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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare app received 23 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ulta beauty: makeup & skincare?

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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare for Positive User Reviews

Worse online shoppingAfter 5 attempts to place order on my own and 4 phone calls to customer service was able to place my order. I do a lot of online shopping and this has been the worse experience, if it wasn’t cause i had a gift card i would have been done after the 2nd attempt. Felt like I was begging them to take my money. The 2 reps I spoke to just gave me a bunch of BS to get me off the phone, one of them sent me to there CC department, after I told him I was paying with Gift card and debit card. He then transferred me to the rep that was finally able to help me place the order. Also when I 1st started my order they were having a sale on some of there products, by time I was finally able to place my order I couldn’t get the discount..Version: 6.8

My new go to beauty needs store at my hole!!I adore Ulta Beauty!! It is where I go should I find I am running low on anything because Ulta Beauty has it!! Ulta also has beauty rewards that give you rewards each and every time I shop Ulta. These points add up, too!! So I can get, Smashbox, Too Faced, Estée Lauder plus so many more product like Urban Decay, and Mac. It’s just too easy too as long as I don’t get addicted and defeat the purpose!! I’m good to go. I’m hear to check the status of my order which anyone whom has ordered a product or products. I cannot say enough for this app. All the prices seem to be at or below retail cost. It would be great if they could by in quantity so they can pass the savings on to their customers. But you cannot always get that what you wish for. So all in all I gave Ulta a five star rating because Ulta deserves it!!! Keep up the good work and send those samples because I have purchased each of them!! Thank you Ulta for the great customer service!! My hat’s off to you!!.Version: 5.6

Excellent website and extremely user friendly.I love how user friendly this website is. They always have great sales going on and stay up to date with all of the new products. Whether they are skin care, hair care/tools perfume etc. I was even able to find a Conair cooling tool that was sold out everywhere and I really wanted to try it . Many of your customers with my hair type said great things about it. Plus you return policy is spectacular !I love the fact you verify your purchasers! That way on knowI get what I’m paying for. I love it! I have such fine long hair that NEVER holds curl! Now I can sleep on it and it’s still cute and curly the next day! This is my all time favorite store. Everyone in my life knows to get me a gift certificate to Ulta for special occasions and I’m ecstatic!!!!.Version: 6.9

Best Shopping AppThis app has no issues. It keeps me logged in with all my updated information, I can view both my online & in-store purchases, as well as itemized point history in real time. This helps make the most of both the reward membership and help to keep track of shopping/order details. This app is by far my most used and loved. Any additional suggestions I would take advantage of would be to search new arrivals by category i.e.: What's New in hair/ New in skincare/ etc. I would like to be able to make "verified reviews" from my ordered items. It would also be cool if Ulta offered a reward point for verified reviews! If at all possible, I would love for there to be a way to enter a search keyword that would also be able to search within ingredient listings. And one other suggestion would be a way to search through your personal favorited/saved items. Thank you to Ulta for keeping your app updated, efficient, and an easy, one-stop click for your shoppers..Version: 5.3

As a beauty enthusiast, I love it!I love Ulta, it’s one of my favorite stores and I absolutely adore shopping there! So obviously I had to get the app to make everything easier. The app is easy to use and you can easily access whatever you want to do, whether it’s searching for products or writing reviews. I love the Favorites tab; I use it to list products I want to look at next time I go shopping, since I don’t online shop. One thing I would like to see come to the app is a place where you can see whether or not you’ve reviewed a particular product before or even a page full of just the reviews you’ve left. I like reviewing products, but sometimes I forget whether or not I have and it would be nice to see what I said what the product overall..Version: 5.2

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS APP?Not only do I love the app but I absolutely love the store! They literally have everything I need and want... from the latest perfumes,the hottest trends in make up, hair products, styling tools, one of my faves is nail polish 💅🏽(they even had a special OPI LIMITED EDITION HELLO KITTY SET WHICH TO ME WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS)....bath soaps and loofahs....AND REALLY I BARELY EVEN HIT ON HALF OF WHAT THEY HAVE AND HOW MUCH FUN IT IS JUST TO SHOP THERE-and ONLINE!! (WITH A FRIEND IS BETTER and I'm 42!) WHOOT! 💄💋 I have not yet tried the salon 💇🏻 or had a make over but I hope to! IF ANYONE HAS HAD A HAIRCUT AT THE SALON, please leave it in your feedback please 🙏! I'm really picky about my hair and I'm sure everyone can relate to at least 1 hair stylist that said, I'm just GOING TO DO A TRIM about an inch and you walk out without any hair!!! Anyway-APP is great! Love the variety of name brand products, I DON'T LIKE HOW SOME ITEMS ARE A little pricey BUT I can't think of anything bad to say ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💛 I LOVE ULTA 💙.Version: 7.3

