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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes app received 130 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lego batman: dc super heroes?

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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for Positive User Reviews

Y’all guys just want this banned u guys think ur opinions is every onesThis game is epic when I was a kid I kinda got stuck on the riddlers part but ITS good needs to be best game of the year y’all see this u smell stinky like yo mama.Version: 1.8

Great game though it's missing somethingThis game to me is one of the greatest games available for mobile devices. The fighting is great as well as the cut scenes. The only thing I would want more would be the open world that is available in the console versions. Other than that the game is amazingly fun..Version: 1.7

It Awesome and epic gameSo guys you as it bad glitchy crashes your game well if that happens delete and get it back that worked for me and then I finished all the levels it so fun playing free play with all the Characters and this was you don't have to waste your money but I did for a good reason because it was the only good Lego game I could find like I play on computer and witch is better so it awesome don't be such idiots just play the game it's fun so yeah hopefully you have fun.Version: 1.7

Great game but 1 little problemThis is a great game but there is one little problem. When you are going to buy a new character, it should tell what the character's power is just to make sure you get a character you want. Other than that I would recommend it to anyone that likes Lego Superheroes..Version: 1.7

Il est pas si mal...Il est pas si mal mais y serait cool qu'on puisse se promener et faire des quêtes dans gotam. Continuer a faire des jeux qui sont cool.Version: 1.7

2 favourite LEGO game/3This is ......... 9/10 LEGO Star Wars is my favorite.Version: 1.8

A Good GameThis game is epic and for all of you saying its bad you should be ashamed of yourself it never glitches for me it never restarts the game for me when I don't want it to it doesn't lag so why should it do all these stuff for you Me and my family friend play this all the time and after we finish the game we restart it and do it again we also do the justice leguge thing and we also try to get all the charecter a in the game so look at all these things you can do and you can make you own characters so this is a great game.Version: 1.7

👍👍👍I love this game, no problems, works great on my iphone 5. I think it would be awesome if you could use Apple TV to play on the tv and use your iPod or iPhone as a controller..Version: 1.0

Best Game!Seriously, it is a great game and all the missions are heaps of fun, and the characters are just as good!.Version: 1.3

Can't jumpI got so far to Twoface and both Robin and Batman can't jump far enough please fix.Version: 1.7

CharactersSeems like a fun game and my kids like it. Downfall is that I spent $13.99 to upgrade characters and then I cannot use them. How do I use the characters that I purchased?.Version: 1.8

Awesome GameFor all those batman, superman etc lovers out there, this is the game for you! Great graphics and a very structured storyline make the best lego game on the App Store. One update that would be awesome is to include characters such as lobo and the spectre. Overall, it's a must buy, five stars.Version: 1.5

Restore purchaseI would just like to say this game is great!👍👍👍😁😁😁BUT WAIT, Their is just one problem when I was looking for a restore purchase I couldn’t find any, and I lost my money! Can you just please put that in, also totally recommended this game ITS AWESOME! 👌.Version: 1.8

I love this game!!!!!!!!This game is so fun because y There is so many levels to complete and there is great deals on the character packs so if you guys are gonna get this game totally get it it is not inappropriate.Version: 1.8

Money grab gameEvery time I unlock a character or power, and spend $13.99 for 125 gold bricks, they end up locked again. Glitch or intentional money grab. My kid is obsessed with some some of the characters that were unlocked then mysteriously locked again..Version: 1.8

LegoDo you guys read this? I was wondering about if you could make a Lego game sort of where you can build your own city using your own blocks and there could be like a button and you choose what type of Lego you want to build like cars, boats, planes, buildings etc and it would guide you a little so it actually looked like what you wanted, but wasn't controlling the whole thing. You could be a grown man and go to what ever you wanted to work as (you would have to build the company and make people to work there) or a child and go to school (once again you'd have to build the school and the staff and stuff) but that would be the coolest game ever and if there is a game like that could you point me in the right direction? Hope you read this :) bye now.Version: 1.4

Not about DCWarner bros can you plz make lego jurassic world for the ipad i hope you make it and also fun.Version: 1.7

