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Dollar General App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Dollar General app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dollar General? Can you share your negative thoughts about dollar general?

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Dollar General for Negative User Reviews

Okay…reallySo two orders in at two different stores. Both times the absolute ONE thing I needed was in stock when I ordered it but not included in the bags when my husband got home. When I check my order it isn’t even on there anymore. Here’s the thing, I’ve done the Walmart pickup, these things happen, but Walmart notifies you and offers an alternative. I live 30 miles from the closest town so it is more convenient for my husband to pick up on his way home from work. I do this because it isn’t just a drive down the block to run to the store. Please please please for the love of life, add a feature to notify when you don’t have something and offer an alternative! If you offered this, the service would be perfect to me..Version: 7.17.13

JUNKCan’t even open app!!! Just keeps saying “something went wrong try again” so darn annoying!!! I shop here so often and there’s so many now everywhere you go however I am so disappointed in this app that I will be shopping at family dollar!! Downloaded their app & works perfect 1st try!!! Thankfully there’s a family dollar right across the street from DG because it’s not inconveniencing me at all. After reading reviews it’s sad to see how many customers DG is losing over this app & the coupons not working, you’d think they’d just fix the problem and save customers. Being such a huge franchise must be why they don’t care because literally these problems have been an issue for years now and still not fixed. It’s really a shame though, but family dollar will surely be thankful that DG doesn’t care because they’re gaining all the business because of it! Don’t download, waste of time. Save yourself the headache and time by getting FD app instead because I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled several times with absolutely no luck what so ever!! Another unsatisfied customer to add to the review list!! Way to go DG!!! Hmmmm unbelievable they don’t care!.Version: 6.0.13

The new update is garbagePeople have been relentlessly asking for a “clip all” button for your digital coupons. Evidently complaining in the store surveys does nothing so maybe here will work. The new update is slow and glitchy and has made clipping EVEN FREAKING SLOWER and still doesn’t have a clip all button. Trash. Family Dollar is run way better. Right now it says that I have $6 in coupons to clip. However, when I go to clip, it shows none. It loads slow, it constantly glitches out and says try again later. It’s awful and I’m considering taking my business elsewhere where the digital coupons actually work. Like Family Dollar. The entire company is becoming garbage. They don’t respond to complaint emails. They don’t respond to complaints sent through the surveys on the receipts. They don’t respond to the “contact us” on their website, and they don’t respond to phone calls to corporate. This app sent me 36 NOTIFICATIONS IN 20 MINUTES all saying the same thing. I had to file criminal harassment charges on one of their store manager’s because of an incident in one of their stores and STILL no district manager or anyone from corporate will contact me. And yes, I would like to clip all the coupons available because sometimes there are coupons that I didn’t know were there and I get a surprise at the register with an extra coupon discount. Everyone I know with the app, clips all. However, even a clip all for each category would be better than nothing..Version: 4.3.7

Why this store?!Small town only a couple of expensive stores and we were so relieved and excited that there was going to be a DG in our town. I guess they decided to remodel and that was almost a month ago. They closed for a couple of days, reopened having a bunch of new freezer and refrigerators packed with products which was great; but nothing on the shelves. No cereal no peanut butter no mayonnaise etc; so frustrating. It’s not the employees because they are awesome not to mention they work themselves beyond tired because they’re always short staffed; closed early a couple of days ago leaving a sign on the door. I love our store and the employees and maybe if Corporate paid a little more they would have some more dependable employees..Version: 10.1.22

Badly in need of attentionI shop at both DG and Family Dollar, and today I was in my local DG and saw that there was an app for digital coupons, and I had already been using for Family Dollar on their app, so I was pleased and went about downloading it, which took a little while due to us being out in the boonies, but I ended up waisting almost an hour trying to set the darn thing up with my information. I must’ve put my details in at least 15 times, but whenever I tried to get it to accept the verification number, it would think for a moment and then come back with a error message saying that it couldn’t be completed. It said “please try again”. I honestly began to wonder if it was some kind of test to see how many times I would try again before giving up. Tried the other ways in app to register but to no avail. I am posting this so that hopefully somebody that works for them can get in there and fix it, because I am saving money at Family Dollar with their app and I am hoping to do the same at DG sometime soon!.Version: 4.3.4

