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Jason Vale’s 3-Day Juice Diet Positive Reviews

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Jason Vale’s 3-Day Juice Diet App User Positive Comments 2023

Jason Vale’s 3-Day Juice Diet app received 84 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jason vale’s 3-day juice diet?

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Jason Vale’s 3-Day Juice Diet for Positive User Reviews

BrilliantAnother brilliant app from Jason - full of enthusiasm, energy, fantastic juice recipes and most of all IT WORKS. With only two different juices a day it's much easier to follow than the 7 day and the results are just as good. I'll be using this app every week day til I get to my goal. Thanks Jason for an excellent app and your great motivational videos..Version: 1.2

Brilliant App!No bugs, pictures all ok. Fantastic way to have every thing to hand. No more shopping lists for when I do the 3 day Detox, starting it today while I have time for myself this week..Version: 1.1

XBrilliant app. Really useful. Juices and smoothies are fantastic and really tasty...honestly! I don't particularly like beet root or peppers or celery but once juiced in the right way they are actually nice. Easiest way to change your attitude towards food and to loose weight. I can't recommend the juice master highly enough..Version: 1.2

Loved the video coaching!I completed my detox and am 7lbs lighter two days after I finished. It was very easy to do and I felt enlightened. I am on day two of easing back into my regular routine. I ate raw all day yesterday and plan on eating raw until dinner and have some vegetable soup tonight. Still taking it easy for a few days before I eat a lot of cooked food. I'm juicing every morning. The recipes included are delicious. Thank you Jason..Version: 1.2

Beyond DetoxGood app and can be used even when not detoxing. I take ones from different days and experiment. The beyond detox drink is delicious and so filling. On last six months have lost over three through juicing and I still have treats at weekends.Version: 1.2

FantasticI have never juiced before and was very apprehensive. But to my surprise I have been pleasantly full and the juices have been tasty (even the vegetable ones!!). I give this app a huge thumbs up.Version: 1.2

3 Day Detox Jason ValeIt works and its inspiring. The videos help, the plan is honest and I was converted in 1/2 day despite an awful caffeine hangover. It is clearly laid out and offers support. I would recommend this to anyone concerned they are not looking after themselves as they should. I don't naturally but this has turned a few keys in my mind..Version: 1.2

FantasticConverted to juice. Day 2 is hard, but once you are through and the toxins have left your body you feel great. I did this detox for health reasons, but losing weight is a nice bonus..Version: 1.2

Amazing results in only 3 daysI strongly recommend all of Jason's items - this 3 day detox was a pleasure to do, with excitement. I feel way much better and can see how I have shredded weight (not sure how much) but I'm loving the definition in my legs and abs. This forced me to try the 7day juice, which I will be starting on day 4. Thank you Jason for making it easy and rather funny with your comical personality. Good luck everyone..Version: 1.2

Awesome appI love juicing and love this app! I lost 6lbs in the week and loved all the juices. All is great with recipes and shopping lists for on-the-move people! This was the 4th juicing week I've done and I see and feel the results every time. Videos and coaching really help every step of the way! Thanks Jason!.Version: 1.2

Doesn't get any better!As with all of Jason's apps, this one is perfect too. The graphics are extremely pleasing, the shopping list is so nice, and the videos on how to make the juices are awesome. Not to mention, the juices are so yummy! This whole app is designed to make your whole juicing detox a breeze..Version: 1.2

Juice me up baby!On day 2, feeling absolutely fabulous.. Doing everything that Jason says on his coaching vid, laughing at the food terrorists ' it can be good just having juice, what about real food?!' I've done the 7 & 5 days too ( both app & books ) and it's so easy to follow. If you want to kick start your system, invest in a healthier you ( even if you slip into 're tic' you can rebalance with a juice over a couple of days, but get started!.Version: 1.2

Worth every pennyI have found it so hard to apply the discipline needed to tip the balance the right way. The combination of delicious recipes and Jason's healthy, not overbearing enthusiasm kept me wanting to change bad habits. A great app, worth every penny!.Version: 1.2

