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Duolingo - Language Lessons app received 126 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about duolingo - language lessons?

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Duolingo - Language Lessons for Positive User Reviews

Best Language Teaching app! Super Helpful and fun!I wanted to learn Greek because, it’s in my culture and my realities and family know how to speak it. I searched for Greek learning apps and I stumbled across Duolingo. I made an account and started learned basics ( though I had experience I wanted to start from the beginning.) I got some things done and made it to checkpoint one, which took some days to complete the lessons. I took the test and failed, I tried again, Nope! Again I tried, but no success for me. I kept trying and eventually gave up but a few months later, I decided to start practicing again. I hadn’t used the app for MONTHS! And it was time to break the Non-Bilingual Wall. So I started it again yesterday and after leveling up on some things, I decided to try the test. I failed two times and then it said it wouldn’t be graded so I could just take it without hearts and stuff since I failed so many times. I took it and I finished and guess what? I PASSED!!!!!!!! I had no faith in my self and I gave up, but a little practice made it perfect. I continued practicing today and now I can speak in detailed sentences, and I know a lot more than before. I am even learning to write in Greek by solving the questions and taking courses. If you want to learn a language I recommend Duolingo, it has helped me come so far and I will continue to learn with Duolingo. Thank you Duo for helping me learn! ❤️❤️.Version: 6.74.0

Help!!!I missed my daliy German lesson and my is gone!!! There was a note in the kitchen that read: “Du hast deinen Deutschunterricht wieder verpasst! Ihre Familie wurde innerhalb von zwei Tagen zur Vernichtung gebracht, es sei denn, Sie beenden Ihre Lektion!!”.Version: 6.12.0

Amazing app! But….I have really enjoyed my experience with Duolingo™ (is it trademarked?) I learnt some Arabic using it too! The interface is lovely and I like the cute little animations! So far, my journey using this app has been pretty good. I just have a request. Even though you have a variety of languages, I would like to ask for one; one that I would really, really enjoy. I would like to ask for the Pakistani language, Urdu, to be added to the app. I would be really happy to see it here so I can learn more about my family language and try to learn it with duolingo’s fun learning style. If you could fulfil this one request, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for this app, and I truly wish you have an amazing day! Warmly, a content user of Duolingo :D.Version: 6.235.0

Very good5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 5.2.32

Good appI’m learning Japanese through the app and I like it so far. I like how I can track my progress by getting crowns as I achieve different levels. Getting crowns are slowly becoming an addiction lol. The gems you get are also nice, but there’s not a lot you can buy with it. Right now I’m just accumulating lots of them without use. It would be great if you can increase the number of outfits we can buy or even have different ways we can use the gems to keep us going. It’s such a waste cause I feel like the gems can be utilized more in order to entice learners to keep on learning. I also think adding a speaking portion in the app would help a lot of learners. Reading and writing is good, but being able to hear and repeat back words will help a lot of people with pronunciation, which honestly I think is one of the problems many language learners face - pronouncing words correctly. I also started learning Korean through the app because I used to live in Seoul and I didn’t want to loose my Korean language skill. However,I must say the Korean one is not as good as the Japanese one. The pronunciation in Korean is a bit off and it almost seems like it’s off google translate. But it’s still pretty good for learning Hangul and new words. The app is great overall. There are places where it can be improved on and I really hope that the consistency of the different languages were the same..Version: 6.106.1

I love the setup and purpose of why this app exists, some tweaks and I think it could be amazingI just started to use this app again even though I’ve had an account since 2016. I’ve taken some courses in high school and college for Spanish which helps in the language learning process; most is just refreshing with the language of Spanish. I can’t provide to much input as to whether it will help you become fluent or not because I’m still on the beginning stages of the lessons. However I am enjoying my time with it and hopefully it does help me get to where I would like to be which is a fluent Spanish speaker. I rated four stars because going through the activities I’ve noticed that when it tells you to repeat the sentence the audio seems to lag on the last word and take a little while to register that you got it correct. Everything else is great, I like that if you get something wrong you can go to the discussion section where other users have had the same issues as yourself which has helped me understand errors so I don’t make the same mistake next time. Even after viewing the comment sections duolingo itself gives its own tip by using an example to help you remember and avoid the mistake you made for the future. I would highly recommend the app for learning a language but like I said previously I’m not sure if it will help you become fluent or not. Fix the audio issues of it lagging for a few seconds and I’d gladly rate five stars!!!.Version: 6.99.0

Pretty decent appLike other people who have commented on the app, the ability to learn Japanese falls down on the ability for new learners to grasp grammar, as learning connecting particles is not emphasised enough, which is necessary if you want to alter a sentence. I also wanted to comment that use of speed tests in events can disadvantage people and there should be an option to complete them without a timer or with an extended timer. This would help people who require extra time to think about the question, and allow them to participate in the events, without causing them to not bother with them, because even though they know the information, they can’t input it fast enough to be within the time limit. This can be especially difficult for people who have disabilities, as fast response can trigger a freeze response and mental blanks. Yes, you can get extra time by using points, but considering this could largely affect disabled people who use the app, that isn’t particularly fair. For a positive though, I like that words are brought back throughout the learning process and so information gets reinforced..Version: 6.199.0

Fluent in under a year!Can not recommend Duolingo enough! I started learning Swedish about 10-11 months ago in preparation for moving to live in Lund. With a little bit of additional help from other sources I can now read novels fluently, write fairly well and hold conversations in Swedish (provided I have a tolerant and patient conversational partner!) The bulk of my Swedish has come from Duolingo (or at least I could not have progressed as far and fast without it). It provides the building blocks of language in an addictive and simple fashion. The comments section is packed with invaluable grammar and vocabulary tips from both fellow learners and dedicated mods. In fact this is the one significant issue that I have with the app - you absolutely have to use the desktop version in conjunction with the app in order to access the comment threads. This app functions cleanly and elegantly (the adverts are not distracting in the slightest) but I would really really like to see it enable comment sections for the full experience. Overall, I highly recommend Duolingo for learning a language and I hope that the app continues to evolve to include the best features from the desktop version..Version: 5.2.1

Great app, I love it for language learning, but too meat-centricI love using this for learning languages and use it daily. My primary is Spanish, then I use it some for other languages like French, Portuguese, Korean and German, which I’ll explore more when I finish Spanish. So much here and very well updated and perfected. Only technical issue is occasionally with words not accepted when doing audio to text on challenges. The audio to text doesn’t always work but it’s about as good as can be. Minus one star because it is SO MEAT-CENTRIC. The food sections are all about meat- chicken and fish. The audio sections are all about meat, and ordering only meat sandwiches, vegetables are gross…. Even the stories have one mocking vegetarians and to make that clear the audio part where you repeat what you hear is just for the waiter who ignores the man asking for vegetarian food. It’s the same on every language and super annoying for me and likely any vegans or vegetarians or anyone who eats more than carne y pollo y pescado. Super sick of it tbh, and would detract more stars but the rest of this is great and has taught me a lot for a realistic monthly fee so for that I’m just leaving this here for developers and the content design team to hopefully see and take into account. I know this app is all about diversity and inclusion— it shines through all the podcasts— and it’s just not evident with climate change, animal rights and people who believe in these matters..Version: 6.165.0

ONE OF THE BEST WOULD RECOMMEND, SOME SMALL SUGGESTIONS AND ISSUESIf you are just starting out on a language this is the app. You learn words effectively and it is very good at encouraging to learn. The unfortunate thing was it got very repetitive and takes some time to get through to learn new words. It was very good when I first started learning Norwegian or Norsk Bokmål. I got the basics but really just basics. Duolingo won’t make you fluent but it is a great starting place and language practice tool to have when first encountering a new language. Don’t expect yourself to learn an entire language with Duolingo alone but it is great when wanting to practice the language you are learning or getting a few new words. Once again, it doesn’t feel like you are making super fast progress or you have grown quickly but I always enjoying going on and practicing. Another problem is that I never really understood why something was some way and Duolingo did not really do a good job explaining the reasons behind something so I was left confused. The good thing is these questions can be answered on the forum that Duolingo provides. Also the pronunciation does not appear to be given. All you could do was hear the word but I could never tell if the letter “d” was pronounced at the end of some words or not. I had to learn this outside of Duolingo. To conclude this is SPECTACULAR language learning app and I recommend it for all who want to try a new language..Version: 6.36.0

My honest review on Duolingo.In school, I study the language Spanish. My teacher wants me to learn Spanish a lot and I kept on seeing ads of Duolingo. I thought that the app costed money but I wasn’t quite sure so I asked my teacher and she said it’s for free! I quickly downloaded it and did atleast 2 lessons a day! It got so helpful that I was so ahead in my Spanish lessons. It’s really tactical - It shows you a new word with it in the picture so you know what it is. Then, it puts the word in questions a few times so you can learn it. The only problem is that there are ads after every lesson but I completely understand. It’s their way to earn money. Also, most good features cost a lot of money. However, it’s education system is amazing. People say that there are a lot of random sentences but you will need them one day. Also, it encourages you to keep going which I find motivational. I actually think this app is better than google translate. - Google Translate sometimes makes errors. There are really nice things to do on the app other than lessons that help you learn. You can read stories or even listen to a podcast! I would really recommend this app to someone who wants to learn a language. Sorry if my review is long and thank you for your time!.Version: 6.198.0

Highly recommend, Japanese course is greatI love the app. It’s really fun to try and read something in the language I’m learning but begin by only understanding a few pronouns and ending only having to look up few vocabulary. I have a idea for the developers (It's still great without this), it would be great to have a vocabulary list of the words you’ve learnt, that can be changed into categories such as, order you are introduced to them, nouns/verbs/adjectives(ect), commonly used to less commonly used. Because i sometimes forget the pronunciation on the words im using, (I’m learning Japanese and kanji pronouciations are hard for me to remember).Version: 6.162.0

Best App I’ve TriedI’ve tried to learn Japanese for a while, just for fun but I’ve found it hard to find an app that engages me. This app is perfect, so far at least. I use the free version so I get ads, on average after each lesson. It’s a little annoying having to sit through an ad so often because I felt like it disrupted the flow of learning but I’ve not noticed any serious disadvantage, other than, like I say, irritation. You do get used to them as time goes on, and for me, the app lessons are so far worth it. I’ve used the app for a couple weeks and while I still love its really frustrating during the ‘translate to Japanese’ or ‘English’ part, where you type or speak and can use the microphone which works pretty well but sometimes the app will randomly use the wrong kanji/hiragana eg わ instead of は which will instantly fail me and lose me a heart. Annoyingly on occasion, always near the end of the level it will randomly freeze and sometimes close the app, or randomly submit when you’re not ready, losing a heart. It just refused to let me type anything for about a minute then shut the app. It kept the hearts I’d lost but not the progress I’d made on the level, so I now had 2 hearts to complete it from the start again. It doesn’t happen too often but it’s annoying as hell to lose hearts through a glitch and not your own mistakes..Version: 6.182.0

Great app. 3rd day and I already know so much more than I expected!I thought learning a language would be hard, but duo makes it easy. gave me motivation to practice daily by lighting a competitive fire under me with the different leagues! japanese has always been a language i wanted to learn but didn’t know where to start.i never thought i would be able to do what i can now 3 days ago. i love how they let you trial super duolingo as a reward. even more motivation!! i love how they also have a function in the japanese course that is spectate from the course and is for learning the characters. it was a huge help. only thing i would change is (for japanese course at least) that some exercises won’t have english on top. (e.g. the word ‘red’ in japanese is あこ but it always has english over top saying “ako”) because i associate the word with the english characters and not the japanese. also, maybe teach us how to use a japanese phone keyboard? other than that i love this app so much!!! def a must have if you’re learning a language <33.Version: 6.201.1

Great app so farStarted learning French again recently after slacking off ages ago and I hav even enjoining it a lot and have been progressing well. However, couple of improvements I would like to see. I don’t know if this feature is already available, but I think a great feature to have would be a search option where the user is able to look up different words and find the meaning and maybe even the pronunciation for those words in whatever language they are learning. An example, I am at the early stages of learning French and I keep forgetting what “A demain” means, so if I could actually look that up within the app and find the meaning, it would be an awesome feature. Almost like an in-built library. Secondly, I do understand from a business perspective, but too many notifications trying to lure people back into the app. It’s so annoying. For me, it wasn’t even because I wasn’t tracking well. It was notis for sake of notis..Version: 6.199.0

I am loving this app!This app is really helping me to learn very quickly. I am learning Greek and brushing up on Spanish. I wish it would handle a few things differently Among them, letting me test out of Spanish levels further along the way than it does, but I understand they are testing whether that feature is more or less beneficial for learning at the moment. So, I upvoted the feature :). The other thing is that the adds are locked in portrait mode and the “practice” tab also starts out and sometimes gets stuck in portrait mode. I have tor turn my iPad to portrait and back to landscape and it usually switches to landscape then, but not always. I pretty much always use my iPad in landscape mode. Especially when I am using the keyboard, which the app has plenty of. I wish that the whole thing would just be in the orientation of my screen without changing/ trying to figure out which direction it should be as I use the app. Otherwise, this app has been AMAZING and, while, I’d love those improvements, I’m really just being nit picky. I didn’t feel it deserved any less than 5 stars because the rest is awesome! One note, if anyone is having trouble understanding anything in the language you’ve chosen or with the app, visit the website and check out the discussions tab. There is a lot of helpful info in there and many other language learners who are very happy to help out!.Version: 5.2.37

