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Duolingo - Language Lessons App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Duolingo - Language Lessons app received 117 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Duolingo - Language Lessons? Can you share your negative thoughts about duolingo - language lessons?

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Duolingo - Language Lessons for Negative User Reviews

Awful update.I had this app a year or two ago and I loved it. I learnt Spanish in time for my holiday and I could order my food in a nice fluent Spanish. I am going on holiday again soon and as I have a bad memory I downloaded the game again. I used it for a night and got going. I had a choice between start at the beginning or do a mini test so as I learnt it before I chose that. I was wrong and the rest was way beyond my abilities and had random questions that aren’t the most important things to learn. I went back and started over. Anyway the reason I am writing this is because of the lives. They are stupid I downloaded this because I wanted to learn whenever, no matter how many answers I got wrong but as I was doing my lesson there was a question where I had to listen and state what the voice said. My phone was on full volume but no matter how many times I pressed repeat it would not make a sound. The more I got wrong the more it asked me and it was constantly the same thing it was asking me to do, but no sound! After refilling my live with a ton of diamonds I lost my lives again and as I had not enough diamonds left to get more so i could not learn any more. What if i had a deadline and I had to learn something before my lives had a chance to refill? I think lives are stupid and if I wanted a frustrating game I would download one. Please sort this out it is very annoying and unnecessary..Version: 5.2.24

Free has become annoying and frustratingI used to love Duolingo. I am up to a 310 day streak but ever since these last few updates it’s gotten really sticky and I spend all day practicing easy levels to gain back lives over teeny typos. I felt like before you could miss an accent and it would remind you, now that they are trying so hard to get me to buy plus I spend most of my time watching ads just to get to a new lesson of French. I’ll most likely continue because I’m a sucker for finishing stuff but it’s just cumbersome and not going to keep my attention much longer..Version: 6.114.0

GET RID OF THE HEARTSIf your reading this Duolingo is an amazing app and I’ve been playing it for a while now and see that there is a health system preventing me from learning more please fix this problem and I will recommend this once awesome app....Version: 6.57.0

Please change the voicesI have been using this app since February on a daily basis and have really enjoyed learning Spanish. Recently the voices have changed and one of the characters is a child’s voice. It is awful, hard to understand. Please, please, please change it back to clearer voices and remove the Spanish speaking child.Version: 6.97.2

I didn't like the redesignEdit: Apparently I can choose to type in the target language, but still would love to write in English as well because I enjoy typing in any language. Maybe at least an option for it as well? Well first of all, I really love the app and have been using it for two years nearly on a daily basis. I just came here to change my stars to 3 because things really started to bother me. I knew there were no grammar tips and jump levels in the app, and I accepted the app as it was. Then that new design update came. After redesign, which really increased the writing exercises without an option to change it back, I realised that I felt quite discouraged. What does that even mean if I can guess the meaning? it surely doesn't mean that I will remember it for long I guess. It also looks extremely childish and breaks my desire to use the app. Just because of that, I started to use Safari to exercise in Duolingo. And if it changes in the future, I don't know if I keep using Duolingo as I do now. Please do listen our voice, there is a thread about grammar tips on mobile opened about 3 years ago, and just brought to the app for a few languages. But after all, again, its a free app and I am glad for their work, like every app, it could be better but I don't think we have the right to talk angrily about something we use for free for a long time. Thank you..Version: 6.6.1

You’re better off using the website version than the app.The health bar isn’t a thing on the website, and as such I find the website much more conducive to actually learning. You’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them as opposed to being punished and shut out. It’s also more forgiving of typos since you don’t lose health — ironic, since it’s easier to make mistakes on a phone’s miniature keyboard than a full-size keyboard. On the website, you don’t have to worry about losing health just because your dumb fat finger accidentally pressed enter before you were finished typing, because you’ll get the chance to try again without losing health. Would have liked to be able to learn on the go, but the app is garbage, so I’ll stick to desktop learning..Version: 6.57.0

Mew update has changed the way the app can be usedWhile I like the new update in principle - it makes the learning journey seem more fun and makes progress more clear - it does allow me to continue using duolingo the way I had been, and in my opinion lessons now tend to be far too easy. In the past I would skip ahead to level 4, and then work my way to level 6 one lesson at a time, and this worked quite well for me as I would have to actually think to answer the questions. I would also focus on the parts of the course that I found more difficult, while skipping further ahead on things I found easier or that did not really interest me. With the new design you can’t do this, though. You are locked in to a single path, and must complete the lessons at all levels, with few options to skip the easier levels (of the same lessons). While I don’t mind the multi choice comprehension questions (although they are a bit easy) I really hate the questions where you just arrange words. I feel like I get nothing out of them, and if anything they harm my learning because I am not thinking between different translation options. I would really appreciate it if there were a way to turn off the “order the words” questions! I also liked the speech versions of the stories which are now gone. Otherwise, I see how this new version can be great for people new to duolingo, even if it is frustrating to those who have already started to use it in a particular way!.Version: 6.179.0

Good but not greatOverall duolingo is a pretty good app but I think it could be a lot better. First off health is a real pain. I often lose health for small mistakes or typos and then have to go and do practise lessons and then restart the exercise I was on. I feel like I’m more worried about losing health than I am about understanding the words. I always double check by clicking the words before entering it off to make sure it’s right which is really inconvenient. It’s good to get questions wrong so you can improve yourself but you can’t do that cos you will never finish an activity then. Next problem is discussions. I can only access them on my laptop and it would be really helpful if there was discussions on mobile. With the removal of clubs there’s no where on the app I can go for help. Last off it needs to explain sentence structure. We get given basic phrases but aren’t taught which order to put words, you just have to copy the examples and hope for the best. I wished that the app would explain more why you got something wrong so you don’t make the same mistake. Another thing (that isn’t as important but hey whatever) is that there should be an option where you can say you already understand something so you don’t have to keep repeating it over and over. And you should be able to select things you don’t get so you can practise them. Ok think that’s all. Thanks cya.Version: 6.15.0

Good but a bit annoyingSoo I keep making stupid little mistakes and there are only 5 hearts unless you but premium so when I’m down to the last heart and accidentally make I mistake it is ethier I wait a few hours to get the back but hearts with the gems or do a practice lesson which is quite long for me and it’s real annoying. I don’t think it should have hearts in the first place because it’s about you learning it and stuff. I could always like “fail it” and then do it again but I don’t want to do extra little things. But other than that it’s good..Version: 6.35.0

I HAD so much fun learning a language on Duolingo - until it changed settingsI loved the opportunity to learn a new language here at my own pace, and was very happy with the gradual introduction of new words and grammar, along with frequent updates that continued to improve the app. That is, of course, until the recent update that made it impossible for me to continue learning. In that update, all translations from English to Japanese suddenly forced us to use the Japanese keyboard to type the answers, rather than choosing from options native in-app - with no way to toggle this setting back. That is of course what I’d like to work my way up to, but for a complete novice to a language with a pictorial writing system (along with two phonetic alphabets) and a non-intuitive and frankly bewildering keyboard like Japanese, this is at my level a complete impossibility - and as far as I can find, Duolingo doesn’t offer any help on how to learn to use this keyboard, much less a gradual introduction to it throughout the lessons. As it is, I can no longer complete any lessons. I can’t express how disappointed I am that I have suddenly been forced to end my language-learning journey in the middle of my progress, on this app at least - and quite possibly end learning Japanese entirely, as it is so far difficult to find a quality language-learning app at a reasonable price point like Duolingo. Well, thank you for all the time that I was able to learn, I guess!.Version: 6.177.0

This app is good except for a couple of things.This is a good language learning app but it has a few thing that are wrong. 1) the keyboard for the mobile app, now I’m not sure if this is you but the keyboard is really buggy and keeps typing the wrong letters or completely missing them. 2) The audio for the listening and typing part, the audio is not always understandable because either it is too quiet to make out some of the words or that it something seems to slur the words together and I can’t tell the difference between “un ensalada” and “una ensalada” and it makes me get it wrong when i shouldn’t have. 3) THE HEART SYSTEM, this is the biggest problem with the app, it didn’t use to have a heart system and it was great and made the other two problems less severe because each time I get something wrong because of the top two problems I lose a heart even if it report it. The heart completely loses what this is supposed to be a free learning app. Because when you’re Spanish and you are getting stuff wrong (weather if it is for the top two problems or not) and you have to stop and can’t learn and more it just turns this app into one of those cheap mobile games that just want your money and nothing more. So those are the problems with your app the first two are minor I don’t care much about them there just bugs but the third problem that is what makes you lose those stars so fix it and I will give 5 stars.Version: 6.73.0

Health barI do four languages daily on Duolingo. However I dislike the way the health bar can block you out of all languages if you make 5 mistakes. I only allow myself a certain amount of time each day to study and if I get blocked out I can’t get back enough health in that day to continue. Previously I just used to swap languages so I could continue to get my quota and also regain a bit of health. I was happy to pay for the plus subscription to get rid of the ever increasing adverts but I am not going to pay for new health. Please do something about this as I am getting very disheartened by this app. However I do like the Owl popping up and giving me words of encouragement. In case I didn’t press send the other day with the above I’m sending it again. I am totally fed up with the current format of Duolingo. I keep getting blocked from continuing and am seriously considering giving Duolingo the flick. I have been doing four languages faithfully nearly every day and I really enjoyed it. I am also mad that I took the decision to buy a subscription. If I cannot do my quota of Duolingo every day maybe I will make the same effort to complain everyday. Does anyone actually read these comments and does anyone ever think to reply.............Version: 5.2.16

Crown Update Ruined the App!!I love Duolingo, I’ve been using it on and off foe years, and more recently I’ve gained a 181 day streak in Spanish. I love the app and how much I’ve learnt, but when I opened the app this morning the crown update had happened. It has potential to help people learn a lot faster, and I think it’s pretty cool other than I need health to practice old lessons???? This is incredibly frustrating as I often make stupid mistakes, which I make up for by practicing older lessons over and over so I can keep learning new ones. Please change this, Duo Team. I love your app but I don’t know how I’m going to continue using it if I need health for everything I do. (Also yes I know I can practice to gain more health in the health tab, but the fact that I have to practice to get health to practice is very annoying and is what I’m talking about)..Version: 5.2.16

