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NFL Network App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

NFL Network app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NFL Network? Can you share your negative thoughts about nfl network?

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NFL Network for Negative User Reviews

Pitiful app.Can’t even watch one series of downs without “Fumble, your video has stopped working” appearing. First, every Time I turned my headset on, the screen would go black. Turn them off, screen would come back on and the game would continue. Now this. Definitely would not recommend this app. unless they make some major improvements. You wouldn’t think an NFL app would have these types of issues. I don’t have these issues with ESPN or Fox Sports..Version: 2.4

Closed captioningWhy is it that there is no way to contact anybody about the problems with this app. You go to app support and it takes you to some site to sign up for the NFL website. That’s just plain silly. The problem is the close captioning won’t turn off it takes up part of my viewing screen. There is a button to turn it off but it doesn’t turn it off. Could we get this fixed please.Version: 12.0.1

I want my refundThis site is terrible. I signed up for a free 7 day trial. I tried to cancel the very next day. So, that left me 6 more days. I went on the site & did everything thing it told me to do to cancel trial. I didn’t get a confirmation email. I just assumed I did everything correct since I wasn’t able to access the app any more or view anything. 6 days later my card way hit for $107. I was upset. I went to my bank and asked for a dispute of charge. Unfortunately, I’m still out of the money & I’ve never used the app..Version: 12.0.4

Garbage yahoo sports on my phone is betterLaughably bad it even to tells what region I am in and won’t let me watch certain games I’m a Cowboys fan and I live in South Dakota and it’s nearly impossible to watch the game so instead of the NFL network playing the game and advertisers forcing me to watch commercials and paying the NFL. I’m now going to pirate a live stream watch zero commercials and watch the game completely free and the NFL gets zero revenue from this and I have a virtual private network so no one’s gonna catch me doing it. How stupid are they????.Version: 12.2.0

Doesn't workWorse app ever. When I attempt to log in via my DirecTV password it keeps saying incorrect password. I have gone to other apps that use this log in to verify my info is correct. Works fine on all those app, just won't work on this one. Absolutely no where to go to get assistance. BTW, for those of you who keep picking on it for not accepting Comcast/Xfinity, that has nothing to do with this app. Comcast/Xfinity has to do the work to get included. They won't which is why I now use DirecTV instead of Comcast..Version: 2.3

Worst update everThis APP used to work fine then they made it "new and improved." It is anything but. It constantly stops working, and refuses to acknowledge that you have the rights to accesses it. It is worthless. In fact, instead of watching Thursday night football I am writing a review about how this APP doesn't allow me to do that. I'm about to give up on NFL network all together despite how much I love the Red Zone. This APP gets one star because they won't let me give it zero..Version: 2.4

Do NOT like the recent change!I have NFL Network as part of my satellite program & I Use to be able to do Screen Mirroring from my iPhone to my Apple TV so I could watch the Thursday Night game on my big screen. It appears there was a modification to the App, that disables the Audio/Video feed in the app, whenever you turn Screen Mirroring on. I don’t even bother watching the Thursday Night Game anymore. Disappointed Customer!.Version: 12.2.3

Trouble Playing GameI was trying to watch the beginning of football, best time of the year obviously. Even though it is preseason it is still worth watching. I have Apple TV and was streaming with the nfl network app and I also have a cable subscription at my other home and was using that to login. Every minute or so it cut off the game and gave me a message saying “Sorry, we’re having trouble playing the video right now”. What am I paying for if I can’t even watch the only thing I am paying for. Would not recommend and really hope they get this fixed before football season starts..Version: 2.4

Decent for verizon customers for the free partI am a verizon customer so i get certain games that would be shown locally for free. But the Game pass and red zone really arent worth the money. They want you to pay $100 for the game pass and advertise you get out of market games. Im currently using the 1 week free trial and its still not letting me watch certain games as it says they are out of market and cant be viewed live. So def not worth the money there. Redzone used to be charged a lot better. It had a week to week option which is no longer an option, which was great for me when i travel or am not home to watch games each week id pay for the week for redzone and watch it that way. Now its $40 (at least last year it was) and to top it off, its not until like week 15 they drop the price on it. So its nowhere near worth the money for that now either. I mean a company that makes billions of dollars off of us each year just keeps getting greedier. So i will no longer be using the paid add ons for this app anymore..Version: 12.2.9