Best language learning tool ever!They drill the language into your head by their unique way of repetition with different variations until it sticks! You get the sense that they spent a lot of effort and paid attention to detail and methodology. Even the ads are polite to the point where you would want to watch their ads! Ads by consent! Well executed. Good job!.Version: 5.2.32

Some annoying issues but still a great toolI think Duolingo is still probably the best language learning app out there, but a few issues keep it from being insurmountable. Its voice recognition is quite subpar. I’ve gotten some very interesting words and sentences that are very much not what the prompt is, and you’d think after the VR got used to your voice after some time it’d catch even your worst pronunciations. But it struggles to capture words and phrases very consistently, which is sad because VR is way faster than typing, and I hope it’s greatly improved soon. The next annoying issue is the stringent translations to which the app faithfully abides. Some of my translations into English are marked wrong and when I look them up on Google, they’re acceptable. What gives? There’s no such thing as a perfectly spoken native language. Regional affectations, pronunciations, and grammar idiosyncrasies exist everywhere that keep English from needing a strict rule book. A fair number of translations I’ve verified on other engines are considered wrong by Duo. It needs to allow for greater flexibility of translations; some words and grammar have become more flexible but not enough. Another minor issue is the mixing of idioms into core content that non-natives are maybe too young, old, or inexperienced to understand. Any non-native idioms should be in their own unit with context..Version: 6.145.1

New smaller word boxes TOO SMALLSince the recent update (late April 2018), on my iPad Pro DuoLingo app, the word boxes and the type within them, which one taps to put together a translated sentence, are frequently appearing much smaller than the helpful size they consistently were before. Sometimes they appear in the original size, but more often now, even with a short sentence where there is no problem fitting them on the page, they are very small. Harder to read, and harder to accurately select. And I have small hands/fingers. I lost several “health” bars and had to stop my lesson sooner than in the past, because I was selecting at the speed I always have, and realized I could not have the confidence I had grown accustomed to, that when I think I have touched a word box, it is selected. So my learning process is slowed not because I am selecting the incorrect word and losing health, but that I have to stop and check more diligently to make sure the box I tapped (or tried to, but apparently did not hit the now very small “sweet spot” on it which selects it), actually shows up in the answer box. This was NEVER an issue before the change in word-box size. Please make them, if not as large as they have been previously, larger than they are after this recent “upgrade”. Very annoying in an otherwise wonderful app...you folks say you want to make learning easy, and my feedback is that this tiny type in close-together boxes, is an impediment to learning. Thank you..Version: 5.2.20

Update ideaBeen using Duolingo on and off until just recently, when I really wanted to start learning a new language to converse with my future in-laws. The app has been so helpful, HOWEVER, it would be nice to have a page option that gives a glossary of terms or phrases I have learned so far. There are many terms that look similar and are spelled in a similar way but with different accents, so it would be VERY NICE if I could see the differences side by side. Also, touching on accents and similar looking terms, the app sometimes does not explain the different contexts or use of them. For example, the use of certain measure words/classifiers in front or behind of inanimate objects vs living things..Version: 6.186.1

Excellent App, but could use more Languages!I’ve been using Duolingo for a while now to practice my French, and in the time I have had the app I have tried out several other languages too (including Spanish, Russian, German, Klingon, etc.). The games make learning fun and the teaching style helps keep the terms and sentence structures ingrained in my memory very well! My only request/hope for this app (not a complaint, I love the app) is that while I appreciate the inclusion of fictional languages like High Valyrian and Klingon, I would like for there to be more significant languages to be added to Duolingo’s roster of classes as well. Widely-spoken languages like Arabic and Bengali are noticeably absent on the course list (for English-speakers, not sure about others), as well as Finnish, which is a little strange because Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are all present. Personally, as someone whose family comes from the western Balkans, I would love to see a language course on Serbo-Croatian, since it is a difficult language that I believe Duolingo would be an excellent tool to help me to become better at it. Recently, Hawaiian and Navajo were added to the roster, which excites me and makes me hope for these languages to be added sometime in the future as well. Overall, I love the app and will continue using it to study foreign languages! I look forward to seeing more language courses added in future updates! 👍.Version: 5.2.54

Streaks need to go!I love Duolingo, it’s great for language learning and the theme of the app is both cute and neat. The only thing I’m going to say is that you need to stop the streaks. I don’t need to wake up every morning being stressed over losing my streak, because I have system when learning a language that I go on Quizlet and try to memorise the alphabet. This usually happens every second day and my streak would obviously break. The constant reminder that I can’t lose my streak is stressful and pressuring and language learning is supposed to be fun and something that eases my mind because I enjoy it. I understand it’s more motivating for people who use the app to complete a daily lesson and therefore higher profit, but I think there should be an option to remove the streak or keep it. There’s obviously other people like me and the word needs to be spread so Duolingo can finally make a move. I don’t know if they have in the past but they kept the streak anyway, but I don’t like it and out of millions who use the app, I’m not the only one. Thank you..Version: 6.112.0

Duolingo’s advantages: fun and disadvantages: adsAdvantages: Duolingo in a great app to learn new languages and skills. There are so many languages to pick from, and you can do multiple languages at a time. Duolingo will help you with your weak spots in a specific language. Duolingo will also make learning languages fun with daily challenges and fun games to learn words and sentences. Duolingo has characters to say the sentence you are learning. There are a few types of lessons, which l shall tell you. 1st type of lessons is speaking lessons, which is where an animated character speaks a sentence. Then you have to pick the words on the page to replicate that sentence. 2nd type of lessons is talking lessons, which is when an animated character speaks a sentence. Then you have to say that exact sentence. 3rd type of lesson is writing lessons, which is where there is a sentence on the page for you to type in a different language. Disadvantages: There is only 1 bad thing about Duolingo, and that is the ADS. Every time you complete 3 lessons there’s an ad. A Duolingo ad, that advertises there super Duolingo plan. Which you have to pay $10 dollars a month to have. But it does have its perks. It takes away all THEIR ads. It gives you infinite lives. People who have the super Duolingo plan is 4.9x more likely to finish all their lessons ( which coming from me is a LOT), and yeah. Why did l give it 5 stars, well l like it and also it helps me learn French. 🥖.Version: 6.196.0

Excellent appJust want to make a suggestion. The leagues are now hidden away under the last icon on the menu. I personally go there all the time. I would suggest merging the quests and the exercises into one section and give the leaderboards their own button. Another option is to combine stories and podcasts. Or stories and the lessons into one. The app is otherwise phenomenal, it keeps me coming back over and over and that is the only sure way to learn a language, consistency. Big role in that played the leaderboards for me. I push myself a lot to be first every time..Version: 6.181.0

I visited Central America after studying Spanish for 1.5/2 yearsI downloaded Duolingo in March 2020 and for a year I practised 5/6 times a week, I would do like 1 full level a day (5 different lesson to compete 1 full one) and then after that I did a lesson every now and then as I because busy, but still tried to do at least 1 every week, which turned into every month. However, I have MAINLY ONLY used Duolingo for my source of study, in between not doing the lessons on the app I would sometimes read things on social media in Spanish or try and listen to a Spanish programme but never stuck to it. However, I visited all of Central America last month, from Mexico to Costa Rica and all the countries in between, and I could speak and understand almost everything that came my way literally all thanks to Duolingo. I see people make comments about how random the sentences are on the app, but that literally just helps you in real life more as you can construct a sentence as you know the ‘rules’ in doing so. I am so happy I used Duolingo to learn Spanish as I honestly have learnt so much, you don’t think about how much you learn when you are leading some random sentences a day but when I visited these countries I was shocked at how much I could understand and speak with locals. To learn on the app I wrote down all verbs I learnt and words I learnt, I didn’t write down any sentences I would learn, solely the verbs and words and this is more than enough..Version: 6.194.1

Let me start by saying I NEVER review appsThis app I have had for a while. And I try to use it everyday. It can be pretty disappointing to see that you have missed a lesson and now you don’t have a true streak anymore. If you truly love language and learning it then this app is all you need. Please do yourself a favor and pay for the plus services. I have used this app for about 4 or 5 months and once I upgraded to the Plus option I really saw my learning time go up a lot faster. Let me stop here and say this is not an advertisement trying to sell you the app, just a VERY satisfied customer. Now it’s currently December of 2020. Bobby Shmurda will be released from prison soon and if you run into el chapo you should know some Spanish. Recently there were some changes to the app that exponentially improved the feel of the quality of service immediately and it was such an amazing well thought out addition that I believe it alone could very much help you to learn 90% more than anything else on the app can. What I am referring to is the newly added voice recorder that lets you hear your vocal lessons so you can hear and compare your voice to what you should be hearing. And for people like me who have a very hard time hearing anything, (And I know my ducking kids inherited it 🤟🏽🙃) This new addition to the app makes it so much easier to hear what you are doing..Version: 6.96.0

DuolingoI really enjoy Duolingo. Recently I started using it from my new iPad, rather than smartphone. I really found it tough to adjust to having a limited number of “hearts”, and having to make them last for two languages! It would be so much easier to have five hearts for each language! The other thing I miss from learning from my phone is the frequent practice of certain vowel sounds with French. I found this practice very valuable. Really, the only thing that keeps me from going back to Duolingo via my cellphone, is that my eyesight isn’t good enough. I am not really into the competitive aspect of Duolingo, probably also because of my age. I just do as well as I can because I enjoy it, and don’t bother to get into all the ways I could improve, as I am doing the best I can. Life gets in the way at times, and I am certainly not concerned with dropping back from such and such a league! Life is precious, and to be enjoyed while we still have it..Version: 6.97.2

A few irritating things, but pretty goodTo start off, the features are really good. Many languages are there, so you don’t need to worry about a language not being there. There’s practices, feeds, quests and streak freezes, etc. Despite all these amazing features, it needs a few improvements. Sometimes when you make a typo, it says that the answer is wrong. Other times, it says you have a typo. This might not be the games fault, which is acceptable. But please add more space to add more streak freezes! Sometimes (or pretty likely) you’ll have a stressing day, and you have to do Duolingo. You obviously wanna get it over with because you don’t always wanna do the lesson, but you only have 1/2. Moving on, you should add a feature for recording your voice to help people pronounce the sentence, because the only thing you can do it match and translate the word/sentence. If they pronounce something wrong, you make them pronounce it again. Overall, this app is really good! I enjoy it most of the time, and the features are super unique..Version: 6.217.0

Love it, but some features need to be addedI have to say that Duolingo has taken me to a new world of languages. I can spend my whole days practicing with Duo and increase my ability of using languages. However, there're still things that I'm not satisfied with this version for IOS: - the discussions after answers: I've wait for them since a long long time ago. I believe that Duolingo is not only a software for learning languages, but also a special environment for everyone to enhance their skills together. Using Duo on IOS is quite convenient, but if I want to check my answer with the other's, I have to login my account again on the version for web browser, go to that skill, do it and seek for the question. That's not good at all! - The report: Nothing happens when I press the button to report the errors (most of them are translation errors). My and other's reports are the very efficient tools to help Duo better, and we want to see that in the near future. - The club should be added to web version and the currency systems - gems - needs need to be synced. Anyway, the life point is awesome, but we want more games, or tournaments, or challenges, or... something like that, just to increase the competitiveness between leaners. I know that to solve with the problems I've listed above will take a lot of time and money and labor power, but we can believe with our effort and strength, the future of Duolingo is brighter than ever! Duolingo is the sweet home for everyone!.Version: 5.2.67

Astonishing for a Free AppDuolingo teaches in such a practical way - far more relaxed than some university courses I’ve done, but so effective. I find I’m learning quickly and easily. My only complaints are these: 1. Many of the audio clips don’t work in iOS, and 2. A little more background information would be helpful, e.g. an alphabet printable; conjugation of some typical verbs; diagram showing common syntax; pronoun printable; etc. Having said that, for a free app, Duolingo offers an astonishing amount for language learners - and for free! Thanks, Duolingo!.Version: 5.2.37

Great game 👍I recently downloaded this app and it has helped me improve my Spanish affectively as it uses techniques and a fun art style to help you memorise words and meanings. it also makes it very interactive which is great and most importantly, it gives you useful topics to learn like getting around in town etc which could help you in day to day life. The app also encourages you to practice daily by reminding you and giving you awards for a daily streak. download this app if you want a quick and easy way to learn, but if you are looking to learn a language more in depth i recommend a tutor as they can teach you other things about a language which this app wouldn’t tell you or how to use different words in different scenarios. if i had to say one bad thing, its that you get adds but they are only related to apps made by duolingo not other random apps which is way better for me and if you make mistakes, you loose hearts (you only can have 5 at a time) which you can only restock by waiting overnight or by spending gems on to restock but these can be taken away with duolingos special plan (i forgot the name) which comes with a free trial and then you have to pay to use it but overall it’s a good app..Version: 6.194.1

Please read before you get itIf you, like me, knew and loved old duolingo of the duolingo tree, i need to tell you something. that is gone. they made something new called the “learning path”. look it up if you want to know more. i’m not here to waste your time on that, but what i will tell you is that it is very unhelpful and discouraging to see. i have had duolingo for a number of years now and LOVED it, am a member of the streak society, and a “super plus member”. i LOVED duolingo. not anymore, and quite frankly, i am very tempted to delete it, but i have learned SO MUCH AND I STILL HAVE HOPE. Duolingo!!! Please change the update back!!!I am very disappointed because you are getting so much feedback not only from me, but THOUSANDS of other unhappy customers! i had “super plus” and loved it, it was so worth it, but now, look what your amazing app has come to. i just unsubscribed a few days ago. it simply is no longer worth it. Please reach out as i really do love duolingo and want to see it do well, but i want Before the update, i was steadily learning future tense etc, and now i am stuck not being able to pick what i am working on, on an endless “path” that feels like i’m making no progress at all, which i’m not. Duolingo, this is seriously not good. this is the opposite of your goal, which is to help people learn. i feel like i’m LOSING my skills with italian, and it’s really sad because i love it..Version: 6.208.0