Best game everI love this game sooooooo much! !!!.Version: 1.8

AMAZONGIt's amazing graphics so talented.Version: 1.3

Fun butDownloading this took so long like 1 hour and 50 minutes.Version: 1.7

FinallyAbout time we had it on tablets and iPods. It's a great game !!!.Version: 1.0

Very good game but crashes alot and is a bit hard to look around:).Version: 1.0

AWSOME GAME IGNORE OTHER REVIEWSI think this game is fantastic because there is lots of cool characters to play as and good graphics to THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D.Version: 1.7

Cool gameAwesome game but the only problem I have is the Batman can’t use his grappler in places where he should be. It’s probably just a wired glitch you guys can fixe.Version: 1.8

Forgot bout this gameI used to love this game I just re-got it if it helps not quite the same as on x-box ps or wii (love this game on wii).Version: 1.8

I love it butSo I had this game a long time ago but now it is to advanced for my likings.Version: 1.8

#batmanrulesOk I Am being it and it's AWESOME. If you hate it... wow just wow. it's awesome for me..Version: 1.8

Best game everI really love this game but I wish you could have a inventory of infinite LEGO bricks so you could build whatever you like..Version: 1.8

Kind of funI would rather Lego Beyond Gossum but this is still amazing game good job.Version: 1.8

Need free realmHello Tt fusion. I suspect that on specific ps3 Xbox consuls you get to go out the bat cave but more cant. Can you improve thx.Version: 1.8

Lego batman 2Lego batman 2 has is a great game over all. The levels are really interesting and enjoyable but the campaign is very short. PROS Great graphics Lots of characters Funny cutscenes CONS Justice league mode is disappointing Short campaign Controls are small Overall a great game and would highly recommend.Version: 1.2

Awesome game butI love the game but I don't like that you have to either buy bricks r earn them and that takes forever if you like Lego batman 1,2 or 3 you will love this game but it's based off Lego batman 2 for the DS and ps vita you will unlock all characters from the story.Version: 1.7

Fun and EntertainingPersonally I think it's a wonderful game and it is a lot of fun!.Version: 1.3

BatmanThis is so cool you should get this app it’s not even cost money and it is the best app ever and I’m on a rebel it is everywhere vote is kind of really hot I’m at soon I don’t get it sooner reason but I really am but I decided to get this app that it is a great app and please video in my real daddy.Version: 1.8

Okay gameGreat great game not very good graphics okay levels I give it star review.Version: 1.8

Problem in the gameI don’t know why there is no story clip in the game. Because I played this game before so I know that there are stories in it. However when I play, there is no stories. I can’t even play story clips in the bat cave. I hope that u can fix the problem.Version: 1.8

AwesomeI have completed the game and unlocked everything awesome game.Version: 1.3

Okay I know the is new text and the game is old but...!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing.Version: 1.8

AwesomeLove it its awesome.Version: 1.4

Awesome addsThis game is cool the characters are so awesome and amazed but 1 problem I found a glitch in the game it is bad and good the good news is I have all characters in the game bad news it is hard to beat the bosses in the game there all hard but amazing game thank you every one for making this game bye bye see yea soon.Version: 1.8

Great game!Definitely buy this app it's so worth it!!!.Version: 1.3

Loves it!This is a fun game! Me and brother plays it all the time. Worth the money!😁 Great app!.Version: 1.8

1 more thing neededOk I love this game, even though I’ve beaten story mode it’s so much fun but I think it could have Free Play where you get to explore Gotham City and commit crime or save people from crime, like your PS4 or Xbox version Batman 3 Please add this..Version: 1.8

Dc lego super hero’sI like this game but I dont how to play.Version: 1.8

BEST BATMAN GAME ON MOBILEUsed to play this game all the time on console and you could free roam and pick any charter for free play even though those options aren’t in the game it’s still fun Other then tale tell I guess Their is nothing here Stop Ok actually don’t stop or I just wasted my time writing this so just pretend I said plz stop ok Batman dose mma On the consuls srry I think I spelled wrong flash was very fast This is the older dc super villains.Version: 1.8

Update pleaseWas really good until I updated my iPhone software and now it no longer works only bought it this morning ahhhhhh!.Version: 1.7

