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Games crashingLove this game and spend a lot of time playing. But for two days now, games (including this week’s Odyssey) are crashing because so many balloons are on the track they stack up on each other. This mass of balloons clogs the track and stalls the game..Version: 3.10

Best one in the franchise!This game is absolutely amazing and is probably the best in the franchise! The 2D graphics make it look very good. BloonsTD6 is out while I’m writing this and when I look at the trailer for it the graphics don’t look as good as the 2D ones. Keep on creating games like this and you’ll get lots of credit of me!.Version: 3.16

This is THE BEST GAME EVEREver since I got this game I made videos and I got more views and subscribers thank You.Version: 3.13

Great GameI first discovered this game because me and my friends were playing it at school and it was on the only fully non-educational website my teacher let our class go on. Great game, graphics, and overall just a great load of fun..Version: 3.22

The best BTD game yetAfter I got the my first match was really fun if your like me and like to beat stuff to 100%the grind for every character takes forever but still right when you start playing it you can’t stop.Version: 3.23

Better and betterThis is a must-buy for all tower defense fans. Smooth and solid game. I love the new engineer tower. Very powerful!.Version: 1.3

Fun but...I have fun playing this game but when I get to round 86 it seems like it skips a few rounds and I always die that round because of that also not a complaint but I noticed on the ninja monkey tower when I upgrade it the tower changes a different color but the profile picture is still the same as before just wanted to point that out but otherwise I love the game😋.Version: 3.16

Ideas... and things that ruin the gameFirst, the thing that if you can have a free tower, if you want that tower, you HAVE to get the free tower is SOOOO ANNNNOYIIINNGGG... It’s that some people want to try saving he free towers for later. Second, you might add some chat for Co-Op, it gets annoying when your teammate ruins everything and makes you lose, no matter how pro you are. Third, in Co-op when your teammate leaves the game, make sure you gain the teammate’s money, gain twice as much money (except from Monkey Village Upgrades and Banana farms)so you achieve the teammate’s money, and be able to control the teammate’s towers. Next, make the Temple Of The Monkey God achieve ALL stats of sacrificed towers. Then, make sure that ANY camo bloon hit loses health. After that, make a Nail Thrower (accuracy upgrades, layer damage upgrades, speed upgrades). Seventh, add a Maze Maker (can be placed on the path to change path direction and make path longer, but also towers can’t be built on it. The maze maker won’t damage bloons itself, so it makes sense only with other towers.) Eighth, for round 115, add Dark Derigible Titans (just like you did on Bloons Monkey City). Ninth, add Camo MOABs at round 100, Camo BFBs at round 135, and Camo ZOMGs at round 165. Tenth,add flying bloons that go from one side of the screen to another. Blocked by in-air towers, like the Heli. Lastly, please bring back the Monkey a Sub. Removing it is such a big failure..Version: 3.16

BrilliantThe graphics are amazing and I have been playing this for hours.Version: 3.21

Really Good, Addicting, & FunI love this game! Definitely the no. 1 tower defence game on the App Store! Great graphics, and hilarious gameplay Die Bloons!.Version: 1.1

I Have something to tell youSuper Good game BUT The Screen Rec Dosent Work Please fix it and By The Way maybe Add 5th Tiers? For some towers and buff up The ice tower and glue gunner.Version: 3.11.1

One of my all time favouriteThis game is one of my all time favourite games I remember when I was younger playing this for hours as a kid so good. I haven’t tried btd6 yet but I’m about to download it and I’m hoping it’s just as good 😀.Version: 3.22

Great👍Been playing for ages awesome game!!!! Worth the money my favourite by far!!!.Version: 3.10

Btd5Awesome game, it's soooo cool, highly recommend buying this game it's worth the money by far!!!.Version: 1.6

Simply brilliantIf, like me, you enjoy Tower Defence games, then you'll agree that Bloons TD has to be amongst the best of the genre..Version: 3.2

Nice gameYay cool game I’m new I just got the present thing and I have The monkey sub yayayayy also cool game yaayya just some bugs but anyways nice game :).Version: 3.15

Never gets oldI really enjoy Bloons. It has no ads, there are loads of things to do and you feel so awesome when you finished the last wave. I really recommend this game, it has lots to it!.Version: 3.21

Awesome gameThis game is so fun and I love it. I always play with other people and it is so fun. Bloons just needs to fix some bugs. Like we’re it shuts you out the game. Thanks that would be great if you could do that. But anyways your game is awesome. Keep on making your game better and better. Good luck with any future updates. But always remember your game is the best..Version: 3.16

Pure funThis game is pure fun. Great to play anytime, almost addictive. Good graphics, easy to use and understand and great options to choose to play solo or against others..Version: 2.1.1

IdeaI'm in love with this game but I would love a way to prestige to set your towers back to level 0 and your level to 0 but you keep your special tower that you pay for and when you prestige you get a reward of some sort.Version: 3.0.1

I love this gameI’ve bought this game for 2 years and it’s the best game I’ve ever played since I got my first gift card but a chat in a coop game is needed because to tell the teammate what to do and that is what this game needs stay fresh and sharp ninja kiwi and don’t stop making bloons TD.Version: 3.16

Could be epic :/This is one of my favourite games, but the new update means it crashes once you get to about round 40 on any track. I have a iPad 2 latest IOS so it shouldn't be doing this. Plz fix asap!.Version: 2.2

Crashing to home screenIt's a good game so I give it 5, but it keeps crashing when a launch a game. Please fix it Ninja Kiwi.Version: 2.4

HelpI can’t find this on the App Store for my phone still good game tho.Version: 3.22