Love it!Love this app! Worth every sent and works too!!! You absolutely will see results! And the 7 lbs in 7 days is a must have also...I experienced drastic results ... And the daily videos and motivation were invaluable...Jason pls add daily video motivation toi phase 2 it wd help so much :-D.Version: 1.1

I did it!!!I really enjoyed doing the 3 day detox not only me but my husband as well!! Love the app it shows you exactly what to do step by step shows you videos how to get everything done the right way really easy things to do. I would so recommend lost 6 pounds!!!.Version: 1.2

Amazing!Another amazing app by jason vale. He really has got it going on as far as apps are concerned and (it goes without saying) as far as juicing is concerned! Soo easy to follow. The instructions, shopping lists and video coaching make the programme so easy to follow. U feel like u have jason with you at all times. Thank u!!!!! Feel amazing!!!!.Version: 1.2

Brilliant App!Love the 3 day detox for when I've over indulged and "fell off the wagon" easy to stick to and puts me back in the healthy mindset - shopping list makes it so simple! Highly recommend the app, I'll be using frequently!.Version: 1.2

Great DetoxI have done a few detoxes before and they usually left me tired and weak. However this detox was fabulous. I had energy, I felt good and the drinks were tasty. Now 3 days without actually chewing anything is difficult but will a little willpower anyone can make it through. The app is great for success with helpful coaching videos, easy navigation and a simple shopping list to make sure your prepared. I would highly recommend this for someone who wants to introduce juicing into their life or looking for a cleanse!.Version: 1.2

Raw juicy greatnessBrought a few of Jason's books online, then my bf brought me the Phillips avance xxl for my birthday ... Downloaded the 3 day detox ... Not only felt great for loosing 7lbs (in only 3 days!!) but do feel differently about food... was never a takeout each week kind of person (perhaps once a month) but we are total foodies.. We use fresh local produce where possible so eat relatively well BUT we do cook with love ... so butter, oils, heavy seasoning ... cheese, beautiful breads and choc!! which in small doses is ok but not everyday! so felt the need to diet myself out.. have a fair bit of weight to loose - want to do it right and so far feel great! I'm now going into the 7 day plan... each day at a time! These juices taste amazing and I have to say I'm loving the veggie juices more so than the fruity ones! Jason thank you... great insight and fanatic & healthy way to shed some pounds whilst cleaning out our engines !!! feel great and it's thanks to u and this app.... L :).Version: 1.2

Awesome Program, but App has a few quirksJason Vale has done a GREAT job with this program. This was my first time doing a juicing program of any type. I felt great at the end of day 3, as promised! My thinking was clearer and my energy levels increased! If you are doubtful, this is a great way to get started, although you'll need a juicer and a blender (or at least access to one). The video coaching and recipe videos are Extremely helpful as the portions used by Jason in the videos are slightly different than those listed in the app. The fact the shopping list can be emailed is awesome, and a feature that desperately needs to be added to the 7lbs in 7 days app. Oddly, this app doesn't allow for video scrolling (seeking) or pausing, because on video resume the app exits (crashes), so that can be frustrating when you only need to rewatch a little section of video. This single bug is my reason for voting 4/5 stars, and I have reported it to the app support team via the email link in the app. The program is 5/5 and the app is a great idea, but just needs a little care and feeding. I see people complain about the cost, but I would've easily spent the same amount on a single meal at McDonalds, and this made me feel a whole lot better! I hope you all feel as good as I do!.Version: 1.2

FabulousThe app was fixed very quickly and now all works without crashing. Fabulous app as expected. Very well laid out and great videos for motivation. I like how you can get a 1, 2 or 3 days shopping list. The 3 day detox was fab and felt great afterwards. I didn't lose much weight but felt lighter and much more energised since. Looking forward to doing it again soon and have signed up for 7lbs in 7 days in January..Version: 1.1