Please readThis app is great and all, but I’ve found that the desktop site is even more interesting and helpful. The app is very limiting. While the desktop version includes a better discussion board and quite a bit more info. HOWEVER, I have noticed some annoying changes in the desktop site. They are expanding the app, and diminishing the desktop site. Which, obviously, I really don’t agree with or like. If I needed more in depth information about a lesson, as they are usually very cut and dry on the app, I would sometimes go to the site and there might be extra pointers on certain things I wasn’t understanding. I keep trying to do things on the site and it keeps taking me back to the mobile version or a complete replica of the app on my browser. I get that they seem to be aiming at continuity and flow, but please do not take away all the information and good of the desktop site in order to grow the app. I also really miss being able to see my progress on each language. I liked being able to see how much further I had to go before leveling up. But apparently they removed that feature, while still keeping the levels???? Which is beyond me. Just seems like an added annoyance. One of my biggest pet peeves is needing the desktop site and even requesting it on my iPhone and still getting the mobile site or having to continually click Desktop Version/Full Version because every link takes me to a shortened version/aka the mobile site. Soooooo annoying..Version: 5.2.17

Can’t skip questions when not in a position to listen/speakThis is extremely frustrating as I swear I used to be able to skip these questions!! I do most of my learning either whilst sat on an evening or lying in bed so naturally I don’t want to disturb my partner I select the “cannot listen right now” or “cannot talk right now” options, which I thought was a great feature, until all of a sudden it’s not possible to do this with some of the listening ones! As a result I find myself having to screenshot the answer then type it in on the next go of the Question, which doesn’t really help me learn! I also have a major gripe in some of the categories, for example in the numbers it asks you, for example, what the number ‘27’ is, there is a choice of 4 answers with pictures and then the Spanish below the pictures, however the pictures are of the actual number!!! This is the same with the countries section, asks u what country is say “Mexico” and then each picture has the corresponding countries flag attached to it! I’m also finding it increasingly more frustrating how I can’t get past 50% fluency yet I use this app for approx an hour every day!!! Sort it out Duolingo, I like that ur free and I can even understand all the advertising within it but the quality/set up of the questions needs sorting ASAP!.Version: 5.1.25

Poor contentI downloaded Duolingo for a friend who speaks Turkish and wanted to improve his English. While it’s a great concept, it’s badly let down by its awful content. The questions are full of bizarre expressions that make no sense and would never be uttered by a native speaker of either language, and sometimes horribly confusing and even outright incorrect material. I can only guess that the lessons were translated from another language instead of being designed for each language pair. That is a big mistake and such a shame. Unfortunately my friend abandoned the app after realizing he was left more confused about English than when he started..Version: 6.44.0

Recent Update is a cash-grabWith the amount of incentive ads, you’d think they’d chill with the cash grab updates but like every other capitalist platform, they come up with newer ways to do so. Before the update, you could earn gems through watching a video multiple times that start from 10 gems decreasing to 3 gems with the frequency but now you have to wait 59 mins and only get 5-7 gems each time. This doesn’t get people to come back every hour, in fact it promotes the opposite. I had lost interest after this update since it’s obvious they catered more towards the superduolingo or whatever users. Furthermore, the 40xp league challenges no longer give you 10xp if you’re able to nearly complete but ran out of time. The new change is obviously promoting the switch to the subscribed version and timer boosts. All these new updates are such an obvious cash grab. Thought this platform was different and encouraged the learning of new languages despite your economic background. Looks like they’re the same as every other capitalist company..Version: 6.167.0

They punish people for errorsI used to like duolingo when I first got it. Every time you update it they add something new like ads or punishments for making errors. You either pay with your points or you have to wait till later to be able to continue to use it. I'm not a child that doesn't work for me, either change this or I delete the app. I think it's a way to get more money but it treat adults like children..Version: 5.1.10

Take away the health bar!I love this app and how easy and fun it is to learn a new language. My only problem with Duolingo is the fact that there is health, it takes so long for your health to refill fully and why is it that you are limiting the amount we learn. It is so unnecessary. I would love the app so much more if that was removed..Version: 5.2.37

One heart, one personWhen I loose a heart, Duo comes to my house and kidnaps a member of my family. Send police. No better, send FBI..Version: 6.69.0

What a disappointmentI’ve been trying out the Spanish lessons for a good few weeks and some of the problems I’ve encountered in the last week are really annoying. All of a sudden agua (water) which is a masculine word I.e. el agua has now seemingly changed it’s gender to become a feminine word! Also at least two of the answers I’ve given have been exactly the same as the Duolingo correct version but it still is telling me my answer is incorrect! As a few other people have said on the forum these problems, although notified, don’t seem to get corrected. Also if you don’t go for the Plus version, where you pay, the adverts really do drive you crazy. I’ve also found that some of the words and sayings differ from other Spanish language courses I’ve used which are based on the European Spanish language, there are quite a few differences, maybe this course is based on the Latin American language? The leader board you are placed on which changes weekly can be VERY competitive and if you are that way inclined it can be a little frustrating trying to compete with other people who probably have paid for the Plus version and don’t have to wait up to 30 seconds every time you complete a task or lesson. The graphics are fun though and some of the stories made me laugh so hence the three stars….Version: 6.155.0

Health systemI dont know why they hate ios users but the health system is utterly useless and its only benefit would be increased sales of duolingo premium. It completely demonstrated me from learning russian, I was all most on a 60 day streak of 50xp a day and my google pixel broke and got given an iphone i quickly found that the ios version is much worse as it has this health system and i quickly gave up as i was putting in over 5 mins for some lessons just to run out of hearts because i had made a miss click. It went from fun and was something i looked forward to doing before going to bed to being a pain and not enjoyable i wouldn't recommend this in less you buy premium or the health system is removed..Version: 6.43.0

Bring back the classic formatA lot of regular users seem annoyed by the new format. I’m over 200 days in a row learning Spanish and loving duolingo but the format change this week was tough to take. Don’t like it at all..Version: 6.178.0

It’s a great app but-The issue of having ‘5 lives’ that deplete for EVERY MISTAKE MADE is impossible to get over. It’s extremely discouraging that getting the wrong answer isn’t an accepted, encouraged or intuitive part of the learning process, but actively works against the learning that the developers love to claim duolingo is all about (“making learning free and accessible”) and whatnot. It makes me want to cheat to ensure that I don’t lose hearts, it makes me unsure and unwilling to enter in an answer that could be wrong (which is a very valuable part of the learning process that is now hindered), it stresses me out and demotivates me. It wastes time. It antagonises mistakes rather than using them to learn. I don’t understand why you guys thought this was a good feature. Don’t get me wrong, making mistakes should result in things such as an extended level to redo questions, or even lower overall XP from the level. But when it’s essentially “you don’t know enough therefore stop learning” — where’s the logic in that? Mistakes should encourage people to use your app more, to further consolidate knowledge! It’s nothing more than a money grab, trying to push users towards premium through frustration. You’re handicapping learners who can’t afford premium (at almost $100AUD for context). Do better. Ads are already overwhelming, but I tolerate it because you are offering a free service and need to make money somehow. The hearts are unbearable and unnecessary..Version: 6.123.0

Great concept but don’t bother - complete lack of many common languages and new coursesI started using Duolingo approximately 4 years ago to brush up on my Japanese that I haven’t used since high school, but primarily to learn a couple of Balkan languages. Problem here - there aren't any available. Excellent concept and variety of exercises. I’m sure some people like the game-type quality to it with badges, etc. however I find this to be incredibly childish (thought I was using a language app targeted at adults?) and doesn’t make a difference to my ability to learn. The biggest disappointment of all is the complete lack of any new language courses. 4 years after enquiring and there still aren’t any Balkan language courses available... they’re forever in the “incubator”, yet High Valyrian, which isn’t even a real language, is available? Make sense of that. In summary, total lack of advancement, all the updates seem to do is introduce more childish gimmicks and “squash the pesky bugs”. Don’t waste your time with duolingo, Mango languages has far more options available and you can sign up for free access via your local library..Version: 6.84.0

Challenge mode timerNew timer built in to the challenge mode just makes you rush and lose hearts Really don’t want this app to turn in to a fremium Update: it’s a fremium now, was on 182 day hot streak tell the heart system (health bar) made me lose because of typos and misclicks. I really was enjoying this app but if I need a video game I will just use my xbox or PlayStation.Version: 6.57.0

Microphone doesn’t workWhy does the microphone not work? It is such an integral part of the course. Apparently the microphone has not worked on this App for years as other reviews also complain about that. With so many intelligent App developers out there why has this not been fixed? Otherwise the programme is a good one and enjoyable. This bug MUST get fixed..Version: 5.1.24

Good for beginnersI downloaded this app since other apps I used, such as babble, wanted me to pay/subscribe in order to fully access language lessons which I think is unfair, or just didn’t teach me all that much. This app however was very good for me at first, since I am admittedly learning a lot and can speak full on sentences with the language that I am learning. It is convenient, and pretty fair in terms of money because I can still learn what I need to learn and deal with ads without necessarily having to pay money (even though there are perks if I bought super duolingo). My issue though and why I gave it 3 stars instead of 5 is because there are no explanations of terms just words, as well as when I go further into lessons, it adds extra words that it never even taught me before. If I don’t select or type the right it wants, I get it wrong and loose hearts (this app btw only gives you 5 hearts or 5 chances to get something wrong unless you pay for super duolingo unlimited hearts which is annoying. If you loose all 5 hearts you have to either wait for hours just to receive 1, or redo lessons for 1). I think that this app should properly teach or show all the words it wants me to learn before it just gets thrown at me out of nowhere and I don’t know how to answer. This isn’t with all of the prompts, but when it does happen, even the comment sections wonder why a word that was never taught in the lesson is there..Version: 6.170.0

Pay to win!?This LANGUAGE LEARNER is pay to win. Why you may ask? Because of the health bar. Once you get 6 or less questions wrong, you’ll have to wait an hour for the health, so you can LEARN. You’d expect Candy Crush to have this, but no, DUOLINGO does. I hate to be the kind of guy that says “back in the old days”, but I’ll have too. In my elementary days, my teacher used Duolingo as a free time tool. It didn’t have the health bar, more customization, and a better interface. Now the app itself is rather nice, but I can’t get past the fact that it’s p2w. I understand you guys work hard, but just accept donations like Wikipedia, or use your ads. You can keep the Duolingo Plus, but take out the health bar. 1/5.Version: 6.13.0