Extremely AwesomeOne of the best games I have ever played Recommend to everyone well deserved 5 stars.Version: 2.1.1

Top apps hereThe best app ever can't wait for more towers to come out? In the updates.Version: 1.3.1

NiceI love this game it is so awesome but 1 thing please. I have same iCloud and game centre for 2 IPad’s. On this one I’m rank 27 and on the other I’m rank 65 I can’t get my rank 65 acc to this one Great game doe.Version: 3.11.1

Fix This Now,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!,!,Pls fix the bug that doesn't allow in app purchases to be allowed it's really annoying because I bought some monkey money. It won't let me get it on my other iPad..Version: 3.10

Gooooooooooooooooooooood gameIt needs to upgrade because there is a bug 🐜 that the sound 🔊 doesn't work and it's not my I-pad because all of my other games work and it needs more monkeys 🐒 :-( :-( :-(:-(.Version: 3.18

It’s my favourite game!With to Bloons attacking and all these monkeys I really really enjoy this game and I think it deserves this rating and I think that with no WiFi needed, it’s great! It’s my favourite game and it will be forever.Version: 3.11.1

I love itI love it.Version: 3.21

So fun!!I know bloons TD 5 has a lot of activities and very fun to play when your in a car ride or even sandbox it would be so nice if they added a new update and also thanks for creating this game and also I would love to see the creators in real life that would be amazing!!so have a nice day and look out for bloons….Version: 3.12.1

PriceyGreat game, too expensive..Version: 3.14

BTD 5BTD 5 is a really fun game that I play almost every day, and it is my favourite game to play online when I am board. -I think it is a really fun game to play on the go and when you just want to!.Version: 3.19

Bloons TD 5 - To buy or not to buy?Pros: No ads Lots of challenges Sandbox mode FreePlay mode Cons: Mortar Monkey (terrible) Not a lot of upgrades. Overall: 9/10. The game is amazing, but Bloons TD 6 is out. Bloons TD 6 has many features, including tier 5 upgrades and 3 paths. Also, they brought back Mortar Monkey but now it’s amazing..Version: 3.18

So Fun!This Game is so fun I always play with my friend and it’s just so fun :D.Version: 3.16

New Towers PleaseIt is a very fun game and fun to play with friends, but once you play a while it gets boring because you just get the same towers over and over again. They need new towers. That is the only thing they need to fix. Everything else is perfect..Version: 3.13

Très bon jeuCe jeu est beaucoup mieux que les autres 💜😽👏👏👏👏.Version: 3.18

Btd5If you like afk games then you should get this app it’s about monkeys battling balloons.Version: 3.12

MonkeysThis the best game ever.Version: 3.24.1

Top bantaGreat game, nice features and all well truely a fantastic game and a great game to chill and relax with so definitely get it..Version: 3.10

Super duper gameThis game is exalent just make it easier please.Version: 3.16

Add more BloonsAdd orange bloon and those DDT bloon from btd6.Version: 3.20

BEST GAMENeeds more towers and on btd 4 medium was alot, a lot easier but awesome game and for buildings you could have buildings that give upgrades and get towers..Version: 1.1

Very goodHow does one make a game zis great🤨.Version: 3.16

Best game everThis is the best game I've ever played in my life and it's totally worth the price.Version: 3.10

Awesome Game! Something To Add? :)This is such an awesome game and definitely worth the money! I was thinking for the specialist buildings, you should make Monkey Village and Banana Farm specialist buildings! Even if one upgrade just reduces the cost of the tower by 5% like the rest of the specialist building upgrades have, that would definitely be fine. Banana Farms and Monkey Villages are pretty expensive in-game, and I thought it’d be pretty awesome to have a specialist building for each, to make those less expensive at least. :) I really enjoy playing this game! Thank you!.Version: 3.16

A mostly amazing gameFirst, I have been playing this game for years. It is very fun and definitely worth the money. Second, don’t listen to the reviews that say this is a cash grab. Anyone who had to pay money to make past a round and got mad about it is either really, really determined or just a noob. Overall, a really great game.Version: 3.13

Great gameThe predecessors of this game was my childhood, but this one is the best!.Version: 3.30

I Would Recommend To Anyone of any Age!I have been playing this games non stop since release and have recently hit level 75. This game never ceases to amaze me from its constant updates and new dlc. I love the whole helium-filled franchise top to bottom and I am filled with happiness to see btd6 and bad battles taking effect! Thanks for reading! Byeeeeeee..Version: 3.17

Just amazingBtd5 was one of the best games ive ever played back in the day. But with btd6 out its kinda i guess dying but i still always play this game because i have max progress unlike btd6 were i dont have some medals maps and some tier 5 upgrades, but I recommend to but BOTH GAMES BECAUSE THERE EPIC. Or you dont want to pay money right?... well how a bout you buy. Bloons monkey city or btd battles. THERE FREE BTW. But thats all bye.Version: 3.19

GoodGood game but it would be cool if there was a chat thing, also a friends kind of thing would be cool..Version: 2.17.2

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!... but one thing😀😀😀This game is one of the best games I've played yet. It has amazing graphics and there is a lot to do (e.g. Daily mission, random missions, special missions, normal game mode, odyssey and even co-op). I do recommend this for absolutely any age... But one thing Me and my brother reallllllyyyyy want more towers or monkeys 🐒 (their are plenty of maps) It would make the game soooo much more fun. Pls developers, add some more it would mean the world to me. Thankyou for reading Your kind regards Rennieboy.Version: 3.10

SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!Now, I'm not one for incorrect Grammer, but a game like this deserves misused caps and extra "O"'s. Gameplay- pop the bloons! It's so simple, yet so much fun. The eccemtric monkeys are very fun to play around with. Oh, I wish that their were more stunnning td games. Because the team has clearly hit a brick wall, nowhere to go but down..Version: 3.12

One of my favorite gamesI want to say this is one of my favorite games but I have a few ideas for this game. I think you could make a few new towers like maybe you could make a thug monkey which has a melee attack or a king monkey that summons dart monkeys. Also it would be cool if you could design your own tracks and paths. It would mean a lot if you guys could take a look at this..Version: 3.13

AWESOME GAMESI have played this game for a while now and it’s great but try adding more towers.Version: 3.12

Co-opThis game could be sold in two parts and I would still buy both. the co-op that has been just added is the most awesome a game has ever been ever..Version: 2.0

Wonderful.Might need some more content like new monkeys or something but you have done well, guys. I can't play the 6th game because my iPad is too old, which is very saddening. Keep up the good work, and please tell us at some point if the 6th game is coming to PC! (That would be phenomenal!) Sincere thanks for entertaining me for years, Masterzooka..Version: 3.15

Great game but could use some changesI think that it is a great game and very addicting. Especially if u are looking for a game without wi-fi. The only thing is it laggs when u get to a higher level. This might just be me but I have to wait a minute or two unitil I can push play. Otherwise this game is very good and I would recommend this. P.S my name is not kip kovar.Version: 3.11.1

Inbox guy that gave this game 3 stars if you see this it’s for youYou know this game isn’t a cash grab I saw that you died at round 48 but it’s not a cash grab in fact I never actually spent one dollar in the game and I got past round 100 in fact I almost got to round 200 also I got 1,000,000 coins before so what I have to say to you....... G E T G U D.Version: 3.29

Good game!Why do you have to buy sandbox mode? On the computer version sandbox mode was unlockable. Huge disappointment. Besides that its a good game. Change sandbox mode to unlockable and I'll give you 5 stars..Version: 1.6

AwesomeBecause of the cool characters like Gatling gun play all the time.Version: 3.18

GreatI wasn’t sure when I looked turned out to be one of my fav games everything about it is enjoyable!.Version: 3.16

Great gameI really enjoyed this game. Not to heavy on inapp purchases and a great strategy game.Version: 3.16

Great gameThis game is a great game unlike most td games it’s monkeys popping balloons. People have dumb complaints but, the game would be worse I say they are just people not thinking about how it would affect the game. I love the game keep it the same, also it’s worth paying..Version: 3.21

New ideasI think i might know some great new things that your game needs 1. crafting tower "can have a chance to combine 2 towers/can make a tower get a buff" 2. path maker "can edit paths/can edit the map" 3. coder "a new mode where the player needs to say the right tower or lose a life if they get it right they get that tower in the next round" 4. Miner "can throw rocks at bloons to pop 3+ layers or bloons" 5. custom tower maker "a new mode that for $2.99 you can add a new tower from the community or make one" 6. Custom challenge "create challenges for other people to play" 7. tower buffs "a effect that powers up a towers range, attack speed, damage, ect" 8. Light bloon "a bloon that can stun a tower once every round" 9. vacuum "a tower that makes a bloon go to the closest path behind the tower" 10. monkeyTube "a option that lets you look for other people who plays the game and see there games/rounds".Version: 3.10

Brilliant!BTD5 is a great game, with original gameplay, perfect graphics and speed (except if you get to levels 90+), and is a lot of fun to play. Its definitely worth the money... can't wait for the next update! P.S. Watch out for Level 76 on Deflation! I have only got past it once... be ready for it!!!.Version: 1.1

Bloons TD5HDI like this app because it gives you a chance to work with people and friends as well as play solo. You can upgrade towers to different levels and get to a higher rank. You get a daily reward which gives you something to come back onto the app for. When you earn money you can buy really good towers. It is a great app to go on after school/work..Version: 3.14

Such a great game😝.You can do so many things in this game like play with friends join challenges and lots more. I hope you download this game right now and have some fun😄.Version: 3.29

A new tower and anew balloonThis new idea is for a ghostbuster tower this tower would be required to pop ghost balloons which are camouflaged to even. Ninja monkeys only ghost buster monkeys can see when a ghost Bloons is sucked up it takes some time to shred and there’s a 12 out of 100% chance the ghost escapes.Version: 3.21

Pretty goodI've always liked this game, though, all the updates are about fixing bugs. Kindly add more towers and options... which reminds me, please read the other, worse reviews. I must say myself and others agree that in some cases, their right..Version: 3.10

Btd5Ninja kiwi thank you so much for making this game i love coop.Version: 3.21

It is my fav gameI love it because the graphics are good and it’s really fun.Version: 3.13

Great game!I absolutely love this game, it’s brilliant. But there a company called “Kaiparasoft” that’s selling your product as well, just thought I’d let you know.Version: 3.21

Don’t care!One of the best games I have ever played I don’t care if it’s expensive! I support ninja kiwi 🇦🇺.Version: 3.23

WowA amazing game that I love and everyone should get.Version: 3.21

Update ideas if wanting to addCan you please add friend list requests without even using Game Center since there is a issue for me and it would make friends play with or add a 4 people player match co-op when the map is split in four parts for each player. Please add something like this or be creative using this idea to making it related. PLEASE DO IT AND THIS WILL MAKE THE GAME FUN IN MY OPINION. hope yours truly a person that likes this game bloons tower defense 5. Thank you!.Version: 3.17

