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Near Perfect app and perfect serviceI used to be with AT&T prepaid, but that meant that there was no phone payments, benefits, or anything. Wi-Fi calling didn’t even exist. It was about $45 a month, so I’m paying more right now for service, however that comes with Wi-Fi calling, unlimited data up to 50 (FIFTY) GBs unlike their 22 GB speed cap, hotspot, and more. And it’s $90 a month, which includes my iPhone XS payment since they had a trade in deal for my old 7. The service is just as good as AT&T was in my area, and in some places better, our area has T-Mobile’s new “5G” network (I know, it’s not 5G technically) while AT&T’s 5G-E network is not here yet, and phone call quality is light years ahead. I mean, I called my Fiancé (Who I also converted lol) and she picked up immediately, it didn’t even have time to ring. That’s amazing! The app is also amazing, but the only gripe I have is that sometimes the bill doesn’t like to load. But it always does after a refresh or two. I love T-Mobile!.Version: 4.7

T-Mobile did not give up!!!!I hav had problems with my phone for about a month and I am in the Philippines. I had a galaxy 6 edge which I used for about 3-4 years, the screen got crack so I submitted a insurance claim, while visiting family in Tennessee I decided it was not one for a new phone. I purchased a i phone8s. The day I was returning to the Philippines I was in such a hurry I forgot that phone. My friend shipped it to me but for some reason it would not make calls. I was on the phone with it’s T-Mobile for hours, they giving me moral support plus trying to help set phone back up, finally on Saturday night an iPhone expert walked me thru set up procedures. She needed to asked for additional so we parted ways, I had the idea swap the sim from the old insurance claim phone that still worked into the iphone. It worked the IPHONE was able to make calls. I called customer service immediately to share the good news and they were just as happy as I was!.Version: 3.9.0

Tmobile is a great companyI have been a Tmobile customer for I’ve 12 years. The company has gone through a major change mostly good but customer service level has gone down just a little bit only because the they are having problems getting it right the first time but hey they mean well and eventually get it right just coast me a little time on the phone with the reps. This was not the case 5 years ago. Still love the company and I will try stay loyal forever. Only reason for 4 stars and not five is that they need to train their new customer reps a little better on products like smart watches and and when changes are made to the plan like monthly credits you will on new purchases. But they really really mean well seems like these changes can be complicated for their reps and need a little better training..Version: 4.1.2

Love T-Mobile, just one thing...My experience with T-Mobile has been amazing. Everything I could ask for and more. It’s easy to change your plan, set up auto pay, pay early, get stuff with t mobile Tuesday’s, their plan has data and text in Japan for when I visit, and it’s easy to get in contact with a worker for any questions or concerns. The only gripe I have is 70% of the time the t mobile app doesn’t work for me. The app is where you can do most of the things listed above in the palm of your hand. I’ve tried uninstalling it, restarting my phone, and waiting just in case it was maintenance. But this problem has lasted for months for me. Even after upgrading to a new phone it happens. And sometimes when I do get in it kicks me out. I usually end up having to log in on my desktop computer at home. I don’t see myself ever switching to a new carrier after my experience at t-mobile, but I just wish the app was more smooth so everything would work seamlessly..Version: 3.5.0

Best Phone Company!I’ve been with T-Mobile for years now and I’ve never been happier with their service! My monthly bill is low and I get UNLIMITED everything. Only thing I would recommend is not buying phone protectors or phone cases from their stores. They are great but they are expensive and they add it to your monthly bill until it’s paid off. But I’m not mad at them for it, it’s a way for them to make more money, and if you don’t have the money to spend on $100 phone case it’s good that you can pay it in monthly installments. Just me personally I’d like to buy my phone case and pay it off all at once, so that my monthly bill is as low as possible. But I will not shed any negativity about T-Mobile because I do honestly love their service. The app is so easy to use and if you’re ever in a tight spot you can always make payment arrangements on your bill! I would recommend T-Mobile to all my friends and family!.Version: 3.7.0