Great But Here Are A Few TipsSo this is great! I started learning Spanish a few weeks ago and I have learned a lot from this app. I thought I wasn’t going to stick with it, but I ended up doing it. It’s a really great app if you want to learn any language! Just a few tips though. A couple times, I’ve had a thing pop up when I’m trying to do my lesson. It says that something went wrong. I came back a while later and the same thing was happening. I’ve been working hard on my streak, and I really don’t want to lose it. I wonder if it is possible to not break my streak because of an error in the app. It’s only happened a couple times, so its fine. Another thing: I feel like we shouldn’t be given the stories until we got all of our first lessons done. I tried to do it when I only had 10 crowns, and I didn’t understand everything. I had to use the hints, and then I felt like I wasted a story. I would recommend not Doug the stories until you are done with the first lesson. The cafe one I would wait until you have the restaurant lesson done with all five crowns. The last thing is just being able to have more than 5 hearts if we do the practice. (Or at least up to 6). I feel like then, you would practice more to get hearts (even if it’s only one more than when your hearts are refilled). Well, this app is amazing even if you don’t fix those tiny things. I would definitely recommend..Version: 6.97.2

Room for improvement …I’ve been using Duolingo since 2014 and I have been able to learn a few languages to an advanced enough level that I can comfortably credit Duolingo as one of the primary reasons for my success in learning said languages. Now, there are quite a few things that irk me about the app, particularly, the free versions bombardment of ads over the years and a subpar system of hearts which deter learning instead of encourage you. The introduction of new languages to learn has been rather slow but I have been pleased with the fact that Duolingo has made it known that they will continue to introduce new courses as they go. Another annoyance is that I seem to be missing a leaderboard now simply due to the fact that I traveled to a certain region and now I’m unable to access certain features of the app, like the leaderboard as I mentioned prior. This is extremely annoying as I find encouragement through competition, the leaderboard is a feature I have adored since it’s introduction in the app. I’ve yet to contact support regarding why this is so but hopefully the Duolingo support team can resolve this for me and if not then I will consider canceling my family plan. All in all, it’s a great app that can greatly benefit your language learning journey but there’s just a few spots that need polishing for this app to even be worthy of asking you for a paid subscription. Thank you..Version: 6.225.0

Could be betterDuolingo Spanish is an easy way to get started in Spanish but it has some quirks that downgrade its usefulness. For example when a list of words is given in order to translate a sentence, the first word is always shown with a capital letter. Also the list of words, instead of giving plausible alternatives usually has such a random list of words that the correct answer is self evident. It’s very frustrating when one wants to be challenged by ones lessons to find that they are more like a simple puzzle . But it does teach some vocabulary and pronunciation and it’s easy- but it won’t get you up to speed for your visit to South America or Spain.Version: 5.2.29

New updateThis app used to be very motivating in terms of the course path, but I’ve found that the new update makes it more difficult to navigate through. (which contradicts the entire purpose of the new update in the first place). The update makes lessons take longer for less points which makes features like the leaderboard, and friend quests more time consuming to participate in. Which for many people (including me), takes away the fun of the app. One thing I do like in this new update is the notes section. It helps to prepare for the next section instead of having to go in blind, which is something I enjoy and find helpful. In my opinion the update unfortunately has more cons than pros and overall has made the app worse. (If any of my friends see this, look away).Version: 6.190.0

Great improvements over the years!!I originally used Duolingo on PC some years ago for Japanese. Honestly I found it difficult to use or stay motivated. However now, using it on mobile and for Spanish I am really enjoying this app compared to other means. The app is very goal orientated with the crown system, which is great to space out your progression. I also like that you can compete with others with points and go up in leagues. My recommendations are to add more tips to each category, as well as a glossary of words you will learn in the lessons. I’d also like to be able to complete specifically with people learning the same language as me (while keeping the ranking against everyone else too). Also while I’m okay with the heart system (I’m premium) I think that regaining hearts should be quicker otherwise I feel it deters people from wanting to actively learn..Version: 6.123.1

Great app, but one problem!I have been using Duolingo to learn French for a little while now. If you really want to be good at it I suggest working over and over on the basics 1 and mastering it, and continuing to work on it even after mastering it until you know the basics 1 words 100%, which is what I did. It’s a lot better to know the words than to rush through and not actually be able to remember them. One thing is, I have started the “phrases” section. Usually when you start a new section and it gives you words you haven’t seen yet, they will put a dotted line under it where you can see what it means and then eventually remember it. However on some new words it doesn’t give me the meaning and asks me to translate anyway. Since I don’t know the meaning of the word because I’ve never seen it I get it wrong and lose my health. I have used this app a long time ago to learn Italian (which I’ve since stopped) and it would always give me the meaning of the word, multiple times even. It’s just annoying to me that I have to lose my health because I don’t know the meaning of a new word. It’s not too much of a problem that I will delete the app, but something that could be fixed. I recommend using the computer version of duolingo for learning new words and phrases, and just using the app for strengthening your skills. Overall though this app is great!.Version: 5.2.13

#1 best language appOkay for starters Duolingo offers pretty much every and any language there is (even fictional languages such as Klingon) the app makes the languages easy to learn and if you continue with the same sections until all the lessons are completed you remember phrases and words very easily. Other alphabets such as Greek or mandarin teach you the alphabet as well. It does not require money to pay for but does have in app purchases same as unlimited hearts, oh I have forgotten to mention that there are hearts in game but they do recharge, the hearts make you think more about submitting your answer. There are also monthly challenges and leaderboards, the higher you climb the more gems you collect to buy things in the game. You also have a streak where you also earn gems for things, the streak keeps you going and the longest streak I know was 1000 days. In total Duolingo is a very good app, download if your are visiting a country, doing language in high school or just wanna learn a language..Version: 6.142.0

I love this app, but…I am still in the beginning stages of learning Spanish and am in love with this app. The simple approach and repetition of words is super helpful. I do have a few issues with the learning style though. 1.) I like the fact that repetition is used to help with memorization, but it is just SO SLOW. Like I’ve been learning about the family and it’s vocabulary for what feels like years (47 day streak). I just wish that some more key concepts would be introduced at a quicker pace. I would like to learn some of the exceptions and tenses used in Spanish quicker so that I can use Spanish more in my day to day life. 2.) The talkback feature in this app is straight up garbage. You can’t convince me any differently. I can say complete gibberish into the mic or just say one of the 7 words given and it counts it as correct. Duolingo definitely needs an update in that aspect of the app. If they can change this, it would be MILES better and would help for the overall credibility over other language learning programs. 3.) Why is the LGBTQIA+ being forced upon me as a user? Almost every other exercise that I do involves something to do with a gay couple or a liking of another person of the same gender. I’m not a hater of this community, but would rather not have this forced upon me as a user. Overall, I’m very grateful for this app, but these things could be changed about the app..Version: 6.199.0

Great app, could use some improvementsI use duolingo to learn Chinese and I’ve had good results so far. Duo teaches me many skills like reading and pronunciation but the app lacks features that I would really enjoy if added. For one, I would totally use this app as my primary way of learning Chinese if it had a feature that teaches you to write the Chinese characters. Right now I have to Google the stroke order and learn the characters myself. I would also suggest that they add a proper lesson on the Chinese-mandarin tones. Since I am Chinese myself, I am familiar with the 4 tones and could get through the first lessons quite easily. But I can imagine non native speakers struggling way more and never learning the actual way to pronounce the tones. Overall, Duolingo is a great, convenient app to learn a language. Just some languages like Spanish get more attention and quality lessons than languages like Chinese..Version: 6.175.0

😉Duolingo is an amazing app I have learnt so much the problem is sometimes when o go on the app I only have four hearts and sometimes when I get a question right it takes a heart away it’s been like this for a whole week😔I still continue to use the app just wish those things got fixed otherwise Duolingo is a great app 😊 I have got my family to use Duolingo so we can speak the language when we go on holiday after awhile it gets boring and then I have to do it, it would be fun if there was a different fun activity each time although Duolingo is good and encouraging.Version: 6.222.0

Der, Die, DasI love this app and I am learning a lot. I’m taking the German one. In your tips you say when you want to learn the noun. put the der, die, or das with it. however in your matching quizzes you do not put the der, die, or das with it. it would make it much easier to learn the gender of the nouns if the der, die or , das was put with the noun in the matching quizzes. Thank you I went to the word list and once again there are no genders with the nouns. English only has two genders while German has three it would make it much easier to learn the nouns if the genders were included in the matching list and in the word list. Thank you I do like the app. OK it will not let me write a second Review so I will add to the first and hope that it gets seen. I am currently in the Explorer tier at the end of the sixth set and the beginning of the seventh set. At the beginning of each month I like to go back to the first round, called rookie to just review things and to brush up on wording and the die, Der, DOS, that kind of thing. today I went to the rookie tier To do my review, and in the second sept under personalized practice I was given a lesson from a much more advanced set than I had even seen. this was very disturbing to me, and used up all of my hearts at the very beginning of my practice of my German.I think this is a very wrong thing to do because it took me out of any familiar words or sentence structure I was trying to reinforce..Version: 6.206.0

Great learning opportunities!!I have been using Duolingo for almost a year now. At first I got it because I was behind in my French class and my teacher suggested it to me. At the end of the year I was top of the class!! It shows that you can learn a language really fast!! This year I transferred to Chinese and the same thing has happened... I love the fact you can learn at your own pace! A few improvements though: Sooo many ads. I understand that’s how they keep the app running but why soo many?? I also think Premium should be free. I stop when I lose my hearts because I can not be bothered to practice to get more! Well, Premium doesn’t have to be free, but maybe lose the heart thing?? Just some advice... Another thing with the hearts, why do you lose a heart when you muck up speaking?? It happens every time to me as it reads people speaking around me as it. Overall, It is great for learning a new language and would highly recommend it to anyone if they want to learn something new!.Version: 6.74.0

Good but beware...For the platitudes read other reviews. They pretty much say it all and I agree. I had the free version for years and didn't use it much. My lovely South American wife speaks such perfect English, I get lazy. Unlike her, (speaking at least six languages and learning some on DuoLingo) learning a language doesn't come easy to me. My brain is wired more in a mechanical direction. So to facilitate my learning, because now it's getting embarrassing that my Spanish is so limited still, I have dedicated my IPad to only language. And I paid the yearly subscription so I'm not frustrated by blowing through my hearts half way through. My spelling in my native language is poor enough, now I have to spell in another language? Yikes. But now a new frustration, apparently my iPad is just a little too old for DuoLingo, so all through the lesson I am being urged to update my app. And it won't update. On requesting this update in the middle of the screen, I have the option to cancel the request. Pressing cancel may take for or five try's before I can continue with my studies. It breaks the lesson with a spate of angry button punching. So, beware if you have "older" equipment. I will have to keep using it like this because I'm not prepared to buy a new iPad to replace one that is still working great. Unfortunately, this isn't the only app that this is happening with, planned obsolescence is not cool..Version: 5.2.54

Still slows and at times and crashes a lot, even after the latest updateI have used Duolingo for many years, and I do think it’s very good, but over the past few months, I have been very annoyed by what I consider unnecessary delays in certain parts of the program. These are mostly in the review parts or in the timed challenges. The latter are particularly annoying, because you get, for example 2.5 minutes to do a challenge and then you can’t even start for 1.5 minutes or longer (during which time nothing is happening, so you think the program may have crashed), thus you basically get 1 minute or less (45 sec) to do a 2.5 minute challenge. I don’t know why this is happening, perhaps a server delay (because the program is so popular, but I don’t think so, because it doesn’t happen in all parts of the program), or a purposely built-in delay. If the latter, then just say it’s a 1 minute challenge! I try to do at least 5 or 10 minutes per day, but if I have to wait 2 minutes (with nothing happening), just to get to the lesson, it diminishes my enthusiasm. There are also more frequent program crashes than there used to be. In fact, today I can’t get the app to open at all. I went to the App Store and installed the new update and that didn’t help. It still won’t open! Pretty frustrating..Version: 6.125.0

Inconsistent Features, But Overall AmazingAs a free language learning service Duolingo is incredible. Over the past 6-7 months I have been learning German using primarily Duolingo, alongside other learning resources. However, most of this period has been on the desktop web version of Duolingo. When using the mobile app for Duolingo, I have frequently noticed inconsistencies with in-app features, across multiple devices and reinstalls. I use an iPhone 6S, and my mother uses an iPhone XR, and somehow this device difference means she has access to a practice skills lesson and I don’t? Also, my usetime for the app is restricted by health, whereas many other people I know are not restricted by a health bar. Recently, my app somehow started not having a health bar, but when I had to delete it and I reinstalled it, I suddenly have to deal with making < 5 mistakes while learning again. Another thing I have noticed, is a lack of extra information for each lesson. On desktop, I can right click the lesson and have access to a deeper written run through of the lesson, however on mobile, I have access to this extra information on less than half my lessons. Particularly, I am unable to view this on newer lessons I’m learning, and thus do not have extra context and information for new concepts. For what it is overall, Duolingo is an amazing app, especially when you consider its entirely free. However, this inconsistency is enough for me to rate it as 4 stars instead of 5..Version: 6.13.0