The store is very GoodI’m from Canada , and i love DG , but my phone number is from Canada , and i’m not able to use the app. If you fix this , is was really better to use the app.Version: 11.1.4

Suggestions Should Be Highly ConsideredSuggestion One-A feature to unclip coupons you don’t need or want if accidentally clipped. It takes too long at register to scan all of them. Two-When browsing the weekly ad it would be nice to be able to add the item to your list from the ad. Three-Do something with the search feature to make it better. If you don’t know the exact way it’s listed you won’t get anywhere near the item you are searching for. Example- type in cheese. You get items like shampoo and deodorant. Silly and aggravating Four-Immediately fix the scam going on with the coupons NOT being deducted at register. Or train employees to correct the mistake instead of looking at you like you’re stupid. Five-Make the items with coupons available more plainly understood. There are items on the app that doesn’t show there is a coupon for it specifically but it does on another fragrance of the same item. It makes people think the other isn’t eligible when it is. Stop scamming people.Version: 7.12.6

The $5 off digital coupon doesn’t go throughThank you for getting rid of the Enfield, CT cashier who chronically “spaced out” at the register (her words) and failed to tell customers that spending a few cents more would let their $5 off coupon go through. The only thing is that now with the app, the coupon doesn’t go through - at all. I spent $68 today and the digital coupon didn’t take at all after putting in my phone number. I made sure to ask the cashier to check to see if my other digital coupons went through and they did for $10 merchandise, but not for the $5 digital coupon. There are many other reviews stating the same. Please remedy this app glitch. Thank you!.Version: 11.1.4

If you’re here for the coupons, don’t bother.I have not found a way to actually utilize the digital coupons they constantly advertise. When I try to see them in the app, it just throws up an error message. Can’t search for coupons, can’t see available coupons, nothing... so there is literally no way to add them to my account to use at the register. Seems almost like a bait & switch operation to get people in the store or to make you put things in your cart then have you buy them even though you aren’t getting the coupon price. I went through this frustration months ago and had stopped shopping at DG because I was sick of paying more than the price on the shelf, went back yesterday to give them another try.. and not only was I unable to use a coupon shown on a shelf tag, it wanted to me download a second app to see “available deals” for an item... again the coupon shown in the store was unavailable. Not worth the frustration..Version: 5.1.22

Local ShopperWhile shopping at the local Dollar General store yesterday I moved a cart from the end cap to see if I wanted to buy any of the items and your employee walked over and said we can’t have this cart pushed out like this and shoved it back never noticing if my hand, foot or any other body part was in the way of the cart. I did not appreciate this sort of attitude. In fact the previous time I was in the store to buy a greeting card I practically had to climb over 2 carts to get where I wanted to go and actually tripped and almost fell. Our local store probably is very productive but it offers very little in aesthetics and convenience. It is always very “trashy” and isles stacked up. Very unkempt! This should not be the case. Other stores In nearby areas are always neat and attractive and clean. I cannot say this about our local store here in Greers Ferry. I am over 80 yrs old and have mobility problems and love to shop at Dollar General but this store is becoming a challenge that I am uncomfortable with. My personal opinion is a lacking in managers who care. Thanks for listening to my complaints..Version: 5.0.29

Does not workI am from Canada and would like to use the application when I am travelling to US. Unfortunately, the app does not open on my IPad or cell phone. Please fix this situation..Version: 11.4.3

Doesn’t work for Canadians?I live in Canada but go through the states twice a week to get to my cabin, and shop at dollar general 1-2 times a week. The app will not work for me. So therefore no savings..Version: 11.4.3

Major issuesSince the release of cart calculator I can no longer use the app unless I am in a store. When I try to open it it gives me a black screen for 2-3 mins and then closes itself. I have to completely restart my phone one in the store and hope the app will then load. Need to train employees and functions and such on how to help customers when they have issues with a certain coupon or the app entirely. Also you should clarify better on sizes/scents better on the app. Need to put a prompt on the main screen when a user first sets up their account that they can only use the coupon 1 time. There is still a major misconception by most customers that they can continue to use the coupon as much as they want until it expires. I think you should also give the stores NEW software in order to serve customers better, if the operating systems weren’t from the 90’s maybe customers would have an easier experience at checkout. But when registers freeze and malfunction it’s frustrating as a customer to wait for the issue to resolve..Version: 7.1.2