ADa best.Version: 1.7

AwesomeMy kids and I play it all the time ❤️👩‍👦‍👦👍🏻🤩.Version: 1.8

LEGO BATMAN DC SUPERHEROMy 4 Year old son absolutely loves loves loves this game. Just purchased this app version of the video game and he literally was insisting that he had to play and complete the game. :) He already has the Lego Batman DC Superhero 2 for his wii console, also on his Nintendo DS 3D he has the Lego Batman DC Superhero 3. Now he adds to his collection the app for the iPad, AWESOME. I, myself must say I really quite enjoy the app. It's super easy to get the hang of it and figure out how to use the controls. I loved it! Thank you for an awesome video game app..Version: 1.7

EhI know this was short but really good game but it takes up so much space on the iPad maybe take something of or whatever so ye bye.Version: 1.8

Awesome👍I played this game 5 years ago I downloaded back 3 years ago and beat but now I’m buying it back let’s see if I still have the skill.Version: 1.8

I love dis game so much I've been playing it since 2013 to 2017!So like I love this game so much I'm 9 and I've been playin this game since 2013 to ahhh umm... ah that's right!! 2017 I've been playing this since I was so I think I been playing since I was 5!?!?.Version: 1.7

Love it but...I really love this game but can you plz update LEGO Batman 3 because I have not bought it yet but as soon as I see an update on part 3 I will buy it because it was last updated 2 years ago thank you..Version: 1.8

Pretty good for a mobile gamePretty good all things considered, for me the biggest drawback is the fact they don’t allow you to hit Robin..Version: 1.8

RepeatedAt the end there should be more levels to play and more up to date but otherwise it’s great.Version: 1.8

Quality little puzzlerMy 4, soon to be 5 year old, loves this game. It requires a nice level of problem solving which occasionally I need to support my son. If you like the Star Wars game you will like this, as they have a lot of similarities in terms of problem solving and engaging gameplay..Version: 1.7

It is awesomeI love it but can't buy anything from the game but it is the best.Version: 1.7

I just like itFor some reason I like it, but it's a little bit tricky.Version: 1.7

ShameShame people I'm the first one to write the first review for this update mmm shoot.Version: 1.4

AwesomeThe game is really good with the character and the way they show there power in the game. The storyline in the game is 3/5.Version: 1.7

👍This game was my childhood.Version: 1.8

The problem with the gameThe game is for 1.1 Gb and my storage is 1.3 Gb so whenever I try to get it it it says you need to clean your storage.Also I love the game.Version: 1.8

One of the best Lego Batman games ever made!I downloaded this game ages ago I finished it really quickly but some probably wouldn’t. With some games once you have finished it it becomes really boring but this one is really fun before and after you have finished it! One of the main reasons is you can replay each level but with different characters. I would definitely recommend it!!.Version: 1.8

Awesome LEGO Batman GameThis is absolutely one of the best games that I have ever played! I played the console version of this game when I was a toddler! This is a seriously awesome game some people complain and are always giving us game 0 stars and I very much disagree with there opinions Warner Bros is best!!!.Version: 1.8

I love lego gamesI’ve bought this game many times on my iOS devices and I have always loved it and I have beat pretty much every lego game but can u guys please make lego dc villains on mobile.Version: 1.8

Fun but crashy :/This is a great game even though it crashes. It should be at least 4 stars but half the reviews that say it ate up their money just don't know that you need at least 2-3 times as much space than it says the app takes up (eg. Game-1.3 gigs = 2-3 gigs space needed to download.) Once it is downloaded you will be 1.3 gigs shorter of space. This is a fun game despite the crashes. Please fix in future updates!!!! :).Version: 1.0

I love this game and I just wish I had a good time with youI like you can go to that elevator and just put one person there and I won’t bother you at The bat cave.Version: 1.8

Lego - amazing!A review by my 5 year old boy after we saw some mixed reviews... An excellent game - you can make good suits, go in the bat cave, and we didn’t get stuck or annoyed at all - we enjoyed using our brains to figure things out - best suited to play alongside an adult - some pretty speedy reading required.Version: 1.8

Awesome gameI really like this game but when I was playing I got up to a part that seemed to be the end with the second part of the joker part. I don’t know how to finish that level cus that was a long time ago. Besides that the game is really fun to play and I really like how you can collect new characters on the way. I hope that you could do a number2 on this game..Version: 1.8