Excellent suggestion!This game is amazing ever since its debut. Overwhelming at first, but very fun once you get the hang of it! I have an amazing suggestion: Back in the days of BTD4, there was a feature called "Track Editor", and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, it was discontinued a few years later. If BTD5 were to have a Track Editor, imagine what players could do with that feature! I'd be very excited if that was added to BTD5. Anyway, excellent work as always with all those new updates! Keep up the good work..Version: 3.24.1

IrhfhfurGood game.Version: 3.17

Strongly RecommendedAlmost never lags. Having a hard time making and joining private games. This game is worth your money!.Version: 3.15

EPICCan't stop playing the best game I have ever downloaded. Can't stop playing it am having the best time ever on this app..Version: 2.5

One old my all time favourites!!!!!Such a classic game, which gives challenges, fun and satisfaction in getting to the higher rounds! Coop is extremely fun! Would definitely recommend to both casual and competitive gamers who like strategic thinking and just loads of FUN!!!!!.Version: 3.12.1

Good game butIt is a very good game I love it 😍. But I had a Look at the next one and the figures look bad and it looks easy and I am not paying $7 for that But over all this one is good👍👏👏.Version: 3.16

THIS IS SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This game has brought happiness and joy to my family and me also I’d add battles but either way it’s amazing and if your the reader reading this I say buy it there’s so much to do and this game doesn’t get boring after 1 or 2 pops it gets harder more intense and there is stuff to buy ingame so reader, pls buy this and you can do co-op and pop balloons together with buddies. So what I’m trying to say is buy this game right now, it’s worth it!.Version: 3.16

To you ninja kiwiThanks for the game I love it so so so much! it is because you made ninja monkeys and you made bloons td 6 and my friend plays it so much and because you made this game can you sub to the channel ereryone thanks for the game ninja kiwi..Version: 3.26

Best game ever!Really good game. I got to round 127 and then died but it's a good strategy. Recommended for 7-13 years old. Definitely worth the money.Version: 3.20

Fantastic gameBy far the best tower defence game available on the App Store, with heaps on content (towers upgrades maps) that will give hours and hours of nonstop game play, can't wait for bloons td 6!!!.Version: 1.1

Just stuffThis game is basically just some crappy, simple concept with a bunch of stuff slapped onto it. I love it!.Version: 3.10

WORTH ITBest game ever because it helps u with EVERYTHING and you can play on pc.Version: 3.20

Amazing strategy gameThis game is awesome. I've started the mastery tracks which are probably too difficult and it's very hard to find a good strategy to beat them without using monkey money, but at my level I have nothing else to spend it on. I have unlocked everything but I just have 1 issue tho say. The engineer specialty building is broken. The last upgrade makes the engineer worse and this needs to be fixed. That is the only thing not fully upgraded and I'm sure plenty of people would love a buff for that upgrade. Or at least take the upgrade and make it reverse-able where people can just take that one upgrade off because the rest of the specialty buildings are better. The super turrets are better than the normal turrets, but they are produced half as fast, making them worthless comparatively. But that is my only complaint..Version: 3.13

THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVEUsually you get on a game and then get off in a while, but with btd 5 you have a hard time getting off because you get partially get sucked into the game. I can easily rate this app five stars and if I could, I would rate it one hundred stars!.Version: 3.26

Good but...I am loving this game but when I wanted to play with my friend he had balloon tower defence but the non had version and we couldn’t play Please make this change.Version: 3.14

Amazing Game!!!I like it where you can have all the towers in a game instead of 3 in the Normal BTD Battles. I also bought Bloons TD 6 and it’s quite good. The thing where you have to get EXP is also good, so you don’t have to get loads of cash to buy upgrades. A Really Good Game, Keep Making Games Like This!.Version: 3.22

The online glitchWhen ever i try to play co op with my friends it does not work pls fix this as at the moment i can only play on quick play and solo but apart from that it is a great game i recommend getting it..Version: 3.28

BLOONS TD 5, SOLVES ALL YA PROBLEMS!This game is so epic, a burglar came in my house and my spike factory from inside my phone set spikes around me, then he just left. this game saved my life. (this is a joke).Version: 3.30

GreatThere aren’t too many great mobile games but this is one of the greats so download it and give it a try.Version: 3.20

Lost all my stuffI just went on the game and I have nothing and am level 1. Before I was over level 40 and had all the guys. Why did I lose all my stuff???.Version: 3.15

Such a good gameThis is the best game ever. I love playing with my friend..Version: 3.30

YoloThis game is fun even the updates are one a mouth best game ever make more games ninja kiwi.Version: 2.11

Very. Good game\I. Think. It’s. good. Even. Thoe. I. Almost. Think. Nothing. Is. Good.Version: 3.23

Insanely good 🤑😆😄😎It's really good I love to do the golden blood challenge alot I love this game it may be $5.00 but it's really good I would Recommend this to everyone.Version: 3.10

I love the gameHey owner I love the game I really hop a new up date comes out soon and just remember I love the game Bye.Version: 3.10

Over pricedThis game is great fun. The only problem I have with this is the price, the fact that a paid version still requires you to spend more money for full features is a bit unfair. This game is rather expensive from the start for the type of game it is, the fact that you have to throw more money at it to get the full features is a bit rude. On the whole a good game..Version: 1.1

Can’t stop poppingOnly side note it’s ADDICTING.Version: 3.15

Unable to play co-op since the latest updateI've been unable to play co-op since the latest update. But other than that awesome game :).Version: 2.1.1

Don’t listen to them!!People are always saying that you need to patty money to get pass like round 50 or so, but I got to round 89 with only a few dartling guns! You guys don’t try again and you don’t use your head! You guys probably are quitters because I could pass round 87!.Version: 3.15