Recent updateThank you, thank you, thank you! I just cannot tell you how thrilled I am at your present update! Imagine my surprise when I went to use my app and it wasn’t working properly! I can get into stuff and I can download coupons however I cannot scan anything because it just kicks me totally off the app. So I don’t know if coupons I have on here I can even use or if they will be excepted. So from the bottom of my heart once again ! Thanks a lot. As far as I can tell the app is still the same, the deals are still the same, you just shuffle things around, mixed them up and messed up the page. Yes I deleted and reinstalled the app. Didn’t help one bit! There are no pending current updates I need to do on my phone, yada yada yada...Have a blessed day... so once I had a four star rating. I have moved it down to a one star rating!.Version: 10.1.21

Bummed out!I really love to shop at DG....I do not love dealing with this app. It has been literally one of the biggest pain in the butts. So much so that I am taking the time to write this review. Uugghhh It will ask me to randomly log back in which I have no problem with. The problem comes when I get a ’General Server Error’ after I enter my (correct) information. So then I go ahead n try to reset my password n get the same message. I cannot get the app to open when I'm standing right in the middle of a DG. Tells me no internet connection. That is on Wifi or LTE. Ohhhh...and 4G n pretty sure 3G. Getting my frustration here? The employees at my local store are excellent with their customer service. They really are. Fairly confident tho that not one of them know much about nor give two rips about the app. Currently I do not have a vehicle and my DG is within walking distance, which is awesome. I want to be able to continue business with the company but this app is on my nerves and could become a deal breaker for me. Thank you.Version: 7.1.2

A Note to Consider:There is absolutely no employee or “sales associates” that have control over the app functions. Just for clarification, that all depends on internet connection, service provider, availability, concentration, and also but not limited to, intoxication of the individual user and/or owner of said “cell phone” or “smartphone”. Fellow employees have zero impact on how /if /maybe / should only really have the “grey box at the bottom right hand touch screen” is most polite and courteous this Holiday Season. Remember to download Your coupons prior, or whenever convenient, to then use them when the tags have *The Present Day Listed* at the bottom. If not listed under said item/product, then it is time ask a Sales Associate. Shopping is the experience that you choose for it to be, please remember that we are tired too. Us Employees at Dollar General do Our very best to have a clean, well stocked, and rotated store, We understand, and We are people too. ~Sincerely, A Sales Associate Thank you for listening in to my TedTalk.Version: 6.0.16

It hardly ever worksIt is May 5th I believe. I would just like to say that my app not worked more since November, December till now. Then it has worked. And for the most part I can’t get it to change stores and when I do. It won’t give me the option for the one I’m at or the one I’m going to go to. I have had so many issues hear lately that I haven’t really been shopping Dollar General because of it. Please fix your issues. Because in my tiny town all we have is dollar general, our local store, and cvs. And I’ve been not buying the Sunday papers for the coupons because I can’t afford the five dollars. And y’all need to fix your Wi-Fi problems in most of your stores. It very irritating. Because y’all put a blocker up so we can’t use our own data. And then half the time the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. Please fix these issues..Version: 11.4.3

Shows me something completely different than I ask forI know that DG sells home decor and I’ve tried using the app on multiple occasions recently by using the search tool to try to look at what home decor DG offers. When I type in the specific decor I’m wanting to look at, it will give me results that include things that have absolutely nothing to do with home decor. Things like ice cube trays, dog food, Paw Patrol themed kids chairs, and other completely unrelated items. Also, when I try to look at the Home Decor category on the app, it will load maybe a total of 15-20 items before reaching the bottom of the page without giving me the option of loading more. I don’t know if it’s just my app in particular, but this is seriously irritating, considering I know that DG offers some really great home products at a reasonable price, but i am not allowed to look at any of it on their app, which is literally what it’s designed for..Version: 9.1.2

CouponsMaybe instead of a clip all just by having the app the coupons should be in our wallets so we don’t have to sit and scan the entire app. If you can’t do a clip all butting then just put them all into our wallet so we can just shop and if we buy the item we get the coupon - all stores not just DG should do this! I don’t have time to be scanning apps on my small screen phone and burning up the battery life - no one really looks at the ads or knows specifically which coupon they want and there are pages and pages of them and I am impulse buyer so I am not going to go back to app and look again while I am standing in the store ! And there is one drugstore in particular that doesn’t even have instore WiFi - so you have to go outside and do that extra coupon - that’s BS . Just load all the coupons for us if we have the app and make life easy and give us time to do other things!.Version: 5.0.29