Pro Membership is a total rip off!!!I am a long term user of Duolingo and I do really enjoy the App - it's a great fun way to SUPPORT your language learning: just remember to take the "33% fluent" thing with a huge spoonful of salt! However, I have one MAJOR issue with it. In order to get rid of the very annoying Ads I joined up for the Pro Membership at €7 (or so!) per month: pretty expensive but as I'm learning 3 languages - and I do actually USE the App! - I thought it would be worth it. However, as a previous reviewer has pointed out, in Duolingo you have 5 lives and each, even tiny, mistake or typo costs a life. When you lose the 5 lives you have to either use 500 accumulated "gems" to regain your lives and start playing (learning) again or you have to pay an ADDITIONAL amount (I think it's something like €5) to gain new "life" or wait 5 hours to gain just ONE life! To regain all 5 you are blocked for an ENTIRE DAY! - even despite your being a full "Pro" member! So I've paid €60 per year and I can't use the App for at least 4 hours most days! It's an absolute rip off and they NEED to change this feature. Until they do, I would strongly advise you not to pay for the Pro feature. If I'm paying €60 per year for one language App I want to be able to USE it when I want to, 24/7 thank you!.Version: 5.2.21

AMAZING, but...I gotta say this app is amazing! It just has some issues. One, the speaking part. This is a little tricky. Like, I can’t always make one voice! My voice at random times just goes high, so it’s a problem. 😕 Two, the store. The store is not that well. Why? I’m like a starter and really good at my German (I’m learning it) but I have EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP! I have all the outfits. I think you can improve it by, like, new outfits every week! That would be amazing! Three, gems. Gems are amazing but what if you made coins. That could also help the store. Stuff that costs coins and some that cost gems! Simple really. Four, the bird. I still love the bird but I think if you complete a whole language, like German, you could get there National animal! I don’t know why that is something I want but I do. ;-; Five, another speaking one, wow, it speaking a little for you. Here’s the thing. If it speaks a little for you, how will you learn to say it!? This has happened to me. It’s something I’m not a fan of much, I’d rather say a while phrase then have it say something for me. Other then all that the app is quite something. Well I have nothing else to say except for, don’t let your dog lick you a million times on your face while learning on this app, and ever accept if there trying to wake you up or your doing nothing. - ꧁ Primrose Sings ꧂.Version: 6.65.0

Absolutely amazing-BUT...I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn a language. I’m now learning French and Irish, and I have learned quite a bit since I started. My only problem is the questions with lots of little boxes each containing a single French word, where I need to find the word boxes that translate to the English sentence I need to translate. First of all, the first word of the sentence ALWAYS has a capital letter, so I know immediately that it’s the first word. After that there are only about 4 boxes left, and it’s painfully easy to complete the sentence just by guessing. I don’t want to be making easy guesses! It would take me so much longer to learn just by doing that. I want to actually learn, by having to write the translation down every time. I suggest you make it an option in settings to disable those questions. Or at least don’t make the answer so obvious. I want to be challenged! Other than that, I have nothing to say. Your app is entertaining, and educational. I hope you take my advice. I’m sure other people will agree with me, that it should be less obvious and more challenging! Merci beaucoup!.Version: 6.12.0

Love it, but with a bit more autonomyI’ve been trying to learn a new language for years. In high school and university i took foreign language credits and have had Rosetta Stone for about 4 years now, but to my own disadvantage i didn’t study and practice the materials out of class as much as i should have. Since downloading Duolingo, i haven’t been able to put it down! It’s surprisingly addictive and I’m now learning French and German (spreading myself a lil thin buttttt hey, I’m enjoying it haha). Duolingo offers what the others couldn’t- the ability to practice anywhere and everywhere you go without having to carry around a laptop or teacher. One thing i do wish Duolingo offered more of during beginner lessons is the ability to create your own sentences, as opposed to translating a sentence that’s already given to you. It’s much harder but forces you to think about why and where certain words go and which forms/tenses to use. This app would be the perfect study material to combine with in-class learning. Love it!.Version: 6.41.0

Good starter language learning app but…If you’re taking a language course in school, this app is great supplementation to practice your skills. If you’re just learning on your own, while Duo is a good stepping stone, you’ll need some extra resources if you’re serious in trying to master a language. Personally I use this and babble because the less popular languages like Swedish and Russian don’t get tips like German and Spanish. Apparently they’re available on the website itself, which is pretty inconvenient. (Really babble is more in depth in explaining the grammar. In comparing the two, they both have their strengths. Duo gives you quick vocabulary and babble gives more grammar.) My issue is really how strangely some of the modules are set up. I noticed that the more popular languages are set up in a way that’s a bit nonsensical and fails to set up the lesson they’re intending to teach you. The questions segment of German spent less time showing the proper set up on how questions are asked and spent more time having me translate random sentences. The thing that irritates me the most is how this app with every update tries to push you to buy premium. It used to be you’d just get a few ads for it but these days after every lesson about there’s another promotion for premium, with increasing unskippability which is even more aggravating. And they added an word save feature which is helpful for learning… except it’s for premium only!.Version: 6.145.0

Please download this game😎😁Very great. I love the different types of ways that you can learn languages, it’s interesting and fun. Since I am a grade 5 girl, this is quite enjoyable for me to do after school and on weekends. The challenges and the leaderboards are a great way to get me engaged with learning languages. One problem, I know it’s a cool idea to have hearts (lives, every time you mess up you loose one heart) and all but… what if you just want to enjoy the game and learn new skills, just learn from the mistake. I mess up a lot because I’m learning a difficult language and in like 30 minutes I’ve lost my hearts and can’t practice any more. But I do like the idea of practicing for hearts and the free trials to the ‘Super Duolingo’ but what if you just want to learn and your OUT OF HEARTS. It’s frustrating sometimes, but then I guess it teaches people to try not to mess up. Any way, thanks for reading this. Please reply back as I am curious to know what you think of this review. But this new Home Screen really not a fan of it. It’s so confusing on where I’m up to I really want the old one back..Version: 6.188.0

My reviewI really like Duolingo as it has help me learn all about Spanish my life’s dream has always to been have learnt another language and Duolingo has made that possible I will continue to learn and grow my Spanish knowledge in the next year until I got to college/high school where I can continue to lear at home and at school with Spanish class and at home with Duolingo. From the bottom of my heart thank you Duolingo you have changed my perspective on other country’s and make me want to learn about other places a visit them..Version: 6.195.0

Great language tool, a few flawsAn excellent motivational learning tool for all ages, and free if you are happy with the rate of progress this allows. If you want more tolerance for mistakes, you can pay. It’s great value anyway, and I highly recommend the app. Improvements? I’m learning Danish and my partner is learning German, and there are differences between the two. The most common languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian etc.) have more lessons with spoken “stories” to aid comprehension. This is lacking in the less common languages (such as Danish) where hearing phrases in life context would really help, otherwise it becomes a vocabulary and grammar (see below)gathering exercise, with minimal testing of pronunciation and comprehension. While there are healthy discussion boards for each test, there is no formal presentation of grammar in tables. This is one of the biggest shortcomings because the “rules” for say possessives is not laid out anywhere. I can understand this shortcoming on the app perhaps, but I couldn’t find it on the website homepage either. More aural comprehension testing would be great, especially for languages such as Danish, where pronunciation is difficult and there’s a lot of concatenation (words merged together) in everyday speech. Apart from these things, I love the app..Version: 6.70.1

Awesome language app for learnersThis is a great app! As a beginner in both Spanish and Esperanto (the latter for less than a week) I have already learnt a lot in only a fortnight. I find the gamification of the app is very motivating (and even topped my first two Leaderboards). I believe the ability to revisit lessons and practice already completed material is very helpful for my long term memory/retention. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a great and accessible way to begin learning another language. Plus it’s FREE! My only regret is not having downloaded Duolingo earlier (like years ago). Thank you very much Duolingo! Arion Walker from New Zealand!!.Version: 6.42.0

Randomly deleted all my progress???I’ve been using Duolingo for a few years now, and so far it’s been great, but today i woke up and all my levels are completely different, not to mention that i have been set back almost to the start of the the progress ladder. When i try and review a lesson, it’s all content that i have not been taught before. I think that I may have been given somebody else’s progress instead, as although the language and day streak is the same, the content and levels are completely different. Please fix, I’ve been trying to learn Japanese and this has set me back so much..Version: 6.217.0

DuolingoAwesome app, makes learning a language fun and easy. I wish it had Mandarin..Version: 5.1.10

Love this app so much!!! (suggestion included)I love duolingo! This app is actually really cool and kind of makes it feel like less of a chore or less of taking classes and more like your just actually playing a game! I like the look and way it works, It give you more motivation to keep learning. The competitive edge is definitely cool with the leagues too. Overall i think its an amazing app if your looking to learn some new languages. Or maybe your just bored and looking for things to do. Instead of scrolling through twitter or reddit while you wait for your hot pockets to cook in the microwave, Do a duolingo lesson. Its actually educational and who knows maybe itll grow on you! All though i do love this app a lot theres one thing i would want change to. You get a currency of either lingots or gems. (IOS=gems-Android=Lingots) But after you spend them all buying all the outfits for duo and other things you run out of things to spend them on. Im on a 19 day streak and i have everything so it doesnt take long. I wish there was more to do. So please if a developer sees this, 1. Amazing work keep it up! 2. Put some new things to buy with gems or lingots maybe the space outfit you see in the duolingo plus ad would be cool for 800 or something you get the point or maybe some other things you could use to customize duo. Much love! And enjoy the app to all ❤️.Version: 6.80.0

Good app! ...but needs work!Great free app, very helpful and useful in learning new or refining old languages. However, it still needs work in my opinion. I am learning Spanish and I have learned a lot more than I already knew in a couple days... but there are times when using a proper word is necessary to succeed and move on, but I have to restart over and over again later (after practicing, to get health to play) ...because I picked the right term but wrong specific word and no explanation is given as to why. I.E: Yo (means I) has to be followed with an o in the use of words like como (eat) or bebo (drink) instead of come/comen/comes or bebe/beben/bebes (as I learned through searching), but no explanation is given as to why. It’s frustrating and infuriating. This needs to be explained and taught for proper teaching of other languages. Also, why does the asterisk above certain Spanish words apply but not on others? Learn it all or don’t even try I say! Finally, turn down the need for health as often, or turn up the regeneration rate. I read it was said that they are trying to make learning free. So do it more, please. Stop making me practice over and over again just to get 1 bar of health (works on only 1 mistake before failing) and have 1 measly chance at succeeding just to have to quit, practice, and start ALL OVER AGAIN; only to fail because I don’t understand what I did wrong! The ads are bad enough and should be sufficient... but then there’s this! Please fix!.Version: 5.2.36

Best language app - even the free versionI have tried several language apps and this is by far the best of them. I have been learning Japanese and Russian using the free version for some time and decided to pay the subscription to get rid of ads and gain access to the extra training features. However, even if you don’t want to pay the subscription, the free version is enough to learn a language. I really enjoy this app. I was never really good at learning languages, but with Duolingo it feels like learning without the hard work of studying. After several months, I’m able to have basic conversations in the two languages I’m learning; something I wasn’t able to do even after several years of learning a language at school. I’m amazed!.Version: 6.183.0

Great! But…..Duolingo is a great app to learn a different language but there are obviously a few things that could be better like with the speaking exercises sometimes you say it right but it doesn’t highlight blue, it knight be connection problems but it’s really stressful when you keep saying it over agin waiting for it to turn blue which never happens. And I think it would be more helpful for a lot of people if when we get a question wrong they could tell us why to help us learn instead of just saying we are wrong because if we don’t know we might as well be right. And boy having Duolingo plus can be really hard especially when you make a few mistakes and is no longer able to continue with the lesson unless you pay. There is definitely a lot you can change like I wish Duolingo had a dictionary to remember all of those words and what it means especially when learning two languages, it is need of a few improvements for us free app learners. And I feel sometimes the exercises are repeated and I am not challenged enough. If you take away all that it is a good app and I like that to earn badges they make you do quests instead of trying to get to a 1000 XP.I also liked how they introduced the audio lessons;very helpful. 😊👍🏽.Version: 6.177.0

Optimised for mobileI reached about 80 crowns on the Duolingo app then switched to the browser version. The browser Duolingo I would say is better. For example; it doesn’t have lives and makes it easier to grind out the lessons without being slowed down by needing to constantly practise for new lives. I’d recommend the browser but the app works just fine and I think it’s optimised well for mobile devises seeing as it’s often harder to type on phones and what not. A critique is that the tips are different on the browser and mobile app, I have no idea why this is but the browser tips are much more extensive and IMO are better for learning the complexities of language.Version: 6.46.0

Really enjoying this appI originally downloaded this app for the purpose of learning Swedish so that I could watch Netflix’s “Young Royals” without subtitles but I am actually really enjoying the app and the overall language learning experience. Duolingo is a very smooth app with eye catching graphics and a simple but intelligent overall design. Learning a language has become a breeze, especially when I’ve dedicated a notebook to all of the words I’m learning so I can go back to them. Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 6.173.1

Duolingo ReviewI have been extremely impressed with the organization and function of the app. I feel as though I am picking up Dutch really quickly in a short amount of time (as someone who has learned another language through school and can compare). The mix of written, spoken, listening and pronunciation work on the app is truly incredible, I never expected the app to be this good..Version: 6.120.0