I need a refund so I can get this game on my phone instead of my brothers IPadI really just want to play this game on my phone so I can play on the go. It’s a really great game and recommend it to anybody even my little sister likes it and doesn’t Like games so please can I have a refund.Version: 3.20

Best game I have playedThis game is very fun to play and the challenges are fun to try out.Version: 3.12.1

What an awesome game!One of the best games on my device. Love the challenge of the random missions. It is a game that never gets old and keeps you coming back time and time again..Version: 2.5

WowOnly a new Zealander could have created such a awesome game like this! Kudos to the team from ninjakiwi from another kiwi fan..Version: 1.1

Very best tower defence gameI've played this series since BTD3 and still love it. A very nice game for any casual gamer, definitely worth the small price tag and definitely worth a try, even if tower defence games are not your thing..Version: 2.8

Love this game - a must have.Been playing TD5 for iPad for years now... a great way to kill a few mins every day. I have to say I much prefer it to Battles and TD6 and the Ninja Kiwi team are to be commended for updates and new tracks on a regular basis - great going guys. My only two requests would be to maybe introduce a new tower if possible, and secondly Please, Please, Please find a way to allow us to use those shiny tokens - I’ve got a tonne of them just sitting there waiting to be used for something. Thanks so much 👍👍👍.Version: 3.25

Great game!Love the game, have spent many hours on it. Struggling to transfer my progress from one iPad to another, any help?.Version: 3.18

I had never know there is a balloons TD 5I have never knowd.Version: 3.18

Btd5 is awesomeI love this game I play it every day and I always have fun and I don’t get bored, $5 is worth it 😄.Version: 3.12.1

Still slows to a crawl with many on-screen objectsThe game is a ton of fun. Unfortunately, it still slows to a crawl occasionally when there are many objects on the screen. Also, something seems unfair about the difficulty. The difficulty will be gradual then suddenly on the following round so many objects are thrown at you that you have no way to stop them..Version: 3.15

HilariousThis is one of my most favourite games ever and I still play it (I'm 13). All I ask is more special missions including 4/4 monkeys like the wizard lord except different monkeys😆😁.Version: 3.8

Pretty Darn good.I have has this game for years it does get boring at times but it’s worth a play and if u grind enough u can get power ups agents prestige and more!.Version: 3.22

CrashingThis game keeps on crashing on me even with the new update. It's still my fav game but they need to fix the crashing properly so I can play it.Version: 2.4.1

Good all round gameVery good upgrade to Btd4 and the graphics has improved a lot. Only two thing I could say. One, is that it gets very repetitive after a bit but if you like bloons games you will probably not get bored anyway. Two, the banana farms are to OP because of the amount of bananas it produces. Also with the upgrade in money for each banana, just way to OP. The bank from the banana farms is really good as well especially that you can get like 5,000 monkey money in one click. Over all, best game of bloons yet and can’t wait for Btd6..Version: 3.25

Wonderfully addictiveVery challenging, not impossibly difficult, heaps of fun and addictive.Version: 1.2

BalloonsIt is a fun no WiFi free to play game.Version: 3.14

Very cash moneyI played the btd on dsi and when I stopped I truly felt empty inside until I found out like 6 years later they had a whole line of games I chose to get this one and I’ve never been happier with any other financial decision than this one.Version: 3.25

I have this game on my computer (refund?)I am getting rid of this iPad in a few days along with the Apple ID account, and I really need the money back. I hope I can get a refund. I now play it on my laptop and I have no need for it on here..Version: 3.22

Amazing gameNo I know that the other reviews are saying that it’s really just a cash grab an impossible but it’s really not it’s a very fair game if you play the other games and you know what you’re doing some people will give things a bad review just because you’re bad at them and it’s just kind of crappy but there’s a really good game and is just driven by bad reviews of people who are not good at the game.Version: 3.18

Finally Here!I have been waiting for Bloons TD 5 to come out on iPad and it finally has! And it is just as good as I thought it would be. I love the screen layout much better than the iPhones, and the graphics the same. Great Job Ninja Kiwi!!!.Version: 1.1

Not workingNot scoring!.Version: 3.23

Ninja Kiwi, I got tower ideas!So, you read the title and you KNOW I got ideas! Here they are. #1 Greed Monkey. This monkey takes Of all of the layers and all of the money from each Bloon. He can also be upgraded to take Bloons and hit them with a dart until it pops. #2 Jack Frost's Monkey. This monkey is like the ice Monkey, but now throws darts that slow the Bloons down 60% and also pop 2 layers at once. His 3rd 2nd upgrade path upgrade would let him send out clones of the ice Monkey. #3 Dartstorm Monkey. This monkey is like the Super Monkey, but now pops 1 layer of every Bloon on-screen. One of the upgrades would have him spawn Secret Agents. And that's all of my ideas! If anybody has more ideas, share them to me! Anyways, see you pips later! -Memeface99.Version: 3.13

Jesus bloody amazingThis game is amazing! I would recommend this game to anyone who likes action, adventure and an addicting game. This is perfectly made, great graphics, and I am excited for more updates in the coming future!.Version: 3.12.1

ReviewThis game is good because it features everything a good game needs.Version: 3.15

Fun Game But How Do You Mod Your CharactersWhy can’t you mod your people or how do you mod your guys I have seen youtubers do it but it’s not fair that we can’t mod the characters and if you can please tell me how to but otherwise it’s a great game I love it and suggest it and that is why I rated 5 stars..Version: 3.16

Another Ninja Kiwi winner.Great game, loads of fun, huge choice of tracks and towers..Version: 3.20