How many times can you say NoI enjoy the learning experience of using Duolingo to improve my language skills, but, l don’t have spare cash to spend on something which isn’t that important to me. I was attracted to Duolingo because it advertises itself as being free but all it does is continually grind you down with the same pushy marketing every time you use it. It’s almost as If they give you a choice, either pay up or stop using it. I’m just about at the stop using it stage. How many times do l have to say No before one of us gives in. I would rather make a one time, or, annual “Affordable” subscription than be continually ground down by your tedious adverts. I don’t mind watching an occasional product advert but the pushing of Duo pro is ridiculous. Note, l completed Duolingo about 5 years ago, and whilst l learned some new words and a very basic understanding of Spanish, l actually learned very little about the language. This time around l think it is much improved and l feel l’m making progress but honestly, if l have to keep saying No and watch the same adverts for Duo pro again and again, then l think this beautiful relationship will soon be over. Andy.Version: 6.97.2

Heart feature trashThe heart feature added to app version of this platform is awful. 💔💔💔💔.Version: 6.49.0

Overall GoodOverall it’s a good app if you want an interactive means of learning a new language, instead of reading books or using other online resources. The level system works really well when it comes to building confidence with a particular subject - whether that be travel, hobbies, school or work etc. You start by putting words in order to create a sentence, and then eventually you should incorporate speaking exercises, listening exercises and translating sentences without the benefit of the words being there for you already. I particularly like the stories section as I struggle with my listening skills and it’s great to follow the story by listening to it along with a text narration. The introduction of the health system - whereby you get 5 lives which replenish every few hours - has made the free version of the app pretty lousy to be honest. It stifles people’s motivation to try and work out the answer to each question, knowing that they’ll lose a life if they get it wrong, and they’ll have to wait the best part of a day before they can pick up their lesson again. It’s counter-intuitive to the learning process in my view..Version: 6.82.0

The bare essentials with a few mistakesThis is a great app for learning the barest essentials imaginable of a language (and for brushing up languages you already know), but that's it. It's not a complete or well-rounded language course in any sense because it offers no cultural component whatsoever. In fact, it's completely acultural. But it also doesn't claim to be anything different. Unlike most language courses, therefore, it's entirely up to you to take what you learn here and give it some "context" and "sense" by learning about the levels of formality, etiquette, and customs of the country where the language is spoken. One aspect of the teaching method that I think is extremely flawed is that conjugated verbs are often taught without their pronoun and no mention of tense or mood. A pairing exercise in the Spanish, for example, asks you to pair “estarían” (they would be) with “be”. Not only is “be” not a translation of “estarían”, this approach doesn’t give the student any information on how or why new words are used and does nothing to reinforce words already learned..Version: 5.1.14

Nice app but slow progressThe app is nicely designed and has good variety of testing formats, but each level takes FOREVER to pass. Some have 20 rounds before you can move on - and each round is the SAME thing. Even some of the levels seem the same. This feels like a waste of time for the learner and has made me start practicing even less (therefore using the app less) because I already know the material by round #5. I don’t need to review it 15 more times. Please make the progress faster, perhaps integrating some review of previous levels into later ones to ensure retention. Also, please allow us to skip levels more easily - right now it takes 400 gems to pass a level, and that takes many days of repetitive practice (of topics I already know) to accumulate. Not worth it. I even made a separate account to start over and take a placement test to hopefully bypass some of these basic levels. I did much better on this test that my first one, yet the levels they put me on seemed the exact same as on my other account - does the test actually place you anywhere other than the beginning? I get that you’re trying to make money by encouraging us to pay for more gems, but what you’re actually doing is discouraging me from using the app. (Plus, with all the ads, I already feel sufficiently encouraged to pay for premium.) Perhaps just make the number of gems we’re awarded for meeting our daily goal much larger or make the number required to pass a level much smaller..Version: 5.2.58

Good but should add privacy settings for youngerI think that this app is very good but I would like it better if younger kids could choose to add others and have a public account as well. Like they should have an option to be a private account for safety reasons, but they should also have the option to have a public account if they get permission from parents for example an email system etc. my sister wants to get the public account and be able to add friends and her classmates but she can’t because shes 8 so maybe make an option where under 13s can also choose to have a public account but go through a system for example parent emails etc. and please make it possible to age in Duolingo, or to be able to change your age. Overall pretty good.Version: 6.143.0

Has potential but too much frustration and thus far too expensiveEncountered quite a few problems while trying this out … For a common language like Spanish, and an app that has been around for years, there are too many errors present in the lessons themselves eg. Marking an answer as wrong when you gave the exact same answer that duolingo presented as a question earlier, and worse, offering as the correct solution a word/phrase that was never introduced in the lessons (eg. marking “tu eres una mujer” incorrect and offering “usted es una mujer” as the correct answer). I “reported” heaps of errors. I got offered a time challenge several times and accepted every time and it never once happened, the app just switched to the leaderboard. Weird stuff happens in all the “gamification”, such as having to click on “claim reward” multiple times and the received gems goes up each time you click. I was forever wondering if the app was working correctly. I’m all for supporting a free version through ads but you really take it to the extreme. Plus sometime I didn’t receive the promised “reward” for watching an ad (eg. a heart) The sound effects in the “stories” playing back at an ear-splitting volume. No ability to delete my profile. Ultimately it was just a painful experience. I could go on but I think you get the picture and I’m not getting paid to fix your app for you..Version: 6.142.1

Hearts has messed up the whole learningIt was an excellent app but the new hearts concept has just messed it up. If you don’t want to support free app that is fine with just plus on store, but it cannot ruin the beautiful experience you had earlier. Disappointed..Version: 6.48.2

Few improvements would make all the difference!!!I love Duolingo, in a nutshell it’s really good! However… there are 3 things that are the most annoying: 1) Cartoons. For younger ages, it is great and more interactive, however, for older kids and adults, they are just annoying and embarrassing. I think that if the app wants to broaden its consumer range, there should be a cartoon on/off switch so that it can be a choice 2) Accents. They are very important, so I think that there should be no leniency for them in the answers and that if you don’t put the accent on, you get it wrong. 3) Volume. If you are listening to music, and a question with a voice reader comes up, your music is overridden and turned down. Instead of this happening, I think that if you have music on, it should be prioritised and you can get the question read out to you if need, but most people won’t, so it won’t bother them and interrupt their music listening. I really do like Duolingo, and if these things were to be changed, I would give it a 5/5 star rating 👍.Version: 6.145.0

New health bar and paying with gems to skip level SUCKSDuolingo you used to be the best language learning app. Now when you introduced the heart system and the pay to skip a level system I was disappointed. You made the app to be a pay to win app by encouraging us to use that stupid DUOLINGO PRO UGHH. I used to complete the Spanish tree in just 3 months. Now it will take years to complete the language tree!!!!! PLEASE DUOLINGO GET RID OF THE HEART SYSTEM AND THE PAY TO MASTER THE LEVEL PART. MAKE THIS APP A FREE USER FRIENDLY APP AGAIN THAT WONT BEG YOU TO TRY DUOLINGO PRO!!!.Version: 6.48.2

Great app, not all languages are treated equallyHey, i love the app, but i use it primarily to learn Irish. It’s a beautiful language and I really enjoy myself but Irish doesn’t have a number of features that most of the other languages do. Number one being that if you click on any word it doesn’t have audio connected to it so you’re left guessing at the pronounciation all the time until you come across the word again in one of the audio lessons, happenstance. This is a huge stumbling block to learning. Huge. Also, it seems that different phones have quite different versions of the app? My Duolingo app has “gems” and I cannot comment in the comment section at all. My friend’s app has “lingots” and she can not only comment and ask questions but she can give her lingots to people. I used to be able to do that when i first downloaded the app, they it did a terrible update and now i have five hearts, which are lives, and as soon as you make any mistake you lose one and you can’t keep doing new lessons for several hours when you run out. It is prohibitive, learning takes mistakes. And when you think you’re going to fail out of a lesson you end up checking up a lot on what you’re doing and not relying on your own growing knowledge. My friend’s app does not have the infuriating hearts feature. Thanks for your time, would really like some of these looked at..Version: 6.74.0

Why Duolingo plus?Microtransit actions annoyancesThis app is the best free language learning app at most, it’s heart system where you lose a heart each time you fail a question and then a whole lesson.And the only solution to this problem for us is to buy Duolingo plus to have infinite hearts.This honestly sucks cause you have to pay for it monthly or whatever just to learn a proper language or wait a few hours every day to get one or two hearts.Thanks Duolingo.Version: 6.58.0

Money hungry!We sit through ads, that we are told is for supporting free learning, and now you make it so much more difficult to learn on this app when you just want us to pay. you charge way too much. some of us have lost our jobs and cannot pay. you’ve taken away perks from the app that were helping me learn. i now have to pay gems to use certain features that were always free for me to use?? why??? i have spent countless hours on this app and watched literally a thousand ads to help support my free learning and apparently that was all for nothing. you are just slapping me in the face and i can no longer even use the timed experience ramp up challenge without buying it?? i am SO unimpressed and so disheartened by this change in the app. it has really killed my desire to practice and learn. and again, i’m months into a streak, practicing for at least 3-4 hours a DAY. you guys are ruthless. it’s so sad. truly sad..Version: 6.71.0

The Audio exercises for Spanish are very much lacking.The audio exercises in Spanish are extremely hit and miss in that you have to speak very loudly or shout into the microphone for it to understand you and a lot of the time no mater how well you repeat the term in Spanish it says you are wrong. The only way to get it right every time is to use memo on another device and play it back into the mic and so that works every time. So it seems you have to have absolute perfect tone speed and pitch with your voice for it to work. So a great deal needs to be done with the audio exercises for it to understand correctly human voices which don’t all sound the same and the human voice has many factors which determine how he or she sounds like age, ethnicity, gender etc. So I feel this is an annoying issue which needs to be addressed in future updates. The idea of audio exercises for languages is brilliant as learning a language does really require you to be able to speak the language in a way that people of a given country and language are able to understand you. So the audio exercises would be a very welcome update for languages like Greek but a lot of development work will need to be done for the app to understand different male and female voices for it to work as it should..Version: 6.123.1

Boring extra levelsFor a language app that you could successfully use for free it’s been pretty good overall, not sure how much I’d recommend it now. Really disappointed by the recent “extra levels” update that just repeats previously achieved levels ad nauseum, adding extra ways to lose health and reducing ways to renew it (ie A MONEY GRAB UPDATE). New levels don’t contain new words and they didn’t really give due credit for how well you already knew it. Removing the test out function made it extra frustrating. The update also removed the function where you could practice a specific topic to earn back health, now the practice is non-specific and repeats the overly easy stuff. Making it more boring and clearly intending to lose more health as opposed to learn more. Other annoyances include when I lose health for silly things, like how I express English when my answer is right but not exactly as expected - a more detailed report function would be good..Version: 5.2.17