So buggy I buy LESS makeupI love this app so much. I am an awful late night shopper and a makeup junkie to boot. But ulta’s app loads so slow, is so clunky and hard to traverse I almost NEVER complete a purchase! Looking for something you favorited? It loads your OLDEST faves first! Want to clear out old faves/things from your cart? It’ll take 2 minutes each! If you’re on a low buy or no buy and love to add things to your cart like me, definitely download this! Clearing out your cart 1 item at a time can take 20 minutes! I almost always get bored and leave before making a purchase. And before you say it’s my internet, it does this with Cell service/any WiFi. I realized it was the app when it happened with Google fiber. Thanks Ulta, you make window shopping a pleasure!.Version: 6.3.1

A 100% Happy Customer!!!What can I say🤔😲😍 I love you Ulta 💕 great prices...great customer service and wonderful brands that make every woman feel beautiful and not feel bad about their appearance 😊 thank you Ulta because when I was ill 😷 I would shop for makeup 💄 there at a reasonable price and would feel beautiful even though my battle was rough... Now God gave me another chance in life and I continue to visit you to get dolled up🙏🏼🙌🏼✨😃😍💄✨. *Makeup can really change your feelings sometimes because when I was ill 😷 I honestly felt like the ugliest living thing on earth I was 20yrs old,5”4 and weighted 86lbs sick and useless due to my illness then I found Ulta and felt pretty again after buying some makeup that would make me feel alive even though I really thought I wouldn’t ever make it. Sorry for the long info but (Once again THANK YOU ULTA FOR THINKING OF ALL WOMEN AND CHANGING LIVES).💙.Version: 5.1.1

Best App Ever - Take My MoneyWhat can I say? It’s where I spend my money. I absolutely love Ulta. The points system is incredible. 2000 pts = $125 of whatever products you want! Diamond members always get a minimum of 1.5 pts per dollar spent. Sometimes I get 3x or 5x the points. There are even 10x point events/products throughout the year. Using their Credit Card gets you an extra point per dollar spent as well. Do the math and see how quickly these beauty rewards add up. Plus, the app itself just keeps getting better over time with their continuous updates. The shipping is always fast and free (if you spend $25 or more as a Diamond member.) I just can’t say enough about them. You can afford to use prestige brands if you just shop the events and save up your points. The longer you save, the more value you get when redeeming your points 😘.Version: 6.6

Ulta Addict hereWhat can I say? I absolutely love it. The features are really nice ie filtering, category selection, fun quizzes, search bar, and a free membership that alots points towards money off/towards a future purchase. Once in awhile it will re-make me log into the app. Not too bothersome, slightly annoying though. I don’t care too much for paying for shipping for purchases under $35/usd when I know Sephora’s been doing the last year for free. Not necessarily an app issue though more like a business/company/brand issue. Anything you buy above that does get free shipping. I love that you can contact support through the app for questions, advice, or customer service. A huge plus in my book. Simplified layout, that makes it nice to enjoy the best out of a shopping experience. Side note: returns are sent back per your expense, but exchanges are free when in-stock.Version: 7.6.1

Hacked over & overAll my rewards points were stolen from two stores in the continental U.S. they realized it wasn't me. Gave me a new member number and gave me my points back. Two months later I was hacked again...this time a store in California. I had my membership corrected and the points put back on. Within two days the same store stole all the points and then it happened again. It just happened for the third time in less than a week!! Someone in California is getting to buy products with the reward points I have earned. I am now completely in belief that it is by unethical, thieving employees that are allowing this to happen. I had securities set in place to avoid this but... so disappointed. I guess I can't shop at Ulta any more. :-(.Version: 5.0.1

UX is CleanI'm rating this app more from the point of view as UX/UI designer. All in all the app has been more impressive than I thought possible. I have access to what I want, in the areas I expect them to be. As someone who had never interacted with the app before, I was able to find a coupon to use starting day one. I checked out my profile info and was able to edit my new shipping address straight from the app. When I'm on a product page, I can favorite my specific skin tone on a foundation. I can write a review straight within the app as well, although I noticed that I can't apply review tags as I am able to do on the desktop site. I'd also like the ability to save my nickname when rating, but that seems like more of an account issue than the app. Since I'm talking about the review and rating ability in this app, I'd like to mention that I almost missed the "Write a Review" link after I tapped the Reviews button. My suggestion would be to make it a button in order to give the CTA more attention. All in all, solid app. The best design is the one you don't notice, and this experience was very smooth. Props to the team who developed the Ulta app. EDIT: Forgot to mention, I'd love the ability to add items to a wishlist within the app..Version: 5.0.1