Fun but too hard.I beat easy mode but medium mode was to hard and it gets boring after a wile wen you’re trying to beat medium but other wise it is a fun game to play..Version: 3.15

SWEETI bought this when it first came out on iOS and I LOVED it! It is worth like $30!!!! This game is so sweet better than the older Bloons TD 's. keep up the good work ninja kiwi :D..Version: 1.1

Good appLove this game. This was one of my favourite games to play in my childhood time. A bit disappointed as the server and WiFi seems to be so slow or often fails to connect when requesting for a quick match. Other than that this game is very addictive!.Version: 3.24.1

Bloons TD 5 HDThis is the best Bloon game ever!!.Version: 3.15

Please fix crashing bug!!!The newest update seems to have some kind of bug with it and it keeps crashing. It is a great game and I enjoy playing it but I can't because every time I click on to play a game it loads half way then crashes right at the end. It is infuriating and I seriously wish that ninja kiwi will fix this soon..Version: 2.4

This game is awesome butI really enjoy this game but once you get pat lvl 100 it's just more zomgs and more lag and it's not really fun anymore I was thinking what if you made impopable go to round 100 and on that round you get a boss like bloonereus but much stronger and it has a health bar divided in 4ths and every section you take down it gains abilities like gaining camo or something and leaves zomgs when it dies. Something like that would really ad a real challenge to impopable and just ad one more challenge after the zomgs.Version: 3.14

Grate game yet crash a lotI love this game but always crash please fix this ASAP.Version: 2.2.1

:)Absolutely Incredible..Version: 3.28

Surprisingly addictive!I’ve had this game for acoupleof days and I can surely tell you, it’s a really well made game with simple but smooth graphics. The concept is really random and I love it!.Version: 3.11.1

Really Good GameThe graphics and gameplay are much better than the last one, and it is very child friendly..Version: 3.10

This game is just pure awesomenessI have been play btd for a while now and I really enjoy it it's simple addictive and the graphics are better than the other games I just love it keep up the good work ninja kiwi!.Version: 3.10

Daily Rewards?The game is fantastic but the daily rewards never get any better, I’ve been checking daily for the past 340 days and it hasn’t got any better. I have dedicated money and hours to this game. So can we get better stuff for higher days? If it weren’t for that I would rate 5 for sure..Version: 3.12

Amazing gameI’ve loved this game ever since I was a kid. I just recently started playing it again and it still holds up. The character designs are cute and charming. The music is great, it really helps get you into the gameplay. Speaking of the game play, it’s very enjoyable. I love playing this game while watching Netflix. Super fun, I definitely recommend..Version: 3.25

Goodbye and HelloI loved Bloons TD 5 but I’m finally heading to 6. Cya There! 🎈🗡🔫💣⛏🔨.Version: 3.20

This game is frickin awesomeOk, so I loved playing the old BTD games like BTD 2-4, but when BTD5 came out, I was really surprised. They added a lot of new stuff without making the game too complicated. That’s why this game is better than BTD 6 or any other BTD game because of its capability to impress the crowd and be a good game overall with minimal charges. Thanks!.Version: 3.20

This is amazingI love this. I love doing medium and trying new stuff..Version: 3.23

Brilliant TDA must for all Tower Defense lovers! Plenty of levels and always something new to achieve!.Version: 1.6

Sync between HD version and iPhone versionI love this game so much and I often play co-op with my friends. One thing is, I bought both iPhone and iPad versions and found they can not sync with each other, which is very sad because I have to update my monkeys twice. Please, could you make it possible? Thank you. :).Version: 3.12.1

This game is amazing!I love Bloons td 5. There are so many different maps and levels of difficulty that it is impopible to complete. There is 1 wish I have. That co-op can connect with computer players. Thanks..Version: 3.23

Can’t Stop Playing!I can’t stop playing this game! This month the BTD company added the BTD6 game to the BTD saga. I chose the earlier version, this game, because it was way better and the graphics did not make the game look like it was sent out in 1965. I really love this game and would recommend it out of the whole saga. If the items and towers costed less money, this game would be the best..Version: 3.15

The best version of the game hand down with Balloon ShredderThe newest version of the game btd6 lacks many of its best fundamentals found in this game. Don't know why they decided to do this and I wont be buying it until they add it back into the series..Version: 3.24

Best game everI lost all my data help I had soooooooo much.Version: 3.11.1

Honestly good gameOnly problem it cost money but honestly great game next it will be bt6 bois.Version: 3.21

Please fixI am top level with everything unlocked and when I deleted the app and got it again all my stuff had been deleted.Version: 3.14

Free Towers/Pirate CoveMy literal ONLY problem is that when you get the free towers (daily reward, challenges, odyssey, etc.) you can’t choose to actually pay for them. I have free towers but like to save them for when I actually need them, and would like to not have to use them but be able to just buy the tower normally. Also, if you upgrade the Pirate Cove building it makes the buccaneers shoot fireballs and pop leads, but it doesn’t make the small monkey aces from the carrier pop leads. Could you please make is so the aces pop leads?.Version: 3.20

AdditionsSo, I want to play BTD5 on my phone but it requires the other version and I don’t want to spend my money on the same game twice. Can you guys make this version work on iPhone?.Version: 3.20

I wast jokingIt was a joke this is the best game i have had.Version: 3.25

New btd6 plzVery addictive game please make btd6. In btd6 please make more towers, Bloons and maps. Some tower suggestions are: Tower simlar to cobra in btd battles, and separate spike o punt tower like btd 3.Version: 3.11.1

LOVE THIS GAMEI absolutely love BTD5 HD it's awesome. Why does Sun God Super Monkey have to kill all monkeys in range can we change that to all monkeys in range get powered up instead if u can do that Ninja Kiwi it would be a big help..Version: 3.10