Remove heartsThe app is great for learning new languages but when you limit the amount of learning that someone can do because of the mistakes they make it is unfair and a very unsuccessful way to learn. Mistakes are how we learn, right? If you remove the hearts people will learn faster and more effectively..Version: 6.32.0

Used to Love it! Hearts??? Really???I have been using this app for a while now. The new hearts system sucks. It is just a terrible idea to prevent someone from doing lessons because you ran out of hearts. Take this new feature out please..Version: 6.48.0

Counter Intuitive SystemIf I am trying to learn a language and I get a question wrong, I lose a life and am then restricted from learning the language. How am I supposed to improve if I am restricted from learning the language because I don’t know the language? This system does not help me learn the language and restricts my education..Version: 6.49.0

Disappointed..So, I wanted to get this app to learn Russian to speak to my Russian family in Belarus. When I got on the app I filled in my details however, putting in my old email that I don’t use anymore, thinking it wouldn’t matter. As I’m 11, i would have to go fill in more details that was sent to my old email address (even though I was on Duolingo plus which is an upgrade that you have to pay for monthly). I logged out off that account and cancelled the subscription in settings. Then, I downloaded duolingo again and put in my new email address and payed for the new upgrade. It wouldn’t let me pay and told me “unable to deliver product, contact support”. Even though the billing wouldn’t work, I assumed that I would have no subscription as it said that it wasn’t able to deliver product. But, I went in to settings to double check if it was billing me and, yes it was. I went back on the app however, it still had said I am not on ‘Duolingo Plus’ when I was getting billed for it. Please can Duolingo respond ASAP as I’m not sure what to do. To add on, it looks like a great app to learn, and that is why I am giving it 3 stars. If anyone could possibly find a way to help I would appreciate it as I was looking forward to learn Russian, many thanks.. - Charlotte.Version: 6.18.0

Monetization creepObviously Duolingo is focusing on monetization. This latest update is garbage designed to encourage free users to upgrade to premium. Get rid of the hearts and go to hell for ruining what was once one of the greatest apps to ever exist..Version: 6.43.0

Doesn’t make sense for languages with different alphabetsI was hoping to use duolingo to improve speaking Japanese and Greek, but the focus is on learning the alphabets rather than learning useful speaking phrases. With Japanese especially this isn’t particularly helpful. I was learning for weeks and the focus was just on hiragana (one of the three Japanese alphabets). In the short / medium term this is useless, in real world applications (eg if you’re in a train station), most Japanese will be be in kanji. Duolingo for Japanese is therefore almost completely useless for speaking and reading / writing as you get incredibly bogged down in alphabets before learning to say anything...and the main alphabet you learn isn’t particularly useful. There should be an option to learn languages for speaking, with the text written in romanised form. Most people using this app will want to use it for speaking. Similarly with greek, the duolingo system isn’t suited to learning alphabets. Again, after weeks, the phrases are totally random (‘The good popcorn’) because they are purely devised to teach you the alphabet. I have been to Greece and have never needed to say or write. ‘The good popcorn’. Phonetic phrases would be much better!.Version: 6.61.0

Hate the health bar and repetitive lessonsIt takes forever to just get 1 heart after I have made a mistake. The lessons are also very redundant and repetitive, it's like the same lesson 48 times.Version: 6.22.0

My answer to la leche is wrong even though I spell it right.This app has been very useful. My whole family speaks Spanish and they never taught me so I downloaded this app. Everything has been going good, but I have an issue with a lesson. So I decided to try and get all the crowns for the intro levels. I’m on level/crown 3 out of 6 and lesson 2 out of 4. Remember for this question, you have to complete 2 things to submit your answer. This question is talking about how to spell leche and choosing if la or el goes with it. So you choose la or el and of course I chose la because that is correct, then you have to type la leche. So when I’m trying to type la, the text box goes blank and you have to rewrite la, but this problem continues to occur when spelling la. So I put the word leche(milk) first and then take the blue like that’s there when you are typing and I put it in the beginning of the word leche and then type la in front of it with a space in between the 2 words. I then submit my answer thinking I’m clever and it would still work. Then it says my answer is wrong and it says you spell it like la leche, which is how I spelled it. I then report the answer, I retried this a few times and it still didn’t work. So I then skipped the level and went to the next level and was doing it until the same question popped up, just with different words. I then tried to answer it and it did the same exact thing. I’m just trying to complete my levels, someone please help..Version: 6.124.0

Changes are bad, and some don’t even earn you money.I hate this stupid health system. It makes my brain annoyed when I fail, therefore my brain doesn’t want to fail, therefore it becomes discouraged to risk failing. I do not like this change, why don’t you make it like your website? And also, I miss being able to choose which lessons do, that means I could keep practicing a lesson if I wanted to, and I could also practice everything in the whole subject. I also miss the cool robot things that you could kind of talk to. Sorry but I don’t understand where you’re going with this, it isn’t even making it pay to learn (besides health system), but even then people are just going to get annoyed. Please make it more like the website one, I don’t know if you’re trying to make this one more unique or something, but don’t. Besides that, I like the addition of Chinese and Japanese finally. You’re still the best app, but worse than you were before unfortunately..Version: 5.2.40

Poor Customer Support Ruins the ExperienceFirst of all, let me say that this is a good language learning app. It doesn’t do anything particularly revolutionary, all these language skill apps use much the same tried and tested principle, learning through repetition. Yes, it takes time, but you get out what you put in. However, there is one major issue. The app developers invite you to submit comments and support tickets, but my experience is one of simply being ignored. I have been using the app for about 15 months, after about 9 months of using it for free I decided to pay the annual subscription in order to support the developers. That is a mistake I am now beginning to regret. For about the past 6 weeks I have been encountering an error which has prevented me from taking advantage of the full functionality of the app. On 1 February I raised a support ticket, no response. Chased it 10 days later, still no response. Now, 22 days later, yes you guessed it, still no response. Very poor service indeed, clearly the developers do not care about their subscribers. I would raise a ticket and request a refund but I doubt I will get a response. Very disappointed. I hope my poor experience can serve to help you avoid a similarly frustrating experience..Version: 6.105.0

Horrible updateIt’s been a while since I’ve stopped using Duolingo due to an update I think which made it worse (in my opinion). I was at an intermediate state of my language learning when I started using Duolingo so having to do the simple exercises was a bit bothersome but I actually didn’t mind it because now thanks those exercises I can never forget some terms which was actually pleasing. It did get a bothersome to do that all the way through everything so I would just do the test and get past the level quick and since I was at intermediate I really enjoyed the test, I was getting past levels faster and I also learnt heaps until the update. The update or whatever required me to either use gems or join premium to do tests, which became extremely annoying for me because that is just outrageous. I may seem to be unreasonable but I have to get premium just because I want to do a test makes no sense they’re starting to want money more desperately, I just want to learn without getting the cash sign shoved in my face thank you very much..Version: 6.37.0

Great app, plagued by ads and money-grubbing schemeTl;dr – Great app to learn but only if you pay subscription. As a free user, you can get away with learning the basics before it gets too tiresome with all the ads and waiting for hearts (lives) to restore. Long version: This is my first time using Duo, the lessons are designed beautifully, and the gamification helps add fun to the learning. But, like so many other reviews have mentioned, the heart system and countless ads ruined the free user experience. You can get upto 5 hearts and even a simple mistake such as choosing a different verb form results in loss of a heart. As others have said, this puts the pressure on learner and it becomes more about getting the right answer through the system instead of learning. I don't think you can learn much in the free version, specially when difficulty of lessons increase as you progress in the course. You'll end up giving up instead of waiting for hearts and ads to finish. This is ironic considering that the founders of Duolingo built this app with the idea of free education. It doesn't seem like that's the point anymore..Version: 6.57.0

DuolingoI really like Duolingo, currently I am learning Spanish and French on it and I am progressing well. My only complaint is the life system, when you are learning things you are going to make mistakes. A lot of them. I am not saying you need to but it would be nice if you could remove it. I know we all want to be correct but it can’t happen first try. But everything else is good, I just don’t was to feel like I’m playing a silly game with lives Thank you If you read it.Version: 5.1.14

Restrictive learningI originally loved this app, it's fun and simplistic approach to learning allowed for quick and easy revision. Recent updates have made this impossible. The lives bar in the top right allows for roughly five mistakes a day. While some may argue this promotes more rigorous learning, it also limits the amount of activities and revision possible. This is because the lives carry over from previous activities. What makes this worse is that not only does running out of lives end an activity (which is partially understandable), there is an almost Facebook like recharge rate where you cannot start a new activity until the lives bar has had time to refill which I argue is ridiculous. On top of this there are ads after every activity which, while I understand fund the app, breaks up any semblance of continuous learning. There is also micro transactions in which you can pay for the lives bar to recharge which I find really greedy. I feel this greed has influenced many recent design decisions and crushes my love of this app. I have since uninstalled and am now writing this review to save people from wasting their time with this disgraced app. If the lives bar is rescinded and replaced with the original progress bar exclusive to each activity than I will return..Version: 5.1.25

Joke of an appThis app is an absolute joke. You need lives that take forever to refill and it’ll take away lives even when things are correct. I attempted to do a lesson for more xp and it told me I was incorrect 3 times when I was correct. Even took screen shots for proof.Version: 6.62.0

Money grubbing new ownersUpdate: Just when you think it couldn’t get worse...it finds a way! So they have taken the health system to be even more punishing. One of the few learning activities they wouldn’t take hearts away for before was a matching exercise. This made sense as it didn’t rely on clicking a “check” button. Today, I accidentally clicked on a card I didn’t mean to, and poof! One heart of 5 down. They claim that this is to prevent rushing through the material, but let’s be honest, it’s a “pain point “ to try and get users to pay for their “plus” membership. I am considering paying for my lessons, but it sure as hell won’t be Duolingo with their sneaky, underhanded tactics. From before: Studying Japanese, used to have no health bar, that changed without warning. Get rid of that health bar. Less likely to take risks to test myself now. Got rid of my ingots, for blue gems, did not feel like an equivalent exchange. I repeat, get rid of health bar. Also I would consider paying for subscription if it were more reasonably priced. Used to love Duolingo, now sorely disappointed..Version: 6.57.0