Pedro from Stonebriar Mall LocationTransferring from Verizon to T-Mobile was such a breeze due to the help and knowledgeable employee Pedro. I was up in the air between AT&T but he sold me with the high speed responses and just breaking down what I needed to know in order to commit to a cell phone company. Two days later I’m loving the company and what I thought would be a problem with services hasn’t been a problem at all, and I was strongly stressing about service wise in the country when I go out of town but it’s been great to me. I also want to recognize T-Mobile location in Stonebriar mall in Frisco, Texas with the quickness of helping each customers and doing it in such an professional way when it was super busy, the wait wasn’t long at all, full of positive individual, I’m very thankful for the crew and Pedro whom made me feel like a special customer..Version: 4.3

A purchase issue...We bought two iPhone 8s in Feb 2018 on a BOGO. There was an unfortunate issue with our local store representative during the purchase and we were not give accurate information. After several visits over the next few months to the store, another representative provided us transparency and identified the issue with the original purchase. I spoke with a T-Mobile customer service rep on the 800 phone number and he was most helpful sending me the documents needed to proceed. A few hours later the new store manager called me promised a quick resolution so that we would be satisfied. Through the efforts of a responsive local store rep, the national customer service rep and the new store manager...in less than 24 hrs later our issue was resolved and the financial credit due was applied to our account. We love T-Mobile but love it even more once the correct people found a prompt end to our issue..Version: 4.0.4

Incredible Service!!! Recommend to Everyone!We have been with T-Mobile for a few years now and have nothing but absolutely amazing things to say. Actually, come to think of it, we’ve never even had something bad to say... ever! We have traveled across the U.S. and there are very few places (for example, rural Wyoming) that we had minimal or no service. The customer service reps are always super respectful and accommodating! T-Mobile truly goes above and beyond for their customers. Transparency with prices is key and T-Mobile hits the nail on the head! And it doesn’t hurt that just for being a customer, (no additional fees), Netflix is FREE and there’s an awesome T-Mobile Tuesday’s app that gives away freebies and offers discounts for various places (like FREE Dunkin Donuts coffee, to discounted movie tickets, FREE whoppers, FREE weekly tacos from Taco Bell and more)! We always make sure to recommend T-Mobile to all of our friends and family!!.Version: 4.9.35

Partly upset recentlyI’m an IT deskside support tech, with front end, backend development experience. Two weekends ago I ordered an iPad and it was shipped to my old address although I had changed both my billing/shipping during the order. Didn’t save. Shipped to my old address. This week, I ordered iPhone 12 pro max and I had fixed my billing address issue, but during the order I had to change my billing from my shipping address. I look at the order status and found that the iPhone will be shipped to the correct shipping, but the payment will be rejected because my billing never updated to my normal billing address during the order. This disappoints me. Hopefully my credit card won’t reject. The app was not made to accept orders correctly. It needs to be repaired. If I change it during the order, it defaults anyhow. Needs to save all addresses correctly to keep customer appreciation..Version: 4.29.0

GREAT!!!I just recently got service through T•Mobile and I couldn’t be more happier and pleased with the choice I have made. Their customer service is amazing and not once have I had a problem since I’ve made the switch. Their service and reception have been outstanding and just amazing. Not only am I paying way less than I had been when I was with AT&T but I have better service with way more options than I did before I made my switch but also their App is just unbelievably awesome. I love how I can manage my account within the App instead of contacting CSR and if I ever whined up needing to contact them I can do so within the App or better yet have them call me back as well. I couldn’t have made a better choice I just wish I would had made it a lot sooner lol but I’m very pleased and satisfied and I couldn’t be any happier about it. Thanks for such amazing service ya’ll have and for an outstanding CSR department ya’ll maintain..Version: 3.7.0