Pretty Good App..I love basically everything about the app, EXCEPT I absolutely hate how there isn’t multiple pictures of one product. Especially if I’m looking at colored cosmetics... Obviously if I really was concerned about making sure I’m getting the correct shade of something or if I’m trying to color match myself, I would then just go to the nearest Ulta location. But still, I wish they would have the option of being able to at least see some kind of side by side swatches of the products, (similar to the Sephora App work...), so you could see all the shades next to one another in a photo to help you compare the different shades of one product. Especially when it comes to any colored base products like foundations, concealers, bronzers, etc. because I still believe that you could make a decent choice when shade matching or whatever using the Ulta App or their website if you have the right photos. And I know you could also research some photos online through Instagram as well for further side by side swatches. Instagram does have the best photos of swatches and I’m not asking for the Ulta App to compete with that, but just to have some would be amazing!!! But honestly it’s such a great app for the most part! Yeah I have a few other annoyances about the app but this would for sure be at the top of that list! But nonetheless...I definitely would recommend!.Version: 5.4.1

I love ulta so much and this app is so helpful!First of all, I have only one or two complaints about this app. Other than the few complaints its mostly ideas on how to make it work better/more efficiently. The complaints are the following, the app does crash from time to time which is obviously going to happen. Also, some of the products that I know are out in stores weren't showing up to buy from the app. But other than that I think that's all the complaints I have. For the improvements/things, I think would make it better. I think it would be nice to have a live HUMAN ”assistant” for finding out what products would be best for your skin shade, undertone, type and more. (without sacrificing privacy and all) Also if you can't find your undertone have a test to see what undertone you are. Also, a button or something to click to get a small sample of perfume before you buy it may be for free or a couple of dollars something reasonable for something you're just trying to smell before you buy the whole thing. And what about an alert when something that has been out of stock comes back in stock. (hint hint James Charles morphe pallet lol) but I think that concludes this review! Keep up the great work!!❤️✨🙌🏼.Version: 5.8.1

Excellent salon serviceToday I came in for my hair color to be fixed from a bad home dye job (ZICRI) listened & asked the whole 3 hour visit. To my great surprise the Balayage color scheme was gorgeous. She offered a hair mask because of the bleaching. Which helped very much. Her performance and customer service was great. I will be back using the salon from now on because of her. On a separate visit as I shop every couple weeks. I came on a busy Saturday afternoon Adriana I hope I am spelling correctly tried helping me with my getting a credit card with y’all. The issue wasn’t able to be fixed but she gave me customer service info. Which did help. She also gave me a small free gift for my inconvenience which I was surprised with pleasure about. She was very upbeat and happy. She’s been working several times I’ve been in to shop and is always a very great help. Actually she goes above and beyond. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you and see y’all soon. This is regarding the Hinesville Ga location. Kindly, Melissa Weathersbee..Version: 5.7.1

Almost PerfectF/U-I got a response from the developer that my request was already in place. It is not. I have the most recent version of the app as I regularly shop Ulta. It does not save my gift cards when I add them. I tried to place an order today and I was asked to enter the info again and it was no longer even available to check the balance. It’s not a problem to enter it, it would just be nice if it saved like credit and debit cards. Thank you for the response! I love Ulta and use the app daily. It’s great. I used the find in store feature and it directed me to an Ulta that didn’t even carry the brand much less the product I was looking for. It would be great if that could be tweaked. The other thing missing is saving gift cards as a payment option so you don’t have to keep entering them. Fix those two things and the app is perfect!.Version: 5.2

It’s ohmeh...It's good! I wish it would take from Sephora and be more descriptive in shades and give more photos and videos to preview products. Also a way to help find shades of foundation that match up to what you could put in a profile would be amazing. Sephora has a skin tone ID system. They also have a skin care system and this helps tremendously when it comes to purchasing products online. Also the sample game needs to be stepped up because Ulta stores are like the Walmart of Makeup stores while Sephora is more akin to the Sephora’s in the world. Ya see Ulta has a lot of catching up to do. I would love to see Ulta succeed and do better but that requires treating your customers like they’re clients not pests off the street. Here’s a major hint. When a lot of people go shopping they don’t flaunt their wealth because who wants to be robbed. So don’t treat one person better than the others. And we all know your butts can afford to give out samples of product and then place it in our profiles so if we enjoy it then we can purchase it. Now I am telling y’all give QUALITY samples. And please hire people who know how to do brows..Version: 5.6