Duolingo AppGreat but could be better. My levels are too low. I don’t know why but listening comprehension is only available in French maybe it’s of higher level? Sometimes doesn’t sound, have to click again and again. Some French speakers isn’t from the main part of French speaking town Paris or Swiss French. I wish I could still get hearts from friends that’s already a member but I just added, as I am new but couldn’t get hearts from my friends since I downloaded app myself without recommendation. Would like to be able to interact with friends more..Version: 6.129.0

Great app, huge BUT…I love the app, BUT the health system is absolutely terrible! It actively discourages you from trying. FUN FACT, when you’re learning something, ESPECIALLY a new language you will make a LOT of mistakes, and the fact that you are forced to stop learning for the day you tried and it was wrong is terrible. It’s like if you got 4 wrong answers in a day at school and you we’re forced to go home for the day it makes literally no sense, and goes AGAINST their “mission” for free and accessible education. Solely for this reason I deleted the app as to have any real learning happening you are FORCED TO BUY DUOLINGO PLUS at $145 a year. Until they change this I cannot recommend this app.Version: 6.143.1

Voice and SoundThe app is great but it lowered it self because I remember when this was the TOP of education for learning a new language but now I think it's not as great as before. The heart system is okay but I wouldn't of added that, the ads are constant before they used to be none and now the Voices are TERRIBLE. When I was learning Korean I apparently kept getting it wrong which meant I lost a lot of hearts. Some of the alphabets don't even match the sound like 여 is for e but it doesn't sound like an e. Also when you learn actually words like Dragons the sounds are so sketchy, it doesn't even sound like it's being said by someone. I still use it in case my memrise is acting funny but it's not the best choice for learning a language. Guys, download memrise because not only they have great sounds, they don't get two letters and put them together and make you learn them. They actually do each letter separately them put the together. They also let you hear from a woman's voice and a man's voice, not only that but let you practice your pronunciation, strength words and let you hear local natives say the word and they make you try and Guess or write what they are saying in their language. But make sure you get membership for memrise as it way better. But still Duolingo is a backup don't use it as your main..Version: 5.2.7

Eh.I used to enjoy this app! i really did. but the health bar implementation is ridiculous imo. how are you going to punish people after making a mistake when they’re learning a brand new language, & then either make then wait or pay to continue? i don’t see this as an effective way to learn a language, nor is it encouraging. oh, and telling me every two minutes to buy duolingo plus isn’t going to make me buy it, jsyk..Version: 6.97.2

Used to be a good appWAS amazing. Not so much anymore. They made this app so that you are forced to learn the way they want you to learn. People all learn differently and repetitive learning is great for learning a language. THEY HAVE TAKEN THAT AWAY. There is one path and one path only. So many people have asked for a rollback on social media and duolingo is ignoring us. If they were to revert back and give us the option as to how to learn then it would be an AMAZING APP..Version: 6.178.0

Not free as advertisedOnce you get past the first level, and have committed to finishing the course, all of a sudden you are required to use gems and hearts in order to progress. If you answer a question incorrectly, if you make the slightest spelling mistake, or if you faithfully reproduce what the AI has said even though it has said it wrong, you lose gems and hearts. There is nothing you can do about this, there is no way to get back gems that you have wrongfully lost. The AI at half speed is quite accurate, but at full speed it is full of mistakes and not to be trusted. If you lose all of your gems then you are forced to buy a subscription to Duolingo plus. This is the entire reason for the apps existence, to either force you to watch ads, or to buy a full subscription. This app is in no way free as advertised. A lot of the phrases that should be excepted aren’t, and if you go to the discussions and read about them, you’ll see that been reported multiple times over the last four years with nothing being done. I couldn’t recommend this app less..Version: 6.44.0

Horrible updateThe new update changed how the app and program works. It’s horrible for someone who has been using all along. The program changed. Cutting my lesson short and putting me in another lesson without the proper training. Also, the levels have changed forcing us to take part in stories. The new update is horrible. Probably will have to find another program..Version: 6.178.0

Right now Duolingo wouldn’t dare offer a live invitation to rate their appAn open invitation to rate them would absolutely tank their current good rating. Right now I’d be happy to give them 0 STARS After having earned a winning streak of almost a year, I lost it by minutes on the daylight saving time change over. It would cost me $10 to restore it- with no option of using gems! I found that so offputting that I stopped using the app for over two months. That’s getting close to the cost of a punitive parking ticket. Duolingo has totally abandon good pedagogy in adopting a punishment mode to force you to upgrade. Punishment is totally effective as a motivator for learning. In fact, is is counterproductive Now that I’ve come back to it I’m even more put off. You now need to maintain hearts in order to progress through a lesson. This will cost you 450 gems. Your errors never used to impede your ability to move to your daily goal. You just got an extra question and a reduced bonus. NO PUNISHMENT! Now you have to keep buying the hearts or you have to start the lesson completely over even if you were just one question away from finishing it! What a put-off. My first review lesson was very complex in its use of grammar, specific irregular verbs, and specific situations for pronouns, adjectives and articles. I kept making a different little mistake in many my do-overs and burned through a lot of hearts. That’s when I learned that you lost everything if you didn’t buy. Also frustrating is that Doulingo is totally unforgiving if you so much as mis-type one letter a name. It used to be a lot easier to forgive them their imperfections when you weren’t being fined for them. There also is no refund when you are fined for a correct answer- one that you share with them to help them improve. To Duolingo: I’ve been watching your ads to help keep this free. Some users cannot afford your fees, others will struggle with them- but make them a priority, others can afford them, and some could afford to pay more. That has always been the spectrum of your clients. You have forgotten your roots and your early mission. Your continued message of ”working to keep the working to keep Duolingo free” is becoming exceedingly hypocritical. I can’t help but wonder if you have a director and staff driving your new changed mission with a sub-plot of creating and keeping very well-paid jobs. I volunteer for hundreds of hours a year, and it saddens me to see these changes. Maybe you should get rid of the dishonest manipulation and do something like Wikipedia. They have a link that takes you to an explanation of their financing and have a donation button. They also are struggling, but they’re being honest in their struggle, not manipulative. Manipulating just diminishes the humanitarian aspect of helping individuals to learn a new language, many of which will be newcomers to the countries they live in or want to work in. It also diminishes the value of the work that your volunteers do, and have done, for altruistic reasons. Do please consider do please consider on doing this last cash grab undoing this last ill-thought cash grab..Version: 6.49.0

DestroyedThe update to the path interface has really destroyed the product. I was thinking about upgrading to a subscription before, but now I’m thinking about uninstalling..Version: 6.184.0

ReviewWhen I first started learning with Duolingo I found it fun and very good to revise vocabulary. This was five years ago and I used the lessons for both Italian and French. Then I took a break for a while and started again more recently and have been totally irritated with hearts and gems and all sorts of ridiculous things. I don’t get what they are about,other than to make you look at ads. I can see that ads are an important revenue, and I do stop and look sometimes when it is something I am interested in, otherwise I don’t. E.G. Who wants to look at a dog food advert when you don’t own a dog??? The necessity to have hearts thing drives me crazy. Is there an explanation for these hearts and gems etc somewhere?.Version: 6.70.1

Updates are ruining this appI love language learning, I am starting a degree in German next year and probably wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for Duolingo. But with all the new updates I can barely stand the app. The new health system is ridiculous! I have completed the German tree and would now like to level up topics but after 5 mistakes I have to either buy a health refill, wait a day for them to refill or practise to refill them. While I would like to practise my German, the current practise forces you to practise topics from the very beginning of the tree. I don't need to be reminded how to say bread and water!! Duolingo needs to create some sort of algorithm to choose a suitable level to begin practising from because I can't learn anything from the end of the tree without having to practise the most basic things to refill my health. It's just ridiculous, duolingo is putting making money before a good learning experience. I can accept adverts and some in app purchases but the health system needs to be fixed. The desktop version is still quite good, but they need to sort the app out because they are losing some of their oldest users with their pointless updates. I enjoy using memrise much more nowadays as I can practise at the level I'm at without my session being interrupted by me being forced to practise the most basic greetings and verb conjugation. Sort yourself out duolingo!.Version: 5.2.30

Health Update = A Mistake!I’ve been using this app for a number of years and was recommending it to everyone as the best way to learn a new language. Working with French people it was handy to dip into to improve the skills I learnt at school to exchange the odd sentence with them. I didn't even mind the adverts as they were non-intrusive and bearable to watch between modules (as I didn’t keep having to turn the volume down like on other apps). However I have just gone into the app for the first time since the “crown” update and can say that I will not be using your app again. Firstly all the basic modules that i had completed now state that I have extra work to do on them. Secondly when picking words to complete translations, the system is too sensitive and did not allow me to finish picking before telling me I was wrong. Finally, this has meant that after about ten questions my life ran out and I have to wait four hours to participate again. I appreciate that you were providing this app for free, and it was an amazing learning tool, but this change will mean that people cannot study when they have time to as completing ten questions then having to wait almost 24 hours (in my personal circumstances) to try again will mean they look at other options. Come on developers, think logically before you install such app-altering updates!.Version: 5.2.20

Preposterous New UpdateThe new update is lazy, unintuitive, and frankly just overall worse. You have completely disregarded thousands of loyal users who have been using the platform with no issues by changing it completely to a redundant, quite useless update. We used to be able to focus on multiple lessons at a time, while also being able to go back, review, and practice in areas where we were not confident. The old layout was user friendly, adaptable, and it was quite easy and fun to use. If you got tired of one area of language, you could move on to another and go back to what was frustrating you at a later time without hindering your progress. Now, if you get stuck on something, or don’t want to do a specific exercise at that time. You are forced with either losing your streak or forcing yourself through an activity you have no motivation for. There are also absolutely NO indication of what the next course will be about. Verbs? Transportation? Daily life? Where did the categories go? My grandmother is 77 years old. She has been using Duolingo for around 2-3 years to help teach her different languages. And she has absolutely loved it. Every day for the past 2+ years I have heard her spend countless hours on Duolingo. Lately she’s lucky to spend more than 20 minutes on it before it becomes too boring and tedious for her. How do you expect users to want to continue learning if you have made it nearly impossible? How is it that in this new update you’ve seemed to completely ignore the very people who’ve made your app so widely used? You admit you’re hearing the app for “new users” but what about the old users who are the very reason your app does so well? Maybe you should actually listen to what your users are wanting out of this app instead of being capitalist pigs focused on brining in as many new users and paying subscribers as possible..Version: 6.183.1