Big battery drainI’m only using this app to scan prices but getting the occasional discount is nice. It still comes with issues. I don’t understand why the coupons have to be tapped before using them. It just seems like an unnecessary extra step that a lot of customers unfortunately miss and find out the hard way after they ring out and have a long line behind them. Also, stop using tiny print on the expiration dates. And what’s the deal with the battery usage? I closed the app, plugged my phone in to charge, set location service to “never” and the charge was STILL going down. I check which apps were the cause, and DG was using over 70% of the battery IN THE BACKGROUND. Using it AFTER I CLOSED IT. Please don’t use this app if you don’t have to. That much background activity can’t be good for your phone. I have it deleted now..Version: 7.5.8

Please add a redeemed update to this app!I love shopping at dollar general, the cart calculator, list, round about pricing, but what’s truly missing is a redeemed spot for used coupons to go to once you do a transaction ! I feel everyone who uses this app would appreciate having that on their accounts because it gets so frustrating trying to remember which coupons you’ve used vs which you still have because when you scan in the store it’ll show as if you have it, but when you type in your number it doesn’t come off. It makes dollar general shopping/digital couponing harder then it should be since the app glitches in other ways once you’re in store. Will give more stars if the category is created, but if it’s not then it’s not gonna be worth the headache shopping at dg with a daily malfunctioning app 😫 and I truly don’t want that day to come!.Version: 6.0.16

Phone numberI am from Canada, and my phone number doesn’t work. I’m spending 5 months in florida I would like to join your application with my canadian phone number..Version: 11.2.7

Inside StoreI love using the DG App to clip my coupons. However, using the App to create my shopping list and then trying to use the App to collect my items or see the coupons while inside ANY DG store is impossible! I have visited MANY DG stores and in every single location there is never reception for myself or anyone else I have spoken with about the issue. With multiple different wireless carriers there is no reception. I have asked employees at every location I have shopped at why no one gets any cellphone reception and the answer I get every time is simply vague and unacceptable...”We don’t know why, but every customer who uses the App asks the same question. None of us get cellphone reception either unless we’re at the front of the store standing in a certain spot.” Because of this issue I have to take screenshots of the coupons I have clipped and my personalized list to get everything I need. I would love to know why I have perfect reception on my cellphone right up until the moment I step into the store..Version: 7.7.8

Not operationalApp won’t open on my phone or iPad, both which are fully up to date. Very frustrating!.Version: 7.0.21

FrustratedThe Dollar General out is one of the slowest app to clip coupons for every time you open The app or set a coupon the logo in the middle just keep swirling around and around and around and then it jumps back of the top a lot but one of my biggest complaint is there needs to be a different way to login at the store to use your coupons twice now I’ve been sitting at home and got a text of my receiptFrom two totally different dollar general stores in two different cities meaning someone keyed in my phone number to use my coupons that is very frustrating even if someone in at the wrong phone number by mistake they still usd my coupons. There should be someway to scan the app from the individuals phone or enter an email address or after you enter the phone number there should be a three or four digit pin to follow that way no one can keep your phone rnumber in but mistake I’ve actually had a couple of people that know me use my phone Number and then the tournament told me they did itBecause they didn’t have the app downloaded, they had to get a different phone their phone crashed they can’t see the screen or something it was always something and there just needs to be a way to prevent that..Version: 7.14.3

Total inconvenience. Don’t waste your phone space!This is by far the absolute worst app I have ever used. (Or should I say TRIED to use). Every time I log in, it tells me to change my password. So... I send myself the password change email, but every password I put it, is missing something and it won’t let me save the new password! BUT I still get an email that I changed my password has changed. Needless to say... I can’t even get into the app to use it! Too bad, because I drive by there on my way home from work every day and it’s super convenient to stop there for anything I might need. This app has inconvenienced me so many times that I won’t even go to the store. Whoever is working on this app needs to be fired because a simple shopping app should not have this many issues! I use plenty of shopping apps and coupon apps and never have even a fraction of the issues this one has. Don’t even waste your time downloading it or taking up space on your phone with it..Version: 5.1.22

