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Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards? Can you share your negative thoughts about speedway fuel & speedy rewards?

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Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards for Negative User Reviews

Deleted Because of Phone Number RequirementI’ve had a Rewards Cards for years. Recently I tried to set the account up online and discovered my phone number is required... I deleted the app. They use your phone number to verify the account, but after that, they have your phone number and are free to sell it, call you at random, or allow their servers to get broken into and loose it! We all get far too many spam calls on our phone nowadays, there is absolutely no reason that Speedway needs my phone number for this, it’s inexcusable. It’s a gas station not a bank! Voice your concern over this and help stop the bogus phone calls to our accounts!.Version: 4.9.1

By far the worst rewards look at thisI’ve used the pilot, TA, loves, Murphy you name it I use them all. The past 2 months we start using speedway as daily basis for diesel plus buying merchandise for the road I always scan the card but I never needed to use the points today it says I get $10 free card and I have 20k points do I bought few things and went to use the points and get the $10 or use it to pay for my items but They couldn’t for some reason the cashier says there’s no option for him to do anything so I paid full price and left for good I threw all the stuff I bought in the trash can along with the card I will not support scam company like speedway. I’ve never had any issues using my other apps/card like the pilot I say can I use the points they say sure and most of the time it pays for whatever I get..Version: 4.8

Fuel RewardsAfter the last update I lost the ability to select the 10/25/50 cents off fuel in rewards in the app..Version: 4.8

Too unreliable to be usefulThe app is great... when it works. Admittedly, I don't use all of the features of the app, so hopefully not all features are affected by this problem. I do use the app to get current gas prices nearby or wherever I'm searching, which is extremely helpful. However, approximately half of the times I open the app (once or twice a week), I am greeted by "N/A" for the current gas price at all locations. Not all drivers need to fuel up as often as I do, but it defeats the entire purpose of the app when I'm deciding which location to visit for a fill-up and can't get the needed information. I don't know if this is a bug, a poorly-executed update schedule, or an intentional withholding of price-change information that would allow for significant savings. Regardless, it's frustrating and makes this app more obnoxious than helpful..Version: 3.9

Apple platform issuesUsed to work great ,but since all coupons change, and other things changed TERRIBLE. 😡. It is giving me closest store 494 miles away. And does NOT sort by price on my iPhone . I logged in with a friends phone a galaxy it worked fine like it should . I thought it might be my iPhone so I called carrier who after a while of trouble shooting things tried on her iPhone and had same issues , I was happy not my phone but ANGRY and wondering how many people with iPhone have been disappointed . I had already contacted Speedway several times before and they had no idea . Sad. Hope IT department is back from holidays and FIXING !.Version: 4.4

4.0 is GarbageSpeedways latest update is major garbage. First off the developers decided to make a sterile looking app white and bright. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of dark mode? More and more apps are being designed to be darker colors to save consumers batteries on devices, but Speedway has decided to be the battery hog with bright white sterile screens. Also I used to be able to see my transaction history the last 10 or 20 on one page now I can only see the last one transaction, that’s an improvement? It seems to me the developers of version 4.0 just graduated from high school and wrote their first app please go back to the old version. You had a very highly rated app at 4.7 out of 5 stars, why did you feel the need to make such drastic changes to “improve“ an app that was almost already perfectly rated?.Version: 4.0

Customer service is TERRIBLE!I would of given it a 0 star rating but the minimum rating allowed is 1! I selected to get 500 points if you bought 25 gallons of gas during the month of August. Well I purchased well over 25 gallons, but yet the points never showed on my account. So I messaged customer service to see what had happened. Six days later I finally get a response from a Melissa, who extremely rudely called me a liar, and claimed that I had selected double merchandise points. I've replied, but still waiting on a response, it'll probably be another week if I receive a response at all from the disgustingly rude and incompetent "customer service" department! I'm disgusted and appalled by the Speedway company!.Version: 3.8

My opinion about speedwaySpeedway is alright sometimes the rewards is awesome although they don’t always put the rewards on your phone right away and the clerks at speedway do not always give you the point receipts or the rewards receipts I have actually seen a few clerks throw point receipts and rewards receipts in the trash without asking the customer if they wanted or needed it. I have seen clerks have rude and inpatient attitudes with customers at speedway. I figure if you don’t like your job then find somewhere else to work don’t take it out on the customer..Version: 4.1

Cafe experience is lackingI have an issue every other time i visit the cafe. One time I ordered a large pizza bit they had to clean their oven and instead of giving me a refund they said i could get a free pizza next time. Never got that pizza. Then my most recent experience, i ordered breadsticks, but they were out. Ordered a drink but the lady couldnt get the drink machine to work. I also got a small pizza, and fries, when i got. So she was going to give me a full refund for my order, she told the cashier to give me a refund. So i wait in line and when its my turn, the cashier didn’t know how to give me refund. I had to be St work so i just left. But thats twice i paid for something and didnt get the product..Version: 3.13

What’s the use!I purchased two liter seven-up coupon with my points, when I tried to redeem it in the store, I was told that they never sell seven-up at that store. This is the only Speedway that I go to, the one I accumulated my points from. I was told that I couldn’t use that coupon for another soda. I guess I have to run around town to see if I can find a Speedway that do sell seven-up or just lose my points! I also tried to use a pizza slice coupon at 5:30pm and was told to come back in the morning and they will have pizza them? Really? Seems like 5:30 pm is a good time to sell pizza not in the morning. What’s use is this app?.Version: 4.4

Unhappy customerI was at the Speedway at the corner of Allan and Cooly St in Springfield Ma and there was a small lady ( manger),behind the counter and was making me uncomfortable by the way she was taking to the employee that was in there. It sounded like she was arguing with him. She was nasty in tone the way she spoke to him. It makes me not to go back into that store. As a manager myself you don’t talk to your employees in front of customers. It’s humiliating not only to the worker but the customers around. I like the company Speedway but I don’t like this particular store if this is what’s going to happen. Letting you know this is not the first time I heard and seen it. First time I blew it off, but here it is again the same lady and the young man being spoken to is a nasty manner..Version: 4.0

Unresponsive to concernsThis app was great over 6 months ago. You put your gift card in, checked the balance used it - it really WAS handy. That was maybe Feb 2019. Since then the gift card part began to lock me out. I can't check balances or even enter the card for use. It gives an error and says try in 24 hours. I have contacted customer service numerous times by phone and email, I left reviews here and NOTHING GETS ADDRESSED. All I have ever heard is it is being worked on. It's now mid June of 2019. My entire family tries to use the app and gets the same. Would someone please fix this!.Version: 4.1.1

Can't add pass to wallet + burned my corneasI downloaded this app and tried to sign up with Speedy Rewards. Every time I tried to submit my info via the app it would crash and I'd have to start all over. I signed up on the computer and later tried to add my speedy rewards card to my apple wallet, but to no avail. Every time I hit "Add to Apple Wallet" it'll load and say it has yet my speedy rewards pass still isnt in my wallet. Another thing, I was doing all of this in the dark and opening my speedy rewards pass blasted my screen brightness to maximum, blinding me. I hit the home button to close the app but my screen brightness remained at full blast and completely destroyed my corneas. Please fix that..Version: 3.11

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