This is a problemWhen I started 2 days ago on Chinese mandarin I was really enjoying it, it was fun seeing stuff come back to me (since I had already learnt some Chinese cause I took private lessons from prep/kindergarten-yr4) but today I logged on and my account wasn’t their and I had to restart. I tried saying I already had an account but it just kept saying that wasn’t an account or try again later! Please fix this. I got this app because my auntie originally requested this to me so us could do extension studies on mandarin. My auntie is on such a high level she can compete in leagues and she is on the ruby league. I am quite good at Chinese so I bet I can get to that level so when I logged on and my account wasn’t there I got frustrated, so this is the point I am trying to make, if I somehow got myself to the diamonds league and my account got deleted I would have to start all over again. This is a big inconvenience! Overall if you fixed this problem then I think this would overall be a great app. Good job.Version: 6.97.2

New PATH Update is Annoying & FrustratingI gave myself 3 days to get used to the August 2022 PATH update, and I’m still lost. It is extremely difficult to identify completed lessons for targeted review and practice, which is important. This update has completely disrupted learning and study habits for many users. Therefore, I can’t rate any higher than one star at this time..Version: 6.178.0

Great lessons, tiny fontDuolingo is an excellent language-learning platform, but I find myself running into a frustrating aspect of the app design: their text font is absolutely minuscule. Despite having a 12.9” iPad screen to work with, all of the words are tiny and take up a small fraction of the available space. This is especially bothersome when studying Japanese, as most kanji are nigh unreadable without peering right up to the screen. Changing the default text size on iOS doesn’t seem to affect Duolingo, so this likely needs to be made into an option within the app itself. A fix in this regard would be much appreciated. :).Version: 6.100.0

Mauvaise appliDepuis sa mise à jour que je n’avais pas je ne peux plus pratiquer autant qu’avant avec Duolingo car il y a maintenant des vies c’est vraiment stupide quand qu’on veut vraiment apprendre l’anglais....Version: 6.57.0

Learning path update has ruined a good thingI’m a long time user of Duolingo- 8 years. I’ve seen a number of changes in the app, most of them positive. However, the new learning path is a disaster. For those of us who have been using the app for a long time, the new UI completely negates all of our previous work. I will only continue to use this app if an option to revert back to the previous learning path is offered to users..Version: 6.179.0

GLITCHYI used to love this app so much that I bought a subscription which I have had for several months now. Too often when I participate in the challenge, I get the “something went wrong” message and cannot get access to it for several hours. Additionally, is the aggravating glitch of tapping on French words to form sentences and instead of the correct word, a string of French I do not understand is substituted! This has been occurring for several weeks. I have written to Duolingo’s support team but have not heard back yet. I have cancelled my subscription until these problems are rectified. I will update my review then. As an update: I have had this app for about a year. It has been very useful in learning the basic French I want to surprise my goddaughters’ family with when I visit them in France. I had Duolingo Plus for a few months, but discontinued when problems were never addressed such as the wrong translations for basic French words and phrases, ZERO feedback from customer service and the ever constant “something went wrong” message which disallows playing in the experience challenge. To this day, NONE of these problems have been resolved. An additional annoyance is the app has for two consecutive weeks not awarded the 1500 gems for earning first place in league play. There has been no response from Duolingo as to why. Seemingly no attention to these continuing issues is the reason I will tolerate the 5 heart system and advertisements, as annoying as they are..Version: 6.106.1

Do not get the free trialI downloaded Duo to lean German which I had learnt a few years ago. The app is great for refreshing the memory on things you knew and developing your knowledge even further. The biggest negative I have experienced is that I was offered a free trial for the DuoPlus which gives you unlimited hearts. The free trial is for a week period. I agreed for the free trial however didn’t really see the benefits of having the DuoPlus and the unlimited ‘lives’ in my learning. My free trial ended and I unfortunately did not manage to cancel it in time and now I have a 1year subscription which I did not want. I was irritated that I got lots of notifications to get the trial and absolutely non to warn me that the trial was ending so I could cancel it. I’m also extremely annoyed that after the trial they automatically make you go on a 1 year subscription for £75. This just seems like a way to make money on those who forget to cancel as the subscription couldn’t be cancelled. There are also options for a 1 or 6 month subscription however you are automatically given the most expensive (1year) subscription. Very unhappy with this and will probably be deleting the app as I’m too annoyed to continue learning using this platform knowing that they have taken a large sum of money for a subscription I do not want..Version: 6.66.0

Used to enjoy itI was really enjoying DuoLingo until the most recent update. I am not interested in buying gems to pay fo the legendary levels - or even using my hard-earned gems to pay for them. It’s a shame you got rid of the hard practice levels, so now I am just stuck with the easy practice levels. You are already making plenty of money from this app, with all the very invasive advertising, you don’t need to turn the screw any more. What was a pleasurable activity, where I really felt I was learning, has now become a lot more tedious. I can put up with the ads, but would just like to go back to the choice of easy or hard practice. You’ve now spoilt it. Am now looking for an alternative. I was also doing the leagues and got to the diamond league, but decided not to continue with the leagues as someone just zoomed to the top by using bots. When I checked his data he had “been studying stories” continuously for 19 hours! I don’t really understand the reasoning behind this, as it doesn’t mean he actually learns anything - so there isn’t any point in cheating in the leagues. However when I reported him, you did nothing, thus I dropped out of the leagues. So what was a nice app is now irreversibly broken - unless you fix it, that is..Version: 6.130.0

Please take off hearts.I loved this app so much! it was a great way to learn a language without any pressure, and it made learning fun too! but then you added the hearts. the WORST thing you could do. please take them off! you’re literally holding people back from learning! punishing them if we get it wrong, OF COURSE WE ARE GOING TO GET THINGS WRONG, we are literally learning a new language ON AN APP. anyways, please take them off! :(.Version: 6.123.0

Good but buggyI’ve been using Duolingo for a while now. I am very happy with the content and the speed to which I am learning. I have found that unless you pay for the service for either one month at a time or for six months as a bundle you lose lives very quickly. It then takes over four hours to replenish said lives once you have lost them all. However, my husband has noted that you can do lessons on the desktop and not loose any at all! This is a disparity between different platforms and as such should be addressed. I am using both my iPhone SE and iPad mini 4, for my lessons and find that it can take a while for content to load for both lessons and skip a level activities. Sometimes the male speaker sounds unclear when he speaks at normal speed and sounds almost patronising at slow speed in the Spanish course. This is where lives can be and are often lost! The other point that must be made is that AMERICAN ENGLISH is being used rather than ENGLISH ENGLISH so you can also be penalised for this too! Ironically though I have lost lives for my incorrect English spellings!!!!!! This needs sorting out Duolingo. The Ads are a bloody pain. I used to be a pro member but I did notice that at each upgrade they increased the cost of subscriptions. No more cash out of me thanks very much Duolingo. Also, why are there only stories for European languages and not all languages? Stories have very much helped me to learn faster and put words into context..Version: 6.151.1

Slowly getting worseDuolingo is an enjoyable app to use and has always been pleasant despite the abundance of ads. Recently they added in “hearts” which will shatter when you get an answer wrong, then you have to “refill” said hearts by purchasing them with in app currency known as “gems”. These gems can be earned by completing lessons, but of course you can also buy them. Your hearts will regenerate over time but your max is five at a time (i.e. five mistakes). Basically, this means now you will be spending less time on the app unless you are an ace at the language you are learning, or if you refill your hearts. Personally, I don’t even spend my gems on hearts because I don’t really want to support a system like this. Though if I did, I wonder how long it would take me to deplete all my gems, leaving me with the only option of buying them. It’s safe to say that this addition of hearts is disappointing and the decision to do so was clearly driven by money. I understand that it’s a free app, but I’m sure they’re making a decent amount from the number of ads in their app. I give Duolingo a 3/5. Unfortunately this score doesn’t regenerate..Version: 6.79.0

BRING BACK CONVERSATIONS, please.Hi, I have been a user of Duolingo for many years and when you got rid conversations I was devastated and noticed my ability to learn languages decreased drastically and I found my motivation levels to drop rapidly and I just didn't want to use the app anymore. I found the 'conversation' using AI 'people' conducting these conversations with you was a great way for me to grasp how to construct sentences and apply the words I had learnt during recent lessons. I really like the addition of 'stories' in the new updates of Duolingo, but I wish that Duolingo had BOTH stories and conversations, I love both and they teach in different ways than just lessons. I am a disappointed customer asking the developers to bring conversations back, I dearly liked conversations and I dearly like stories I don't like how the developers keep trading off first, conversations for, I believe it was, practicing, then practicing for stories. I really liked all of these but found conversations to be the best learning tool for me and then stories and then practicing to be the least helpful in my quest to be bilingual and to be able to use the new language in real life in a real context. So please, developers I ask you to bring back conversations. Just please don't take stories too..Version: 6.79.0

I came here to learn a languageI downloaded this expecting to learn a language and not have to worry about making mistakes. It’s treated like a game with hearts and when those are gone it’s the worst thing possible I’m sorry but the app is bad with the whole game setup.Version: 6.61.0

New path update isn’t goodThe new path update is confusing and annoying. I hate how I can no longer choose what I want to learn, how I can no longer skip ahead and how things are not properly split up based on the content. Why is stories not on a separate tab like they were before, I want to be able to do stories whenever I want. There should be an option for all users to be able to switch between the 2 different paths at any time they choose. The fact that this was not properly play tested and even though a large majority dislike this change is disgraceful for a company of this size. I had no problems with Duolingo before this update, but until you give an option to revert the path update then I will only be completing the easiest lesson to keep my streak. One again this change was pathetic and whoever approved this change should rethink their position at this company..Version: 6.175.0

New path update sucks. Give us the option to change backReally bad new update. I thought it wasn’t so bad until I went to my first units I already did and boom there’s words I haven’t even learned yet. Also lost my august challenge progress with the update too. I don’t know if I have to go back so I don’t get screwed over for not understanding words that mysteriously popped up or if I’m just gonna have to give up the app and look for something else. Between how gamified this app is and this massive obstacle, I’m discontinuing my massive streak and looking for another learning app. I feel like everything I worked for was pretty much thrown away and I don’t wanna be working on a n app that decides to put words and lessons I didn’t complete, in my completed path. Zero sense.Version: 6.178.0