This game is so creativeWho would think of the idea of monkeys popping balloons. 5 stars definitely.Version: 3.12.1

New Idea: ultimate upgradesDear Ninja kiwi (more awesomer) I have a new idea for bloons td 5. I think every tower should have an ultimate upgrade for both paths. You have to get it as a fifth upgrade, and it is normally OP. You can't just get it easily, though. You have to purchase the tower 500 times, letting any of that tower pop 25,000 balloons in one game with every one of that tower type to unlock it for that tower. You make up the rest, just give the tack shooter ones for free. Sincerely, Did I have to?.Version: 3.11.1

Fix this progress problemWhen I was over rank 50 my progress randomly reset. Please fix this problem. If you can’t fix it, it’s okay I am pretty good at the game and I can get my progress back in no more than a week..Version: 3.27

I LOVE ITI love this game! It is so fun. At the start you earn stuff so fast. But it kind of back stabs you, cause once you play it a lot, you have to play it like 200 times to get one single upgrade or a single tower. But out of that, it is one of the best games I've ever seen..Version: 3.11.1

It's good but it can be ragey lol it's still awesome and funI like this game it's cool and you have so much fun BUT IT CAN BE RAGE sometimes but it's still good actually it's great.Version: 3.10

Great gameThis has been a great game. I recently bought a new iPad, and thought I could transfer my progress, but have been unable. Hopefully there’s something I’m missing, because it will take a long time to get back to where I was..Version: 3.16

The iCloud transferring doesn’t workI try to do it but it just won’t work so I’ve my suggestion is that you associate the Facebook account with my progress because apparently I can log in with two devices with my account at the exact same time and it doesn’t matter so can you please fix this and associate my profile with my progress so he can make it 10 times easier and I tried transferring my progress that I have in my phone onto my tablet but it will just won’t work so please fix this. But this does not mean I don’t like your game I just want you to fix this problem it is a really addicting thrilling and challenging game that’s why I want you to fix this..Version: 3.12.1

This game is awesomeThis game is kid friendly they’re is no blood violence or killing people I Just haft to tell you this is an good game get it it has good music to you only pop balloons and go on missions there is no bad words it’s not like fortnite that un kid friendly game all those guns and stuff this game is a little better than fortnite..Version: 3.18

PerfectBest game just needs some more levels.Version: 1.3.1

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EI stay up as much as possible playing this but me and my brother are on a iPad mini (my brother) and I am on a iPad (I dunno wat this is called ) and we are on mums account so we try to play with Game Center Milo makes 1 and I try to join but it says that there is no private games at all please Ninja kiwi tell me the ways to play with my brother!.Version: 3.18

Still the best gameNeed more levels.Version: 2.2.1

The game is good and funThe reason why I put a 4 star is that there need to be more characters but everything else is good.Version: 3.18

Great gameI haven't had the crashing issue others have had.. So my review is only positive. So much fun!.Version: 2.4

So goodI’m having lots of fun playing this game because I am.Version: 3.23

Amazing gameWhoever made this is awesome no need for more updates it’s already amazing and addictive.Version: 3.18

WowI got the one you had to go with you and got your car to get your car back and then your truck will be there at the car and you can go get the car car you can get the gas car and car car you can come and go to the car.Version: 3.22

Glitched missionSo i was playing Bloons doing missions and I forget what mission but it was to go through easy with limited towers now the problem is the lead balloons I was playing on one with towers that could not pop lead now I do not know if you fixed it but yeah that was a bit hard but I still love the game and it is so fun and awesome it should have more people playing then it has.Version: 3.22

Great gameChum is fum.Version: 3.22

Best gameIt's the best game ever get it at all cost. At first it's boring but when you get in to it it's boss.Version: 1.3

This game is fun I been playing for 2 years nowThis game is my childhood.Version: 3.16

BTD 5It is good because of sandbox mode.Version: 3.10

ReadAmazing One of the best tower defence games ever btd 6 amazing but for btd 7 it must be free you made more money. Of of battles than Btd 5 did so ya should make it free and bring back the XP concept but make sure you can switch between metals and XP tanks.Version: 3.16

YesBfs dand was a great time with you all day long and a lot of fun with him and I have had a good time with her I love him so I don’t think you could do.Version: 3.22

Good gameIt’s a good game except there is this glitch where if you die and close out the game and go back in and resume the game then it gives you the lives you had before you died. I would like that fixed. Thanks..Version: 3.15

Greatest for $5It's a wonderful tower defense game with great maps, humor, fun characters and lots of content. The only thing I have against it is the leveling to unlock upgrades, which isn't that bad as it takes only a few minutes to fully level up..Version: 3.10

GreatI prefer to btd 6 but i just wish there was a disable token buffs and disable free towers button..Version: 3.25

CountLost myself in this game for several years. Now whenever I see a balloon IRL I feel nothing but fear and a desire to throw darts.Version: 3.12

This is so fun!!!!!It’s a good game. Also kiwi can u please make 4-4 like mabey at like level 90 it would make the special agent mission wayyyyy more useful for its reward.Version: 3.13