Tmobile reception and customer service is exceptionalI haven’t had such a great customer experience ever as with Tmobile. They have been ahead of the curve for the 4 years that I have had service with them but my latest experience just made such a positive impression. They were friendly and super respectful of my time and called me back as promised to followup on an issue on the following date. Their team of experts is something new to me and I hope they continue to be able to support all Tmobile customers because they are just that great. You can apparently call, text or schedule an appointment with them through this app. I didn’t have to use this app to setup the appointment since I had the regular customer phone number but this same great service was provided. No putting the customer on hold while waiting a representative becomes free? Nope! Not here. Instead they just connected me directly and offered an alternative to let you connect to the automated system... haha. Employees: Alex the representative who just finished helping me was just amazing. So friendly, honestly looking to help me out and from what she told me it sounds like Tmobile takes good care of her too. Before she ended the call, she double checked if there was anything else she could help with to reduce call backs which is a win-win situation for Tmobile and for the customer. I’m a happy Tmobile customer. Thank you so much! And reception has been great throughout the Bay Area :).Version: 4.6

T-Mobile Is the BEST for International TravelMy wife and I travel internationally 2 to 4 times a year. Haven’t had a problem using text and data at no-charge. The texting mainly helps us keep in touch with each other while we’re traveling, but we also use it to keep in touch with friends and family while away. The data is limited and downloads are slow, but it works well enough for google maps other small downloads. We use wifi in the room to stream video, flight check-ins and heavier research on destinations. We also use Wifi Calling to phone home and other people in the US. We do all of this for no extra charges to our existing plan. In the past, we had Verizon and would have to pay an extra $10 per day for a travel pass for each line. It was a hassle to try coordinate the least amount of days for the charge and we still had a big bill when we got home..Version: 4.9.35

No dropped callsSince going to T-Mobile my dropped calls are almost non-existent. If you are connected to a WiFi connection and the tower signal is weak my phone automatically switches to WiFi and calls are excellent quality. Neither Verizon or Sprint does that. The only negative as many others have found when calling customer service in too many cases it is extremely difficult to communicate with the person on the other end. I always ask where they are located. I have spoken to people in the Philippines, South America, Central America, and on a rare occasion the US. It is difficult at best to get things accomplished when the person you are speaking to you cannot properly communicate with you. Phone service including calls, text, video calls, and camera I would rate 10/10. Customer Service maybe 5/10 at best..Version: 4.1.0

Improved version better than beforeIt has improved much better than the previous version that they actually rewrote the app instead of a patchy web-converted version. It also integrated well with iMessage for Chat instead of using the browser chat. It makes the user experience much better. The customer representatives are much better than most other companies in answering the questions with the right answer. They really treat the loyal customers well by offering deals for added features in the plan. It’s a good company to stay with. I think the web team should work on improving the self-help FAQ to provide a link to solve the problem in addition to the answer explain the question, it should provide a link for the next step to solve the problem, such as when the data rate has been exceeded, it would help to provide an option to the link to change plans to increase the data rate..Version: 4.9.35

Great New Phone UpgradeMarty at the York Commons location was very nice, professional & helpful when I came to TMobile on 9/28 to upgrade my 7plus to a XS Max. I was walking in & he smiled and greeted me. I told him I was interested in upgrading to the XS Max because I really didn’t like how the new 11 Pro looked. He didn’t try to convince me to buy the 11 like some phone companies try to do when a newer version of a phone comes out.. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them & even showed me the cool new features on the new phone that I was upgrading too. The store closed at 8 & I was there a little after 8 but he never complained about staying after to help me set up my new phone. Long story short, I left the store very happy with the customer service that was provided & even was given one of his business cards. I will definitely be back to this location. Also, the other 2 employees that were there that night were nice as well..Version: 4.9.26