😡Ok i thought that this was going to help me learn Spanish but it taught me how messed up this app is. you need hearts to learn. And keeps reminding me about the plus thing. Im sorry (not) but this app was a huge disappointment😡.Version: 6.50.0

Hate the new updateThis was an amazing app and then they went and changed it for some reason. It was great and fun and I was actually learning but with the new version I am having a much harder time. If it doesn’t switch back, I may have to find another app..Version: 6.179.0

Heart system is stupidIt won’t work out if waiting for whole 24 hrs to have full health, learning language is about making mistakes, the heart system is just another level stupidness, used to love it but now no more..Version: 6.48.0

Heart are a NuisanceSince the 5 heart came into play, I feel threatened when I make a mistake and lose a heart. I want the former version back..Version: 6.65.0

Very good, but flawsI have just recently started using this app the help me speak to my polish friend and her family, so far i have found it very useful. Few flaws though. First, duoplus. I have heard people being scammed by this but i do not know if it has been changed or not, if not PLEASE change it and fix it. Its not right to make someone pay for something they dont want. Second, i dont think that it is fair that you have “lives” because you cant learn when you want to if u loose all your lives and it takes 5 HOURS FOR JUST ONE LIFE😡 and you should have NO lives and just be able to practice when you want to because its not fair u have to pay. What if people cant afford it and they REALLY need to learn a language? It should just be free because it is a really important skill to learn a language. And we shouldnt be slowed down from learning because we cant afford duoplus. So PLEASE PLEASE take away duoplus so we can practice however long we want with no lives to worry about and practice our mistakes for free. Just remove duoplus and make it free! Fine if u want to make the app cost a bit of money but just remove duoplus and make all that stiff free!.Version: 6.131.1

Find it presumptuousI liked the app at first as I was using it to keep my Spanish fresh. I am not a beginner but feel that anyone starting from scratch would be losing lives at an extraordinary rate as new words just pop up and it could be a guessing game if you are new to a language. It is also way too picky and grades as incorrect some perfectly acceptable answers. Been using for just over a week and am already fed up with it. I find the Plus version to be rather pricey and have read reviews which suggest that the hearts are not really unlimited so will pass. The more i use this the more i start to hate it. It seems to work with little knowledge of how English (and sometimes Spanish) sentences can be constructed. Translations are not always literal and it is annoying to be underscored when absolutely sure an entry is correct. In the UK i can go into a shop and ask to “Try a shirt” We don;t always say try on, indeed seldom do. However Duolingo rejects this translation. Sometimes it gives alternatives, and in cases like this this is what they should do. As a student I would be terribly discouraged. A couple of weeks after starting this review, i have downgraded it for the reasons stated and also because the constant ads for the plus version are really annoying. Got a free trial of plus for gaining something and every second step i take it reminds me I am no longer a member of Duo Plus…….Yes thanks i know..Version: 6.133.0

The heart system takes the learning experience awayI’m learning Spanish on this app. You can only make 5 mistakes or else you need to wait to have the heart restored to continue. Many times I just have a very small translation error in English which the translation is definitely still right but the app won’t accept my answer - then I lost a heart. I just don’t understand if it’s necessary to have the heart system if I really want to learn. You can have me watch those ads after each lesson, and I’ll still continue study on this app and spend more time on this app. But it just feels like I cannot make mistakes with the heart system. Like don’t we learn from our mistakes? Sometimes I’m learning a new grammar of course I’m going to make some mistakes. I don’t know which program manager of your team came up with this idea but this person should be fired. The original goal of this app to HELP people LEARN languages, but now with the heart system it forces people to spend less time on the app, cannot make more than 5 mistakes, and just give customers a ugly-looking feeling of just want us to look ads so you can make more money. Also, you need to make sure what you are teaching is at least correct. The present tense and normal tense is always messed up in this app. Many times the translation is in present tense but they want you to write Spanish in normal tense and vice versa. I’m not sure if this is helping people to learn or making them more confused..Version: 6.173.1

It’s not what it used to beDuolingo used to be a great app for learning new languages, however Over the last year or so it has gone from wanting to help people learn, to more about making money. It is extremely hard to want to use this app due to it forcing you to pay to be able to learn a language. I understand it’s free to download and stuff but try learning a language when you can’t do any lessons because you’re out of hearts and they recharge one every 5 hours. I understand that there are ways to earn hearts in game by watching adverts and practices but the adverts can’t be watched all the time, the game has to offer them to you and practices are so long and sometimes very very hard. In conclusion if you want to spend hundreds of dollars for this app when you could just pay for real life classes which would be cheaper.. go for it. If you don’t like the idea of spending money then this app is not for you. Maybe if it was cheaper and had the option to only subscribe for weeks or months st a time it would feel better. But I will not pay hundreds of dollars for an app I will only use for like 3 weeks a year..Version: 6.88.0

Scammed me £78/$101After being offered the two week free subscription I comprehensively checked the subscription details, it said that after the two weeks you would have to manually renew your subscription and choose between the 1 month, 6 month and 1 year options. Yesterday I was charged £78 as not only did it automatically renew my subscription, but it automatically chose the most expensive option, which completely contradicted what I was told about manual renewal. In a rush to get the refund I was entitled to, I applied through apples refund system as an unwanted subscription, but shortly after this I checked the Duolingo website to see if I could find a number to call to ensure my refund request went through. I found a page that told me that if I hadn’t cancelled the subscription before appealing for a refund, I would not get one. This was not clear enough before the fact and I did not cancel it before appealing as I didn’t want to confuse apples system into thinking I never payed anything. This means I most likely will never receive a refund even though it has not even been 48 hours since my 1 year subscription has begun. Although I do appreciate this app as a very useful tool in learning new languages, I believe the way they conduct business is very poor and borderline scammer esc. I’d like my refund..Version: 6.77.0

Took my familyI used to love this app but honestly Im disappointed. I was consistent for about a week but after I missed just TWO days, the Duolingo Bird came at night and kidnapped my entire family. Please bring them back, i really miss my Grandma. Also the notifications saying they’re gonna stop feeding them if i dont take my french lessons. I am scared, Karen already took most of my kids but Duo took my whole family and im afraid that it might find and take my dad who went missing after going to get some milk seven years ago. And please dont attack me!!!.Version: 6.61.0

Used to be amazing...Before their terrible monetization scheme this was the best free language app out there. Now, it’s completely ruined. Instead of encouraging mistakes as you learn, it punishes you for each one, making each lesson seem like a pressure test. I used to recommend this app to anyone, but I will no longer do so. The health system on a timer is something I want no part of. If money isn’t an issue for you, it’s still probably a fine app with the monthly subscription fee, but the value for free users has completely been scraped from the program..Version: 5.2.61

Is this really the most useful?Hi guys, when I first downloaded this app I was really happy when it came to my confidence slowly growing and I was thinking to myself I could actually learn Japanese. Then I came across a little problem, the way the app teaches you is you don’t learn how to construct sentences which is vital when learning any language, but instead you learn the common phrases. And I bet there are thousands of common phrases that this app could force you to memorise along with the minimum standard of 2,000 kanji characters. I find that this is the least effective way of learning a language such as Japanese especially when your first language is English. If it were me I would teach the basic alphabets (hiragana and katakana) teach them a few basic words and then teach them how to construct basic sentences instead of having them memorise literally thousands of phrases, then they begin learning kanji and then more complicated sentence structures and then the rest is is just expanding their vocabulary. I find that this method is easier more effective and quicker when learning literally any language. And if people are facing similar issues with other languages I would like you to consider doing a huge overhaul over all of your language courses. Until then I will be trying to find someone or something which could make learning a language easier, thank you..Version: 5.2.62

Bye bye learning...I use to LOVE duolingo app for learning Spanish... that is until they turned to a “health system” and you require lives to learn. When learning a new language you are going to make mistakes and if you have to wait a full day to earn lives you will never learn at that rate. I’m on an 80 day strike and up until today I didn’t need lives to learn and I would really learn by completing 20+ lessons in an hour. Now I cannot get through 4 because I’m out of lives!! Please take this option away! Even the version you pay for requires lives!! That’s so ridiculous. I use to recommend this app to anyone who wanted to learn a language and I no longer will be! This app is designed to learn not play. If I wanted to earn lives to play I would play candy crush..Version: 6.48.0

Used to be great …Unfortunately, changes to this app have made it far less enjoyable to use. This is what can happen when app developers decide they need to generate a revenue stream, I guess. Far too complicated a system of rewards that one has to navigate one’s way through, if one wants to stay on a ‘free’ plan. My advice to developers: Don’t clutter up your app with all those messages and convoluted reward systems. Make it clear up front that your app is either free (with frequent ads to support) or an ad-free subscription service. Get rid of all the other nonsense. I’ll probably just delete the app. Not interested in yet another subscription, and no patience for earning tokens at a snail’s pace..Version: 6.173.1

Please remove the 5 daily hearts.I’m learning Arabic currently and this is great for learning the sounds and letters. It’s a great starting point and I loved how they used to just put quick adds after every lesson if you didn’t have the premium, which I saw as more than fair. However now they’ve started adding 5 daily hearts (you loose a heart after every mistake) and once you’ve used them up you have to wait 5 hours for them to refill. What I loved about Duolingo is that it really did encourage free education, in place for a very quick add after each lesson that you could click off of after 2 seconds. However it seems now they’ve taken to the tactic of trying to pressure you to pay to get “unlimited hearts”. I know that they’re a company and they need to profit but surely they have plenty of people who pay premium and get more than enough money from add revenue. I even just saw one of their own adds “support free education, join premium” ...I mean.... doesn’t that contradict the add in itself? I’m just really disappointed that Duolingo has gone down this path by trying to force people to buy the premium version. It’s very disappointing because it is a great app..Version: 6.47.2

SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE!!!It’s a good app, I love being able to do practices as many times as I want. It’s easy to use, no struggles. I personally don’t mind the occasional pop up add, but you might. HOWEVER! Despite doing exterior revising out of the app I still struggle to remember certain variations of words and their spellings. Why? I feel as if the app does provide enough opportunities to help with memorisation. It’s very good for content. But the majority of the tasks are simple selections which can be done quickly without thought. Leading to me struggling to remember what word means what when they look similar to others. But when selecting it’s obvious which one it is cause they’re so easy! Maybe provide extracts or something like that which we can translate? I love this apps basic guidance. But I think you need to offer more support to your learners for memorisation. Or able to have easy accessibility to a dictionary for the language? I’m currently learning German, and I’m struggling to memorise the words from as I explained. Therefore to really benefit your users and get 5 stars, you should provide more presentations of the content to help with learning. For example, as mentioned, extracts, Flashcards, dictionary or even short videos we can translate. Please take into consideration my suggestions! It would really help us users!!.Version: 6.25.0