Impossible with dyslexiaI wish there was a setting for people with dyslexia, that would make it easier to progress with spelling mistakes. I struggle with spelling English words and lose hearts when I get my own language wrong. This seems very unfair. I can understand it to some degree that learning to spell another language is important but it makes it impossible to progress when you have this disability. Even with the paid version it’s disheartening to get so many lessons wrong just because you spelt the word wrong or you accidentally used the wrong word because they put a similar word in to purposefully trip you up. I know the right words but I read them and spell them wrong sometimes and it would be so good if there was a setting that could help people like me where it flags that you have made mistakes and and gives you a chance to correct it before submitting. Or maybe have less spelling based lessons until you have a better grip on the language. But apart from this one issue it’s a really great app.Version: 6.194.1

A good app but is has some flaws.I thoroughly recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn a language that have the same lettering system to your first language but when it comes to languages such as Japanese you’ll start to struggle as rather that learning the lettering system and what sounds they make, you start on basic vocabulary. However, on the Yiddish course, you do start on the letters which I think is a much easier place to start although, in the Yiddish and Hebrew course, some of the letters are missing the dots in them making it hard to distinguish between a bet and a vet or shin and a sin. I have one more point that have been bugging me which is that on the listening exercises in the Yiddish course, they pronounce the Ayin as an eh sound where I was taught that it was silent. The last thing I want to highlight is that I’d love it if you also got taught some of the grammatical rules that you’d get taught in a language lesson like why are there so many different ways to say walk and which goes with which noun as I found that it is easier to know the rules to correctly construct a sentence then to use the phrases that you get taught. But overall, Duolingo is a great app for learning a foreign language..Version: 6.118.1

Increíble 🤩🤩🤩Hiya. I started learning Spanish in October this year before I had it on my iPad but now I have it on my phone on my iPad. I had a whopping 132 days streak but now I only have 14, which is a bit annoying but anyway, this is a really good app to help you learn languages quickly since I joined Duolingo. I can a brief conversations with Spanish people and other people learning Spanish and Duolingo, such as my friends should be a more celebrated app because it helps you learn languages so quickly. After learning Spanish not completely obviously I decided to pick up French too as that’s what is that is one of the lessons at school. Duolingo has helped me to connect and understand my lessons more and the maths. The maths course is also quite helpful but I don’t know how it has anything to do with languages. when I feel stressed or upset, I find Duolingo help me to calm down and duo is so encouraging all the characters are part of Duolingo, even Lily. My favourite is probably Zari. She is so nice encouraging and bouncy. She reminds me a bit like me when I was younger. Thanks for this amazing app probably be going to Spain or France soon because you’ve helped me to speak!!!!.Version: 7.0.2

Amazed!This app is brilliant! I didn’t expect to make progress very quickly as I struggled to pick up languages in secondary school. The alternating between translating from English-german, german-english, listening and typing what you hear, choosing from multiple choice options etc. Seems to be a very effective way to really help the information to sink in. Differences between masculine and feminine (der/die/das/den) are difficult and sometimes involve a bit of memorisation but the structure of learning duolingo uses has resulted in me beginning to understand how and why words are used as well as memorising. As long as you frequently revise sections/practice, duolingo is a shockingly easy way to learn a new language! Note: flaws wise - the gems are a little irritating to collect. I want to learn german in as much depth as I can so I don’t like that the “extras” (flirting/idioms and proverbs) require a massive amount of diamonds to collect. Extra health (lost when making mistakes) is far too expensive to purchase. Personally I’m happy to practice 5 times if need be but others probably don’t like that. Also the practice section seems to usually test on animals/easier parts, id like to be challenged on everything? Amazing app, highly recommend giving it a go! I’d pay for it if need be..Version: 5.2.7

A revelation, but not perfect yetThis app has opened up a wonderful world of language (Indonesian for me) allowing me to learn the basics of everyday survival over a year at 5-10 minutes a day - Amazing! Many times I’ve felt compelled to subscribe to the paid version, but have bailed out at the last minute due to the copious small faults in the lessons which threaten to overwhelm the experience. For example, while most lessons are well constructed and easy/moderate to complete, allowing swift progress, my current one is ridiculously complicated in comparison and has slowed my progress. There are also inconsistencies in translations throughout the app that result in dispiriting errors when I actually got it right with the same answer in previous exercises. Even the exercises with the most copious number of complaints seem never to be fixed. If there was evidence that clear errors would be attended to as a priority, I’d be much more inclined to pay. The free model has obviously been successful in creating this app’s footprint. I look forward to it being more consistently tidied up so that it can transition to a well-polished paid product..Version: 6.49.0

Frustrating, but a good appI have had Duolingo for maybe a month now and I’m level one on all of the first group of things. Now there are a few things I’d like to address. Duolingo is really great because I’m taking French this year. However there are many huge problems with it too. One is with the practice for a heart. I have been doing it right, le restaurant. But every time I type it no matter how I tweak it it says I’m wrong and knocks me down so I can’t actually ever earn that heart because it keeps giving me the same question which has the wrong thing happening. When I get it wrong it shows me the answer- exactly what I typed. It kind of drives me nuts. Other than that, the hearts system is really stressful because it basically tells you that making mistakes is horrible and that you literally have to pay for them. Now I know that’s not the point but it sure feels like it because failing a lesson sure feels horrible, doesn’t it? I’m sure there are plenty of bugs Duolingo has that I haven’t uncovered but I really wanted to put this out there. Other than these things, Duolingo is great and it’s a great choice to assist in learning a language. But seriously the hearts system crushes your soul and it sure doesn’t help on a bad day. And yes I understand Duo plus is better but come on, I just want a free language app. So if you’re still reading this thanks for listening to me little Duolingo rant. Have a great day..Version: 6.35.0

Heart systemI see allot of people complaining about the heart system in reviews... This prevents people from juste rushing to the end without remembering half of what they learned! When you are out of lives you simply have to do a “Practice” wich is a quiz that takes ALL what you have learned from the first lesson to the one you are at! This pushes me to review all of what i learned to be sure not to forget the lesson i did 1 week ago, or even more. I LOVE THE APP AND I LOVE THE HEART SYSTEM PS: dont miss a lesson or someone who is worth allot to you will go missing!.Version: 6.97.0

#AWESOME!!!!! 😍😍. Best language learning app EVER!!!😍This app is SSSOOO effective! When you start out you sign in with your email. If you want to, the app will give you a daily reminder to practice or start a new lesson. It will also email you if you get behind in your lessons, which is great for me bc I always forget to practice!😂 You choose the language that you want to learn and then your all set!! No bugs and it works great. And after learning the basics and finishing the first three lessons than you can actually have a conversation with automated people in that language!! You have to try to understand their questions and answer them and if you haven't learn a word yet that they say or you forget what it means then you can just click the word and it shows you the translation. It is AWESOME!! You HAVE to get this app!!!!😄😄. You can also join a club with actual people learning the same language as you! You can encourage each other and post your latest progress and you can also make friends and follow people you know and make a profile picture so that your friends can find you!! You can also make your own club if you want to!!! It is absolutely amazing!!!! If I could I would just tap that download button for you so that you be able to try out this app!!😜 you have to get this app! I hope you take my word for it. PEACE OUT!!!!✌️😂✌.Version: 5.1.23

A good appThis is a great app if you want to make learning fun and into a game. Though I would say that they should make hearts easier to get and harder to loose. I’m not saying they should get rid of it completely, but my sister only just started French and could only do about 5 minutes of learning before she ran out of hearts. I understand why they have health, but make it a little less scarce. I was just about to finish my hour long lesson with one heart and then I made a mistake and bam, all that progress lost and you have to do ten minutes of practice to get another heart. If you want to really stick and learn for hours, I don’t recommend this app unless you want to do something like arabic because (oddly) they don’t have hearts like German or french. I also think there should be a filter to turn the health off and on so people can stick at it or just have 5 minutes a day. Currently the health shield in the game costs money or “Duolingo plus” which is expensive and not worth it as it glitches when you get it. So overall, good app, but it could be a whole lot better..Version: 6.32.0

Good but new update kinda ruins itDon’t get me wrong this is a good app for language learning I would still recommend it the only big problem for me would have to be one of the new updates let me explain in the app there are leaderboards which are there to encourage people to not just practice every day but to practice as much as they can and it definitely works in fact I’ve been using it for a while and just got to diamond League the last one the issue is I’d usually do hard practice which gives you 20xp and then 10xp for a second time which worked great for a while but now when I’m on the last league they decide to make an update that replaces hard practice with legendary level which don’t get me wrong is a cool concept but the problem is that it’s a Duolingo + feature meaning that now I have to pay money to be able to stay on the leaderboards because now I can only do regular practice which gives half the xp it’s just really frustrating that after spending so much time trying to get to diamond league as soon as I’m there I can barely move up the leaderboards..Version: 6.114.0

A bug?Overall great app, I’m in love with it!!!! There’s just a thing thats been happening after the latest update? Whenever I’m listening to the sentences (when you have to type what you heard) the sound fades out halfway through the sentence so I can’t hear everything and can only catch the first two words? I’m pretty sure it’s nothing to do with my microphone/speakers but it’s a bit tricky and I’m losing a lot of health trying to guess what the second half of the sentence should be haha. Please let me know if ur able to fix it but until then I’ll just press “can’t listen now” 😊 xx.Version: 6.15.0

It needs improvementHello, I know how hard developing applications can be for companies as I am a developer myself I wanted to say I love using Duolingo and how unique it is. I give this five star you can remember the words and learn through the app itself and wish it can take more inspiration to memory applications to improve the user learning curve throughout the app itself. I wanted to say by tapping onto the word you'll get the various definition of the word you are learning which is a cool idea but, very confusing for someone new to the language and would have to search the Internet and understand the context of the particular word or the structure of the sentence and forget it in a few months. For example, C’est in french this means in English it is or it’s or this is it has different words on the app that would confuse a user using the app itself and new to the language. Why not improve this feature so a user can be more interacted and engage more within the app instead of using a third party or search through a search engine and be more confuse or even not use the app itself due to one feature that can be improved? Don't only let the user have a responsibility to be responsible to learn the new language engage it more and improve it. Anyway, it's an amazing app, and I love using Duolingo!!!.Version: 6.118.0

Duolingo: Download this app if you want to learn a new languageDuolingo is a beautifully crafted app, that teaches language in a fun way. The app is easy and has a variety of methods of learning such as: reading, audio books etc. The app rewards you for showing up and learning helping you keep motivated to speak the language of your choice. Duolingo also adds friendly competition in the form of a rank system. Where you get promoted to a higher rank if you have one of the top 15 xp scores. You collect xp from completing courses; again bringing another motivation to keep you on track. If you were to force me to tell you something bad about this app I would struggle. The only thing I see that could be improved is: Not making people subscribe to Duolingo plus to get the 14 day free trail. A lot of companies do this and I think you shouldn’t have to give your bank details for something that is free. But I digress, the app is a great language learning tool and premium doesn’t determine your learning success. But premium is like a tutor: you pay for extra help. I could go on about how having limited hearts without duolingo plus is a good thing but this review is long enough. Good luck to those learning a new language! Au revoir.Version: 6.98.0

Duolingo The UnderratedTo start I believe that Duolingo is underrated it’s great for beginners-intermediate and is really fun is got leagues and streaks to keep you compelled and is all out awesome but there’s always one flaw and another and another etc, The only 2 things for me is inconsistent informal and formal use. I don’t know when you want me to type formal Spanish or informal. Second the heart system, since you only have 5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the restore time should be 1 hour, 3 hours for 1 ❤️ in total you would have to wait a WOPPING FIFTEEN hours quite too long, YES I know there is practice but some people get bored after having to do 1 practice, us humans are lazy creatures, me included. Everything said I still love 💕 Duolingo just tweak some features while your at it. 😊👍.Version: 6.96.0

DEFINITELY DOWNLOADThis is amazing! It teaches you how to learn almost every language! You pick a language, and it has lots of levels you can complete as you get better. It has daily challenges and this app is totally worth it! It also teaches you how to pronounce words, and as you get better at it, the lessons get harder, and more advanced! I am very happy with this, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has ever wanted to speak another language. Very impressed. 👍.Version: 6.202.0

Update - A great, great disappointment!!I used to love the app; I found myself being able to converse in several languages and I just loved the experience of learning. Then they had to update. Instead I a tree where, if I didn’t like (or wasn’t interested) in a branch I could do it slowly while acing other areas, I’m now stuck with a boring string of lessons and I can’t do anything remotely interesting until I slowly trudge through. Then I’ve lost the audio lessons - perhaps that’s the biggest loss of all. I lead a busy life but I have a long commute. Audio lessons kept me going when I didn’t have much time. Now I’m often close to being demoted because I can’t keep my xp up. What a great way to encourage people who have nothing to do and discourage those of us who lead busy lives but still want to learn! I was very close to giving up on Duolingo, but I paid for one year and really, what keeps me going is that other apps are so much worse. But if the next update is as useless as this one, perhaps I will. There are no words to describe my disappointment. Worse update ever. In the attempt to help people learn, you have managed to put off those of us who actually like learning. Not impressed ☹️.Version: 6.191.0

Good app, a few flawsDuolingo is a pretty sound app, however I do have a few small problems with it. The biggest annoyance in the game is the health bar system and the amount of leniency given towards typos. The idea of the health system is good for when you’re trying the new levels, as it encourages you to practice more if you keep stuffing up, but it shouldn’t be present in levels you’ve already completed that you’re actually TRYING to practice. Don’t get me wrong, the practice system is a good concept, but you know what you’re worse at better than a random question generator, losing health in these old levels just slows you down from learning. Of course, this would be a little less of a problem if it gave you more leniency in small typos like accidentally putting the i before the e, or if you accidentally add in a letter at the end. Losing health for small errors like this when you knew the translation is just frustrating Also, could you guys please add in some volume options? I love listening to music, and I do it whenever I’m anywhere or doing anything, so having to switch it off or have it constantly disrupted by the forced voice over for even the text sections is a giant turn off and all round inconvenience.Version: 6.34.0