One thing makes this bad.I spent sooooo long playing this, and I got sooo far. To where you can ride in vehicles and fighting lex. I was disappointed when I left the game, came back, to figure out that it didn’t save! If it would just save, that would be great! I even had Superman!.Version: 1.8

There’s a glitchEvery time when I play a level I always get frozen when me freeze is not in the leave plz fix it is starting to get annoying but every thing else is great 😊.Version: 1.8

Batman rocksI think it's a really great game to play good graphics but I don't really understand how to defeat the final boss on story mode. And could you plz unlock the justice league faster that would make this game the best in the App Store. Thanks for the awesome game!!!!.Version: 1.6

Can parents stop complainingThis game is a great game and still hold up now it tries to keep the same levels as the original console game and incorporates a few new ideas as well Parents need to stop complaining about spending money because you don’t have to your child just doesn’t understand how the game works and apparently you don’t know either Anyway there’s also new characters in the game that’s not in the original game like azriel and katana Sorry for inconsiderate review thanks for reading.Version: 1.8

AwesomeCoolest game I've ever played.Version: 1.4

Good but..The game is really enjoyable but, I sometimes get stuck on stages but I do complete them it just takes time. But I wish they added a character selection to switch between the suits..Version: 1.8

Great GameThe game was crashing for me. But then followed instruction from a previous review and works great now. Well done warnerbros great fun game..Version: 1.0

It’s good but needs IOS 13 supportI love the game but I don’t have my device updated to IOS 13 cause this game is not compatible with it!Please add compatibility for it and the rest of the LEGO games that don’t have it yet(Like LEGO Batman 3,LEGO Star Wars the complete saga & The force awakens,and LEGO Ninjago shadow of Ronin!Also if possible please bring back LEGO Harry Potter games to mobile and add IOS 13 support too!.Version: 1.8

Doing my partSubscribe to PewDiePie.Version: 1.8

Joker rulesThis is the best app I've ever played total awesomeness.Version: 1.3

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is the best game ever created 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.Version: 1.7

Amazing!I don't see what it is about being stuck in a room, I've had no problem and it's amazing! Perfect for long coach journeys!.Version: 1.7

Put saving option pleaseSo when I first got the game it was fun until I was at the scene where they start fighting on the cars and Batman’s car has like rockets to shoot lex and jokers car. But then right now I went to go to continue the game but it didint save so I have to start all over again to get back. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME..Version: 1.8

Great.....exceptI wanna buy gold bricks to unlock some heroes but can't because there's a bug saying I'm not connected to the Internet but I am.Version: 1.7

Need new stuffI like the game and I really enjoyed it and like one of the Batman games it had free roam so could you please add in free roam.Version: 1.8

AlrightGood game but needs story mode to roam around the city.Version: 1.7

Awesome GameThis is one of my favorite games, LEGO Star Wars would be awesome as well. I love DC comic characters and Star Wars :).Version: 1.2

And now I can’t play this anymore...Excellent was.. but now, it crashes every time.. maybe some problem with new version of iOS.Version: 1.8

LEGO BatmanAWESOME.Version: 1.8

Purchases keep disappearingIn-app purchases keep disappearing, total rip off!.Version: 1.8

Good game, butI like playing this game because it's fun. The only problem with this game is when u purchase gold bricks then the game crashes and u go right in into the batcave then u click on the character icon and u realize u have 0 gold bricks. So please fix the in app purchases and then maybe I will rate it five stars.Version: 1.7

Love itIt is just such a good experience.Version: 1.8

Love itLove the game I just think you guys should add some more characters, levels and detail like Batman 3 beyond Gotham! And also add free play to mobile.Version: 1.8

AwesomeThis game is a awesome game.Version: 1.8

Nice but...I like it but how do you get on free play and where’s your custom character on character select.Version: 1.8

Great but..Please add a device sync option got an iPad for Xmas and I got 67% complete on the game on my iPod. But when I went to my iCloud I saw the game has iCloud Drive on it but cannot sync my progress, so please add a device sync feature. Thanks.Version: 1.7