Lacks explanationThe only downfall of the app is that it doesn’t explain why an answer is wrong. For instance, if you use the masculine version of a word but the correct version is feminine, it would notify that your answer is incorrect but wouldn’t provide the correct answer, or an explanation. I find when learning a new language that it’s easiest to remember how to structure sentences and spell words correctly if I understand why..Version: 5.2.37

Disappointed with the gemsI really like Duolingo. I used it years ago before the 5-life limit and decided to use it again (free version). I’m ok with the lives, as you are able to get them back through practice or by using your gems. However, the practice has a bug (or so it seems to me), if you use it too much at some point the practice lesson won’t work. Hence, no more lives. No problems with this neither as I still had the gems to buy 5 lives (350 gems). HOWEVER, with the recent updates, you badly get any gems once you earn a crown (it used to be 50) now if I get 7 I’m lucky. Plus, after completing the setup daily challenge you won’t get any gems. This makes me feel demotivated as I’m not getting valuable prizes for my progress that I can later use to keep using the app for a longer time (if you run out of lives that’s it until the life span gets full again, which takes about an entire day). The gems are also useful if you don’t want to lose your streak (200 gems per day missed). This also feels gone. So instead of enjoying using Duolingo and put challenges to my self (e.g let’s get X crowns today or reaching X streak) I find myself more worried about how many gems I’m spending so I can have enough lives for mistakes and to keep my streak. I’m still using Duolingo. But to be entirely honest, I see myself changing to another app anytime soon if it continues like this as it has been limiting me more than it should..Version: 6.48.2

French ReviewVery thorough, but some answers just do not make sense. On one occasion it took me five attempts to answer correctly in American English! Not that any of my previous answers were incorrect. The timed exercises seem nothing more than a way to make extra money by extracting payments to ensure you complete the sections so you do not have to go back to the start. My main concern is that there is so very leeway in the way you have to answer. For my part, learning a language is about being able to communicate, not about being able to say everything in a perfectly grammatical way. I never expect to get rid of my English accent and nor do I ever expect to be able to speak French fluently. I simply want to be able to hold conversation at a good level. I have been told by natives, that in normal everyday speech in France, the future tense now uses the system with “aller” instead of the way I was formerly taught in school by adding set endings to the infinitive. As yet I have not seen that, although there is section in the “old” style. Is there, therefore going to be, a full and proper use of normal, everyday French, which might be called “street French” and slang, etc. That, for me, remains to be seen..Version: 6.152.0

Lose the hearts feature!Duolingo is a great app and I have been brushing up on my French which has been made enjoyable by the user interface and the mix of speaking and writing challenges. All of which are ruined by the stupid hearts/lives which run out as you make mistakes. When you’re out, you basically can’t use the app to learn until they refill after 5 hours! So many others have stopped using the app due to this and what’s worse is that some users don’t have the feature at all, making it seem unfair that some have it and some don’t. Please get rid of the hearts: they ruin an otherwise great language learning app..Version: 6.62.0

Original & Fun but Many IssuesThe earn heart function by watching an ad, once again is not working. Very frustrating! It’s a great and free way of learning - no books or having to write stuff down, but I have been frustrated by many problems with it. I am using the free option which allows you to learn but you have to earn hearts to permit any mistakes - so if you have 3 hearts you can make 3 mistakes before your session is forced to end (unless you subscribe to the chargeable version). Hearts are awarded after a number of hours and then you can earn more hearts by watching an ad. More hearts = more mistakes permitted for you to carry on learning. No hearts = you cannot continue until your credit of hearts is topped up. My issue with Duolingo is that I used to be able to earn hearts by watching an ad but after 3 days when the tab appeared for me to earn more hearts by watching an ad, whenever I press it nothing happens. Which is rubbish. Also I was awarded 2 days free use of Duo Lingo Plus (a paid option) when I soared through the training. But when I clicked the tab to access the 2 free days of Plus I got message saying ‘A problem has occurred please try later.’ Im sure these are all tools being applied to force me to subscribe to the paid option - which I will not purely because I do not like to be manipulated by an organisation!.Version: 6.144.0

Some problemsI have three problems with this: A. From time to time they just remove your streak freeze even though you don’t miss a day. I use either my iPhone or iPad to do Duolingo. It then synchronises the score. I’ve watched as it synchronised the two downwards and confiscated my streak freeze. What is supposed to be an incentive becomes a disincentive. B. Colloquial translations. In many cases when translating Japanese where a literal translation is unhelpful, they instead us a colloquial translation. Some of these are peculiar or US. The former generally use a strange word order and the latter are not used by non-Americans and you have to remember these unfamiliar word usages or you’ll be marked wrong. I am not using Duolingo to learn US English but Japanese. C. Introduction of kanji or alternative vocabulary. Often when a new kanji is introduced it doesn’t sound when you pick it. Alternative vocabulary for a meaning is introduced all at once leading to considerable confusion and retroactive inhibition..Version: 6.18.0

I was a fan before the update.I was using this app multiple times a day every day for over a month and couldn’t believe such a perfect app for learning new languages existed! I loved how clearly labeled the lessons were and how you could go back and revisit ones you had to work on a bit more and keep going over the same sections until you had grasped the lessons confidently. This update progressed me past lessons I had not finished and wasn’t confident in and the lessons aren’t labeled in any way that you can revise and work on areas you aren’t quite grasping. The update they have put out feels more like a downgrade. This new update has completely discouraged my learning and I’ve gone from well over a month of every day use and excitement to use the app to getting notifications about losing my streak and being out of the streak freezes and doing one lesson and refilling streak freezes. My progress isn’t very clear and when I get into a lesson I’m not ever entirely sure what the lesson is going to be about and struggle to prepare for it. I guess the app as it is now would have been fine if I had never used the the old dilungo although I’m not sure I would have stuck with it the way I’ve stuck with and loved the pre updated app. I very rarely purchase subscription to anything and I was looking at doing the yearly family subscription before the update. Unfortunately I’m looking into new language apps. It’s such a shame..Version: 6.181.0

RuinedI used Duolingo to learn German years ago with great success! Logged in again to learn a new language...to my surprise you completely ruined the app. The hearts scam is ridiculous and puts a learning cap on people’s progress! With the amount of ads you’ve thrown into the app, forcing us to pay for grammatical mistakes is ridiculous! You’re taking advantage of people, particularly immigrants who are already struggling in new countries with underpaid jobs because we don’t speak the language. To add to the joke, your ads are all about helping immigrants and providing education free to those in need! As if I’m not one of those people and you’re attempting to gouge me for money I don’t have. You offer an ad free paid version already, why add hearts to the mess? It’s disgusting. The learning platform is great. The problem is greed based education. Sort it out!.Version: 6.86.0

Speaking Recognition Basically UselessI’ve been using duolingo on and off over the past 6 years and it used to be really good. I’m not bitter about changing it from free to monetised but christ, after every single lesson the app hit you with an add and proceeds to remind you to buy a subscription. I was considering a subscription but the French course had some recent changes that I really dislike. The voices used to be really good and clear but have been swapped with some more comedic ones that are incredibly silly, annoying and frankly not very realistic. (The squeaky female one is absolutely awful) I’d be okay to just bear with this but I’ve noticed that the french speaking lessons have become completely pointless… regardless of how badly I pronounce words or even if I leave some out or say the wrong thing - it just accepts the audio input as correct. The voice and inflection recognition used to be excellent and now it doesn’t seem to work at all. Only just a quibble, but I’m also not a fan of all of the new animations. They’re well done, don’t get me wrong, but completely unnecessary and distracting. I just want to get on with my lessons and not be disrupted by little animations all the time..Version: 6.124.0

Path and learning ruined for free and paid subscribersThe path style before was 10 units and you knew what you were studying with each topic. The current path style is basically as though each topic has become its own unit, which also is wrong… on unit 15 “Say where people are from” I am learning about how people are feeling and I’ve notice this inaccuracy on other units. I thought maybe the second half prepares you for the first part of the next unit which ultimately makes no sense. So not only do the topics not match the units but there seems to be less reveals of the learned language so I can see what it means in my language at the end for further practice and I can’t go back over previous lessons because nothing matches with what or where it’s meant to be! So the only real point to Duolingo is the competitive side and the streaks which further take away from learning and make it feel more like a chore! Why, I ask, is the path not like it was before? Which is how it STILL IS on the web version? Which I would much prefer to use the app than go onto the web which I don’t always have access to… Thanks a lot Duolingo for making the process to learn a frustrating chore; from 5 down to 2… I recommend memrise - one off payment for life subscription and you know what you’re learning with real people and return to previous lessons selectively and more easily.Version: 6.174.0

Decent app but declining with annoying featuresFirstly, I have a lot of love for Duolingo. Having used it daily for nearly 2 years it’s been a very useful tool and companion on my mission to learn Spanish. Definitely need to use other tools if you actually want to learn the language and be able to speak it. (Watch movies with sound and subtitles in that language, listen to radio, get 1-1 lessons) Have even given a 5* star review before. But… there are elements that drive me crazy. On speaking exercises, the recording frequently finishes before I’ve had time to say the phrase causing me to rush pronunciation. I don’t lose points, it’s just annoying and doesn’t help with learning to speak a bloody language. Also, suddenly, half the stories in story mode have disappeared. I’d got to the 50s and there were at least 25 to go and now they’ve all literally gone. What’s more, they used to have a reading, listening and speaking section to each story but they did away with those. There are a few other less annoying gripes but it seems that it’s steadily getting worse and I fear for the integrity of something that becomes so powerful in a corporate sense..Version: 6.145.1

Fun way to learn a languageIts a good fun way to learn a language but it doesn’t give background information on words such as in Spanish like “you use tu for this situation but you use su for this one. It also gives you new words without a way to find out what they are so you have to guess or google them. I recommend having a laptop to search words and something to write down the words you’ve learnt otherwise you’ll have great difficulty when using this app.Version: 5.1.15

Take away the hearts!I love Duolingo- or at least I used to. The health bar is awful and totally ruins the entire app. I don’t know why they did this and sincerely hope they take it away!.Version: 6.68.2

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