3 day detox easier than you thinkI am on day 3 and have lost 3lbs. I am hoping to have lost a couple more when I wake up tomorrow. Apart from never having done so much washing up in my life, I have found the juices tasty and filling, although I did have a handful of almonds last night! Have managed to do half an hour's exercise per day also, but can't avoid the tv in the evening. Would do it again without hesitation..Version: 1.2

Very user friendlyI had done a five day juice before but despite knowing how good it was for me it doesn't work if it tastes horrible. The recipes in this app were all delicious and the motivational videos really effective. Made such an impact I have now bought the 5 day app too. Really worth the money because it is so convenient having all the info to hand on my phone. I highly recommend both doing a juice detox and this app.Version: 1.2

3 day detoxI love this app!! I tried juicing once without guidance and was starving the entire time. This was very well thought and very easy to follow, the shopping list was so great! I love it and would recommend to anyone new or seasoned juicers!!! Thanks Jason!.Version: 1.2

Easy & amazing!!Easy & amazing!!.Version: 1.2

Great app but...The app works well and the shopping list and videos are very useful! I'm currently on day one and already a little fed up, the smoothie's are very avocado and beetroot heavy, which for a person who is not a fan of avocado's its a little disheartening. I will see it through and hopefully see and feel the results. I have purchased his book so hoping for a bit more variety when this torment is over!.Version: 1.2

BrilliantThis app has everything you need to detox yourself and in only 5 days. Jason's no nonsense approach is great, loved the videos which helped to keep me on track. The recipes are uber delicious. Would highly recommend.Version: 1.2

Awesome!!!Three days detox is the starting point! The recipes are all delicious and the program is easy to follow. I am grateful for all the tips given. I love the videos tips which keeps the motivation memento going. Thank you Jason!! :).Version: 1.2

Excellent!Well thought out and extremely useful and helpful! Thank you juice master.Version: 1.2

Great AppGreat recipes. Easy to follow videos. Jason is fun..Version: 1.2

Great!A great app and program. The app is easy to use and handy to have. Love it!.Version: 1.2

Worth the waitBeen looking forward to getting this app and worth the wait. For me Its actually better than the 7ibs app even though it has less days. Perfect for a quick juice detox and the videos are really handy to get the little boost we all need. Top marks :).Version: 1.0

ExcellentOverall a very good app. Videos are great and explanations and pre detox information very useful. Not certain about the Philips juicer but did some investigation and ended up buying one. I enjoyed the detox and now have juices everyday in my bid to get fit and loose some weight..Version: 1.2

Great recipes and very easy to useLayout is great. The videos really help. No problem at all with functionality. Love it!.Version: 1.2

3 day detoxI am almost finished the 3 day detox and I feel great! The first day I must admit was not the best but by the end of it - I started feeling really good :) I feel better already and my tiredness has gone and I'm going to stay away from coffee now as I don't need it! Thanks Jason :).Version: 1.2

So helpful!!LOVE THIS APP. It is so helpful to have the coaching and recipes and videos all in one convenient place!! Thank you Jason Vale for bringing some of your inspirational work to app form!!.Version: 1.2

Does what it saysEast to use and navigate simple instructions shopping list generation useful video bytes and above all would advise anyone to at least give it a go. Results and mindset change very beneficial.Version: 1.2

❤️ thisI have his books but only had this app a few days and I absolutely love it. It's great that he does videos everyday for encouragement,tips and knowledge. For those new to, or unsure about Juicing he has demonstration videos for each recipe. Wish I'd got this app sooner.Version: 1.2

3Day DetoxLove having these recipes on my phone. Great app and easy to follow..Version: 1.1

Loves it!Great app! Lost 6.2lbs in 3 days. I found these juices much more filling than pervious detoxes I've done. Looking forwards to doing the 7 day one soon!.Version: 1.2

FantasticEverything is fantastic about Jason’s Apps and although the cost is minimal to the gains at the end please please fix the videos. For someone new to juicing with Jason this could be the end with no guidance and they would be missing out on a wealth of energy and wellbeing and a fantastic new way of life. I’ve gone on to buy the books for guidance but not everyone want to. So please guys get to it!.Version: 5.1.0