Disappointed in update - Re: heartsI have loved Duolingo and have recommended it many times as first point of call to anyone (adult and child) wanting to learn a new language. However I am sorely disappointed in the new “hearts” function. I used to be able to study for long periods of time and not “cheat” by looking at the answers. Now I lose a “heart” with every mistake. Sometimes it is purely a mistype. I find myself looking up the answer instead of trying to remember it, to stop myself losing “hearts”. Paying for the “Plus” option is not a possibility for me. I will continue to use the app, as it is still the best learning platform for me, but I will not be able to learn as quickly or effectively, and cannot in good conscience recommend it to families wanting to learn. I don’t mind an ad every now and then, as a reasonable cost for a free app, but a heart for every mistake?lets not even mention that I can’t mute your Duolingo Plus ad when it comes up..Version: 6.50.0

Best app ever do not ever change it!This app is so good! You need it! This app is best for learning Spanish and other languages, I love it! Duolingo is very great to learn languages just you can’t learn any better! But I liked it better before the update just saying if there was a ten star I’d totally do that but going though the update made it a bit harder for me to learn I mean, I was in unit one and then when the update came I was suddenly in unit 11. I thought there was only 20! I’m just going to say that this app changed a lot of my Spanish. Now I speak to my friends in Spanish cause they do it too! Now I just can’t think of anymore things to say that is great about this. It’s just so good I even reached a 57 day streak. Until I went on holiday… now I’m trying to get it back. Also just saying that the cute little animations a SO CUTE! DON’T TELL THE PEOPLE THAT HATE THE UPDATE WHO CARES ABOUT THE UPDATE CARE ABOUT THE LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT!!!!!!!Thanks for this.Version: 6.223.0

A must have for language learners!I absolutely love Duolingo and believe it is one of the best ways to learn a language. Of course, learning a language is difficult and complex, and requires a lot of determination and dedication, but Duolingo makes it fun and, more importantly, makes it stick in your mind. I have been learning on Duolingo for around 2.5 years and I can confidently speak in Spanish now to a B1/2 level. Doing Duolingo alone probably isn’t enough, you have to immerse yourself with other means such as TV, books and music but with time, and as your ability develops, these become much easier. I go to a Spanish class once a week in addition which is great for practicing speaking in groups, but when I learn a new word I will often forget it because you need to read, write, speak and hear a word multiple times before it’s locked in your memory - and Duolingo is perfect for this. There is a huge variety of ways to learn and the newly added radio lessons to the Spanish course are amazing! I often hear people say that the sentences Duolingo teaches are unrealistic, but there is method behind this, because it forces your brain to really think about the translations and not assume a sentence just from knowing one or two words. I highly recommend this app as a companion and tool for anyone’s arsenal when learning a language!.Version: 6.237.0

Harder workIt takes a while to learn the basics of languages such as Korean chinese or japanese. If you ever decide to learn all 3 of those it is hard to keep track with each one. Though many people may not be interested in learning all 3 or even any at all, I have been attempting to learn each and every one of those languages. I would appreciate it if languages like those were made so that the person trying to learn the languages would have to do more work in one session. Although there are fewer flaws, the flaws are pretty big which makes learning harder. You have to work terribly hard to do learn fewer phrases. I am currently learning chinese but it took me 1 1/2 unit’s to learn 5 numbers by heart. Duolingo makes up for these major flaws though by giving the user a fun way to learn a language. The gems and quests make using duolingo all the more intriguing and fun to do. Duolingo makes learning a language like a game and has super cute art styles and characters. I also love how the characters have different voices so you can get used to hearing a languages from people with other accents..Version: 6.219.0

Great app!I've tried a lot of language learning apps and this is by far the best one out there. It offers less languages to learn than some others, but it has more intensive courses. You can also join or make clubs to interact with people trying to learn the same language as you, which is really fun!! I am currently learning 5 languages and doing well in all of them. My only suggestion to make it even better is to not have lives for some of them. It makes it really frustrating sometimes! Or you could just have one question wrong equals half a life taken away. I would also love you to add a few more languages, like Arabic, or Urdu. Or Greek. Love this!!.Version: 5.2.32

Pretty cool way to learnIt’s pretty cool , especially if you want to learn fast . My only problem is with the hearts and the league system. The hearts are a major problem, because while it gives you the incentive not to make a mistake, it makes me have to reset my focus especially when running out of hearts. I say this because once you run out of hearts trying to learn you must go to previous lessons and practice or wait, and this goes hand and hand with the league system too. After you run out of hearts some people don’t have the time to practice the other lessons that they’ve previously done and it feels redundant as you end up mastering these skills and this makes people ( especially me ) feel as if learning is being prohibited by that much longer. Feeling this way makes people not want to continue learning and then they drop down in the league system, and once you drop it feels as if your hard work is being undermined. This fact alone has made a few people I know stop using Duolingo for this purpose. Along with the fact that there is no explanations as to why you get things wrong. There NEEDS TO BE EXPLANATIONS, especially if you want people to actually learn. The only way people can truly learn is if they understand. Quite frankly when Duolingo tells me I’m wrong it enrages me because there is no explanations, which in turn makes understanding that much harder ..Version: 6.191.0

I love Duolingo!!!I’ve used Duolingo on and off now for a few years but only near the end of last year did I decide to get the paid for version and it really has been a great investment. I love the widget that Duolingo offers for app users as it allows me to keep my streak and I’m now on day 75. Now I feel like learning a bit of Spanish everyday isn’t a huge task but a fun challenge to keep this streak. Sometimes before I go to bed I’m like ‘oh crap! I need to do my Spanish otherwise I’m gonna lose my streak and the angry little bird is gonna be mad at me when I next open my phone!’ My boyfriend thinks I’m mad but Duolingo really has made learning a language so fun and even made me feel confident in my abilities. If I had to choose between learning a language in a classroom or on Duolingo, I’d choose Duolingo every time. I truly believe it deserves all of its success and it should be praised for how it’s made learning a language accessible even for some of those with poor education backgrounds because the free version provides so much value. So happy that there are people out there who actually care about providing education, not just trying to make a buck. Genius 💚.Version: 6.201.1

Good App!Ok. We all can see not only in the actual app profile on the App Store, but the actual game, that the animations are ADORABLE!!! The ability to be able to text with the animations in your selected language is so amazing and fun. But obviously with good comes bad, I really am not talking about the ads that you have to watch, but how, if you don’t buy the premium version they make your life a disaster. My hearts almost every 20 minutes get lost, and I know you might say I need to practice but, they make the practice tests for extra hearts take forever and then when you get an answer incorrect it jumps you back 3 whole inches!!! The books that there is are so cute, however you need HEARTS to read them. I’m sorry but what do I do? If I can practice for a heart but it takes 7 years to complete, well my hearts would have filled up by then. Now, I’m done with my critic. Overall suggestions. I think that everyday we should get gems, the amount of times I end up with ten after not continuously playing every day for 7 days... The game may be more enjoyable if we had: 1. More hearts or 2. Unlimited hearts (like the p r e m i u m users). Honestly I love this app apart from (some) fault so really I’ll give this app a 4/5 or 8/10. <3.Version: 6.123.0

Great language toolI’ve been using duolingo for about five years now, though I only started using it seriously this year (finally took the New Years resolution seriously!) I’m very glad I did! With how I was using it before, I wasn’t improving because if you use this app to just occasionally do one or two lessons, you can’t get anywhere. I do love duolingo’s premise of a little at a time though, and that’s what’s been working for me! I recently enrolled in French classes, all of my classmates have taken French for years to gcse level, but with about six months of duolingo, I’m one of the best in the class! I would say that this app is a great tool, but it depends on how you use it. It is not a standalone to learn any language. I do love that they’re putting out new content all the time and the duolingo stories and podcasts are a great way to immerse yourself in the language (however I think they’re only available for Spanish and French?) Anyway, I love a lot about this app, but I would say that, it could do better in grammar lessons. Teaching tenses, and specific grammar rules. It relies on the user understanding the rules by observing patterns given in the example sentences. For a free app, it goes leaps and bounds beyond what is expected. Try it!.Version: 6.39.0

Fun to practice everydayThis app is truly fun and is a great supplement to a French language immersion class I am taking. I do have a hint and some suggestions. Hint to those newly downloading: take advantage of the 1-MONTH trial because if you don’t, you’ll only see the 2-week trial for Plus after that initial period. Don’t delay! I truly enjoy the variety, not only lessons but the stories and the listening and there’s even a Podcast! Truly satisfying app - the stories crack me up, and I love hearing pronunciations from other native speakers, not just Estelle and Paul. Suggestions to enhance learning/app, while it’s great that there are flags and learns and those come back up in practice sessions, I wish there was a bookmark feature for specific tips or one that would allow you to flag even specific test. I take screenshots but would rather it be available all in one place in the app. And the other big suggestion is, there are times when I select the word, and it doesn’t say it. It does happen in one kind where you place 2 words and place both within a sentence (i.e. aime-aimer) but it doesn’t happen when you have three separate words to select and check — this is where I would like to hear the word. Maybe these features are unlocked in Plus, but if it doesn’t underline a word after It’s accepted and I press continue, why can’t I listen to the sentence again after the continue prompt is available?.Version: 6.117.1

One improvement and one suggestionSo I love this app and I try to keep my streaks going as long as possible but some days (usually when I learn in the morning)it saves my progress but doesn’t continue my streak. It’s kind of annoying. I think it might have something to do with the timing because when I do it in the night, it’s totally fine. Another thing is that when I learn in the morning, it still comes up as perfectly fine, the fire is lit for the entire day until the next day where it comes out that I didn’t do anything that day. But regardless, I love this app so much and I play everyday, it helps me practice my French and the fun of playing a legendary round is awesome. I think you should get this app because it has helped me learn some things (but it is useful to live in a country that speaks the language you are trying to learn). Just a suggestion, maybe it could add an option that allows the users to create their own language and learn it like any other. The user might also be able to share the language with friends and let them learn it as well. Overall, I love this app!.Version: 6.191.0

Fun way to study!I took 2 Japanese courses in college and this is the perfect app to practice and brush up on my Japanese knowledge! Although, I must say it might not be the best app for learning from scratch… it starts by teaching the “alphabet” (hiragana, katakana) then throws in some harder vocabulary-including kanji.. it’s great if you aren’t looking to be proficient in writing, but probably not for you if you are. I already learned stroke order for the hiragana/katakana in college, but we never got to kanji.. so this app forces you to look elsewhere for stroke order, which is somewhat frustrating. Albeit, all the content has been right so far and is quite fun! Very user friendly and simple to study with! I just wish it had some textbook-esque quality to it before starting a new unit. I will stumble upon a random word and have no idea where it came from, but I guess it’s part of learning. Seeing a word you have never encountered then learning its meaning and usage. Doesn’t really explain grammatical rules, but as I said before, it really isn’t necessary if you are only trying to SPEAK the language rather than write it. I know my review sounds harsh, but I really do enjoy this app! I recommend anyone to try it at least once.. It really isn’t my style of “learning” but it is great fun for brushing up on my previous language knowledge:).Version: 6.183.1

Great app- bad updateAs usual, “upgrades” to computer products destroy functionality and make things progressively worse for the user. Latest update now has all lessons in sequence so that the learner has much less flexibility than before. Maybe its better if you are a school teacher trying to control what your students learn but I am nearly 60 and don’t need a nanny. The problems I wish they would have fixed include tiny pictures that I can see on my iPhone and occasional screens that don’t have enough room to see the text you are typing. They have fixed some of the regionalisms and no longer force me to use continental Spanish, for example. One continual annoyance with all academic language instruction is the insistence on “school grammar” instead of how people actually speak and write. Since I learned Spanish in an immersion program, I continually run into grammatical elements not actually used that I have to put in, like the “se” reflexive pronoun. Duolingo puts it in all the time, street Spanish leaves it out unless there is no other reference to the object. Since I still can’t type reliably on virtual keyboards, I rely heavily on voice recognition, which works poorly. Most of my mistakes are due to voice recognition errors and secondly word order. Decent voice recognition would be a real plus for me. In some cases, the voice recognition just pumps out complete absurdities that bear no resemblance to what I said, recently, “darmelo” became “Dave my load”..Version: 6.196.0

This is fantastic!I’ve always procrastinated learning the languages in which I wish to be fluent due to not having the time or money to pursue the interest, and Duo has created a fun way for me to learn with quick lessons that fit into my schedule, while making it free to pursue the interest. The premium version comes with even more features that I feel are valuable enough for the cost. This app works very well for my style of learning, and you begin with very basic sentences, learning slightly more advanced structures and content as you progress. I cannot stress this enough for newcomers: the comment section under each example sentence is a GOLD MINE of a learning opportunity. If you feel you do not understand what is being presented, check the comments and there is likely someone asking the question you have and someone else has already presented a very helpful explanation. *A note to the developers in regards to the preceding paragraph: in the few circumstances where I have a question that hasn’t yet been asked, or if I see a question that I feel confident I could answer, I would love to have the ability to add a comment directly from the app for iPad or iPhone without having to retry that lesson on the website to comment. I feel it is the only thing lacking from an otherwise amazing learning tool. Please, please, PLEASE add this for us!.Version: 6.179.0

