraded as much this year. Can we get the 2021 Season Drivers (and Team Principals) to have the same XP/levels that we already got them in the 2020 Season?.Version: 9.4.0

Too much user exploitationThis game could be great, if EA wasn’t so focused on squeezing so much profit out. Quit game as I’m tired of farming, ads and the intense focus on currencies (instead of racing)..Version: 10.8.2

I give it three stars because nobody caresNobody will care at all about this game this game All this game is is a Forza rip off and maybe a little bit of the project cars let's face it this is literally never going to be better than project cars project cars has better customization actually I forgot they won't allow you to customize anything so let's say forza motorsport six it is Shirley better than this it has more viewers house more cars has more races it actually has good developers electronic arts are not very well good developers not everybody likes asphalt eight but I do I think it's a great thing but for an arcade racer absolutely it's a great game but You have a really really realistic game in your pocket just doesn't make sense so would you rather play this game on Xbox everyone would say yes it has two good graphics that's my only problem with it the graphics are so so good that it ruins the entire point of a phone game let's face it this game will never ever get better than forza's graphics phone games are supposed to be worst to Xbox players thoughtful people that have playing on your phone more than Xbox nothing it's bad I have an Xbox one I have a Nintendo switch I'm sorry this is so long but it's just ridiculous review I don't like this game it's too realistic that's the end.Version: 6.0.0

F EAI was gonna write a balanced over view but seeing as how the game was mad by EA I’m assuming it’s not done yet and I just haven’t been offered to buy the real mechanics and physics. As multiple reviews state, we’re either flooring it or not touching the gas at all, same for brakes, you’re either locking or not. Both of which cause insanely drastic over steer. My biggest complaint is the NPCs. Why would you put 22 racers with R3 spec S15s on a map with hair pin turns but the car can blow through the turns going almost 100mph? All you get it stupid pc’s constantly ramming you and causing you to over steer or reaming each other and blocking the entire road. I can’t finish a race for the S15 Silvia because after the first turn the first and second place are already 10+ seconds ahead of everyone because they don’t even need to slow for the turn they just take it without getting off of the gas, and the rest of us are stuck hoping the pc’s don’t pile up immediately after the first turn (which happens pretty much every game) and stop us. You either run the perfect run and get second/third place or you skip the race completely and don’t finish the series. It’s literally the 13th tier out of 20 and I’m only missing two upgrades on the car and I can’t do it. Don’t even get me started on some of the nascar races..Version: 6.0.7

GarbageEA = garbage. Micro transaction hell..Version: 10.5.2

Everything that’s wrong with video gamesEverything in the game is designed against you. Not to make it challenging, but to make you shell out $$$$ endlessly to get anywhere..Version: 10.2.0

M$ and thisI’m low on M$ and I need to buy upgrades for my F1 challenges/special events. I could only afford one which I got, and now I have to pay to get M$ because there is absolutely nothing to do to get bonus M$. I wish all series’ could be M$ series’ and right now F1 is the only M$ series. I can’t even progress because I have to buy M$ for upgrades for the F1 car, which is basically a real ripoff. Plus, you dum-dumbs think you can take our money without giving us the purchased items. Unfair..Version: 8.0.0

Gone down hillI think this game needs new dev. These guys are getting too lazy. The team competition hasn’t been held in years (why are there even teams anymore?) and there have been little to nothing done about the high purchase and upgrade costs for almost every car. I have played this game for years but this is at its absolute worse. 0.5 stars.Version: 12.0.2

In this economy?!Was VERY excited to see the F1 update until I realized you have to spend $150 real dollars to buy ONE of the cars. Is this a joke? Deleted..Version: 10.7.1

Game ruined by in app purchasesI don’t paying for a great game like this but this is ridiculous! I wait for upgrades to finish slowly because I can’t depend $100+ dollars to upgrade and then every time I open the game I have to wait 5 min for the game to download another 237mb!? Why do I have to keep downloading content, I’ve only completed 2% of the series I’m on! There is no offline play if you don’t have the new content so forget about playing when your at the cottage/travelling with no reception..Version: 8.0.0

Can’t exit yahoo adI don’t mind playing mini games or watching a video for coins or shortening service times, but when I get this 12 second Yahoo finance ad, it takes over the whole screen and there’s no way of exiting it. I have to close the app and reopen every time. These type of ads are unacceptable..Version: 6.0.0

Robbed!!!!!!I played religiously for days trying to get to the 30 Gold giveaway when you first open the app, just to have the game magically skip over it and bring me back to collecting the $5000. Not cool..Version: 6.6.3

Great game, shame they got too greedyI’ve been playing this for a number of years. The driving experience is great. Very realistic, many real world tracks, lots of my favorite cars. Such a shame that greed ruined this experience. After playing for days towards a supposedly achievable goal(a very nice Ferrari) I was told that in order to play the final to races to “win this car” I had to spend about $50 on upgrades! This has happened before. In fact every time I’ve raced in one of these series to win a car, they held you hostage just before the end. I’m done.....greed has ruined this game. It’s a shame because the game is quite a good piece of work. B.Version: 7.6.0