GoodGreat app with heaps of good juices for detox and on.Version: 1.2

Fantastic app and dietWorked brilliantly for me. Only problem was caffeine withdrawal which I gave in to and had a large espresso but no milk or sugar first thing in the morning. Everything else was a breeze and my appetite fell dramatically when I finished the three days. I am doing the diet every week and hope to lose thirty pounds over five weeks (my daughter's wedding!). Have already lost 12 pounds and I am not through the second week yet. No exercise yet as I have pulled a muscle in my back but I'm starting next week so hopefully this will help the weight loss even more. Can thoroughly recommend this detox diet to anyone but do make sure you watch all of the video clips before you start if you can..Version: 1.2

Love thisThis program makes not eating for 3 days bearable and worth it!.Version: 1.2

AMAZINGThis is life changing for me, I had come back off a weeks holiday eating junk and managed to catch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on tv the night we returned ... It was a lightbulb moment for both me and my husband. The next day we bought a juicer and this app ... Well I'm juicing for life thats for sure!!! We did it to get us back on track after over indulging but the feeling and benefits have transformed our thinking. We also lost 15lbs between us! I'm a hairdresser and have recommended Juice Master to EVERYONE since. My hubby has also never eaten much veg, now I can get him to have his daily quota without him crunching anything he doesn't like ... Bonus. Thank you so much Jason Vale!!! 😃.Version: 1.2

AmazingThis is my first ever review of an app, as I have never felt this impressed before I've not felt the need. The juice diet is so easy to follow, I had been eating clean 3 weeks post Christmas but wasn't shifting the weight. Mostly because I was still craving sugar from biscuits and chocolates and secretly binging on them on my 'treat day'. The juice detox has put as stop to that craving, the natural sweetness gave me my fix and I dropped from 9st4lb to 8st12. I honestly feel 'clean' now and ready to eat healthy all the time without my crazy binging. This detox is worth the money and honestly was my first paid app..Version: 1.2

Oh so good!!I've been improving my diet and lifestyle for the last year and decided that as I now have the balance right and can maintain the weight loss I'd like to juice once a month to detox. Did my homework on other apps and settle on this one. It is so good, so easy to navigate and user friendly. I've never rated an app before but would recommend this to anyone and everyone for the fabulous detox plan and the ease of use.Version: 1.2

Awesome!Love it!.Version: 1.2

Great app!I am totally pleased! The recipes are incredible and the blends are so good that no one ingredient stands out. The balanced taste of each juice is wonderful! Great videos go with each day and each recipe. I love being to print the grocery list. I have detoxed nicely and dropped 4.5 pounds in the process..Version: 4.2.1

Just juicyAbsolutely love this app and this man! Changed my life forever! own the book but the app is to convenient to not have!!! Recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life for the better!.Version: 1.2

Have you tried the super detox smoothieThis is absolutely delicious and the dreamy smoothie, after drinking this my pain disappeared. I also like the fact that Jason has given a breakdown of the vitamins and minerals, for someone who has malnutrition due to chronic disease thus is excellent because I know exactly whats going into my body naturally..Version: 1.2

This app is amazingEasy to follow and the weight just dropped off!! Thank you Jason!.Version: 1.2

Jason Vale 3 day detox appWow! I love this app. The shopping lists, recipes and video coaching are all really helpful. It took me a little while how to fathom switching between pages; but not more than a couple of tries! Thanks for getting my family and me juicing Jason!.Version: 1.2

Great app, few technical glitchesOverall this is a great app, very informative and encouraging. Great to get the visuals in the videos, and the content is well thought out. For the price I would have expected better technical performance. We found it crashed at least once a day and also had to reload as it got stuck on one page. FAQ's won't load and no response from support, (it has only been 48 hours..Version: 1.2

I have 3, 5 and 7 day detox appsI have all 3 apps. I love them all! I like the shopping list function and videos. Best app for juicing that I have used..Version: 1.2