AmazingIt an awesome game, but how do you use free play? And also how do you use characters bought with studs? And lastly how do you use customised characters?.Version: 1.7

AmazingIt's verry fun and it was not verry buggy for me. I like how u need special characters to unlock certain areas. But it would be fun to have a free Rome in the city were u run around and it's free play u can ride cars and attack robbers and things like that.anyway keep updating the great app and keep up the good work.Version: 1.7

AwesomeThis game works great on my iPod 4th gen on the latest iOS.Version: 1.0

More Effort On Custom CharactersYou know with the custom characters, there’s only seven packs in the custom lockets. When I first played this game, I thought you could choose whatever abilities and weapons/powers you wanted, but they’d all end up in just packs. Like in the Ninja Pack, I was a little disappointed when I got Baton, Dual Guns and Stealth. I didn’t want a Baton, I just wanted a Katana or a Sword like Deathstroke or Ra’s A Ghul. I also want you guys who work at the TT Fusion Company to give us custom characters access to go through acrobatic chutes, have x - Ray Vision and have one ability to walk up LEGO magnet walls, so I don’t have to swap to either Robin, Cyborg or Brainiac. That’s all, but please, update this game if you’ve got time!.Version: 1.8

A must buy!I 100% recommend getting this game. Truly amazing. I was so addicted to this game I beat story mode the day I got it. But you just unlock more and more characters each time you play the levels! It's too bad you can't explore Gotham city kinda make it like Grand Theft Auto..Version: 1.2

I’m really enjoying it……Although there’s no place to unlock abilities packs for the characters that you create yourself, which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. But people, you all need to understand that not everything in life is supposed to be completely free. Yes, most games are going to have in-game purchases; this is what people do for a living, or to make extra money to make ends meet. A LOT of blood, sweat, tears AND money go into making a lot of these apps & people deserve to get paid for their products or services, as long as they’re reasonable, & the costs of playing these games is very reasonable IMO. I’m almost 50 years old & I LOOOOOOVVVE my Lego video games!!!!!.Version: 1.8

Great Bick-Backing FunAnother fine Lego game on iOS. Despite seeming shorter than others this one is packed with the usual Lego goodness..Version: 1.4

If you think that I wish about this gameThis game needs a bigger free play area and also I wish the levels had like secret painting doors and something like that all around it would be better to get on a game consul but such is life.Version: 1.8

Needs a fixI like the game and everything about it but the cutscenes won’t play for some reason please fix it.Version: 1.8

I like itI like that it has a story and not lots of different things.But it has purchases.Version: 1.8

One of the best games ever made for IOS!I love how this game really hooks you up. The only thing that made me stop was the battery finishing. The only thing I would like to be changed is the number of characters chosen-you are only allowed 8 at a time..Version: 1.3

RobinRobins suit wear he can shoot things is bugged please fix.Version: 1.7

Soooo goooodIf could rate hundred I would Developer response Thank you.Version: 1.8

AmazingAmazing! But I'm stuck on the part when you see the guy with pumpkins on Arkam alysum (Correct my spelling) And they should DEFINITLY make an app for the new Lego Batman 3!!!.Version: 1.6

Needs a few stuff to work onI completed the whole game even the bonus missions but they could add a mode where you go into a city and play as all of the justice league members and where you could race and stuff and do some bonus missions on the city then it would be a five star game.Version: 1.8

Great gameLoved it..Version: 1.2

I like it but I want more batman and less justice leagueThe game should have more Batman but else than that it’s good..Version: 1.8

Lego batmanIts a game where you get to defeat Joker and Lex Luthor scarcraw Mr Freeze Mad Hatter The Ridler Tow-Face Harlley Quinn and lots Of Other villans.Version: 1.7

A great gameDon't listen to those other reviews because I play on my iPad and I find it fine. Even if you do make in game purchases it doesn't go away when you log off the game or start a new level. I don't even see the point of saying something bad on such a good game. I'm a HUGE gamer so I play most of my games on the CPU like Minecraft. I like this game so much that I would rather play this than minecraft. It may be a bit short but who cares start again when your done and you can't do anything else that's the point of games. When your done start again and try to do it quicker. Now I should probably stop typing because I've almost used 700 characters but there is so much more I can tell you about this GREAT game. But I'm pretty sure you get it now. So go buy it worth every cent. But buy it on your iPad if you have one because I think it's better on a bigger screen..Version: 1.3

