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CostumerIt will be nice if you keep the same people I know is hard to get people to work however if you keep changing or moving to other store they can never get the store in order I do not mind the new system however way can you make all the registers for cash it will be easy at the same time why can people at the register show there ID at the cámara when they have to by beer or cigarettes if is not the person the alarm will go OFF and the cashier can help., I can assure it will help, if you try to put to many things in a store people get confused and they will go to other stores a Dollar Store is for the necessary things not for all your needs please it will make it simple easy and you will sale more that’s my opinion thank you., God blessed the USA.Version: 11.3.9

UghWhy is it we need to reset our password when you updated this account? Why is it we just can’t enter a phone number and get into it?! Furthermore can’t you make it to where you can scan an item to see if it matches the coupons on your app?....many times I have bought the item and it won’t or didn’t take the coupon off because item didn’t match!!!! Really need to work on this app because dollar general is my goto spot but am beginning to think I need to goto family dollar because their app is so much better and I never get a please try again when I am looking at their coupons would also be nice if you could make it to where we can remove a coupon that we accidentally clipped!!! Just tired of recovering my account because you updated it, my husband can’t even get into his account because the email he had got compromised and it won’t even let him into his account so he’s down his app because he had to relog into it and since he don’t have that email anymore he can’t use his app or the coupons he wants thanks!!.Version: 4.4.0

HappyI have lived in Dexter Mo. most all my life and I have been to a lot of the dollar general stores. This one in Dexter I have avoided for years because of cleanliness and unfriendly staff. And now finally in 2022 it’s changed. We have different management and the store is very clean and not cluttered and everyone is so friendly. I have met the assistant manager, he is really nice and polite. He talked to ea costumer like he cares helps me find things and always busy. If he helps me find something he talks but is still busy putting things away to he’s always busy and talking to the customers to I really like this store now and will be coming here from now on. Keep up the good work you all. I love it. YaY..Version: 8.0.40

LaborWe have a nice store here in Perry, Oklahoma. But it would be so much nicer if you all would just give them a little more labor. They have to work so very hard it’s unbelievable. I’ve managed up to 28 businesses myself and I know how hard it can be but we had a lot more labor than what you all give these people. I wish you would consider that as an option. I realize you do this in order to keep prices down, but I really believe that you could increase prices just a little bit in order to give out more labor to the stores. Also, so many, many times I have seen delivery carts just sitting around the store and not being able to stock the shelves because of labor. So if you gave them more labor this would also increase your sales. Thank you.Version: 7.7.8

Respect!!The community I lived in in California did not have dollar general. But since I’ve come to South Carolina, I have found one in my neighborhood, and I have to give the company huge props for their online presence in the app. Wow! It’s beautifully organized, I love the list feature, the Wallet feature is delightful - it gives me an easy way to organize my coupons,the fact that the app finds manufacturer coupons for me is stellar, the photography is great, the presence of the weekly ads is the bomb. It’s also very easy to maneuver around the app, so thank you to management for the amount of time and money and effort that you spent on having this app produced. I look forward to using the Pickup feature, too. It’s great!.Version: 10.1.22

Love your App , products, prices & many locations HOWEVER some of your employees so much!I spend my hard earned money more than once or twice a week as I do not like that WM store. I purchase everything from food to pet supplies in my local DG! The app was a nightmare where I live & it never worked until recently it just got better! I shop on it @ home & go through the digital coupons & pick ALL I might be interested in before I ever go shopping. Works awesome! Saves me a lot of $$, well it does when the cashier is efficient , friendly, organized ,trained properly & take pride in their job & appearance. Which brings me to my recent experience where I spent the $126. The cashiers as in BOTH of them were very unapproachable & dressed very inappropriate. She didn’t let me put in my # for my coupon discount & she had in daisy dukes & it wasn’t anything anyone needs to see. Some of the workers in a lot of their stores all over Osage,Tulsa & Wagoner counties need some training!.Version: 8.4.2

Great app reviews are misleading.The vast majority of these reviews seem to be complaints about the store itself and not the couponing app which makes no sense. Those should be filtered out since it’s irrelevant to the app. I think it’s the most inclusive digital couponing app I’ve come across and it has MANY features that other couponing apps do not. You can actually search any item in stock and see if there are coupons available for it, have a list with an estimated cost including coupons used and tax included. I’m more than satisfied with this app. I would only ask for an option to utilize which coupons you want at check out and not have them auto selected..Version: 6.0.12

Worst App EverIt doesn’t matter how many try to log in or try to change the password the app won’t work. I have called DG, they totally deleted the account and I started over. But no matter how many times I want to download a digital coupon, I can’t get past the sign in. I love shopping there but this crap is a real turn off. To the developer: I got the link to change my password today and after meeting all the specific requirements it said my e Mail has not been verified. Additionally, the new password I just put in was met with a notation that read, this password has already been used. I am at my wits end with this crappy app. And I have had this problem for months..Version: 7.8.1