Version 4.9.35 is horrible!I just changed my account from prepaid to a post paid account with the same cell phone number. It won’t let me log in with the same password. So, I created a new account but, it still asking me to use the old security questions from the previous prepaid service continue the login. I enter the correct response to the old security questions and it doesn’t let me login at all. My husband tried to login with his account via the website and the app and it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense! Something is screwed up with the website and the app. Now I can’t look at my service nor pay my bill via the web. Luckily, I had set up my new account for autopay. What is wrong with the user interface with both the website and the app???? Horrible and very disappointing. I would give this app at the moment no star..Version: 4.9.35

Best carrier in the Los Angeles areaWe switched to T-mobile about three years ago and are incredibly happy about that decision ever since. We live in Los Angeles where the network is just stellar. T-mobile keeps on surprising us with constant new upgrades and even lowered our monthly bill by $10 while increasing their service. Whether it is T-mobile Tuesdays that get you $4 movie tickets or upgrading your phone through the app that is actually working they keep exceeding our expectations. I don't see ourselves switch away from T-mobile ever. My favorite feature is the ability to use wireless to make phone calls. I have to travel for my job and can call anyone in the U wireless for free. Also while being around the world I can use a very good to 2G or 3G network for free most of the time. I would give six stars if they were available..Version: 3.1.0

Horrible updateWhat new is old again? This isn't a new update. This is the old clunky app interface you had before the last version which was much faster, smoother and better to look at than this one. Connectivity is a gamble if you're not on WiFi and/or the pages take forever to load. What's really bothering me is that I can't review my entire account because it thinks I'm looking at it from my iPad line (for some reason they treat my iPad like a second account ever since I added it to my main account). I have 5 phone lines I can't see or review, including my main phone line which is THE MAIN account line. I was told that this particular problem would take several weeks to a month to fix. Really? Y'all need to get your $#!t together if you plan on this Sprint merger working out. I'm sure their customers don't want to an app as messy as this when the time comes..Version: 4.0.4

Customer serviceI came to T-Mobile 2 years ago after being with Verizon for 20 years! When I signed up a rep in the Manteca ca branch helped me and she was great!! Her name was Marisa!! She was fabulous. She got me up and running and answered every question and every concern I had!! Well 2 years later I went back into the store to see if adding my girl friend to my account made any sense and wouldn’t you know it Marisa was still there!! She remembered me and treated me as if I were a valued customer and I inquired about several things/concerns and Marisa had all of the answers as she made me feel very comfortable about making my decision! So she helped me with the transfer of my girl friends phone with her number at att&t over to t-mobile! I don’t know if I am in the right forum for management to recognize her? But if I am I would highly recommend Marisa for some sort of employee recognition award!! Thank u Marisa!! You are great!!!.Version: 4.0.4

T Mobile ROCK!!I was a 16 year customer of Verizon, and not always happy. I live in the middle of the city. I could rarely get a signal in my own home office in the basement, and sitting in my own living room was a one bar at best proposition. I asked them often about this problem and got no results. Having been thoroughly been indoctrinated to the “We have the best network” mantra, I begrudgingly fulfilled my role as a V-minion. Paying large sums of money for less than expected results, was sticking in my craw. I had a 6 gig data plan and payed handsomely a few times when I exceeded my allowance. When I asked about changing plans I was offered adding more gigs for more money. Putting me at nearly $200/ mo. So I did some research and found T Mobile was tied for 2nd place for best network. I decided to look into their packages. They had one just for me, (the Tech savvy old guy) so I signed up. Hoping for the best. So far, I have upgraded to unlimited everything, got 2 for one deal on new phones for my wife and I, been treated with respect as a customer, and best of all I have 3 solid bars in my living room and 2-3 bars signal IN MY BASEMENT!! Oh the delight in my soul is euphoric. All this, for less than half the price of what I was paying before. Imagine that! So thanks T Mobile, you restored my faith in humanity and gave me a phone service I can use at my home. You ROCK!!.Version: 3.7.0