Loved itI can’t complain but this is the best game I’ve played.Version: 1.8

AmazingStraight up fantastic game but there are a few annoying things: Superman can’t burn through gold while flying and his heat vision should kill faster because no average enemy can damage him anyway the the time it takes to kill is just irritating, The flash needs an ability while running fast, like being able to damage enemies by running through them because right now he is remarkably non-powerful, The green lantern should be able to create a melee weapon from his ring and not many things to do once you’re done, apart from this I love the game.Version: 1.8

Add villiansIt’s not the best but still good and you should make it so you can transform into villains like riddler or joker that type of thing.Version: 1.8

Best everI loved this game - the only shame was when I finished it!.Version: 1.7

AmazingIt's so much fun.Version: 1.7

Houston we have a problem...This is a good game but there is one problem or two, there is one glitch where u go into the lvl where you distract and swim with killer croc. So when u go into his room u will see two objects in the back left corner. When u swim over next to those two objects u need to drain the water. Here's the problem, u might want to be careful around nod thos two objects because it glitches u inside of them and then automatically start over.Version: 1.8

Amazing!!I bought this game years ago on my old ipad and thought i could get superman immediately but i didnt so i just deleted it. However i recently reinstalled this app and finished the whole game and boy oh boy is it amazing! its so fun but i wish there was an open world to explore which will not happen because the third one has come out on ios and i didnt know until yesterday lol. After finishing the story theres justice league mode and making your own characters to replay the missions again, but thats about it which makes the game boring after the 14 main missions which are actually pretty long. however its a great game.Version: 1.7

Best Lego game everI played this game when I was 3 or 4 now I’m 14 and I’ve forgotten about it all these years now if reinstalled it all the hours spent this game truly sinks in this is a great game.Version: 1.8

Lego Batman DC SuperheroesOverall this game is very fun and captivating,although some of the story mode gets very repetitive. This has very good graphics for iPad,iPhone,iPod some improvements for this could be more interaction in the batcave or a villain version to this like in the actual game, and actually save in between sections because if you crash you need to restart from the beginning of the mission. Overall very good.Version: 1.3

This game needs free roamThis game is super fun. But when you beat it gets boring and the only thing you can do is play the same levels over and over until you have everything in the game. If you add free roam it will but fun every time playing the game. Even just waiking in Gotham would be fun. Also like Lego bat,an 2 console version pls allow to find the characters on the map in free roam . This will add a big population boost in people playing this g,Me.Version: 1.7

CrashesI talked to some people who know all about apps and games and they said to try turning my iPod completely off. So I did that, turned it bak on and opened the game and it doesn't crash much anymore👍👍👍.Version: 1.0

Great Game!Lego DC is a great game and loaded with hours of potential game play. My only suggestion that would increase my satisfaction with I'm sure a lot of the other users. Would be if this app was Mfi controller compatible. Hopefully one day it will be. I just purchased the Lego Star was saga for 9.99 just because it was mfi compatible. Games like this one are addictive but eventually your hand gets cramped because of the size of the device. Just add Mfi..Version: 1.7

Almost perfectThis game is amazing Would be better if to buy a character you had to go into a terminal at the batcave rather than a stupid button which includes red brick buyables. Please add a terminal Pretty laggy on iPad 1 please fix this as it restricts my enjoyment. The crash at the beginning is very irritating but I fixed it by rebooting my iPad. I am so glad that you made another Lego game. Try to do a star wars or pirates of the cara next please Please fix all the bugs in next update.Version: 1.0

MORE characters MORE personalities MORE levelsGood but it can use more characters like reverse flash and zoom and when your green lantern you can see his DNA wrist and everyone mouth and eyes move whilst playing not just in the clips and can cyborg transform into a giant robot with more graphics too please thanks all bye!😀😀😆😁.Version: 1.7

Lego batman 2Its a good game maybe you can make it mutiplayer and also let you be any charcter in the batcave buts a really good game.Version: 1.1

FlyingUpdate the flying Make it go higher like in the Computer version.Version: 1.4

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