Love the coupons when it works!It hasn’t been very consistent since the first launch of this App. I have missed out on tons of coupons due to the register crashing while it’s trying to go through my coupons to take off. And half the time it doesn’t even take them off. I’m constantly having to go over my receipt right when the cashier hands it to me a I always have items scanning as wrong prices and I’m always over charged. I keep hoping this will get better but it hasn’t. I make sure all my coupons are downloaded at least a day before I use them so that’s not the reason for it. Just very aggravated and I was hoping the system would be fixed by now as there’s been more than ample time to do so. This happens to me in every single different dollar general store I’ve been in and all of the the cashiers express their frustrations about the register. I will continue to use these coupon and keeping watching my receipts even though I shouldn’t have to. I just feel like I’m getting ripped off constantly..Version: 7.7.8

Some coupons don’t applyThe coupons are great! BUT every single time I have my coupons added on my phone and I go to dollar general I always have issues with them not applying to my purchase . I make sure I am getting exactly what they say the coupon is good for . And you don’t know which coupons haven’t applied until after you pay and get your receipt . Then when you tell the clerk they get crappy towards you . This happens almost every single time I go. So if the coupons actually applied to your purchase then I would give 5 stars or if there was a way to email or show that it was not applied and you could get store credit or reimbursed for what wasn’t applied then that would be great..Version: 7.18.7

App is great...when it works at the store.I love the app especially the list and the coupon deals. The problem is is that on several occasions I've gone to the store with my list and my coupons only to have my coupons not work in their system was messed up and being told there's nothing they can do about it. So no deals and coupons for me on those days which is very frustrating. I finally smartened up and made sure I asked to check with the cashier before I started shopping to make sure the system is working OK. I do the majority of my shopping at DG because I don't shop Walmart and I don't have a target near me. So as much as I love their app, it's a little disappointing, and hopefully in the future they will have a reliable system..Version: 11.4.3

Good but with a little more would be greatI work at dollar general and I have to say having this app is so great it’s good sometimes buggy but works, with this new update I really enjoy what DG has done with the app, although there is one thing I wish was different the feature where you can scan a item and find a coupon on it is a good idea but would be even better if it allowed customers to scan the product and see the normal price, this saves a lot of time for the customer and workers because the customer doesn’t have to take time to ask and question if they want something or not and the workers like myself have an ease of access and don’t need to use the in store scanner as much and have a hassle. Everything aside Dg is great with this app and I just hope for more fluent experiences with the app and all will be great!.Version: 5.0.23

GlitchThere was just an update and I cannot access my coupons. This seems to be a frequent problem and sometimes updates temporarily fix it and sometimes cause it. I would like to always be able to access my coupons. Also I would like a clip all and the ability to unclip. If two coupons are listed for the same product, I would like to choose which one clips first. If a coupon is listed and I don’t clip immediately I would like it to remain. I don’t access daily and sometimes good coupons are removed. It would be nice to have an option for automatic clipping if you are someone who clips everything always..Version: 4.4.2

Best store in the worldLove the deals they have every week as well as the coupons that you can save on the app in your digital wallet. I love that they always have everything I need from dinner to house cleaning stuff to birthday present for you to pick up when are in a bind and forgot about them . All I would change is the cash back not usually working according the cashier when I am checking out they say it is available on the screen but then the cashier said it isn’t . I always get cash back being that it is so much cheaper then my atm charges. But other than that everything is a five star rating.Version: 8.5.8

Mrs BolzI visited the store located at 1000 City Ave Moore , OklahomaThe lady’s name that was great was Rachel I believe she was a manager there was another lady that was a much older her name was Tina I was there on Halloween night which was in a Saturday when I always go shopping at Dollar General for my Dollar General coupons on the app I end up getting screwed out of both of my five dollar coupons of five dollars off on $25 more because of this elderly lady named Tina kept trying to walk all over somebody rushing somebody I purchased Almost $100worth of merchandise and she’s very rude person too me i’ve been in the store since 9 o’clock approximately it was 10 o’clock I was checking outAnd of course I was closing time and all she could do is worry about rushing somebody at out the door and She didn’t wan to let me habe my digital coupons she didn’t want to let me put my digital number in there I am very upset about this I’ve never met such a rude person like that In all my life almost she needs to retire apparently because she’s not a good asset Dollar General.Version: 7.7.8

Improvement suggestionI wish there was an option when reviewing the weekly sales add that you would be able to tap the desired product and it either highlights the item or flags it some way or automatically adds the item to a shopping list. I typically do my sales adds and shopping list at home before I go shopping and that would be a big improvement and would prevent me from forgetting items which would be a win for the retailer for larger sales people won’t be forgetting half of what they wanted or looking for after leaving the store. Love the app use it weekly and tell all my friends family and neighbors about it and download it for them! And show them how much I’ve saved using the wallet feature!.Version: 8.4.2