Not able to openI used to be able to use this app with no issues, however over the last couple of seasons I’ve had issues. I can download the app just fine but when I open the app it will not go past the Home Screen just says Welcome to NFL Network and in the upper right corner there is a skip button and when I click that the page stays the same ..Version: 12.57.12

Waste of $Paid for a monthly subscription to view some preseason and out of market games. These are features that the NFL subscription is supposed to provide. Unfortunately they don’t give you what you pay for. Do not waste your money on this junk. Just watch in market games or go to a local bar / restaurant. You’ll get more out of it. Stop feeding the NFL for an inferior and failed product..Version: 12.57.12

7 hours of commercial-free football starts...never.Every season I hope the app has been improved. Every season I’m disappointed. I spend more time trying to get RedZone to load and stream consistently than I do actually getting to watch it. Extremely frustrating. You’d think for as much money as the NFL Network pumps into covering every minute detail of the players and the sport that they’d put some development resources into building an app that works well and consistently and that their fans could enjoy..Version: 12.0.2

Worked fine but new szn comes with issuesI love this app last season it worked perfectly every time I used it but the new update made it so that I could not sign into my AT&T U-verse subscription. It doesn’t show up when you select the other providers tab.... very frustrating considering AT&T U-verse is one of the premier cable companies and they don’t even have it. Please fix this issue as I loved using this during football season.Version: 12.0.2

Disappointed in the NFLIt’s pretty pathetic that we couldn’t watch the second game on Christmas Day without this ridiculous app. What happened to the world where we have to pay to watch the NFL like the days of old. Now we have to pay for another dumb app and still watch commercials. Why can’t the NFL settle for us watching commercials like the old days. What a rip off. I’ll just watch fox, cbs, and nbc and forget about the stupid NFL network. Pretty dumb guys..Version: 12.3.4

NFL Network and AirPlay?!?!So I travel a a lot. Whenever I check into my hotel I like to unpack my apple iPhone hdmi adapter and watch my shows/apps on a big screen. Nope!!! Not with this BS. I understand airplay/Screen mirroring, but not even the adapter? Basically if you plan on streaming from your phone then save yourself the time. If you attempt to do anything relating to airplay or screen mirroring it will show a blue screen and let you know that the NFL doesn’t support it..Version: 2.4

App needs A LOT of work - FRUSTRATING to say the least!While the idea of watching a live football game is wonderful, being ABLE to do so with this App would be even more wonderful. It's impossible to watch a game (like today's Baltimore @ Steelers Christmas Day game) without paused or completely broken connections, missed plays, having the commercials voices completely voicing over the game announcers call & on-field action, cutting to a commercial in the middle of a play, etc., etc., etc. What's the sense of the App if it doesn't even remotely work properly? For example, for those away from home like myself right now, trying to watch the game on my iPad or iPhone (with a solid internet signal) away from home where I'd otherwise be watching the game in my living room on DirecTV without frustration. The App needs MAJOR improvements. Very, very disappointed..Version: 2.3

InconsistencyDownloaded the app because I wanted to watch football on the go. It worked the 1st week. Now week 2 and it’s telling me I don’t have access to nfl redzone when I do in my cable package. Tried logging out and deleting and reinstalling the app and same message. I guess I have to call my cable provider and see what’s that about but I shouldn’t have that issue. NFL network works but not my redzone..Version: 12.3.1

Horrible! Ridiculous! Don't GET!This has to be the most horrible & ridiculous app I have ever seen! I literally pay for the NFL Network & Redzone at home through Comcast/Xfinity & I live on that channel during football season! But Comcast/Xfinity is not one of the network options in this app! Thats the dumbest thing I've ever seen! I'm even considering getting rid of the NFL Network at home! I even pay extra for the NFL Network & Redzone with Comcast/Xfinity! For that reason alone I should be able to use it with this app! Do not get this app! It's a waste! Now I'm going to miss all the preseason game again this year! Horrible app to watch football on the go!!!!!.Version: 2.3

Awful. Exactly what you would expect from the No Fun League.Even though I’m paying for the network, I cannot watch the game on my own TV because “Airplay is currently not supported.” So instead I’m watching it on my tablet perched on my desk. This league is run by idiots... clearly football is a wonderful game because it succeeds despite the bungled efforts of the owners and league office. The simple fact that the product is restricted on one screen in a space, but viewable on a different screen in the exact same space is a testament to the incompetence of the suits that negotiate these deals (incompetent suits.... I know it’s redundant), but I guess it serves a purpose because these people would be unemployable in any job that actually matters. Also, the stream collapses and needs to be reloaded every so often. So it’s also lousy at the one thing it’s supposed to do..Version: 2.4