Easy PeasyI love this App, each time I use it I discover a little more and realise how easy it all is. The 3 day suits me really well; as I finish I just want to start again. What a fantastic way to share your vision and knowledge ....:) thank you so much Jason and to your team for making things easy and giving us some visual pleasure, ooh errrr......Version: 1.2

Get this appSo well done with great coaching videos. Teaches you exactly how to make the juices plus encourages you, teaching you how to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Highest quality app on this subject you will find..Version: 1.2

WonderfulGreat overall design for app. Love the videos to help stay on track and how to make the drinks. Recommend.Version: 1.2

Awesome app, awesome results!This is the second time I've done the 3-day detox and I have to say, it was another brilliant experience! Just returned from an over-indulgent holiday and needed a cleanse to reset things. The recipes are great, tasty, easy-to-follow and filling so I didn't feel hungry at all over the 3 days. I shifted about 10lbs this time round and will definitely consider doing this on a monthly basis. Happy to recommend this and the whole Juicemaster range to friends and family!.Version: 1.2

APP- tastic!My first intro to juicing using this simple user friendly APP, well amazing! I lost 7lb in 3 days which would normally take me around 3 months. I've kept it off and am a juicing queen now! I'm converted! Felt fabulous after detox. Now I juice whenever I feel like some intense nutrients. Thanks Jason you superstar!! Best App & juice plan ever, ever.Version: 1.2

What an amazing app!!When it comes to juicing, Mr. Vale is perhaps the most passionate and knowledgable man on this planet!! I can't wait to get started!! I have talked some of my medical school friends and my family into trying it. Anybody can do anything for 3 days-- especially with this app walking you through grocery lists and keeping you motivated!! let the changes begin! Thank you Jason!.Version: 1.0

Love it!This app is fantastic! The plan itself is fantastic! So easy to follow & the weight just dropped off!:) I'm following up this detox plan with the 7 lbs in 7 Days app, which is also super easy & fun to follow! Thanks Jason!!:).Version: 1.2

Best juicing app ever!!If you are new to juicing this app is a must have! Every tool for your success is included from the shopping list to videos showing how to make each juice to the shopping list to coaching videos. Jason and the team go e you every possible resource not only to be successful but make your success easy peasy! I own all of Juice master apps. Everyone is excellent. Now I'm waiting for the juice yourself slim..Version: 1.2

Simply AMAZING!!Love Love Love!! this man Is just brilliant! I've lost 4lb in 3 days and not only that I feel amazing!! I've read all of his books aswell and my whole outlook on food has changed - what he says just makes sense! And My 3year old daughter helps makes it aswell - she loves his smoothies!.Version: 1.2

The best!!!All Jason's apps are the best!! They work and make you feel amazing!!.Version: 1.2

Luvvv ittt!!!Since i had my little one abt 3 years ago i'm been trying to loose weight but no gud :(( then i started to look into juice diet & came across this app wowwww i'm officially in luv with it now all the juices are soo tasty & yummy doesn't even feel like ur dieting... with some exercise i think its a very positive move towards loosing the weight u want so for me its 10/10.Version: 1.2

AmazingThis has been a brilliant 4 days! 3 for the juices and the fourth... Today my first day 'off' and I still found myself having a smoothie breakfast and lunch. My skin is bette, I feel happy and I have succeeded in something! I was worried about the price of fruit and veg but to be honest I did the 3 day shopping list for under £20. The avocado was the most expensive thing. I am doing the 7 day 7lb next week and I am phoning tomorrow (Monday first thing) to see if I can get a room share on a retreat! So fingers crossed! Get this app! And get the 7 day one as there isn't overlap so both are great!.Version: 1.2

Great app!I continue to love the books and apps that Jason puts out! Very informative and easy to use. I can't wait to start 5lbs in 5 days on Monday! Thanks Jason :).Version: 1.2

Juice Master appsI have the 3, 5 & 7 apps and enjoy them all. I think that Jason's apps are improving with each release. My husband and I do the 5-day every month, the 7-day every quarter, and the 3-day every couple of weeks to stay on track. We also substitute one do his juices for dinner almost every night. These apps make it easy and quick to find exactly what we need no matter our focus for our meals. Great job!.Version: 1.2