New to T-mobileI went to my pay my bill on the app. It asked “the name as it appears “ good Then it asked for the” cc number “, I put it in. The app doesn’t allow for spaces in between sets of 4 numbers, however it requires it. Therefore, every time I entered my cc # it would ask me over and over for a “valid” cc. It is valid!!!! It is a Visa! I tried several times. I tried submitting it with the rest of the info in tact including the cc #, it just asked again for a valid cc #. I tried to message support, but after waiting 18 minutes to connect, I went to my desktop, signed in to T-mobile on that and was able to space my numbers on that. Please fix the APP. When it asks for the name, the keyboard does allow for spacing, however on the cc # info the keyboard does not. Therefore, I was unable to pay using the APP. Thanks. Hopefully, they can fix the problem with an update. My phone is only 2 weeks old and has the correct software. Thanks again.Version: 4.4

My TMobileI have been a customer with TMobile for 6 years. I love the customer service I receive. The true test of excellence in customer service is when there is a problem. Over the years I have come to respect the caring representatives because they are professionals. I also like the fact that I recognize the different reps I’m working with because they “a team of experts” that are designated to work with me so I’ve gotten to know some of them over the years and that’s great! And, I LOVE the fact that you do not have to punch a bunch to get transferred to a live team member. Instead you are connected immediately. That’s huge. That one feature communicates “you are a valued customer.” The staff consistently projects this attitude and that’s why I call it MY TMobile. I don’t pay attention to any promotions to switch....my attitude “Forget About It!”.Version: Sept Release 4.9.29

So pleased!!!Switched from very expensive AT&T after 13 years and bill just kept going up with no changes in my service. T-Mobile practically did cartwheels to make my transition so easy. Sales reps did everything at the store and even helped me handle AT&T when AT&T tried to give me misinformation about switching. I had a minor phone setting problem after I left then store and T-Mobile fixed it. I encountered a location where I was not getting cell service (dead spot) where I spend so much of my time so I called T-Mobile. Within hours I had service at that location! Customer service has been amazing and cellphone and data service great so far! The family app also saves me money because I do not have to use a third-party service to keep up with families phone activity. I am saving $1,400 a year By using T-Mobile over AT&T!!.Version: 4.1.0

Worst APPMy review is mostly for the app and company itself. I have been with Verizon, Sprint AT&T and T-Mobile. I love T-Mobile customer service as far as face to face. Their plans and prices are unbeatable in my opinion. They’ve always been there to help me and are the only company that when I have a complaint, they don’t automatically assume I’m trying to get over them. They sit, lists, investigate in a very neutral matter. This is really crucial when dealing with their customers. BUT, this app man, has to be the worst thing I’ve ever used. It doesn’t load, half the features or more don’t work. For years now, I have yet to be able to view my detailed bill on the app. I constantly have to contact support. And the chat thing on the app, horrible. By the time they respond to me, I’m always asleep. I don’t even write reviews. My horrible experience pushed me to do so..Version: 3.5.0

T-Mobile Villa Point KY - TylerI went into T-Mobile today at Villa Point Owensboro KY .. to setup a new service Tyler was so friendly and helpful! Help me set up my phone and make sure everything was good to go before I left the store!! The best service I’ve ever had!!! Thank you Tyler.Version: 4.9.108

Im so glad ti be a customer of t mobileWhen i became a customer the level of service and help i get is phenomenal i can walk into any store and get helped over the phone i am satisfied by the level of service I get I had an issue a few months after I joined a Kool spoke to a representative on the phone and within about a day they resolve the issue and I was able to get the magenta military plan for that level of service I am eternally grateful I’m so happy to be a T-Mobile customer that I had an extra cell phone with another company I just went and switched it to my tmobile plan! 👍🏾Now if we can find a way to stop with this automatic force changing of passwords every so often that would be excellent to because once you get a good password let you know when you can remember the last thing you wanna do is change it unless you have to😀.Version: 4.32.0