Can’t use app because of politicsI can’t use this app because you won’t allow Xfinity customers. Shame with how much time I invest in your sport that I cannot use this app. Same goes for forcing us to only having to watch our teams out of state to only have the option of the crap Direct TV dish and them charging outrageous bills because we’re locked into a contract. The NFL doesn’t care at all about it fans just about taking every cent they can get from us!.Version: 12.0.3

Doesn’t work on firetv. Tech support awfulSince the beginning of this season firetv only shows about 1/2 - 2/3 of the Gamepass replays on Monday/Tuesday. This happened on 5 different firetv devices. I reached out to tech support week 1 and was told “we’re working on it.” I waited until I couldn’t stand it anymore and reached out this week. Was told I was looking in the wrong place (I’m looking under the giant menu labeled “Gamepass” where else would I look?), that the *old* issue wasn’t related to my problem, and that they offer no refunds. Basically the snarky little neckbeard at tech support left it with “you’re doing it wrong.” A multi billion dollar corporation charging $99 a year for an app that doesn’t work. It is also buggy and sometimes just shows a black screen or dies on IOS and firetv. Every time I load the app I have to login again. As another example- I waited all weekend to watch a game, I load it up on my phone, hit the skip 30 seconds button, and it fast forwards to the end of the 4th quarter showing the score and ruining 2 hours of planned enjoyment. Honestly it would be easier, cheaper, and more reliable just to torrent the games you want. This is a complete crap show. I have poorly converted Japanese sexy toy apps that are more reliable and easier to navigate..Version: 12.3.4

This is what you get with a Monopoly!When a Monopoly exists, the customers get screwed. This is absolutely the case here. The reason this app hasn’t improved over time is that the NFL doesn’t care about its fans. We, the fans, do have the power to fix this very quickly. The ONLY thing the NFL cares about is MONEY. And the tremendous greed of the owners, league and players has created an exposed weakness in their financial structure. The NFL can’t withstand a significant drop in revenue for even a few months. The NFL doesn’t hear the complaints of its fans because we aren’t communicating in a language they can hear. The NFL can only communicate in one language - the language of MONEY. Fans need to boycott the NFL for only a few weeks to start the process of real change. But if the fans don’t come together and speak in a single voice then we will continue to get the treatment we get now..Version: 12.0.4

Couldn’t use the app because you don’t have Comcast/Xfinity as a TV provider.I downloaded this app, and the first thing it asked for was my TV provider. Comcast or Xfinity were not listed. It seems like you had every TV provider in the free world listed, except one of the biggest, Comcast/Xfinity. HOW IN THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN?? I deleted the app. Forget about it. Get your act together, 100%, NFL Network, BEFORE offering an app. You don’t even deserve one star, because I couldn’t use the app!.Version: 12.0.4

Needs work...OK, so it took nearly ten minutes for the login screen to appear so I could actually input my email and password. Many other apps (like HBO) use the TV/cable provider app to authenticate your subscription credentials, so you don't have to put them in all of these separate apps. Credentials are good, but before the stream launches, I need to sit through 2-3 minutes of commercials. Fine, I guess. Get to the game. It's 3rd down, so I watch one play and then a punt...and more commercials. This is a NFL game, so I'm conditioned to commercials on commercials. Game comes back (after the same commercials I've seen 4 times in 15 minutes) and it's already 2nd down. A minute or two later, it's the two minute warning. Mike Tirico says "back in 30 seconds," which I laughed, because it was already 3rd down when the game returned from the same 4 ads they had been running all night. I understand the need for commercials. I do. But when they cut into the actual live product I'd like to watch, then I have issues..Version: 2.3

Can’t Change Login InfoI switched accounts under the same cable provider and the app does not give me the ability to change that info. As soon as I click the provider, it tries to auto login under my old account which doesn’t work. I get stuck in a loop and can do nothing to change the information. Deleting all cookies, browsing history, stored passwords, the app itself, has done nothing. And because it requires me to choose a provider before the app is even accessible, I can’t even reach out to them directly for help. Horrible setup..Version: 12.0.5

Needs more optionsSo I have 3 three kids and they are always watching the tv. So I have to watch my tv stuff on my tablet and I love the nfl network. But the app needs an upgrade badly. I mean it doesn’t even have options to expand to full screen or take down the lineup that’s coming up next. The same goes for Redzone. Please update your app to allow the screen to expand to full screen..Version: 12.0.5