Wow thanks!That's was great. Starting the 7day program soon..Version: 1.2

Amazing! Really works!First review I have ever done as this one is worth raving about! I'm on my 3rd and final day and honestly feel amazing, more awake, more alert and I've already lost 4lb. A great way to kick start healthy eating going forward!.Version: 1.2

Support excellentLove this app, I am currently on day two and having Jason give you a motivational chat at the beginning of each day is very supportive. The ' how to make ' the juices are informative alongside the written details. Thanks Jason for a fab app! Looking forward to seeing how I feel on day 4!.Version: 1.2

Love this app!Excellent app, made the program very easy to follow with written and video instructions along the way. It truly felt like support, I will be downloading some of his other apps :).Version: 2.0.1

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You must try!!If you want to try out the shortest of Jason's juice challenges the 3 day is perfect way to start! This app makes it so easy to follow and I can't tell you how great you feel at the end of it!! I have done this one twice and am now ready to go onto the 5 day challenge 😃 The juice recipes are so yummy it's not like a horrible diet where your eating salad leaves and dry crackers... This is actually enjoyable! My sister found it hard at evenings not to eat a meal so she has done the juice and soup one over 7 days and the health benefits she has gained are also incredible! Thank you Jason Vale!.Version: 2.0.1

Lost 5lb!Great app, inspiring detox! I can't usually stick to a diet for more than a day but I found this easy. I wasn't hungry & it has changed my attitude towards food. I will follow the 3 day plan again in a fortnight - hoping to lose another 5lb 😃.Version: 1.2

Love the shopping list!Great easy to follow app, I know the results are a given as I have already done the 7lb in 7 days but sometimes you simply don't have 7 days so this ideal to give you a boost..Version: 1.0

WonderfulWe recently bought a juicer after watching a documentary on juicing. We decided to start juicing and do a detox. This app is amazing! Not only is it easy to use, Jason is so inspirational and a fantastic metro through the juicing process. We loved it so much we are going to do the 7 day juice detox!.Version: 1.2

Amazing as always!I have all of Jason's apps and books and this one does not disappoint. It is easy to use, convenient and makes shopping for the plan very easy. I particularly like the feature that enables you to choose how many days you want to shop for and cross ingredients off the list as you go. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.2

RH123I had never done a juice detox before until four days ago. I have to say I was very impressed with this app. So easy to use and very informative. I did not feel hungry once. The juices tasted good and I lost just over 5 pounds. I will definitely be doing it again. May be even next week. Thanks Jason!.Version: 1.2

Jason Vale Three Day DetoxGreat ap. Great plan!! Lost 5lbs in 3 days and feel clean, energised and raring to go. The video coaching is motivational, honest (you do feel knackered by the end of day 2) and really helpful. The juices are surprisingly delicious and this has been a great way to kick start a longer plan weight loss and to get back into healthier eating after a long period of winter binging. The only reason this is 4 stars rather than 5 is that my frequently asked questions doesn't work! At all..Version: 1.2

3day detoxLove it. It is very easy to use and the results are exactly as stated..Version: 1.2

Worth itI really loved this 3 day detox. The app is easy to use. I love how they broke down the days, types of juices even to the grocery list. The videos work great and are inspirational & motivational. I definitely feel good, healthier & better about myself. I lost a couple pounds too..Version: 1.2

Perfect way to start 2014If you're thinking of juicing but maybe not quite ready to throw yourself into 5 or 7 days, this is perfect! I've just completed it and lost 4 lbs...ECSTATIC! The combinations were great and I even used fruit/veg that I dislike with a passion...couldn't taste them at all and am excited to keep going and discover more recipes!.Version: 1.2

Amazing!This three day detox is brilliant, juicing is a great way to get all you vitamins and minerals into your body, and you honestly don't feel hungry between juices. My husband lost 7.75lbs and I lost 4.5lbs in three days, and both feel great! Now for the 7 day app!.Version: 1.2

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