BEST CUSTOMER SERVICEGood evening I hope this review finds you well. So let me yell out about my experience at my local T-Mobile, but I have to start from the top. I’ve have my iPhone 5s for the longest time! Recently I updated the software and it completely crashed. I bought a 6s from my friend then that yesterday wouldn’t turn on and I was like “ugh again I just bought this” so I prepared myself to go to the mall since it’s after holiday returns happening I also run a store in the mall and did want to go on my day off. So I upgraded from pretty much a 5s to an iPhone 8 got a case, screen protector and walked out spending $68 and some change. I was like 😁😆😄 and come to find out I’ve been paying taxes on my bill for over a year so he fixed that to. THANK YOU!!!! I’m a 30 year old that’s now in the loop of technology, I actually know what Facebook live is now. Best I phone of my life.Version: 3.5.0

Tmobile business is the business!!WOW! I can’t believe I can actually be wowed by any company now days it feels as though everywhere I go customer service has died and people out there working in the world are just showing up to their jobs for the money without the customer in mind whatsoever until I had the chance to speak with T-Mobile business customer service skills and personal touch! I am sooooo excited to be a part of this network, not only do I get real-time amazing people that are caring & knowledgeable which is just a cherry on top! I also get amazing international service and rates!! That alone made me switch back into T-Mobile! I was soooo devestated for switching out of it for a better phone deal -so I thought- but T-Mobile stood way beyond and over all my expectations! I am extremely thankful for the support team, insurance team, customer service team and everyone at TMobile business!! I am proud to have my company RozBodyFit LLC do business with you!.Version: 4.8.16

Excellent customer service at T Mobile storeCannot say enough about the excellent service provided to me by Ken and Joseph at the 4636 East Colonial store this past week in Orlando. They both were terrific examples of perfect representatives for T Mobile. They were friendly yet professional, patient but efficient, helpful but not pushy. Plus they both made me feel as if they cared about my business and then proved it by setting up my military discount, processing my phone rebate, setting up all 3 phones and even setting up the new Iphone when the Apple rep who sold it to me at the Apple store was unable to!! All with a smile! I have met with or spoke to numerous representatives of ATT, Cricket, Sprint, andMobile One during this process of selecting a new cell provider, and None would have prompted me to take this time to recognize their efforts. Please thank Joseph and Ken for me and take notice of these two valuable employees of T Mobile. Thanks guys. A very happy and satisfied customer. Roy Knight.Version: 4.1.0

5 star cellular network companyMy husband and I are extremely happy with T-mobile, their company, the phone selection and their customer service. We do have (on occasion) problems with loading the app to look at our bill, pay a bill, or make changes to our account from the app. However, no technology is perfect and I have been assured by customer service that they are updating the app to fix this. I recommend this company to anyone and everyone looking to pay a bill each month for cel phone service that is exactly the same unless you make changes to your account. We appreciate this tremendously, as this is exactly why we left our precious carrier (bills kept going up each month and could never get a straight answer as to why). Keep up the good work T-mobile. You’ve got a lifetime customer here!.Version: 4.7

App is Excellent - Misleading or Fraudulent International Add-OnsThis app provides excellent information and control over service features, as well as a well designed live chat. Their chat group is real support, capable of making changes on your account. Well done. Coverage and speed is excellent and keeps improving. T-Mobile formerly provided excellent international data at fair prices. However they’ve started to enforce hidden limits that make roaming difficult, and they sell upgrades that don’t deliver what’s promised or reasonable. For example, I recently paid $50 for a 15GB international data pass. I used about 6GB of it. When I returned home, I was threatened with service termination because my international usage exceeded my domestic usage. I use mainly WiFi in the US so have very low domestic usage. It seems fraudulent to sell 15GB of data, rigged so that if you actually use that data, your service can be terminated. Other than that, it’s a great company. ;).Version: 4.8.25

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