GlitchyThis app is extremely glitchy. The latest “bug” is anything that seems to be on a clearance cycle is scanning as 0.00, but anything that isn’t scans just fine. Example - When I’m shopping clearance, especially clearance that has exclusions IE “all Christmas except plastics”, but other items that have a Christmas tag, are not plastic, and according to a sign SHOULD be included aren’t, it would be extremely nice to KNOW beforehand that it isn’t going to ring up properly. Prime example of this happening is the Airwick holiday Apple Cinnamon Medley plugins. Was in the Christmas display, all other scents in the display are clearance. Get to the register and it doesn’t ring up right, and you get stared at by the employee like you’ve grown a second head for assuming it should be included. Could be avoided with a simple scan, but nope. Sure can’t because the latest “improvement” has rendered scanning useless. Fix the app. Couponing and clearance shopping is the main reason you have a solid customer base, and there are plenty of deals to be had without the frustration..Version: 7.10.5

Could use some changesI like this app because it helps me plan my shopping trips to Dollar General. However, I have a couple of suggestions to make it better. 1) Add the shopping list to the app. When I’m in the store I’m constantly switching back and forth between the shopping list I created online and the app with my list of coupons. 2) Allow me to put items on my shopping list from the weekly ad. Right now I’m only able to view the items which isn’t very helpful. 3) Allow me to remove coupons that I have added. Sometimes I add them accidentally or I change my mind and then when I’m in store it’s annoying to have those coupons in my list. 4) Merge the coupon list with the shopping list. It would be nice to have one shopping list that has items I’ve added from the weekly ad AND the coupons I’ve added. This app has the potential to be pretty helpful for DG shoppers!.Version: 4.3.7

DG APPI will stick with one thing to improve the app. I understand prices vary on products by many variables. To me 🤷🏼‍♀️. 1) I would like to see what the price of an item will cost using the online coupons I love and judging by the cashiers I have clipped more coupons than most. Other stores provide it based on “my store” 2) when I have more than one of an item coupons, it seems, somehow, it will choose the coupon discount of the lesser amount. I prefer not to have to search and delete coupons because of the $amount to find the coupon(s) I prefer to keep the 2 or 3 coupons available on items I buy often. But deduct oldest to newest or the 3$ off not 1$ off 3) is on the tip of my tongue🤦🏻‍♀️ always another day 🤷🏼‍♀️. So I use coupons often and like the concept of the new “deals” choice and can’t wait to see it working. Remembered 3 3) the shopping list has done me no good. I would like an option from when I click to get a coupon, I’d love to be able to add that coupon item straight to “my shopping list”. It seems that should be an obvious option I hate when I’m sitting in the parking lot to view my coupons but invariably I get the wrong size or it was buy “2” get one free So that would be great if the correct one is on my shopping list I really do think the app is great but can definitely be more user friendly.Version: 7.7.8

Won’t open for meI live in a boarder town in Canada so I want to have the app when I go across to shop. I can’t get this app to load.Version: 8.6.4

Unusable Very Poor AppI wish this app could be used in stores but there are serious problems with that including no available WiFi and Mobile Cellular Broadband completely blocked inside stores. It’s a matter of having to put your basket down and walk out to access the app. Then it’s often that stores have incorrect or out of date sale item info tags placed at point of display, items offered as digital coupons are expired and current digital coupons aren’t visible in store displays. A visit to Dollar General today they were out of bags and had to use a basket to carry items to vehicle. Poor management and poor synchronization of valid and expired coupons in stores and a useless app in store due to impossible connectivity issues. Oh and to make things worse the new app update is stuck in an endless loop just trying to start, has added security that doesn’t work the app isn’t functional at all now even outside on cellular. Would give a negative rating if possible but 1 is the lowest available choice..Version: 5.0.23

App won’t openI am from Canada and I drive transport truck going state side. I love DG because they are often located close to truck stops. I saw the app and thought “this only makes DG even better!” However, no matter what I do, the app will not open for me. I have kept it updated and nothing 😢. Please fix it..Version: 8.5.6

Won’t openThis app will not open on my phone? Is anyone else struggling with this.Version: 6.0.16

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