Duolingo has changed my life!About 8 months ago, I was recommended Duolingo by a friend. I began learning Norwegian on there, as I had interest in Norway and my friend was also learning it. I’ve learnt so much in such a short time frame! I never did well with languages at school, but this app has been amazing. There’s a great balance of repetitive learning with fun learning! With each lesson you get XP points there’s lots of cool features such as leaderboard’s, leagues and badges to earn depending on your XP points. You can also compete with friends! There’s also a streak system to keep you coming back to the app to learn more. The characters and graphics are so cute, and there’s so much extra info you can learn about the language, such as grammar, composition, context, etc. I’m also currently learning German and I plan on learning Vietnamese in the new year. The app is so motivating! Because of Duolingo I plan to travel to Norway and possibly study there! (Same with German) There’s so much to get out of this app! I could go on forever about Duolingo, but I’d say it’s one of my favourite things, so definitely give it a try..Version: 6.145.0

Love the app but ..Look I Love this game like really but something is wrong with the duolingo Super so I got the super for free because I’ve been practicing like every day but do you have the icon that you could change from the boring old one to the new super one So I did that and next thing I know everything starts to crash like all my games work stuff and things, so I checked like what’s going on I’m panicking and then I realized this didn’t happen before, so I thought maybe icon because I changed it so after that I changed it back to what it was, and then everything started to like uncrashing so I was like let’s test it out again, so that’s what I did and then I turned it back on and everything started to like tell me I had no Wi-Fi but I have like five bars so can I have Siri right, and she tells me that something is wrong please try again but I have full bars like I said so then I turned it off like the icon And then after I turned it off everything started to work again, so I was like OK I’m not turning this back on again because then everything is going to start crashing again, so then after that I never turned it back on again and then everything is fine. |for DUOLINGO you really have to fix it because I don’t want no one to have a crash or their stuff telling them that they don’t have Wi-Fi because then they’re probably gonna get worried and I don’t want them to be worried at all like at all|.Version: 6.170.0

SupportI have enjoyed taking these lessons over the last 4 years. At the moment I am experiencing problems as I have been unable to update the new version on my iPad. It would be great to have the opportunity to contact someone for technical support and to ask questions on the program. I’ve patched together the ability to upgrade on another device and I am now are back to basic lessons which is good for me as the lessons were getting hard and as you often learn in isolation, without using what is learn, the basic words and structures can be forgotten. Still Im not able to return to the level I was at beforehand and support would be appreciated..Version: 7.1.0

Really helpful - some more conversation exercises would be greatI’ve been using Duolingo for a couple of years now, admittedly sporadically until ten months ago when I started using it every day. I’ve been learning Spanish primarily, as I’m studying it at school and it’s one of the most developed courses on the app. I can now read fairly fluently in Spanish and my marks have improved dramatically in the Spanish course I’m taking at school. However, I would still rather die than converse with a native speaker. Fluent speech will come with time and practice, I know, but it would be really helpful if an option for faster speech on listening and conversation exercises could be added. Everybody speaks very fast in their native language and the Duolingo speech is slower, which is easier to understand and good for learning, but practicing with faster speech would really help me to be more comfortable in conversation..Version: 6.145.1

Five stars!This is such a good app to learn languages, I am currently learning Spanish (this is not for class, ect). I spend around 15 minutes a day on there and it is so helpful! Some people might not like the heart’s strategy which is when ever you make a mistake, you lose a heart. I actually think this helps me think about the question better and then I get better results at the end. If you need help or some hints there are hint bars at the top that have helped me more than once, there is also a conversation page for each question full of everyones views and little hints they have picked up here and there. Don’t hesitate, get this app, it is so good! ❤️.Version: 6.162.0

Amazing and easy.Duolingo is amazing, I have been using it for almost a year and my Spanish has really improved (please note there are many more languages then Spanish) and when I started using it I only knew about five Spanish words. I was reluctant to get the app until I realised it was free! When I noticed this I very quickly downloaded it and found there seemed to never really be any problems and no major inconveniences, there’s only ever the occasional pop-up advertising super Duolingo (which I personally don’t have but I think it’s a monthly payment, a reasonable price though) and other Duolingo apps. It’s also extremely easy to use, I personally struggle to learn languages in school because it starts with more advanced words and topics but Duolingo breaks it down and begins with the basics, it also always (at the end of the lesson) allows you to practise the mistakes you previously made. Also some of the things you do in the lessons consist of speaking exercises, listening exercises, filling in the missing gaps, etc. Another thing, it works for almost every age, I’m currently a kid (not gonna say my exact age) and I find it really simple to learn different languages with this app, I have no ranted on about this app for many lines of writing so I really recommend Duolingo and I hope this review was helpful, that’s if you had enough hours to finish reading it of course. 😂😂😂.Version: 6.200.1

Good points Bad pointsFantastic product, if you love languages you can have fun and learn at the same time. highly recommended. However, as often happens with software, the makers can be high handed in changing things we have got used to whether we like it or not. For example, I miss the crowns feature which was a good way of showing-off how much study one had actually done versus so-called XP points which people can rapidly accumulate without doing much real learning. only relevant if you are competitive, which duo does encourage you to be. I also find it a shame that given the power of its platform duo does not allow real communication between users. And those who did not want to use it in that way, would not have to. But that option doesn’t exist. So, for example, I have some people so-called following me, but it is meaningless because I cannot actually communicate with them and they can’t communicate with me. As a native Persian speaker, I find it odd that there is no Persian on this app, a language spoken by 100 million + people in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, not a minor language! apart from these minor grumbles, amazing app, and very grateful to it! Go Duo!.Version: 6.231.0

DuolingoDuolingo is an amazing app, I find it really easy to navigate and it really helps when you’re wanting to learn a language. I really like how you can practice to earn hearts because, not only do you get free hearts but you can quickly review what you have recently been learning! Thank you for this app, I have been wanting to learn Latin for a long time and now I can for free! There are not many bad things about this app but there are still some. I don’t like how there are suddenly all these ads of the premium thing (although it is smart to advertise your own app). I have been using Duolingo for a couple of years now (I started off in Spanish), and there never were that many ads but now there are suddenly lots. There are very distracting and annoying because I don’t really want to pay just to get some better features so the ads are kind of useless. But apart from that it is an amazing app and you should be very proud. Thank you for sharing it with us all!.Version: 6.196.0

Not enough attention to fixing bugsI have been subscribing to this app for 6 years, of which the last 2 as a paid member (Super Duolingo) but in all of the years I have used it, there have never been so many bugs as lately. And having bugs is one thing, but being completely ignored when you report them is another thing. Even though Duolingo advertises with ‘follow friends you will be more successful’, since November last year I have not been able to follow friends (initiate to follow) or follow friends back. I have reported this every couple of weeks since December and heard nothing back. I have had error messages of which I have sent screenshots to Duolingo, I have ‘bought’ upgrades to get 30 minutes double points instead of 15 minutes, only to get a message ‘sorry your reward is not available right now, try again later’. I have also reported this a few times and heard nothing back. There are very frequent upgrades, to fix bugs but none of them have fixed my problems. I will go back to being a free, unpaid user again as Duolingo doesn’t seem to care about people paying $130 per year for this app!.Version: 6.204.1

Amazing except a few problems…OK, so I’ve been using duolingo for about a month now and have decided to buy super duolingo. Now in the app there is something called streak society if you get a 30 day streak. One of the first perks is that you get a different app logo, which I really liked. So I switched it to the back to the super duolingo app icon and when I wanted to make it the streak society logo duolingo logo again, I couldn’t. I couldn’t find where the button was! I even checked the help centre. Now this isn’t a real big problem but sometimes when I make a level legendary (which I did 5 minutes ago) the data just simply disappears once I do it, and I’m on Wi-Fi when it happens. One time, (when I was off Wi-Fi) on the tube in London where I live (I’m on holiday writing this review) all of the lessons I had done on the train were gone. I was pretty annoyed. And in the actual lessons, sometimes what should be allowed (I may check the blog) isn’t. To add, sometimes audio is weird and it’s really hard to make out what they are saying. On the plus side, apart from all that, the layout of the app is really nice and I love the dear duolingo bit of the app. 4 / 5 Edit: I have found the solution to the first problem but I have another problem: when I make a simple typo when I am using the French keyboard; sometimes it goes through as right, sometimes wrong..Version: 6.209.0

It’s a good app!This is some reasons i gave this app 4 stars only. I did not want to put 5 because of some stuff so let me tell you. This app is so amazing i would download it if i were you but, i am trying to learn french because of friends.. but it does not really teach me french language. All it kinda wants me to do is pick the right french word or, something else like that. It doesn’t seam to make me remember all the words. So i give this app a 4. No hate to this app because they are trying there BEST to help people learn new languages! Its really a great app but also, it wants you to pay a lot for a month I’m pretty sure to get no ads and level up quicker. Almost every app has a monthly subscription witch is kinda unfair. People are losing there jobs during this moment of Covid-19 so they won’t be able to pay that much for a month or however much it costs. I would say who would want to level up fast? It would not be fun because its going fast and you really learn anything and, its kinda cheating as what i think. The no ads.. well thats kinda “OK” but i don’t know about it.. the ads are kinda great although, they are about the Duolingo subscriptions. The ads are actually short though so i would not mind the ads because i don’t want to pay a monthly subscription. So i give this a 4 i guess but it’s actually good app and i think you should download it if you like! There is so many amazing languages out there on Duolingo. Thanks for reading my review! - Customer <3.Version: 6.104.0

Duo - tastic! But a few problems…Duolingo is a great language learning experience, and I recommend it to others, but there’s just three things that make me give it 4 ⭐️s. I don’t like the way you have to wait to get more language lessons if you run out of hearts, at first I wasn’t so good at Duolingo, running out of hearts all the time. And I know, if you join the membership, you’ll get infinite hearts, but I just don’t feel like doing it because I don’t have a lot of time to do Duolingo and think that it’s a waste of money. The second part is the kids’ animation. Also known as Junior, his strange voice is hard to interpret. In fact, the majority of my mistakes are from his off putting voice. I really hope Junior’s voice gets changed to something easier to hear/more realistic. The third problem is the ads. After every lesson I get, there is a Membership advertisement of sone sort. It becomes really annoying, so much in fact that I exit out of the app in order to skip the bothersome ads. Although it’s not going to impact learning, they should really fix it. I also just realized a few months ago that Duolingo supports lesbian couples because of Bea and Lin. In summary, Duolingo is a great language app with very little problems, but still can be a bother once in a while. I recommend to anyone who wishes to learn a language in a quick, fun (ish) way..Version: 6.209.0

Course quality depends on the languageI've been using the premium version for two years, mostly on Japanese and tried some others. Some language courses are much better than others. For example the Spanish course seems pretty robust. Korean seemed pretty bad for beginners (even though it's a relatively easy language to learn). I have the most experience with the Japanese courses. It's honestly not great if you're completely new to the language. It doesn't have much focus on teaching the basic alphabet and tries to jump into to words or phrases without much context. If you already know a bit and want to learn some kanji it is decent for that. There are many frustrations with the courses. One of the most annoying things is when you're trying to complete courses quickly to beat a certain timer. Some sentences they want you to translate are weirdly long and unnatural. I can't help but to think there are roadblocks set in place to encourage people to buy timer boosts. I also really don't like the amount of unnecessary animations, some which you cannot turn off that just adds time between courses. Pretty frustrating when I'm trying to finish a few quick lessons during a break or to get more xp within the boost timer. Overall it's a fun little way to get some practice in but it's best used as a supplemental learning too. For many languages it doesn't seem to be a good way to learn from scratch..Version: 6.152.0

I am very grateful !J’adore Duolingo, I never had the confidence to learn a language before using this app. I always scoffed it off as too much work. You guys really make it fun. It’s like playing a game! As you developers already know, the streak keeps many people committed to the app. I’ve kept my streak alive 150 days twice! I’m not dropping the flame this time though. My only complaint is that I wish bots weren’t in the leagues so much. I assume they are there to give people a more competitive feel that perhaps isn’t quite there with all the real users on the app? I’m not sure, I’ve tried to understand the reason, but alas it is what it is. I am learning how to read and pronounce quite a bit in French! That is the main thing I really get from this though. And that is really something I am genuinely grateful for. I have even been practicing thinking in French and although I cannot understand every day French tongue out in the real world yet, I can differentiate many words that are said and that’s cool too, quite an improvement! That is all thanks to you wonderful folks. I appreciate the people behind Duolingo because they are providing such an amazingly useful resource for free!! I do get the premium membership because I love it so much. I’m on my second year with this app and can’t wait to see it evolve. 🥰Merci beaucoup, Duolingo et au revoir !.Version: 6.153.0

I luv ur app😁Duolingo is simple and fun to use. I can tell a lot of work goes into it from the audio lessons to the animation characters. I also enjoy your ads for some weird reason. I just feel like your adds genuinely show what the app is and aren’t annoying like other adds. I also think their entertaining and cute. I also like the fact that even without super Duolingo you can still learn effectively and the app is still good. This makes the app more accessible and useful to a lot of people. Unlike other apps where If you don’t pay for extra benefits or super memberships the app turns to be totally useless and you can’t do anything. I am learning Spanish and Japanese. I find both categories to be taught well. I also see the differences in the way you teach these languages. I’m also guessing it changes by what language you speak. Which I find helpful and super cool of you. I luv Duolingo, it is so much fun to use. So shout out to all of the Duolingo team. I suggest to anyone who is reading this to try out the app. Don’t worry about going to slow or fast. Which the app makes me feel good in. I feel like I can make mistakes and take my time and not be rushed. The app is also not that complicated to use. P.S. I don’t review app ever but I thought this app really deserved it. The apps physical design is nice and so are the characters. May God bless you 😁.Version: 6.166.1

