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DICK’S Sporting Goods App User Positive Comments 2024

DICK’S Sporting Goods app received 11 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dick’s sporting goods?

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DICK’S Sporting Goods for Positive User Reviews

Great app great storeApp is very easy and convenient to use. I typically use it to see what they have or don’t have in stock. It is also very easy to keep track of your score card balance and rewards. One of the more well put together shopping apps. It is also very easy to pay your score card bill. A matter of 3 taps to pay your statement once all is set up. Very convenient..Version: 5.3.1

Online experienceI love Dicks but I always have issues when ordering online. Your website goes down often. Especially during sales. Makes for a frustrating and unpleasant shopping experience. I usually never complete my online purchase because of it..Version: 4.7.9

Thrifty momI have 4 kids so I’m always in need of sporting goods and clothing for a range of things. Dicks has tons CB of items to choose from for the whole family. I like the sales and earning rewards as I buy. One of my favorite things about the app is you can link it to your phone pedometer and literally earn rewards for walking (3 miles a day). It’s an extra bonus I found and like the bonus earned from everyday walking! Try it!.Version: 4.6.4

App is almost as functional websiteEven though this is a 4 star rating, the app is great. I can shop and navigate through the app very easily. A few suggestions I’d recommend: 1) when the user filters and sorts the products, once the product is selected the user can view the product. Once hitting the back button, the app loses filter and sort. It would be nice if the app would keep the filter and sort when going back to the results. 2) it would be helpful to have a “My Account” option on the main menu to easily navigate to order history. 3) it’s quite a nuisance when the payment system asks to store my credit card, but doesn’t store the CCV number. Is there a way to store the CCV number so I don’t have to be Rain Man and try to remember all the CCV numbers on my credit cards. Thanks!.Version: 4.4.1

Great AppReally easy to use. A lot faster than their website.Version: 1.0

Fitbit appYour Fitbit portion of your app is constantly not working, I’m always having to send messages letting them know that there is problems with it linking up with my Fitbit. It always takes a few days for the app to correct the problem and I feel like I’m losing points during this process. The tweaks should’ve been figured out along time ago and it gets very frustrating.Version: 4.4.2

International accessI could not open the apps when I was outside the country. I was in Australia and New Zealand in March and April. Therefore I have missed my active points for those dates. I would like you to include international in your apps because I travel often oversea. I could not switch back to Fitbit tracker after I changed to apple watch. Hopefully you could fix this in the near future..Version: 5.4.11

Honest reviewSo I have been using the dicks sporting goods app for a couple years now and it's pretty good only negative things I have about it is that sometimes it loads slow and when it does not keep you signed in for purchase but it does keep you signed in for your score card and rewards which should be the same thing and does not make sense other then that it's great it gives you a scannable copy of your score card and your rewards straight to your phone lets you know how many points away you are from a reward easy to navigate except for the slow loading of images and item pages also lets you manage your dicks sporting goods credit card through the app very easy.Version: 4.1.3

CrashesI love dicks they always have what I want and what I need but this just started happening and it’s making me mad because when I open the app it just kicks me out the app and send me back to my home screen and I even tried turning off the wifi and also turning off my whole phone and still did it and I’m trying to track a few orders but it keeps kicking me out and I’m on an iPhone if that helps.Version: 5.3.4

Dicks Sporting Goods AppI love the app. It is so convenient to look for a specific item and see if my local store has it in stock. If so, I order it and within an hour or two it is ready for pick up. No need to waste time looking for the item just order and go. The app also gives me my available rewards and how many more points I need until my next reward..Version: 5.3.1

Great app minus glitches with PWI love this app so much except for a few details they can probably tweak. Browsing is great when trying to shop around. However, everytime I’m ready to purchase it makes me login again and it says my password is wrong. This happens everytime and it makes me reset it! Can you imagine how annoying that is? Especially if it’s a saved password you know is correct. When shopping around, I wish the page was shareable. If you want to share an item, you have to open up a browser since you can’t use the app. There’s an activity tracker sync so you can get daily reward points too that part is great..Version: 4.7.9

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