Junk, will not log a season ticket holder into a Game Pass!I spend a lot for season tickets and one perk is getting Game Pass. However, no matter what I’ve tried, this app will not activate the Game Pass option do I can access games. My season ticket holder account is linked. Redzone is active but every time I attempt to activate Game pass, it pops up a screen to purchase or log in with your NFL account. I log in with my NFL account and it flips the screen out and right back in ASKING AGAIN. I’ve left messages that have gone unanswered. I’ve read on gheirwebdight that they are aware of an issue and it’s been a couple MONTHS!!! Come on, I want this to work like it should..Version: 12.2.0

AvailabilitySo my cable provider failed to reach an agreement to carry your network. I switched cable providers, because I don’t play games when it comes to watching football. The new provider, shortly thereafter dropped the network as well. So I decided to download the app and pay for a separate subscription. Problem is, you guys don’t offer that. Why can I go to NBA TV and enjoy the perks of not needing cable to watch their programs, along with Showtime HBO and other networks, but I can’t do the same with NFL Network? I mean it’s only 2019, who do you have to hire to make that option available? I want to watch NFL Network too! Sheesh...😩😤 UPDATE: I have officially changed my cable provider to Xfinity, and I STILL can’t stream this app through my phone because Xfinity, only one of the largest cable providers in the Chicagoland area, is not a listed provider within the app. Would you PLEASE fix this???.Version: 12.0.6

Does not work. Freezes upon opening.This app does not work. It freezes as soon as it opens. No shows actually displayed, it just had a blank screen with the schedule to the right. I force closed the app several times, and upon reopening the app, a pop-up asking me to review the app kept appearing but wouldn’t actually work. The screen just stayed frozen. Well, y’all wanted a review. Here it is: this is app is absolute garbage..Version: 12.3.1

JokeThis is an absolute joke of an app. I paid for RedZone thru the App Store for a season access only to find out out of the tons of providers listed mine isn’t and now have paid for a service for the season and I can’t use because we don’t have one of the main providers such as dish. Based off of everything I read and researched before purchasing this was going to work and only after finding some obscure article online realized this was the reason my log in attempts weren’t working. This is an absolute crock and false advertising by nfl network. And what’s more is there’s no way to contact anyone to ask for my money back. Absolute waste of time and money and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it..Version: 12.2.0

NFL NetworkFirst time subscriber, wanted to be able to see my team which is not local, so far I can only watch without any issues is on my cell phone but when I switch over to my Apple TV the app kicks me out after 10-15 minutes and I have to click on again sometimes happens during the worst times, like during a big play, I have tried restarting and reinstalling and same results, hope I won’t be sorry I subscribed….Version: 12.57.12

NFL NetworkThe NFL Network application provides easy to view access to the sports channel with the ability to log in via your cable provider and proceed to watching either the main NFL Network or Red Zone programming. The app is easy to use when watching a program as you can enlarge for a full screen or keep a small screen. Users can also view the complete schedule for that day and the upcoming days. The app is pretty bare bones and could use some enhancement such as push notification options for programs a viewer may want to see and maybe a section for NFL programs that aired during the week that you missed but want to watch at the moment. The NFL Network is a good start with the ball at the 20 but has a long way to go in scoring a touchdown for the users..Version: 2.4

Don't waste your timeNo support for external streaming devices like Chromecast or FireTV, so be prepared to watch on your mobile device. The tv schedule provided on the app was a month behind. And the only viewing option was what is currently airing on NFL Network, no collection of recently aired shows or even clips from shows. If you want to guess what NFL Network is airing and only want to watch it on your iPhones 5" screen, this app is for you. Otherwise, stay away..Version: 2.3

Please fix the app alreadyHow many people does it take to tell you to fix the app everyone is actually telling you problems with the app but know one is listening on the other side the people who are to fix this app aren't even reading the reviews to help them out. Its been almost a year since the last update i see some apps getting updates and fixes once a month and even once a week but the app the is so popular the people that are to be reading and fixing app aren't doing there job either fire the people not doing there job And hire some people that will do there job and fix the NFL Network App please. Its real easy if you just listen to the many people on here even telling you whats wrong with the app if the person or people that are to be fixing the app aren’t then hire someone or some people and get someone or some people who cares enough to do the job and let them fix the NFL Network application Thank you.Version: 2.4

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NFL Network works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact NFL Network.

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