Good for beginnersWell you can’t beat Duolingo if you’re new to learning a language. I’ve always been a fan. I was even on a trial of The Park for months before it was released to the general public. However, I now have a streak of 330 days and the path makes everything so slow - I haven’t learnt many new words in the past few weeks, it’s just a bunch of repetition (and I’m only up to unit 42 ish, foundations 2). My one year Super sub ends in a month or two, and I won’t be renewing it. Thanks for the intro to Spanish Duo, but it’s time for me to move on..Version: 6.194.1

This app has helped me attain Russian WordsI had developed a liking to Russian, it may have stemmed from my liking toward the way words are articulated, the pronunciation as well as the cultural aspects of their community. I established a in depth conversation about this topic with my science teacher, they had the courtesy as to inform me of an app called Duo lingo, fortunately they had explained before I had started to use the app, of how difficult learning languages can become, and that if I struggle in learning to push onward, as it shall eventually become easier, I established that I would indeed push onward, such a diligent approach, as I now have achieved great results, I’ll be it, I have a long journey ahead, in order to successfully accomplish the Russian language in a way that I may converse with others in the language fluently, though I am hopeful that I shall eventually attain this path. The app is impeccable, especially the independent alphabet page, this provided page is very likely an essential part of any beginners journey, the learning page has an equivalent amount of usefulness, overall, the app utters nothing but divinity, I would suggest trying this app if you feel as though you would like to learn a language, just retain that it shall become hard or even exerting, but you shall see through, do not give up..Version: 6.194.1

Very goodI’ve been using duolingo for about a month or two, I’m currently learning Korean. Surprisingly this app is very addictive and I find myself enjoying it. Although I would like to recommend that you do it on a laptop as you don’t have to worry about lives there. I love competing against other people and it gives me a challenge although I would love it if the lessons were a bit more harder. For example when you have to translate a sentence, it gives you the words and makes it very easy to guess it which is not what I want. Also I would love it if there were more questions where you would have to rely on the sound of the word or sentence instead of relying on the symbols or letters as I can now read but not speak most of the language. Other than that it’s a good app especially since it’s free!.Version: 6.26.0

Such a great app!Honestly, I’m so glad I came upon this app! I used it for a while in primary school, whilst we were learning French, and I found it a good tool to help me, however I eventually stopped using the app and forgot about it for a while. Now, a few years later, I have picked it up again to help with my Spanish (I learn French and Spanish at school), and it has really changed my mindset on learning languages. It has helped me learn some basic greetings to complex sentences, and it has given me so much motivation to learn something every day. The whole setup of the app, and the fun animations and praise, make it feel more like a game than an educational program. I’m so glad I decided to pick it up again, however I have one small complaint. I don’t like how long the lives take to come back, and I would use the app more if I could, but I have no lives left. It really isn’t a big issue, but I would rather the lives took a little less time to come back. Overall, Duolingo is an amazing app, and I would recommend it to literally anyone who wants to pick up a language. It makes me feel so confident in my ability’s, and I hope loads of other people have similar experiences with the app..Version: 6.153.2

Excellent learning tool, Needs more community interactionI have tried many language learning applications, but Duolingo is by far my favorite. Why? Well first, this review is based on the subbed version. I subbed immediately so I cannot speak for the unsubbed version. Now, this is why it is my favorite app. I am to unit 3. The lessons I have encountered have been the best I have used for memorization. I will cover pronunciation in a moment, though. Now listen, it are VERY repetitive. ALL Language apps are should be. However, other apps don’t provide as much variance as duolingo. I am extremely impressed that they can repeat vocabulary enough to optimize memorization, yet also provide consistent variance between the material. redundant vocabulary becomes interesting every time. I have used apps that have no variance and become boring fast, and apps that are too fast paced, lacking memorization technique and losing their learning power. Duolingo also offers stories that you listen and interact with, and even interactive podcasts. They are my favorite. The app gives you true sense of progress through achievements, monthly challenges, speed challenges, ranking, and a lot more. My critique is an app like this has more COMMUNITY potential than they realize. If I could message directly and even form groups with other learners in this app, it would be fantastic..Version: 6.123.1

Very good; shame about the AmericanismsThis is a tremendous app: fun and addictive. I’ve been using it to brush up my French. Even the free version is very engaging for this. I have a small reservation: the English text from which we are ask to translate is US English (using idioms foreign to British ears), and the whole thing seems to be addressed to a US audience. So we’re asked to translate “cell phone” (never mobile), “store” (never shop), “movie theater [sic]” (never cinema), it thinks “purse” is the same as “handbag”, it says “soccer game” instead of “football match”, “candy” instead of “sweets” and many, many more examples. It once even told me that “any more” in my answer should have been one word! It (usually) accepts answers in British English, but always then suggests the US equivalent as an alternative, as though that would have been better or more usual. (I wonder if it would also do this the other way round, or is this unconscious cultural imperialism?) Sometimes the Americanisms are so unfamiliar to me it takes me a while to work out what they mean - it’s a shame my learning of French has to be mediated by a third language (US English). This is an irritating distraction from an otherwise excellent app..Version: 6.158.0

Duo’s usability going downhillI have been using duolingo since it’s early early days. It has always been the very best language teaching platform around. More and more however, the app seems to be becoming more of a children’s game than a learning platform. Each update adds a more “game-like” feature or page. And more concerning, is that with every update the developers seems to be removing the parts of the app that make you want to come back to learn. The first of these negative transitions was the removal of the learning percentage, and the addition of “crowns” in it’s place. Can’t speak for everyone but, fake crowns do no good in my learning... maybe introduce crowns along side a percentage. However, the most recent of these negative transitions is the addition of “hearts”. Learning a language comes with making a lot of mistakes... how is anyone supposed to learn if they are told they cannot continue after making a specified number of mistakes? This is a huge step in the wrong direction for the app and hopefully the duo team will recognize it before it’s too late. I find myself rarely using the app now due to the “heart” addition. Seems to deter users from prolonged use. For the sake of learning, please steer the ship back to where it came. Go back to your roots duo. On a side note, duo team, you need to create a way to allow user feedback..Version: 6.44.0

Very usefulI’ve wanted to study Japanese for a while but never really had time or knew how to. Since I’m visiting japan for the first time in February 2019 I figured I should probably learn at least some of the language, so I decided to take a different approach and learn with an app. Duolingo offers short and snappy exercises which can be completed anywhere at anytime, which is so useful if you don’t get a lot of spare time. Thanks to Duolingo I could read Japanese hiragana and katakana in less than 3 days of using the app, and will probably be able to hold a basic conversation with a native Japanese speaker when I visit japan next year. My only criticisms are that the membership is pretty expensive- however, you can still get the full learning experience without it as the ads aren’t really that annoying and can be easily skipped. Also, it would be good if the app offered a writing exercise for languages that don’t use the Roman alphabet, as this would probably improve understanding of the characters used in languages such as Japanese, Chinese etc. Would definitely recommend to anyone who just learn a language (as so many are available, even Klingon and High Valyrian! 😂), whether you want to just be able to say a few sentences or become completely fluent..Version: 5.2.43

Some adviceI absolutely love this app and it’s for a range of ages currently I’m practicing Spanish and I can make a really short sentence and I’m only on family (the 5th or 4th Level). I know it’s short but I can say “Luna es una niña” which means “Luna is a girl” (sorry if I got that wrong) and I’ve been practicing with Duolingo for 4 days. But there is a heart System at first I was confused and worried but you can just buy more hearts with the gems you earn! So I recommend Duolingo if you want to learn a different language! (Sad they don’t do Te reo though).Version: 6.155.0

IzzySo im very new to this app so i dont know how it was before the health update. I dont really mind it atm but ive only just started. I assume as it gets harder, ill be tearing my hairs out because ill run out of lives before ive even started. But atm im alright with it. The thing that kind of annoyed me, and correct me if im wrong, but the spanish is slightly different to actual spanish. Someone in the comment section mentioned that it was latin/mexican type of spanish. I only noticed because a word i knew from school wasnt an option and it confused me. I think it should be an option to change which type of spanish you learn. I understand its a lot of work when its only a few words that are different but as and english person, id rather speak spanish as in the country that ill be going on holiday too than look like an idiot that picked the wrong kind of spanish to learn 😂 its not hugely differnt tho and i do really like this app. Ill be using it for quite a while i think, and since ive read how little the pro account actually helps, ill stick to the free version where the only thing i can complain about is that a word was wrong 😂 its a good app, but please listen to the people paying for stuff. They’re the ones convincing the rest of us not too pay for it. Get them back on your side and youll be rolling in it 😝.Version: 6.26.0

This is the only reason I am passing Spanish!At the beginning of this year I was heavily struggling with Spanish in school and my grades and confidence in the subject was rapidly dropping. It wasn’t until after I received a 15% on one of my Spanish pop quizzes that I determined to find something to help. At first I looked for a Spanish tutor but those were hard to find and very expensive. Finally I thought to try Duolingo and it completely changed the course of my Spanish education. After starting I didn’t miss and single day of my streak and studied a ton. The best part was even though I was working and studying really hard it felt like FUN! Sometimes it did feel like a choir (especially when when I was struggling with questions) but for the most part it didn’t feel like work at all! It didn’t happen all at once but with after days of keeping my streak and completing lessons I really started to see an improvement. I’m proud to say that by the end of the year I was near the top of my Spanish class and finished the final exam with a 100%. Now as I study over the summer Duolingo gives me the confidence to continue Spanish into next year and not worry about losing my knowledge or getting rusty. Duolingo has changed my prospective on langue learning and for the first time in my life I approach it with a sense of enthusiasm and joy that I never felt before. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 6.223.0

An OG here!First of all I have loved and supported this app since 2012. I am a plus subscriber and I love that this is fun and engaging. Some constructive feedback on my only two complaints: 1. I usually do this after a very long day and sometimes use it yo help me fall asleep; is like the intro screen not yo be so bright. I’m blinded at midnight/1am by duo lingo. Can the intro screen be green during the day and a dark version at night. My pupils literally hurt because of the stark contrast from my dark phone to the bright light. 2. Would like to access the comments from the app and contribute or ask questions when a concept doesn’t make sense. Sometimes the discussions available don’t answer the “why” a rule is the way it is. 3. In some languages, I can’t understand the pronunciations. Maybe phonetically spell it out or have a button to access the visual pronunciation as one would see in a dictionary. 4. Add Farsi language! I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Other than that y’all are doing great. The app has improved so much since I started it over ten years ago. (Crazy, doesn’t seem that long!). Thanks for making language learning fun and affordable! I went to France this may and was able to carry on conversations with my guides in French and they complimented me on my pronunciation and ability to speak well—was cool to use what I had learned over the years. 😊.Version: 6.227.0

Possible money chasing or streak glitchAs a free to use language service I feel it is incredible and as it’s been upgraded the steps seem to fit perfectly for early stage learning (of learning Spanish for me) but the only downside for anyone who maybe has self diagnosed OCD and enjoys maintaining a streak there has been either a carefully inserted method of money grabbing or just a standard glitch that once your streak reaches higher numbers it may pretend like you didn’t follow the lessons for the day and require you to pay money to repair streaks. While I won’t pay I did find this disappointing as it even lets you open the prizes for completing your daily quota which means you've done the daily requirement yet you may still lose your streak. This has happened a few times to me through this and all once you reach a 30+ day streak. Small problem I know but this is aimed for people who may get anxiety from this sort of thing as I do just as a heads up, apart from that I really recommend this and it is a free service if you choose it to be and if you don’t mind supporting it and paying then no problems at all with the app.Version: 6.19.0

GoodDuolingo is ok. It is fun at points. The five hearts aren’t that helpful though. I thought that once you lost all your hearts you don’t regain them until the time is up and then give you them back - which is to long - but you can do a recap session to get them back. You can use also gems to buy them back but it is way to expensive, around 300. it would be nice if when you review the questions that you have done in the section that you’ve got wrong that when you redo them and make them correct, you regain a heart by doing that instead of doing extra learning. I have just made an avatar for the profile picture and now I can’t which it back to a photo, which I prefer to the avatar so if there is any way to put the photo on instead of the avatar I want it because it I am every sad about it. The learning experience is ok. I would like it have more fun activities, maybe matching the pictures or something less wordy. Although, if it doesn’t change then it’s fine. But some of the characters! The old woman gets on my nerves! When you get some wrong, she will give you a look and get annoyed. I don’t like it. And sometimes it is hard to hear what they are saying. I don’t if it is the voice of the characters/people or the language (and they is a slow option) but sometimes it is not clear. It would also be nice if you see Duo more in questions. Overall it is ok but needs some stuff.Version: 6.217.0

Great but needs a few improvements.Duolingo is a great language app. I’ve used it since it first became available on the App Store. My issue is with a few small features. For one when you get a 2x xp you should be able to save these for a time which suits you. Many of times I’ve got these when I don’t have an hour to use them to there potential and instead I only came on the app for a quick ten mins. I think this would be a useful feature. It would motivate me better when I have the time to actually use it. Another issue is when you become a pro member the gems basically become pointless. You can only buy like four things all abit useless. It would be good to be able to buy the 2x xp and other things. I’m currently learning Japanese as one of my languages. And I haven’t done it for a while. Now I’ve come back on I think it would be good to have something which would allow people who haven’t been on for a while to have a more in depths refresher I’m currently struggling with it and redoing old lessons. I feel like there could be a little some more done in this area. Other than that it’s a really well built and thought about app and definitely worth getting..Version: 6.151.1

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