Enjoy the brow bar, not the skin bar so muchI look forward to going and getting my brows waxed/plucked. However, my last visit will be my last visit, to that particular store. Novi. I dared myself, to try out their skin bar. Last month, and while getting a microzone facial, I couldn't help but notice this woman did not wear any gloves. I could feel her gel overlay nails on my skin. Not to mention, my skin is highly sensitive already. I'm sure this didn't help. My parents brought me to my appointment. I'm physically disabled, my speech be delayed and quiet- but I'm 100% cognitive. I had my aunt call the store on my behalf to complain. And, I see it's going to be my word vs. hers. Because she wondered why my parents didn't call? Their recommendations were "just don't go back" and why am I just now having my aunt call? Because it took a whole month for my face to heal. She left black scabs over the blackheads she should have extracted..Version: 5.0.1

Poor online set upI have been a long time buyer at Ulta and frequently use the app to browse, search specific product reviews and make purchases. Today however, Ulta lost a purchase. I received two gift cards as Christmas gifts and wanted to use them today to make an online purchase because the closest Ulta to me is 10 miles and the weather is horrible. While trying to make my purchase, I notice that it won’t allow me to use more than one gift card towards my order. Thinking that maybe customer chat support can help, I reach out to them. TaylorW is who I receive as a chat support tech and when I ask if there is a way they can help me use more than one gift card, I receive the response of “sorry, the site does not allow for more than one gift card per order.” Then I proceed to inquire as to whether there is a way I can transfer the balance of one gift card to another to ultimately give me one gift card to use and the response was “sorry. We don’t have a way to do that either.” Well, thanks for nothing Ulta. Your site support is less than helpful, your ability to make purchases online using gift cards is laughable and you just lost a purchase today because of the inability and inadequacy of your site. I do hope you update your site and allow for more than one gift card to be utilized and/or for the ability to merge gift cards so that a customer can make a purchase..Version: 5.7.1

Lauri O.Love Love Love Ulta have been a member for yrs. Love all their products. It Products, Must have Bye Bye Foundation in Fair Light and Fair, Bye Bye Pores. Love Tarte, Bare Minerals Eye Shadows, Benefit The Pore Primer Fessional Too. Juice Beauty, Burt’s Bees, CeraVe, DermaBlend, DermaDoctor, First And Beauty, La Roche-Posay, Mad Hippie, Mario Badescu, NYX Shadows, Sunday Riley, The Ordinary, Tula and other natural organic healthy products and Cruelty Free too. Great Perfumes , Hair Brushes,Hair Rollers and more. Great customer service friendly too. Also I have noticed the majority of their products are all going organic and natural. I’m very happy about that. I am 62 years young and have very Sensitive Skin all my life having Endometriosis an auto-immune disease with hormones out of balance and cancer survivor. Having products like CeraVe, La Roche-Posay really make my life a lot easier. Love your products..Version: 7.4.1

Store Cleanliness/ServiceI hate to say this because I am a touch it feel it kind of shopper, but I am so glad we can do online purchases (reason for the 5 stars), the store I usually shop at-Burleson, TX-cleanliness and level of service has just fallen to the wayside. I live 30 min south of there and it is the closet without having to go to Fort Worth, and lately that store has a foul smell and the service is basically social hour for the workers. The testers are atrocious, possibly a sanitary issue. Truthfully, I ran the Burleson store for several years and I know that is not is what is expected from ULTA to their employees. I truly hope this hits the DM’s and know that from a former management employee (left for personal reasons) how sad it is to see a store with so much potential become less than appealing..Version: 5.7.1

I hate going to ulta, so i got the appI love shopping but i would dread going to my local ulta, the line was always CRAZY long and i would see why when i would get to the cashier and they are (probably forced) to ask you all your personal information EVERYTIME. I had an account with them but for some reason my phone number was never enough, theyd ask for my email and address; every. single. time. Does that not make anyone else uncomfortable? Announcing your address to the whole store while making everyone in line wait for that lol?? So i caved and downloaded the app just so id never have to experience that again and i cant tell you how happy i am that i did!!! There are RIDICULOUSLY good sales exclusive to the app. Something good is always 50% off and sometimes they're value sets not sold in stores. And if i ever do decide to go in store shopping again i can just use the barcode in the app for my ulta points instead of having to tell them everything over again!! Im so stoked!.Version: 6.9

The Ulta app makes it easy to find what you are looking for, and more!Ulta’s app, makes it very easy to find what your looking for and gives you access to all the info you need. You can look at your messages from Ulta, and check to see special offers, which are usually more,mthe higher your tier is. You also can see certain items that are double the points or triple the points, that you may have already thought of buying. Your points are shown on the screen, and as a diamond member, I can tell you they add up real quick. The app is overall very user friendly, and have the Ulta coupon(s) for that month, in case you lost your magazine or do not receive them. I can go on and on about how awesome this app is, end up writing 10 long paragraphs and still forget 25 things If you love shopping at Ulta you should definitely go download the app and see for yourself!! I bet you won't be disappointed!.Version: 6.1

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