Incredibly good!I first played this about 6-7 years ago, on flash, and loved it. Then, about 4 years ago, I got this for this iPad. I then played it for a long time, even spent a few dollars on in-app purchases, and thoroughly enjoyed the game. Then masteries came. I was excited, as it meant a new challenge. I then underwent the long process of unlocking mastery mode. Once unlocked, I played about 1-2 maps on beginner mastery. But, soon afterwards, a glitch started appearing, meaning I could barely use this device. I then left it alone for about a year and a half, and then when I was looking for this game in family sharing on my phone, I couldn’t find it, so I looked on this iPad, and behold, the glitch was gone, and I could use the iPad. Sadly, most of my progress in most of my games (except for minecraft) got deleted (I didn’t save with iCloud.). So, since then, I have started to attempt to unlock mastery mode again. It’s fun. Thanks for creating this game! Also, maybe you should add something similar to mastery mode on btd6. Maybe per map? Edit: when writing this I forgot about CHIMPS mode for btd6. Also, yesterday, I unlocked mastery mode. Thanks for the awesome game! Lastly, maybe make the crucible a special mission? Only being able to play it once every few hours is a bit annoying, and, even though I want to experiment, I can’t..Version: 3.18

What is the differenceI would like to know the differences of bloons td 5 and bloons td 5 hd they look the same.Version: 3.18

DLC could be betterThe DLC (New maps) is to easy in my book. Maybe you could start adding advanced maps and maybe expert? I'm asking this because I mentioned it earlier and I'm bored of the harder maps. Great game though!.Version: 3.23

BalloonsI love this game I just lost my progress but despite that I forgot how fun it is to unlock upgrades 🐵🏹🎈💥.Version: 3.12

Kiwi Classic!There is just too much nostalgia to even begin to rate the game without bias. I have played BTD since I was six on the old school computers and this game is just perfect. Graphics, smooth gameplay and art style is so nice for such a quirky game. This will always remain as my favourite game!.Version: 3.11.1

Great game! So many things to do!The reason why I like BloonsTD5 is because you can do so many things! There’s a daily reward, frequent boss battles, and so much more! Sandbox mode is also really fun!.Version: 3.12.1

Epic GameTis a very epic game. And i would love for it to be continued. Keep it up Party People! but just 1 down side and im not blaming ninja kiwi. but whenever i do co-op 99% chance i will disconnect. i cant tell if its my ipad or btd5 servers.. so only 4 stars but its still the most amazing game iv ever played ^_^.Version: 2.8

The only game on iPad that I keptI remember playing BTD on computer and when I came to iPad I was thinking why would I cost money now well now I know why Charming graphics and models that display just what it needs without to much detail and the gameplay is nothing short of the stick with there being only one way to play place and defend they have lots of ways you can play so many different maps difficulty settings for the map and the game spectacular soundtrack and a quite nice multiplayer edition which while buggy sometimes is as good as it can get it’s worth the money and time just get the game..Version: 3.18

Good But...Bloons TD5 is a great game but if you don’t buy monkey money it is such a drag to earn it. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes I would and have this game is super fun..Version: 3.11.1

AMAZING..butThe sandbox mode need to be cheaper but this game is so good that I been playing 5 hours straight!!!.Version: 3.16

Amazing!One of the best games I’ve played in a while.Version: 3.12

AmazingI luv dis game and the graphics r kewl.Version: 3.23

Dear low star ratersI’m seeing a lot of reviews saying that it is a money grab and levels with throw a ton of balloons at you and it’s near impossible but that’s just wrong. Using the right defenses you can get to very high levels This game is extremely fun and addictive, ;) would recommend.Version: 3.15

Very goodGame is very good 5 stars lololololololol.Version: 3.20

AMAZING!This game is amazing. I’ve now been playing for 2 years and it’s a massive improvement from the other games; I think they should make more MOABS and stuff in btd 7. Apart from that it’s awesome🤩.Version: 3.19

Amazing GameThis game is very addictive, fun and really enjoyable. I play this game all day every day because it is just fantastic! Once it was about 6 o clock in the evening and played the game game until 10 o clock in the evening because it is such a fabulous incredible game. I enjoy it alot! 🤟.Version: 3.16

Great for new youtubers!This app is a amazing app! The thing I love the most about it is that you can record the screen! In future updates tho, can you make us be able to film the the lobby to? Thanks if you can! PS those people who think the app is rubbish because your game keeps crashing, in app purchases don’t work, etc, it’s be cause u don’t have in app purchases on in settings, or your IPads are old because it doesn't happen to me.Version: 3.20

Great gameThere are many tower defence games my youngest son has played, but he reckons this is one of the best, and I'm not really into these sorts of games but I enjoyed it myself too, just maybe not as much as him of course. He says the only issues he's had is the sound effects isn't what he considers up to scratch and other minor things but overall he would give it a 5/5 he also said that it would be nice if the game could merge with bloons TD battles..Version: 2.3

Greatest game everAbsolutely nothing to complain about install this game.Version: 3.23

Meilleur JeuuWouow.Version: 3.21

Best gameThis is a really good game please buy! Good graphics and good game just buy it now!.Version: 3.21

Bloom td battles reviewIt’s a perfect game many characters to use different balloons,quests every thing I’ve played all the to games for 3 years now it’s AMAZING I rate 5 stars.Version: 3.12.1

Good but...I love Bloons td 5 but every time me and my brother want to play a match with each other it will load for like hours. Please fix this in your next update. Other then that I love the game.Version: 3.13

Best game everThat's all I can say.Version: 3.25

The only reason I'm going on this app because I can see it .I'm not even going out today and now it's just so good..Version: 3.21

This is a great game do not change the game it is perfectThis is a great game do not change the game it is perfect.Version: 3.14

AddictingWhat a great game, recommended to the decent people who want indescribably awesome games on their devices. You will enjoy, downloading this will be at the top of your bucket list..Version: 3.10

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star quality game! Keeps 5e family busy if we have nothing to do, and the co-op feature is great too! Defiantly get this game!.Version: 3.12

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