Absolutely awesome rendering, but...When it comes to graphics, physics, and faithful track reproductions this game is top notch. However, I have a couple quibbles to add to what others have said. 1. The game needs to allow more drive time. Having played a bit of Gran Turismo I am somewhat familiar with many of the tracks in the game. That said, there are many tracks that you are seeing for the first time in this game. It would be nice to run time trials/practice laps for more than one lap at a time. It's tough to learn the tracks this way. 2. This game uses a TON of memory. I understand that to get good graphics you need data but my poor little iPhone got pretty unhappy soon after downloading the game. Perhaps you could have a low data mode. 3. (Bonus quibble) There is so much to this game that it is a challenge just navigating your way around. It takes time just to learn how to find races and cars. My perfect game would be one where you could drive well-rendered cars on real F1 tracks and be able to log a lot of laps without having 5 million options to choose from when it comes to picking series, cars, challenges, etc..Version: 11.6.1

Nothing but cash grabWhats the point of adding GB after GB of update with every car locked behind a pay wall? NSX? RX-7? Sure, pay up $50 real money for each car and get exactly the same driving feel as every other car... Just awful and typical of EA..Version: 8.1.0

Not balance!The cars upgrade are very expensive and we only get a little amount of money upon finishing the race! This game is forcing you to buy Rs and gold with real money!.Version: 8.2.1

Biggest game downfallToo many upgrade and car purchases are gold coins and not enough by R dollars.Version: 6.6.3

One time payment pleaseGreat game BUT you need thousands of dollars of realy money..Version: 10.6.0

EA is determined to have their fan base hate their productsBeen playing EA games for about a decade …from the PS1 all the way up to the PS4, Then switched to PC. Hate what they been doing with monetizing everything. Thought I try it on the mobile , didn’t know why I thought I would have a good experience. Downloaded the game, then ounce I open it ,it’s asking me to download an extra 10 mb …stuck on 0.8% and it won’t open ??? You must enjoy frustrating your customers.Version: 10.2.0

Clean up the gameWhy do the Monkeys allow cheats and hackers to win team events. When physically impossible results are allowed to stand without recrimination, it’s very discouraging for people who are racing clean. If you want people to spend time and money playing your game, you must be seen to be eliminating the cheats..Version: 7.6.0

Basically a scamSo the main problem of this game is its completely unbalanced reward to expanded ratio. And by far. Let me explain better. For quite a while it’s not much a big deal, but the further you play, the more you need gold of R$ to purchase new cars and/or upgrade your existing ones. And you HAVE to upgrade if you want to go forward. The point is that the new cars are absolutely inaccessible with the amount of gold or R$ that you can achieve by winning the competitions, so you need to buy more gold or R$ from the App Store. It’s ok, if it wouldn’t be so expansive. A new car costs 500 golds, then you need to upgrade it. The better car is, the more expansive are the upgrades. So you may end up easily spending 100$ (I mean real dollars) for each car. Seriously??? What you need to do, is REBALANCE the rewards and the car prices so that it doesn’t get so ridiculously expansive to move forward with the game! Higher rewards, cheaper cars! This absolutely outrageous problem is a big deal. Another thing to add to the scam? This: every day you get a reward for logging in and play, reward that keeps increasing for 30 days. At the 30th consecutive day, you get 30 gold. That’s great... but it almost never works!!!! I log in every single day, but regularly when I expect the 30th day reward, it doesn’t happen and I get to restart from day 1! These 2 major flaws combined makes it easy to understand how scammy this game is..Version: 7.0.0

Downloading in game assets is a pain in the assetTrying to download any information for the game in game is a nightmare and it’s some of the worst server I’ve ever seen. Hundreds of tries to download them all and they never go more than a couple mb at a time before it just quits. I enjoy this game but the constant downloads it needs that never work are so FRUSTRATING!!.Version: 8.1.0

Soo much space!!WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! So first I was play this game it was fun but after, you have to download the other 230mb. Like why does it need so more space how every game need 1 gb..Version: 7.4.6

Not Worth The TroubleFirst, I really like the game......enough to pay a fair amount for it. However.....There is no addon that would just allow me to play. Instead, I need gold and cash to progress, with no apparent limit, and the gold and cash are very expensive to purchase. Secondly, the only way to login is through Facebook, and I'm sure that will require me to allow access to my friends..Version: 7.4.6

Real Racing 3Great graphics. Good choices of cars and tracks. Unfortunately this game is a money sucker. Almost all cars cost to much gold and gold is very hard to get. It’s designed to get you to spend your REAL hard earned cash. A significant difference would be if you already own a car and you complete a special event you get reimbursed the amount of gold equal to the value of that particular car..Version: 10.7.1

Amazing Ingredients But The Recipe Is AwfulAfter all these years it's still incredibly disappointing that a racing game with the potential to be the mobile version of iRacing instead remains one of the most cynical self serving money grabs in mobile gaming..Version: 10.7.1

Real Dollar RacingI have been playing this App for over 3 years, used to be a lot of fun but now it is merely a money extraction mechanism. Without investing significant cash there is very little that you can do in this game anymore. Playing it less and less now, looking for something else to take its place. Sad..Version: 10.6.0

It’s not worth it, not anymoreAs I just reinstated this game, I’m going to delete it now and never install, I cant download all assets, and even worse it’s unrealistic. Except if your parents are business partners with bill gates and alibaba, you will spend your retirement savings on this game and still have a mediocre car and race position. I have spent money that I don’t even have. Not only do you spend to buy cars, you spend more to upgrade them. Then you use the cars you bought, fully upgraded, online against people using the same car and yet drifting at 400 mph. You’d think Paul Walker’s ghost was in one of those cars. You will end up spending more money on cars in this game than in real life..Version: 9.4.0

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