No waiting in line!!!Ok so I go in the store and this line is wrapped around a corner. I only needed a few things but normally I wouldn’t want to wait. Not when I could just run to Walmart and hit the self checkout real quick. But I don’t really wanna deal with alllll those people either. I remember I downloaded the app but had never even opened it . Thought it was more catered to couponers. it walked me through the process and boom, I started scanning my items. Took maybe 5-Minutes to setup and scan my items. Everyone is standing there looking annoyed and ready to go. I bypassed THEM ALL, as I had already paid in the app and only needed to stop at the kiosk!!! I AM IN LOOOOOOVE WITH THIS APP!!!! Aside from the line skipping , it automatically took money off items that had coupons. And there is no minimum purchase like the Walmart service, which makes u spend 30 bucks to buy groceries/household items to get free pick up service. If I only need a few things that service makes no sense to use. Great app dollar General!! I am really impressed..Version: 6.0.16

They are SMARTOk so whomever took over the DG is a genius! He/she decided that the people who live way way way out from a WM would actually not want to travel that far to get the essentials or emergency needs for families& in the Middle of Winter for someone who absolutely HAtes snow is a blessing !! So therefore that person should be given awards! And there prices are always cheaper than Walmart, Wegmans , Tops (especially they are always way more expensive!) anyways thanks for your services ! Keep it up! Now us who live far from the cities can get the essentials that we desperately NEED for our families also without getting acousted at our local drama filled always someone getting arrested Ghetto Lakewood Walmart! We all know it! It’s why we all go to Warren ! Less drama and way nicer people by far!! Thanks again ;) honest and sincere review ;).Version: 10.1.22

One of the best grocery apps out thereI love this app so much. Every trip I make to DG, I open up the app and go to coupon section right away to see if what I am shopping for, is on sale. I tell most people I know that they really could save money by shopping here and that they need to load the app. Some of the best deals DG offers are; laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, pet food and accessories, toilet paper, cleaners, and their seasonal items. Of course, the food & snacks beat all the other chain grocery stores. Also, every Saturday, they offer the $5 off coupon if you spend $30. Seriously, if you plan your grocery outings and holiday shopping, wait until Saturday and you essentially get $5 off your $30 purchase. Does Walmart or Target ever do that for us consumers? No! This is a great app and DG is always my go-to store for quick shopping and I don’t have to walk a 1/4 or 1/3 mile to get through the front door. Thank you Dollar General for truly being a “people’s grocery store”..Version: 7.19.0

Dollar General is a awesome placeI have deep and sentamental feeling of my favorite retail if you know me you know my story . I would like for all and everyone I know and don’t know too shop there I always will I haven’t for I hate too say it but I was upset with DG but I have a lot of emotions and prayers too forgive and I have . So everyone save money time and get what you need and keep people in America working shop and drop your bucks at Dollar General you will never get better deals on the things you need from eating and drinking and cleaning and beyond . Thank you ever so much Dollar General you make life’s matter in so many way God Bless Belinda LLoyd.Version: 7.18.7

Time AwayI had found myself taking time away from my local store because of obvious reasons. Shifts had changed there were no more familiar friendly faces. But I needed to get home quick so I decided to go back in. Where I’m greeted with a big smile and a friendly guy busy with customers but still greeted me. And just now needed help with the app where I was also greeted with another friendly face willing to help. I’m thankful even though personally I don’t know these guys they are hard workers with great work ethics and a friendly hand to help. So if anyone is reading this review even though things change sometimes. Doesn’t always mean that it stays that way. Glad I came back 👌🏻👌🏻.Version: 11.3.9

😍😍😍I love this app, with all the diff coupons and diff items to use them on I’ve been able to get all the detergent items that I cannot usually afford. And believe it or not I am able to stock up on Downy, Tide, Unstoppables and more! The only thing I have against it is it’s the little containers and they don’t have good coupons on the big ones. Dropping $1.95 on 3 diff types of detergent and being able to try them out and pick which is best for my family is great. No complaints there it’s just I’d like to be able to save on the big ones too for the weeks I’m not able to afford anything. But anyways it’s a great app and great chance to try new things without breaking yourself up paying all that money for items that u can’t use..Version: 4.3.7

Long Beach, Railroad Street Store, MississippiThis store is extremely busy, more so than other stores. The employees keep the store clean and up to date as far as sale items. I mainly shop there because you have some of the best Management staff. Sometimes the item I'm looking for may not be on the shelf. I have a disability. And your manager by the name Dae, takes the time to double check. She has even gotten a ladder to check top shelves, meanwhile multitasking. There's constantly new employees. But, the two that have been there for a few years have made everyones life easier. I also use the app to shop and pick up my purchases. That store is top on my list. They took a beating being essentials. It's shameful how some customers speak to them. I’ll keep returning mainly because of the staff..Version: 7.7.8

Dollar General - Like extended familyI shop @ DG everyday, I love DG , mainly bc of Gretchen ( Mngr) & all her loving staff ,DG takes care of my everyday needs & the prices & quality of merchandise u can’t beat ,so conveniently located & aside from Meat , I need never to hv to go to the Major Chain stores , always fully stocked & the staff work so hard & Friendly . Greeting every customer & going out of there way to help . I love this store , clean & organized. Dollar General IS a part of my everyday life. If ur not shopping there , ur truly missing out . Thank U Gretchen & ur awesome staff for ur outstanding ppl skills , u all work so hard . If they should b out of a product, the next time so return , they actually remember the item & let me know it’s in . Just Outstanding ☀️.Version: 7.7.8

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